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pnrifaflw$- fr.-wnwT.Twr vw ir
I EKccpr.onn'.ly AttvaUlvo ei&i folly
up to our
HMi Standard 01
WllILU Ol'Il
Aro maintained in every Do
partmont, comprising every
thing, with the exception of
Hats and Shoes
For Boys anil Men.
B. Robinson & Co
Clothing and Furnishings,
bum lVitiiHj'lvniiln Avomta X. IV.
JA11 the Leading Makes
Men and Boys,
and Sold aa Cheaply as at
any other establishment in
the country, 'can be found
009 Ponna. Ave.
-BXXTIEC 230025:3a
Colored Tissue Paper,
75 bhados.
mm ci:dak oakitt i.inincs.
805 anil 807 D lit. Northwest.
Buy Your tJuokr. and 3latioti3ry
I mil a unlive of England, nnd whlio I win
In t lint, tottntry I tonttnitcd u tcnlhlo blood
pulton, mill for tun jcira win initler tioit
incut in mi our-door patient nt Nottingham
Hospital, Hngl urn, Imt was not cured. 1 suf
fircil tliu most iigonllng pnlin In my bonus,
nml Mflscuioied with hull's all i ci inv body
mill limbs. Tiuiilly I umplcU ly Inst nil Impu
In Unit coiititiy, ami sailed fur America, nml
was trcuttd nt lioo-ovelt In this i Itv, in I'll
im Ly u pioinlncnt physician In Nuw York li li
lt g not oiiiiccllnn with thohosplt lis.
I taw the advtrtlcinent of Swift's Bpscldc,
nml I iklirinlncil to give It a lri.il. I took si
1 nt Ik's, nml I tan pay with Riu.it Joy tii.it thov
liiwiiimd ino inllrely I nm as sound und
well m I our was In lay life
New York City, Jiuiu l.'lli, IMS.
In '"I'uli nt Ins jrir (1SSI) I eontinetol
lilt nil poison, mill being In r-iiann.lli, (t.i , nt
tl utliri,lirntlntiitli(iliu'ptiil therotortioat
unit, 1 miffuo t civmiith fiom iheirnitlsin
ht tl osnmollmo lillil not get well un lor tho
treatment there, itur was 1 ouivlbymivof thu
uti.nl lrtitiiii. I liuvonow taken boven hnttloi
nt twlft's i i Itlo nml nut sonn I anil well
Hdiovulho poison out thiough hulls on tho
pHn. Dim I.hiuv.
.TiuoyClty, N .1 , Aug r. lssi
Tn nllm mi lliooil nml f'kln lili"i oi nnlloil
Tin. b iv-t f-i i "ifk Co Drawer 3 II.iuta,
. l.'ii.;Jf Y . l.VW Slilht
turcs tlucii"ts
Of llU-tO. IlOUl
..-. .1 U ... . II
- pi.sy
A unlfli itellef. '.fliciiy
a .ii.im.K umMAT-FEVER
citt:ai i'u.m has g-ilmsl nncml.iblo
rot'jiiit icii, tlliplaoiiig all other prepsrntloiH.
A imrt'ih liurlUillntara li nostril, no palm
kziiipi lloto ii'n I'riia Mid, by mill or nt
Onuii 'In, bond fi circular. L'LY UltOS.,
Dru,Kits, Owc.o.N, Y.
MoUtitre.iuUloii worn
it r :i . r i
EviaajitiDiLii aodxMawBSi!
JU it i 1 1.1 H -vit Uinof) jurhtnUmi riiilimu
r ii n u ura Jiid i.AmouaDsr'llly, Utti
jitiilfHl, ' tui tnptli' tin kftin iytr Knn mi
r m" l).lia(Umvprpl(if u plot u ftitBott it- uro.
h It lio ilr 1 l T(l I) tnhmfoMn-'.fcnll'nr,
A'K oii.J.Ii uLiA I Ki.4JLUdtiiai.iiii. .S'cw ctk
Iliftnitt li. let (or Colli III tin) lle.ul, Sold
No. Nora llliirMinni." C'tturrh. Iluy ('nor,
Ao, no. ntox. l'or nalu hy ill dMMlm
clilltz's Milwaukeo Lngor,
Tin: jjcst is Tin: insntif t,
BAMU7L 0, PALMfiH, Arnt,
lK-Kii. a 1 1 ii j kj m&ffaywuo ii. fl
7-7 y WJii
K.'i vcyr-t-v
CSiJJiiiUiV. iiSrt-Aff
IMiAtifrinArS O
A Pertinent Parallel to tho Oasa of
Ferdinand Ward.
Tho Mu Who Brrrowd Thirty Djlhra of
tho PrWidcut.
wiinnn tub whisky want.
llliy A look Stephens Wanted St'rii:;i;s
A gciillrnmn from flonrgla, whose!
iintmi Is Hcrugs, wns recently ico.illi'd
fi om n consular position In Clilnn. I Hi
successor wns u Dcmocrnt, but Hint
ilots not prc cut Mr. Scruggs having
npnuiukd tn himself a tulo; nml Hint
tnlo revives Iho niemory of tho l.ito
Alcxnmler II, Slephens of Di-orgln. Mr.
SciuggH, who amii, niilltirnlly, very oh
Jtctionnblu to the conservnllve puoplo
of the Stnlo, wm soul by OencrnlOrnnt
to n (llploniullc position In liollvin, nml,
being supcif-eileil, dcslioil uomu other
pinto In our service nbrond. AVhnt
Ecemcil nt Hist veiy strange wns Hint
Jlr. Stephens wns his backer for tho
poMtlon In Ohliin, which ho nflerwnnls
iccclcil. U bct'Onilng known through
out tho Stnto wlmt leeonunemlntlon
Mr, Stephens liml iniule, Scnnlnr Col
quitt callitl upon him nml piotcstcd,
lie snlil Hint Scruggs wns n innu whom
Iho pcoplu hnd no uso for. If .Mr.
Slephens wns determined to uigo n Ito
publican foi it place In the consular
servlco In Uhlnn, why not urge u lie
publican who would be nceeptnblo to
iho people of his Suite V Mr. Stephens
Mill held on to Sctuggs. Scmitor Col
ipiitt became a littlo bit wnrm,
nml said: "Well, Mr. Stephens, I
nm Miipiiscd nt you. In the
coming enmp.ilgii, I intend to tell Iho
people of the Stnto cnclly wlmt you
hnACKnid to me. I will make it us
plniii ns I enn thnt you huvo lecom
niendtd for n coiisul.ii position in
Clilnn a mini who Is obnosloustothem;
u ninn who Is without respect among
them. 1 will do this, Mr. Stephens, or
my nniue Is not Cohiultt." "I'lcnso do
n), Colquitt," said Mi. Stephens; "I
wimt to bo there when you make thnt
miecch about Scruuss nml myself.
When j ou finish I would like to make
u single lcmark in the nature of un In
tel rogatory. I would nsk your ntull
cnec the question: 'Which would you
prefer to linvo, Scruggs In Georgia, oi
Sciuggs in ChliinV' '' Senator Col
quill uccr again biouchcd tho subject
of Scruggs.
The cnu of rcrdlnnnd AVnrd, who
facetiously welcomes u ten yens' sen
Unco as. t boon, when if ho had been
acquitted on tho first chnrgo he ktoo I a
chnnco of getting nbout two handled,
is liku nlmosl cveiythlng else, not with
out n precedent. It lecnlls tlivjoonvlc
lion nnd sentence to Iho penitentiary nl
Dclioltof tho United States marshal
for ono of the dlstiicts of Aiknims a
couple of years ngo. IIo wns tiled for
embt'lemcnt of public funds. Tho
evidence of guilt was plain. IIo had
been n piomfnent member of n fash
ionable Chuich.tho supcriiitendenlof a
Sunday-school and wns considered a
pallet n of molality. lie was especially
the fnvoille of ladies nml children. His
dekuso was feebly conducted nnd
I'liuscd his fi lends much suipiisc. An,
old nnd intimate filend expostulated
with him for his nppaicnt indllVerence
to his peisonal luteicsts nnd uiged him
to mnUo ti slalcmcnt that would to some
extent enable bis filend" to think better
of him. lie declined to tnku this ht -p.
w nen pusiieu lo givo a lensoa lor
ids apathy, he replied as follows :
' Tho charge against me ii for pur
loining a Intgc sum of money, fuim
$11,000 to ijSO.OUU. f.ct this stand as
lirmen Mj Indifference in the m liter
li. explained by this conclusion to ivhioh
I hae ariivcd. My iiemilly will be
piobnbly fiom 11 vo to seven years. 1
see no surer way of cjiiilug 1 1,000
(lent of nil expenses lli.in by serving
out tho -cnleiice. It is a matti'i ot
(alculatlon and thought on my p.m."
Fudlnmul Waul seems to have llio
biuni) eye to tho main thane IIo
doubllets has his plums pieservud and
expects to enjoy them after seiviug out
bis tenn, leltuning to the woild at 10
yeais of age willi n sulllelently long
leii'.o of Hlc bcfoie him to enjoy the
hulls of his kniiveiy.
Theie Is a Democrat in this city tem
poral lly who for tho past twelvu years
hns hnd on tap a loely lnrrol of
whisky. Tho whltky was old In 18W,
nnd our Democratic fiiend intended to
give It to Mr. Tildcn when ho was in
iiuguiated. Mr. Tildcn not luiir; In
nuguiatcd he kept the b.ui el Intact to
givo to tho Hist Deinociallc President
who should bo elected. IIo was again
disappointed, lie found out that Pres
ident Cleveland would not ncc.'pt any
gift of tho kind; no bo was somewhat
in n quandiuy as to what lo do with bis
mellow tipple. IIo finally cinclu led
lo give it to u AVeslein member of Mr.
Cleveland's Cabinet. When he broached
tho subject ho found out that in
"Western member of tho Cabinet lued
whisky, but bo learned about the suuo
time thai Cabinet ollleeis sometimes
have filends who do tnko a drink occi
tdonnlly, although they themsclvej may
not indulge. lie theicfoio found a
place at last for his lr.iginul ISiuibnii,
and at last luhlces iho'contents ot the
bin lid weie lovwilng iiipidly.
lllggins, Iho nppolulment clerk of
IheTiiasiuy, Is will known in Wash
ington ns one of tho most accomplished
pnvniioatoia who has over held publle
ioslilon. At lc.!l that s what t!io (.).
ii'spondcnt of the Iliooklyn 2Ysiys
'llu olherdny he wns coming ilo.vn the
ileMiturwilh it imiple of ladies and gun
th men. The piitv hid b'euupli)
lligl'ius' olllce, tidenlly Keeking an
npjioiulmi'nl lor PDino one, and the up
poiniiiHiit eloik was ilisdHsliig the no
et'tflly theiti was of public otllcials um
ploWiig fidsliy inslond of truth, In
which conveisaltou lllggins said: "I
v.nnt it said when I am buiied by those
who sluiiil above my gr.io, 'Ileie lies
liuth, but It neer came out,'" The
paily hiugbcil benilily at lllggins' lo
innik, when he imiinii'd an air oT sirl
ousiiudh. nnd oonlluueil: "Itciih. I
don't bellow 1 have (old the truth once
i since I haw been in tbli Depnitineiit."
Theie bus been an agod Denui'.-it in
AVnshlnglon, s.iys tho Timet Star cor
iispomluil, who has bung oil' the
ulgi-H of hope bluet) Inauguration. Ilu
hns himntcii'd aioiind the hotel lotim
ib.s, ib'spulrliif ly, ipwin-r tint i
niiiiov in iho in t day woull bnu,
him in - coveted oill c KInnlly th
nl ' cnnii1, Ihil f i 1 ' r e l-l i si
oftus di scribed d'irin ? this soj uru of
olllce-seekeis, A day or t.o no he
cnllcd upon the President to learn tho
ultimatum, lie had lost nil the air of
defying hopelessness, llowas crushed
nnd was rendy to ciouch, I.nr.iru llko,
nl (he gnlcs. Tho President talked
kindly lo him nml nt last nsked what
he could do to aid him olbeiwlso Hun
by nn appointment. "I.tnd mo $11,"
gnsptd the veteran, with it convulsive
gulp, "Como atoitnd In tho morning
nnd see tho imiwtiigrr," was nil thnt
could be n pi heard of the President's
reply. Impilry of Ihe inussengoM was
fuilfc. They would not reveal any
such net of cbnilly, had it boon done,
lint lemtlhlng In the toiio of Mr.
Clo eland mnilo the ear wltnesi to the
eplnode believe thai the old ninu got
the ?0.
A crowd of m ill bojs, nmskod, pull id
tlin ilrnr bell nt tho rcsMctico of .Mr.
I'.ilgeiio Nnrlirclc, BIO Hevontli flrcot soillli
wost, All llnllnw I'en iilghl nml when Mi a.
Norbcck iiieiud Ihe iloor they shoutcil nml
throw Ikiur In Ik rfneo nml run olT, Mr.
Norbcck wns to badly frlgbli licit that sho
hnd to be netlrtnl Into the lintMo, nlicro el in
wns tiiKeii with tonvulnloiis. Dr. II. Crook
was Mitiimoncil, and upon tils arrival funic!
lur In n scinl-iuiionscloiit stato mid ilnnitcr
ously ill, nnd up to n late hour isntuiilny
night livi llfo wiisilospiihcd of. llcrcoiull
Hon this lnoiiilng wns much Improvpil, us
ho now renllJcs Iho eauso of her fright.
Kliilnn Wood, a joiiiik coloied woman,
nttenilcd rtpcrs nttit. Dominic's Church
ciUit1ny afternoon. Aflci tho services
ho proccciUil lo her home, on V struct,
bctwitn Nliitlintnl Tenth streets fouth
west, whcio ho Is a sulMcnnnt Inn homo
occiiiikd by n fnmlly nnincil llrown. l'or
omu uiil.nowii reason llrown refilled her
ailmlkslnii to Iho lioupe, mid wlicnsho ic
tnonitratcil liollucw her from tho porch.
Her scicmns attracted Olllccr Work to tho
spot, ami, bcllul lug tho woman drunk, bo
placed her unilcr nrreat. On tho way to
I lie emuon b no ioi qui llio o cer ucsner-
atcly, tinring his clothing mid lilting litin
nboui llio nrmsiiml on tho haiiil, Iuthoeell
rho kept up n rnutltiuoiis lioul througli tho
night mid this innrnlng showed signs of In
paullj. 'Iho police, surgeons liavo been
suiiimoncd lo cxniuluo her.
Jfr. John 1'. StcpliciiRon, Xo. 013 I' street
southwest, rcpoits tothopollcotlintclilcken
Ihlcics paid u nocturnal visit to tho hcu
house In thoicurof his jnrd Saturday nnd
stole Ihe lino chickens mid escaped.
Ihlcves also entered tho stsblu of Mr. .1.
W, llnrhcr, ou I) street, near ttownth, somo
time between Tlmrsilay and HitutiUy
lnoiiilng nml stnlo n set o gold-mouutoil
buggy hnriicss allied nt 1$.
Captain Conrad Fniinco, one of llio oldest
lUhciiiiau ou the l'otouiuc, hnd 4 narrow
ccapo fiom ilrownlnic at HIacklston's
Island last '1 hui eday. Ho left tho city ou
the steamer Wal.cllcld lust Thursday morn
ing to llsll his llshlnggiouiiilslu .St. Clem
cut's Da)'. In leal lug tho steamer a tho
wharf, nnd when about inlduny on tho
gang-plank, atiuckiiian called to lilmto get
out of tho way, nnd In attempting to do so
ho fell ovrrhoaid. Ho wns rescued In a cry
cxhnustcd flato through tho btnvciy ot Cnp
tuln Itoes of tho AVakcllclil. Captain I'iiuiico
hasiiiilgatcd the I'otomac Klversluco IS 1 1
mid never, until 'Jliursilny, mot with an
- -
i:.ist n'Asmxarox.
Tho Traveling rilgilm Lodge, No. OT.S I.
O. O. I". fcoloicd), (nld tho corner-stonoof
lhelrncw ball in Illllsdalo jestcidaj, with
the usual ceremonies. There wns a laigo
ciowil piocnt. Ihu (irnud I'nltcd Order
of Calmed Odd l'ellows iisemhled nt their
hall on Klcu'iith sticct esturday, mid,
foimlnglu line, inartheil with n brass band
to the i-l'Ol,
A cltl7cn of northeast Wasblnstoii wis
knock! d down, nnd robbed of his watch
last'lhuisilnj nnd reported llio occunenco
to tho police, but failed to lcavo his u.uno.
I.ltutcnnut Arnold has unrated Michael
McDonald mid Itlclurd llarno for tho of
fense nnd ictmeicd n watch which ho
thinks Is tho stolen one.
"V(! llfl'
Clothlcis, and cniry a stock that embraces
cicijthlng that Is new. Dlscmau llios.,
coi. Tib iV i:.
Tin- t'luni'lM lii Xmciiibci'.
Neptuno Is moining star until tho 10th,
when ho changes his rolo to tint of cicuiiig
Neptune ib-cs on tho 1st nt 3.30 o'clock
In Iho afternoon. Ou tho 80th ho sets at
5.30 o'clock In tho morning.
Venus Is el cnlug star. Nothing In plnti
itoij presentation Is nioio clmrmlng than
her nightly nppenianco In tho Western sky
in Iho early oi cuing. Almost as soon as
the miu sinks below tlio liorlon alio seems
lo Epilog into being, iclgnliis alono ou
moonless nights, long bcfoio tho lesser stais
hnc spangled the heavens with twlnkllug
points of liKlit.
A cnus fi'ts on tho 1st a fow mlnutos ho
foio 7 o'clock In the evening; ou tho oOtli
she sets nt 7.30 o'clock.
fcatutiils miiruliig star In astronomical
clnssluVntlnn, nlthouKl.ion the 1st ho ils?s nt
8 o'clock in llio oienlng, mnklnghlsappeai
nnco In tho cast about nu hour afterhls fair
ilal, Venus, dissappe.irs In tho west.
Jupltir Is morning star. IIo Is now far
i couch from tho sun to uiako n superb np
pcainnco In the small hcurs otthoinorulug,
using ououi u ociociv ou mo 1st ami com
ing up nbout 1 o'clock ou tho last ot tho
Jupiter rises on tho 1st nbout a quarter ho
foi o II o'clock hi tho inoi uliig. On tho 03th
l.e rises about a quaiter after I o'clock.
Mursis tho moining star. IIo is slowly
li.ciraslng In bizo und iiuldy hue, mid may
bo easily found in tho cistern sky by his
Nlclnlty to well-known stars.
Mnis rises on tho 1st four minutes after
midnight; on IhoOOtli ho Uses about 11.10
o'clock lu Iho uMiilng.
Mercuiy is o tiling btur. On tho 113th at
fi o'eletk lu the evening bo le.inlies his
gicnteet elongation, being 21 '.T east of
the nm.
Mcicury sets on tho 1st at. r o'clock In tho
owning; ou tho llOth lie sets nt r:i!0 o'clock.
Uinuils l nun nlng elm. Tho light ns
tiuslouof Urniuis on tho 1st Is 1 .Mi. -Jim ,
hl drclliinllon Is 1 ItT south. Ills dliiiiiitu
Is tl.'Ti nml lie Is lu tho eiinstollatlon Virgo.
'11 o Noicinhei nn on fulls on tho !M tit
4h. a in. a, in. On tlio!!.!, thriod.iis be
foio 1 ti change, tho waning moon Isincnn
Junctloii villi Junhvr at -111. Vi. n. in, being
nt tlicllmii W foiilli.- Alnlilgul from tlio
I'iovIiIcuio blur.
.Ii i-T Minn i:u with steamer Teiitonla a
lmun Klilpincnt of lino shonlts, such as
Amoiitill.tdo Vliituge, of 1W1J; Ohnosii, etc.
fold nt Iho lowest llgme, nt thr. Xaudci's,
No. I'C'U Sevtiilh sticct northwest.
Veterans' llljjlilN.
(leiicrnl lluulttt, coinmuuiler-iu-cliltf of
thcdiand Ami) of llio Itepubllc, bus ls
suid mi older lulling attention to tho reso
lutions mlopttd nt tlm N'luitcciith Nation. il
rneiiiiipmciit, whleli iniloisod tho (1. A. li.
ittiiius' Hlulils Union, 'llio olijcet of tho
union h to setiur unilcr the law pictcrmeiit
lo wtuims of tlio Into war lu pinplojiiumt
iiiulii Ihe National (iovuiimciit and uuiloi
Slutc nmlittv noiciuiut'tils. In his order
Cinii.il lluiiltlt calls alleullon to the fttt
lli.it Hi liidoinmiMitiif tlioVeteiaiis'ltlghts
I niou In no un) Intimates a purposu to ie
lux the ntttlid miildeteiuihicil pollei of Iho
(iinl d Aimy of tlin lU'pulille to hold nloof
firmtvti) fin in of political action or nl
Hal ie.
hoMi: of our most pinuilucutdtiznnsh'ivo
liriiililidof clirnule lhiuniulUin by that
woi.dtiful paiu-b.iuUhei, filiation Oil.
Tlic'i'ilnl ol'l'nlilcU Xiiii;;litoii.
Tim i'nm of l'nlrltk Nuiigliton, tho old
soldlu, ludlctid for the murder of leigaint
KiHuiil AlcNnudei, nll.isl.ee, nnotliei'old
foldlir, lit the Hohlkrs' Home, was to-dnj
utfii lilul In tho Ciiinlii.il Couit foi No-
.inlu 10.
Vi sn T" I.ua'1 un ic.U estate. James
II. .Mm, '.'III I ktittt.
NiirMius Hi nlllfili'il Mom,
You urn ulloweil ; In ef L'thhilaiuil
ilieuhuof l'r. Jo i'ih'1 ratoil Vnltali) Holt
wltli I Ik tile Mis) ausary Ainillnnies, for the
sieuli uilif unil icriimuiiit euro of Nerwi'is
llelnlfi' , li.ss . fVllulltv nml Manhood mnl nil
l.ni, I'luulh' i- i ir.. my olio r ilU
. una, Imi pit ic -'emtio i t health, vltur
i r.ii inmilioiiil uinnntPi I Nu rls'c Is In
hi i' It Jit ' 'id .i miller wuli fall hi
I in 'or i r . ili inilli It eo by ultiei
b. Miltn'o III'', to . M.U lull, Uioh.
V. JII'.X 13 1! WAti IilTTliC,
At nlclitfnll, by Iho firelight's elisor,
My llltle .Margaret sits mo noiir,
And Legs me till of things that woro
hen fwns little, Just lllto her.
Ah I littlo llp, ou touch the spring
lit sweetest, sbiI remembering;
And hearth mid heart Hash nil aglow
With ruddy Huts of long ngo.
I nt mi father's flresldo sit,
Youngest of nl! who circle It,
And beghlm tell what did Im
When ho wns little, Just like me.
Now Moon.
Sho was the meekest and most docile
lllllo pci (image you ever saw. That, of
course, was befoto sho bcc.mio my
widow. How could sho bccoiuo my
widow when I'm here, nllvo and nour
ishing, lo lull my own stoiy ' Just wnlt
until I've finished nnd you will sec.
Sho was very pictly, too, with pink
npple cheeks, nnd oyos of that peculiar
Irnm lucent beryl green that you see so
seldom, a slender, lithe llguru, and a
step as noiseless ns If sho woro tho
famous shoes of silence.
"Depend upon It, old fellow, sho's
man led jnit for your money," said
I'll. Hi own. "It doesn't stand lo ica
son thnt n girl of IS should tie herself
lo n fat old heathen of fit unless thcio
Is somo such mollxo linking under
neath." Thcio was no uso arguing with Pit.
Iliown. Ho wns a stubborn, opinion
attd old fellow at best, and ho was
determined not lo like l.ucllln fiom tho
veiyllrst. How ho did exult when ho
nunc down lo my olllco and told mo
Hint Himy Sykes was spending tho
evening with J.ucllln that samo icck
less joung good-for-nauglit who had
been wont to hung mound her before
wo wcio mairicd. And l.ucllln had
told mo sho was going lo tuko tea with
her mother.
Ncveilhclcss I put on a bold face.
"Well, let him spend tlio evening,"
nald I. "Where's thohaimi"
"Yes; but bul the cm tains weio
not diuwn, and nnd It Isn't ncccssnry
for him lo sit ou tho saints sofa with
his mm around her waist."
I went straight home, but Mr, Sykes
hnd departed, mid l.ucllln wns limning
my stocking by Hie lit e.
"l.ucllln," said I sternly, "I must
foibldnuy lnoio of llnrrv Sykes' vis
its here."
"Yes, Joslnh," snld my wife, "Hairy
is lather llicsumc."
"And you will please iccnlvo no
more young gentlemen vlslloislu my
"No, Joslnh."
Could Pit. llrown himself havo o
peeled moio complete nml dutltul ac
quiescence in nil my demnnds?
I.ucillawns pi ctci naturally nlTcctlou
nlu tho next two or three days. Sho
hung lound mo lu the most buw itching
ninnucr, sowed my shht buttons on,
ran for my slippers, nml would Insist
on tonllng the bread heisclf until her
pictly face wns tho color of n scnilet
lomatlo, "because cook Is so ruleless,
nml denr Joslnh likes Ills toast biowned
just M."
And when I departed foi tho olllco
I.ucllla hci self stood on tiptoe to tie tlio
woisttd mulller lound my neck.
"For If you should tuko cold, dear
est, and anything should happen, It
would bieak your dear littlo wlfo's
Under theso harmonious circum
stances that sudden voyugo to India
enmo like a thunderbolt ncross tho
seienu hoi lon of our malilmonial life.
"How shall I live without you six
months, iny deaicslV" sobbed l.ucllln,
her lovely beryl eyes swimming lu
Icnis Hul we cannot couliol neces
sity, nml after a mournful larowell, in
which my wife fail ly succumbed and
went into hvbleiics, J departed on
necessniy business for tho firm of Minor
&, Mm Hake, I, myself, being Hie nfoie
bald Moitlakc.
How It happened that my naiuo was
Clioneously diagged Into tho detail) ot
Hint massacic, in which tho barbarous
coolies murdcicd so ninny of tho for
eign population, when I was actually
leu miles faither up the c.iunliy, 't
never knew, and then my long fever,
dtiiing which I fiuiuil It Imposslblo to
wi lie or obtain nu nmniiuciisls, served
to tompllcato matteis. When I reenv
eitd 1 lcsolved lo proceed Immediately
back to my mitlvo land.
"I'll not wiltc," I mentally detiiUd.
"I'll Miipilsu I.ucilla, bless hoi dear
little hcail! How delighted sho will
So I look passage in tho first Kng-
nsn steamer mat siiueu. nan way
ncioss wo lmilcd nn Pngllsh einft, out
wmd-bound and thcio was an c
ehango of newspapeis and other clvlll
tics. As I unfolded u London paper,
bcaicely nioio than sl weeks old, I
saw, under tho obituary notices, my
ow n mime.
"I don't think I'm dead," said I,
Middling nut my aims ami logs, glv
lug myself a plnth, nnd feeling the
stiong pulses that projected heallliy
cuueiits thiough my veins, ' and yet
this evidence is t-t'ilniiily eouvliieiu ;
lluit I was niuiilcied by barb.uous un
lives on tlio night of the 2jI1i of Mny
Poor, dear little I.ucilla' ' How Incou
soluble sho must bo '" So U hap
penid, you see, that I was going liomu
lo comtort my widow.
It wnsl.ile In tlio afternoon when wo
cnlcied poit, and tho shadows of tlio
autumn evening weio gathering round
as 1 eiept up the dooisteps oT my own
maiulun and euteied stealthily is aiob
bcr. Weie the shutleis down, tho
windows draped, the house diessed in
seemly hablllinenls of wooV Not ,n
nil; lights glowed billllimtly behind
thocuitalns, gay voices echoed from
tliepailoi, and could my eais havo
dciclwd me.' No, surely Hint was I.u
cilia's laugh tinging men lly on tho air
"A lllllo hjsltrlctil, perhupj " 1
thought, but noviitheless, instcul ot
boldly entet lug the diawlng loom ami
iimftontiiig mj wlfu, I instinctively
liasbid on to the glaed etenskm loom
behind, communicating, by diapeiles
ofpuiple silk, with the larger aput
nient a loom wheie 1 had been wont
to keep my books, and which 1 dignl
(ltd by tho title of 'llbraiy.' It was
but lidnllv lighted by tho bonowcd
ltiski of Ihu drnwiug-ioom chnndeller,
nnd as 1 cnlcied 1 stumbled over some
thing it wns my own poitralt, igno
miniously tinned with Its tare to the
wall. I cicpt forward with an omin
ous foreboding a sudden dUagrcenblo
lccollertlon of Pit. Hiowu's croaking
iiltdlcllons. Hut as 1 put aside the
Tyiiun folds or tlio curtains a most un
weltoine lslou met my t'je. Chi to
1 tbldo her ou the sofa, actually play
ing with her soil little himd, nnd bend
ing dewilcdly over Ihu bonier of tho
willow's cap, sat Hnriy Sykesl
"What nonsense, Ilaiiy '" said inv
widow coquelllshly, but sho didn't
withdiuw her hand, "wlien you know
that my husband hasn't been dead sl
"Oh, hang Ihu old bull', i ' Y Im
cues whether he has been d 1 1
days or tlx inontlisv lie's gum intuitu
to Iho coolies, and he's willed mi all
tho ciibh. Von know vny well i
new l i ed lur him, l.ueilhi
' Put Hit look of tho thin j m
know llany dear Don't sijn," i my
1 in IP ., don't you lovo mo?"
"llcnllj, llnirv," she tiuiimiipil,
"I don t know what to nay,"
"Thru say jew."
I.ucllla's htad dropped until tho
widow's enp nenrly touched her com
panion's shoulder.
"Yes," she murmured nl last.
Huimin nature cnuhl Maud this un
longer. 1 tl ishcd usidu Iho purplu
diapeiles and (iilcrcd preclillnlely on
llm Fceni' qiillc an unexpected nd
dilion lo Iho drainallr pumoniu.
"Not so fast, iiKtdmn. If you plpiwl"
I cilid with n soil of demoniac ux
lillallon. "1 mny bo an 'old buffer,'
anil jou mny ncer have cnied for mo,'
but nevertheless you nnd Mr. Sykes
hero nro getting along altogether loo
l.ucllln sprang to her feet with an
cldillch scienm.
"Madiun, you thought you had got
i Id of me, did youv An awkward mis
lake (o lunko under Ihu clrcumstnncog.
Wnlk out of Hits house, sir, nnd never
lei me sio your coiuilcnaiicu ngnlnl"
Mr. Sykes obrj cd sheepishly enough.
"An for you, mndaiii," I said,
sternly, to my sobbing wife no longer
widow ",ou may go home lo your
mother. 1 want no moio of your
ticnchcious wiles. Pll. Hiown was
Vehement!) ilnglngthe hell, I ord
cud a cnrifnge ami packed tho bo
wlldcitd woman oil liefoio slie could
Pll. llrown nnd 1 nte keeping lioiifo
togelher, nfler nn mthodo bachelor
fashion. I lliinkl'll Is sincerely sony
for mc, but he has nevci yet Insulted
mo with Iho lititsm:
"I told you so ' ' Chicago Mali.
Tin- IIojh' tlepill (llll'lll
Is n ninbi fcnlmn of our establishment.
Ihu reason of Us popularity, wo rhiugoiio
fancy prlcts for icllnhlo nml Btllli goods.
A polocnpglvon v.ltii ciciy suitor over
coat, r.letitinii lhos., cor. 7ili Sc II.
Ooiilli nl'.loliii (-'. Ilitiiiin.
Mr. John P. Ilniina, the lawjcr who was
Injured by being thrown fiom his bniso lit
Jloiuit Vernon on tho ','"tli of last month,
died of Ids hijtnlcs last Sntutdnj nlglit at
his lcsldcuce, corner of Sixth and V. stieets,
He wns of tlio tlrm of Hnmia it Johiisou,
and was hlgiil) estccuicl In business circles.
IIo was nn aluinnui of (leoigclowu lollcgo
and a member of llio liar Association. p
proprlnto nctlon will be taken by tho Aliunul
Association of Ocorgctown C'ollego nnd tho
nnr -issoeiauon in rciercuco lo ms iiesiii. A
inctllng of tho Intter is cnllcd for this ntter
lioou. 'Iho funeral will lako place to-moi-iow
morning at 10 o'clock from Ht, Aloy
slus Clmrdi. l!cv. Kather .McOuirk will
I'lll'lllltll'l'. ( Ill'llClH, lllllllUclM,
Cointoits nnd general houso-fiiriilshlng
goods sold ou cny weekly or monthly pay
ments nt John Mnitli's Iiistnlhiiont House,
IM Now Jersey aicnuo northwest.
- October UVntlici I'oIiiIm.
Dining last month lnln fell ou ten il.ij s;
the total picclpllatlon was 8.00 Inches. Tho
prevailing direction of tho wind wns south;
tho menu barometer was !J0.10a; thu langoof
baroinclerwns 1 I'.ll0: tho mean tenipenituio
wnsfil.'l0, tho highest point reached being
75.5", and the lowest l!0, ou tho 'J Id.
Tbcro wcro ll cknr da)s, II fair days, 7
cloudy da) s, nnd 1 foggy. Light frosts or-
tuirttl on tho SSd, a.l, 'Bill nnd 2(5th.
'I huudcrsloriits occurred on Iho "d, .Id, and
"Why, Jones, what a lio(a)rscyouhn.cln
)0ttr throatl" "Yes, I inlscd It from a
tol(d)t lu my hend. I'votoo much lt.o
stock." "Well, llko cures like; Dr. Hull's
Cough Syrup will euro you. Tho Hull will
quickly scire tho lio(u)rso wa)."
Tlio K. I. oTll. election.
Iho AVnshliigtou Lodge, No. 15, 11. 1'. O,
r.lks, hnio elected tho following oillcers for
tho next )eni: I'.xnltod ruler, A. 11. S.
Davis; cslinltcd lending knight, Dd. Wil
liams; exulted lojal kulglit, N. II. ntlil.in.
exnlted Itctiirlng knight, J. C. Maxwell,
stcictniy. J Y. Volts; tieasmer, William
Dickson; tiler, Win. Williams, osqulic,
Fled. S. Newman; chaplain, August Doug
las; Inner gunid, (Icoilo W. Ilan'son. tnis
Itcs, W. D. Mack, II. H. Smith and Win.
T. Arilck.
Amirsii.li. The attention ot every one
w l.o examined tho migiilllccut stock of
fiuultuio (llsplavcd on olio liooi b liourso
llrcltbmth, Odd rdlows' Hull. 'Iho latest
6t)ltsntlho lowest prices.
I'iiiioiiiI of 'A'. K. .Ionian.
Tliofuncial of Wlllluiii K. .Ionian, Iho
photogruphci, who conunitted suicide by
shooting hhnsilf last 1'iiil.iy whllo Insane,
look plato from his lato lesldenco No. SKVi
Vliglula aciiuo southwest yesterday after
noon. The funeral wns largely attended by
thcoidci of thodoldcn Cioos of which tho
dtceased was n uitmhei.
SfltTOlT om in OVTS
nistinau, cor 7th
"Aliloiitoj IHnlry Wiicoiim"
l'icsli Aliliitnv Hitter tnnriicl overy
nioriilug nnd iltliveicil In 4 lb "Wmd
prints, 40c. pci lb lso cottago cheeso.
Iiiittctuitlk nml nifi milk, 5c. per qt
Cream, 15c per pint
Absolutely i'nto mnl Uiiiuliillorati'tl.
Curat,ve Institutions,
.tin' til' Drsttnu J)!ti tm s j
iffllDP CiPVTn fiTiTm
2. U Eizi 13 & it&JsZXikm ,
In. in Ijj Di ilcrininl ItrtiictrlMtii n'nwi m
lk'l' . (In Iltllm tt i Ilultlr.
Prf I'iriori i cit.t vl llm 11. 1 1 y M mi In
, im it M id t r UMi II In in (li ii li ii
i ti ivi Ilu U I) nm M,lit lain I.M-, tn 1 1
j,!im Hi iti iriimKl, ItyjuiiiUii
P m iihIo
li,c Dut; Mu t Whiskey C? , (LiUTmoro, Wd.
f - (i ,! -I "i 'I M.
I il'i I in vj out it tijjf
1 rrtiWX..nwWlr-llOWTr1l'0l',ai'N
I .J t I r i
( oiiimin Uulldlllfr.
rillsl'i'l. ins
Xinlr J)i"ti..sor
1 lill I 'iliis.
Ill 111 1" l "' ' Hi III V
:,cvvF i''i e Ti r on lie
I i
' ia,aTr.KfSi3tt'awrtO
814 Seventh Street Northwest.
'flit' It I M; of King' Putin o
Special Oilcriiiss in Lailics1, him' and Ghliareu's Wraps,
The wnrm and iinfaiiniiblu wcnlhtr bus nliiniisl tho milo of Clonks. W'ohavuoon
tlmltiltn fmto sales nl itrcntlv rciluoid irlics
I allies'. Misses' nml Chllilrin's i:liint l looks nl K SI, tl), St) mnl $7.
Seal l'ltish ( oats nl $'.". Jul nml $iiii
Now Is joiiriliuiicc 'the (Ircnti'st llnrnhi over nuVrod, Don't buy n I'I .ik for
yourstlf and ihlltlren until you hnwi seen our stock ami a-ecrtalnod our prli't-s.
W'o offer clcimnt t'rnich I'ltttetu lints aiel Hounds iilnrKurdlspltt) i' in nil tlioothor
(lores lu thn til) combined at rrlcos a 0I1 iikIiiiiIsIi )ntl.
no iloin rretith nml Aim rltiin lVIt Hals nt r,St' mnl tl: sold lsnwhiual SI. IS mil
Sl.Tf). Alu pIcKiiut Wool I'eltM. silk lioiiuil, nt I0i , soM el-uuliern at flHu.
Our ilepiu linent ot C'hllih en s Trlinmeil Hats Is lininonse. Wu aro eclllnj them nt Tfto.
b7o unit $1.
nTann-cy "SA7"an.gs axi-cL 33x,dLa.
ntiPtbournntl ill II in nt style", handsome and most stilish, al17e, BOa, 111 and Hi nlsj
olcsnnt W Iligs, nt to, l('c, lie nml SOo,
TTps axLciL 3?l-ixaaa.es.
lowly bundles of lips, n Tips In n buneli. nt 91, ."A r,o nnd $1; wurlh tlio inonoj-.
l'lumes nt '17, Ml, 7D, sto and $1; cannot bu duplicated nt M licr cent. aUvanuo.
B.fKOph'cnsof millions In silk and satin. Plain ami 1'aiicy lllbbons at", 10, U, II mid
lfeper )uul, iieeoidliigto width.
Sillsz "Vel-x7-e-bs.
Our isllk Velvets nt Tile per ntd nro tl.o wonder of tlio day, and are sold clsowhoru at
Sl.S", ptrjnrtl.
Our 111 Im h Vulv et we sell nt SI Ti: win lb S'-'
Our Vtlif Irons we nro selling nt .'lie, Vioniul "Boper ynrtl.
Iliin'l id Klocl In nt (olid nllrSpi'i In) llm Kill li Snlu of Clou lis n ml Mllllili'fy
tlittt lid 1
KING'S PALACE, 814 7th SI. N. W.
Sanders & stnyman lies to announco tlio
opening of their
New Piano and Organ
Wnrciroms, 1)31 1' street n. w , Oct. 1, lss.a, nt
which time thev will display nn elegant as
sortment of llio Woild-ltcuowncd
Dccter Bros. Pianos and Esley Organs.
Also tho Celebrated
Fischer and Estoy Pianos.
Instruments sold on Monthly Payments,
nl I'm Kent, at low lates.
Tuning nnd ltcpaltlng n SH'clnlty. Second
Ilnnd Pianos nml Uigmis at llatsaius.
Mr.-lnrvls llutlcr, tho dlstinimlslicdoigaid
1st, will bo in chargo of Washington rooms.
1G N. (TIAIH.L'S hT., 03 1 rsTiinnr V w:
llaltlinoic. Mil ashlngtoii, I). C.
sc'.'l 3m
on ii im & oa
No. 937 Pa. Ave, N.W.
I noqi.iiloil In Tone, Touch, 'Work
iiimif lilp mnl Ituraliillty.
At Alll'rltes.
Wm. Knabe & Co
003 rcnnsylvmita Avenue, toccnil dJor wait
of Ninth street,
b i.i: aoi;nts ron
"M. EJ K, I O J&. 3ST
It Is Not ruiMiuoiis, lids IllDIIUlllllKllf
Wnsh nml (.In - It u liloli (llois,
'io in: ii d nl'' nit it iiUticiii:.
No. nn .11 n I lieu L.iliu. N. V.
; .KN'IU I'ltl.CT N. V.
If S &m iSl
lleiiinliis KIiik ot tlm Trildo.
Firm Representative.
Nowlslbollmoto look nlmiit for llio rifrlit
pkitolo buy jour I'all und Winter ilmes lu
Ladies' Shoes
our slock embraces everythlni; desirable In
stylo nnd uuallty lo which wu aro weekly
IlllllllIK now Hues. In
Misses' and Children's
wo havo tho best makes for wear und com
fort. To our
Men's Shoes
wo rail your spcrl.il attention. If you want
a IHIl.ssSlKli: we havo
rtno Trench Kid Congress and Hut ton .
I'lno Patent Leather t'omtrcs and I.si
1 Inu Trench Culf t'ongitss I..ieo mid Ilulton,
all of Iho best makes
Hut tho shoe Unit talks for ctvle, eomfoit,
pnfect lit mnl Bond wuir Is uur tlnoi'iilf,
stwed luuwryst)Ii Intln IIiikUiu VVI KI1S'
I'lIAM'at $.'i. tho best shoo foi tho money
that etui bo fold.
ll.'Stl I'l'IIIIII. AM'llllO.
One-Price Shoe Store.
ffi! A. L. KAZELTOM,
v Km i;:a Spm-uiii street,
- 1 ntler odd IVllows Hall.
13. C Hurl's Vino Mines for Ladles a specially.
427Hs 1011. M
(j-11 Ta. ATI'. Kait.
I hnvo a lot of Tlno Shoes, my own make,
tout 1 will fell ill a hitrcalu oivu mu .itil.il
tari'iililtiil l'rlo 7.1,(U).fl3
Tlcke.sonly Si.
fahai cs In Tropoi t Ion.
Louisiana State Lottery Co.
" II e do fiertby certify that iu supft t xnt the at
icuimmeut foi all the Monthly and Siw.i 1
jiual ttmulamof At. Luuhlutm Sttit htttrty
Corniwny ami in iHoi tiiamt'h ami luhtiolthe
Vmntiifft tfitttiMtit, ami that th mnuuire con
ductcluUh fionesi' jainim-t awl tn yool faith
Urttaitlaft pat (, ami n autifitht (he Com
jKtnyto v$ithU cfrtlflcute, aihat Amite of
out bignulu)asalta.hedt ini!ti adtttlltunuuts."
6? J&oeg
Intorroratcil In lsfis lor S3 years by tho
Itl-liiliui) for lMiientloiial and t'hnrltnblo
putisisis, with ainpltiil ut 1 otm.nOO, to which
ii lest ivu fund of over $550,ooO )ia8 sltieo been
llymioverwlielmhu; popular voto Its fran
ible was madon part of tlm present felato
tontltutlin, ndoptul llcecmber ', A I) 1S7U.
'Iho onlylottii-v evir wit oil on ant on
doiiid lij Ihopioplonf any stnto
it Miivr.u bt'Ai.i:hOiti'osTroNi:s.
Itslirnnd PIiibIo uniber Diavvhus tako
plato monthly.
AKpltiulId opiKittimlty to win a inrtuno
l.lt'Vintht.niiiil In lulmr.l luMli.lntliiAi.iil
i inj i f Mush Now (Irl, un. Ttiosihiy, Nuvuin
btr 10, lbW-l'-tth Monthly llravvliw
Capital Prize, $75,000.
lixi.rco 1 u kcts at Tlv 0 Dollars Booh.
1 ruetlous. In X'lfths, In proiHirtlou.
1 CAPITA!. PIUZi: 571,000
1 do do ... . . 41,000
1 do do . . . . Iil,"
a pitirnsor $i.ion .. . . woo
li (lo soon . .... lonno
10 (In , UMWil
eo do suii 1001S)
ion iio eao ... a'.uk)
Ht) 1.0 101) ... On.lltlO
wo io so m.uuo
1H0 do i ,ooo
11 iiuiAlinullimI'rtoiof $7! . . 0,710
a ilo do MO . .. Vico
0 do (to 850. .t)
I.'k: l'ri amounting to SSill.lOii
Ai i In in Ion lor rutoH lo clubs ilmnlil bo
ninili mill lo the oflleoof tin) Company In Now
inli in
1 r fin I l.or Information write clearly, giving
fell micros,. POSTAL IIOTKS, Kxpross,
Mum j Dnlrrs.ir New Vork ICxebaiiio In onll
r.ury fitter ( urreuoy by Uxpn h. lull sums of
13 uud uiiWauls ut our expense i mli!rnssjil
JI.A. ll.U'PiIIN,
Now Oilouns.
Mtlto P. 0. Money Orders hyalite and
Address Itcgbttrcd Litters to
Now Orleans, Lu.
Ni w ml. in , l i
b'lATKNA'llllNVI. llMi
lv (111 n- 1 l
uw iirk.in , U
sole m$pM-m
. .. IV.
n thf wn, tkst imi soirrnHrar.
bTM.UAIL8. MATsirt. UNrUstlJlI'MllSr
Trains Irtnyrs Jt'asl.tmrton from slatlrm, nryrnr
of Sixth mnl II Ftrcels, ns follows!
For 1'lttshuiK nnd tho W nut. chtunKu Mntlled
ExprooK ol l'alsr'tiHlooilni.'Crsal.ll Atln. m,
tlall,. Fast l.lno. II HI a in dully to Clnom
nnd anil m liiil, Mlih bleopinij cun. from
Ilnrrhliuru to ('im tnniitt nit'l tintitl car to
HI I.i,n. ibilly.e.i'Bpt H.ituitLiv to Chlnmrn,
with M plti(t ( r AlliMUii to ctilcano. Chl
OHiioaiid ( im liuiatl Kxpruss t 7:1(1 p. tn.
(Inliv , w It b li r phv Cars Washington tu Chi
cnnonnd lliirilHlnirj to lnilsvllln; non.iu
Inn hi il.irrli,hiirKvv(thVVustrrn Bsfroi irlth
tlirirtittb lcHrri r xt. Lmili l'.ialfjo Ki
pr(ss, 10 p. id. ct h 1 1 fi r Tllt!iir i I th-
Went wttb tlimmrli utoopor llnnlfbJrg tu
CI. wlni il snrt ( li'iinito
HAlllMOIli: Ai I-urtMlAU )ll!Ln0A3.
Tot Trie I'Bnnnrtnlrfiin, ltoolioslcr, lliifflo.
Midiini 10 p. m tliillT, oxerfiil Mxttlrilar,
Willi I's'ivm ais Wililnton to Itiiolietter.
Knr Vt IIIIiiuim , rt, Lot k lliuen and Hlmlra, Kt
thsiin in dll, iiMipt Htimliy.
I'erKt'W Yuri, ami Un Ka-t, 7.15. sau and
1 1 u. m., 'A I, 10 p m nr I 111:11 ntelit. on
Bundny.fs Kin. in, it, I, ltli, tn nnd 13:15
night. Limited Lxprpm of I'tillmnii Parlor
Ciirsll 10 r. in dally, oxioplSundiy.
For llostoiivllhoutermiiuu 'In m overy day.
I'orllmoUin.N V .nil tl.imi;l.triilni wmnaut
lit. lersity City with bnntn of llrooklin Annul,
sfforjlltiKiliii'iit transfer to Fulton ntroot.
iivoldltigtlinililu fcitlao aero Now York
For I hllmlolphl i. 7:1S. H !!0 and 1 1 a. m , a.
4, U, 111 p m nml 1'J.lrJ night On Minday.
H mi n. m . 'A I, (I, Id t. m. ami lu-lri nlglit.
I.lmlicsl liipruM, li.io a. m.dilly, oiecnt
Tor Hall Imoro, ii.in, 7:1(5, bno, n:ii), n.on
a.m. imw, a, I, 12.-,, 1:10,(1,7:10, ton. m.
nnd V-Mfinlirlit. On Sunday. H.'lt). II 10, u
n m,a, 1,(1, 7-K), loji.m. mid l'i:15nlaht.
Pr l'oi eV Creek Line, 7:10a. in , and Ij-lll p.
in daily, ncept Sunduy.
Tor Antinpolls, 7 II n in , 1U:01 and I as p.
m dally event Sunday. On Sunday I p. m
For Alexandria, (1, 7, D.-afl. 11 01 and 113.1
n. m a ol, I ao, I In, il.a... n oi and li:n7
P. in. On Sunday at 0, U.ai, ll.ol n. tn.,
8 f is p. m.
For lilt liinoiid and tho Month, 0 and 11 .01 n.
in. dally and I 15 pm dally, oxccptsunilav.
Trnlns leav u Aloxnndrla for nslilngton iH)1,
h, lo, lo lo n. m . l, ii.ti.1, u.a.i, r.'io, 7.01
nml ll.;;.",n m, and lUili) midnight, exoept
Jlondny. On Hiimhiy ut B nnd 10.10 a.m.,
7 or, nnd 1 1 n.lti. in. and lu.iii night,
lit krt nwl Information nt tlio ofllce, north
east corner of Thirteenth street and Pennsy
lvania nvenuo, nnd at tho station, whero or
tli rs can bo left for tho 1 becking of b.ivgago
tn destination from hotels nnd rosldencos.
Oinernl Mnnagor Ocn. Passenger Agent.
Lcavo Wnflilnttnn ftom Htiitlon. corner Mow
Jtrsuy nvenuo mid Cslioet.
For Chltugo, 10 a m, nnd lihli) p. m. dally.
The 10 a. in Is a Fast Limited Hxpross to
Pittsburg and Chicago, arriving In Pittsburg
nl7.!op m., th'rngo noxt moriiltig ut S..11.
No ostra faro 1j tbarged 011 this trnlu for fast
Tor Cincinnati, Loulsvlllo ami St. Louis dally
at a HO p. m. nnd 10 10 p. 111,, with through
toaches nml Pnlnco bleeping cars to ahovo
I olnts without Lliiinga. II .Ml p. in. train Is a
lastllinlted train to Cincinnati ami bt Louis,
nrrlvlng In Clnclnuutl noxt morning at 7: 1.1,
ht I mils 0 IK) p. 111. Nooxtra f aro 1 1 charged
on this train for fast tlmo.
For Pittsburg nt 10 n. m., with Parlor Car,
nnd 0. lop m. dully io Pittsburg, Clovtsland
mid Detroit, with sleeping cars to Pittsburg.
Tor Ilnltliuoioiin weoK dnvs 5, (Pio.fiilo.
7:"U, H.UD ami 100-u m la 10, 1-a.l, .'l.lrf
MB tnlnuto train), .'1 .'to, -1SW, 1.10, 5:10, (l:lo,
7, H.a.lntl 11pm
1 or llnltltroro on Sundays (1:10, 7 .'10, s-'PJ
mid 10 0.1 11. m., IMA, l.:w. J .10, d:10, Bjlt).
II 10.7 8 a.1 und lip. in.
lor iKihilHon tho Hhenanunah VnlloyKall
rund nml points South, Ii-.Ti a. 111. and 0 to p,
111. dallv 11 a.l 11. m. train has Pullinitt
bleepcr from Washington to New Orloans,
Tor Annapolis. (I 10 a. m. nnd ia.10 an I
I.110 p. m.i on bundav. 8 30 n. in. and 4:10
p. tn
1 or way Blntlons between Washington nnd
Ilaltln'ore. fi. 0:10. 8.10 a. m.. 12.10, J..10,
I'll), 7 mid 1 1 11. in On Sundays, H !!(l n. m.,
l.an, il.HO, 4:10, 7and lip. m. l'or stations
on Metropolitan Uriititli, 7-ao a. m. nml 11:1.1
p. m. dally, except Hiinday, and 010 p. tn.
dally: 'I'lO p. in. dnllv. except bund ly, for
prlntlpal elntlons on Metropolitan llriinch;
s HI n tn. tlally on Sunday stops at nil sta
tions; for Lexington Htaunton and Valley
llriintli.pl lo n m. dallv, except Mindny; for
IVcdiiltk, 8 It) 11. in., J.HJ p. m. dally, except
1 or local stations betw ten Washington and
Oalthcrsburg, 12.30 p. in. dally, except bun
1 or Ilagcrstown end Winchester, 0:10 a. m.
(lull), cxi cj t Sunday, and fi no p. m. dally to
ltagirstowu; dally, except bunday, to Win
choMir. 'trains arrive from Iho West dally, 0, 7.-20 a.
m. l:ld. oilo p.m.
nom .nnapuii, 11 uo a. in. andl:r() and
fi ar, p m : Suiiilny.io J.l a.m. nml 0 3,1 p. in.
Trom I.exliigtou, 0 UO p m. dally, except
Tiom Frcdi'rlcl; nnd Intermetllito point",
H M5 a. in. nnd u.10 p. m. dally, oxtept Sim
Uav. Trains leave llnlllrrorofor Washington at
fi-10.0 ,10,7 ao, 11,11 iiland 10 Ui) .1 m , l'J:lfi,
a 30. a. 1. 1 ao. 0, 0 .mi. 0, o nnd 11 p. m. 011
Sundays u .10, 7 20. ti und 0 o j a. m.. 1:J0.
a no, f ao, fi (! "to. 8, 11 and ll p. m.
All trains from U iisblngton stop at Itolay
Million, txtcpt 1 ai,;i:10 and 0.10 p. m.
Torluilliirlnfonnatlnn cpply at tho Haiti
moiu & Ohio tit kit olllco Washington Sta
tion, oil) und liSOl Pcnna. nre., turner of 1 Uh
pt., w litre oidcrs will bo taken for bnggago to
bo checked and received nt any point In tlio
city. o. k. I.oltl), (I. P. .
ii. DUNHAM, Ccn. Man., lmltlmora.
(Li:aH a p iii:p(ir,sirii andiisim)
"1 00 M I'm all wav stations, Lexington,
K Iniiisildc, ( luttliin.itl, t'otuinb'is, St
I . ills li.illv ixiept Mintl.iy
11(10 M 1.1 Newiioit Ni'Ws.Old Point
( 1 infill nml N.nfiilk. Dally except btlli
da. Colli' M Tor louisvlllc, Cincinnati, bt.
liml.. und ihluigi), connecting for nil
1. lints Wtst, Northwest and Suntlir.-est:
Inst ixpress dully; does not stop fur loe if
luislnohs, tliroiigh Pullinau set vice t
1 ouisvilloniiil ( iiiclnu.itl.
Tia'liikcts and liifoimatlon apply at C. .t
O. ltnllwiiy otitic, Mil Ptniisvhiinl.i avi nue,
uiitlti Nntlotiul Hotel: u ilillniid Hallway
nunc, Mil Puru)lwinla ineniie, and 11. ,t P
t.W SMI-..I. '""" '-"' ARont.
(Icui'riil Manager.
I'HAMi 'I ltli,(i 1 astern Passenger Agont
1 tit 1 luui.i.ull S'S-T
On and after Al'tlTST no, 18S1, trains will
leave from and iirrlin at (llhand U
sts. Depot as follows:
Lcavo Washington 1) a. m. and 1.11 p. m,
d-tlly; urrlvo at lieltnonl Park lo.ll a in aui
0 ail p m.; LcoHburg 1 1 01 a in mid O..IU p.
id.; anlvoat Hound IHU at 11:1.1 a. m. and
7:1 H p.m.
llbtiniilue lejvo Hound Hill 0 01 a. m nnd
.I.Uil p m : I 'is- Li i s'mrg (I 12 a. m ami l;di)
p in.. Helmut)! I'lim o fit a. m undo do p, tn.,
nndnrtlvu at Washington at U.33 a. 111. and
7-10p m
1111 Mm, In vs tlio tialn ieav'ng Washington
at l)n in 1 lily runs to Li'i'slnirg, and tho train
nrrlvlng at 7 lop in stints from iAioslnug.
Bnoelnl excursion rato anil bunday trains
to llclnioiit Park. Monthly and commuta
tion rates to all i4iits.
8 M liHOPllY, Supt..Aloxr.nilrln, Va.
K !. I ocKVvtiOli, Pass. Ast 007 Pa. uo.
WnsbliiJlitn D i'
C'lTl I l. MITICT.
l!) '1 he I KAMHIl T.KCRIJJlOH
ot tho
will bu withdraw 11 from iho muto utter hi' "!
Tho 8Ti:MKII Or.DIlUU LKAHY. con
nient lug sKPTHMllHIiai.wlllloavo Ttb stvi'.t
whurl JiOMWlh, WKDNKHD.WS AND Kill
DAIS at .1.10 p m. lloturnlng. Ioiito No .'
lolK. fiom Hiisttin v.lnrr, 1111 1" I1)1 ,
TlllllM)AYSAM)bATTlll)Yp.nt In 1.1
W.M P WTt.CIl,
017 l.oaerul AtMit
f!T, Vl'.KNON I
I.ouvpr7I1i st. whaif dally. oxeopt sundny, for
Sit. Vernon at lOu'eliKkti in ; rnturiilug,
leaclios Wuhlngton ubout ui'on m.
I, I. HLAUU. Captalu.
fl'ONOHlidk M Hll.l' MONItOB, Tll-I
f lnl't 1 wi 1 nl ll I 1 Mail Stomni r
l.lnlti.l I I Mil M.ialtiv, Welnestlay an 1
lihiiiv. limn ti 1 1 ol .ill st ,at mo p.m.
Sviuii 11 om 1 n 't a kit ut Uultlmoroifc Ohio
enms is' 1 mil t'1 l'a avc.St. M.vTO Until
mnl Km I mui -s. 111U Pn uvu , who will nl.o
ihnk in i.",.e ii m hotels unit prlvato rusl
il. in.. In. fui tin 1 Infonnatluu Inii.ilro at.
1 1 mini ' - "ill." . 7lh 11. Til lit, Tvl uju ,
mil 745-
m.11 -Willi IMf WBMUt.Qn, 'Vl"n'.
Y tUV 1 llIKh- "
J I 1 iiIiomi Miiiiroo and Norfolk
Hi -I 1 1 1" ii ' I 'on 1 trip SI 21,
-t.uli'i ' I' Mni l Mulld.li Wedin ' v
U! (1 Si fl 1 I lit .11 11
I 1 .i 1 u " 1 in lul goner il oil
SMI- v I 1 1 I. 1 ll . ill 01
ll l.str I ei.tli.i , s,, nner I' n fl
I sjii M. mi, Ini-Lij adlriday at 7am.
4, 4 .. .-a Ukw.-i!u im J Una- u i. A'i. LjA 1J0.1 . dj. i

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