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"You I nko my houso when you Jo tako llio
Tliat doth sustain my houso."
Advertising In The Cditio will support llio
prop which sustains tho house
Wants of 8 lines in Tho Critic 3 times 25c.
" ( i-tly lie thy liuLIt ns lliy purse tin buy,
l!nl ncit Mircifv I In fnncj; rh-'i, nut Kun.ly,
For the nii'irrl nft trodnlnis the mini."
Htith enrnoits when advertised In Tim
CniTir finil many pun linscrs.
Tlio Clitic is dolivercd for 35c. per month.
The "Washington Critic.
When we can buy for less
wc sell for less; for instance,
the first of the season we
sold All-wool Red Flan
nel for 37jC. Couldn't sell
it for less, but a late pur
chase at lower figures en
ables us to offer it at 31c
per yard. Grand value at
this price.
The above is also the case
with 36-inch White Shaker
Flannel. Prior to this pur
chase wc sold it at 37Jc,
now 31 c per yard. Ten
hundred and twenty-nine
yards of full 35-inch (called
4-4) unbleached canton flan
nel, heavy extra close, fine,
soft nap, very strong. Best
we have ever shown at the
price, 120 per yard.
Another case of A. C.
E. Bed-ticking, warranted
feather-proof, best known
brand made, only i2jc.
We sold it at 15c some time
(Thlnl floor: tako tho olovator.)
Ailviintiicc III Ituyiutr l.nriroly.
As an instance of the ad
vantage we gain in buying
largely wCquote:
MK) doz Children's French Itlbbcd lloso,
doub'o knees, double hool nntl too, extra
finality, sizes i'ti. 0, WC, 7, 7W mid 8.
Only 25o per Pair.
We have been selling
these all the season at 30,
32 34 35, 38 and 40c per
pair, according to size, now
all sizes 25c per pair. A good
bargain lor Lathes is
split feet, colors gurnet, seal, uavy, whiound
Only 87)50 per l'alr.
Better than the qualities
usually sold at this price.
(First lloor midway, left sldo.)
git-Inch SlntrlnsMis liiimiclH.
Our customers will re
member the success attend
ing the sale of these goods
last year, which was of such
a nature we gladly availed
ourselves of the opportunity
to secure a big lot for this
season. We could only get
40 pieces at this purchase,
but hope to secure more
later; at any rate, we offer
these 40 pieces at the ex
tremely low price of
8?o per Vurd.
Cardinal, Navy, Coal, Baby Ditto,
Myrtle, l'lnk, Pawn, Itruuzo,
Mack, Hunters' Urcon.
Especially for Children's
Cloaks, Sacques, Ladies'
Wrappers, etc.
For fancy work, trim
mings, etc., we offer a nice
line of 6-inch Silk Surah
Ribbon, in two shades of
cardinal, two shades of light
blue and one shade of
bronze, only 25c per yard.
Thrco Bhadcs of Yellow Silk Ribbon, width
3 to 40.
While we have not been
making much . ado in the
papers about our Ribbon
Department, do not think
we have not the goods. It
has been advertising itself.
(l'lrst floor: mlddlo counter).
In conjunction with the
crand sale of Table Dam
asks, inaugurated
Monday, we call
attention to the lollowing
special values in 3-4 Table
3 qualltlos, German I.lnon Damask Nap
kins, excellent quulltlos, hamlsomo pattorus:
No. 1, SS.25! No, 8, Sli.W; No. a, $:).
Wo commend those to tho trado as tho belt
procurablo for tlio money.
(l'lrst floor; next to Mucins.)
l'ronilnciit Vnlut'H lit Our Uphill
Hlcry Department.
We single out as being
worthy special mention the
ForSash Curtains wo offer 31-lnoh Figured
India Silks, exquisite colorings, only mia
per yard.
31-Inch Plain China Silk, In tho following
lovely shades: Sumatra, orauKO, crimson,
bluo, corn mid Bold, J1.W per yard,
Kern leads 60 pairs of Ecru Nottingham
Luco Ourlulus, fully worth $3.73, only 8hSS
per pair,
60 pieces Grcnadlno Striped Cnrtnln Scrim,
Worth -(So, only aio per yard,
TlioSJo Imported Laco Strlpo Curtain Scrim
has been reduced to two per yard,
Kxnmlno tho Winch Raw Silk Covering at
2ttl pieces Flno English Crotoano, usually
gold ut 3lo, only Mo pur yard.
01-Inch Cross-striped Cretonne at !Mo nro a
Liberal values In Nottingham and Colored
Madras Curtail! Lute, choice styles,
Do not for;;et our pr.ind Balo of Turcoman
Curtains, Inaugurated lust week.
We desire every cus
tomer we have to examine
this stock.
(Third floor: taku tlio olovator.)
Boston Dry Goorls Houso,
(KK flllCli SJ,Y,
i 3',
! t) Nfrrot
Rather Dull Day About
Mr. Cleveland's Mcssago and tlio Hendricks
Obsciuios Considered.
Usiml ltcci-ptlnu Postponed to
Throu O'clock.
Tho Oablnot Mooting. Tho Cabinet
meeting to-day was a short ono. Matters
pertalnliiL: to tho President's mcssago were
considered, and llio trip to Indianapolis
was also discussed.
MtonniHlilp ArrivnlH.
At New York, City of Chcstor;from Liver
pool; Urclaml from Hamburg; Lydlan
Monarch from London. At Southampton
Elder from Now York; Ems from Bremen.
Filing Tolopnono Briefs. Tlio repre
sentatives of tho various tolopnono com
panies, not being ablo to fllo tho briefs In
the days prescribed by tho Secretary of tho
Interior, tho time has been extended uutll
tho briefs aro all In.
Maryland Postmoators. Tlio follow
ing fourth-class postmasters were appointed
In Maryland to-day: Thcodoro Taylor, Con
owlngo, Cecil County; It. D. Orr, Prospect,
Harford County; E. II. Frlgg, Hickory,
Harford County, and O. 0. JofTery, Forest
Hill, Harford County.
Tho Preslclont'o Rocoptlon. Owing to
a prcesuro of business, tho President was
compelled to postpono his usual public re
ception until 3 o'clock to-day. Many
people called about 1:30 p. m., but ono of
tho ushers mado announcement of tho post
ponement to tho callers.
Tho Consulship to Moxtco. Says tho
St. Louis Republican: "Mr. Eph. I).
Ewlng, Consul-General to Mexico, has de
termined not to resign, hut on tho contrary
will shortly lcavo for his post of duty.
This will ho sad news to several aspiring
statesmen who havo already forwarded to
Washington their application for Mr.
Ewlug's consulship."
- -Important to Inventors. In tho case
of Osfcuod against Martin, Involving tho
"cash" railways used In stores, tho Sccro
tary of tho Interior has decided that al
though a patent may havo been signed by
both tlio secretary and tho Commissioner of
Patents, It can bo withheld upon tho tiling
oi oviuenco or anoiucr claimant lor prior
ity, and that both parties will havo to ap
pear with their claim beforo tho examiner
of intci fercnecs who may havo Jurisdiction
In tho matter.
A Mystorlous Invontor. Thoro was a
caller at tho Interior Department to-day
who was very anxious to sco Judgo Mont
gomery, Commissioner of Patents. Ho was
a somewhat unkempt gentleman, about 40
years of age, with a most serious faco and
manner. Ho Informed Tub Citmo roportor
that tlio Cradle of Liberty had bucomo badly
broken, and that ho nlono had an Invention
by which It could bo restored to Its pristine
beauty. It was only by displaying n good
deal of tact that ho was kept away from
Judgo Montgomery.
Tho Rank of Gonoral. Tho Washing
ton correspondent of tho Cincinnati Com-mcrclal-Gazctte
6tiyn It is understood that a
movement will bo mado this winter by
friends of General Hancock to sccuro tho
passage of a bill to provldo for tho promo
tion of Llcutcnaut-Gcncral Sheridan to tho
rank of General and MajorGcncral Han
cock to tho rank of Llcutcnaut-Gcncral,
Hancock Is tho senior major-general, and as
ho will soon be retired, thero Is a growlug
public sentiment that tho military services
of General Hancock cutltlo him to such
Pensions Commissioner's Roport.
Tho annual report of tho Commissioner of
Pensions shows that at tho close of tho last
fiscal year thcro wcro 345,125 pensioners.
During tho year thcro wcro addod 35,703
new names and 1,335 reinstatements. Tho
names of 10,233 pensioners wcro dropped
from tho roll for various causes, leaving n
net incroaso oi .,jo(j. ino average annual
valuo or each penslou at tho close of tho
year is shown to bo .$110.30. Tlio amount
paid for pensions during tho yoar Is $01,
t)78,43.r an lncrca60 In aruouut over tho
previous year of $8,000,883.
Comptroller Cannon's Roport. Tlio
annual report of Hon. II. W. Uaunon,
Comptroller of tho Currouoy, shows that
durlug tho year ended November 1, 1S35,
145 banks wero organized with a capital of
$10,033,000, and circulating notes wero
Issued to theso new associations amounting
to (4,374,010. Tho total number of National
banks was 2,727 ou November 1, 1835, the
largest number that has been In operation
nt auy ono time. Tho wholo amount of
bonds on deposit to sccuro circulation has
during tho past year diminished from $325,
310,300 to $308,30 1, 550, and tho net decrease
in circulation during tho year has been
$15,545,401, Four National banks, with an
aggregate capital of $000,000, failed during
tlio year. National bauks paid during tho
year $2,701,631 to tho Uulted States for
taxes on circulating notes. Tho business
of tho National banks has largely Increased
during tlio year and speclo resources havo
been Increased more than 10,000,000
$44,471,711 of gold colli and $1,701,331 of
tllvcr coin.
Minor unci Porsonal.
Albert Nocrr, an assistant topographer
In tho Geological Survoy, has resigned.
Secretory Whitney presented 230 turkoys
to employes of tho Nuvy Department and
others yesterday.
Postmaster Harrlty and Assistant Post
master Parker of Philadelphia, accompa
nied by Mr, liandall, mado a visit to tho
Postofllco Deportment to-day.
Tho Nuvy Department has received In
formation that tho Powhatan has arrived ut
Key West with the woikmen on hoard who
wcro rescued from Itoncador Island.
Mr. John II. Walsh of Albany has beou
ordeii'd to assume tho duties of tho position
of Assistant Superlntcndciitof thu '1 reasitry
on Diceinl er 1, vice Mr. GratB Van ltous
fuhier icslgncd.
DiSTitwT c.o vmxuuxr
Holng Considered
by tint
In mi answer to a letter of tho First
Comptroller of thu Tieasury relating to tlio
cullutois' accounts for thu collection of
water main mils and asking for a Ktilemcnt
of Willi lions coining Into tils IijiiiM on ac
count of tin, water fund and tlio amount .of
such fund In his hands duly 1, 1S7S, the
CnmiiilShloneis reply Unit It would 1W Im
iiiaitlriiblo to furnish thu statements eullo I
for. '1 ho preparation of such u statement
iisiippiais to lioicipilrwl in relation l tho
wider u-ntKl beyond the capacity of tile
fi'ieelnthe water department In addition
In thttr ililly and mow Imp iri nit f.ui tlou,,
for width they are c-picl.!y employ,. .
Tin: MiHY asi iVirr.
Orders, Dntnllx, nml Other Intorostlnir
Tho general court-martial of which Cap
lain Thomas M. K. Smith, Twenty-third In
fantry, was ptesldcntat Fort Y ayno, De
troit, has been dissolved,
Captain Cyrus S. Ilobcrtn, Seventeenth In
fantry, acting Judge-advocatd of tho I)o
paittueiitof Arizona, has been ordered to
Fort llowlc, for duly as acting aldo-do-camp
to General Crook.
Captain ltlthcl M. Caster, Twenty-fourth
Infantry, left his utatlon at Fort Sill, In
dian Territory, Nov. 17, on tlio two months'
leave granted him by General Schoflcld,
and is now at Dansvlllo, N. V,
Corporal Maurtco Abeam, Uattcry C,
Fourth Artillery, has been ordcrod from
San Francisco to San Diego Barracks, Cal
ifornia, for medical treatment and such
light duty as ho may bo nblo to perform.
General Terry has granted forty-six days'
furlough to Corporal Henry Chapman, Co.
G, Twentieth lufantry, from Fort Magln
nls, Montana, and thirty days to Corporal
Frank 11. Green, F, Twenty-fifth Infantry,
from Fort Snclllng, Minn,
First Lieutenant Stephen Y, Soyburn and
Lieutenant Ilobcrt L. lliillard, Tenth lufan
try, havo been ordered from Fort Union to
Join their company (P-) at Lang's Itancho,
New Mexico, relieving First Lieutenant
Kdwatd II. Plummcr (Company O), nnd
Lieutenant Andro W. llrowstcr (Company
11), who aro ordered to Fort Union.
Major-Gcnoral Schoflold has appolntod
First Lieutenant John Pitcher, First Cav
alry, as nidu-do-catnp on his staff, to tako
effect next Tuesday, December 1, Mr.
Pitcher Is tho eon of General Thomas G.
Pitcher, retired, U. 8. A., and Is well
nilUHII MUIU UI MID IIV19Ullii BUlilUl iiuuiiuiw,
as well as throughout tho army as a gallant
ofllccr of very high worth,
Tho Secretary of War has amended tho
War Department order of 1831, regarding
gratuitous issues of canvas 'suits, to read
as follows, In addition to tho
former order: "Fortroopsscrvlnglutho De
partments of Dakota, tho Platte, and tho
Columbia, and at military posts on tho
lakes, tlio suit will consist of ono blouse,
one pair of trousers, nnd ono hood and ono
pair of mlttcus for winter wear. For all
other troops tho suit will consist of ono
blouso and ono pair of trousers."
Army courts-martial ordered. Convened
to-day at Fort llrldjcr, Wy.: Major Edward
P. Pearson, Twonty-llrst Infantry, prcahlont,
and Lieutenant Charlct M. Trultt, samo
regiment, Judge-advocate. Convened to-day
at Fort Adams, Newport, It. I.: Captain
Gcorgo Ii. Itodnoy, Fourth Artillery, presi
dent, and First Lieutenant William Knnls,
samo regiment, Judgo-advocato. Convened
to-dav nt Fort Schuyler, New York harbor:
Major Abram C. Wildrlck, Fifth Artillery,
president, and First Lieutenant John Mc
Clcllan, Fifth Artillery, Judkc-advocatc.
Navy Orders. Lieutenant-Commander
Socrates Hubbard lo relievo Lieutenant
Charles II. Davis as executive ofllccr of tho
Powhatan, and tho latter to report In person
at tho Navy Department; Lieutenant T.
Dlx Holies to duty at tho Smithsonian Insti
tution, In connection with his observations
und collections mado in Alaska; Pay Di
rector Caspar Schcnek detached from spe
cial duty at San Franclico aud orderod as
navy pay ofllccr at Norfolk, to relievo Pay
Director Cuthbcrt V. Wallach, who Is or
dered to scttlo accounts and then await
orders; Ensigns Edward Simpson, Jr., aud
Miles C. Gorgas detached from tho Coast
Survey and ordered to tho Despatch, and
Ensign W. J, Maxwell ordered to tho Fish
commission steamer ilsli liawi:.
Army leaves erantcd: To Major John M.
Dacon, Seventh Cavalry, Fort Totten, Da
kota, ono month from December 1; Cap
taiu James A. Snyder, Third lufantry, Fort
Ellis, Montana, ono month from December
5; Captain Arthur W. Taylor, assistant
surgeon, Camp Medicine, Butte, Wyoming,
ono month from December 5; First Lieu
tenant Edgar 11. Itobcrtson, adjutant Ninth
Infantry, Fort David A. Itusscll, Wyoming,
eight days further extension from Novem
ber 20; First Lieutenant William II. Miller,
regimental quartermaster, First Cavalry,
Fort Custer, .Montana, twenty days oxjen
slon of post leave; First Lieutenant
Thomas F. Davis, Fifteenth Infantry, Fort
Itandall, Dakota, ono month from Decem
ber 1, with permission to apply for ono
month extension; Lieutenant Lawrenco D.
Tyson, Ninth Infantry, Camp Medicine,
lluttc, Wyoming, ono month from Decem
ber 15, with permission to apply for ono
month extension (ho is ordered to report at
his proper station Fort D. A. Itussoll,
Wyoming, on expiration of his lcavo).
Till: OITX'S FIXAtfOliS.
Tho A li mm 1 Ilcpnrt of tho Auditor of
tho Ulstrlet.
Tho annual repot t of tho Auditor
was submitted to tho Commissioners
to-day. Tho cntlro rovenuo of tho Dis
trict durlug tho fiscal year ending
June 30, 1885 Including appropriations was
$4,251,052.74 as follows: Balance on hand
July 1, lbSI, $515,704.10; received during
tho year, $3,7J1,C81.09; repayments to ap
propriations, $7,000.80.
Tho total expenditures durlne tho voar
wcro $4,020,003.73. llalauco on hand July
1, 1885, $230,050.01. Tho cntlro levy of real
cstuto and personal pcoperty for the fiscal
year amounts to $1,212,378.83. Thu amount
collected up to Juno 30, 1885, was $1,032,
803.08, leaving a balanco of $101,010.83.
Ho states that It is dcslrablo that books bo
arranged by square and lot In numerical
order, with an Index of owners, for tho con
venience of tho ofllco and tho public.
IIoiiho or the (Hood Nliopherd.
Tho annual report of tho Homo of tho
Good Shepherd has been submitted by Mr.
M. F. Morris to tho Commissioners. Tho
Institution Is situated at No. 1017 Ninth
street and Is a purely charitable concern.
Tho object of tho Instltutlou Is for rho re
formation of fallen women. It Is under tho
charge of clghtslstcrs known as "Sisters of
thu Good Shepherd," und has a capacity for
thirty-eight penitents, and it is Intended to
enlarge It.
Thcro aro thirty penitents there at present
who aro learning to support themselves by
their own labor, Slnco tho organization
llio Institution received sixty, Twenty-flvo
wero brought In by tho pollco during tho
past year. Tho pollco regard It as a valua
ble Institution for tho preservation of good
order and morality In tho community.
ltrt-i'iit Itobborlo.H.
Win. II, Money of 3000 M street, reports
that during tho last twenty-four hours a
silver watch was stolen from his losldouco,
Mr. Clias. W. lllckettsof 1517 Thirty-second
street reports that some tlmo dining
tho 24th Instant $37 In money was htolen
from her bureau drawer. Mrs. Snider of
315 C street reports that a velvet cloak
and dress weru stolen from her houso yes
terday, valitu $30. A chocolato-colorod
overcoat was stolen from II. Xf. Holllg,
1713 Seventh sticet, this morning.
Illfilnvny Itolihoi'.v.
As Mrs. M, L. Iloyt of 51 P street was on
her wuy homo on Saturday night, about 0
o'clock, flui was knocked down at tho cor
ner of Tlilul and P streets hy n colored
man aud robbed of her pocketbook, which
contained Uwnty-nlno cents, Slio was ro
mnvid to hcrhome. and Dr. Newton wai
Miiiimouul, who pronounced her Injuries
.losrpli II, Hoitou'm Condition.
Tho condition of Mr. Joseph II. llerronot
South Washington was oxtrenioly critical
this luiirnlnir, and crave fe.irs uro enter
tained by tho attending physicians of lilt
ueoviiy. Ho Is sintering frnuui compli
cation nf diseases. Mr. Helmut a solicitor
nnd attorney of (lovcnuncnt claims and the
luihlngnnentof llio U. 11. Aid Society of
l.tlmiioii, Pa.
- -t'linorul
iir.liiii'drrod Jlnr.y J.oo.
llio f uncial of Mary Leo, the colored
voinun who was muidiiod by her husband,
Itlihai'd Lie, List Monday night, took place
fiom No. 400 K stiec-t Miuthu.ut to-day.
Tim lutdiio'iit was itindo at (lraeel.ui'1
I'cinelery, und there w n large! attou Unco.
Tin: sukati: nuiswnxoi'.
Spneulntlon ll4 to (tin 1'roliHiln Choice,
of tlio Itepiihllrmi Member.
Thcio Is no doubt, In the minds of tho re
publican Senators, that thcro will bo n
quorum pi cscnt when tlio Scnato convenes.
Tho selection of n l'rcsldont pro tempnrc
Is generally conceded lo bo In doubt. Tho
Impression that Senator Edmunds docs not
desire tho honor Is becoming more general.
Senator Allison Is authority for a state
ment that tho Presidency of tho Soiialo was
not discussed at yesterday's meeting and Is
not likely to bo considered at any mooting
of Senators beforo the caucus on next Thurs
day or Fildoy ovcnlng. Tlio Senators now
In tho city aro so few In number that a dis
cussion of tho subject among them would
bo fruitless.
Ono of tho most prominent and conserva
tive llepubllcnu Senators said to a CittTli)
reporter to-day that ho had no doubt that
tho Presidency of thoSenato would go to
tho West by caucus nomination. "Senator
Edmunds can, undoubtedly, havo tho Presi
dency of tho Scnato If ho seeks It, but I am
almost certain that ho docs not. It ho Is not
n candhlato, Senator Logan Is much more
likely to bo chosen than any other.
"Tho Ucpubllcan party has oxprcwod Its
dcslro that Senator Logan should prcsldo
over tho sessions of the Senate, nnd that
fact should havo great weight with Ucpub
llcan Senators. My Judgment would ho
that Senator Logau will bo chosen presi
dent pro tempore lfhodoslrcs to bo."
It was currently rumored to-day that Sen
ator Logon had opened nn active canvass
for tho Presidency of tho Senate, but this
was cquauy positively iicnicu.
Ono nromlncnt Senator said: "Senator
Edmunds, Ixigan or Sherman would not
mako anything llko a canvass In his own
favor. Tho Scuato Is n peculiar conserva
tive body and Its leaders nro dignified and
conservative men, particularly In matters
pertaining to tho Scnato Itself. Senator
Logan will not tell his colleagues that ho
desires to bo elected, If such Is tho case,
unless they ask him."
8enator Sherman's friends aro confident
that ho will ho selected It ho permits It to
bo understood that ho. would accept tho po
sition. Tko Democratic Senator to whom tho
complimentary vote will bo given Is not
known. Thero aro very few Democratic
Senators In tho city nnd among them Sena
tor Harris of Tennessee Is about tho only
person mentioned In this connection. Sen
ator Cockrcll says tho Presidency of tho
Scnato Is very much In doubt. Ho assumes
that it will bo a ltepubllcati, aud cither Ed
munds, lOgan or Sherman. Senator Gib
eon says u Ucpubllcan will of courso bo
elected, but ho docs not know who. Sena
tors Morgan, Jones (Ark.) and Hansom
think Edmunds will again bo President of
tho Senate.
Tho Usual Xtimlinr or ThiinlctKlvtni;
Shootlnr; anil Cutting AITrays.
An altercation occurred on Maryland nvo
nuc, near Four-and-a-llalf street, bctwoon
a crowd ol colored men about 11 o'clock
yesterday morning, during which Nathan
Bell, one of tlio combatants, drow a pistol
and discharged It Into tho crowd. Not
waiting to sco tho result of his murderous
act, Bell started oil on a run, nourishing tho
pistol In his hand, Ho had not proceeded
far beforo ho was overhauled by Ofllccr
Harry and escorted to the statlon-houso.
On tho nppcarauco of tho pollco tho other
rioters scattered, nnd tho ofllcers havo been
unablo to learn if any of them wero woundod
by tho shot. Shortly after tho occurrouco
Ofllccr Henry arrested Joslah Bell, who Is
supposed to havo been ono of tho partici
pants, and ou being searched at tho station a
razor and a pair of brass knuckles wcro
found In his pockets.
In tho Pollco Court to-day ho was chargod
with assault aud battery, and stated that
ho only wanted to scaro tho other by firing
In tho air. This was contradicted by wit
nesses, who said ho filed right at Commo
dore. Tho highest penalty ono year minus
a day was Imposed. An appeal was noted
and tho defcudant was committed In default
of $500 ball.
Thcro wcro also two cases of assault to
kill bcloro tho court, which wont over ou
account of tho severity of tho Injuries to
tho parties assaulted.
John McCarty was charged with assaulting
with Intent to kill Abo Thomas,both colored.
They quarreled in McFarland's saloon,
near Second and G 6trects southwest, over
a cramo of cards, and tho Unlit was con
tinued to tho street, whero Thomas drow a
Elstol and discharged It at McCarty, who
ad an open knlfo in his hand, llo threw
tho knlfo at Thomas, stabblnir him In tha
breast, seriously injuring him. Ball was
fixed at $500 and counsel asked for a re
duction. Tho Court refused, with tho re
mark that: "Theso peoplo who uso razors
aud pistols will havo to lookout. They aro
always ready for a chance to kill somo ono
and frequently Innocent peoplo aro Injured."
James Price, for cutting ucorgo Harrison,
another colored man, In tho latlcr's saloon
on Eleventh street near J street last
night, was also on tho list of would-bo
muidcrcrs. Tho proprietor uttemptod to
put Prlco out because ho was drunk and
disorderly, when Prlco drow a knlfo, as Is
charged, and cut Harrison on tho head,
arm and hand. Ho Is also charged with
cutting a waiter lu tho saloon during tho
Tho noxt candldato for Justice was a col
ored youth with a decidedly murderous
countenance. Ho was charged with as
eaultlug an uged colored man named Absa
lom Lindsay. Ho had a light with tho old
man's son and was going Into tho promises
of tho old man when ho was stopped by tho
latter. "Whero are you going," demanded
Mr. Lindsay. "I am going to kill that boy."
"No you aro not," was tho reply. "D n
It. if you don't let mo kill him," said tho
youthful candldato for a ropo, and ho cut
tho old man ucross tho breast. Eleven
months and twcnty-nluo days was his sen
tence. Slnri'Incn I.Icouhcm,
Marriage licenses have been Issued as fol
lows: John II. Torrlngtou of Now Loudou,
Conn., and Carrie J. SImms of this city;
Wllllani Wall and Emma E. Uohlnson;
James Mouldcn and Daisy Dcchard; Jamos
E. Harrow and Llzzlo O. Flaherty; O. M,
Boswcll and Johanna O'Brien; John Coats
of Charlotte Hall, Mil., aud Catharine Wil
son of this city; Isaac II. Campbell aud
Hosa llotts; Albert M. llaymoud of Cincin
nati, Ohio, aud Emma C, Ilcck of this city;
John S. Brent of this city and Hebccca E.
Whittle of lllchmoud, Va.j G. E. Truman
aud Ida 11. Kemp; Lon Prlco mid Bctsoy
Bland; J. II. Oliver and Miunlo Nod, both
of Georgetown, D, C.i William Palmer of
Alexandria County, Vn., and Armonla
Knowlcs of Georgetown, 1). O.; Charles
Abell of St. Mary's County, Mil., and .Mary
O. Dyer of this city; William E. Ilruco and
Leonora A. Lavaletto; William II. Stans
burv of Prluco Gcomo's County. Mil., und
Eliza A. Thomas of this city; Samuel Smith
and Margaret Washington; G. F. Pollard of
West Tioy, Now York, and Anulu M. Wal
ler of this city; 11. V. Crawshaw aud Aiiulo
I j. Ware; Joseph Washington aud Sarah
Young; Ilnuiului Smother and Margarot
llutlcr; Jacob T. Coruwcll of Fuumiler
County, V.i., aud Laura A. Wilson of Lou
doun County, Va.; Leven Murray and Lucy
lluekey, both of Mlddleburg, va.; Wash
ington Snnford and Mugglo A. ltlloy; Cor
nelius .Murphy nnd Hannah Dillon; Joseph
W. Day and Eliza N. (iil)ln.
An I'.Wi'umIvo riiri'hnwc.
A If i I'd SI. Iloyt of Now York has pur
cliafid two lots In block 30 and eleven loll
hi block 2 of Columbia Heights for
This property Is a part ot tho old
Mono (stati
late and rltiiated Jut cast ot lour-
Irinlh street. The tr.iu-.fer was made by
Senator John Sherman of Ohio, as triiUou
for aeuidlnilu of gentlemen, who bought
the inilru i-ttutoioiiiu yn.ir ago for spoeu
hitlM' pmpoM's. Mr. Iloyt has sold Sena
tor Sherman a lull Interest In hU pur
cliuic. Liei'tknant John P. 1'ivi.uv ot llio
Signal Service will deliver H licluro on the
Hil'JiM t of tornadoes before thu Fuiiklhi
Imf'-tccf Philadelphia.
Arrangements for tho Obsequies of
tho Lato Vico-Prcsident.
Another Meeting of Congressmen at tho
Special Trains to Lcavo for tho Wo3t on
Hendricks Itcurs ltnr Loss with
Grent Composure.
This city has seldom responded so
promptly or universally with a display of
mourning emblems. Thanksgiving morn
ing found every Hog at half-mast and be
foro tho day was over tho drapers had mado
much progress in draplnj tho public build
ings In black. Tlio Scnato wing of tho Capi
tol was with striking appropriateness tho
first to display tho emblems of grief, and
tho AMiIto Houso was next to show tho
mourning drapery. Tho Capitol domo was
decorated tastefully and effectively. At
tha White House a drawing of tho appear
nnco of tho building while draped for
Grant's death was called Into use, and tho
tiio.mas ANinsr.wg itnxnnta'CH.
design was reproduced, At tho other pub
lic buildings the work of draping was car
ried ou. From tho Treasury Department
telegraphic orders Issued for tha draping of
public buildings all over tho country and
from tho Statu Department orders for tho
half-masting of National Hags on logatlous
nnd consulates all over the world wero sent
Bcrgeant-at-Arms Canaday has a forco of
men hard at work to-day nuttlug up em
blems of mourning in aud about the Scnato
chamber. Tho chair occupied by .Mr.
Hendricks as presiding ofllccr of tho Scnato
has been heavily draped with black, and the
front of tho correspondents' gallery, di
rectly over tho chair, has been draped some
thing nf tcr tlio fashion ot a canopy. From
this point, either way, starts a heavy lino of
black, running all around tha galleries,
looped up hero and thero, and gracefully
arranged in keeping with tho place and tha
object of tho decoration.
Sergeaut-at-Arms Canaday received a dis
patch yesterday afternoon saying that tho
funeral of VIco-Prcsldcnt Hendricks would
tulto placo at noon on Tuesday. This uuws
was communicated to the Whlto Ilouso and
to tho members of tho Cabinet, Scnato and
Houso. Both railroads tendered tho Presi
dent a special train for tho purpose, but ho
will probably go by tho Pennsylvania routo.
From tho Senate, tlio reply camo that Sena
tors Edmunds, Sherman, Harris, Allison,
Voorhces, Pugli, Cullom, Gibson, Conger,
Blair, Dawes, Camden and Vest would go
from this city by special car on Monday, as
a conimiuco representing mo ocnaio. coll
ator Ilcck was added to-day. Tho Ilouso
commlttco to attend tho funoral was to
consist of Don. John G. Casllsle, Hon.
Samuel J. llandnll, Hon. W. 11. Morrison
Hon. W. S. Ilolmau, Hon. A. S. Hewitt,
Hon. II. A. Herbert, Hon. J. II. Blount,
Hon. P. 11. Dunn, Hon. Gcorgo W. Geddcs,
Hon. Frank lllscock, lion. J. I). Loug,
Hou. W. W. Phelps, Hon. W. P. Hepburn,
Hon. T, M. Browno mid Hou. Thomas ltyan.
All responded favorably excepting Messrs.
Hewitt, lllscock and Long, Tho other
members ot tho committee met at tho
Speaker's room this morning, and It was
suggested that Mr, Beach bo' requested to
tako Mr. Hewitt's place, that cither Messrs.
lllco or ltanncy bo asked to attend lu placo
of Mr. Long, and Mr. Phelps undertook to
try to Induco Mr, lllscock to reconsider and
mako another effort to bo prescut. All
theso gentlemen wcro wired In nccordanco
with tho abovo suggestions, but their
answers havo not yet been received.
Tlio committees will attend tha funeral hi
tho capacity ot mourners only. They will
bo In charge of their rcspectivo sergeants-at-arms,
but theso officials will havouothlng
to do with tho funeral arrangements nt
Indianapolis, Tho local committees attend
to all that.
Speaker Carlisle said to a Cltmo repre
sentative this moinlug that ho was anxious
to go to Indianapolis to attend tho funeral,
but as bo had recently been qulto sick and
was regaining his health, ho thought It Im
prudent for him to mako tlio trip, especially
as tlio wether was so changcablo ut this sea
son of tho year. Then, too, thcro would
ucccssailly bo moro or less oxposuro in tho
open air at such a largo gathering, nnd ho
was really afraid to tako tho risk, lu vlowof
his recent Illness. Ho had to bo so careful
that ho could not even attond tho meeting
at tho Capitol this morning,
.Mr. Carlisle Is fcellmr bettor to-day, and
by taking good caio of himself expects to
bo lu his usual good health by tho tlmo Con
gioss meets.
Tho arrangements for nttcndauco at tlio
funeral, on tlio partot tho committees of tho
Seuuto and House, havo been completed as
far as posslnle. According to tho present
understanding, both committees will go ou
tho samo train, traveling by tho Pennsyl
vania llnllroad. Tho train will probably
Mart Monday at 0 a. in., thoiiirli It may yet
bo found advisable to maKc tno Hour a utile
A meeting of tho Western friends of tho
lato Vice-President has been called for 3
o'clock this afternoon, nt Wlllard's Hotel.
Among the liiuuedlato telegrams ot condo
lence sent from this city yesterday wcro tho
Wahiiniiton, 1). f ., Nov. SO. Tito sympa
thy of Mrs. sii Iniror and myself Is extended
in thl4yniiruro.it bereavement nnd tho na
tion's hii'paruble loss. V;i. M. KriitKucn.
Wamiiniiton, 11. ('.. Nov. Sil. Tho .Inpaneso
Jllnblcr. Kukl. sends his very slucercil sym
patic to Mrs. Hendricks In her bereavement,
and lii (t'ei sorrow nt tho ilcth of tho Vlcn
President, for whom lie, cntcrlaln ;.l the high
est pcronal respect and regard.
WAiuinos 1). C, Nov. 'Jtl.-Min. T. A.
IIkmuui lo.'. 1 belt to offer you my sincere con
duit nee and sympathy. A committee of Sena
tors will come on to tio tiineral.
(ii.011111: I'. IhiMUNiis.
A number of persons have advlsud tho
President not lo run tlio risk ot possible
dangcis on tlio trip to Indianapolis, but ho
has ictlstcd all such arguments and defi
nitely announces that he will go, The rail-
loans mo making special uiTaiigeiuenis lor
fiift tluuugh trains lo Indianapolis ou Sim
day and Monduy, und there will bo special
trains for Members of Congress, Govern
ment ulllclals nnd newspaper representa
tives. 'I he Commissioners havo pasol tho fol
lowing nider In regnrd to the death of Vlce
l'utldcnt lleudilcks: "That, lu harmony
with tho proclamation of thu PicildutiL of
thu United States und us u mark of rcspet
to tho memory of tho decrased Vlco-Prosl-ilentuf
the United Stales, Hon. Thomas A.
Hendricks, tlio unices of tho District Gov
ernment bo closed on Tuesday, December
1, 185, the day of tho funeral.
All of tho courts to-day took ongnlzanco
of tho death of Vlco-Prcsldent Hendricks
and adjourned out of rc'pcct to his memory,
In tho Circuit Courts thu announcement was
mado hy Messrs, A, S. Duns nnd It. I'..
Davis, and tlio Judges paldjglowlug tributes
to llio memory of tho deceased. In the
Equity Court, J. J. Johnson undo tho an
nouncement. Tlio main enlrancoof Wlllard's Hotel was
draped In mourning this morning nut of re
spect lo tho memory of tho lato Vlco-l'resl
dent Hendricks, who inndo that houso his
rcsldcnco when in Washington.
'1 he entrances nnd tho balconies and col
umns near them of the Patent Ofllco and
Postofllco Department buildings wero to
day very profusely and tastefully draped In
black, out of respect to llio memory of tlio lalo
Vice-President, Tholamp-postsnt tho sovcral
entrances wcro also shrouded In mourning.
Tho door of Commissioner Sparks' ofllco
was specially decorated. Mr. Hendricks
was formerly Commissioner ot tho General
Land Ofllcc.
.11 r. Ilcndi Ic1h' I'linem!.
On Saturday morning tho remains of Mr.
Hendricks will bo placed In their casket,
vhlch Is of ccdnr, covered with black vcl
et and lined with white satin, with sliver
trimmings. At the funeral on Tuesday
noxt, tlio procession will lcavo tho houso
at 11:15 a. m. for tho church In the follow
ing order:
Military companies.
Civic soclotlci.
Tho President.
Members of tho Cabinet and United Slates
Members of tho Houso nnd Government- officials.
Pall-bcarers Till! llllAltsi:. I'all-hoaron
Stntc, county and city officers nnd citizens,
After the funeral the body will ho placed
In n mnrblo vault at Crown lllll Cemetery,
north ot Indianapolis, near Mr. Hendricks'
prlvnlo lot.
At a meeting of tho general commlttco
on tho arrangements to-day lu Indian
apolis tho tiiill-bcarcrs wero chosen as
follows: Governor Isaac P. Gray,
Ex-Governor Albert O. Porter, Win. II.
English, V. S. Judgo Wm. A. Woods,
Aqullla Jones, Fred Hand, David Macy and
Mayor John T. McMastcr.
Tho body will bo conveyed from tho rcsl
dcuco Sunday at 10 a. m. to tho
court houso in charge ot (loner.il
Fred. Kneller and a military escort,
and will lie In stato from that hour until II)
p. in., ami ou Monday from 0 a, m. until I
p. m., when It will be taken back to the
A .lIoiiiiuuMit PropoHod.
A movement was started this morning
in Indianapolis for n monument fund
and It will bo energetically pushed
during tho next few days. The Board
of Trade and several other 'public bodies
to-day took action ou tho death of Vice
President Hendricks,
It. II, Parks, the sculptor, arrived In
Indianapolis from Chicago this morning and
Is engaged to-day In taking a cast of Mr.
Hendricks' face, to bo used lu making a
marble bust ot him.
31 I'M. llciuIrit'kM Composed.
Mrs. Hendricks stayed in her room all
day yesterday and saw but fow people, but
the parlors down stairs wcro filled with
callers, who were received by her brother,
Mr. Stephen W. Morgan, and his family
und Dr. Jcnckcs, tho rector ot tho church.
Sho talked calmly and composedly with her
friends, only breaking down with outbursts
of grief onco or twice. Tho houso was
darkened, nnd everybody movod about
with a quiet tread. Tlio body lay lu tho
parlor-chamber up stairs, and few wero al
lowed to sco It.
.int. nvximwiis' naiisv.
Ills Dentil Not Altogether nil Unox
puotoil Invent.
Colonel J. II. Woodard of San Francisco,
general agent of tho Wabash ltoad for tho
Pacific Coast, and for tho last ten or twelve
years on intimate terms with Mr. Hendricks,
says that although tho death ot tho latter
was unexpected to tho public it was not so
to him. Colonel Woodard, who is now lu
Now York, said to a Tribune reporter yes
terday that "Mr. Hendricks, seven years
ago, had an attack of paralysis lu the
right side from which ho uovcr fully re
covered. Ho knew his condition perfectly,
and always expected death from a stroko ot
apoplexy. The first attack told somewhat
lu tlmo upon his mind, but It did not
frighten him. Ho seldom wont from homo
without his wlfo accompanied him, but this
camo moro from a dcslro Ito havo her with
him at tho end than from any fear of death."
Mr. Hi-ndi-lrliM' INtuto,
Tho Vice-President's widow Is left In
comfortnblo circumstances. Sho has her
self largely taken charge of tho private
business affairs ot her husband and lui
rnnuuged them with signal success "much
better," tho Vice-President used to say,
"than I could havo ilouo myself." Tho
rcsldcnco where Mr. Hendricks died, lu
Indianapolis, Is worth $10,000, ami ho had
other property In tho city, valuod, all told,
at about jOO.000. Ills Ufa was also Insured
in a considerable sum. Altogether it Is os
thnatcd that ho will lcavo $100,000, tho
bulk of which represents tho earnings of
his professional career,
(iuboriuitorliil TiHiiiIoh.
Ai.iunv, N. V Nov. 27. Governor Hill
has to-day Issued a proclamation eulogizing
tho many virtues and long public llfo of tho
lato Vice-President Hendricks, also calling
upon all public bodies nnd private citizens
throughout tho Stato to show appropriate
and sorrowful recognition of tho Nation's
loss up to and Including tha day ot the
Coi.u.vncs, Onto, Nov. 27. Governor
Iloadly has ordered his military staff to re
port in full uniform at Indianapolis to at
tend tho funeral of Vlco-Prcsldont Hen
dricks. IlAiuiisni'iia, Pa., Nov. 27. Governor
1'attlson yesterday sent tho following:
ill a. TkGtiian A. llenilrtckt, intllanttliolli, Iwl.
The sad event that takes your distinguished
husband turns our National Th.iuksKlvhu;
day In ouo of tasllni; nnd sorrow. Itecolvo
my deepest sympathies.
ItOBKUT H. Pattikon,
Tlio NpiiiilNh HtiriTHHlou.
Scnor Valero, tho Spanish Minister to
Wushlugton, Is reticent In regard to tho
results of King Alfonso's death, but docs
uot fear any trouble In his homo govern
ment. Minister Foster does not bellovo tho
advocates of a republican form ot govern
ment nro sufllelontly harmonious to render
thu establishment of n republic possible.
.V ICIot Aiiioiik Jlliii'rs.
PiTTsnrito, Nov. 2711 a. m, An tin
continued report fiom Wood's ltuu (Fotuth
Pool) Motes that n riot is in progress be
tween tho striking and non-union miners.
Several aro repotted fatally Injuicd.
Tim I'lincrnt Cnslii't.
I'ornrjDTl'.ll, N. V Nov. 27. The casket
In which the lemalns ot Vlco-Prosldcnt
Hendricks will ho Interred Is being madu
hero und will be forwarded to Indianapolis
- -
ttepoitcd I.ohx (it'll iSti'nmt'l'.
PiTTMiPita, Pa., Nov. 2711 a. m. Ho
port Just reached this city that tho stoamcr
Emuin Graham Is lost on tho Ohio Hlvcr,
near Piirkersburg, W. Vn. No particulars.
Hcvi'io Cold III Vi-riiiont.
NoiiTiuitsi.u, Vt., Nov. 37. Tho thcr
Milliliter lids morning Is 10 below zero
lii'ie, lil ut Wlllluiiislowuaud 16 ut More-town.
i,v i:r.i:vvitw hoad.
'llio t.iitrst Modi, of Itiiphl Transit to
lln Adopted.
Instead of a cable roud tho proposed now
btnet railroad company havo decided to uso
the ilrctrlc system, which Is now lu suc
cessful operation In Baltimore, Now York
clly, Purls and elsewhere. Tho routo will
be tho samo ns already published In 'I'm:
Clinic. Mr. E. D. Wright and a commlt
tco of tho other Incorporators havo lu
Hxctcd tho system lu Baltimore nnd found
It to their cntlro satisfaction.
llio cost of building ten miles of this
mad and running flltycars will bo $3.V),
000, It would cost three times this to start
n cable or horso road. The costot running
tho cars will ho less than ono dollar a day
when It costs 40 per day on other linos.
The rate ot speed will bo from ono inlla nn
hour to any rate desired. Tlio name of tho
road Is "'llio Central Electric Street Hill
Tho Spanish Minister, Slgnor Valera, and
his attaches will bo greatly missed from so
ciety this season.
Tho sad death of tho young king will
cause nil tho leprcsentatlvesof Spain In
foreign countries to wear court mourning.
Mr. "l'rcd" Paine Is llio recipient of con
graduations upon tha advent of n llttln
"Miss Paine," who Is now almost n week
Tho family of Mr. I). P. Morgan havo al
ready begun a scries ot ilfjeunirn and din
ners nt tliclr hospitable mansion on Scott
Many dinner parties wcro postponed yes
terday in consequence ot tlio Vlco-Presl-dent's
death. Senator Voorhces recalled
twenty Invitations.
Ou account of tho death of tho Vice-President
there will naturally bo u lull lu many
of tho contemplated gayctlcs hi tho social
world until after tho holidays.
The many friends of Miss Dolla Divlght
will sympathize with her lu tho sudden
death of her father, ox-Heprosontallvo
Dwlght of Utlca, N. Y., which occurred
ycslerday nt his homo in that city.
An Informal reception will bo given to
Mis, M, A, Dcnulson, tho well-known
novelist, this evening hy thu members of
the Woman's National Press Association at
tha houso of their president, Mrs. E. E.
llrlggs, Maple srpuii o, between South Caro
lina avenue and Sixth street southeast.
Miss Flora Kennedy gave n pleasant card
party last evening to her friends at her rcsl
dcnco, 1820 Ninth street, nnd was enjoyed
by Miss Floreuco Pcahody, Miss Aifdlo
Tuifllugcr, Miss Hosa Clark, Miss Hutchin
son aud Miss Irene Pcahody, and Messrs,
F. Ilnrhce, A. Hell, Hurry Arthur, V. Blgclv,
II. Ourond, J. Smith, W. Feubodv, V.
HodL'cs, E. Hutchinson, J. Clark, W. C.
Tlio AVoiii ol tho .'nllowM.
London, Ont., Nov. 27. Benjamin Sim
mons, the murderer, was hanged lu the jail
yard hero at 8:15 n. m. Tho crhno for
which Flmmons was hanged was llio mur
der of Mary Ann Stokes, a woman with
whom ho was living, ou Juno 5 last.
llATTt.r.roiit), N. W. T., Nov, 27. Tho
eight Indians concerned lu the Frog Lako
massacre wcro hanged hero nt 8:15 a. in.
Tho execution was conducted without a
I'lij'iir Htroiiisoi- Tlinn Kurd.
Toleuo, O., Nov. 27. A Washington
dispatch asserts that Customs Collector J.
11. Butello will bo superseded within thirty
days by Stato Senator William McLyman.
Tho latter gentleman Is a political adver
sary of Irank Hurd. Ho Is indorsed by
Senator Payne.
Jlcnlli ol'ii lVcHlciu 3Illlioiinli'.
San Fiianoisco, Nov. 27. Peter Dona
hue, tho well-known millionaire and
pioneer of this State, president of tho gas
company nnd of tho San Francisco aud
North Pacific Coast Hallroad Company, was
taken suddenly 111 and died at 11 o'clock
last night.
Ilst-npr- (it'll Jiiii'deriT.
ClIICAno, Nov. 27. Sumucl Smith, tho
wlfo murderer, succeeded lncovcrlug up his
track so completely, that tho detcctlvos
have not been ublo definitely to traco him
further than tho Union depot.
vv.iisoxA r, Mi:xriox.
Points liehod Up About I'ooplo Who
Aro Known Hon,.
Ex-TnnASunnu JAMns Gn.riLt.Ax Is at
tho Ebbltt.
Hon. Hiiiam Atkins of Vermont Is at
tho Ebbltt.
Hon. 1). F. Hicx of Denver, Col., Is at
tho National,
Emu. Bt'itMniSTCU of Shanghai, China,
Is at tho Arlington.
CoNnur.ss.MAN Weaver of Iowa ar
rived this morning.
E. G, Matuiiin, manager of tho New
York Hotel, Now York. Is at tho Ebbltt.
W. T. Haiihitv. tho newly-appolntod
postmaster at Philadelphia, Is at thu Kbbltt.
John Hamilton, New York manager
of tho American Exchange In London, It nt
the Hlggs.
Mas. H. DutscoLL, Miss Drlscoll, Mrs.
J. N. Kccruan aud Miss B. Kccrnan aro at
Mil. II. II. Poi'i'l.r.TON, general attor
ney of the Bee Line Hallway ut Cleveland,
Ex-MlNisnwt Keii.kv will lecture at
Foul's Opera Houso December 20 tor tho
benefit of tho Pnrucll fund,
Ex-Mayoii Jacoii ot Louisville, who
was lecently appointed to n Fudornl ofllco,
Is stopping nt the Arlington.
Hon. J. N. Bali.entine ot Pulaski,
Tcun., has engaged a sulto of rooms at tho
Ebbltt, and will arrive to-morrow.
Senator Jone4 of Florida has secured
his old quaitcis nt Nn, 1705 G sheet tor tho
coming fccfbion tor himself and family,
J. Q. Thompson and Mrs. Thompson of
the iSmufii; Chronicle took their Thanks
giving turkey with friends In Now York.
Must. Juunn Hnuci: und Mrs. Blackls
ton of Cumhciland, Mil., nie visiting .Mrs.
General Kclloy at -15:! C struct northwest.
Tun MEMiiEiisof tho Thomas Orchestra
arrived lu tho city to-day. Miss Auiilu
Louise Powell Is the guest of Dr. and Mrs.
CoMsncsKMAN I.nrr.vnc of Ohio ar
rived at Wormloy's this morning. Ills
signature, as placed on u hotel register, is
one of tho hardest to decipher.
Mns. M. L. Couutm'.v, wlfo of Colonol
Courtney, U. S. nrniy, Is hero to spend tho
winter with her husband, nnd they havo
quarters at present at the National.
Mlbs Ynt'Nii, tho daughter of General
Samuel B. M. Young, major Thlnl Cavalry,
IsUsltlng, ut San Antoulo, Texas, tho famj
lly of uolonci James u. u. i.ee, u. o. .rmy.
Groiinn Lai'Tiueu, tho well-known
New York detective sergeant, who was lust
evening married to Miss Hosa M. Loo ot
New Yolk, arrived at Welekcr's this morn
ing. -Tin: rnisstliKST nml Miss Cleveland at
tended thu union services nt tho tho Ccntr.il
Presbyterian Church yesterday morning and
silent tho remainder of tho day nulelly at
tho Whlto Houso, dining nlono and receiv
ing no callers.
Mit4. Lucy Oim Mason, wlfo of Lien
tenant John S. Musan, jr., First Infantry,
and daughter of tho lute General Edward
Otho Cresup Old, U. S. Army, will spend
tho winter with her llttlo girls In Sm An
tonio, Texas, visiting hor mother aud sister,
the latter tho wife of General Troviuo, thu
Mexican Secretary ot Wnr.
Genkiiai. HiiHEHT Williams, assistant
ndjutiuit-generul, U. 8. Army, U very ill ut
Foit Missoula, Mou. Ho Is now uUe'licl
to tho stab ot Major-General MchnUuld at
Chicago, but Is well known in Wanhiifgton.
while ho was on duty for several years, and
whero ho was in.iriliil in 18.15 to Mrs.
Stephen A. Hondas, the lii'.iut fill vvi low .il
tuedhilngulsbi'l m-imIui fr..ni llllu 'is
Serious Outbreak by tho Strikers in
Knn-Slrlltrr Compelled to (Jolt Worlc
mill (It, Homo.
Wood's Hun, Pa,, Nov. 27. Tho situa
tion of tho slrlko In tho fourth pool on thu
Monongnlicla Hlvcr presents a very war
like nppcarauco. All manner of persuasion
has been given up, and forco Ins now boon
ndoptcd. Tlio striking miners seem deter
mined, nt all hazards, lo fotca tho non
utilonlsts to the wall. Novcr was a soriotit
conflict more Imminent slnco tho riot ot 18711
Ihnn to-day.
Last evening? tho steamer Stolla with a
lint boat In tow lnndcd about H50 strlklne
miners near (his placo. They marched
ashore and after a consultation by the lead
ers, sepuralcd, n small 6quad proceeding;
quietly to tho different miners' homes In
town. Somo ol the strikers wero
inuikcd lu order to pi event
recognition by the orders, Thrco hundred
Mrlkcrs then marched quietly up tho rail
road track, halting near Nlel's mines. An
hour lotcr they wcro rc-enforccd by 125
moro who hud walked up from tho third
Shortly after threo o'clock tho strikers
saw thrco men upproachhig carrjlnj lan
terns. Thoy wcro Identified ns Mr. Jamotf
Ned, Officer McCluro nnd an assistant.
Behind them were seen a largo number of
thu black lees, with their lamps burning.
The strikers arose, gavo n signal of danger
by firing several shots Into tho air. Tho
men coming to work scattered lu ovcry
direction In their effort to escape, but It was
i hey wcro caught, nnd harshly treated
ond beaten, Their dinner buckets wcro
torn from them, ii'id every man was ordered,
tu return homo as quick as possible.
Some of tho men are reported ns seriously
Injured. Constable .McCluro was given to
understand that ho must lcavo or ho would
be mobbed. McCluro took lu tho situation
and retired Immediately. Two or threo of
tho miners reached tho mouth of the mine
befuro they wero discovered, and wcro llrcd
upon, but fortunately escaped Injury.
nollTlMl LIKE 8AVAUE9.
Part nt tho stilkers then left for tha
Woods Hun mine, where half a dozen had
gone to work unnoticed. They boldly en
tered the mlno nnd proceeded to run up
the ipeii. Thcro wcro about 200 who filled
up thu entry, shoutliur and yelling llko sav
aires. The woikhig miners hearing thU
lied by n rear exit, till but ono escaping.
This one was ordered to go homo. Ho cn
dcuvorcd to protest, hut wns sat upon, tho
men beating him into Insensibility and left
lj lug in the mine, from which ho was re
moved by tho mine boss.
At 8 o'tlock this morning strikers rcachod
tho American mine, finding a fow men
standing about tho entry, whom thoy
ordered away. Tho men making no move,
a leader ot tho strikers shouted: "Away
for them boys," when tho whole number
rushed upon them yelling: "Hang;
tho blacklegs." Tho strikers drovo thoiit
to their homes, kicking nud beating them
all the way. Great excitement prevails,
and tho operators havo telegraphed to
sheriff of Washington County for protec
tion. There are no men working lu this
tcctlou to-day.
Wood's Hun, Pa., Nov. 27. Sheriff Cham
bers ot Washington County Is en routo for
this placo with 200 mounted deputies. Tho
stiikcis havo just brought tho Snow lllll
miners out, No ouo was seri
ously Injured Flvo of Neol'
miners who wcro assaulted this morning;
ore seriously, probably fatally, injured.
Somo of the miners at work fn tho old.
Eaglo Mines wero badly beaten aud sent
homo. Tho strikers aro now putttng up
boards bearing tho words "Smallpox'
ou them us a scheme to frighten tho sheriff's
deputies from tho vicinity ot tho mines.
Five hundred more strikers aro expected to
Join H1030 already here somctlmo to-ulght.
This IIiikIIhIi IIIccIIoiih.
London, Nov. 27. At Nottingham tho
three Liberal candidates, Messrs, Arnold
Morley, J. Carvcll Williams and C, Seoly,
jr., have been returned. Tho rioting at that
place has been renewed.
Tho returns thus far show that 117
Liberals, 112 Conservatives and 10 Na
tionalists havo been elected, again tor tho
Conservatives of 00 scats aud 0 for tho
Full returns from tho Dlarlslon ot Lon
donderry. In which Mr. Lewis (Conserva
tive), stood for election, gavo hint l,83t
votes, against 1,705 cast for Mr. John. Mc
Carthy (Nationalist). In Longford, Mr.
lustlii McCarthy was elected to represout
tho .Muitlieru district. Thcro was no oppo
sition, Tho footings up to 5 o'clock this evening;
show that thus far 117 Liberal candidate?
havo been returned, ngalnst 118 Conserva
tives and H Nationalists,
.1 oliii NliiM-ninn'H ldcn.
New York, Nov. 27. Spooking of tho
necessity for somo legislation In regard to
the Presidential succession, Senator John
Sherman says: "My own idci Is to do away
with the Vice-President, letting the heads
of tlio departments succeed the President.
But this would require a chango In tho Con
stitution, which Is probably Impracticable."
This Hindi Market Weak.
New York, Nov. 27. Monoy easy nt 21
per cent, Exchango quiet nt 4S311S5.
Governments strong; currency Cs, 12SJ bid.
The stuck market this morning opened at a.
slight advance, but soon thcro was a de
cided pressure to sell, and hy 12 o'clock tho
wholo market was oft i to 1 per cent.
. I.iihI IVrck'M I'nlluroH.
New Xihik, Nov. 27. Tho failures In tho.
United States and Canada tor tho past
seven days reported to It. G , Dun & Co. ot
tho Mercantile Agency were 2U as com
pared with a total ot 210 tor last week aud
203 for tho week previous to tho last.
Ilcnlh of n Xiw Vorlt Itiolter.
New York, Nov. 27. Mr. Mosei
Mitchell, ono of tho oldest members ot tho
board of the Stock Exchange, died thl
Tlinii1Mu;lvIiiir In Ali'vuiiilrln.
Alexandria, Va., Nov. 27. Thanks
giving Day was quietly, but moro generally
observed than for jears past. All tho pu!
lle offices wero closed and union services
wero held In tho Second Presbyterian
Church, conducted by Messrs. Hov. Smith
son, Nourse, llraliain, Dlnwiddlo and Sharp.
At a meeting of tho Electoral School
Board of Alexandria County WulterTuckor
wus elected tiucteeof Wuslilngton district
in place of E. A. llreeiiougli, wbssu torin
hud expired. Henjumln Austin ot Arling
ton ilnttilrt wus re-elected, and Andrew
llii'nliiii' wus elected to tilt tho vacancy
ci.iimiI i uiu iirui or ii. .. i.usu iiaviuir
. i ii.
Mr. S. W. Taylor of Burlington, N. J.,
bus .old to Mr. 11. L. Horn ot that placo tho
piopeily situated nt tho comer ot King und
I'ntou streets for $5,000.
"Tub County Court adjourned yesterday
until tho December term.
M r. Edgar P. Thompson, a well-known
pin ii i of this city, and Miss Grace N Edo
iio eu uniiilid litktulglitbylloY. II. Suter.

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