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" I.ltllo iirniw of printer's Ink,
Mnko our merchant prince,
Ami rvll their big purmle "
Now Is the tlmo to ndverllso lioll 1 1 gnli
In Tin. dime
T! ' Critic is delivered for 333. psr month.
"All lh world's b stMo,
And nil Ilia men and women merely plHTenij
lliry have their exit, nn 1 their oritnrno ,
And one mun In his tlmo play many iaru."
Tim part a m i ossriil Washington li nl less
man mi)b In lo ndve rtlm In Till! t'utTio.
Wants of 3 lines in Tho Critic 3 timaa 25c.
lbTU YJCA11--WUOLE NO. 5,415.
TTT TH W xT T&.1
r i -w i 'i
3-A- n, X- .4 N
Woodward & Lornuor.
Mule or CliflHlinus Kllld.
Those desiring to make
presents of Silk Fabrics
should not fail to examine
this stock.
Our line of 35c Colored
Satins is again complete
more than forty different
shades proper for linings,
fancy work, doll dresses, &c.
Our celebrated "Regatta
Brand" American Bl'lc Gros
Grain Silk, in ten distinct
qualities, each unrivalled in
A (Jnnlltjr. 87c. 1' quality, Sl.irJi.
Jl Mo. II " 31.W.
V t" 61 W. H " Sl.fl-'Hi.
1) " ?1 1SH. 1 " 81.7B,
i: " Ji.si. k, " s.'oo.
llcst lirnnd In tho markit.
"fiulni t's" lllnck (Iron drain Mlks. SI 00.
SUM. 91 SI, 81 6", 81.70, SI tiu per jrnnl.
21 liic-li lltack Pnlllo Praneuls, SI, Sl.Ulcj,
SI ss: Si liuli. f I HO niul SI 71
!!l Inch lino lllnck l'nlllo Volontlno, S2 per
5 "si Inch I'lno Illack Tnlllo 1'lorn, SI Maud
St Mperyiud.
SI Inch Illack Surnlr Diagonal, a now and
handsome fubrlcforwalklngitrus'cs, only ti
Illack Heavy Bilk Mcrtcllloux, 81. SMSJsj,
$1 S3 per j urn.
Fine Stock of Black Silk
Surahs, at 59, 69, 75, 85c,
$1.00, 1.25 and 1.50 per pd.
Each number a bargain.
Handsomo lino of lllnck Silk llrooides. In
deslrnblo designs; 70c, $1, SI. S3, SI 00 ntid
S'.'iWpir ard.
Illack Pckln Strlpo Silks, SI.
Illack Willi red "Mlks. 81 73und $3 pcrjnrd.
S "specials' In Illack (Iron Gtnln Silks, 10
Inch, UMi mid 70o per )ttrd.
34 different shades of fine
Silk Rhadames, were good
value at $1.50; we sold them
right along at $1.25. Now,
as a special inducement to
close the stock, we offer
them at
$1,11 per Yard.
S3 Different shade of "Amcrloin" Colored
Gros drain Silks, only CI per jnrd.
To comblno with tho abut o, wo oiler an ele
gant lino of 3 tonid limeades, In exquisite do
signs, making handsome otenlng costumes.
A Silk Dress would make
a particularly acceptable
and appropriate Christmas
present. Look to us for
"Christmas bilks."
C'lirlntiniiM Halo ornilnnlei'tH.
To the thrifty housewife
these would make the most
acceptable Christmas pres
ent, and at these prices, con
sidering their real worth,are
comparatively inexpensive.
Nowhere else is there such
a generous money's worth
of solid Blankets given as is
now being offered by us.
rino 10 1 W hlto Wool Blankets, worth $i S5,
for 81.75
rino 11-1 Whlto Wool lllankcts at SI BO,
1 Ino hlto Wool Blankets, full fclz, oul) SI;
Wo took ono dollar off tho prlco of our t cry
lino lllnnkcts, which madon considerable
liolo In the stock; nevertheless wo can jot
show some of each lino at SO, STandSS per
Print Comforts with pure
cotton batting sewed to hold
and in such a manner as not
to run down at the heel; or,
rather at the corners. Dol
lar ones for 75c; others at
proportionate prices, as high
as Satin Eider Downs at
$25, with any quantities be
tween. Look to us for the best
value hereabouts in Christ
mas Blankets and Comforts.
(Third floor: tnko thooitnntor.)
C'hi'lfstiiius sliti'tnln Scrim's,
Not only for curtains, but
for fancy aprons.
78 pieces Laeo Ml Ipo and Opon-Work Cur
ttiltisulmj, Inyood arlotyof stylos. Ileal
Only 15u per yard
BO pieces English Curtain bcrlm, worth 23c
Only Slo per yard.
(Third door; tnko thu clotutor.)
woonu'Aiti) .t i.oriiitop.
Chi'Istmnts Tnlilu I.lni'iiN.
lint Ing tlosod out n largo lino of Illoiehol
I.lni II '1 ulilo Damasks of the iclohtutud maun
luctuioof Win LI1I1I0II& Co of Belfast, Ire
land, at u gloat discount trom cost ot linpoi
tatlon. womo iifliilng our customers nil ox
tinoi'llnury opportunltv to supply their
Cliilfliuns tnblis with lino Table Uncus ill
vxactl) half thu usual prion
Muhl Tiiriirtl Into Iluy.
Our customers are in
formed that we will keep
open evenings during the
next week, and instead of
lighting our establishment
with poor gas, or flickering
electric light, we have- a
bright, steady electric light,
and advise all who can pos
sibly do so, to shop between
5 and 9 p. m., as we can
then give them not only the
light of day, but the time
and attention impossible to
give during the crowded
hours. Come early or late
if you wish to avoid tin,
Woodwaud & LOTIIKOI',
Boston Dry Goods House,
Oni; Pkici: Only,
921 Pa. ave. 912 D st.
Although Christmas lirw not yet
Hindu nppenrnnce, nml nil thu pretty
tilings M3 lmvo In our stock hnvo not
yet been disposed of, It U necessary lor
us so ns to gho you plenty ot tlmo to
piopnro to tell you wo nro rendy to
supply you with nil Kinds of goods for
llcccpllon Dresses. You cannot delay
nny longer purchnslug tho ncccssarios
for 11 New Year's dress, nml wo will
now tell you whot wo enn supply you
with nml nt whnt prices.
We hnvo Sntln In evening similes for
374 Gonts.
Thl, of course, Is not a rjood quiHty, nor
has It tho merit of Hotter tirades, hut limp
1 enranco Is u good Imitation of tho higher
prlco Roods.
Then wo nro sclllnz n7Cofiunlltv of
Sntln In evening shades for
60 Oonts.
This Is nlco Sntln, and tho colors nro tho
sninonstho better Roods from thoto prices.
Wo hnvo Butln up to tho llnost grades.
Kvcntng shades In Ottoman Silk for
OO Oonts.
Jllghty pretty goods foi tho money.
All Silk Ottomnn for
$1.60 por Yard.
Tho best goods over offered for that prlco.
All-silk Surahs In evening sh:ulc3for
OOo. por Yard.
Surah Is nloicly soft material forovonlng
Wo lmc n better gtndo Surah for
Evening shades of Sttiped Sallns,
45c. por Yard.
This h tho chcapost goods over offerod.
lho shades nro as perfect ns tho best goods,
and w 0 w arrant It perfect throughout.
A hnmlsomo lino of UltOOADKD
SATINS, iii Cicam. White, Light
lllue, Pink, Nile Green mid other
evening shndes, foi
r.vcnlni: shndes In Iliocnded Silk.
handsome designs, for
$1.25 por Yard.
Satin Ithndnmcs.Mciscy Silks, Moilc
Satins nnd Gios Grnlu Silks in nil
shades suitable for evening w ear.
Two-toned Sntins in evening shndes
$2.76 por Yard.
1 heso nro cry line goods.
Diocndcd Satins In evening shades
suitnbiu foi panels nnd dress fiouts for
$1.16 por Yard.
A mngniflcent assortment of evening
shades of Urocaded Velvets for
$3.00 por yard.
Also an excellent assortment of
Trio IJrocado Vel ets nnd handsomo
Ihocnuo Velvets of nil kinds suitable
for paucls nnd dicss fronts.
Also handsomo Passemcnterio nnd
Headed 1'ionts lo match or contmst
ith tho material desired,
Fiinges in Dead or Chenille, In light
Laces of nil kinds nnd nny qunntity
dcsiicd, from the cheapest to tho best,
to Uim these materials.
Plush nnd Ohoulllo Halls, which mo
now used for liimmlng; nlso In our
All-wool Cnshmcics In evening
shades for
50 conts.
Alb.Uioss In whlto and light bltto for
371 conts.
Better floods In all colors for BOc, C JVlic, 73o
and 31 CO.
22-inch Nuns' Veilings, in all light
bhudes for evening weai, ioi
20 conta.
33-lncli Nuns' Veiling, In all Us light
bhiules, for
50 conts.
All wool llallste, Doublo-wldth lh
tlsto, for
75 conts.
This Is both dollcato and si on y goods, nnd
forieccptlon and cumins; wuar, whero silks
monot worn, this Is ono of tho most com
mendable substitutes.
Woiccclvcd somo of tho latest nov
elties In ltiichlug for icccptlou ami
evening wear.
Wo hnvo n nlco selection in FI110
Lnco Ilumlkcichicfrtnud Fichus, which
nro nlso requisites for rocoptlon nnd
ecning wear.
Join ln's Kid gloves In light nnd
opera shades for 08o and QOo; 1-but-ton,
Heal .Touvln, OOo, logulnr price,
$1.7.1; Mutton, Ileal Jouvin, D80,
u'gu'ni prlco 2.23,
Tho latest styles In Collnrs nnd Cults
and Light or Whlto Tics, sultublu for
reception nnd ccning wear. In pique,
law 11, silk or sa In, nnd in either How,
rour-in-llond, leek or Pulled shape,
foi gentlemen,
Head our MitrscstlTO list In to-day's l'osti
It will help) nil to select something suitable
for a Clulitinus present.
Don't dlsregaid our filendlv admo
nition to buy youi Hooks NOW. Wo
1110 uolna lo dlsnosoof oiirentlro slock
of Hooks tit less than publisher's
prices, nnd our Christmas nnd New
Year's C.irds at less than nmuufne.
tuici's prices.
420-4Q2-'124-lQ Seventh Ot.
()j in until 0 p. in until after the Holidays
Senators and Representatives at tho
Whito Houso To-day.
Tho I'rt'slili'iit Inlorlowiil Iiy Kino
louu Uriitu.
vauious orriciAL notes.
Tbo Mutual Aid. l'aj master It. Trum
bull BIcnclliT, V. S. N., has been designated to
rclleio rayinnstcr John It. t'nrmnlynt tho
lsuy Department as secretary and treasurer
of tho ?nvy Mutual Aid Association.
Tho Junlntu. Tho .lunlata nns Inspect
ed at tho Now York Navy-Yard Wednesday
ntidthobonrdhislrcturned to this city, but
tho rciiort has not jet reached Hecrctury
Whllnry. Commander l'lirnell 1'. Hnrrlnaton
lll bodetnilndlnnfowdaysnndorderol to
duty ut tho Nanl Academy as head of tho
Department of Astronomy, Nnxlpitlon mil
buncylnir, of which Lieutenant Albert Itoss Is
temporarily In charge
Promotions and Appointments.
Miss Ihnma O, Truer of Illinois basheon pro
moted In tmt General Land onico from SI.0J)
to Sl.'.'CO per milium, ltlcbard I). Anderson of
Jllsourl has been apiKihitcd timber dopreda
(ton ngent nt Sl.scu, nnd William O.
rornoy of Indiana a special ngent
for sw amp lands nt Sl.-lOil per annum, lred
crick II. 1'pt on of New Jersey has been np
pointed a clerk of class S In tho onieo of IMuen
Hon under chllsenlco rules. Jllss .1. Melllo
Iwls of Arkansas has been promoted from
S7S0 to swo In tbo Dead Letter olllco un ler
elillserilco rules.
Tho Frlgato Vandalln. It U stated on
good authority that tho ofllcors will ho ordcrol
to tho frigate Vondalla, which has Just been
extcnsliclyrcpalroil nttliorortsmouth, N. 11 ,
Nn-Ynrd, early noxt month, to go Into com
mlslnn. Cnptnln Henry L. llowlson, now on
duty here, will command tbo ship, nnd It Is
lumorcd that Llcuten int Conimindcr Zer.i L
Tanner Is to bo detnehed from command of
tho I Ifh Commission steamer Albatross, an t
ordered nscxecutto ofllcer. Puymistcr.Inhn
It. Curmody, who Is now trcisurcrof thu
Navy .Mutual Aid Association, will bo pay of
Ilecr on board.
Tronsury Lonvoa of Absonco. Tho
Sccrctnry of tbo Ticasuiy jestcrday Issued
tbo follow lug order In legard toloaosof ah
senco of ofllcers, clerks and emploj cs of tho
Trinsury Department: "Hereafter loaosof
nhsenco will bo grnntod to tho clerks nnd om
plojesof this liepnrtincnt for notmoio than
thhtydnys for each jearof hcnlcoand for
nrotiortlonato nerloils for shorlpr terms nt
tenleo, reckoning back to tho last loavo of
nlu-cnco granted for tho full tlmo then due,
but not inoro than ono year. All absences for
nny cnuo whatever during tbo tlmu within
which tho right to lento has acci lied, will bo
Callora at tho Whlto House. The
President was unusually busy this morning
recclvln? cullers, git lug much tlmo to Con
gressmen. Tbo Senators who called wore
Mcxrs. Colquitt, Sillier of New York, Wilson
of Mart land, Cockrcll, Vest, Van Wjck,
lacksrn and Chaco. Tho llcprcscntatltes
weretberoln foreo, tho register showing tho
names of Messrs. Anderson, Morrill, Holtmu
(anil friends), dalllngcr, Vicle, Price, drecn,
I uhlbiieb, llhinchaid, Joseph, Sprlggs,
Campbell, l'clton, Maybury, 1'irs
ney, Cnrlcton nnd AVakcacld. Just
nftir tho hour lor icecltliu Congicss
mcii, Secretary Iunar and Assistant Postmis
tc r General Mevcnson enlleil on tho President,
Mno gorgeously iliessed Indians of tbo Sio
nnd loxtrlboof Iowa were also locelted by
tho Prci-ldcM this morning. An Inter nrotcr
was with them, but It was not absolutely
necessary ns soino of tbo roil men em speak
"UnlKil Mates" cry Intelligently They wero
In tbo Pre-ldent's piltato olllco foi moro than
a half hour They nro hero on business for
the tribe, nnd lit tho hi mo tlmo
hato been taking In tho sights. They tako
nliioly Intirc-t In nil tint Is going on around
I hem, and on account of their own gaudy In
blllments, paint, feathers and toggery gcnci
ully they mo attracting much nttentlonon tbo
streets 'HiotWtorsnt tbo Whlto Himsooied
tbim Intently, nml thu Indians iniulo as im
iHi'lnga procession when they tiled out as
nli.0 brutes po'slbly could.
Minor unci Personal.
Ihe Marino Hospital lliircnir Is Infounnl
thntcholcia Is raging with gieut fatality In
lllogo, Japan
f-ciitnn Nonnair of North Carolln r has beon
appointed an usslstnnt surgeon In tho Marino
Hospital hcitkc, and has been statlone I In
ew orkelty.
Among the nominations scut to tho somite
)estiulay weio tho follow lug from tbo Ills
trlct: Jasper Mnlth, consul ut Nottcistle-ou-Tjno-
lldwnrd II llrlggs, consul nt Nmtos,
and 1), J Partcllo, consul at Dusscldorf.
bccietary llijaul has wiltten a letter to Mr
1' 'llsdil, nittipUnK Ms resignation of tho
Vusltlnnuf Unltsd Mates agent to tho Mates
of tho Congo Association, and eongratulatliig
blur upon tho success mid Importance of his
w ork
A report recolted nt tho Treasury Depart
ment riom bpcclal Agent O S hpatitdlng, nt
him rrnnclsco, shows that during tbo tluen
joiis iridcd Augtt 1, lh8.1, tiro number of
Chlnefowho left tho United btnteswas II,
SK, and tho number who arrived -W,078.
lnsTiiior aoi'vnxMvxr .v;:irs.
matters Umlor Coiisltloratlon Iiy llio
Tho Commissioners Into uprnlnted I( D
MmiM a me-songer clerk In tho lingbieer
Dcpurtmcnt at n sahny of swo
Major of Pollco D) o repor ts tothoCommls
kloruis that In compliance with their lcquest
a policeman his been Instructed to oeei
slonnlly Inspect tho exits at tho Ninth Mieet
Opera-llouso lo seo that they lire all ready for
Mr.lt Woodwind complains that tho resi
dents nlong 1 Irst street nnd New Jersev
ntinuo botween 1' nnd I streets mo outraged
b) the contractor for sweeping directs, who
sweeps them without flint Bpi Inkling thorn
lnsp ctor of Dulldlngs Cntwlslo has notllle I
N II Clukthat thoboiiso bo Is building on
Hhodo Island uterine, between loiuloentli
nnd 1 Iftn ntli streets, cannot bo suppoi toil on
tbo (I Int h trull of t he adjoining housunud that
n new mid Ihlckci wall will hlto to bo
Ibo Oominls-Joncis hato forttaiilod an
onlir lo thief I.ni'lneir I'lonln ot tbo l'uo
Department, dlrceilng blm to put tut cud to
visits of friends to the engine houses, nnd to
notify tbo llietni it thnr thut-will allow tlslti
in tin Irl.oUHS only for business purposes or
fora brlif Inspection within the hours llxed
by the prevent regul it loin
llulldlng Imirovcinents recelvod another
hoointoilit) Permits to build wi to granted
toll 1) (use, to in it seven brick dvvolllugs
on tl itiict, mar llieioiuei of tsevtmtcenth
stnet to lost J.'I.OCO, also toeieit one dwell
lngiit thesoutlmest coinci of boventeeuth
and M streets, locust Sd.eOO. National II ink
of tbo Itipublio, maku repdrs hi binkiii;
room, cornel of buteulh tind II sheets, S.'.OJJ
Cnrielil Nous (llriiitml 1'ioni tlio
Mary J Hunt, by her will filed with tho
Itiglstir, lentes hct itopetty to het mint
Alessis James II. Hutchinson and Penllnan 1
King were todii) excusisl from further
suticcs as Jiiroru In tho second division Oh
cult Court.
(i ergo II Ioiklmit toil iy tiled n bill In
npiltt iignlnst tbooftlccrs of tho I'oiittueutli
lliilldlng Atsoclatlun of Georgitowii, 1) C,
fin mi account nnd thu appointment of a
Mnrrhigo licenses huvo boon Issttod as fol
lows Diinkl wilklns mid Mrsnn Lewis, W'm
Ketl.uigof Aloxnudi in Con ut), u .ami lam i
1 tilt ol Pah fax Count), a ; Joseph S I'hiin
l Ion nnd Isabella P. llrovvn: Jninos v trtei and
Julia Juilitii, I hallos Mnlth nnd I o lis i
Douglass; Joseph M Hurt and Piiiiulo Jones,
lib Inn d I cw Is of I uiieiiktcr, Va , and Idi I)
llson of this cit) , l.eorgo U Co irt tin t II llth
l lollhis; Abiabnn Atwell and Nam i
Hunks, llh hunt Not t Is and Alliol.jd in; laeo'i
llri oks nnd Annie II Parks, Willi tin I). Norns
nnd 1 nunlc D 1 i.mnuml; IMtvard II itler u 1 1
Llln lliitlct
'lliieo MiiHplolotiM Cliunii'lors.
IHtcctlvoltdllniid Lieutenant WiidH this
ttftcriHon arrcstixl ILreo lim' sneaks, win
gatothoiiamis of A I Hunts o. M Turner mi I
Jtimot, llt.'irahl, nndlnll thin for Idetuta
cation b) tlio 11 iltlmuru nutliorlthi'.
tiu: AiiMr ami .v.irr.
Onleis, llrliilts, I, elites, !'tirloiiilis and
Other JIatteis of Inluinsl,
PrhntoM II Wliltoncker. Troop H.Hoeond
Cut nil), Port Hpnkunc, Wnslilngtnu Terri
tory, is grautisl ono month's furlough,
Pint lieutenant James M. Hmllh, I'. S,
Army, retired Is relloted ns military pro
UMiirnt lilt irdleu Academy, Pou-jlikoepslo,
Major ndttnrd f'olthi", l'lrst Infantry, has
uci n rtlleted from duty nt Port Apache, nnd
orderid to tnko si at Ion nt Port Grant,
I leuti nnnt AuMln M, KnHit, Junior gr-ido,
V H. N nrrltcil nt the Ibblft House last
night (rom Aimtioll, nnd Is under oxiimln 1
t Ion to day for promotion,
Lieutenant Iloger II Ilrj an, Second Cavalry,
wns nrih red Instweik from Port Walla tValli
to Port Srokntie, Wnsblnirlon Territory, lor
ttmpnraijr duty with Troop II, Second
Cat airy.
Captain Allan H.,Iaekon, Seventh Infantry,
has had Ms order ot Notcmberla to lolu Ids
lompim-nmcndcd to contluuo him as noting
Judge ndvocatuof tbo Department of tho Co
lumbia until Juno 1, 1WI.
llrst I.leittinnnt Henry Wfganl, Twenty
fourth Infantry, has relieved Plrst Lieutenant
Hubert London, lllth Cavalry, ns recruiting
ofl'ecr at Port itcno. Indian Ti rrltory, nnd as
Jiidco-ndvocutoof tho general cotirtmirll.it
Colonel William It. Shifter, Plrst Infantry,
Is president, nnd llrst Lieutenant I.01I i
Hunt, 'lentil (ntalry, Jirdgo-tdvoeate, of a
Binirnl ( out t martini, which eontenod
Wednesday at Port drnnt, Arizona Major
l'rcderlek Van Vllot, Tenth Cat airy, and
Cnptuln Wllllnm II. Dougherty, l'lrst Infantry,
uiu ineiiiuirs oi uiucouri.
Nav )OriliTs-Ileulinant William (', Cow Ioi,
Orderid to tho Wnsblngton Navy-Yard; IMt
mister II, Trumbull Htanellff, to special duty
In tlio NntyDepittmenti Llciitenrnt Itldgo
ley Hunt, dctnclieil from tbo II)drotr.iphlu
Olllco and ordered to tbo lliooklvn. lellovlu'
IlciiteniintllradleyA.I sko, ordered to special
iluly with tho Onlnatica llurenu; Lieutenant
John (lurvln, from tho Nam I Observatory
December ,11, nnd pluccd on waiting orders.
Captnln Itlclnrd If. Pratt, Tenth Cavalry,
Who Is tho superintendent of tho Indian
Khool nt Carlisle llarrncks, publishes I In
Mowing Mar at tho school, and a recent num
ber tells tho follow Inggood story of onoof tho
Indian bo)s nt tho blacksmith shop. "A horso
was sent up from tho farm to bo shod. Hiv
ing n number of ready mado shoes on bin I,
tho Job, In tho nhsenco of tho boss, tv is given
tonn uiprentlco. After an lnterr.il tlio fol
lowing notuc.imo to thosiipcrhitende.it: 'Ihls
horso don't Ut any of our shoes ' "
Army Leaves (limited Captain Albeit 11
KaulTnnn, I.lghth Cav air), Port Clark, Texas,
ono mouth, and permission to npply for nio
month' oMonslon I.lcuti n rtrt Colonel ltob
ertH I a Motto, Twelfth Infantry. Madison
llarrncks, Sackctt'R Harbor, N Y. Ilftcei
diits.liom December SO Ciptaln John II.
Cnlef, Second Aitllleiy, Port Monroe, sotcn
teen dn)s, fiom December 21 llrst Llcuten
nnt llinrics II. KUtcrlec, Tldrd Artlllory,
Washlnplon Darracks, ten dn)s, Itoin Decern
tier MO llrst Lieutenant Charles C .Morrison,
Ordnnneo Corps, Hock Island Arsenal, six
months' sick leate I Irst Llcutcnnnt Nathan
iel Wolfe, becondAttlllcry, now In Philadel
phia, six months' extension of sick leate
Major (,eoigo 11 Snnford, Hist Cat airy. Port
Icatcnworth, soveii dn)s llrst Lieutenant
Gcorgo II Paddock, PlftliCnnlry, Port ltlloy.
Kansas, llftc c u dn) s 1 Irst Lleuti naiit Itobcrt
Iomlnir, llflh I'niulrv, Port lieno, Indian
Tirtltory,onomorrth,ttlthpormlsvlon to apply
for ono month oxtenslou Major Thorn ts
llson, Port I citenvvoith.slx dit)s from Do
ecnrlicrSO. Ciptaln Theodore bchw in, Ulov
entli Infantry, Port Lent onw ortb. twenty
set en dirts Captain lUw.ird M. Hayes,
Ilfth Cntttlry, Port Itcno, Indian Tenltory,
permission to npply for onu month's exten
sion, llrst Lieutenant Clurlei II Hull,
Twenty-third lnfnntr), Port Wnviie, Detroit,
ollomonthlromDeeenlbcr-, Plrst Lieutenant
(lent to A. Cornish, 1 Iftcenth lnfaiitiy, now lit
this clt) , three mouths' extension.
a jviiy "swuiiun.
Ileglniiliip; oT the Trial of Itleli n il I.t e,
Charged With Murdor.
Tho Criminal Court was not long this morn
tngln scctirlnga Jiny to try Itichatd J Leo,
ttllns Die k hparrow, charged w Itli tho murder
of his wife, Mary Leo, In November last, an 1
tho following wcio sclestcd to try tho caso:
Otho llrnnson, Jolitr Hcrry, bamucl C Palmer,
John A. Ljiteh, Thomas W Chase, Charles J
Columbus, 1 rank lien-duns, Lt snndcr Cooper,
Gcorgo Miclto'i, James II Wilson, Marcellns
Miiniron und .lames II Dick.
Dlstrh t Attorney Wortblngton recited tho
clieumstaiiecs tint ho expected to irovo and
claimed, If ho succeeded, that ho would show
n ihnrcnso of murder and bo entitled to a
tirdlct. Mr Walker, for tho defendant,
claimed that tho defendant wasn rnnulnout
tlio tlmo tlio cilmo was commit to I und not re
sponsible for whit ho did Lucy Williams,
hislci ot Mary Lee. was tho first witness, nnd
re rented her testimony given at tho Coroner's
Iniiucst ns to Leo's t llt to tho houso nnd eon
dint vvbllo (hero
Maggie Campbell. Gcorgo Powell and Susan
Powell eontlimcd tho testimony of tho tlrst
witness W lt Whlto described tbo shooting
of tlio deceased on tho street nndhei-htishind
pounding her our tho head with tho butt of
tlio p'stol
Ti ue HIIIh Iiy tin' (si-nuil Jury.
'llio gtaitd Jury this afternoon brought In
Indictments against tho following pirtloc
William F illl tin", assault with
Intuit to kill- Pi.tiik It Preulls,
luteins; Mllluin 11 Dtooks, house
breaking; William II Hitiley, assaulting
ollln i, and assault with Intent to kill; ltlch
mil .Noiton.in.iiisIaugliU'rj v llllamltoblnson,
nssnult w ith Intent to kill The charge of ns
Miult Willi intuit to tnpo, madougilnst Wll
llnm P llorton, was Ignored
Collie t I-'iiIIn t'lmieli.
A pait) of nbout fifty soo'ety pe-oplo nio go
ing our to Pulls Church by speelil
train this ov cuing to attend tho
mtirtalnirint to bo given there by
the West i;nd Minstrel Compiny. It Is ex
pelled nlso, tint Mr. Hut Duhiity will take a
prrty iteross tbo eotmtry In Ids Tally Ho
in, nil Among t ho )onng gentlemen who will
tnko putt In tho entcrtulnmint mo tlessis
Nut Cadv. Itoss Thompson, It Clay Stow irt
bmllli, Palmer Coolllgo and Leu
ltcnl JlHtnlc Ti-niisrors.
TI o follow Ing transfers of te it estate havo
been iccoided Muryll Larnhidt, James II
Iatnhiudt, C. II Chttichet nl. In II ltosoir
dalo, inrt lot 7, srpinroSHI, 31,070, ThomisJ.
KhutoChniles A Gersdorft. lots 101 to 110
hipiuiohji S7eXI, Gcorgo Ilogtis to II II War
ner.prrt if lotr, Kiuaioioa, Sn.oa,), Win f
Cressvvcll to Charles D. Sehenck, lot V, and
sub lots 15 and 11), sqituro IMS, S.' 750, John
Miiimnn to John IMvvards lot 1, sirujio 15,
S ),50.
The Nt. I.tmls i:poiIlioti.
Mr S M Kennntd, president of tho St
louls Imposition, nnd Mr. Johnston, tiu i-oo-Hint
valid stii cilnloiiili nt, are lieio for tlio
puipoco ofsecutlng i idles fiom tho National
Museum, to bo exhibited ut tlio St Louis Ux
position next )ear Many of tho mtlcloi
loaned tho New Orleans World's Pair luvo
not )ct beiu returned to their places, an 1
there Is siitd to he a stroll,; disposition against
allowing the ulhs tube exhlbltol hyaloeil
ixiosltionliki that utM bonis
Win IIou'h I'liiirrul.
'lliofitniinlofMis Gertrude Owens Hogg,
tvlfuof Pnsl.ii Willi nil Hogg, V S N, tvlio
died Wednesday morning nt her homo, No,
lUkllt sliiet.took iiliu e at S ii'il iik this ut
tituooiiiitM Mnttliow's Chun h, und wis
vers bugil) ntteudid Iiy her nun) frinnls
iindtboso of her hiisbirid, her father, Dr
Tin mas Ovtins, V h N, and iter father III
law, John W Hogg, osu, , eluef clerk of thu
Niiv lh part limit
Minm- ItotiberleH ltopoi'ted.
W i Tapimn repot ts that a gold huntliu
ease vvntili v orth 8-' wis stolen Irom his
ltoitu', uvi Math strict, )e".terday
N A Newton of Hil (' sttcet Ins ropoitod
that bitvvi en 1 mid 7 o'clock, em too loth In
stant SPiT hi money was stolen fiom Ids
pi noises.
'llio house of P. 1) O'Me.rraof milefrees
stne t wns entiled b tbo b isemuit door last
nllit and SIJ win th of property stolen
An rx-l'olleeiiitin'M e'liilm.
llio 1 Irst Division of tho Circuit Court, Jus
tholiix pusldhir, Ismgagol to d iy In heir
Ing the c.isi of Auolpliiti lleltlofr lualustihu
Distill t of Columbia, to let our StU), amount
i lahned due him foi saint) lor Iho inonthi In
tssii while on the polli e fori e, from vv'ileh he
ulhgcs lie vvnsilijeli.il rt 1 illegall).
A Morth liiMtltiitlon.
'Iho Metropolltiiti Indudilil school, situ
nted at Nineteenth und II sheets, has sub
milted lis seeotid annual report to tin Co n
mlssintii rsrrrbo nro asked tuuld tho Inst It u
Hull In a small extent,
Tint (.riind ,1 iii-t, ItoMplto.l
llot-iaud Jur) hash ouojpllol until th
I 4th of noxt January.
A Busy Session at Both Ends of
Tbo Bill Pas363 tho Sonalo Withojt a Dis
stmtiiig Voto.
Commissioner Webb's Appointmont to Oo
Thiough Unanimously.
Continuanco of Dobato on tho Now Houso
Adjournment or ttie Keniilo Until 11 un
it a) Noxt.
'JhoScnnlogot lo work with commendable
ptomitncss this morning, nnd thoprn)er wis
otcr, tbo Journal rend, tho petitions nnd me
morials disposed of and an Imiiortant Mil
pnsscd fifteen minutes after the body was
called toordi-i
Petitions fiom cltlrcnsof Indiana, praying
for inoro liberal pension livvs, and from till
reus or Malno. protesting against a Canadian
Usher) treut), wire submitted.
Under tho call forcommlttco reports, Sena
tor Mitchell of Pciuis)linula, reported favoi
nbly fiom tho Commlllco on Peti'lons tho
bill grntitln; a pension to tho widow of
General Grunt, nnd tisked unanimous consent
forltsionsldinitlott 'llio bill, bo slid, shn
ply authorizes tho pnymint to Mrs Grunt of
HfiCO per annum dttilng tho remainder of iter
life, the amount ef pension grunted to tho
widows of othir ex Piesiilcnts No objection
was made, and tlio bill was passed without ti
dissenting tote
llio Introduction of bills then began mil
Senator Mado Hampton Introduced u hill
prot Idlug tint any ellator or lieprescntatlt e
who solicits tho appointment of any person
to office shall bo guilty of ti misdemeanor
and subjoct ton lino
'llio (hilr lild before llio Somite ti letter
from tho 'ecretary of Wat concerning tlisi
damago done to Goiernoi'i Island, Now York
Harbor, by the storm of Novombir'Jl last It
asks that it granite sin-w all bu built similar to
that on the buttermilk ihiuuel 'Mo of thu
island The cstlm itcd cost is SHOW.
henator 1 rje Intiolucod n bill lclrtliutn
tho bureaus of tlio Navy Depntmetit, mil
tisked Its mil) const Icratlon It ptovldos
that tho chiefs of tin) or all ot tho htircrusof
thoDepaittmut inn), In thodlsciutloti of tho
President, he appointed fiom competent per
sons In civil life
hen iter Hon Introduced a bill to rcgubito
certain matters pertaining to tho Cipltol
and giounils, plot Idlug that the Senile
shall eotitiol Its cud of tlio
Cipltol, tho House Its end, tho MtprcinoC'oiii t
Itsotvnnpartments, and tint Joint I'oiiires
slonal rules shall control the other turtle is
of tlio biill,liinunil tho croltnds
Mr. Vct addressed tho tscnato on tho Da
kotu (ini-tlon, arguing tint tho allccd Male
organization of that 'leirltory was rotolu
tloitaty, llo offered a resolution to thu
effect that tho mcmoilal from what
Is called tho btato l.xccutlvo
Commlttco should bo considered simply as
coming liomprlvato individuals The rose
liitlon was laid over nnd at lip m co'isldei.i
Hon of tho code ot Joint rules was resume 1
At -'Pip m. tho lolnt code ot rules was
passed and tho ben no adjuuiued until Mou
TUT III'TUICT in Tin. si sen..
Thctcnato District Commlttco held Its first
meeting to-day, seven of tlio rnombcrs bring
present Notlilngwas donobovond n discus
t-ion us to the n fetence of (lie bills before tho
committee It has been til tuiill) dei hied that
tbo committee will not hodlvlJcd Intosub
eommlttcesof three lnembciri em li, but tint
Individual uicmliirs will no cntiustul with
eliltles he rctofoie per formed by the seven sub
lommuices ,o out
bills were considered or re-
fined to da)
'lhoeoininlttio Ins but ono no-nln itlon be-
fine It, that of District Commlssloiiei William
II Webb, which will he icpuilcd fatorubl) b)
unanimous consent
henntor Heik Intro luced a joint tosoltttlon
rrot lillitg for the iiiiynu nt of ono v ear's s llury
to the w iiiovv of tlio lato Minister Phelps, Com
mission, l of tho District
t-i tintor Call liitiodtiitel n bill for tho relief
of Irani Is Duunead b) relinquishing tlio
Gotcintnciit s i lultn, right and title to the
Dinmiad propiit), Insnu.iieun
tseiiator I'rhner relntrodui ed tlio lilll to au
thorize tho establishment of ot cuing schools
Senator lngalls relntrodireed tho old Dis
trict lleitiso bill and tho bill to extend tho
timolol the liniment of special assessments
(senator lug ills has opened n "suggestion
book" In tlic District Commlttco loom of tho
Senate in which citizens can record tievvsor
6tigcstloiinuii) subject to which the) de
sire to cal the attention of tho committee
lxrie-ixo the iinuc ! vniis
Scnatoi lngalls liitioduccd a bill toelay to
prount tho unliwfiil Inclosmo of
public lauds under pcnrlty of
n flnoofSlOO.i day for each und every day
Bin hlnelostire shall bumrlntuined fiom an t
titter the p issage of tho act.
'lho Senate Commlttco on Terr Itorlos held
n scslon to day to consldci uomluutloiis foi
'lerrltoil.il offices
tiilsemte intss oalliuv.
Tho Sergeant at Arms of tho senuto his
ordireda gencrnl renovation of tho s-onito
press guile r during tho liolldii) recess Now
carpets will bo laid ami new fitrnltiiio pio
emirs nv MtLiTutv uittt vrs.
Senator Pr)e iiitroducol n bill prut Idlug
tint tho thle fs ot inllltnry bureaus shall liuru
nttet benppolnted by tho President, by nil 1
with the consent of tho 'eiiate. trom thu
blanches of the army to which tho hiuoiu
n litis, unit for tu ms of four )ears, and tint
thu president can retire any of tho present
chiefs In his disunion
The lloiiHi-.
Irrtliollonso to das, on motion of Mr Wil
son e f West t hkltili, tho bonato Joint resolu
Hon piovldlng for filling of tnc itreles In llio
r.o.ml of llegents, sinllb'oulati institution
'lheionslilirathmof tho report of the Com
mlttie on jltih s was then loMituo I, Hie pend
ing una iiilinuit bilug Hut oiToru 1 Iiy Mr
irliigu (III i nbollslthig tho v irlom com
iiiittei's on i xtH iidltures in thu v.ulous tie
larlinetilsiiinl toiiieutriitlug their duties In
Mr i ilriKii. In ndi mating the amendment
Mild thut i.'.Viooo bul during the past ton
)i it slni ii lid toihrksof thosn lommltti'os,
unit thut but two of (hi m hid in ido reports
Mr Mm llson tnoiigiii 111,11 tno ivorKoniioso
loinmlttiiH had re suite I lit mm Ii good llo
said that eliiilug thu Into i ampilgn liu lieaid It
pmchdimil it ii ) tt In i o In De-noiratlo
spuihisth it the licmoi ratio luity w.mto 1 to
siotlu liouks, Now tint It hd tho oppor
timltv of suing the Ik oks It sliollld not i lose
llse)i s
"IIumo )ou won't," retnaiked Hrownoof
Iudhiiiii, toll wll luvo Home liouks ol V"in
own 111 u lew tuns." Mr llorhoit of tin
hiiin.i. In opisisltloti to the utnuidmi'it said
that the lluiise should tilwjjs st md h 1 1) t
Inv i stlnito utilises which ha I gro.vn u i In the
ndinlnlsti itlon of the govi rnnieut After
luilhir dilute tin iiiueiiiliiuiit w is rejiiti I
Mr lliininionil iiftind niiami'iultii uit.wlilih
wns lejuted after n rather splrltul eolloiii)
litvvicii himself nml Mus is Hisionk tin
Ivliile), llliiuut mid Heed during w itch Mr
lliiinmoiid in niiswir to tli Itu 1 suruistleitl)
lefirrul to tlr lllsiuckuslho " Icj President
of I ho 1 1 her lde " ....
'llio iiiiiii'iinpli wis tlien reached which
llirllstbi ii 1 1 ilatii lis uvei vvuhh iliu n
iioilutloii l niiiinlttio slull huvo JmUlIc
linn Diuiiigdebito on mi uiiietidment to
s ilko out the limitation Mr Ciunuii dc d lied
thut Mr lllseoik's Knout stu'eineiit
to Hie uffiit lint ho lud, ns ilulr
liiau of Ihu Commlltio of tpptoprluloiis,
laid buk Apptoiirlatloii tills to foiee the
pussngeol luti nuil Hi vi nun iiiidT.ii I IT Co u
mission hills whin rdm ul with tin seen of
fiut. fiiduli.vv i) "like the b.is li s rubra .if
a vision
'Ibeyintleinun hid vv nihn Into the do
litiilii ot loin tine und v-u the II mi mid
counli) uuvvlttliigly or otherwise) a fills ilur
Durliii; Mr Cumon's arraignment of Mr
lllscnek. Iho tnltcr nt n If ttllorly oblivions
of the (ait Hint ho wis being referral
to In tiny wn) vvhntovor. Mr Caution turnel
hlsbntk on tho gontlumnti fiom New- York
during thu first part of his remntks, but
looked him stl night In the eye Willie coin bid
Ing Air lllstoik e)ldiinll) dldnot Inten I ro
losonry lencoof mind on nu mini of It.
the snv lit IKS
Her tccutntlio Iteed pivelt as bis opinion
this afternoon that tho miostloii of the rutin
would ho settled by tho adoption of tho new
rules before today's adjournment. Tint
CttiTic represcnlntlvo then nskel blm
what he thought tho committee wo ltd
bo nnnntiuciil, and ho reported that ho did
liotbcllcvo tho sreakcr would care to an
liounie tliem until nfter tho holiday reioss
"And when w III th it I eglnt" inked tlio Inter
tletver "I think," unswired the loader of
thu minority. "Hint tho llotisotvill adjourn
nominally on Mondn). but tint most of us
vvlllipiltoiiHntbrdn) ''
'lipltlll lltl'M.
Icnatnr f-uvv ell's bill, lutiodiircd )iMtirday,
to encotiruco tbo erection of lnomtinents on
ltetolutloiuity battle ltd Is Is the s lino bill
Introduced by S H toxin the last House Tito
hill provides that tho M erctiirles of , State anil
Wnr ntid Ilbinrlan of Congress slull eletcr
initio wli it bnltlo flclli should bo ilnslgnalel
nnd that the Kcretaryof tho'Ircnsur) sluli
bontitborlred todotililo whutetu sums nro
ral"i d by historical societies forsttch monu
ments. Among tho tlsltors on tire floor o tin
Houso to day wasGiniril Joe Johns! oil, who
hildtitiiii'ii luvio among his trlunls on the
Dcmoi ratio side Atiolliir visitor was Hon.
Patrick llutnnilll of Gtrrett Count), Mil.,
iicdcuwor In the Porty-llist Congress of
lion 1, II Metomis. Hon. V. D, Wash
burn of Mluneiotu was also see-r moving
nbout on thu Horn
Mlssllradley, dniiglilir of Justlco Hi ulloy,
Is tisltlng fill nils In Now Jurse)
Miss Hubbard of Contu client avctiuohts
returned from her tlsltto Now Yolk.
Thowlfo undilnughlersof Mr Justice Mil
ler will not return (rom Now York until
Thursday nf next week
Mi. Henry Sanford of Florid i, formerly
Unllid States Mlnlstir ut llrussels, has re
cently lost a child b) dentil at Ills eh ito nl in
Mr. 1) P Morgan of New-York, whorcceutly
bought tho Cameron in inslon with tlmcxpuc
tution or ending Ida w Inters In Washington,
bus been obliged tu eh ingu his plans on an
count of 111 health.
Iho uudlcnco nt thu German Opera last
ot e nlttg tv ns largely ceininsod of society pe i
pie Msltlng was tciy general between the
nets and It was ns animated as an afternoon
recci Hon In tnld winter.
Lieutenant James A Iliflian, Pourtee-ith
Infantr), who was rnrrrled hero last month
to Miss llolcn Wan en M)ers, reichul his
station at Vancouver Huiaiks, on tho Co
lttmhla litter, lust tvi ek with Ids brldo.
Lieutenant thirties J Hadger, V S N , Is hi
Hie city on leave for a tow dins from tbo
frlgalo llrookljii. and Is now at tho Kiihltt
Ho Is tbo son of Commodore Oseir C llidgir.
retired, who was so long at tho Nav) Ynrl
und w ho-o tv Ifo and daughter nro so pie is mil)
known In Washington society Commilore
(Hid Mrs. llulger mo now living nt Now port,
Mrs Mobcrly of Kentucky, tho mother of
J mice Willi im J Mohcrl), Is visiting Iter sou,
daughter In-law and )oung grandson at No
U!0 1 sttect Judge Mobcrly Is n West
Pointer, and suved loraiiiimbu of yoirs In
thu I mirth Cavalry, though tcr) fow of Ids
old comrade-! icinembcr lilui except us "eko"
'iho Thalia German Opera Company of New
York, now plnv Ing at thu Nitlonal Theitie,
culled on tliu President Inn body )osterda)
nftcrnonii mid Invited blm to attend tholr per
foninnces 'I hoy wero iceeivod cordlall),
but the President declined tho Invitation on
tho ground that the prcssiuu of official bust
ness prevented Ids tisltlng mi) places of
amtisimcnt nt present
'-ays a correspondent of tho Phil i IclphH
l'ren. 'ThoSwcdlsh Minister nnd Idsnttrio
tliowlfo mo taking front rmk Indlplomitlu
itreles llo Is irnusuill) wcllesteemel by
his government, und for threo summers was
clio-cn by tho Mngttud Queen of svvolen to
travel with tho heir upoirent und his )ouuger
brothel, Madame lteuterskohl accomniii)ing
tho partv the third summer b) special Intlta
Hon of their tlujcstlo. '
Tho first of tho Assembly balls given by
lift) secret) ladles of New York, cull of
whomlntltcs nlno guests, took phico at Del
nienleo's lust ctenhig Among those
pusent were Mrs llollj.ir tvlfo of
seciitait Hi IK ar of tlio Ihltlsh Li
gation, Mr mid Mrs August Helmont, Jr ,
mid Mr nnd Mrs W W Astor Dancing be
gaunt 11 o clock, and sup et was served ut
Tie tippi Intment of Mi Mi tor Drunrnnnil,
Plrst s.eciitar)of Hir Maji -t)'s llmbissy In
luimi. and at present Cli ugo d' VtTalris a I
Intfiliii, to the post of Charge d Affaires nt
Munich, h is e aused unmitigated sitlslution
.unotigst tho small Hritlsh colony hi tint cap
it nl . Mr Drtiminondwas former I) attiihed
ni second reuctary tothe Hrltisli I, -g itlon In
tlilsilty und whlto her eun irrled ttlss Lamson
orNew Yolk It) Mr Drummond vvusagicat
Pour tirmv and naty germans will be git en
during the si a son on iho utetilugs of .Innunrv
land IS und Pelniiriry H nnd ii They will
tnkoptuiuut tho jsT itloual KEtlo-s' Itntl Gen
until ine Ing will be from 'I to 11 10 o'clock p.
m At Un clock tlio cotillon will bo,-ln and
elosi itJn m Hy oidtr of tho eummltteo
tin iiumbcr of couples will bo limited to sov
int) five lieutenant Gineral P It. Mierl
dan Is pioshleut of the club and Hear Vd
rnlrilJ 11 I pshiir Is t Ico president
Miss Million Lnngdon, ono of New York's
most udinhed liellos, sailed for l.uropo on
Saturday lls Langdon was fonnerl) en
gaged to tho Hon Peiry Helmont A friend
snv s. tlio iminv udmlrers tvlio saw Miss Ling
don ' oft ' predict Hint like so in in) other fur
daughter of America, she might nuver return
toherrintlvu laud ngnln Amcrh inglilsas
rlclily endowed as Miss Langdon nro only too
apt to beiomo fascinated with Ihigllsh life
mid titled suitors, of, whom there will bo no
luck to do her homage
Off mi' Alban.t I't Isoll.
lulled States .Mai -In l Thoinis Siott mil
Deputy W S Cliapm in ot ltlchmond, Vn ,
li ft this clt) this morning for Albany, N Y ,
having In ihaigo Win Ward, who vaotru
Hire ago convicted of running ufr.iuuiiivit
I inslon nguicy In irdiiiigtoii and Norfolk
Ward csi upcit f rom the officers about eight
months ngo, and tlio ciedlt of his recapture Is
duo to Hitu tlio Jin ohs ot tho Pension Olllco.
The i rlsuner formerly leshled In Loulsliiiii,
nudtvns a number of tho I.eglslnturo there
fiom (.rant Palish llo claims Hut ho lud a
pnrtnir in the tiaud, and threatens to tell
what he knows
Indue iii1I'n Ui't'l-stoii.
Jud ge Sncll this morning called the attention
of the ro'ceutlni; attorney to the criticism of
Ids dulslon In tlio c'haigo of man
slaughter, in which the little girl, Ileiky
Ilunjen, wns run otcr mid killed by a sttcet
car Unstated that If thcio was an) Import
ant evidi nee that was not heard In the c iso
orth.it his since been dlscovorod. the easo
might bo taken to tho gum I Jut y Prosecut
ing AttoiniyTh anus said ho wns sattstlol
Hut Hiiro was not it uiso undo out rg ilnst
the defendant nnd told tlio Comt so at tho
A Vi'idlit fortlie- KlKtrlet.
In the c use of John P, Little, who sued tlio
District foi SO.aiO dam iges foi Injury done
hlspiopcrt) In December, lS,tlio DWili t at
tho (rial )ostuiluy pleaded the t itute of llm
Itatlous, tvlilch was sustained b) tlio unit
und u terdlct gltcti for the District
This Keinicl ol' u ColllMinii.
Pciijamhi P Mi)ikr and tvlfo has eirtorM
suit at law ugalnst Herbert P Plllshur) to ro
loviriVs) diimnges for Injuries sustalnud to
tlulr liorMsitndc inligonnd Mrs snydcr by
i ollMou tv ith Mr PilUbur) ' te mi 1 Septum
her lust
A I, leu on tin- Woi'lilioiisr,
Nlnirod Porter has filed n.ineih-inlc's Hen
iijaliist the District ol Cohtmhl i on tho prop
utv known as tho Workhouse for fuiiulus, to
sutur) his claim of g-!0
chnmeil With llniiKlniiuililer.
Jnhii Mahoney was nrrnlgtiod In the crim
inal toutt t-dn) on tho charge of nun
sluughter In killing Patrick liuunott und
picudi d nut (.ullty
loom, mtir.rs.
Tniiir. will boa nubile mooting held nt tho
Mitiiiiiilliaii I'loslol, rlan Cliniih tl -xt Mill
tiu) e veiling at; oo'ihiik In tho interest of
i,min several public suaktrs will bupres
Tin Washington Alumni Association nf tho
D h I. lTulurnlt) hold Its third minimi ru
l.nh n ti Wclekers, last evening lion John
D 1 1 eg in shied Oni twcnl) eluptirs were
n un liti d
tn , i tssiiTit ii inesstngLr In the Mutual
M, -u irMrvtu was thiigcl tilth Police
i nu ti hi) on ho eoinplatui of Pill j
ler Willi tinbc! ling ? J
'H i Inn) H tide lotti will dcllglilli rfn i'i
at thu new National noxt week
Tjpluil Sn i lini'iis of Unite Sun's
Ctiiiriuliig I ndy Clerks.
The slrnngcr In Washington, when forttt
nntPi'tiiniRlito have a well posted ftlnnd.ls
llivnrlabl) (like n nut for n strill on the Avo
imc about lo'elock In the afternoon, the hour
when that great thorottghfnro In pleasant
tviather Is lol eseen nt Its best The visitor
Isofcotirso dillghteil, for nf thu vast throng
of promenade rs nt lonst three nit of ovory
(luuircof lliefalr sex, and tlimo three ttltlr
Ii w exi ci lions are iittmctltu In figure, face
nmliitllri' Inquiring of his friend as to the
ownership of this or that irett) file e, llo itlng
lust him under a hew Killing hat, It
Is in uncommon thing to bo told
that slml i inpliiyul In one of the Depirt
mints, Tlioslrnugir ma) In somewhalsiir
pil'iil, but ttoiiht not lie If ho knew much
nl out tlio ladles who work forn living In thu
De nrtuicnts, for these sumo Departments Iii
thomnttir of good looking mid welldusirv
big vvotntnnre like tlio voods when hickory
nuts nro llio-they mo full of them lliey
mo good workers, too ns u tiilu, ntid tin Ir
Inline in otixn the opposlto sex, with whom
the) nro nssocintcd, i.iiiuot full to in elevat
ing and leflnlug. Of course Hiiro are ex
it Idiom os tin ro nro among iho men lint
tlio piciioiiilirnnio of opinion among
Unbind" of bureaus where ladhs nro urn
plo)ul Is tcr) greatly In tbrlt fat or There
are a tin few who (hlnk tlio olhir way tlr
l.iigciie Hick-Ins Is one of tin in; but lie would
favor the In mplotrneiit If iluv could vot
mid would tote the III mm ratio ticket Tur
t iiitic does not sa) lh it tin y ought lo go h)
any me ins, on the contrary, wo want tin in t
ictnt tlio more of them the bclter-inl we
t mi use that tho public shall know uioioaboiit
the in
What intild ntvaken olio's ndmlratlo-i nil
s)inp,tlh) morut hull Hie knowledge that tho
licit) and tnstetiilli dressed fining la I)
whom we see go Into the Treasury biilldliig.it
tl o'clock In tho morning and come nut nt I
ocloik In tho itftt moon supisirls not only
hcisclf and her aged molbei bulls sending
her small brother lo school oul of 971a
month Of t inn so tlii'sejoungl illes luvo
admirers Ailllleruit kind of a in ut Hun tu
turn makes iinwatl.i)s will have to lie evolve 1
lieloro tin y ceaso to iidtnirer And men of
tromtninco luvu shown great dlicrhnlnatloii
In si Ice ting tile partners from among this rank
Lx-Poslmnsttr Gene nil T)tnr was lucky
eiinuji to Mcitreotii) of them for his help
meet Portitno nlso saw lit to smile tn llko
iriinner upon ex-Attorne) General Hrowster;
while tho late StepiieuA Douglas showed
that ho had ns ureal am ilrlmonl iluspolKleil
hind on hlsslioilldiis when liovvonei nod
won a i harming lady tvlio worked for Ihe
Gotcrnmitit Mich nlo tt is the lucky for
tune of i'x Altouiej General Drew sic" and ex
Si tintor Mc Donald
Tin Ciiith today gltcsth" llrstof n scilos
of planus Illustrative of tho t pes ot )oiing
Indies whom Inch) iini Is pb iscd to havo
around his olllcl.il premises she Is strolling
down tho Avenue, just nfter tho Tro wiry Do
parttnent iuisclosecl fnrtheihi) Slio Isilresse I
In Hie pretolling fashion, but not In uistlj
raiment Then me, hovvevct, uiitiy who do
not work forn living, mid who, though clotlm 1
In purple nnd lino linen vet env) the prcttv
plittire Willi h slio pro'e ills as she walks with
a linn but grueofill tn nil Wh it m liters II If
she docs step out a little tilt litelciionilnntls"
'Hutu Is something uttrnctlio even hi li a
ilnlnt) lunch bnski t She his also u book In
lur hand. It will bosccn These joanglalles
are not dawdlers belt known, ci en out of of
flee hours (td bus given (hem minds which
tiny Improve ns naliirallv us the) make tin li
lierseiimlappeirani'iiiitlriitlvi' Till "Pr-js
ut) girl," we icreut, ' must st iy "
3!i.ico'i civn. Tiiouni.vs.
lA.dlll ornor Sepillvedll III l'llsoll
Kodrlgili! Plaint, 'd.
Month Lt,Mr. ,Dee IS Tho whereabouts
of exGourrtor Sepulvedn hate not goncnill)
bun know n fortlie pist fow da) s, and It vv.u
supiKised b) man) of his friends that ho wis
confining himself to the pilviey of Ids resl
de in i The fin t now leaks out Hut ho Is a
pil'oiiei In the mllltar) guaiil house lis urdei
ofthclcdcral Goveriimi nt Much tndliua
(Ion Is expressul at this sei ouil hieaeliof
faith on the part of tutu nil Ito) is Thorev-o
lutlonni) furies whit h luvo hi en in tblsiltc
for some du)s are giadtiillv leivlug hi smill
lnndsundcr siibioimnanilus Ono of (heso
eompnities, on unlvlng at Subhus, north of
thlsi Ity, indcavoied to foi eo tho munhlpil
uulhoritics to pay a sum of inoni y
A light occ m rid. Ill tt lileli the retolullonlsts
were de featnl, losing tlulr i.iitiiln loirs
nro cntcitallied tint these sin ill bauds will
resolve themselves Into banditti greet!) to
the detriment of ti ivclln tlieioimtrj
Genual lti)es, uitlng Uovuiioi, Ins np
lioliilid Mamiil Itodrlgin , I itu i lilef of thu
retolullonlsts, as Pedii il nimble of l.iiu
pasas, In thu northern put of the St ite This
Is n cieat surprise to thu citizens here, but Is
considered us n stroke of good Kilie) on the
1 art of tlio (.uu mini nt
tiu: AiiuiAX riioxru:i:.
Another Hitch in tlio tVoik oT tlio
A n Klu-It us inn Coin in Isslo ii.
Ijimiov, Pec IK Mm b excitement Ins been
caused hire h) a dispiti h leeclve 1 eirly this
morning, dated at MaiuiLiik, vli Teheran,
stating Hint nnotlici hitch lud oi e irre 1 be
tween thelttisshiiiaud Kiigllsh eoinmlsiliners
engaged In ileinari iitlng thu Itu so fghan
flintier T hu dispute li adds that tho hitch
imise from u dispute us to whether ttussl i or
Afuhanl-ti.il should luvo Munich ik, an 1 tin
dlffcrinces between the) luspectlvo eommls
slims me so gte it that all operations luvo
e e iscd pi udlng Instructions fiom both London
anil si I'cicrsuurg
-s- -
Unbolt ToomltH lllll'li'd.
Wahiisuton, (Iv, Dee is The funeral of
Gi'iicral itobcrt Toombs took place here )es
tirdn) in thcM U ( Imnh The vv hole to sn
was In mourning Tho ehuiili wns nppto
rihili U di iicd On the clinniel lull was i
In nut lud flow of How its, which bore tho
letters It T " in Immortelles; on ono side of
tiu pilplt wns tiuotlier, batting tho word
Hist," and opiHisllo this tin exquisite floral
uiiihor Theuuskit wasbr iiie with wrought
havcsiif beiullful workminslilp oru.itni ul
ing It Goveriioi' MeDitnlel unci many promi
nent eltlcns of thu Statu were prosi nt Seine
th us limn tlio Scriptures wero ruad by Hi v
tv II Ijipraih iMstoi of ibo chinch, und
ini)ir were offend by Itovs s H G IIIII)or
mid .1 D Urovvu Thu fuiu nil dUe nirsi wis
h) Itct II lupiadouud lllshop lletkwlth
Tnll. ill Mull rslreel.
Ntv Your.. Dee IS Mono) loaned at easy
rates, vte , ST'JH per cent l!xe liange linn at
IsMStm,) i.'oieinmi tils (Inn, currency 8s,
li'Jh bid, Is, e oupon, tmi bid; 4V do , IW4
lild. 1 he stuck market opened dull and weak
this .morning. Tlio Gould stocks suddenly
look the lead on tl good biijlng of tliosu prop
e Hies unit prices iiilTuueeil I i to Hj by mil
da), JT.llSOXAL Mt:Xl'tOX.
News Noti'H About W'HsliliigluuIaiu
mid tVell-Kiiown lsllois,
riUI IAIN I'llANK TllllXrMIN, V. S. N., who
bus Inn tisltlng bis h lend, Lieutenant Divls
I . s llson li ft on U uilnusda) for Ids homo In
Oxford, Miss
- in ism II In, a native of Washlagloii,
wns vistuila) atipolutut il Police ( nnmls
h i ci foi thu city ut st, Louis by Governor
- Mn i,kiiaiu VV I 0ii utiooii, iipiomln.'iit
wine nu re hunt, doing business ue 1. .udoii,
Hiusselsniid Mnniihulm Is In tlieeltv Ileus
ii ci b ph nsi d with tt aslilngtoii ami thinks of
isluhllshiug a brunih house heiu
- lliiitisiMATtvr; A C IHvnisust of the
1 1 nub Miliiiinu D strict will start lo in in r
bu Id- In nu at t iibm' ,w n Mi t i , 1 1 i i
1 diiluts In ii nv, rs it on will) a i u i i
, it r 11 is in, i mug li nil n hi -
el uliiriil if H.e . nun n -ut I i i
tieiiiiie I he ton) 'he truiidii) r i s i t i el
(hi lb l l vv illicit h i ' , il I
wirk till iho middle ut a.i uist)
What Is Said of His Scheme for
Homo Rule to Ireland.
Oni) nu out I tin- or Ills I'logrniniiio
Supposed In llo Knott u.
1iNiiox, Deo. IS - There Is u purrllng
nbtiiidaueo of doserlptlons of Gladstone';
scheme for grintlng homo rulo to Ireland.
T In ) are so widely different that It Is evident
that they liato no common origin, and they
ma) nil lo gtiosswork. The Parnellltcs tiro
lin p) oti r ono fiut regardhigthose forecasts.
Laihono of them, including tho least fator
able, concedes inoro to Ireland Hun nny
Drltlslr pmty would liarograntcd or Parnclt
would hato tent u red to dcmitidotcn nfovv
weeks ngo T liu I'nrncllltes billovo that.
Gliidstotte has not j it formiihitiil his seheniu
in his own mind mid they stisiiect that,
he has allowed Inklings of It to cieapn
for Ibo iirise of hiving them published
nnd erltlcliil, li) whkh menus ho nnv
liogiildiil In the compb tlonnf tin sihetn It.
Is elinr Hint tho : i liemo luis not sot lieen rn
diiec'd to writing oi proposed to anybody In
set firms II Is In lloti-d that the hintulant
exposure nlthough rnlldly repudiate! Iiy
Ghulsloiic, c otitalus many elements of truth,
mid that lis piiblluiilou was duo tollio bu
tratnl of part of tlio programme Iiy somo nnu
of Gladstone's recent guests, with whom thu
subject ut homo rule vv is dlsciisied Opinion
Is divided tisto whether this leaky contl lnnt,
was Lonl spencer Lonl Gi ruvlllo or tlr, C.
T Dike Aeklniid, n frlcn I of Gladst inc's, tvh i
bus Just licen ro elected for Cornvvnll,
Tbo M. J aim' (alette si)s that Horhort
Glndstotie, a few da)s ngo, guupledly lm
piirtidtoerrtnlu Ilbeuil edltois a sketch of
his father's plans This Is po'slblc, but not
pioliable If Mr GKdstouo desltod to tnku
mi) new spiper Into Ids loulldenco. It wool I
uiidoulitiilly bo his own orgun.thi'Jilty.Y ic.
That Mi c r has not )i t siokiii, nnd until It
dm s It mil) lie assumed tint all forecast) or
the new-si heme aiemorc or less tiuutithorl.cil
Tho londoti inriespnndent of tho tilth
Time telegraphed tint should the (jucon'ii
speichoii tho oH'iilng of l'lllllamint not al
lude lo local goteinment foi Ireland, Mr.
Gladstone will move nu amendmuit to tln
Hot nl nildrosH slating that such u meastiro tor
Irehiinl isiiicossarv T he Piirneltlti s wlllstrp
H,tt the motion Mr 01 iilstone will tlien tako
oil e and lutiodtico u bill granting home ruin
to Irt laud Tholondon corrcsoiiilciit of tho
Dublin .J7isn)sdlidstoiiohusnpproachoii
Hie rojal i null ii guiding Irish i, Ioi m. and Is
seeking to enlist tlio md of the Prince of
Wulis. .
In repl) tothensscitlon tint lie nenntcscesi
In tin iijorted pi in llnil Spencer telegraphs:
"No stln mo of homo rule has n eclted my np
prot nl" Ml ehlhlcis tulcgruphs Hut lio lias
no know ledge tv li itct er of Gl iilstonr's nllcgod
proposals sir ( li irb s Dllke suvs It Is prema
tiirolo discuss (bo subject .Mr lleil)si).s
hue itiuiit cxiressnn i.pinlnii on tho subjiot
in fore Ids purl) meets Girl Grant III" bo
Inguskiil his opinion, said ' tlr Ohidstuuu's
mi'siigc In reg.tid to (lie stun Imti allege
(Ions Is sutlli lent lt Is needless for in) self to
sat inoro "
Mr O Connor di elans Hut Inland will
not ho sntlsliid with less than I misil i en
Jo)s, and will not contribute to tbo British
exc heqiier
Tin A'rjHrsi, commenting upon Mr fll-i!
slum's propovnl pi m of homo rulo for Ira
land, sn)s "Homo rule for Ireland will bn
crnntul attho risk or a civil war, and will
icitulnl) be productive of eternal lilellon "
"Mr. llnvvelK SiiIIm lor Ilium-.
Niw oll, Dec 18 The Hot- and Mrs If.
It Illinois, alter n three months visit In Ihls
countr), sailed In the 1,'cpubllc for 1,1 vet pool
tisfcrdny He has delivered twenty one
lectures mid seven st rmons slni o his arriv it
here, having tlsllisl Hoston, Magiri Mon
treal, Kingston. Ithicu, Auroi.l. Italtnnom,
Philadelphia, Washington unit New Haven
llliu leinnlliii-r the Prlco of Utiles.
I omios Dec IS Vscnsatlnn tt as i rented
to d.i) b) the orrest of a )oung man and lady
on a c h tree of blm km.illlug tho Prlncu of
Whips. The couple ttetc attempting to ex
tort iniiiie) b) tbrcuti itlng iltselosiues of an
iinsiitoiv nature er) siusailonal doveloii
tncrits nro ixcctcd
A Tilplc Trn;;edt .
Ml sioiiiu, I 1' , Dee H News of a triple)
trngcdv bus Jud hem receive 1 In r from
Lasucoiii, riluct) miles west of hue It ibert
llrovvn son of John 1'. Hrowti, tho lead
Ing men lnnt of the Si tnlnolo Nation vv Ith a
uiiiulii rof lompanlons bought n qitiutltyof
whisk) fmm u peddler, and going to John
browns, nil got glonuiisly ilriink Thoy
kept up tin Ir spree for several hours when
a ui in nil light e nsiicd Hob, rt first shot am!
killed n trcek Indltn vvhoeo uume coiilil
not be le erne I T hen he Htrne 1 and lire I ut
Cnpacln l.ininthe shooting blm tin,, ugh thu
shotildir Kmiutlie letiirued the lire killing
Hubert inst intl) and his own vvouu I pi jsol
futul soon after.
I'leptu Ingrloi Next 1 enris ('.iinpaltrii
iMuvSAioeis, Iso , Dec is Pursua it to te
cull b) the Hi public in Mnto Committee,
iilxut li 0 leading ltcpiibllciins of the Statu
mitvcstcrda) at tho resilience of John (?,
New and took prellmiunr) steps fur orgrnl
lug Hit i nropalgn of IVn Tho spcctlies made)
hldliutiil it In Hit ill the abllil) of tin Ito
I ulilli mis to i urtv the Stipe next)eir Tilii
now s,tute Ci ntrttl ( oinniltteo will be seletted
b) distill t conventions Pchrusrv 11 tin I
meet I eliiiiar) .'1, whui the eampilgti will ho
rsnle' or Mlrttoi lint Autoi;i-n;iliH
Nnv Vcttii, Die is Tho literary nilto
gni lis mid lints of tho lato William Demy
Kiss un, wlio was undo to Mrs. William If
Viindirbilt, tvcio aril) sold Wedncsda) at
nut Hun A scrap of paper dated Mount.
crnon, 17H ' nnd followed hy these words
In the handwriting of George Washington
To Colonel Diddle Mrs Washington beg
)c,iitvill send her us much ns will make ii
iigcittu, sold for S. Hi "i0 John Vdu n in
graph brought S10 VI, lohnPuul leu i
cuierul 1'iitii nn's, Sit; Thomiis I r in
SI SI, und I afn)ctto's , n
l.nsl tti'c-L'-. I'lilluic's.
Nnv Voiih.Die is There wore is ta) or
In tin I nlte I States and Cirriud i repol ti I 1,
i Dun .Hi o of thu Men antlle Agent v dn ii.
rla Inst tuck against .'17 the) weak Into ,
i.i'i tin vtick previous to the last
Tho milium i.i'uisiiKiu e.
lit nciN, D T, Dee tH-lho Hi) i
cal'idi Leglslutiiii , bating purfcit. I '
of rtiiiidlng committees and nccoiui, I u
nilssl, n has adjourn, d slue die, I m ' fi
tail of the Covirnoi
mi.sou xi:ws xoti.s.
Jni'Itsnnt llle, riii.-Tho fire win '
ed tticluesday ulglit In K I Hnbhai t
hue, ii iiiminunttutcd to thu Atn il
owned b Mr. A si A bell of Dultlin '
utliir vuluiihh business pruiioTtr , i
loss est limit, d ut SI50,01U
Now orh CIlj. It ! Mui i
.la) could will leave New York "
lor southern silnts In about ton d n
tuition oi withdrawing from t
sulci to be unchanged Tires tl
mlsslonc m I lino dei'leled to r
ebb iiiro iicxd - The Assemhlv
. VV 11
lliotdio's justerduy was u liillllu
.Mlirjlllllll. Itev t hnuuiey
lllshop idee t ot Ihe 111 use ol
boon notified of h,s e Ice Hon n
himself us cb i pi) sensible uf th,
but has not di i Id, si whet tier li
Mr E W liiom.ito. ttegist.'
l)iiretiiit,.r Ciiuutt. lias rctie
ertlu In tbciifllieof ihlrtr sov.
T hue wns u wi dcliiiK cm Ixiur 1
rl h
Tinuiler while she hi) ul Snow 1HII mm
Tlio ( oirri or .t ihiiis uci mus inn in i u
line t utility loot! o ticui liw of is n vv i. a
reudciid Ills i i alive bv tbo uel of issi
dr UT Tlio i etoetlii Iron Com i
hrutirlc't e.uutv is unable , t i i
i in. 1 lsf, r Its li ui
Nnu (Uli nils - Judge Pill
( i i rt on the application ol t1
pi hi Hndw iy, hi, .iiipolnti 1 si in
i uvv u of i u,iic ce ami i x Got an a s) )
ol iw M xleoriielti is of tho Te i i
InUvtii) lie Mlssuiiil Paeltie Is a
,flli I , "us Pin III' to the amount
ult indbl'igts thut thu Texas I'i
miIvi nt and unable to meet tho Int
, .ligations the nu itgages iiinouuliiig lo sn
'I in Tbespci ml iiiiutnltltu niqvolntul Iiy
tl, I s Pu in In .ml uf dlrci tor s report
i i ii , tuut ' bo'r vv nu) morel
i ,) iiiiercstnot i n c I. iiadieoom
ii, ustiis ( protict nil i'i Interests In
i he) i iy "MUiliiO must Ira spoilt on
i 'i ui befmc It cuu cirnlntcrc t

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