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wKiTiian indications.
1'or Iho Middle Atlnntlc BUtw, warmer,
fair weather, ttlnds generally fruui ninth to
lor Tuesday, slightly warmer, fair wcv
lhcr In Indicated (or districts on the Atlantic
tcutt nml tlio Olilo valloy.
Tlirrinometor llrnilliiKti.
Thermometer readings for December SI,
1K5: U u. in., 80V.!; 7 a. in., 3l0.fi; 11 n. m.,
J.V.8. December '.'0: Monti temperature,
:.7; maximum, IW'.-li minimum, SO'.O;
menu rclatlto humidity, CO.
cirv sri:oi,iLS.
HI. JInrr .fpwt'lry More,
corner of Seventh street anil lVntujIvanla
ncnuo northwest. Mr. K. 1'.. Newton
l.ns lust received n valuable stock of
oil Kinds of Jewelry from an Im
portant bankrupt sale. Among tlio lot
are PCO ladles' (.-old wntclies of the lending
iiiakcs,vlz.,i:iglu,VallhBm and 11. Howard.
110 gentlemen', lino Rold watches 1 1 nud
18 karat, lliio stcm-wlndcrs. Many other
splendid Indies' and Rcntlcmcu's Hold
watches of all tlio prominent American
manufactures. Also nn elaborate display
of jonrl, lory and lioiu handle- cut
lery of supetlor quality and finish.
lloniUnttio marhlo clocks of all slzos nod of
tlio best makcs,cxccllcnt French bron to stat
uary, lShnrat(;oldrIiK,bracclct8,.tcc. Thcio
superb goods were purchased nt bankrupt
sales, nud will bo sold nt hilf their value
Mr. Newton Is n responsible merchant and
guarantees all Huso goods as represented.
Ladles nro especially inllod to liupcct
these poods, which nro suitable for holiday
presents, during the day. It would bo to
their Intciest to nttend the iinrlloii silei
during the otciilug, which comiucucos nt
7:"0 p. m. sharp.
3IHi-cni-.v&T:.. .KM Uth Ht X. IV.
Stationery and stationers' tiotolllcs. A
full lino of plush and leather goods, nurh ns
dtoi slug cases, Jewel caros, work boxes, Ac.
Cloths. Jewelry, music liokes, Ac. C.inl
cngiatlug, monograms, i rests, Ac., n
spiclalty. Agent for IhoMaluu llidsim of
llrl'lllows. Fifty carJs, engraved, nud a
new plate, $1 50.
Wa C'nliluctM nml Troy
at Chapman's, U15 reunsylvaula nvcuuo.
Ciiiluhun's Solid Cold Neck-Chnlns, $4;
do. Hlnjrs, from $1.25; do. Kirrlngs, from
il.'Jo. Ludson.
.'om- to tlu; Itottom at I.nnt.
Cicnts' hand-sewed Shoes $5. Tlio u:st
rmde, latest In style, perfect In Alllnr, su
jierlor In quality. A. !'. Moran, lOW Sov
cuth street northwest
Fim; cor served fruits, Marion ghconnd
glace nuts ut HueUliigbaui's, 12'23 l'.i. avo.
VcEimorr'B Picture Stores, 111 &0167iht.
l'lCTCUES at Vo rUoa'u, ill & 010 7th st.
Walnut Uxtcnslon Tables, $0; lounges,
S3; marble-top tables, $2.60.
Wm. II. Dum, 311 7t!i tt. n. w.
VoNDr.n3 for Xmas ntJ. Joy flould's.
Just uncriviiii from Paris a flno assort
ment of l'tcneli mantol clocks and bronzes,
at J. Karr's, C'-J Pennsylvania avonuc.
Nicicrr. Cii.vtei.ainr Watches, $5. Lad
ton, 023 Ninth 6treet.
Tim German Cologno cold at thol'orthnd
Drue Storo at 75c. and S1.2." a bottlo Is tho
bcst'artlclo ever offcicd to tho public.
IIl-cki.noiiam'h Christmas mixtures, 4 and
fi pounds for $1, cannot ho equaled at lli
Pa. n e. ii. w.
t'nll at VcrrliuirH Ilrfliro You ISuy
Xmas presents. 411 and U10 7th 6trcct.
rciiMTUiu: Holiday Presents. Open un
til 0 p. in. Wm. II. Duuu, ail 7th st. n. w.
Foit fine watches, diamonds, Jewelry and
sllvcrwatc, at low prices, go to J. Karr's,
CSt) Pennsylvania avenue.
I'.ngrnvliiCM, r.ti-liliigs, l'nlntliis".
Photos nml arlotypcs nt VccrholT's, 411 and
010 7lh stiect.
Tun Portland Drug Storo, Fourteenth
street anil Vermont avenue, Is tho coni
pktest establishment in tho city. Every
thing fresh and pure and 6trlctly "first-class.
IiccKlNOUAH'ii, nt 1223 Pa. avo. n. w., lias
the finest assortment of fancy baskets and
boxes lu tho city.
Truss! Tin mm! TriiMHl
All physicians In Washington indorse tho
llalley Truss. Prlco $3, at 2D2B M street.
Ladles should consult Mrs. llnlloy at her
residence, 1103 eighteenth street.
Solid Gou Eyeglasses, $-1. I.adson,
K8 Ninth street.
DreHHiiic C'nnPN
at Chapman's, 015 Pennsylvania avenue.
ilolldny JMxrui'Nloii Uutcs or tlio
l'eniiHjlvimln ltnlliimd.
Pursuant to tho usual custom of thoPcnn
sjlvanla llallioad Company, excursion
tickets for holiday travel will bo sold bo
tween nil stations on tho mnln lino and
branches December 23d, 21th, 25th, 30th and
31st, and January 1st, l&U, good to return
until January 4th, at a considerable re
duction from ordinary rates. This will
cnablo all who dcslro It to Indulgo lu tho
plcasuro of holiday excursions and social
Visits at very small oxpense.
Ocu 40, CO and bO cent candles aro tlio
choicest In tho market, Ilucklugluin's,
1223 Tu. avo. n. w.
$2.50 'Wim. lluv a rattan locker; easel,
?4,60. Wm. II. Dunn, 311 7th st. n. w.
Albums at Vcerboft's, 411 & 010 7th st.
Wateiibuiiv Watch and Nickel Ciivis,
$3.50. Ladson, 528 Ninth street.
James Means' $3 Shoes. A. F, Moran,
1C22 Seventh street northwest.
1'nrtifH or I'.iitertnlumftiit.
For nny information in regard to prlvato
parties or entertainments, tho ladles of
Washington can avail themselves of such
by calling on Mr. Frcund, tho celebrated
confectioner and caterer, at 702 Ninth street
northwest, where all tho dcslied particu
lars will bo cheerfully furnished. Money
u ml trouble can bo saved by those who avail
thtmselvts of this kind offer. Tho most
mtUtlc goods iu his lino uro on exhibition
at his store.
Timllaltlmore.tOhloItallroad nro quoting
11 o following rates: ToC'lilcnK,S13:to Lou
lilll.8M..MJ;lii.SI. r.imK iUi.ry): to Cincin
nati, $11; tn Imlhinnill9, SI.', nml Detroit,
SU'. nml ccrresioncilnirlow rates to nil points
in thuWost, Northwest mid bouthwest. Fast
llinlKdexiruss trains, with lliruush parlor
nml flett.!rj; ears to ilorllniitlnfi. 'l'inio to
ciilineo'Xi Imurs, Cincinnati liilnnrj, uml.st.
liuls 27 bnurs Limited train for Chlcaen
jL-uvtis Wui liliiirton at V.4.1 u. in. and for Cm
ilrnutl nml ht. IjhiIh hi an. m. dally. Consult
ticket nrents II. & o It. 1(. before purchasing.
Oftlcor, nia and UMl'cnn avo, iiiul station
tcrncr New Joraey avo. and V ttreec.
couiir iir.com.
Ciumikai. CouitT-Jiistloo JtaoVrthur -lewis
Ashton and JninoH LuenH, nmuiltlm
police offlcor; rccosulzaiico fnrfeltoit. Win.
Ward. fnl0 pielensos, pleailel Riillly; ono
jcar In tho icnltentlary. l'rnnk Hmltli, em
bezzlement, tilcadud guilty: live months in
Jail. Wm. Mack, houssbroakhu In nl!it,
pleaded 1,'ullty; olchtocii months In tho peni
tentiary. Win. O, Clmso, llhel (twooasej)j
p.'caaeil uotRUllty.
Kqiitr Counr .Imtlco Haencr tan.
turuli vs. Iter's ndmlnlstratorj referenco to
examiner for further proof.
CiiicuiT Couiit No. 1 Justloo Cox. Hniror
s. Llttleford: verdict for plalutllf for pussoi
nloii. IllacU vs. IMttlson; verdict for S.MW
duinacei, subject to opinion of court. Il'iok
Icyvs. lluckley's executrix; ou trial.
CiiicuiT Count, No. S Justice Mo-rloK.
Tlniru vs, Klrkj lonvo to supply orlKlnil papor
by copy and to withdraw orlsrfual note. Den
bum vs, Vernon et id.; on trial.
1'oiicu CounT Juiliro 8noll. fleorjto IInvv
kins, colored, profanity; S3 or 18 days. Will
iam llvuns. dlslurblni: rol ful ous oxerclsos In a
rliurcb; SlOor SOdavs. Frank Wnllaoo, ool
on d. assault; Slor ISdays. I'ntrlokSweenoy,
n eault, jz or 18 days.
loliiiMin'H Itt'Htniirnut,
Corner Thlrtecnlli nud E. All tho choice
Irauds of Now York and Norfolk oysters
received dally atthls popular establishment.
He lec t steamed, roasted, boiled and half
shell served In the most tempting stylos.
Iloout turkey, diamond-back terrapins,
ducks and other delicacies In soason. Llfo
time oijicricucc. LliPch' saloon attached.
.' CTTrr""!""" " ---i- j 'tVBi
AT Till! TIlllATIlllS.
Altrnrllnns On'crtd tlin WixliliiKton
1'inplr Tor ClirMuim WroU.
botla opens to nlglif at tho NntlonnlThovtro
wllh "Jlllo Kllmiclio" As tlio play Is ad
mirably adapted tn her eullnr talents, mil
pho bus h1was bon n ureal favorite here,
ho will meet with n henrtv roceptloii.
.1 K. Hmtnctwlll ulio "Prltitlii Ireland" at
Allanill's upcrn-llousc this wick. Kinmrt
basnlwnvs hml a strunit bold on tliopiople.
and bis return ntter an iibsonco of povornl
icnsons Mill bo hailed with delight by bis
ti.iiii j- admirers.
"ni.coftho bravest" Is tho attraction nt
Ford's iirin-lIonsn this week. In It 14 Intro
iluiwlii ery lenllstlo nro scene, which has
tnnilo 11 deckled min(lon wherever it has
been seen, and nt iwpular prices.
"Olliclle" Is tho nttrnctlon nt Her7nR's
(l rrn-llniise lor this week with tlio excellent
cnt iitililM'iil In Snturdny's Ciiith' 'Oil
vetle is n bright opera, nnd when dona by the
Nnllonul ideals rnhnot fall to prove a treat.
Tlicicnio sterling nltrnellonsnt tho Dlmo
Mil' cum this wcck.comt'r'slm: l'niiny Herring
In ' l.lttlo lluekuhot," li.iiightnaniiiid Alillno,
the ci eat rltle phots, ami on ciirNtmis ntler
Mi 11 and nluht ".Inek nliepuril,"aiul intny
Tirvcltles In tliu iniirouin,
A lirltire on "PnvonaroU" to-morrow
altcirooii nt ia"0 o'clock. Itev. William A.
I uji unl will rofT.it, nt Ihorilcnils' Mcotlng
House on I street, between Klghtecnlli nml
Mni'iecnth streets, Ms lerturo on ' Hnv nnnr
ola, the patriot Monk of l'lorenoo." It Is fur
tho benefit of 11 charity.
. - ..
Hi'i'i'iit I'.lci'tloiiN Held.
ft Dominie's llraiuh. No. 'ill, of tho Catho
lic Knights of America, yesterday elected tho
follow Iiik officer for tho (nulng yenr! Wm.
V. Welch, president; Francis 11. Clrlffln, vice
resident; .lolm J. Dcrmody, roeonlliuseero
taryj ltudolpli I,. Walter, lliianclnlsotrctary;
1'. 1). Dunn, ticiisurcr; I.. II. Cook, sergoant-at-anns.
T. llroilcrlek, sentinel, nml mulct
Miaiiiinu, Hubert McDonald nud John I'. Me
Doiinld, trii'tocs for one, two and three jcirs,
The O. K. boclal Club has elected tbo fal
lowing ofllecrsi .Mr, V. T. lllnghaui of tlio As
foclnleo Press, president; W. I'. Mprltuer of
the VVeterii t'nlon Telegraph Compmy, vlco
jiesldcnt; Charles 11. .Merlll.it, Associated
I re", scuetary, nnd Urn -M. Smith of tho
Western Union, treasurer.
At tlio regular meeting of CaDltnl City Coun
cil, No. 4UI, A, L. of II., hell on W'ciluesilay
evrnlng, tho following companions were
elected lo 1111 their respective positions for
tho ensuing year! Commander, 1', H. Motealf;
vlcc-coinmniiilir, T. J. llnnlester; orator,
llcniy Morgan; I nst cominamlcr, II. (J. Dolihs;
picietnry, Charles H. Willis: chaplain, M. C.
Tl.oinpfon; gulile, A. L. Canlerj warden, W.
T. Kelly; fentry, Charlei lloblnson;
ticnturcr, William lloblnson; trustees,
A.D. Hlldham. A. A. Illahop, W. f.. Npcddon.
Alter elcslngllio council thu geiillemeu pro
cculed to Dlsmcr, and pirtook of a lino
Aiinlsneil In Comt.
Tho following pcrcons vvcro arraigned In tlio
Criminal Court this morning nud entered their
Y llllnm Wnrd, obtaining money from John
M. Vcalo under lalso pretense: pleaded guilty.
William Davenport, larceny ot chlckuni;
1 leaded rot guilty.
Frank smith, ouilezrlemcnt; pleaded guilty:
five months 111 Jail.
Demy iitcanc, false pretences; pleadoJ not
Ambrose jr. Drown.- obtaining S12 Ir m
Ocoreo W. Fowler under fnl-o pietcuses;
plendid not guilty.
William Mack, housebreaking; pleado.l
gulllv; ia months In tho peiiltuntlnry.
William Lnngley and Hairy K. Candler,
passing counteifclt money; plmidcd notgullty,
John Diown, houehrcaklng lu night;
1 leaded not guilty.
John W. Cromwell, libel; pleaded not
Vi Illinm C. Chaa1, libel (two cases); plea led
rot guilty.
Was Ho .Hurtlci'i'ilt
A miller named Havllland, who resided nt
Wheatoii, a llttlo vlllngo noar KnowloV BU
t Ion, on tho D. & O. I!. It., camo to tills city
last Thurnloy wlthuwagoT load of pro luce,
nud bus not been seen since. IIo stnrted homo
w th tho prlco of his produce aoout SW hi
bis pecket. Ills team was found tho noxt
n cn.lnt: m'nr his bouse, drivcrless, Saturday
lrornlngujoiinginan found an overcoat In
tlo woeds, hlc Ii has been Identified as that
of Mr. llnvll'nnil, nndonaof tho sleeves was
pulled liisldu out, us If done lu 11 struggle, A
c-lusLr iiisiicrtlon uf tho wa'ion rovealcil tho
fact that It liad blood marks ou It. Thotoll
gnio keeper ntMlgu said tho missing m.111
I asecd him ThurMlny night, 011 his way homo.
A searching party was organized and tho
woods icarched yotcrday, but no traeo of tho
missing man could bo found,
rrotoMln;; Agralnst tlio Trne'leis.
l"repnrntloti3 nro being maao by tbo South
Washington Citizen's Protcctlru Association
nnd ll.o Associated Cdl7cns of tho uorthoast
Kctlon of tho city, to bo lepresentcd bctoro
tbo Congressional Coininlttin on District mat
ters In regaid to steam railways on streets
nrd tlio obstruction of public thoroughfares
by cars. L'nch crgnnl.atlon will protest,
against tho spnclnl wrong done their section,
nnd will unlto lu urging a union dopot, ap
I ronched by tracks to bo used by both com
panies, nml ns few In number as will servo
ior passenger transit, lotting tho fielght work
bo uono cm tlio odgo of tho city.
An Armenian in tlio I'ulplt.
llov. (iarabnd Nergaranen, nn Armenian,
who has spent some thna at the F.vangellcal
fremlnary lit (iottjsburg, 1'n, ocouiiled tho
I ulplt of Concordia Church, comer ot Tivontl
cth and (J streets, yesterday evening. Ho np
reared In tho peculiar dross of bis people,
among whom hols u missionary, nml g.ivo
foinnof their songs In tho nntlrotonguo. IIo
speaks tho Dngllrh langungu lluently nnd In
tends soon to return to liU founer Hold of la
bors. "In Our Civilization a I-'nlliircr"
Mr. Annstiong'slecturobefora tho Ilthlcal
fcoclcty jesterday proved of unusual Interest.
Ho took for his toplo "Is Our Civilization 11
Failure!" nnd held his audlcncefornn hour
v lib n graphic Impeachment of tho methods
and economies of our modern tlmo. Tlio loo
turn was much nnplnudcd nnd excited a do
tnto which will ho continued at the noxt
meeting of tho society.
1'iniilc .IoIiiihoii'n b
popular oyster restaurant, which vvns recently
destroyed by Dro, Is again In full blast on tlio
coiner of Ninth nnd K sts. n. vv., formerly tho
"Oasis." Mr. Johnson's many friends and
thogeiieralpubllo will bo pleased to know
that ho Is open for business. Oysters and
other delicacies will bo served as usual in tho
highest stjlo. Ills llquois, wines nud cigars
nro of tbo lluest brands.
l-'orefatlicrV Day.
I'orcfuthcrs' Day will bo celebrated by tho
Washington Congrcgntlonal Club nttho Con
pegatlonnl Church this evening. After tho
dinner Breeches will bo mado by Senator
Hawley nnd others.
A l'lcn In Xnrtlcllo'H Case.
In tlio enso of Antonio Nardcllo, convicted
of tbo murder of Cnrmlno Kotunno. tho coun
sel for tho prisoner has mado application to
tho court to postpone tho final uxcciulon of
thu Judgment lu the oaso tn 11 loason.ihlo tlmo
bi'i onil tho next general term not cxccodlng
thirty dajs,
Harper for .Iniiunry.
Tl.o January number ot Iiitrptr't Jfajastnt
has been received nt Heidi's. Ono of Us load
ing articles Is on "Tho Mllllln and tho Army,"
K,. fl.n ln,n li.inpol fl.m.. II Mnf'lflll.n
Untie r Slalinnu'H C'uho I'OHtiioned.
The enso of II. Duller Mahono, ohargeil with
nssnult with Intuit to kill 11 waiter ut
Wolcker's, was lo-day lu tho Criminal Court
Indefinitely postponed.
Prolinlu Court TIiIh MVpIc.
Tho session of tho Probata Court will bo
held this week on Thursday morning nt 11
o'clock, Instead of Friday.
St, Jacoii'8 Oh, absolutely cures rheuma
tism and costs only llfty cents a bottlo.
local mum's,
Tiikuiieat JiAJouiTVof our cltlzons associate
tlio holiday season with cjg-nog, Tom nnd
Jerry, mid other drinks equally enjoyahlo.
Tlic-co uro only palatuhlo when mado with tho
best of liquors. To obtain I bo needed In
gredients go to Chr, Xander's, No. WW Seventh
street northwest.
Tnii Washington Choral Society 1 1st night
Eiesentcd Francis MoNerhany, prosl.lont of
t. l'atilck'a Temjieraiico Society, with a
Mm. HiiMiNir. Smith of Jersey City, N. J
w 111 rend 11 paper before tho hudles' sntliropo
logical Society In this city this evening, by
special request
The first of a eourn of freo lectures to
)oung men will bo dellverod byDr.W,. Mat
thews, I'. S. A,, ut tho pallors of tho Y, M. C,
A. this evening,
A white man gave In pnymont for a small
bill of goods nt Abraham Depuo's storo, lWi
Four-nnd-n-liulf sticet. n forged chock last
fcatmday und lecelved SU lu change.
"NArotEou III." Professor Trlfip's opening
lecture tonight nt lecture room, Friends'
One of tho shivering tramps who applied for
lodging nt tho Set entn 1'reeliict statloii-llouso
fcntuiilay night wusn (Jermanai yeirs old
who claimed to bo Julius Cuisar. IIo said ho
walked hero from Philadelphia to seo tho
J resident In order to get an ofllco.
The Salvation Army went Into camp nt tho
National Hdles' Armory yesterday, und It coit
their audience ten oi nts unluco to wlinosi tlio
performance lust night Tlicro woio songs,
six relics und music on every conceivable suit
of Justrumout,
f J sivwm
i.orm.v yr.u.ow mmioss.
Tlio (llrls VVI111 Used In l'lleli Neottlles
Aiu Now Mcspnlllnit Uliiur Iloxos.
"I say, old man," reinaiked ono youna;
tnaii in the hearing of nPhllndelphU I'reu
rcpoilcrto nnothcr lu a illscoiisolala tone
Iho other tiny, as they sat together over
luncheon between business hours In a Fifth
street rcstniirnnt, "you lnvo sisters, simons
I have, nnd you know lots of girls, 11110 as
I do. Have they been bothcrliig you much
lately about n now craze V
"1 don't recall Just now that they have,"
returned tho other.
"Well, lliey liavo me. I Iiato to glvo tho
dear creatures nwny, but I cau't help It.
You remember, old fellow, when lliey wore
pestering tho llfo out of you for old scarfs
and ties to use In silk quilts. 1 had to lock
every drawer In my buicnit In order to keep
a IIo lo thangu to occasionally. They Just
npptoprlnlcd ovcrvthlng in tho way ot silk
lliey could lay their lisudi on. Well, when
Ihcygut Hied sewing nt tho quills, lint
looticd liken rainbow struck by lightning, I
hoped we'd liavesomo pence. Hut it soems
not. I buy my cigars by Iho lior, yuii
know, nnd take them home. Well, since
this golden rod color has become so stylish
for bonnet liliiitiilngs, l'vo been besieged
fur tho yellow ribbons that are used lo tlo
Iho cigars In bundles, Tlioy want them to
make bunches ot for their lulls nnd bon
nets." "1 don't smoke," remarked tho other
young man, meditatively, "but 1 wondered
where all those yellow ribbons camo from."
Artificial I'liullH for tin; live.
A doctor of Cincinnati has performed two
operations on n patient's eyes that nro con
sidered marvelous by thoso who havo n
knowledge- of Iho subject. Tho patient's
nainu b Mary Margaret Ileardon. Shots 11
ycarsold, nnd has been almost totally blind
since bli tb, being allllcted with what is
known ns congenital cataracts. Tho centra
of each pupil had a cataract, ami, as her
mother scld, she could not distinguish a
hoi co or 11 cow from a train of cars. Tues
day last the doctor madu 1111 operation 011
the left eje. Ho did not attempt to remove
tho cataract, but made nn Incision lu tho
lower part of thocjoaud foimcd n now
pupil. IIo then bandaged tho oye,.nud
found later that It had ent'rely healed up
without inflammation. IIo therefore ru
pentcd tho operation on tho left eye. Tho
Ut tlu girl, who had 11 flno, Intelligent faco
nnd prettygoldcn hair, was startled when
tlio bandage wus removed Saturday morn
ing from tho llrst evo operated on, and de
clared that things looked straugo to her.
She took no au.vsthctlc wbllo tho operation
was performed, and nover flinched orcrlod.
Ily tho operation two nrtlllclnl pupils for
tho eye nro formed. Cincinnati Enquirer,
A ci'roiiH lnccn.
Tho cx-Quccn Isabella of Spain Is prodi
gally generous. Sho gives mouoy right
and left, often without tho slightest senso
of Its value. Once In her day of powor sho
oidercd a minister to bcud 20,000 francs to
n man of letters lu distress. Tho minister
thought slie.iiccded a lesson and ho had tho
twenty thousand piled up 011 tho tublo In
the smallest coin ot tho kingdom and then
walled for her Majesty to pass. "Whatls
all this moncjV" said Iho (Jiiecu, ns sho
caught sight of tho glittering heap. "It is
tho 110,000 frnncs for tho man of letters,
jour Mujesly." Tho (Juceii smiled to show
that sho understood tho lesson, but sho
sent tho money nil tho same. London
Dally News.
A Ve'iicrnlile I'alr of I'nntH.
Tho Mayor has received n dilapidated and
much-pntched pair of trousers. With
them was n communication explaining that
they wcro owned by a colored man lu South
Carolina, who Is ono hundred nnd eight
vcars old; that they had been used six times
by bridegrooms in his family nnd that tlioy
wcro sixty-four jears old and had been
worn thirty-two years. IIo was asked to
nut them on exhibition nnd return tlicm to
l'ittston, Pn., by January 1. Philadelphia
J'miiltiiie, C'ncpctH, IllunkctH,
Comfoits auil general houso-furnishlng
goods sold on easy weekly or monthly pay
ments at John Smith's Installment House,
413 New Jersey avenue northwest.
Tbo TrnrlCM oil Virginia Avenue.
John Webster and others liavo filed n bill
Inequity, prnjlng that tho II. & 1'. It. It. Com
pany bo icstr.ilned from using certain tracks
lulrontof their premises, Nos. a), 37, SJ und
31 on Virginia avenuo, nnd soven sldo tracks
connecting with the tracks ou Virginia nvu.
nue; also from loading and unloading cars,
Our I'atroiiH
Will get Iho benefit of our overproduction.
Elseman Bros., cor, 7th and E.
Cliuiigo in Scliediilc- of Ilnltiinore A
1'otoiiinc Ititlli-ouil.
Certain changes lu tho movement ot trains
over tho Italtlmoro & I'otomao Ilallroad,
northward, will go Into operation on Sunday,
Sf lb Inst.
Thu Congressional limited oxprossnowloav
Ing llnltlmoro & I'otomao btutlon nt 4 00 p.
m. .weekdays, will leave utailO 11. in., llaltl-moro-l:EJp.
in., urrlvlnzl'lilladolplila7:17 and
New York USD p. m, Tho Now ork Dspross
now lenv lug nt S:W p. in., dnlly, will loavo at
1.9) p.m.. Daltlmoro at 5:M p,m. arriving
I'hlhidelphlu 7:5.v nnd Now York 10:3", p. 111.
Tho Hiilllmoro Express ut 4.23 p. m., will bo
changed to 43.7 p. in.
Tho thiough sleeper for Doston now leaving
nta:50p. m will loavo utS.CO p. m. dally.
'i ins in runcement cives. in nuouion 10 1110
Congressional Limited, n fast afternoon ox
H ess for l'hlladelphtu and Now York every
'Alilcrnpy llnlry MnsoiiM.n
Fresh Aldcnioy buttor, churned ovcry
morning and delivered In J lb. "Wnrd"
prints, 45c. per tb. Also cottago cheeso;
buttermilk nud sweet milk, 5c. per qt.
Cream, 15c. per pint.
John Hudiif.n's now furnituro and carpot
Instalment houses, 030 nnd 033 Seventh
street northwest. Has tho most oxtcuslvo
stock of furnituro, carpets, rugs, mats, oil
cloths, pictures, clocks, rattan chairs, etc.,
south of New ork. Every nrtlclo of house
hold goods that Is needed to make your
homo comfortable and attractive cau bo
purchased nt this largo double storo. Ills
prices aio decidedly tho lowest and bis
tcims tbo easiest.
It is announced that the demand for steel
rails for noxt year's delivery has already
been co great that tho makers havo been
compelled to Increaso tho proposed produc
tion from 750.C0O tons to 1,000,000 tons.
Along tho lino of tho Panama Canal nro
nlno preaching stations kept up by the
Church of Euglaml. Tlicro nro about 18,
C00 loborcrs, a number of whom legularly
ovall themselves of tho privileges thus of
fered. 1)IKI.
KINCS. At Old Point, Vn., Saturday. Doeom
her in, 1683, nt 1 o'clock p. in., 11. C. King, In
tho 7Hth year of his nge,
Whiskies, Wines and Liquors !
Ihnvo n laigo nnd vvell-selcoted stock of
tbo above goods, which I can guarauteo to bo
pure. 1 name lu part
7-yonr-old Kontucky Bourbon,
B " Kontucky Bourbon.
Flno Old Monongahola Kyo,
Fino Old Thompson Puro Hye,
Fine Old Gray " "
Flno Old Melvalo " "
And Berlcoloy Ryo Whiskies,
Puro Vlrb'liila Orapo Brandy.
Gherry, Madeira, Port,
Cntawba untl Clarot.
Which I can Sell as low ns tho Lawost.
Jly Derkeley I'uro Hyo Is tlio host on tho
rrnrket for SI per gallon, $t per quart, Wo u
pint, u0 11 sumplo bottlo.
Virginia Claret, J'J.IO per dozen.
M1H V HTHl'.IiT N. W.
M....t.. ,-,- lzJWmjfu .-
A Wnln1 Cnl or by Mrnoral Jrnit.
A Philadelphia letter to ths Pittsburg Dif
patch snjsi An ordinary lookfng walor
color painting of an llaslctn latidieapo Is
nttrnctlng considerable iilteiitlou In Ciim
dtn, ns It was painted by (leneral U. 8.
(Irnnt In 1043, wbllo ho vvns nt West Point.
Tho iismo of I! II. Grant In In small letters
In Iho left hand corner, lis owner, W. K.
liotherv, commission incrchnnt of Camden,
naturally prizes this historical relic, nnd has
refused $6,000 for it. Mr. Holhcry received
tho painting from his mother, who was n
nntlvo of (lalcna and a playiimtoot General
(I rnnl's, tho (leucrnt having escorted tier ou
Knst when lie entered West Point ns a cadet.
Ho painted tbo picture wbllo nt West Point
nnd sent it to Mrs. llolhcrv ns a memento
of their enrly friendship. '1'liero Is only 0110
oilier painting by Grant known to bo In ex
istence, nnd that Is In possession of General
Dclcj's family. Tho llorey painting was
sti) pored to be tho only ono lu existence,
but G. W, ClilltU of tho Ledger, when
shovui Mr. Ilolhcrj's water color, Is sal J to
have acknowledged Us genuineness.
Look Out
For I argnlns In clothing, at F.iscnuu Ilro.'s,
cor. 7th and V..
Xott Vorlt HtocU niailect.
Tho following havo hecn lurnlshod by J,
Vnni 0 Lew Is, broker, southwestcorner Klghth
nnd Fntrcots:
Can l'nelflo....
Cell I'a
Oll& i
O.M St P
Del II
Den .t Illo (I
Knn .t Tex..
Ills Ccu
N J Cell
I. Shore
I. A Nash....
Jinn Consols
Mich Ccu....
Mo Fa
N West......
M l" nrfd..
It II 'North l'a.
ssm' as
TOM' cow
13BM 1OTJ1 1 " prof
,M V rt..
" nrfd.-.
Oro Trans
oreg Hall
Pa Mall....
UOCK 1st..
St. Paul. ..J
Tox & Pa,
U l'nelflo.
V hh'rolst
10314 10SU
1 W Union...
lV,;1t Wi
G'lilcnso JlnrkotM.
Tho following summary IsbyD. K. TlalnA
Co., St. Cloud building. Ninth and I' streets:
ltiUl laid
HtH 87
4i n
P4 B3
ilh MM
llili I'Jli
I 0 r u. l, 1 0.
Whcat-Jnn SV,t SI.V Wi SM
l'ob 8lk 8V t m
SIny mt, DOli 8JW 0)jl
Corn .Inn Wj; 3W R;i miu
Feb f.. suk .ifl am now
Way ink a1') MM WH
Oats-.)n -.... srn srh )? stj!
Feb 87, 27)4 S7M it7
JIny 0'f, .11 30 31
Tork-Jan BTSl! 075 OKVi n7."
Feb 0H.V OKI USSri 0 85
liny tO'W I0CX) 1017HiI0a)
Ijird Jim r, 1)5 0117X1 fil)"i nti7K
Feb 000 001 000 00V
Hay OSrii 030 0 027H
D. It. Plain Co., St. Cloud building, fur
nishes tho following oil quotations: closed
Saturday, 6bM. Opened to-day, BSJ4;hlhost,
8Mi lowest. K5?; !!:13. boafi.
AVusliliictoii HtocltH.
The following aro tlio closing quotations of
the Washington block Kxohango to dayas fur
nished by llessrs. Towers & CJrecn, bankers:
nsblngton & Georgetown stock
Wnshlngton ,S Georgetown bonds 110
Metropolitan stock ,
Columbia stock 44
North CnpltolaudO street 47
Anneostla 10
Washington City Gaslight Co 38
Georgetown Gaslight Co -1)
Firemen's Insuraneo Co ....
Franklin Insuranco Co
National Metropolitan insurance Co
National Union Insuranco Co 13j
Arlington Insuranco Co II)
Coicornn Insuranco Co
Columbia Insuranco Co 11
German-American Insuranco Co 1 lo
I'otomao Insuranco Co 4S'
Klggs Insuranco Co Cjj
Hoard of I'ubllo Works GreouSj 00
Jllisoulo Hull bonds 10.1
tVasblngton Market Co. stook 1S.I;
" " " bonds 103
Inland nnd Seaboard Co. stock
" p" " " bonds 0
Washington llrlok Jfachlno Co. stock 1SJ
Hank of Washington CO
Ilnnkof Washington 41
National Metropolitan Dank 133
National Dank ot tholtepuhllo
Farmers' und Mechanics' National Dank,
Georgetown i 151
Citizens' National Dur.k 101
Second National Dank 103
Central National Dank Id
Great Falls leo Co 100
Heal Eslnto Tit lo Insuranco Co KM
Pennsylvania TclcphonoCn Ill
Choaiicnko & I'otomao Tolophono Co.... 01
II. S. KIcctrlo IJclit Co TO
Washington Light Infantry, Istrngo
2d "
Natlonnl Safo Deposit Co 101
Christmas Furs
Genulno nnd Itollulilo.
Seal Bkin Faoqneu, Visiles and Loner,
Flno Feal riuh Saenues nnd Wraps, stylo
and llnlsh like the Beal garments
, Good Plush Sueiuics, $M to $J5; bottor, SM
to S70.
Mink and Squirrel lined Circulars, 8)5to ?7.1
I. uillcs' and .MUses' Scul II. its, Muds, Capos,
Colltiattcs and Trimmings In
llcuver, I.jux, ' xii nil other l'iii-s.
largest nnd best stock ot Bilk Umbrollas In
this city, specially selected for tho Holiday
gi:nti,i:sh:n' hats
fiom "Youmans" and "Knox," Now York,
lino Seal Caps for gents and boys.
WidltlngCrncs, Hold and Hllvcr Hoads, all
Fold at lowest maiket prices.
HATTIlltK A'Ii 'imitii:its,
1237 Pon.ri ta. Airoauo.
Wo liavo 111 stock, ready for Immodlato de
livery, nineteen
Seal Skin Sacques,
fiom 30 Inches to s.1 Indies long, and from 31
luetics to 44 Inches bust measure, at
8100. 81 13, HVtS, Sl.W to Ht'i.tU.
Theso garments wcro all mado early lu tho
season, thereby Insuring good nud perfect
workmanship. Garments ordered limy will
not receive tho eaino attention, as all ronnu
fuctuiers aro busy with special orders.
SI1A1. VJHITi:S, trimmed with 1'ox,
r-jnx und HI; ii n I;.
I'l.u.sii viiti:.s, vi.usir bacuui:3,
riimi $gn in $5o.
Tim liirKust und fluent nloolc of Wraps
In this city to select from.
Ileus or, I.jmx, 1'ox nml Monkoy JI nil's
1'u r Til in m lug In usury variety.
JIIbsch' anil ChllilrouM J'urs, Hiiltulilo
for lliillilliy piusuiits.
Nllli, Opuru iiiul Derby.
Sllsnr Ilmidlu I'rosentiitlon U.ir
Hatters and Furriers,
80S IFem-XLa. .A.-v-e-
on Marche
316-310 Seventh St, N, W.
DPer Oe3at.
Off Regular Prices,
Wo Imported a lot ot finest l'lueli and
Leather Cases, goods that aro seldom found
ou tho counters of tho Dry floods trade, and
nro soi ry to say wo find them too fluo for tho
general demand, and now comes tho tlmo
they must bo sold, so havo decided to sell
at onc-quartcr off marked prices.
To thoso looking for fluo Holiday Pres
ents this Is a chance seldom found. Tlicso
goods will bo placed on separate counters,
right aisle, giouud floor.
Prices Once Reduced
Never Raised.
300 Mlssoa' Tollot Sets Celluloid
Mirror, Comb and Brush in Whlto
Shell, Ambor, Canary nnd colors, at
$1,24 sot; regular prlco $2.25.
SOO Ladles' Toilet Sots, sarao as
rttovo, at $1.68; rogular prlco 82,50.
Our regular lino of Holiday Presents still
Plush Toilet Sets,
Misses' Toilet Ssts,
Manicure Sets,
Shaving Sots,
Poker Sets,
Plush Albums,
Leather Albums,
Metal Albums,
Wax Dolls,
Bisque Dolls,
Dressed Dolls,
Christmas Cards,
Whisk Holders, Bisque Figures,
Handkerchiefs, Silk Mufflers,
Silk Handkerchiefs,
Real Duchess Lace Handk'ch'fs
and Collarettes!
Ladies' and Misses' Cloaks,
Plusli Bonnets for Children,
Loathor Goods,
Seo "Tout" unit "Itopiilillcnn" fur
01oo Advertisement.
The Bon Marche,"
316-318 Seventh St. N.W.
Open Evonlnga,
iday Hoods
CrDdTaxs -trlxis IDtnvsr Gkroafc SBanrrjjsiXLS
AA 11 V (I O T 11 () ONNN
A A U 11 tl T If t) (I N N N
A A 11 II II 'I' II (1
ii o
it ii
tl n n
e n n H
II c
Houglit nt Utiles, liccil & Cooky's of Nur York city. Wo secured
fiom tbclr four tlnys' closlng-out salo gooila consisting of
Silks, SATINS, Velvets,
Sh.a'WlS and OlOEblfLS,
llrcfn dooiln, White (IooiIk, lltiKlury, Silk nnd l.lncu IniiitltoroliIari, Mo-
tl(,ll, I'll IK,
Gent's, ladies' and Children's Underwear
Clotlm, l'lnilllulB, Illiuiieots nnd u I'ull I.lllo of Uomontlci,
Wo wcro tlio otilr mcrchnnts of tldi city v.dio lmusht nt tlio Orcnt Slaughter Pnlo, nnd
vvlllvcutuiulopny that wo boimlit luoro woods than nny lioti'o "this nldo of ridlndcl
1 Ida." Tlio bencut ot tlio bnrguliis wo shall gU o to our customers.
4u04z So 406 So-v-eaaislx. Sis. 3STo3c1jla.-Aresti
AT -
814 Seventh Street Northwest.
Tlio reason wo oro outline down our prices nt thl early idnjro of tlio soason Ii to glvo our
patrons tho bcitedlt whllu In ucud of Uoods.
i:iccnnt Ilorllu nud Dlngonnl Keievinnrlnitn nt $l.BO, $fi, $Onud $R.
Itussluii Clrouluri) ut $1), $8 nud $10.
He-nl riimli Contn nt$ia,$20, $1B anil $311.
ISIoRinitVliItrnntH, $inuinl$lS.
Clilldrcn'H nud IUIic' IlnTolncIis nnd NiiwiniirhclH nt $3, $1, $5, $0 nud $7.
1'ull lino or Illrdn nnd Tnncy "Wines nt IS, IS, S.I, und .lOcis.
rluini'H nt 37, 07 nnd 7Sound $1. 1'ull Huts ut in, r,8 mill TOO unit $1.
bilk Velvets, lu nil colors, nt HSuitml $t iiml 1)1.25.
TIiHiitU5, IJO mid 75c por hliucli.
J'.lcRiint Kill OIiics, 4-lIiittons, nt 7fo nml $1.
I.iiiko iissartincnt of 1'lnlu mill 1'iiuoy Jtlblionsiil 10, IS, UOiinil Stio pcryil.
Our exhibition will comprise tho largest assortment
over shown south of New York 1
Do Not Tall to Cull and Inspect tho Wonderful Bargains Iloforo Purchasing Elsowhcro.
814 Seventh Street Northwest.:
Grand Holiday Goods Sale !
WolinTornrclinfcdtlioentlrostockof n manufacturer, conilstlnc of PINE n.USlt and
LLAT lllilt CASES of ev cry description, of vv hlcli v o will nainu a fow prlcos:
ritish DrcsBlnR Cnscs wejrlh $2.C0 at $1.-17; somo worth ?3 nt $3.07; somu
worth $12 at $0.07.
Alto a full lino of French and Blsquo Dolls, larfio ami small, from 23c up,
and other Toys and Fancy Plush Goods, too numerous lo mention,
tvo will Bell for tho halanco of the week.
Newmarket Cloaks in hlack and lirown for $3.50, worih $8.
100 doz Colorcd-hordcrcd Handkerchiefs, all linen, worth 20c, nt 8c.
Silk Velvet, all shades, worth $1.60, at 82c.
Ladles' 4-hutton Colored La CrcmoJouvln Kid Gloves, worth $1.23; only a
fow dozen left yet, at 08c.
Pattern Ilonncts, worth $10 and $15, now sold at $3 and $7.
Zephyrs, all shades, only Oo an ounce.
And nil tho leading novelties In Ladles' Children's and Misses' "Wraps
nt prices, ns usual, lower than any other house
English Deihy BUlped Itegiilar-inado Hoso for children, worth 23c, at 20c.
Flecco-Hncd Hose, cxtrn slzo, Ualbriggans, at 25c.
Our Hose3T3r IDe;p&:irbxri.e:n."b
is stocked wllh now goods nt prevailing low prices. If you wish to secure
bargains, call nt tho
P. S. Money refunded to dissatisfied buyers.
Mild, Mellow and Delicious.
Tho puro medicinal fiuallllo of Whisky dli
tilled from tho Uncut frowth of Hyo In tho re
nowned Vnlloy of tho Mononiraholii, havo at
tracted tho attention of tho Medical Faculty
In tho United btatcsto nuch n decroo as to
placo it In a ory IiIkIi position among tlio
Sliitcrla Jleillca. ... ,
Wo beg to Invito tho nttontlon of ootinolj
fciim to our eclobratod lino ;r1 AilJlM
K111S, which wu nUernt tho followliuc prices,
IN U.Si:s contulnliiB Ono lloion Unities
Olilltcncrvo'WliIriliy -,. - - !2
lliuleiillml Uppor-l'ein AVIilalcy - in
llriiiiBwIcIcUlult Wlilnlty - - 1
It you cannot obtnln thoso Wliliklos from
your (irocer, wo will, on receipt of Il.mk
l)i aft, Hc'cNtcred Lcttcror I'mtoltlco Mouoy
Order, or O.O. I). If piefcrred, deliver thorn
to jour addiCHa hy Exnresi, charcoi prepaid,
to nil points cast of Mississippi lllver, or by
lielKht to anyimrt of U, H. (propuhl).
Tor Ilxriilloiico, l'urlty uuil llvoiinost
orouiillly thonbovo urn IIiihiii piishoiI by
iinv tVlilsldi'H In tlin Jlui'liut. Tlioy nro
entirely I'ltin: rnei.it AHUi.Tiiit atio.v
nml postcss ii niitiiriil iliiMii' nml lino
tnnlu priMH riles.
'1 Ill-no Whittles uro sold nndor cuarantoo to
Klo ittf(ct mtlifucllcn, otherwise tn bo io
uuiied ut our expense. Oorrespoudoneo so
lleltcd. H. & H. W. CATHERW09D,
114 South Front St., Phlla,
T.'. V. Olllie KlfiiiiilliAVIlllniiiBtreot.
KvcrylhliiK strletly Orst-elass and on tho
most icasomiblo terms. (Cuinp Clialra to hlro
for all nupnulniia.)
AveitiST mineiiioni',
No. 316 l'cnna. two. n. w bet. 3d and ii sts.
nan ooo ooo noon ssss
ii u o o o o n n s a
(I O II O 1) II 1) H
O O (I II O 11 11 8533.
II HO (I O O O 1) II H
(I I) O O (I O II II H H
uao ooo ooo uunu bsss
Having recently fitted up u
Photo-Engiaving EBtablishnient,
Iiuonncctlon with my TATKNT I'llOOnsS,
1 nm propnroil to tunilsu
1 hotoginpblng on Wood for tha Trado.
nvcai-ix3rce eToyce
Tor Generating Steam.
Tor (.'ooldng Purposes.
For Heating by I urnaco.
For boating by Latrobo.
.For Open Grates.
H Is Easily Ignited.
It Slakes a Quick, Hot Flro.
It Does Not Hum Out tho Grate.
It la Economical.
It WIU ray to Try It.
Washington Gaslight Com'y.
40 Iluphcls, Crushed.....
SSlliishols, Crushed,....
40 lliishcls, Not t'riuhod
Mllushels, Not Crushod
..SI 70
.. 3 60
,.. M no
pIlellvcrod to Any Part of Washington
oi Uoorgetovm.
C -A. 3H, DP B T 1 3ST G- S -GEO.
Has In fitock a full lino of Carpotliuri, all
grades Ollololhs, Cocoa und Straw llattlims.
Also latest stilos In Well 1'apor, Window
bhailcs nud Curtain Ooods. Wlro Window
and Door bereeus.
G-EOjEtO-aa vyiXiliKTHEt
tiomc ray it I folly, hut wo think It who.
To icll our slock at Iho prlco udvertl!-1.
Wo trcntlon no roflt, nllliotiRh It la Iot,
Wo nro sllll making noncy If wo ri-alUo eo.it.
How m VUl Tell You Hoyt Wo Caa
Make Money by Realizing Cost.
Tho depression lu trado has hecn wnndorful
ocryvihero, Woluvo boiiRht mora gonli
thon unal this full, anticipating good trado,
ns that was Iho mm crspl cry nt tho out lut uf
tl.o season, but thoso that primhcilivl In thiol
enfo must ha o been boon companions of I'm
fessor IfKlna and mado ntcrrlhlo failure
Our Mock Is cry hirgc, nnd. In fact, too l.irw
for lliU season of tho year, About threo wooitt
ngo tbo I.xccltlorBtiit nnd Cloak Company of
Iey ork offered us u lot of MO ooats of all
kinds In medium goods, tho balance thtiy Ii ul
on hand of this seaion's production, nt u very
lowllguro. We. thinking tlicro wns somo big
money In thorn Tor us, bmiBlit them nud unld
nnunnllly, but wo still huo somo of tho
ercain lilt, and wo Just camo to tho conclu
sion that now wns (tlio linst opportuully to
fell themj nnd If wo can dlsiKHo of thorn at
eostnnd le-nllziitlin oaslmnd makoniirdls
count wo aro still making mono) . Wo h.tvo
milled ntory lot anil numbered them from
ItolHttllh new tickets, nndeneli garmJtit
niniltcd nceordlng to this Hit:
J '.ll J-pi'ul'nniH.nssoilcd slzoi nnd colors,
cohl nt ir, nn; now j.Mri,
.' Mr" Wnloii Casslmcro Nowmarkets, sold
Lota 11 nlt-wool .lorsoy Cont, largo b2o
nmong them, sold at S3.C0; nowjij.iiu.
Uitt-VJ I.laht (.loth Walking Co.its, nstr.i
chan trimmed, mid ut SD.W; now 3 l.nj.
I.ptB-7 nsroited .Short Coats, mixed lot.
eoldntSu.ratnnvrSiliKl. '
I.otlr-8 Kusslnii clrouUra, full atraeliau
trimmed, fold at J3.09: now 3",.U0.
Iit 7-ullb ldnino HatlnJCIrcuIars, SI, 31 nnd
Ceroid nt 3 W.7S; now js.in.
It -l lilnek Heaver Coati, satin an 1 fur
tilmmcd, all sires, sold nt l 60; now $l.ii I.
UilV-:i,1ctipy Nowmarkets, sold at 0.75;
now 8.1.09
1 ot jo ft Plain Vowmarkols, mado of Merlin
tttlll, fold nt Jli.cn; now Si '.'I.
Lot 11-7 lllack lliocailo Plinh VMtoi.
trimmed III fur, fiullicrnnd chenille, sold at
S18.M1; now SH.
Lot K-2 Voir l'lnu weal l'luih Vlsltei.notli
1ng finer In tho murkot, sold nt 8; now
Lot 13 II Children' Coat. phuli pooketM
and culTs. rold nt fl.W, now Sl.0:i.
, Lot 11 IS Children's lUt clocks, ntsorlod
lots, nld nt lufit now 8J.7D.
Lot 15 St Clilhlicn's Imported Coat, Oto 12
Jears, sold ut 7i now S-1.W.
Lot 1C 1!) Children's Coats, s Imi from S to
I, mado of flno oloth, sold at S1.M); now Si 13.
Lot 17 n Jllssos' Ilnteloeko, nlruj 11 to IU
j ears, sold at 3.011; now 82 73.
lotlfl-!.ti Mlcs' lint-clocks, virrnoatly
mado and crfeet fitting, sold nt ST-M; now
SJ.VJ. This lot aro ull largu sizes.
Now, In order to nmlio this nn Interesting
nlc, tto hat o added tho following
1 lot of flrny HIankets nt Bio.
1 lot of Jray Dlankets, laigo slzo, 70c.
1 lot of 11-1 dray Illnnkcts, wio.
1 lot of 11-U!ray Irish frieze, 81.80.
1 lot of Whlto ltlnukcts nt l':I.
1 lot of Whlto lllunkets, 11-4, nt 81.31.
1 lot of Whlto HlnnUets, ID-1, wool, 81.70.
1 lot of Whlto Illnnkcts. 11-1, wool, SI. 00.
1 lot of all-wool Illankcts, .$1.00.
1 lot of all-wool Illankcts, 11-1, 81.00.
1 lot of 10-1 lied Illnnkcts, 81.20.
Kvcry pair of theso blankets woith fully 23
per cent, moro nt tho lowest calculation.
1 lot of lied Comforlsnt Ho,
1 lot of lied Comforts at COo.
1 lot of Hcd Comforts, largo slzo, lt)o.
1 lot of 11-4 Ititt Comfort, bordcrol, 90o.
1 lot of 11-1 Oil Calico. S1.30.
1 lot of Cretonne, SI.00.
1 lotoflloorMats.aoo.
1 lot of Smyrna JInts, 67c.
1 lot of Mnjnm Mats, better, Cdc.
1 lot of Kmjrnn Mats, larger, W)o.
1 lot of Mnynia Mats, still larger, S1.10.
1 lot of laigo llrusecls Itugi, 81. to.
1 lot of largo Velvet Hugs, 81.21,
1 lot of largest Smyrna Hugs, 83.60; sold for
A ereat quantity moro nt tho snmo out rate?.
Our candid conviction, freely oxprcssod, la
that nny of theopoeids uro nnlro, ncccptnblo
present for thoso that aro making them, and
for IIioki that must liato them n great saving
can bo inndo. Wo also havon full lino of
1'onoy Coods, such ns wo mentioned In our
Inft week's adt ertlscmont, which tvo aro scll
lnginiildly ou account ot tho low prices.
Double Combination Store,
mu Aiiit;ii:iovciitii Ht.H. n.
V. S, You can mako your selections now,
luy them by and hatuthum delivered CluUt
lnas I'.vo.
i v . v. wvavv
608 NINTH ST. N. W.
Qrand. IDisipl&.-y
Largo and Attractive Lino ot
T.AIlIl' unit OlINTLH.tlllN'S
Plain and Embroidered; Initial and runoy
Children's Plush Bonnets,
MortaoOloalca &a
"Wn.1 Ic-I.tie Su.tg.
Flno Solcctlon of I.'mbrolderod and I'alntoJ
Toilet bets, (llovu and Handkerchief casoj,
Dicsslng Cases, French Dolls, .Work
und Wiutu Paper IMsltcti. Work
Stands, Whlik'Uroom Holders
nnd other I'lincy Ooods.
i;ieiiut AsHiirtmoiit of llmliroldnrnd
Uulilo CotorHHiiil KenrfM, I.iiiubro
linns, 1 Idles. Ciislitiiiis, full lino
i,f Nlllc riiiHlictt, Kill toons, Foil,
Clionlllo mid t'orstotl
J'rliigeH nml l'litsli lr-
iiiiiiientH for funny
ttorle ut oi-y eloso
M. Kohner&Bro
Useful Presents for llio Holidays !
I.tiillch' Cloul.H anil Vrnps,
(llovns, muttons,
filllenud l.itco llmiillierclilufs,
1'ull lino nrr.mllos' mill fionts'
l-urulslilng: floods,
Sluniln, Hoods,
Wl.Iehttu can bell cheaper than tho down
town stores.
Do not fall to cull and luiect tho tvondor
fid buigulns.
New Dry and Fancy Qooda Houso.
11IIS 7tli st..let. T. mid 31 Knrohtrost.
:uit. ;r.oitr. u'iiiti:,
VUOfoventieiilli htreet Northtvoat,
Will imiko Lad les' Dresses, eto., during Sep
tember and October nttlio following iirlces:
Cloth CosliiincD, Ladles' own materials, 813;
Coals, SU1; Ivcttmurkcts, 815i Hontrico, $18:
Hiding Habits, SIS; Silk Costume, SIS; ISvcn
lug Here pt Ion Dresses, etc., SIS and uiiward;
(loth Coilume.i, eitrr) thing fin nlshed, from
Sio; other giuirt nls coricspondlnuly. Hiioclal
iittnilJoii tu W iilillng Outllls, In which Mr.
White bus mado a gient cue-rosa. Cutting and
1'lltliig. I'atli ins nir.ilo to cider, se'Mtf
Black Dross (jiiods, Enibrcii!orio3,
' Lacns and Trlmmlnga.
1'HI.I. MTOt'rt t'
For Ladles, Chlldicu nnd Gentlemou.
niley llullUIuii, for. UtUiiud KNti.u.w (

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