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Tlin CKlTIca circulation I) Ex
ceeded by only one dally poper In i
tfcn Cltv of Wnshlnaron. lint! I. '
rapidly cnlntnc. CiS
19Tir;jV12AIt--AVJIOM: NO. 5,750.
THE CIUTIO la lncrooslnff In cir
culation fneter than oil Clio other
dally papora In tho District of
Events of Interest in and About tho
A University Dotull TVnnted-IJxoc-tttUo
Tho President to-day sent to tho Senato
tho following nominations:
Censuls John T. Campbell of California,
at Auckland, New Zealand.
Henry H. Pendleton of West Virginia, at
W, T. Cox, to bo postmaster at McKln
cry, Texas, tho nomination of Win, V.
Meirltt having been withdrawn.
Interior Departmont Clmniyea. Pen
sion Office. Appointment: A. C. McNulty
of Mississippi, stenographer, $1,GU0; Pro
motions: James 1). Wise of tbo District of
Columbia, Arlhur T. Parsons of New
Jcrsev. and Ford 3. Peters of PcunsjUsnla,
$1,400 to ?1,G03; Joseph W. McCoy of
West Virginia, and Dwtght M. Ilara
lin of Illinois, from $1,200 to
M, 400, Daniel Bmith of District of Colum
bia, 4 1, CCO to $1,200. Transferee mado:
Samuel II. Dundy of Illinois, and James U.
Kicks of Illinois, special examiners $1,400,
to clerk at same salary. lteslgoatlon: El
drldgc B. Davis of Maryland, clerk, $1,400.
University Detail Wanted. Tho detail
of First Lieutenant Augustus 1. Blocksom,
Sixth Cavalry, as military professor at tbo
Ohio State University, Columbus, will ox
ptro soon, and eight o ulcers bavo applied to
tho university oflletals for selection for tho
detail. Tbeso ofllccrs are First Lloutonant
Cbarlcs K. Kllbourne, Second Artlllerj ;
Lieutenant John Y. 1. Blake, Sixth Cav
alry; First Lieutenant Herbert J. S locum,
Seventh Cavalry; Lieutenant John II.
Deacom, Third Infantry; First Lieutenant
Henry 0. 8. Helstand, Eleventh Infantry;
First Lieutenant George T. T. Pattersoo,
Fourteenth Infantry, and First Lieutenant
Benjamin W. Lcavcll, Twentj-fourtk In
fantry. All of tbeso arc from Ohio except
Lieutenant Blake.
Minor and Per3onal.
Senator Berry escorted a delegation of
Cherokee, Choctaw and Chickasaw Indians
to the White lloueo to-do.
Tin: Ji:i)c,i: axd mandy.
Ihe StutestiiHn from VVajlmck Happy
In Ilia AVUe's I' res nee.
A Chitic representative met Jedge
Waicm, the Member from Wayboek, on tbo
Avenue tbla morning, wearing a smllo as
Lroad as a Congressman's best joke,
"Good morning, Jedge," said tho Chitio
man, 'jou look, happy this morning
Vt bat's happened?"
"Howdy 1 howdy 1" responded tho Jedge
"I'm jlst as happy as 1 look. Mandy's
come. She's. been here two cr tbreo,da)s,
an (ho fetched llttlo drover Cleveland
along with her, an' myboardln1 houso list
ecems liko Wajbock now, an I'm fcelin1
pood all over. ByZuchs, young feller, I
didn't think Mandy was so good-lookln'
tell I seed ber on tho Avenoo ylstcrday
taklu' a walk before golu1 to a party up
"I'm clad jou oro so happy, .ledge, but I
thought you said jou couldu"t afford to buy
her a railroad ticket In these hard times."
"Oh," replied tbo Jedge, with a wink,
"times ain't so bard In railroad tickets as
tbey was. You see Ibis Iutcretato Com
merce business In Congress has cut rates on
tickets, as It WAlr, to tbem on the Inside."
Then tho Jedge winked again and
crnlUd, Invited the scribe to come up and
eco Mandy and strode away.
A. 2.EW COfMT r.0M.
Colonel S. Taylor Suit had a long con
Terence with tbo Commissioners yesterday
afternoon, with regard to building a new
road In tbo county south of the clt). lie
fctalid tbattbo fiouth cud of tho proposed
new bridge ncioss tbo Eastern Brunch at
Fennsjlvanta avenue will strike Into Ha
tblck woods with no means of exit. Ho
urged tbo Commissioners to reserve enough
of the appropriation to build a road from
tbo bridge to tbo District line, connecting
with tho Suit lload ot Prince- George's
Couuty, Md.
want Tncut 3 rnt tTNT.
Tbo Commissioners this afternoon re
ceived a petition, signed apparently by all
of tho school teachers lu tho District, ask
leg tbem to Include In their estimates au
amount suQIclcut to pay to them the U per
cent, that was taken oil their salaries last
tit cot year on account of a deficient appro
priation. Tbey also ask tbo Commission
trs to OBsUtthem in getting a bearing beforo
Ibo Appropriations Committee.
Ttc Building Inspector Issued a permit
today to C. Dcnckes to erect a handsome
ficroc uwt?!l!r, house SO by 33 feet, and
tw u stories high, at 111 tgblff ooa. Tho house
arm iwvon exemption,
Tlc Commissioners bavo written Hon
Jcnn P. Harbour of the Houso that tbey
lhlt k the properly of St. Dominic's Church
terd for ichool purposes should bo ex
envied from taxeB.
ICrul i:tnto Transferred.
M. Chester has conveyed to Luther (1.
Hillings, U. S. N., for $20,600, lot 31, square
15'i, Sevcnthtceu street and Now Hamp
shire aveauc.
I1. W. Lovvo has transferred to David C.
Bell, for fr5,U0O, tlie ssuth half of lot 1.15,
Thiclktld'a addition to Georgetown, ou tho
vv est sldo of Thirty llfth street.
J. 11. Fuller has bouglit of A. It. Nixon,
1 or $7,71 S 05, lot S, blot.!. 0, Meridian Hill.
T. T. Knox it al. bae couu'ycd to Dr.
W.lt.DuboBC, fortI1.3BOi part of lot IS,
equaro 15-, on Tstnet,betw ten Seventeenth
Tlio 'Ily I'oHtmnNtei'Hhlp.
litprceentatho Tarsnoy of Michigan says
that oltbougu ho is a Michigan Keprcseuia-
the, ho cannot eco any reason why the
Hililrtgtou City rustoflleo should bo
awarded to a MIcblean inau. Ho believes
a District man ibould be given this District
In Slrnuiry orNcnntoi- Lonn.
A mcttlng cf colored reddents ol tho
Dl&tilet wui held at the Lincoln Memorial
CbureU lait oenlng, when resolutions cu
locletlc of the lsto Senator Log
pssFcd. Hon. John M. langstou, formerly
hlulottr to llnjtf, presided.
Itlnirlngo Ucoiimcm.
Mantaco llcenecs have been Issued as fol
Ions WlUIutuJ. Henderson and Florida
V lUll.Appkbyllrasbeara and Uatherlno
jjsitvcnson ; Thomas 1. Merry, of Wheat
It. Md., and Hannah Honncll of ttiUcity;
C. Woodlcy and Mary Klveri,
jiKHlenmoHt of cIuiphco Wearr,
Au asfcigLincct boa becu mado by Clarcuco
AVeaver, cariUge and wagou builder at
I'our-aiid a half alrcct ami 1'cnnsylvanU
Mcmir$ to Tbomas 12, Traizarc, for tlie
liccCt of bis creditors.
HH&lit Fire TiiN Alteriioou.
A fruie bouee, uftued by John Ally, on
TwtlNbsttett, Utween Maryland avenuo
od Ulrttiv.outbest, was damaged by
H ru to the extent of $-300 this afternoon.
Mrs. Cleveland, at her mornlog reception
to-day, was assisted by her guests, Mrs.
Chnrlc Goodyear and Mrs. Gcorgo SIcard,
both of IlufTalo, X. Y, Tbeso ladles are
the wires of tho President's former law
partners, and are now at the Wblto House
on a vlett. Mrs, Cleveland met tho callers
In tbo lcd liooni, which was pro
fiucly decorated, as was the UIuo
Parlor, wbero tbo visitors sauntered about,
Mrs. Cleveland woro her favorite gown of
purpto velvet, clasped at tho neck with a
lover's knot In diamonds. Sho carried a
largo rose, presented by an early visitor,
and took the greatest pleasure In presenting
her guests. Among tho callers were Miss
Coleman, Miss Freeman, tho MIsioiRlggs,
Mrs. Hltt, who presented Miss Margaret
Blaine, Mrs. Falrctilld, Mrs, Scars, Miss
Scars and Miss Kndlcott, Miss Vilas, Miss
Hoyne, Mrs. Carrlo May Wright, Miss
May, Mrs. Llcber, Mrs. O'ltellly, Miss
Wilson, MI.9 Holiday, Mrs. Caldeson
Cailltlo and Mrs. Mers and Mrs. Fred.
Paine. Miss Hastings speut the morning
tUht-scdng. Sho returns homo tbls
Mrs. Cleveland's luncheon jestcrday was
tbe talk of tho day amongst those- so fortu
nate as to bavo shared la that prettily do
eed alTal), Ilrr courso In not offering
nine to her joung lady guests was greatly
commended cvetjwbere, aud by nono more
heartily than by I ho joung ladles them
selves, who weroall either calling or rccelv
Irg long beforo 4 o'clock,
Mri.Tolsom had a largo reception yes
terday morning at Oak lew, being assisted
by .Miss Hastings. Tea and chocolate, with
dainty rcrrctmncnt, was tho appetizing
iiiuu iudcii cnjojcn uy tue Minors. Tno
sun ttoLo cheerfully about tho bouse, and
tbo nlr was to lien jo tit tbattbo visitors
actually gathered lu knots on tbo veranda
ar.dtbutii.oii hour was greatly enjoyed.
L'x Commlealoncr uud Mrs. Lorlug gave n
dfnrjtr party last night.
Mks Troth of Philadelphia, sister of Mrs.
Drtxtl, comes heio this alteruoon on a visit
to Mlia Mary Wilson. Uoth joung ladles
wilh Mies Warner, rccclro with Mrs. Dan.
Mrs. Pattongavo n ladles luncheon jes
terday at which were entertained Mrs. John
Sherman, Mrs. Carlisle, Mrs. Manderson,
Mrs. McPhcrson, Mrs. Wlckliffo Preston,
Mrs. Lieutenant Waring, Mrs, Nordhoff,
Mrs, J. P. Jones and Mrs. Benton McMlllIo.
'Ihe table was most elaborately set and
adorned with Mowers. 7 hero was a center
piece over three feet long of whlto roses,
rprayed with lilies of thotallej, and two
corner pieces of pink and white rosos alter
nately. At each cover there were corsage
bouquets of pink roscB with valley lilies
or white buds and purple violets.
Tbo Cabinet receptions yesterday wero
very gaily attended.
Mrs. Manning was assisted by Mrs. Frjer,
Miss Mann lug, Miss Mycr, MUs McCultoch
and her guesr, Miss Alice 13urkc; and Miss
Hrrcktnridge, Miss Fuller, tho Misses Green
and Miss b tot k ton presided In tbo dining
loom, where tea, colTco and accompani
ments were enjojed. Although Mr. and
Mrs. Frjer only cama on for a ten days
lslt, Mrs. Manning has prevailed on them
to make a longer stay.
MUs Kndlcott received for ber mother,
who felt slightly fatigued jesterdiy aud did
not como down. Mrs. Soly stood with Miss
l'ndlcott to welcome her visitors, who, ou
account of the evening party last week,
catno In unusual numbers, so that the street
for the entire block was thronged with car
riages. Mrs, Sears was also In the parlor.
Mfis Dodge poured tea and Miss Augur the
chocolate In the dining-room. Miss Soars
and Miss Unncroft wero pleasant additions
to tbo receiving group.
Mrs. Vilas bad Mrs. Ilcnton McMlllIo,
Mrs. Walker, Miss Uryan, and Miss Vilas
and MIfa Hojno upon their return from
Mrs, Clev-land's lunch. Mrs. Vilas wore
a pretty toilette of malzo surah and lace
with equaro neck, atid Mrs. McMUIln, a
white loons eatla with a fiontof fringe
and embroidered rullles. Tho houso was,
as uual, fragrant with flowers, placed
about in jars and vases on tbo .tables and
mamtif, ami a pretty sti tamo waa tue
attraction ot tbo dining room, w hither tho
3 oung Indies ltd the visitors,
Mrs. Lamar, Jr., and Mies Lamar, both of
"Aliom woro highly becoming gowns, tbo
fomtrlu o i rlucces drees of black velvet,
and the latter In pink surah, were assisted
ly Mrs. West, Mrs. Walsh, Mrs. and MUs
Cnunibcl), Miss Muldrow and Mrs. Lieut eu
ai.t Leue.
Onoof tbo most attractive receptions of
tbo day was tbatof Mrs. Harmon) , who had
with her Mrs. Temple, wlfo of Admiral
Temide: Mrs. HUldlo and Miss F.dlo. Ml3
Card and Mies Ilu lion, who sat about tbo
caudle lit table In tbo dining-room on
boepltablo thoughts Inteut.
Mrs. Captain 1 lodgers had a very largo
reception, wbleb wus greatly enjojed.
Mrs. Carlisle bad a largo reception, as
elitid by Mrs. Morrison, Mrs. Uuttcrworth,
.MUs Scranton and a number of )oug
Indies, Mrs. Carlisle wore a daik ulrtt
drees and bandeomo How era.
Mrs, Maboue'a "coming out" party jca
krdnj afternoon for bir da neuter, MUs
Olella MAbone, was tho climax of the da's
social efforts. Mrs. Mubouo, her daughter,
Mrs. J. P. Jonee, Mrs. McCook, Miss
Goidou, Mies Sherman and others of tho re
ceiving party met tbo company lu the
spacious parlors of tho Johnson annex at
tbo Arlington, Mrn. Mahono received in a
gowucfruM relut; MissMabonoIn wblto
molrc and tulle, garlanded with lilies ot tho
alley, arm Mrs. Joues woro lilac silk and
Valenciennes loco. Dounteous refreshments
were f crvei, and tho table's cenireplccd Wa3
tho puamld formed of tho bounuds sent to
Miss Mabone In honor ot bcr debut.
Mrs. Mary Wilkes ltooth his sent out
Invitations to a tea to-day at her rcsldcnco,
F ttictt, adjoining Seventeenth street, from
1 to 0, for tho benefit of tho Children's
Country Home, of which cue is prcsldont,
Mies Dresser, who has been visiting Miss
Uancroft, baa returned to her Newport
Mrs. Llcber will not ghotho scries of
Saturday afternoon teas which sho had
planned for tbls mouth on account of tho
dctlcato health of bcr father.
At tbo Wednesday germau last nlht Mrs.
Uancroft Davis received the guesta and Mr,
Frank Leo led.
Justice and Mrs. Illatchford entertained
ot dinner on Tuesday cunlug Chief Jus
tice and Mrs. Waltc, Mr, and Mrs. Pollock,
Itarou and liaroncss de Italuba, Lieutenant
Urtcley and wlff, General llcale, Miss Uan
croft, Colonel Frey, Speaker Carlisle, Mrs.
Henry Wattcrson, Airs. Cummlngs, Mr,
Loundcs and Miss llrudloy.
The marrlago of Miss lMlth Talmago to
Mr, Donnan of Itlchmond will take placo at
tho llrookljn Tabernacle, February 13.
Mr, and Mrs. McCulloch wero at homo
laet evening, and welcomed quite a distin
guished company,
The second cotillion of tbo Wednesday
Club took placo last night,
Mrs. Lawton gives an evening rccertlon
Mies Weaver, daughter ot General Weaver
of Iowa, and MUs tllllettoof Des Moines,
will riccivo their friends Informally on
Tueedajs In January and Wedncsdajs in
1 cbruary, at 101'i Fourteenth street north
west. The first germau of tbo season given
ly the ladles ot the Metropolitan Hotel oc
curred last ctculng, with about sixty
couples In attendance. Tbo daneln began
at 10 SO p. m, and cone hided at 3. 13 a. m.
Among tbOFo present wero General A. It.
Dpshaw, MUs Claude Money, Hun. C.J.
Tucker and daughter, Dr. L. II, Uueknnd
MleaSusIo 1'ose, Mr, Charles O, Lavender
and tbo Misses Cantwetl, Mr. James U.
f rociln of Jlrooktjii, N, Y , and tbo Misses
Long, Mr. F, J, Lavender and ladles,
Colonel Money and MUs Hcrndon, Fred
erick, Md.; Dr. Collins and Miss Mamie
Mctolts, Dr, D. P. Hlckllng.lt., audlaJy;
Mr. Waiver Wright, Mr. George Kock,
Colonel W. T, Hurdloe, Major Kurtr and
wife, Dr. Alf, Walsh, Mr, and Mrs. Louis
Tho Interstate Commerce Bill Again
Beforo tho Senate.
Tho Jtidlcinry Committee- Tilkes tho
Floor of tho Hotme.
In ILo Senate to day a communica
tion from Secretary Manning was rend,
calling attention to the unhealthy con
elillon of the Treasury building.
Mr. Frye, from tho Commerce Com
mlllce, reported favorably his proposed
amendment to tho I'ostOfllcc bill, ap
propriating 100,000 for American
built and registered ships, to secure
greater frequency and speed In tho car
riage of malls to Mclco and Central
and South America.
Mr. Jones of Nevada presented a
memorial for the relief of tho heirs of
John Hoath,
Mr. Gorman presented IhopcltUon of
Shs. II. H. MInnlv of this city, pray
ing relief fiom excessive tavallon.
Sir. Vest's resolution, calllnrr for In
formation m to tho regularity of suits
Instituted by district attorneys In
cases In which the United States was
not n parly, led lo a epicv partisan de
bale, Mr. Ingnlls ohjccfiug to thy In
nulrvnsatlragnct Intended to cist ru
nation on the last AdmlnUtiaUon.
Mr. Vct finally accepted amendments
proposed by Ite-publlcan Senators and
tho resolution was adopted.
Mr, Hoar reported favorably on the
proposed monument to colorud soldiers
and sailors, near Howard University.
Shortly nflcrl o'clock tho Intorstato
Commcue bill was called tin, and the
report of tho Conference Committee
was read at length.
At the conclusion of the
reading of tho report Mr.
Hoar mado n stir by moving
tho recommittal of the bill
to conference. This provoked an
animated discussion between Messrs.
Hoar, Cullom, George aud
others, but tho matter was finally
Mr. Trye gave notlco that at the
proper time ho would maLo n motion
to rctommit tho bill to tho Conference
Committee with Instructions to the
Tho lloov was then taken by Mr.
Kvart?, whoepoko ngnlust the bill.
Tho Ilouitc.
In tho House to day Mr. Bland's
resolution of Inquiry ns to the monthly
puicha6oand coinage of silver during
the past two years, was adopted.
Tho Judiciary Committee then se
cured the Iloor for the day and bills
were poFsed as follows:
llttlfjlng tbo New York-N'ew Jersey
bcuiidai agreement.
For a court at MIs&lsMppI City, Miss.
AuthoiIzliJg tho tiervM ot legal processes
lu illowitone Paik.
Defining Ibocatttrn and western districts
of Pvorth Carolina.
Kiguldtlng removal of cases from State to
Federal courts.
I'ollowlug theso came several other
bills establishing admiralty courts,
Tbo Senate District Committee will meet
to morrow and probably pass upon Mat
thews' nomination.
Tbo Xaval Affairs Committee- has agreed
to amend the Navy Department Reorgan
ization bill to provide for promotions from
tbo staff and lino alike.
Tbo Houso District Commlttco met to day,
tbo Commissioners being present, and ac
cepted the Scnato substltuto for the bill for
the relict of St. Dominic's Church, Favor
able reports wero ordered en tho hills In
reference to sales of property, arrears of
taxes and for tho relief ot Chittenden
Urotbcrs. Tbo bill for the relief of, Patrick
Cook was adversely reported.
TLcre is slroug probjbllity of the Confer
ence 0'oniu.lttte ou tbo Fortifications bill
eomlugtoan agreement. As It stands la
lite fcei ate It appropriates ?fi,!;3(),000, tulf of
which Is Intended for tho navy aud tho
other half for coast defenses.
Consideration ot the District ApproprU
tlcu bill b) the full committee Is not likely
to to reached for several da), ou account
of Mr. Wilson's absence and tbo priority of
other bills.
Today tho Houso Commlttco on Ways
acd Menus agreed to a substitute for tbo bill
ct Mr. flrttkcnrldgo of Arkansas, abotUu
Itg unnecessary customs districts and of
ficers. It contains nono ot tboadmlnls
tratlvo features of tho original bill; abol
ishes sixty i orts, leaving 72; dispenses with
ICO employes and saves annually to tbo
Government $100,000. Among tho dis
tricts abolished are those ot Alexandria,
Cherrystone, Petersburg, Tappakaunock
and Itlchmond, Va.
It provides that tho Alexandria business
bo transferred to tbo Georgetown (District
of Columbia) district.
A circular letter, signed by William A.
Mcloy, executor of tbo Anglo-American
Ineurarco Compan, was distributed
through tho Houso to-day. It
directs attention to tho fact that tho credi
tors cau recover nothing unless suits
aro euccesefulJv pressed aud sug
gested legislation providing that In
surance companies in thU Dis
trict bo required to deposit bonds In tho
Ircusury and be brought under a ejstem of
iicllonaf eupcrvlsluu liko that of tho Na
tional banks.
Men and Meiisurc lu Ilotli House ot
Tho Senato has concurred In the House
amendments to the bills toiegulato insu
rance and provldo protection frotu lire In
this DUti let.
P.eprtecntatlvo Farqubar of New York
bus mudo an niguiucut lefore the Seiutu
hinting Commlituo to demou&trAto that
Futile- Printer HeutdlctU not u practical
Tho Sinalo Appropriation Commltleo In
creased tbo Arm) AppioprUtlou bill mH,
lto from tho oggregato os It passed tbo
Hotwe. The total I uuwSI1,7J7,TK 'Ibo
Pentlon Appropriation bill Is vlittull) uu
changed, .
Ittpt icntatlvo Millard of Now York pre
diets that Guirmur Hill will bold tbw New
Yolk dilctotlon In tbo uext Democratic
National Convettlou.
Senator Haw lev of Courcctlcut was ro
r oil lifted by tho lte-publicau emeu at
Harlfoid to da),
The advocates of tnide-dollar redemption
In the Home bavo fpllt lu n wnythit en
dangers thepintpectaof tho bill. Ibo fac
tion itpreieiittd by Mr, Scott Insist upon con
sldemiluu ot the bill as it cawo frotu tUu
Senate-, while tho faction. led by Mr. Lin-
ham declare that consideration shall not
be obtained whllo tho bill provldon tint tlia
Irado dollars redeemed aro to be deducted
from tho monthly tHrer coinage.
Win. Stewart was elected Senator ycitcr
day In Joint session of tho Nevada Legisla
ture by a vote of 40 out of 03.
Colonel Wilson escorted Mrs. Folsora and
MUs Hastings to tho Capitol to-day,
Senators Fair and Conger took scats lu
tho Senato today.
The Houso Comtnltteo on Uutcs has de
cided that to-morrow and next Friday shall
1 o dev oted to private bills that bavo passed
Ihe Senate, and conferred upon tho Public
I auds Commlttco Ibo right to report at any
In Const YfMerttny.
Senators Call, Ilrown and Mitchell of
Oregon criticised features ot the Intcretato
Commerce report, and Senator Cullom
gave notlco that ho woul 1 postpone asking
for a vote until today, as several Senators
desired to apeak. Ibo Senate then went
Into executive session and further consid
ered tho Mearogua Canal and llrlttsh ex
tradition treaties.
In tbo House tbo Antl Pot) gamy bill was
debated until 5 o'clock and passed without
a misniAiiu: viiAsai:,
Two-Homo Cum With Conductors to
be l'ut on r Street.
At tho meeting of the directors of
Ibo Metropolitan Street Hallvvoy Com
pany yesterday it was determined to
put twentyfivc two horse cars, with
conduetors, on the main, or the I' street
line, and lustructions were given to
begin the work on the new cars at
once. It is expected that tho 1st of
February will marl: thcnewcM for the
eomfort of pissengers on the V street
line, and that the blawson fare bocs
and other Inconvenient cs of travel will
bo done away with. There will bono
change at present on the Ninth street
and South Washington branches of the
road, but the Intention of the comptnv
is to try the experiment and see how ft
works on the main line first.
Lending IHnmiritcturerA of tho Country
Meet at Ihu ltlgg lluime.
Leading manufacturers of window
glass met In one of the private parlors
of the Wggs Houso this forcaoou to
discuss tho present condition of the
ttado and tho outlook, Trom the an
nual report It was shown that about 81
per cent, of blasts were In operation
slnco October 9, 180, the season htv Ing
becu somewhat retarded by the Sep
t cm bcr strikes. The consumption for
tho past six months was much greater
than had been expected, and the same
was true of the Imports. It was given
as a reason for tho latter that tho nnu
ufaclurcrs wero unable to compete as
suceeesfully as In previous years, when
thcru was no labor agitation.
The Unexpired Time of L.tetit, Kflllj'n
Suinenston lteiiitttctl.
Lieutenant John I Kelly, who was
suspended from duty on tho police
force for three months In connection
with tho recent police scandal, wa3
restored to duty to day by tho follow
ing order of tho District Commis
sioners; Orilaeit, That in consideration of tho
application of Lieutenant John P. Kelly
for rcstoratlou to dut), and at the request
of many citizens to tbo same effect, the un
expired portion ot sentence Imposed upon
him In tbo order of November 21, 1VU, Is
berebv remitted from this date, nl ho Is
directed to report to tho Chief of Pullco for
Courta-rtiirtlnl, Ltnvo-t, Ordure, I'ttr
lough, reritou.il Note.
Lieutenant Charles A. Gove, U. S N.,uho
reported for duty in tho II)drographleo
Uillce, jcflterdaj, has taken quarters ut N'o
ll-J'J Sunderland place,
Ibo removal of Lcudciiartcrs of tho De
partment of Arizona, Irom Whfpploiiu
recks, PriEcott, Arizona, to Lo Ancles,
Cub, was tegun Jauuurj 5,
ilrbt I.Ieutenint LMgut D. KnberUon, ad
jutant Ninth Infantry, I as been detailed to
receive) and Istuo eupjdtcs to tho Hualpul
Indians, at Hackbcrry, Arizona.
Major Joseph P. Sanger, Captain First
Artlllet), Is acting Assistant Adjutant Gen
eral of the Division of tho Atlantic during
tbo absence of General William D. Whipple,
on leavo.
I'ajuni6tcr George II. Head, U. S. Navy,
who Is In charge of tho manufacture of
clothing for tho navy, at tbo N'cw York
Navy ard, Is In tbo city for a day or two,
at No. 1SU Massachusetts avenue.
TboLcadquartcra of tho Tenth Infantry
has been removed from Fort Ultss, Texas,
to Fort Union, Now Mexico, and Lteutcn-ant-Colonel
Henry I!. Mlzoer is ordered
frcm Fort Union to command at Fort Itllss.
Caitaln William 11. Kennedy, Tenth
Cavalry, Is president of a general court
martial which convened January 5 at Fort
Graut, Arizona, of which First Lieutenant
lev I P. Hunt, same regiment, Is judge
advocate. In tbo Ninth Infantr), Company K (Cip
tain Leonard Hav'a), H (Captain Muni
C. Foote'a), ond I (Captalu Wm. IJ
Pcaio's), bavo been ordered to Whipple
Ilarrachs, Arizona, fur station; Kls at Fort
Vcrdo, Anzoua, and tho others at F.ut
Union, New Mexico,
Army Leaves. Major Harvcj 1'. Ilrown,
surgeon, sit months blck leave. Captain
lllehards Harnett, aaiUtaut-aunrcou, six
months further extcntloti of tick leave.
First Lieutenant George F. Wilou, assistant-surgeon,
twenty dajx extension. Lieu
tenant Jacob F. Kreps, Tttt'iity-fccoud lu
fantrj, fair months Irom February 'J.
Arm.v Furloughs Authorized. Sergeant
Hetirj F.ttntr, Cuinpauv (i, second lufiu
tr), Pott Nfobrnia, S'eb , our mouth
Pi I vat o Hubert W It in or, Coaipany A, Sixth
iLfantr), Fort Dom;i, Salt Laky City,
four months from M jreh 1. r-ergeant Archi
bald Millen, Uattery A, Thirl Attlller),
Wubblngton Uanatk; two months from
Ftbiuai) 10.
Armj Leaves Granted, Colonel William
D. Wbl pic, assistant adjutant-general,
Governor Island, New York Harbor, ono
month, rlrst Lletiteuant Rcnjamlu K.
ltoWrte, llfth Artillery, Fort Columbus,
Governor's Icland, ono month from January
IS. Lieutenant C, C Mluer, Ninth Infan
try , one month extension. First Lieuten
ant Levi F. Uuruett, Seventh Infantry, one
month extension, ilrst Lieutenant Llojd
M. Hittt, Second Cavalry, forty days' ex
tension, LleutenaLt William IJ. lie) nobis,
Fouiteenth Iufantr), Fort Tovvnscud,
vvasmncton icrntor), one moniu. 4-ieu-tcnant
KdnardC. Uiooks, Fighth Cavalr),
San Antonio, one month,
Navj Orders Commander Silas Casey,
to duly as light-house Inspictur at Italtl
niorc to relievo Commander It. D. Kvana;
Commander IWaus, Lieutenant S. W. Very
acd J. N. Hemphill, as a board to inspect
steel for the new cruisers, Lieutenant Cum
in under H L Impcr, from tbo Washlvgton
Navj-Yurd and granted ono 3 ear leavo to go
abioad, Chief Lnglneer O, W, Melville
from the Atlantic and to Inspect machinery
for the new crullers to bo built at Philadel
phia , Chief L'uglncer A J Klcrated, from
tho league HI and Yard and Inspect
machinery ot gunboat at llaltlmure, Lieu
tenant W. 8. Cowlea, to command tho
DU patch ; Captain N, It. Frquhar, to duty
mi ttm n ff.Inl InttiLctlon board : .Medical
I Director J, U. Duugao, retired for nge.
The UminniiH Chub to ho ltcmtmod To
morrow Tbo ballwavs without tho old Cir
cuit Court room were filled with the
usual crowd of well dressed
ladles and gentlemen who tamo
early In order to secure good scats dur
ing tho Inquiry ns to Sirs. Kmmons'
sanity. Tho lawyers came, and tho
roll call of the Jury showed that all wero
on hand, but there was no trial. Mrs.
Kmmons came, but her lawyer, Mr.
Oarnett, stated that she was physically
uuablo to fo on thoetant. hho had
tnltcn some medicine, he said, pre
scribed by her physician, and It had
made bcr ill. It was only upon receipt
of a mcssagei from htm that Mrs. Km
mons came to court at all to day, ris
ing from a sick bed ns she did to tlo so.
"On this ground," said Mr. Oarnett,
"and on tho ground that Mrs. Kmmons
docs not wish to testify, as It were,
ngnlnst 1'rofessor I'mmons while his
mother Is at tho point of death, I
therefore ask that the case bo continued
until ono week from today." Mr.
Kent said that he must object to nny
continuance whatever on the ground
that the defendant did not wish to
testify because Professor I'mmons'
mother was on the point of death. Ills
client, ho said, had gone to lloston to
seo his mother, but would be here to
day to attend the proceedings. If ho
was willing to go ahead despite his
mother's Illness, it was hardly reason
able for Mrs. Kmmons to object.
On the other hand, however, Mr.
Kent tontlnued, there could bo uo ob
jection to n continuance if the lady
was physically uuablo lo nppeir, but
I be lev. ns no necessity for its being
longer than until to-morrow, when, It
Mrs. Kmmons wnt still 111, Ihu case
could bo iigaln continued. Mr, Our-ut-tt
ngicilug to this, tho Marshal an
nounced au adjournment uulll to mor
row, ut 11 a. m., (vhcu Mis. Kmmons
will testify In her own behalf.
Tin: KiLLixa ou wijuamu
Uutliiiltig the DeTenne lu tho Trlul of
busle Clark for Murder
AVIlh tlie testimony of Wm. Warren
tho Government this morning rested Its
case In-chief against Suslo Clark, who
has been on trial for tho pa3t three days
tn the Criminal Court, charged with
the murder of George McQuado on the
15th of October.
Mr. ShIUIngton opened his case to
the jury, and claimed that it was ono of
accidental homicide, Thoelefeuso put
In testimony to show the peaceful
character of thoglrl, and that McQuado
was a fighter, carried a dangerous
knife, and ou one occasion attempted
to cut the defendant.
Testimony was presented shoeing
Hint the pistol was out of rcpilr; that
tbo hammer would fall at half-cock,
and tbo weapon was dangerous to hau
die; also lhatou the night of the
shooting the moon was obscured by
Suslo Clark, the defend mt, was on
thestfliul Icsllfvlng when thU rcpoit
Tin: com mi nutMi:s,
rrcruirallon Compute far tho Clru it
Sotlety Ktont.
Preparations for the coming Klrmcs are
now proncuiced complete; and reports
from Melzcrott'sshow thattho advance sile
of tickets for the tbreo performances Is de
cidedly animated, most of the best seats and
ecvcral of tho private bozci having been al
read) kM , from which it would appear that
acckt In general Is on tho alert tor good
places from which to witness thU brilliant
social w tit, soIongH'oked forwurlto, aud
In tie preparation of which no care or pains
bavo Icen spared to make as perfect as pos
sible. Ot the nine dances which make up
tLe "Daiico of Nations," we glvo to-day
Hf-tsctfun, reserving the rcmalulog live
for a Inter Uetc.
imv DAcr,
Chairman . Mrs. Commluloncr Black ,
nldes Mrs. Russell Lord, MIm Katherlno
t(Gtl, Mii. John Oleri), Mrs Jules Guth
rldtc, Mis. J. 1), Cure, Mrs, Colonel James
Daueerr Leadets: Miss Frances John
ftouaulMr. Theo. W. lllrney; MlssOUvIa
Adam and Mr. Harr Wilson. 'Ibo others
are: Mltscs Marv liarpnrd, Carry Dorlaud,
Grace lllack, btella Cotton, Virginia Cart
w right, Carry Cottcilll, Suldcn Drotv n, LIsIo
McLlroy, Addle Gender, Fllen Harry,
Frances Wood, Carry Chambers, LouUo
Mafsey, Mary King, Virginia Krccb, Lucy
Mlncar, May inpher, Kitty Ihompsou,
Fanny Wilson, May Wilson, Allco WI1
lougbby, Fthel G ratlin, llora Smalley,
I rank Smalley, La Ilurtto Shepherd, Agnes
II iH to II.
Gentlemen Herman Dlrney, Charles
Ereymao, Dr. L'djar Hust, Dr. Charles
Collins, D. C. Hairlson, L. K. lodd,
Perry Allen, Howard Cook, John
black, N. h. Caliamcr, Charles E
Cooke, Henry Dye, Clarence Dultftn, Wm
l.iUolt, Wm, Hardy, Charles Van Hook, II.
C. McKtnney, lrancls Phillips, Jaj H.
t)pber, Harry Smith, lllcbard Tuwson,
llalib I'ptou, Edward Davis, A, J. Smith,
II. Clu) Meuill, Herbert 'Ion u,
Calrman, Mrs. A. W. Cochran; aids, Mrs
Postmaster General Vitas, Mrs. Senator
Fugb, Mrs. Senator Vance, Mrs. Uepresen
tullvo benjamin Hutterworth ,Mrs. John M
Martin, Mrs. Dr. Pope, Mis, II, II. Smith,
Mrs. JiLull. White.
Dancers Leaders: MUs Mary llutterworth
ard Mr. Hiram E. Mitchell; Miss Claulo
MoLe) aud Mr. Hemming Lavender, 'itio
otbeis file Misses ltose Cottcrlll, Leila Her
bert. Uirlitmas, May bmltti, Lucy Llllle. Ada
Hont, 'loli'itte rord, Ulnuut, Janet Pilch
ard, Gtaio Heun, Ljsle 'Ibompson, Nellie
Peek, Alice IUnnlng, Sophie Jucksun, Mc
lurlaid, i'earl Foe-ter, Leila 'Iwlgys and
Paiillm- Wrl.Lt.
Gecthmen Messrs. J. W. Welsh, Mal
colm lUniy, Charles lavender, Dowd,
John C. 1 ujjh, H. K. Limb, at hart ah
Knctt, Wm F. Hcnrj, A. W. Martin,
eiioine P. Monc.v, Ktchurd Gorges, Frank
( It tut ol FieiftMor Fellows, John W.
Thnnpufi), Webb, Jobu W. Coleman,
McCoM.e.1 tbtd ie), J. M. Care).
Chairman. Mrs. Warner Miller; aids
Mrs. Lew's Clephane, Mrs, Kobt. I. Fisher,
Mrs. Senator Mahoue, Mrs. Isabella M,
Hlttcnger, Mrs, Gcorgo A. Jcnks, Mrs.
Charles II. Allen, Mrs James IE. McGlll.
Darctrs. Misses llaletead, cb, Fletcher,
Sherwood, Cudtls, Solomons, Knight, W II
Katlo Jones, Dowd, Man), Kecd,
Ktcd, lloblnftou, MacLcan, Mabon Gros
venor, Gaylord, Newton Hutchison, IIowo,
Crephancbinldthergcr, Dangerlleld, Korh
Icr, Mcrritt, 'Ibemasou, Detvveilcr.
Chairman, Mrs. Senator Dolph, aldi,
M. Justice rieid, Mrs. Jusllco Matthews,
Mr. Senator Jones of Nevada, Mrs Ed
ward Dallada), Mrs. Daniel Lamont, Mrs.
Senator I eland Stanford, Mrs. S. D. Ftason,
Mrs. l'obomand Mrs. W W L'ptou
Danctis- Mlis Duraiit and Mrs It C
Poulttcj Mls Walte aud Mr. WltlUni
Aeklan. Tho others orrt Misses Jowtlt.
l"vana,GrObenor,Tj lor, Stevens, Springer,
Ktll), Lawton, It win and Munaon
Gtntltiucu Mciara. William Havward,
B.C. 1 Iltot. Dr, Hoover, G, F. Erlle, F D,
Owen, G. l Frdumu, V F.C'jureb, Charles
Wihou, O. Wales and Edward Ilubbe-11.
Effect cf tho Sudden Death of Lord
tiid onisia in Germany.
Hon Die hpfflio or ItUmnrrlc mid
Vun Sloltko Aro Iteoilvtd,
London. Jan. 13. Tho sudden death
of Lord Iddeslcigh yesterday has
usurped for tho time being the atten
tion of Kuiopc that had been dlrretcd
toward tho crisis in tlcrmauy. ltwas
so unexpected that It hai come nsn
heavy blow lo the political leaders
Tho 2'iinca siyi today that It enntnl
aiTect to Ignore the fact I hit the death
of Lord Ieldeslctgh la a serious blow to
the mlnUlry nnd to the Unionist ciuse
Doubtless, it says, rumors of serious
friction between his Lordship aud his
colleagues will obtain Increased cur
rency, but the truth has In uo degree
justified tho malevolent guesses of got
slpcrs. nrrvtis or Tim hcmisc.
In an Interview, describing the occur
rence, Dr. Langaton said: "I was Bum
moned to Downing street at about a: 15 p.
m. On arriving I fouud L6rd Salisbury
and several Rcnlltmeu lu a room with the
Farl of Iddlctlclgu. Thu Ejrl uji lying
on a sofa. Ho was in a scml-conscloui
couditlou and excessively pule. HUejes
wero closed, his pulso was scarcely percep
tible, and his heart was still, 'lbe pallor
was that ot death. I applied restoratives
direct!), but they were without ciTcct. I
cannot say precisely when he died. If bo
was not dead when I arrived, ho passed
away soon after without a struggle. I an
nounced his death to Lord Salisbury and
the others In the room, All were deeply
affected and retired to an adjoining room."
Lord lddcslelirh, who was better known
ns Sir btafToid Norlbcote, was born In Lou
don, October 'J7, ISIS, and succeeded his
grandfather as baronet In 131. Ho entered
Parliament lu 1$.V, and rom&ined there, ex
e t pi In 1S."jT-'A until is$5. Ho w as private
fterctary to Mr, Gladstone when bo was
president of tho Hoard of lrado, and during
Lord Dtrl.v's third administration became
president of the board. In iwlT-fcS ho was
Mcreiary oi fctoto lor inula, an: in
I 71 ho was appointed a member of the
Joint II Inh Commission, and assisted
st Wasblncton In framing the treaty
which provided for arbitrating tbo Alabama
el situs. In 1&74 ho was Disraeli's Chancel
lor ot tbo Exchequer ; succeeded Disraeli as
leader of tho Conservatives In the Houso of
Commons in 1570, which placo be held until
lS.", when ho was elevated to tho peerage
as Earl of Id leslelgh. In Lord Salisbury's
C cabinet In that year ho was mado First
Lord of tho Admiralty, and in l$sG ho was
11 vtn the foreign portfolio, from which po
sition ho was on tho point of retiring at tbo
time of bis death.
Tho 4'rIMa In (irrntany.
BcnUN, Jan. 13. Yesterday vv as another
day of crcat Interest In tho Kelcbstag. Uoth
Prince Ulsmarck and Herr Wlndthorst, his
ot poncnt, (poke long and eloquently. 1 he
popular feeling Is plainly with the Govern
ment In its design to strengthen tho fron
tiers against possible foreign Invasion.
Among other things tho Chancellor said.
"In three ) cars we might bo confronted with
altered circumstances. To bo sure it Is also
Impossible to calculate tho position of af-
luirs seven years nence, uut uurinj; tun
period tho clllclency of tbo army would bo
secured acd a compromise would bo pos
Lomiov, Jan 13 Tho Timr' St. Peters
burg correspondent telegraphs that the
specchesof Pilnco Bismarck and General
onMoltlcfaII to aiTord much gratifies
tlon tn St. Petersburg after tbo epeuch of M
Flourena, whom the Kusslau press lauded
to the skies.
The A'W IffJHin .Voi'M. anl other
leading Journal ucelvo and treat the
speeches with Ihe greatest eccptlUsui mid
Vifnna, Jan 1.1. It U learned from
Kml-ofbclal sourira that Prince HlcinarcVa
cpiuh lu tho Eelcbstag ) ester Jaj meets
with lively recognition lu government clr
cles, as it is thought to show that ho Is try
ing to effect au entente conlmlr between tho
Cabinets at bt. Petersburg and Vlenu i.
Ihe Vienna press heartily approves tbo
lacguoge of tho speeches so far as It rclatos
to 1 rat cc, but tbc passages concerning
Austiiaaie not read with much pleasure.
Tin: rAitm:ns com;ki:ss.
Com ii It teen Appoiutcd ti tTrpo tlio
riimiiicu of Hut Cullom IHU
The Tanners' Congress, which hai
been in session for several days at the
A gtle ultural Department, adjourned
this afltrnoon. It was agreed that the
ntt meeting should beheld at Chi
cago tho Tuesday prccodhig tho Iit
StotI; show, which usually occurs In
November. Committees vvcro ap
pointed to wait on the Scnato nnd
House of Itcprcscntntlves in tho in
tirest of nn Interstate Commerce bill
and any other matters that might be of
interest to agriculturists. To mor
row afternoon the delegates willed!
on the President nnd will assemble at
AVIlhrd's Hotel at one o'clock for this
.ly mvoiiTAxr amii:st.
A 'I'lj" Hotel "Thlvf, Who IEubbtd
lh roe Hotel. In tho Toll.
Tto professional hotel thief whorobbel
tbc St, James, Solaris and tho Brunswick
during tho past few dajs, was lodged bo
hind tbo haistbls afternoon b) Detectives
Bait and Horn Ho Is a tail, good looking
man of about thirty-llvo ) ears ot ago, with
full t card and well-dressed Ho registered
at tbo Brunswick at 3 a. in. this morning as
Gcorgo Waller, He left beforo daylight
and carried off with him $d I'i in money, a
revolver, a gom waien nnu a gom ring,
whleh be stole from tbo occupant ot room
No. ') Hu ulso entered roums 4, tl anl 11,
nnd tiled tin titer Nu, 5, but tbooccupaut
filehteiitd him oil
He answered the description of tho intn
v bo registered as J. A. Johnson at Solarl's
ard stolo ii In money and a watch from a
room, and ho also answered thedeactlptlou
of the man w ho waa caught lu a room In the
St. James, where bo nglatered as (1. A WI1
eon, 'the detectives caught blm In bolou
Missouri avenuo and recovered tho prop
erty frcm hlrn that was stolen from tbo
Biunsvvlek. He offered to Uvo up tho stuff
ti ken from tbo other hotels if released. A
pair of nlppcis for opening doors from tho
o itsldo and a pair of thick socks that ho
draw over his shoes whllo operating wero
found ou him.
Itfveiuti Itt'lnrm In New York,
Mr. Jackson 8. Schtiltz was chairman of
tho tariff reform mass meeting which met
last evening In tbo great hall ot tho Cooper
t'nlon, New York, and tho speakers w ere S
W. Dawson of South Caroliua, William E
Dorsbilmerand Henry George, who said ho
was not only a revenue reformer ho would
"abolish taxes root nnd branch, '
TIhi 3Ioiioj .iiniUct
New Yonu, Jan. 13 -Money 3 per
cent Exchange dull poste I rat
4t1(niVt, Governments firm currency in,
USiuli). 4's, coupon, Vi'l bid, -tl', do.
HOI tie
Mt&souiti vagi no Accint:xr.
A MlA(ri'fintTIirwaiiPiiMoiirerTniln
finm tho Truck.
OvtAiiv, Nrn., Jan. 13. The MMsourl
Pacific express train from hero lastnlirht
for St. Louis was wrecked near Dunlur,
Neb. Engineer Hewitt of Wyandotte, Kan.,
was killed. IlrcmanGallcs was probibl
fatally scalded. Express Messenger Cheno
with had his skull fatally fractured. Tho
others Injured aro J. Urlckhart, lluITalo,
George Coon, Philadelphia; C.G, Barton,
Omaha; K. Becker, West Indies; E. Con
nor, Uraaba; John (Ircgor, New York,
Moll lo Ujde, Belult, Kan ; Mrs. Walker
Kennedy of Foreps null's Circus, Martin
Khman ot Omaha, Matthew Ltndoll of
Omaha, Silas McConoly of Omaha, M. (I.
Morau of New York. John ltlckctt of
Austin, Tex.; Albert Von Folgc of Willis
Springs, Mo,
Ihcruvwre seven or eight beside theso,
but tbey refused to glvo their names. Ibo
cars w ere turned over and over, but did not
catch Arc. A rail hail been deliberately
loosened, and thcro Is no doubt tbattbo
disaster was caused by some ouo whohal a
grudge to satisfy. Euglnecr Dewitt refused
to join the strikers last fall, aud has been
disliked by them ever since.
ini: uxiihit i'if.'AA.
Tho Annual Mrelltij; iiml 1, let linn of
Nrw Yoiih, Jan. 13. The annual meet
ing of tho United Press was held yesterday
at the St, James HuUI. Tho rcpoit of tho
I'xecutlvo Comtnltteo showed that tho gross
earnings lu ISbo had been $J0,000 In excess
of those for 1M5, and the treasurer reported
a handsome surplus In band. Thu f allowing
unincd ofllccrs wero elected fur tbo ensuing
) ar : President, .1 innes W. Seott; vice
president, John H Farrcll, treasurer, C. it.
Baldwin; ncrctar), Waller P Phillips.
'Ibo Board of Directors for 1S'J7 aro tho
same as for last )tar: Messrs, James A,
Scclt, CUcHgo lltuiht Cturlcs II. 'la)lor,
Boston (,titn, John II. Farrell, Aloan)
li e (nnd hmekeiliocler William L. Brown,
New Yoik IhuUi Xtw, Ihibert H. DavU,
rhtladelrhli lUeninq toll James E.
fc'crlpps, Detroit Xtu t, William C. Brant,
Brcukl)ti luiirs Attlur Jenkins, Syr a
iwcJltraltt, E. II. Butler, Buffalo Ihenhij
Acim, Samuel D. Lee, Hocbestcr llemhl
C. 1!. Baldwin, at n bury Anurk in
Samuel B, Blood and Walter Pbllljss.
r.vwions m:vi:Arnih
How ii ti Irlflli Temint heeiircil lilt
Holding ut Iteii4oniiI)lo ltnti.
A Dublin dispatch, dated the 12th, sa)s
At Iiosnmanaghcr, County Ltmerlce, )ei
terday, a landlord named Dcsterro attempt
cd to evict a tenant named 1 ro&t, who o Aod
him than 700 pounds for rent. Ihe pj
lice, followed by a largo crowd ot people,
upon arriving at Frost's housv, f juud it
barricaded, and outsido thu front cntrau a
a huge dle ot stones. In front of this pile
and securely bound to it by clu las wai
Father Little, tho parish priest. Iliu pilLe
eurrejed tho scene and found tint tho
priest had been chained in such a uiitiut
that entrance to tho homo could not bo
forced without dMurbtng htm
this they wero uispoieU to uo, nut tho
crowd threatened to assault tho pjllco If
tbcy laid hands ou tho priest, mil 11 n ally
became so demonstrative that tbo pullco
drew their batons und charged upuu tho
people. Ibo priest, still chained to tbo pile
of stones, vehemently deuouncod tbo laud
lord, who had accompanied thu police to
tho house, and Besterro finally agreed to
stttlc tho matter b) allowing Frost to pur
chase his holding ou the basis of 13 jears
1 ii iic ml Df.lolin Itutrli.
New Yonu, Jan. 13. Tbc funeral of
John Koach took place at 11 o'clock this
morning from St. Paul's M. E. Church,
Tho pallbearers wero Messrs. George W.
Quintaid, George E. Weul, C. II Mai lory,
James E. Ward, Andiew 1 lctcber, Win
Kow land and Win Parker.
Tbc Kev, Dr. McChesupy, the rector,con
ducted Ibo service, asttstud by Bishops
Hauls of tbUbtato aud tbo Kev. Dr. Go
llo Interment was at Greenwood,
AlcA'indila ,Vhm,
Tbo prlvato Icehouses are being flllel
from both the river ami cnual.
A bill has bscn Introduced In tbo CIt
Council lo Increase the salarv ot the gVs
su erlnlciideut f i oin tOOO to frOO per ear.
At tbo last nuetlrg of the supervisors
ot Alexandria Count), action wjs taken
providing for tbo better maintenance of
pauper poor.
Intbotnlted States Court on Tuesday
Mr. John C. Wrecsball wus appointed ru
eclver cf tho Elebmund and Sew Itlvor
Kallroad, and bond fixed as vj,oo ),
The Court has ordered Mr James Beth
unc to deposit lu bauk the nuaey wliltti
Blind Tom has earned since the courM took
If gal steps iu tbo matter of his possession
Invitations arc out for the marriage of
Mr, E. A Grccnu ol uiicsvlllc, O , to MUs
Mar) 11, Buckingham of that city, to take
place Januar) 30.
Ibo funeral of Mr. Tbomas Daw nej took
placo to day from Et Mark's Church.
Tho brother ot Mr. '1 nomas Broalus dis
appeared from his home lu this city Tuesdiy
last, and has not siucu been beard of. He
asks the police to assist him iu finding tits
Lieutenant I), McFrcnrh leaves hero to
night to rejoin bU revenue cutter lu New
VYiisIiInglon l'eupli-, Alttltur nnd
Othcm Welt Known Here.
Mn. Cuheu, the Hawaiian Minister, fs
at the Everett House, Now York,
IIo. Chai.1 eh E Biiow , Second Ohio
district, Is at 010 Thirteenth street north
CoMiTiior leu Dw.nM has remorel
from 1U31 G street to 313U PeDU3lvaalJ
SrNATon Jwies G. Faiii, accoTipanlcl
b his sou, James (1 Fair, Jr , aud Evan J
Coleman, arrived in tho city Utt evening
aud Is at Wormle) .
nal Corps, who Is now stationed In Omatu,
met with an accident theru ou Tuesday of
lust week wbhh will coutluo him to bU
iuarters for some lime. Hu was loivlue hi
ufllce, wLlch Is In tbo Government bull Hug
there, and slipped on the k1) stone steps,
breaking his left leg.
l'lomlncnt Hotel Aitlvnl
WniKEit's. C. T. Ljnch, New York, I.
L. Cunningham, Patersou, N J.
Woumikv'h. Hon. Jame G. Fair, Ne
vada, Evan J. Coleman, Sn Francisco.
St. Jamu- James Little, Toronto, .1.
W. Jones, Ulcbmoul, Ihotnas O'Connor,
New ork; W. B Thouus, Athens, Ga,
Kim (. A. N. Howard, Pittsburg,
IhomBS Strahan, Chelsei, Mass.; C. A.
Land, Boston, '1. J. Buchauan, Baruesvlllc,
AitiiNtiToN J. B. Scott. Pittsburg,
John E. 1 orle, New Haven, Conu.. D. L
K. Hawle, Danville, a., W. S. Bissell,
Win vim's. Kobort BarrVi Pblladflpbli,
Alex. P. MeKee, Butter, Pa , B E (In
bam, Sttubcuvllle, Ohio, W. el. DcWltt,
New ork, John A. Foster, New York.
McTiioroiiMN. Wm. Strauss, New
Yoik. A. G. Elliott, Philadelphia; Hon. J.
M. Broner North Caroliua; SamubI 1.
Adsms, Smith Boatou, Va , J. M, Laskes,
New oik.
rimiri W. P. Claik Boston, K P.
teaiv, I S N Cbarlcrt W Kenulek, New
oik Mr und Mis William Thorn, Itlch
moud, u Mr and Mrs W. A. Powers,
Blcbmoiid a.
Nationvi Campbell I.ffljw, Fin
Smith, Ail. Joseph M Brawn Mtanu,
(ia (leurite H Lvlk Cluca. 1 Kullv
KorlnhUr. K Corpeutur, PulUielpU.s W
S KojuIi, Allegheny
A Caucus in Progress at SpringQell
This Afternoon,
An ITitaiKMpiftMl lifmrmt Ohiicim irt
IsniVNAi-otK Isd, Jan. 13. Every
proposition to go to tho courts on tho
rUcstlon of tho Ucutcnant Governorship
Lav It g Lccn rejected by tho Kepubllcans,
Mr. Smith, tho acting Democratic Lieu
tenant Governor, vcsUrday appeared In the
Clicult Court and instituted proceedings to
restrain HoLcrtson from assuming auv ot
ILo duties cf Lieutenant-Governor, It Is
hoped that tbo case- will bo promptly
rushed to tho Supreme Court. Mr. Uohert
son appeared in tho Senatu Chamber and
bis formal claim lu writing to tlm Presi
de! y tf tho Senato was presented. Thu
presiding otllcerhcld that the Senate lu I
nlrtBily decided that no Lieutenant
Governor baa been elected.
An I'liHUrccrnl ('nut'ii.
San Fhanciijco, Cu., Jan. M (tie
Democratic caucus last r.hjht was only at
tended by 4 j of the 05 Democratic member
In the two Louses, a concurrence of CI be
ing required to mnko a Senator. But only
S3 of the Democrats, or lea thau a majority,
ot pcared to bo In Hearst's favor. Of tho
absentees 10 were from thlsdty, and shout I
these cu into tbo next caucus on Friday ai
Mr. Hearst's supporters his nomluatlon Is
assured. Ills opponents, however, aro
tonpldeilng the pmprliij of golnif on with
thu balloting in tho Legislature without
baring outther coucu, In which eveat
Hearst would stand no show
21 r. Vnn U'jck'H Con tent
Ltxcoi , Nrn , Jon. 13. The first ballot
for Senator will bo taken at noon on Tues
day next, aud will probably result as fol
lows: Van Wjck CU votes, Paddock 50, a
Democrat IW, Cobb 12, Weaver 5, and the
remainder scattering. Ibo Legislature U
1,'e'publlcon on Joint ballot by a majority
( fi7, there being but CIS Democrats lo tho
entire membership of 131. Something ot a
sensation has been caused by a rumor that
the Democrats bavo made overture to
Senator Van W'vck, proposing that he throw
bis voles to Congressman elert Mtbano
Ibtn lbe Democrats will elect an Wyck
to the lowtrhoLse.
The Ncv .Ioihc.v .lludilh.
Tin mov N. J , Jan. 13. lhe seating ot
Tut It y, the Camden Democrat, yesterday
afternoon, b.v a voto of 30 to 2S.w as rcgarde 1
rs a great Democratic triumph, but tbo ris
ing bct.es or that side of tlie Houewerii
eouslderably dabbed bv tbo Speaker's sub
fequifct appointment of a Commlttco ou
Contested Ltectlous, conshtlngof three Uo
rublleans, ono Labor inau ot Eepubllcau
r) inpntbles and ono Democrat. It U to thU
committee thAt the contest to tho Mercer
district Is referred. lho House then al
jourued uutll Monday night.
Tlie qw Vork Hcimtornliip.
Ai uvw, N. Y Jjn. 13. Tbo following
estimate of the Senatorial situation was
made up lute last Light Miller claims 41
votes aid Is conceded ; Morton, !? and
LMJ; HIcock, 10 and 30 This leaves 10 to Id
undecided, among whom ts the Eric dclega
A UrimiriMtlf .Nonilno'.
Sr. Pvn, Min , Jan. IJ. The Demo
cratic caucus last UJit nominated Michael
Doran fcr United States Senator, the voto
bcit-g: Dorau, 3", Lewis Baker of thi St
Paul Oh li, l Eiigt-no Wilson of Mtnne
apolle, 3, tcutterlng. 3
The UliiioN Lcglnlnttiie.
SritiNCi in t, Ii i , Jan. 13. Botb houi
met this morulrg und adjourned unul tc
morrow without accomplish in? any bust
i ess of linpurtntiro The ltepublUun i au us
leglns at 4 o'eluel. this alteiuoLn ti Mc
mortal Hall.
rmnii Jr.mi"H vyiiiiih a ih
St. Lous M" , Jan. 13 Frank am
the ex-bandit, came here yesterdaj a i t
seeking emplovmetit as a clerk. lb-1- mic)
ofllfuintlu 1 ttle town of Nevada, Mo
where I e ho liecii clerk tn n shoo store
sloeo be quit "the road," Ho called at tho
four courts jestcrday with ex-Uoveruor
Johnnn, his counsel, ii uu u
to all the Judges and law) crs. They treatel
blm as a dhtlosuUhed guest, and the rir
liess ot tbocouit waa practical!) u&i eni
while tbo James leveo lasted.
'inlr ToHIvit Klllftl.
Loit'ViiiE, Kv , Jan. 13. Liai i
liver, leader of ono faction lu tue 1 .j vi
Martin feud, was found dead in 1
day with a bullet bolo In his bead S
at bis enemies bad at last killed htm Th
State troops, wbleb bavo been valnh info"
to supt rcBs tbo light of tho faction 1 1
now be withdrawn.
iiuiirtho lAxUt llilgati.
Niw Yoiih, Jan. Id Charles Mai K.u
tie, vvbo was one ot tho Light Brigade and
took part in tho famous charge at Batik
lava, died here yesterday. Ho served in this
uavv during tbo war and was f or tweut
cars a policeman tn this clt) .
SleumMilp I'ouuiteieil.
Nnu Yi'itit, Jan. 13 Prlvato dlapat he
rctiirediu this city to-day state that tho
Mouarth Lino steamer Celtic Monan h,
fr.m Cardiff tJ ruiadelphla, hal hceii
abatdomd at sou on thu 31 iustant and
that the passengers a-d crew had bean
ea ed.
Ml. ttllUlM'M 3l0V01lHllt'.
AiiifTA, Mc , Jan. 13. An iutimats
friend of Jorae G. Bluloo denies that thu
lattf-r Is going to F.uronc, It Is uudcrstoo-t
that bo will moke a Western trip soon aud
speak In Detroit, February 33, befuri. tho
Detroit Kcpubllcan Club,
1h 4'mma ilftit hi'imtoi'hlp.
IlttTfoitn Con , Jan. 1 1. Ibo Bepuli
Mean joint caucus to-day nominated Mr.
Hawlev fir I . S. Senator, and the Detnu
crats Hon Charles II. Ingcrsoll.
TitriN, O, Jon. 13, Mrs. Joseph LW
tlethwalte, who loet her husbaud and tvv j.
aona lu tbo Baltimore and Ohio wtclU wit
begin cult against tbo company for $,.' 00'
Nlw Yukk, Jou. Id Mr. LeJarl t
coiihul for tho Pildeu trustees, state! rhu
bis ctleuts have cevtr given him auv rtus w
tosuppi se tbatthc) weie liultuel i" make
a coinpron.ise with the hulrswliu arc i m
tcslLug tho w IU
Irdicatiena f.r tiie-4 hours, commeui nu
t ,t n m.'lhuisda, January 1 '
Tor Dlfitrlii t.f Columbia, eastern r iui
fairweuiliu hcromlug sllghth coliii
TlM'innnurti'1' Itut1lii,s.
Tlierruomttcr readings for Jauuar
S id T a m , 30 Ii I lit )
Jjmai) i2 Mian temperature Mi uioxi
immi 47 mhiliuum, 31 ' uieaa relative
humid It), 10,

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