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t &. yswiwi ?t
iotii ynAii-AVitoiji: no. n,75i
ruron two onvr.s.
J& THE CRITIC. I - m 7 ' . HtHE CRITIC. '
O, Illation faster than all the othor 9 If-I IH 1 W W l k St H fci W ! 9 $ llb W i H I H H H I ctttfcd w only one dally paper in O, i J
Pmf art pevpora In the District or Ji JL JL JLU V XjL O JLJL JL X x HJI JL H JL O'-M--S- J. JL H the aur of Whln,lon. rt uW
QsLi) Columbia. i ti.pluy Knlnlnsr. 452i3 j
Events of Interest in and About tho
Isew Knllonal Hank. Mr. ValrrlilM'.
Ar)llctlou fjcnor.1 and 1'or.onal,
Exports of BroadBtuffa The exports
of brcadalufTa from tbo United states for
tlo calendar year 1880 agercgatcd $143,123,
tf.0, compared to 4.1-JjGW,187. for tbo pre-
ceuing j car.
Work at tbo Bindery. Offing to the
overtaxed condition of tlio Public Hinder),
Sccrctarj Manning lias found It necessary
to extend tho time allowed for furnlihlng
blank I ooka and other materia). Four
months w III hereafter ho required for mak
ing blatk bcoks, binding orders, where
there I no prlutlng, wilt require three
months; two months should he allowed for
the preparation of all blank form
Korfolk Wants Work The special
committee appointed bj tho councils of
Is or folk and Portsmouth, Va , tok visit
W od Ii Eton regarding woik at tho Norfolk
Navj-lid, bad n long Interview yesterday
nfteiroon with the Secretary of the Navy.
Ibe committee, through lion, George 1
Honden, representative elect from t!iat dis
trict, stated the value and extent of the
latitat tho Norfolk jnrd, and claimed that
the recent tinier of Hceretarj Whitney In
Ignoring thu facilities tune for building and
rtpn!ilr.g veMels Ii on Injustice to the
ten Ice. His tho only jsrd on this coast
that Is never blockaded by Ice, and where
e ut door work can be carried on all the car
round Tbo proximity to the pine Ian Is of
Noith Curollna was also rhown to bo an
tkuiett of cheapness In doing work there.
Minor rind Personal.
At&hdant Secretary 1-alrcblld has bcn
called to New ork b tho alarming Illness
of his mother.
Uy direction of tho Solicitor General tclc
ihono suits were jesterday Instituted lu
boston similar to those recently quashed In
'im: aiATiiuws xomixatwx.
rtobablAlvre Itepoit By tlio Sen
ate District Committee.
The Senate District of Columbia
Coimnlllca held en Important meeting
tc-flaj, nil tho members, Messrs. In
galls, Harris, bpooncr, Blackburn,
Cheney, Chacc, Vance, lirown and
Palmer, being present. Tho nomina
tion of Kecorclcr of Deeds Matthews
nuil Justice of the Fcaco Mills were
considered The Matthews nomlna'
lion is said to have been adversely
acted upon by a voto nearly tho bjric
08 that previously taken Pinal action
was not taken on the Mills nomination.
W nxcni'N C'arrlnire.
After the President's reception last nli;ht,
atd when the departing guests were pull
lug their lungs out In stentor shouts for
their carriages, some one In a part) of Sena
tors and Membcracalledfor J edge Wax em's
cant age. A gentleman!) and urbane po
liceman, w bo had no turn bio In his soul, sung
cut: "Jtelge Waxem's carriage," the next
man took It up and the next, tho drivers of
various carriages caught It, and In two min
utes there was such a yelling for J edge
V, axtw's eurrlago that that able statesninu
was scarcely to be restrained from rlslug lu
bis i lace and making a few Incongruvlal
lemsrkson tbo unanimity and comprehen
siveness of this great and glorious I te public
ci ours, buuice it to saj mat lie au not,
neither did he get his carriage, but went
home to a street car In tho highest at) le of
JelTe-rsoLljn simplicity.
Htrlbcis' DevlllMi Work.
fcAN lmcieco, Cvl., .Ian. 14. An ex
plosion occurred last evening on the Sutter
Street Cable Hoc, which wrccktl adummj
ord threw Its four passengers violently out
upon tt p pavement Mrs. IUIdebrandt, wife
ol a wealthy merchant, was ball) bruised
and Is rostrated from tho effects of the
shock. Ibo others were Icsj serlousl) hurt.
The expletive- Is supposed to have been
giant under, and there Is little doubt that
tLe strikers put It upon tbo track.
A (.'rent Uro Fiom a Spailt
Aii-tin, Tt,, Jan H Yesterday sparks
ftrmaucnglno set flro to prairies twenty
five miles north of Austin. There has been
nthuemoDtbV droulh. The grass Is as
dn as tinder, and the flames sprcal like
lightning I eforo a stilt wind, burning fl,03.)
ceres. A Hock of 1,000 sheep was caught
In tie flumes and alt were burnej. live
1 i.Ldtcd ore already dead and Ibe balance
Fin or tho tillnm Illtl.
Hi v eh, Coi , Jan. 14 Tbo Denver
C I auiler of Commerce aud Doard ot Trade
at tbtlr annual mectlag last night uuant
juiuil) rdoptcd lesolutlons Indorsing tho
Irttitttte Commerea bill, and requesting
tl e ( r,k i twin dclceatton lu Congress to vote
fr lit till nrd use all honorable meuns to
i tn iclta paisogc,
11 Male Tress Association during the
Ct) pdoj ted fclmllar rtsolutfona,
linmliicut llotol Arilvnln.
Ueixi.eii'h-C. T. llrse, Olymtli
K. Krtmer. rhlladtJphla, , U. lirse,
Klttsturgti, Wash. Ter.
Wokmllt's William HofTiuan, New
cik: AufiUblus E. Willsou, LoukJIlej J.
y. &udlum, Lowell, Mass
Natiosai Cbarkal'. Uronn, rittburjc;
Ii. Mel r, bavannati; V, l Mlson, Vhlladel
lllj; W.Colvlll, lie 1 Wing, Minn.
ltiro-l (3. I'bllilps, Pittsburg A. II.
1. Mh, btarofonl. Coun j (ieorgoO Jones
New oik Jhnct, Ibomas U, lroscrt New
AtniNOTOs J au Cox, Now York,
PauUoid Cf-lvli), Iviugstnn, Caua U, Geiifrul
I'ufua IubbUo, USA; Mr. and Mrs. G, 1
Jcr.u, Ihtladelphlu
11 miT, K. II Young, Norwich, Conn;
, J, Sears, b, 8 N ; John l'. Manh,
Siilmillfld, Mars ; V. . Klmberly, bloux
City, low a; i.. i, Jtniuicu, new iorK.
(I t. Jasies W N.l'alre, Newarir, N.J ',
II I'. McUhrty, Thomaivtllo, N O: Wm
Irulr, Iknuve, l'n , John lkand, LI m Ira,
N. t.; 1 II. Lowlc), MHIamtport, I'd.
Ml ruorouiAN N. Turrer, West
Toinl, Ga : luoige II. Knight, bt. LouN,
Dr. K. J. llrewir, Charlotte, N J , II II
Dodd, New lork; C. 11. Luck, trcdsrlcks
lurg, a.
WntAitn's John 1. Jones, Klogmin,
Ksn : A. A. Winston, Mobile, AU ! T. Ik
I each, b. W. Cobb and Walter B Douglas,
tt. loulf, U Y, Mciutlro, liugalo; A. .
oucg, New York.
lie Kneu IIIh (nkiu4'
A iirella Arthur, this Is a momentous
question, ouaskmotoglreiuy life Into
j cur keeping. Oh, Arthur
Do Tnlrllger For heaven's sake don't bo
vIokLt. II I'vomadoabad brea'f, forglvo
"No, no, Arthur ; let us not mUunder
ataLd each other. Can I, dare I trust youl"
"Aurella, I wilt answer von frankly.
Hpesklog for a tailor or a hotel man, I
would say 'no,' but as a maiden I think jou
au vtnture." I'biladeli hli Call.
Motto of a vvcod saw) er I cjuie, I sawed,
I cerded.
The Dlilomallc levco IiAt night at tho
White House was a notable one, asseni
1 Hog, as It dIJ, so many persons prominent
lu foreign and ofllctal life, as woll as the
distinguished guests from resident social
e ticks, who arc not frequently temptel out
to evening receptions. TbInvlUtlous to
others than ofllctal families Tamo verbilly
f rem either tho 1'rctt lent or bis w If c. Tbo1
Mansion was In gala dress, each apart
inett being richly decorated wltli cut ihiw
crs and growing plants, Tbo llavt Kooin
bad the windows converted Into bowers,
with tall and spreading palms. Tho three
windows of tbo Illuo Parlor wero hidden
behind a massing of green and a lower
border of polneetta and azalea bushes. Tbo
arrangements for tho comfort of tho vast
throng Incited were most nallafactor). the
state aud private dining rooms, where the
gm st a lalu aside their wraps, affording
euttunlent access to the main cor
ridor, where tho company prom ma le 1
until tho descent of tbo receiving party,
l'lieldeut Cleveland escorted Mrs. M&uulu,
down stairs and Secretary lli)ard Mr.
Cleveland, beerctar) Manning following
with Mrs Vilas, secretary Uhliucy, Secre
tary I rd cott, Mr. Ulna and Colonel I a-
in (j ot ciusirg up mo procession. .Mrs.
I ndktt and Mrs Whitney wero not pres
ent. Mr. Jlu)ard uiudo tho prcsentailons
for tLu Diplomatic Corps, beaded h) Mr.
I'iciton, and ufterward Colonel Wilson In
troduced l he gueits to tbo President aod
lieutenant Duvall to .Mrs. (Jcvelanl. rol
lowing tho Diplomatic Cotp, tbo benators,
JtiMIcts, Members of Congress department
oDlclnls, journalists and private citizens, all
accompanied I) ladles, wero Introduced
M r. Corcoran, with bis granddaughter,
Miss Julio Hulls, received an ovation,
notonl) from the Patldcnt aod Mrs. Clove
land, but ull along the Hue Wherever he
slej j ed, teople gathered to pay respects
Mr. Corcoran has not attended an evening
Icvcenttbe White Houso for many years,
1 ut could not resist tho Invitation of a
Democratic President's ban laomo wife. lie
grcally enjn) cd the event, and looked many
years. ouuger than his age, Mr. Marshall
P. Wilder also held Impromptu levees here
and there, when meeting acquaintances.
I liniment In the group In the Ditto Par
lerwas Mr. Uis'tll, tho l'lesldenl's Ian
t ortccr: Secretatlcs Whltnc), I ndlcott, Mr.
ltas, Mrs. lcleom, Miss Lndkolt, Mrs
and Miss bears, Mrs. SIcard, Mrs. Good
i car, Mr. and Mrs It S. r)cr, Mrs. and
iiiesJamar, Miss Manning, Miss lus,
Mlts Ho)nc, Miss Ilastlnes, Mrs Lamont,
Miss W arner and others of tbo Cabinet
families, IhedUptayof handsome dress
ing has not been surpassed, and tho costli
ness of tho toilets and the value of ihogcms
womb) the ladles bard!) equaled here be
fore. Mrs, Cleveland w oio an art dress of ruby
plush, simply made. Iho skirt had a long
train, falling from tho waist In two broad
box pleats Tho waist had a square-shaped
neck, and was sleeveless Lxqulslto point
trimmed the neck and fell In a rullle over
tuo shoulder, choworoa diamond neck
lace and pendant, and there was a diamond
rose and a diamond spra) of flowers In her
Mis Manning wore maize fallloanl bro
caded vehct with low neck, trimmed with
point. Mrs Mlas shell pink faille with
the entire front draper) of beaded tulle,
with low necked waist trimmed with pink
pearl and opal pasaementrlcs, Sbo wore a
gold chain necklace and a diamond shell
Mme, Komero wore opal tinted satin with
gold and opal passementrles. Mrs lleljar,
a Marie btuart gown of white faille Iran
caleo and white brocaded velvet. The
w alst w as square at tbo neck w Ith tall frills
of luco on itiu shoulders aud lace sleeves
A Lroad soft sash of white satin was tied
about the waist and fell over tbo train In
long loops, llironessd'ltajuha, white hru
cade and satin, low corsage; Miss West
and Mies Hora West, pink tullo aud satlu
MlasAmalle West, white tullo garlanded
with buttercups; Mrs I eland btauford,
black loco and grenadine toilet and mag
ntlltent diamonds. In her cars, black
i earls surrounded bv dlnmouds. threu
largo clusters, aud pendants, In her neck
bar d ot velvet, n diamond brooch of num
erous stones, surrounding a large, black
1 cutl, aud bracelets studded with large dl i
mods Mrs. tolsom, wore lavender moire
and beaded tulle; Mrs, blcard, white
corded silk and pearls; Mrs. Goolyear,
pink molro and pink pearl trimmings, Mrs
Audcntled, tolnt lacodiapcrlcs over white
satin, Miss Audcntled, blue tulle, Miss
Caldwell, white corded silk. 'Ibo low
eoisuge had a bertbi of polntlaie, and
loj cs ft 1 cails crossed from shoulder to
shoulder. A diamond branch and a star
gleamed In the laco. bbo wore on a garnet
elut neckband three magnificent diamond
stars, onolber In her hair, a necklace of
t earls, tbteo or four strands, and her car
lit p. a wem large pearls In a cluster of dia
monds Miss 1 lua Caldwell wore whlto
satin, caught with roses, and over tbo skirt
Ml silver leaded tulle, inoiro sink, and low
reck. She woro largo pearls In her
cars and a pearl necklace ot five
strends, Mrs Donnelly, bUck velvet anl
jtt, Miss Hancroft, gold beaded tullo aud
I, old brocaded low waist, Miss PiiaUd, blue
ciepeuud satin; Mrs, Senator Jones, laven
der tulle aud moire; Mrs Hudlay, olive
pluth and ducbess lace, Mrs Sency, a
ileh toilet of scarlet velvet and lUht bro
cade; .Mrs. A. A, Wilson, white moire,
eleborately trimmed with pcurls, Miss W It
sen, blue tulle, wreathed with forget me
nots, Mies Kate Davis, whlto net, with olive
ilbbous, Mrs H)cr, whlto satlu ifud
pearls, Mrs, Townsend, maize cordeJ silk,
with elaborate trimmings of Jet, Mme.
Kukl, while satin and pearls; Mrs Irank
Icsllc, reiplcndentln laco nnl dtamonls;
Miss Iaiuar, white satlu and tulle: Mrs,
SbtiUau, point laco dress; Miss MaUlo
Mitchell, wblto tulle, garlanded with
violets. About half past 1U, when thereat
of the gucotsbad been presenttl, the Presi
dent and Mrs Maunlug led the receiving
I ail) through a tour of the rooms and hack
again to tbo blue Parlor, where tho gather
li g then 1 ei flint) entire!) Informal aud very
dellsbtful. It was after 11 beforo the) went
up stairs, us Mrs Ckvclaud, know
Iig It would take some time
for the guests to reach their car
ilagcs, considerably prolonged the time
down stmts IhuLd.i Koom, as well as
ho other parlors, when ncail) alt had de
puited, iiLteuled au auiu-lng floor col
In tic i) of tlnsi1 and broken heal ornaments,
tltsef ilblons, torn Ian, und was the bust
evldtue if ibe I mine Liny throng which
surged (bit uBh the homo throughout tlio
eveilrg. The weather, wh'ch promised to
le uipioiltlous, as umihI cliMtul up and lu
tbo half hour i rending and following the
sect tloii noralu Kit
Mrs I aught ou, who went first to the
WLlie House lev ec, held a veiy brilliant iu
ffi lien later at her ciui lesldtnce, belu
niiigbirseilesi f fhurids) nights Mostof
the D'pkiDalle Corps sswell mothers pop
ulor lu foeljl lift, Joined tho throne at this
Lospll alio mil sku, Mrs. 1 aughton was
attkted b) her gucots, Mrd. Kti le of Phil
rdclphla, ord MUs lUrghmaos bbo re
tefvtd In a velvetrobt, brocaded In )tauslea
and flounced with point luce Mrs Itiwlo
woie pale blue Irueuded satin anl hand
Jedgo Waxem, tho now Member from
Wojtuck, aieompaulel by his ittlnulle
wlfi, Mandv, wero among tho conspicuous
Micsts at tho Prpt-I lotii'a receptluu last
evening. It was Mand)'aIlrstappcaraueo
In faiblonablo society at tho Capital, aul
both herself and hutbaud received marked
atleutlon ftom the President aud Mrs.
Cleveland and other prominent iersonaires
who bio among the Jcdge's numerous ar
dcU Mends and admirers at the Natlonil
seat ot Uoveament.
Mrs, 1 1 laud Stanford brgau her Thursday
receitloLS )estrrda), und her bouse was
throiged during tbo entire afternoon. Miss
ttllou and MIis Kobl assisted her In re
ceiving and I resided In tho dining room,
where substantial aud dainties were
served most abundant!). Mrs. Stanford
mado a charming Impression ou these who
bad the pleasure ot meeting her )nsterday
for the Hist time, and tbo corupati) was a
dlbtlogukbed ooo In every respect. Mrs
Stanford will rccelro tbo three coming
Against Postponement of the Inlcr
slato Commerco Bill.
Mr. Hoar and Mr. Sherman in Opposition
to tho Measure.
Tlio MitttltfWK Mniilmitlon tci
potted mi Atliemelj.
hoon aflcr the Hcnito convene! to
diy Mr. Cullom moved lo resume
consideration of the Intirstato Com
mcrco Mil at once. 'I he yeas and nays
were called for, and the motion pre
vailed by 7 to 12.
The ni 8 were Messrs Ithlr, Cime
ron, Chacc, Cheney, Trjt, Ilivvley,
Hoar, Morrill, Savv)cr, facvve.ll, Slier
man and Bpooncr.
Mr. foe. well repotted an agreement of
the conferrces ou tho bill Increasing the
nnnual appropriation for the militia
The famalu bad Increased Ibo appro
pilaliou to 000,000, and tho conrerrees
agreed to fix tho amount at i? 100,000.
Mr. riumb Introduced and tho Sen
ate niloptcd n resolution culling upon
the Commissioners for Information as
to the number of wholcsalo and retail
liquor lkcnscs In this District, the au
lLottty under which issued, etc.
Mr. Hoar then took the floor In op
position to the Interstate-Commerce re
port. At 2 CO Mr. Iloir concluded his
speech, and inquiries were pi o pounded
Lo him by oilier Senators as to the
practical operations of the short haul
Mr. Ediormnn then took the floor
against thu bill, and was followed by
Mr. Ldmuuds In its favoi. A vote be
fore adjournment seems likely. It is
generally conceded that the bill will
pnsa by trom l to s majority.
The IIoiiMo.
The House to day agreed to the con
ference report on thu Electoral Count
The conference report Increasing the
appropriation for tho Fort Scott, Kan
sas, public building to ?10,000 was
agreed to.
Tho House then went Into Committee
of the "Whole on private MIR
The Senato District Committee decided
to diy to recommend thi passage of tbo
House bill providing for tho Lastcrn branch
The School Trustee bill was discussed,
Lut It w us decided to take no action upon
It ut present.
Tho committee Indorsed Iho bill to Incor
porate the .ourg Women's Christian llomt
tf this Clt).
The numerous street railroad bills were
taken up and referred to subcomitilttcis.
Tbcsuljtct ot legislation to reduce the
I rice of gas was takeu up In tho Senate
District Committee to da), and It was de
cided to hold a special meeting at 11 a. m
to-morrow to receive tbo repot t on the
Georgetown company. At this meeting
the matter will bo Mit Into BUch slnne that
Mr. Spooner cau move early next week to
iiaveacuou taucn in reierence 10 uoiucoui
flir FOKEIflN mml siuim.
The foreign mall stibsily fight cannot bo
revived this winter until the Postonlco Ap
pioprlatlon bill comes up In the Senate.
Tho Homo Postofllco Committee has do
elded that ltbas no autborlt) to make such
nrovlslous. and It would be ruled out lu the
llcuie as new legislation As the bill Is
now In Its earliest atazes of subcommittee
j reparation tho subslly battlo will not be
tjin uuiu l er) jaio in iuo session.
The Senate In secret session has con
firmed Hugh A, Dlusmore, to be Minister
Lesldentsnd Consul General at Corea,J
W. Davis, Appraiser of Merchandise al
Providence, 1C 1 tO J. Gallup, lleglsterof
the I aid Ofllee at Carson Cil), Nev.,also
thirty tbrco postmasters,
Tbo managers of the Interstate Commerco
bill bavo mado a canvass of the Senate aud
claim that tho motion to recommit the bill
will bo lost, Tbtrt) eight senators, of
whom tn cut) four are Democrats, are re
lied upon to voto against tho motion ; thirty
benators, of whom twent) fouraro Kepub
llcans, to voto for It, and seven are countod
03 doubtful.
At tho mcctlog to-da), the Logan anl
lllalr Pension bills wero mado a special
order for Tuesday uext.
Tho bill to purchase tho i ropcrty at
Twenty fourth and M streets for tbo Signal
Service, at a cost ot $103,000, has been
ogteed to In committee.
Men unit Mcinuren in ltoth lluuscv of
Senator Cameiou )csterda) afternoon In
Iroductd a I III to pruvlle for Governmcut
Commissioners to tbo proposed Cuustltu
tlonnl Centennial Celt brut ion at Ihlla
Tho ilcturo ot tbo first battle between
hot elads has lieeu purchased tv the Gov
trement and hung lu tho Capitol,
I'eprcscntallvo ilndlav ot Maryland yes
tcrdu) Introduced a memorial pruylngfora
Corgrisslonal Investigation of the allegtd
Irutnlil) andcrucltv to n)ster dredgers In
Ibo Chesapeake and their reported luvoluti
tar) servitude.
lu i oiigri'Hr e,Nteidtv
In (be Senate yesterday at thu conclusion
otMr I vartb' speech, a unanimous agreo
ment wds reacbel that u vote on tho Inter
state Commerce bill should bo taken to-day
T no A nt 1 loljgumy bill wuslhcu taken up,
tho House amendments non concurrel in
und u eoitfireco cotumlttto uppolutcd
In tho Houso the Judlcl.tr) Committer
held the floor andeoi tluued to pass bills of
minor linpoitaucc until uljouiumeut
Wuililualnii l'euple, Is) tori
Others Vlt Known lturo.
WaikeiiII itrscn, for a long time an
emplo)o of tbollouseot Heprescntallvos,
las beeu appointed Hie Commlsslouer of
James P. ooiuiee- Intends to remove
his contemplated opening In this clt) In tbo
legitimate lo Ibo People's Theatre, New
icrk, uextseasou.
llioAev ork Isfiuue intM,
A regular mcetlug of tbo New York State
Democratic Association will hi held ou
Saturday evening, Jan jary IS, at tj37 Seeon I
street noilhwest, for tho purpose of elect
r.i rinliioo. Tallin (ho StiiKl nntl
IiOokliiR ni frc?h nml btlebt in n
(lnlnly mountain pink, .Mrs. Kmmom
wilkid briskly Into Ibo oul Circuit
Court room thU niornlni; n Ith n conn
dent emtio lighting up licr face, lltr
oj cs wero bright nml resiles., nml hor
check had a IrlRhtcneil color, bringing
foilh looks of ndmlrallon from even the
ladles who composed the major portion
of the nt gathering within tho cncr
able wall.. She came prcpued to lull fy
In Lcr own behalf and looked her best.
Mic was somewhat more nervous thin
usual, but othemlso gave no outwird
sign of cxcllcmcnt at the appro tolling
l'mdoplng hcrlmudsomc figure wis
n cosily sialskln cloak lhat reached so
low that her dress was hidden com
pldcly from Uew. A pretty bonne I,
with beaded work, set oil and made
tomplito her cosluuie. Preceding
her us a sort of advanco body
guard, camo her ninhl and "Chanles"
and "Sir Walter Duldge," 01 sho
calls her fuolman, bearing between
them an Immense) allsc, tllleil with
papers to be used by her for reference
Inner own tcsllimm) Hhu look her
acruslomeil scat In front of tlio Jurv
before Iho Irhl eoinniciHeil, llankc I ou
either shlc li.t her filr frleml, .Miss
Cranelell, and her faithful mtld,
The mldilny sun struggling Uiroii jli
Ihe dut cniucd nlueluna lighted up
(ho faces of those present, nod luidu nil
tlio legular nllcinlants of the trlil
easily rccognl7ed Nearly ccry ono
connected wllh tho case was late, nnl
Ihchamlsof Iho ancient timepiece on
Ihcwall had klsed Ihe hour of noon
before tho proeeedlncs were fairly un
der way. l'rolcssor lmmons was on
hand, as promised bv his counsel ves
lerday, llewasncitl tlressed in ptiln
black, and sat quietly by bis couusel,
siting little, aud Lonllulog that to n
weird of suggestion lo one or tho other
of his counsel
till LIMA cm 1 1 1).
Mr. Garnclt said that ns n miller
of nccommoelallou to Dr. Samuel
C. lluscy ho was first placed on the
stand Instead of Mrs. Emmons. Mr.
Conway Hoblnson, of Mrs. 1 n
mons' counsel, conducted Ihe camlna
Hod. Dr. lluscy said he first saw Mrs
I'mmons on Iho 15th of October last
He saw her twice again In the succee 1
Ing week, and again nt Wormley's
nftcrMrs.Kmmons' returned to llurops.
lie said lhat he first lslted her In re
sponsc to a letter from Sirs elcCormls,
staling that It was thought that n cer
tain lady was Insane nnd that It was do
sired thai be should eaminc her. Tho
letter inclosed one from Dr. Go lding
Tiir. lmcTon Tiuturi).
Thnt day two hdlcs came to ids of
lice. Sirs. Kminons personated Mrs
do Cormls and Mrs. do Cormls per
sonatcd Ihe lady whom witness was to
cMimlrc. Mrs. Emmons introduced
Mrs.dc Cormls as the Inly tobjci
airlrcd. During Iho examination Mrs.
I'mmous ficquenlly nodded approval
After nc ireful examination ho said to
Mrs, l.inmons that the lady examined
was, lu his opinion, sane. Mrs dc
Coimls, at Mrs Kmmon,' request, Ihen
rcllrce! and the latter asked i)r lluscy
If be bad reserved any of his opinion
about Mrs. do Cormls. Aflciward, la
Dr. llusey's olllce, she asked
If witness knew Mis. l?mmous,
and on replying he did not think he
would renumber bci, she said "I am
Sirs. Kmmons." At her request, theu
Dr. lluscy mado an eximinition of
Mrs. Kmmon9 and told her lhat In his
opinion she ivas sane Tho next tlmo
bo saw Mis Ihnmous was nt Worm
lej's Hotel, l'rom that intenitw he
should again decide her sane
"Now, Doctor," said Mr llobinson,
"from nil that 5011 know of lhlscic,
from xour examination of Mrs 11 11
uions, what is our opinion Is !he
eano or insanor
"She Is s inc. said Iho wlluess, posl
tlx tly.
"llaeyou auy doubt at all In tho
premises! '
"None whatever '
Ihe cross examination was then
taken up by Mr Kent In repon6o lo
au Innuir) ho nlmlttcd that his ex
icrlcuco with Insanity cases was lim
ted Mrs Ihnmons' object in coming
to see him, ho said, was as sho staled,
toproo her sanity in oulcr to iccour
her propc 1 ty.
- "Ami with this object lu lew,
said Mi. ICcut, "her manner was
guarded "
"I object," said Mr OarnctI, Jump
ing to his fed.
"All rljht. Ill withdraw ll will
withdraw anjlhlug If you will on ly sit
down," said Mr Ivcnt
"I 11 not sit down till 1 m through,
rctoitcd Ml, Gainett
Mr Kent sighed aud the audience
Mr Kent then changed tho question
aud followed tlio Doctor's testimony
throughout, endeavoring to breik it
down, but failed to injure the strength
of It, the witness ending by si) Ing that
iu his opinion Mrs Ihnmons uns per
fcclly snne, nud had been in all her In
ten lews willi him entirely coherent. In
refcunco to somo newsnancr articles
about her, Mis I'mmons told him that
she had not sought notoriety through
tho press, but had only denied false
hoods published nbout her and her
"Is It join opinion lhat Mrs Km
mons Is capable of caring for herself
her person aud her property I asked
Mr Kcut
'1 am unable to answer that ques
tion In reference to any one, without
having known them all their life
' You aro unablo then to answer It
In refeicuco to Mrs KmmonsT
1 nm unibto to nnsn er it In refer
cne e to nny lady Asa rule, they are
generally Incapable of earing foi
'Iboccrtlflcatoglicn by Dr Uusey ot
Mrs millions was thai put itievi
ilencc tlit papcis being handed to Mr.
" ou want to look out for pipers In
tiusltd to Mi Kent, ' spuUe up tlio do
ftudant. Il.uufhtir
"Did Mrs Kmmous evel 1 lilm lo
jou lhat her hush indpcrsvtuttd htrr'
asked Mr Kent.
Yes, sho said hli busbmd perse
tutcd her
In rtfertnto lo the letter of Dr God
ellii" Inclosed by Mrs do C'ormU,
which witness ollcred tugUo Mr. Ktnt,
the latter said that he prtferred tho
orlalrril 'Iho Dottor replied that ho
must hao It ns Mis llmmons hid
glun tt lo him 'Ihe defendinl re
piled that sho had Hoc
"You had noti" Mr. Kent nskcJ,
looking at Mrs. llmmons.
Puckering up her prcttj' mouth and
glilng her head n saucy toss, sho gaio
cnt to n long, drawu out tuiplutle
"No 0 o."
Jlr. Ktnt then nslcu! Dr. Uusey to
lake Into ton'ldcrattou all Iho iklil
slrnsofMrs. Dmmous sho. Mi In Ihls
Inquiry and Bay what ho tbouzht of
her conduct on board tho I.ydlan
"I Ihlnk," replied Dr, lluscy slowly,
"lhat coming homo to her husband
from Kuropo and being met on board
hj'Dr. Allan McLauo Hamilton, Dr,
Kcmpstcr and iter husband, the three
men xvho had been the Instruments
through whom sho was llrst put luto a
mad bouse, I do not think that her
actions, btr anger, her fear and her
Indignation were anything but those
of the sanest person.
Tin: 1 tmi.s a in md.
As this answer ended a low ripple of
applause, gradually swelled, until the
loud rapping of the Mat shal for order
was completely drowned, Iho np
plauc cainc principally from tho la
dies, some of whom expressed their
opinion so openly as lo rlu out ol
their scats and wato Ihelr baudker
chiefs. rl ho clfcc t of this outburst on
Mrs. Kmmons wns most pleasing, and
tho contrnrj cITtct on her liuilnnd
t luted him to turn n shade paler.
The court Ihen took n recess, this
closing the Doctor's testimony. '1 lie
couil loom eluilnir the recess reseinbltd
ttij much tho school room during the
absencu of llic teacher. Tndlts look
out their lunches aud mado themselves
as comf 01 table and much at home us
possible In the packed court room
Mrs. l.mmons nnd hir partj were
the only ladles who left the court room
during tho recess. When the doors
were opened to nllon Ihe jury nnd
olhtts to pass out to luuch thoio who
bad walled during the entire morning
session, and they were not u few
crowded into tho courtroom nud
Jammed tt like packed sardines.
Mrs. I'mmons wns then snorn and
gate hcrtcMlmonylnnstraighlforwaid
manner, thu embarrassment noticeable
at llrst soon w caring aw ay.
"Y'our name is V
" lllha A. l.mmons.
"You were married when 1"
"Ou Iho 5th of November No
that's nolrlgbt," hesitating. "On the
now I nm confused. Y'oti bad better
a.k my husband. It was the 15th of
August, 1SS0 Jio, 1ST0 I have Iho
ling on. '
"You took n trln r"
Yes, n wedding trip up the Ilhlnc'
"How far up did joit got"
"cll, I don t think I can eiy c
nelly. Wow cut to many places We
then returned to the United Males,
went to 31r. itaimons', and spent the
winter In New York."
"Afterwards where did you go ? '
' To n little place In 31 tunc, near the
Penobscot Hlur '
" here did votigo then?"
"T New ork. 3Iy liusbtnil was
Hi re sllll engaged on geological work
We rLinntne.il theic until we went
West, Wc staved at Cheyenne W
T n good wlille. We returned to
Hoslou just be f oic the Christmas of
"ii. i inuiK so o murnui to
Chejenne and n?iln vent to Ilostou on
the death of Mr. Kinmcns father
"hcii did )ou goto KiiropcT
"Xow let mo Hee,' she sabl, hut
tftllng ' It was just after 1 had the
kick on Ihe head. I went to Kurope
hccauco Mr Ihnmons was goln Into
geological work nnd did not want to
take me to I.indWI.c. l'cihnps he did
not know exactly what he did want.
"Onvvhatllno did jou go to IZu
rope 1"
'The AVhltebtar Line, and I slnilcd
tho latter pait of October, 1ST I
joined my husband on Chrtsmns eve.
1S70, nt Denver, Col Whllo lu
Huropc I wmt from London to Paris,
where I staid let me sec, I was there
one Christmas, the Christmas of 187tf
I then went to Dresden. Now, let me
alone to Mi. Garnctt, who started to
Interrupt her 1 then went to St
Petersburg, ami from thcroto Hcrlln.'
"Has she finished about her trip?"
asked Mr Ktnt
"I can gl c them to ) ou foi an hour
Mr. K,,' she said, and then started
off, giving a long string of them until
Mr. Kent cried "Knough, enough
"I then came Inch, to Auicrtci,'
Mrs I'mmons stdd, "and went fiom
New York to Dener to see Mr lhn
nions I then went up lo Chcvcnno,
where oui home ctlll was I went
time to break It up now I don t
mean to smash the furniture but to
remove It to Denver." Laughter
I fclald In Cheyennu mull the au
tumn of 'BO 1 then went to New
otU In, let me see, 'SI, no 'SO I
staid In New Yorkouly long enough to
settle lh it little brother of hs (Lauh
lcr) 1 then came to Washington In
the spring of bl "
" here did sou put up ' ' asked Mr
Wc didn't 'put up, we stopped nt
WormUy's Prom there we took tho
house Old Sixteenth btrect
How long did vou lUe In that
llOUFl V '
' Lnlilwc moved out Laughter
Now lh vl wont dn, thetcH too
much levitv here In the court loom "
k staid there iiutll about Christ
mas, fel, '
Did mi) thing oc ur nhout the Ut of
Aptll Itfcl
'I elou t like lo tell It It makes my
hcadaehe 'liny say halethe sin nnd
love the sinner 1 do Husband aud
wife nre one 1 loo both
" hat his this get to elo wllh It,
asked Mr Kent
ov I must luM upon counsel on
the olhei Etde heeplu quiet said Mr
'l, jou must sild Mrs. Km
mons oi elao 1 H mike jou ic'ret It,
Mr Kent I will mikclt unpleaoaut
for jou Pcrlnps jou would tike to
have me rcpofiwhut I told Mi Km
mons when I found ho had utatm.il
such ns vou for his counsel
' Keep cpalct, Mrt Kmmnns " said
Mi (laruett, mildly
'Well jou had better ' the Slid,
sh iking her linger at him Laughter 1
Mrs, j'.mmons theu testified
at length ccmcruln certtln
letters frem u women to
Mr Kmnums which sho had found
nnd ikulled her visit to Phil
adelphia, where she found the girl and
lnibcd lcr In glo up some of Mi
Kmmons notes lo her.
llnn'H Iiiheii'iit Sle'lpli'MMiirNs.
losing Husband "Where are iuj um
boots "
Devoted Ifo ''In the shoo closet
"And my tmilllert'
'On j our fur cap '
"11 the wajs where It im ca
On the hat rack "
Ihanks, dear I don't see bow I ever
got a'oog without u (.Owahi Wot It,
He Protests His Innocenco to Hi
Last Moment.
llhlorj (if tlio Crlniflnr lilch If. win
Ailjmlgeil (I11III).
IliciiMoM), Vv , .Tan It -The morn
ing broke cloudy lo thy. A thick mist
hid Ibe light ot thu sun, and clouds nb
scurcd (husky. It was 11 gloomy, ells
ngrccablo beginning of wh U afterwards
proved to be a bright and beautiful
day, for nt IU 01 lode the mist ellsap
pcartd, the clouds rolled back, and Ihe
atmosphere was as bright nud bilmy n
cvir seen InMaj-. C'luveilii) wis up
catlj Ill's iiniDHl Mr llev Crump
paitid with him nl " o (lode this morn
log, and ho afterwards took onlj 11 few
bonis let, without limovlug his
clothes He nte spirlnglj , but bore up
brat clj, and seemed to be hopeful
Groups of people gilhtrtd around the
ncvvspipcr olllets and Ihe vicinity of
Ihe Jail, anxious to heir whit action,
If nnj, the Governor hi 1 takin
m; va
fes m)A
m 5; si
ut r7
Thomas j. eLtcr.us.
As the h oirs wore on the crowds In
created, and tho excitement became
more and more Intense Tho telephone
at the city jail w as in constant use, aslc
Ing for the latest news Iho Governor
remained In his private ofllee In the W
ecutivc Mansion, and wis not secu by
anj of Ihe counsel. They had done all
that they could for their client, but to
no av dl Mr. Ucvcrly Crump, ono of
the most active of the couusel, c ime
down to the jail about 11 o clock and
had n talk with the prisoner.
Mr, Prank W Cunningham, who
has frequently sung for the prisoners
gratification, nloo came down, aud
soon sang with much melody sevcrnl
iivmnt, ouc or. wmcu, commencing
' How linn a foundation je saints of
IhcLoid. ' greatly alleclcd the prls
oner. The excitement Incidental to
the hanging was greitlj augmented
by reason of thefactthat It was uu
known what tho ncllonof the Governor
would I c and there were a great rain
ctItIclMH3 upon tlil" many very severe
upon the Governor
A nliolocrardior of vcrv enternrUlns
turn mounted a housetop In the neigh
borhood of the Jail, and photographed
the thousands of people that lined the
streets, also of the jail Tho prison
ers, somo three or four hundred lu
number mostly negroes chautcd In
loud voices their peculiar hymns while
waiting for the hour of thu execution
'lhc seatfoll was creeled In the Inclo
sure of the jail jard, nnd admittance
w os gilncd only by n ticket from City
Sergeant Smith Notwithstanding
this, the small space lift was filled with
people brought out by Idle curiosity
Aboi 1 11 IU o'clock tho prisoner sent
fui Mr Hev Crump and they had n
coufererce, theexiet nature of which
Is not known
'Ihe jail oiHcers were lmy at work
testing the rope and making piepirn
lions tor Ihe c ucutlon I he rope w 13
made of silk and weighed one pound
and a quarter. The sentTold was mile
by n roloicd councilman of Jtb hmonil,
nnd Is ft verj pilmttUe structure of
pine wood, the drop being about eight
fat. 'lhc trap was suppoited by three
pieces of scantling nbout four
lysix inches In slc. Un onesldoof ft
the jail walls stood 22 feet wide, on the
other tho Jail building, miking u inr
row conlilorof 1G feet In width anl
about JO 3 arils In length. Hero the
crowd assembled, packed close to
gclhct nnd above, along n gallery on a
perfect level with the scalTold were
about a huudred people. There were
abeut ft score of newspaper men pros
ent nnd tbey owe the jail olllcials
thanks for courtesies cxteuded
Tin. Dl vni MVi.cu.
After Mr Crump reported that the
Governor had determined not to Inter
fete, Sergeant Smith hurried hU
prcparalloi s for the exicutlon Tho
crowd on the outside, numbering at
least Ti.OOO, veiled nnd hooted and
ccemed impatient for thecrUIs At 1
0 tloi k the prisoner was led out of
his cell Ho woio n neat suit of black
diagonal clolji and a waterproof cloak
buttoned behind His arms were
pinioned In front, nud his slip was firm
'Iho people on the house tops and In
the trees jelled when they saw him
descending the slcps nud this was the
signal for a general whoap from tin
uowd Down the winding steps of
Iho Jail come tin pro slcin, beaded by
Deputj Sergeant Mucon, followed by
sirgianl J Smith escorting the
pilsoner and bchlud them ltcv
Dr . K Hatcher nud
Deputj Sergeant Allen. Uuvcrlus
was cool and collected
He did not quiver or Uiow tho slight
est nervous embirrassmeut Ho step
1 cd quickly and naturally up tho long
tUbt of steps and stopped hamuli
ntelj In the centic of the trap door.
IIo wore n die in blown hat and his
slices were of the fashionable cut and
n ctill j polished His face had on It n
I enid of several dajs growth, and hU
euuntuiuuce seemed fixed, a If bj
fuueof ,rcut will power
Sergeant Smith advanced to the front
of the scnlluM, and iu a loud an I dis
tlnet voice read the death vv arrant
'I uridnc to the rUoner nfte r IlniUilng
the leading, ho asked 'Have jou any
llilngtosaj To this Cluvcrlus iu
pilccT, in a voice Inaudible ln feet
awaj ' Not nvvord sli
Hev Dr II it U theu nahl Lot us
all proj and kuicllugupimlhenu'h
pine boards of tbi scaffold oTered a
fentnt apienito the Throne of Mercy
" "1
During lids prajer tlic prisoner re
mnlneel standing, No trace of excite
ment w ns visible eve ept Hint his ev clids
qulv crcd every second. Illshit had been
removed nnd his brown hair gllstcne I
in Ihe sunlight. When the prajer was
ended the condemned man asked Dr
Hair her to come near him, and when
the Doctor did so a few words In n low
voice wen- said to him 'turning to
the crowd below, Dr. Hatcher said
"lam requested by the prisoner to
say just one word, thnt he carries no HI
feeling today ngalnst any ono on
earth ' He protested his Innocenco to
the lat At 1 irj o'clock the trip
sprung nnd the body of Clmcrlus shot
'I he rope stretched so that his feet
touched the ground Onps for breath
tnmc from the doomed mm for six
minutes, He did not writhe In sle
teen minutes lie was pronounced dead
and his body wns given the undertaker
to be takiu to his home.
lllh L t&TMUltr.
( Itiecrlno Culm mid ITmlMiirltert tn
tlio I hM,
UiciimciM), V. dan 11 Cluvcrlus
passed much of the time veMcnhy In
rcadlm: his Illble and chatting about
lhc mofd commonplace topics Inelud
lug iuupIc nnd tlowers He seemed lu
be buoy id up to dcliche hopes. He
exult lied the mot extraordinary nerve
and llMencd to the workmen eugaged
Iu erecting his scaffold with Ihe utmost
tnliniiiM and even serenity It was
ficquenlly observed of him that he hid
Lieu i umarlcible pj chologlc il phe
uomenon till along, aud even to list
evening he had been Mngululy devoid
of anything iippioachlng fear of
'Ihe Governor wns bu!ly engaged nil
day In reaillng letters and hearing the
views ou this ease of tho numerous
callers at the Kxeeutlve Ottlcc. In the
afternoon, he, accompinltd by United
Stalls Senator John W Duilel, vMtcd
the reservoir, the scene of Lillian Madl
son's dealh, to examine the spot. He
has given this cac the mot careful
consideration, and Is probably as well
Informed about all of the facts con
uecteel with it as auy man in the Stite
Among the papers submitted lo Hit
Governor by Lluveilus counsel wis a
sworn statement madf byThco Djna
vautnnd George C Davis 1 lie mil
davits say they vhlltd the reservoir on
the 11th of Mnrch thu day the deal
body of Lillian Madison was fouuJ,
and made ft thorough examination of
the grounds They followed tho path
supposed to have been taken by lhc
bctrajed girl and her murderer They
say they found the spot where the
watch key was found nnd cximluul
me ground caretuiiy, uui euu uoi sec
the key. flhe allidavlts also decl ire
they went to the smallpox liontal,
where Ihe hat Identified as that of the
deceased was found, they examined
that building carefully but did nut sec
tint article. 'Ihcsc facts, theso wit
ntsses say, they have repeatedly told to
olhcr persons slueo the tragedy.
An enterprising man here made a
rope composed of red, white and blue
silk, which ho has offered the city ser
geant lo be used to hang Cluvcrlus
upon the condition that It Is returned
to him 'lhc manufacturers object
wns lo sell this novel rope as a souvenir
of one of the mo-t noliiblc hangings
thnt ever occurred In Virgin i This
offer nnd much other gossip about the
puparalions for his death were re
porieu 10 i ue tniuiimncu incse
things, however, did not appear to dls
lurbhlm In the leut
The Governor declined to say at a
late hour what course he would pursue
and at neorly midnight tho prisoner's
friends were endurlug the tortures of
suspense, while C luverius himself was
calmly awaiting lhc Issue Hescut for
Mr Cunningham the singer and ic
quested him lo sing homo hymn3 to
him, nnd enjoved tho ringing vrj
much, epei tally Ids favorite I he
Home or the Soul At midnight
Cluvcrlus was sitting quietly In tils
cell smoking n cigar and conviralug
pleaoanllj wllh some of hl3 filenJs.
A Idle the large mnjorlty of the peo
pic thiouglout the State an con
vlnccd that Cluvitius was trulllv and
nppiovcd the veidlct of the jury, yd
others who thousht that he was Inno
cent or were opposed to hanging him
on such purely clt cumstaullut evident c,
hi ought immense piessuro on Gov
crnorLcc, until he was belegcd by
hundreds of letters nnd caller nnd his
office yestcrdaj presented the aspect
of ii crowded levee
I lou llUMcllni.riiiMiio I.lltlaii Midi
nun, Cnmu to III r I) until,
Thomas J (tuvctlus, pilot to th'j
crime for which he suffered to daj re
shied in King and Queen C ounty, and
having graduated at the Ittchmond Liw
Collcgo thiec jcars ago, went Imk to
his native county to enter upon the
practice of his profession In tin ad
joining county of King William lived,
with her father, his cousin, Pannio
Lillian Madison who was very fond of
him, though they vv ere not accounted
lovers lk was her onlv male visitor
He had often taken her tn his buggy
to her grandfather s (his uncle s), to
spend the night On lulj 0, lS;fi, she
H ft her father s nnd w ent to her grand
father's to stay He camo there on the
10th and several times nflcr, ami male
excuses lo bo alone with her
'Iho medical testimony of the c an
fixed that time us about the
date of her ruin In her trunk
nftei death was n vile document In his
hand writing, whhh made It ccrtiln
that ho was connected with her fallen
life In September, lysi howrotohcr
a tetter urging her strenuously to get
married nud Indicating somo man as
the person fur her to marry Lillian
row became anxious from her condl
tlon to get away from home and ob
1 dned u situation as governess with
Mrs Margaret A. Dickinson In Mill
loro', Ihth Countv, where Cluvcrlus
conlluued to address her
On the 3th of January 13 sho left
Mlllboro', for the avovvtd purpose of
vlstllng her aunt and went to Kith
mend, where she registered nt tho Kx
chance Hotel ns'MlssP L Mcrton '
Ou tho Tlh of January sho returned to
Hath It was ou that visit that the
trap vvos laid for tho unhappy girl to
walk Into She met Cluvcrlus ngalu
In Klchmond March 12 The next
morning, Pilday, sho took breakfast
In bei room, and while eating It a bov
bioivht tothehotel auote for 'Miss i
L Melton, i,shov!ug that t luverius
knew her assumed name), and an
swered It as foil. a. ' I will lie then
as soon ns possible Sn d' wail Un
Duilng that fitu' Prldey she- wn
steu with bleu aud Im'U were pji
liulv Identified by wtlneei At nlitlit
Ihey left the American Hotel together
Inn street car and the driver let than
offnt the end of the street leading In
lhc reservoir shortly after 0 n clock.
1 hat night nbout 12 or I o e lock C lu
verbis returned to the Capitol 1 1 ohm
ordernl n drink of whisky to be scut
lo Ids room, nnd went to bed to be
called at suurleo in take the cars for
home. Saturday momlnif he left
lhat Fame sunrise found LlllLiu Mil
lion resting dead against the slintltig
tide of the reservoir, the slant hiving
prevented her fiom sinking wlici
thrown in
Tracks marked n seven struggle at
the point she was thrown In A dls
covery fatal to tho accused wns main
there, ills watch key wns pick rl uf
rear that spot Au envelope) cllu'
lo T J Cluvcrlus, sent by IJ11I i fi m
loom No. yi on the mornln ' tii
fntnl clay brought Cluvcrln i
the rne. The olllccrs went l I mi
A illlam and arrested hi in at b'1 it
house. When tho warrant for In ar
rest wnsrcadtohlm he rcpll 1 wuh
his first unlucky lie "I dldn I rv hah
her when I wns In IMchmon I 1(
denied too, that he had even i n
vvateh key lo the end of thech dn 1r i
which the key had been broken
these assertions were subse piLii K
pi oven fid'C
llwns on Tuesday night, luui !
nenrly three months after Pit I
was commuted, lhat LIuvitm w
convlcteil Kich juror sumithliu un
UMial Ingnvc case, put in n i1 i
'Murder In the first degree on tb
very first ballot When it was i
ucunced, Cluvcrlus dl 1 not flinch nor
move ft muscle III on luot In jilt
after conviction was as Imperturbable
as It had nlwnjs been He nan sen
tenced to be hung tn November but an
appeal was taken to the b up re mi
( ourt In Mny last the Court do 1 le
by 1 to 1 ngnlnst granting n new trhl
Lvery client was made mobtilu i par
don, but the mot tint his friends a.
cured wns a respite by the Govern r
from Ian November
hcnnlm liOcnn's tturrctoi.
imxrtir.ir,IiL, Jau 14 The Uf i u'j
Ilron caucus for tho choice of a successor to
deneral Logan In tho Pultcd States Senate
was held vestcrdav afternoon Tbecaadl
dates laced In nomination were Chirles B.
PArwell, ex Governor Hamilton, Hep re
rciitallvcs Cannon, riumb, Tajson and
Jfcmlcrion, Clark K. Carr, II. C. Buichsrdt
Green D Laura, and Joseph Mcdflt. The
l!nt ballot ruulted as follows Total vote,
lit) tucceeary to choice, Ti larwell 37,
Ilkiilltcn 11, Payson, 1 rnnon, 11,
Htinlpnon, 10 Carr 8 i.reen i Ksum, 7,
ex Mint Director Hiirrbanl, 5 Conjjrefcft
man elect Hdkcr 2. JoerhMulIl! 1 Con
eic(mn lutnb, 1 Andrew humin 1,
1 ntncll won on tho eciond ballot, tho
fiicrda of the other candllates llocklog to
Uu feupr oil uttll he bail more than amator
Uy of thodo i resent, and his nomination was
Ihen mule 1 3 acclamation
1 be Democrats bcl 1 a caucus In the even
itg and nominated William IE vlorrUou,
who received 11 votes, agalust 31 for As
tlbtaiit I'o&tinabter dcneriil dtcvenson anl
Keprcscntatlv c Tow nib end
Mr larwcll Is about Ut jcars of ago anl
for the Irt&tfoitj jcars has been a res! lent
of Chicago, where ho has largelj prutperc t
In buslners mid hell varloiti poulttaui of
IniFl lie was elected to the loner Moj
ofJCongtees In 1S70 aud served two term
The Iiimi'(. oiis i antr-Mi
IU-ton, Jau It At tho licpubllciii con
fcreiicc jcsterJay, another unsuccessful ef
fott was maJo to agree upon a canJlljte
furlLotknatc ami tho conference which hat
1cm called In the Iuteie6ts of burraonj
liokei up In a low. No cora romfse be
tween thu Dawes and Long factions Is now
ptiisHle, and ihe vote on Tuesday will bv)
taheu without further conference It
btRlus to appear that a third candidate,
verypOrteUly liovernor Koblnson, has a
better chance of aucces than cither of thi
two piinclpals.
The- 'Ii niic'taei1 SennturIiip.
Namimii c, Ti , Jan. 11 w t
WhUltmriio was unuminouslv renominate I
bv tho Diinocraliv. eautu, Utt nttit fur
tho 1 1 01 1 term In tho I nlte 1 Mai 4.nati
Ihe llrst ballot for tho ton, term rf i'l
Wm H Hut c, W) ex doveniur M irk '1
John t House, 11 J L. T fence I 1 i
Ion I Hose, S l'obeit I, U3I01 1 Tu
caucus theu aJjourue 1 until to tlav
111 1'eiWllfllv tXIitlllll4,
PirTsruu. l'v,Jau U In a letter la
Mr lire cough ot this city, Mr IVnJrlv
fovshe ncceited the offer of "i,uOUS3)try fv
Ihu Mchmoud Convention because tf ha ua I
continued to refuao It enemies would hive
accused Lim of getting pall from outsl to
Iho order a, thej could not unleratanl why
he shi uld devote him t elf to tho wrk wiih
out adequate pay Mr. 1'owilcrh says hH
poelilou I no tlnceure Ilevvor s from U
to IS Lours a la, IIo aUs tint hu
has huJ several ofTers of $0,000 or ii Ott-J pei
nullum for his servlcca In bastness pursuits
I our of tleee offers are still open.
A not be 1 Itnnoeiatle Netmluri-.
HvuHi-mto, Ta ,.Iau U At a caucus
of Dtmocratlc legislators held vcstcrdiy
Strator Wolvtrton of Northumberlanl re
reive 1 tbo honorary nomination for I tilt&l
btates inn at or, tho vote stanllng d I
Wolvcrton, -4c. William A Wallace it
Hubert 1 . W rUbt, 4, John F. Conlcy S
lldeitudf'N Lust Hope -oiie
New ouk Jan 14 I i to noon to diy
District Attorney Martina had not been
officially served with Judge Pratt 4 decision
ilenjlm; lloodler ' Mctjuado s application
for a ttaj, as published this mornini; Mi
CJuak's lait boo Id gone, and he wil h
taKen to blug Mug to morrow inurmiu
li tlm r WtrllvciH,
Nkw k, Jan 11 A man name t M
Nolrv,oue of the coal handlers wl wert
ih tun from woik at WeehanUen 1 n- Uy
ty riotous strikers, died yestcrla i ii
hot j Ital from tho effects of til"
He had been struck ou the iu 1
crow bur
ttnoitlt l' crXillH liiitl.
New ik, Jan. 14 Iho tiui t
dermanONell, set for next Mon 1 w
continued Ibis morning to M l v
Jlth luit Ills attornevs ariUu tc
lirc-cko and I'cttr Mitchell
roiiT Woiiui, li x , Jan. 14. lUv A
ClJJIion, Indicted for horse statin w
vciterdoj acfiultto.1 1 he charge wa-st at
lo to false, and the prosecuting wltuesbit
1 u n away.
Cim vi o.Jan 4, Tho elegant r t
of Norman 11 lleam, on I'ralrlc avt uu j
ttsuppcrtwo stoiles bj tire thlh m n i
ard tho whole houso was ilooUl ni
water. Loss jlW,ouv, covered t ln-.u 11 ?
Indications for tho 24 houra umimui mi
at A, P ui , Irldav, January 14 isST
lor District of tolumtla, weoteru tuna
fair weatl or, becoming illghth colder.
TIieiiiHmn n t ItciiilliiH
ITiermomcter readings for Januarv !4
3 a in , nc, 7am, w , 11 a m , 4)
JaLUarv 1J Mean temj erature, T ruaxt
mum, H ,; mlulmuni, J I8, mean relative
humlditj 7 total preefpltatlon (Hirnu
Hie- e.Miien ol Oietceuuw owni thu suis
iiritaeviullt for thoCointe de l liamtiopi
forhta prcipoml tiluiui lul utt miu 1'aiU.
tfbe paid .eXW for U.

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