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-r m-ijiitamiamatsssss
iisfcS - XT
Do ou bear the icamlal mongers
Pasting bj,
Breathing poison Id a nlilipcr,
Moving c&utlouely and elow,
tmlllDK awoelly as they go.
Never noley gliding smoothly m a tniKo
Supping Wo and sliding lhcro
Through tbo meadows frcsli ami fair,
J caving subtle ablno nml poison lu their
8aw you not tbo scandal monger
As alio eat,
Beaming brightly 'neath the roso
Od her Lat?
In her dainty gloves and drgs
Angel like, and nothing lest,
Seemed alio cabling smiles and pleasing
words about.
Onco fcho shrugged and shook her bead,
Kalied her eyes and nothing aild,
Ahtnyou spoko of fi lands, and yet It left a
Did 3 ou watch tho scandal moneer
Attho ball;
Through the music, ibytbm, bciutj ,
Light, an Ull?
Moving here and moving tksrc,
itb a whisper light as air,
Casting shadow s on a deter woman's f ame
Jutt a whispered word or glace
As she floated through tho dance,
And a doubt forever hangs upon a n&rae.
You will And tbo scandal-mongers
Kvcrj where;
Sometimes men, but often women,
Young and fair;
Yet their tonituca drip foulrst slime,
And ttey spend tliolr leisure time
Castlcgmud ou tiose who climb b work
and north I
Shun them, shtiu them as yon gi
Shun tbttn whether high or low;
Tby ore but the cursed serpents or tha earth.
CoiirlsOInrtlnl, I.tiie, Orders. Fur-
loueliNi I' rson.it Notes.
General Do I.nnry Hod Jones, U. 8.
Array, end Mrs. t'lojd Jones, am at tho
Arlington for a month from their homo In
New York.
Tho Oeslpce, Commander John F. Mc
OJensy, ornvul t tllbrattcr this morning
from Algiers, en route borne to New Yoik
from China,
Lieutenant Commander Edwin U. Houi
too, U. S. Nsvy, la reported by tho New
York J timid as registering in Paris yester
day with bis family.
Tbo copy for tlw Annual Navy Agister Is
almost computed, aiid Dr. McXilry, tho
rompt'or, states that It w 111 t e ready for dis
tribution by February 1.
Chief Engineer Albert W. Morley re
lieved Chief Knglneer John Low o ou Wed
nesday at tho Norfolk Navy-Yard, on board
of tho dlsi atch boat Dolphin.
Commodore W, Scott fccbley, Chief ot tho
Bureau ot Equipment and ltccrultlng has
returned to tbo Navy Department from his
official trip to tho lloston Navy-Yard.
FIret Lieutenant Colvllle 1. Terrett,
Eighth Infantry, has been granted six
months slelc lcae, to takoefTect when ho
Is relieved from duty at tho David's Island
recruiting depot.
Thief Naval Constructor ThfloJoro D
Wilson, U. S. N., cblef of the Bureau of
Construction and Nepal r, ban go mi to
New York, where ho was called by tho dan
gerous Illness of bis aged mother.
Lieutenant Joseph Wilson Duncan,
Twent)-flret Infantry, has arrived here from
Fort BrIJgcr, Wjomlng, to visit his mother,
Mrs. Thomas Duncan, tho widow ot Uen
eral Duncan, who died here last week,
lieutenant John M. Carson, Jr., Fifth
Cavalrj,bas arrived hero on icavo from
Fort ISeno, Indian Territory, to remain until
March, visiting his father, Major Carson,
tho well-known journalist, at No. 13J3 Ver
mont avenue.
Tho Coast Survey steamer Blake, Lieu
tenant John 11. I'lllebury coramandloir, ar
rived In Hampton ltoads Thursday from
New oi k to coal at Newport News. She
Is Itoiud fcouth for her winter's work, and
will make hetdquarters At Key West.
Tin CotttVtteinte Any.
The Baltimore Publishing Company bavo
leiucda splendid edition ot tho great his
torical woik by tho late Admiral ltuphaol
fiemmes, entitled "iervtco Alloat; or, Tho
Kemarkablo Career ot tho Confederate
Lruftcrs Shcnandoib and Alabama During
the War Between tho States." It contains
a number ot sticl engravings and six beau
tifulchromotlots. .Mr. II, W. Uolloaof
425 0 street northwest Is the Maryland and
Mi(nla agent for this work.
Hitlu 4'loiic ('mulcted.
The Jjry In tho case of Suelo Clark,
charged with tbo killing of Clcorgo Mc
Quado, recti ed tbo cafe yesterday after
noon aboat eighteen mlnu'es past 4 o'clock,
and SLkiu minutes later returned a eidlct
for manslaughter. Sentence wa3 hih-
emleJ on notice belog given ot a motion
ura tew trial.
I nte At il it It at MiilllliiBton'M.
Mr. Joseph fchllllngton, corner of Four
aiid a half street and Pennsylvania avenue,
Is In receipt of the February number ot that
standard London publication, Ihe Young
liuhei? Jimrunl, and alsoof J'mnL LetUCi
J'rjivlar Monthlfi full of bright pictures
and entertaining matter for youthful
I'xrlteiiifiit In Tcauh,
Great excitement has been caused in tho
lelnltj of Fails, Tex., by tho remarkable
recovery of Mr, J. IL Corley, who was so
Itlpkes that be could not turn lu bed or
m to his bead; ever body said bo wadjlng
at coueumpllou. A trial bottle of Dr. King's
New DUeovery was scutblm. Finding re
Utt he bought a largo bottle and a box of
Dr. King's New Life Pills; by the time be
btd taken two boxes ot pills and two bottles
of the DUeovery he was well and had gained
In Peth Ihlrty-elx pouuds. Trial bottles of
ih sgicatdlecovcryfor consumption ftio at
Stalt, Cromwell & Co.'s.
A Xcvt ORlro Itulldlnz.
J. II. (IroyX Co , real estate agents, fl-iJ
r street, recently sold .for A, M. Smith No.
C!J5 V street north w est, tho deed being filed
to-daj, conildcratlou bcln J2J.0O0. Ihe
iroperty will shortly bo rernolelcd and
ltnue one rf tho handsomest otilce struc
tires on F street.
MIlRlltlfHl IIlllllllIK CAx1
at f&ctory pi Ices at C. K, Judeon'8,0 V
etieet northwest.
A Wnl ut u rulhito.
The assignment of C, Weaver, carrlago
builder, on lVnntjlviiila aicnue, male re
icntlj, was ihti sale ot bis business to a
suceewor, Mr, T. 1. Trajzau, and not an
&Elgnmeiit for tho benefit of creditors.
In the treatment of rheumatism, neu
rslgla, sciatica, t'c doulourour, scml-cranta,
etc., the ahteot huUatlouUU cannot be
oerestlmatcd, Jt kills pain. Price S3
cents a bottle,
A tmn u m ."t l'itNeuf
Th'ero was no riuotura prcfieut at tho reg
ular nutting ot tho Citizens' Committee,
held at tho llremcu's Cooperative llulld
leg Association Hall, West Washington.
A irrand musical and litcrarv entertaln-
lrent cumi llmeutary to St. John's Com-
uiarui ry, o. .:, c , j u. u , win u yiveu
in Withlngtou If all, at Third and Pennsjl
vanU uenite suutheaat, on Friday evening
JIcti(monkc&' farewell at Kcrnan's
MIssJosIo Naale, ouoof the perform
ers at the DImo .Mucimi, fell through u
trap on the stage aud was severely Injured.
Ilcrbett Ji Ormond, ot South Carol I oi,
fell at tho corner of Maiket Spaco anl
Lihthftrcet last night and was carried in
thu Fmrrgeicy 1I( Jtal where It was found
that be bad Ihu delirium tremens.
IIciiHiiuiiTEits for Shannon Letter Filer
Is at C. K. Julsou'p,0 P street north
wtit. Ttodudfiiflver takes an euemv into his
month to ttealaftay bis bralna. He knows
jmjia7 a "Diua."
A l'all lTher All the T.ndle Wro
Six colorcil men, dressed In elegant
fcmnlo dUtrc, vrcra arrnlgncd In tho
dock at tho Police Court Hits morning
on n chnrgo of being suspicious per
sons. They wcro arrested last night at
a "drag" held at tbo houso of IMcrco
Lafflycltc, a colored messenger In tho
Pension Ofllce, No. 1710 Plfth street.
The names of the defendants arollcnja
niln, Daniel nnd Dorscy Swan, III.
WUllamt, William Johnson and Charlc?
They ncntty all had on low neck and
short slco o silk dresses, several of them
with trains. They all woru corsets,
bustles, long hosu and slippers, and
everything that goes to make a fcnruVs
dress cornpUle. Ono or them had on a
pink satin Mother Ilubbtrd, trlmmel
wllli fur, a long wig and lnngs and
pink hofie, and old gold slippers, bogus
diamond earrings and breastpins, anil
pearl ncckltcc. Tho late on their
skirts wnscry heavy, and apparently
of cood material.
'1 be raid was made by Detectives
Half, Horn, Carter nnd Mahon, and
Sergeant Uollinbcrgcr, and the' reserve
of tho Eighth Precinct. Tho houso
was nicely furnished, and the bill was
In full blast when the ofiJcers arrived,
about 10 00 o'clock. Ilaeh of tho do
tcellvcs ond Sergeant Holliubeiger and
ono of Hie pr hates took ouo of tho
stylishly dreisid IndUIdunls on llilr
arms and mure bed them to the station
houtc, followed by a hrgc crowd.
Tiny each got thieo months on the
Mlt. llUIVWS CLOllltsn,
An Iiitrri ftlnc: lint f the StiitcH
liiiinN X'tTfonnl VAnfit
These who want to know something
about the didly Ufo of a Democratic
statesman should procure a copy of the
Inventory of tbo Tllden estate, siys thu
cw lork j tine. This has been
finished, and when printed lu catalogue
form will fill 130 pages, lerythlng
on the farm and In Iho houso Is set
down In this Interesting record. Tbo
contents of the kitchen, amnug which
wcic one wash rag, ono dish rij, a
dozen dl-h towels, and ouo broken lire
sbnel, arc tecorded as mluutely as
Ihosu of thu fiunt ball, which rejoiced
in ihc possession of it hit stand, an urn
hrilh stand and one pair of old oer
shots. Mr. Tihleu's perfmal wardrobe Is re
corded In Items, and It makes an Inter
esting catalogue. Thu aged statesman
was the proud possessor of 95 pairs of
bifurcated undergarments and a soli
tary pair of suspenders, which the
cataloguo describes as old. He owned
54 Ilnm handkerchiefs nnd 1 of silk.
1 he catalogue mentions 27 pairs of silk
stocking, 8 pairs of woolen, nnd 1 pilr
of "old" socks. Mr. Tildcu Indicted
In keeping warm. Ho owned j over
coats :J for autumn and 2 for winter
nnd a linen duster In cao of emergency.
He had 7 undershirts, IS linen shirts,
and ono loely llaunct shirt. The list
was probably used for yachting. Mr.
Tllden possessed 2 hats of tho breed
commonly described as "dicers." One
was fair and one was dark; both were
tall, and neither was young. Mr. Til
den bad u sboc, 1 of which was alone
In the world and had fallen Into a con
dition nf innocuous desuetude. He
also had 1 pair of eanas waterproof
In outer clothing, Mr. Tlldcn'u taste
was not unlike his taste in undergar
ments. He had twlcu as many pairs of
tromcrs as coats andesl3. lie had
Iwo coats nod two isls. They and
the lroueis were nil black, llu had
one coat of nankeen, two suits of llaunel
and one pair of old dun-colored thnnel
t rouse is Mr. 'Illdeu owned fourteen
black tllk mckllcs, but only threo
linen collars and a bo of paper collars
to put them around. There nru also
among his effects an ivory-backed hair
brush, nn hory comb, a hand mirror,
an old ra?or and n warming pan,
I'lomliK'iit Hotel AiiI.aW.
UrichruN. J. J. Brown, Boston, J. d.
Bell, lltUburg.
WoitviEt's. Ibomi 11. Kerr, PIttaVirg,
W. V. Pwao, Boston, .Anthony Ulggtns,
Wllmlngtou, Del.
National. W. 11. Jackson, Salisbury,
.Mo ; lion, A. II. Pittlbonc, Tennessee;
Join McDonald, New York,
rm ITT. John M. Taj lor, Fast Liver
pool, Ontario; Hon. Charles P. laft. Cincin
nati, Major Bannister, U. 3. A.
Biggs. Janus M. Snank. Philadelphia;
C. (1. Fddy. Uoanoke, Va ; T. M. Dclsofl,
Bethlehem, Pa ; II. 3, Concert, Boston.
AiuisnTOS. 3. Forehand, Worcester,
Matt : Bobcit lloston, llazleton. Pa , Mr.
and Mis H. Jcnnew, Detroit; lion. John
ti, Ise, Kfcbmond, Va.
St. Jamei?. J. F. MuncIe,Chlcago; V. L,
Hamilton, Virginia; K. A, Lcland, Spring
field, Mass.; a. J. Tajlor, Paris, Tcu.j V.
II. (irccn, Proldence, B. I.
METitoroiiTAN. Colonel B. C. Winter
tmltb, Louisville; IMuard Bogersou, Boch
cstcr, N. V.; James Dillingham, Charleston,
S. C; II. Hartley, Pittsburg.
Win Aim's. 3, II Bany, Chicago; r
thur Major, New Yoik; Koburt iure,
Prooklu, (Jeorge B. Benjamin, Jr., Dan
bury, Conn ; J, K. Taggart, Le .vis
burg, Pa.
Trjiiij; the UtiiKlurH.
Tc-lIbj's (celou ot the Pollco Coart was
largely devoted to trying burglars, John
Jackson, alias Smith, w ho shot Ofllce r Shee
ban, aud who was recently captured by
Ofl'cers Boyd and Brlce. was tbo most
noted. He was held lu default of $),000
Gcorgo Mnsou, tho notorious hotel thief,
was committed lu default of ball.
Jchn T. Dunbar and William Green were
also held for robbing tho house of Catherine
Carroll, on Thirty Of th street.
vi rr svi.m.u.s.
v. n. iinimiiton a Co.. i;ti f
Htiet't Notthuctft
At (Lis time of the year hava a great
many goodo of the highest class, b.tiu
Fuch c'odsBswo cjiiuot duplicate, which
wewlll ullir at a dUcount of from W to
toptrtcut. IncluJIug chamber and parlor
fumlture, chenille purtltrcs, etc.
Tflj s I To J H t TOJ t
A full line ot tojs, such as Wagons, Doll
Carriages, Dolls, and smaller tojs, fiucy
china, colored elisswcrc, bisque llgurcs,
cheap Tea icts, Toilet bets, with colored
band, 52 Mj nicely decorated sets, $d.
Chandelier lamps nt low prices, with a full
lino of other goods too numerous to men
tion, at tJ, K. Buown's,
20LU St. a,id Pa. ave. n, w,
tlohii Itmlttt'nM Mnmmotli Instnll
moiit H (HIM OH,
Now Is jour golden opportunity to buy
auj stjle of cooking stove, range, heater,
etc , at 3 our own price and tonus that will
suit everybody Ibis ottenslvo Installment
CbtaMhhinent la located at OoOandDl-iaov-
tnlhtreUuur(hwcet(n)6tello). Mr Hid
den u lo has a full lino of furniture, car
pet, oilcloth, etc , etc , all of wklJi aro
flretrlaps poods and are oITeicd low fir
eaih, or will bo sold cheap ou the Install
incut plan. Terms easy enough to please all.
Ladles' saloon, corner of 1 and Four
teenth streets nmtbwest,
Mlilct ury llnlry Uusoui."
Freth AUcrney butter, churuel nvsrv
mori lug ubd delUered In 1 Ih ,aVaid"
iMlntr, 50c, er lb. Also cottaga theortf.
buttermilk und sweet milk .c. per ii.
Cream, Lie, icr pt.
Wife (enjoj Iuk her dinner) What cau b
rrote delicious than a nlco canvas bickf
Ilusland-Xgreeubdck, my dear, a gieeu
back Life.
Arreu m:n mams.
Clnlinx yitkdti lly an Rnftlltli .School
Teacher On i:iupren Kueenle.
Kkw Yoiik, Jan. 15. Tho Timf$t
Paris correspondent telegraphs tbo
substancoof tho written statement of
Miss Charlotte Watklni, tho young
Knglishwoman who claims to hive
been Iho mistress of the Uto Prince
Imperial and to ha; o borne him a son,
Miss Watklnslsnow n school I cache r
In Australia. Sho met thu l'riucu In
October, 1877, wldlo traveling on tho
railway between lllckley and Victoria.
lie gno her an assumed nitne and
promised to sco her again, which ho
illd frequently." Hu tried to keep his
Identity n secret, but sho discovert) 1 It.
dlr ono Hum hu exclaimed to her.
"2mcr humble mo by mcnllnnlng the
son of Napoleon III. to me. I lmc no
element of greatness lu me. I am not
worthy lo bo Kmperor of Trance."
Miss Walking does not ask for money,
but In justice to her child sho rccals
tho secret. The Ihnpress Kugenlo Is
Impressed by thu story, aud has tele
graphed thu Due do Moncby to make a
strict Investigation. Miss Wat kins has
several notes, undoubtedly In the
l'rlnca's handwriting. Tho boy Is said
to be Iho Imago of his reputed sire, and
lhcro are sundry stroug Inlluenecs In
shadow behind him.
A UAiw-i ovanv "Mti.t..
Harry (Illmoitr "lifted" t JricttMe
Autlrfo In lufMiry-clKht KouimU.
Iiwm;ci:, JIvss, Jan. IT Tho
light to n finish for Iho llolske interna
tional diamond prlo Ml for light
weights and a purse of njOO, betwcci
Jack SIcAulIJTc of Xew York ajd
llnriy Olhnour of Toionto, ncturrud
heichsl night In tho picsuncu of a
Mnnll number of sporting men, IJoth
men wcro In good condition Twenty
seven rounds wen fought, In which
(illtnour seemed to gel the woist oflt,
thouch be-foil "ht tdiKkilv.
In thctwenty clirhlh round McAullfTo
made a rush ntdllmour and hudtd a
sav age Jcft bander under the Uanadhns
chin that floored him. He was soon on
his reel, but was Toiced against iho
ropes lime and tlino again. .lust before
thu lime had expired Olhnour stag
gered to the centre of Iho ring, and was
alv en the blow that finished tho fight.
Palsy Phcppcrd, tho welt known e
champion light weight, said to a re
porter that tho light was tho best glovo
contest ho had witnessed for years nnd
bo voiced the sentiment of nearly every
man who saw Ihu mill,
BcrtiiN, Jan. H In tho Belchatag yes
terday the amendment to tbo army bill, of
fered b llcrr Von StaulTeubcrg, tbo Liberal
leader, limiting tho operation ot the bill to
three venrs, was can kd by a vote of 1SJ
jcBstolM nays. The Conservatives, Im
pcrlultstsand Nationalists voted with the
minority. The Socialists and most of the
Alsatian members abstained from votinc.
Iho result was announced amldit intense
exelttment. Prlnco llltmarck, who was
present, Immediately read an Imperial mes
Bage dissolving tho Keith stag.
.o Jtcxoltn or I lie Kiilulit.
NrnAiiK, X, J., Jan. 15. lu tho course
of bis speech hero last ntsbt Mr. Powderly
said there had been no revolts of the knights
at Chicago. Xo such action was taken In
any of the assemblies. "1 be reports to that
e fleet wcro manufactured by men outside,
who wanted such a revolt, because in tho
last election w o struck down our enemies lu
both parties." We left Morrison at home In
Illinois on one side and elllQIlan la Min
nesota on the other side. In every Con
gress or Legislature wo will watch aud vote
against auj body that votes against in. If
that la Ansubt or Socialism, la us have
more of It."
A!eniitliin Avun.
Aicvammiu, Va , Jan. 15. The otllcers
of the Virginia Midi ind Boil road are now
on a tour of Inspection of that road.
Mr. II. II. Young has been appointed
eleik of the County R-cbool Board, to 6iie
ccol Mr. Austin, removed.
1 l.o directors of tLo Citizens1 National
nod the Ilrst National Banks bavo dieted
J. B. fcinoot president of the fui mer and 3.
F. Beach of the latter.
The ( ill Item posted n bulletin yesterJiy
sajlng: Cluvcrlua will be mutdered at 1
p. m."
Mr. Braxton Smith 1ms soil to Mr. C.
Lenncu a brick house sltunted on St. Asaph
street, Lttnecu King and Prince streets, for
Mrs. A. I. Carroll, a most estimable
led, was burled from M. Mark's Church
AloutrOOwcre rresnt at the hop giren
by tho members tf the irlJav Club last
Mr.J.M. IIIB has lease 1 tho open houeo
for one j ear w lib a privilege of Uve. It
win ue nisi inorouguiy ovcruauie i,
I'ntlH'r Itjuu'H I'unrial
Among those present at the funeral ot
the lato Father Ban, at tho Church ot tho
Immaculate Conception, this morning, wero
Cardinal Gibbons and thirty priests.
Father Walter celebrated the miss. Father
Schmidt was deacon and Father Devlno
eubdeacon; Fathers Sullivan and Wm. Ulb
eop, masters ot ceremoclcs. Father fetarr
of Baltlmoro preached tho sermon. The re
mains wcro Interred at Mt, Olivet.
City Hull AnH'M.
Ihc Beglstcr has received two wllh for
probate and tecord, those of I'dward J. Mc
Kcnney and Marcarct Kenned), In both
Instances tho proper!) was bequeathed t(
the children.
The annual Btatrment of Iho National
Melropolltan IlrelnsuianceCompn),OIcd
with the Beconler, shows tint tbo capital
stock. $100,000, has been paid in full, an!
that thero oio no debts.
Tho Toot' Mttlc Ouch.
u often see children withicd cmptlons
on face and hands, rough, ecaty skin, and
often sores on the head. In the growing
I filed children have need ot pure blood, b)
which to build up strong and health) bodies.
It Dr. Pierce's iloldeti Medical Discover)"
Is given, the blood (a purged ot Its bad clc
Hunts, and the child's dtvclopaicnt will b3
healthy, and as It should be. Scrofulous
alTeclloDP, ihkcts, fever sores, htii jolntdl
fttfo brother grain malt dies and ufTetln?
piuburcto result from m gleet and lack of
piepcr atteutlou to sui.li cuses.
An CnlOlliI Nliif; '.'M k'-iiiiji('1'.
Bays tho New Yoik sfir Ibis morning,
'Fdltors Wood and Brown of Iho JfaUy
AVdcscrvo to be congratulated upon the
fpleudll success they are making or thu
lrfht llttlo jiaper. 'Iho Dnty AYus stables
on West Fort) eighth street are- their latest
enterprise, Ihe) are HHcd with fast hones
and hundsomo wagous for ecrvlco In tho
rtellmv of the AVs, and aio the only es
talllehment of tho kind In tho couutr) ''
llovv It AHee'tH Viu in fit. I.quIw.
hU a man was going to bed in fet.
Louisa small hand, wearing on me finger
a ring, suddenly appeared, raised thechlm
ne) from the lighted lamp to a btfgbt of
six Irct-es or more, moved It toward the as
tonlihed observer a fehort distance aid then
dropped It on the Boor. Ihts li efdent
should teach tho man either to r,o to bed
tntcror subetltutts tho elfctrh llht for his
oil lamp, (Norilstowa Herald.
A Kticct Vav i:iitNtlt.
"neuUeraco," said a nun In a strtet car,
who was hanging h) a strop, here 'salad)
who would like a seat.'1
fleece ensues,
"IgucssI wasmUtakcu,' re cur led the
"V h) I" asked another tr ppor,"
"Doesn't the Ud want the seat"1
l,I gueis Ebeiloes," waatho rcplv. "but It
teems that nil tho gentlcmeu arc studio.
intuburs Despatch.
Janus Snowden, a colored man 100
years old, died at Llncoltisvllle, D, C,
B. K, Plain A Co , Bt. Cloud Building,
furnl&h tbo following Oil quotations:
CIocd ustcrday, 701; opened to-day, 701:
highest, 7I; lowest, 70; 2.15 p, m., 7l,
Xew VoiU Htorti .llnrhrtt
The following have Lcen rurnlshet br
I twls .v. Uardcn, brokers, 017 ticventh street
rr rthwest:
NAME. O. 3 40 NAME. I (). J 40
Can Pa ,
Ctn Pa
(J B Q ...
CM & BU.
Del &U..,,
01 N. W.p'fd..
''p'fd Tflj BU
fv cati liJiiui
1011 Onid
1311 13J1 "p'i
KrleSs ....
Kan Alx.,
Ills Con
N J Cen....
L thnrc ....
LA Nash.
Man' lit Cm
idre inns
31 ,Oro ISall...,
'Pa Mall ....
312. Beading.
.Bock Is.,,
fiii 8t Paul
OH "p'fd
Clf Tex A Pa. ,
iJ Pad lie,
41) Ml
8i( Wl
Mich Ccn...
Mo Va
N West....
Wl W U Tel !
rut tu
70 71J
'iilruffti .lltii'UctM
The following summary is by 11. K. Plain
XUo, Kt. Uoud Building, Ninth and Y
iO. 11. i 1 j C.
Wheat Feb I 7J TS rij 73J
Maich.1 ?H ?H ?) T.IJ
May 8M m dU 81
Corn Fob 3JJ 3tJl 3U AH
March. 3b 80) 3(1) 31)
May 41 4IJ 41 U
Oats-Feb .... S(J 2 204 2 IJ
March 2.11 U 21 2U
May,.., 301 31 0I A)l.
I'ork-Feb 1 1 II" (13 ew 11 111 Utrt
March. U Kl'lJB IJ 121 1 J 15
May.... Wl', 112 10 US1 12 it
I ard-Feb t, 171 b."0 0 171 0 471
March., n.i21 lir,7) 0 A4 O.Vi
M-iy.... 007i' 0 721 0 72) li Ti
Th l.ucnl Mock .llmket.
Nummary of tbo local market furnished
by Crane, Parrls A Co, bankers, 1311 F
street: After a delay of somewhat longer
duration than Is usual at this season, tho
market begins to show favorable signs of
improvement and general activity. The
trading In tonds is confined to sixes of HJl,
round amounts of which wero taken by in
vestors at 1103 and same closed at 110 bid.
In 3 C's there Is great strength and lots, In
any amount, are easily marketed at from Ul
to 121J. The bonds ot tho Washington
and (fcorgetown Ballroad Company are of
fcrcd at 110, but several sales at a, some
what lower figure were mado durln? last
wivK. Mtirupoiuau bom on, nun lsuuerea
at about f). The determination of the man
agers of this road to at least naitlally equip
ft for tho great and increased travel meets
tho approval not only of tho public but of
the stockholders, who, wo think, need not
bo too quick to assume that a reduction of
dividends Is at all necciear) lu order to
meet the expenses Incident to the transfor
mation ot" tbo "bob-tail" luto a first-class
Uas stock during tho week advanced 1
per cent, to 31 and sold In moderate lots at
oSJ. Any action which Congress may take
stems to have been pretty well discounted,
nnd no amouuts, large or small, aro pressed
for sale. Indeed the latter part of the
week there eecmsqulto a firm demand on
Investment orders. Iho books ot tho gai
company cltso to day, aud the usual divi
dend ot CO cents per share has been declared,
lovable February 1.
1 here is llttlo doing In Insurance shares.
National Union Is in demand at 20, with
SJaiked. Potomac holds firm at 57 to 5S
b'd; and Biggs Inactive, at &3 bid.
Wathlngtou Maiket stock Is dull le)onl
precedent, the stock being continuously of
feied at 22, with no Udders. Brick Ma
chine, at 13d bid, Is very firm, aud none is
Tho only sales In bank shares were of Na
tional Bank of the Bepubllc, In which
thero was rather free selling of several
email lots at 1501.
Tclei hone shares, alwas actlvu wheu
there Is ait) buo)ancy In the market, shiw
coed Improvement, Pcnnsylunli sold lu
una! I amounts at 41i and closes 41 bid and
4J atked. Chesapeake nnd Potomac ad
vanced 1 per cent, to S5L and numerous
lots were inaiketcd at b") andS-"?. Tne
books of this comrmii) uUo close to di)
the dividend )f tl.C5 pel hare being p
able Januuiy 21, Light Infantry 2 is
brought &5, and there Is fair t Idling at 5l
fortbtm. Tho avlo of tbeso bonds will
probably make from this time ou some ac
tivity lu them.
We believe that each succeeding week
will demonstrate frehh octhlty In D'strlct
bonds and fetocke, and that now at this sea
son, while the attention ot the Inventing
1 ubllc is tonslderully detracted from real
estate, a reasonable advance may therefore
be expected In those prime Investment
payers, lu which thero has been no recent
or considerable upward movement.
lnNiitnston Htork i:xt'lianis.
Tho following were the quotation on tho
regular call at the btock Kxchange to-day,
as reported by Crane, Parrls ,t Co , 1314 F
street oorthwest. All quotations Issued
by this Exchange are for sccurttlM to tho
amount of 11.000 or 100 tharea of etock.
Washington Georgetown Bonds Ill
Columbia 30
W ashlngton City Uasllght Co 31
National Met. Insurance Co , u
National Union Insurance Co 201
Corcoran Insurance Co 55
Uei man-American Insurance Co 14
Potomac Insurance Co 5$
Biggs Insurance Co 83
Board Pub. Works (Jreen bs Wl
Masotlc Hall Bonds 10J
Washington Market Co. Bonds ,.,.10."
Washington Biick Machine Co. Stock... UJ1
Bank of Washington 201
National Met. Bank lid
National Bank of the Bepubllc 150)
Farmers' X Mechanics' National Bank
ot Georgetown 15d
Citizens' National Bank 1U
Second National Bank Ill
Central National Bank 175
(ireat Falls Ice Co 121
Btal L'stato Title Insuranco Co 113
Pennsylvania Tclephono Co 40
Chesapeake it Potomac Tel. Co &'l
SEASON OF 1886 p "1887
Tt'lrphouo Cftll, "S17.
(Successor to bhoomabcr Ilcrtzoi;),
rSTAHI.lSlIUU 1831),
Importers and Jobbers
Fine Wines, Liprs,
Havana Cigars, etc.
No. 1331 and 1333 C St. N. W
wi.siiixvr3-a:o3sr, e. a.
Orders by Mail or Telephone
Promptly Attended to.
All flood. SoM at Tiow York I'rlrc,
nnil Dtilliered Fieo In All 1'iUt. of tho
Ully iiuil lilnlly,
Assorlctl cases of One Dozen Wines and
Liquors at Dozen Price.
To Save Life
Frequently requires prompt ncllon. An
hour's rifdnyw nltlng for tho doctor may
ho nttended with srrloun conHcqucmes,
tp( ( hilly In rniM ot Croup, riicuinojjbi,
nnd othfr t brunt nnd lung trouble h,
Ilcnco, no family should bo ulthout a
bottlo of Ajers Cherry Prctorul,
whUli lmsprncd Itself, In thouimndi of
caio, tho best Kinergency Medicine
Mer ili9roercit, ItgUes pminpt rid let
fttnl prcpnrci tho wiy for n tboiouHh
cure, which U ccrtnlu to bo i fTcitcd by
Its continued inc.
B. II. Lallmor, r. I). Ml. Wriimi,
fin., stis: " I biiio found Arr's t'l.crrv
I'cctornt apcrfcrt euro for Croup In nil
rnri. I bnio known tho wnret c jk h
rellncil in n rry short timo h llx uicj
nnd I mhltunll fninllles to ui)lt lusud
itcti emerge nek i, for c ought, i rou p, Hv."
A. J. IlliNon, M. !., Mlddlrtown,
Tonn., snjs ; " I hio im d Ajit's
Cherry I'tetornl wllh Ihn brtclTttt In
my pradlce. 'lhln wonderful prepirn
tlon onco siipl my life. I had a urn
stnut cough, iilabt swrnts, wni grtatly
rulucril lu llcsb, nrul glien upl-v my
physlci.ui. Ono bottlo nnd n half of thu
Pectoral cumi me."
"I cannot sny rnouh In prnltn of
Aycr'n Cherry Ptctonil write- II.
llrngilon, of Pulottliir Txns, MllUv
Itig an t do that, but for its usu, I sbuuhl
lung sluco lm o tiled."
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
rnpi'inrD nv
Dr. J. C. Aycr It Co., Lowell, Masl.
BoM ty.ll I)ru:lli. Trice (1 j ill Ultk.,e5.
hy don't jnii throw awiy tint oIltjInof
Lctfi r I'KMllnit tnkes x i much timemilso
wot ties your i-ntkncu wheu In almiry, nnd
prccuro uio ot thu
cuile of any wrltlna; tnn bo uretuol by
rairtly tiirnlmr a crank. hat woul 1 tako nn
hour to do with tho ordinary letter pru can
bodonowlththU new Copier in Blew mln
utcfi. 1 lita fcaturo alone must commend it to
business hou'fls pending out n large-number ot
Infers; nnd If Bent out by mail, nn delay nctxl
ooieasloncd.ns nearly ono hundred jtiperi
can bo rotlcd In two minute1). 'Iho conlai
aro mado on n continuous web of piper,
nhlchlicutupby an apparatus for tho pur
roso In any desired ilzo, and filed away with
rarcrs lcLtlrcd. Corrosnondcnco to and
Irora different sources Is fllcVl by ifolf la such
ii inunuiT iiiui unfunny lOiiy oo uniuiiiiy ru
ferretl to. Intead of linvlnic first to mo an
Index, nnd then loat a letter bonk, with tho
rcfult nt many times not finding what Is
A by don't Ton tllo your follel piper) li ft
rjBtviuuiiu luitnuirr m inu
Labor-Saving Office Devicesi
Or Bend for catalogue.
Our goods ran ho Recti at tho follow In?
plaei c orklilu anl links Co , Mm
Itcd.W and 31 keade tt , uwotk lVun
syh aula I Ho and Index Co, Limited W&iiiuh
1 lilr.l H , I hlladclphla, W ccrn 1 llo an I lu
dexCo.irn Wabat-ti ao. Cblcajro; bchikht
Jv IWm Co. Umlttd, luronto, out, C K.
lUliSON.iuanujirrfur be I lie ht A, PMlCo,
(13 J l'nt n. .( H ushlitston, 11. (M stun
noil 1-llo Co. limited, rlh St MouillcMi,
l:. 0 I ondun, Luslaud.
SCIIL1CIIT A- rillLl) CO.,
Itockottvr, N. .
Attn nt muutiKMir.
No. 31G l'ennn. .ive. n. w , bet. Sd and iht its.
Evervthlnif tlrs -flaw.
THfll"UiB pumnts
sMED!CKEsswayhesBLOO D,
yVittliliur sii'l tlnslDi;,LTrJ
M Xinmi At rb.Lt nurso tiyyfi:
l3crlchliiB-ery dbitrcwlnii li
ikllawKl tu tollman tuiuora lunn nuiiii
urt. u till td wild uK crate inn oiutiijj ery wtv.
nnil IW (im llllHUK m ",l ""'' r
VLlaats ulci ration anl w.J bu
c jv aa a? :b t x jst o- s .
Has in stock a roll lino of Carpeting, all
grades Oilcloths, Cocoa and Straw MM tin ire.
Also latest st j lea In Well Paper, window
blades and Curtain Goods Wire Window
and Door borcens,
pjucza LOW.
129 main bTiiEET NonTnwfsT.
nib 'Mx?
A Shin of tltituty Is n Joy lorir.
Oriental Cream, or Magical Beaoliiier.
5f CO
'S ffv
Tin, I'lm
I ilcs. Moth
I'ALM tw.
Freo k 1 cs
IU1I1 nud
oi', nn I
o v o r v
li I n in I oli
Oil iM'I'ltV
nn t ilmloi
It bus
stal tho
lct of H
in, ana
bo sure tho preparation h properly m ilo. Ac
( i t no coimti i felt of fclmlliir ninm 1 ho ilM
tlnjziilsbcd Dr. I. A. barer mid to a lady of tho
tiiHittoni latlentl: ,lA yw latin wtU vt
tftui, I ttromumtl ftotniali Vttam m t
Uat f Giniul tf nit tht Mln jirepnrattiM " Ono
Initio will lat fix moTitns, uInir It every
day. AUo Potidro Mibtllo rcmnu supurtlu
ous hair wltlinut Injury to ttm skin.
IBl.D. T. 1101'KINS. MannKfl-,
MlhindsUN V
ror snlo by all l)rujn?1t nnd Fancy Un Is
Dialers llinntKhutit iho J rt, Ciiniu anl
rurojp. tVLewaro of bisa ItnUatlons.
$i (t itcward for arrest and l roof of any ono
1)f)l'i(llllO CrllltH.
Xll'IIHH .tVlllllrolIM,
JJriiHi-i ITomlurH.
Urnns 1'n'o HctH,
ISfUl-K XvtlllipM)
Unit, nnoil. nf All Uencrlptlani.
Tiles, Mantcki Mantel and Shell
Brewing Capaclt; mt Annum,
500,000 Barrels.
OFFICE AND nnroT-Coracr First ttrcot
ami vliRlnlaarvuuo.
niNlt SCHWA It, Accnt.
pAMi'iu;t.i. CAitr.i.soTo.v,
DArcoinLAWllillJiiNd - 400 La. Ar,
ScsWcnce, No. 1218 n street northwost
Sale and Livery Stable.
O. A. OimiSON, formerly ol Akiiui Ula,
Va , lias bouslit tho cztcnlre Mrcrr and Silo
MaMcs of W. II Geycr, AM ami 470 0 nt. n. w.,
in tl o nar of ?satlonal Hotel. Ho will ron
tlnuo to maintain Its popularity as lilrln?,
Ih ery and salo staMts: also a e'arrlaro llo.
iisltory: an.l respoctlully solicits ashaiouf
tliotul lloralroiiRgo
Carpets, Oilcloths, Mattings, Baby
As CJienti nn Tliry Can llo llousht
l.l"si'nncio for can n,
and wo wafco this extraordinary ofler that
cusiomcrocau makothtlr own termj luro
card to payments.
Como and sco tbo Largest Store In tho
United Slates. Come and see tho Lurgoat and
Jlost ailid btoi k to select from.
Como after you havo ixjstcd yoursclros on
price: and terms elsewhere, ana wo will guar
antee yon that
t!IlOUA. H Intnllment House
Tho Old Rlns)
OnNow ork Avenne. iiotween 13th
and 14 th Sts. N. W.(
fa tho plnco you wcro looking for. Como and
botonvlntca ttiatwhat wo say arofacuand
no humbug. a repeat, como and mako your
own ttrma at
Call early.aBworlnfloat6p.ro sharu.
for Uentratlr.g etcii'J.
Tor Coctlcg Purpoics.
For Ilcatlng by tanuce.
Tor beating ty Latrote.
For Open Urates
ItJ'j Easily jRnltca.
It Make, a Quick, Hot Fire.
It Dots Not Bum Out tbo Orate.
It la Economical.
Washington Gaslight Com'y.
40 UnehdB, Crntbcd...... .
IS ltubhels, Cruhcd . - -40
Lut hol8, Not Crushed
25 UuBbelB, Not CTOBhwl
. 3 M
. 8 00
reTcllvciril to Any Tart ot Washington
or ucorgctowa.
v-v. j3riif-' v ; r
ACAl.Fk. ' lu.l.nptn
I'lAMMharo m cfimln. Newhy A Kran,
and Wtstr ltrii.' tlm Iwxt modlutn crado All
atlopxt price nn ranleflt an I liti install
mi n( plan Hti ( ll lmrc iln fir cavh.
i. J., wild .v mm.,
?m 7th Ht. n. , llttlUhtMl 18(11.
'I lining and ltcnilrlng carctnllyattondi 1 tn
No. 937 Pa. Ave. K.W.
vnv Trntli Htiert
Tho Oldest and Largest Mu
sic Houso in tho Oity.
New ami Sccond-ILiiul Pianos ami
Organs for Sale or llcnf.
Pianos and Organs Moved, Tunod, Ho
f aired, Packed and Shipped by Com
petent Men at Moderate Rates.
0 17 111. Ar. . H.
TcloplioiH! CTjiII - - H
O.I t l'tniiHlniilu Ac
Unequaled in Tone, Touch, Work
manship and Durability.
Ppt'clal attention r Holiday rnrchicrs In
ltnl tu thtlr New Artlatlo MyloH, linlshcd lu
dtslcns of
Highest Decorative Art.
SECOND HAND TIANOi, a lino assortment
ol riromlntut make at ull ia Icu,
1'IAMIS Kilt I'.ESr,
817 Market Si'iire.
riUli: .vrUI.T. & lIAUI.lt Iinnrntcl
A. I'irlelit lianos aro admired by torn
pcient juilcesfor their tlecanco, retinoment
of tone and cxtrc mo durability; prhni re
duerd for ouo month; term to nut Coll and
Hcothcm nt tho 1'IANU hlCUANOC Waio
icoms4.'3 9thitt.
SI' SCI A I. HAItdAINS In Now and
pc t ond hand Uprlsht and Snnro ri iuoh
for on o month: noino tlluliily usod and in
ffpicnnld c ondltlnn, at prratly rodtm d T rkei,
nt thu riAM) CXtUANUH Warciooias, US
Oth Bt.
I;.CIIAf;i: Your Old fin no Tor it
j new ono. Wo cUo tc(fil prlco and
wakosi'Pi.l.il termi to suit to thoo uschmii
Inc. Only tlo List Initnimmts noil, Llo
paneoof ttylo. rlthma of tone and oxtri'imj
durability aro tho mtrllH nf our pldnon Call
nnd nooiir ctylcs and prkot Loforo hiiliif
1 IAMJ l.M.ll AGL aitrooms 4 Otli at
Fischer Pianos.
Estey Pianos.
Estey Organs.
riANOs ron rent
11.11 1' Nt. .Ol(llM'M.
13 Koitli Charlos blrcct, Diltlmoro Ma
0-15 return Atciiiic
Call and examine tho largo stock of
Gablcr, Tlallet & Cumston, Marshall & Wen
dtll, hcoloctt, Decker and Son, F Uauuii.
Grorcstccn & Fuller and other
ri&no fold on Installments, Exihinrxod
Kentid, Itcpalrcd. 1 uncd, Mured and Moicd
bhectMuslo and Mimical McrchanJHo
Solo Arjonta,
No. 033 Scivnth btreet rtliwot.
riAMis ron iient iihi umi . him us up is
AND Hlc ML'sn fcllUMis .Q511jS1
Wttn I mt mr I Jfi nnt mnin mrrrl) 10 tifp tbtm f 1
tin nn I Ihrn ti Ihrm (etum rlti 1 tiif n n ra II'
rur I hkvc n Kilt Ilir illi nf ri U tl IH'sY Kil
S()ftirKd Ilk loofiludx tmnanltny inrli
ru lt )( ratkl lieiiuan eih tl hat Uilt I U
M n Ul Iili new rarcivlnf um Vraa i 11
trtaiii l1 a Krr Hmla of tt j DfIUllr nn 1 1;
Li I rvia o 1 IV M OlTIro It r" " ' lt '01 1
b41aicuxuu. DU. U O LOOT, Ull nl Bl
n .
Secret of Beauty
IllNtlllttllllCOUrt Unit'
Itjti lii tl Mhudi-M
lioiiiu t.lslit ttloiido
to a.! ft l.ltu li.
A head 'd hah 1 an io dyed in an h 111 Th
dvt. Imtihv art) In iwo l?ii, mil 1 i
llto" delrlncun tot thi nnllt of tl
P)i befiiu iiurtliUBlne It at tt.o stoic at 1 1
r at o rooms for Hair Dicing
Alfou lull ndionment ol Unman Tlalrirothtii,
consisting of tho latent atyla Front ncvos,
bwltcbes, etc . constantly on hand
I am now solo anoiit for thl city for tho
well known beaut If ring eo&raetlc by the
Fcrfnmerle llontoCrlsto Company
537 15th st. n. w. 912 11th st. n, n
Unj nnd 1lour-i of f.Vltlni In ami
Mill of UiUftltlnutori
f'tom II. imit I. Mtntloit.
ForIVl(n-3p m (ftltliouttliangoof mm)
lorNcwork tjs. , did uwh for ruts
tun a (limit cl, nil rullmati pirior iars) and
Una nt l.'iop m. newtwln, 2,a p. m.
(limited, all jarlor cars), 4 1 10 anl
ll-.vp m
Fur I lillflilelHiIa-tJS, D, D 10 and 11 tl ft. trii
w to dan), if. 4, 4 1. o oo, lo and li jo p. m.
For Haltlmoro-BA7-, 0, 0 to, and 11 15 a.
mtUWUWtU It (aot'oinoilillonl ., .
415. 4-W.4-IO, OliO.MO.iuidll'JOp.ni
ror thkiipo. Cincinnati anlbt lul K Ida.
m on New ovk limited uxprd, and t.U
and 10 p nt.
For liuffatn, Klmlm and lUrrWuirj 1 II a.
ni.andiOr m (hkuanllmltvl, with p,t
l r t a r to ilHrrMmrir I i 11
IVrAnnapolU-rrAa. m i; 11, 12 n anl 4dlJ
p ui (undaynatOn m.aud I lip. m )
For I'opc'iiCrLck Uno-Tiaa. La., W p. m.
on week days only.
For Altxmidrla-O, 71J, l5, II a mi 120!,
ai"i,4-A4A",loi, 8-03, 1011 now tram,
andll?7p.)n (suudnyn nto, 0"A Ha. in ;
ii 01. new ir.un. and in-05 p. m )
For ltulimond aid tho Houth 0 an I 11 a.
m,muU,np in .(dally vmet Hunday.)
lor Cincinnati, LniUllio mid bt. Louts, via,
thucHi-oikonnd Ohio- B ton. nt.
For linit Monroo, Ncwiwit News and Nor-
folk-Cfloand 11 a. m. (excipt Sundays)
For Uihhurir. Hound 1(111 find ixilntson v.i).
X .-SM3a. in. (dally o&ceit Sunday)
and 4 45 p. m
Fui Manafin. ihorouchfara flan an I Front
Itnyal-J JS p. m , uxci t Hunl lys.
For W irrcnton u-tU u ra ; 5-tOt). m.
lurl-tnchhurK. Atlanta and NowOrloau
If 01 a. m.aud 11 p.m.
I mm II, a ii. Hlntloii.
For Ilaltlmorc 3, G.30, 8 W, T JO, 8 TO and 10-P5
A in f 110, lr.'l, J 1 i.W, 4,30, I 10, 5 10,
l I0,7,b-i and It p. m ; l p. m, bun lay
onlyt 8 15 d illy isct 1 1 Sunday.
For Anna iHilta o fO(Mindiy um a. va. anl
4 10 p m ): K lOttnd 4 id p in
Fc r Point ol INh k, 1- re-lcrkk-e 10 a r.i ; i li)
p. in. cupjt bundrty.
Fir Huriir n Firry and Shenandoah V alloy
t.ioii m and loio p ra.
FurUatthir&butf:-utAu. mili1) aud 11. Jl
p. in.
For Ilnccrntown 5J0p m.
For t hkiico lo n in . 10 10 p ra.
I r I'lttabnir: loa ni,hWp m
lr New (Jilitimtoxiii-wi) lo a in
ForCliirfrimtl, Loulslllo and at. Louis-. 0
aud 10 lo p. m.
At li. ami I. stittlou.
From ronton 10 IS it m (ExprcM).
Front Jii w nrk a . an 1 10; n a. n ; 1 10.
i!. 3 17, 4 (UmltciU. 7.15 (now), b A e5
UlmltLdinndloi; p.m
From luitlnu.ro :J5. rto 8, 81 P 1 0-30,
nni iu n a. m ; 1 jo, '. j-ir, 4,50,7.15
new),8-J0,HM,an I 10 I7p m.
From 1 hit ttpi, M, 1-ouH, l'lttttnirit anl Cln
clnnatl twandy o a m ; 60 anl 1 15
Frun Aunnixill COO a m ; 1 ManlViOp ra.
trvm li ijYhIo, tlmlra and llarrltbur-u JO a.
tn nnd 7 li p in
lYom Muiuljim. 'i iioroitchf iro (lap and Front
ltonll0 05a tn .except Miudajs.
From aricntou-t) .0 u. u , J and 9 10
p m
Horn Atlanta, New Orh'atu an 1 Ljnchburj
CIO a m nnd ! S0) in
Fuunl'iipus Crude I.1110 8 33 a tu (exoc.t
Mitiiiuyn)nnd&iOp m.
From 1 hlladt It hi t-J 15, nnd 10 13 a m , an 1
I u0, -', i 17, 4, 7.13 (lion), SrW.Mtt and 10 17
From KU limond and tho bouth-11 a, m 3 19
and 11 p in
From Alcxntutila l!V (except Monday), 65,
b-jo, e so, s 10 10 r lo-jo and 11 a. ra .
1 10, S-. J iO, 5 JO, 72 9 JO.oJil and 11 p.
m t Mind ay 1 nt l,MO, gu anl II a. m,
& m, til and 11 p.m
Frcm Cincinnati, tuulslllo and bt. Louis
310 and o top m
From I-oit 'Monroo, Newport N'ewi and Nor
folk 3 to p. in (daily cxi opt Sun lay).
Fromltound Hill, 1 1 ilmnr and )liiHon V
o 101 in and JAip. m ThaohQ
Iur tra l n a not run 011 buudaa.
At II. .V O. HCltlon.
From n tit imoro13 ."0, fi jn, S 10, 3 V, 3-M, 10 13
and 11 13 it m ; IM (Sunday JlSp in ),
3-jj. 4-. s 10, &-i c , 8, 11 an 1 10 p m.
Ftom Annapiills So a. m (Minday lotta.
m and t "A p. m , lJjO and .va j m.
From 1-Tctkrltk s-Tia m.;ti 10 an 1b U p ra.
liom llirpcr'a Firry aud Mionandoah Valley-
11 IB It
(jWu. m atidfi JUp tn
Front (Jattliersbnra-tu"!, 310,11 M, a m ,23,
4 &M0aud(j 17 p. m
rrom Haperstown D.3) a, m. and 5 30 aud
8 17 p. m.
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ELY BROTHERS, Druggists. Owego, H. Y.
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