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TUB ORITIOls lncronelnar hi cir
culation raster than nU tho othor
dolly papors In the District; of
TUB CIU1W0 (IrcuIaU'jn to E
coedcd by only ono daily paper
tho City of Wafhlnatou, and
rupldly ealn'.nff,
10TII YEAIt-WnOLE NO. 5,805.
' i r M
la' J&fii
Events of Interest In and About tho
Changes In the QtanrtermAfiter'a Do
pattiuent Genernt and Personal.
, New Virginia Postmastcra. S. W.
Simpson, Owl Kun, Fauquier County, and
William W. Pryor, Slate River Mills, Buck
Irgbam County.
Boiled for Now York. Tho frigate
Richmond, flagship of Hoar Admiral Luce,
called from Hampton Roads tbls mornlog
xomow aora.
Ordered to Washington Barracks.
First Lieutenant William N. Sutcr, assistant
eurgeon, U, 8. Army, appointed tuts week,
was to-day ordered to duly at y ashing ton
examined for Promotion. Com
mender John Crlttonden Watson, U 0.
Navy, tbls morning appeared before tbo
L.xaiubiog uoaru tor examination tor pro
motion to captain.
Mr, PchT'a Promotion. Mr. Leigh W,
JU1J of Virginia, wbo has bcon appointed
Assistant Register of Ibo Treasury, has
served lu tbe Register's ofllce for some time
as a cblcf of division, and la promoted oa
account of efficiency.
Engine Sales at tbe Norfolk Navy
Yard. Tbe engines of tbo old eloop-of-war
Canandalgua wero sold Wednesday at Nor
folic for $3,150. Two boilers from tbo same
sMpluouRUt $1,850: two from tbo Wyoming.
$1,020; eight from tbe Alliance, $1,033 and
four furnace boilers, 5-500. Tbe engine of
tbo tug Snowdrop was bid In for $500, but
tbe Government refused the bid and with1
drew tbo engine.
The Lafayette Monument Site. Sec
retary Endlcott, Architect Clarke and Sen
ator Hoar, tbe committee entrusted with
tbe selection of a design and site for tbo
proposed Lafayette monument, have de
cided to postpone action until tbo sculptors
ol tbo Accepted model have bcon consulted.
It Is believed tbat tbe monument will be
sufficiently Imposing to Justify the selection
of a very prominent and conspicuous site
and such a location Is not readily found
unless tbo Peace Monument or Jackson
statue Is to be removed. .
Changes In tbe Quartermaster's De
portment. Orders will be Issued soon
transferring Lleutenant-uoioneu.icuard a,
Batchelder, deputy quartermaster-general
from duty as depot quartermaster la tbls
city, to relievo Lieutenant-Colonel Henry
C. Hodges aa depot quartermaster In Now
York city. Colonel Hodges will go to San
Francisco as depot quartermaster there In
Elace of Major George II. Weeka, wbowlll
e ordered as Colonel Batchelder' suc
cessor la this city, and wbowlll also have
general charge of all tbe National Ceme
teries. The President's Departuro.--A few
friends called at tbe White House yesterday
afternoon to say good-bje to tbe President,
and Secretaries llayard and Palrcblld went
to tbo station to see blm off. A group of
people bad gathered around tho portico of
tbe White House to witness tbe departure,
and wero rewarded for their patience at a
few minutes beforo 4 o'clock, when tbe ser
vants appeared with fishing-rods, rifles and
parcels, followed by the President and Mrs.
Cleveland, Colonel and Mrs. Lamont. Tbe
ladles were dressed In jaunty traveling cos
tumes, Mrs. Cleveland's being oE gray, and
Mrs. Lamonl's of brown. The party arrived
at tbo station Just In time for tbo regular
4 o'clock train, and ware comfortably stated
In the special car, Maraqulta, w hen tho train
slaitcd. Tbe party Is duo at Its destination
at 3 p.m. to-day.
Minor and Personal.
Secretary Whitney Is cxpectod here this
Colonel ITalns Is still engaged In tbo prop
oration of plans for tbe proposed Eastern
Brunch bridge.
Tbo Commissioner of Agriculture has de
clared a rigid quarautlne against tbe coun
ties cf Baltimore, Howard, Carroll and
Prlnco George's, In Maryland, on account
of tbe prevalence of pleuro-puoumonla
The Treasury Department la endeavoring
to find the owners of tbe watches, Jewelry,
weapons, etc., captured by tbo Union
armies and turned over to tbe Treasury, tbe
return of which has been authorized by
It has been decided tbat Ross A, Fish is
not entitled to pay for thirty days after
teasing to perform tbe duties of Aaslstan
Keglbter, for tbe reason tbat Immediately
upou relinquishing that position he as
eumed another position under tbo Dlstrlc
grnc to Mscon, Ga., to bo absent about two
Ms. W." A ChOPFtrr has Joined Kit
Csrson Post. Tbls la the largest post of any
In tbe Grand Army.
Mr. JoiinN. Dicksok of tbls city re
turned yesterday from Wichita, Kan., and
other Western points,
Mr. G. LiMAn of Savannah, cousin of
tbe SecrtUry ef the Interior, arrived In
Pbltadelpbla yesterday by tbe British bark
Maeleod from Buenos Ayres,
Mit. W. U. Poiitbu. general agent for
the callgrapb In tbls city, was) yesterday
elected president of tbe American Associa
tion ot Type 'Writer Men. The election
took place at St. Louis, Mo.
Sais tho New York Tribune this morn
ing: ''Tbe handsome, dark face of .General
Anton G. McCook, Secretary of tbe United
States Senate, Is often to be seen about tbe
city, frequently accompanied hy bis pretty
wife Ibey arc living at tbe Fifth Avenue
High Tent ot lUcIiaMU.
Editoh Cuitio : Tbo only Incorporated
Illah Tc nt, Independent Order of Kechabltca
of North America, has Its headquarters In
this city, and Its next meeting Is to take
place at Sykes, Va. Their oOlcers aro t H.
C. II , John n. Mitchell, Georgetown, D.
C, II. D. II i George W, Glenn, Sykes, Va.;
1I.C.S amlT.,K Kmmett Smith, George
town, D. C; P, 11. O.K., Edward McCal
lum, New York city, H. V. and C, Thomas
B. Marcbe, Washington, D. O., and tboy
havo do connection whatever with tbe so
called meeting of tbo HlghTunt In this city.
The so-called meeting lu thla city during
tbo preseut week Is made up ot men who
have thus far refused to come In under tbo
rules of tbo order aa chartered and abldo by
tbe laws ot tbo same, and have no legal
Tight to masquerado under tbe name of
Ilccbabltes. Kespectfully,
Watne W. Cordell.
Washington, May 2d,
air, Ifnnisdcll'rt Funeral
At a meeting of leading correspond
cols and local newspaper men last night
resolutions of respect and condolence over
tbedeatb of their late associate, Mr, Hiram
J.ltamsdell, wero adopted, and It was de
cided to attend hia funeral tbls afternoon at
4 o'clock In a body,
Lowande'a circus will give Its farewell
performance In tbls city to-night,
Senator and Mrs. Cockrell leave town
next Monday for West, Point to attend the
exercises of tbo closing week at tbo
Academy. They return here beforo starting
Justice anl Mrs, MUIcr and Miss Cork
hill Intend starting for Block Island) where
bey have summered for eight years, ouly
In July, Mn. Touz&lla will also Join tbo
party. She has spent tbe winter In Call
fornla with her husband,
Miss Lid a Scranton, who came on for tho
Dolph wedding, returns to her ho ma at
Scranton, Peon,, to-morrow.
Miss May Potts bas returned from Fort
ress Monroe.
, The largo party yesterday at"Bolraont,"
Mr. and Mrs. Walk er'a suburban home, was
greatly enjoyed, Owlne to tbo rain tbe re
freshments were served Indoors, and tbo
wide hall and parlor accommodated the
dancers. Tbo garden was Illuminated, and
superb musical selections wero rendered
flurlng tho evening by the orchestra,
On Monday, Juno 0, tho Ladles' Aid As
sociation of tbe Homeopathic Ho;pltal give
b reoottllabt excursion. Tickets may bo
procured from Mrs. Nordbott.
, General Sheridan has taken a cottage at
Nonquit, Mass., for the mouths of July and
Senator Cameron and family aro still
hero, but leave early In Juno for Harris-burg.
been visiting Mrs Patten, leave town at the
beginning of tbo Newport ecisou, where
they will partly summer.
Tbogsrden party yesterday afternoon at
iheChlldicn'a Hospital was a fashionably
attcmlcu event, until tho rin put an end to
putdocr festivities. 'Iho Ice cream booth
Was presided over by Mrs. Charles Nclll and
Mr. McCaulcy, and tho candy booth by
Mrs. Tyler and Mis. Calderon Carllate, as
sisted by Miss Hlckctts, Miss Thorn, Miss
Wilson, Miss Porter, the Misses Tiffany,
Mies Ronth, and Miss Courtwrlght. The
tea table was In charge of Mis, lilacs and
Miss Suslo Lea. Iho young lady assistants
wero In pretty light toilets, and the scenes
about the pavilion, where many of tbe little
tiatlcnts atso enjoyed themselves, were of
bo most picturesque character. After tbe
rain tbe company gathered In tho hospital,
where there was ample space for all.
! Colonel Jobn McFall and wife of St.
Louis are Id tbe city, having been called
here by the Illness of their daughter, Mrs.
Richard Sylvester of Wallach Place.
Tbo many friends of Miss Fannie Hough
bf Capitol Hill will be glad to hear of her
eafe arrival In tbo city, after an extended
tour of England and Scotland.
I Judge and Mrs. Bancroft Davis entcr
alncd a large company at a reception last
evening, to meet Sir Edward Thorn too.
1 Mr. and Mrs. Lamar will probably go
from Macon. Go., to Oxford, Atlas., beforo
returning to Washington. They are now at
Hoi ton, about fifteen miles above Macon,
General Greely and his wife bad their In
fant daughter christened at St. John's
Church vesterdav afternoon. Sba was
named Rose Isbbel, after a titled English
lady Mho was very kind to Mr. Grcely
(When be was In England.
General Beale's wife returned yesterday
from New York, where she had been to
have an operation performed on bur eye.
A Decision That Wilt Facilitate Its
FIrBt Comptroller Durham has decided
'that, under an enactment of the' last Con
gicss, drawbacks held by tho Treasury to
the credit of tbe District of Columbia may
tbe applied to tbo extinguishment of tho
debt for son era go improvements authorised
by Congress four Tears ago, and for which
a sinking fund has been provided. Th!
DlMrlct Indebtedness to tho Government of
fSTiO.COQ will bo canceled accordingly.
'Under tho provision of law authoilzlog tho
drawbacks to bo applied to the payment
of any obligation to Hid Government du
from the District, eirorts havo been made
to ascertain w Hit what amount tho DUtrlco
la to bo credited. This has, howeicrt
proiert a seilona undertaking, aud a com,
Darlsou'of tho National tiud DIatitct ac
counts will bo necessary. It has been
ascertained tLat about f iri,000 of tbo draw-
back certificates ou deposit are defective,
aad Commtaslouer Wheatley has been
cilleduiou to confer w lib tho First Comp
troller to morrow as to tbe validity ot
ttu'sc (crtttltatcs.
Hit liquet to YUltori T.nntorn IMrarte
To-lit gut.
Tbe reeeptlon tendered by tho District
brLch of tbo L. A. W, last nlgbt at tbe
Cycle Club house to tho visiting bicyclists
was well attended. Members of the Genes
see Whoelmen of Rochester, N. Y,; the
Hagerstown Bfcyclo Club; the Ramblers,
Baltimore, and members of clnbs In Tren
ton, N.J ;Marccloo, Ohio; Wflllamsport,
Pa., and Orange, N. J., were present, Ko
fresbments wero served, and all present
spent an enjoyablo evening-
Tbe poper cbaso of yesterday was largely
attended. The start was from the Soldiers'
Home at 4.40 p. m. Tbe bares wero Messrs.
PetlnglU, Grossman, Beacbley and Muebl
huyeen. Two of them wero captured,
Messrs. PetlnglU and Beacbloy.
Tbe lantern parade tbls evening will start
from tbe headquarters, 1033 Twelfth street,
at 8.80 o'clock and take an extensive run.
All cyclists, whether members or not, are
Invited. Lanterns will be furnished at
A Declton of the Supreme Court Heln-1
states Illm In tbe Army,
Tbe case of Major Ben P. Ilunkle tor re
instatement lu the army and back pay,
wblcb came from tbe Court of Claims to
tbe United States Supreme Court a few
years ago, was decided to day In favor ot
Major Runklo. He was reinstated under
tbe administration of Mr, Hayes, but under
'the administration of General Arthur his
caso was recommitted to tbe Court ot Claims
and there decided adversely.
He appealed to tbe Supreme Court, Mr.
'M. P. Morris Lf this city and Colonel Dona
Piatt ot Maco-Cbee, bis uncle, acting as
bis attorneys. Their final arguments wero
heard about two months ago, and to-day
.the result In favor of their client was re
corded. .
Tho Iloltlmore Vorty-nlnerH.
Tbo"Msryland Society of California Ho-
neere" was organized at Baltimore last night
by tbo election ot the follow log officers: Wm
A. Wentz, president; Otto Sutro, vice-president;
John L. Stleff, secretary, and John
W, Nurasen, treasurer, with Robert Read,
Jl.lt. Grlffltb, James Johnson, Gideon O,
Numsen and James Bhuter, board of gov
ernors. The committee, composed of John
W. Numsen, Robert Read, Otto Sutro, Wm.
A, Wcutz, John L. b tie ft and James Shuter,
prepared and presented a constitution and
set ot by-laws, which, with aomo slight al
terations, was adopted by tbo society, Tbe
Initiation fie wua llxcd at &J and the vearlv
dues at $3, with an extra assessment for
banquet s, celebrations, reunions, etc , to bo
paid only by those who participate. The
annual meeting will beheld on the flrst
Wednesday ot May ot each year, Fifty
mamuers wero curoiieu.
Bttpri'mci Court Adjournment,
Tbe Supreme Court met at nooa to-d ty
and handed down thirty decisions, which
did not Include the telephone case. The
court denied a rehearing lu the Maxwell
land grant cases. It then adjourned uutl
Thftltnttonnl Hotel Tronulc.
Tbe disagreement between tbo partners
la the National Hotel has resulted la the
appointment ot Horatio Browning as re
f cttver,1
The Stables of New York Belt Line
Road Burned,
Tho Greatest Conflagration th City
Um Known for Yonri,
New Tons, May 27, Tho largest flro
that has taken pltco In tbls city for many
years broke out at 1.10 a. m, to day la tho
car stables of tbe Bolt Line horso railroad,
on tho west side of Tenth avenue, between
Fifty-third and Fifty-fourth streets. Tbo
car stables with all their contents w era com
pletcly destroyed. Over 1,400 horses per
ished la tbo flames. One hundred and
thirty cars and a largo quantity of harness,
feed and other material were burned, Ooly
40 horses were saved out of l,r00 lu the
stables. Tbo stables occupied tbo whole
front on tho west tide of Tenth avenue, and
extended down Fifty-third and Fifty
fourth streets halt way to Eleventh avonue.
Tbe building was tbreo stories high. Tbe
fire Mas discovered In iho cellar, I u tho ex
treme western end of tbe stables, and
spread so rapidly tbnt It w Impossible to
enter tbo building to savo tbe horses
When tueflrcmeu arrived tho whole build
leg was fn flames, and the beat was so In
tf use tbat tho firemen could not approach
close enough, to be of any service to savu
tbo premises from destruction.
The beat set flro to a tow of tenements
aud stables on tbo south side of Fifty-third
street, and, lu a few minutes, tho whole
row waa blazing, Tbcu tbo flames leaped
across Fifty-fourth street and set flro to
tbe ilx-story silk factory of Jacob New, a
new building which extends through to
Klfty-fltth street. A row of flats aud tcae
tncut bouses east ot the factory next took
fire and tbe flames spread so rapidly tbe
tenants Dareiy escaped with their lives. In
some cases tbe firemen were compelled to
tear down back fences to enable tenants to
escape, as It was Impossible for them to
leave by the front doors, owing to the In
tccsobeat, Tbe five-story brick (tenement
on the northwest corner of Fifty-fourth
street and Tenth avenue was next do
fctrojed. A row of framo buildings, eight
In Bll, and from two to three stories high,
bn the east aide ot Tenth avenue-, wero the
next to bo licked up by tho flames.
Tbo first alarm was sent out by a watch
pi an In the car stables, aad thla was soon
followed by tbo "three-sixes" signal, wblcb
brought engines from every part ot the
city. Chief. Shay was In command, as
sisted by Chiefs of Battalion Brcsnan,
Lally, Glcquel, McGIIl, Reeves and Fisher.
Tbo men under tbetr command did their
mmotfc.o siay eue uimes, wuica wero as
euiHlDg alarming proportions, and at one
time looked as lf they would bailie tho
efforts of tbe whole Are department. For
tunately, tbe western wall was unusually
inics. uuut especially lor iuo purposo oi
re&lsllrigflre. Ibis stayed the flames from
extending beyond tbe stable to Etovontb
avenue. It was Impossible to pass through
either Flrty-thlrd or Fifty-fourth street In a
llrowltb the fire, and tbe firemen made
their ataiid In the rear ot tbe bulldlncrs on
fire to prevent tbe flames extending to
1 irtv-flftb and Fifty second streets.
iue uui uincs uteiroTeu ocsiaea iuo car
stablea and fcltk factory are a row of apart-4
nitDuibuttsoQ ruiyiauriu aireotanumu
framo buildings on Fifty-third street, and
1 ttth avenue. Tbe eulire equipment of the
Ublt Line Koad Is destroyed, and tbo loss to
the company will reach nearly $100,000,
Tho other losses canuut'be computed, but
the value of tbo other uronertv destroved
will amount to as touch more. When tbe
fire broke nut ibo entire stock of horses
owned by tbe railroad company, both sick
ana wen, wero in meir smiia oa me seconu
sod third iloots of tbe building. The em
nlovea ot the comnaov who wero about the
tmlldioff made desperate eltorts to release
ftbem fo tbat they might bo driven Into tbe
biicli, uuti kuumfiu giciu tu iuo names
prertbted this 'lhe watchmen ran mi the
liuii-way, and, In the few minutes' tlmotbcy
mi , iiirtituuuuuruiuiuiu iuc tuei'fa uuuui
tirtyoftbe frightened animals, and then
tbcv wero compelled to abandon the horses
to their fate and fly for their lives.
There wero ISO cars en the lower floor, the
entire equipment of tbe road. These, with
'nil the harness and an Immense amount of
bay and feed, were destroyed. Tho Ore on
(the north side of Fifty-third street stopped
at tbe western walls or tuo stables. All
.buildings opposite on tho south side
,were destroyed. These consisted of small
wpodon buildings, occupied by poor
families, who wero with great dlfuculty
driven into tbe street lu time to savo their
lives. Tbe streets around the neighborhood
were blocked with household goods, which
tbo tenants of tbe burning dwellings bad
succeeded In carrying Into tbe streets wbon
they fled. Tho homeless people stood
around guarding their household goods and
bemoaning their losses On the north side
ot Fifty-fourth street all ot the buildings,
which were tenement houses fromtbrco to
five stories high, were destroyed. All tbe
Inhabitants of these escaped.
On tbe south aide of Fifty-fourth street
tbe Are did not extend beyond tbe western
walls of tbe stables, but tho tenants In tho
.buildings ior aomo distance further up
moved out. Family after family were
driven from their homes as tbe are ex
So far as could be learned no lives were
lost, although some reports circulated
shortly after tbe flro broke out wero to the
effect tbat several persons bad perished.
) Tbo Are waa extinguished at J5.JM) a m.
.Only one life was lost, tbat of Elizabeth
'Walsh, -who resided In a shanty near tbe
stables. She died of strangulation. The
fosses of tbe railroad company are:
Stable and machtoery $ 550,000
(Feed 25,000
Harness 75,000
1,150 horses tf. 250,000
Cars 150.C00
Total $1,030,000
Ii eurauce about o do-third of tbat ftmouut.
I'lre lu Cincinnati (Jnr .-Haiti es.
Cincinnati, May 27. Flro broke out In
the haj loft of tbe Brighton street car etables
at Harrison and Coleman auoues, atone
o'clcck this morning, trora epoutanoous
combustion. Tbreo alarms were turned In,
aid for aw bile It appeared as If tho efforts
ot tho firemen were futile. They succeeded,
however, In confining the flames to tho up
per floor, used for tbo storage of feod. The
SCO horses were turned loose lu tbo streets
and scattered all over town, but nose
perished, lhe loss will rensh $10,000 on
feed and $3,000 ou tho building; fully In
sured. Much dtdlculty was experienced In
recovering tho hones.
Officer Wm, llurko waa badly Injured by
being Kicked In the breast "by ouo of tbo
Tim Long mid Miort Haul Clause.
Mr, Stablmsn, vice-president of the
Louisville and Nashvltlo Railroad, made an
argument this afternoon before the Inter
state Commerce CommUslou la favor et tho
Eerm aiien t suspension ot the long and short
aul clause.
aintthcuN Admitted to Halt.
George B, Matthews, Indicted of asnau t
to kill Gustavo Forsbccgroceitlr, has bocu
admitted to 91,000 ball, Gilbert Towloa bo
lug surety,
Secretary aad Mrs. Lamar arrived at Ma
cou, Ga., last evenfsg ou a short Visit,
jjv roitEiay lands.
Happenings In Various Countries of
London, if ay 2. Tho loss ot life by the
fire In tbo Opera Comtquo, Paris, was much
greater than at first reported.
The Dunlin J'xprexi charges Mr, Par noil
with cruelty to bis tenants.
At a Fapal consistory on Wedncsdiy two
new cardinals were created.
A plot to assassinate tbo Sultan tin been
M. do Freyclnet Is again unable to form a
Tbo Belgian strikers threaten to much
upon Brussels If certain demands aro not
The condition of tho German Crown
Prlnco continues to cause anxiety.
Tbe cotton mill of Parent & Lorn aire, at
Roubalx, France, bas been destroyed by Arc.
Prince Bismarck la suffering from an at
tack of rheumatism,
Tbo Hungarian Diet was closed yesterday,
EIrldspord won tho raco for tbo Epsom
grand prize 1,000 sovereigns.
ltFe d'Or'MNecnnd II lc Victory
London, May 37. The race for lbs Oiks
Stakes was run toda, and was won by
Kcvo d'Or, with St. Helen second aud Free
dom third. Nlue horses started.
Tlift AttntrlatiH rrcpnrlnir
Vienna, May 27. Tbo Austrian Govern
ment la making largo purchases of forage
supplleH In different parts of tbe Empire,
and bas directed (ho leading railway com
poles to construct additional eldo tracks
capable of accommodating a large number
ef cars at each ct their principal statloos
Ibcso Instructions require that tbo tracks
shall be complete and ready for use by the
middle of Juoe, at which time tho Govern
agent's purchases are stipulated by contract
to be delivered.
lhe ItniMiIlljr WJtu Which tho Theatre
Wax ContHiniori,
1'A ms, May 27. Two compositors of tbe
I ant erne t who escaped from tbe Opera
Comlque fire, say tbat tho scenery was fully
on lire tn Ave mloutes. and tint In a quarter
cf an hour tho wholo Interior of tbo theatre
was ablaze. Tho greater part ot tbo publtd,
they think, succeeded In escaping by the
staircase, but that tbe smoke quickly suffo
cated those In the upper part of the house
who were unable to get out. Ou tbetr way
out they passed over bodies at every step
lhe so were mostly of women who bad fainted
or who had boen trampled upou by the
crowd. Tbo two men succeeded In mculng
ten women, but were themselves soon drl vou
out by tbe suffocating smoke.
The electric light had already been Intro
duced Id tbe theatre, and In a few more
nights the gas would have been altogether
Mme. Nevada bas offered to sing at an
entertainment for tho btoefltof the suffer
ers, and Mile. Van Zandt has made ft elm
liar proposition.
Later reports Indicate tbat tbo number ot
victims lu tho Opera1 Comlque fire Is at
feast 200. Tbo olllclal figures give 53 as the
rumber ot bodies found; 2-4 havo been
Identified, CO are slightly wounded, and 15
severely wounded, lucre aro 100 missing
who are known to have gone to the theatre
and have not been seen since. Tbe bottom
bf tho theatre la flooded 'with water to tho
depth of five feet, and sixty floating
bodies recovered. In the upper galleries,
from which egress was difficult, mauy bodies
have been found. Tho Paris authorities are
taking measures to have all tbe theatres
Improved, Several have been closed.
Tbo French Political Hltantlon.
New York, May 27. Tbe Conriei ttti
JUats I'uh special Paris cablegram says
that M. Floquct bas declined to form a new
ministry, owing to M, Urlsson's refuial to
accept the portfolio ot Foreign Affairs.
JWben General Boulangcr learned that tho
Opportunists refused to support M. Flo
nutt because they objected to tlm person
ally, bo went to aeo tbo president ot tho
unamoer oi uepuues ami oiicrcu 10 reuro
He said he was ready to loavo tbo Ministry
of War If such action would ficllltato the
forming of a new cabinet. To tbls M. Flo-quc-t
replied tbat Boulanger should be In
tbo new cabinet or else there will bono
ministry. Ihere are late rumors that He
Prejclnet will again attempt to form a cab
inet. In tho meantime public opinion
holds M. Grcvy responsible lu agreat meas
ure for tboexlsttng muidle.
The ecolor Senator from Maryland Is still
an enthusiastic admirer et baseball, and he
watches with Interest tho result of tbe
gsmes In which the Nationals participate
Vesteiday, says tbo Baltlmoro ', he was
wall.lug down Pennsylvania avenue, ac
companied by bis son, Arthur 1'. Gorman,
Jr., when be chanced to meet bis old friend,
"Billy" Williams, once tbe pitcher ot tbo
old Nationals In tho days when tbo na
tional game was played on the White Lot,
where tbe National Drill la now In progress.
Mr. Williams Is now one of the tellers In
tbo cash room at tbe Treasury Department,
and ho Is also a baseball enthusiast. The
two ex-ball tosaers were soon comparing
the game In 1807 with tbe game of to-day,
and In tbe courao of his remarks tbeSena-
tor proposed to get together two teams
made up exclusively of old-time Nitlouals
and play a game of baseball In tbe White
Lot Immediately after tbe Drill la over and
before tbe fence la removed. Mr. Gorman
premised to use his Influence with tbe Com
missioner of Public Buildings and Grounds
to secure tbe necessary permission, and Ml.
Williams constituted himself a commutes
ot one to get together as many of tbe otd
timers as possible to Join lo the sport. Both
gentlemen are In earnest la tbe matter, and
It the arrangements are perfected tbe vot
erans wilt draw a larger crowd than tbu
competitive drill
llAseball rronnlltles.
Iho Chicago'; are tiylng to secure Mickey
Welch from tbe New York Club.
Tbe Boston Herald eays that It Is refresh
ing to see bow the Chlcagoa run, no matter
where tbo ball is bit, Ibo Bostons have
much to learn In tbls respect. A player
should run his best on every lly or luQeld
hit, or aftcrafouitb strike. Ho will lose
nothing bj It.
The &hul andT.fbre&s declares that there
fare going tu be nuoie big deals In baseball
Iicludlpg the games played yesterday,
tte DtmttH haveviui p.). Ion 4, aul have
pi rett tune of tOtl; lljtiti hu woa 10, lust
7, with U0; New .'.irk his wou U. lost 0,
Kith.UH; PidlfdulptiU l.a. wou 11, lost 13,
iwlth.4it; CbU'aobis won 0, lot 1 1, with
,(''.i; Plittlmig bus won 3, lost 12, wlth,40U;
Washington has won 7, lost 13, with ,3V),
and IcdMnapuIls baa won 5, lost It), with
New Yorkers aro dissatisfied with Smlltng
Mlcki v Welch's nltiblnz. and It la Slid tint
unlets be does better ho will be released.
New Voik would like to get Boyle, tbo
star pileber of the Indianapolis Club.
Tbo Cuban (Hauls came near defeatfog
tbe Detroit s Wednesday. Tbey abut tbetn
out up to tbo sixth liming, lu the eighth
the Cubaus became rattled and tho Detroit
pulled out, winning hy Mo 4. .
le'dct Wnveiii In U-ropp.
Tbe readers of Tun Cuitio aro aware that
Jedgo Waxem, M. C, from Wayback, and
bis estlmablo wire, Mandy, departed for for
eign shores a few wenks ago. TiirCjutio
rent ono of Its staff abroad to accompany
the J edge in his visits to the crowned heads
and other dignitaries ot the eltoto national
ities of the Old World. Tbe Arst Illustrated
letter relating to tho Jcdgo's trip, Ac, will
appear lu to morrow's Cuitio.
W. D. Lowls, late piesldent ot tho Col
orado Cattle Association, has been arrested
at San Angelo, Texas, on thecharRoof ob
taining money under false preteusts.
The Lomax Rifles Formidable Com
petitors of the Toledo Cadets.
A Washington Mi, ii Leads In the ltltla
Shoot) off.
The crowd ot well drcsicd humanity that
filled tbo Drill grounds this morning must
havo made tbo hear la of tbo managers ot tbo
National Drill happy, Pcoplo camoluono
tndlces stream from as early as hatf-p.st
nlno until way up Into tbo afternoon. Tho
grand stands wero a pretty bight, Indeed,
even a larger crowd tbao tbat of yesterday
being lu them. Tbo drive-way about the
dilll field proper was a black line of sight
seeing humanity. Even tbe "bleaching
boards" on each side ot tho grand stands
Aero well filled for tbo first time. All those
who had gono Into a business were doing n
good thrlvlog trade to day, and for tho Aral
ft roe there was a universal smllo to ho mot
wlih on all hands.
Ihoprogrammo fiend and taotr nimo
Is legion are making hay whllo the pud
kMnes aad dlspoao ot their goo la with
Tbo drill to-day opened with tho Indian
spoils Light Infantry, who wero very good
ss'-sve-. u
-W.- - U S( -Irt:
)tdccd In tbe manual of arms and did fairly
Well In their evolutions In their flrlnif,
however, they ere not up tn tho stanlarj
of many wbo bad preceded them.
. The Jackeon Rifles of Michigan were aa
bad aa any that havo yet appoarcd and
kept the Judges busy giving thorn
black marks for their tnaoy breaks
and errors. Th's was a surprise to many,
for tbclr reputation Is a good one. It tniHt
have been an oft day w 1th them.
Tbe Mollneaux Rifles ot Brooklyn, N
Y.( wero very much better, and, possibly,
Jtwas tbo comparison that malo tbe null
ence so free with Its applause. Whllo they
were quite clever la the manual, executing
the many movements with case aud pro
plslon, tbclr evolutions wero uot as cvtu
bs could bo wished.
But a treat was In store -for tho audleoco
in tho drilling or the Texas boys th
pclknap Rifles. They bad not been on tbo
grounds Ave minutes beforo tho audience
realized that thoy were a superior, coji
psny, Beforo they bad finished
tbe required programme hau lad
tbclr captain by tbo Judgos they bad mile
in any partisans, who declared they would
capture tho Arst prize. Hut that point tho
judges will have to decide, for tho nubile
mind could scarcely draw any conclusions
between tbo drillings ot two crack com
panies. In all the manual of arms tby
were simply perfect, not a break wan made,
aLd were applauded to tho echo. In tbclr
evolutions, too, there was scarcely a bron'i,
.oi e, or possibly two. slight mistakes bsluj
noticed by The Cuitio man. And yet thurt
wua uui iiuiiu iut) tusa anu naisu. wni.'n
jwas OEeof the strongest polnti of tba drill
ing oi me luieuo uaaeis.
1 Tbo next to appear wero tbo Sau Antonio
j Rifles. Ibey, too, are a crack company, aud
'went through tho program mo with such
eaeo and dexterity as to only ralso more
doubt lo tbe minds ot those who occupied
tbe standi, While In the manual thoy w ero
as good as could Lo, their evolutions wero
not up to the high standard alroady
reached, and their firing by company as
quite uneven,
At this time the rain came down and
caused a geaeral stampede among those oc
cupying tbo bleaching boards and standing
la tbe drive-way. Upon tho stand um
brellas went up and the stand was a quoer
eight to see. Those In the drive-way took
shelter under tbe grand stand and stood
on benches and chairs to see the drilling,
which wae proceeded with notwithstanding
the drizzling rain,
Tnn lomax rifles.
Then camo what was expected to bs the
event of the day the celebrated Lomax
limes of Mobile, Ala. This Is tho crack or
ganization ottbe South and waa expected
to take tbe shine off of everything. At
least they bavo done so la tbo past, and the
prldo taken In the in by their friends la,
therefore, quite pardonable. Tbey certainly
aro a handsome lot ot men In tbclr white
duck trousers, dark bluo coats, light blue
helmets with white gloves. Tho j oung la
dies that are partial to brass buttons cer
tainly would be excused for falling In lovo
with these line-looking soldiers from the
Well, tbo drilling began, and a rare
exhibition It was. They stacked arms first
and then weut through a number of cvolu
lions with wonderful accuracy and pro
clslon, bringing forthconslderable applause.
lathe manual tbey were as good as any
seen, and in fixing bayonets they wero par
excellence. In Ijlug down and firing
which tbey did excellently two of their
pumbcr wet with an unfortunate occldeut,
dropping their helmets. 'lhe captain, too,
failed to lie down, but stood Immediately la
front of his reglmeut whllo the firing was
going on, As If to uld tho Alabama boys,
tbo clouds burst and tbo aim came out
again, shining brlahlly, making the wet
grass sperkto as though covered with a
myriad ot diamonds.
In all of tbo double-quick movement) tho
Alafcarca bojauro well up and their firing
was like one shot. Tbe popular vcrJIct
stems to be tbat lu tbo Lornux Rifles tho
Toledo Cadets have found a dangerous
ril for first honors, both having tbclr
When tbe Mobile laddies were through
lbo real e cut of tho day at least to Wash
Irgtonlans came In the persons ot the
Watblugtou Light Infantry, They bad out
tbelr full contingent and a fine showing
tbey made, indeed, Lieutenant-Colonel
Mooro was, ot course, In command.
But the Washington bos bad come out
too soon, and tho Sheildan Guards, wbo
wero to follow tho Lomax Rifles, then en
tered the field and took tbo allotted half.
bour's drill, lhe Grean Mountain boys
were pood, but did not compare wllh tbe
exccllct.ee attaluedvby the lads from the
-. nKTtfWtfW.. rfr'jXsr- -
South. They wero given gencrjus ap
plauecthowcvcr, for very crcdltab'e move
incut, otd evidently made a good Impres
sion Tnn hattauos competition,
Tho Washington Light Infantry then
drew up In line for Inspection, as did the
other battalions, after which they retired
Tbe Fifth Rhodo Island then began com
petlng for tho battalion prize, bat noon
settled any chance they may bavo hid for
tho rilzo by tbclr numerous broaks bad
breaks, too.
The Second Ohio then tried their cluneal,
and Improved considerably ou the por
work of tho Rhodo Island men.
Tho Konlueky battalion, tbo Louisville
Legion, then occupied tho ground from :l
o'clock till 3 oO, when the Wusblngton L(bt
Infantry carao on. After this tlio Gatlln
run exhibition was given, tbodrofs paralo
clr.g done at 5 o'clock.
BliootlEff nt 00 antl 1.00 Yards Thla
Morn I tiff.
The final rifle shooting at tho 500 and GO')
yard ranges began promptly at I) o'clock
this morning. Several ot those who shot at
tbo shorter ranees yes
terday wire absent to
day, detained by com
pany drills, which tboy
wer obliged to attend
Lieutenant Pollard of
Hid fcUil of tho W
L. I wou the first pi 123,
witli Captain Chlsholm
of tho Second Maryland
National Guard a good
rrrnnd, and Private
(Jroseman of the Second
Iowa Regiment third,
end ulhirs as In bum-
nnry. Ihcro seemi to
be anmo deiuht of the lo
gollty cf tho entry of
Pilvata Cash ot tin
-.Wasblnctou Ltht In
.fautry, but If tbo cut ry
I. ill right ho holds the
Jf fifth ulaee.
Lieutenant Ch antler ot tbe First Minne
sota, who Is tenth on tho Hat, male tho bust
rcore, -13, at the 000 yard rango, aud would
undoubtedly have held a bitter position hut
for an unfortunate accl lent j ctcrday wheti
ho Arcd at the wrong target. As a rule the
scores wero very good.
To-morrow afternoon at a o'clock thern
will bo a team match at the 200 and 300
yard ranges, the teams to ho composed of
officers of tho regulars and mllllla. On
team will bo headed by Lieutenant Pollard
and nontenant Cash of tho Washington
Llcht Infantry. Following aro the results
ot yesterday's and to-day's ahaotla?:
4 4 4 4
p". r. r, r,
I.t. Pollard, W. L. I Ti 41 47 7) Ti
i'apt.tblsholm,tflM,N.a..i I) 4) 41 hit
I'U. iosmnn, iM Inwa... .11 41 41 43 1M
I'vt. Mennn.L.I. Hiuon,Va..si -to V 41 im
rt (ash, W.L.I SI 41 II 41 131
1A. Itobart, 1st Mloh 1M 40 41 -It 101
l'vr.Jo)instono.ah.Cont.-U 41 41 '11 III
J't.Inlk. tut Minn U 41 UJ 41 lfi
I.t, Pell, WrulhCont 41 4: I) 81 1V
It. cliiifctlcr,It Minn 11 3t 41 41 IV!
t'orp'lsioycr.iMM.N O...I1 M 11 31 w
m.PawMin,L L of Ky...W as 41 hi lai
t.J.:mmtJoybtatoFen.Pa4l 37 31 at nj
It.Sohan.L. L.of Ky ll 3d 33 as ni
m.NCBrowulniriMAI.Nim 38 -It S7 IV)
Cor Brownlri-,iMM..N.a n 40 3-1 31 I"I
Pn. Pnr'onn, Ind. I I 7 3S 31 .It in
't. 1 VKlne. 1't Ala 31 V. 33 It 1H
I.t. FhlcUl, Ml) 111
J t. Mnrrell, Sd Maine
Pit. Watson. L.L.ot Ky.
I'vt. Koblcr.Uhlll t.
aj 4i m Hi
',') 3rt 37 OS 1
H :ji 41 i 111
' U 41 1U I-'.
I'flpt. ltawtev-'d ld
"I 11 31 11
rx i
t A KBrowulneVdM.NGH 30
i'vt, Helena. 31 n Tl II 21 81
Mrt. f.nrcelon, ftl Maine il 31 0 2
1'tt.Wratt, I 1. Ulnca, n37 IN I.
at.emlth, Id n H LM li t2)
Kit. IKirgec. ttd Ky.lat 31 31 4 IS
i',t,trevts,3d Yn I 3J 13 i
J.V ,l,Vi AllOW CAMP.
ltow Hie Ilnys Van ThcIrTlrao luthe
I City or Tent.
. Tbe camp was astir at an early hour this
Jooiniug. In fact, all nlgbt long many of
the boja were prowling around playing oil
torts ot pranks ou their companions, utterly
)n defiance of all military discipline and ca
tlioly Ignoring tbo guards. Collego songs
'and popular olra formed a portion of tho
rout leal programme, aud the merry shouts
cf laughter rang out clear on tbo evening
lr, disturbing tbo otherwise peaceful slum
be rs of tbo silent soldiers. After three hour'
ft merrymaking tho participators we'd
hack to Ibelr quarters. The companfea who
wero to participate lu tbe drills to-diy, to a
man. retired early, and Ibo guards vero
"kept on duty all night with strict orders to
artist soy comrade wbo should attempt to
leave quarters. JJat tuero was none dot
such strict dleclpllre, os every man felt hu
must bo lu goou condition to-day and took
epeclal pride lu the approaching contents.
After breakfast tho camp was atl bustle.
Tbo America's Cadet Band of Milwaukee
(were up bright and early, and gave the boj s
:a tasto of martial music as an appetizer.
Auoutso'ciocK a cooi, suit Bouiu westerly
wind sprang up, and tbo boys felt really In
!vlgoratcd, for tho first ttina sloea their en
campment, as tbe sweltorlog beat of tbe
past four days bad rather enervated them
iAa tbe early morning hours passed carriages
began to arrlvo at tbo western entrance
filled with spectators, curious to view tbo
scenes of camp Ufa. Among the prominent
vttltors wero Senator Conger und family.
Medical Director Moore, and Dr. Billings of
tbe army.
Tho chief point ot Interest to-day was the
hospital, where Miss Barton and her efil
dent corps of assistants aro do
ing such good uork. Directly lo
.front of lhe dispensary standi a
fiag staff, which has hlthcito bad hut one
streamer attached. To-d a v tho display of
bunting was beautiful. Trom tbo tip of
tbo pole floated tho American Aag, bearing
,the Insignia of the Red Cross, and on
ttrcamcra reaching to adjoining trees and
tents could be seen tho Adgs of the follow
'lag nations which bad presented their stan
dard colors to Miss Barton: Austria, Ger
many, Switzerland, Norway, Swedeu, Den
mark, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Russia
and Greece. It la tho finest collection of
foreign Hags tn this country, fittingly com
icemoratlog tho earnest work ottbe Red
Cross Atsociatlou In America.
Tbo health ot tho camp Is excellent. Only
eleven patients aro under treatment and
tone of theso are seriously HI. The health
authorities ot tbe city havo used scrupulous
caro In collecting tbo refuso material, and
bae not allowed any of it to remain over
nlgbt. Ibo physicians ascrlbo tho good
health of tho soldiers In a largo degree to
'tho vigilant work ot tbo District Health
Officer. Tho following aro tho nhslcans
dctaltid for to-day: V to 13, Dr. T. U.
'Feruald; 13 to 3, Dr. T. 11. Hood; 8 to 0,
,l)r. J. W. Bajne; OtoO, Dr. Lachlao Tyler;
Up m to U a, m , Dr. George O, Otierj 3 a.
'm. to 0 a. m., Dr D. Ollu Lacch. Tbo aur
gLonsotallcoinmaiids la camp will astern
,bie at 3 o'clock today at tbe tent ot tho
.surge on-In-cblcf, nor headquarters, to
'malica tcur of Inspection through tbo hos
pital tents and pay their respects to tho la
dies. The follow log orders have beeu Is
sued: Uonernl Order No. It"
I icutenttnt .1. I. ItnloT, r, S Rii-nil Sor
ivlco, will exhibit thomctiiodsof alfruulliitby
the new JUllo-TolMrnph on FiUiy. at .1
o'clock p. in ,hy aun-Hasli ilcuaU, aud at a
o'clock p. in. by slanal lanterns.
Iho exhibition will be nlven on the weitcru
terracoof Washington Monument and eom
muDlcutlon Mill be edtablUhed vWlh 1'ort
Mycr, ou the fcouth bank of tho 1'otoinao
.ltler. My romrauml ot
Ma-ioh-Oenbual 0, C, Auotu.
Special Order No. 3'
1. The followlnd (totalis are ordered for
guard duty tor Mar y? and 2 to report to tho
tifilrrr ot tho day at 8 J3 a. tin to morrow
um rroyisionai uauauon uno corp.mii,
, beennd Provisional intlallon-Ono ca; tila
for ofTccr of t ho day And U privates.
TMrd I'm? Inloniil Uiittalkm-Unu aorgsant.
Irariioral. U jrl.atfln.
1'oenh 1 ro Mount Battalion-Oaa sergeant,
1 corporal. 13 private
. Fifth I'roifMonal Battalion--ono scojiu
lieutenant, 1 rtrfronot, II private.
Mxih Provisional UfUtallon-oiio (let of
fleer of the Bunnl. 1 corporal and II privet it
fccventh rrovlnloral Battalion One coi
pr.rnlnntl llprlrntca
Blahth I'roUMonal lUttallonOno cDrporal
nt'to irhatci.
Com man el Ins officer) will her hotd roipoii!'
tie for dcU'li from tbclr cinniianlcn
Officers w tio full to ronort detail mado from
(heir companies will tw UjcmeJ itulltj nt a
Molatlnnof ll.iWhi nnd orders of the camp,
unit will thereby forfeit their right to nuy
pitp they might win.
9. Provisional Commander, will not mike
detail from cnmpnnlu trmt aro to drill In
rom;ttIllnii, clliiir on thoth orJMihliwt.
?llio companies to drill on tho two day
inmed an.:
Tin Iiiflnnopolli Llcht Infintrr. Company
F, 'I hint I rein In; JblKsoii ltillcr Mollneaux
hint, N. Yi Ittlknan ltlflc. Hin Antonio
Itlilcn, lomax Milieu, Company It. Fin Mr
ciutn; Nfaly 1.1l!c, NntHiml UIHc. Wash
ltmt n : OmiJiiiy it, I'.rct Minnesota: Com
miivlt. 1 trili ( hmto Ihtnrnt! ComminT I).
Ii Uliodn hlmul; Inmpnny 1. Second
Ml' blirnn: Cnmpjiny 1), Third MIoitrl.
.1. 'llmfiMt Iliiiilrpiuit tit Ilia n'ffhtll
iicrnn: ('nmnjinv ii. Tiiini .Miotiri.
3. 'J liu first lluuttriHitof tho K'tthth Oopi
rio Corrpnny, roitrth Ilrlu-ido. Sow York,
I'iittri ii iiNff-iao. iow lorn
-a in iiMuni
ut mint-
guard tomurruw (Friday)
py command rf
Ma r( n Ji nsrai. V, C, At urn.
I'tliradlei UtLcraland Adjutnut General
Tbu Jackson Klllc aro down for compe
tition today, and the CaJets from Or
chard Lako ou Saturday. Tho Utter are
ut.dcr rigid discipline, aad each bas pledge 1
llmself not to smoko or take a eUbs of
beer until after drill. If thr-y capture tho
rilzo thev will bo allowed to rcinitntn
asblngton two days longer. Rvcrytwv
Is on his metal, and a most creditable drill
Mill probably be made.
Tlu Ykksburg Southrons bare ac2eptel
an liAitallou from their old comrade, Mr,
Frank Hume, to fpend a day with hlm'at
hlsccunlry scat, u Warwick,' andacknowl1
edged Iho courtesy lu a very neat note,
raining Saturday as the day. They will
leave for "Warwick'' on tho noon train and
return at 7 p. m. The Invitation has also
been extended to tbo Memphis ouavca anl
tbey w ill accompany tbe Southrons.
Tbe following dispatch was received to
day by Mr. I1. V. DcGraw, general Southern
manager of Ibo Uuttcd Prcae:
'Toledo, O , May 27. The Jlec folks
request me to convey tbelr thanks and
compliments to you for tbo very projipt re
port of tho showing made yntcrday by tbe
loltdo Cadets. Through tbe excellent
service of tho United lrctatho Jtcevfat
enabled to announce tho welcome novsto
Toh do far lu advance of aoy other paper,
aLd created quite a stnnatlnn hero.
"U. II. Wallace."
If thoniansgeia rf the Drill can get up
nti attractive cetcital'jmciit for Muu 1j
ore good, a different e xblbliion In the
iHftt-rnoou and a cliact'tf of programme In
lbt evening, thev will tlnd tnclr enclosure
will be three times tilled to overltowlui;,
jtlrnday LclDg a national holiday In Wttsh
I it a ton, the uhole po ulatlon would atteml
bttiecthe entiitalninciiii In the drill
grounds. How woul 1 It do for ouo of tbu
cxblbltlona to bu a ilium battle f
The America's Cadet Band conluctrd by
Prlvato Colladav of tho Nuttoual RUIet.
vliitid tbe Treasury and War Department
today aid serenaded Secretary rairchtl 1
ard General bticrlJau. Tboy afterwards
called on rostmabtcr-Geuernt lias wai
compllnicntt d them They performed soma
Wry crjojtble sclrctioin in front of Tim
Cuitio ofllce jestrrday (.fttrnonn whlsu.
were blpbly appreciated.
Tbo Toll do Cadet have contoutel to
p.li othflr silent dilll at the Nulfonil Tnea
tro to morrow evening during the perform
ancoof "The 1'atslng Regiment,"
Iho L'rogrnmmcti Arntnged Tor Next
StunduyV Ixerclcii.
reparations for tho annual exercises on
.Memorial Day havo been going on brlsklv
and everything la nearly ready. A meet
angof tbo Committee on Arrangements will
iio nciu at i o ciocK tuia ancrnoon, wuen
'the programmes outlined will bo submitted
aud tho final arrangements made. Tbo
commander of tbe Department of the l'oto
inuc, G A, R., Jerome B, Burke, has Issued
ia general order, requiring tbo various posts
to form at Grand Armv Build Inc. on L'enn-
eylvaida avenue, between Fourteenth and
iFlttceulb streets, at 0 30 o'clock, on Mou
ld a morning, and bo lu rcadlncs to start
'at inrk'ftlnnl- Thn pnmrjilfil will Wndpthfl
rcsulotlon Grand Army unlferm w Ith whlto
'glomes aud tho G, A. K. badge. Major
.Geceral C, C. Augur hasbeen dcalgnatel
'as grand marshal. Tho so going to Arling
ton will proceed up Fifteenth street to
d'enusjlvrfula avenue to lllgb street to tho
ifeny. The orator wi'I be Major W. D. An
derson or Virginia and the poet Comrade
J. C. S. Burger.
at the EotmnnV nous.
On account ot tho difficulty la reaching
'Aillngt&u tb'sye-r, causei by tho closing
l)f the Aqueduct Bild-je, unusually clab
oiato preparailonabavo been mado for tbo
vMcmotial Day exercises at tbo Soldiers'
Homo. Colonel C. I'. Lincoln of Kit Car
fou Tost, who bas charge ot tho Soldiers'
Home exercises, hi, with his uaual energr
arranged a vciy satlifactory programme, it
ts ex pic ted tbu Cblcf Justice Waito w,ll de
liver a short address, to bo followed by an
rra I Inn by General Wagir SwajDO, Gen
eral Sheridan has slguIAel hta Intention to
te present, aa well as General Balrd aud
other distinguished officers, wbo will bo the
t-ueetsof General Hunt, commander ot the
Tho Arm of Jackson k Co , lumber
-dealer, have kindly donated sufficient luoi
1 er to prot Ido seats for all who may attend,
Colonel llatchcldcr, Deputy (Quartermaster
General, will have the material bauleJ to
tie ground, and General Hunt will hive bis
old soldiers do tbo necessary carpenter
inn nuuunvTios.
Geucral Sheridan has ordered tbo Third
Artillery to bo on hand to fire tho salute at
li p.m., while tbe regimental band will
funilt-h music for the occuion. The
Michigan representatives at tbo National
Drill will attend In a body,
Aa so largo a crowd Is expected the
superintendent ot the Metropolitan Street
Jiuuwuy uati un tinmen wi uu iuliuoi
service to the west gato of tho grounds.
Tbo services begin at 1 p. m , and will be
IccucluJed In tfmo for alt to attend the
irrtmonlcs at General Logan's tomb lu
ltock Creek Cemetery, Tbo Logau Guard
mf Honor will bo c-cortrd to the cemetery
ly tbe Saratoga Cltlteus' Corps. Tho
Logsu Memorial Committee met last night
and coDjpkttd arrangemcots for dt:coratlug
tbe tomb.
Tho custom Inaugurated lnt year ot send
ing a detail ot the G. A R to decorate
graves at Alexandria will ho continued.
hvery soldier's grave lo tho District w ill bs
renumbered, even the fourteen soldiers
who fill out at Fort Steven,
at Allinnr Kurlr Thla
Aluanv, N. Y., May 273 -j a, ta t
l'rcstdcnt Cleveland ocd par , am. el
hero at 3. IS a. ro. Tbey left Iiotuedlatoiy
by special train on lhe Delaware and Hud
son road, and were joined by Dr, Hard oi
this city.
Arreted nt Ht. AIlmiiM.
St. Aluans, Vt.i May 27. Proaldont
Cleveland aod parly arrived here at 10,33
o, in, and wero enthusiastically grceteJ
by a largo crowd of citizens. The train
was baited a fow minutes and tho President
and bis wife appeared no tho rear platform
lo acknowledge tbe popular greeting. Tbey
wro presented with two elegant bouruiots
Ly& touplc of children, and, as tbo train
mured out. scleral giant torpedoes Bounded
salutes. Tho party will proceed direct to
Molra, whence tbey will branch off Into
tbo Adirondack region
i:nt!tulii-ui nt Elurllnetoit.
BuuiMiTuv, Vt May 27. President
Uculamlaml parly passed through thH
city on a special train at u 40 this morning.
A Mepr-rn few minutes was nude. Presi
dent n Lid Mis. Clerc'and appeared ou the
icnr platform of their car lu company with
Collector Smalley. and wero greeted with
ciilhiirlntlic applause. The President
made no leuiarks
Iho Uemorrnt Siici enKftil nt tlio 3Iu-
tilelpal Utcctloa Yetcrilny,
Alexamhua, Va , May 27. At tbo mu
nicipal clcct'oa yesterday tbe Democrats
were successful, and tbe following ticket
was elided:
Vfljor.Jolin B Huoot, majority, 311; Anil
ti r, j:. V. l'rlcc, 4V, Collector of raxui, nori It
em c'lftrlrt. H. Ii. M. Adiims, Si, SJUtlieru dls
likt, A. F. Cux, IlijCoriioratlou Attorney, H.
I'. tJictit, 1JT! Hii.rlntctiIPTtof rolltu.H. P.
Uoble, Kt( clerk ur the Market, J tt'.Muip
win. Aldcnncu-Fl'St wnrd, S.tl, T. Ilinh
ULdtiuk Afcin-w; do. het'uiid ward. W tf.
MarbniiKilo. Tilrd ward,.!. K. Larandlntdo.
lourtli ward, I.twli McKcnzln. Common
Councllincn I1t w.iM, Hubert Snowdci,
I'ei trAtciiIsi.il, w, r. Moure, clareneo Moore;
do. Hf ond ward. Unlet t (tnrtnan m. B Or
Ictt I) w, rhher, U W. Wlilttng; dj.Tnlrrt
wrd,.I. ll.Hlrldtr, Trench bmoot.h. W. Cor
tell, (.co'ko II. Ilinkln; do, Tuurtli war-t,
llmry Kclij.lliorais 1'ayuu.J, (lermoit, If.
L, VWcnr.
Returns from Staunton ludlcato that Au
gusta County has eltciod tbo Democratic
ticket throughout. The Democratic nom
inees In Staunton wero elected by 235 ma
jority, lioanokc, rortsmouth and Cbir
loltmvllio elect Democrat li city oQlcera.
orfolk County was carried by tbe regu
lar Republicans against tho Fmlunlsts. At
1 yLebburtr, six Democrats and nine
Knights of Labor, four ot whom are coi
ned, were chosen to tbe City Council.
f-uderlck County give a handsome Demo
cratic moi Ity, but ihere wero three tickets
tun In U lucuealer and tho result Is mixed.
TLo whole Democratic ticket In Fairfax
Ccunty Is elected. Tho Republicans, bow
cur, curt ltd Falls Church.
Alexandria, Va., May 27. Tbe Osceola
Tribe ot Red Men cf tbls city bavo deter
ti.tntd to give their first excursion to River
View JuuoSO, whtnprlzeswlllheprcseuted
to tho different successful caudldates in tbe
Fpoitaot tbo day.
Mrs. Alice Browning of New York Is vla
lllrg her mother, Mrs. Marbury, on Prlnco
Tbo schooner Julia Hoa-klns sailed
Wednesday for Xorfslk, loaded with lum
ber, from Perry, Smoot A Co.
Tbe members of Golden Light Lodg;,
No.337, of (loud Templars of tbls city paid
a fraternal visit to Columbia Lodge Nt). 21,
of Woeblngton, Wedocsday nlgbt.
The ht. rMt'phfMin Crew.
Port Towsemi, W. T., May 27, The
U S.ievenue cutler Oliver Walcott, JuU
rettnud from Vuucouvcr'a Island, reports
bavlng found tho ship bt. Steht)QS at Cape
Ccc-k, but tbe most diligent search failed lo
leualntraco of ler crew of thirty. Tbo
St, etcpl cob left Port To wc send on March
S'.lwlth 2,2JHous of coal, from Seattle for
Sun Fratielpcn. Captain Williams ot tlio
Nnlcott thinks that tbo crew of the St.
Snpbirsir.ua hao perished while trying
to leave the vessel after ebo struck tbo
reef or Cspu Cook. During tho voysgo ot
the Walcott from Capo Cook to Capo FUt
firy,31 wrtck ern ped, and an im
rrei'so quacMty of lumber was strewn all
along the shore
A rilnnner linmii- HlmMrtr,
Qt l nFt, My 27 r.brear Morln com
milted shield ti last night by ihiowlng him
jsclflu'oa well In tho paibskofSt Nicho
las, liftecn miles from hcic. The cause as
plgLcd lor hU self murder Is bis bar of ar
ret In coiiuccllon with the poisoning of
Iruncls Lagacf, who died raecntly under
clicunutntuca which pointed to the widow
(is his rnurdci cr and to Morlu as her accom
plice. Mrs. Lagacct under arrest. Evi
dence li.ilicatca that a criminal Iqtlmicy
cxUted Letw ecu Moi In and the woman
Fee line Aaaliitth t'anndn I'arlllr,
Winmito, Man , May 27. Feeling It
very high agatottJbo Canadian Paclilc Kill
wu and Its advocates In tbo Government.
Sir George btepheos and Mr. Van Horno
w ere burned In tfilgy yesterday. Tbe local
gomntnenl will advertise next week for
tecders to build tbo Amerlcau Branch Rill
way, when it is expected tho rcul struggle
That Ntolen Nernton.
New York, May 27. Dr, Talmago aiys
be cannot account for tbe preaching of ouo
of bis sermons by Cmou Flemlog of York,
but bo will not say that the Canoa bas haen
guilty of plagiarism In so doing.
4rctnuell to Hang
HftooKLiN, N. Y., May 27. JonnGrcou
w ell w us to-day sen ten cod by Judge Mooro
In tho Court ol Sessions to be hauccd on
Friday, July IA next, for tbo murder of
Ljman S, Vi
1ht ltllnoN I'ool lllll.
Chicago, May 27. Tbe pool bill baa
passed both Houses ot tho Legislature. It
allows betting on regularly organized race
tracks now lu existence.
Tho 3Ioncy 31arl(Gt
New Yolk, May 27. Money, iQ,S per
cent. RichuDge steady, 497481. Govern
ments Aim; currency da, vQ bid: 4s, coupon,
12yjbld4i8,do., 1101 bid.
WtD'am Collins, sr, a Talbot County
fairnci, Is dead, aged 60.
Tbe Presbyterian General Assembly South
will meet next year In Baltlmoro.
Tbo colored people of FrcJerick have or
gaclzcd mutual protection club.
Bishop Watson ot F.it Carolina la making
a Isltation to Eastern Shore parishes.
The reorganization ot tho customs servlca
at NewWttewlll go Into effect July 1,
L'dward . del, charged with brutal as
saultlu Charles County, has been arrested.
Cramp Sons of Philadelphia havo signed
tbe contract to build tho now dynamlto
Naval Academy examinations for admis
sion has ended. Twenty-nlno candidates
havo been admitted.
Tbo French Government bss presented to
tho New York Chamber of Commerce a
baudiorDe Se res vase.
The sixth annual congress ot tbe working
men's clubi ot the United States and Canada
fli held lu Cuidco, N. J., Wednoaday.
Indications for tbe twenty-four hours
commencing at 3 p. m., Friday, May 37;
For District of Columbia, cool, generally
fair weather, variable winds, generally

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