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Of Parties seeking a Good, Safe ln si
ment is called to the adjoining u'vln v-uva
of Hurleilh, which we are v;utn'iied to
put upon the nnrkct. This propjny lie
well, is
Overlooks the entire City and : tirround
ing Country. The view is indeed superb1.'
The broad and
Bciutiful Potomac, Arlingfpu.Jnsano AsjIbdi,
Alexandria, Episcopal High Scliccl,
Forts Fcote and Washington,
And other points of interest being plainly
Its close proximity to the street cars,
to the thickly populated portion .of our
City, and being directly in the line of per
manent and substantial improvement.;,
closely located to the President's "Red
Top," to Secretary Whitney's and to the
Massachusetts Ayenue Extension, will
commend this property largely in prefer
ence tp any other now upon the market.
We are confident investments, now made
will double themselves in a very short time.
For full particulars, price, terms, plats,
"Stc, Apply to
Objects of Interest in and About the
National Capital.
1'arkii Squares Stfttnes GnnleqB and
Utbur 1'otnU ?f AttrRCtlom
Washington has already become the
most attractive city of the country. As
the Capital of the Nation it presents
more objects of Interest to the visitor
than any other on the continent, and a,
brief directory of Its prominent points
will bo of service to the rast number of
ficrfionfc who annually resort to the po
itlcal metropolis. For it Is estimated
that ocr three hundred thousand
strangers pay a visit every year to this
city to behold the varied objects of in
terest which so thickly stud tho his
toric "Ten Miles Square."
The System or IV umber Ins Jlonses.
lumbers aro displayed over tbo entrances to
all bouses, and the decimal system, as
adopted la Ihlladelpula.lausod one hun
dred numbers bolng allotted to each square
or block commencing at First itreet west,
running west, First street cast, running
east, A Btreet nortb, running north, and A
ntreet flout b, running south Tbo odd nura
bers are always on tbo rlKbt-hand side so
lng from the Capitol, and tbo even numbers
on the left-hand side. Tbe city U divided
Into 1 ournuartera or sections, northeast and
northwest, southeast and southweit. the
streets being designated accordingly, tnosa
running north and south numeniuur. and
those running cast and west by the letters
of the alrlibfat. the dividing lines being
North and outh Capitol streets, running
on a line di north and south from the Cap
ltolandEttfc Capitol street and a continua
tion on ttio same west of the CaultoL run
sing duo east and west.
?he Capitol
This great bu' ng Is the central point of tho
original Did t, and Is tho largest edifice
In the count . Its centre marks the Me-
fldlanofWa mgton Tho middle portion,
mmedlately under tbe dome. Is tho part
Brat built ft wasiartlallydoiitroyodbythe
Urltltfh In 1814, but uas completely restored
by 1W7. It InclOHOS tbo ' orypt 'where the
remains of asblngton v eru Intended to bo
Iildbtd, thu Library, tbe ltotuaa,the old
tirrtf-entaKvea Hall, now the iiaflcry of
Btati ry, and tho old tfcuato Chamber, now
tbot . umo Court-room, fhe oMbuprerae
fpwt looni. In tho Urbt story. Is now oocu
iief by the Law Urancb of tbo Library.
1 U coruei etone of tho Cat Hoi extension
th( i.ortli and south wipe -was liilJJalyl,
W . Uanltl eboter deHvcrlog the oration
of lie ocutsloii from the balcony of the
Ll rary. tho south wing contains the
lit tea of I opresentatUes and tie north
w! ,x tlietKw&toCbanibcr. The rotunda Isdls
th ulxbedior Its historic pnintlngf.for the
fai uus ttoiize doorK, with their has
re. Is, and for Urumiul lrcMiuInits. In tne
lis tor Mutuaryaro tho natural pictures of
l'oi itlc roare. ret resenting faces ofecr
tail. AjiijTiain fiUtcsmebi-a ploturesgue
fru jip4iifrt. Frira the Itttle rotunda,
tmim aldiely north otthe ar6at rotunda, tho
staltiareto tno top of lite dnwo. begins Its
wmdlngway. Jrom thotopof tbo dome, or
Dtiurastlu TMtor can ascend, tliovlew
of the Hurruundlug country Is rndgnlflcont.
lbjuCafltolcnuiidd.whlgU formerly wore
boacly am fm-rnol in appuarance, bae
Litti traiiqft rratd Into a beautiful
tuiMnda.re wmoitexfioMtely boauil
II Ihe tut base of the CaMtol is w
tt 1 1 abut e oidlnury luw tide In the I'otomao
Tlulttal litlebt (rttuicnHt base to the top
ol Hntttnt le fvn-i r jv do-no It 9ti foo!
tLuutluu vt lie GimMu.u( Liiit, Uh
feet, making tho total height to tho cruttuf
the Mateo tTH feet. 1 bis crest U rsf0 foot
higher than the west gatoof tbe grounds,
and 1W7 feet aboro low tide In lltelom-nao,
or .m feet Ion er than the ajx of the Wauti
lngton Monument, which Is Immediately
west, Tbo building 1701 teetlong bya.1
wide, end covers a acres. It Is tbo rneit
and largest jublio building lathe world,
and In many respects tho costliest and
handsomest. It Is moreover tho growth of
less than a ocaturya foot whleh addstc
Its beauty and Interest. 11m original Capi
tol, or centra building. Is an imitation,
though not aalarlsh one, of the Malson
Carreo at Xsmea, The view from the west
portico at night, when the lamps are lit lu
the public grounds and the lights of tho city
Illuminate the darkness Uouo aJMUaJnoet
biautlldi and picture intlw wurllaad
Is well worth a Journey ot a thousand miles
The Ulilto House.
I From the west balcony ol tho Capitol, looking
down 2'cnnsylranla avenue, tha White
Uonso Is scon rearing Its snowy buod walls
above tbo dense mass ot foliage that cm
bowers It, like a glgaotlocalla luy springing
up amid Its enfolding green blades 'Were
It not for tho partly Intervening 1 roasury
building tho Tlew of tbo White ltousofrom
tho cat Itol would bo full and eompleto The
hlto llouso Is tho center of "Pp town," as
tho Capitol It thooentcr of "Down town "
It Is beautifully located, the view from (he
south w Inddn s covering tbo whole southern
front of tho city, as tho view from the north
up Sixteenth stroot wet exhibits tho best
part of tbe Northwest section to tho gazo
1 ho hlto llouso Is a copy of tho palaco of
tbo Puko of Lclnster at Uublln, with the
addition of a largo porch on the north front,
which was added during Andrew Jaokions
administration The reservation In which
It stands embraces nearly 81 acres Tho
main entrance Is on the nortb, reached by
the I cnnsylvanla avenuo cars It Is two
stories high on tho north. Is built of white
frce-stoiiL, ITU feet long by 86 wldo It con
tains on the first floor tho famous fJreca,
Hod, Clue and East rooms, the Stato Dining
Itoom and the great conservatories. The
Wuo Kooin Is tbe lrexldonl s ofllolal recep
tion room and tbodrawlng-roomol the ladles
ot his family, Tho East Room, originally
designed for a banquet ball and so used as
late as lb37, and In tbe latter part ? tne
century used as a drying-room for clothes
by Mrs I resident Adams, Is the largest and
most noted room In tho building It Is 4
feet high H) feet long and 40 wldo It Is
open to Ultors every day except Sundays
Vp-stairs are tho Cabinet room, the private
ofliccs. tbe Presidents office, tho library
and tho family apartmonts All theso
rooms except tbo latter aro open to visitors,
by special permission, at suitable hours.
LnfAjette Hquure
Due north from tbo White House is Lafayette
bquare, the first publlo reservation la Wash
lngton that was improved. It contains tbe
equestrian statue of Andrew Jackson, by
Clark Mills Many of Us trees are old forest
monarchs, hundreds of yeafs old It Is In
part a specimen of the old formal landscape
gardening so fashlonablo In England two
hundred years ago, a stylo that was Im
ported Into this country. Lafayette Square
was, one hundred years ago, part f a grave
yard that enclosed the square north, on
which tit. John's church Is built, and tbe
square east, on which aro situated the At-torney-Ucneral
a ofllco (formerly tbo i reed
man s Bank), tbe burgeon General's ofllco
and Rlgga Bank (both in tho building for
merly used as tbe. United States Uank),
Commodore Decatur a bouse, corner Fif
teenth ard a half and H streets, and tho
old Club. IIouso, near which Philip Barton
Key was killed by Daniel Bicklos, Mom
lr of Congress from New York. Ibe last
bodies from this graveyard wero not re
moved until 1819,
Ht. Jolm'M V, 1 Church.
Bt John's P. R Churcii.wblcnnas been often
called the Stato Church booauso mora Presi
dents bae worshipped there than at any
other, stauds at tho corner of U and Six
teenth streets. It was bul't la 1810 and en
larged In l&JO. In It have worshipped Pres
idents Madison, Monroe, John Qumcy
Adams (though tha latter was uCongrega
tlonalUt) Martin Van Unren, though be be
longed to tho Dutch Unformed Church, liar
rlsun, T)lor. Polk, Taylor, Fillmore (though
tho latter was a Unitarian), Plerco, Buch
anan and Arthur, Presidents Lincoln,
Johnson and Grant have also attended Di
vine Ktrvlcea hero although not steadily. Its
interior reminds ono vry forcibly of the
old, dim Lnglish country K Ucopal churches.
The Treasury Uepartmeut.
Tbo Treasury Department is oast of the White
lfouso and extends tl o whole length of tho
front between Pennsylvania and Newlorfc
atenucs, ltlsOWfeet loiy by aoo feet wide.
Tlie central east port Inn Is built of freed tone,
rebuilt In luA-41, wbllo tho other parts wore
commenced In leu and built of granite
Ihe Cash Boom In this building Is a beau
tiful aiartmcnt lu tho north wing, tho en
trance to which U from tbe north porch
'ibe vaults are under tbo Cash Itootn and
can lo Been on a written crmltghonby
tlo treasurer of tie United Mates, whose
ofllco Is In the northeast angle on the first
door This permit must be shown the cash
ier who uUl detail guides to take tho vlsl
tor Into the great bullion chasu of tho coun
try. Tho old State Department uiod to bo
ni tho slto occupied by tbo northeast cor
rof tbo'lrcasury,
r, y and Htnto Jicpnrtments.
Tl ' edifice onco named by a Washington
irnallst tbe "Trlhuno Dutldlni " occupies
u w est sido of tho Prosident s reservation,
mcdluU ly west ot tho Wblto llouso Tha
rrxto Department occupies the toutli part,
t u Navy Is located north ot tho Slate, while
lie War Department occupies tho entire
l itlicrn half. ItH a now and very hand
r me ftructure The mont beautiful room
l tbo whole building Is conceded to bo the
I oraryof tho btalo Department, wlthBouth
f' ut, from whose win lows the eyo can
eip uninterruptedly down the potomao
I'tMt, Vernon and tar over tha Virginia
hilts Tbe building is la tbe Italian Ilenals
uneo Itts6C?feetlongund3f1 foot wide,
lis greattifct height Is lit feet and the flag,
j.oaUpgorcr thijceatrftUxjrtiou.flRUuU iu,
tiii 1 ,
L?...a -JOiiL'i.
i! I :
4 t-
1 ' P
' X
the breezo liigher up than any other flag In
tho city, not excepting those above the
Senate and Houeo of ltepretntatlvea. Tbe
cost of the building was ll vo millions of dol
lars, about thrco times as muoh as the
hlto HotiBO, and, wo think, as much as
tbo Capitol.
Jcpartmrut of Jafttlce.
Immediately north ot the Treasury Building
and Just ncross thostreat li tho Depart
ment ot Justice This building was origin
ally erected as tho Frecdtnan a Bank The
equaro In-which It Is erected is a historic
ono On tho sarao street, at the cast corner,
stands I lies' Bank, whkh was built for tho
accommodation of tho Washington branch
of the old United States Bank. The greater
I part of tt Is now occupied by the clerks of
I tbo Burgeon General n oiilro Around tho
corner to tbo west Is tho Commissary Oon
eral s Oflice, formerly the old Washington
( lub House, In front of which Philip Barton
Lor was shot by bllkles Tho tree, under
Wluchthe deid mans bodv lay. is still
standing, although Its bark badboenoora
llctely removed by rollo hunters At tho
northwest corner of tho square, ahovo tho
Commissary General's Officii, Is tbe bouso
made famous by the ownership of Comma
(lore Decatur, and where 'Dolly" Madison
Hied and reigned so long a social Queen
nftcr her husband's terra as President ox
Vlrcd. The llaahlnctan Monnment
Immediately south of tho Wblto House stands
the Washington Monument, tho loftiest
structure erected by man, ana tho most lm-
Kslng obelisk ever constructed It Is V3
it above Its baso, which is 4ifcet atKive
tide-water, Its eornor-stono was laid July
4, 1848, and tho cap stono, forming tho apex,
was placed In position Dooombcr (t, 1881 In
It aro 1S1 biotas of Insertod stones or cop
per, gifts from various countries and so
cieties Tho total cost will bo over S1 150,
000 It Is situated In what will ultimately
bo a beautiful nark.
Tho no,l Obscrtntory.
To tho West of the Washington Monnment,
on the highest elevation that borders the
north bank of tho river, between Bt Kllza
beth's Heights and Georgetown Collego,
stands tho Isaval observatory. Tho bill on
which It stands Is famous for having been
the camping ground of oshlngton, Brad
dock, and tho latter's army, when on their
march to the fatal field, where the English
General fell a i lctlm to bis self conceit and
vanity. Tradition also points out this hill
ns the declHlre battle ground between tho
District Indians and tho mysterious Husquo
liannas. Ibis observatory contains the
largest refracting telescope In tbo world,
next to tbe new equatorial Just built for the
Lick Observatory. By Its old that most In
teresting, If not greatest, astronomical dls
covtry of the country was mnde, tho moons
of Mars The entrance to tho observatory
Is at E and Twenty third streets northwest
Iho Hcrdlocabsgo to Twenty soooud and
Q streets.
The Aarrlcnltprnl Department
This building Is situated east of tho Monu
ments It is enclosed by tbo most beautiful
and glowing Honor garden In tbe country
and the grounds contain the most completo
Arboretum probably In tho United States.
Attached to this Department are tbo Ex
perlmental Gardens, whoso office are Im
mediately west of tho main building Tho
Belt Lino cars go right past the grounds.
The HmlthMonlnn.
Across Twelfth street, immediately east, from
the Agricultural Department, are tho
Smithsonian Institution and tho Smithso
nian Grounds Tho former Is a specimen of
the most graceful architecture la tho city,
end the latter form the most beautiful
landscape (.ardeu In the country. These
grounds of themselves uro worth avUlt to
Washington to see. Thoy contain tho
memorial urn to the artist who designed
the lark, Andrew J. Downing, nnd tbe
bronze statue of I roressor Henry, tho first
secretary of tho Institution Iho latter Is
at the northwest corner of tho building, tho
Lou ulna L rn Is In the centre of tho gi oaitds,
two hundred yards north of tho enstwlng
Iho smlthsi ulan Is filled with the most
varied nnd Interesting objects connected
with science It Is reached by tbe Seventh
btrtet, tlo Mutli Stroet and tho BeULIne
ot met tears.
The Antlonnl Muacnm
Tho National Muuum Is In the Smithsonian
grounds, a fow tarda east of tbe Smithso
nian building It contains thousands of tho
mot Interesting curiosities, sampKa of tho
Hfo customs and history c f nil nation It,
as well as. the hmlthsoulan, Is open dally to
tbo rulllo from 0 a m. to 4 p. in.
The Jlotnulrnl (iurdcnB,
Passing roatward from the Museum, over
the railroad bridge that spans bixth street,
nnd through tbe i rttty park lying betwoon
Malno and Missouri avenues the visitor
comes to the entrance on Third street, Just
couth or Pennsylvania avenue, of tho Bo
tanical Gardens These Interesting grounds
aie open dally from 0 In tho morning to
0 In tho evening They were established
WyearBflgo. The conservatories are filled
w ith the t holcest and rarest foreign plants
Around tho gardens aro extensive collec
tions of trees and shrubs In the contro of
tbo lawn facing tho contro conservatory It
tho famous Pun hold 1 Fountain that at-
31 1. t
' its:
icr "r1
) li
LI 'l
J J ,i si
I r
t i
" a ertfX ya
The Fence Monument.
Just half way across the Avonuo from tho
northeast angle of the Botanical Gardon.
And at the west foot of the Cat Jtol Grounds
is tho Peaco Monument. This was de
shrned by Admiral Porter In honor of tho
dead Roldlers and sailors of tbo late war.
It Is ot marble and cost, with pedostrat and
flatform SU.00O It Is proposed to remove
his monument to one of the squares on tho
northwest section.
Tho Unrfleia Htntno.
Tho Garfield Statue, which was vn oiled May
13, 167, Is situated at the Intersection ot
Maryland avenue and First street, and Is
regarded by lu famous sculptor, Mr. J. (J
A Ward, as ono of hi i most sucsosstul
Ilctraclng our steps wo finl
The Vrln t Inc and Kngrarlnc llureau,
Tho grent money mill otthe Government Is
located at tho corner of Fourteenth and B
Btreet aouthv est, southeast from the Monu
ment nnd southwest from tho Agriculture
Durenn It Is reached I y tho Belt Line
Cars, and Is opened to lsltors u cry day,
Jn IturuH1 cottase
Ono of tho curiosities of Washington la old
Vn y burns' Cottage, on boventocntbstrcet,
near the river It may be reached by tho
drive south of the President a House or hy
the Metropolitan or Avenue lino of oars.
Next door to It Is General Van Ness onco
fctfttely min3ion, where bo brought his
bride, arclu Burns, one of tho original
bolresbcsof Washington,
Corcoran Art Uatlori.
The Corcoran Art Gallery is at tho corner of
Pennsylvania avenuo and Seventeenth
street, opposite tho War, Navy and state
Department. It Is open Tuesdays, Thurs
days and baturdays free, on other days (ex
cel t Sundays) a small admission feo Is
charged. 1 bis gallery, although not to bo
compared with tho great Old World gal
lerles. Is nevertheless a very creditable in
stitution for so now a country as tho United
States. It contains among other original
objects Powers' great statue of tbo "Gross
Slave "
The Iioulse Home.
TboLonlsellomelB a beautiful building at
the corner ot Massachusetts avenuo and
Fifteenth street, near Seott Circle It has
extcrislvo grounds, beautifully embellished,
and is a unlquo establishment It 1 a
momorlal to tho wife and daughter ot Mr.
W. W, Corcoran, and Is Intended as a home
for ladles of oducutlon, birth and refine
ment, who bae been reduced to poverty
The Colombian University
Coming down Fifteenth stroet from tho Loulso
Home at the corner of Fifteenth and II
streets, tho visitor sees tho Columbian Uni
versity, which occupies tho slto ot tho old
Griswald mauslon This university wai in
corporated as Colombian College In 13J1,
and Is under tbo special supervision of tbo
Baptist Church It is an Institution famous
for the discipline and thoroughness of Us
The Weather llurcnn.
The signal Service, or Weather Bureau, Is
about one hundred yards west of the Mate,
W ar and Isavy Bet artments, on Q street. It
Is ono of tho trout iuteronlinir nlaces In
Wahlngt(n to visit Tho olncrvtis In
charge, when nt leisure, always take
icubure in Mumuitf visitors, uqw tuoy
manufacture woatbir,"
The lOMt ofllco Department
Tbo General PoBtoOUo Department Is oa tho
squaro bounded by E. i beventh aud
Llizhth streets It Is altanclsomo building,
nlthough Its proximity to Its largur und
bolder brother, tho Patent OQIce, some
what obscures Its great size and tends to
lessen Its beauty. Its different bureaus
possess great Interest to tho visitor, but tho
Doad Letter Otlico Is particularly tho one to
be observed Tho collection of curioiltloa
taken from tho malls la traas't, as spacl
mens of the uses to which tlm Nation's pos
tal eonvejanees aro put, Is both varied and
unique v er) thins un mailable, from an la
dlun tcmahawktoaetulted kamraroojs to
be Fftn In this collection, aud It Is still
The Interior IHpaitmeut.
or, as It Is popularly termed, Ihe Patent Of
Dee. occur les tho tvo squares between bov
cut hand Ninth nnd F aud CI streets It Is
t ullt In tbe Doric style, and Is an admirable
fcpcclmen of the bolieht and coldest of the
uik styles It contrasts finely with tho
( cutral Post ofllco, which U Corinthian, tbo
moot ornate of tho pure Greek mo lei of
ore I llccture 1 ho curiosities of tho Patent
onico are Iho model rooms, where ininy
thousands of Ideas havo been matorlatlzod
and exhibit themselves to the gazo In every
ptago of Invention T his bull ling, like most
of thu Government oillces, Is open to tho
vhltor from On m to i p tn Tho libraries
of tho Interior Department aro woll worthy
of a visit The great Inauguration ball at
I Incoln's second term took placo la tbo
Put cut OCiCC
31atonle Temple,
Westward from the Patent Office across Ninth
street at Its Intersection with F
street U tho hondsumo Masonlo
Temple, erected In li&f. This build
ing Is one of tho most completo In Its ar
rangements of any building coujsetratod to
UasoDlo uses la tho country r
i 7
1 ,
Thciinrcau ofKaucntlon.
Tbo Bureau ot Education Is in a brlcX building
duo north of tho Patent Office Tho visitor
with scholarly tastes nnd Instincts will not
fall to tlslt this bureau, whlob contains a
complete collection of objocts Illustrating
tho progress and condition of education
throughout tho world.
Medical Museum.
On Tenth street, between K and V, round tho
corner westward from Masonlo I oraple. Is
tho famous Medical Museum This build
ing was once a prominent Baptist Church It
was converted about tho beginning of tho
war Into a theatre, known tho country over
as lord, and It was In a private box thoro
In April, 1HC3, Hint John Wllkos Booth
killed iTosldent Lincoln. Tho latter was
rnrrled to a house, last opposite, whore ho
died A marble tablet In front of tho house,
Jio. 010 Tenth street, oommemorites this
fact Tho theatre wastbcuscque3trated by
the Government and turned Into tha Med
ical Mtucum attached to thoHurgoou Gen
eral s ofllco It Is full of interesting surgical
re tics of the war, and has tha largest meJI
cal library In tho world Among tho curl
osltleawlthln its walls is tho articulate l
skeleton of Gulteau, tho assassin ofFrosl
dent Uarlletd Corning down Tenth street
from tho Medical Museum tho visitor will
not fall to Inspect tho massive and beauti
ful lost Btilldluc, In which Is situated tho
ofllco of The iiitio This Is tho largest
newspaper establishment south of Pbtialel
I Ida and cast of the Ohio and Mississippi
rivers, lour of tho lcailnd nnd most Influ
ential Journals In the country two mr rnlng,
one evening (Tub CiTtc)and ono indepon
dent hundny paper havo their homo In this
The Ueoloalcnl Ilurean,
The Geological Survey Is located on F street,
near tho Lbbltt IIouso The Interior Do
rartment building, Immense as It is, U en
Ire ly too small for t bo nccommo latlon of lis
bureaus, two of which besides tho Educa
tional and Geological Bureaus (Agriculture
and Pension) are located In other ciaartors
These two last bureaus are among tbo larg
cstj under tho Government.
The Centie MarkotO
Tbo Contre Market ocouplos the nquaros
south of tbo Avenue, bounded by U strdot
on tho south, Seventh street on tho east
and Mnth street on tho west. It Is a very
handsone market buildlngt ox'ellei la
beauty, and probably In s ze, by nouo In tho
world It Is tho cleanest and tho best,
wbllo also tho cheapest market In America.
Tho District UttlldlngH.
Tbo visitor, after leaving tho Centro Market,
will proceed down tho Avenuo to Four and
a half Btreet and northward up that street
a few yards when ho will be in front of a
dingy blook of damp, dark old brloka,
wbeieln tho officers of the District aro com
pelled to sacrifice their temper, health and
good looks while attending to business.
These buildings are so utterly unfitted for tho
f mooses to whlohtbey aro put, and so
horoughly abominable and Insecure that
they form, iwrhaps, tho greatest curiosity
in Washington. No visitor should fall to
Inspect them.
The City Hall.
Duo north of, and two squares away from,
tho District Buildings, and closing up Four
anl a half street at that point, Is tho City
Hail This Is a largo and commodious
building, built fortmo rather than show,
anl nuw occupied by tbo District courts
Justin front and to thu south of tha City
Hall is a column or white stono surmount
ed by a marblo flguro of Lincoln.
Jmlirinrj Hitunre.
Tho City Hall stands on tho south front of
Judiciary square, one of iho flnost parks In
tto city. The city Jail used to stand on tho
nortteuKt corner otthesnuaro which runs
fiom tilth to lourih nnd from D street anl
and IouUi&na avenuo to U street threo
lung full squares.
Tho lenftloii Ofllee,
The new Pension Building extends nearly tho
entire width of Julio ory Hquara from
Fourth lo Ufth streets and from O, nearly
to F street It U by far tho largost
building In tho world devoted to tho exam
lnatlon and settlement of claims for pen
lions It Is built of rod brick, and cost
Fcnerol hundred thousand dollars In It
was given Jtcsidcnt (levelauds Inaugura
tion Ball. It can bo reached by the Metro
politan and tho Belt I lno cars.
The oernmcnt Printing Ofllre.
Tbe Government Printing Offlca Is In a north
east direction from the Pension Ofllou, at
the comer of H and hortb Capitol streets.
It Is by far tho largost printing establish
ment In tho w orld, and is full of Interest to
viHltois, Tbo cost of running It goes up into
millions annually, and the money Is wail
stent It would tako columns to merely
ouUIno tho glgantlo establishment which
employes In its busiest season over SOW
jople It la reached by tbo Columbia line
of street cars.
Ht. i:ilrul.etli.
Across tbo Autocall Itlver, duoiouthfroro,
tho Navy ard. Is bt Elizabeth's or the Gov
ernment, s Host lul f r the Insane It ilea on
the topof a 1ml having a beautiful view of
tbe surrounding country There aro over
one thousand patients In thlsasflnm. It tJ
1 'rem. he a by a pleasant carriage or tyo, '
U9 .0 J
U 1 II I 'li
sa 7 J y(j3'j j j j : i I I l
JJ f li.- I I I
. .. i' '- ' . ( ii ' " - K !
M -'vJ2 1! " J.,r- r-l UJ-" i-,,i V I, f 1 ," ,i.,J i ,. i.
-i! l-gg- " 8 V 0 T R E C, T "
jh - w a . y p,ii i . -,-- -r is rwrrfrpn ' " fTlH- 1
U . li . i !
' 't a i 1 I ... I
"- 1-1 tfi. , , u - I 1 L-4r;o.! !: 3-HHb3P '
l i I I I ; ' h a i-Ife1-! I" ry ' ' vH-
w - It ui :. - a . - u'
- ! ' U " 4 I u
l-f, I V.I f.,1.',.,' I .', I f'J I ,7 I, I I x.w.UU TiJ q;. -?4 iClK4-,j 1,. I
U STREELT I-3' - - " U ST
T R E E'.X
i'v v i rr1
i rr
riE11 r
T TA ,;- r-- '
! i
B fl In ' l S I J ':
ill '
ji AV "-'1 3 J
'7JB """'
The District Jail
On tho reservation which lies Immediately
north of K street southeast and fronts on
tl o Anacostla Itlver Is a huge quadrangular
t llo of red brick known as the District all.
This building Is especially .notlcoablo for
being tbo one wherein the? assassin of a
President was hanged Just south of It Is
tbo City Asylum It Is reached by cab or
carriage, or on foot from the termination of
the railway and hcrdlo lines.
Marine JInriacks av3"VnriI.
fho Marine Barracks aro situated on Eighth
street southeast, between G and H Several
pquarcs further south tho walls of tho Nary
xurd rlso tiforo tho gazo. Ibis Navy iard
w as in Its time tho most famous ono In the
country, tho Fccnnd laigost ship of tho lino
lnthoftavy having hoeii built hero, as woll
as tho famous embers tho hssox, tho W ap
end others It Is to bo converted Into tho
groat ordnance factory of the country, and
tho visitor will find hundreds of objocts
herein to interest hi m, especially tho making
of tho fitcel i fled cannon
lioumil UiiUeinlt
oward tnlvcrsty it tho first since In this
country to provhlo for tho Mher e luoallon
of the colore 1 1 eorlo general!. It Is on Hov
cnth street extended, just nbovo Bound iry,
an 1 occui les a hlsh nud nlcturesauo slto.
overlooking tbo whole c'tv Itis built of
larco eieam colored bilck, speJallywauun
facturcd for the octMuIon .
The JltaC Mute Cullcffe
Returning from Mt Olivet tho visitor will
puss near by nnd In full sight or tho Deaf
Muto Collego. whioh Is on the north sldeof
Boundary ntreet, at tho north end of EUhth
Hroctnoithca-t. It Is readied by cab or
tbo II street lino of cars It Is thomobt
prominent Boaf Mute College In tho world.
The Old Holdtcrs' Home.
The Old Soldiers' Homo lies about a mtlo bo
yond Howard University, out Hovontu
btrtet extended, and Is roacbei by the samo
conveyances, namely tbo Mnth and uoventh
street car lines lis main building Is of
inarLlo, 1200 feet front with a very high
low er. T be view from Its tower surpqsjei
any slmiUr view In the neighborhood. A
statue of Goncral Scott adorns tho grounds
T buro Is also a National c emotery with sev
eral thousand Union dead buried thoro.
The Arsenal
ih&AreenAl Is located at the foot of Four
and a half street southwest, the grounds
extending over what use t ta bo the pent
tontlary. It Is Inteiosllng among other
reasons for being the cnclosuro In which
Mis. burratt ana tho Assassination pris
oners were banged. T ho baud of tho booond
Artillery, which U stationed hero, glvo Ire
quout concerts In tho summer that are
largely attendod Beached by tho Metro
polltan Ufour and a half street orauoli) and
the beventh Btreet Hue.
Seoractown ITulvtLrslty.
Georgetown University U the loading Catholio
Coliego in the United btatoa. It U ltcatud
on tbe w est sldo of 1 rospoct strpet, George
town, on, perhaps tho most beautirul site
on tlie I otomao. Its I u lid logs and (.rounds
ere very handsome. Beached by tho Met
ropolitan btreet cars
tnblit Jplin Ilrldcp.
Cal In John Bridge, Bpnunlng tlio chasm of
Cabin John Creek, about eight miles from
Bock Creek Bridge, Is tlm largest sinzlo
(tone null brklgotn tlm world, live miles
above Cat In John Bridge are thu Groat
rails of U o Potomac. Tho scenery Is mag
nluccut. Beached by cub.
Outhldo of the oilglnalDlstriot are several
I laces of great Interest to the tourist, nota
ly Biadcnsburg, tn Maryland on tho ll
and 0. 11 11 , f ev en miles from Washington
It Is an old town famous for being a hun
dred years au tho larjiost commercial city
in Varjland, also for Its Spa Springs, und
for its associations as a fivtirlte duetilnz
proun I In tbe days whon the "Codo of
honor 'was lu, force,
Across tho I'ntomuc, oppmlte Goorgetown,
und reached by cab across o'thor tho Img
or tho Aqueduct KrlJfes, Is Arlington, onco
thuhuineof tlo Ics, und now tho largest
r-utlorsl ccmstery lit tho country, over
10 wo soldiers uro burlcul bore, Iho pi aoo
Is exceedingly boiutlful aud tho view of
Mount Vernon
Fourteen miles below Washington dwn tho
liver, reached by loat li Mount Veinon,
tho home and grave of Washington ls
ltors cum teach it by tliostediaer Corcoran,
Captain Llako, every day.
Seven miles from Vahlngton down the Po
tomac, reacliotl by boat or by rail la tho old
cliy or Alexandria. It contains uinong
other objects of intcrost tho church wiicrti
Washington worshipped, the houso that
Braddovk lived In before he went on Ids
fatal campaign, tho lodge of Mas ms to
Which Washington was attached, tho atoro
where tho famous Goueral Turner Ashby
sold dry goods for many years, and many
other objects of Interest.
A new Indictment baft been founl against
Itidenour. charged Willi the murder of
young Broy. la Frederick County,
iVlrslula. it S
" rf-?i9T
I It It !
l 1 -.r
.l( Mi 't f j
"i - ijf55
CI 2 Pennsylvania ae , Washington, D. C.
1014-1010 TENN. AVE. N. W.,
Tlio undents represented Merourv with
WlliCS on Ms feat This wa well, tnr thrt
foot la tho fleet member of tho human body. (
Jt Is tho foot that transports us up the
mountain to Its ctoudlsnd top, as It Is the I
wines of tho caglo that lift him into tbo blue f
vaults above, such a splendid andBorvico-.
able member of onr bodies Bhould receive our I
hest thought, caro and attention, it rat and
f c romost. every one should coma to me for
t'lesto.put on it, as 1 havo the boat linos
( d ut the low ot prices.
I auiouiarly should tbo ladles come, tor my
f cltof LaJIes' Hand Sowed Uelt DongoU
ics Is boond compare tho 'finest and
carcst shoo In tho city. Ladles' Hand-
Aed Welt Button Boots, $1por pair elso
? ere. $.5 Alto, our $1 CO, $J and 83&0U
t ftchlees for thu prlco
3HL Xj, IQ.&JFZ.Jrt,
Importer and Tailor.
Spring Goods, all of the Latest Novel
ties) Cngllsiif French and Scotch
Baitings, etc.. Just arrived
Mr. EAim personally fits all garments mads
In our establishment.
1111 Penna. Avenue,
A. ti. MACOiu. O. It. UinDT.
Stockr. Bonds, Grata, OH aud Provisions
Direct wire, to New York and Chicago,
e, k. mis, w, B. MBaa
B. K. PLAIN & CO,,
Grain, Provisions and Stocks,
Washington, 1). C.
City References,
Chicago Correspondents MI tmlno, Rodman
& Co.
Constant qnotatlons of tha Clilcago and
Now lork Murkets by spoulal wire.
Stock, Grain, Provision and Petro
loum Brokers,
1333 I'KNNA. ATE. (Upstair.,)
DOS to 014 Q Btntot northwest, roxt National
Rifles Armory
Architectural iron Work.comont. Plaster
Fire Brick, Fire Clay, Wall Slat, PftlnU, Oils
w . . w
I- 1
"j ,.-1
. i
T i
H3 I
, v
miiqtvu'? rnMiUDriM rnnrrc
mniiiuiu uuiniiiuiumL uullluli
V, Q. MABTYN and O. K, UIINER. Props ,
. Nearatypostofflce
Prof. O.K.rrner. A M. and O. E., prlncl-
I-al: is years' oxperlenco Pupils prepared
or tho civil service examination
In commodious halls, National Bank of the
Bepubllo Building, southwest corner Soventb
nnd D streets. Established In 1801. Morn
than lO.ouo btudenta have been trained In this
College Services of Its graduates always In
demand Thorough Instruction given In
llapld rlttng, the English Language, Corre
spondence, Bapid Calculations, Bookkoeplng.
Business Practice, Commercial Law, Political
Economy, stenography and Type Writing.
Regular day and evening sessions, 0 a m.O
p m. Illustrated Circular sent froo on appli
cation. Telephone call, 871 8
.Zr. . UENKYO BPEhCEIt, Prlnolpal.
MBS SARA A. SPENCER, Vlco-rrlnclpal.
rnirE-wRiTiNo TAcanT
At Room S3, St. Cloud Building. Roferences,
PROF. WniTCOMIJ lias lleopanea
his RchocI of Hhonhand at 1413 G st n wj
clans pensions Tuesday and Friday openings.
TTAaiIINOTON Acndemy or Tele
1 V graphy has removod from Capitol RUl
tofaaiFBtnw. HOOM87.8andB
DU. A. 11. ALIIAUQII, (Ifltee nnd Usl,
dcncoiejoastn w, treats all Chronlo
Affccthns of the Eyo and Ear, Ihroat, Ca
tarrh, Lungs, Kidneys and Bploon, Bysivpsla,
Rlioumatlttm, (lout, Fits, Spasms, ail Female
Complaints. Piles, Tumors, Cancers, eto
Tape V orms removed In a few hours. Calls
iiruoiimy uucnucu 10 niguc or uay, umce
nuure, o cu iu a m , iv to v
m, 4 to 5 and 7
to 3d p m i Sunday, 10 to 13
m.owup m.
MM, DKFOIlKST.LongEitablishod
andrellablo Ladles' Ihyslclan, can be
consulted daily at bcr residence uoi T st n w
ORIco hours from 1 to Op m iwlthladlesonly.
"m- IP v-i A vn nti. nrisu n i,
XV IX.0 B Bt s w. appeared before tne and
madq oath that he Is the oldest Established
Lircrthpecialistlnthls city, and will guar
antee u euro lu all cases of prtrate diseases of
men and furnish medicine, or no charge con
sulfation nnd advlco free at any hour during
the day. Subscribed nnd sworn befora mo by
tary Publlo In and (or tho District ol Colum
lla thtiftldaTof July 1HM
4S0-.33 llthSlre.tH, W.,
nave tlio most completely oqolpp'd offloola
tho city, ana are prepared to do all kinds of
ITlDttag at tbo Lowest I'osslklo Prlco for
good v.prk,
I-.Kal Work Accurnt.ljr aad Trqiuptlr
1 scouted
rilUONAH HcllILL s on.
J. (Suciosnur. to MoUUl & Wimorow),
No. 1107 B Bt. Northwest, Wasblnston, D.O.
p KOllOK II. bTOIlUAllX CO.,
Book and Job Printing a Kpoclaltr,
013 and alb 7tb st n w , opp, U. S. Patent
Book, Job and Fostor Printer,
Sarins rooontlr llttod np a
Fhoto-Engraving Eatabllshmaai,
In oonnootlon with mr PATENT rltOCM.l,
lamnreparou tofurnlslt
1 botofirablsK on Wood for tbe Trad..
Maarioe Joyoe
y '
3. .
" - ' " - - - - J.VA,iiii.i
.ftTt.ri, ,CLi.ukUeu:
11 liL.Yil iiwiilim. S.iin-r 1 mi--r. -T i ! i'n niii'n uLnm,:m ! '
'-U,-i 1 lMi m t&mmlnfr ii$ttlmimimun
4itMMi,u.i,.$tbi,iil,ui,ki . 'Umi
J -jtstVi

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