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10TII VEAKWIIOIiE NO. 5,0 i!i.
rjtroK two onviM.
Events of Interest In and Abaut
the Departments.
Tho Atlanta's Guun Forqulsitos
of Disbursing Clerks
Superintendent Snyder's Successor.
Chief Engineer Williamson has been op
pole ted Superintendent of tbo Stato, War
crd Navy lcpi.rtment building, with tbo
rank of commander.
Rear-Admiral Frank lin'a Uetlremont
Hear-Admlral frankllu will Le retired on
tho 21th of August. Tills will rcMilt In the
romotIon of Commodore Ilancroft Okcr
lardtcf tbo Now York Navy-1 ard. Hear
Admlral Irankllu'snaval service began fa
1S41, taktag part Id the dcrnuuairatlm
egalDst Monterey duilng tbo Mexican W ar,
lie was a volunteer on tbo Mrrrltnac nn 1
was i romlnentln many other engagements
Q' cote'
TropoEeU for Turnlehlnj Fuol
Seated proposals for fuel for tho 8ta,
W ar and Navy Department bulldlcg for tbo
current fiscal j car, wcro opened IntbeSu
I cilctemUDt's ofllco today. Tbo MJlors
OLd ericts for 2.0C0 tons of furnaco coal,
U3 Iocs white ash stove coal, 40 cords
hlckoty wood, 60 cords spruce-pine wood,
lesptetlvely, wcro as follows i J. Maury
Dove, S-tW, 20, i7 5U, $5 William
L Hedge, $4 US, r, SO 75, $3 00,
Jobn Miller, $5 41, fmt J7T5, $5, V
Nildwln Johnson, $1 10. $ GO, $7 , SI W.
1111am Muhbead, fi 30, 45 CO, $7 S3, 1 i S4 ,
Henry A. Clarke &. Son, $s, $5 50, $7,0.
$4 tO.
Treasury Department Changes Tbe
following appointments wcro mado In tho
Treasury Department to-day under civil
ecrvlco rales: Mrs. Helen E. Ryan of Colo
rado, $DfO, ofllco of Commissioner of In
ternal He venue, Fblhp M, Crow of Obto,
class one, Second Auditor's ofllce, George
C. Dougherty of New Tork. James t.
Smith of Nw York and Charles A. Given
of Mrgtnla, all ol class one, la Sixth
Auditor's ofTce; Cbas. A. Stewart of Vlr
clnlo, class 5-1,000, eamo ofllco Alfred A
Adams cf Tennessee, having served a satis
factory probationary term of sir months,
tins teen permanently appointed to class
one, Second Auditor's ofllce.
Disbursing Clerks Perquisites Uy
a peculiarity of the law, tho disbursing
clerks of the QoTcrnment oro onabled to add
materially to their regular salary. When
money Is appropriated by Congress for the
erection of a public building tbcre Is an al
lowanco of three eighths of ono per cout. to
tho person who may be elected to handle th j
money as disbursing ofllcer. This Is gen
crally given to some reliable bank ofllclal la
tbo town where the brill ding Is to be erected,
tut when such a person Is not to be found It
ts generally given toaUovemtnent disburs
ing ofllcer. In this Major Bartlett and
Mr Hobba of the Treasury, an 1 Mr. hvans
of the Interior add greatly to tbclr Income,
increasing It on nn average of from $J,Q0O
Tho Atlanta's Guns The committee
appointed by Secretary Whitney yesterday
to test the guns of tho Atlanta have been
ordered to make their examination thor
ough and complete by firing tceni with the
roj Idlty that woul 1 be necessary iu case of
Lialtle. Tho duty Is a hazardous one, but
while all 1 radical Information Is desired
the test Is not to be carried to such an ex
tent as to do unnecessary damage to the
guns or carriages or tbo ship bersolf. It 1
now learned that considerably more damage
ubs done by tbo llrlng of these heavy guus
than was at first npirtel. Naval ofllcers
are not surpihcd at ibUaecllent, however,
end say that It la only a w ODdcr that w 0 do
not have more trouble In building big ships
&t d arming tbcm with heavy l,uus Such
mishaps It Is almost Impossible to avoid.
Minor and Personal.
Receipts of the Ui ited S ates since July 1
have been $215.!o3y ool tij enlltures,
(32,703,411, being a gain to date of $720,947,
Herman Uaumgarltn of this city has been
awarded tbo contract of numbering the
houses and Uttering tbo street lamps cf
Notice has been tent to thocustollan at
Tort 1 Ills that tbo settlers who have In
vaded the military reservation occupied by
the I fcrt In Oregon must leavo
Ihe Interstato Commerce Commission
tea created a bureau called the Depaitmoat
cf btatlBtlce, of which C. C. McCain of
Minnesota has been appointed aul tor,
Stonewall J. Wilson, a spcctil examiner
In the Pension Ofllce and son of Colonel
Dsojatnln Wilson, Assistant Attorney Gen
crBlof the Department of Justice, died at
Clarksburg, W. a , late last night.
The President rsraalned at Oak View nil
day yesterday, transacting uny necessary
business through Colonel Lamont, who
drovo out In the morning aud afternoon. It
Is probable that until tbo close of tho pros
cnt torrid epcll most of his tloiowlll bo
spent In the country.
Iu the examination Incidental to tho trans
for of the Venturer's ofllce to kvr Hyatt,
tbo present Treasurer, tbo special cxamln
leg committee yesterday reported a short
ape of 3 40 In a bag of tola. Tho clerk
who counted tho money when Treasurer
Jordan took tho ofllco was notified, and
promptly mado good his error.
Mr ten man's Improvements Tho
Liirce Sat t-a itecortfed.
Mr, John l.TJcnmau 1U shortly begin
operations toward Improving the Leu man
Lulldlcg, situated on the north silo of New
ork avenue, near Iiftcenth street. Mr.
I enman proposes to brlog tho number of
btoiles from thru) to (ie, and the tvso new
ones nlll be Utted lu a eubstautlat
niacicr as ofllco rooms. Ibe large
apartments on tbo second and third lloors
VlUbc subdtYMtit and made Into smaller
cilice rooms Tbe building at present bos
tUhtccu of tbeBO Apartments, but with ad
dittoes and the subtil vision, the wholo num
ber will bo flft) four. Tho whole four
LulIdlLge, which Mr Lenraan owns, will bo
mado Into cnu and (-team boating arrange
mtuta at d an elevator will bo added. All
tbo plats for tbo Improvement have been
drawn up and work will begin abortly.
Mr Alklcsoii Is the architect,
SmnUeu transfers of property were re
coidtd yptfrday, Involving sums amount-
I1IccKbU7, US, 11') and W) In Uurletgu
Heights bao been ( urchasel by Jamca A
Hates of t rede lie U, Huldckoper, The
property Is In n verj desirable locality, and
ibe 1 rice paid for It by Mr, Uaten was
Helen V. Hills has tiouQht ot J Holls
worth Gordon and rhsrlei C.Cole, trus
tees, l art of lot 0 In eauare S77. This lot Is
clluatid In the heart of tbo cltv, being In the
rquaro bounded by Ran I P, Ninth and
Tin Hi streets The prlco paid was -3,550
John W. l'alno took out a permit to da
to erect four dwellings, 1917 to 1021 K
street, to cost Hi OCO l W. I'llllng m 111
erect two dwellings. 132J, 133 T etrojt, to
ctst 0,5C0.
T110 rttllcemni IMhiuHni d
'lie Commissioners to day dismissed two
policemen from 4he force Robert Roach
was dismissed for getting helplessly drunk;
Piter Hutlcr, for tearing his beat and fall
Irg to perform bis duty.
Work on the Ordnance llulldlng Tlte
On in Completed.
Tho new ordnanco building to bo crcctcl
at tbo Na?yard will encompass tho old
anchor and forging shops under ouo roof,
ItistoleC.15 feet long and 17J f set wile.
A traveling crane will bo put up, cn.nl to
tbo weight of ono hundred tons. Kicb
roDcblno to bo used will bo placed on foun
dations of concrete built on piles, with a
top faclr g of two Inch yellow ptoe.
Up to tho present, four eight Inch, four
teen sixteen Inch and two live luc steel
briech loading rifles, with carriage, ammu
nition and equipments, have been com
fitted and are now la service on biird tho
)o1ph!n, II ost on and Atlanta Ibo an
nouncement of Captain fcicard that tbo ar
mament ot tho Chicago Is nearly complete 1
Is not borne cutty a visit to tbo yard, says
the Lalllmoro bun corrceponlcut. Not a
single piece Is on hand, and It Is sal 1 that
Ite druwlngs have but Just been completed,
Ihe tuns and carriages ot tbo ibrea ves
sels rnmtd above ir proved by a hoard
ot cfllcersat tbo Naval Academy proving
ground?, and tbe work so f jr a'cumplhhe 1
under brcrolary Whitney auurs well for
the future. Ibo ten Inch rlUe guns for tbe
double-turreted monitor Mlantunomah are
curing completion One Is alrealy rifle 1,
ard bs soon ns tbo breech mccbinUtn Is
ilLltht.d (which nlll be In a few days) It
Hlllbeseut to Annapolis for proof llrlog
Tbt se guns weigh nearly thirty tons, anl
l re h projectile ueUhlrg 0O1) pounds with
a 2t0 pound charge of powder. Ibo pro
Jtcttlo nil) pierce twenty Inches ot armor at
one tbousaLd ) Kids ard will throw a ball
ten miles
In tils connection awitbir pool work h
progressing most satisfactorily. Quito n
class of seamen are btlog Instructed In tbg
manipulation atd care of these Immense
guns blx months Is tho required course,
when they aro scut to Newport for a second
six months, where the) study torpedo war
fare. Ar cam i' anmVAY
The ContlnentiU bottled at Lower
Ceil nr l'ulnt.
Camp Oudwav, Iowcn Cedah Point,
Mi), July iE Tbo Washington Coutl
nentals on tbetr arrival at Lower Cellar
Point wcro received by the Celar Point
managers u ltli tbe greatest enthusiasm, and
tbe boys were atonco Invited to have dinner
with them. Tho Invitation was accepts 1
with thanks.
After dinner tents were pitched and tbo
general camp life began.
Supper was the next thing looked for,
and, ua the Continentals mean to cook their
meals themselves, Corporal Llcberman was
appointed cook of tbo camp, but ho will he
laid ofl", so doubt, for tho Corporal, having
a sweet taste, put sugar In tbo soup for
salt, which Idea the boys dldnot-approveof
Lieutenant Curtln, being In a grunt hurry
to go bathing, and anxious to bo tbo first
one In the water, forgot all about his boots
atd thus went bathing with them on, much
to the delight of the spectators.
Dress 1 arades and exhibition drills will
bo clven dail upon arrival ot the steamer
Henry U, Ulsbcp.
Tho U. S S Trcntou satis from Norfolk
to-morrow for Rio de Janeiro. Ihe Galena
arrived at Montreal to-day,
Captain 12. It Kellogg, Eighteenth Icfin
try, tort Hays, Kansas, is detailed for duty
as executive lange oillcer In connection with
tbe approaching department rlllo contest at
loit 1 eavonworth.
A general court martial met at Port
Echujkr, New otk liar bur, )ttterday,
composed of the following detail from the
tlflh Artillery. Major Richard 11 Jackson,
Lu plain Henry f . Itrewcrton, Captain Jon
II lilrard, assistant surgeon, list Lleuten
ant Thomas R Adams, Uret lieutenant
William K Hamlltou, Second Lleutmant
WarienP Newcomb, Fist Lieutenant Win
W, O&lbirJtb, judge alvecate.
Leaves of Absence Hr6t Lieutenant L
S J crrow, Twent first Infantry, fotr
mouiLs fiomJul) 1; (Jmrtermuur (1 It
R llrown, 1 leventh Calvary, one moutb,
benttr be cm bo spared, Quarter
master C. II Grlersou, Tenth C
airy, leuve cxtcndel one month, Ilea
tenant Colont-1 A R Rufllngton, Ord
nance Htpartment, two months
I eaus cvtended ULtll further orders 03 ac
count of disability Captain G. N. Downer,
Iweutj first lbfautr), Captain J. $.
McNaught, Twtitleth lufantrj; Captain W.
W.Rogrrs Ninth iHfanlry, and H ret Lieu
tenant L S Wtlborn, llflh Caalry.
nin Ordtrs Colonel (rcorire H ltn
dell, roglnccr Corps, from San t rduelse ) to
b.iu llet,o, Captain Ileur Metcalfe, Ord.
nance Departmeit, West l'ulnt, to follow
lutf points on pull c business Cambria
Iron Work, Mlavale Steel Works, lrftnit
foid Arsenal, Sand) Honk, Sprluzfluld
Armor), Watertowo Arsenal, Iott Robin
son, Nttratka, Deadnood and Valcu
tine; Major M. U. Adams, P.oslncer
Corps, from PurJIngton, t , to Fort M )nt
goratrj , N. Surgeoa J. A Llo try, to re
noit In terson at tort Asilulbtne, Seonl
Lleuttnaiit John C. W'alsbe, signal Corps,
on a tour of Inspection through tbe Nortb
west Tho following ofllcers have reported at
tbo Naal Academy as tbe eecoul detail for
tbo practical Instruction of the cadets from
July UO to August 25; Lieutenants G. W',
Ijler, J,R Colvocoresscs, C. W. Uartleit,
1 rsl,ns 11, h Knopp, C. N Atwater, F
J Hiteseler, Passed Assistant L'uglueer R W.
MUllgan, Assistant Rnglneer J, L Gow.
Tbo following are granted leavo of absence
IteUUutiata Y, J. Harnett, C KColahan,
Ibtodcrlc Porter, l. H, Mahan, J O
Nicholson, J r. bmltbt Inslgos J.H.GIlt
bocs, W, C P. Mulr; Paised Assistant Ln
glncerj. O. Ogden, Assistant lugtueer i,
J. bchcll.
Tho following mined ofllcers aro ordered
to report In person August 10, 1SS7, to tbo
department Inspector of rifle practice at
lortBnelllug, Mlon , for duty ln connection
flu tbo department rlllo compaction Cip
tain David 13 Wilson, Twenty iHih Infrin
tij, Hrst Lleutduant David It Mitchell, FIN
tteiiih Infantry, tlrst Lieutenant Samuel
W Miller, llfihlnfautrj, Stcond Lleuten
uutdeorgoO Cresn, Heenlh Cavalry, Sec
mid J liu'enant lUrry A, 1 eonbatufer,
Twenty tlflh Iufautrt. Second Lieutenant
(uorpo L Uyrau), first Curalrj, Second
lieutenant William II SiLc I Ifth lufantrj,
Hicoml lieutenant Harry IrceUud, iclr.l
31 r. lllgliiN mid ilio 3luznumi4.
bays a Washington special to tbo New
ork Woill tbls morning, Mr, Hlglus
met apart) of nowspiper men this after
noon on tbo 'Ireaturj strps Mr. Hlggtns
wns toll that tho Mugwumps were very
much displeased with his course In tho ttil
t more primaries,
"Well," said Mr. Hlggtns," "you know
my opinion of tho Mugwumps Iboy aro
nil frauds and cranks 1 was oft on leave,
however, at tho time of our election, anl 1
bad a right to do as I pleased, civil service
cranks to tho contrary notwithstanding "
A He cond Time Convicted.
Richard J, Marshall was sentenced to day
for keeping a disreputable bouse. Mars ball
wos recently rcmauded to the Criminal
Court from the Goneral Term for sentence
The buueo la question is tho Carrol Itou Ho
tel at the corner of Llgbth and 1) streets
'1 ha counsel for the defense stated that
Marshall was Induced through mlsreprcsen
tatlona to sublet tbo place to a mm named
Graham, who conducted It ln an Improper
manner, lie was sentence 1 to pay n fine ot
HIO, the Bamo as assessed lu tbo Polios
Flity 3Illih noun tho ItUer.
A delightful excursion Is to be cHcntbM
eventrg on tho gool steamer Henry F
llfihop, which will loivo her wharf at 7
o'clock and make a trip of fi) uillisdawii
tbe Potomac, I arc on li 23 cents, and cool,
refreshing breezes guaranteed.
A I'oMlhllltT ThHt ttio Denl May Vet
llo CoDftnmmnted,
Robert Garrett, president ot the It illtmore
and Ohio, sailed for Ruiopo at 7o'cloc'c
this mornlcg In tho 1 trtirta, and hli de
parture shows how lttllo disturbed ho i by
tbe final lauding of tbe big "deal" la the
Supreme Court of Ncwork. His departure
elTcctually kills tho rumor that tbo Ives
titaynar peoplo bad obtained an Injunction
to j rcvent bis departure.
a i ast coNrniENcn.
Mr. Gsrrctt held a conference yesterday
with a Lumber ot tho llaltlmoro and Ohio
managers, among whom were McePresl
dints King and Spencer, Manager D. II,
Dates, Secretaries W R. Gray and A, II
Crane, Dr. W, T. Barnard, folio K. Cowan,
W N, Trego, Andrew Ardersoa and D.J
Secretary Crane will follow Mr. Garrett
to Luropo next Thursday, and during tbe
absiucc of tbo latter ho will bo represented
lu New lork by Attorney L R. Hicon.
Although tbo Ives tetajuor and Garrett
faettoLSore la for a bitter fight, the pros
picts of tho consummation of a deal on
Mr. Garntt's rttitrn aro uot Iboujbt In
robable Ly tta 1 street, ai.d will be an tut
poittnt fscter la tbe llurtutttocs ot the
market 111 til 11 0 rturn of the msgna'e
from t broad. Drcxel, Morgan A. Co, are
spoken of as being anxious to ob nln a con
trtlMcc Interest, and Jay Gould, non
committal, titllurn, all tctlng, Is sail to
havo n vtrtul le Itch for the much disputed
prupcrt. Orec In tbo handsel IheJItttr
ijliiit, It woull moe lip on'own prc'tj
rapidly, as eer) thing does that he tnuebs
itttd tbe probabilities aro tbt Werttrn
Union would be boom id as It never ha
been leforc, with the 1). and O. uuntpu
lated for Its bcnifit.
Puthcs anl Stayuor don't proposothit
there shall bo any deal at all unless the)
have a pretty 1 Ig finger lu the pie, claiming
that tbe $3,100,000 pal 1 our to Mr. Garrett,
as earnest money, virtually gives them a
controlling Interest lu tho property, as the
sgrttuient was made at the time of pjy
ment tbat the Bale was tben cousummVe I,
anil tbe property was merely mortgiged tj
Mr. Garrett as security for tbo balance due
on tho transaction.
It Is not generally known that Mr. Ives
was one of tbe last men ln New York to
know that tho "deal" was 01T, but a story
to that effect fs currently reported, as
Tbo Wednesday afternoon before, after
buUcg secured tbe rnoue) necessary to close
the deal, he boarded bis )acht with bis part
ncr (Dortmus) to salt to Whltestone, his
home, but bad scarcely left when a telegram
anlvcd from JuJee Cowan announcing thit
affairs had taken such a turn that aa inter
Mew with Mr, Garrett waslmpcratlve Lite
II at night the telegram was banded to Mr
Ives on bis yacht near Whltestone, and be
Immediately steamed back to I ong H ranch
but It was morning again before be reichcl
Here, and as bo was on hi to Libsrjn he
tought a paper and saw for the first Menu
darrttt's letter to Colonel Slnnerlv. edt nr
f tbe Phlladi lfbta IiccorJt declaring tbe
"deal" off. Tnls sudden anddIap?omtlng
Information was the first that he had of the
collapse of tbe treat bubble.
ArningemeiitA fur the lte union nt Trc
111 out Tcmj le, Jloston,
TLeLonorably discharged colored solllers
and b illors In tho city met last night at th
nrixory of tbo Wasblogton Cadets, to accept
an Invitation from tho eurvhlng vet.ritu
of the llftyfourtn slI lift) fifth Musi
ebuttrtta olut tcer Infantry LeglaienU, tbe
tlftb Massaebuetts uluntecr Civak) and
Missachutetts Bailors to a gran 1 reunlou
ef colored veterans, to bo held ln fremont
It id pie, Huston, August 1 and 2, and to
't-i d delegates to re asett tbe District of
Ci lu ir. bl a at tbe rtunl in.
Tbemectlrg wis called to order b) Mr
Lewis II. DuuglhM, who was attenvarl
eltcted rettdmt Mr George M.Arnold,
who was elected secretary, fien reilthe
Invltallor, wh'ch reqiustulal colored sol
dfvr and nailers of Massachusetts and tbe
United Mates to be present In uniform an 1
renew o d acquaintance at drevlvo fraternal
feeling omoi k nil the oil comrad-a of tbe
country, and further to clTeet apcrmaneiit
organisation ot all colored Vtt-srars In tl t
United St&'cs Mr George D Graham
then offered the follow Id j; resolution, w blch
was adoptnij
riolreIt llrttwo, tl 0 rlortl ex soldiers
ami tailors rldtut In the DUtrlct of lu um
t la icceit with tbauKntbe k'nd InUtatlonDf
lie Mascahusett3 colore I vt-tcron ro J An li
tbelr rmnluli at I oston on tho 1st ot u,' tit
anl that we elect tHo (b local en anl live
alternate!) from thli nicctlna tu attcn t
A committed of three was appolntel to
nominate thiisfe legates an 1 alternate, anl
(Le commtttrcVreported tbe following lor
delegates James M Trotter, Lewis II,
Douglass, George D Graham, W. Cox mil
Nathan tprlcgs. Alternates M. M, llol
lard, E. CoMn.George II Iloston, F. U
1 eelsond Charles li Usher, The report
was adopted. A committee conblstlng of
Messrs. George M Arnold, J, II Richard
sou, L 11 Douglass, George D Gra
ham and Charles R Douglass wai ap
pointed to wrlto a letter to tbo
prtsldentof tho reunion, expressive of tbo
sentiment a ot the colore I ex soldiers of tbo
District Iu regard to whatever per talis, to
tho colored soldiers' Interest A resolution
was then adopted that tho proceedings of
tbo meeting bo published lu all tbu papers
In tbo District Ibo meeting then al
journed subject to tho call of the president
Horn Ilnll I.ott UN "llnnr.
James R. Hull, a well dressed )ounq; nun,
who tuns a tug boat, charged a gool look
Irg mulatto girl, about IS years old, with
rotblngblm llo 6tatcd that ho was at
Do Atley'a oftcr midnight last night, and
wben leaving, ho saw this girl sitting In a
carriage, and ho got In with her. The)
drove around and he went to sleep, and
wben bo awoke bo was robbel ot CIO. She
bud Jut goLtou out, and bo had her ar
Policeman Leo sworo that he searched her
an 1 found a f note under her corsets and a
1 note In her rlbtstoiklngan 1 some other
nioue) In her left iticklru tiho 1, t sixty
days and was ordered to re toto thjinoiuy
Trlet.ls:n Colli c OPtrcr.
A new trek was tile! en Policeman
Harbin In tbo Polite Court tills morning
There were a number ot "Swampoollerj '
lock id up One of thoru asked afileud on
tbucutfldeot tbe lurs to go and get hlui
nine lec watir He brought It la a flik
llarlln examlnid It and found It was r'iru
Ice water, It was pnssl iu and drank
noibir memt er ot tbe gang wanted water,
and ihesamebotllo was sent out It was u
llttte Icrger coining Lack. Because tbe
tlrtt toltle contained water wusnureisou
Hhjtb1 second should uot be Innpectol
It was found to contain a pint of whUn.)
Ii)iill)lnu tlM' C'oimiiloHloitoiH,
George Frame t aa 1 Win Kettlcr, trus
trS and Henry N, Glutklng hao tiled a
till for an lrj inrllon to restrain tbe DIs
trlct Commissioners from conlemnlng a
portion ot tbe Glcseklrg estate for tho open
ing ot lUtreet north from Lincoln avenue
to lircntwood road
Nuliitf tor 410 oiid lhuiinj;ct.
On August 12 Mrs Pinky Nornuu was
thrown from a horse car on tho W asblngtou
end Georgetown Railroad, and sustalncl
injuries la her sboul let an 1 knee She has
trotigbt suit against tho company for
$10,100 damages.
rim MmiUKim ani?.
At a rcicot meeting In New ork tin
NIeersua Canal AssocUtlon cntcrol loto
au sgreemeut with on Incorpoiatel con
structlou eompanyB, for tho earliest poisl
bio beginning ot work ou the canal
Nearly Six Thousand Canines Who
Wear Official Tags.
Seven Olovolnnda lu tho List,
Ihrco Butlois and Qovoral
Wushlnglon ha? a cry largo ilog
population, notwithstanding tho ftr-t
tliHt thuusamls of them arc killed by tbu
Pouuilmaslcr ccry jcar lucre were
ns many as fi.OS? ilogs licensed during
tho fiscal car ciulcd June '') lait. He
sides Ihcolheru wcro 2,70unllccrscl
occssholnt thu pound Ihls make?
8,7Ji dogs ncountcd for, nail Micro wcro
perhaps halt aa many moru vagriut
curathat cicipctl tho nets of Colonel
l.lnslcln, nuil It Is iirolutny thatthcro
were in tho nctghhothood ol 12,003
di-gs In the District.
A striking feature In the mining of
Wnshlugtou can In ci $ thu fact that so
mnn ot them arc ntnud after pruml
act l men.
rrutdent Cleveland tLH eir Is the
mc-t pnpular uinonj the rcpoctibh'
does. Thit ti, thu law abldlni; anl
tn pnjlngdogs. 'ihcro ts no wny nt
dcicimliilbj how ho stindswllh the
uiiiticy cui(", htcausc ihclr names are
notricorilcd '1 litre havo been 1,40)
dogs licensed during tho present month
Ihe beginning of tho do$ l )eir, and
nn less than secu of them nro named
after him.
General Ilullcr U second favorite,
wtth Ihrco namcRakci.
Gurllcld and Grant hae two four
lepeed mmesakes
JJlatnc, JtiT. l)alg, Horace Grecly,
Thomns JcflerEou and Jcdgo "'aeai
haconc ciich
Last year and tbo cir before tbero
ncrctcvcral high toned and well bred
dogs named Sherman, Login and llm
dail, hut neither of them has n rcprc
Ecnlatlvc at the present time.
G rover Cleveland wears tijlSI and
occuplis a tma'l portion of UJJ l'cna
fjhunla ftM'nue. auit Is tho personal
Iroiicrly of VT, Y, Hay.
Groer Cleveland, second, wears ta
74 (, mid Is owned hi O W. Callahan of
7t0 JJIghth street.
Grover Cleveland, third, stops at
174d Pennsylvania menuc, wears tag
843, and belong? to C Kr ift,
Grover Cleveland, fourth, belongs lo
Ottlo Astor, IU Thirteenth street, and
tho number of Ida tag Is 1U3
The tilth Grour Cleveland Uvea at
408, TbtrUenband c-half street eoutU
west, and wears taglJ?
lag Ko. 1J00 is worn by tliosUih
Cleveland, at 'JJ3 I stnet
Tbo se cnth Grover was licensed this
afternoon Michael Owens of 1010,
rourteenlh street, nU w rniulsltc
$-2 for bis security against tho pound
mabler'a net for oucvetr.
Ik ii Uutler secured the flftli license
that was issued 1 homa C i'carsolt
of the Central National llauk Is his
lhrijotntn Trankltn Duller is very
much the samerort of a do., and llws
wlihW P S-tiger, JJui) Prospect ae
111 u, Georgetown
Plain Pco Uutler resides at UJJ
Ltchth street with S Ubaa
Jim Gorhtld was tho 1001th animal
licensed, and he stops utN I) Adaais
fClTftclilh street
John II Kvhps lias the Imnornf pis
Eusslng another Garttil 1 who in turn
possesses tag Hj
'llm two Grouls sport numbers 4J0
and Xb2 arrund their necks, nnl be
long to Alexander Ki ultu of 1100
Pourth, t nl Itionns O Coll I u of 100J
1 hlrtccntb street, l cspeellvely ,
Jim Ulidoo was piven ouo 3cars
hocc oT life for , and tag 1 111 a lorn
bis neck, and be belongs to ltev. ta V
It an, 131i Eighth street
Prank llla'vo of 100 D street south
west, awns Jeff Duls
Horace Gtcely belongs to llcmj
Jnnis of loU fcKtccnlh sttcet
Thomas JelTerson Is living nt J17
Pourth street couthcast, wilh 31 W.
I nes.
Jedge AVaxcm occupies elegant apart
ments at Ibu Portland Plus Ho Is a
native of Enghnd, and Is owncl by
Mr. Hallet Kllbauru The number of
bis tag Is C4
frpoopendj ko belongs to Tr Parsons
of U10I1 street
Hcctcr, the President's dog, wears
tag Xo 25J and his residence Is put
down as the While House
Hancock lives at Mad es Hotel, No.
COO Pennsylvania avenue
'I ho Mlttado has furnUhed names fo"
many dogs. Ono blac'c fellow ts called
Mikado several are called Yum Yum,
Turn Turn, Koko
Some of tho singula'' names of dogs
as recorded on Ibo books aro Sbav entail,
Plccoulnny, Dude, Angel Tramp
Veto, Chief, Judge, Kcno, Kigs,
Snooks, Mike.
Mit. roan a cia;
Indlgiimit Iti HolutloDH Adopted b)
thu Cltlxcu nf 'Mnnitsd'it,
Tho citizens of Manassas held a mass
meeting jeBterdjy and adopted resolutions
denoucc ng lttv V, M Tod 1, who was re
centlytiklbj ibo Washington L'rcsbtcry
on charges of Immorality, and agalostwbom
a veidlct of ' not proven1' wasrcnderol A
number ot afldavlls, gHIng instances of al
le4c l Immorality on tbo ptrt of Mr, loU
wirti lead beforo ttio meeting, ec ompanled
by tbe Btatetnent that they lu 1 tarn sent to
llo 1'rct-t.jter) an Isuppi eased by tha' holy
IbuettUensof Not cstIIIl, a Dilgblmrlng
vlllago In Mr loll's parbh, aulticar
which tl 0 alleged offense us committed,
bfl la muss meeting 06terdav, an I fifty ot
tbo 1 romlnei t (lttzens signed a resolution
agreeing to ntllo lv tho decision of tbo
ilanussas pcotlo No forn&l action was
taken toward ejathg Mr. loU from tbo
Tho oloi l.Iuu on the Corn
Evldm 0 was tuktn by tho Interstate
Commerce Commission to day In the case of
..1I Council, tbo colored preacher who
cUIms that bo was forclMy ijccted
from a passenger car on tho Western
and Allautlc Itallroal anl corujellot
lo ildo In a car set apart fr nesrous, al
tbruh ho held a first 1 lis ttt.net lie
asl s darosgi s In tbu turn of "-J. 0 ni Cou 1
ell swears that be was niiultt 1 1 j lb ml!
roed cm) loyes and dragL 1 nut of tbu 1 r
The compaov dti&nir Vat bo violate!
tho ruUs ef tho road by cnluitug thu Udl '
car and t hat he watt riiuuwl lyomopt
ptii'cia In ibai ai who Look Hit uutti.rlutj
their own lunds
Ibo difTcrtite hit met a ilot stufUr
and a t allct-btulTcr lat tho former urn votes
tho latter sawJutt
A lasket i Iculc Is a no table event
juvai: niTAos &uu,
Mr. 8lnwnrt'fi Mf 1 o Wnnt (1n
Trntisfer of the Morn Set Aitlite,
XrAv Yomc, July 2'J Mr. J. Law
rence Smith, niece of tho late Mn
Stewart, has brought stilt against Julgo
lllllon for an accounting, and lo set
nldo Ihe transfer of the Stewart dry
goeds business made by Mrs Stewart
lul37GloMr Hilton as tinliwful aril
tignlnst the rights of the heirs anl a
not tu arcorelaneo villi tho Intention
nf Mr Slrwart as cvprcssed In his will
Tbcf?l,000,000 willed to JuLto Hilton
was Intended, It Is'dcchred, as 11 full
tllsehacge of all obllgnllon of Ihe estate
to Judge "Hilton for conducting or
closing out the business
Irs. Smilb ts mother In lwot Pres
colt Hall Hulbr, wbo has a stilt pend
Inr against Mr, Hilton to break Mrs
Stewart's will, on the ground of undue
lulluence There Is a elauso In Mrs
Stewart's will that any heir roatesllug
It slall forftlt bis or Iter legacv. but
.Mrs fcmlth's lawvera evidently think
that biinglnjt ftfiill tosetashht a tnins
ferof ptoperty in le pilnr to decca n,
Is rot a contest of tho will Mr 1 1 II
ton takes a contrary view Tho prop
crty transferred Inch: les both the
Chambers street and tbo Tenth atrrot
buildings, and the good will of tbe
11 ib vavii ct. .ot:
llcuiloro Tlmiuut Huot lh At'onnl
OfLia Ctiitiimnr fur $18 coo.
New louiv, Julj .... Idling slirantagc
of tbu feet that the Natluual Opera Com
pan j Is a foreign corporation, hiTlng Iccn
Iccorrorolcd under tbo laws of New Jersey,
Ibtcdiru Ibcmis, tbe inusloil director
has corumeccrd an notion Tor tho atuoum
claimed to be duo bUa from It I y an attach
inut HpalLst Its pre perl) Iu this State
gtantid ty Judgo Pultir,
Air Tbi mas' complaint alleges that L
as to ncctvo$21 Itu i4tnutle.il direct ir of
thecrippany from IKcemhvr 1 M) toJuni
lr, lsc7, and of this sum $18 uW Is due, and
for widen ho suti
lliorotllut; n llnrnlml.
Iotjsuiiu, Kv , Jul) 21 L, S, Mir
thai Gross, who Is trjlrg to collect there
Ludtatrd railroad taxes, Is meeting with
niuchdlulcull). Tbo clilzons are rlglll)
I oycottlrg 1 tm though tiering no violent
No bote) will accommod ito htm or his dep
titles or supply Llm with meals Tbursliy
Light Ms force slept In the Court House
yard at CsmplelUvllle, anl yesterday th
jailer ttdere I suit Against Llm for $1,GU
dsmogts llo then camj ed 011 a vacant lot
t clotting to tbe Louisville and Nasbvlda
Ualltoa 1, lut the a;ent or lcred blm to leave
He ic 1 th-ro for fool and tents and levle-l
on a few bouses yesterday. All tto Uvu
stock has been driven out of tbo county,
a d tbe boycott Is being universally en
CniEF CiEiirc ocmvns returns 03
Monda) (rom his vacation
O L l'liruEN ot tho White House Is at
Percy vfllc, u , for a week's rest.
OconnEHtNrsof Uothcter, clerk of
tic New ork Atsembl) , is at tbe Arlington.
Sin, Jonv Hiateu, Oovernor of tho
Fiji Islands, arrive 1 In tho city this moral u
TiiomasJ. IisrenvTlll go to Poland
Springs, ilaluc, next wiek f jr a summer so
journ Miss Iiunul !?hci ros U Iho guest ot
her stepsister, Miss Amlo bkeltou, in
WtsL MrgluU,
Mies llriiuv A Norms w'll Ici ft tho
Diddle of next month lo visit bT mother at
Lexltgton, Ky.
Caitvin IIcnrv D I'pvm , ono nt tbt
editors of the Lalllmoro Aim, Is oa u llytnu
Visit to this Clt).
VisAmciia fcTnuN of VWhttigt m Is
vhltlcg thu Mlises ttluulbelm on llojil
ttrett, AtcxandrlJ.
Mis MtCEMi Is visiting tho family of
IViir Admlrul Iluss-.ll ut tuil Cjtta ' ,
Met field 6prIig,N i
tvGovrtvjii IlnLiiiHi of Mrali-li
has utuiuid to Winchester, from his recent
tour Around tbe woil 1
navj was ngbtt-rel di tbo Atiur IIousl,
New ork, lut eteiilig,
Colonel IvmeiO 1avne, Auditor of
tbo Couit, conttiui litts taking a brlet trip
to Lurope early In August,
SncnrTvltv Jamvii alttndel tto re
union and birbeeue at Vlueon, di, 'Iburs
day aud met many ol 1 fi Lcds
MvjouGcouoL V riME anl family
ere spending tbe summer at their lovely
puce oa tbo TenIe)towa road
Mr. J'oiruT MebiNC, tho American
Mlnllcr to I ratcc, is ittcudlcg tbj IlrliUb
1 uvul review at Spithead to day.
rf New Jersej has Uven up his Inteutioo
ef (.oligto Kurope thissumnur.
MlitS fcTKIeKlAMl Of NjW LonlOJ
Culu , and .Miss Newton of Urango, N, J ,
hre tboyucBts of Mrs La of ClghtecLib
Jlit. James H Like, assistant chief
customs division, Treasury Dejartmcnt, ties
just rtturnfd from a brief business trip to
New orlt
M r John 1 t ek, son of tho lato Pre!
dent Tyler, rested quietly last nlgbt and ap
peared much re f rebel to day. J Us phjsl
clans aro more hopeful.
Milleu left to day on bis annual vacation.
During his absenco Mr, H, Henderson will
Lc Acting Commissioner,
AiroiMMEM CLriik HtGcns left to
do) on bis vacation, llo wilt visit several
Noitbern watering places, and will not re
turn hero until tbo ccd ot August.
vlsftlu.' beeretar) and Mrs Whitney at
etrasolscde, nnd will probably spend tbo
greater portion ot tho summer there.
Mr J. Vv P. Mveus, the wellknowu
tcut estate agent, who has been seriously ill
for ttveral days, la Improving, and expects
to In alio to visit his ofllco next week,
1 he c oM'itiON of Mr. James Morrill
tbe ton cf Senator Morrill, has undergom
little or ro change to day, His jbyslcUrs
say ho Is doing ua well ascan be oxpsctcd,
coi bldcrlng tl 0 hot weather.
1 Senator Camdev of West Mrglnli
Is cut with u letter lu which ho crap tut L
ally denies an alleged miauo of mouey dur
Irg tbo lato cnetorlat tootcst, and dv
mauds tho fulltet Investigation,
Mil KoniiT Parks general paaecn
per agent fiouttern Uhlslou Pennsylvania
ltallroad, left Washluglou this mon lug
with bis f ninth for Capo May, J , where
his family will remain duifng the heated
She following WatLIiiL,tonlans aro at
tho Atrtlnnta, Attmry Park, N, J Mrs
Leontrl, Mrs tfhtrimiu, Mts Noite-n, Judgo
I i Illldibrontund wife, Mr 1. DonHiUe
nud wife, MHfler Wendell Djollttle, Mr. C
II Jewell and wife
L. 8. Ummiw, a former Wosblngtcn
aitut, tut now of hat at Ll'y, Is on a vhdt
to his mother, at 7M 0 Etrect north
west lie Is a son of the f annus llrumldl
whi so voudeifuI freseolng at ibo Caj Uol
I ul elng has attracted so tnm-h attention
(itNiri ai SiiEitims was la New York
yesterday, and when asked b a hilt 1 re
poiterabout lils PrettleniUI b cu, In t
linuedrcjlv toyottas I 'lltoauioiter
tut West 1 toll Llm Kelly woull be
areurd fcoon. 'Who Is helly Imaskel
Why he's a fool 1 Iller ' sail I out itch
or, do you? Well, good 1 "
Miss M J Caniieii of this city, a
cm st at tbo Mansion House, 1 roitburg
VI d , died tl ere on ltiuila uvei lug after
anlllresBof teuday HUe itft the tty for
tbo iiountiln air iblt 1 Ing tbat it woull
leciiither the wa plgli'een years old
atd a daflkMcr ot tho lute l nn C CunllUd
of Wasblretou find a j, and utioo of Mrs
Abraham 1 luu In fie remain were tuken
to gprlrgflekl HI for Intument
Current Happenings in England nnd
ou llic Continent,
ThoGrnud Brltloh Tublloo Naval
novlow at Splthoad.
DuiDon or Hvuv, Scotiami, luly
2J. A reporter called at Mr. Oir
negic'a residence to day for the pur
posoof Interviewing Mr, llldtuc, He
was met by Mr. Carnegie, who, In nn
awcr to a question as to Mr. Uhlnu'a
phns, said "Of toursc, wedon't Know
eleilutlely, but be and his family arc to
nnlio a llltle excursion of tbrcu days lo
Iho land of Hums aud tho'lrosacbs Mr
Ulilnc, you understand, comes back
here nfter doing the Hums country
In tho course of "the nevt four months
wo ate lo havo a four in ban 1 drag
tour around Aberdeenshire highlands
Myself and Mrs Uarncgle are deter
mined tn purehaso a cummer house Iu
Scotland nnd wo ate nov considering
tcvcrol oilers
"You know I am going lo address
the dlaigow Mbcr ul Association Sep
lem trll on Amerlcnu Homo Utile
A iout thccMtnc time we go to blerllag,
wucre Fcverol national statues ore to
be unveiled One uf them, of Walter
fccolt, has been prcicou.1 by my vIfc
I (hall have a number of Homu Hulcrs
down here vvheu the Hrltlsb Vm
mcut rises. Among our American
visitors there will bo Henry I'Mppt
my piluclpal partner and his wife,
Lliauncey M Denew nnd Mrs iKptw
and II. 0 Trick, heal of tbo coko
'Ihe h porter wished to hcc Mr
It nine, but that gentleman declined to
bo Interviewed
A GM.MJ 6if3r.
Tho Jubilee nnt Itelu In the
I'ortaiiioutli Iliirljor,
l,oItT8toLTI, Hno , July 2 J. The
gieat jubilee review, tho grandest
naval review that mortal eye ever wit
nessed, took place Iu tho harbor to day.
The day was bright, and the sunshlm
made everything radiant with beiuty.
la and out, among the grim and
ponderous men of war, darted the
hundreds of small boats, yachts, both
1 all and steam, and boats of all
descriptions Mr. Yandcrblit'a yacht
Alva was decked wilh flags, and cwry
boat and ship ln the harbor was dressed
beautifully, and presented a brilliant
and animated scene.
Two Immense Indian liners were the first
ta move oft with their guests Iheio
were followed by other troopships from the
Icrtsmouth dockyard, and ty scores of
ttiaraboats carrying great loads of pasen
gers to view the great naval tournament
iho steamer Ilonnlo Doon was tilled with
Vmeilcans Tho vessels forming tho vast
r'cet al Sjltbeat wcro dlvlled Into tbelr
eiuliltrj Bo.ua Irons ond moved In columns,
Hi e rd cad, ships two cables apart, columos
at it tie cables apart
ILe fagshlp hfaled each dlrMon anl
fiice 1 eastward, Ihcro wtrc also firmed In
roluiunscf dlclslon, parallel to tho other
equadrous and arrange 1 In tbo samo nnn
lct, rlu (oastdefensd Bquidrouj, each coa
slstli g cf coat itefeuse shtpi, uunboats and
torjedo boits blx training ships wre
icocrtd tu elnclo column In shoro, pirjiljl
to i hit ether 1 ners. Ibo foreign chips u!
war 1 icsent weruanchorol ou" Llro Vj I vo
Neier lefore has the worll seen In a 1 1
history such a licet gathciel together It
itrrrrenled every elas of Vceel lo tha
Iiritlsh Navy,
Just berore 3 o'clock tho royal yacht
Albert aul Metorla, with Her Majesty tie
(jut en on boarl, started from bcr buoy anl
tassed tetwetn tbo lines As Iter MaJ-sty
j assed through the enlltss lines ot war
ship, each yard arm Imlng manned w.ib
brawny tars, deafening cheer after ttucr
was Bent up from tbo crews to greet their
Eovereigu. After tbo entire tour of the
ships had lee n mado the gruat cannon on
ti e largo ships bugaa to thunder forth tho
n yal salute
Prepared In Defend HlniBuir ind Ul4
rro-erly With HI I tr
St lows, July 23 Llder J. W. Il-nry
Is pabtor of the Christian Church at nde3a,
Mi. llo Is 1 1 years old, married and bis
three children, Tho McIIalten family Is a
prrmlncnt oco and Molllo McIIalten, tho
eldest daughter, who recently went on a
vlblt, returned tbrco days ago with a lltllo
cblll When imcstlonel, she eald llder
Henry was tho cause ot her downftll
lhurday night a mob visited tbo preacher'
louso fully prepared totarandfeatherhltn.
Ho hid received warning, however, anl
when tho gate turncl ou Its hinges toal
ult tho mob, tho door of the house opened
disclosing tho form of tbo preacher, gun In
"strp," enld be, 'I will shoot tho tlrst
mt wbocnte-ramy yai 1" iheystoppedund
helo a nutting to ueteruiIntiwbtto do a
rlcm plans w ero suggested, but all tbo time
tbe gilm vlsaged man In tho doorway kept
bis gun In bis band and his faco to his foes
Presently be asked them to hear him, they
lUteLcd, he told them ho was Innocent, that
Le would not run away from an lnvestlga
tle-k, 1 ut would certainly protect his homo
ur d prrson to tbe bet of Lis atilllty. The
mihtlen retired, lublie sympathy Is with
the yeuug woman
I nng bliutu W In ttt the Surtiton It nun
V ul an to Ueututi,
Suiatouv, N 1 , July 2d The trjck
wos muddy today, tlrst race, i mile, ,
year olU-Klug Hah won, Had go second,
an I eland tLIrd, time, 50 sccon'ds 5 to 2
ou kin,; H&h,
Second race, mllo snl three sixteenths
VI iteul won by a leugtb, Himalaya sec
ond, hlkwood third, time, J 00 Olds ten
to ni e acalnst AI I tied
Third race, California Makes, for all ages,
onu mile 1 hero were only two starters
olantc, with Murphy, aud Iloul A rub,
with (lariUon In Ibo saddle, iboy raced
togelhi r for three quarters of a mile, when
Itoyal Arch drew away and wou by twenty
lengths olante was evidently Iu trouble
time, is Uddsnothlnc, olante, twelve
to ono against Itoyal Arch,
Louith race, thrco-quartcr ratio Orvld
won, Cclocel Owens, accond Nellie U ,
thirl, time, Uj Odda, one to two
tlftli race, one mllo and seventy yards
Miaibircy, Ant Nellie an, second, L'cl
mcLt, third lime, 1 51 OdlB.JtoS.
Augrv nt lltH Ulte'H ! Iiniultj,
!m Let i", July 21 -Tho wlfo of F. M
Wi liar, a farmer, residing near fcbelbyvlllc,
111 , has six toes on each foot and six Angers
uncaehhnnl hollar I ecamo tecensol at
bla wlfo wben bis cblllren were born anl
feui d to bo slmllaily cuulpptd with toe
aidthgcrs Ihreo days ago the birth of
Hi thirl thill 1 n urrcd with tiiosama pe
culiarities in a lit of auger Keltaratruil.
in 01 r woman over the heal from tbe
ilTeita of whidi sho die 1 Ihursday night
The murderer was arrestel, bu'tt flu
lleved bo will bo lynched
'mi:l novuiMut a msauisi:
A 1 lintogntph of Alrxiinrfer It, Hltep
Ittnl Tn In 11 ut hllumtiii-i,
The picture below Is from n rhotograph
ot ex Governor Hhep herd, taken at Cblhiu
bua, Mexico, on tho 4th ot July, tbo day
of bis arrival tl tro after two weeks' Journey
over the mountains from lis silver mine at
It will puzzlo most of bis friends to traco
mv lILirifi ef tie (lorcrnor In this
picture, tut It Is a fairly accurate repro
durtion r f the t hotcgrjph
11 estilcusaccl lent last May, occasional
I) tie shy In? of the horse on which he was
sttil li , co 1 using bli bead to strlKo
nttslr st the sharp rdgu nf a j rojectlng roc
I red ore d a severe scslp wounl, of a horse
slue shepe, ncioss the top of lilskoil Ibo
scar Id 1 Ittlnly visible. Ibis wnunl ncces'l
tated tbo culling off of all ot hts hair
His whkkcrs nf several weeks' growth,
as shown In the picture, also toil to din
eulrel Is familiar coutitimnec, ai he never
woro any 1 Irtutc Hipmlugts on bla fitu
wl lie In Washington
Tlctiovtrnor Bhnvi 1 oT t Is whiskers
afitr the I botogriiph wa taken, aul, witti
lie excel tlon l tie atiinco of his hair,
aid his Lead covered with a s 1 till tip, he
trw looks the same ns In tho days of tho
I rut Ire," erly Hit It Is ttlhiy tiifuner
In Hit Ilia clear toitd voice, vlgorom
grarpcf tho band and peculiar hearty laiijli
arctLoFcmo us of joie
Ihesmlp wttuifis sutanlhlly hcab 1
hist rown hair Is rapl lly crowing ln again,
atd tn a few Wftka le will, in personal ap
pparancc, nsbe Is In kli tbo characteristics
of hts Individuality, tc n formtrly, thesatue
stalwart dgura ef cmiuaiilligprcsenco on
tbeslrttta and lu all assemblages of his
fellow men
As an evidence that somo of tbe fiov
ernor's most inthnato frlenls fallcl to
recognize the orlulnal ef the picture, tho
re-Honing Incident is an llluilrattou
The 1 botograph from which tho picture
Is C0 led wrs sent from Chlhuhuato Mr
Wru I , Malttnirly, a life long Ultimata c
aualntance aDd attorney of tiiodovernor's
n tho back of tbo photo wjs
Intcrlbcl, ln the Governor's hand wrl In;
lor w ! Mattlcgly.
A It. b afhuairuol lu Lhlbuabui July 1,
Mr. MattlopH receln 1 tbo photo at Deer
I ark, and ou his next visit to tbo city, In a
talk with a Critic representative about tho
(lovcrncr's arrival at Chihuahua, on bis
way bouitf, ho remark 1 "Tba Governor Is
evidently In L,ood spirits, notnithstanllnir
h b severe tcci IcLt and BUbcenuent Illness "
"That's good news. What havo you
heard r1
"Well, ho sent mo a photograph from
Lblhuiibua on wblch be v rote that it wh
asle loobvd 1 11 tl e 1 ouith of July "
'It Is a Jcl ou bis part trying to Iruj osu
on uy credulity, w bich shows hi has buoiq
fun Itft In him fr
"Wasn't It bis picture?"
"No iLdted
"WlomL-.eturo lolit"
It l a j liotusrapl) of bh lookhccptr
Jtreeisit, In IU nitnii j eani(i tranntttn
ard (bt herd thought lit tru 1 ltnpi ft
ou ireanllsonii Hut I foltl Vlr oiia
stpfld ty showlni: It tu bltn anl saying It
was 11 j botobrri h of tbo Uivtruor Olm
itetlwaa con j It-tly taken in lij It nnl
said tn recoct e 1 H a tb- d Pernor's ) tm
togrHh J hal a Utrty lau,b at O m
Sttrd a 1 rrdullt) "
M- MiiMInirly ww njiriin'ly rnn
vlrnd that It was a ccrulne ilmlw of Hit:
(luuiuor himt-lf, an 1, t tifAttutraullni: lilfr
1 Iconic of lsloii at 1 I is 1 ne au 1 In I
mate acqualnUnco with ilia doverunr li"
fouid ho was tha perto 1 who wis ducclvc 1,
1 ot i.r Olmsteitd
1 i.on i t oiur
Thii Atlanta litust-rx Iiiilulco In it a
1 ( li met f Authorities.
Atumi fA , Juh 21 DurlLg tho trial
of a criminal case y eterdav afternoon tb"ro
was a colloquy bttwetn Lolunel Ocorgo T.
i ry, ono of it 0 lawyi ra Tor the prosecution,
and Colonel L W 1homs, an attorney for
tLo defense Iho Us was gltcu by thu
fcrmcr IramelUtely CelntI Fi raii
tbrew a copy of the Kevlscd Statutes at
Lclcncl Iry. Ihe latter hurled a 131 bio u
thefjimer Tben law books ralued thkk
ai d futt 1 Icully Colonel 1 ry raise lubonvy
I I on si Ittooaanl was about to bra I a bis at
vti-aiy wheu talllffsanl lawyers luterferLd
Biduucthel the weapon from bin
Neither neiitUmau was hurt lu tbo flgbt
but one of thu jurors was sprinkled with
III , wbllo a lawyer recclul a j Int of m n-I
luge in tlo face ibo judgo watehel t'lu
combat wltli Etrcnc dlt,ust and wben q ilct
was restored a&lttl tht btlligercuts it they
iLtcLdtd to proteel with tbu care trie
two attorneys bland at the he I nf tilt
Atlanta bar onl havo I een regarded as
quiet and dignified men.
Itou Over n I'oMollW r.
Nlw iori., July 23 A special to the
Wnltl from Des Molucs, Iowa, says Mrs
Uertrude febrocder, n wllow, was recently
apprlntcd postmaster at Cottage Hill JIjt
appetitment was oiiuitd by tbo ftej ub I
cans, beadediy lr ftuart ?lnco sho took
roi-session of IU oihce bi. 1 as I teu annoy e 1
ly tbe same pur t Jin, wuo wi.ro aided by two
jrnubtrs In uimpreseut at us aul eftjils
to it jure I er Ibu l reothi.rcomplaluel
imtiie 1 L-Moricu wa iccaiea in 1 saiooa
nnd further Ibat there n n 1 nececsltv f ir
it as It w as but a short dttlanee from Kit k
arCtt)!e A punt ii he lus n.tr r una seal
out a few days te,o t 1 mv what all ttu
tiouMe war atout llo fmnl ilia time
n bs a censpirucy to break dw n tho womto
that tbe mlnlstt rn t od reported fulsely, ail
tb&tUo postufthols just bro It should
t e V nu ml er of litpuMV aes In tbe com
murlty disci utittumco nrd denonne tbe
ersecutlou she bus bnen tul jected to '
All lliidt la Ni'Mhi
Aieamuu, , July 21 ta met
lug cf tl e City Cornell last uUht, In or.;
I'ungarten nnd V J Homing were
uE.rdtd tho contract for rcnumtierlng tbt
houses at twenty flvu cuits a houst,
Vl Annlo Hurson has gone to VVhtc
Sulj bur for tbotumnur
lie Lorirratlou Court e 1 Journed yes
tcrdjy until tbo Scp'emlir teim, whdu
er'mlnal tares will bctakiu up,
Mr. W. 1. hlmlun, formerly Professor
of I ujjlsb in M Jehu's Academy, hut now
on the staff of tt-c Judge Publishing Com
pany ln New lork, la Iu the city on a vUlt
to l'roftstor 1 A Carne
Tlu liiuiiitliiiuN up M untie nt,
New ioKh, July J3 Montreal special
totho ll says that Uti per cent of tbo
folic lllucs of that city peitsh Tbo chit Iron
are left bt tbo Crcy Nunnery, and from
tUro "farmed out ' to 1 oor pi ik 1 u tbe
dty ord BubQil s, who are paid ten tents a
day ptr bend tti tare for them but who
ntL t tbon aud uiiow them to i of hi. at
and ditcaxc
It Is ono tf tho consutatluua ot nvn y
bat It Is ttvei puttolhucxicutu of iiunuf,
in turIar aturws
Receptions and Other Goings-On
Among Society People.
Tho Proflontntlon of Prlzoi cittho
Royal Normal Oolloso
tlctlalCorrespondcnco Wa'iiimitjv Cnino.
Lomjun, July 11 'Ihero Is a largo
contingent of American residents In
London aud Iho entertainments given
by tLe inform an Interesting fcaturo of
Mjclal life here.
Mrs llughee flullett, nte I wily nn
1 bornt urg, Lave a hindsocne reception la
sui ttay nlternoon 1 he company was very
(iisiliuilfehil hit Is called lu this whirl
I ool i f Lyiilf n llfo "qutlea Btvel afTalr."
MIm Marie IJrfCK was tbo s lolt of tho
oieiin and no cic 1 eel tot mulilply
worda by paying shah a charmlcg arilsu
MUs Graco IIwlhorrc tho Amttlean
acticas, win will ojen thu 1'rlticesi as
money er ot t el lib of this m tLlb, L.a-o a
liilllaut ntiptlou on Thursday Ibe 7th
Muk and tetltatloiis were ) articular)
erjiyiille Amnr tbe gm st who werj
largely from Ibu I oiled State were "Gracj
nninMioI" aul Miss II tl c U Mrs
lucy II llotpir urd ler uuithlcr, t'u
youig sctres. Mrs oilvi L aii bikes,
1 ud o nnd Mrs Sardcrs Johnston Miss
iHzjtfth Tohuston, ltt Mario Decci,
Miss fllrMgc "Aurit Iuhe
Mr Henry (lllll nhbritel the 1 itirlU
ly a beautiful reception at drisvcujr (Jil
Itiy, ot nbleb two tbousiijl guts wira
insert Mrs Lrown Potter Vlr illaleieanl
lolcie-l Cody "HuiTalo Hill ' wtte V d
moittiojular'Hiiis" ot tbo nat tnI ov.
cnslon, though tbero vvtro many otheri ilto
worthy of note The tuulc was a craiifr
Itg feature to our countryman u; no ar
tlsta wtre each rattrtsof tbo L nl tl sts'es.
1 1s-) wire Miss Marie Decca Mr ley
Hills, MhalM e Colo, Mies nnle umMo
cott, Mr Orlatdo Hurley and Mr Franc
Mrs Hodgson BurccUU I Lonlaa f r
ibo siasou ke Is looking almost well anl
at le to accept soma of tbo many attentions
cfleredher Her dress Is quh acceiMbIe
to thi aesthetic, an I lu London their niino
IflliLtou" It has como to as that 'be
dress of even so eminent a weinan supple
mm s her fame
Norllca (Lilian Norton), at Urury Lane.
on tbe 2id, made a I rllllaut furccss as M r
qlarrtt, and was by far the raut approved
ottlstln tbe cast
Mmo Hmuia Neva la gavo a beautiful
garden party to a numt er of children at hor
I feasant lioim lnlhoWt3t Kol last Tuc:
day. Her little daughter It entering scial
llfo at tho early age of ten months
fclgnor elto cf Ihtladelrbla, tbe band
some Iieso, Is singing mott successfully
with Meplceon
Mrs Uonalds gave her last musicals on
tbotd Uea Htcca and! a by were thu
tilr Charles 1 ourg, the popular author ot
"Jim, the Penman," Is III at bis country
houto, rear Lou Ion No hopo Is given of
Cc lonel Huhcs Hallett, M V , Is one of
thu mott cTaccful hota t ) W met 10 I, on
lou His bearliii; has a ttueb of American
tusecnl lo entirely freu from the Lugluh
biuvy tot kIouslceh
Vlra ribur Mannar 1( fob 1 Straege ftu
tit) eittitalutd a luro number 01 lis
tliLtihhid 1 cr 1 le at a garden puty tester
day lbe edari1," tbe bomttf this most
tl ul.tr U I llIM) nvilf ts la &r I'u ocj,
II tuns Itnw fn ni the Lardaoiee new
tildko Ihu LuidcR rm(hirfg to tbu
Ihumer, I very buuiiful, an I tbu ibiido of
tl e o'd 01 ks, ri fnshlntr latbls ereeMorally
Ut si ell Mis lloJg-inn Bumtte tbo
CiULtiss do 1 nmin' vI- Made D 1 1 a,
VTnry iKcta, Mrs Ollvo L , in, Mlsa lv y
Hill, Mrs traik 1 -Ml Mis IMu jU
vert njiMigtl e VmerleaLB preaeLt
mlsic ion int. i.Ltu
lint 1 ri-i niiitiou ut rrtzuH 11 1 tits
Kujul Nnrii) il CollfRO
t e tul C n 1 fi uii ' r 1 u W n tn 1 u .
If m on, July U Ucr Imperial H j,h
eesF, tbe Crown 1 rincets 0! derLiany re
eti tly 1 rcseLttl the pl'es tf tu graauitos
aid Eeholars of tho Koyat Nt rait Collego
and Academy of Mm'c fur the lilu u" at
Norwood, &ydenl am
The l'rlnees wlo Is very graelo s la
manner, was grtctly &dm re I ty tho largo
cumber cf merkans present, for belt
known, this successful eutcrptlso Is tho re
su.t cf Am Mean taleU, energy and dl
Llenacy l)r trunk J Campbell ot Ten
msKc tbe president, ably astMid by his
wlfi, bLd son, has established tmscoueo,
wllcb, for tnuslcvl advancement is not
only the greatest blessing to thobllol hit
Is attrsttlug the attention of the boem. wai
are musically air bilious
IntloabstLce of the Duke of Wstam
sttr, j resident of the board, blr Lyon Iuy
falrwos In tc chair, anl tiio Vminuiu
MIt-Uter, Mr rbdj s, In tho uuituaJ nddress,
mudowhat Is torre'ed to b ' ir-!i ( ( tijt
speech til ce 1 ii oflihl lift) In I ,n 1 u
Tto ' IJirca Medal, ght y Vi Mario
Dccte, forvcenl uiua t, was rievoltiy
Mlift Atnclla Caniibtll, u nsi lentious
young Btulerf Tho 1'rinn i esent
Irg It tock Ler band .rlr, ke words of
iticouregcm tt, then turot 1 m hoatowel
11 i ilm -unit) upon the donor Ihebllol
reus it an at ir taking her seat, rnher
trxh id lingers over obverso and reverse,
iv bile maty eyes, resting upon her fair face,
illle 1 with tears on seeing bor Intense sills
faction as sho read "Docca I'rlzu for v ocal
Music I'rescnte 1 to Amelia Csrapl ell,
17 ' Iho medal Is ot gold, atd a Uuj
examilo cf the ecgravcr, Mtun Won
Chr t loe N e ou, Couutcss C(a 1 Mi
rand i un 1 MUb Marie iJecca v. t.re ne vj uj
fsls at & UHutcnlo given ty Mrs Tyson oi
btrst, at 1 er hanl'cme town li mst id ibu
"ih tf luly Mary of the nubility wero
I teaent and the jnuug merltan tongters
it arrd tt apt Uuh with the treat Swedish
vocollst, who was HtBt an I w urmei" j ton
cratulatlons to the you it.tr urtiM
MaTE u
Ih ihjvv nnit f.ieirttt hall
Nrw uh Jul 41 Tho stem ship
Mruita, which Bailed this moral 14 for
I lut 1 ool, hal, among others aa pa'sengcrs
tl aut-ciy M li)tw bis witi. and sou and
bis t rother In law, Mr II keLian When
s otrn to Vlr ltj lWho! 1 I bvo no flxol
plane exttpt one, and tbst Is an Invitation
fioiu a dlstlngulshcl pbllintbroptst from
IMttsl urg, tmt now lu bcutland 1 shall re
turn ubf ut thu ml 1 lie of t-epttraher
Mr Hot crt darrett and family were alia
on loaid Ibe party will oc"iy tbt ap
tatnuttihln large party f Halt mora
atd Ohio jpojIo were preheLt to wtshtha
rail oal magnate ' m 11
Ttui ltoiitj vim Uct.
Nlw cnik, July it Money osol
ct 3 rer cent, at which iate ii Jauci
throughout the momleg 1 1bai1go osod
steady Oeted rates -tblJCM a tml
rates i'-n -IMlJfor sixty days acl-lMi j
-IMj for demand, dovemmcutsetosed flrni,
etirre-niy es, l-i bid U, .uupou, lilt
Ud, 41e, do, luJ bid.
Indliatlons tor tho twenty four hours
comnunting at lp m , Saturday July ih
tor tbe lIutci of telumbla Ijea rains,
fohuwed hli wtuihtr lower 'emperatura
wil 1 1,1 1 eral WiUrl
nsu nttions tdKeti ut Mtc l Mo
tcorulognat Hureau Ot 0 ueer uor'hwosts
ilim (u -m j p m t)J

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