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Iliirhnrt'fl Hctstnurntii.
Tits new Ami central saloon, corner of
Tenth ami F streets northwest, lias an
olep;anlljarrangcl eattni; bar, with nil the
ilcltc-aclcs and tubstantlsls, at aeasonablo
prccs. lllalunch billot faro la excellent,
tinil all otber luxutlca In proportion,
Wo aliall placo on otir rountora tbo fol
lonlne 1Iaiioais for MonJay ana Tucs
lar, llctober 17 an.! IS, 011I1.
Dr. Warner's Corsllno Corset S9
llr, Warner' Health Coriet ,51.13
l.sdics' Short Jackets (checked) $1.43
men's L'nlsunilcrcd ShlrU )
Jltlnforced front anil back V ,49
Tulo Linen Ilosoms and wristbands. J
.All Wool Ladles' Ulotb 0".
C'aobmcre, all colora or,
lUtl Comforters 49
adits' Kid Button Bhoea 1
Opera and Common Sense, Solid $1.49
Leather )
I. IIeiimas .V. lino ,
V13, 325 and 327 Four-and a half St. s, w.
(rent Cut In 1'rlr-rM
ol patent medicines and tolkt prcpiratlon?
south ol New York at Staudlford'e Fhar
xnaey, southwest corner F and Ninth streets
northwest. Call ana net price Hat at the
store. Open all nleht.
ExrninoDT knows wc are unpretentious,
that our styles are exclusive, our clothing
the best made and our prices the lowest,
r.lseman Bros , 7th arid K streets. For an
Instance, see tbe$2 W child suit.
KvxrtTnonr knows our custom work Is
cut and made ont ho premises, consequently
they are better finished than those made
outside. Drcman Hros , tailors and
clothiers, 7th and E. For Instance, ace our
$25 suits and $5 pants to order.
4Jrnt 4'iit In I'rlrcH
of patent medicines and toilet preparations
south of New York at Standi ford's I'har
macy, southwest corner F and Ninth streets
northwest. Call and Ret price Hat at the
etoro. Open all night.
Jtntfdcn Furniture Carpet and
Mtote llautto
makes a specialty of union-made goods.
AYorklngmen should, therefore, when In
need of anything In bis Hoe, Rtvo him a call.
Ills prices are as reasonable, his terms as
easy and bis goods as reliable as can be
found elsewhere. Remember the place
030-033 Seventh street northwest.
Sign of the union-made stoves.
Evekthodt knows wo are actual manu
facturers, therefore can make as captivating
as styles, Elscman Bros., 7th and E. For
Instance, see our lino of fatl overcoats.
Uont.eKee.nera and Otlicrn, Atten
tion! Smith's reliable Installment bouse, eligi
bly located at 45!) Pennsylvania avenue
northwest, has a full stock of beating and
cook Jog stoves, ranges, carpets, furniture,
blankets, comforters, parlor and dining
rooms sets, etc. These goods are staple
attlcles, ar they are In demand and will
bo soU on easy terms, by the week or
nwctn, on the Installment plan, to suit
loeir customers.
To the Jndli'H.
Bend your laee curtains to the Swiss.
Steam Laundry, 1333 F street.
For All Ac lien nntl lalns
Uie Kheumatlc Strengthening Porous Plas
ter. For sale by A. 13. Flnoey, the drug
gist, corner Seventh and I streets north
west, price 10c.
LtTnoaiiAvn check books made to order.
Handsome designs. Ken and, 1012 Penn
sylvania avenue.
Visiting Linos neatly engraved, from
your plates at 75 cents per hundred. Ker
vand. 1013 Pennsylvania avenue.
It Is Not AcecBsarv
to buy every new Dootc that comes out,
rr hen you may have the privilege of reading
all you want at the low price of $5 subscrip
tion fnr &n nnMra rear. Mr. J. 1). Free. Jr..
No. 1343 F street northwest, has all the
Standard works and all the new books as
oon as published, can ana subscribe.
Monograms ana address dies stamoert.ln
colors at low figures. Kcrvand'e, 1012
Pennsylvania avenue.
LionTNiNa Kons, electric work.
J, II. Kt'Enuso, 1213 Pa. avo.
It is the Ilent,
Ask for It. Scblltza' Mllwaukeo Lcgcr
Seer. For sale by all leading bouses.
For MaHlilncton lireHwed Ileef
po to John K. Kelly, stalls C2S, 0) and 030
venire larKei, bdu iwu bqujs oonueru
Liberty. Corned beet a specialty.
Jolin'H Aotcdniul HplPinll.1t j Tlttert-
tp ttsMcrNaloon anil Jleiitnurnnt
This long-established restaurant, eligibly
located on the corner of Seventh and 1)
streets northwest, has been thoroughly ren
ovated for the fall and winter season. Its
present proprietor has all the necessary
facilities to furnish oysters In any style,
especially steamed, at the lowest possible
prices. This establishment will make a
specialty In serving select steamed at no
extra charge.
Mcala and hot and cold lunches always
ready to serve. The finest brands of liquors
only dealt In; also, excellent cigars. Prompt
service and courteous treatment to all who
may favor this popular restaurant with
their patronage.
IV. II. IlouKhtoil A. to., 1211 V
Mtieet NortlrncMt,
have rectved their new line of Furniture.
Carpets, Upholstering floods and Wall
Paper for fall. Furniture upholstered.
Splendid assortment at lowest prices.
Drink IMill. JieHt 1 1 re muz Com
pany'H Jlllnnukee Ilecr,
tbo acknowledged Deer of the District. For
trade-mark (which appears on every uouie),
see Sunday papers, Retailed by dealers
generally and wholesale only by T. D. liar
per, 703 and 705 North Capitol street.
Ligiitni.no Kons repaired. Speaking
tubes. J. II. KuEnuNQ, 1313 Pa. are.
Cashmere llouquet Perfume
Is unexcelled In exquisite combination of
delicate odors. Colgate & Co. are the
largest perfumers.
"Alaerney lalry Wagon."
Fresh Alderney butter, churned every
morning and delivered In i lb "Ward''
prints, 40c. per lb. Also cottage cheese,
buttermilk and sweet milk, 5c. per qt
Cream, 15. per pt.
Amusement Note.
Frederick Warde opens his engagement
at the National In "Damon and Pythias" to
night. There la a change ot bill for each per
formance, enabling the public to perceive
and appreciate the full ran re ot the trage
dian's isiem.
Kate Castletoo, In that hilarious bundle ot
nonsense, "Crazy Patch," will be at Al
baugh's to-night with a brand now topical
The firat parlor concert of the Philhar
monic Club takes place December 0, at 1430
W street. A series of threo parlor concerts
will be given. Applications for a limited
number of passive memberships will here
eelved at the music stores of Motzrott
and Droop.
Paiilon's Slave" Is the attraction at the
BIJou this week,
Itellly Wood have an extraordinary
aggregation of talent on exhibition at Ker
nels this week. The performers represent
the test grade of the variety profession.
The Initial presentation of a new Amerl
can play will be made on Thursday evening
at the National Theatre, when CelU Lo
gan's "Uaston Cndol" will be proluceil,
The event will bo of more than ordinary In
terest, Washington Is being generally
acknowledged as a flttlog placo to Inaugu
rate dramatic ventures.
rreubjterlnn li.HtalJutloti
Hv, Dr. Scott P. Hershey will bo In
ttalltd to-morrow evening as ptstorof the
With Fresh? Urlin Church, corner of C and
Hlxlb streets southwest, ministers of the
Waebtrgtnn City Presbytery officiating,
Further particulars concerning this Interost
leg occasion cto be had by reference to
notice elsewhere.
Wben sll so called remedies fall, Dr.
bsse'a Catarrh ilcmedv cures,
a. ixri;itLbTisa ocoasiox,
Setntr-eciiurl Annliernary of Uie
lllrtli of lh foundry Church.
I'oundry M. II. Church, on Fourteenth
ard O slrcets, celebrated Its seventy-second
anniversary cstcrJsy by an all day meet'
tng. A church tradition makes lUorlffln
a tbank-olTcrlcg donation of the proprietor
of Foxall's cannon foundry, above George
town, for the escape of his works from the
Itrltlsh torch In 1814. The original build
log was dedicated In 1815 by Ksv. NlchoU.
Sucthcu, and Its first trustees wcro Mcsirs.
Owcu Mnckall, Elllason, Dougherty, ltron
The pastors havo been Itev. Thomas
Hurch, Ulshop Emory (1919), Wra. Kjlan
(IfcSO). followed by Itev. Messrs. S. Divls,
User, Wm. Hamilton, John Davis, S (I. Its
tell, French 8, Evans, T, J, Dnrsf-y, S. Kcp
ler, J. M. Hansen, (Icorgo IllMt, Simuel
Hryfou, Thomas 1). Hsrgcsnt, Charles 11.
Tli pttt, Henry Sllcer, T. C. Thornton, John
Kabb, Henry larrtng, N J. II. Morgan, John
1 anohan, L F. Morgan, IHsbop Peckfiv),
followed by Messrs. Phelps, Ileulster, N
dal, Edwards, Hirst, Efilngcr, Stltt, Kyan,
Mrowc, Gibson, Wilson, CloaManl, Peyton
Hrown and Nay lor. Its present pastor Is
llev, George Elliott.
Foundry Church was the mother church
of McKendree, I.ylaml, Mount loo, and
otber white M. E, churches, and of Asbury
and other colorM churches. It wa the
church In which President Hayes worshiped,
and has been twlco rebuilt anil threo times
remodeled. It la now In a nourishing con
dition. The .ew ,,0crn.M
A new "Opera," Just arrived In the city.
Everyone admires It; It has received more
than ordinary attention.
Some of our best citizens aro speedily In
terested In It; the music Is very attractive
atid deserves all the praise lavished upon It.
In New York It has a "heavy run," and
most certainly should bo received by tbo
public hero with favor.
This beautiful "Opera" Is no other than
tho "Opera" Piano, manufactured by lek
.fc Son.
Messrs. Itergmann A. Tastet, 81(1 F
street northwest, aro the sole agents to this
Several of these "Operas" are In their
salesroom and must be seen to be appre
ciated. Can be bought for cash or on easy monthly
Call at once and see them.
The l.uray Catcrm.
The Baltimore and Ohio and Shenandoah
Valley Itallroads bavo decided to repeat
their successful excursions, and give our
people another opportunity to visit these
wonderful caverns. The trata will leave
Ualtlmore and Ohio Kallroad Depot, Wash
ington, at 3.15 p. m. on Wednesday, Octo
ber 10. Tho tickets havo been placed at the
low rate of J 50, which wilt Include admis
sion to the caverns, and are good to return
on all regular trains within five days, af
fording an opportunity to those desiring to
do bo to visit the Natural Ilrldge, Virginia.
Tickets can bo purchased of the agent at
Luray station at the very low rate of $3 00
for the round-trip to Natural lirldgo station.
Tbo excursionists will find tho hotel accom
modations at Luray and Natural Bridge
strictly llret-class.
ifnruHliln roM'a t'roject.
Ilurnsldo Post, No. 3, U. A. It., ot this
itty, has started a new Idea which appears
valuable. Printed lists of questions with
appropriate spaces for answers, have been
distributed to comrades of the post, with the
request that each comrade should retain one
list, duly filled out, among his private pa
pers and file a dupllcato with tho post for
preservation among its records. Tho ques
tions aro such that the proper answers to
tbtm will give a brief personal history ot
each comrade, Including not only his mili
tary record but such otber facts as are
usually atated In a brief sketch ot a man's
life; and a committee has been appointed to
obtain and prepare a similar history ot each
deceased com rase of tho post. The Idea
seems worthy of general adoption by the
Grand Army.
The Central SIImMou.
The Central Mission celebrated Its third
anniversary yesterday at the Calvary Dap
tlet Church. Rev. Mr. Greene made an ad
drees of welcome. Miss Sue Merrick sang
a solo, Ucv. Mr, Newman spoke briefly of
the responsibility of the ministers of the
city for the mission work ot tbo city, and
Itev. E. D. lis Hoy delivered an address on
be bail oi the uoaru oi directors.
Hpeeinl Train Tor riinlleo Itaecs,
beginning the 13th and continuing until
lhoS2d, will leave tho Sixth Street Station
at 11:30 a, m., running direct to racetrack:
returning alter races. Two dollars for
round-trip. Grandstand badges can be
prccurcd at ticket offices.
It hiis been decided to repave tho
walks In Dupont Circle.
At tho meeting of the Irish-American
Club last night several applications for
membership Mere presented, an amend
ment to the constitution provldlog for hon
orary membership proposed, and tho next
annual ball and reception discussed,
Perseverance Lodgo ot Good Templars
met In Elks1 Hall, Saturday night, and de
cided to hold a memorial service In honor
of the late Right Worthy Grand Templar,
John 13, Finch, on the first Sunday In De
cember. There was a general committee
present, and they organized by electing as
chairman Grand Chief Templar C. N. Whit
ney and Past Grand Chief Templar A. II.
Frear as secretary. 1 be place of the meet
ing has not been selected.
East Washington.
The regular quarterly Inspection ot the
Marine Coroa took vlaco this morn loir at
the Navy-Yard. Major Nicholson, the InJ
rfCior. was mucn iiieaaeu wiiu iuo conui
tlon ot the quarters and with the exhibition
of the army code ot fiag signals.
Mr. George Harlngton, the popular
bar iter at me .navy-iaru, aou aiisb r.us
llllamson of East Washington were united
(n marriage on Wednesday nlgbt lu the
presence ot a number of their many
Moses Child s and Thomas Squalls were
working together at Rothwell'a brickyard
on C street southeast, on Saturday night,
wben they became Involved In a quarrel.
Cbllds, however, was not looking out tor
Squalls. High words ensued and Chllds
was struck In the bead with a brick, the
blow knocking htm senseless. Squalls was
locked up at tho Fifth Precinct Station by
O Qlcer a Lewis and Clinton.
Joseph Kyle, a white boy, was arrested
yesterday by Officer Branson for acting In a
disorderly manner on a street corner.
South Wi)ihlna:toi.
Persons desiring to attend night cchool
at tho JelTerion school building, corner ot
Sixth and V street southwest, should ree
nter their names with K. J. Ilurtt, 3o
Seventh street southwest
yesterday was the o,uletest Sunday In
South Washington for some time.
Thomas 1 rlpp ot 33.1 Pennsylvania ave
nue, while en route to this cltv trom Alex
aodrla on the terry-boat yesterday, was
seized with a violent attack ot c holer
morbus. Ho was taken to Providence Hos
pital (n the patrol nigon. l
Jas. W. Watson took on too much
flKbtlnR whisky Yesterday and Insulted sev
eral ladles on the street. At last he as
vaulted Mrs. Surah Newman and O nicer
lion ell put him behind the bars.
West Witiil.lngton
Canal boats Loudoun, 3,500 bushels ot
wheat, aod IteauUh, 4,000 bushels ot wheat,
for (J, T. I) lj nl op, arrived this morning.
Eugene Green, a very small colored
boy, was arrested by Agent Key yesterday,
charged with cruelty to a dog
Thieves entered tho grorery store of
K, M, P. Harrlss, C019 aod HUM M street,
Sunday morning, and stole a lot of tea,
codec and tobacco, valued at $25.
liev. Edmnnd II tz Swem will deliver
his ltcturc. "Foreign Fun," at tho U ay.
street Jlapllat Church this evening.
Temperature and condition of water at
7 s. ro.. Great Falls, tempersturo, condi
tion, 30; receiving reservoir, temperature,
GO: condition at north connection, 30; at
south connection, SO; distributing reservoir,
temperature, CO; condition at Influent gate
bouse, .10; condition at elllueut gate
house, 30.
A Slinplr I'hyslntl Trnttlile Rhnw n In
lie llio"HcglnnlDg Of the Knil."
Wlntls ntmigli It lnn Irritation of
the throat and lungi, tVIiiU cauici It?
Coiigisl'on. Slot) tlicc'ogesllon, Iho lrrl
tntluti ccanes it ml the cntigli Is etiret, Hut
lion to Mop the cotigeMloti' Ah, thcrti l
JuM where physicians hue nlHnjs been
purrlul. Hut It must bo checked or pneu
monia, quick eoTiM.n.ptlon or some terri
ble pulitumiry dlscnso wltl follow, Somu
doctors glu rod II. cr oil, others cough sy
nips, but the mint advanced pi escribe
Mlmiilarvls Nature mint be assisted. Pure
whiskey MM do It Hcc what, phjslclam
1'roHinor Austin I lint of Hcllcvuo (New
Yotk) College ant. 'Ihe Judicious use ol
alcoholic ftlmulanta Is one of tho striking
iharaiUrlstlcs of progress lu the practice
ofintdtcltie during tho last half rvntury."
Profior Huiry A. Mottof New York
sfljs' "The purity or Duty's Pure Malt
Whiskey, ns simple nnalj ileal tests will
tiiullly "comlncc a physician or an cvpert,
shoutd certainly recommend 11 tu tho high
ist public faor "
Dr. Wm. T. Cutter, State ChcniM of
Connecticut, mj: "Daily's Pure Malt
Uhlikey contains no ilcktcrlous or inju
rious qualities, and iti nbsoluto purity, a
well ns scientific inodo ot manufacture,
must commend It to general uso and lavor."
Dullft Pure Malt Whiskey Is a certain
cute ntid pcnllvc ojy congestion, and
should be kipt In every family. It Is sold
by all drtiggUts ntid dealers. Re sure mid
n.cure the genuine,
Momnu'M Tret AHMoelntlon,
The annual meeting ot tho Woman's Na
tional Press Association, at Wlllard's Hotel
on Saturday evening, October 15, resulted
In the election of the following officers for
tho ensuing year: President, Emily T. Hort;
vice-presidents, Mn. M. D, Lincoln and
Mis. M. E. McPhcrson; secretary, Mrs. A,
II. Mohl; treasurer, Mrs. II. U. Spcrry;
auditor, Mrs. Moore; executive commit
tee, Mrs. Lisle Lester, Mrs. Dr. Wlnslow
and Mrs. Eldrldgs Smith. Tbo annual re
port of tho secretary shows the association
to bo In a flourishing condition, having
begun tho year with cloven members and
closed with thirty one. Tbo meetings will
continue to be held at Wlllard's, by tho
courtesy of the proprietor of that hotel.
Health onireottfN.
Ahorse belonging to onoof tuecxpr i
companies n as reported at the Ilealtn Ofit a
as being aflllcted with glanders. Before an
examination could ho made the horse was
sent out of town and tbo authorities were
powerless to act.
Agent Keys of the S. P. C. A. Is agitating
the passage of a law compelling veterinary
surgeons to report to the Health Office
every horse suspected of having any con
tagious disease.
Inspector Gwynn Harris last week In
spected 7,02) bunches of f sb, 300 c rabs and
ll.ItOO bushels of oysters and condemned lH"
bunches of the ilab, all of the crabs and 330
bushels of oysters.
Funeral of :tlrft. 31111m,
Mrs. Susan E Mills, widow of tho late
Clarke Mills, was turlcd from her late resi
dence, 1330 Massachusetts avenue, yester
day afternoon, Rev. Samuel II. Green
officiating, assisted by Rev. Rush R. Shlppcn
of All Soul's Church. Tho remains were
Interred In Glen woo J Cemetery, the follow
Insr gentlemen acting as pallbearers: David
Tuny, nenjaratn unnncton, l. i. unpin,
II, 1j. J
, Bruce, Mr. Hutchinson and J, P.
Funeral oTN. V. MIom.
Tho lato S. V. Nlles was burled from his
late residence, 17331 street, yesterday after
noon, Rev. Dr. Leonard ot St. Jonn's Church
officiating. Mrs. Hendricks, tho lato Vice
President's widow, was present. The pall
bearers were .Messrs. U. A. Goldsborough,
Enoch Tottco, Beverly Robinson and
Messrs. Dorsey, Offloy, and Johnson, clerks
In the office of the deceased. The Inter
ment was made at Oak Hill Cemetery,
$2,99 and $349,
SCO All wool 114 and 12 1 Whlto Blankets,
blue and pink Grecian borders, silk hound,
from tbo great Ore salo, warranted frco from
bums, tho Imperfection hardly visible, loss
than one half actual valuo. Hotels and
IIouckccpcrs, this is your harvest; nothing
like It ever offered In this city. You will pay
more than that for cotton varp 10 1 Blankets.
Donotdilay, for we ould not guarantoo a
pair left In our houso tnenty-four hours after
this advertisement Is rend. Remember 33.00
aud $1 19 per pair.
4 Big Things in Remnants.
1,150 yards of 61 Inch All wool MclroRO
Cloth, wo. Just tho thins for tine tailor-made
suits. You Bave U,o per ) ard.
40-lnch All wool Camels' Novelty, sic. All
tho latent uhades. Including black. Has been
bold In lid city by our competitors from tho
piece for SCO.
S-ounco Medicated Hod Twilled Flannel,
&c, TIicko poods avenuo lOo per ounce,
which makes them worth Wo, and this class
ot goods U as stable as sugar.
FInoWblto Flannel, for Infants' wear. lie.
W o are euro you cannot get as good uluo for
S5o from the tleco.
Five Leata in Carpets.
Wo are still cutting In price, and cutting Is
what sells goods theso times.
Wc Ingrain Carpet. tiSio.
ltio Venetian stair Carpot. lie.
S ply Ingrain Carpet, four style, SOo,
a ply lutrraln Carpet, three stylos, bettor
gOOUri, 3So.
1 lot of Wool Filling S ply In;rain, 43c.
Our lino of Flno fihoos. ot well-known
makes, has to suffer a cut.
Our 82Dildltt Dcmjfola Button Hoots; com
inou sense, SLID,
Our S3 25 KM and float Button Boots, opera
or common sense, $1 ?J.
our $2 CO A. F. Smith Shoes, tpera or com
mon Honso, &1 W.
Our 83 J. A T. Cousin's Shoes, opera or com
mon tstnso, $,'33.
Our J3 50 French KM Shoes, hand turn,
opera and common sense, $ J.'JO.
Our ft fiO Trench Kid Shoes (A, F. Smith'),
oi-era or common senso, 5 1 43.
Our lino ot Men's, Boys' and Ch'ldren's
bhoesttttln proportion.
1241 and 1243 llth St. S. E.
Special Sale otConcts,
Fullest stock yet shown.
We have taken our pick
from all the reputable
styles, selecting the most
100 do? Corsets at roo per nnlr,
loo doz Corsets at ?Vi per pair,
111 itoz Corsets nt M per pair.
80dox Corsets at SI A per pair,
Our Specialty
T. C, Coutll, white, drab and cream, $1,W,
1. 0. 1 Urn Coutll. white, short, $1 79.
1 O. friUtecn, loo it and short. Si -W.
I. C. Urn til, M-oon busk, $J.T
I, C, Cutilli, double- side slecli, SI
I, V, Coin 11, extra lonjr, 9 sldo steel. $1.50.
1. V, Coutll, wldo olastlo wcbhlnff. SI.
I, V. Black Lasting, poon busk, SI-CTt
(Second floor,)
Cor, llthanir sti. n.w.
New Importation of Gloyes.
Wc have received our sec
ond import order of the
celebrated "Perinot" Gloves.
Surpasses any previous lot,
the skins being fresh and
pliable, and the sewing, fin
ishing and dyeing is, if possi
ble, better than ever before.
All the latest Parisian
shades of
4 but, Hint).
Cliut. Kmli.
4 hut. Plain,
u-l.iit. Plain.
0 but, Mousq.
B UUl, ,MOU3tl.
Wc try on and warrant
them. Nickel Buttoncr with
each pair.
Cornor Hth and r Sts. n. w.
LatUcs' Muslin Merwcar.
As extraordinary good
values wc offer the following:
100 dozen French Chemise, neck, sloevos
and front trimmed with lino cmbroldory,
oxtra good muslin,
Only SOo Each.
CO dozen French Night 110104, excollont
3ualltr of fine muslin, 8 lusters of 9 fine tucks
own tho front, cmbrold. rr rutho around tho
neck, sltevcs and down the tront,
Only 31.23 Kach.
Mdo7en Fine Muslin NUht Drees, yoke of
4 clusters of threo line tucks, cambrlorufllo
around neck and bIcotos,
Only Wo JIacb,
Wc arc showing an ele
gant line of Ladies' Silk Un
derwear (Chemise, Drawers
and Gowns), in cream, light
blue and pink.
Cor. 11th and F sts n w.
LadiGS Winter Hosiery.
Wc have opened a part
of the winter stock, enough
to meet present demands at
Klcpnntlluo of Ladlos' All-wool Cashmere
Hobo, In black, run y . Foal and threo shale. of
grar, foil ranco or riualltlcs, GO, MM, 73, 8?u0
and 51 per pair.
rull lino of Ladles' Fleoco lined Hose, In
black, colors and unbloacuod, !!3, UJ, 37, 41
and Mo per pair.
Children's Flno Itlbbod All-wool Cashmere
IIofo. doublo and single nt tho knees, black
and nary blue, at popular prices.
We still have more of the
75c Black Silk Hose. These
arc heavier than any of the
grades lormerly sold at this
woodward LOTnr.or,
Cor. Ulli and Fats. u.w.
Men's Fall-weight Mcrrar.
To preserve perfect health
it is very necessary to wear
three weights of Underwear
per year a light weight in
summer, medium weight in
the fall and heavy weight in
Wo matte a speciality of Men's Medium
woljiht Underwear, surli as It needed at this
bf Ufion, and curry a full line of Biros and qual
ities, of both tho Imported anl domes tio
manufacture, prices varying from DOo to $3
per garment.
Tho Mo grado Is n pirtlcularl7 gool value,
the Shirts being finished with self-facing
rrarl ..nitons, small seam-i and well shiipud,
'1 ho Drawers are strongly gussctteJ; tho
teams are braided, all sizes too per garment,
Men's MedlumA eight All wool Underwear
shirts and Drawers soft and entirely fioo
from any scratchy or uncomfortable sub
stances, all slzos. only $1 per garment, $i per
Cor, llth and rsts.n. w.
Our Miss II, A, Boyd
Having recently returned
from abroad, where she
spent a month in Paris
studying the styles and fash
ions, is now ready to receive
orders for Plain Cloth and
Combination Dresses, and is
showing Ready-made Im
ported Costumes selected
by her in Paris.
our stock of rialn Woo 1 Fabrics, Berges,
Mlk wnrp,l!onrlcttus,)rap do Almas, Ami
zon Lloths nnd Iirondoluths was never ho
varied and attracts o as nt prosent, while our
ittniknf llttifk nntl (.'nlnrpd silks nnil I'lnln
and Fancy Velvets Is tho tlnost wolitNoorcr
Wc have unequaled ad
vantages for showing the
evening shades under gas
light, both in our Silk De
partment on the first floor
and in our Dressmaking
Parlors on the third floor.
Core.r llth ana V StraoU N. W.
Millinery and Cloaks
&houldnotncRlecttocatUt KIXU'S TALACE, whero you will And tho Largest
and Choicest Assortment of
Hals, Boooeis, Wings, Tips Ribbons, Plushes, Velvets Corsels
And Oilier Articles in (ho Fancy Line.
Wo have on hand 550,000 wort hot Ladles. Misses' and Children's Cloaks, stylos
ot our own Importation and designs, atromarkablylovr
rrlccs. Savo your money by buying
814 Seventh Street Northwest.
WM 0
v wi-j-rVftr .si -i. a
If Vi &-Nfck
GaB Boilers at $1.15 and
Tea or
Forllarge and email families. Jast the stove for anmmor mo, as you extluRulahltho.fire
the lust ant tho cooklus Is done.
3To3? Balo "by tlao
Washington Gaslight Company
413 Tenth Street Northwest.
Browing Capacity tier Annntn,
5 00,000 Ba3?3ToXa.
OF?ICB AND DBPOT-Corner First atreet
and Vlrslnla Bvonno.
Grain, Provisions and Stocks,
IVashlnffton, I). U
City noforonces,
Chicago Correspondents Mllmlne, Dodman
&, Co.
ConBtant quotations of , tho Chicago and
New York Markets by special wlro.
Btook, Grain, Provision and Petro
leum Brokers,
1S39 I'ENKA, AVE. (Upstair,.)
Tho hays like to feel that they tiro "almost
m big an papa," and nothing mattes a boy feel
taller than a
Mm Salt of GIoUsl
We have the Latest New
York Styles.
Our stock Is the lar est and best assort ol
that wo havo ever had.
Our Priees Range
e item s.t.so to ir.
Lowe: M Suits wo do not care to sell.
e, e, mm & co.
s 1 Feun. Ave.
S1.50 for instantly making
!;A'S loaV0ffiCB'
No. 361 Pennsylvania Ave. N. W.,
Money Loaned on Gold and Sliver Watches.
Diamonds, Jewelry, Platols.Uuns, Mechanical
Tools, Ladlos' and Gontlemeu's Wearing Ap
parel, Unredeemed plcdgos for sale.
810 l'eun. At.. M. W.
Ice Cream and Water Ices.
Families supplied at tlSO.per italloo.
Ilotels and boardlnir housos and ontertam
rnents at reduced rates. Orders (or rtuudar
delivered na to U m.
I'ltlNCH Art 1'nlMllim IMtiglit for
' Si. lcsons In Irldesrent. pistol anl
,i, U1UKVJ.N, 9-il
Academy of tho Holy Cross,
1312 MAPS. AVE. N. W.,
Will resnroo drat Ilondayln f pptombor. It af
fords ccry fatuity for otnulrlntt thnrutntn
nnd nccompllrihcd tducatUin, l'no muiloal
department, embrachift Harp, Pliino, Orcin,
Oultar, Marjo anrl Klnmiolln, dlrcrtod by
thoroughly arcomplinhwl toachers. l'alntlnit
In Lustre, OH and ator Colors, apocl il at
tendon paid to Bool1 hecplmr and tho Hlsher
Mathcmatlci. Attached to tho academy Is a
Uci tnrtroen t for Llttlo ltoys.
corner Uh nnd D sis. n. w. A practloal
baslncss education that qualities youm men
and women to support thcmselvOT anl suo
rpsarully perform tho ncthn dutle-j of UK
Ihoroitjth Instruction Rhcn In ltipld Writ
ing, the KnirlUh Insunse, Corroipundono-i,
Kapld Calculations, lwkkceplnff, Il ml no 44
iTnctlco, Civlci, or Holonco of Citizenship,
Btenocraphy and Typo Wrltlnir. Itti.rt.lar Unv
BndKcnliiK fceslons resumed TUURSDIY,
Bcptcrabtr 1, nt 0 b. m. and 0 p.m. Olloe
open for arraneempntfl. by tho year or qitur
tcr, on and alter Monday, AiiriiU S3. A full
Corps of leachers. Tuition foes I.oii1ar
btisinct s coure, dny sessions, ono yoir, 8".
paynMo tio -n onterlnz nnd blanco In
monthly Inntallmcnts of $lo eich: n voir
sthrOarshlp, paid In full on cnturlnir, 30;
tuition per quarter of ten weeks, S-W, paid on
cnterlnR. Nlsht Reunions -Tuition: 810 fur
three month, or SV) for one year. Scats aro
ansJjmed in the order of registration. Special
advantaees secured by beln proient at the
openlnirof dayor night sessions. Illustrated
Circular sem irea on appiicallon.
MRS. SAItA A. bPENCEH. V1cq-IT1pc1 pal.
ments National University, Mt. Vernon
Usee, cor.Sthand KBts, n. w. Tho fourth
annual session will begin MONDAY October
3, I3S7, at & JO o'clock p. ni., and end April 30,
Tor further Information apply to
II. H. I.AI.KEK. M. P., Dean, 1110 II at n w
mm? HOYS- i;nolisii andclassi
X CAL 1IIQ1I FCItoor, will commcnselti
nineteenth year HE1T. 19, In North Sowlon
Toom of Dr. bunrlcnand's Church. Hoys thor
oughty fitted for any of tho Higher Initltu
tlons of Learning or for Dullness. Itsrradu
ntcshaietaben high rank at Harvard. Yale,
It row n , Dartmouth. Vrlncctoa, Dlekenwn,
Cornell, Ichlgh, Michigan University, West
Totnt and Annapolis, bnoclal attention paid
to English Dranches. For particulars and
tcPtlmonlals ot many of ourbeitcllizon,i, ad
drefs J. W. HUNT. 717 Irving st n w.
Vi oil lithst.bct. landKsts.
Bolcct Classical and Mathematical School tor
Young Moo and Boys.
Deplns Its 30th year UONIUY, SEPT. W.
Prepares for Harvard, Yale, lrlnceton,
Johns Hopkins and other eollegQ! and unt
.erpltlcs; for tho tkicntlflo Schools, U. 8.
Military and Naval Academies and for busi
ness. For particulars uddreM
CHAH. U. YOUNO. Principal.
Near City rostofflce.
Fall opening Sept. 15. Catalogues freo on
application at College oftlce, on first floor,
from 9 n m. to 0 p. m , or by mall.
F. (1. MAItTYN, President.
O. K. URNKlt. A. M. C. K . Trlnclpal.
Waverley Senjinary,
1730 Mass. Ave. N. TV.
Hoarding and Day School for young ladlos
ind children. Opens ouobor 3. 1&.S7.
O O Btaplea.lste of Thousand Jal. 1Iouso.Ptop.
Corner UroadwRir snd S9tb Streelf
Sixth street ana Pennsylvania avenue.
h. WOODBURY. Fronrletnr.
DuroNT nousE.
Cor. lTth and Corcoran sts. n. w..
Is oien for (ruosts, whero they can obtain de
lightful apartment?, slnglo or en suite, fur
nished or unfurnished; also table boar J;
rates ery moderate-,
(Formerly Abner's),
Meals served tablo d'boto and a la carte.
The bantlsomo dancing hall can bo rented for
balls, parties, cto. at anytime.
Wholesale and Retail
433 10th St. N. w. (Near Qas omco )
Select Oysters a Specialty, 10 cents a Plato.
From Jnlv 1 to October t.
Ttooms from 810 to gio per month.
rENNA AVE.. BET. H m anil IStii sti.
Wasblnston, D. U.
C. SOLAKI, Proprietor.
Fine dinner parties a specialty.
Headquarters Eraplro club.
ixii'u mox nBK liui'ta
rBBMS-(3.00 nd (1.00 por Day.
KSl 83 and 821 jrineonth Htreet.
Tli. Host Ezqalslt. Oalslno la Wash
Arrangements oan be made for Keo.p
tlon.. Dinner or Theatre fartles.
ITlnes, I.Iqaor and Oordlala by th.
bottle oroase.
jl luiuruttiiuutu utuiuK miu auuku iuiuiui.
8,0 Fa ave nw. Board and rooms, SI and
81 60 per day.
Cor. Oth nt. snd l'a. Ta
LA riEitKE notmr,
Corner 10th and E its. n.
llret-class accommodations for fan
and transient jruosts
La les: and Ueats' Cafo attachod.
IIh as moderate
Corner Ninth and B Streets Northwest,
Is Closing Ont All Kinds of
At Very Reduced Ratos.
El. 0-.3DJVT3.
Black Dress Goodt, Embroideries,
Laces ami Trimmings.
719 UaBKZT BFaOl wiHniNdTOrl, D, 0.
ItOK Dally lino to Noriollc, stopping
at Flnty Folnt ftotng and reluming. Htoamors
Lady of the Idiko and Jano Moitoloy leave
evciy day from Tth-st wharf at Bpmj excel
lent meals, 7Bo. btatcrooms scoured and bag
gape chicked at 1013 and 1331 Fa avo and on
steamer. Tulephono call 01.
Bteamer W. W. COltCOItAN
Leaves 7th-et. Wharf dally (exoeut bonday) fol
At 10 o'olock a. m. i rotornlng, reaohes WmU
ington about t JO p. m.
ri'ni! nltiiAT
Tottio North, West nnd Hotithwesl
JJoutU Tract. SpltmUd Rttntrv,
SUtl liaUt, Jfaanijlcrnt A'qulptntntt
In crrrcT May 10, 1887.
UValMrtits Washington from Sfttlon, corner
of sixth and h itmtt, at follows;
Forrittsburifflrirt the Went, ChlCRfto Limited
htifTot ri tn Ht.
I)ulsj dally, except Saturday, toC'hloajro,
nsau uiii'iiun a-s. niiuuil lit VjlllUHKUt
Weitcrn Kipros at Bio p m dally, with
Blcerlnfr Cars Washington to CIiIchjio and
JSt. Louli, and (except Haturdays) Uariis
burg to Clmcland, conoeeilnft daily at flar
rMtuTirwlththrotinh Weepers for LouhrUla
and Jiornpliln. I'ttdflo Kipross, 10 oj p ra
daily, for lMttsbiirR and the Weit, with)
throueh hleeper llarrlsbonxtoCnlcajo.
For lirlo, L'anandalKua. Itochestor. Uuffalo,
nisBflra, loto p m dally, oxrept Haturday,
fliili 1'alaco Cars Waihlngton to noiheuur.
For llllampnort, Lock Haven and film'ja at
0 60 a m dally, except Sunday.
For New lork and Urn East, 7.55, 0 00,11,00
nndll.40am, 8.00,4 10, looOandll aipm.
On bunday, ooo, 1140 am. Duo, 4R tooo
end llopm. Limited Express of rullman
larloratd Dlnlmr Tars, 0 40 a m daily, ex
cel t i-iipdsv. and 4 on p m dally, wllh INmn
sylvarla Itnllroad DlnlncCard.
For Uoston wltbont chanjio, 8.00 pm every
Foriirooktvn, N.Y., all thronah trains con
nictat Jersey City with boats of Brooklyn
Annex, affording direct transfer to FiUtou
street, avoiding double fcrrlatfo across Vow
York city. 1
For Philadelphia, T.25, 0 00, 11 00 and 11.40 A m,
8 00,410, ooo.lOOOnndlUdpm. On Bun
dav.OOO, iiit)am,8O0,4l0, 000, lo.oo nnd
U.'JOpm. LlmlUd Express. I'arlor and Din
Inc Car. nw a m weekdays .tui iwprn
dally, with I'cnnsylvanla ltallroad Dining
ForDaltlmoro.OSS, 7.CS, OOO, 0 49, DM, It 00
and 11 40 nm,, W PS, i!.C0, 4 00, 4 10, 4 VW, 4 40.
GfO.K.lrt, low nnd 11 JJ p m. On Bund ay,
fiOO.OO.9.60, 1140a m, S CO, 4.00, tio, COO,
S 10. lo od and lliD p m.
ForTopo's Creek Line, 73 am and 4.40 pm
dally, except Minday.
For Annapolis, 7X1 and 000 a ra, 12 01,4 39
and o-Cd t to dally, except Sunday. Sundays,
8 roam and 4.10 pro.
ForAloxandrlA,OCO,0.43, 840, 0.47,10 &7am.
13 oi noon, 8,05. 4i, 4 13, o oi, s.m, io 03 and
11.37 pm. (m Sunday at e w. 8 , 0 47, 10.37
am 8 30, 0 01, 8 05 and 10 03 p m.
For litchmond and tlio South, 0 00, 10 57 am
uaiij huu i o.) p in unuy, ujacupb nununy.
Trains lenve Alexandria for Washington, 0 05,
8 00.010, 1013,1107 am, 120, 8 00f3 33,fi.l0,
7 01, 0 M and 10.4 i p m and 1313 mldnlRht,
excel t Monday, On bunday at 8.00,910
nnd 11,07 a m, if 00, 3.10, 7.03, 9.Z2, lo.U p m
rnd U 15 nlKht.
Tickets and information at the office, north
eapt corner of nth street nnd reunnvlvanht
avenuo, and at tho station, whero orders can
be left for tho checking of bacftagoto desti
nation from hotels and residences.
C'UAH. E. VlHiU, J, It. WOOD,
General Manager. Q. P. A
Schcdulo In effect July S3, 1837.
Lcavn Washington from station, corner of
New Jersey avenue and U street,
Fortblcnjro and Northwest, oxpross dally
10 to a.m., U40p. m.
For Cincinnati and St. Louis, express dally
3.13 and 0 40 p. m.
i or l'tttsbure and Cloveland, express dally
lOMa.m ,BJUp. m.
lor Lexington and Local Stations tlO.10
a. m.
For rhlladelphla, Newark and Wllmlncton,
JtOn.in., l s nnd 4 30 p. m dally, express.
For Intermediate points between Uultiraore
and Philadelphia. 13 a. ra. and tl 33 p. m.
Forblngerly and Intermediate points, t3.13
p m.
lorBnlllmoro, 3, 0 80, 0.40, 7.10, fl.30,9 43
a. ra, l-'io, l.u.3.13 (11 ml on to train), MO,
4 80,4.83, 4 40, 3 10,0 1 7 80, 8L'3and USJp.
m, Sundays, 0 80, 7 art, 8 3, 0 41 a. m , 1 S3,
1 .W, 5.30, 4.80, 4 40, 3.80, 0 43, 8.S3 and 11.80
For Annapolis, .40 and 8 W a m , 13 10 and
4.83p.m. On Huinlnvs, 880a. ra, 440p.m.
Lcao Annapolis da, 880a.m. l?0u,30,
D.HOp m. bundays, 8 80 a. in,, 4 10 p. m.
For ay Stations between Waslilnnton and
Dalllraore, 3.0 40, 8 30 a ra , UIO, 1.10,4.40,
0 43 and 11 So p. m. On bundays, 8 30 a, m .
10,3 30,4 40, 0.43 and 11 30 p.m.
lor stations on tho Metropolitan Dranob,
10 43 a.m. 4 40 p.m. for principal stations
only; 110 10 a.m., tS'JOaml 8 33p. m. SOn
Stuidav stops nt all stations.
For Oalthersbuid nnd Intermediate points,
t9 lb a. m.. tlx'.Sd p. in.. t3 33.
1 or lioyd's and latcrmodtato stations, It SO
p. m.dnllv.
Church train leaves Wash! nut on on Suuday
only at 1 13 p. ra , stopping ut all stations, on
Metropolitan llranth
For 1 rederlck, tlO 33 a. ra , t5 80 p. m, Sun
days. 1 15 p ra.
1 or lloRLWtown, tlO 10 a ra. and ts so p. m.
Trains urri o from Chicago dully 0 'JO a. ra.
nnd 4 sop. m.; from Cincinnati nnd Ht Lnuif,
dally 20 a. m. and 1.13 p. ra.; from l'lttsburg
dolly 7i"0n. ra,4 gop.m.
Irom Philadelphia, Cheitrr and Wllmlng
ton, 10 43 a. m , 8.03, 8 and 0 30 p. m. dally and
lYotn blngcrly and Intermediate points
uoi ih of IlaUimi.ro. 10 a. in. daily.
Trains leave tialtlmoro for waBhinzton at
510,0 80,7.00, P.OCMOand 10 10 a. in , K. 15,
2 13, 3, 4 10, 5 03, G, 0 30. 7.4V 8 30 and 11 p. m.
On bundays, 0 30,0, 0 03, 10 a. m., 1.S0.3.15.
4.10,503.0S0,7.4'.,880andllp m.
For points on bhenandoah valley ltallroad,
13.13 pm.
tExccpt Sunday. 'Daily.
Hofpaco called for and checked at hotels
and residences on orders left at ticket oiUces,
6l9andlJ3l Ta. ave.
Managor, Pen. 1'qss. Agent.
8,30 a. m. East Turaejee mail dally for War
rcnton, Gordons vllte, Charlottesville,
Lynchburg and stations between Alexan
dria and Lynchburg, Bristol, Itonnoke,
KdoxvIIIo, Itomo, Culcra. Montcomtry
nnd New Orleans. Pullman blceper
Washington to New Orleans.
11:34 a. m. FaBtmall dally for Warrenton,
Charlottesville, Oordonsvllto, stations
Clienai eako and Ohio routo, Lynchburg,
Itocky Mount, Danville and stations be
tween Lynchtnrg and Danrlllo, Oreons
buro, Italclph, Chariot to. Atlanta, Ulrm
Ingham, Montgomery, NewOrleans.Texas
and Calif oral a. lullman sleeper New
ork to Atlanta, lu connootion with Full
man tleei era Alls nta to New Orleans, nnd
Mann boudoir sleepers for Birmingham,
VickBburg and bhruveport. Solid trains
M astdnston to At lunta. Does not connect
for C. and O. ronto points Sundays.
S:31i p.m. dally, except Sunday, for Manama),
btrosburg and Intermediate stations t Con
nccis at If her ton with S. V. K. It. for Lu
ray, arriving 8 pm.
C:30 p. m. Western express dally for Warron
ton, Oordonsvilie, Cliarlottesvllle, Louis
ville, Cincinnati and Summer resorts on
and near lino ot Chcea.wako and Ohio
route. Pullman Sleepers and solid
trains Washington to Louisville; also
for Lynchburg, Urlstol, Chattanooga,
Memphis, Llttlo Rock and all Southwest
ern iwluts. Ihrough Futlmau sloopors
Washington to Momphls without
Change. .... . ..
1 1 P m. Southern express dally for Lynonourg.
Danvlllo,)taIelgb, Asbevlllo. Charlolto, Oo
lumbla, Aiken, Augusta, Atlanta, Mont
goracry.New Orleaas.Texas ana uuurornia.
lullman sleepers Washington to Mont
gomery, connecting with rullmau parlor
cars Montgomery to New Orleans. lull
man sleepers Washington to Augusta with
out chanso,
Leave Washington IMJ a. m. dally, excopt
ttunday. ana 4 45 p. m. dally, arrive
Round lltll It 7 a. m. and 7.10 p. m : rt turn
ing, leave Round Hill t)-Q3a. m. dally and
ljo p. m. dally, excopt Sunday, arriving
Waflhtnpton 8 30 a, m. and 33 p. ra.
Through trains from tbo South via Char
lotte, Danville and Lynchburg arrlvo In Wash
ington 8 10 a. m. and 8.33 p. m.; vta.East Ten
nessee. Drlstol and Lynchburg, at 10 13 a. m.
and 0,40 p. m ; via Chesapeuke und Ohio routo
and ChurlottesUllo, 9.40 p. m. btrosburg
local 0 47 a. m.
Tickets, sleeping-car reservation and In
formation furnhbod and baggago oheokel at
ofllco, 1300 I'cnnsylvanla avenue, and at Fas
Honger Station, Fennsylvanla It. it , Klxth and.
Ultrects. JAH. L. TAYLOR,
General Passenger Agent.
(Newport News and Mississippi Val.uy Co.)
bthedulo lu otToUJunoB, J3d7.
Trains leave Union Depot, Sixth and R sts.
I07 A.M. For Newport Nows, Old Point
Comfort and Norfolk. Dally oxcept Sun
day. At rho In Norfolk 7 4itp. m.
11.31 A. M. For Urjttahi Sidings, stations
on tlto Clieaapouko As Ohio and points
West. Dally excopt Sunday. Observa
tion ar, thailottesvllloto Clifton Forge,
Through Puilmnn Uuffet slceplntr.cius,
Clifton Forge to Ixiulsrlllo aud bt, IhiIs,
6.30 F, M. Fust Wonttrn express dally.
Solid train, with Pullman Uuffet sloeping
curs to Louisville. Pullman service to Cin
cinnati, St, Lonls, Momphls aud New
Ofllce, SIS Pennsylvania ave nue
11, W. r UM.KK,
Pen l'dHi. Agent.
JS. H.nVEoGiriL
90BtoV14UBt reet northwest, next National
ltllles' Armory. '
Architectural Iron Work, Cement, Plaster
Fire Urlci, Fire Clay. WaU Bliu, pdiau, tnla
Qhus. etc.

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