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The "Washington Ori
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r Events of Interest In and About the
New Minister to Mexico Itc
cclvliitf Ills Instructions,
' Cnblnet Meeting To-ilny. All tlio
I . members of the, Cabinet but Secretary
Whitney wcro present at tho mooting to
day. The Tmfuycttc Htntue. Tho con
Irnct for tlio Lafayette Btatuo has boon
feigned by tho artists nnd tho members of
tlio ttatuo commission.
Tho Fisheries Coiifercnue. Tho
Fisheries Confcronco, which hold a session
yesterday afternoon, took on adouru
f jnent until Saturday at 2 o'clock p. in,
Nnvnl Oontrncln Awarded. Con
trncta hnvo been awarded by tlio Navy De
partment to New York and IJrooklyn firms
to tho amount of $.10,853, for tools and
materials for tho liurcau of Construction
nnd Repairs or tho llrooklyn Navy-Yard,
Not n New ltulo. Tho statomont
that n new rulo had been adopted In tlio
Navy Department requiring clerks to vo
port tho time of their leaving is incor
rect. A rulo has been In forco for over n
year requiring them to report both the
timo of their arrival nnd departure.
The Prenlilcnt'8 Callers. Among
the President's callers to-day wcro Sena
tors Deck, Vance and Daniel, Rcprcscntn
lives Dunn. Fnrmihnr. Anderson of Illi
nois, Snyder, Thompson of Ohio, Johns
ton of North Carolina, Duttcrworth and
Sowdcn, with Timothy 0'I.cary, Wilson
Urossi and Anthony Bullock.
Moro Executive l'nrdons. Tho
President lias pardoned Mathlas Glbbs,
West Virginia, violating internal revenuo
laxvs; James A. Rider, Virginia, violation
of Internal revenuo laws; John S. Tercy,
Arkansas, receiving stolen goods; Robert
Love, Arkansas, murder, commuted to
ten years' actual imprisonment; Ellas
Dowries, Idaho, selling whisky to Indians;
John Perkins, Tennessee, violation of In
ternal revenuo laws; J. L. Deal, Tennes
see, violation of internal revenuo laws and
resisting otllecrs, commuted to four
New System or Tuctlcs. Tho fol
lowing board to preparo a system of tac
tics has been nppointed to asscmblo in
' this city February 10: Lieutenant Colonc'
John L. Bates, Thirteenth Infantry
Major Gcorgo II. 'Banford, First Cavalry,
Major Henry E. Hasbrouck, Fourth Ar
tlllcry; Captain. Joseph T. Haskell,
T.vnii, v.41iIt1 Tnfutifi'ut .i..ntn Tnlin il
llf Ollmoie, Twenty-fourth infantry; Cap-
nlry; Captain James A. M. Lancaster,
Third Artillery, nnd First Lieutenant
Gcorgo Anderson, Twenty-fifth Infantry,
if '
1 Our !lnYlfilli Ttnlntlnlls Grinnral
jtllrngg is in dally consultation with tho
I'AlllVlf'Ul WIMV.1M.3 Ul tllU DUilU Uepi.lb-
incnt In reference to bis duties as Minister
to Mexico. Thcro nro now pending a
large number of diplomatic questions
between tho United states and Moxlco
which require careful treatment. Among
these is tlio demand recently renowed
by Secretary llayard that Mexico must
renouueo tlio claim to extra territorial
jurisdiction which is niado in tlio Cutting
and other cases.
Minor nnd Personal.
Philip Walsh nnd J. 0. McConnnughy
of Nortli Carolina have been appointed
storekeepers und gaugers.
ThoWbito IIouso was closed to visitors
to-day on account of tlio preparations
making for tlio diploma tied! nncr to-night.
Ex-Fuyiuastor Mcado of tho navy lias
been appointed to a clerkship In tho Navy
Department at a salary of $1,800 per an
num. Tho following postmasters were np-
Iiolntcd yesterday: S. D. Overton, Crawl,
s'ottoway County, Va., and W, AV. Q.
Jlrndford, McOonnellsburg, Fulton
County, Pa.
Acting Assistant Surgeon F. J. Adams
lias been granted ono month's leave.
First Lieutenant John A. Payno,Nlno
tccnth Infantry, has been granted loavo
on account of disability. .
Captain Abncr II. Merrill, First Artil
lery, lias been ordered beforq tlio retiring
board at San Francisco, Cal.
Colonel John S. Mason, Ninth Infantry,
lias at his own request been ordered to
nwnlt retirement In this city.
Find. Lieutenant William A. Nichols.
Twenty-third Infantry, has been granted
three months' leave on account of disabil
ity. Tho Nipsio will touch at Rio Janeiro,
Montevideo and Valparaiso on her way
to San Francisco, whero sho is expected
to arrivo in May.
Acting Assistant Surgeon AV. E. Sabln
bus been ordered to Fort Custer, M. T.,
upon being rcllovcd by Assistant Surgeon
llandolphO. Ebcrt at Fort Pembina, D. T.
The order of December 10, relating to
Second Lieutenant Lcroy E. Sebree, Sig
nal Corps, has been rovoked, and ho has
been ordered beforo tho rotiring board at
Ban Antonio, Toxas.
A telegram to the Navy Department
Mutes that Hear Admiral llralue of the
South Atlantic Squadron hns hoisted his
ilag on tho Alllauco and that the Lan
caster has sailed for Gibraltar,
Surgeon-General Hamilton has issued
n circular to tlio medical olllcors of tho
Marino Hospital Service, informing them
that all applicants for original enlistment
nssurfmen lutho Lifu-SuvingScrvicomust
bo physically sound.
Tlio Cemetery Dispute.
A committco of lot owners of tho Pros
pect Hill Cemetery tailed on tho President
yesterday to protest ugnlnst tlio action of
tho Commisslonerr", and Colonel Ludlow
in particular, in attempting to extend
Noith Capital btrcct through tho ccino
tcry. The City I'ostiniistoinlilp.
The report is renewed that the Presi
dent is about to make n nomination for
tho Washington City Poitiiinstorsliip and
that tho delay has been a mutter of cour
tesy to tho new Poatnuistcr-Ucnerul.
l'ctrr tJroKiiu Ah-dnim,
Peter Tlrognn bin inado an assignment
to Roger W. Cull of all his property, rpul,
personal und mixed, for the purpose of
paying hi debt. No preferred creditors
lire nannd.
A HiiMmnd's Cliui'Ke.
EdxvnidMidpo today tiled n bill fordl
ivorce, i-liilmlnt that his wlfo had beooino
n common Mrccl wnlUeriind hud disgraced
"Where Women Dim Vole.
Olymha, W.T., Jon, 10.--i.swt night
Governor Pcmplo Muticd tho bill con
fining 'Lb rigliiofMilIVnga upon women
in this Territory.
An International Council of IVnmnn to
Im Hold lit AIIihiirIi'k Oporn-llointo.
Aii Inlcrnatlonal council of women,
called by tho National Woman Suffrage
Association, will bo held, opening March
23, closing April 1. It will bo tho most
Important nnd Influential gathering of
women that tho world hasevcrscon. Tho
council Is held for tlio purposo of discuss
ing tho movement for tho improvement
of woman's position In thd Slate, tho
Church nnd tlio Home. Among tho dele
gates expected nro Mrs. Mary A. Liver
more, Mrs, Lucy Stone, Miss France
Wlllard, Mrs. Caroline ltucll, Mrs. Julia
Word Howe, Miss Mary F. Eastman and
Miss Clara Ilarton.
Puuditu Ramnba! will bo tticro to speak
for tho women of India, and Finland,
Denmark and Sweden promlso reprc
bentatlvcs, Helen Campbell, author of tho "Pris
oners -of Poverty,1' will sond a paper,
which will bo read, as will also n report
by Fanny Zamplnl Sulazaro of Home.
Tills lady Is editor of tho"Rcvlovof tho
Interests of Women," published In Home,
nnd will wrlto on tho work of Italian
women. Franco elects Mino. Isabella
llagelot of Paris to represent tho prison
worn, rmgiaiui semis io tne council juiss
Helen Taylor, stepdaughter of John
Stuart Mill: Miss Henrietta Mutlcr, u
member of tho Loudon School Hoard and
one of tho first graduates of Glrtou Col
lege, Cambridge, and Mrs. Allco Scatch
crd, n woman prominent In tlio work of
xvoinnn's sulirnsc.
Tho Nntional Association will bo repre
sented by tho following:
Mr?. KllzaUcth Cnilr Btamon, MIs Smnn
II. Anthony, Sirs. Mntlitla J oily a dan', Mm.
May Wright Downll, Jlrs. Helen 31. liougnr,
Mrs. Lniirn M. Johns of Knnns, Mrs. Clara II.
Colby of Nebraska, Hov. Olymnla llrown, tlio
first woman ordained In tho Universalis!.
Church; Mrs. ZoroldiUJ. Wallace, i:ilzabotli
Llsto Saxon ofTcnnccco. MM. Mary 13. ling
gnrt, lillznbeth lloynloa Hurlicrt,
Tho Western Association of Collegiate
Alunimo send thcirprcsident. tho eminent
mlcroscopl8t of Michigan University, Mrs.
I.ouiso ltccd Slowcll. The moral Edu
cation Society will be represented by Mrs.
Frnzcr. Tlio Woman's Auxiliary of the
Unitarian Association nends Mrs. Rich
ardson. Tho .ladies of tho (J. A. It. havo
selected their president, Mrs. Laura
McNcir, to represent their largo organiza
tion. Rev. Antolnctto llrown Ulaekwcll,
tho (lrst woman ordained to tho ministry,
will bo present, also Hov. Anna Shaw, tho
o'nly ordained Methodist woman.
The Woman Sull'rago Association will
bear tho expense, of tho council. Friends
of thocauso who wish to contribute can
send their donations to Mrs. Spoil'ord,
Riggs IIouso.
Annual Meeting of tlio National Pure,
rood Convention.
Tho National Pure Food Convention
met this morning at Wlllard Hall with II.
11. Aiucrllng of Philadelphia, president,
and Ellsba Winter, Now York, secretary.
About 125 delegates wcro present, and
quite a number arrived during tho day.
Among the associations represented wcro
the Central Association of Now England,
Roston Retail Grocers' Association, Now
Haven Chamber of Commerce, the Hoard
of Trade and Transportation, tho Mercan
tile Exchange, the Central Association of
Retail Merchants and Retail Grocers'
Union of Now York, the Retail Grocers'
Association and Retail .Merchants' Asso
ciation of tlio E. D. of llrooklyn, tho
Newark (N. J.,) Retail Grocers' Associa
tion, Nyack Merchants' Protcctlvo Asso
ciation, Stato Association of Pennsyl
vania, Wholcsalo Drug Association, Na
tional Dairy and Agricultural Association.
National Vltlcultural Association and
Hoards of Health and Hoards of Trade
from Philadelphia, PltUburir, Detroit,
Toledo, uincmmui, i.oiunious, .anosviuc,
Chicago, Baltimore, Mobile, Nbw Orleans
and many other cities.
After tbe meeting was called to order
the reports of tho president and secretary
wcro presented.
A coniniitteo on credentials was ap
pointed, and tho convention adjourned to
meet at il o'clock, at which time olliccrs
will bo elected.
Tho convention will dovote the greater
part of its time to tho discussion of tho
hill introduced in tho Senate by Sir.
Sherman and the IIouso by Judgo Crisp,
providing for a National llurean of Adul
teration and appropriating $50,000 for its
support. It Is thought that many clauses
In ttio bill will meet with objection, and
It is upon this tho debate will bo held.
Supplementary and amendatory bills will
probably bo adopted.
CliaiigcH In tlio 11111 iiHltoporteil to tlio
Tho Deficiency bill, as reported to tho
Scnato to-day, makes few changes in tho
bill as it passed tlio House, but tlio appro
priation for work in tho water works tun
nel Is not inserted.
Tho Item to reimburse Fred. Douglass
for books purchased by him whllo Re
corder of Deeds Is increased from $172 to
$1,727. Tlio appropriations for tho Sonato
aro considerably changed. Tho appro
priation of $11,220 for olliccrs. clerics und
messengers of tho Sonato for tlio year 1887
is stricken out. Tho other Sonato appro
priations aro increased.
Tho annronriation ot $85,390 to nay a
judgment in favor of tho Pacific Railroad
is stricken out. Other changes arc of a
verbal nature.
Tho Cominamlor-ln-Clilef Holrtn a Ho
ccptlon To-nlglit.
Commandcr-ln-Clilcf Rea of tho G. A.
It. was met at tho railway station yester
day afternoon on his arrival In tho city
by a delegation from tho Department of
the Potomac ond escorted to tho Ebbitt
House, During tho evening a number of
tho prominent local members of tho
Grand Army called on him. To-night a
reception will bo held at Grand Army
Hull, to which all old BOldlcrs aro Invited.
The Old Guard will escort General Ilea to
tho hall, Tlio reception will bo followed
by a banquet nt Willaid's,
Mr. M. E. Tcrrill of 13.11 Vermont nve
uuo has petitioned tho Commissioners to
hnvu Kingman Placo paved under tho
penult system. Ho asks if it can bo done
without unanimous consent, Tho Com
mlsstoiU'Di reply that one man can M'curo
tho pavcinont If tlio f .,'. nmount of the
cost of labor is deposited In advance.
Now York's Itepiibllenu Delegates.
'J ho Hlulue men of Now York, It Is sold,
havo picked out Senator Evarts, Chauncoy
M. Uq cw, William II. Robertson and
'1 houins ('. Plntt as their delcgatos-at-Iargo
to', I ho National Republican Convention.
Possibly tho nnino of Lovl P. Morton
may bo substituted Tor that of Mr. Piatt.
'IhociitiruStato delegation will undoubt
edly be controlled by Piatt, and it will bo
for lllnluo ir lllniuo Is a candidate. With
the "Man from Malno" out of tho Held,
Penntor Frank Hlficook would probably
bo New York's choice.
The Intci'Htuto Commission,
Tlio Interstate Commerce Commission li
still considering tho caso of Scolleld et al.
ugnlnst tho I.nko Shoro and Michigan
Southern Rullroud. They charge unjust
dlKTiminutinii in freight rates in favor of
Ihu .Htnudnid Oil Company,
Sr ili T
C Al
Uslc Much Hotter.
hi ,t I
continued to Improve
His i " al J o'clooli (his afternoon
wit vi in iuIi bettor than at any llmo
since ho wax taken nick.
Tho Scnato to Take Up the Urgent
Bcllclency Hill on Monday.
The Houso lnsscs the Melbourne
Exposition llcsoliitlon,
In tho Scnato to-day a number of peti
tions for prohibition in this District nnd
for Federal supervision of telegraph
service wero presented.
Mr. Aid rich offered a resolution dlrect
lngthouppolutmcntof n clerk tocompllo
n record of the revenuo and appropriation
bills passed by Congress from tho First lo
tho Forty-ninth Congress.
Mr. Cameron mndo n motion that when
Ihe Senate adjourn to-day It bo to Mon
day next. Tho motion was carried
nyes, 20; noes, ll'l.
Mr. Halo reported from tlio Committco
on Appropriations the Urgency Doll
clcncy Hill, which ho will call up on
Mr. Allison Introduced a bill to quiet
tltlotn lot 1, squuroOlO, In this city, by re
linquishing the Government claim.
Mr. Sherman, at 12:15. moved that tho
Scnato proceed to tho consideration of
executive business, and accordingly tho
doors wcro closed.
Tho treaty calendar was taken up for
consideration In c.xccutlvo session, tho
Hrltlsh and Russian extradition treaties
being considered of special Importance
Tho Netherlands treaty was tho only
ouo discussed.
The House.
In tho IIouso to-day Mr. O'Donnell,
from the Committco on Accounts, re
ported favorably the resolution recom
mending tho appointment of Thomas A.
Coakley as a messenger at tho compensa
tion allowed him by tho last Congress.
Tho resolution was adopted.
On motion of Mr. Uclmout. tho IIouso
went Into Committco of tho Whole, Sir.
Springer In tho chair, for consideration of
tho joint resolution relative to tho Mel
bourne Exposition.
Mr. McAdoo's amendment reducing tho
appropriation from $50,000 to $5,000 being
pending, Mr. Phelps opposed It as com
promising the dignity or the Government.
Mr. Rayncr also supported tho original
proposition as calculated to promoto our
commercial relations with Australia.
Tho amount asked was not excessive.
Mr. Cutcheon. beforo voting for the res
olution, would like to know something as
io mo manner oi expenuing tuo sum pro
posed. Mr. Craln moved to amend by striking
out nil oflcrtho enacting clause. Ho held
thattho IIouso hud no risht to authorizo
such an expenditure.
After some further discussion tho Mc
Adoo amendment was lost and tho resolu
tion adopted by avoto of 157 to 8!).
Mr. Rogers reported a bill amending tho
statutes relative to tho punishment of
bank olllclals by Includlngsuch bank ofil
clals ns aro appointed by the Comptroller
of tho Currency.
Mr. Foran reported tho Invalid Pensions
bill. Referred to Committco or tho AVholo.
Mr. Wilkins called for tho regular order
his bill for increasing tho circulation of
tho national banks and tho ayes and noes
wcro ordered on consideration of tho bill.
Tho IIouso decided to consider tho bill.
when, on motion of Mr. Weaver, k
mc Jioufo iooi; u recess io a
o'clock, tho hour fixed for tho
presentation by Mr. Long of tlio
portraits of Speaker Sedgwick of tlio Fiftli
Congress, Speaker Varnum of tho Tenth
and Eleventh Congresses, and Speaker
Hanks of tho Thirty-fourth. Mr. Randall
will uiakothespeccli of acceptance. Other
Fpcnkcrs-assigned aro Messrs. Allen,
Rockwell and Hayden of Massachusetts,
and Mr. Breckinridge of Kentucky.
Hon. Berioh Wllklns of Ohio is having
considerable troublo with his pet measure,
his bill to Increase tho national bank cir
culation, nnd notwithstanding tho fact
thulhchasiton the calendar as unfin
ished buslncss'and no other business can
bo considered until his b(ll is disposed of,
yet lor mo pusuwo uuys mo wnoioancr
noon has been consumed by tho filibuster
ing tactics of Messrs. Wcavcroflown and
Mr. Anderuonof Kansas, who aro opposed
lo tho bill.
Mr. Wllklns said to a Cuitio reporter
that tho banks had not asked for the bill,
nnd that ho wanted tho opposition to
understand that ho was not opposed to a
fico discussion of the measure If it can
come to a vote, and ho thinks It will In a
day or two, it is suro to pass byn majority
of from 25 to CO.
the thohe-oaiilislr case.
Tlio minority report in tho caso of
Thobo vs. Carlisle, submitted to tlio IIouso
yesterday by Mr. Lyman of Iowa Is rather
a weak ono. It would appear that Diplo
mat J, Halo Syplicr impressed tho four
gentlemen who signed tho report, Messrs
Lyman, Lodge, Houk and Johnston o
Indiana, wlthsomo of his startling stato.
nicnts, and in ylow of tho fact that the
jJipiomai mauo a strong ox parco snowing
at the beginning, and tho hasty mannorln
which tho defense presented ex parte affi
davits, they feci that tho Importance of
mo caso warrants tuem in not siiminir
tho mnlorltv rcnort.
Mr. Rowell mado a supplemental re
port in which ho states that ho concurs In
tho majority report, but dissents from tlio
practice of trying disputed questions of
fact upon ox parto testimony,
Tho majority report will probably como
up in tlio IIouso for discussion to-morrow.
Express companies, stock-car com
panies, sleeping and -parlor-car companies
aro applying to the appropriate committees
of Congress for a hearing beforo any ac
tion is taken to bring them under tho
provisions of the Iuterstato Conimerco
law. Tho express companies will bo
granted a hearing on Wednesday next,
Senator IloarV bill for a monument In
tho Howard University grounds to tho
memory of colored boldlers and sailors
killed in the late wiirnpproprlates$l00,000.
Tho Scnato not meeting to-iuormw it Is
piobablo that tho District Committee will
ilcvole several hours to consideration of
tho mllioud question,
In the Semite yesterday afternoon
Mmrs. llrown mid lllalr mado speeches
In favor of the Kducntionnl bill. Without
holding an executive session tho Scnato
adjourned until to-dny.
The Direct Tux bill, which passed tho
Pcnnto yesterday, contemplates tho return
of about $20,000,000 collected from tlio
.Slates, Territories and District of Colum
bia. Tho District's bare, if tho bill bo-
conies u iuw, win no 1'.), 127.
Secretary FalrchUjl bus sent to Congress
an executive document recommending nn
appropriation of $5,000 for it survey of tho
Anucostia River,
The Pension bill, us ngrccd upon by tho
Homo Appropriations Committee, appro
pilules .,.75,000, $1,003,100 in excess of
I'Mniiai. hcnt lo tho committee. Tlio ud
diiii u w.i made ut thoMiggestlon ufCom
n.l'iioner UlacU I'lil sum include) tho
Mexican iei)4iii The amount alltiwed
for clerk hi -c v." Inr'ea-crtfrljm -$102,000
lo $170,000, and also hns a clauso making
tho opiiortlonmcnt of clerks among tho
Slntcs according to tho number of pension
cases they respectively furnish.
A memorial by Dr. Gross was presented
In tho Scnato to-day by Mr. Hoar praying
for the establishment of a botnnlo hospital
nnd homo In this District and a lrcoscliool
for tho medical education of women.
Tho project wos Introduced In tho last
At tlio meeting of tlio IIouso Judiciary
Committco to-day tho chairman rofcrrcd
all bills in regard to tlio salaries of United
States judges ton sub-commlttoo consist
ing of Messrs. Scnoy, Oatcs, Rogers, Cas
well, nnd E. H.-Tavior. Tho committco
of the Now York Har Association will bo
heard rclatlvo to this subject on tho 25th
During tho session of tho Committco on
Ways and Means this morning, Mr. Mc
Klnlcy nsked for tho consideration of his
bill abolishing tho tobacco tax, but
It was postponed by a strict party voto.
Tho majority held that tho tarllf should
ionic first in tho committee's considera
tion. ITnl.tr LANllS COMMITTEE.-
The IIouso Public Laudi Committco to
day Instructed Mr. McKeiinn to favorably
report Ids bill granting fivo percent, of
the cash sales of public landsof California
to that Stato. This will tako SI-sO.000
out of tho National Treasury to be applied
by tho Stato of California to school
purposes. Delegate Smith of Arizona
appeared before tlio committed and urged
I bat tho nmount of laud subject to entry
byaslnglo Individual bo not limited to
less thnn 010 acres of hind, now classed as
detcit land.
Tlio nomination of Chief Justlco Ring
ham and Justice Montgomery will proba
bly bo reported favorably and confirmed
Capitol Notes.
Senator Hoar has Introduced a bill to
provhlo for the appointment of a national
art commission, composed of fourteen
members w)ioc'duty It shall bo lo pass
upon tho artistic merit of pictures, stat
uary, monuments, etc., to bo purchased
or erected by tho Government.
Thcro nro several District nominations
pending in tho Senate, Including that of
Justlco Montgomery. It Is understood
that there is no opposition to confirma
tion In any caso and that favorable reports
have been niado nnd await action.
Senator Eustis has returned from Lousl
ana, and was in his scat In tho Senate to
day. Representative Mills of Texas has been
confined to his residenco since Tuesday
by a sovero cold.
Senator Spoonor expects to call up his
gas bill in a few days.
Tho IIouso District Committco has
changed Its days of meeting to Tuesday
and Friday.
Delegate Joseph appeared beforo the
Committco on Territories to-day in behalf
of his land commissioner bill.
Tho G. A. It. TliresllRiiMiiff tlio, Minn-
licuriiiicoofC'iiiititlii Cliffs Itoiiiiitni.
Mr. F. A. Router, as u representative of
tlio Grand Army of tho Republic, obtained
written uutiiority from tho Commissioners
tills morning to investigate all tho facts
pertaining to tho disappcaranco of the
body of Captain Cllft from tlio hospital at
tho Washincton Asylum, and tlio subse
quent discovery of tho remains in the
Gcorgctoxvn Medical College. Ho will be
gin his investigations nt tho poorliouso
and will leavo nothing uiidono to fix tho
blamo xvhero It properly belongs. The
Grand Army people havo not lagged be
hind ono wlilt in tills matter, and say that
tho looso way In which such things havo
been allowed to co on in our mldt
must bo stopped. Thoy say If tho body
was sold to the collego they proposo to find
tho man who received tho purchaao
money, and falling to establish such a
fact, then find tho man who "donated" it.
Xntliiiiiil AiMoi'Intlnii of llottlo Manu
facturers. Tho Nntlonol Association of Hotllo
Manufacturers was In convention at
Willard's to-day. Tho association com
prises all tho firms In the country making
llasks and bottles. About sovcnty-llvo
delegates xvero present nt to-day's session.
Tlio meeting, which was a secret one, was
opened by the president, AV. II. Hagcrty
of New York, with William Eliot Smith
of Alton, Illinois, ns secretary.
Tho object of tho meeting was tho regu
lation ot tho length or blast and tho ap
pointment of n committco of fivo on
tarill charges affecting tlio glass business.
Tho convention was in session but n few
hours and adjourned, after electing tho
following officers:
President, Win. Hllot Smith, Alton, III.;
vleo-vresldcnt, Joseph Atkinson, Itawley,
Pa.; secretary, John It. Wlghtman, rittslnirR,
Pa.; treasurer. Thomas Wlahtman, Pittsburg,
Pa., National Vial and llottlo Association,
Ho Passes Awuy Artor nn Illnostf of
Ten Days.
Thomas Ln?onson Riggs died this
morning at his residenco, 1017 1 street, af
ter an illness of about ten days of Hright's
dlsenso of tlio kldnoys.
Mr. Rlggs xvas born In this city in 1S53.
Ho received Ids early education at Goorge
toxvn College, and Inter studied nt Stony
hurst. Ho was a member of tho houso of
Rlggs & Co., and was also ot tho timo of his
decenso treasurer of tho Notional Safe Do
posit Company. Ho was of an extremely
retiring disposition and was but little seen
In society.
Tho funeral services will bo held at St.
Matthew's Church on Saturday at 10:30.
Loxv muss will bo celebrated, after which
the remains will bo placed in tho family
vault at Oak Hill Cemetery.
A Criminal Onen Acquitted .f tor war it
An unusuul occurrence took placo in
(ho Criminal Court to-dny.
A woman, Rebecca Marshall, was ac
quitted of entering tho houso of Mrs.
O'Hryau, 1211 l'strect, and stealing somo
Just beforo tho verdict wos recorded u
spectator said that sho could identity tho
prl.-oner as tho person who entered the
Sho took the stand and testified nnd the
Jury again brought in a verdict and this
timo "guilty."
Of Interest io Cotloii-l'lunlor.
Considerable Interest has been awak
ened in Ihe wonderful machine known ns
the "Cmxvford Cotton-Seed Cleaner," and
planters who havo seen lbs workings are
enthusiastic In its praise. Meanwhile tho
btock Is being rapidly taken.
An opportunity toscotho maohliio lu
practical operation will bo given to-morrow
(Friday) at 10 a. ni ut No. 203 Four
teenth Btreet northwest (Just south of
Willard's Hotel), which will bowltnosscd
by u largo number of Members of Con
gress and cotton-planters. All porsons
Interested In the subject (and all who aro
engaged lu cotton-rnlslng are or should bo
Interested In It) nro cordially Invited to
bo present. Asthls will probably be the
last opportunity to see tlio machine at
woik in Ihl.. city very hirgo attendance
mpy be expected.
Hoard r Trndo Approves
1'nntul Telegraph.
At tho nf lernoon session of tho National
Hoard of Trado yesterday, tho consldcm
Hon of tlio programmo of recommenda
tions .was commenced. Tho first was a
resolution concerning the adulteration of
food presented by tho New York Hoard of
Trade, and rcafilrmlng tlio action of tho
National Hoard of Trade regarding tho ne
cessity of n jtidlcloui national
imtl-adiiltcratlou law. It wns ar
gued by Mr. F. H. Thurber and
passed. Tho paper read by J. A. Pricoof
tho Scranton Hoard urging tho abolish
ment of tho present System of commercial
credits xvas referred to n committco of five
for consideration, as xx'cro also tho resolu
tions recommending Ilia forming of n bu
reau ofstatlsticsondnGovcriimontexccu
tlvo department of Industry. Tho resolu
tions concerning tlio Chouipcako nnd
Dclaxvoro Ship Canal, const and harbor
defenses nnd tho Improvements of rivers
nnd harbors were adopted.
to-day's session.
At this morning's session tho resolu
tions oilered bv tho Providence nnd New
Yorkbonrds, urging the establishment of
a postal telegraph, xvero read and dis
cussed by Mr. P. II. Thurber.
Atthocloscof his remarks Mr. Krastus
AVlinan of New York, xvho Is a director In
tho Western I'lilim Company, president
of largo system oftclegrupli In lite North
aiidheadortholrinorll. G. Dun A Co.,
mode a short address, presenting In a
torso and distinct business mainicr ob
jections to the project, closlnghls remarks
with the fulb, wlni :
"if tho government telegraph system in
England shows nn annual deficit or
$2,600,000 In u small urea, cleared and
densely populated country, I assort that If
tho system Is adopted in this country,
with an hrcn twenty times lurgor, number
of lines threo times greater and length of
lines four nnd a-Iialt time longer, tlio de
ficit will bo $10,000,000 n year.'p
Mr, Wlman then gavo dsliort rosiimo of
tho xvotklngs and profits of tho Western
Union Company,
In reply to Mr. Wlman, Mr. Thurber
explained that tho deficit In tho English
scrvico wns caused by extraordinary out
lay In extending lines, and thut previous
to 1880 there xvas no deficit.
Tho debato xvas quito spirited and Inter
esting. Mr. Thurber closed with tho as
sertion that xvbllo Mr. Wlman was rt fair
man, there was no doubt that the remarks
niado by Mr. Wlman against tlio resolu
tion would go Hashing over the wires of
tho country, and tho arguments in favor
of it xvould rest In tho pnmphletcd pro
ceedings of tlio National Board of Trado.
Mr. Henry of Now York (who oilered
tho first resolution for n postal telegraph
beforo tho Hoard of Trado at Philadelphia
in 1875) said that if tho Edmunds bill xvas
passed messages could ho sent In this
country os cheaply us in England.
Mr. linker xxus opposed to tho measure
nsn bad policy for tho Government to go
Into auy kind of business.
Tho resolution favoring tho organiza
tion of a postal tcleuranh'xx'as adopted by
n voto of 20 to 0. Tills Is tho sixth timo
this resolution has been adopted.
Tho topic, "A Now Hoard of Statistics,"
xvas then taken up .and discussed by Mr.
Popo for tho Chicago Hoard of Trado. Mr.
Popo boro rather heavily on the present al
leged unsatisfactory manner in which
xxTieat ond corn statistics wero gathorcd
by tho Agricultural Deiiartmont.
At 1 o'olook tho board took a recess un
til 2:30, xvhen tho discussion of Mr. Pope's
resolution xvas continued,
lCxlilblin nt tlio National Museum Moliiff
There 1ms been within tlio last few days
an almost entire rearrangement of the
exhibits In tho uorMi hall of tho National
Museum. Formerly they havo been scat
tered promiscuously, with but llttlo at
tempt to make tho exhibits In tlio various
departments homogeneous. A caso of
pottery might bo placed next to a fishery
exhibit or tho leather ormor of a Fill
Islander. Now the ceramics have all
been put together; tho fishery exhibit,
historical exhibit nud other departments
aro nil homogeneously nrronged. Tlio
big terra cotta pulpit Is on ono sldo of
the main entrance, nud the ancient marble
sarcophagus on tho other. Tho rearrange
ment makes a tour of the Museum much
nioro instructive.
Largo additions aro also to bo mado to
tho Department of Graphic Art. A lot of
new cases havo been mado. and aro ready
to be placed In position and filled,
A largo Etruscan tomb has recently
been placed In tho museum.' It Is about
six feet high and xvide, and about twice as
roil THE "ZOO."
Kxpress Companies Will
I.lvo Animals Cheaper.
Tho Notional Museum has just gained
an Important concession from tlio express
companies. Ordinarily tho express
charges for llvo animals havo been txvo,
thieo or four times tho rates for mer
chandise, according as tho animals were
sale, unsafe or extremely dangerous.
Tho United States Company controlling
tho It. nnd O. lines has consented to carry
live animals for tlio Museum for tho or
dinary rato for merchandise. Tho con
cession will result in cheaper transporta
tion for animals for tho Museum's llttlo
menagerie, and ulso lu largely Increased
additions to it.
Mn. Daleo Sam Van IIamm, ono of
the haudsomo young men of Cincinnati, is
in tlio city on u brief business trip.
havo an articlo on "How Protection Pro
tects" in "Tho Forum" for February.
Fiiank Leshe's Illustrated Newspaper
of this xvcek's issue contains very good por
traits of the entire list of tho new Coniniit
teo of Wnysnnd Means.
Lieutenant JoiinM. Caiison, jo., and
xvlfo havo left Fort Leavcnxvorth to re
main a week with Colonel E. V. and Mrs.
Sumner, parents of Mrs. Carson, before
joining their station at Fort Reno.
Reuibteiikd in Noxv York hist ovonlng :
Comptroller Trenlioliu nt the Albemarle;
Congressman Herbert nt the Sturtoviint;
Alexiinder R. Shepherd at tho f Jilsey; ox
Secretary Lincoln at tlio Fifth Avenue
nnd Henry Wattorson at tho Everett.
Senatou Joski'H N. Doi.ni of Oregon
doesn't consider tho cold xx'oather hero n
circumstance to that of tho fur North
went, und It U a very cold day Indeed
when ho doesn't foot It from tho Capitol
to Ids substantial residence on Lafayette
l'roinlnoiit Hotel Arrivals.
Jlr.TiioiOLiTAN. Clmrles Hcrrmnii. Clcvo
liiml. Ohio ; P. Crocker, lloston ; P. Pi hSinltli,
National, K. It. Herrlck, Now York ! W.
II. Pussnll, Philadelphia ; clmrles U. Hull,
Detroit, Mich.
St. Jamks. N. 11. Camp. Momiilile, Tonn. ;
C. A. lHwcll, lloston P. 11, .MeNnino, Noxv
llAiinm Horn:. H, n. Pollard, Now York ;
P. I.. Urjce, Kexvark, N. J, j A. V, Sohleslngcr,
N. Y.
WllXAiiu's. F. II. I.amb. ClitcaROj P. T.
Wllley. New Yorki llonry Ithorer, bt. Louis;
Arteiniu Wurd, Nexv York.
Hian8, James Atwell, l'lttsburo: George 8.
Jlenlll, lloston; J. II. Haunder, Chicago.
WiaciiKii's.lt. O, llurdlo, Now York; O.
K. Wailswnu nnd wife, Philadelphia.
Wohmi.ky's. It. V. Lorlng, lloston; W. 11.
Thomas, Nexv York.
A111.INOTON. I.. C. Ilcnton, lloton; Clooreo
II. Kmmerson and xvlfo, lloston; I'. 11, Suttoe,
Australia; J. M. llsnkley, Nexv York.
KiiBirr. AV. llryunt, Nexv Orleans: Jamos
hcniiMtrr. Now York; John Mttlo, I', H, Army.
CFiAmi!i.nN'8.--I.M. Westoa, Grand ltaplda,
MIoli.i Haldol J. Cumpun, Collector ot Cut
loirs, llutroltj lllchard tharpe, Now York,
Three Prisoners Tako French Leave
of (he Alexandria Jailor,
A Party
Thought to lie on the
Others' Trail.
Special to Tun Wasiiinoton Ciiitic.
Alexanduia, A'a., Jnn, II), Ilctwcou 7
nnd 8 o'clock tills morning thrco prisoners
confined in the Jail in this city for enter
ing a house in Alexandria County escaped
by climbing ox-cr tho xx-all by means of a
ladder left In tho yard by J. M. Arnoll, nn
nttendnut, who had opened tho doors of
tho jail nnd let nit of tho prisoners out
into tho court-yard, ns Is customary, nud
luid himself gouo lo his breakfast, loaxdng,
It is understood, no ono III his place:
Txvo of tho threo xvho eicaped, xvho?o
names could not be ascertained, xvero the
two xvho xvere ruptured when In tho net of
escnpo wllh " Hilly" Williams. A posse
at oneo started in pursuit nnd Captured
ouo of tbe men when near tho double
bridge in Alexandria County, nud It is un
derstood mo now on tbe track of tho other
txvo. Tho services of Mr. Arucll will be
dispensed wllh us soon us n suitable suc
cessor can be found.
Tho names of tho thieves aro William
Walsh, James Murry nnd Jacob Win-
gonor. AVIngoner wus captured.
MIcIiIkiih Turner XVnnt nil Kxpellcil
from llm Organization.
Ghekn Day, Wis., Jan. 10. Tlio Turners
of tills city havo Iswcd their circular let
ter to tho societies of tho Nortli American
Turiicrbund asking for tho expulsion of
tho anarchist members of the organiza
tion. They dcclaro that tlio aim of Father
John, tho noblo founder of tho Tumors,
xvas to cducato patriots, defenders of tho
fatherland, heroes of liberty, but not
rebels, not enemies and destroyors of gov
ernment and laxv.
In conclusion they proposo those ques
tions: "Aro societies that by xx'ord and
deed encourago nud nbet anarchism to ro
main In tho -bund, nnd shall notorious
anarchists bo further suffered to remain In
any society of tho Truncrs 7 Shallupaper
that avows radical principles, con
tradictory to tho principles held by the
majority of tho Turners, bo further tol
erated as tho official organ of tho Turner
bund?" IN D1HE D1STKESS.
.Settlors In Jllnnesota Su fieri up; from the
HnoxvNsviLLE, Minn., Jan. 19. The
pcoplo of this valley aro in dlro distress.
They havo had no communication with
tho rest of tho xx'orld for ox'cr thrco xx'eoks.
Tho last train to arrive hero camo hi De
cember 20. Thcro is not a lump of coal
or n stick of firewood on tho market. Tho
neoplo havo confiscated all tho fuel of tho
Manitoba Company and torn doxvn and
burned their railroad buildings.
Men on sleds havo been carrying coal in
sacks across the country eight miles from
Hcardslcy. Great indignation is shown
toward tho railroad officials for not at
tempting to open tho road from Mortis,
forty-six miles northeast of hero. Tho
suffering of the people is intense nnd re
lief Is not expected for a week. Country
rond3 aro Impassable.
Death of Dr. Sliulilox the l'i'iiiiiliicnt
I.ouIhIuuu I'ulltlchiii.
- Nexv Ohleans, La Jan. 10. Dr.
Thomas II. Maddox, a prominent citizen
of this State died last night at Hayou
Rnpids, aged 05. Ho xvas the last' sur-vlx-or
of the famous sand-bag dud of 183,"
opposite Natchez, In which ho and a
brother of ex-Governor J. Mndlson AVclls
xvere principals.
- a
Notes From lloekvlllc.
Rockville, Mn., Jnn. 10. A marriage
license xvas Issued yesterday to AVIllio U.
Moxloyand Minnie J. Hilllson, both of
this county.
Ell Mouldcn of this place has been ap
pointed to n position lu tho Stato Sonato
by Senator Gcorgo Peter.
Gcorgo Herbert, n former resident of
AVnshlngton but noxv of this town, is lying
seriously ill with Inflammatory rheuma
tism. Tlio danco given at Potomac. Tuesday
night, by tho Knights of Pythias, xx'as n
thorough success. A sumptuous supper
was prepared by tho ladles, and tho
Potomac Hand furnished tlio music.
The January term of the Circuit Court
closed yestcnlay, after disposing of a few
equity cases.
. Sheriff AVhlto has returned from Lees
burg, A'a., with Henry Hull, xvho is
charged with stealing a horse from Win.
Philips of this county.
The Stock nnd Money Market.
Nexv Yohk, Jan. 10. Money 31 per
cent. Excliango steady; posted rates,
1&UI87; actual rates, -181(5)1811 for sixty
days and 4861(0,1-303 for demand. Gov
ernments steady; currency 0s, 1201 bid;
Is, coupon, 1201 T)id; -lis, do., 1031 bid.
Tho stock market opened weak, and so
continued throughout tho mornhiK, prices
declining 4 to 1 per cent, by midday on
selling oT Reading and St. Paul, said to ho
for Loudon account. Sluco noon tho
market has been dull.
The "l'enitsy" Men "Win.
PiTTsnuno, Pa., Jan. 10. Thcro will bo
a general odvuuce in wages on tho
Pennsylvania Company's lines, xvest of
this city. This much has been de
termined, hoxvever, thero xvlll bo no
strike. No otllci.il notice of the advance
has been given out, but the committco
representing the employes has boon given
to understand by General Manager
lluldwlu thut all the concessions asked
will bo granted.
.IiuIko 1'arker'n Successor.
The.nton, N. J., Jan. 10. Governor
Green xvlll make no appointment for Su
premo Court Judge to succeed the late
Joel Parker, until next week. All pre
dictions ns to tho nomination mo based
upon tlio Idlest rumors,
Deutli of General Atttvooil.
Hosion, Jan. 19,-Goneral 0. J. Alt-
xxood died at AVest Roxbury this morning
ol apoplexy. Ho xvas born in H.ingor,
Me , In 183(1 ond serx-cd xvlth credit In tlio
xvur oi uio reocuion,
EiiKlaiilPrt Unto of Discount.
Lonpov, Jan, 10. Tlio rato of discount
announced by tho Hank of England Is
three per cent. This Is one-half per cent,
decrease from last week's rato.
The ltritniiuiu Arrives.
Nexv Youk, Jan. 10. Tho ovordito
steamship Rrltannia of tho Fubor lino,
nbout which great anxiety has beon felt
during the past week, has arrived at this
Another of tho IIIU.nrl'H A'lctlinn,
Yankton, Dak., Jan. 10. Tho third
victim In Yankton County of tho blizzard
died this morning lu tho person of J,
Miller, who xvas frozen nt Lostcrvlllo.
MHS; I'Alt.MEIiKU'H Wllili.
Nut ii Cent of (In' Property Kevlsed lo
Hor Husband.
New Yoiik, Jan. 10. Tlio will of Mrs.
Emma L. Parinelco of llrooklyn, xvho
died under very painful clrcitmstniiax nt
a houso of lll-reputo in Nexv York .last
Pnlurdny, xx-ns odercd for probate yester
day. Tho eslalo Is valued nt nbout
$700,000 nnd It Is nil dovlsod to Mrs, Pnr
mcleo's fix-o children. Nothing Is glvon to
Mr. Pnrmelco, xvho, nccordlng to the will,
onco declared that two of tlio children,
Gcorgo nnd Allco, should receive nothing
of his eslalo. To each of those tho mother
has given double portions, provided that
her husband carries out his expressed In
tention regarding them.
Mary Alice, tho eldest daughter, is (bo
xvlfo ofCassltiH Licbmann of MIddictown,
Orange County, xvho Is said to have been
Mr. Parmclcc's coachman nt ono time.
Her fntberxvas angry nt tho mnrriago and
hnd threatened to disinherit her and tho
elder brother, xvho took her part.
AVho 1 tlin "Simpcet ?"
A xvell knoxvn clticn of Middlclown,
N. Y., xvho knoxv both Mrs, Pnrmelco and
tho suspected man very well, mid to n
Itemld correspondent yesterday lliatthcro
was no doubt in his liiiud, nor In the
mind of anybody else in tho village, as to
the identity of the man xvho had been
with Mrs. Pnrmelco on tho fatal afternoon.
"AVltolstho mnn?" the cltlzon aske 1.
"Why, tho man suspected hy the police
(mentioning the name), lie run with
her u long while before she went to New
York or llrooklyn. There xx-as a good
deal of gossip about them here nt the
time. They used to an lo New A'ork to
gether quito often. He manaod her
alia Irs ami traded her farm property ul
Clrclcvlllo for the houses she owned in
llrooklyn with n mnn namcdStiinrt. Mr.
Pnrniclco's husband has been u hclplom
Invalid nud tho mnn noted ns though ho
owned the farm. Ho bought things nnd
shipped them thcro nnd was back nud
forth all tho x idle. He spent every Sun
day there."
A MyMorloitM Council.
Tho Herald this morntns contains tlio
folloxvlng special from AVnshlngton:
"A. J. Hnrdenbcrgli of llrooklyn, ac
companied by his son, L. C. Hurdcnbcrgh,
IsnttlioArllngtnn. They arrived AVcdnes
dny inornlni;. Later In the day, D.C. Mc
Mcnegalof Mlddlctoxvn, Orango County,
N. Y., nrrlvcd und engaged nn udjolniut!
room. Tho three havo been together all
day. It Is not known how long they will
Mr. Hurilenliorfili Inlorvloxveil,
Mr. Hnrdenbcrgli was seen at tho Ar
lington to-day by it Ciiitio reporter. Ho Is
a pleasant-faced gentleman of probably
60 years with a gray mustache
and sldo whiskers. AVhcn shown
tho obovo dispatch, ho said vehemently;
"There is not n word of truth In It. I mn
simply hero for rest nnd sleep, and will
return to Noxv York to-night. There Is no
truth In uny of theso statements. Noxv,
don't co and publish somo infamous
story llko tho New York papors."
At this point Mr. Hardenbergh,
wdio had seemed rather rcstlc?.
brokootl'tho intcrvioxv by going rapidly
doxvn tho steps and into tlio street xvltli
his son.
Moore Wants to lie Separated
1'roiii Mr. O'Neill.
St. Louis, Jan. 10. Mrs. Moore, who
claims to bo tho xvlfo of Congressman
O'Neill, began n suit for n dlvorco from
O'Neill Tuesday, but dropped It on being
told by friends that sho must havo a resi
dence In tho State tb obtain standing lu
tho court. Learning yesterday that
O'Neill's residenco here xvas sulllclent.
sho instructed her attorney to proceed
with tlio case.
A Woman Taken from Her llimso anil
Shut to Death.
Ciiaelestox, AV. A'.i., Jan, 10. AVord
reaches hero from Oceana, Wyoming
County, that the Hatfield gang mado n
raid Saturday night on tho houso of Sim
McCoy, n brother of Randall, xvhoso
houso was burned nud a portion of his
family killed several years ugo, and
taking Mrs. Randall to a treo tied her to
it and then shot .her to death, together
wllh her eldest son. The houso xvas sot
on tiio und McCoy and his two youngest
children burned to death.
The Txvo Itepulilleau L'notloiiH lu Ohio
Chicago, Jan. 10. A Awj special from
Columbus, 0 says: Tho Republican fac
tions in the Ohio Scnato refusal lastex'cu
ing to adopt a resolution condemning the
action of tlio body in electing n Demo
cratic clerk. Tho Democrats helped to
defeat tho resolution by joining tho bolt
ing Republicans. Tlio factions nro again
In open war, and there is no longer any
possibility of a compromise,
Txvo AVoll-Kiiuxru 1'llins l'lireed In tlio
Haltimoiie, Mp,, Jan. 10. Gcorgo 11.
Chase, wholesale cloths, No. S Hanover
street, fulled to-day; assets, $02,500. Pctor
Grogan, furniture, No. 205 North Howanl
street, fulled to-day, xvlth assets of
Tlio 1'eniiH.vlvniilii DnmocratH.
HAiimsiiUuo, Pa., Jan. 10. Elliott P.
Klssner of Luzerno County xx-as yesterday
elected chairman of tlio Democratic Stato
Committco over Dallas Sanders of Phila
delphia, Mr. Randall's candidate, byn
votoof'12 to 35. The Executive Commit
tee consists of AVm, A. AVullaco, Samuel
J. Randall, Eckley 11, Coxc, J. Henry
Cochrane, AVm. L. Scott. Win. McClollan
and Win. Mutchlor. Resolutions w-ero
adopted Indorsing Mr, Cleveland's admin
istration. A Protest from Utah.
Salt Lake, Utah, Jan. 10, A memo
rial xvai presented In tho legislative coun
cil yesterday, addressed to tho Scnato and
House of Representatives of tho United
States, protesting against tlio discrimina
tion against alien owners of milling prop
erty, on tho ground that foreigners aro
bctlcr patrons of tho mining industry than
native capitalists. It xvas referred to a spe
cial committco. In tlio House of Repre
sentatives, Hogo (Gcutilo) presented a bill
for tlio suppression of polygamy lu Utah.
Divorces lu Maryland.
Haoeiistow.v, Mn., Jan. IS. It. AV.
Drowning of tho Labor Hureau ut AVasli
iugton, D. C xx'ns hero yosterduy collect
ing Matistics with regard to dWorces In
AViishliigtnn County. An examination of
tho records shoxx's that llliy-ulno divorces
have been granted lu tlio last twenty
The Mlclilirnii dreeiihaukors,
Nexvavoo, Mini., Jan, 10. AV. I). Fuller,
long at tho head ot tho Greenback party hi
Micliigun, has issued a call for a Stato con
vention, xvhlch shall formally bury tho
fiibion party. Ho says it may bo that tho
time has arrived for disbanding the Green
back patty, and If no It bhould dlo "de
cently and In order."
Pork Accumulating.
Indianapolis, Im, Jnn. IS, Tlio de
cline in tlio exportation of pork nnd tho
drought of Inst summer havo thrown
upon the market hero 31,600,000 pounds of
meat, xvhlch a xx'alts demand for shipment,
the accumulation Is larger than ever
known here before,
Tlicir Intended Victims Turn ihe
Tables on Them.
IteportM That the CIiiiir Has Itceit
St. Loiti, Jnn. 10. AVhen tho regular
east-bound passenger train on the WatMslt
AVcstern Road reached Missouri Olty,
twenty-two mile cast of KansM City, lust
night nt 0:20, the condnolor found oil tho
station platform n band of men xvlth shot
nuns. He wus informed that lhay were un
der tho command of an oltlclal of tliMounty
xvho hod received word that an attempt
xvould bo niado (o rob the train two milts
east of that point,
Ono of tho olllcera got Into tho engine
nnd the others distributed through the
train. Tho train then pulled out. No no
of tho pawcngorH on tho train xx-oro noti
fied of tho danger, hut tlio lightft hi the
enrs xvere lowered nnd tho tmln men nnd
the porno look their places nt tho doors of
tho conches, with drawn rwoli'ors. Tho
express moiweiigcr barricaded his oar, as
did also tho baggage man. As the train
neaied Cooky's lake, about txvo mile
castor MisKOiulCity,
A led light wns swung ne rods tho track.
Tho engineer floxved up, nnd, us tho train
came ton stnnd-slill, threo masked moil
xx'cte discovered standing on tho track,
directly In front of tho engine. They
ordered Ihe engineer oil' tho cub, and, m
ho started to obey, thoMicrilV's officer in
the cub pointed his shotgun out of tho
front cab window and fired point blank at
tho three robbers. As soon ns tho shot
wns fired, nil within tho cngino dropped
from sight. The robbers fired nt the
engine, but did no harm and then started
lo run,
As they went doxvn tho ba'nk tho posse
fioin Missouri City leaped from the train
and began pursuit. Another posso had
also been sent out by tho slicrlll'aud camo
up from tlio woods behind. A lively
fusllado xvas kept up between tho txvo
bands as the train pulled out. It is now
reported that tho Missouri City posse
killed or captured tho' wholo gang, but
notlilngdcfinltc Is knoxvn. Tlio robbow
were knoxvn to bo farmers living near
Missouri City; ono of them, It Is said, was
at one time a member of tlio Jamas gang.
Tlio train xvas delayed only txventy-ilvo
minutes at tho scene of tho attack.
Tho Cramps nt Work for the Italian
Philadelphia, Jan. 10. Messrs. William
II, Cramp's Sons havo been axx-ardod tho
contract by tho Italian Government for
the construction af a Zallnski dynamite
gun xvhlch Is to bo forty foot long and to
be niado lu three sections nud denlgucd
to throw a projectile xvclghing 000 poundt
a dlstanco of four miles. Tho gun is
noxv being mado under tho direction of
Lieutenant Zallnski and xvlll be com
pleted in nbout txvo xvecks. It will bo
shipped to Spczzia, Italy, for coast dofonse.
This gun is an experimental ono, nnd
should It provo satisfactory others xvlll bo
placed. The Cramps havo also in course
of construction a dynauilto cruiser for tho
Pneumatic Gun Company of Now York,
which xvlll carry three of these guns. Tho
vessel is 200 feet long, 22 feet deep and of
700 tons burden. It is probablo that this
vessel will nlso bo purchased by the Ital
ian Government for coast dcfeirc.
A Tale oi" the Sea.
Philadelphia, Jan. 10. The Hritish
steamship Hudson, Captain AVundleN,
arrived hero Monday from Carthagcnii,
Spain, after a thrilling passage of tlilrty
days. On December 20, in latitude 31.46,
longitude. '11.18, tho winds increased into
n terrible hurricane, accom; "'' ! by
frightful rainstorms. The chip labored
nudstraincd terribly, and xvas at times
completely submerged. The boats xvera
stove in, cabins Hooded, skylights broken,
and bridgo damaged greatly. On Janu
nry 0 tho ship passed tho Hritish brig
AVarren AV. Sho xx-as partially dismasted
and tho balls that xvere sot were blown
into ribbons. A red (lag xvas (lying front
tho main rigging. Captain Wandless
says ho could sco no signs of life on
board or in tho vicinity. According to
tho Now York maritime register, tli
AVnrren Is bound from Chanottetowu,
P. E. I., to Noxv York, and was com
nianded by Captain Huclianan. She I
oxxned by George Wigbtniau of 'hsrlotte
toxvn, nnd is only ono year HI. Tho
fate of thocrcxv Is not knoxvn.
The Philadelphia Cigar-Makers.
Philadelphia, Jan. 10. Tho members
of local unions Nos. 100, 105 und 20.5
held a special meeting last night, when
resolutions wcro adopted declaring that
It Is tlio sonso of tho organized cigar
makers of Philadelphia to resist any and
all proposed reductions in their xvages,
and that they xvlll light any such attempt
to tho bitter end. Resolutions xvere also
adopted Instructing tho members m "'i
union noxv on striko to return u work
pending the approval of their application
to go mi striko.
Kiiu'riiKO Granted to AA'onicn.
Tacomah, AV. T., Jan. 10. A bill pasioil
tho lower branch of tho Legislature, at
Olympio yesterday, conferring sufiiMgo on
women by a voto of 1 1 to 0. Tho satuo
bill passed tho upper council last week by
a voto of 8 to 3, it noxv goes to tho Gox--ernor
for his approval, A laxv xvas passed
in 18S3 giving to women tho right to
voto, but xvas declared Invalid by the Ter
ritorial Supremo Court last February on
the ground that Its title xvns defective.
The bill excludes women from jury
condensed ti:li:guamh.
Sr. I'aci.. Jan. 10. ThorouniMiouso ot tha
St. Paul urn! Puhitli Head wus burned thl
morning nnd kIx locomotives destroyed.
C'intiulia, III., Jan. 10. The Oderklrk
Cullext'a situated about ten miles from here.
xviih burned yesterday, tlio Inniutos baroly es
caping with their liven.
lNUUNAfoMK, Jan. 10. A number of pas
sengers xvero Injured hi nn neoldent on tlio
Mr l.lno ltallroad yesterday afternoon, near
lusrcr, and two liuvo tiled.
I'liiLADKii'iiiA, Pa., Jun. 111. The ytoxver
loom limruln carpet weavers are determined
In their demand tor an equal lnih of xvugos,
(or tho whole erutt und u number of men
huvo struck.
Nohhiktown. Pa., Jan. 111. Jilt Mnry A.
llroxvn of tills placo lias been sxvludled out of
Sao.lHMl by tlio tcmnlo mauuuer ot a "l.adlus
Hank" In Philadelphia, whom she had known
since childhood.
WATHiiiiw, Ioxva. Jan. 11). Tito defendant
In the Ui'inine murder trial wnHilliuliarged
yertenlny, lwnue the elder xvltntws for tun
liovi-rnment retimed to tcntlfy, us It would
criminate hlnisolf,
PitiLADtai'iiiA, Pa., Jan, 10. Asa remit or
tho depression tn the Iron trade, the Itollliu:
.Mill Association has decided to cut dowu
wages In Its mills nearly ten per cent. Tlio
men will accept this.
Indications tor th twenty-four hours cnm
mtndng at il ;. m. TiiciisoAr, Jan, 10; JFor
ihs JHstrlct of Columbia, varmer, fair
weather, light to fresh variable winds.
Observations taken at Tub Ciutio iltUoroloi
leal ilureau. Oil D street northwest: 0 a. rriu,
21)3; j2 , 030. 3 j,, m "(jo.

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