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A Glance at the League Nines ami
'. .tkeuElayers.
Cowmen. CaM;lirl?y tho JtrH;oiit-pnlo-rtf
'Tlio C'lnrkton deal wn tho event of
Midweek in baseball clicks. Its au
dacity is equaled only by Unit which
brought Kelly to IJOhton hist year.
But thcio is a diiTuronco between tho
tuQ.triUiiactions anil ur-scclng base
bull men perccivo it. As Al. Spalding
tersely t-ays: ".llostoii bought Kelly as
an rulvcitiHcmont, but Clarksoi) to
win games," and that is tlio way tho
majority of good judges will look ut
It. Clnrkson's acquisition means u
jpcatdcul for lloston. Ho will pluy
as ho novor did before, for he is de
termined to bring tho ponnant to Now
England if it i possible. That ho is
tho'best jnlchcr in tlio country, nil
things considered, few doubt. Tlioro
arc thoso who will cry "l'uoli,
an6thcr spurt like that last year
sind lloston will fall back whuio
It ibeJongs, fouith place 1" Weio
tho cncunistaiKCs tho s.tino
na thoy were Inst year It might
bo so. Hut tliey nio not. Theio
was constant friction then. Morrill
was manager, and Kelly, by virtuo of
his notoriety, was captain. This
double-headed inonstiosity never wiw
witisfnetory. It destioyod all liar
mofiious action and killed discipline.
There was continual Jealousy of Kelly
zunong Mori ill's fi lends and lm
patience nmong tho players at playing
second fiddlo to a man who was no
better ball rdayor than themselves.
It ijiiiM. bo confessed that Kelly did
not. add lustre to his fame by his pl.iy
ng.last year. He tins an ludlfforcnt
lleldcr. and diopped in his batting.
Men liko Johnston and 1 forming could
not but bo rcsti vo that Kelly should
bo tlio ono player on tho team, Hut
there is no need to hint at tho discon
tent, tho lack of discipline, and,
finally, tho utter demoralisation that
overtook tho nine. Thoy are well
Thin year everything momiscs to
work lniimonioiisly. Morrill will he
rsiptnin and manager. Kelly will bo
treated like tho rest, with tho excep
tion that ho will bo a member of the
Mar '"WO.OOO battery," which will ho
udvcitlscd for nil that it is worth, nnd
t'lnrki-oii's position is so well estab
lished that there will ho libgnim
bling over any special honoispdd
liim. Then, too, tho wholo nine
know how ho an tho risk of being
black-) ibtcd in order to play with llos
Ion. Then, too. he lias won his asso
ciates' good will at tho btaitbydo-1
hiring that thoy aro a better nine
than Chicago. Thcio is not likely to
be uny petty jealousy in lloston this
K'iibon. Tlio old lchablcs have come
to llmo njid signed. An iiiciea.se of
$ 4,000 has been made in tho salaries,
and every disposition slionn by tho
management to bo liberal with tho
men. Willi such a state of affairs,
nothing but accident should keep
Jloston fiom the front this year.
TJie most hatLsfaetory nine in Uiq
Xenguo besides Boston appears to Iw
wsuiningion. ii is wen proviueusuui
lotteries, better than any nine, so far
astliooxporlonte in the eiuly spring
KiimeH lias demonstrated. Gilmoie,
O'Jl.iy, Daily and Whitney in tlio
box, Ueasley, Mack and Miuiaybo
liinjl the bat theso aio a lot that
would bo a cicdit to any nine. Shock
has picked up wondei fully in his bat
ting nnd tho outfield is as good ns
could be asked. O'Hiien is all right
if lie will always play his game, nnd
the only doubtful points nro second
nnd third base. Donnelly is an excel
lent third, nnd wore it not for his
weakness nt the bat, would certainly
j;o there permanently. Irwin covers
tlio base very creditably and is a bet
ter batter than Donnelly. Betwcon
Myers and Gardner the choice Of tho
majority w ill doubtless fall on the
former, for Gardner lias shown no
strength nt the bat And is no match
lor Myers on the base, Thoio is gioat
hainiony among the playeis. When
the Providence crowd wns dropped,
some excellent players, doubtless,
wererlet go. But with them on the
nino'thcrankof the club would never
have been raised. Fundi, Carroll,
Gilljgan, Shaw ami Hines, thoy are
all good, but Washington can play
better ball without them. The nine
is more evenly matched than last
year. The young blood will Infuse
roogo spirit into the baso miming,, n,
thimjiin which Washington was sadly
denciqntlntyoar. Tho inaiuigenient
iviHbomoie judicious, and better 10
wilts enn bo expected. Tho men mo
better satisfied. AVliitney, for one",
who signed on Monday and received
what ho wanted (Vl.000), will pitch
with moie hcait this year. The
younger pitchers, Gllraoiaand O'Day,
will hayemoro confidence in the box,
for tljvy Jvfll feel that they will ho
tflve'u .as good support as if 'Whitney
were pitching, somothing they could
not'bcfBUroof last year.
Although ono cannot udgo how
Washington will nieet n League loam
from, the work done in tho preliminary
oxbJbiUon grimes, yet the stylo of
playing of tho team van bo sci iittnicd
ana tho defects ascertained. Fhsl, it
in noticeable that tho base-running is
generally better than it was last year.
Doling the early games last year Tub
Crone repeatedly called the attention
of Manager Gaitncy to the fad that
the' 'nine was running babes very
jooily,iul urged tbat-espocial atten
tion begiven to its improvement ovon1
attho-uskof losing games. But tho
old manner of tilings went on. The
consequence was that dm lug tho
championship season any nine could
oivo Washington points on stealing
Wes, It is better this year, but
coud still bo improved. Second, tho
playing is moro intelligent. When a
babe iq 7c?t unguarded some ono at
once' covers it. On ft long hit to the
Held a Hue is pushed out to return the
ball, to tho diamond. In base-running
one liinncr will inaken feint to run
to attract tho ball in Ills diicctlon
that his cqinpanipn on tho bases may
bo given a chance for n steal.
TpCEQ are hist a few Instances
liahtjly noted during the games of the
past-week. They indicate that "team
work." and not "giaiid-stnnd play,"
is to be tlio distinguishing point in tho
nine this year,
Jiiht ns Boston has boon stieuglh
ened do-much has Chicago been w e.ik
enedby theioleasoof Clarkson. Van
llaUKCiijproinises to fill the gap, mid
from tho work ho did on tho Slope
diiring the winter ho may doit good
deal, but no ono bdioves that ho ivin
lillJohn (iarkson's placo. Kiock,
tlio Noillnvcstern ncipiisltion, comes
to Chicago with ugicat reputation,
butJUffc.Uiut 9f many, miuor leaguers,
it may bo blasted in his Hist game.
HaliviiMo tU8 0thiitviil6r. WUnrt
ke'iv'nitiball -plaverw -hiiow-n-n iry
jti 'Miiii'Dfit'rtot -the nine's main-
slay. Tho old Infield rcrnninMrM'W
Mn, rfeiTcr. Williamson and llufnw
Hut tho outticld cannot bo compared)
w Ith Boston's or Washington'!!.
Detroit lias her blgfour, butiumors
are afloat tliatllanlon may not sign.
Whito was coaxed to puthis namo to
n conlnU t only with great difficulty,
and there is not likoly to bo nny lovo
between htm nnd Mnnngcr Walking
this year, Dunlnp has bcon released
to I'lttsburc. but a vorv cood man
-gunrds second in tho person of Ilnrdie
HicJianii-oii. ut course slugging will
be the Httonghold of the- DctroltsthlA"
year as over, but witli Uiq rqturjn
to thrco slilkcB tho pitchors of opt
ppslng nines will bu given an udvnn
tngc they did nothnvo last year, nnd
itwouldnot Ik) sUrjirising if llio new
rule procd fatal to Detroit's hopo for
the pennant. Detroit is not showing
up pnrthiiluily woll in Its series witli
St. Louis. 'I hoy Hold loobdy, run
Iiiith Hltiggishly and ild not display
tho dash of l.ntham's ltien. Tin)
trodblo is they nio growlug to be
Pittsburg lins undoubtedly booil
stiengthcncd. Maul, Sunday nnd
Dunlnp nro three ncquisi lions. Tlion
Moiris and Gnh in w ill stay nnd Mc
Coimiek can comu or go us ho likos.
He will probnbly come. The Smoky
Cityhnsnhlgh-pilccd team nnditwill
undoubtedly play good ball. AVlicthor'
it will spurt at the first mid then drop
nw ny is a question. Many beliovo it
will. At nny ra to Pittsburg is Wash
ington's most formidnblo rival for a
plneo nmong the first five clubs.
Tim Kccfo Jins not yet placed his
name to a Now York contract, but it
is believed that ho soon will. Kccfo
had n hankering for Boston, but iidis
too vnhinblo for Now York to give
him ui forn small sum, nnd Boston Is
not likoly to pay nny moro fancy
prices just now. Now York is nil
tight with tho exception of third base
and outfield. Thero aro Gore, Tier
nan, O'ltourko, Foster and Slnltcry
to chooso from for tho Held nnd
Cleveland nnd Hatfield lor third. Tho
Southern trip did not show thnt any of.
tlio now mon are anything remark
able not all emial to Hoy und Wll
mot of the Washington team. Thero
isically no reason to expect any im
provement in Now York's rank.
Tho Indianapolis team has not been
strengthened, unless tho acquisition
of Paul Hines is to bo considered. It
is n nine thnt cnu put up a rattling
gnineat times, butit is notn reliable
nino. Tlicieissomo weak spot in it,
and at n critical moment tho weak
ness gives w ay and the nine is beaten.
For instance, in Ciucinnnti tho other
day. It was nip and tuck between
tho Beds nnd tho "Hoosiors for sovou
innings. Then tho Indianapolis
pitcher weakened nnd Ciucinnnti
ui ew aw n v and won castl v.
Tilings look dark for Philadelphia,
just now, uut tnoy mav ungnton
soon. Tholronly cood Ditcher is .Fer
guson. Buflhiton nnd Cnsoy have not
Hignctii iiasuan is iniuor a ciouu ann
Fogaity hangs off for a idcaso. It
will take all Harry Wright's diplo
macy tobiing penco nnd satisfaction
fioiu this turmoil. Childs, lie thinks,
will ben good second baseman and
Kelly a good fielder, Nq other
changCH aio contemplated.
JJitsclmll rcrsonnlltlcs.
1 lie second gumo between .tlio Wash
Injuns und Athletics ef Philadelphia
yesicruay wnsmniKcu uy oriiuant ticiu
Inc and occaionnl heavy batting. A
brilliant double play by Daily was ono of
the features. Ho ulo led nt the eat. with
n homo mn and a three-bagger. Score:
Washington, 5) Athletic, . Base hits
Washington, !); ' Athletic, 5, Brrors
Washington, 0; Athletic 0t
bther enmes yesterday: At Philadel
phia Philadelphia, 1; Newark, 0. Baso
hits Philadelphia, ; Newark, U. Brrors
PJillndclphia, 0; Newark, 7.
At Indianapolis Indiauanolis,0," Clove
laud, 10. Baso liits-rlnilianapolls, 1);
Cleveland, 11. Brrors Indianapolis, .8:
Cleveland, 8. Batteries Shrove and
llijcklcy; Crow ell and Uoodfellow.
Tho Boston triumvirate within ono
year has paid out $23,800 for players, has
agreed to glvo ovcr4t,0001n increased sal-'
aries this season and h building a grand
stand which will actually cost $75,000.
They will pay this year $18,700 in salaries'
tofiie players Son ders, Clarkson, 'Mor
rill, Kadbouru aud Kelly.
Tho Pittbburg players must report twice
a day, l):30 and :!:30. They must retire at
lliJOp. in. and get up by 8:30 o. m. Tho
players have no passes for friends.
Stratton. Louisville's uromtstnenlfnlier.
is tho youngest bascbalL player under
contract in tlio American Association.
Ho was but 18 years of ago a faw months,
Charlie Sodcn, a son Of President Sodou
oftheBoston Club, will, it is sajd, enter
Yale this fall. Young Hoden is a crack
pitcher, and would bejagoodjoan for tho
Ynio team or 18S'J.
Bully of Boston will probably be given
an unconditional release.
The tlirpc-strike rule is making shorter
sanies, ronictliing that will please a good
many folks, -especially thoso who fre
quently mlssfd such an important ciii
cagement as supper, ow ipg to Jonggaincs.
The mnjprity ol games this oasoiv,w)lL
hardly exceed I houramlS minutes, and
Willi? Iltey last tho excitement Is in
tense, much more so than when thorafs
heavy hitting. Chronicle-Telegraph.
Browning lias nigncd with Louisville'.
Ho will receive a bonus of $200 for gool
behavior. .
The Chfcagos will play tho Kansas City,
Western Association nine, in KaimsCity,
to-day and Mo inlay,
Tho faculty of Hurvaid College havero
fined ta.cntcrtaiil.thaifclitionofttia'Naw.
York Alumni Association, that tho cot
lege nine bvuUoncd to play with profes
sionals. t J.ittlo McCarthy, tho Browns' new cen
tre fielder, has "caught , on big" wi tho
public who havescen him play. Ho is
not only an excellent .substitute Jor
Welch, but hecaniun bases faster than
any man in'tho lliowns, not'exceptlriB
liMliaiu. ISt. Louis' Post-Dispatfchi p
Fogartv writes ns follows from Los
Angeles, Cal.- "I rcceived'a letter from
the Philadelphia Club offering me J,000.
for niyserriccs next season, and request
ingme to rtTiort March SO. It-requires
mere money tl an that to get mo tasigu n
Philadelphia (ontract,.and Lthinklaui
entitled to it. If my terms aio not ac
cepted hyApili 1. 1 will sign with the
Calilornlu I,caiue,"
Alcttcrwasiecelvcd in Baltimore yas
tenlay from Kllroy, addressed to one of
the members of the Baltimore, Club, in
whiih he announced his intention of
bcng married en Monday next to ono of
the young ladles of Port Blchmond. Tho
letter was writtin before he could bavo
received Manager Barnie's summons.
The University of Pennsylvania was
beaten In Philadelphia yesterday by Am
hcrst, tor tho (list time in tho hlstgry pf
theso two eollegcs, But live innings
were plitjed. Score: Amherst, M; Uiil
verity, I Amherst plays hcio to-day.
Tho Athletics made another beautiful
exhibition of themselves yesterday at
X'apitol Pork,
CJunnlup's catching has already caught
theAtlileficS.-Boston Herald.
Gatllicy is in Now Orleans, umpiring
the Betrolt-Bt. Louis series.
It Is.s.aid that Comlskey actually cried
wlien ho heard that Wclelu'CarutherS,
1 ouU, BusbongandBrudder Bill (Ben
son bad been released,
Tho Washington Club proppsos tq ovado
the League ruio as tho Now York Club
does, and will put a drinking bar on Its
ground. Philadelphia Ledger, This Is
news, indeed.
Bnrkley or the Pittsburg team is ux
pcctlng to bo transferred to .Kansas City
hhortly Thinmm of Jv'.OOOis akcd pr
bis rcUnse.
The two nines that nlaved thooneiiIni'
ganinlp Boston on Thursday were-eom--;
pomioune louonipg: Heguiars-Reily, ,
a, WiM, s. s., Sutton, 3b,; Nash, 2o)f
Morrill, lb Honuing.-I, f., Johnston,
. , , fMIMIM, 1, , V.tffAT-Vll, 'HCU
Tm OMloirtko, i3b,rJlltirdock, .2b.;
Tntc, c , Boifdcrs, ,p.; Wlicclock, s. s ,
Murray, 1. (",;. Lloyd, lb. Mitchell, r. f.;
Wise, c. f.
Chicago will piny tho Browns of St.
Louis In that city on Tuesday, Wednes
day and Thursday next.
Anson-satdofGlnrkson'srelenv: "Sorry
to loso Clarkson, but wo shall win the
pennant without him."
Clarkson says of Amont "If any ono
man ran win the championship Ansdn
The nicknames for tho International
Association teaiiis this year aro ! Hamil
ton, "The Hams'," (Toronto, "CUslimali's
Blowers;" (Builalo, ('Chapman's Chip
picti" HftclicstAr, "Leonard's V.stroiio.
iners;" Syracuse, "Jlaekett's Hard Bust
llngHtnrs;" Albany, "York's Job Lots;"
Troy, "Ted Sullivan's Innocents," Lou
doii "Pow era's TecuniScli Clilcft,''
It Is understood that a meeting will soon
bo called to oraftniro a ieml prpffslonal
lepguein Maryland.
AVriaTliry tho Origin of ilia Slnrnmul
SJrlnes ?
BiiTonGiiiTio: Tm: CntTic-of March 0.
eantaluid n luttcr from Ocorgo Washing
ton, and dated at Constantinople, relative
to tho English branch of tho Washington
family, and also mado allusion to tho
armorial hearings of tho Washlngtons
add its connection with tho Stars and
Stripes, out national emblem.
Trom'an interesting article upon the
"Ilomeof Washington," in "Frank Los--lie's"
for May '., 1850, nio followlng'dc
urtptlon is given of the family arms:
"Brington Church contains tho Idcnll'
cal tomb-slnb of LaWTenco Washington,
tho father of tho emigrant, on which may
yet bo traced tho family arms argont,
tv(o bars gnlesj In cldof, thrco mullets or
tho second, from which. In all nrnhfthll.
Uy, originated (ho ensign which has"
Oliau il.lUl.VU ,, lUliiU (lllll IMllJUilllllUU
second only to that of Great Britain."
Ono of tho ancostors of Lawrence
Washington was presented, in 15J3, by
King Henry VIIL, with tho Manor of
Sutgravo in Northamptonshire, It having
been formerly in possession of tho priors
of St. Andrew, and thero maybo seen to
day upon tho porch of tho old manors
liouso two shields having tho abovo de
vice, 6iie of which is in a good state of.
Armorial bearings or coats-of-arms
wire generally emblazoned upon a
bhleld of various colors and designs, and.
ns described in heraldic lammacc. would
coiiyey very Httlo genuine information
tol mortals Of ordinary Intolliccnco nnd
education, Translated into every day
language tho foregolug Would read:
"dhlcld, jBVor, two bfirs of red, three
mullets or stars in tho upper part of -the
shield." Tho mullet, which wo havo
designated a star upon the Stars and
Stripes, represents tho spurrowcl and re
fers to military prowess and acldovc-.
fievcral noted hcraldlo writers have in
'Sl'jttd that tho mullet should nltvoys bo
pierced in order to represent tho round
nolo in which the spurrowel turns.
Sometimes thero is, confusion between
tlio representation of mullets and stars,
but the mlo generally adopted is that
stars all hao six-points, wliilo tho mul
lets havo live.
Tho stars upon the American flag havo,
live points, whllo tho stars upon Ameri
can coins generally liavesix.
Tho three Mars In thocnt accompany
ing the lettor in The Cmno of the lid in
stant aro not pierced in the centre, but In
the largo cut in "Leslie's," whioh Lhnvo
quoted from, they-aro pierced with suh
stantial circular holes In the centra of
each one, showing them to have been
originally placed there to represent spur
row els anu not stars.
Tradition saw that when General
J6orgo Washington, in company with a
Congiesslonal committee, appointed to
select a.dcsign fora national flag, in the
early part 011777, wentinto tho littlo shop
ofljlrs. Elizabeth nos, on Arch stroet(
I'hiladclnbla. tcr haVo their ideas em
bodied in textile, ho ordered tho thirteen
whito stars to bo mado with six -potnts,-bittwas
lovcrrulcd by Mrs. Boss, who
contended thaUtha stars in tho heavens
seemed taiiavo only Jlvo points. So the
national emblem became, studded with
live-pointed stars, which, in heraldic
lapgiiage are called "mullets," or "spur
rowels," instead of slx-polntcd stars, as
on the coinage, and thus it remains to
thlSjday, and probably will so long as tho
republic endures. Kedwood.
How to End the' Deadlock.
Editoii Onino: Why d&n't tho moro
than.two-tlurdsanaJorUy of fneuds of tho
Direct Tax bill addpt the following plan
for passing that just and meritorious
1. 'Temporarily lay the said bill oh tho
2, Amend tbi)rul6s of tho House so that
nmnioritv thcreof'can atanv tlmoiHisnond
the rules (since a majority adopted tjieip)
, nd put a bill upon its passago allowing
jiuuuuru mnii iiiioo noura ior ueuaicanu
duo consideration of ponding amend
incuts, I. Then suspend the rules and take
tho bill from tho table, aud aftor con
sidering tho amendments pass it on a
yen and nay vote.
Tho reign of minorities, not only In the
House but In committees, ought to termi
uutu immediately. ' Majorities every whoro
ought to exerclso their rlahts of contiol
Hug their own bodies. The majority of
the Houeo and iilso of Its committees,
haven duty and responsibility which is
greater thin -the 'same July and responsi
bility of the minority. Let ,tlie Houso
rules be nlucndcd as suggested and tho
bill passed immediately.
BoBEirr J, Wiu-tAMSf
Washington, April 7.
Awaiened nncl Bciiteiiocd.
TheJbllowJiig isentcnces.were tmposod
fiutho Criminal .Court:. James. Carroll,
colored; ten years at Albany for bouse-)
breaking in ontering" tho" houso'of Bi TT.
0'P.rien; RpBcrt Bbone, colored, ninety
days in jdil for'ossaulfhig tuelus Burnett
onlDecciolicr 25, 18S0: AloxandcrSanford,
colored, que year .at Albany for petit
iRKeny, sccoiidiOffpno;, panics Doyle, one
ycnlAlbany,for housebreaking.
Boston Green, ono year at Albany fpr
receiving etolon good?; Maiy J. Djckor
ton, colored, sixty days in jail foruetit
larceny; Wh'inui'Wilson, colored, reform
sclloo), petit larceny, spepnd ollens,e;i
LjdiA Boyd, colored, grand larcenyson"
tpnre suspended; Thomas Wilkins, as
'savltou William Crawford, sentenced to
pay a lino of $100.
m.tho case pf James Wright, a 10,-year-old
boyjvho had plcadeq guilty tothochargo
ofjouibmllng $50 from 'Jils employer,
Timothy B.Viynn.
Tho following were arraigned and
pleaded net guilty: Thomas Opgby, rpl
iOrcd, liouscbrcaklng; Edward J. Hudson,
Hermit to kill on Gcorgo Hudson.
i Virginia University -Alumni,
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Cabell have Invited
tho resident alumni of thd University of
Virginia tq jncet at their residence, 1107
Massachusetts avenue, at 7 o'clock on
next Friday evening to hear Hop. Daniel
B. Liicasof est Yirghiiaspcakon Daniel
O'tJouncll. At 'he suggestion of Colonel
Charles S.Vcuable, chairman or the fac
ulty of the university, tlio following
gentlemen have issued a call for tho resl
deptahmutl to organize a local associa
tion nt t) o'clock- on the some evening at
Professor Cabell's:
Charles M. Matthews, B. T. Fristoo,
Linden Kent, Henry Wise Harnett,
Leigh Bobinsou, It, C, JW, Marshall
McDonald, A. P, Mqutagup, B, I. Itenick,
John SUC. Brooks, John B. Moore and
W lljani Dabell,
Anniversary ol' Slilloli,
Today being tio twenty-sixth annl
versaiyoftho battloj of Shlloh the occa
sion brought together at tho Panorama,
Fifteenth street and Ohio avenue, muny
old veterans who cuino to witness tho
vlyld representation of that Jiorco con
test. General Prentiss, who had charge
of tho sixth division in that battle, Is the
JHturer. Somo leading generals on both
u4csn)ll be present to-night.
The JmiaUnb.Italr. i
the Sons of Jomtdnb nill bold afairat
(he National Bides' Armory all "next'
Mlts vtKncn Motrllnu, 1Vlo Is llnn-
nlncni. TfrbraAkn I'aiper, i
Omaha, Nlh,, April 7. Slnco Agnes
McLcllnn assumed editorial control of
thoSownrd (Neb.) Democrat isho has,
been tho recipient of considerable,
notice f i oin the prcsa, no JJdoubt
largely because of her nxtromo
youth. Miss Agnes wns born nt
Dnrllngtoii, AV'isconsIu, on January
B, lata, nnd is
ubw -In bcr lClh
year. Ounttjiin
inghcrlCth birth
day she Winn
placid in chargo
ef tho local ,pnge
ofihctf fathers pa
per. In tho fall
of 1880 her father
was 'taken Blck,
arid for weeks waa
-unablo to wrlto
even his name
Tlio dn lift liter
gathered tho
nenw. urennrrtl
copy, ian tho A01,,f-S 'UJ.A.
financial pai tof the Institution nnd
occupied tho oditoilnl chair with
charming graco nild ttmisual Ability.
During tho Bickilcss of lior father, her
mother died, nnd then cnino a time'
w hen It wns absolutely necessary that
tho young editress must needs caro
not only for tho'noWBpapcr interests'
of hcrfnlher, but attend. Ills wants in
tho sick chamber nnd mnnngo nil tho
household arid olllco affair. In all
she lias been successful, and lias won
an cnvinblo reputation 'as ago-ahead,
wlde-awako, enterprising littlo busi
ness woman.
Miss McLcllnn is an unostmitntlouq
littlo porson, deeply interested in her
newspaper wont, uoiovcu by nor
friends and highly cstceinod-by her
newspaper urcmrcu every wncro.
Sir. ClimlliJci' a.llntjtinrd In J'avdr ot
IlioSjioonor Hill.
Oardlncr G. Hubbard of this city mado
nil argument beforo the Beuato Interstate
Commerce Committee to-day In favor of
the Spoouer bill for tho regulation of in
terstate telegraphy. Ho suggested n nutu
bor of nincndments.
Hondvoeated tho prohibition of greater'
chargo for n short than fora long dlstanco
telegram, nnd of stock dividends and'
Stock watering. He maintained that
Whilo tho English telegraph fiystom, is
conducted in tho interest of tho people,,
nnd 85 per cent, of tho messages arc Social
in character, in this country tho Western
Union system is Conducted for tllb benefit
of tho company, rather than public con
venience, and only 15 per cent, of tho busi
ness is social. Tho company would
rather carry a small business at high rates,
than a largo and diversified business at
low rates. Ho argued that tho-Westcrn
Union business Is becoming moro and
moro concontrntcd in tho service of cer
tain interests, and is making less and less
cllort for tho general development of a
popular service.
FIo AVccks In Germany.
Headers of The Ciiitic will doubtless
lmo seen notices in tho sovora) dally
papers of tho city, with, the caption,
"Geiman n Fio Weeks." Tho writer
of this nrtlclo visited tholecturo rooms
in Masonic Temple, corner Ninth nnd F
bticcts, to seo what could bo, seen, as tho
proposition that an American could
learn German m ilvo wooks was too
astounding to be believed.
The class Was called to order by Pro
fessor Ilnupt, in choico German, and not
n word of English was spoken until tho
close, when a short lccluro in English
was given to explain tho method, .Tho
writer becarao a Student insteall Of a dis
believer at tho closoof tlio remarks. Ma
Is much pleased at tho progress lid has
made, and itseems to lilm that any person
reflecting upomtlio subject must nrrivo at
tlio same conclusion as lilmself.
English Is entirely banished fiom the
cla-s room, nnd all explanations aro given
in Gernian iu.Iangungo adapted to tho
student, nnd the words aro impressed up
on his mind through tho medium of weil
told anecdotes, ol which tho Profossor
has an iucxhaustiblo fund. Moro rapid
progress can bo mado in theso classes
than by a two years' tour in Germanv.
for ono lias all the advantages of hearing
aiid speaking, with tho additional nil
yantaco of receiving a full explanation
of thq uses and meanings of wprds, In,-,
stead of simply listening to unmeaning
sounds as ho would In tho .homes of
German. 9
Kaclf day's lessons aro thosnbjcct of a
lecture, and aro then given upon a printed
page, accustoming tho ear to interprcttho
sound and tho eyo the printed page..
After tho scholar Is a littlo furtlier'ad-
vntiiftil. uv!Hnr la lii(AilunAi1 mi.l 41. ..
hand isalio trained, thus most thoroughly
grounding tho pupil in Hieprlnclpleiiaiiil
practlco of pure German, Formerly Pro
fessor Haupt was professor pf modern
languages at DesJMeincs Unlversity.aud
While ihore, realizing that tho alddrjethods
wcro defective, developed this new sys
tem, and has, lii tho past ten years, sue-
cessiully taught nearly seventeen thou
sand persons.
Ho takes a-Icsson from the cbild'aUls
mother's knee,, where it learns tho gram
matical construction or language, not
fiom tho dry thcpry.bf antiquated, gram'
mar, but front the living, speaking Wfords
iaud sentences, taking- up.thb, grammar
after he is , already well-founded in
the language, that -ho, may, pcrchnnco,
learn the rules by, winch he frnnies his
spoken thoughts,,' Tlie, tintf, rtquisito.is
to learn to speak cOrrcJtJy, npd tbislho
students pHhla system certaiuly.do; and
then irthcy wish to delve deeply into tho
abstract thcpry.pf the language theydiavo.
a foundation which wlunakdltposslblo
sotodo. ' 3ru
(1 his is tho ProfessorWsecond season in
die city, and his success lias ibecmso'
coinjdcte that ,ho lias 'decided to, organize
two dew classes jto accommodate those
wimaesiro to lake
the course. Theso
win ue organized
hnlf-pait nine iu
ouartcr nast four
on .Monday next at
tho morning ,artd at
Marjy of the' best known, residents and,
soUety people of l Washington have, and!
aro taking his cqurso, and. fliany,
more will' commence witli the.now clasi1
on Moifday. In addition" to learning
German thoroughly, tho' Jiour spent In
the class is most interesting, as tho quaint
stories from "Vatcrland,"as jold by tho
Professor, are-well -worth tho small price
charged for tuition. Tnlcntcd nssUdanls
aid in expounding the laqguago,
Mr. Mueller having been for over
ilvo years connected with IJio system,
nndJa.tlioipughly proficient, A lecture,
thp first of the now course, wfll be deliv
ered at Masonic Teinplonext Monday, at
the hours abovo mcntioncd.and all aro in
vijed to bo present, whether wishing to
become students or liot. Go and tako
your friends with you and you will bo
well icpald for tho slight effort it will cost
C6loncf AVllson'a Mutch Report.
"The storm of March 11," Bays Colonel
Wilson. Suncrintcndcnt nf TiiWIn tinilil.
ui mo .aucruoan
ings nnd Grounds, in his March report,
"did serious damage in Lincoln Park,
necessitating tho removal of38 trees. Tho
damage done to tho trees iaud shrubbery
in, the Smithsonian, Henry and Sentou
paTks lias boon repaired as lor ns possible
Tho season was one of unexampled io
verity and tho cntlro snow appropriation
was exhausted by March 13."
Owing to tlio lateness of tho season,
Colonel Wilson is thrco weeks behind In
bis spring work. During March 10U col
lections of cut flowers, 15 baskets and 5
funiral pieces were ent out fioin tho
Gqvernincnt conservatories,
Tlio Aiitl-BoycDtt Movement.
Tho Anti-Boycott Assoointion of Mor
chants bcems in a fair way to bo a sue
ccs. To a Cnixic reporter Chairman
Manning aald this morning that tlio paper
which has lx.cn circulated hat) been,
signed by all the firms to whom, it has,
been rliown, that is, by nearly all tho
prominent firms in tho city. No meeting
bnsi bccn.bcld tbl weak, but a meeting!,
tobebeiri i-omo time uextweek,when tho.
plans of tlio nsboUntion will bo further!
"Died Al his post J" flnshed trie words o'fcr '
Crushed to death hi tho wreck, engineer
of tho Nine,
Laying bis llfo uncomplainingly down,
With never n hope of reward or renown;
Using unselfishly there in tho snow,
Giving his life up for friend or for foe,
Baokod with uuspeakablo. pain till tho
But, "died liko n hero," tho verdict is
Lpng have I lingered q'er, ..history's page,
Oler 1 nine sdusty nrfchlvesnnU reoordsnif
Andthovuictfor tho present in tones oP
the past
Btturns no the answer I sought for, at
"The htro whoso deeds shall bo honored
the most
Is be who tan fearlessly die nt Ids' post;
"Hs noblo to dloJor nf friend of all lime,
B0t to 1U0 for a strnngcr-itho deed is sub
lime." Dicn cay not in scorn that tbeworld lias
grown cold,
'flint tho best of humaiilly lies .'ncath tho
Wliatcnrc I to hear Of tho past's -misty
Whilebrothcrs can daringly die inl their
VvorJciioirndt tho soul through its thin1
mask of clay.
Till dentil tears thomaslc from thospirlt
u way,
Lot power with its kingdoms and wo.Mth
with its gold,
Still gain tho plaudits of earth as of old,
But others may bend to thosecptor'and
To kingly mon only my kneo shall bow
And the kingllest king that this proud
world can boast
Is tho man who can fearlessly die at his
Carrlo Leo.
An Inlonlow wltti Architect Mullctt
an tho' Subject,
'You aro reported as being hostllo to
tbb present form of government of this
District and anxious for n change. Is
this correct?1'
j'My position in this matter Is entirely
misunderstood and misrepresented. At
ndtimo sincollmvo resided in the Dis
trict havo its nflairs been administered,
in my judgment, with moro integrity or
fidelity. 1 havo no personal grievances
against tho District government or its
representative. I foe), on tho contrary,
giatlflcd that tho appointment of citizens
of this District ns Commissioners for tho
first time, has, in spito of tlio opposition
tllbrcto. proved to bo a success, and I do
not believe there is tho slightest ground
fo'r suspicion that tho boardas n board, or
that any member of tho board, as an In
dividual, has-noted from any but. tho best
arid purest motives, or that thoroisany
ground for the slightest charge of cor
ruption. "My objection to the present fonn of
Government arises from tho fnct that I
wis educated as an old-fashioned Jcffcr
sonlan. in tho doctrine that pcoplo are
capable of and entitled to self-govern-meilt.
It is not, therefore, a personal
question, but ono Involving my politi
cal creed and inv belief. I hold, as
did the founders or this Bcpublic, that
the right of tax-payors to representation
is an inalicnablo right of all'tax-pay-ere,
hnd so lone ns tho pcoplo of this
District nre dppiived of all voice in tho.
expenditures lor which thoy nro taxed,
that tho Government is unconstitutional
aud revolutionary. Tlio United States
should pay all bills which thoyincurorau
thorizo their representatives to Incur. I
held tothisbciiof when I was n member
of tho Board of Public Works audrcfused
as a consequence to sign a single assess
ment certificate, holding that I was a Fed
eral ofllccronly and could not therefore by
any act of mine, incur n liability on tho
behalf of tho citizens orthis District.
"Then you do not seem t6 be advocat
ing svBl rage?"
1 r,I am-in favoif of suflragc, but not Of a
sluimsufTrago that enables the paiipor.
tho loafer and the vagabond to control
tlio polls and drive away decent mon, and
also of a proper registry Jaw that will
protect tho ballot against such persons.
1 would prefer to submit to tho evils of
the present .system, entering, however,
my protcstrogalnstjtcsothatl shallnot
bo considered as consenting to any law
I deem unconstitutional."
Notes ion the Celebration,
Tho Works' Association will meet at,
Croplcy's Hall on Monday OYCulng at
7:30, to make final arrangements to take
part in tho parade.
The merchants on M street havo com
menced to decorato their respective places
ofibpslncss and tho town is rapidly assum
ing a holiday-appearance,
Amonif tho new names suggested for
the brid "0 are "Arllnirton." and "Pros
pect Bridge." Tho title of "Prospect
Bridge" seems to llnd especial favor
aipong our citlrcns on account of tlio'
proximity of tho bridgoto Prospect Hill,
which was a famous resort oftho belles
arid beaux in days gono by.
Colonel Gibson, commanding tho'
Third Artillery at tho Arsenal, was
waited upon by Messrs. .Tnggcrt and
Hclston of tho Military Committee last
night, nnd-ho promised, if possible, to
iiaio his wholo command turn out.
Gen,Shcridan has icntored heartily into
tho ppirit of tho parade and will glvo,any
assistance possible.
Note About Ton n.
Tho residence of Miss Ossler, 3137M,
street, was robbed of $30 ono $20 and
.three 4-10 bills between tho 'hours Of'tJ
nvjd 12 a. in,, yesterday. ' Tho! mo,hoy.
was laVcn from a wardrobe hi tho second
story of the house.
Temperature and condition of water
nt7 n. m. Great Falls, temperature, 50;
condition, 2; receiving reservoir, tempera
ture; 60; condition at-north connection, Of
cojidJtiCn at south conncctionl'13;'illstrib
utiilgrcieTvolr. temperature, 62; condition
at; influent gate-house, 5; condition at cf
'flqent gato;hous.c, 1.
i i i
Alexandria, VA., pril . The bosU
drilled member of. the AJoxaudrla Light
Infantry and tho best-drilled cadet at St,
Jqhn'fltAeadciny will rccolvqgold medals
at the JOllgbta of. Pythias' fair, which
commences on the 18th Inst.
J. II. D. Smoot has received tho con
flict for f urnjshlng the iuluber to- con
struct fit teen houses in Washington.
Mr. Clagett and othcis, who aro to stait
a canning factory here, will be in town
to-day to make contracts with parties
who desire to fprnlsh them with fruit,
Dr. W, 0. Ashby has been elected phy
sician (o tlioAloxandrla Ughtlnfanfry.
'J'ho caso of tlio City Council of Alex
andria against tho Canal Company for
.180,000, loaned them by tho city, came
up for hearing beforo Judiio Hughes in
tlio United States Circuit Court yester
day, and was argued and submitted,
Jildgo Hughes reserving his decision,
j , , ,.
Happenings hi Koolcvllle.
ItocKvllLTiMn., April 7. 'Miss Annie
E, Fisher will bo taken to the insane
asylunt-at Catonsvillo.
Tlio Stato tax of this county has been
reduced Ironi 181 cents on the $100 to 17J,
Charles and John Neal )iao been sen
tenced to tho House of Correction for six
months each for assault.
Joshua Williams, colored, will bo ar
raigned to-day for assaulting Detective
Hutchinson oflhe 11. mid O. Bnllrpad.
Tholguoiingof tho Advocate- In select
ing the papers for publishing the laws re
cently passed caiibcs much comment
aipqng Democratic, politicians. 11. A.
Fawcctt has been convicted of Jlbel and
fined $60 nnd costs.
General ri-cnllstt nnl tlioConfciloi-.
nto Hold lor.
Wo call special Attention to thq large
advertisement on tho eighth page, of tho
anniversary of the battle of fatilloh, 16
night and to-morrow,
, i , ,
Dlr. Golham Aro you fond of orchids,
Miss Wabash? Miss Wobasli of Chi
(.eogoJ-'Cnn't Kay, really. I ortly wear the
ritytlatlon siX'buttoners.-'lTia'flits,
'Blpcsf A'Co. hate sued GcorgeiM, Bob
inson it Co.' for $3,QU0 on n note.
Mr. J. O. Dctweilcrwon the first prlro'
at the Grand Army Fair n handsome
upright piano.
-aSItsj -Onnlstoii Chant, talked to tho i
children nt the Cougiegatlonal Church
last night.
Secretaries Kndfcott nnd Whitney
will Intend the Emancipation Celebration
on tho 10th instant.
The- casuvof -Pifncy sfc Bradford vs.
. Vcllnda Chapman canio up before
Thq Washington 'Jlerebants' Bltles
met Inst' itighfaml WUofdcd- to parade 111
tho Frco Bridge Celebration,
r-Tho firm of Nairn & Ogram, drug
gist1', at Fifteenth stiuct and Now York
avenue, bas1 been disi6lvdd
William Pratt, tlio colored boy enrt
drlvcr, who wnsAtrucle by n 'B. and P.
train in July, 1885, has secured a verdict
for $3,000 damages.
Kev. S. Gregory UqM -delivered a
lefcturoiii thoguildroomof tho Epiphany
Church last evening on "California, Its
Wonders nnd Beauties."
Henry Wise Oarnett yesterday peti
tioned tho Orphans' Court to place the
property of weltha A. Emmons in tho
custody of a court ofllccr.
The trial of tho caso of Gcorgo E.
Hun)tlhreyevi. thoIUrdloPhaeton'Comi
pnny for $10,000 for being run over by ono
of tfic herdlcswns begun yesterday.
GIUPlant has filed a bill .against S,
DiCastlcman asking for a receiver nnd
an order enforcing tlidr maH'carrying'
contracts. An order Tvns Issued return
able the J Itii instant.
-betters of administration havo been
Issued to Anifisii C. Paul In thecMatoof
his In-Other. Profe'ior 15. A. Paul. Tho
personal estate is -valued at $5,000, besides
two $5)000 Insuranco'poltcles,
TlloPh! Kappa Psl delegates callcdon
tho President yestcrdny afternoon and
wtro received in tho East Boom. The
bitnqufct -was held at tho Biggs House
lnt night. ,Tho toastmastcr was W. C.
Wilson, nnd tho oration was delivered
by Solicitor-General Gcorgo A. Jcuks.
i i .,. i ,
Tlio current number of Harper' Weekly
contains a very good cut of tho sccno in
thollousoof Boprcsontatlvcs during tlio
funeral services of tho lato Chief Justice1
Wnitc. It is made from n photograph,
the first of tho kind over taken, and was
done under direction of Mr. Percy Clarko
orthe Washington correspondent corps.
Tho Stock nnil fllonoy BInrket.
New Yonic, April 7. Money closed
alii per cent., tho Ipwcst rata for thaday;
the highest rnto was 2. Exchange closed
steady; posted rates, 48C 1S8; actual rates,
1S0J(34852 for 00 days; 187104871 for de
mand. GoVenilncnts closed steady; cur
rency O'SjlSO bid; 4's, coupons, 121 bid;
The stock market this morning was
vtjry irregular. In tlio opening hour
thero was soma pressure to sell and pricos
declined S to i per cent., but the market
btcadled under tho influenceof support
ing orders byJ2 o'clockand prices closed
ati about yesterday's final figures. The
sales for tho morning amounted to
lip.COl shares.
B.K,riain.tCo., St. Cloud Building,
furnish, tho following OH quotations:
Closed yesterday, 78.1; opened to-day, 7S3;
tlghcst, 70j; lowest, 78; 12 m., 701.
Now Vork Stock Mnrlcet.
Tho following havo hecn furnished by
B. K. Plain Co., Brokers, St. Cloud
Building, Niuthand F btrcets :
1 0. 112m' KAME.
O. 12m
Cd So.
Pa Malt
Beading ....
St Paul:
D, L & W...
tl. S .,.,...,,,.
St'B A Om,
U Pa
juo ra.,.,
Xlf IT...
" pT'd...
N'Pa: ,
" P'f'd..
'ft T....
N t W p'd,
Chlcngo Muskets.
The following summary is by B. K.
Plain A-Co.1, St. Cloud Building, Ninth'
arid V streets:
O. II. L. O.
Wheat .May-.... 762 7Cj 762 70?
j Juno .... 70J 77 J 706 774
July 70j 78 703 772
.Corn May...,,. 62J 62J 62 62J
-June.... 51) 622 Slit 52
July 51 621 5H 521
Oats May. 802 31 302 31
June..,. 302 S02 80 302
July S0J 30? 301 30?
Pork-rMny, 13 35 13 47? 13 25 13 421
June ..,.13 321 13 45 13 25 13 421
July US 60 13 60 13 60 13 60
Bard-May,.-.. 760 7 60 760 760
Juqo ,... '7 85 7 65 7 65 7 65
July. 7671 7671 7671 7 571
ATashlnclou StocH Exchange.
.Tho following wcre mo .quotations on
tho' regular, call at jho StocK .Exchange
to-day, AU qiiotfttions aro for securities
to' the amount of $1,000 or 100 shares of
stock :
! Bid.
Washington & Georgetown Bonds 1001
'Masonic Hall Bonds 101 j
Washington Market Co. Bonds 1141
Washington Light Infantry, 1st m'go.!2
Washington Bight Infantry, 2d m'go.. 50
Wasldngton Ga?Ugbt,Co. Bonds 122
Bank of Washington 202
National Baiik of tlio Bcjmbllc 1571
National Met. Bonk 100
Central National .Bank , 200
Edcoiid'Nntiorial Bank 127
.Fprmors' ArMcchanlcs' National Bank
of Georgetown , ,.... 1C2
Citizens' Tfatlonnl'Bank 120
Columbia Natidnal Bank, ,...,..100
Metropolitan , 102?
tVlnriiulB. - i-UT
Firemen's Insuranco Co ..., 33
Nnticnai.Ict. Insurance Co...
Nntiqnal Unioiv Insurance ,Co,.,.....
Corcorun Insuranco Co
, 10
Columbia Insuranco Co..,
German Amcxican. Insurani;aCo.......l65
Potomac Insuranco Co GO
Biggs Insurance Co, 8
Washington City Gaslight Co, 38?
ueorgciowu ijasngm. uo..., ,. .,,.,., -iu
Pennsylvania Tetcplioue 33
Chesapeako fe.PotouiaoTeUCo.., 782
Wnbhingtou Marlutfiaflitalfew ls
Washington BricWJUHHiowl..,. 289
Great Falls IcoCo 131
Ball Bun Panorama Stock. 35
Bta! Estate Title Insuranco Co 1101
Columbia Title 6
HAlflernoy Dairy AVagonB.''
Fresh Aldcrney butter", churned evory
morning and delivered in 1 lb "Wurd"
prints, 45o. per lb, Also cottage cheese,
buttermilk and sweet milk. 6c, per nt.
Peam. 15c. per pt.
mKAYiiiiiiiaTO iiinoi'K" niMTViNit T?
J, to their advantage beforo makJnt; ar
mpseincnts with any line of stcamors to eon
suit .
j;mv.iRD i, mioor,
0',!5 1'euiiR. Ave.,
gent for North Herman Lloyd Expicisa
bt.amer New Voik, J.odi1od, llromon; Itcd
star Mne New York, Antwerp: Itoyat Nether
lands Line Now York. AmsturdamrUambuii;
American l.loe New York, Francu and Enu
lump, Hamburg Ameilcanljaltlo Line; Union
Direct Hamburg Lino; North Ccrmiin Lino
llaltlmore, Iiromen; Anchor Line OlasROW
and Lherpool; Allan Lino Daltlmoie, Liver,
poo); FloiioBubattlna Italian Line.
All Information cljueifully thou Sailing
dates, cabin plum, cto,
' PftOViSiONS.
CIUtLliMAltKi:T,lX)Ki:il VI.UMo'sT AVK.
, , ANOLbT.N.W.
Wo thank (bo publlo for llielr liberal natron
KO dmlngtlielakt year, and will coutlnueto
iamlthtbebest'meats and provtilons In tho
marLct in tils city, and by bo doing will ex
pect a corvtlouaiioo of rout support. Itotto
Tbe licet (ioods at tbe Lowest 1'iices. Mar
ketiuir iltliYcred tree,
If I Iiortbtittwo little wlng,
Artil werrfrf littlo fentherr bird.
To you Pd flv, my dear I
lutthouRbts liko thec nro idle things,
And 1 stay here
Tint Ifi tny MeerMO you Til tlv:
i in niwnyswitn you in my nccp
The wotld is nltone's oirn;
But then, one wakes, nnd wheronm I?
All, all alone.
Sleep stavw- notrtbottRb n monarch bldi;
So i lovo to wako cro break of day;
rbrftfcotiglf iuyWcop ho gone,
Ytt, whilo 'tis ilnrk.-ono-sliuts one's )UU,
Mnr,-n'ltotrl ilnil'ttctHiiridit,
"POrlD tiee,-n. w.
r'er3tter, s'nniiiy, Apiilei
lion t: lltef,
lco LI emu and Cake.
Dlrtnti'rrtrm 13 to O.
MonMN HoTi-.i. anu ItrsrUnr.
JlrealifitU from 8 to 11. Hoard by day,
w tetter month.
Slicot7'i Taotlmnmo GoimIh.
Tbo ladles And children or tlio National
Capital and It suburbs know a sweot article
Every day yon can o n largo train br
Utiles arid children wending" their way to
Bhcotz'ntwopopulnrtaindy stnlillliments
oneontliocoriii'ror Kloventh ami Unnd tho
other on tlio corner of Meianth and I stroots
northwoit. Two ereat reasons why Mr,
Hhecizlinswonsnoli pbenomonnt popularity
In so Miort n tlmu Is simply thl. In uut-sholf:
conscnuontly thoy nic frcwli niul toothiomo,
sml lil lady ns-ilstants nro always cheorful
nnd willing to plcnto. not nnJy adult, but
nlso tho smallest children who patronize his
two centrally located stores.
Ills prices uroaMo exceedingly popular.
ItH Delicacy t l'lmoi"
nnd tlio cIEeoeyof im action liavo rmlered
tlio fninons California llrjutd fruit roinixly,
bjiup -of 1'Ies, Immensely popular. It
Cleanses nnd Tones np tho rlogsed nnd fever
lh fiVk1UD,inddlppoh Hcailuclios.CoUls, and
Fevtrs. All Druggists.
Jlockbuo & Co, 'a Itemavul.
This long-citnbllslied shoo Dim, Ho ixjpnlar
and f monthly known to tho Washington pub
lie, lmvo moi cl to 1'JO.l V street n . w.
'llielr fonneT location, as most evorybody
knows, wns HID, nearly opposite, on tho
snino street.
Their old jitoro Is about to bo demolished
and rebuilt. Messrs. Mockbeo S, Company
extend a cordial Invitation to their custom
ers, fi lends and tho general publlo to visit
Ihtm in their now nnd commodious cstabllsh
mcntfWhore they will as usual haploased to
show them ono of the finest Mouks of ccntlo
men's nnd ladles' foot-gear In the National
f'apltal.nt popular prices, "TcucoyV Oloio
Fitting Shoes" U ono of their specialties.
Cretcent OH, 173 Tire Test.
nir.hcstTeat. Safest and Host Oil bofitin
the city,
l'or Liimiw nndSto eo,5 gnllon,$l .
1'rlmo moo Vire Test 011,0 gullonstCOa.; 2
China, Ulass and Homofurnlshlngs at very
low pi lees.
Oentloneu Should Not Tall
to pxsmlni) our Spring and Summer lino of
Coatings, Suitings, and Trouserings.
i'lUNK II. 1ca?t & Co ,
KD Ujtrost n. w.
John Iliuldcn'H lnstnllineut Homo.
Every ono contemplating purclmsos of fur
niture of any kind Hhould look hi and sea Mr.
John Ituddcn.nt his mammoth Installment
oue, U.30 Rnd 032 Seventh street northwest.
Ho has a benntlful lot of baby cnrrlagcs,
mnttlngi.TCfrlgcratoi-'". etc., nnd nt price thnt
will sistoillfill'.voll. All coods sold on tlio In-
etallment plan nt cash prices. JJleunnt bed
loom set-- nnd parlor furniture In groat varl
ty. Don't f oi get the number, DJU botcnth
Sometimes Pcoplo Mean What They
'Fancy Seamless Straw Matting, JWo.t laid.
Complete suit (Oak) Heed furniture, $33.
AsplendldTlaby Carrrlgo. 517.
Yfe carry a neat line of Furniture, Carpets,
Wall Tapers, etc. Our prices will stand any
kind of comparison you con mako. Invosti
gato for yourself nnd yon will bo entirely
satisfied With fair dealing, rrlces guaranteed.
W. II. IIoumiToN Co.,
12U F st. nw,
A l'ull Line of Casslmeres,
English Serges, Ac., suitable for Ladlet'Tny-lor-mado
Jacketn, Sprlnc Wraps, Hiding
Habits, Ac, ut tho Cloth House.
rzu u Kircei n.vw.
Look! Look I toolil Defy Competlt
M'lll sell for' ojMweck, and positively ono
week only, for CBh, all goods In our lino,
nhlchis completo In tho IMrnlturo Dopart
ment, for 10 per cent, of net cash prices,
lltcltbarth's. Odd Fellow's Hall, Seventh
street northwest.
Don't Huln Your Stomachs.
Bulletin No. 13, Division or Chemistry of
-Agriculture, makes soma staitllng rovolatlons
nstotbo impurity of bccrii sold bore, In tho
manufacture of which salicylic acid, bicar
bonate of soda, fculphlto, and other poisonous
subttltntes aro used. Among this class so
enumerated nro tho Milwaukee Wis.; Alex
nndrln.tVn.; St. Louis, Mo.; Philadelphia, Fa ,
and Washington, 1). C, wnllo tho earao pub
lication gives tho Cincinnati lleeracloan bill
as to purity. This Hs a statement of faots
rnndoiromibo official publication of tboDO
partzneat, tbo highest authority In tho coun
try. Physicians of hospitals and others oan
obtain an analysis of tho Cincinnati llccrby
applying to F. it. Finlet,
120tl d st. n.w.
Sole Agent for tho D. C. of Chris. Moerlln's
Cincinnati Veer, Tho Queen of ilJeora."
Tpo Queetfof lle.
The only beer for ladies.
Jolm'B Elegant and I'opulnr B
This controlly-locatcd and long-established
restaurant, on tho, corner of Seventh add J)
streets northwest, lsoneof tho finest and best,
conducted establishments In the city. It has
f. national reputation for the superiority of
tsoTBtcnj; which Is ono oftho epct,laltlos of
this restaurant.
, Tho oyster is a favorito art lolo ptdlot with
tho great majority of American people, and
this, restaurant has Improved fnollltloi for
preparing tbe luscious blvulro that never falls
to please tho most fastidious connoisseur.
Meals of every clescrlptIoHhot nnd cold
lunches, alwavs ready to bo eervod, Tho
finest brands of liquors and cigars dealt in.
. Prompt sertlco nnd comteous trcatmont
to all who may favor this popular resort.
This excollonliestnbllshment makes a spoo
Ulty In serving eeloot steamed, with no extra
fchargo. i
A .SpleililM Line of Mohair
nnd SIlKHraldS, Buttons. Ac. Buttons cov
ered to order, at tbe Cloth Unuso,
02'J l) street n, w,
... . .
TJo the Ladles,
ftenil t-nnr l&eo enrtatm ta Lh& Rrtsa fltfiim
Laundry, 13'J-J F street.
la Tour Fropeity Insured T
tf not eonsult Qunurr linos., 1310 F tt. n.vr.
It Is the llest.""
Ask for It. Schlltz's Milwaukee Laxor Beer.
For solo by all loading houses,
Lirnooiurn Cures Hooks mndo to order.
Handsome designs. Kervand, 1012 l'onusyl
vonlo. avenue.
Itiul den's Installment Houses,
This Is tlio pioneer Installment establish
ment of the National capital, centrally lo
cated at 030 and U3'jovcutb stroot north
wed. Mr. Huddcn has Justrecclvod a largo
Invoice of Bprlng goods. Including ltefrlgor
utore. Baby Carriages, &o. Also a full sup
ply of Funiltnro, Carpets, fitovos, Olloloths,
&o..aIl of which he offers nt tlio lowest oath
pilces on tho Installment plan-i-eltber weekly
or monthly payments, to suit his patrons,
i .1
For Washington Dressed Ileef
gd to John H. Kelly, stalls 038,020 and 030
Centre Market, and uqu and 208 Northern
Liberty. Corned beet a specialty.
. .I.
VismNa cinns neatly engraveil from your
plates at 7ft cents per hundred. Korvand,
101'J Pennsylvania avenue.
To tlio Ladles.
Send your lnco curtains to tbo Swiss Steam
Laundry, laaaif street.
The Quteu of Keen
Is a trifle higher la price, bat of superior
tnmllty to aHothers.',
MonooriNi ana address dtos stamped In
colors nt low-figures, Korvand's, 1U13 Penn
sylvania avenue.
i i i
'Alrterney Dairy Wagons."
Fresh Aldcrnoy lmtter, otmrned every morn.
Ing nnd delivered in H 0 "Ward'1 prints, 4Bo.
perlb. Also cottago cheese, buttermilk and
tweet milk, 6o, per qt. Cream, ISO. por qt.
liciirlamny be, honest, put they aro al
wpyson the bt. (F'iln.tle)pUla Call,
Committers Not Ueu e!oi Ilu Vn No
lloRularaioellnR I)atg,llut ilrmi Upon
tho Cull nf tle C'linlrmrtn.
Claim Wednfsdy
District of ColumbU Friday
Hdneatlunand Labor Friday'
Finance Tuesday
rdrrtpfl Hclatlons . fWeUricfidlly,
Indian tAITal Thnrsdny
Judlclnry Monday
Library. Tburnlay
MIIItnry'AtTulrs., . . .Tliurmlay.
NnTnl Arfnlr. . . Upiinwi1..t'
Lpntcnts., ,.i. rFrlday.
rcnsioi, ,.,-mwtiay
I"atoOkci Ar'strohHliVtotiflay
l'nb. ll'Id'ngs A. U dr.satnnlny
I'nbllu lands...... .Monday
'Territories Monday
Agriculture..... iWedncsflhy.
Appropriations. ... .Wlnesflny
Honking nnd Cur Tnevdnyand l'lldav.
Claims Tuesday.
Coinage, W'ts, A M's. .Wednesday.
Commcrco Tuesday and Friday.
District of rolumbla ..Tuesday and Friday
Foreign Affairs..... ..Thursday.
Indian Affairs Tuesday nnd Friday
Invalid Pensions iMondaynnd IMdny
Judiciary Tuesday nnd Tliurn
Mnntifactnrea ........ Friday,
Mllltnrj ; Affairs, ....... Tuetday.
Naval' Affairs TnrsdayandTlmrs.
Faolllo Hallronds Friday.
1'atcnts Wedr.C'day
Pensions Monday.
r'etomcorfS l"stroatlsiTuctday and 1 Ylday.
rrlntlns Tuesday and fcalitrday.
Pub. llld'ngs' & 'ds . Monday.
1'nhHo Lands .. cMondayAndTlmrs.
Hallways nnd Canals. .Thursday,
Illvers nnd Harbors ..,Mon ,'Wed.( and Frl.
Territories.., n. Wednesday.
War Claim Tne(.day and Friday.
Woysand Means , Tuesday and Thins.
Its main Ingredients are raw beef and Uuff yV
ruro Malt Whiskey, and It stimulates tba ener
gies and builds np tho tlisucs as no other '
eclcntlflo discovery haj ever done.
'"I am n Presbyterian clergyman and a Hoc
tor of Divinity, but I am not afraid to rcu
ommcild Daffy's '5falt Wblkey and Duffy's
Formula ns"tho purest and most cfflclent prep
arations ns a mcdlclno I know of, and my ox
pcrlcncols a largo one."
Mcado Centre, Kan.
"Duffy's Formula Is for salo by all druggists
nnd dealors. Frlco St per bottle.
, Rtchestor.N Y.
This Hotel amUCafo l$i sltnated adJolnliiKf
ino uapuoi, on too most cievateu point in
Washington, From its balconies a beautiful!
view can bo had of tho entire city of Washing
Ion, Arlington 'Heights, Fotomao Itlver und
ido uapnoi eronnos. Tli-J caio is stoeKcdi
with the best of tho season. Quests neeoininoi
untca with aciicnuui, niryand weli-ientl
latod rooms at special rates.
HENHY HHOC'K. Fropiletor,
(Formcrlr of New Yoiknnd Nowi,Torev 1
Jlorso enra from nil tho Itallroail Demits
pass In front of this Hotel .
mm; llKLTKDKItr;, Corner n.l St. mid
J. I'a.ave.. Washington. D. C. Hates, $'-S
to S3 per day! Firnt-olass in all of Its appoint J
monts. jHOAHLKY A, PA-E. Props.
renna. nvo. between mhnnd7thsta.
n. w., opposlto I'cnnsylranla Hallroad Depots
Wi II. SELDENr Proprietor.
"Army arid Navy .Headquarters.
U'OUi IE05 FIllE'ESarE'S.
TERMS $3.00 and S4.00, per Day.
Music Hall and Restaurant,
IMcals served table 'd'hote and a la carlo.
Tho'handsomo'denclng-kall can be rented
for balls, parties, etc, at any time.
HERMAN EDEL, Proprietor.
For Ladles and Gentlemen,
(821, 823 AND 1825 FIFTEENTH faT.
-A Ladien' Restaurant.
lArtanpements cari be mado for HECEP.
Wines, Liquors and Cordials by tbeHoltlo
or Case.
-rrAnms TuoofiK.
,11 ' AMEIUOAN riJiN,
Fbnn. nvo., incar d.4th St., Washington, D.
C J2.60 and 13 per day. Special latos to-
parties and permanent gnosis. Fassengor
j jotot n. -nATtrus.TTopriaor.
Cor, Broadway and Twenty-Ninth' St.,
JAnrE3lH.'HIlfSr.IN( l'roprletor.
Sixth, Street and Pennsylvania 'Ave.
L WOODBURY, Trcprletor.
1 i 1
o. u.BTATLEH.'luto'c.f Thousand Isl. nonie,
gAM.8 j
Corner Sixth St. nnd Fa. Ave.
(Tin IS AOMl!,
, AndDlrcctly on the Heoeli.
Corner. l'eDna and Atlantic Aves.
.class In Its Aooolntments.
upen iui mu year, .
, , , . , . . , JQ3- nFLAJiia tN. in.
Near Heach. Thoroughly Heated.
Thoronshly heated, not and cold sua
water baths, Extensive sun callerlen. Ele
vator. Open February to Ootober,
aWK nVAVEItr.T, Atfuntle City, N. J.".
, Oien nil the year. Steam heat, hot nnd
cold salt baths In tho liouso; fine cun parlors;
coaoh meets train. JtUtS, J. L. llltYANT.
.., -
Unoqualod In Tono, Touoh
Workmanship and Durability.
Special attenUan of Purchasers Is Imlted
u their "Now Artistic Styles," Unlshcd In dos
Igns of
Highest Decorative Art.
SECOND-HAND PIANOS, n fine assortm6nH
01 promincni puu'es ai au prices,
xtthh if-MADr s, nr
V lSli-kJltrf KX V.
S17 Market Space.
-m,.-.AAu.-iVin . ,'; aillfoHiTi

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