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Atliluiles of Prayer at the National
Conccr-ulnR residential Feet liy rm
Old Cilroioillst.
Judgo Grcslintn owns n linudsoiuo
farm, neat IiuUnnnpolis, ami is novor
so Jiappy a when ho is thcro nttond
ing la things. It in queer, snvfl tho
Chicago Herald, how this lovo of
rntm-llfo stays with successful farm
hoi union through nil tiiolr yoars of
nctivity in public or metropolitan
Holds and reappears In middles ago or
advanced life in tho purchases of
picjty acies In soino favorite spot. I
couUl mention. bcores of Chicago men
who own fnrniH In Illinois, Michigan,
Indiana or 'Wisconsin, and, almost
without'Oxecption, thoy scorn to tako
more prldo in tlicir farms than in
their business or profession. Judgo
flrcshnm is not only fond of his farm,
hut he is particulaily fond of pigs,
and, being a nativo of that part of
Indiana which projects Into tho laud
dt tobarco, whisky, 811111108111035 and
Minrp-noswi pigs, tho Judge's Ideal
hog is ono whoso noso Js not too
slioit nor his back too broad.
The Judge was In Snrlngllcld liold
ing court a few months ago, and tho
genial Colonel Wiggins of tho i.e.land.
took him out to sco tho famous I.cluud
fm in. Of course tho Ju duo wns. dr..
lighted with that mode) fcirffi'iind gar-denJbmUMulib-lt-plMsod
ldni most
fa.i a hold of lotig'iiosod lilgs that had
been bred from Homo of Colonol Wig
"inn's favorlto IJerkshlres nnil a num
ber of Mississippi lazor-backs sent
him by a Southern friend. Jmlgo
Cireslinm cast such wistful oyes at
these long-nosed fellows tliat Colonel
Wiggins made up a box of them ai)d
spnt them over to tho Indiana farm.
You can no inoro wean a man born
along tho Ohio lliver from his lovo for
long-legged, tli in-backed nigs th.-tn
you can tear out of him his lovo for
noises, and if Colonel Wiggins dinps
at the Whlto House next year ho ox
pecU to sit down before a savory dHh
of liver and bacon.
One of tho most interesting features i
of the "Walto funeral service observa
ble from tho gallery of tho IIqusq of
r.cpio?onta,tlvos tho other day, says
the HWi Washington correspond
ent, was tho way soino great men
pray .and tho fact that some great
men do not pray at all. When-tho
prayer was announced the President
net- tho examplo to his Cabinet by
dropping his head until tho bridgo of
his noso rested on tho brim of his silk
hat, which bo liuld in his right hand.
I! is left arm waa bowed and his pudgy'
left hand: rested on his kucownh the
linger tips, turned out( Ibis, easy hut
devout attitudo tho President has
studied In his.ntteudanco on Dr. Sun
derland's servicoj tho only foaturo
laclcing.there boing tho hat. Secre
tary llaynrd, sittingon the President's
left, covered his fnco with Ills black
cloved left hand, his whole body-bent
lonvard and his loft elbow resting on
his knee. Seorotary tfairchild, who
looked exceedingly short, placed be
tween twoBUch tall men as llaynrd
and Kndlcott, sat bolt upright, wJtli
his eyes almost closed, but ho fol
lowed tho service very closely aifil
was ready with tho responses. Secre
tary Endicott inclined, his, head
slightly, raising his left ho,nd to
support It. Secretary Whitnoy'n loft
hand was raised to his Chin, but his
head .was not inclined, and there was
no cvideneothnt ho was participating
in tho prayer. Mr. Garland raised
his loft lfaiurto his face and played
ncok-'ai-boo between tho lingers of his
black cotton . gloves. Vilas nnd
Dickinson reverently inclined their
heads, and Mv. Vilas made an. ollort
to follow- the service, but his tongue
tripjied and ho finally stopped. Sen
ator Tuvarts was nervous during tliO
player, and his long, lean Angers
played a tattooovor his faco. Senator
Sheiroaiuestcd his face upqnhis right
hand and maintained that position
throughout tho prayer, Senator
Allison was tho only ono of tho Con
gressional eommittoo appointed to es
rortthoremalnfl to Toledo who showed
no interest In tlio service. lie sat
boit upright, looking straight ahead
of talmV Senator Kdmunds, sitting
almost directly behind liim. his head
covciod -with tlio little silk scull-cap
which ho sometimes woais, hod
plunged his face in his twobnml'j,
which woro clasped in front of him
op tho desk, senator lliscock, liko
Senator Allison,' sat bolt upright.
Senator Ttansom was uneasy, iro
rested -his forehead first pn ono liand
and then on the other and thonou
bath hands. Senator 1'almor hod a
little black-headed cane in his hand,
and during tho. prayer he hold it up
to his lieht eve as a sort of muto
upolosy for his lack of devotion
Senator i Cockrclt ami Senator lute
loaned very devoutly forward and
i-oycicd their faces with tliclrhaudi.
J-onntor JJ.vwos doubled himself up ill
Ids chnir a .favorite attitudo of his
in tlio Senato Chamber and touched
tho finger-tips of his right hand to his
forehead, Senator AValthall and Sena
tor Jlorrlll bowed their heads de
voutly. Meanwhile, in one corner of
the executive- gallery, Mrs. Cleveland
and Miss JSayard, Bitting side by side,
had inclined their heads dovoutly ii
the attitude of pravcr.
'fheroJK an old chiropodist In Wash
ington Who lias doctored tiio corns of
iilllhe.greaitmen in (ho country for
tins int Third of a century, A New
Now -York,. Tr.ihvue correspondent
tisJced him' tlio Q.lher day how. many
Presidents had sat in his chair. "Lot
liiehw,''' ho .answered. "I bollovo I
haw luuVovory ono of themsinco thp
limp of linehanan. I came to Wash
ington in his administration, but had
not .nuch praclieo.thon. l'coploused
to i ocln'r tholr njvneorns. Several
Hiims n ypjir I went ,to tho Whlto
ilf i . o v lillo Lincoln was tlieio. lioth
lie and hls'vlfri had yery troublcsomp
feed. Whilo'lVhH operating on" Lin
coln uco lie admitted a dplegntion of
I'h'jgymcjuwlioluideomo to hoohlm
about extending the work of tho
'(!TiBtlali:GommisIon in the army.
Thov '-wrrn very much niton
ished when thov wore shown
into tho room where ho sat on
o table wltlfthisbarofcotupon a chair,
and J dt not krtow.oftnny otlior Presi
dent vbp would hayo recolved so.diic
nifltdnilok'gation under similar clr.
lUinstanres; lait his tlmo was.very
valuable, nnd he did not want to keep
tin-in waiting. He told a number of
tunny stovies about his- oxporionco
with corns and bunions, and very soon
1' doctors of divinity recovered from
i- it astonishment and bog.m toes-i-iinugo-
rUws on the .Hubjoclieii
they sobered down mil pre-Tenled
their case to Mr Lincoln, who prom
cd to issuo tho order they wanted.
At another time I vtos with him
when Secretary Stanton came over
fiom the Wnr Hepnrtmont with the
news of n great victory, and tho Pres
ident was so plesned that he Jumped
around tin) room with hi Imroleet
liko a boy. 1 never had much
to do with Johiifeon, and novcr
heated him. but once that
1 remember of, when he came
to the oltlco. Cliunt had very, good
feet. Thoy wero quite small for a
man of his build, nnd ho had ltttlo
troublo with them. I do nol remem
ber having treated him more than
threo or four times while he was
President, although after lie went out
of olllce ho camo down hero on sev
eral occasions. Iio was visiting Gen
eral llcalo. I bclievo it was after his
trip around tlio world. Hayes sent
for mo only once, but Oarflofd was n
regular customer all tho while he was
In Congress, nnd nftor he bocaiuo
Prcsldont 1 suppose I have his name
twenty or thlity times on my books.
Ho was always troubled with corns.
Tho day before lto was assassinated a
colored juou, In footman's livery,
camo into iny olllce and Asked Jf 1
could treat doiioral OnrlleW at'oncc,
as ho was to lcavo town tho next day.
1 had a patient in the chair, but ho
kindly consented to give way for the
President, who then came up, and
was hero for half au hour. Arthur
nover had any trouble with hi3feet
ho always was veiyicaroful about Ids
shoes mil I was (Sent for several
times while ho was President to treat
mcmbeis of his family oi guesta."
In tlio "Life of Ilov Manasch
Cutler," recently published, thci'
lowing otinclJuui-hirtrarvappeais:
"JanjiarrlTls-PL'. LVulny. 'Although
tho President hau no levee, a number
of rcdpinlists. agreed to go from tho
Capitol In coaelie.s to the President's
houfciuid wait upon him, witli the
cointillmontis of tho season. We weie
received with pollteccw, entertained
with cake and wine. The mammoth
checfe having been presented this
momine, thoPiesidont invited us to
go, ns ho expressed it, 'to the Mam
moth room and sec tho Mammoth
cheese.' There we viewed this
monument ofl human weakness
ns long ns wo pleased, then return
ed." In n foot note is tbo
following oxplanati&rt: "When Jeffer
son was chosen PreoUJent, Elder
John I-eland (u Paptist -clergyman
from Chcshlie, Mn.sachus6ttft,) pro
posed that his llock should celebrate
tho victory by niakinjpfor the now
Chiof Mugistrnto the biggest eheeso
tho world had ever seen. "livery man
and woman w ho owned rt cow win to
glvo for this cheese all the lrillk
yielded on a certain drfy only no
Federal cow must contribute a drop,
A hugo elder press wns fitted up to
mnko it in, and on the appointed dav
tho wholo country turned out with
pails and tubs of curd, tho girls
and women in their best gowns
and ribbons and the men in
their Sunday coats and clean
shht collars. The eheeso was put to
preB.s with piaycr, and hymn-singing
nnd great solemnity. 'When it was
well dried it weighed 1.000 pounds.
It was placed oir a sIcIkii. and Elder
John l.oland drove with It all thp
wnv in Wnqlittiflnn. Tt n-nq n -tnnriift-i'
of threo weeks. All the country had
heard of the big cheese, and cnmeout
to look at it as tho elder drove along."
Says a Washington letter in the
Chicago Tribune: Tlio pink tea, has
now a dangerous ilval in tho "yellow
breakfast." At arecent yellow break
fast, served by the way at .". o'clock in
thaaftcrnooii, the table linen was of
yellow' and wliltedmnask, beautiful
scarfs of yellow Chiua silk, woio
diuped oircctively over tho backs of
tho dinintr chair?. The rloral deco-
l aliens consisted of daffodils and nar
cissus, and tho ho ,tesi herself wore a
gown of butter-cup. yellow plusU,
which almost lot it identity in bil
lows of filmy lace. The pnlo yellow
'lights of the.lampsblonded iu-porfcet
harmony with tho golden sunlight of
thodflernoon, and illumined au effect
ns stiiking as it was novel and pic
tureftue. r
It is one df the misfortiuu-s of the
riclii Senators,' Hijs the1 Washington
correspondent, of the New York
Tribune, to bo coiiMantlj besieged by
applicants for small loans. Among"
tho most wealthy men of the Senato
is Ihown of Georgia, whose patriarchal
beard nnd air of solemnity mako him
a particular target for tho impecu
nious. Tho way in which lie repelled
ono of thq applicants on his generosity
is something liko this: Across tho
hotel table from tho Senator sat a
sad-oyed woman boarder wliohadonco
been in gdpcircuinslnncps, but, upon
whom adversity had 'frowned of, Jfil.'
"Sonator," said this ,etul-oyc(l lady,
"you Southerners are so chivalrous,
so ready to assist those in distress."
"Yes," replied the Senator, hesi
tating; ho had heard that bo fore
from gad-eyed people, and ho thought
he divined what was coming, "Would
you, Sonatoij "with your,.true South
ern chivalry do mo n favor and a
gieat kindness?" "Yes, madam,
what is that is It dopends some
what" "Think well, Sonator, bo
foro you promise, for it Is a great
kindness." Tho tonosof the same
old song tho Senato,r had heard mony
times before from parties who wanted
a ?10 loan. "I'm afraid, madam,
that I will hovo to but what is it you
wish, anyway V" "That you pass tho
catsup you hnvo everything on your
,llas Mi, ntiuld Itetl.i-e.I?
Wo violatq nqccudUIe&cewljen wo Mate
that tho rumor that Jay Gould . lias re
turned to Settle up hi-t affairs and letlre
permanently from Wall --trcct U not en
tirely authentic. Mr. tfould has fre
quently settled up bis fliliilrs nnd retired
permanently fiom Va. street before, anil
it is worth noting that when he- re-sumed,
it wns generally considered a hint for
mnnvnlhi-r vi.rr'iitnlrirs tn rniirt t.Aitnn.
mnnyntiicr speculators to retire peuaa
mmiy iium null siren wiiuoiu seilllli
up their ntlir.rs, leavliw (lint tittle forma1
fry to tlictiwiguee LNew VorU LiiV.
licnlly from, Walt street without settling
There nn- no wonh than tlies nrire-ad
"I cdiilil liavc ilfina !f I hail h.ul "
Tlie limit v ln clifftrta-tiiti a.id retrain
Hns n'wii- fulli-il locatcli tlie tr.iln.
'IU finilil have bought'' the oorner lot
Tor fifty ilul ur--HUe as not
Which, wine two weeks ajto, or more,
You paid eleven thoiuatid for.
The cuningcteain you bought lit town
Pliinklng cloven hundred down
"He could lmvegot." alonj lat Till,
I'or lift four hundred, rig .and all.
"If (in had bad" when Jones went In
Tho CongioM-iunn hu'd now have been.
"Jf lio'd of had" your SCU00U113, s.iy
A Puprenio Judpo fio'd be to-day.
"If ho had hnd'1 your start and health,
Millions would tea reel v count bis wealth.
"if ho lind" read tUcoIogy,'
A sctond llcccliiSr lie would be;
"If lichad" turned UlithongUtsto rhyme,
Tho ages with his muse would chime;
"If ho had had" what crowm to win !
"If ho had had" he could have been !
'If ho had had" -how hlgU ULsthrouo
"If ho had had" he now wor. a own
ritole, flat, uniirotltuble. Bid
"li I had l..id-Ii I had had '
tRobot'. i JettOi
China Otn:inini f.Unn to SIri I.eur y
Mnrthn Wn'hlnglnti.
The rcconl number of "Tho Maga
zino of. American History" devoted lo
Washington, savs C'coil Hampden
Cults Howard in the April number of J
that monthly, serves to bring up an
other incident in his cniccr which,
though known tun general way, has
a detail which Is new to most students
Of histoiy.
On the occasion of his visit to Ports
mouth, K. H., in 1780, ho called,
nmong other places, nt tho residence
of Jlndam Lear, the mother of his
private secretary. Before his call ho
sent Madam Lear a nolo lequcsting
that ho might sco all the: chlldicu.
The occasion wns a gala one in every
censo of the word, nnd every atten
tion duo tho honored Father of our
Country was shown to him, The
good Madam Lear, after tho return of
Washington, received from Martha
Washington three china ornaments
"fort lie chlldicn." They were tnkon
fiom Washington's own mantel, nnd
represented tespcctlvcly ti bird on n
branch of n tree, a peasant with a
boitnuct of (lowers, and n' girl with
For many years theso remained in
the possession of Madam Lear and
her family. They were destined to
ho separated, however. The bird on
the branch of n tree wns presented by
Madam Lenr to Mrs. Kdward Cutts of
'Portsmouth, N. IL, who was jjiuj-fc?-her
wliomjJsHs'wero icgularlyaud often
0X"-nangcd. Tho bird was then in
excellent condition, without a crack
in any patt. The gift was duly ap
'predated by the recipient nnd care
fully guarded. Threcsi-oro years and
ten have elapsed slnco it went into
the hands of its third owner. Dining
that time it lcmaincd tliiity years or
uiorcin Portsmouth, N. II., an object
of curiosity and delight to both young
and old.
In 18X1 when Mrs. Edward Cutts
removed to the central part of tho
State of Vermont, with her children
and grandchildren, the bird wns
btill chciislied and followed tho fam
ily. Put fortv-fivo years havo sinco
passed, and tho china is sadly-nicked
ami marred sin'ee tho removal lo
Yeimont. Tho spreading branch is
gone, and only tho bird on n treo
stump remains to show its former
glory. From. Mrs, KtlwoTd Cutts It
descended to tlio family of that lady's
only son, tlio late lion. Hampden
Cutts, and at present is in tho homo
of tho writer, thq grandson, of Hon,
Hampden Cutts.
As a specimen of work in china of
nn early dny It is unique, and, oven In
Its present condition, roveals con
siderable of the Original shapo and
figure. Trifling In its intrinsic value,
it has from association an unusual In
terest, especially as it is difficult to
tell its exact ngo.nnd earliest associa
tions. Tho meio fact of Its having
been in Washington's" possession gives
it gieat interest, but, when wo dpubjo
'or treble thUt, ns ono inny by tho mon
nnd things clustering about it in suc
ceeding, generations, it has no com
mon vnluo that man may cstlmatei
,i ' i ,, , ,
A Confcitornte's Kxporlenco On III
AVny lldmo Trum tho AVnr.
Among tho rssent visitors to tho
Capitol was Hon, James Il.mnorman,
chairman of the St. Louis House) of
Delegates. During tho war "Jim,"
i33 he is familiarly called, wore a gray
unifoim, and was a-gnjlant. soldier.
When hostilities ceased ho found
himself nnd three companions near
Waco, Texas, to which plnec. the dis
mantled aud demoralized three pro
ceeded. A friend of "Jim's" family lived
tliero and from .him ho seoured a lonn
of ECi, giving to oach of.his tbrqo
.companion? &j, and letaiuing the
i'ouitb. Mounted on "P. flat" mules.
Baniierman's feet' raking the ground,
moy proceeuctt ion am tneir nomes in
Two days out tho quartette drew
up at a log cabin, wliero a largo piece
01 blown wrapping'paper was dis
played bearing, in charcoal letters,
'"Lager Peer for Sale Hero.'' Thoir
mules wero given over to a con
venient dorkoy, and- they entered' tho
establishment. Thoro a- one-armed
Dutchman stood behind an impro
vised bar. f-ald It.iuueriuiu : "My
frlendr what have you got here pop,
soda, ginger, beer or tho genuino ur
iticleV" Tho answer came : "Dat-vos
dor alicnuinc. ualvcston peorr uud
idwonty-flve cento a glass." "Tho
devil you say," remarked tho return
ing Confederate, at tlio samo time
slapping his only ijo-gold-pieco on tho
counter. "Just dish up that bcor till
that monoy'u all gone, old man."
Tho calculation was a short one, and
between drinks tlio four and tho
Dutchman became congenial friends.
Deforo patting tho latter handed
them a brcad-and-bcef sandwich al
, around, ami, having, lpst hs,- arm
under. HOod: as tho party was about
to-go, ho called Bnnncrman back and
bluited out: "Mine friend, dot vns
dor doinndcbt trick vol I over seed.
1's heard ov fellers spenden dor
last dollar vot" visky, but - you vas dor
vlrstfollor yot I seed spend his last
dollarferbeer. Ledstakovone glass
more on dot."
Ulnln Kcrclilel'M 'Xlils Vcae.
Pino linen handkerchiefs arc tho most
fashionable. lor gentlemen's wo this year.
They aro rather tnialler in sizo than they
htiye been formerly and aro hemstitched.
,Tho border is nUmt onoand adialf inches
.wide. Homo, llne'ii handl;erchlef-i have
fancy borders, tmall strinos or checks
bciug tho most popular. In Mlk hand
kerclilcfutljcil issniallcr and the hem
.much narrower than those useil during
tho winter. They are perfectly plain, tho
fancy bordered ones.hnviiiK pone entirely
out of faHiiqn- Hdff York Mail and Dx
press, Amiultliib's Iiauibs,
"How's dnt ur boy ub niliio coming on
luilcBunilay-chool'"' asked 8am John
sing of Kov, Aiiilulcl.il) Pledoo of tho
IIluo LigUti Colored -Tnbornucle, "Ho
iconics ui iiilglily slow wid de collects.'1
"Koab (led, I'll tan his black hide. I
;gtbe him er dime every Sunday to put in
ilc plate."- l'nron Dledsoc explained tho
'difiern.ee between n collect ami n eol
'lection, whi-reiipon 8am said "lUr's no
.usb crovdlu' de boy; I nehber hud no
talent for 'llgion when I was er child."
.Tesas Blftinss.
'j A Chiller In tlio Uyo.
. Vjihyiiolan wiitc InainQdlcatJournal
itki he learned how 1p get cludcru or
vother jmljstances ont of'tlio'eyofioui an
engineer on who1 locpinqtlyo ho was
rialncr. . The doctor cor 11 cinder In tils
eye nnd began to rub it. "Let thnt eye
alone niid,rub fie other," taid thu engi
neer' Tho doctor pald.no attention. "Vo
an I toll you," said the engineer, "nnd
ypu',11 have it out in two mlnutps' The
doctor OboyeiLriibbina thq well eye, and
in a moment the cinder was lying on his
cheek. lie enys the trvatinont never falls,
wlieietlii'Mibstruicohns Hot cut into the
eyeball,-N, Y. Sun.
'Pqots blarled n(U-' lj posted on
u doorway. Hut who WnoU Ids bopts
The First Ilslubllslimcnt of the Sys
tem rifty-slx Vcars Ago,
Tlio Democratic Tlvo.TJilrds ltulc
nsii I'l-otcoilou to. Majorities,
Tho first rcaulnily called national
convention of a political uhnraotor was
held in Palttmoro .September 20, 18:il,
nnd wns composed of 110 delegates,
lepiescnting ID States. Its purposo
was to uominato an Anti-Masonic
cnndldato with tho view of driving
Clay out of tlio field. AVllliam Wirt
was placed in nomination, but on ac
count or Clay's .refusal lo withdraw
he vlitttally abandoned tho contest
nnd at tho election lccclvcd only a
few scattering votes.
ci.av'b momiKatio.v.
The opponents of Jackson's Admin
istration met in convention nt Haiti
more, Dcccmbor 12, 1831, but His not
known who first suggested this pro
ceeding. There wero 105' delegates,
including five from tho Distiiet of Co
lumbia. James Harbour of Virginia
was president of t tip convention and
CUjiiv-vrrfs noiiiTTialcd with great,on
thusiasni and unanimity. At this
convention tlio proposition was made
nnd discussed at somo length to hold
a National Convention of Mechanics,
tlio first evidence on record of nn nt
tetupt to bring tlio wotkingmon of the
country as uclnss into politics.
Tho campaign w as vigorously fought
dining the winter in Washington,
Mr. Clay leading his forces in person
and dliccting thu general managgment
of tho canvass. The following ac
count of otlior events in this memo
rablo contest is from an interesting
article on tlio subject contributed to
thelloston Traveller:
"clay's inp.vnt school."
The Young Men's National Itcpub
lican Convention met in Washington
on Monday, Ufo 7th day of May, 1832.
Nearly every .State in the Union wns
represented, and theiowcic present
"lOdclegates, among uhoimverc many
who afterward becamo eminent in
publiclife. William Cost Johnson of
Maryland presided, nnd amont: the
vice-presidents were Charles James
Faulkner of Virginia, William Pitt
Fcssenden of Maine and Gcorgo
W. Burnett of Ohio. Tho most
of tho tlmo of tho conven
tion was spent in speech-making,
and tho interest culminated on
Friday when Mr. Clay was conducted
to tho convention, and each momber
was personally presented to him, A'
strong platform was adopted declar
ing for protection to American indus
try, for a 11 ui form system of intoinat
improvements, for .a fearloss and in
dependent oxeiciso of tho constitu
tional functions of tho United States
Senate, nnd denouncing in vigorous,
terras tlio course of tho administra
tion, especially lit tho mutter of re
movals from oilico and its conduct of
affairs with foreign nations. This
convention was dubbed by tho Jack
son men as "Clay's Infant School,"
and .tho. Democratic press affected to
regard It only with contempt nnd rldl
ch?e. , Van, uri:i:tf axis tiic vior.-rit-sn:xoy.
Sd fnr ns 11 Presidential candidate
was concerned; tlfero-ivas no need of
holding, u National Democratic Con
vention. TJut thoro was tlio Vice
Presidency, and thp plan of the
Jackson managers was- to get Van
Ilurcn-bofoiO;tlie cpun.try. Martin
Van Duron, however, was not in tlie
samo favor with tho masses of tho
Democratic party that ho was with
the chief, It was known that Penn
sylvania (Would bittcily oppose him,
and ,it wtiacoititlu Unit Calhoun yoiihl
mako trouble in tho South, whero he
had gieat iiiUucncei Under dole-of
alayL'o. jsai; colbnol I.owIb wroto to
Amos Kendall, who w'ns then in Con
cord, N. II., outlining a plan for a
National Democrat ie Convention to
nominate a candidate for tho Vice
Frosldcnoy, and suegostiiiK that the
I.egislattuo of Now Hampshiro
tako tho initlativo in calling
such convention. Of course Amos
Kendall talked tho matter over
witli Isaac Hill, and tho result wns a
meeting of Ifi'.l members of tho Now
Hampshiio Legislature the latter
part of June, nt which it was recom
mended that n general convention of
Democratic-Republicans frioudlv to
tho re-election of General Jackson,
"to consist of delegates equal to tho
number of electors of President in
each Stato bo held In Paltimoro on
tho third Monday of May, 1832, to
nomiuato a candidato for Vico-Prosl-dont
aud to tako. such other measures
in support 0 tntj ro-olectlon of An
drew Jackson as may be deemed ex
pedient." This recommendation was
indors'ed by tho Democrats of othor
Stato Legislatures nnd constituted the
formal call for
the nnsT pr.Moci:.Tic con'vkn'tiox.
Tho convention met at Italtimpro
on tho 21st of May, 18:12, every State
except Missouri being represented.
Tho call.havlng, originated with Now
Hampshire, tho convention was very
properly Called to order by Mr. Sum
ner of thnt State. General ltobort
Lucas of Ohio waa ehosqn temporary
chairman, and John A. Dix of Now
York temporary secretary, who wero
afterward -niado permanent ollicers,
with sovpriil vicc-piesldciitH uud as
sistant secretaries. Committees on
ciedcntlats nnd rules wcio appointed,
and, following tlio example or tho
two preceding conventions, the Voii
erablo Carroll of Carrollton was In
vited to tako a seat in tlio convention;
but, as on tlio two previous occasions,
he declined. The C'o'inmlttco on ltulos
which has pioved tlio political death
of so many nsptrnnts for tho Deniq
crntic Picsidcutlul nomination. It
wns adopted as follows :
JltKk'rttl, That each Muto lo entltlod In tl0
nomination for tlio Icu-lVeslitcney 10 u num
ber of votoa equal to tlio number to which
,tboy mo outltleU In llio Eloetorjl Collegji
iiwkr tho Dew npurtloniiient, In voting fqr
l'reitldcnt nnd Vlue-I'ieililontl and that two
thirds of tho wliolo number of tlnMOtosIn
tho convention shall be necessary to oonstl
tiituu choice,
The purposo of this rule wns to give
n semblance of fairness to tlio nomi
nation of Ynp Bitten. fo. as to take
nw;iy excuse for bolting. The ad
ministration managers wore sure of
thrce-fouithsof tlio convention, and
so could afford to adopt It. It wnU
also voted that eacli delegation deslg
noto by majority voto tho person by
whom tho vote of tho Stntoshall bp
given. A delegation was present
from tho Distiiet of Columbia, but It
was refueu admission by a voto of
120 to 1JU, thus establishing -n prece
dent, which up to 11 recent datowns
followed by Deniocrntle conventions
in excluding delegates from cither
tho District of Columbia or from tlio
No nominations wcio formally made
for n Vicc-Prcsidcnllal candidate, but
the lesult of tho ballot which was
ordered was as follows! , Van Buron,
208;ltlchaidM. Johnson, 20: Philip
P. Harbour, 10. Mr. Van Huron wns
declared duly nominated, nnd the
nomination Wns tnndo unanimous.
T1IK I'jrcsiIlKXOT.
No nomination was mado for tho
Presidency other than that contained
in the following resolution, which was
tuinnlmonsly adopted:
Jlftolieit, That thu coinmlttco reposo tho
highest confidence In tho tmrltjr, patriotism
nnd talonts of A nil row Jackson, nnd that wo
mot cordially concur In tho rcpoatod nomi
nations which ho 1ms recolved In tho various
pnrts of tho Union ns a candidato for ro
election to tlio ofllco which he now flUs With
so much honor lo lilin-clf nnd usefulness to
tho country.
No isliitform was adopted, but tho
several dclogntes woro rccominondcd
to Issue such an address tp the peoplo
of their respectiva States ns they
should dectn oxpcdlont. The conven
tion Is a notable ono ns boing tho first
ofnn unbroken, sorics held by tho
Democratic parly for a period o'f now
more than fifty years. By giving
each Stato delegation tbo vot'tig
strength possessed by such Stato in
tlio T.lcctornl Collcgo it transferred, fo
fnms tho Democratic paily was con
cerned, Uio power of independent
choice and judgment from the Elec
toral Colleges, wheio It had been
placed by the framers of tho Constitu
tion, to the national nominating con
vention. This first Democratic Na
tional Convention, devised by Win. B.
Lewis nnd Amos Kendall, was the first
step in glvlngalmohtsupromo political
power to tlio national nominating
convention, it has since been
ADoi"ri:n nv am, political i'Aiitii:.
Fiom the campaign of 1SU2 till the
ptesenl time thcro lias been 110 such
thing as an attempt on the part of an
elector to cxeici60 n judgment and
discretion of his own. Tho National
Nominnttng Convention, so far as tho
Democratic paity is concerned, had
conio to stay. Ostensibly it was to
furnish a inoro complete expression
of.tho voto of tho people, but really it
was tho scltin" up of n gigantic and
inexorable machine. The famous add
much-criticised two-thirds rulo which
has become ono of tho unnltornblo
laWB of Democratic conventions, has
made it marc diulculf, fpr delogatcs
from States hopelessly in tho control
of the opposite party to unite and
forco upon delegates representing
Democratic States a candidato whom
tho latter do not want, a danger that
is frequently 11 threatening one In
conventions where a baro majority
voto is. all sufficient. Major Lewis
and Amos Kendall wero shrewd poli
ticians, but thoy buiUed bettor than
they dreamed.
Vni louft Tilings Over "WlilohOlmulicru or
tlio Semite Aro u lilt Cranky.
Nearly overy man in the United
States SeuntOy says a Washington cor
respondent, has a hobby. Senator
Blair can talk about nothing but his
Educational bill, and ho cafs, drinks,
and thinkfl education, and sleeps with
a Commissioner's repa.rt under his pil
low. Sherman's hobby is finance,
and he has rhlilcn it to somo purpose.
Colquitt's is temperance, and Wilsqn
of Iowa is nstrido of tlio prohibition
Iiojsc, and ho believes thnt thcro will
be a Prohibition Picsidont of ,tl;c
United States by and by. Scnntjr
Slewnit'fl hobby is silver.- Piddle
borger's hobby is tho abolishing pf ex
ecutive sessions, and Mat, UnnsohOs
hobby is North Carolina and tho
whiteness of his cults, Tom Palmer's
hobbles are many. Tho chiof of
them aio tho Porchoron horse, tho
Jersey cow nnd .Marcus Aurolius An
touiiius, tlie old lioman Kmpcror.
Gcoigo Gruy's is. the law. Ho would
lather piactico at the bar than beforo
tho Senate. Arthur P. Gorinan's
hobby is politics allied to tlio theory
that to tho victors belong tbo spoils.
Senator Brown has a very good hobby
in tho Baptist Church, of which ho is
one of tlio pillars, nnd Jonathan
Cliaco, the Quaker, rid 03 tlio tariff
hobbv horic ouitc frcnucntlv. Sena
tor Cockrell's hobby is comniiftco
work, and ho grinds away liko a Iforso
in a treadmill nnd accepts nil the
work thnt tho others put upon him.
Cullom's hobby hns boon Interstate
commerce. It is now tho postal tclo
graph, and his resemblance to Lincoln,
i nm told, pleases him. Hoar of
Massachusetts has a number of hob
bles, and nmong them are American
history and bibliography. Hour
knows all about books, and 1 vonturo
to say ho can tell you just where
cvciy 0110 of the descendents of tho
families who camo over in tlie Mny
llow'er live .to-day. Kenna of West
Viiginia hns 11 hobby in amateur
photography, llo hns photographed
everything within reach in Wash
ington, and lie has inado his left cyo
actually soro fiom looking through
thocamera. McPlicrsonof Now Jorsoy
has a hobby in fine stock. ' EijU
niilnds'fl hobby is parliamentary lav
and the rules of tlio Senate,
mid John J. Ingalis's hobby is
tlie finding out of now words for
Ills ideas, tlio result of which search
appals 'the Senato liko an onslaught
of genius. Allison's hobby is diplo
macy, llo never lets tho loft hand
know whnt tho right hand is doing,
and Iugnllsouco said of him that ho
could walkover tlio baro iloorofttlio
Senate in wooden clogs aud make no
more noiso tiiau a ity 011 tlie ceiling.
Torn, Bow en's hobby begins withn
P. and I leave tho loader to guess
whether it is poker or politics. Frank
Illscoek'fi hobby is lrauk lliscock.
jieagan'fl sionuy is interstato com
merce, and Leland Stanford's hobby
is tho breeding and raising of fust
OIiR SLIM. .1131.
Wicked ez hln.
Nobody cudden't do uuilln wUl hliu;
Tuft' ez er knot In er hlck'rv Urn,
Allers eround whar he shuddcii't cr bin,
Cuyln' en lilli)' en raisin' pertlo.
(.'ram Jam lull er pine Ole Nick
Wicked a clu,
Nobody cuddcn'l do nullunhl htm.
My he bated Peahen Drown
A us en eny ono In tdwn.
Foun' ouo-nltelndo Dcnkcu's roo'
Rot f-lx moiiKO In tho culerlinot';
C'udden'tgct Dcnkeu to lethlm go,
Hnoro he'd git squnr' cf ho got er show r-
Wicked ez kin,
Nobody cuddcu't do nullln wid him.
Deaken's litllo girl 011 de railroad track
Locolnotel-ctllIllllIn, orhtud her hack
Old Jim seed her en glv'cr yell.
Started en run fur hpr, en Well
Little girl's afo on rnnnln' 'rouii
Jim's 'bout six foot under groan'! '
Olo glim-Jim.
Nobody cuddcu't do nullln wid him.
Texas. Slftitiss,
Itemocrnts in P.oman: Itepiibllcnus
In Jtill'f; Independents In
Small Caps.
John T Morgan....... 11:1 rirst street n 0.
JLl'ug! .....iaas it street northwost
.Tames 11 Deny National Hotel
J K Jones Ols.Mstreot northwest
Liland Stanford 1701 Kstrcct northwost
(leorgo Hearst 1 133 Massachusetts aro
T MHmctn.,, Itlrai llona
UMTtlttr 201 North Capitol street
Jn Itauletl 020 Fourteenth st n w
OlU'laU ..'in street northeast
Til Sniilsbnry oiu I'onrteenth stn w
CJcorgo Gray ...811 riftccntli st n w
Wllklnfon Call 100.1 Nstrcet northwest
Samuel I'atco.. Metropolitan Hotol
JllHrown lAVoodmont Flats
A II L'ohiuitt 020 Now York avo n w
SMCultom 1 10-2 Masaclmotts avo
V It t'arwtll 12;i;i Seventeenth st nliv
I)V Voorliees,.....-.loi2Twcntr-Ilrsti!tn w
Uarld Turple B2 Uatrcot northcnt.
Wit Alllton 11a I Vermont nvo
Jt' Wilton O'Ja'riilrtcenthetnw
J.J Tngalli 1 11 ttrcct north.
I'JU'lumb 012 I'onrteenth stnw
JiuncIl Hci-k lit 'J Fourteenth it nw
J C S Illackljiu Ubbltt House
It f. Ollxon iT'J.'l It I nvemio
Jli:ustls 17(1 IN street northwost
J;ufitrt Halt -. .1)17 sixteenth strcotnw
Wl'i'isc i. Hamilton Honso
AT (Jiirmau 110.1 Kutrect northwest
UK 'Wilson 12q:io street northwest
li I. Daren ...170,V H street nm-thwest
U i' Hoar 1JS25 Kfliectnortlnvest
T IF ralmer 1 tan K street northsvet
t'll btkl.biiigt 1 1 tOM street northwest
DMSabli 1 lowul'lreln
VK llavlt 1700 Flfteeulhstnw
.izricorao .taoss v street nw'
i; O Wultlinll... Vlii Vermont nreuiiu
00 Vet 12011' street northwest
I'M Cockiell 1A18 K street nortliue.it
0 !' itanilmon I'orllnn.l Flats
A S ratldwk l'ortliind Flats
J P Jcne 1001. Mass nvo
Vi'iT&ttmm 1707 lthodo Iiland avo
llXf ntalr 201 Fast Capitol lrcot
Il'i' Chandler 1121 I street northwest
T It JleFlicrson 1011 Vermont nvemio
Itufus lllodgctt 1315 N street northwost
W ir Evartt lOOlKstrcet northwost
i'taul JlleccKk., Arlington Hotel
zn Vance 1027 Massachusetts nvo
M W Hansom Metropolitan Hotel
John Shtman l'.lll) K strectlnorthwost
111) I'aync 1122 Vermont aronuo
JXDelph H Lnfayotto Snuaro
JUiiUclull ItlgifS IIouso.
J I) Cameron 21 Lnfayotto Square
MS yuay.... 1G18K street northwest
JVWylMWci 812 Connecticut nvonuo
J V.aa 1213 N Street nw
M C nutlcr 1751 1 street northwest
Waito Hamilton Metropolitan Hotol
IG Harris in First streot'northcast
WI1 Uatc Ebblttllouso
Iticliard Coko 411) tilxth street n w
J Hlteagau 222Thiidstrcotn w
JSUorHtt 1 Thomas Clrolo
Q 1' JMmvnilt 2111 Massachusetts avo
J W Daniel...., .T700 loth streot n w
It 11 JlUldltberacr. . . .'.1107 U streot northwost
Mr. Kenna. r 1101) street northeast
C J l'nulkner lnoo Fourteenth tinv
PSa'tyer ,...18201 Mreet nnrlhivost
J V Ajmoncr. ..0 1) street northwest
IIouso or ItciiriKcntutlros.
1 .1 T Jones .Metropolitan Hotel
2 II A Her belt Itlggs IIouso
3 " O Oates.... ...Rtsgii House
X A CDasldson Metropolitan Hotol
0 .1 1: Cobb Metropolitan lloto
(I J II Ilnuklieud Metropolitan Hotel
7 W II Foiney 1110(1 street uortluvoat
B Jos Wheeler ,..K!,-."i M, street northwest
1 Pnimn l.'ltiOstroctu w
J C llIlrcckenriilKe.218 North Cnpltol Urcot
3 TOMcltac (118 I street northwest"
1 .1 ll Itogers 1302 HstP-oll northwest
5 aV l'eel l!20 Now Jorsoy avcuuo
1 TI, Thompson 1 130 17th stroetnw
J M lllcss illll Ostiect northwost
U JoiilcKtima Bit Fifteenth street
4 W W ilotroic Hamilton Houso
5 V A' J'elton CliainlK'illu'H
0 W Vandettr Wlllard's Hotel
1 a a R'jmei inoi nishteenth st n w
1 Robert J Vance.. .003 Fourtcentli st n w
2 Carlos Fi-ench, .. ..1311 Nlnoteoathst nw
:i cieuhiA 7..Hamllton House
4 Miles T Granger.. .30 11 ttr,cot1ioutheast
1 John B Fcnulnston. 027 F street northwest
1 nMDalll6on,. National Hotel
2 c Dougherty...., (National Hotel
1 ThosSI Norwood. .223 Indiana nvonno
2 HcnryG Turner. ...413 Fourth street nw
3 Charles FCrlp... Metropolitan Hotol
4 Thomas W GrlmosMetropolitnu Hotol
n John 1) Stewiut... 41(1 Sixth stroot u w
(I James II. Illount.. 41(1 ninth stront n w
7 Jmlson O cicmentsStetropolltonlllotoi
8 Hrnryll Curlton.Motropolltnii Hotol
0 Allen 11 Crtndler.lll21Istvcet!i w
10 Gcorgo T Darnos. Jlotropolltart Hotel
1 Hamom V DimhamWlS 0 street n w
2 Frank Lawler. . .
3 WiWawi'iAwn... 812 Twelfth stroot nW
t (IcigiJJAilaini.,. Arlington Hotol
0 W Uopllm ,.1228 Fourteenth st 11 W
(I UoberlUmU 1507 K street n w
7 Thoi J Utnderson.'llX North Capitol st
8 Halphriutno lil-JO Fourteenth street
1) Jsuisfl Jiyson. ..lllBGstrootnorthwcst
10 rMlipBl'ost.,... .1220 Fourteenth Btnw
11 W'tlltamll Oett. . .111111 street stroetnw
12 Geo A Anderson. ,238 North Capitol st
lit WmMbprlngcr... 431) street southeast
14 Jonalnanll jloteclittW 1 street northwost
in Joteph O (,'anilHi..Wllliird'8 Hotol
10 Mlas z Landcs,... 130 Maryland nvo n 0
17 Edward Lnno Metropolitan Hotel
18 Jthu Jlaltr Metropolitan Hotel
III It VV Townshond.ltlcgslfoiui)
20 John It ThdmaB.,.rx, l street northwest
APllovev 215 Hunt Capitol street
J II O'Neall onri 11 fct 11 w
J G Howard.. .....lotu 1: street northwest
W S Hnlinun lliiinlltoii Houso
CUM11U011 1(120 lthodo Inland nvo
TMIItokm KlU'J I street northwest
VV 1) llynnm 021 llltliMrectli w
j TJiilmtlon HW7 M street 11 w
.;; vhuuile uu sixth street n w
WI) Oicen llioiistuw
aV Alette lllms Ilnii-o
J ji tyiilte 807 Twelfth street n w
lll'fahlvely 127Atttcctiio
.7 II Clear Portland Flats
W I llayet 1H2.1U street northwest
JI ;.t7irt7on,...ycmnlpy' Hotel
W El'vller 1327 N street northwest
I) Ktir 20 Grant 1'laeo
J II Weaver 1U() Maryljud avo 11 0
UU Conyee HOIK W
A I! Ah'urnMiM... .102.1 Vermont avo
Jotevh Lyman... .Wliulkor lintel
A J IMmtt 1130 Twellth streot 11 w
1 a &ti vUe 211 Grant l'laeo
i: A M(mill....Mi. Itltll street,!! w
I.' II Fuiiiltin IMl.l TlilrtOHMitlt st 11 W
It IV VtrUni Hamilton Homo
7V.fi 7.'an........Nullonal Hotel
J A ln(frfwi...,.1U33 (l st northwost
lfj Timiii IftlU Fifth street u w
a J! Peteu National Hotel
W.J Hone ..Kill U st northwest
Folk I.nlVoiin 1110 East Capitol street
IF (t Hunter lfto EustC'iipltol stroot
A D Montgcmcry.oill Thirteenth st n sv
AG Carutli ..lllggsHoaso
J O Carlisle ltlggs Houso
W O Flircokenrtdiro. Windsor Hotol
JD JIe('reary,,...ltliji;8 Houo
(I M'Thmat Wllluid's Hotel
W v Taulbco 320 A.st northeast
U VFlulty 801 12th st northwost
TS Wilkinson,.,, .201 Duluwara avo n 0
Mult hewn Lagun.210 Delaware avo
Edwnrd J Gay. . ,.17.18 Ntlreot 11 w
N 0 Dlnnelinrd. . .ula Noith Capitol street
CheruVusco Nowlon.Metropollttin Hotol
b allobei (son, . ,202 Delawaro avo n 0
1 rnft4
..Hamilton Homo
2 A Dtoaltv.Ir ilamllton llon.h
II MUUHUn 1017 Fourteenth, st n w
4 V A Vou telle... .Hamilton Houso
1 CTt Olbon Wlllard'is Hotel
2 Frank T Shaw.... National Hotel
3 H.Wltusk Rnltlmoro
4 Isldor It.iyncr....lllirn Homo.
fi nnrnon Compton.l 103 II streot northwest
0 LovlfJJ jtcComaslllti' Hoiio
1 Robert T Darlt.... 13.17 Kstrcct norlhwest
'J. John D Lena 1021 K street northwest
SI Mopold Slorsc.Wormley's Hotel
4 l'ntrlck A Colllns.inj.1 a st
n IJdKara P llavdenr.'l list
2 Vt!V CalM LodqtVi'n Nineteenth stnw
7 Ulliam Copnoell.VMl I, street northwest
8 Chartet It Allen . . .1'ortland
11 Edwonl Iluruett..8(Hl Sovontcenth Stn w
10 .Tolm E Rncll.... Arlington Hotol
31 William 1!imiiff..rort!atid
12 fiancli W Itocltcetinium IIouso
1 JL CTilpman National Hotel
'l.KPAUen National Hotel
UJ ervonnetl 11)11) N street northwest
i J.(U'.Yn?wi 1 no K "trcot northwest
f! l1 i,ortI lal? Connecticut nvo
!! ir,?,l'.rfW Notional Hotel
7 JltWliltliipt ir.37F street northwest
8 TlJTprsuey National Hotel
,I! l'Ari!,"(c'"on 1 10" hissaohusctts avo
1? HO 1 Isher 1103 sixteenth st n w
11 11 0 Seymour K)03 (1st n w
1 Thomni Wilson. ..141(1 K st
JohnTAnd National Hotol
' -h !:. SIncDonaId...l7S 1 M'street northwost
r I-1"ycw U2(! F'ttcontli streot n w
B hnute A'elton 701 Fourteenth st
1 J M Allen Arlington Hotel
a J I) Morgan 222 Third streot n w
IITO C'ntehlngs... Woodmont Flats
4 FO Harry.... Matropolltnu Holol
r. a I. Anderson 1,120 1 st
H Tit Storkdnle... .13.10 1 st
7 CE Hooker 1702 Nineteenth Btnw
1 W1I Hatch 1322 0 street northwest
2 C II Mninur. 171 C streot northwest
1 a .u nocKcry wuinnm noiei
4 J N Itiirucs.
ft IV Warner..,.
(l JTHeard..,,
7 JI! Hutton ..
8.T.1 O'Neill..
0 JMOloser...
11 III' island ..
12 WJStouo....
13 lr7 Wade...
11 J V Walker...
...Diuanrs noiei
...Wllhird's Hotel
...81 1 Now Jersey nvonuo
...National lintel
...(108 Fourteenth st
..,130 Connecticut nvo
...1:1 in Fifteenth t
. . .1 13(1 Q street northwost
.. .210 North Capitol streot
.. .1203 QMiect 1101 ttrwost
vii in. street uounwost
1 JAMcShane 1110 (l st
J J I.nlnl I) III NY nvo
3 I) II EUorteu 1101 Kst
1 V Wocdlwn SKIThlilcenthstnw
?. '.' T, 5.rr,Klnncr 10" Blcct northwest
2 J 11 Galllnger Dunoarton Hotel
1 Oeorge lllren Wlllanl's Hotel
SI JJluchanan 207 East Capitol sticot
'' !Ma,nf1'': 173(1 K street nw
4 JM'idcock 700 Eleventh st
5 WW Phelps Richmond Flats
(I II lehlbacn 218 Now Jersey nvo nw
7 William McAdoo.lU20 1 street northwest
1 Terry Rolmont.... 1701 lthodo Inland avo
2 F Campbell .......Arlington Hotel
3 S VWhUe ThoArno
4 I'FMahouoy Arlington notol
5 A M Dllis Arlington Hotol
ll A-J Cummlngs....Ncw York Sun Offlco
7 I. S JJryco 1730 1 streot northwest
8 T.T Campbell Congressional Hotol
1) 8 8 Cox 1403 N Havo
10 FI) Mplnola Arlington Hotel
11 T A Merrlnmn 1203 u streot northwost
12 W I) Cochran 13 12 N street northwost
13 A F Filch Arlington
14 W G Stnhlucckcr. .Woodmont Flats
IB Hllaeou 1100 Vermont aronw
1(17 Ketcham 1320 K streot northwost
17 STlIopllm 1503 II streot northwost
18 E W Grccnman...l3'Jo U st
10 GTraey 3, Dupont Clrclo
20 GWetl. r12lbtli st northwost
21 JlIMoJltt mil L street northwest
22 14 XPaiktr 320 Four-and-a-half st
hj j a unerman roruona 1 urns
21 I) W liber,
National Hotol
20 M Delano....,
27 NW Hutting
28 TS Flood....
20 1 Darenvort..,
....Arlington Hotel
....Wlllanl's Hotol
... .312 Indiana nvonno
....31ft 0 street northwest
....1(100 20thst northwost
....U231Dthst northwest
J 1 Grant Plana
uo uaisaker
31 J a Eateyer...,
32 J M Farqvhar
81312th st northwost
721 11th st northwost
;i.i j is iteoer,
31 W a Laiaiaw 800 Twelfth st
1 I,r, Latham Metropolitan Ilotol
2 FM Simmons Metropolitan Hotel
3 C W McClammy..llS Fourth street n 0
4 JmiH Nichols Ebbltt Houso
r. JMlimctr R12 Thirteenth stnw
0 A Rowland 115 Fourth st n 0
.1 h iicnncrsou.. 1. Metropolitan Hotel
8 W II II Cowlos.
0 TD JoUuston..
..National Hotel
. .001 Est
,..Lo Droit Fork
1 B llutlenrorth.
V i: Ilrown.
,1120 New York avenue
il USWtlllamt .220N Canst
4 8 8 1'oder.
: iTiiirustrcet northeast
5 GEfceuey
a M JI Ilocthman
7-J E Campbell.,
8 IIP Kennedy..
U W ll Cooper....
10 Jllomett
11 A (: 37iomveon,
.1UJ18 G street northwest.
..152 D street northeast!
..loll Connecticut avo
..1101 Kstrcct northwost
,.1010 I.st
..Congreshlonal note!
, .210 North Capitol strept
12 J J 1'iianeii.
13 JlIOutliwnl(a....IlhmlUnn Ilniun
14 UFWiclham 123 C street northwest
,15 (HI Orosxenor.... 1308 V-street northwost
10 ltWllklns 1414 K st
17 J J) Taylor Hamilton IIouso
18 W 3rcKln!cy,Ji:' Ebbltt IIouso
II) 7i.'71 Taylor . 17 10 Mstrcot northwost
20 (7W Ctouse ltlggs Houso
21 M AFoian 1112 11 street northwest
1 Dinger Hermann.. 731 seventeenth st
7? ,9 Ojtovi.....(Atlurgc)011Kstnw
1 77 11 Jlinglutm.' .170s II st n w
2 OO'Xtlll 1320 Now York avenuo
3 K J Randall 1-JOO street southeast
4 W7; KtUty Rlggillotlao
5 A O Itarmer 51U Mth st
(I s Darlington 1800 Maachusetts avo
7 HJIVanitey National Hotel
8 1) Enifcntrout....2ia East Capitol streot
l) J A lllettand 1327 F streot northwest
10 WH Bowden 1)1.1 K street northwest
11 O It Buekulcw. . . .Ebbltt Homo
12 J Lynch 708 Tenth st n w
13 OXllrumm Ilelvcdero Hotel
14 F Pound '.....212 Fourth street s 0
IB FODuimell National Hotel
1(1 77 0 J7fC'orwldt... Portland nata
17 F.Scvll. Ebbltt Houso
18 L K Atkinson 710 Klovonth 8t n w
31) I.Malsn 1510 Thtrty-arst stn w
20 JPatlon Wlllnrd's Ilotol
21 WMcVulloqn Wlllard's Ilotol
22 John IJalidl Arlington Hotol
23 'FMDuvni .1207Connnvo
21 OJ.Jachon 013 Thirteenth street
2.1 J TMaffelt Arlington Hotel
2(JNI!all...., ,1331Citt
27 W L Scott Chnmberlln's if o(ol-
1 77.7 Spooner Itlttgs House
2 W 0 Arnold, Ult'itillouio
1 8 Dlbhlo Windsor Hotol
2 0 D Tillman ,412Blith street n w
i) J S Cot bran Metropolitan Hotol
4 YV1I I'errv Metropolitan Hotel
, D J J Hemphill 1325 G street north west
0 O WDargan 003 F streot
7W Elliott... Woodmont Fiats
1 HJlDutter ftOaTblirccnthst
2 L O Houk Congressional Hotel
a JRNual National Hotel
4 1) MoMIUln BID Thirteenth ta
ft J I Richardson. ..National Hotel
(l J E Washington,. ft Iowa Clrclo
7 WGWliltthoruo..EbbHt Houso
8 n A lcnioo. uui ii sirccmoniiwosi
I) PT Glass
10 J l'bclan.
Metropolitan Hotel
...1010 Nineteenth otn w
1 CStownrt
2 WH Martin.,,.
i) OIIKIIzorc
4 D 11 Culberson..
ft 8 Hare
Metiopolltan Hotel
217 E Cap st
4lft sixth street n w
Metropolitan Ilotol
, .Metropolitan Hotel
,30,1 (! street northwost
(I J Abbott.
7 w ll cram 12.1 u street southeast
8 I, H" Monro 310 c st n w
l) It lj Mills,,. lllftG street northwest
10 J I) Payer..,,.. ,.71!) Eleventh street
11 8 W T Lauhain....l)31klNuw Yprk nvonuo
1 J WSteuvit Arlington Hotel
2 W W Giout.. ...... 01 1 Ihtrtceuth
1 7' 77 71 7roirn National notol
2 OK itomhn.... 1.1220 Fourteenth st n w
3 (ID Wise 1323 G streot northwost
4 W EOalnet Metropolitan Hotel
ft Jltllrotcn Metropolitan Hotel
(I 8 1 Hopkins ..13 Third st 11 0
7 UT O'Ferrall. ,.,.810 Twelfth st
8 W H Fl.ce Ebbltt Houso
11 7; Boicen,,,, ,,Mutiopotttan Ifotol
1U Jacob l'(ut 81 1 Eiovonth bt
1 A Gntr Ir Ebbltt Iluiwa
2 W I. Wilson 1003 N streot n w
;i c p Snyder, National Hotel
4 CEHugg .....8UI lit
1 7.71 1'awrf. .,....8(W Twelfth st
2 11 (luenther 010 N Y avo
it It it La 7VYf,..810Twelfth street
4 Hi-MiT Smith 130 Maryland nvo no
ftTRHiidd, Kill) Thirteenth street
(1 C'TJt'rtrt.... 1210 G st
7 07 3'oHJj....ninA6tno
HifPflaiiatn 707 Twelfth st
i u 1 pupkmm, 1 uao F st
' "' " -SUMMARY,
nemor-rnts, 108t RejiubHeans, 153: Indcpcn
Ucnts,rflt9tttt,l2a, TtELTOXTT.
MA Smith. Ariz 717 1lthstnr
h(LbLGljrrrii, Dak 1103 O stnorl
. imafaate Idaho. ..1230 13tht
J jKToolc, Mont... l52tiiRtuortl
MA Smith, Ariz 717 llth st northwest
1st northwest
A .lOM-pU, ix si uu, st
jaCuine, Utuli 11 Grant I'lac
(ih Vooiiiw. wash, 1033 i,jit.nortuweit
Jit Cauy, Wreinlwt.llW u st n w
Tho Groat JPonnsylvnnlaRoute.
VovUf Tract SrittrMl Scenery.
Steel Haiti, Magnificent Equipment.
Is? trttci Notimbm 10, 1BS7.
Train lean Walhlngton from Station Corner
of Sixth-and D Streeti.at Fotloxm:
For Plttsbnw nndt tho West, Chicago Ltmltod
Express of Falaco Bleeping Cars at 0:50 a
w daUri Fast Line, ll:BO n m dally to Cin
cinnati Andlit. Louts, with slooplng earn
from Ilarrlsburir to Cincinnati nndbunTot
car to St. Imls: dally, excopt Saturday, to
cago nnd St. lords nnd (oieept Saturdays)
Harrlsbura to Clevonnd, comiectlnir
dall nt flftrrlohnrg with through sleep
ers for Louisville nnd Memphis, raclao
Express. 10 p,m .dally for riUflbnrg and
tho West with through slcepora tol'ltts
burg and Pittsburg to Chicago.
For Erie, Cansndnlgua, Roohostor, Dntralo,
Niagara, 10 p m dally djt-opt Saturday
with palace Carl Washington to Roohestor.
For W llllamsport, Lock Ilavon nndEUnlraat
0--10 n m dally excopt Sunday.
For Now York nnd tho East. 7:20.0, 31 and
llllp a m. 2. 4:10, 10 and 11:20 p m. On
Sunday. 0, 11 ! 10 n m, a.lilO, 0 und 1 1:20
P m, Limited Express of Pullman Tarlor
nnd Dining Cars 0:40 a in dally oxcopt
Sunday, nnd fMapra dally.
For Uoston without cnango 2pm ovcry day.
For Drooklyn.N.Y., nllthronghtriilns connect
at Jersey city with boats of nrooklyn An
nex, affordlnz direct transfer to Fulton
trcot, avoiding double fen-lago across
Now York: city.
For Philadelphia. 7:20. 0. 11 and 11:40 tn.,1,
4:10. 0, 10 and 11:20 p m. On Sunday. O,
11 MO n m. 2, 4ao, 0, 10 and 110 p m.
Limited Exnresv. narlor nnd illntntpnfir.
0:40 a m week days and 11:45 p m dally.
1 Elltimoro, 0:33, 7:20,0, !):10, 0:50, 11
and 11:10 n m. 12.03, 2, 3:15, 4:10, 4r20,
4:10,0,8:10,10 nnd 11:20 pra. On Sun-
day,0, 0.03,0:50. 11:10 a m, 2,3:4.1, 4:10,
u, o;ju, ju nuu ji;u pm.
For Popo's Croek Lino, 7r20 a m and 4:10
p m dally except Snaday.
For Annapolis, 7:20 and Oam, 120.1, 4:20
and 0 p m dally except Sunday. Sundays,
For Alexandria. 0, 0:45, 8: !0, 0: 17, 1 0T7 a m,
12:01 poon, 2 0.1, 4Hl3, 5, 11:01. 0.30,80.1,
105 and 11:37 pro. On Sunday at 0.
0:17, 10.57 n m, 2:30, 0:30, 8.03 and
Accommodation tor Quantlco, 5pm week
For Richmond .and tho South, 0, 10:37 a m
dally ana 0;01 p m dally excopt Sunday.
Tralnlcave Alexandria for Washington, no.",
7:0.1, 8, 0:10. 10:15, ll7n m. Ir20,3,
0.-23, 5:10,7.-03, 0:32 10:12 and 1103 p
m. OnHundny nt 0:10 nnd 11:07 a m,
2, 0:10, 7.-03,0:32 nnd 10:12 pm.
Tickets and Information at tho ofllco, north
cast corner of 13th street nnd Pennsylvania
avenuo, and at tho station, whero ordors can
bo left for tho chocking of baggago to dcattna
tlon from hotels and residences.
General Manager. G. P. A.
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.
Echcdttlo in offect Nor. 20. 1837.
Lcavo Washington from station corner or
New Jereoy avenuo and 0 stroot.
For Chicago and Northwost, express dally
10.65 a.m., 010 p.m.
For Cincinnati and St. Louis, express dally
2.30 and 0.40p.m.
For Pittsburg and Cleveland, express dally
10.55 a. m. and 8.40 p. m.
For Lexington and Local stations, in.iO a. in.
For Philadelphia. Newark and Wilmington,
7.30 n. m., 2.05 and 0.55 p.m. dally, ox
press; For Intermediate points between Batttmoro
and Philadelphia, 15.00 a. m, and 13.15
For Slngerly and Intermediate points, 14.30
For Baltimore, B.OO, ano, 0.40, 7.S0, 8.00.
0.50 n. m., 12.10, 2.DS, il.lS, (40-mInnta
train), 3.00, 4:30, "4.40. G.30, 5.55, 0.45.
7.30, 8.35 and 11.30. p. m. Sundays,
0.00. 7.30, 8.30, 0.50 a. m.,
3.30, 4.40, 5,30, 5.50, 0,45. 8.35 and 11.00
p. tn. '
For Annapolis, 0,40 nnd 8.30 a. tn., 12.10 and
4.30 p m. on Sundays, 8.30 a m, 4.40 p
m. LcHto Annapolis 0.40, 8.30 n m, 12.05, pa. Sundays, 8.30 am, 4.10
For Way Stations between Washington and
Baltimore, B.OO, 0.40, 8.00 a. tn., 12.10.
3.30, 4.40. 0.45 and 11.30 pm. On Sun
days, B.30 Xm, 1.30, 3.30, 4.10, 0.45 and
For stations on tho Metropolitan Branch,
t0.35nm, 8.40am, t4.4()p m, for prin
cipal stations only S1.10 pmand 15.30
p m. son Sundays stop at all stations:
For Galthcreburz nnd Intermediate points,
t.30 a tn. m.so p m. M.35. tll.20 rt ra.
For Boyd's and Intermediate stations, t7 p
. mlo,00pm. .
Charen. train leaves Washington on Sunday
only at 1.10 p. m., stopping at all sta
tions on Metropolitan Branch.
For Frederick, t3.40 am, t2.30p m, t5 30p
m, Sundays, 1.10 p.m.
For Haecrstown. t8.4() n m and ts.oo p m.
Trains arrive from Chicago dally 0.20 a m and
6,4ft pm; from Cincinnati anil St. iinls
daily 0.20 nm and 2.2.1 p ro; from Pitts
burg dally 7.00 a nvB.45 p m.
From l'hlladelnhla, Chester nnd Wilmington,
10.40 a m, 2.20, 7.10 and 0:30 pm dally
and tl.BO p. m.
Fiom Slngerly and lntonnodlato points north
of Baltimore, 10 a. m. dally.
Trains leavo Baltimore for. Washington at
B.10. 0.2.1. 0.30, 7.20, O, 0.03. 10 a.ra;
12.15. 1.30, 3. 4.10. B. 0, 0.30, 7.30, 8.30
and 11 p. m. On Sundays, 0.30, 7.20,
0.05, 10 a. m.l 1.00, 1.30, 4.10, 0, 0.30,
A 7.30, 8.00 and 11 x. m.
tExccpt Sunday. 'Dally., Sunday, only,
Buggago called for nnd t-hcoked athotoli
and residences on orders lott attlokotofllcos,
010 and 1351 Pa.-avo.
Manager. Gen. Fuss. Agont.
PlodmoAt Air Lino.
8.20 a. m. -East Tennessee mall dally for
Warrenton, GordonsvUlo, Charlottesville,
Lynchburg and stations betweon Alexan
dra and Lynohburg, Bristol, Roanoko,
Knoxvllle, ltome, Calera, Montgomery and
New Orleans. Pullman Sleopor Washing
ton to Now Orleans.
11.21 a. m. Fast mall dally for Warren
ton, Charlottesville, GordonsvUlo, stations
Chesapeake and Ohio routo, Lynchburg,
Rocky Mount, Danvlllo nnd stations be
tween Lynchburg and Danvlllo, Groonv
boro, Raleigh, Charlotte, Columbia, Au
gusta, Atlanta, Birmingham. Montgomery,
Now Orleans, Texas and California. Pull
man sleeper Now. York to Atlanta, in con
nection with Pnllmnn sleepers Atlanta to
New Orleans, and Mann boudoir aloopors
for Birmingham, Vlckebnrg and Shrove
port. Pullinan sleeper Danvlllo to Cif
lumbta and Charleston. Solid trains Wash
ington to Atlanta. D001 not connect for
V. and O. routo points Sundays.
2.35 p. m, daily, except Sunday, for Manassas,
Sirasbnrg and Intermediate stations.
ttSOp.m. Western express dally for Wnr 1
teuton. GordonsvUlo, Charlottotvllle.
Louisville, Cincinnati nnd St. Louis,
lmllman Sleepers and solid trains
Washington to ixjulsvlllo! also for LynoU
bnrg. Urtstol, Chattanooga, Memphis, Lit
tle Rock and all Southwestern points.
Through Pullman Slcopors Washington to
Memphis without change.
11.00 p. tn. Southern express dally for Lynch
burg, Danvlllo, Rnlclgh, Ashovlllo, cnnr
..lotte, Columbia, Alkeir. Augusta, Atlanta,
Montgomery, Now Orleans, Texas and
California. Pullman Slcopcrs Washing
ton to New orlenni, via Atlanta and
Montgomery. Pullman Sleepers Wnshlug
ton to Alkcn, S. C. without change.
Lcavo Washlnirton 0.12 a. m. dally, oxcopt
Minuay, aim a.10 p, 111. aauy, aiTivo iiouuu
mil-11.48 a, m and 7.21 p. m.j return
ing, lease Round Hill C.50 n, in, dally
aim .r 11. iU) uuuit ui,vcui""i -
ririus Washijiston 8,08 a. us, and 3.B5
and 1.20 p. m, dally, excopi Hiinuay, ar-
Through trains from tho South via Charlotte
Danvlllo nnd Lynchburg arrive In Wash
' lngton 8,10 n. m. nnd 8.23 n, m.l.via East
Tennessf-o, Bristol and Lynchburg, at
11,13 a. tn. and I). 10 p, m: via Chesa
pcako and Ohio routo nnd Clinrlottusvllle,
0.40 p. m. htrasburg local 047 a. m.
TlcketS'leeji)n?-ear reservation and infor
mation (urnlsucd and baggagu checked at
oOlce, 1300 Pennsylvania avenuo, nnd at
Fusseiuvr station, Peniojlvaula lt..lt,, sixth
and B streets.
, General Passenger Agent.
I, 1
Chesapeake and Ohio Route.
(Newport News and Mississippi Vnlloy Co.)
Schedule In eOcct Nov. 13, 1887.
Trains, leave Union Depot, Sixth and B fits.
10.67 A. M. For Newpott News, Old Point
Comfort nnd Norfolk, Dally except Sun
day. Arrtro In Norfolk 7 p. m. Througq
parlor car Washington to Old Point.
11.21 A. W-For stations on tho Cliosa
peake and Olilo In Virginia, West Virginia
and Kentucky dally, oxcopt Bauday,
sleeping car Clifton Forgo to Huntington.
6.00 P.' M. Fast Western .Express dally.
Solid train, with Pullman lluttot sleeping
cars to Louisville, Pullman servlco to Cin
cinnati, bt. Louis, Memphis and Now Or
leans. OHcO, Dia FannsylTftnta avenuo.
- , lUWoa. Vua, Ase
v.w. JJ,.MUlik4Lji!lXj'rhlt
. -iKKirrUi. ijy.lrtiMux.. uitaMtt "j
L.A-1. r.T,.
vrt4 - -
-l.il,J4r IMA4ljtAvt.

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