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The "Washington Oeitio
I Bold by Newgboya.it J2
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20TII YEAR No- 0,139,
Events of Interest In and About thp
Illllrt A introvert Navnl Cadets Ap-
luted New Postmnstcrs.
Frcedmnn's Hospital. Patients
admitted during Mnrch, 151: discharged,
110; deaths, 21; remaining In hosjilfal, 253.
IllllH Aiiprovcd. Tho President has
veil tno act for the, relief or h. A.
vwni iiionctsgrunnug pensious to
Willi iii
i :v. Avnu, audio H. Hutchinson
mid id
1ctfclt.l. IVnltll'u TT,t..iiriA.
- XnvnV (ndmnfnr Tlinmit 7- lfn1,h
liavlng inndo application to ba pineal on
mo retired list on occount of Illness, will
bo ordered beforo u retiring brmrdt
Nnvnl Academy Appointments.
George Harrison or Jersey Cl(y, N. J., has
been appointed to a cadctshlp In the
Naval Academy, nnd Win. F. McDonald
of tbo Mmo Place nnd Win, Chamberlain
of Norfolk, Va., hnvo boon appointed al
ternates. Lindsay Muso'h Illness. Lindsay
Muse', tho venerable messenger to tho
Secretary of the Navy, has been absent
fiom his lost for sevoral days on nccoimt
oI'Mckrioss. Ho is 'over 80 years of ngo
and was appointed- In 1823, whllo John
Quinty Adams, was I'roaldcniand Snmuol
Southard wns"S6crelnry dr tho Navy.
TupYcnrs for Ponalrtn Fraud.
Tho Commissioner of Fonslons has boon
advised by telegram that John It. Logan,
colored, who was under trial In U. B.
Coutrut Topokrf, Kan., for "falsely per
otiatllig a Government oillccr, ha9
pleaded guilty and was sentenced to two
years" Imprisonment.
Examinations for .Promotion. A
board of officers of tho Engineer Corp?,
consisting" of Colonels Thomas L. Casoy,
Hcury-L. Abbot and Ltculohant-Coldnol
Cyrus II. ComstOok, has been ordered to
meet In Now York for the examination
for promotion of Captain 0. K. L. II. Da-
the Engineer Corps,
Gallcrn at tlie AVhtto House-.
Among the President's callers to'-day wcro
Senators Blodgett, Cullom, Hansom and
fllcPhbrson, Representatives Henderson.
Wilkinson of Loulsiana,"Ford or MlchUj
can, manciiaru. Alien oi .uaisacnuse'tj,'-
S. delegate (a tho .Spanish "International
j'.xjio'ition at Barcelona.
Minor Ojiul personal.
The postofficc at Hbiglc, Montgomery
Counjy, Md., has bcori discontinued.
ifeury 13. Sweeney has been" appointed
postmaster at. Xyn'dhurst, Augusta
CouiiftVVaT'"' "
Thp name or tho postolllco at Hups,
Sussex County, Md., has bgcn changed to
Anowpostofflco has beeii established
at Mills, Washington County, District of
Columbia, with Lester Nelson as post
master. A fouith-clnsa nostafllco has been es-;
tablished at 'ilkerson's, -Westmoreland
County, Ya with C. C, Wllkerson as'
Michael 8. Zimmerman has been un
pointed postmaster at Krnetvillo, Wash
ington County, Md., and John I. Jnmi
Kin at Vrbana, Frederick County t
A "Drag Patty" Knitlcd.
This morning John Smith, Jacob
Jtyard, William Dorsey, who by tho way,
was the "Queen," Charles Myers, Jacob
Lewis, John Lewis, Samuel Lowis, Sam
uel Jackson, James Waters, Laura How
nrd, James Taylor, Benjamin Mooroand
Lewis Jackson were charged In tho Police
Court with being suspicious characters.
Last night, attired In handsomo silks
and satins, each in complcto fcminlno
costume, thoy indulged In n '"drag" In a
Millet-looking house on the south side of
F street, near Twelfth. Tho "party"
was raided by Lieutenant Amiss and tho
officers ol tho First Precinct.
Nearly all or tho "girls" succeeded In
procuring bail, cx-Coinmtssioner of
Pensions Dudley becoming bond for
William Dorsey, who Is in Ills employ.
Nearly $20,000 Proilt.
The ladles Interested in tho Fashing
'lliursday entertainment at Now York,
me elated over their success, financially
and otherwise. Ono of tho managors
suld that thoy expected to bo ublo to pav
at least $20,000 Into tho treasury of tho
Hahnemann Hospital, for tho bcnollt or
whleli tho entertainment was gotten up.
This is tho entertainment in which tho
"Waybill gton young people took part.
A Nollo Pros, Entered.
A nollo pros, was entered to-day In tho
case of Laura D. II. Ford, alias Kleth,
alias "Duckio White," who was fined $100
In the Pollco Court for keeping .a bawdy
house. Tho caso was taken up to tho
Criminal Court upon an appeal. It Is
understood that sho has married, and is
now leading a proper lire.
A tlulrrno "Iliiiulct,"
in N
a performance of "Hamlet," given
w York on Tuesday night, tho fen-
J-ceno between Hamlet and Laortes
very interesting to tno auuienee.
applauded wildly and yelled: "(Jo
3 grudge, old boy." When Hamlet
on, ijo
lint touched Laertes he cried, "Judg
ment," and about ono hundred youiif
jiicn, yelled out promptly; "Not out."
I Social Notes."
Tile Fosfmastgr-Goiicral and Mrs, Dick
Infoh gave an elaborato dinner of eighteen
covers last night In honor ofilr. William
V. (nimby, editor or tho Detroit lee
Wei, whois tho guest or Senator and Mrs,
Pal iter.
Ms. Dr. Bland returned yesterday
front uu extended visit to Florida.
Convicted ol'lloiiselrciikln;r.
Thomas Grigsby, colored, was con
ictcu hi tho Criminal Court to day on the
charge of housebreaking In entering tho
planing mill of Sebrco &. HurdcU on
ilareh W, 18S3.
On Trial for Assault.
Fdwnrd J, Hudson was placed on trial
to-day for assaulting his brother on
Febiuary 1.
To-dny'H IJuilivl Permits,
Benjamin It. Shield, colored. 22 years.
Sarah Parker, colored, 2Sdays.
Infant orKlla White, colored, 1 month.
Fannlo Johnson, colored, 22 hours.
Stephen Curte.r, colored, OQ years.
Clifton Priest, colored, 5 years,
Sarah Shcnpard, colored, 33 years.
Clarence Hunsomoc colored, 11 months
Mario 0. M. U rages, 05 years.
Maithu Powell, colored, -1(1 years.
Maitin Beverly, colored, 20 years.
Infanta of Walter and Sarah Ncrvis. 2
yl hours,
J .las. 8. Ltohtfoot, colored, J, year
(B (JcorGioP.f:tohl, lldays.
11 Considered To-ilny Uy tho Honnto
' ' lllnttltt Committee.
The Senate District Committee held In
regular weekly meeting to-day. In tho
abseucQ of Senator Spooucr tho High
License bill was not formally considered,
although there n'As Pome discussion of the
Tho bill providing for a compilation of
the District laws was discussed and a sub
committee orthrco authorized to prcparo
as a substitute a bill providing for U codi
fication of tho laws in forco In this Dis
trict. Tho Incorporators of tho Sandy Spring
Railroad Company appeared beforo tho
committee In rofcrenco to tho negotiations
for an arrangement with tho Lcklngtdn
Company. Senator Daniel was author-
lzcd to modify tho bill In accordaiico
with an agreement by which passengers
uouldbc brought Into tho ccntro of tha
city fornelnglo fare.
Senator Daniol was authorized to re
port favorably tho bill making Inaugura
tion day a legal holiday in this District.
Tho bill to enable tho Commissioners to
complete the contract for tho salo of
property to Job llarnard was favorably
joverso rciiorts were agrocu to on tno
bill to relievo Trinity Church of certain,
tuxes; to pay to ltobcrt W. Waters
ICA.I2, under a contract with the old Hoard
of Public Works; to relievo Gilbert
Tllomfison. Veronica l'll;c. Daniel I .ask In
land F. Q, Uarbadoei from an excessive
asse.'smcht, and to relieve Caroline T.
Bancroft of special assessment.
A South AVnRliliiKtou Petition;)
The residents and properly orcnew
fronting on reservation No. 101, located
between Bevcnth and Nlnih streets rtinV
Maryland and Virginia avenues south
west, havo prepared two petitions one to
tho Senate and one to tho House of Rep
resentatives calling attention to the al
leged unauthorised and unjust partial oc
cupation of Eald reservation by tho II, and
: P. It. It. Co. They ak that tho reserva
tion, bo improved. The petitions contain
.about cmo hundred names. They woro
submitted to tho Commissioners this
morning for their recommendation, pre
paratory to transmitting tlion; to Con
.gress. This 1b the exact square on which
the Commissioners' railroad bill places
the union depot.
Commissioner Weul) III,
Commissioner Webb is s.1111 confined to
his house. He expects to bo at his desk
Captain Ijcacli's Transfer.
Tho order relieving Captain Leach
.from his duties at tho District ofllc.es hai
jbeen modified so as to take, effect whon
Lieutenant J. L.Lusk shall havo reported
for duty.
A Nci nnjl Ilauilsomo Hulldlng to bo
''' Krectod,
Permission was granted to-day to Mr.
tt'hlllp N. Dwycr, the architect, to tear
,doWn St. Joseph's Church at tho corner
'of Second and C streets northeast, pre
paratory to erecting ono of the largest
and most elegant stono church cdlllces
in tho clly. Tho work of removing iho
old.woodcn building will be commenced
beforo tho end of tho" present month and
tho' erection of tho new church will
Immediately Tollo'wV
Tho church will bo constructed or
Potomac blue, btonc, with Ohio stony
trimmings, and will cost $50,000 or moro.
Tho stylo or architecture for tho interior
and exterior will bo purely Gothic. The
building will bo erected on the oxact
site or tho old one.
The dimensions will bo 80 feet, front by
160 lect dgop, and there will bo a stone
tower on thoeorner rcacjilngn height of
110 fectand containing a bell and sur
mounted by a .metallic cross. Tho main
entrance will have n heavily moulded
arch. Immediately over this entrance
will ben window 2ieot high by ltl feet
wide, covered with Go'thlo tracing.
Tho structure will bo but ono story
with a clcrc-story. 'Iho interior will bo
(H by 120 feet. Thcro will bu nogallcnes,
but an organ-loft will bo erected. Tho
clerestory will bo supported by arches'
resting on twelve large columns. The
ceilings will bo grained, ornamented with
plaster castings.
In tho rear of tho main altar will bo six
large windows. .
Thcro will bo six rows of pews, 202 In
number, nnd-the seating capacity will be
about 1,200.
Tills church will be the largest and
most elegant in tho eastern section of tho
city, and tho long felt need of tho congre
gations of St. Joseph's and St. Peter's
churches will bo somewhat roliovcdfrom
their hitherto crowded condition. It
will take two years to complete the now
Cait.hx Fhed. II, Stitii or North
Carolina, an cxtenslvo iiilno operator;
Itov. Dr. McGIynn, and John A. Danltz.
editor or Wilmington (N. C.l Jfciicii'jcr,
nroat the Metropolitan.
W, 0. Abrahams, Deputy Comp
troller of tho Currency, has returned from
Virginia, where ho lias been in attend
ance on his mother, who was qulto 111,
but is now convalescent.
Imto Hotel Arrivals.
Judoe Wm. Lindsay and wtfo of Frank
fort, Ky aro at tbo F.bbitt.
Pavmabteu Joiis II. Stcvbnso.v, U. S.
N., is at Welckcr's.
Omaii S. Dcckuh of Pittsburg Is otWH
lard's. Mn. Livinobton ItoRaud family of New
York aro at tho Arlington.
John A. Lr.i8iin.N or Pittsburg, Pa.,
an Iron manufacturer, is atChambcrlln's.
Governor K, K. Jacicion of Maryland
IIo.v. W. F. STPM,nf Mluncota Is regis
tered at the Metropolitan.
.ProiEssoit J. A. Coornit, president of
tho Normal School at IMIuboro', Pa., is
at tho St. James.
Professor W. A. B.Umvix of Chicago
Is at tho Howard House.
AkiutAut-Genfuai. Kuriia Dyer, jr.,
of Ithodo Island, and Mrs. Nathan Ap
plcton of New York ore at tho Hotel Aruo.
Oi.serai, JosevhS. Dribiun, U, S.A., Is
at the Kbbitt.
Mil. and Mrs. Scott and Miss Scott of
Toronto aro ut Willard', en route homo
from tho South.
Mn. ash Mits. Thos, Mori.f.y, jr., and
Mlts Morlcy or Boston, well-known In so
cial circles, aro nt Wormley's.
Lux-tenant J. P. Jounrr, U. S. N., Is
at the Biggs.
Ciias. N. Nelson or StllHvaler, Minn.,
Is at Welckcr's. Mr, Nelson is largoly In
terested In the lumber business in tho
J. 11, TiiOMi'SOjf or ltochestcr, N. Y.,
well-known in banking circles, Is at the
Dr. J. C. Tucker, jr., or Now York, Is
at tho Lbbltt.
Hos. Martin Maoinmk, ex-Dclcgato
from Montana, is at Welckcr's.
Dr. F. 0. F.dwarhs or WhecliUg, W.
Va., Is at tho Kbbitt.
Mibs Uacii vei, U. Foster or Philadel.
jihla is at the Itlggs, Miss Foster was tho
secretary or tho recent International
Council or Women and comes on to closo
up the accounts. She estimates that tho
receipts, about 11,0QQ, will bo slightly in
excess of Iho expenses.
Murrlngo I,lc,onscs,
Walter H. Orccu and Susan Johnson,
WUS. Fink and Mall;st(, Kuhus, Johns
lowil, Pa.
Over an Hour Consumed in Reading
the House Journal,
ItcKulnr "Weekly BlrctliiR or llio
Senate District Committee.
For the first tlmo In about six weeks
Chaplain iMilljurn, who has been se
riously felck, was In hts accustomod placo
this morning when the Speaker called
the Ilotlso to order. In his prayer tho
Chaplain alluded fcollngty to tho critical
condition or Hon, Itoscoo Conkhug.
After tho clerk had read a pago or the
journal Mr, Lnnham or Texas moved
that tho further reading or the Journal be
dispensed with,
Mr. Grosnor and Mr. K. B. Taylor
Mr. Lauliam went over (o tho llcpub
Hcan tide ami began to reason with the
objectors, but to no purpose. In answer
ton question tho clerk stated that tho
journal numbered ninety ono pages. The
clerk had ucen rending for about fifteen
minutes, when Mr. Lanham was recog
nised by tho Speaker. Mr. Lanham
said: "Mr. Spcoker, this Is nrivato bill
day. and I now movo that the further
leading of tlio Journal bo suspended and
tho Ilou;c resolve Itself into tho Commit
tee of the Wholo ror tho consideration or
bills In tho privato calendar."
Mr. ltccd, speaking ror tho Republicans,
said there would bo no objection on bis
side or the House provided that only pri
vate bills wcro considered.
Mr. Lanham replied that ho know noth
ing to the contrary,
Mr. ltced wanted further assurance,
but failed to set it.
Mr. McMlIlln said ho did not like to Seo
to much valuable tluio wasted In the read
incor tliolournal. nnd thatlt was tldio
' that some ol'tho appropriation bills w'cW)
ocing cousiucreu,
Mr. ltced retorted that tho Democrats
should havo thought or that last week.
It was now evident that a nassaae-at-
arms would tako place and confusion bo
igan to prevail. While tho Speaker was
trapping with his gavel for order some one
ion tho Jtcpubllcau side demanded the
regular onier, anu tnc cleric Having rcstca
ten minutes, again resumed the tedious
tasK oi rcauing ino nine uay.s journal.
The reading of thojournal occupied an
hour and Unco minutes.
ThcSncakcr laid before tho Houso tho
accumulated executive communications.
which were read by their titles and re-
it'rrcti to their oppropriato committees.
A. largo number of House bills with
Senate amendments and also Senate bills
were read and referred.
Evidently tho dead-lock tired out n
number of the Members, for ft dozen or
moro were granted leaves of absence
rnnclnp: fiom nierlodof four dnvs to three
, weeks. In most every ease tho excuso
was -important nusinoss." xno nom
inating conventions arc now being held
In the dlficrcnl Slates, and. the Members
aru desirous oHookipg after '!fcnccs."
Mr. Dibble asked 'unanimous consent to
present and havo passed tho Benate bill
maklmrtho ncccssarv annronriations for
Ithopurclmnuof the. builOingifor.tliQ use-
;oi ino signal eeryico at wasuington. xuo
bill was passed.
Mr. Blount presented a privileged rc-
.portfiom the Committee on Postofilccs
and Postroads, making appropriation lor
dhc Postotllco Department for tho fiscal
.year ending Jnno 30, 1880. Committee or
'tbo Whole.
On tho call of committees, reports were
presented from n number of committees,
including among them tho Ways and
Means, Commerco and Military Affairs.
In tho Senate yesterday afternoon Sen
ator Turplo mado n speech against tho
.division or Dakota and Mr. Cullom.ln its
favor. Mr. Cullom insinuated that tho
Democrats In Congres had conspired to
keep Dakota out of the Union until aftor
tho Presidential election. Mr. Butler in
.respouso said ho did not think Mr. Cul
lom would- require tho electoral votes of
Dakota and jokingly inquired of each of
the Presidential candidates whether ho
needed them. Mr, Cullom laughingly ro
nlicd that ho would like to novo them
and Mr, Edmunds gravely responded that
ho would discuss tho question at tho
proper time. On motion of Mr. Jones of
Arkansas tho Senate adjourned until
Monday when consideration of tho Da
kota bill will bo resumed.
A caucus of llcpublican Senators was
held to-day, but no changes wcro mado
in tho order of business, Tho Dakota
nnd Plcuro-Pncumonla bills will hold
tho lloor after the morning hour for tho
present. Another meeting will bo held
The printers employed at tho Govern
ment Printing Office aro endeavoring to
haye their pay increased, and thero ap
pears to bo a sentiment in tho House In
favor of tho proposition. But, Mr. Melt
nrdson, chairman of tho Houso Commit
tee on Printing, said to a Oricio ronorter
thai ns
tho iiouso iiftu passed the mu
Krnntinc tho omnlovcs of tho Prlnllni!
OIllco thirty days' leave or absence, it was
hardly probable that an Incrcaso or pay
would also bo granted at this session,
Tho printers say they prefer tho in
crease In pay first, and accordingly they
will try to havo tho Senate substltuto for
'tho extension of tho leaves, the bill In
creasing their pay.
The House Appropriations Commlttco
Is ready to report tho Legislative, Execu
tive nnd Judicial bill, Tho estimates for
18M) were S21, 110,000; amounts ngrecd
upon, $20,172,371. Tho nnnroprlatlons
for tho current year aro $20,081,010.
Tho Houso appropriations aro reduced
$20,810; Treasury Department, $31,703;
War Department, $130,277; Interior,
81.111: State, $300. Tho salary of tho
Vice-President Is revived.
Tho number of Treasury employes is
rluced by fifty, many of tho reductions
huvmg.howover, alrcodv been voluntarily
made. Tho reduction of War Department
expenses is caused by reorganization of
tho Signal Ofilco and Adjutant and Quar
termaster Generals' ofilccs.
Tho Scnato has announced a number or
confirmations or territorial olllclals nnd
Senator Hales Civil Sorvico Investi
gating Commlttco will visit Baltimore
noxt week to pursuo its inquiries as to
alleged violations or the civil service- law.
Senator Hampton has been confined to
his apartments at the Metropolitan Hotel
slnco Sunday last by a ruling accident lu
which ho wos painfully bruised by his
lioito falling,
llcnrcscntativo Boothman of Ohio was
granted a week's leave of absence to-day
amfw 111 leave for homo this morning,
llepresontatlvo Scncy or Ohio ex
pressed tho opinion to-day that the. Blair
Educational bill would not comoup In
the House this session.
Post master B. J, English and family
nnd Mrs, Frank M, Tyler and son or New
Haven wcro at tho Capitol today with
Senator Piatt.
L, II. Gormloy or Arizona was at tho
House to-day as tho guest or Delegate
Judge Flannlgan of Kentucky was at
thu House this moruing.
DiiSTnoyiiiu iiy Pint:.
Heavy T.irnt In lloston A lliiltdltig
Gutted In "Whoollnp;.
Boston-, Mass., April 13. FIro was dis
covered ol 11:10 a.m. to-day In tho loitf
story brick building, Nos 153, 167 and 109
High, and 110 and 118 Oliver street. In
f half an hour It was belle veil to bo under
contlnl. Tbo loss nnimot vet lioMltnmlnd.
I but may provo heavy. At :I;1S an oxplo-
sion ocourreu, mowing out tno second
slory front windows. Hosamau Charles
E. Felix was blown from n ladder ahd
Fevcrcly cut about tho head nnd face.
The building is occupied in tho basement
ns an agency for emery wheels nnd grind
ing machinery, on tho ground iloor by
Bradlce, Hastings & Co,, dealers in car
riage hardware, nnd above by Frank
Moore, printer, and F. 11, (Ill-son, musical
Wnr.ni,iKi, W. Va April l3.-Flro at 0
o'clock this morning gutted the three u fi
ner stories of tho buildings Nos, 120!,
1211f 1213 and 1215 Main street, occupied
by Wilson it Chapman, oils, paints and
bulldinc materials; S. H, JlclPs produce
store; jho lingers Insurance Agency, nnd
G. A. It. Hull, causing n loss.or$lO,000;
fully insured.
DnmiiKcd by "if Ice.
La Crosse, Wis., April 13. Dispatches
, received hero tnythnt the Ico carried
a way n railroad pontoon bridge nt
WnbnMut nnd nbnut ono million feet of
lumber belonging to ono of tho Knu
mpitnlcs. The ice III tho lower
.part oi lake repin jicgan breaking up,
nud when it came agalnit tho pilcs-drlven
to protect tho brldgo thoy snapped like
i pipe stem!'.
Green Bay, A'i April 13. Tho ico
has gone out of East Illvcr sufilclently to
:relicvo all apprehensions as to any city
bridges. Tho smaller streams In the
country ure all high, and come bridges
on Duck Creek havo gone out.
Gramu ItAi'ins, Wis., April 13. The ico
jam went out of (ho river yesterday at
noon, carrying with It tho debris of the
demolished wagon bridge. Very ltttlo
damngo was done to streets or property.
TREMrF.r.i'.AU, Wis,, Ajirll 13. A big
jam or logs hero broke and went down
tho Mississippi yesterday. Sevoral
steamboats aro engaged in recovering
tho logs.
Zumiirota, Minn., April 13. At Forest
.Mills, below this place, tho Ico swept
away a railroad brldgo and u wagon
bridge, causing it loss ot $5,000. Six miles
below Mazeppa tho Zumbrota roso thirty
ftet, and below thero tho ico and water
have demolished everything lu their path,
entailing a loss of probably $30,000.
Pepow Not ii Ciiudlilnte.
New York, April 13. C. M. Dcpew in
an. Interview in tho UVrrf, says that ho is
not a candidate for tho Presidential
nomination and docs not deslro to bo. If
iho were a candidate ho would not hesi
tate to announce himself as such. "I
havonindo no concealment or tho ruct,"
nld Mr. Depew, "of my presences for
Mr. Blaine. I hove been a Dlajjicrnuri,
I think, for over twelve years, r rim of;
tho opinion that ho possesses elements of
strength that can bo found ill no othor
candidate, Bui," Mr. Dcpow added with
emphasis, "1 shall not consent to ban.
stalking horso for Mr. lllalne or any
,other man. Tho proposition is too absurd
to merit serious consideration."
Mr. Dcpew believes that Mr. Blaino
wrote Ills letter of withdrawal in all sin
cerltv. but IT tendered tln iiiimilnmnv
thought no man living would icfusolt.
.fny (Jould's Health,
New York, April 13. Humors concern'
ngJuy Gould's health arc being clrcu
dated in AVall street with a persistency
that Is suspicious. It is truo that Mr.
Gould does not look as IT hewcro in very
robust health, but ho has visited hisotllco
In tho Western Union Building every day
this week, and ho works two or threo
hours nt his desk ench day. Mr. Gould's
'sous deny that their father is III, but
brokers who nro believed to havo had
confidential relations with him say that
he is in feeble health, and that unless ho
takes absoluto rest physical collapso will
bo a matter of only a tew days. The bit
ter controversies In which Oould has en
gnged since he returned from hts visit
abroad havo undoubtedly worried him a
great deal,
A Slsnul Officer's Exploits.
New Haves, Conn., April 13. Quito a
sensation was created hero yesterday by
tho disclosure of the fact that Signal Offi
cer Sherman, who Is also a leading mem
ber of tho Camera Club, has boon en
gaged for months past In procuring pho
tographs of respectable young ladles and
girls m neglige costume. It is supposed
that ho Is in tho employ of a Now York
cigarette firm. Ho has had chargoof tho
signal ofilco hero for several years, and
belongs to tho historic Sherman family.
Tho club has Us rooms In tho samo build.
ing with tho signal ofilco. and a Mia.
llowland, ono of Shermans copyists, is
accused with complicity in his scheme.
Death In it Hum.
l'iciiMoNi), Ind., April 13. Word was rc
celvedifromltldgovlllo.ltandolph County,
(hat tho family of John Green, seven in
number, havo been sullering from trlohl
noMssInco Easter Sunday. Tuesday .Mrs,
Green died and It was expectod yonerday
that Unco daughters of tho family would
die. Mr. Green and two sons mo also lu
a critical condition, They ate of a ham
cuied last rail.
Wliut lTiiD Ileon Loift liy tho llecont
Lnbor Troubles,
In a calculation or the cost or tho great
railroad strike which began on tho Bur
lington Itoad Just forty-nvo days ago tho
following recapitulation or tho losses sus
tained to date by tho engineers' ami fire
men's brotherhoods and tho striking
switchmen Is made: Loss or wages "Q"
lload, $300,135; pny roll or Brotherhood,
$I50,I.'X); griovonco committee's loss of
wages, $30,870; grievance committee's ox
pcusu accounts, $22,0Q; non-union men
subsidized. $20,000; expenses of head
quarters, $3,375; Santa Feo and othor
btriltes, $21,700; cost of switchmen's
striko, $25,000; miscellaneous, $10,000.
Total, $C01,5S0.
Of tho cost to the Burlington Company
tho following estimates aro made: Loss
In tralllo receipts, $1,800,000; special po
llco protection, 1M),000; cost of engaging
new men, $50,000; damage to property,
$50,000; miscellaneous, $20,000; total, $J,
100,000. Theso are all duo-'' losses,
allcctlng ono or tho other of tho con
testants In tho great btriko. Thcro aro
Indirect losses to tho commercial com
munity scattered throughout tho. whole
ramifications of tho '(" systems lu
several States. Besides these, tho article
says hundreds of mluo employes havo
been thrown out of work, and tho Indi
rect losses already nll'ect u great number
or humble households.
Careful AVliut ho Ate.
Tramp "II ore's a pio I btolo olVyo
windy, mum. I want to bring it back."
Housokpciicr "Well, I'm glad you've
got some coneicncc."
xramp "ves in. j-m lougn, mil i
don't duio to cat a strange uunco pie."
Judge. )
A AVIso Inspiration,
Jeweler (to young man exchanging .a
ring lor cull' buttons) Didn't tho young
daily llko tlio ring, sir?
Young Man (mournfully) -Sho didn't
havo a chance. It struck mo that a
(10-ting was too expensive for a mere,
slstcr-to-you sort of a girl. Epoch,
A Lively Tlmo llctnleeu Itlrnl Train
Crorm In Chlruco.
Chicago, April 13. There was a rat
tling race between two locomotives on the
Burlington tracks yeatordny, and it al
most culminated in bloodshed. Vollles
of stones were thrown 'and a plslol shot
was fired, but no one was verv badlv
,liutt. The trouble began at tho Chicago
and Alton crossinu lit Drlithton Park.
IBurllngtou engine ISCj with a train of
freight cars from the sfockyards to West
i ern avenue, and englno COO or tho St.
(Paul was hauling a lluht (rain In tho
same direction. At tho crossing both
crows claimed the right of way, and, In
something lc9 lhah a rtjlimte, stones and
tllnfl Wern (lvlnrr In nil illre-tln,ia .ml ,ltn
I nlr was blue with the Imprecations of tho
comoatdnw, i
At last Switchman Benton on Iho "(."
train was Btrucl in iho fiico with n
lumn.ofcoal. Ii ImtiiAllntek- ilrnnr his
revolver and firrtl lit II cab or tho St.
Paul engine. Nobody. was shot, but when
tho bullet whistled by the St. Paul cngl-
nccr ho put on full stc-un nnd mado
linmi Tim n .tri,rtW,.n,- tl.rtn nil, 1
from Ins train and tried! to overtake tho
St. Paul enrfno nndi'Iicad them nfl' nt
, Western nvcnueerosslng, whoro ho hoped
, to hnvo the St. Pniil crew arretted.
The racn wns a hot aire, and tho engines
daubed through tho ynijls at great speed,
. but tho St. Paul ougind undo tho crossing
i nnd shot oir Into their'; arils out of sight.
' The abandoned "Q." tAln, with nobody
I on board, ftnrtcd down ho grade nnd run
over tno i nicago ami Alton crowing ami
several bl6cks down lim tho yards before
It stopped, fortunately (loins no damage.
i A Proportion to Coiiolldulo All tho
', ConipnnlcV In lljo Country.
l'liiuDtxrniA, l'A.,)Api!l 13. The
i Rcohl thU morning aiys- Tho trustees
: of the Electrical Trust, which controls all
for tho olcctrlcal lighting companies in
i this city, held u meeting yosterday and
declared a dividend of-75 cents per share.
Theparvahiooreaclriiaro Is S100. and
tho selltng prlco uboiU $10 per share.
' This is thu second dividend that has bcou
declared by the Trust within a little over
.six months. The first dividend was de
clared on October 10, uitd was at tho ralo
of$l per share. A
At tno meeting oi tlio Trust yesterday
tho first suggestion of.vncor tho largest
TV,,ol ,Ant.ir,..l.lA hfl.l.n Ql.n.l.htnll
yet attcmntcd in tjils country was
made. This was nothing less than a
proposition to consolidate all the electric
lighting companies InitliO United States
lu a trust, so us to control all the electric
lighting In tho country. Propositions
have been tnadotoimrvhaso all Mioccrtl
ficatesortho Tiurt (ii Philadelphia, and
there is ample capital Uehliid thu scheme
to carry it out it a sausia.ciory ueai can
uo made. . n
It is said thattue
franchises oCtcrefcd of tho largo cities of
tho United StflteaAhave nlreadv been ab
sorbed bv this now Trust svndlcate. nnd
(tile chances of the 'absorption or tho
Philadelphia TrdM. arc! cxcollcnt.. Tho
Scheme docs not contemplate tho pur-
enase oi ino irancmsos or companies in
luc small towns,, out only or tnoso tu
such great centres as New York, Bo3ton,
Them is reit'nrtTo, liellp.vn thai tho
dicato controls thOTtloctrlo llclitiurr com
panlcsln Ncw.YorkJtudDostohj In which
'two cities the tfchfcm originated.
TheiirOiiQsttiouamaile to the Trust in
j-lthifhcIty-Tirwtjaxcdi-up&ii" its ncteaniings
lorino past mx inonius. jnoiiooi tne
members of tho Trust wcro willing to
discuss tho details of tho proposed deal
Shot Ills Son-iii-Tinw.
Ei. Paso, Tex., April 13. Captain W.
O. Hector shot his son-in-law, John W.
Kohler, dead, yesterday, , alleging that ho
had ruined Leo Iteclor, tho Captain's 18-year-old
daughter. Lee, who has for
ycurs lived with Kohler and his wire,
guve birth lo a child two weeks ago, and
Captain Hector attributed his daughter's
'shamo to Kohler. Hector is 01 years! old,
a Mexican war veteran nnd commanded
a company In Hon. 11, (J, Mills's Texas
regiment during tho lata war. Popular
sympathy is on his hide, and it Is doubt
ful it' ho will ever bo brought to trial.
Supposed to Ho Tuscott.
Ciiattvnoooa, Tenn., April 13. Deputy
United Stales Marshal John C. Taylor
yesterday arrested ft man calling himself
James MtGeo at Oneida, Tcnn. McGco is
supposed lo bo William B. Tascott, the
iifurdcrcr of Millionaire Suell of Chicago.
Ho urrlvcd at Oneida about tho mlddlo of
February, and answers tho description of
Tascott perfectly, oven to the gold filling
in tho teeth and tho scar on tho knee.
McUeo seemed to think that the olllccrs
woro after liini, and spent Wednesday
night in tho woods.
Construction Train AVrccIccd.
Birmingham, Ala., April 13. A con
struction train on tho Kansas City, Menu
phis and Birmingham Hailroad was
wrecked sixty miles west or hero at 8:30
last night. Four workmen wero killed,
ono injured fatally and nine seriously
hurt. The train was backing at a high
rato of speed and struck a cow and was
Knifed- I'rcdcrlck'H Condition.
Berlin, April 13, Tho Zdtung says that
owing to a contraction or tho air passage
in Emperor Frederick's throat, Dr. Berg;
matin yesterday round It necessary to in
sert a new cannula. The general condi
tion of tho Emperor Is unaffected, Ho
remained In bed all day. .
Explosion In n Powder Factory.
St. Petei-.sruro, April 13. A powder
factory on the Hue of tho St. Petersburg
and Moscow Railroad exploded yesterday.
Seven persons wcro killed and many in
jured. Pollilcnl Points.
The Union Republican Club of Vlilla
dclphia will send about n hundred mem
bers to (lie Chicago Convention.
Itov. Myron 1', Heed of Denver stands
some chanco of being nominated by tho
Democrats for Governor of Colorado. Ho
was recently a candidate for Congress. ,
Tho States which luivu elections prior
to tho general election next November
aro Louisiana, April 17; Alabama, Au
gust b; Arkansas, September 3; Vermont,
September I; Maine, September 10, and
Gtuigla, Octobcr3.
Tho Cincinnati Times-Star, a staunch
Republican newspaper, says that no man
in tho country Is belter fitted for tho posi
tion of Cluer Justlcethan Minister Phelps
and uo ono is moro learned In tho law;
"Ho would como up to tho full require)
ments ot tho position established by the
distinguished men who hnvo nltcudy
been Chief Justices."
A. F. Alger, sccictary of tho Demo
cratic t'omniittco, nnd J. F, O'Brien of
Cambridge, wero yesterday chosen as
delegates to St. Louis from tho Fifth
Massachusetts District. They were in
structed lor Cleveland.
Tammany Hall has concluded to scud
a delegation of only 250 to tho St. Louis
Convention. Thcro wcro 1,500 braves
who wanted to ko, but the Commlttco on
Transportation decided It would not bo
Democratic economy to charter teW
trains for tho accommodation T so many.
Joseph G, Cannon has been renominated
Air Congress by tho Republicans or tho
Fifteenth Illinois District.
The Republican dolcgates to Chicago
from tho Third Arkansas District will go
Tho Republican convention of tho Six
teenth Ohio District, which met yesterday
at Coshocton, elected Sherman delegates!
Death of Young Mrs, lie Grasste
Illstoi-y or tho Trouble That
AVcIrIhmI on Her Mlml.
Mrs, Do Grasslo llulklcy, daughter of
Mr. C. J. Hlllycr ol 2121 MossachuselU
avenue, died last night about 0 o'clock, at
her father's residence, from tho cfi'ects of
poison Jnkcti with suicidal intent on tho
previous day.
Sho was taken very 111 on Wednesday
morning nnd tho physicians wero hastily
summoned. A pump was used and
' every effort employed, and at first thero
was some hope.
Later this hope was dispelled, and her
mother wns summoned yesterday after
noon, Mrs, Btilklvy died nhoutO o'clock.
Sho wassjeen In publle early this week,
nnd nothing unusual was noticed about
her nppenrnncc.
Tho doctors wcro lu nlmost constant
attendance through Wednesday, and up
to the Hour of her death, Doctor W. W.
Johnston, tho family physician, calling
In Doctors George V. Johnston and D.
W. Prentiss.
All possible ofiorls wero mado (o save
tho llfo or tho melancholy young wife,
but she was beyond tho aid or medical
I skill.
Tho family aro especially sorrowful on
account of tho peculiar circumstances
surrounding the cac.
Tho young husband, Do Grassle Bulk
ley, wns not with his brldo offivo mouths
during lier elclcncss, nnd tho news wns a
sudden blow to him.
The funeral services will bo entirely
private, and the Rev. Dr. Shipped of All
Souls' Church will olllclnte.
Tho services will bo ut tho residence of
her father, at 11 o'clock to-morrow, and
tho interment will bo nt Oak Hill,
'flic death certificate has not yet been
filled and tho doctors who uttended her
decline to state tno causoof her death.
Dr. Bulkloy, futhcr-ln-law or tho de
ceased, eald to a Ciutio reporter: "I havo
nothing to say lu tho case, not being ono
or tho attending physicians.
"As t6 thenucstion or suicide. 1 do not
.cither alllrui or deny it, but when tho
proper time arrives lor mo to speak. 1 will
gladly givo you any Information."
After leaving Dr. BUlkley tho reporter
called on O. W. Johnston, ono of tho at
tending, physicians in the case, and after
stating Ids object, the Doctor said:
"I havo heard tho rumor of suicide, but
have nothing to say upon tho matter, ns I
deem It unprofessional,"
Dr, Prcnsiss, another of tho attending
physicians, could not be found at his
A Chapter of Sensations.
Miss Bessie Hlllycr, who was engaged
to be married to W. L, Trcnholm, son of
tlicjComptiollcr of the Currency, on Feb
ruary 3rwas married on the 20th of last
December to Do Grasslo Bulkloy In Bal
timore. Tho sensation that was caused
by 'the clopenient of tho young couple,
accompanied to Baltimore by Mr. An
.toulo xNogucira, son of tho Portuguese
Minister, is still distinctly remembered.
It was tho talk of society for a week,
jwhen a fresh Impetus was given It by the
filing of a bill fordivorco in tho nanio or
BcssTo Hlllycr llulklcy, asking that tho
marriagobo declared void, alleging that
unduo influence was used to cficct it, and
that air. llulklcy was under age at the
To this there came a number of denials.
Mr. NogUelrns stated that Miss Hlllycr
seemed to be acting of her free will, and
Rev. Mr. Ferguson, tho Baltimore clergy
man who jwrfornicd tho marriage, said
that he fulled to sec any constraint in Iter
actions. Tho county clerk in Baltimoro
said that young .Mr. Bulklcy had declared
ho was of age. Mrs. Bulkley liad re
turned to tho residence of her hither on
Massachusetts avenue, after her marriage,
nnd remained thereuntil December 30.
Ontbatdavn conference wns held at
the ofilco of H. O. Cady, 1127 F street, nt
which young Mrs. llulklcy appeared, ac
companied by Senator Stewart, a friend
of the family, and young Bulkloy. Then
the case was finally laid beforo her for
'decision. It was shown how her father
was opposed to tho marriage, but sho was
told to take her choice, home or husband,
"I shall go with Grasslo," sho declared.
And tho young couple left the ofilco with
light and happy hearts and beaming
fuccs. Thcywchtto the Hotel Windsor
and there remained a week.
They then went lo llvo at 1003 I stiect,
but tho brido remained but a few days,
?;olng homo, where sho has since lived, The
nnilly and friends refrained from giving
any reason for tho stop, which was said
to bo final. It was stated that divorce
proceedings would follow, Young Bulk
icy reluscu to discuss tho matter.
Some Figures That Idc
New Ai.rvny, Ind.,- April 13. Treasurer
Weir, who is charged with misappropri
ating about $7,000, says a moro thorough
investigation will show that not a cent of
the money has been used by him for his
own purposes. Tho expert s figures, ho
says, aro misleading. In tho report mado
to the Council tho expert stated, for in
tnncc, that Weir had received $20,000
from his predecessor, when, ns n matter
of fact, only $000 was turned over to him.
Tho trcasuicr and bondsmen arc abund
antly able to meet any deficiency.
Attacked liy Vtullroiul Toughs,
Chicago, April 13. Wcnzel Stdcmcr,
a switchman, employed by tho Wisconsin
Central Railroad at tho Wood street
crossing, whllo sitting in tho switch
shanty at nbout 0 o'clock last night was
attacked by four unknown men. His
right jaw was broken and ho was other
wise severely Injured, Stdemcr was
taken to tho-Uouuty Hospital, wfiero ho
lies in a critical condition, Ills assailants
aro believed to huvo been a gang ofyoung
toughs who havo been hanging around
the track for some time.
Tlio Inauguration Celebration.
New York, April 13. The citizens'
committee, having charge of the arrange
ments for tho Centennial Celebration of
the Inauguration of Pieehlent Washing
ton, to be held In this city on tho 30th of
April, 1S8!), met In tho Mayor's ofilco yes
tculay. Reports wero received as to Iho
procession, the entertainment of guests
and tlio artistic features for the proposed
celebration, It was decided to send In
vltatious to President Cleveland nnd his
Cabinet and Senators and Representatives
lu t'ongiess,
Maryland for Itl.iine.
Baltimore, Mb., April 13. Tho Mary
laud Republican League met at 11 a, m.
to-day, and, after appointing committees,
took n ri-iess till this iilternoon. Tho
convention Is In tho hands of the
friends of Mr. Blaino.
Tho Now York llroworfl.
New York, April 13, The situation
with regard to the threatened lockout of
tho Journeyman browcrs In this city re
mains unchanged, The browery pro
prietors say that tho lockout will begin on,
A Ilnnlc Itobucil or $12,000.
Utica, N. Y April 13, A repot t is
current in tills city this morning that tlio
St Johusvllla Haul: was robbed last
night of $12,000.
A Guilty Wretch 1'ii.vk tho lVnalty
III Orlmn,
Warsaw, N. Y April 13, Van Brunt,
tho murderer, was hanged this morning.
Tho drop fell at 10;18, nnd death was
Van Brunt epent lnt night as calmly
as ho has lived In Jail sluco his arrest.
After tho Jail was closed for tho night ho
nto a lunch composed of two boiled eggs,
some cookies, n fried cake, part of a
biscuit and tea. Ho retired at 3 o'clock,
asking to be called at fi. After ft hearty
breakfast, at 8:30, ho saw General
Thaycrs's law partner, Mr. Johnson.
During tho last hour or two of Van
Brunt's lire his spiritual advisers and
Dr. Lusk wcro with him. At 10:12, when
tho priest had completed tho services,
Deputy Hhcrlffit Bradley and Wlthcrili
escorted Van Brunt thruugh tho corridor
and out Into tho tail luolosure. He
prayed lu almost Inaudible tone, and
waiKisi nrnvciy up the stops to the scar-
ri.i ivi... n ...... ....... I.. .I. .i.n
pulled nnd tbo neck wns broken, nud tho
ii .ii.li ,ii. wm ivaujr fcllU 111U1 HUB
puisauuii oi mo ucail ceased lu lourtecii
m'.niitcs. Tho body was cut down nnd
placed lu a neat cedar casket. Tho
burial will take place tills afternoon.
The crime which Von Brunt expiated
to-dnv with his llfu wus committed nt
Castile, Wyoming County, on the nliilit
or October tl, ltW). Van Brunt, who
was n lieutenant In the Salvntlon Army,
met Evn Hoy ut Wufnw nnd became
desperately enamored or her. lie gave
up the Army, and, Invlng secured work
In Cusllle, removed there,
Ho boarded ot AIln Hov's home and
became engaged to her the frequent
visits there of her half-brother, Will
Roy, nrotifcd his Jealousy. The evening
'of tho miirder Will Hoy was at tho houso
and I sat up luto with Eva, as ho.was
going nwny on thu midnight train. Van
Briiut.retlred early, leaving tho brother
'and sister alone In the parlor. Later on
ho heard talking In n low tone In tho
parlor, and, becoming suspicious, ho
came down stairs, finding Evn hi her
night dress sitting in close proximity to
young Hoy engaged In earnest conversa
tion. Vnn Brunt told (ho girl nheehoiild
bo In bed. Eva mado some flippant re
ply and rcsuowed her whispered con
versation with ltov. This seems
to hnvo maddened Van Brunt, Tor he
drew a revolver nnd fired nt Hoy with
fntnl oflcct. Ho returned to his room,
informed Fred. Hoy that ho had shot
his brother, and, making no cfi'ort to es
cape, was taken Into .custody. He was
tried and convicted or murder in tho
first degrco'nnd, pcntenced to bo hanged
April 15, 1837. Tho caso was appealed to
tho General Term, which alllrmed tho de
cision or tho lower court. His counsel
next took tho caso to tho Court or Ap
peals, with the same result.
Tho KnlehtK or Labor to. Try It On it
Iairgo Scale,
PliiLADEi.ruiA, April 13. Charles II.
Lltchman, general secretory of the
Knights of Labor, has issued a circular lo
tho members of the order outlining a
plan for practical co-operation.
" Co-oporatloit," tho circular says,
begins and' seems to succeed better In
distribution through stores rather than
in production through factories. Fol
lowing out this apparently natural law
or re-operative cllbrt, wo bellcyo It pos
sible ot onco and without capital to
establish in and through tho ordor tho
grandest co-operatlvo ellort the world has
ever soon." .
Mr. Lltchman, in a brier outline or Iho
plan, then suggests that manufacturers
una co-operative establishments, "mem
bers of the order" llio with the general
secretary a complcto price catalogue or
tho goods they produce; that these prlco
lists bo classified and printed copies scut
to every local assembly, nnd that each as
sembly appoint an ngunt to handle orders
lor ino goous.
Tho scheme abo provides for o feo from
each establishment entering into the ar
rangement; tho stamping ot tho makers'
name upon tho poods to guarantoo their
mahty, etc, Tho circular concludes:
"Tho gain would be nn immenso concen
tration of patronage upon goods produced
by our own people, quality guaranteed,
prices moderate, elimination as far as
possible of middlemen, nnd the substitu
tion of a co-operatlvo for a competitive
Mr. Lltchman invites discussion of the
M-hemo by the various assemblies of the
CoutrlbiitloiiH Asked For.
I'iiiladei.i-iiia, April 13. District As
sembly, No. 87, Knights of Labor, has
issued a circular to tho friends of organ
ized labor, nsking for contributions to
asrist in paying oil" tho Indebtedness In
curred in assisting tho striking miners In
tho Lehigh coal regions and to assist
tome 700 miners, who, sinco tho collapso
of the strike, havo been "blacklisted."
A A'crdlct for $8,000.
PiiiLAmaniiA, April 13. Tho suit or
David A. Brown, jr., or Richmond, Va
against tho Philadelphia, Wilmington and
Baltimoro Railroad Company to recover
damages ror personal injuries sullered
from a railroad accident near Ilavro do
Grace, Mil., in Juno last, resulted yester
day In a verdict for $8,000 In favor ortho
complainant, in the United States Circuit
Smnll-Pox luT'lillnilelpliiii.
PiiiLAPEi.i-niA, Pa,, April 13, Small
pox lias been spreading rapidly In tho
city during tlio Inst two weeks, origi
nating from a recent immigrant who
was allowed to laud while sullerlnc from
varioloid. Twenty victims or tho disease,
whose cases aro traced to this ono source
of infection, havo been removed to tho
Municipal Hospital within a week.
Accident on llioClilcagoanil Alton,
Jacksonville, III., April 13. A
tluough freight train on tho Chicago and
Alton Hailroad was derailed near this
town yesterday moining, Tho engineer
and 111 eman Jumped In tunc to savo them
selves, but tho engine and twelve cars
were smashed to splinters. From tho ap
pcarnnro of tho truck It Is thought that
fenco posts wero put on tlio track by per
sons unknown.
Killed by HcrTiittlc Hio'llicr.
Chicaoo, April lS.-WIUIo Grady, G
years old, accidentally shot and killed
ids sister Ella, 3 years old, at tho homo of
their parents, No. Stllll Archer avenuo,
yesterday. Tho children were playing lu
a store-room. Wllllo opened n bureau
drawer and got a pistol and tho weapon
fell from his haiiu and was discharged,
tho bullet striking ids sister in tlio left
breast. She died half an hour later.
Dlhtlugulhlu'il llncliu-N 111,
New York, April 13.-Dr William A.
Hammond, who has been suffering for
tho last two weeks from a bad absco3 on
the right side or his face, is somewhat
better and oxptcts to bo out in u week or
ten days, Dr. Cornelius R, Aguow, who
is down witli peritonitis, is still In a pre
carious condition.
IlrbulldinK Theatre.
Fmi,AHELviii., Pa,, April 13. Work
has been begun on the silo of tho Tomplo
Theatre, where three largo hanking
houses aro to bo erected by Mr. Slncerlv.
Over $10,000,000 will bo invested in great
office buildings now under construction,
dt for which tho plans havo been drawn.
.Judge ljyncli OlUoluted.
MsMrius, Ten;, , April 13, A mob of
fanners yesterday took a nrgra named
Jerry Smith out of Jail and lynched htm.
Smith attempted to assa-ilt a white ylrl a
few days ago.
Anxiety About Mr. Conklliig's Gun
dillon When Ho Awakes.
The Clinnccs Aro Onp lo Sl Favor
Ing Hla ltrcovci')'.
New York, April 13. Last night w.
the quietest nnd most beneficial Tor Sena
tor Conkllrig sinco (ho beginning or hts
illness. Ho layawako part or the lime,
but not once did ho got up to pace tho
iloor. Several times, when speaking (
his wlrb and iho doctor, ho appeared to
bo In a partial stupor. Mr. Melville, Ids
law partner, sold that ho appeared to be
under tho inllucnce or some drug, but
When oskod. Dr. Barker denied that he
had given him anything to make him
sleep. Ho said the sleep was natural ami
beneficial. Tho favorable symptoms
noticed lu tho Senator yostcrdav continue
this morning. At (Win o'clock ho was fust
His awakening Is looked forward to
with some anxiety. 11' his mind is
clear and tlio signs or extrcmo nervous
ness do not onpear, tbo luipo or tho phy
sicians will bo increased. A physician
told a United Press reporter this morn
ing that, in caso or a lutnl termination,
tho sick man would probably remain in
n stupor Tor many hours before death.
Tho first olllclnl bulletin to-day will
como betweon t) nnd 10 o'clock. Dr.
Anderton, who remnlned.nl the houso till
night, left nt 7:10 this morning. He said
Mr. Conkling slept most ot tho night.
Ho considered that the sick man was
considerably better this morning. Ni
very tlcllulto hopes for his recovery were,
however, expressed.
At 8:30 n. m. Dr. Anderton returned to
tho sick room. Tho doctor said tho Sena
tor's pulso was 80 at 8 o'clock and IiU
"Ho has now passed out of tho first
ncuto stages," snldthe Doctor, '-and. ho
docs riot sutler tho pain that he dtd'ut
first. Ho took moro nnurishmcnt'Iast
night thnn on any previous night. His
not truo that ho has lost heavily in wclglit,
and ho has evidently much strength
The following bulletin was issuod nt
10: Jlr. Conkling passed a good night.
He slept well and his mind is cloarer this
morning. Ills pulse Is 71 nnd Ids tern
pernturo 09.
When Dr. Barker entered tho sick room
Mr. Conkling was nwakc and shook bauds
with tho doctor. Dr. Barker stated to n
"United Press reporter that Mr. Conkliug's
clinnccs of recovery now was one In six.
Dr. Barker talked freely to tho United
Press reporter. Ho statod that Mr, Conk
ling wns doing ns well ns could bo ex
pected, Ho was Iroo from -stupor or
coma. If ho continued to improve it
point a day for tho next six days he
would bo out of danger. Ho vyashowius
tho second stage of depression. Tills ac
counted for tho fact that the patient' had.
ho littlo to say. Tho wounds caused, br
tho operation weio not drCsscd this
morning, as It was deemed unnecessary.
Dr. Anderton said that tho fuct of tlio
patient's pulse being down to 78 showed
ho" was Improving.
2:5 p. m. Mr. Conkling Is bleeping'
quietly. Thero Is very little Improve
ment in his condition.
SccncH oT r.uwIont'Sn About tlio llnr
HnRton Yards ntCroston, Iiiwm.
Crestos, Iowa, April 13, The law
lessness ol a week ago was renewed ,
Wedncsduy jiight and thcro wcro o num
ber of acts of violence In anduboutthe
"Q." yards. An ex-fireman named Don
ahue assaulted a working fireman named
Hcllen, A switch engine, whllo pushing
thu "Denver," was stoned and windows,
broken in the cnglno cab and dining car.
Stones and brickbats wero also thrown
through a window of Superintendent
Brown's privato car about 11 o'clock, Mr.
Brown being in the car. at the time, botnu
freight engines, one oust and one wen
bound, wcro Mailed later in tlio night and
windows broken from both cabs. No
ono was hurt. AH eiforts to capture tho
offenders havo been fruitless. J-.xtrn city
polico aro kept on duty all night.
Itlcliiuond Terminal Matters.
New York, April 13. A meeting of tlm
Richmond Terminal directors was held
nt noou yesterday, but transacted only
routine business. No special meeting of
the stockholders has been called, and thu
directors state that no request lor u call
has been received. It was reported after
the meeting that there had been a split
between John If. Inman and the other
members oftho Georgia Central syndi
cate, and that Iiimuu will bo elected
pri-Mdent In placo or General Alexander.
It was stated in the afternoon that tho
secretary or tho Richmond Terminal
Company has carried oil' tho stock trans
fer ledger to prevent President Sully
from getting tho addresses or tho stock
holders. Mr. Sully intended to send tho
stockholders a circular giving tho status
of the company's affairs.
Tlio Jockey Club.
New York, April 13. Tho indications
aro that tho American Jockey Club will
soon leave Jcromo Park and settle mi
largo tract of land near tho to u of Vot
Chester, recently bought by J A. Moiii",
one of tho now managers of the elub.
It Is known, too, that Leonard Jeroint is
taking intorcstln tho nowly-purchdied
properly, -and tho other members ofthe
Jockey Club arc agitated Miout real estate
projects in tho samo vicinity, Bosldc,
thero are reports from Albany that two
railroads aro within a short time to b
started in that direction.
Tlio Hondhifr's Elcvntcd lload,
Fiiilmieli'iiia, April 13. The Heading
Railroad has leased another wharf on tiie
Dclanaro front from which to .ntubllsh it
ferry to Camden for Its Atlanth City line,
which Is being ercatly Improved, The
elevated railroad project Is also woll. un
der wnv, and thero is no doubt liQiVtual
tlio road will bo built, with its terminal
at Twelfth and Market streets.
Tlio Jury Could Not Aki-oo.
Cme.UtO, April 13. In tho omeofKvii
Parker against Rev. Brushlngham, for
Illegitimate parentage, tho Jury inuac ind
court this morning and reported tluu
they woro unablo to agree. tisttd
that tho Jury stood 10 to 2 fur oouweuou.
Tlio Stock nnd Money Market.
New York, April 13. Money, 'H "in
cent. Exchango steady; posted rntex,
ISC&ISS; actual rates, Ktfi 1834 for sixty
da Blind iSilfn hV! fur domand. Gov
ernments steady; currency ll's 1201 bid;
fs. coup., 123J bid; IS's, do., lObJ bid,
tlio siock mnrKci oneueu quiet, out,
during tho curly dealuiathcie was a ftee
i-olllng of Reading, St. 1'aul and Missouri
Purillo, reusing a fractional decline.
After U o'clock thoro was moro support
extended to the leading Mocks, and pricas
strengthened. The early decline w.vs
fully recovered, and at noon pilow wcro
1 to 1 per cent, higher than thoo of last
night. At the present writing tho market.
Is quiet and steady.
Iiocnl AVenthiT Indications.
Warmer, tnlr weather winds becoming lljrlit
to nosh noutnwcMerlT.
Tomperftture, ns shown by Dr. Drapor s
8elf-Jlocordlos Tfcotmomotor, D. !'. Wider,
intent. OH Bev -n' n street U a, m.,wj; is.
J Hi U p. UJ...
1 I

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