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The Cathedral, Its Towers, Chapels,
Statues, Paintings and Altars.
Tlio TickciuIa oftlio jrnllncho nnd
Shrino of Guadalupe.
Tlicio mo 120 Cnlhollc churches
ami chapels In tho City of Mexico,
tlio most celebrated boing Santo
Domingo, of Inquisition fame; 1-a
Santa Vera Cruz, Cortcz Hermitage,
tho autocratic Santa Ilriglria, and tlio
churches of San Fernando and Santa
Tlio Cathedral is built upon or near
tho slto of tlio great Aztec Toinplo
that tho Spaniards destroyed when
tho city was conquered in lo21. Upon
tho partition of tho city this slto was
Kct apart that upon It should bo built
n Christian church. Tlio llrst stone of
tho existing building was laid in 157.'!.
Uctwccn tho years 15".'! and 1807 tho
cost of tho work was 51,752,000, with
tho cost of tho towers, $100,000, and
of tho work upon tho interior, and tho
bells (tho great bell alouo costing
$10,000), tlio cntiro cost was
about $2,000,000. Tlio great hell,
19 feet high, in tho western towor, is
named Santa Maria do Guadalupe. It
was placed in position In tho yoir
1702. Tho larger of tho bells in tho
eastern tower Is named Dona Maria.
Exclusive of tho very thick walls, tho
building measures 387 feet from north
toEOUtli, 177 feet from east to wost
and has an Interior height of 170
feet. It is built of stono. Tim
facade, at tho sides of which rise tho
towers, is divided by -massive but
tresses into thrco portals, which, in
turn, aro soparateu by cornices into
two divisions, tho first Doric (very
elegant by reason of Its correct pro
portions), tho second Ionic. Tho
bapso-rclioves, statues, friezes, bases
and capitals aro of whlto marble,
making a harmonious eolor-offect with
tb6giay stono.
The towers (203 feet 0 Inches higlO
nro in two divisions, tho lower Doric
and tho luppcr Ionic, this last finished
with very beautiful architectural de
tails, and tho crown of each Is a bell
hhaped domo, capped by Hphores and
crosses 'of stone. Tho cornices of tho
towers, as well as tho cornices clso
vheiO upon tho building, aro sur
mounted by balustrades of carved
btono upon which, disposed at regular
intervals, aro carved stono vases. Tho
cornices immediately beneath tho
domes of tho towers servo as pedestals
for colossal stono statues of tho Doc
tors of tho Church and tho Patriarchs
of iho Monastic Orders; and those of
tlio central portal, occupied by tho
clock, aro pedestals for statues of tho
Theological Virtues with their at
tributes. Ilcncath tho clock Is tho
Coat-of-Arms of tho Itopublic. Above,
as seen from tho southern sido of
J he plaza rises tlio dome, surmounted
by Its slender, graceful lantern, tho
vork of tho architect, Tolsa. Tho
architect of tho work as a wholo was
Alonzo Perez Castancda. Tho in
terior of tho cathedral, in tho Doric
btyle, with traces of tho Gorlc (which
mark tho Spanish architecture of tho
sixteenth century), is almost sovoio in
it8 simplicity. Tho aisles aro divided
from tlio navo by fluted columns,
which support tho "light and olegantly
vahltcd roof. Tho central arches
foim a Latin cross, above which rises
the fine domo. Within tho domo aro
tho paintings representing tlio As-422r,-Vtion
of tho virgin and groups of
fftOyrincipal characters of sacred his
tory. Outsido of tho aisles aro rows
of. chapels, seven on each sldo
of tho building. Tlio stalls aro richly
carved in wood, and abovo them is to
bo observed a painting, by tho Mexi
can artist, Juan Correa, of tho Im
maculate Conception. Two organs,
in'carvcd cases, rise from the lateral
tiibunalstotho height of tlio arches
of tho alBlcs. Tho church contains
six altars, tho finest altar in tho cathe
dral being that of Eos Reyes (the
Kings) In tho apso rising from tho
pavement to tho roof, which was at
ono timo tho richest In tho world.
It contained a lamp worth
$70,000 and a statue of the As
sumption worth $1,000,000. (now
missing.) Beneath this altar lio
buried tho heads of Hidalgo, Allande,
Aldamaand Jimenez, brought horo
with all, honor from Gtinna junto,
when independence had been secured,
The altar was oxecuted by tho samo
artist who carved tho altar of "Iios
Reyes" in tho Cathedral of Sovilla,
ana is richly carved and gilded. In
closed in its complicated details aro
many excellent statuettes, and somo
good paintings by celebrated Mexican
urtists. Tho remains of Yturbldo aro
also interred here.
the work of tho brothers Yslas, mark
ing tho grave of tho yrcat President,
in tho 'cemetery of San Fernando, is
entitled to most unqualified praiso.
The design comprehends a Grecian
temple of marblo, small, but well-proportioned,
without Interior walls, ifnd
biirroundcd by rows of columns. On
tho base thus-protected, btit not ob
scured, is a commemorativo group;
thp dead .President stretched at full
length, his head supported on tho
knee of a mourning female figuro of
Thero is a simplicity, a nobility, a
freedom from conventionalism, in
this work, that, joined with its tech
nical qualities and full expression of
liorolc grief, makes it most impressive
its' a monumental marblo and to a
high degree satisfying as a work of art.
Tho Pasco do la Keforma is tho
fashionable drivo, and ono of (ho
most beautiful drives possessed Gy any
city either in Europo or America.
Tlio Pasco is about two miles long and
leads'.in a straight lino from tho Pla
znela in which stands tho eques
trian statue of Charle3 IV. to tho
gates of Chapultopec, tho castlo
fitanding out very effectively upon
its; craggy" height at tho ond of
the long perspcctlvo formed by
tho doubio row of trees on each sido
of tho avenuo. Beneath tho trees aro
broad footways, along which carved
Mono benches aro disposed at short in
tervals. In tho courso of tho two
inilcB thero aro six parks, each 100
feet in diameter, surrounded by stono
benches. Two of theso are already
adorned by imposing monuments,
Columbus and Guatimotzin. In a
third, a monument to Juarez will soon
bo' erected, and tho others similarly
will bo devoted to tho memory of
men Illustrious in Mexican history,
Tho great equestrian bronze statue
of Charles IV. is tho largest casting of
art, in a single piece, thai exists in tlio
world. It was designed and cast by
Tolsa, and weighs -15,000 pounds.'
Tho statue of Columbus was design
ed by tho French sculptor Cordter;
tho bronze, statuo, tho basso-reliovos
find (ho stono pedestal all came from
Parli, the gift of hVnol' Antonio Ka
Tho Pasco is the dally morning and
evening drive of fashionable Mexico.
In tho morning tho drivo is usually
through tho Grovo of Chapultopec,
and is taken at ft brisk pace, for its
own sake. In tho afternoon It h a
rIow, formal performance, taken for
the sake of seeing and being seen, and
as tho Pasco leads directly to
Chapultcpcc, we will next visit
that ery inteiestlng palaco. for
Mich it is in fact, as well as
in name. It was built bv tho Viceroy
Golvez. It was occupied by Maxi
milian, and lias since been renovated
as a Mexican whlto houso. It Is an
immense building, in which nro largo
halls and galleries decorated and
around which aro marblo paved ter
races, commanding ono of tho most
magnificent views in tho world, tho
beautiful valley of Mexico, with its
city and lakes, and, for background
in tho east tho snow-capped volca
noes tinged at ovonlug with niddy
reflection and overhung by great
masses of crimsoned clouds. Upon tho
terraces aro liowcr gardens, and at tho
eastern base of tho hill, rcachod by
a winding-terraced drivo, is a largo
liowcr garden, in which is nn
artificial lake. Inclosing tho entire
baso of the hill is a strip of wood
land that, on tho western front,
broadens out into tho noblo park. In
tho park aro great cypresses covered
with Spanish moss. Ono of theso
giants is 170 feet high and forty-six
feet around tho'lrunk. Montezuma's
bath is in the park and is now used
by tlio water-woiks to supply tho
Tho National Military Collcgo occu
pies a largo building on tho lower
terraco of tlio palace. Tho system of
training pursued is similar to that of
West Point. Thero aro about 325
cadets at this college.
TIM'. LEGEND 01' Till! "m.VM.NTHB."
On tho road, in front of tlio en
trance to tlio Tivoll del Eliseo, is tho
placo known to this day as "Tlio
Leap of Alvarado,'1 whoro that
chieftain saved his life, not by
his bravery, but by his agility. At
tho extremity of the. old causoway Is
tho vlllago of Popotla (tho placo of
the brooms), and hero Is tho "Arbol
do la Nocho Trlsto" (tho tree of tho
dismal night), beneath which Qortoz
sat him down and wept on tho night
of tho tcrriblo reheat from Mox
ico, July 1, 1520. Tho treo,
n gigantic cypress identical with
those in tho park of Chapultoncc,
nourished in perfect health, until a
few years ago a firo was kindled
beneath it by a fanatic, which seri
ously burned its trunk. Slnco then
Bovcral of its upper branches have
died. It is now protected by a high
iron railing, and a most, zealous
policeman. Further on Is Tacuba,
whero another largo cypress exists,
and whero Corte. oncamned.
Following eastward for nearly a
mile, wo come to an old monastery,
whero there is a pond of sweet water,
besido which Is a mined aqueduct.
Hero Iho legend-lover can hear tho
story of how in this pond as in a
rialaco of crvstal. lives for half of
each day tho Malinciio tho other
half of nor day being spent in the
spring of Chapullepcc. But, whorcas
at Chapultopec sho is a bonign spirit,
hero sho is a spirit of much malignity.
With asong of infinite sweetness sho
lures to tho pond unwary passers-by,
and, onco besido tho pond, hor
extraordinary beauty completes tlio
unhappy conquest that hor wickedly
nnvcti vuitu jiua ucguii. .Li. is must
dangerous to pass near this placo in
tho very early morning or in tho
evening, for at theso times hor siren
song is heard. Whoever hears this
song, unless ho would forevor disap
pear from tho living, must closo his
ears and with all possible speed
hasten away. Should ho not tako
theso heroic measures for Bolf-preser-vatlon,
ho will feel a soft languor
ciecping over him, dulling his
Ecnses, yet filling him with in
effable delight; slowly but irre
sistibly ho will bo drawn 'toward
tho pond, and whon ho reaches it and
there sees beckoning to him tho beau
tiful Malinciio ho surely will cast him
self into tho clear depths and nover
inoro bo known among men. The
old Indian who tells this story possi
bly will add. tclllnir it closo to tho
car of tho liutoner in a mannor most
confidential, that in tho dopths of tho
pond lio hidden tho treasures con
cealed by Guatimotzin, tho hiding
placo of which, ovon under tho cruel
torturo to which Cortez subjected him,
ho refused to reveal.
Tacubaya is ono of tho most charm
ing places near tho city; hero aro situ
ated many beautiful private resi
dences, amid exquisite inclosurcs,
half garden, half park, belonging to
rich citizons of Mexico, who como
hero for recreation and rest. In tho
western part of tho town is tho Arbol
Benidito, "tho blessed tree." Legend
says that a long while ago, ono hot
day in summer, a holy priest paused
beneath this tree, and In its cool
shade became rested and refrcshod.
Therefore ho wont away comfortod:
ho turned rind blessed tho treo and
bade it evermore bo green, nnd
straightway thero gushed out from
among its roots a most sweet and
copioiis spring. Those who doubt this
legend must reconcile with their
doubt tho facts that tho tree is al
ways grcon, and that the spring con
tinues to flow.
is tho holiest shrino in Mexico. In
primitlvo times nu Aztec divinity,
Tonantzin ("tho Mother of Gods") was
worshiped at tho shrino, whoro. tlio
Capllla del Cerrito of Guadalupo now
Stands, and Is tho scono of tho tradi
tion of 1531, according to which an
apparition appeared to tho Indian
Juan Diego, who was on his way to
hear mass in tho Church of Santiago
Tlaltelolco on tho morning of Decem
ber 0.1C31. As ho ncared tho hill
called Tepoyac ho heard tho
music of angels. Thon ho bo
held, amid splendors, a lady who
spoko to him, directing hint
to go to tho Bishop and say that it
washer will that in that placo should
bo built to hor a tomple. Upon his
knees ho listened to hor bidding, and
then, happy and confused, betook
himself to tho Bishop with tho mes
sage sho had given him, But wliilo
tho Bishop heard him with bonignlty
ho. could not glvo credonco to tho
prodigy that ho was told. With this
disconsolate answer lio returned,
finding thero again tho lady, who
heard what ho had to say and bade
him como to her again. Therefore on
tho Sunday ensuing ho was nt tho
hillside, when sho appeared to him
for tho third timo and lepeated lior
order that ho should convey to tlnr
Bishop her command that tho
temple Bhould bo built. Tho
Bishop heard tho message still In
credulously, and ordered that tho In
dian should bring somo suroslgn by
which ho might bo shown that what
ho told was true; when tho Indian do
parted tho Bishop sent two of his ser
vants to watch him secretly. Yet, as
ho nearedtho holy hill, ho disap
peared from tho sight of theso watch
ers, rnseon then of these, ho met
the lady and told ' her that ho ha 1
br en required to bring somo sum sign
f her appeaiiincu; and she told him
to come again tho next day and
he should have that sign. But when
ho camo to his homo ho found
his uncle lying very ill. Through
tho next day ho was busy at
tending to tho sick man, but tho
sickness Inercaeed, and caily on the
morning of December 12 ho went to
call a confessor. That ho might not
ho delayed In ills quest by tlio lady's
Importunities, ho went not by tho
usual path, hut by another skirting on
the eastern sldo of tho hill. But as
ho passed tho hill he saw tho lady
coming down to him nnd heard hor
calling after him. lio told hor his
errand and of its urgent need for
quickness, whereupon sho replied
that ho need not feel further tioublo,
as already his undo was cured. Then
shoordcicd him to cut somo (lowers
in that barren hill, and to his amaze
ment ho beheld (lowers growing
(here. Sho charged him to tako these
miraculous flowers to tho Bishop as
tho sign ho had lcqucstcd; and sho
commanded that Juan Diego should
show them to no other until they woio
seen by tho Bishop's oyes. There
fore ho wrapped them in his talma or
blanket and hastened nway. And
then, from tho spot whoro most holy
Mary stood, thoro
(IVSllEl) lOUTH a srniNd
of brackish water, which is now von
ended, and is nn antldoto to infirmi
ties. Juan Diego waited at tho entrance
oftho Bishop's house until ho should
como out, and when ho appeared and
tho (lowers woro shown him, there
was seen tlio imago of tlio Virgin
beautifully painted on tlio Indian's
talma. Tho Bishop placed tlio miracu
lous picture in lilsoratory,vcneratlng It
greatly; and Juari Diego returning to
his homo with two servants of tho
Bishop, found that his undo had been
healed of his sickness tlio very hour
that tho Virgin declared that lio was
well. As quickly as possible tho
Bishop had a chapel built upon tho
very spot whero the Virgin had ap
peared, and whero tho miraculous
roses had sprung up from tho barren
rock; and hcroho placed tho holy
image, February 7, 1532. Juan Diego
becamo tho servant of tho Virgin in
tho sanctuary, living in a little houso
besido tho chapel; nnd thero ho died
n most Christian death in tho year
Hero can bo seen in tho Tabernacle,
in the frame of mingled gold and sil
ver, inclosed witli plato glass, Juan
Diego's Talma, on which is tlio mirac
ulous picturo of tho Virgin. Tho pic
turo letains much of its coloring. Tlio
material upon which it is painted Is a
coarso cloth, woven of tho Moguoy or
Ixtli fibre. Tho picturo has been ex
amined sovcral times by painters of
high standing, nnd on each occasion
tlio method by which tho picturo was
made remained undetermined. It is
surrounded by a silver tailing weigh
ing twenty-six tons.
Mrs. W. E. T. Trench left tho city Inst
week for Dover, Del., with her Httlo boy
to visit some rclallves thero. Sho will not
return horo beforo May 1.
Miss Helen Noyes .loft yesterday for
Philadelphia to bo absent for a week on a
visit to friends thoro.
Mrs. Stahl, hotter known In Washing
ton as llcrtlo Crawford, is In tho city for a
fow weeks, having just returned from
California, whore sho has been singing in
opera for sovcral months.
A Grand JMsplny or Matttnss, Etc.
No ono has the slightest idea of tho
dimensions oi w.ri. iiougliton Asl'o.'s
furniture establishment, at 1211 F street
northwest, unless thoy aro shown through
by ono of his polite salesmen. This
favorito and prominent sloro contains
tenty-oile rooms, and cadi room filled
with choice and elegant household goods
of every stylo and quality. His stock of
mattings Is complcto-nnd deserves special
mention. Every width, stylo and quality
is nicely exhibited in ono of Ills com
modious and well-lighted rooms, nt prices
ranging from 121 cents per yard and
upwards. A visit to this extonslvo furni
ture emporium will richly reward tlio
Tho liiicky Contestants.
Tho Sons of Jonadabs' Fair, at tlio Na
tional Itidcs' Armory, closes to-night.
Tho following contestants have been suc
cessful: John Sinclair, delivery wagon;
Joseph Archer, butcher's tools; Spartan
doll, Miss Josio Dent; crayon, John J.
Weed; one-half dozen shirts, w. II. Young:
pioneer doll baby, Nellio llanes; seal
ring, W. H. Young.
Tlio nines' Excursion.
ThcNatioual Rides will leaves on Mon
day morning, July 10, for a trip of fifteen
days to New York, Newport, Boston, New
Bedford and Cottage. City, Martha's Vine
yard. Tho Cottage City Club has appro
priated $600 for entertaining tho littles.
ThoWcccacoo Band of Philadelphia will
go along.
Potomac Tickets Iteturncd.
Tickets for tho Potomac Club Fair havo
been returned to this otlico by tlio follow
ing: T.I'. Graham, 0; M. A. Tanzor, 1;
O. W. Thorn, 8; E. E. Whlto, 10; B. M.
M under, 1,
TI1.0 Saongerbund gave a masked ball
to tho children at Edol's Hall last night-.
Thero was a $100-flrain the cellar
of Otto Dukor & Co.'s builders'- supply
store on Tenth street last evening.
Candidates for admission to tlio Now
York College for tho Training of Tenohora
wilt be oxaiuincd in this city noxt June.
Local Assembly. 8010, Knights of
juuur, met ut i.h;iiiu nnu ijirccis last
night and .Indorsed iho I'owttorly lettor.
Dr. McOlynn said last night that ho
thought tho two labor parties would
unlto and placo a ticket in tho field next
In tlio Criminal
Court yesterday
Taul Helmuth was' convicted or assaul
mg Michael McMahou last August in his
Architect H. O. Stono left $5 at tho
Twelfth-street Station-Houso yesterday
afternoon for plucking a counloofilowcrs
in Franklin Talk,
Tho Woman's National Press Asso
ciation met at Wlllard's last night and
Mrs. Sanford-Chapin read a paper and
Mrs. Lincoln a poem.
Tho Locomotivo Engineers and Firo
men hold a meeting hero last night and
indorsed tho "Q." strike, and promised
financial and moral support,
Mr. E. II, Tillman, who was run over
by a cab somo two weoksogo, has entirely
recovered from tlio accident and has ro
sumed his duties at tho Coast Survoy.
Tho first of tho Friday ovening
Gospel meetings, under tho auspices of
tlio W. O, T. U., wus held at Four-and-a-half
street and I'onnsylvnnla avenue last
night. They aro to bo hold every Friday
hereafter. Important I
New Tlanos on $10 payments.
New Organs on ?5 payments.
Fianos slightly used, $15 and upwards.
Organs, good as now, $25 and upwards.
FaciciionN O, Smith.
Bradbury 1'aluco of Music,
1225 Pennsylvania avenue.
Plank Hlind Excursion.
Tho first plank shad excursion of tho
season will bo glycn to-morrow, tho
steamer Corcoran leaving hur wharf at
11 a, m. for Marshall Hall, returning at
Op. m.
A little fellow ono day nonplussed his
mother by making tiro following inquiry:
woman a mister) ?"
!... m4s.wm.hm I T..IrT 1f Wttn titniMiitiii I 4 tivt t-t.v vtt:i t it -- tr- nrw tsT r ..it ... ---, Aff.O
Sonic of tho Odd Inscriptions
Shops and Stores.
GulilrK to tlic&U-niiKCi' Wlllilu tlio
Though Washington is classed as an
inldfcctual centre, nnd poses beforo
tho great and untamed West as n homo
of literature, scloneo, nrt and vice
it has, nevertheless, ns part of its cos
mopolitan make-up, n very Illltorato
and untaught clement. This cle
ment Is small so tho truo Washing
tonian insists but for nil its small
ness It's an Imperfection, and imper
fections will crop out. For Instance,
ono of tho above-mentioned "truo
Wnshlngtonians," after extolling, to
somo stranger, tho brilliancy nnd ex
tent of tho nvcrago Washington Intel
lect, does not liko to havo his attention
called to tho numerous ill-painted
and dingy signs Informing tho public
: nnr.ni riiiLn in a r.ox I
can bo obtained within.
, This Is only ono examplo of tho
ninny unique nnd curiously-worded
announcements that greet tho cyo of
the observer. Dickons found much
amusement in ills nomadic career
about London streets in studying tho
quaint placards on tho business
nouses, nnu with ins happy knack of
turning common-placo things into
hard cash, he madothem pay him for
tho timo ho took in ferreting them
out by inserting thorn in his writing.).
Tho Micnwbcrs and AVellors and
Doinboysond Chuzzlowits and Pick
wicks and a wholo host of others
whoso names suggest their characters,
first made tho acquaintance of tho
great novelist ns thoy appeared pla
carded In front of London business
Washington is a cltv of queer
things, and ono of them is its sign
hoards. A closo observer is con
tinually l mining across somo quaintly
worded or grotesquely spelled placard,
especially m tho sections whoro tho
African element abounds. Tho ma
jority of theso aro comical, but a num
ber aro pathetic in their phraseology
nnd appearance. Somo aro ambigu
ous; others aro almost too plain.
A fow aro bright, as, for in
stance, that in front of a diminu
tive eating-room on tho Sovonth
sticet road. Hov. Dr. Burchard,
ho of tho threo "It's," would turn
green with envy should ho chanco to
seo it, for it reads:
: rir, ricKtrs and rios-rtr.T, i
Not far from this is a forlorn-looking
board, weeping tarry tears to tlio
effect that "Scrues, Naolcs, Mixed
1'ants and Harcoal," aro for sale. Two
doors down tho road Is a variety storo
in tho truo sonso of tho word, whoro
"Cakes and Candles, Coal and Wood,"
can bo purchased.
i : t :
Tho Father of His Country and Old
Hickory 1 Nnmcs that causo every
patriotic American, provided ho is not
a rivil Bcrvico rofonuor, to feol tlio
spirit of '79 and 1812 surgo through
his breast I Yet, painted in noat gold
letters on a black sigfy thoy simply
clolm to bo tho names of a couplo of
young colored tonsorial artists, who
wlold, as their only sceptres, tho razor
and shears at a little shop on Penn
sylvania avonue, near Third street.
At tho corner of Ninth and G
strcots an "Export in Pants" holds
forth, according to u sign which
is ambiguity itself. Tho "expert"
may bo a dos doctor, but norsons hav
ing indisposed canines might save
themselves Bomo possiblo embarrass
ment by making suro of tho thingand
going to a houso on Now Jorsov nvo-
nue, near tho reservoir, whoro a sign
will inform them that thoy may
have, by an individual inside,
To those of oplcurcan tendencies
such a sign as is painted in -great,
sablo letters on an immaculate white
washed shanty, that stands on Fifth
fatrcct southeast, will causo a watery
sensation about tho mouth. "Wood,
Coal and Lunches," reads tho legend,
which is in itself a work of art.
Somewhat similar to this was tho in
scription, "Ico Cream and Other
Vegetables," which delighted tho
multitude at a Virginia camp-ihcet-Ing
somo years ago. "Orshers Buy
tho Plnte, Quart or Gallon" aro also
Sold in tho eastern section, and not a
dozen blocks away a "Wliitworsho"
has hung out his sign.
"Ono Lung"-has washed tho collars
and cuffs of .tlio Washington young
man for a numbor of years, and loads
a happy and healthy oxlstoncodespito
tho scarcity of his pulmonary organs.
His namo is not moro uniquo than nro
a scoro of others, not Chinese, in tlio
city, but tho owners might object to
Seine their cognomens given so much
A great red-painted, houso - llko
wagon leaves Washington ovory sum
mer for a trip through tho surround
ing country. It is a romarkablo
looking vohiclo and would attract at
tention nnywhoro, not so much for
itself alono as for tho daring sign in
red letters on n whito sheet:
: roTTaiun took here, :
This is moio oxpliclt, though not
quite so elegant, as tho many pla
cards of tho "photographic artists,"
who tako your picturo "while you
Slnco tho burning of tho "Would
and Colo" yard at tho corner of First
and D streets, many persons havo
missod tho old, familiar sign, which,
though not distinguished for any
literary ability, served its purpose
So also did tho announcement that
a "Kloslng Out Ball" was going on
suit tho none-too-fastidious tastes' of
an Avenuo merchant.
Innumerable other conceits and
blunders nro to bo found on Wash
ington sign-boards, nnd from thorn It
can easily bo deduced that, though
tho Capital City is not old, sho will bo
CJilldron'H nnd Boys' Suits.
Our 6tock includes all tho newost
designs, Kibbuan Duos.,
Manufacturers, cor. 7th and B.
"Alflcrney Dairy "Wagons."
Fresh Aldemey outtcr. churned eerr
morning and delivered In i lb "Ward"
prints, ioc. per lb. Also cottage eheeso,
mittormlllr nnrt T?Af infill An inA nt
Cream, 16c. per pt.
flllwUL V; I (' M-U I ill W I 1 x -m-v-, tn auu wioiinui, liwiiiiu.iijiju ii -i uuivn.t.-ji.M i. r i ,, u up. bCtUIAL MOTIutS. IIVI
To Ilio tVorlilnami-n r ttio Dtntrlot of
Colmnliln mill Tliolr l'rlemU.
Tho committee appointed by tlio work
ingnif n'at fho meeting held April 10, HH
at O. A. 11. Hall, corner 8cvcuth and L
streets northwest, .having given much
time and consideration to tho luveitlg.i
tion of numerous papers, statements and
complaints submitted to thent by thoag-
gncvni, iinve oeon lorccil to IIIOCOUCIU- i
slon that very gravo wronus and abuses.
Involving moral turpltudo and Iho in
tegrity of numerous high District officials
In regard to their conduct Of tho public
works, tho disbursements of public
moneys, and In relation to their dealings
with the District workingmcu, aro ohargc
ablo to thoso in power in.our city govern
ment; among which may bo noticed
1. I'ftjlni: District laborer bjr checks,
thereby compclIlnB them toloso timo, otton
dn?!. to KCt the check, lroo tlmiTns.ilu and bo
lilrntlllcit to pot tho mono?, and ottcri lio
cltliiT rorucd tlioelicek or refused payment
brcauso foma carclcsa clork tins mmla u mix
toko In tlio workman's immo or amount, nnd
bo lima eompcllcd to loso tho llttlo lio Iml
cnrnnl; nnd
1. Tlio doMrnctlon or cancelation nf sticli
clirek I17 Hio DUtrlct Commissioners wllluiut
nn cfTort to correct tlio names, or by publican
tlonRlvlt'jr projicr notice, with Ihornmunml
amount of cncli chrck. to cnnblo tlio workman
to sot Ills money without paying from ono
linlf to thrco fourths to net It.
:). That by roason of olorlcnl.crrors mndo In
tlio ofllco, District workmen havo heca com
pelled to loso their vnrnlnns. In wholo or In
pnrt, nnd nro now milihlo to cct tholr pay.
1. That District teams nnd District work
men linvo been ilWchnrjrcd nnd ordered to bo
illsclmrgcd by high olllclals to inako way for
farmers, laborers nnd teams from Montgom
ery County, Mil., to tho prcjudlco of tho tax
pnjrcr nnd our own laborers,
n. Ihat Inferior carts, wagons nnd teams
belonging to IiIrIi District olllolals havo been
rctnlntd and jmt on public works to tho
prcjudlco of better Wagons nnd tenmiowncil
by tnx-pajcrs and nnn-odlolal cltlzoni.
(I. That unjust discriminations havo boon
mndo .between tlio county worklngmnn and
city workmen, In that tho city laborer Is
furnished his tools anil hasl.irgcrpny thin tho
county workman doing tho samo kind of
7. In ncrmlttlne persons emnlovcd ns foro
men on District works to tako contracts an 1
uso District property In tho execution thereof.
8. In allowing tho use nf teams om ployed
and paid for by the District to plow up nnd
othcrwlso Improvo tho property of prominent
real estate agents.
0. In allowing a gang of laborers employed
on permit work to bo horno nnd paid on tlio
county rolls without rcndcitng any work on
county roads.
10. In misapplying appropriations mndo by
Congress for county roads nnd drvcitlnglt to
other uses, wholly foreign, nnd thus defying
Congrcrs a nd violating spoci flo 1 a wt.
11. In wasting nn appropriation of S20.003
mudo by C'onm ess for tlio repnlrs of Sovanth
street road by bad management nnd tho uio
of poor anil Improper materials.
1'2. Sanctioning and cmoloytng. nt groat
loss to tlio District nnd District worklngmcn.
Imported contract Italian laborers on tho
publlq works, which should bo lncsllffatod
by Consress.
13. That owing to tlio smallncss of tho
nmount duo tho several workmen, tho loss of
timo necessary to sccuro their right and tho
difficulty they find to get a licurlng, many
thousands of dollars Is being, contrary- to
law, contrary to right and Justice, withheld
from tho workmen or tho merchants with
whom they havo dealt.
That to go to tho bottom of theso mat
ters money Is requisite, and unless tlio
friends of tho workingmcu contrlbuto
tho committeo will bo unablo to do what
is absolutely required to right theso
wrongs in a prompt and efficient man
ner. Contributions may bo sent to Messrs.
Frank Hume, wholesale grocer, 451 Penn
sylvania avenue northwest, and J, 11.
Crane, commission merchant, 030 Louis
iana avenuo northwest. All communica
tlomtwill bo addressed to tho "Committeo
yVorkingmcn's Meeting," William II.
l.'rincc, chnirmau.
By order of tho committeo:
William II. 1'niNcit,
F. M. BunNiiAM,
II. Hoovnn,
030 and C32 F street northwest.
A iiovr Itenson Ascribed for Wlllros
llooth's Deed.
Twenty-thrco years ago to-night Abra
ham Lincoln was assassinated in Ford's
Theatre. Among tho interesting roml
juscencM of that tragic occasion aro tho
recollections ofKdwin Hunter, tho come
dian, who was a bosom friend of Wilkes
Booth and a schoolmate at Lbcsburg, Va.
They were together in tho old stock com
pany of Kurkel, Ford and Maxley. Mr.
Hunter wiys that Booth's aversion to tho
North and devotion to tlio South was tho
result of a mere incident. At ono timo
when Booth was plaVing in Baltimore,
he became nervous, forgot his Hues and
shimmered so that ho was hissed oil' tlio
stage. Shortly after ho achieved a great
success in Bfchmond. Ho becamo tho
pet or tho city and was the Hon of tho
day. His impulsive, scnsitlvo naturo was
deeply impressed by tho difference in
ircamicni oy mo two cuics, aim no was
won by tho Southern welcome. Ho used
to say: "If only something would happen
so that I could provo my gratitudo and
love." Ho lelt that ho owed a debt to
tho South.
Booth conceived tho Idea that Lincoln,
gcrsonally, was a foo and ineiiaco to tho
outh and should bo removed. About tho
timo Lincoln's first term expired ho be
camo very moody. Ono day ho asked: "Is
thero no way to prevent Lincoln's being
President again ?'f ,
About two months after that ho and Mr.
nuntcr wero driving together on tho Avo
nue. Booth seemed Interested in a certain
carriage. Mr. Hunter asked:
"Whose carriago is that?"
"That's Lincoln's."
"And why are you following it?"
"Just to shoot the President, " ho said,
and laughed.
Tho nlcht beforo tho assassination,
when ho went to tho thcatro. the old door
keeper happened to remark that tho Presi
dent was coming on tho following night.
Booth becamo interested. On tho follow
ing day he returned to tho theatre. and
'cnt behind tho scenes and entered the
?nssngo leading to tho President's box.
Ir. Hunter continued:
"I was in'tho audience, and. If I ro
liiember correctly, it was Laura Keeno in
'American Cousin.' Tlio first I knew
Was when a lady just In front of mo
moved to look at tho Piesldont's box. I
looked that way and just in timo to seo
the (lash. Cool I Why ho was tho
nerviosfman I over saw. Ho was stand
ing In tho back of tho box when the
shot was ilrcd, and when ho placed his
band on tho cushioned railing oftho box,
next to tho audience, fivo or six people
might have touched him. If I remember
rightly an ofllcer in tho army was noxt
him In tho box. You seo a lot of bunt
ing had been thrown around tho box in
honor of tho President, and as Booth
jumped from tho box his foot caught.
That's what broko his leg. 'Bio Semper
Tyrannls.' That's all ho said.
"But If poor WHkes could havo said
what ho thought it would havo been:
'Thoy hissed mo in Baltimore; thoy wel
comed mo in Bichmond, and I do this for
the Bouth.' irBooth had been hissed in
nichmond and welcomed in Baltimore,
Jeff. Duls might havo been assassinated,
but Booth would nover havo killed Lin
coln." In Clothing
for boys and children, our reputation, as
regards mako and style, needs no com
ment, Kisi:man Bros,,
Manufacturers, cor, 7th aud B.
Mr. Corcai'nn's Estate
Mr. W. W. Corcoran's oxecutors, An
thony Hyde and 0, M, Matthews, yester
day maae their return to tho Probata
Court, showing the appraised value of
tho personal estate to bo $807,113.03, $30,
028,00 of which is regarded as bad debts.
Children's Suits.
In the race of competition wo arc, as
usual, ahead. Suits from $2.60 up.
Kiskman Bros.,
Manufacturers, cor, 7th and 13,
Sunday ut tlio Police Court,
To-morrow afternoon at 2 o'clock thoro
will bo a Mothers' Meeting at tho rooms
of tho Pol I co Court, 'and at 3 o'clock a
Gospel servico conducted by Miss Lewis.
Tho public is cordially invited,
Fgg shells burned in the oven and
placed upon tho pantry shelves will keep
lujs nway.
Onmc nf tlio I'lno lulls nf llillr Anionic
tho Lndlcs of Washington.
The ait of hair-dre.sliv la largely
on tho increao In Washington, and
ovciy perruqtiier does a thriving busi
ness here, Thero nio no less than
twenty establishments devoted en
tirely to tho nrt of making perukes,
nnd of diesslng tho linir of pramiuont
society leadens. Said one of theso
lady halr-dresscrs to mo recently in
speaking on this subject :
"Mrs. Cleveland never wears Iter
hair in tho purely Grecian style,nl
though this method would bo irrst
becoming to hor. Sho wears some
thing near it, but not tlio IMyeho
knot. In fnct, tho pel feet Psycho la
scarcely worn at nil. It is a vory try
ing fashion, nnd fow havo features
Sufficiently regular for It, Thoso who
do wear it insist upon bangs and other
changes to mako it adapted to their
features. Tlio most popular Btyle of
dressing tlio hair this season is to
wear it high."
"Tho finest suit of hair in Washing
ton at tho piescnt timo is said to bo
that of Mrs. Lee, wifo of Congress
man Leo of Virginia. Her hair
reaches tlio floor, although sho Is nn
unusually tall woman. In color it Is
brown, nnd sho plnccs hcrsolf in tho
hands of tho halr-dresscr ovory day.
Congressman Campboll's wlfo of Ohio
has a luxuriance of superb hair. Mrs.
Carlislo has a thick suit of auburn
hair, which sho always has arti
ficially arranged by it profes
sional hair-dresser. Mrs. Senator
lCustis, Mrs. Senator Farwoll, and tho
wifo and daughter of Congressman
Whlto of Brooklyn nro nil regular at
tendants at tlio fashlonablo hair es
tablishments. A small fortuuo is
spent hero in hair-dressing overy sea
son. The bills for this llttlo item
alono amount to from $30 to $50 n
month per person, according to tho
number of times tho hair is dressed."
Bnsclmll I'ei-soinilltloH.
Season tickets for thcWaslilngton homo
gntnes haVo been placed on salo at 11. C.
Hcwctt's store, 1223 Seventh street, nnd at
tho grounds.
Tho locals play Princeton College to
day and Monday; tho Cuban Giants Tues
day, Wednesday and Thursday, nnd
open tho season with New York on Fri
day witli a scries of four games.
Tho tickets for tho press this year aro
very neat and handy, and aro In tho form
of a neat lcathcr-covcicd book without
Die usual coupons. '
Kllroy ond Trott will bp tho Baltimore's
battery to-day and Clarksou 'and Kelly
for Boston.
Burdock oftho Bostons has been heav
ily fined for drunkenness and sent home.
Philadelphia defeated the Athletics
yesterday, 8 to 2; Now York 2, Jersey
City 0; Brooklyn 10, Lowell 0; St. Louis
0, Detioitl.
B. K. Plain & Co., St. Cloud Building,
furnish tlio following Oil quotations:
Closed yesterday, 80S; opened to-day, 80J;
highest, 825; lowest, 808; 12 m., 821.
Mow York Stock IMnrliol.
Tho following liavo been rurmshed by
B. K. Plain & Co., Brokers, St. Cloud
Building, Ninth ond F streets :
O. I12m4 NAME.
O. 12m
Ca So 48?)
1811.0 T
I Pa Mail
Hit Jl
I), L & W...120J
1252 (Heading ....,
I 21 St Paul.
L&N ,
Mo, K&T..
Mo Pa
N J Cen
N W.
" p'f'd...
88JBtr& Om.
WliTcx Pa
133iUPa 1
It T....
N&ff p'd.
ft rn,
JN X & H IS.
N Y Cen....
Chicago Markets.
Tho following summary is by B. K.
Plain & Co., St. Cloud Building, Ninth
mid F streets:
O. H. L.
Wheat- May
Juno ..,
Corn Jlay
Juno ...
Oats May
Juno ...
Fork JMay....,
Juno ...
Lard May....
Juno ..
65 i
14 05
14 171
14 10
11 071 11121
1115 141711115 114171
7 70 7 77H v 70 7 721
7 771 7 825 7 7711 7 771
7 82i 7 871 7 821 7 82
Washington Stock Uxolinnge.
Tho followinc wero tlio quotations on
tho regular call at tho Stock Exchango
to-day. All quotations aro for securities
to the amount of $1,000 or 100 shares of
stock :
Washington & Gcorgclown Bonds 1001
Masonio Hall Bonds 101
Washington Morkct Co. Bonds 115
Washington Light Infantry, 1st m'go. 02
Washington Light Infantry, 2d m'go.. 60
Washington Gaslight Co. Bonds 123
Bank of Washington 202
National Bank of tho Bepublio 1671
National Met. Bank 188
Central National Bank 200
Second National Bank 1201
Farmers' & Mechanics' National Bank
of Georgetown 101
Citizens' National Bank 121
Columbia National Bank 109
Washington & Georgetown Stock 219
Metropolitan..., , , ,,,,,103
Columbia 40
Capitol & North 0 Street 39
Firemen's Insurance Co 37
Franklin Insuranco Co 381
National Met. Insuranco Co , 71
National Union Insuranco Co , II)
Arlington lusuran'co Co lGO'
Corcoran Insuranco Co 69
Columbia Insuranco Co 125
German American Insuranco Co 155
Potomao Insuranco Co 01
Biggs Insuranco Co 8
Washington City Gaslight Co 89J
Georgetown Gaslight Co 451
U. aElectric Llclit Co 75
Pennsylvania Telephone 331
Chesapeake &, Potomao Tel. Co 80
Washington Market Co. Stock. 15
Washington Brick Machine Co 290
Great Falls Ico Co 129
Bull Run Panorama 8tock 33
Ileal Kstato Titlo Insuranco Co 110
Columbia Title 6
Get voun novs' and children's clothing
from first hands.
KlSE.MAN Duos.,
Manufacturers, cor. 7th aud E.
BRADY. Depsi ted Ills life on Thursday.
April 12, 1888, at U:iri o'clock, after a short
and painful Illness, Philip Francis Ilrady, be
loved eon of James and Kathorlno Brady,
aged 14 years and 7 months.
Funeral from his parents' rosldonco, 1011
Second street northeast, Sunday, at 3 o'clock
p. m. Friends ami relatives uro respectfully
Invited to attend, .
QltEENLBASE, Enteral Into rost, In tlio
full triumph of Christian faith, Thursday,
April 12,1888, at l):llfl p. m.. Mrs. 1'. Jano
Urcrnlease, widow of tho late i:ll Uroenloaso,
aged 51 years, 11 months and 22 days.
Friends and relatives respootfully Invited
to attend tho funeral, Sunday, April 15, from
Plymouth Congregational Cliuroh, corner
Seventeenth and r strcots northwest, at tl
O'BUIEN.-On Apill 12. 1888, John
O'llrlen, aged 78 yours, a native of County
Cork, lrclund, and a resident of tho Dlstrlot
for thirty-seven years.
Funeral from his lato lesldonee, 3522 P
street northwest, Sunday, April IB, at 2:30
o'clock p. in,
. WH.SON.-Oa April 13, 1888, at3.50 a, m ,
Antonla Wilson tnc,o Ileltmuller), bolovod
wlfoofj.lt, Wilson, aged 11 years, 2 month
and 21 days
Funeral will tako placo from lior residence,
Sunday, April 10, ut2p. m., thon tod, K.
Lutheran Chapel, Kith and Corcoran streets,
Friends and relatives aro respootfully In
vited to attend,
lies dcBce, iio7 letli st n w,
riilf rprlso and Thrift Will T-ll. -pXKVT ISSUE OK STOCK (15TII). J
Vtol.ntelcrciencolii l!. M.Shcetz, thopop- W8 m
iilrrnml ucTcsful candy denlir and liumi- EOUITAULt! m.
rKi!r7Ai!i.0rMmUSltffii? cooperative building association. 1
?..S '".tS'ftfriyJ.fJl PW !l,I1 "' "EQUITABLE BUILDING." 1003 V ST. 1
iiii.iii Dim mil iiviiiiiii. .'ii i -..."... .
I ntliien In tl,li Itv on Iho rlslit nr Inclnlo-
lliatl", nlwajs fdvliiK n fair eitilrnlent nf
weet unit fresh candles for tlio money ro
celled: nholn employing nfTnMn nnd nocom
iroilntliie jotina Indies to attend his twoclo
trsnt nnd sweet slmcs. Hols ilellslitod with
bis success in tho National Capital, nnd is
very complimentary to Us cltlrcns.
lied room furniture,
C'nUnets nnd covered Parlor Suites at suoli a
icdnetlon Hint will pnynny dcslrlna such to
lnsrcct. Only n shnit (tmo to sclcotllinm,
W. II. Hoiiniirof A Co,.
t 121 1 r it. ii. w.
,Tn Itullitcrs unit Oilier.
Wo now linvo tlio lnrnest and host scteclod
sloek of ccncral hardware, both heavy nn I
shelf, over offered In llils market. Tho pK'ron
Iswoithyof a dollar's worth of cooJs Tor
ctery dollar.
Tho values golnit out nf our storo ard tolling
tlio truo story of ipiluk nulcs nnd short
An Inspection nf our stock Is Solicited.
Ciiariks T. I'Ar.TKII A Co.,
(ilKI l'a. inc. n. w.
OwiAsMiimir.xTpf need nnd Italian Furni
ture will meet your domnnd.
W. II.IIotmiiTiiv.t Co,,
Low Shoes anil Hllppcrn
for ladles, misses nnd children, and another
lot of thoso hnnilsoinn Iioynl Kid Ilntton
Hoots, patent lcnlhcr tips, lust received nt
ClortrcU's, DUO Soionth street, corner I,
Omi Blip Coi kiiMati iiiaij aro of tho latest,
and In a (treat variety.
W. II, IlnrniiTOK A Co,,
1211 F st, n. w.
A IteprcBcn tilth o Slioo Eslnbttnlimcnt.
Messrs, Mookbco A Co,, ono of tho refiro
srnlntlro shoo establishments of tho National
Capital, centrally located nt 120M 1'strcct
northwest, nro now fully established nt their
new and elegant storo. Thoy havo In stock
ono of tho finest ami best selected ussort
mi nts of foot-sear In Iho city.
Messrs. Mockbco & Co.'s goods havo stood
tho test for years, and tlio general verdict of
tho community Is that their shoes havo al
ways gKcn full satisfaction, and tholr prices
modcrato In proportion to tho stylo nnd qual
ity of their goods. Their now number Is
1203, opposite, on tho samo street.
Oun Stiiaw Mattikos will plcnso In stvlo and
rices. W. 11. MocnuToi Co.,
ivi'i i si. n,
. w.
Aftor Dinner CofTaos.
Wo have a largo stock of After-Dlnncr Cof
fco Cups, whloh wo havo put down to about
cost to mnko room for spring Importations.
J. W. DoTni.Ei; & Son, 023 Pa, aro.
Men's Cnlf nnd Knngaroo Shoes,
light weights, for gents wear. Just rocclrcd
at UartrcH's, 000 Hovcnth street, corner I.
Yale Steam I.aunuiiv. 522 10th st.n.w,
near V. Collars. 2o; Cuffs. 4o; Shlrti, 10c;
Ladles' Capo Collars. i!o. First-class In every
particular. Fiiank 11. Walkvu St Co., Pro
prietors. Tolophono call, 008-3.
LiaiiTMKalioDS. Electrlo work.
J. II. Kurni.iNU.
Crescent Oil, 17.1 Tiro Test.
Highest Test. Safest and Host Oil Sold In
tho City.
For Lamps nnd Stoves, C gallon", SI.
l'rlroo 150 Firo Test Oil, D gallons, 50c; 2
gallons, 25o.
China, Glass and Houicturnlshlngs at very
low prices.
10111 F St. 11. W.
Gentlemen Should Not Fall
to examine our Spring and Summer lino of
Coatings, Suitings, nnd Trouserings.
Fiiank It. Quast & Co.,
020jbstrcot n. w.
John Iludilcii'8 Installment House.
Every ono contemplating purchases of f ur
nltuio of nny kind should look In nnd seo Mr.
John lluildcn.at his mammoth Installment
ouso, 030 nnd 032 Sovcntb strcot northwest.
Ho has a beautiful lot of baby carriages,
tnnttlngs, refrigerators, etc., and nt prices that
will astonish you. All goods sold on tho In
stallment plan at cash prices. Elogant bed
room sets and parlor furnlturo In groat varl-
ty. Don't forgot tho numbcr,t)30 Sovcntb
street northwest.
Sometimes Pcoplo Monn AVhnt Thoy
Fancy Seamless Straw Matting, 85o., laid.
Complete suit (Oak) ltccd Furnlturo, $33.
A splendid llaby Carrrlgo. $17.
Wo carry a neat lino of Furniture, Carpets,
Wall Tapers, etc. Our prices will stand any
kind of comparison yon can mako. Investi
gate for yourself and yon will bo entirely
satisfied with fair dealing. Prices guaranteed.
W 11. lioumiToK & Co.,
1214 F st. nw,
A 1'itll Lino of Cnsslmores,
Enelfsh Serccs. ic. suitable for Ladles' Tar-
lor-mado Jaokcts, Spring Wraps, Hiding
Habits, &oattlio Cloth Houso.
020 1) street u. w,
Look! Look I Look I Defy Competition.
Will sell for ono week, and positively ono
week only, for Cash, all goods la our lino,
which Is completo in tho Furniture Depart
ment, for 10 per cent, of net cash pricos.
Iiroltbartli's, Odd Fellow's Hall, Soventu
street northwest.
Don't Rnln Tour Stomachs,
Bulletin No. 13, Division or Chemistry of
Agriculture, makes somo startling revelations
as to the Impurity of beers sold hero, In tho
manufacture of which salicylic acid, blear
bonato of soda, sulphito, and othor poisonous
substitutes aro used, Among this class so
enumerated nro tho Milwaukee Wis.: Alex
andria, Va.; St, Louis, Mo.; Philadelphia, l'a.,
and Washington, I). C, while tho samo pub
lication gives tho Cincinnati Boer a clean bill
as to purity. This is a statement of facts
made from tho official publication of tbo De
partment, tho highest authority tn tho coun
try. Physicians of hospitals and others can
obtain an analysis of tho Cincinnati Boor by
applying to F. II. Fimlkt,
Solo Agent for tbo D. O. of Chris. Moorlin's
Cincinnati Beer, Tho Queen of Beors
To the Ladles,
Send year laco curtains to tho Swiss Steam
Laundry, 1322 F Btreet.
LiTnooiurn CnzcK Hooks mndo to order.
Hondsomo designs. Eorvand, 1012 Pennsyl
vania avenuo.
John's lilcgant nucl Fopular Res
taurant. , This centrally-located and long-established
restaurant, on tho corner of Soventb una D
streets northwest, Is ono of tho tlnost and best
Conducted establishments In tbo city. It has
a national refutation for tbo superiority of
Its' oysters, which Is ono oftho specialties of
this restaurant. . , .
Tho oystor Is a favorito artlclo of diet with
tho great majority of American people, and
una restaurant Jias jmprovcu mciuiiua iur
preparlng the luscious blvalvothatnoyorfalls
to plcaso tho most fastidious connoisseur.
Meals of every description, hot and odd
lunches, always ready to bo served. Tho
finest brands of liquors and cigars dealt In.
Prompt servico and courteous troatmeat
to all who may favor this popular rosort.
This oxccllentlcstabllslimont makes a spec
ially In serving select atcumod, with no oxtra
A Splendid T.lno of Bfohalr
and Silk Braids, Buttons, .to. Buttons cov
ered to order, at tho Cloth Houso,
U20 U street n. w.
Is Tonr Property Insured T
(f not consult dtnuETBuos., 1310 Y st.n.w.
Mokoosaxs and address dies stampod in'
colors at low figures. Kervand's, 1012 I'oun
ylvania avonue.
Tor "Washington Spring; Lamli
to to John It. Kelly, stalls 028, 020 and 030
Centre Market, and 200 and 208 Northern
Liberty, Corned beef a specialty.
It Is tho Itest.
Ask for it. Schlltz'a Milwaukee Lagor Boor,
for salo by all leading houses.
. in i
Vibitino caiuis neatly ongravod from your
plates at 75 oonts per hundred. Eorvand,
1012 Pennsylvania avenuo.
To the Ladles.
Send your laco curtains to tho Swiss Steam
Laundry, 1322 F atroot.
"Alderney Dairy Wagons."
Fresh Aldornoy hatter, ohumod ovory morn
ing and delivered in H lb "Ward" prints, 45c.
per lt, Also cottago ohoAsd, buttormtlk and
tweet milk, So. per at. Cream. 15o. per qt.
Sinter Suo's Letter.
Wlfo I Just received a nice letter from
sister Suo.
Husband That so? What color's lior
new dress?
Wife Here's a sample sho sent.
Husband And didn't sho havo a now
Faster bonnet?
Wife Yes, hero a pleco of tho trim
ming. Husband And hasn't John got a new
Wife Yes, here's a handful ofhls hair
she enclosed. Duluth Paragrapher,
A83KT3-$800.,-il.8l 81
tub'crliilton books nro open for shares In
11 ointhlwir, subscriptions nnd payments
i an to mndo nt tho ofllco of tlio Asiocl.Ulo'i
Onlly, frrimllR. in. tri-liSOn. in.
Monthly payments aro 2.50 per share
$1,0(1(1 nd vanned i.n each share.
1'ampl lit' explaining fho object and Ad
vantages of tho Aoclatlon uro furnished
ltron npi llcntUm.
JNO, JOY EPSON, Secretary.
Mo.m;i always on iiami to loam om
rralcstato security, nt lowest ratoof
rest. M.M.l'AHKKR,
.1418 Fst,
1VI renlcrtato. McLACDLEN & BATCU
KI.DEII, 1220 Fat IlWi
est Talcs. Nodclay.
1222 F St n W.
At lowest ratos of Intorost on real es
tate security.
$10,000 T0MUa
cu.uvii jk luuiuugiaiu,
1220 F St.
other nrst-cmss securities.
A. 1'. FAItUON, 1320 P St.
(list-class securities nt lowest ratos of
interest. No delay whero tho security Is good.
O. C. ailKEW.-B03 7th st n w.
n w. It. D. ItUFFIN. Nansjror.
Tills lintel and Cafo ts situated adjoining:
tho Cnpltol, on tho most o'ovntcd point In
Washington. From Its balconies a beautiful
vlow can bo had of tho on tiro city of Washing
ton, Arlington Heights, Potomao lltvcr nnd
tho Capitol grounds, Tho Cafo Is stooked
with tho best of tho season. Quests accommo
dated with delightful, airy and well-ventilated
rooms nt special ratos.
HRNIIY IlItOCK. Proprietor,
(Formerly of Now Yoik and Now Jcrsoy.l
ltorso cars from all tho ltullroad Depots.
pass In Irunt of this Hotel.
Till! 11I:LVJ:d1:IU;, Corner 3d St. nnd
Pa.avo., Washington, D. C. Hates, $2.
to $3 per day. First-class In all of Itsnppolat-i
mtnls. HOADLEY & PAGE. Props.
renna. nvo.. between Oth and 7th sts.
n. w.. opposite Pennsylvania Itallroad Dopot.
W. IKBELDBN. Proprietor.
Army and Navy Headquarters.
TERMS $3.00 and 84.00 per Day.
Music Hall and Restaurant,
(Formerly Abnor's)
Meals served tnblo d'hoto and a la carto.
Tho tuindsomo dancing hall can bo rented
for balls, parties, etc, at any timo.
j DEIUIAN EDEL, Proprietor.
For Ladles and Gentlemen,
821, 823 AND 825 'FIFTEENTH ST.
A Ladies' Restaurant.
INGTON. Arrangements can bo made for RECEP
Wines, Liquors and Cordials by tho Battle
or Case, ,
Venn, nvo., near 14tb at., Washington, D.
C, $2.50 and $3 per day. Special rates to .
parties and permanent guests. Passonger
JOHN n. 11ABRIS, Proprietor.
Cor. Broadway and Twenty-Ninth St.,
JAMES II. HRESLIN, Proprietor.
Sixth Street and Pennsylvania Ave. '
L. WOODBURY, Proprietor.
0. 0. ETATI.ES, lato of Thousand 111. nouso,
Comer Sixth St. and Pa.' Ave.
And Dlrcctlv on tlio Bench.
Corner Pcnna. and Atlantio Avos.
First-class In Us Appointments.
Opeu all tho year,
Near Beach. Thoroughly Heated.
Thoronsblv heated. Hot and cold aoa. 1
water tatb. Extensive snn galleries. -Elevator.
Open February to October. ,
mills "IVAVERIY, Atlantic City, N. J..
i Open all the year. Steam heat, hot and ,
cold salt baths In fho honse; tino sun parlors; '
coach meets trains. MRS. J. L. BRYANT.
Burnstlne 'Loan Ofllco,
301 Tenn. Avo.N.W.
Moncv loaned on Gold and Silver
Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, Pistols, Gnus.
Ladles' and Gentlemen's Wearing Apparel.
Old Gold and Silver Bought.
Unredeemed Plodges for Salo.
Barbour Law Building, 400 La. Ave.
Residence. No. 1218 n Stroot Northwiwt.
7thatsw, llcsldenco on promises.
a answered at any hour of day or night.
(Successor to nenry Leo's Sons),
TT 3ST3D33IIia7-A.K:m 33
South Sldo,
Branch Office, 403 Maryland Avenuo S. W.
A uuuKTiiuiinDoiir.
Old Fens. avo. 1. w., butweon Third and 4)6
eta. Everything flrat-olans.
Having recently fitted np a .
Photo-Engraving Establishment, r
In connection with my PATENT FRO CESS,
am prepared to furnish
Photographing on Wood tat tho Trade.
,- '
'-IjtutMlft''- -i"-'- - yg'- - f ' Aj!6jitiijUJa..

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