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The (ritic
Is Holtl by NcwfllioyA nt Two Cent
per Copy.
21ST YEAH NO. 0,290.
The Critic
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im:ii jiomii.
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437 Seventh Streot Northwest.
OLIVER P. BURDETTE, Sole Agent for D. C.
This Natural lluuutle of tho Country
Northeast of tho City.
'J'ho tally frosts that mc lcddening tho
leuves nro giving to Washington sub
111.l1.1u surroundings u new glory theso
early fall duys. City people who never
get outside the city's bounduiics know
little ot tho beauties of Wellington. Pino
buildings can bo erected anywhere. But
It would bother ono to find a eitv in this
countiy so completely sui rounded by bo
beautiful a bubtuban region that is bo
readily ucccssiblo us Wabhinutoii. Across
tho IVtomao aio tho neglected Virginia,
kills. Koithwuril and westward arc tho
alicady fast liuilding up legions toward
which people who como mul ko in car
riages are tiuniug their eyes, when
looking for subtu bun homes.
Hut northcabtwiiHl acioss the pellucid
Blanch is a icgluu lo which nature has
been paitlriilaily kind, tliough it has
been but little boomed us biibutbau real
It beems odd tint the advantages of
this iieculiarly ltivoicd hcctlon of tho
District as a subiiibau icstdence have
In tho past been bo little nppieciated.
It is so near the city, bo pleasant a loca
tion, and theio has been so little aitili
cial inilatlou of real estate piircs that
the wonder is that the hills arc. not cov
ried with cottages At a half houi after
nine o'clock this morning n Otitic re-
poiter was uuiaiing tue erisji rouutiy
uir and gathering led and gold leaves
on a hill that looked down on the Capitol,
nnd befoio ten o'clock the leacs weto
in his debit befoio him as ho wrote this
Years, aye, way back In the thiitlcs,
Capt, William Kenning, whom tlnmo
linnor said was a bold oceanio piivutcei
though this Mime dame rumor would have
said ho -was a pirate If ho had been caught
unil hung from somo bhlp's ynul aim saw
and liked the beauties of those Maryland
hills, and ho bought homo thousand actcs
ol them witii his ill-got gold and mado the
bomo of his old ago thcie. He'vYus a jolly,
loinul, red-faced Englishman, and the old
11 unties that have lived on the further
bank of tho Btunch all their lives will tell
rou that bold Capt. Bciiuing buried a
' heap or gold" 1111(101' the led holl ol thu
hills, and that oveiy shiney doubloon of it
com) a human lllc.
But thib is only n legend a myth.
What ib known is that Cnpt. Banning
made hero hi.s homo and built his biidge,
which, by tho way, was his own, and
that the legion about Bcnning's Station
is ouo of the prettiest, and is going to bo
one of tho best, places to livo in in tho
District of Columbia. Ever blnco Union-
town or Aiuicostin bcEtin to bo a town
people hnvo been giudually awakening
to tho beauties of the south bank of thu
Laistern Branch. But it has been u slow
awakening. A glaneu at a map of the
District will show you how this countiy
has been building up cistvvaid. G'ood
Hope. Potomac City. K'istnn, Lincoln,
Burrvllle, Garilcld, all promising littlo
knots of houses, show tho eustwnid tiead
of improvement.
Tho road that leads out from Mary
land avenue, across tho bridge that Capt.
Penning built, will take you ijito the gem
poll ion of tills legion. East of this
road, Bonnlng'b load, is another called
tho Sheiill load, that 111ns past, the im
meiiHt old oak that maiks the 1101th
custcin corner ol the District of Colum
bia. Tliis tieo 1ms been a landmaik for
veins. Tlio suiveyois found it glowing
lubt wheie tlicy minted to plant the
6tc 10 pillar that would mark the corner
of the tui miles snuaie, and they spaied
It. It is still theio, standing lit the
center of tlio load, the wagon tiueks
turning to tho lolt to avoid It, and tells
pussers-bv wliea they cioss from Dls
tiht to State,
Tills Sheilu road, thai becomes the
Muiihuo' i'l ",l instant vou cioss
the District line, lb now being improved,
and tho DIbtrlol is about to build u
75 cents
- $1.00
couple of schoolhouseb near by. When
the lcpoitei was theio this moiniug ho
drove between busy gangs of men and
horses engaged in this work that tho
impiovemcnt iu this section demanded.
A littlo wav farther down the road,
outsitio the Dlstiict line. Commissioner
Webb has bought him 11 Hue countiy
Turning shaiply to the light, just bo
fore reaching the old oak that marks the
District line, and following a -winding
road through tho road beside which the
blood red of tho sumacs contiast vividly
with tlio dark green of the eeduis, all
planted by nature's kindly hand, ono
conies out on tho edge of one ot tho scries
of bills in tho collection of houses that
iorm Buirvillo. Below is a bio.ul, level
bt retch ot Watt's Branch Valley, through
which Watt's Branch tuukes its way to
the Eastern Branch. Tlunugh this
valley runs the Southern Maiyland Ifail
io.id, the mils ovci grown with vines and
Tlio road was built years ago, nnd
the lower end of it is being opciatcd.
Its object was the cairying of coal
down to tho prospecting coaling sta
tion at Point Lookout, but a disagicc
ment among tho directors btopped opein
tlons, and now the New York people,
who own a controlling pait ot tho
stock, are trying to " lreec out1 the ono
or two Washington ntockholdcis. As soon
as this ib done the road will piobably
bo put in operation,, and the steel rails
through Watt'b Branch Valley will bo
burnished by the whirling wheels of
laden cais. To tho right, as ono stands
on the hill on which Bunvillc is peiched,
is Lincoln, nnd near at hand is the gioup
ot twenty or so neat fiamc houses that
Dr. Dcano has built. Acrosb tho valley
is a long hill, thickly covered witli led
nnd gold-clothed trees, save whero
streets havo been out through.
This is Giant I'aik, a new sub-division
that, 0. A. McEucn, of 1420 F street,
h"n piep.ued tar homch for common peo
ple who mo not prepared to build manor
houses on big fauns, but who want to
have homes outside tllie city.
Tlio track embraces bomo hundred find
sovcnty-flvo acres, most of which has
alicady been cut ujj into lots. Hundreds
of people are buying these lots, nnd
property In tlio immediate, neighborhood
has been bought and sold three ol four
times over at doubled prices. Adjoin
ing Grant I'aik is Mrs. Manninc's houso
that bits upon the spur of a hill two
hundred and eighty fcut above tidewater.
From it you look down on tho city, and
in winter when the tiees arc baro Alex
ndrhi is easily visublc. There is a propo
sition nfoot to placo tho proposed gills'
refonn school heie. and it would cer-
, tulnly bo an excellent place as it is
niKiicr iiiinvu inu iwcwuicr man niu
present leform school.
Malaiia? Not a bit. Tho Signal
Service recoids show that during the
summer months the prevailing winds in
tho DistiUit blow from tho south 1101th
watd toward the oity and away from tills
fuvoied region over the biauch. In war
times these hills mound heie weio dotted
over with foits, Watt's Biauch Valley
being especially well foitilied, as It was
expected that Eatly would attack tho
capital that way in fact, ho did sluit
to. Bight by Mis. Manning's house tho
ginss-grown ramparts ol Foit Malum me
still easily tiaeed, nnd near by are Foits
Sedgwick, Stevens, Meggs and Ditpout.
Mis. Manning's placo is called 1'iospect
Hill, nnd noross the littlo valley the hill
that is Giant Patk iNes even with it,
UNO leet above tidewater.
It is all a beautiful stretch of coun
tiy thiougli Ik if ami when tho now
biidge completed next spiing lots In
Giant I'aik will bo laud to tret for four
times -what thc cost, now, Without thu
biidge, howovei, Giant I'aik Is utsv to
teach either by stage over Beunliig's
Bridge or by train ficm Bennlug's
Station 'lht new biid.ii' will open up
a splendid pmtiou ol' the Distiht. and
what will sunn dav be the t.uit sub-
I urban residence for middle class pcoplo,
Clerical Changes in the War and
Treasury Dopartmonts.
Army Mottlrtil KxninliiiillnnH Tlio Wu
Moiuil liuuhn-iUUn Slf:nud.
The nggiogiilo of nntional bank notes
otttstunillng to-dny was as rollows: Cui
lency, $211,88'.', ft I'-!; Bold notcn, ?10I,
237; notes Issued during tliu week,
3002,130; notes dcstioyed dining tho
week, Sl,,'li!0,012.
Tlio Treasury Dcpaitincnt, In reply to
a letter to the collector at Hlehmond
Viiginln, inroims that olllcer that im
pelled sheet niuslu piloted in i'arls is
dutlublo at the late ot 25 per cent, ad
viuoieni, notwitl.staiidliiK the fact that
tho music may hnvu been originally com
posed by an Amulciin author.
I'. C. MacCouit, of New Jeisoy, has
been promoted Irom 8810 to SI, 000 ;
W. 11. Woodson, Viiginln. SI, 000 to
CIiih 1 W. K. Meais, New York, 81,000
lo Class 1; C. 11, Potteillold, Illinois,
StflO to SHOO, and Miss Mabel Ward,
Indiana, SHOO to Class 1, in tlio Treas
ury jjcpartmcnu
By ditectlou ot tho Acting Secretary
of War, the fo lowing numed olllcers ot
Hie Me il lull Dcpaitincnt will leport in
prison, on Oct. 23, 1888. to the picsi
dent of the Army Medical Examining
Board, Aimy Building, New York City,
lor examination for promotion: Capt.
John de is. w. Guuliner. Assistant bur
geon, Capt. Wm. C. Gorcas, Assistant
Captain, 0. N. Bcikclv Macaulov, As
sistant Surgeon, Flist Lieut. Edgar A.
Meatus, Assistant Suiueon. Flits Lieut.
Wm. L. Knccdlcr, Assistant Surgeon.
Upon tlio completion 01 the examination
tui yiUlcets 1 iimcil Ivvill rejoin Hicir
pioper btutlons.
Bills havo liocn tipproved (livf ,tho
Pitsident as follows: making uji
pioptiatioits for certain delloieiicics ot
the Government; prescribing the
limes for snlcs nnd notices ot sales ot
property iu the District ot Columbia for
overdue tuxes; aut'ioriing the printing
ol rcpoit of tlio Commissioner ol Labor;
prohibiting the manulacture and sale of
adulter ten lood or drugs iu the District;
leguliting admis'slon to the Association
for Woiks of Mcicy; granting pensions
to Samuel Lane, Marion Vsingoiden
to Samuel Lane. Maiiou Vinmuidcn,
Ciuolino Mot, Muitlia V. Coleman,
Stephen Butler, John V. Heuncssy, ,lohn
B. Tiinbcrman nnd .ronas Doeilng; also
the joint lesolution in aid of the ycllow
lcvcr suirercis.
Tho following pcibons have received
peim'inent appointments in the War De
I ailment after . iviiig the probationary
term of six months: Isobeit W. Peach,
Mo., clcik. SI. '-'00. Oilico Chief of En
(,'inecis; Chailcs C, Jones. Ala., class 1,
Olliro Adjiitant-Geneiiil; HenivW. John
ston, Iowa, cleik, $1,000, Oilico S111-Keon-Gencral;
Edith C. Nixon, Ivy., and
Eleanor Ward, Tex., copyists. Oilico
Chief Signal Olllcer; Hairy A. Fellows,
Ala., and Daniel C. Murphy, Cal., ap
pointed cleiks SI, 000, Oilico Surgenn
Gciieral. Icsiguaotis: Geo. W. Tit
comb, class 1, Oilico Secictmy of Win ,
'Win. II. Barlwdale. clerk SI. 000, Ofllee
Suigeon-Gcneral ; James Butler, cleik
SI. 000, Oilloe Surgeon-Geneiiil ; Jns. W.
And'ison. cleik SI, 000. Oilico Commissary-General
ot Subsistence, and W.
II. Lewis, class 1, Oilico Adjutdiit-ucu-
Capitol Xolcs.
It Is thoiiKht that beginning with JI011
dny tlio Houso will adjoin n over for tliroo
(lavs nt tl;n url that after another week's
(llictissloii n( the tui Mr lit tho Sonuto tho
nilJoiiiiuiKiit 3UMilutlnin Will bo .liacd.
and Concurs will go hoaiu 1111 tho H'M ot
tills laonth.
Theio was no iimmImi lsclslnllon vos
teitlay owing to tho lillhiistcilng tactics
ot s'voial uiniliois who desired to havo a
lulv.ilc bill consliloicd.
Thoumiiidci Attend tlio Funornl of tlio Vic
tlniH of Mu Hun.
Wilkesburio, Pa., Oct 13. Pleasant
Valley, whcie the funoial of thiity of
tlio victims of tho Mud Bun disaster took
place this morning, is ciowded with vis
ltois. All moiniug tiains airiviug havo
been packed with visitors and lelatives
of the deceased. The main sticet was
lined with thousands of people, nnd n
gieat ciowd surrounded the Catliolio
church. Hopes vvcie stretched mound
tho building, which was guuided by po
licemen. "Lady MiUKiirot."
" L'idy Margaief' u Scotch historical
play founded on Charles Gibbons' great
stoiy, by Ilcmy Leo and Georgo II.
Jossop, was given its initial production
last night by Miss Eillo Ellslcr and her
company at Albaugh's, and it met with
a very gratifying leccption. 'Iliero wero
evident many ot tho Hist pioduction's
chaiactciistics and tlieio weio lacking
the ease, action and knovvlcdue ol lines
which will como witli fiequeiit lepeti
tion, and the play is longer than' is
necessaiy, but with all theso diawbacks
it wont successfully and gave undcniabln
proof of being a strong play. Miss
Ellslcr, as " Lady Marsaicl," easily took
the honors and sho did somo beautiful
woik. She has the repiessivo iauulty
which so few anticsses have, and she is
absolutely Licking in taut. Not less pleas
ing than hoi tiaglo noting was her
interptetation of tho ).iit ot " Mncgle,"
the coinoral's sweetheart, with a Scotch
song wliich was an encore. At the end
of tho f 0111 th act, when her best woik
was done, she was lowardcd by four
recalVs. Air. Weston, as Sir Ifobeitv
played his jiait with Intense tceliiiK, but
Mr. Weston's lorto is polite comedy, nnd
Mr. Brltsidc in " Judge Not" is as pleas
ant n success ns his Sir Bobcrt is not.
Miss Liudermnn's Mary was quite 11
charming bit of Kiilishness. Dyko
Brook, as Sergeant Flvnn. was Iiish to
thu backbone. Mr. Chippendale's Doe
tor will bo better when ho has handled
it longer, nnd Mr. Walton, as the Scotch
Earl, is a line looking specimen of man
hood in bis kilt and tnituu. The other
ehnractcih weio moio or less good and
"Lady Mnrgaiet" will, if jriu'ii .1 fair
chance, dovelop into n play iu which
audiences will havo an nbldinc inteiest.
Again to-night.
Churned AVItli Slinit T.ouvos.
Messrs. Clinrlton and (Iravcs. projectors of
Hn vernier's Ilakerv, were up In tlio l'olleo
Court cliurced with solllnir bread that was
under tlio weight preserlbisl by law of sixteen
omieci Olllecr IlioHii, who made tlio arrest
as stated 111 cstcnlaj's Clitic, end that tho
shortagu on sixteen loives would scarcely
11111K0 one loaf. Judgo Miller stated that tho
solzuio should have boon tuado by the m.irket
nmter and not by tlio'oillccr. A similar chaige
iiguiust Charles Spjilcr was nolle prosso 1.
An Attiaetlvo i:lillitt.
Ouo of tho uiot ntliaollvo o'vhlbils at
thu St. Jc.oph'H l'.ur, which lini been hold
at tho Nntional ltlliis Aimoiy foi the pat
two weoks, Is tho display uiude by tho
Domostlo .Sowing Machine Company which
H now cclcbialing Its sllvoi .uiiilvirs.iiv.
I'viy oar tlo cuiupauv holds an ehl
billon of saiuplM of win It dimu on Its ma
chlno. ThU juni' It win de( bird to hold It
with tho Tail' lo which II had donated
11 nmelduci Tho exhibit has wun great
Justlco Mutthi'wx' Illncm.
Tho llliiiws nt Justleo Matlhows, Slm'o ho
icttui ucd lo Wtuhlnion aoiuo wcok-. ago,
au't lauou u euitlcai nun, oii-ii"i"i"t
gl'Mt nulliltudo To
1,1. f.imllv nnd fileniN
111 phvolelaiih )n .tin obi and .lohnsoii
villi mill K'-VlIuI tlllK"- a uu mm i'-ii. 1
his ilinn-s to bo uu ubhimaio lalauli oil
tho bowels,
'II10 Attornry for tlio Dlslrlol liutrtutcd
to InveKtlKi't') '" Alnttur.
'Ihe Cdijm H'ioneis have taken the iiiln
tort steps townid coiiiiellliiB the Biilitl
more St Potomac Billhead ConiKiny to
coiniily with tho law in regard to the
cceuputlou ot streets, nvonuis, alleys and
public spaces, Willi ihcir Hacks and build
ings. 'I hoy have pent to Attorney Riddle
til,' protest and accompanying ninth fur
nish d by the clticns ot South Washing
ton In connection wila the alleged illegal
occupation ot Vlig niu awuue and tlliu
ulliV In square 4li:i.
In their InstiuctioiH to Attorney Bid
dlo they say; " J'lie piuipni speak for
thcinsoives, and state (unto distinctly
the (picstlons lalsed with jespect to tlio
contemplated freight depot Iu tlio above
Mpturo, which is toild to oeoupj a pub
lic alley. It seems unite plain that tlio
iailrcii'1 companx Intends to occupy tho
alley in this miu.uu."
lie is instrucied to Jnvestigato by
what right tho company ciu'roaclics on
this alloy; also to look into the question
as to thes right of the company to use 11
track extending liom Viiginln avenue
Into tills depot. The letter concludes
witli thu insuuctloiis to examine tlio
whole mutter ut his earliest convenience
and advise tho board whether any and
wiiiu. rights 01 eitiens me nciiig in
vaded, and whether in his opinou it is
the duty ot the board to institute) pio-
cecuings in 1110 couus in relation to tlio
mutter or any poillou of It.
BASCHAMj incoxgkess.
No Uluiliiullon of Interest In tliu Oon-
toiiiit:ilc(l IIouko r.umo,
The desire of members to participate
in the ball game for tho benefit of tlio
yellow fever sulfereis Is only equaled by
the dcsiic of the publlo for Congicss to
adjoin a.
In selecting members for the nine the
gicalest uuo had to bo cxcre'scel, but
despito the efforts of the lcportci to please
nil a good many membcis feel that they
have been wantonly neglected and two
making thicats ol contest for places on
tho nine. Mr. William Woodbuin,
of Nevada, has intimated that be,
will lllo notice of contest, for
McMlllln's pluce. Mr. Woodbuin was
the captain ut tho Hist baseball club
ever organised on tlio Pnclfltj Const
Ho made a wonderful recoid as an all
Mound player, and as pitcher ho will
give Col. Klluoro u 1 11b.
Owing to the heavy politlcul atmos
phere picvuiling yesteiday, or to some
other mysteilous cause, the types got
somewhat mixed and in tlio uccount of
the coming ball gamo part ol the p.iia
giaph relating to Mr. Ed. Sllcott, the
cashier ot tliu Sergeant-ut-Aims' oJllce,
who will sell the pastcboarels, got in
among tho election bets.
Mis. Louisa K. Camp ot 0 street has re
turned to tho city, after an absence of several
mouths at the seaside aud la thu West.
Kuv. Dr. J. II. Cutbbort, former pastor of
the tlrst liapllst Church hi this city, and now
acting Clin 1 nln to Congress, bus accepted tho
cill lo supply tho baptist church of Itockvlllo
for tho jircsent.
Mr. John F. Dlnckmar and wife ot Grant
1'laco aro visiting in Connecticut.
llcglstcred In New York last night: Secre
tary I'nirckild at tho lluctdugham, Colonel
Michael V. Sheridan at the Grand, and Senator
Mitchell of Orcgou at tlio Hodman.
William 1). ltodircrs, formerlyof the Sprlnc
field (Ohio) Tiuics, Is now attached to Public
Opinion's start in this city.
The Commlsslonpis have dlreod tholr attor
ney to proceed aualnst the Oforcctown flas
Company to rcoover a penull v erf SHIO per day
for Iti'eo days Suplemher 7, Ul, 2'J fot fur
Dishing iras below lUcandlupowcr. This com
pany was lined $8 la September for falling to
liKhtall their lamps.
llurcafter no work will bo done on alleys, side
walks, oto., under tho compulsoiy permit sys
tem until thu Health Olllcer conlti's to tho
necessity for tho same, In tho lutciost of tho
publlo health.
Thcie will bo $350 oxDcnded In gradlDK Back
streot fromThlity-seventh sticet to tho Kengla
Iho Commissioners havo decided to orcot
cloven gas lamps on Howard avonuu, botwoeu
Foiirtecntn strei t extended and l'iuoy branch
IMward naldwln has been appointed an In
spector ot tho work on thu now school bulldlng3
In thu third und fourth division ct S 1 per day.
A water main will bo laid on North Capitol
street, between 1' and boundary streets.
Political I'olnlx.
lion. S. K. Coc was loiiomlnatcd for
Cougrcj? last night by tho CJcimau Dciun
ciats ot tho Mnth Novv York dlatilct,
and nlbo by tho Tammany Weiuooiacy.
l'rank T. l'lt'geiald and Ashbcl P.
ritoh (renominated) 'aro Tumniany oandl
dates fur Coiirivcs Iu tho sixth and Thir
teenth Xovv Yoik dlstilcls ivspccllvoly.
Homy J. Spuoner was jestcrday 10110m
fnited for Congios iu tho l'li-st Khudo
Island dlstiict.
Tho Demociatle Convonlloa of tho I'lftli
Louisiana dlstilcL H boldbig its fouilli
dav' session to-day. Nlnoty-ono ballots
bad been talien up to last .night icsultlng
as follows: Judge Clinton, my; 0. No.v
ton, present Incumbent, 118,
(Jovomor lleavci, ot Pantoylvanla, and
Congiussinau Ijehlhach, will speak at Now
ailij K. .1., this evening.
Congressnian Iloimann, of Owgnn, was the
lnlnalpal speaker 'ati the llnluns Halt
ltopubllcan ineotliig, In Ilaltfmoio last night.
Senator AllUon was unablo to bo present.
llov. II. r. Myois, vastor ot tho Prosby
toilun Church at Jlrundsvillo, W. Va., ha3
been nominated as the iiruhtbltlon eandl
date for Congicss In the 1'lrst dlstiict of
that State.
Senator Tuiplo, ot Indiana, adibessed a
111 go Demooiatlo audlunco at Maitlnsbiug,
Vt. Va, last night- bonator JlVwilkiier
was also ono of tho spoaltuis.
hcuator Banlol dcllvoivd a political
speech at rvoaiioke, Va., last ovcnliip'.
Congi-cssman IS. W. Tovviulicnd, of 111.,
closed his canvass at Sandoval ycstoidaj.
Criminal Com t Judgo Moiitgoiiuii y.
Hciuy Curi-ey, tainpeilni' vvllli mull;
jiloa not eullty. Cluulos bulllvan. lecolv
ing stolen luopoity; idea not guilty, bam
110I innJ'ftV. (rilas Johu Howatdf alius
Joseph Skinner, houscbioakbic fix In
illotmunW: Plei not u'ltj. Wllllum
Cassldy, 'issault and batterv; idea not
guilty. Maij Mnigan, gi-md Iatcen ; poo,
not guilty, niwatd U Item, lapo. plea
not guilty. Maltha Moigont. hoiisebiealc
Ing; plea not Btilltj. Daniel KolU, laieony
fiiaa thu put Mia and locelvlng slnlen in-o-lioity;
idea not giltty. both chaigcs. Tug
WIUoii, as-ault to kill; plou not galnj.
John Cousliiioiiv, hoiHeln caking; Ploi not
gullly. .laiuos Jaiuson, assault to kill;
lilei no5 gulltv.
liiulty Couil JihIbo .In hi cs.
In 10 allogcd lui.ioy of S. T Dimy; In
(liilsttlou continued. Nolou vs. Noloa ; tos
llinuny befou Jos. A. Claiko, oxamlnor,
oidund taken.
Tlio Sriul-Contviiiiliil Album.
The album of the Filticih Congress
picpaied by tho votcian photogiaplier
M. B. Bniely and his nephew Mi. L. 0.
Handy, contains between four and livo
bundled poilraith und tellable hingia
phlcs of tlio I'lisideut membcis of the
Cabinet, Supreme Couit Judses, Sena 1 01 s,
Bepresentatlves and Septito and llousn
ulllcials. It will bo n gnat hlstoiieal
work well woithy of prcseivutiori.
Ittuinl l'o mlts In.nieil
lluilul penults hnvo boon lrMicd dining
tho liaal 121 luilltn bv tho llnulth Olllci uH
foloWK: Amelia Iloitnn, 7(1
VlU haol.oy. la Ncais: JiJ
- . . ..I . . -T- ... (
sous , .viiium
C Hlriit 'JO
joais; ito.o I.endou, ill
veal, M
Kulliauiie, 111 veil-; Jacob
Jtais; Geo It Hlgtfili, 'Jo
Aiuold. 10 numilik: (ha
ludil.K bloj, 02
oys. Item .1.
MeDiuiad ."
lnoiuiih: and tlio billowing
obiird . riiuirl
Unit. :i: i , Wtlllu l,j,in ;i v
j-uhu ijiuciiiii. n Ji Jis , i-.aln i i a u, 1
t v. ai ; (iencitu Dale1-, in dujs Maiy
blniins, 1 jear, Klla L. Nofion, U uioutlia. I
loilllu Oidollit'., H Muis,
ajl. M I' i' 11.
Tho Lonely Vigil Kept By the United
States Quard.
Tho formal Dedication to Occur on Mrs,
I.iiBim'fl ltatiirii l'rom lliirope,
Tho military gutlrd which was placed
twenty months ago over tlio tomb in Bock
Cieelf Ccm.'lerj, where leposo tlio remains
ot Gen. John A. Logan, still keeps vigil
by the Hide of thu dcud. It Is iiti tiiiusiuil
occurrence for tlio Goveriunent to guard 11
dead soldier's giave constlTntly for nearly
two yen is. Night and day. through niu
and shine, summer's seoichlug bieath nnd
w Intel's hitler blasts, tho ineasiucd tiamp
ot an aimed sentry has stlried the solemn
stillness of the vnttlt where tlio heio lies
Such a night as night before last is a
dreary one for the guard. The ruin fell
in u steady drizzle, and the wind bl.-w
cold and cutting from the N'oith. The
night was murky ns the mist over tins
Stygian Kivcr, nnd the cemetery lay
wiapned in u sepulchral gloom almost
The hollow sweep of the wind through
the big trees nnd tho clear putter, patter,
patter of the mill on tho dead Ieavis
diowued tlio step of tlio sentinel us,
wiuppcd in his lubber uout, with musket
ut a carry, ho paced his lonely beat in
front of the vault. A lantern on 11 post
in liotit ot the tomb shed 11 feeble and
flickering light for u few feel, around,
but It served only to deepen ihe shadows
through which the dark form of the sen
tiy moved. Across tho cauiago dtivu,
somo thirty feet away, stood 11 smnll
aimy tent, and through tlio hnlf-opeiied
Map slicamcd 11 iay of light which shone
upon the giotnul outside und made dia
monds ot the lain (hops on the grass,
Inside tlio tent a clieety picturo wns
picsented, in happy contmst to tho gtoom
without. A small stove iu tho renter
irlowed like 11 furnace and heated tlio
whole place, nnd tho merry bubble ot a
coircc-pot Oil the tup of the stovo was
good company in ltsull for the young
soldier who lay bttctciied out on nn lion
cot. In the comer wns a .small table with
11 lump on It and some books. A big
navy six-shooter levolvcr lay close at
hand and two guns leaned ugalust tlio
side of the tent, with u onitridgo bov
hanging from the shelf. Ono felt cosy
nnd comfoitublo iu there, warmed by the
grateful heat and listening to the beat
of the lain upon the eunvuss und the
creaking ol tho ticeb us they bow to tho
touch ol tho 1101th wind.
'Iho lonely sentinel outside casts
many a wistful glance at tho tent, and
mills eagerly at the appetiing odor of
the codec which comes to him. At 10
o'ljlock the crunch of henry boots on tho
gntveled roadway Is henid, and utulw.ut
beigount iotd comes ilown through, the
lain and mizzle, followed by two men
who lellcvo the two on guaid, these in
tutu being lclievod four hums alter
wind. 'J'ho guaid eoti'-isth ot n detail ot seven
men fiom the Third Artillery nt tho
Wushlngton Barracks Sergeant Tord
and privates Timm, Lociskoy, Hamilton,
Gibson, Caimodea and Bondra. They
arc comfortnblj eiunrtcred nt the Sol
dicis' Home, nnd the tent is occupied
only by tho guaid on duty by tho vault.
1 be lcmalny ot Gen. Logan He In nn
iron casket in 1I10 vestibule ot tlio vault
belonging to Mrs. Hutchinson, widow
of the Into piesidi'nt of tho Alaska Fur
Company. An Ameiicnn (lug drupes tho
euskct, which is nlmost hidden from
view benenth floral oHVriugs:
Mrs. Logan drives out to the cemetery
every few- days and renews the (lowers.
She knows the members of the guard by
nnme, nnd nlways has a kind greeting
for Uiem. Tlio guard ikes not grow
lonesome, for every day people come out,
mainly vlsitois to the oity, und stand
witli bared bends befoio the glutei! door
of ihe tomb.
The guaid has been retained much
longer than w.is expected oil account of
Mis. Logan's fears that tho resting placo
ol her husband would be dlstuibed by
ghonlisli muiaudcrs. In a month or sK
weeks, howcvei. the leamins will bo re
moved and placed in tho lnorttiniy chapel
which Mrs. Logan is having elected in
tho National Cemetery ot tlio Soldiets'
Homo, at 11 cost of SIS, 000. It bus been
in course of constiuction some time and
will soon bo ready to receive the remains.
Tlio chapel just visible thiough a
lovely vista ol trees hum thu road
which passes the Rate of tho National
Ceineteiy is n pleasing structtlie of gran
ite, built in tho Noimaii stylo of aiehi
tectute. It is solid and substantial us
well as ornamental and Architect Mul
let, Gen. Logan's pcisoual fiicnd. who
picpaied the plans, toys it is built to
stand as it is intended for a lainily
sepulehie. 'J ho whole building is of
Maino gianlte, thu 100I consisting of
solid slabs of that stone about twenty
feet in length und weighing each u ton
und ti half.
Tho interior, a spaco of eighteen feet
by Uftecu, and piobalily twenty feet
high, is lined with pressed bilck with
ornamental tiimmiiigs, and boveral win
dows give plenty of light. The collin
containing Gen. Logan's icmalus .will
bo encased inia steel casket and rest on
tho tiled lloor in the center of the chape,
visnble to tho public through 11 licuvy,
grated iron door. As 11 fuither protec
tion the chapel will bo connected by
electric burglar iilurui devices with the
lodgo of the superintendent, of the eeme
tciy. Mrs. Logan will leave next week
for Europe, so the removal of the lenmins
will bo attended with no ceremonies,
but upon her 10! urn no chapel will bo
formally dedicated.
VV'nr Talk lu Canud 1.
Now York, Oct. lit. A Woild special from
Montreal says: .Minister of htato Clnplenu
mado a wild speech here to-nf gbt at a banquet
to Mr. White, tho new tncmbor for Cardwoll,
and son ot tho Into .Minister Ho eulogized
Maine and talked war. surprising everybody.
Bo spol.o ot Canada's eoohioss under existing
circumstances, but most pleased the repre
sentative nudleuco bj referring to Canadian
Hanker Mooilieud l'ariilyeil,
A Washington spcclul to tho New Voile
Hoi aid today sajs that Mr. Moorcheud,
fotmei ly of tho banking houso ot Jay
Conko A. McColloeht lu Now Y01K ui'd
London, was stikkcu on Tuesday with
paiuljsts at his homo In Philadelphia.
His only $011,- who was In Washington,
and his daughter, Mrs. Dndgo, who lives
In West Washington, havo been summoned
to their fathoi's bedside. I)i'. fAgnow
hopes to bo ablo to remove his patient
lo Hot Spilngs, Aik., on Monday. AH
tho family will go with him.
l'liiillco Hares.
The Pennsylvania Hallroad Company an
nounces tho bale of round trip tickots to l'liii
llco, Mil., on occasion of tho fall mealing of
tho Maryland Jockey Club, Octobor 10, 17. 1H
and 10, at rato of W from Washington, good
on all regular trains In both dluctlons 011 dato
of issue." Those desiring to visit Pltulico cin
leavo Washington on 11 a m tiatn and reach
tho track bofore tho lacing commences.
Tlio l'linst of l'orl Hours.
'Iho Poatt ot tho Piuty llouu' novation
will inmmenco to-iuoirow In the ( lunch ot
tho liiimaeulute Conception, ennici Bth and
X sticots. tun tlivvivsl. Thoio w 11 bo mnsos
at 7. I), and 10 '.'10 11. m., at tho bill r hour
Mouit's Twelfth Mass with oigan anil
oitiietrat aciompunlmonl will bo ret dcud
l;j a laieo choir.
Henry Hull's Will.
The will ot lb 'in v Hall, filed with tho
rnglstor of wills, louvos his poiiMmul oi'euls
to his vvlte, with a II to Interest In put
ot loi ('-', suii'iic -1 u lcveit to his sons
Hull". Hid M'lllllIU HM1 U O'li K
propci tv is fclven to hi tons Homy uuu
A Nuiiibor of Criminal Answer
Cluilgex AgallMt llivin.
Jnmes Mooie, coloted, who had pled led
guilty U four chnrges ot houscbrenkltift,
wns culled for sentence iu the Criminal
Court to-dny. He explained to thu
court that although ho had been in tho
Penitent lit! V. for the snnio olfense, ho
did not follow hotisebieahing tor 11 liv
ing. Judge Montgomoiv sentenced him
tu five yeius In the Pcnltentlniy at Al
bany, for each (use, one time (oinmencltig
at the eplititluii of thu other.
Wm. Barnes anil Win. Uiav. two col-
1 ored bojs, vvete up for sentence on tho
1 charge of hoitsebrcaklug. Eaeli admit
ted partleliiatliig In the alTalr, but I'lleli
declared Unit lie wutehid while tho
other did the work. Gray was but
font tern years old and was sent to thu
Reform Sdiool. Barnes' seateitce wns
(Hayed tiutlil next Sutuiduv., lu order
that inquiry as to his ugu might bo
David Williams, convloted of house
bicaklng iu entering the losldetico ot
John A. Davis, wns sent to jail for six
Miss Mary J. McBtldc. convicted ot
liCitiKCburnlng, with .1 no. W. Mei'iu
liind, mudc her uppuiuiucc in tliu 'Jiiui
J r nt 1 Court this alici'iioou neatly diessed
und cairving ti small tasteliiily ar
ranged boiuittet Him sojourn at thu
jail has evidently agreed witli bet', ns
she bus gained iKsii anil bus u mole com
fortable nppiuiaiicu giueiullv It was
ttmleistood liuit she was up for sci.tencc
but .lutito .Montgomery ilehiycd any
action until her counsel should hnvu an
oppmtunltv to lllo ti motion in tliu ciibo
If thov saw lit.
Samuel Emeiy, tin old colored man,
was ariaigncd lu the Criminal Couit to
dny under sl dllleient indlclmeiits for
housebreaking, lie was charged with
having enteicd the residence ut Thomas
.1. Anderson, Thomas Gia, Alvfn lihodes,
John G. Lvuiis, Joseph Coombs und Peter
G. Tiltou. He entered u plea ot not
guilty to each chaige.
Willlnm Cassldv, a email white boy,
pleaded not guilts lo the cliargi of as
sault and battery on Lewis Day on
i v 20.
Henry Currcy, tho colored Postofllco
cmployo under indictment lor tamper
ing with the nnlls, was arraigned, ami
pleaded not gulltv.
Charles Sullivan entcied the same
plea to tho charge of leeching stolen
Edward L. Berry, 11 colored boy, also
pleaded not guilty to tho chaiges ot
tape and assault to inpo on Sarah A.
Maty 'Morgi.n plcnded not guilty ot
grand larceny In stealing money from.
Ju la A. I) inks.
Churli-h Talbert, a young mulatto,
pleaded guilty lo tlio charge of giund
larceny ol about SI 8 lrom Sarah K.
Todd. 'Ihe boy was about 17 yeais old
und hud up to this time boitio un excel
lent rcpututlon. His counsel Wm. T.
Bailey asked that sontenco be suspended
iu his ease. He had, with the assistance
of his mother, in tide good the loss, and
Mis. Todd wns do.siious that this eouiso
be tnken. Mr. Lipscomb stated that tho
Government would not oppose this
course. Judgo Muiitsomcir lc sired lo
investignto tlio ciicumstunce anil post-
pencil 11 in- notion till nct .Sntiiidn.v
J he plea ol guilty wiib then wltlidruwn
until that time.
Marihi Meigent, a bl.tccn-ycur-old col
oied girl, pleueicd guilty to the ehaigo ot
lioitsebieaking in stealing clothing fiom
Ann Gierke on August 11. She hud gone
to the pluce utter suufl. but found 11 dooi
oi'en, walked into the dwelling poitlou ot
tho place and got boinu clothing. As tlio
door wus, uccoidlng to licr statement,
standing open, Judge Montgomery ordcied
ti pli'a ol not guilty to be cnteied. Mr.
Hewlett was assigned to her defense.
Uaniel Kcl'y pleaded not friiilty to
the charges of larceny from the person
and lcceiving stolen propeity. Tho cuso
was that in wliich 11 watcli was stolen
from Leonaid Glint, on July L'.'l.
Tug AVilson, coloted, entered a plea of
not guilty to tlio charge ol assaulting
Jus. Palmer witli intent to kill. Jus.
Jackson, cliaigcd witli a similar offense
on Wm, Peaison, entcied tho sumo plea.
John Couslnbeiiy ulso pleaded not
guilty to uu indictment for housebreak
ing 111 entcilng the lesidencu of F. B.
Stockbiidge on Sept. 18.
Piancis de Silva. a uently dtesscd,
vciy diminutive negio, about twenty
three or twenty-four years old. who
spoke English with a very decided Italian
accent, was sentenced to lour yeais ut
Albany lor housubi caking in eiiteiing
the residence of J. C. Bock iu July last.
Walter Caiter, convicted ot asbault
on his step-daughter, Susan Caiter, was
1 ncu S'iO,
John Iiobiuson was sent to the peni-
tcntiaiy for two yeais for stealing a horse
which he siw on t be commons,
Uuftis nilmote, a colored lad, was sent
lo mil for ,si months lor assault.
Michael Matthews, a middle-aged col
ored man, was sent to iail for nine
mouths loi an assault on Monticcllo
Uvsou, his wife's giunddaughter. Ho
was charged with assault lo iiipe. lint
was convicted of simple assault.
Wm. Diggs was sent to tlio Reform
School under u charge of housebicnking
to which he pleaded guilty.
How tlio KovuniMis or tho District Aro to
lio incrcasoil.
Tho Coinmitsioncis have received tho
annual assessment tax levy for the llscal
year ending June HO. Ib8t.
Tho following is tho low :
Ileal estate Washington City Giound,
5l!),(li:i,:)ti:): in.piovcnients, - io.t.'.'in,
liSO; totnl, isioa.ssii.om. GeotKotown:
Ground. Sl.Hbi.arJ: imptovements, s.l,
OOd.UOO; total, Sl,(i87,ii.i'-'. County:
Gtottnd, iioii-agiicullitial. $-'.015, 7.10;
improvements, 31,750..1.'i(): total. ?.'),
700,100. Agiiciiltural, S-'.DlO.l'JB : 1111
piovcments, 8005,150: total, SJ,6in,
578. Giand total. SI 1G, 1 8r..J5:f.
Peisonal: Waslilngton, SI 0,001, 1U!i;
Gcoigutown, S08U, lul; county. Sl.'(7,
Mfi ; total. $11.7'i8,07S. graud total,
r'7 "1 1.0'Ti. iho Distiict will n-
U'oivo in taxes on tills assessment Sl,-
880,1.1'MU. Ibis is nn iiieieaso 01
SC7,00:t,28 in thu levenues over last
year. (
Huliert KollyAtloniliU Pull lilo. V3M
Hubert. Kelly aged 10. who recently
lost his position as inspector of gas
metei, attempted biticlilo this moiniug
ut his lumio 810 Twe'itv -fourth sheet,
11. w., by cutting his throat with a case
knife. He seveied his wind pipe and
the wind blew thiough his jugular, but
Doctois Moian and Novvman lepaired
tho damage and slopped the diaft. Ho
will lecovcr.
D. JI. nost. of St. liouls. is nt Chamlior
II11V. Hon. Wm. II. llainain Is at tho Ailing
ton. Mr. nnd 5Ii. Jos. S. ltlch, of K. Y aro
at elckot 's.
Oon. I'll John 1'oitor arilvud at Wll
latd'b list night
Cnpr. M. . llenlv, ot Iho 1. M. Soi
vlcix Is at tho Khbltt.
I'. Hlcai and Nell MohniiBall, of lindon
r.ng., aio at thu Alllligtou.
tien. Chauneey McKeover, U. 9. A., and
K. U Cuiuthull, ut Chlcauo. aio ut 01 al
ley 'd.
V. S. M( 1 Iiuai',sv and wife, ot Uiilnglmi,
Ky.. and lllluud C. Hose, ot Ko0ton, N. Y.,
ai-o at iho UlgM'
Ct A Illldeibiand, of &.111 riaiiebco, ;
t. (1. 1'attnrsnn, of Ilostou. and Cliaib-ii
1nIlig. ol X. V.. iro at lllanl's.
J II. Hint and wife, ot I'ti. : C. O.
fjigan, ot llnltlinoio: 11. W, Vlilllioi'. U.
H. X . und Achlllo Vlallar and Wen Mallar.
ot I. Muis, " 1, uu 1. am at tho Khbltt.
K01 rlietiiuuiisui und neuralgia uu ulvutleiu
Oil, thu gicittest cuio 011 carlb for puiu.
A Distinguished Company Go Over to
Locust Point.
Mls Virginia boliley Hrrnlis llio U'liia
vcr tlio I'ntvr ut tlio New llont.
'J he vvnitlng rooms at tho Baltimore
ik. Ohio Bnilwuv Motion this morning
were strongly suggestive of the lccep
tlons by thu Secretory ot tho Navy.
With tlio exception of ScrcUiiT Whit
ney the highest olllelals In tlio Nuvy
Department had ussenililed IO proceed
to Locust Pcinl, nenr Baltiinore, lo wit
ness the launching of flutiboat No. '-',
or the JVtiel us It will bo christened
Among the gutheiiug were tliu membero
of thu Senate und House Naval Commlt
leeH, CficiMdoto W. SJ Scliley tiinJ
fiimlli, Chief Ciiisttuetor. '1. 1). Wilbon,
Navui CoiiMliuutor I'lillin llkitborn,
Judgo Advocate Gcu. l"iuuy, CoinmiHloiu
Montgomeiy Sicoiil, Commotio! u J). 1),
llnimuiiv. ravmiiMter-Gcncnil Jnmes r'ui
lun, Dr. Wm. K. Vim lti'Viien. U. S. N.;
MuJor Post. L". S. A.' Cuul. G. C. Held.
U. S. M. C: Cider Lnglt'vor Melville,
I '11 j 11111 st er Kenni'V, Ouptnins b". W. Ter
ly, H. W. Muule und N. II. llowson,
Admirals S. U. Bovviiu. S. B. Franklin,
1). 1) Porter, Bodgets und Upshur, Gom
mandci' Polgcr, Captain Pithiaii. Chief
Clerk Vouman. ot the Treasury, Commo
dore Blown, Chief Cleik Hogg, of tho
iS'avv, Lieutenant Baba. or Japan, Juan.
S. Atwi II, of the Argentine Legation,
Pay Diiector Thornton, und Puymnstor
Dnv lo.
Tho tiuln, which wm) n special, left ab
eleven o'clock and ran directly to tho
shipyard. Sccrctnry Whitney tole
graphed from New York that ho would
be iu Baltimore iu time for the luuni b.
The U. S. S. Dispatch is exported tu bo
picsent. After the launch, Miss VirJ
gliilii Schley, dftughtcr of Cummnilorn
hciiley, having cliritened tliu vessel, it
lunch will be served tho gucstii
The Peticl is tho third boat of tlmt)
name built for tho Government und is tho
Hist, war steamer built in Baltimore.
Tho Hist Pctiel was built iu Bultimoio
nnd was a bchnoiier used during tho Mex
ican War. 'I lie second wns 11 niorchuntj
vcbscl aud was piiichuscd and used by
tho Government during tho civil war.
'J'ho Petrel Is a slnuie-scrow.strnnier,
nnd built entirely of steel. Her dimen
sions nro: Length between iwrpendiou
Inrs i7fi feet; brum, JU feet: depth of
hold umldshtps, l.'i lect 7 inches; mean
draft, It feet 7 Inches; maximum speed,
IU lfiiath per hour. The steamer will hnvo
comfurUiblc accomodations for 100 men.
The boat will havo u steam wlndlieri
and cupstnn, but 110 steam Htcciing gear.
'I lie Pctiel w'll be baikeiitine tigged, and
carry i,8ii0 siptare feet of canvass, xiio
motive power will bo 11 horiontnl back
uctlug compound engine, capable of de-'
veloplng 1,1150 horsepower under forced
I lie boat's armament will be ns follows t
.Main battei.v, lour sivitieh B. L. If. guns,
mounted two on encli side iu sponsons,
about ten feet eight inches nbovo tlnl
water; slx-puimiler rapid fire guns on tint
poop and foiecn.stle, and u .'17mm rcvolv
ing cannon on The rail lu each waist.
Sixty Sioux IikIIhiih I.lntcn to 11 "IStuTalk"
by .S"crotury Vllac.
All unusual sight was picsented in
the looms of Secretin v Vilas in tho I11
tciior Depaitnieut this morning, when
llic sixty Indian., Sioux, who oitIm d
fiom Dakota lust nlttkt made their np
piuiuucc to hold a now wow with tho
Seeietaiy legnie'Ing tlio opening of their
reservation us proposed.
Tliev were presented in tutu to Sccrc
luij Vih'J., who alteiwnrd addiessed1
1 hem on tin subject ol the act passed by
Congress t secure pint of their reserva
tion. '1'liey asked for time to consider,
and their confcieuco will bo held on Mon-
- , -
lMltor Clomoint' .Slatcmonls Donlcd.
Mr. 11. 1J. Boblnson, proprietor of tho Na
tional Echo, the coloicd newspaper which has
forsaken the Democratic tanks and has como
out for Harrison, denies that tho paper has
been cold out, or that any deal bus licon
mudo. 'iho statement mado by Thomas A.
J. demons, that bo had started the paper und
was sold out by Mr. Robinson, Is emphatically
denied, demons is a laborer in the Interior
Department and never bad auy Interest lu tho
Tlio Stock mul Monoy market.
Now York, Oct. !. Mouoy 12 i per ct. tho
only rito for tho day. Exchange closed quiet;
posted ratcb, -tblJSS; actual rute
4Stdjl&I for tltj days, aud 4S84881
for demand. Clovernincntb steady; currency
(I?, l'Jl bid; 4s coupon 1273 hid; 4Js do., 108i
I'aclllc lallroad bonds closed as follows:
ITulou tlrsis, 114 to 117; do, I nd grants, 10:!
to 100; do. bhiMug fuue, 118 to 133; Ceutials,
Tho stock mirket to-dny has been dull, only
04,y00 shares cbauglui; hands during the two
hours of business to tho closo at noon. N. V.
and N. 1'. wis about tlio only stock at all ac
tive. Under Its lead prices advanced A to 1
per tent., tho bitter 111 tbo stock named, but
toward midday theio wns a sharp 1 taction tbo
iesultof tho unfavorable showing mado lu tho
weekly lnuk statement, llio statement;
slioMcd a decrease In tho roseivo funds of $1,
103,1)30. 'lhu closing prices wero slightly
changed from those, of last evening.
Oloalug V. U., h5j; N. V, c., 1031; N. J.
C, 00j dm. So., 531; Can. l'ac, SOJ; U. A II.,
118; V., h. it V, 143, Denver, ll)J; Krle. 3'.H;
do. pfd , Wll; L. S 10-H: l'ac. Mail, !17i; Itcad
lug, 53 j; 11. I., 100; S. F , 813: do. pfd., 731;
St. l'ulil, uOJ; do. pfd , 107: Wabash, ID; do.
pfd., 35SJ; U. .t Q., Ill; l' , B. X 1)., 371.
'llio C'bicago .llarKet.
Chicago, Oct. IU 0.30 a m. 'Wheat De
cember, HSJi Mnj, 1154 Com October, 4 11;
November, 453; December, 411; May, 39J.
Oats November, 34J; December, 33; May,
394. l'ork -May, ?14 ?2J. Lard-Nov ember,
srS.571. Short ltlbs October, jS.113; January,)
'tbo AViwliliigtou StotUs.
Miscellaneous llonds W. it (, K. It., 110;
.Masonic Hall Ass'11. 101, Wash Miukct Co.,
114; Wash. Light lnfaiitr, 1st, 01, Wash. Ga4
LtcbtCo.. 12 1.
National bank Stocks Hank of Washing
ton. 300, Hank of licpuhlfc, HkI, Metropolitan,
101; Central. 200, aeeoud. 133, Farmers' and
Mechanics'. 1(U; t'ltlcuus'. 133; Columbia, 110.
iiauroau Jsiocss wnsmnstou ami ucorgn-'
town. 207, Metropolitan, 1051; Columbia, UJ;,
Cap. iV North 0 bt,, !!l, Anaeostia, 10.
Insurance btocles Firemen's, 35; Fiankliu,
40, Metropolitan, 73: National Union, 101;
Arlington, 100; Corcoran, 50: Columbia, 13;
(lermau-Aiucrican, 150; Potomac 031; ''lgg,
tins and Ulcctifc Light Stocks Wash, (las,
41 A; Ueorgctoun (las. 41.
Telephone Stocks Chesapoako and Poto
mac. 7S.
MlH'cilaucous Stocks Wash. Market Co.,
13; Wash. Urlek Machine Co.. 100, Great
Falls leo Co., IHO. Hull Hun Fanoiaina Co.,
17; ileal Fstuto Title In. Co., 1101; Colum
bia Title In. Co.,4J.
Itutu to ltlciiiiiouil llxposltlon.
for thObO deslrlnc to attend the Vhejlnla
Fa position, now hold Iu Hlehmond, the Penn
sylvania Kalhoad Company Is eelllug round
trip tickets from Washington at ratoof$a,85,
good to return until November 31!, iuclublyo,
Looul "VVuiittmr Indluiitlons.
Fslr; warmer westwly vvlndii
Hniimrnlui'i' 1- iv 11 Sty In Druper'n So1Mle
(online 1 lmnm uiuior 1 I Kldd. r HKfiit Ml
sxvuuthiiiwtit l). m-.QT. 1-ra . 00. 3d in..
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