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.. 'I0 LOVE OfCO =m mJI LMV00. .
Volum~e 14AEANDIU& ta., WEDNESDAY, JULY v3
mO 13 1
on AT LAW, AND NOTARY PUBLIc, will practice
his profession in this and the adjoining Pa
ies. Office on second street, opposite Court
Yard Square, ore door below McCloskey's store. j
Office at Alexandria, La. apl3 lc
!. oreSOlu. W. P. SIROPSaIIn. i
Atte4neys and Connoellers at Law, n
SjLpractice their profession in this and the
Office in Alexandria, next Door to. the Post
Dtlce. mal8-1y. Y
WV. .. LEWI. O.w. LWIS. EDW. wAnnRD T. LWIS.
T I? PARTNERSHIP heretofore existing be
tween Messrs. W. B. & J. C. Lewis, is this day t
dissolved, and a new one substituted therefor be
tween Messrs. W. B., J. C. & E. T. Lewis, who
will piaotice their profession in the parishes of Ra. t
pides, Avoyelles, Natchitoches and Catahoula.
One of them will always be found at their office in A
Alexandria. Feb 23 '69-ly
Attorney and Coumsellor at LaW,
TWILL practice his profession io thly'
V nd..adjoining parishes.
Office 3d door below the Alexandria House.
Atterseys and Cotsellors at La' ,
deot0-7 Alexandria, La.
W ILL practice in the Thirteenth and adjoining
.. Districts. Offices in Alexandria and Marks.
vlle, La. i [aug l-ly
Attorneys and Counselors at Law,
I IVING associated themselvesln the protioe of
their profession, will attend regulidrl Te Dis
trict Courts of the Parishes of St. Landry, Cal
caslea, Rapides and &voyelles, and the Annnal,ses.
sions of the Supreme Court at Alexandria and
Opelousas .... 0ffice at Opelousas, La. ap27
Of1ce a the Court House, Alexandria, La.
March 30, 1858 ly
Alexandria, La.
Office on Third Street near the Methodist Church,
and immediately in the rear of the Rapides Houmse.
AL .xt NDRLtA, LA.
W' Office one door south of the American Of
tee, in the room lately occupied by Dr. Lama.
August 17 1858-1v.
hASh ADVANCED on Cotton, or will purchase
at the New Orleans quotations, one cent per
U pend of. s: W. RENARIE.
o w0 D.-I HAVE a Gold Watch and Chain,
feoud at A. MoNutt's, which the owner can
Tove by applying to
mayll-tf E. JOHNSON.
Decl, 1858-1y New Orleans.
TmU undersigned has just received a seloet
assortment offirstjjass Jewelry which
he will Sell at New Drleans prices.
ALSO, a lot ot fine French and Swiss Clooks-
modthly and Ceekly, which for beaty of finish and
acuraateness of performance are unrivalled,
J sale by L MAGRUDER
May 4, 1859-tf
01 the rFall .rop o tib ear.
lUST RECEIVED--Button or Onion Toys, and i
J general assortment, at
Sale. Apply to
janrs-tf * S. K. JOHNSON.
ST bscriber would rk ectuhly
infore hh5 Mends and the public generally, th
Itie h found aithe "OLD STAND."
W table will always be supplied with the bees
G market affords.
Attached to the Hotel is a. .
lapt by 5imself, where Horses andBug--'
s an he proeured at all times. Also,
Us left to hbe care will wefll attendedto.
i sxanudria, January,8 859-1y
C20 OR ES of Bottom Land for sale. Ajlpi
4lexandrla, May 1 18, t' .f
_ .e. B Eelhtaaage Place, -. i
Nrh 1-ly BALTMORU.
liotie to Creditor: ~id Dcimt~'
D I'BTORS of the Estate of W. 1. Adame, wmll
eoie forwamrd and make immediatoe laent.
C-editors.wil deposit their clahmslm ut jin
' fPorm ,. either with myself or n t.
a E Cana. B. Mc
Ahx,Kll'ay2, i~at.
Price 6 cnts perpowsd-- 25r aeln, less. ka =
NY one considaring the' ` s of Iroe 10
S over Rope an a material f d1 ng .ýt bal .
will be surprised that it dat been ado
long since. Ints security ~ntN're there san j
overwhelming reason for its ptloo. _
i The Presses in the SBeport iles bae been the
main causeof .i not bin lg adopted; bt,
now that objection is mC o generally, and:. the
Orleans Press, the largest 1i .0., 'e t the pre.
jerence over rope. The Fi Hoop and i
'Tie is the improvement of  f. lproptor s,
and is adopted. from the f 'hat it is foud. after
long experimeqt, to comb the greatest rita inn
simplicity and hecility of on of any one
yet made.- It is so p requie noohange
for 'ecompreseing. Tus .taing e only re
'maining difficulty at the boardi e.
The hoops are sent of lengtj a meigft to
ten feet and a fall guarn iven thatenldther the
Ties nor Hodpe sall br And farther, that all
cotton bound in them sh4b reeeived onthe same
terms, at the Orleans P as ope bound coton.
:The weigbtper baleis at the same as Bope,
L i ot one pound more or
a To show the opini6n Msters have of it, we
give the following, am it umeros commenda
tions we hve:
The-undersgned a of vessels havirng had
Scotton compresaedwith an's new Iron Hoops
and Ties, hereby "~co d the same. The bales
being well compressed, d the buttons or hoops
never break when thro owa li the Ship's hold
or when stowed:. .
L. L. Condey, Capt Ship. Noses Davenport,
A. Robinson, ", Madraqs
'James Tomas, " enry,
A. Talbot, " " Hareaseeket,
John Dean; " " James Flint,
SJohn C. Wilner, "i " Mulbouae,
a H. Koppenhold " " Ells A. Clark,
- L. P Merll; "' Bark, KimbalL.
The price of Hoopel dTiee at N. 0., is 6 cents
per pound, and all odrsiwil, receive prompt at
tension. ib rl de4C tiMns made to merchant's
f for city acceptance. 1 . BBLCHiER, Aoanr.
S may4-m. .a' 1t~ Commercial Place.
SumýTrave 8
Co.art, asaare 1,
f ANDi .?T4 KTHH J 1
i -d" A I -OR1..am I
CAPrOL............. J. a. 4au Master.
BELFAST........ .. W. ~ v,
J. S1MONDS...... ...JA F. Swi?,
INOOJMR...... ..... B. Pa ede"
'"eaving New every Monday, Wednesday
and Friday at B M, viz: The CAPITOL, every
Monday, pasen.ed- River early on Tuesdays, and
one ofsbe other at etery Wednesday andPmrl.
day, passing Re iveon Thursday' and Satur
days; so well ani tvosgly known to the Ti'avl
lung Public, as pisesesing all those qualities which
render travell ngageable, and make the traveler
feel at home an ease to Memphis, thence for
New York, FPAo, lis, atiore, W4osjngiton,
Ricsod, L g, Petersburg, Virgini a
8prines, A dle, e., c., by
The Expressasi# of which leave Mempbi every
day at 8P,. nakigOLOBOANDC CERTAIN
S,,CONE 1 through the entire Route, and
r passeing ove a .jegon of. bcuntry titned for las
lagne) leet Sia! Its .rnprecedeftnd iecaltAi
ness! I *hr d B.lsmserB sorts I . Its els
', Grated elamSJ*s, A iosahls IWatering Places I
n Affording Ltoi easure Tourist-tb-.the man o
Business, a toeaaiwes seeking Recreation and
Health duiri the_ nmaer, avanvureaa suesmeo
- v nlE on ad ll r s 1 and after JUINE,
there will 2%Jan2 s ill.
Ps Beng Ot i. Loulsville, and otbd
pointe p 6,tlver, connet, Memphis with Fine
Packets or treads, at their aton.
& eti Gd MEr anT iagth of time l Al
lowing theholder to stemp at any pot from iem
Spis, OA, alipleasure. Baggage ohecked through
from M5Ihib
Pasnunqrin ave territory, the Railroads
fronm ebts obe vtheaantege of no mwnoyafce7
or risk in 0ie s4veyanceof servaints. The Roads
/ are First rai, *1 v 'i Rt ail t eIss, wide
gusge, sat 4ororrtablh no. a
ti I Fthreog~ TiBletOs oorroot lteorman
rl tion, a¶to J. I. . IG,
Undert , OSlharla HIotel--4et wing.
SWi. RfiTbZl 'Pen Aen.s.
1-' ay 8644t Nir OaUL s.
I Claemey sprigag.
PIlhtiul watering pige, situated in the
S~SIuAndry, in a beautlfulll ligPiney
distant abou 8 miles fkom Opeousas,
Sill bs ed on the 150 of June next,
a fr th~ceptIo of visds.
Th - rn are favorly n among the
v Loeinatpa as ra waters of
g i Chroanio is iof varlious kinds
Sm a virtues av beefUll teted
or by inllnaeahbk eure theyffaw performed.
STh.is ofr byth Ie soa xuti Coot ,eooiiteward
and rlste damlatee~veimetat bw saeered,
- and Blne and of UYaie forthbese bOn.
T tIo Besofn OmIb s- wil connseet with the
Ope. us ts ea O au ater the tBi of Jime, to
l hkv4 their 4~is Id lPit to them to ,bO
Syoi'hcole . o." wil send fe them,
. ,a h. todgal anoth....$. 00
,. a ". week.,... 10k0
", . M et'ld to ,M br the
'" Sm' m tdtaeu: j m d
tac~RDIV4 ~~W."·;~iL~;ui re
-i dJa;iibQ~ sb
dog follow.: air
You m prate of our pper d to dog,
And blow an alarming sight, tui
IBut, as "re found, th"isfest dog , , no
Some rhymester expressed his a mpthy for the quo
" underd outside dog in the ht.repled to by of
one who celebrated the sterling qualitiee of the, thi
":' upper dog." esiresAnother congrtutes the outside n
dog as follows : all
You may prate of your upper aad)bttom dog, in
And blow an alarming eight, tui
tut, as I've found, the safest dog . n" o
I. the outside dog in the fight. qI
a e never desires tobe counted in, e
Thus showing an instinct bright; m
HBeraves his grinders for polishing bones, ti
Does the outside dog in the flght.
Mr. Heenan may try as long as he likes e
c To damage his foeman's sight;
But the pleasant position of looking on
Has the outside dog in the fight.
Utterly heedless if in the strife n p1
The might prevail or the right; m
The appetite's good and tranquil the life tf
Of the outside dog in, the fight. tr
When danger threatens, the rapid way ol
That he runs s refreshing quite;
And simply eiitce the sound good sense
Of the outside dog it the fight.
And here's to-his healthy and happy days, e
Luck send him abundance of prog, e!
And drink to the hero of private life, li
A health.to the outside dog '
. Jumpkins, who likes degs as dogs, givs uttero
sase to his peculiar convictions ij the following
I awful "strain: "
If a "feller" inst be a dog
It matters tnever a ' te
Whether he's top 'dog or bottom log, .
Or spectator dog in, the fight. '
This world is ch fa canine woId,
And i ften must we meet ,
With trading, talking, biped dogs
As with dogs that have four feet. a
d I hate the coward outside dog
Looking safely on at the show, p
But I won't praise the upper dog, ti
h Nor pity' the dog below. i
h A 'dog is good in a dog's place
, Wherever that may fall, I
' But the best thing yet for a sensible man
Is to be no dog at all .
He may keep, feed and bondle dogs;
Or bet on fghts for pelf,
Buit'tdl a silly thing, for a white man
, To like a dog kimself.
I nevereould be s dandy dog
. With hair put up, in ourls,
!- Like a sleek and lasy poodle pip
r That is petted by simpl'egirls.
I wouldn't lie on kh ilken rug
Nor reat~a opleit of gold,
To cringe uarounad i master's feet
. pad bark whenl was told.
No, ni never consent to be classed:
l Along with dogs like these,
And claim for myself the glorious rnght,
STo kick tlem whenetet I 'please.
mnRTUNEaDlos ar1¶1
From the Italiau of Benedett da cingoli.
Virtue forever still resplendant shines:
Perishing and frail are other earthly things;
Virtue that bliss bestows whjk lif ref~8~ e,
SYet dreads not delbth, to gelS so pter'orbeing
It is not wealth, or raink that virtue tnsakes, ~
e As deem the vulgad weak mnladed hrong.
o, Jounealhe..r O.ik~q gives and tltkes, .
And plA 9t. lWehumphsatly along, .
C ,tan lf clown lmainto M. change,
An a:plsd to ad iphst lsat,
a MAdslob echa sad metamorphisestrauge
S.The idols, can tlher feet of clay disacer,
Yet cannot away one great and lofthsoul,
SSns Virtue spunraat aeoeideunt'a oatol.
One f the prime igeneiesia ilh has everbeen
7 st work in preventi~g thAtunt: ofandment in the
torie workdbg in i enthaie l iu~ 'eis th1
lack of the no eduie t feadities r y
mightibe l#illdll as -the tlusgrable and per
t nabaet'icple &i otGlOg an intefligsii pa.
talbtieense obair .
pdevoilma tqegr tereskt whish fld inspire to
he consestaifrctirtintf hbettnlf l the tw o
_ aith. pals eoppoei agdrent.iet* tonde
0 Ssed.il the u Vs
hw•y1 In4.taq w . h.: -
* aurIt aiim ItS u . io.. 1#
is diea
* 4
merits, is appeaing to our socals, Glndiy nnd.
our material interests, as individuals and in coc*
mon, is thaWhieh is charteredander the title d its
" Dolbear Comnibreial College of the city of New "
Orleans," but whlob is not, as its designation would s
indicate, solely devopted to the peeuliar branches Cn
which constitute a commercial education. The hi
vlews.of its prime founder, and of its administra.- 0
tores, as expressed in the instrument of charter, are .n4
more liberal and enlarged, for they conteiiplate ilb
a more complete educational institution, to be es. sal
tablished-and endowed with a capital stoeek of 'a o.
quarter of a million of dollars, divided into shares tri
ofIvwenty-.Ave.dollars each., We do not hmagine 41n
that an institution could be more admirably pow wIe
ned to ensure the largest usefulness, for its special Ira
aims are to impart thoiough practical instructiond i
in the various departments of Commerce, Agriesu I
ture and Mechanies, and when the ob;ects ep
nounced in the charter are sustained by the to; he
quisite fund, the Department of Mechanics and of
Agriculture will beerganiztd on the same enlight- by
ened scale which has heretofore enabled the Com- be
mercial Department to build up so noble a reputa
tion for useftlnesV.
During the twenty-five years of its prosperous
existencb it hacontinced to mad forth annually
numerous matriculates thoroughly aecomplished in a
the details of merratite business experience, in
penmanship, in languages, classic and modern, In
mathematics, surveying and nayigation, hose di
plomas are the sffficient and unquestioned endorse
ments of their ability and accomplishments, for the s
fame of the college is familiar throughout the coun
try, and all know that its diplomas must be de. -
served before they are received. They ecant be
obtained merely because the student has gone
through a stipulated routine of studies, foi the
system of the college is that whoever enters pays t
to learn,-not for trying to learn; and after he had si
entered hg can emain until he does learn ihat he
contrate~af or wtitbpu further olarge, be the time
longer or haorter. .Thoroughly qualified profea
sors arein chargeof every department, and every
departiwent isin~a separate apartment, of whlh
there are' nine in the connmodious eqllege build
ing. 7 '
Sidce its establishwma,4t is.lJstitution has e.w
cated thousands, th careers of many of whom
have been-moat suceessaul, andiwho owe their ad- S
vancment in life to the capital oft good education
with which they were furnished by it. ' Its grad. e
ates inay be found in the most prominent business
positions in this and other S ea, and are ever
proud to acknowledge. the debt they owe it. For $
a quartiir of a century ito derhas labored in
its cause, and finally haljlsthe proxhaate period
which shall witness the fruition of his ldesies- nt
permanent establishment, og.an enlarged scale, of
the institution-that it may iot'dle with him, or
sink for the lack of hi sis aining energy, It has
lately been dulyfharteted; and it now only re.
mains, to insure the end,.that tfe stqck be taken
up. Not only will this stock proe an indubitably
good pecuniary inves men, but t ill confer valu.
able privilee , a stock oler being entitledo the
advantages of the institution ia ia own person, o
he can traisfer he right to one who would become a
a stden. Ai Boar of Abdziuitrstors, coisaposed l
of emlunts citizens, are. uthoirlO t.,reoehe esuba
scriptionsa apd Its no longer an individual but a
public enterprise;, pd the title by which it ls now
known, " Dolbesy Commercial College,' can be
changed by.vote oftle stockholders to aie. whiich
they conceive appropriate, though we can se ae
occasion fob a alteration; for It it certainly d
the-devoted perseverance and publle spirit of the -
founder that his name should be ,ssociated ,with
the realized frition ofbisXonglabo e, aeqwhile
the college continued in prospe inue operation, with '
tde usual'numerous attendance of pi4ls ~aqu~irg
a practical dducation. ug
The following enest appeal to the gIfted men
and women of Louisiana is extracted from "Eehoes
from a Pine Forest" as published in the NiA0.
Mirror of June 18th.
But a quteter subject lies before us, not i;ithot
a certain mpoertanoe.-tbe establishment and sup.
ort of a proper loeaerature. . 4
,Iay we even the prntenseof onel Is theresa
other State in the Union so utterly devoid ofthe
Swish and effort to regsteir lit rials. With the
single exception of the writings ofthe .4l'hurles -
ayavre, a work adinitable in its 4intlih anidi
well- executed, w pon , t to a .sinle Cdeo l
attempt-se t~ bot q the pa bt o,.f .pi
350ati SPteat.-p itW resources, or prophesy
the promle of its con[ mg years? I
A literary iundertaking ai tLouiiana geneally
drags out in unhorored fnd ephemeral existenee,
and peri~she*Otolm e are wint tf one tisth
tlihat oeoiteimei whichl so liberlly le tended i
to the boe0 nd ppiiodioals of other "Oan
any gO coiooat of Louisi~aai" the deoubt
en prcip*e whbich rulis our,actlonq. Genus, tal,
tie iand ed'ration arieot uncommon among us b
. genius, talent, and eduatio here a~gs to fprget
s thA trai loysh tihen1 soil, whle hash 'aall
p* the De Qincy' avekion,41tfis, "
ot i ratre tho dtbo ~ l## ' bi~t li th
'and y a let'-t-iu-j-. ,I tu + iti' .,
, ~ ~ · , +.. . +. ,:
i ts bald, meagre seq 4e i %eu n*Uer, wind sIl
Ir **eVItook teaI Wype tow casleusy 4uthe
I eouth." To be su, so me f e easeptbhi·, the
SCreole ian is prlated e pse va. Vi o, 4
{ brutal, andshe Creole woman troibretw.srb
.Ce and a essallas, but ebsy an tileio
p and miohievous appendage ofand y decan pct- Ya
ible household. ut wbat does that r to our Go
e.' Ienrditertiue t We bu their , shrug eIk
a our ruea, andosbmit to wi.of tegreat Sfi
p tribaunl. WeU they he, (that, r ;clique) UP
Sthat ftom it no WbpSeOpOre 'bee n-atoo of
well alas. We kuwL wh It ijp orn h talen$ the
hI iu bitherto found o voie, i iFaptess an pal
i ndignant denial of the weaikdaud vice g neral.
y attlriblted to the Leui ufa. e>
Countru aand countijitoman why should this Th
h be.t W.waoDt to s aeriadi, no d deluge to
Sof vea pria tr/ suh .a wea always get Pr
by caleatoda f1rtouar Noei eraid, but our _
beautiful and h 4 L uidina, calls loudly for anp
SInterpretersoad t figt theeal, traditil, earnest a
Ufe of the o 107To gather *ota =blo tighty 1in
Srivers, her sungy lks, and -1 ioyrrlrIe
F boe o fnag rniag tabithan lY
Sany w1qhoasounded in ourPg ±
a der tot. agnise old
wi th ýla titeM; w
this fodl ftta ler Isisolite.
The to l idtiob' a mthes voe Msrt
o- owed , d~ app4 ;eodi* I o
*e", dalas, a m 4ad
Safar a 0 rb aPlisr a
so iaies
Sred o loyity a isg tht hat i l
om a Idi i Its. '*:.(o frt I
{e nerdar er*s
R be Iadsal tesetarwathbough
the w4 anudls4Riia mies4a to show that
human lo, sroug)t and
sing, ' ýThl e hsublest cottagee *In
sNo e ,tiale n tils work.
Slow 'adi
`h ! ! Lto t
.. mu1b
onee $I4 tiem11
earth :i spa~b~ :
mut 3 '. to t
d- gathr apd ood and
drawer.of lt a
for atopq o the t11
y ethe ya labr
or the dousea and: ý a~illiai I:·
A I of rng that too*"an wM yet
tike a stand In bof worthy osher
hig -glg The,
s fuluitterances which the
* length and bread4th ofd t ^ tach the
thlatder h the ool Iyt lways viol
iabbtf of reptisa and burdsry u .Ii7
can'show a tmp breed.) Nor a s
big lnaQ think b agi laqk t !
and la nmUids1ag6spen
the face ofthe sh ,.: seek.
pret est?
Suthasnsel a hap d th .
a thatsim, traanquuiitelltwhe
Sneesaf duty tubed, lf [email protected] to
oh Shall it otibe irtisttea sVMt o tm =io:ne
hare earnestly, 1n4 is felusa m :a `
4t*,hynlporinht*4 lays lai~lg~t
tiro nspitadti set b
bthe hae ibden se" writ to l wha6
eoaeoday toreet; thebe b s i ehe o 4 f
wlb lwi iok eqISdy tI thWa; Se IB o
gin their famailiar bbuty; the iiuaedareltfrw d
gth osh es, and st usd these pretlo:: haed s
satnds of home, aor trueetspitsphodl , 4 p
have lored them bll. Aye, and wii~thi a
which adde us seek that out bretether
dehhI, A baM~r huutbenloisid *
ae diugingebnobiwsterelipn langt ~ 4
$a erwa ,yes sscapedlfedin purt Vaiina A
- 'll ite.. A~siudEr d is their *
he .
e ad e~ithsi idatM
165r - M~dis~rOPsii d( t~t?81339jS~tma
d2 wthtte toib rhenebble
lee ~ makaeInqaiuttes datiine eitss 4th~
or eetipa wIeh~hIailltireasidusp atildsiteul at
he peposedb i a4 e mGuibd..$y8
fly Dzrkaruan O$I9 WAS&l43e0o, Nh i
a, teen.
,Yourlhtter otte18thinst., haaIhb
let likwtw~,opy rehite thatsitiIs
kis the F..nabt Oewhest' dh
ryill~ na a:r
get yes
sl iis6i··· S0'i ·
pIrimal atlirwu4em sidmea so 4
owlior tI~r~pr~foQ~lr Wr~
b..r. wunuuuc thatl 'shun
.i:,-I iIfi~i
A· ·
d aioti oi ' G`
y ~ 45b w &e ot'd anited
e meuPras. _:, aft
.:o ter ` i b ago_
a ip the it nctics which it*fent at hint d te .
May i ,p, .it was-espleily stat di
r Go. ;- ttehe dob of1
Sallegneaer, a naafis.h right otf espt i
Sand tse right t stU!Vaw pelitoat tida eliewherdr >i
Spea this tbjectioheerne4A-s thig
of the,world, hell ( tralgn º
4the -nchoice of a i sven a-bin&*g d'Ibe
Splitics! theory to dbt'hsalitt et oO astif
I. f h E cecastantij 1kpdIuy lb
eanerideOd by any ot3err
is The qlo$ of the b uitiwd
e to the Minister at lie e ont lot .f
t Prussandwo ern,ºeutI. i. may M,'
a Iizsedin ony ta
n .t the cap 8atr. °t4' s
asa duties a `
, ingot a tt Th
Ifde agl3t beeC'sii i s hwe Uv3
-nly caled ieh n
14 exempt' then fAWdthe ftgo
il liiotiua of talia6e d cefdso t . ,-ajº4C
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