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-- ---..... tL
Wednesday, October : : :26,1859. o
P. D. HARDY, a
«IttýsQ DBnOaeCap TICKET,.
E. E. SIMAR T, i
i. M. CLARK, f
CO- *L*giF 81
C. 1N. rI MES.
----- ne
. . J. SWARM
,~.-'~--;rI-"-~~ '~^'- -.' ------~--.- V
g'.sa aisdacriber, havin'g exclusive charge of the D
buid deparnteRt of the bD-ocatr, requests per- "oi
ao,ýs aki aw dertawments to inert or pa,ni.t
to make to call at his ojke. 81
Farish Executive Dnearatic Cem fliec . 1
E. R. BIO88A, •THO. C, MING' o
A Democrtle Boarbecue will be given, Friday '
the. S8thb itstant at "
Wiley'. Preoinct, i
?o'flt Maigre, at which free disesasion is iuvited.
#-CoIl. Landrum, in consequence of
the death of his wife, will not fil say
more of his appointments in this District.
Distriot Court for pides, No
yegber Term.
We are authorized to state that the No- 1
vemltber Term of the District Court for this
parish will not commerce until Wednes
day, Nov. 9thbvo days after the election.
Jurors and witnesess will have ample t
time to deposit their votes before leaving
the most d~tadt precipcts for Alexandria.
B* The American is altogether too
feod of drawing upon its ima!ination 4
for its statements. Instead of attempt- I
ing to manufacturce speeches for our
"situmnp orators," theoeditor of that, paper '
and its writer of imaginary spcchbsca should
remember that they are both in positions
in the present canvass where their in- 1
gentlity in speech-making might be bet
ter exercised in their own behalf.
IvNcIuH..-We learn from the C0dd4
Gazette of the 22nd that a man travelling
under tihe name of Daris, and other aliases,
who some time since kid-napped negroes
from Mr. Howell and Dr. Culbertsn of
that Parish and sold tlhep ,i New Or
loans, was found hairging.-p a tree in the1
suburbs of Shreveport on the morningl of
t6et It twan evident that he had not
comitted suicide as his hIands and feet
were tied. Served him ript.
TiE Mmrssstpe Elt,.c~ro..-h'he fAtlemost I
eoDeoir.k1 t.andidite ,n, the State ticket,
lads the )highest'tppoiton by 25,105
voWts. Tutft vote 44,84, TheL Senate
stands T'1 DeiocratS to 4 Oppositon; the
lHouseo is divided in much the same pro.
portion. In the' First, Third and Fifth
oongreusienad Ditriets no Opposition can
i:d~i wete supported. In the lsecond
• tio vote was less than onet
 entire vote of tihe Distriet.
In . . Wm. Sipgleton recdved
Sinth' 3,8,f6 votes. The
It is pleasing to us to be able to assure
Lur Democratic friends in distant parishes
that the Democricy of Rapides are awake ct
to their political duty. The same zeal which re
they have shown in rescuing the control J(
of the State from hands reeking with of
the smoke of the " wigwam " they employ w
now to keep it from the hands of dandy fo
politicians, pseudo Demoerats, venal job- w
hers in poHitical shams and mercenary of
Yet, while we congratulate them upon el
their unity of purpose and their unselish S
assiduity, we cannot let the occasion pass a
. without once more warning them that P'
they are dealing with a foe both subtle to
and vigilant. The present Opposition m
have inherited all the astuteness of their ti
ancient Whig leaders and all the unscru
pnlous tactics of the midnight conclaves, d(
lanters and blue-books of their immediate d(
predecssors the Buntlinites; bugey are sl
not encumbered either with the 'espect- a
ability" of the former or the platforms of d'
the latter. Former parties opposed to fe
Democracy had purposes, plans and tenets sr
-such as they were;-our pr~sent adver- di
saries aim only at the acquisition of pow- w
er, office and plunder. But we need not ti'
deceive ourselves with the belief that ea
these motives are insufficient to produce P'
a temporary cohesion and concert of ac- hi
tion among them and to sustain the spas- th
modic activity,-which they now exhibit a
uintil the 'ith of November.
It is proper, too, that we should inform to
our readers that the tone of the Opposi- P'
Lion papers throughout the State has ma- n(
terially changed within the past two in
weeks. For the apathy and even disfavor i
with which they at first received the s
" suggestion " of Summers and his little w
nominating committee, we now notice a o
pretty general endorsement of the incom- f
plete State ticket. Partly out of compli- ho
ment to the gentlemen who occupy places na
in their list of candidates, but much more
for the purpose of diverting attention from t(
the ignoble scramble of the city K. N.'s P'
for lucrative offices, the Crescent, which ai
has fattened on the city printing for years, tl
now utters its rallying notes with vigor
and apparent sincerity. The signal has ti
been caught up and industriously echoed u
by the country papers. WVe may rest as
sured that our opponents will, from this cl
time till the election, spare neither money S
nor labor. Shunning open debate, ttleir tl
watchful bustling candidaV,'!ie con
stantly traversing the road lanes and 4'
by-ways of the country, fn, the ears of d
voters with new and l sland' rs. against i'
Democracy, practising upon the prejudices u
of their late associates, infiamink the per- ti
sonal and neighborhood diAsensions C
among Democrats, exaggeratiqg the P
merits of disappointed aspirants, stealthi- C
ly maligning the characters and motives U
of prominent statesmen, peddling out the 14
calamnious speeches of renegades by C
thousands, varying their appeals accord- h
ing to the disposition of the voters to C
whom they apply for support, everywhere
harping upon independence and nowlhere '
announcing or advocating any distinct
party purposes, principles or plans of
their own.
Against these insidious tactics Demo- 8
crate oppose open discussion (everywhere t
freely tendered but nowhere accepted) 1
and honest appeals to the reason and good
sense of the people. Let us., heed these
Sappeals and act upon them wili becoming
energy. Let us remember the honored
principles of De ocracy and ca~Mlly
maintain the party organization by which
alone they can be carried out in legisla
tion and the execution of the laws. Let
us iraintain our party discipline and ad
minister a signal rebuke to those who set
it at defiance. Let.s pile up sach ama
jority. for all our regular Democratic nomi
netes as to convinde disorganizers that
Sthey cannot trifle with Democratic usages
Swith impunity. Only eleven days of the
I campaign are left us; let us deserve. "hce
Svictory which awaits us by action-
- prompt, vigilant, sleepless, earnest AcrTIom
D~Tri oF Ta Itox. JoHn Y. MJason.-The
.American Minister to France the Ilox.
[Jonx Y. MAsox, died suddenly of an at
[.tack of appoplexy on the 80th ult. at his
Sresidence in Paris. Mr. Mason was a nas
Stire of Virginia but received his collegi
ate (Idu ation at the Unmiveity of Northl
'Carolina. ite was a Judge of the District
Ce ourt of Virginia, six years a Represen
f tativ, in Congress, Secretary of tihe Navy
i under Tyler, Attorney General and subse
quently Secretary of the Navy in Mr.
Polk's cabinet and was finally appointed
t.Ministcr to France by President Pierce,
twhich important station he filled with
5 great ability and occapl~d at the time !
e his death. As representative ,f the gov
, ernment of the American Republic Mr.
SMason acquired the esteem of all Ameri
h can travelers, of the officials with whom
. he met and of the residents of Paris. He
4 was held in peculiar estimation by the
e Eimperor with whom he passed many amui
t. cable hotifs. The prudence and sagacity
id which th aiffortnly employed in the dim
lo charge of his vwiois and often delicate
2. diplomatic douties rendered hitgpnle of the
Rlwaorthieetiand most effi~ng representa-'
tives e'rersent abroad by our government.
The American of the 22nd has a two
column article which professes to be a
review of the political life of the Hon.
John Slidell. It is evidently from the pen th
of a practised writer of no mean ability in
who has either a very retentive memory he
for political scandal or who has preserved tio
with miserly solicitude files of the vilest
of the opposition or pseudo-democratic it
journals of the past twenty years. The
enmity of the writer against our senior
Senator seems to be something more than
a personal hatred, since nothing short of L(
political hostility could have induced him cc
to gather and preserve scandal with so
much care and to prepare it for republica- fli
tion with so much labor. Tale-writers
have sometimes described a bearded, aged, $
deformed and toothless hag, living iusome
desert cave, lathering from fens and af
sloughs and pfisou vaults and graveyards to
a thousand filthy and loathsome ingre- to
dients-rotten bones, the reptiles that be
feed on corpses, warty toads, venomous do
snakes, poisonous roots, deadly fungi--to dc
distil, amidst .the mumbled charms of B
witchcraft, into a poison for the destruc- fu
tion of one who was her enemy in her
early days. Those who labor to rob a th
public man of his reputation, to blacken tli
his character and to render him odious in nc
the eyes of his countryi~8en, seem to be
actuated by a malice equally inhuman.
We are willing at all times to concede
to our opponents the widest latitude of a
political discussion consistent with fair. 0
ness and decency. We have beentaught hi
in various ways that candidates and the vw
incumbents of elective offices exposeithem- of
selves to attacks with every weapon p(
which interest, partizan zeal and the spirit w
of party strife can suggest to the watch. ai
fula minds of political journalists. We N
have known and honored those who would ce
not stoop to dabble in the ppl of scandal di
for the little transient aid it auight render an
to their cause; we have known and des- ki
pised their opposites whoso chief weapons C
are the venom of personal malice and
the poison of cunningly prepared slander.
The introduction of this discussion of
the merits and demerits of Mr. Slidell was
unfair, -uncalled for and reprehensible.
When the legislature in joint-Session
comes to fill the vacancy in the United
States Senate which will be caused by
thle expiration of Mr. Slidell's present
term, the members of that body may right
~:i£ l canvass all the claims of all candi
dates, consider their fitness or unfitness
in every aspect whether intellectual or
moral, and enter into the examination of
their political record at any length they
choose. That issue is not now before the
people of Louisiana. Hence all Demo
crats and not a few of our opponents look
upon the allusion to "Slidellism," in the
lett;erof acceptance wlfich the opposition
candoliate for Governor substituted for
his previous letter of declination, as in ex
ceedingly bad taste. It is usal in such
letters to announce the principles to
which the candidate holds,: ither in his
Sown language or by reference to the de
clared platform of his party. For a:can
didate to enter the field solely on the ba
sis of opposition to a single individual is
the most singular anomaly in political
history. The issue is bot whether Sena
tor Slidell is a worthier, abler or more
honorable man than the chief candidate
of the Opposition; it is not whether h6s
or is not worthy of a seat in the 4nii
States Senate; it is not whether his per
Ssonal character is ficree from stain or his
political record devoid Qf tarnish. If ll1
were true that is alleged against.Mr. $i
Sdell by the meanest and most malicious 1
t of his personal foes, it would .not'pirove
that it is not the duty of his fellow citi
zens to support the Democratic ticket.
The Democrats of Louisiana, asesim~led
in a full conventitn, ecuunciated thb prin
Sciples by which -a a partywe a e, our
Sopponents may with propriety ur~e; a
gainst our platfogm all qhe,.gpmento:wt
their command. -The ~re slirIy selected
and deliberate body, after due canvass
ing of rival candidates, and in strict adhe
sion to cherished Democratic nusages, chose
a list of nominees for the various state
s offices; if our opponents, without invading
the sanctity of private life or indulgence
in irrelevant personalities, choose to dis
:h cuss their capabilities either in the ab
sttract dr in comparison with those of their
Sown candidates, they may do so, it seems
to us, with equal propriety. But woeear
'. neatly protest against their shifting the
. field of contest to a discuesion of the char
Id actr and precedents of a single promi
nent Democratic statesman who is not a
th candidate before the people. I
~- Democrats will not allow themselves to
- be led astray by false issues. The ques.
r. tion for them to decide is whether thei
ri- 1 laws of the State shall be made and exe.
n cuted by Democrats and according to
le Democratic principles, or shall legislation
he and the execution of tje laws be ·entrust
,i- ed to those who hate Democracy and whot
ty have no-political principles at all ? This
is- is the issue which the Opposition are a
to fraid to meet,--hence their cunning and
bo assiduous attempt to change tlhe themes
ta- of discussion to the events of a past gen
nt. oration and to the dilly slanders gone:atcd
in mcost forgotten contests to aid the the
schemes and promote the success of ri ni
val4 nf
The awkw'd attempt of the Amrcricai in
to connect the Democratic State nominees the
with Mr.' Slidell and to make it appear the
that Mr. Moore, especially, was nominated W
in order to further the advancement of our me
honored senior Senator, is an apt illustra- vit
tion of the miserable shifts men resort to of
when engaged in a cause as hopeless as it 1
it is unworthy. This puerile and petu- no
lant effort to libel the characters of the It
delegates who composed the most res- we
pcetable convention ever assembled in N<
Louisiana is reduced below the level of no
contempt by the envious allusion to the the
wealth of Mr. Moore and the vindictive of
fling at the sect and religion of Mr. Ilyams. ecl
Having briefly analysed the motive, thi
spirit and purpose of this elaborate at- bh
tack upon Senator Slidell, we may here- So
after examine its specific charges in de. in
tail and at our leisure. From beginning tal
to end it is a tissue of false charges which Nc
have been refuted a thousand times by "i
documentary, personal and judicial evi- an
dente "strong as proofs of holy writ. en
But to republish those documentes hew at he
full length would so fill ourt columns ~o the
preclude a discussion of the real isstes of De
the canvass; we decline thus to fall into on
the snare laid for us by our tricky oppo- fu;
nents. air
We present below a fac simile, as nearly th
as we can imitate it with our type, of the St
Opposition ticket which has been printed w,
by thousands and probably sent to the th
various precincts ready for use on the 4th cli
of Noverdber. By this Democrats will fu
perceive that :our announcement, made ca
weeks ago, that Messrs. Gray and Shelton th
are the regular- candidates of the Know- th
Nothings, is proved true. If this is not ov
enough to convince Democrats of their on
duty to vote the entire and regularly co
nominated Democratic ticket we do not vs
know what is : D
.V. W. BLAKE. nE
R. H. CUNY. i
-Independetit Parish Ticket.
Wx. L. GRAY. h
s+ Wx; . A. S.TEWART. a
They (the D~mtocrats) find that they can't scare
honest people-any longer with the shout of Seward
--hey findthat all questions upon which agitation
bcould be produced are dead, or is dying. They
find the North is willing to let us alone with sela- f
.s vfry.hathe States where it exists, and to acquiesce
"i4r.C jufa tion of the fugitive slave law.
I ~+1hg to let us alone,"indeed I Turn I
ad thb telegraphic outlines of thei
oible abolition tragedy enacted last 4
Sweek at Ilarper's Ferry and tell us wheth
der that is the sort of "letting alone" on
Swhich the Southern people are called to
Scongratulate one another ? Are we to be
Stold that agitation is dead or dying when
Sthe murderous tools of iorthern abolition
Sists invade Southern Trritories by hun
Sdreds? While Browh and+ his bloody
Sgang are carrying out the satanic plots
- of the Black Republicans-while slaugh
r ter, rapiue'and insurrection on a gigantic
Sscale are planned, begun and almost car
- ried into execution--while a sister South
0 ern State echoes to the hurried march of
- citizen troops rallying to repel "northern
i- invasion and to preserve their homes and
afiresides froPl the handseof the cut-throat
I agents of New England emancipation so
t cietics--while the smoke still rises from
Sthe ruins of plundered southern dwellings,
I while the pale and trembling women 'and
Schildren 'jVrginipcling to fathers- and
to brothers for protection from abolition ban.
n dits or the runaway negroes whour they
t have cajoled or forced into their service-
Ic, we are told that the North.- is "willing to
is let us alone 1 "
a- Nor can we wonder less at the sadly
nd pueriie ignorance or the stupendous hiupu
ic uencec displayed in the assertion thint the
n- North is willing " to acquiesce it theliex
d i ecutio , of the fugitive slave law.."' Since
the passage of that lasw thati Rck olu* `0and
nies of the Canadas have increased in Kn
numbers with redoubled rapidity. With- cur
in five months from the day it received tioi
the President's. signature more than ten the
thousand negroes took sheltcr in Canada era
West where they have since increased to exi
more than forty thousaind. The law was 'J
vigorously opposed by a great majority 14t
of the Northern members of Congress and def
it has been incessantly and violently de- Re]
nounced by them ever since its passage. abc
It was and continues to be theme of vol
weekly denunciation from thousands of of J
Northern pulpits. Its repeal was an ais en(
now the leading feature in the platform of fra
the Black Republicans who rule twelve vol
of the Northern States, To aid in its ex- tio
ecution is made felony by a recent act of ter
the Massachusetts Legislature, punisha- the
ble by confinement in the penitentiary. wh
So is it in Michigan and so will it soon be Fri
in other Northern. States. The arch agi- arc
tator who leads the vafndal hordes of Th
Northern Free-Sellers has proclaimeC an an
"irrepressible co ofiict "between the North wt
and slavery. There are millione of North- voye
ern people who have no scruples about ten
helping fugitive slaves in their flight 0from li
their masters. Qtide of the Northern ith
Democratic party there cannot be found Nc
one man in a bndred- who defends the del
fugitive slave a ' and who is willing to
aid in putting it into execution. The can- vi
didate of the Black Republicans for Gov- co,
ernor of Ohio in the late canvass declared sy1
that he would resist' its execution in that rec
State at the point of the bayonet, yet he ha
was elected by a majority of twenty ev,
thousand votes over a Democrat who de- If
clared his readiness to execute it faith- sol
fully and who defended it as right and Pe
constitutional. Such are the obstacles gri
thrown by the people andt the officials of cir
the non-slavehobldtng States in the way of nel
owners in pi sp~it of their slaves, that not nei
one in twenty is taken and-tie average an
cost of the recovery is 4-hre times the, me
value of such as are ptureiNorthern arc
Democrats adhere to constitttional obli
gations and are faithful to .tB telrms of
the federal compact; but this adhesion
and fidelity subject them to the perlecu- A
tion of a tyrannical majority. .-
We recommend the author of the.ia
sage which we quote above;, before e 1b
again asserts the willingness of the):orth
"to acquiesce in the execution 'of the T:
fugitive slave law," to read some-of the o
newspapers. me
A Stupid Libel. M
In the course of the American's long
winded libel on Senator Slidell hlie is
charged with aiding in and directing it
frauds committed at the October :eeaction
in Pennsylvania in 1856. It was tht- -
believed thtt, the- defeat ofthe Democrats
in that State eeietlon would involve'their W
defeat in the Presidential election which
was to take place three weeks later.
Defeat in Pennsylvania was thought to iu
volve the defeat of Buchanan, the election li
of Fremont and the consequent disruption
of the Unioq end the wreck of al ouirea
tional beopet hence Pernsylvania be
came thebattle-ground where British and
New England influence combined with
local fanaticism against thepatriotism of
her devoted Demnocratic sons aided by the
eloquence of the ablest and best men fro
other States.and especially froritie South.
Never was there a cause more wor~y of
patriot orators; never was aseistance'frozn
abroad more timely or more *weldme. i
T1e Know Nothings and Black Ieljabli-"
cns of Pennsylvania had united upop.one
SStht ticket--Sam and Samnbo standing
" shoulder to shoulder" in the dishonor- t
able warfare upon Democracy. "
d The corrupting gold of foreign and
Snorthern fanatics and the contributions
. from the K. N. wigwams North and South,
e were employed against the Democratic a
party by hundreds of thousands of dol
n lars. Black Republican emtisariel hasnd 5
e and-glove with Southern mi~estiStB- I
it ersed Pennsylvepitin ro6ae.i:f I
h- free-soi$1ocumntie And Ki ing
n speech were scattered all orvei te State.
o ft was indeed a fit time to welicome Dem
e ocratic aid from abroad. It was time-for
n the eloquent and lion-hearted candidate
a- for the Vice-presidency to raise his potent
a- voice in the Quaker City, along the val
y leys of the'uosquehana and among the
t western Alleghanies. It was time for the
6- patriots of New York to combine with;
ic those of the West and South and stimu
r- late their bredthren of the Key Stone State
h- to their atmost exertions. It was time
of for John Slidell. a " Louisiana Senator,"
urn ut a Democrat who loved his country and
ad duljy valued the Union whose destruction
at was the and there put in imminent dan
it ger; to render all the aid in his power.
m We have r6ason to believe that by hi*
s, counsel and the inOnence of his example
ud he did render moet valuable aid to the
Id Democratsof Pennsylvanip. We believe
in- that he was among the first to send out
ey to Democratic Southern statesmen the
Swarning that hurried them to the rescue.
to We believe that he not only rendered his
own aid in every hornorable ard legitimate
Iy way and to a large extent, but that he
p- was the most efficient of all lr pdersuading
he others to do likewise. For thus assisting
ex- to defeat the tuinidus of Seward and the
,mc fanatical followers of Fremont in strict
rand lose allianice with the rPe nusy
Know Nothings, for thus helping to se-"
cure a Democratic ti1ph and the saisa.
tion of our Federal Union, he dl ernes
the gratitude and approbation of Demn
crats and of all who cherish our natioial
The ever memorable ueletton of `Ocit.
14th 1856 in lensylvania resulted in the
defeat of the combined forces of the Black
Republicans and Know -Nothings -by
about eleven thousand majority. A large
vote was polled and in. some of the wards
of Philadelphia the increase seemed to be
enormous. .There were indications .of
fraudulent voting but an analysis of the
vote, showing an abnormal and dispropQr
tionate increase of Bluak RepuL!ican w-v
ters in some of the wards, indicated ,that
the fraud was committedb y our opponents
who were the first to raise the cry of:
Fraud I Fraud I I. just as fugitive. ulprit:
are in the habit of shouting "s top theiff P
The matter was judicially investi ai {:
and the result ofthe examnination proved'
whatl had been inferred. Many illegal
votes bad been polled more tan t+e
tentis of them wocre proed to lie Black Repa
lican and Know Noking rotese' Jvas proved
that the Opposition bribery fund firn
New England had been scattered in Phill.,
delphia by the bushel.
The assersion that Mr. Slidell either ad,
vised or 'aided in or eiiconraged any
counter fraud by the Denocrats of Peno
sylvania is an absolote, unmitigated,
reckless and malicious falsehood. There
has no circumstance transpired that could
even give color to this- wicked slander.
If from the fact, that in the time of their
sorest need he stood by the Vemocrats if
Pennsylvania along with the best and
greatest Northern and Southern Demor
cratic Champions of the: -day, our oppo
nents, who were then straining every
nerve to divert Southern votes from Bucli ' tl
anan to' Filmore and thereby aiding Free
mont, can derive any consolation, they
are altogether welcome to do it, :
A Correetioun.
=A communication appcars in the last
& ritcai iver the signature of "AA l,ir
.,.1. t R4aIDES," in which the
Shad'the pleiaure of being jresent at a barbecue
at- Rawhide on the 1tth inst., where I saw a spee- I
tacle I was ot prepared to witness-that is, Lewis
Texada mouted on a stump, advocating clique De
mocracy by the most absurd asertions I ever heard
escape the lips of a southern politiCian that .erery
man who did not support the regular nomieces of .
the Democratic partywas an Abolitionist aiding and
assisting the Abolition party.
Upon authority,iwhich is unquestiona
ble we state that tb$issertion efthe pete
lant- asnynioias :~ ler is as untree 'aa.
it is absurd., N & .in his speech Ht
thei lth nor in a~pn r speech hss he
said anything likeB at: ie eis charged
with saying .,~nor anything whhic c~izf
seem like it to -the i.ost 6btu., uder
standing. the monsttupid wttis art m
Rapides wo ~tik~piput sbac oa trcti
ly by way of nep-oving thed ienter; Ai:
faleity is too iso to re"a.tir contral I'
tion or to-·ije Mr. Texads
We give a portion of it t.ctgraphic aiccent
tbhe Harper's Ferry 1otM dsp atcehed to the Pi64
ayn t. 1-A foqnldable riot hbroke
out last eyin. gaisatrpsrer's Ferry. I
The UnISS4 btttus Arse n ws saeized and atllel
Srslrbad tritri~~ ~Stidmwest were stoppeed by tl
imob ' '' -:'
The rsenltmt a in the possession of 000 or
7 00 mn, 4 piO*tlion of whom are negroes.
It was flrs illeged to' be an 'Abolition move
ment, but it is now supposed to have been iitailg-t
- ted and'orgjnised by employees on the (overn-.
meot doatoethat place, in consequence of their
having beenmel.e ated out of a portion ot.thr,.:
wa irgee irecently, by an abseondhi contractor, aid
Sthat they ha e taken this method of getting at, tie
funds in the Goternment pay house . i.
1, The Presidedt bas ordered United States miioc
C and troops tZow. Washington toPproEed thal'a
and force aps psa as th1 ,rai'oaud b""i+df .;
' all hazards. The (overatW of Virginia has sadl .
d sent troops from Richmondhttd.. - :
BairzMo,, Oct. 19.-The insurge ns iat Hae 's:
SFerry enteredt tat towil 50 tpokesessiou 'di
uf u. on Sukmhayii.gt he bere nmiior
the pe"rsnal m nuofmapt: wfriw'hilisell;' b
tion, andthe . sepal as I in no dthion o
+ Imnimdiately after the .incurioim be~bme kOl ,.i'a
Smeiengers were despatcheOdta very dimectirpy +
aasistance,.which in all casesO wa promptI, ltCZe
nt dered.
Before daylight ithe nert moiing U. 1. ti.ddi
from Washington, and a number volhiteer c0.-U.
ic panies from the surrounding country, were4 on 1118
e spoDuri the night however, the insaurgeli
th steoungl intrenched tliemselvess a$i d:bOcii
U-' the AreenalpinevertHtlekh, no sooneor~4hr,*
arrived than preparations tegan4ob rode ort
Sattack, which was made about 8 o'clocJ onu
r, Report of an Eye-Wit'aeA; 4
-d The.followingthe partuoars he. whobt -
'aiar~ as detailed by the editor at
ewhich the rioters have fortified heiapselysve a
Sdiersp are posted aloarund the grounds 0,:
-eveisena to prevent .mn ai: , he .;r . .
outlaws to escapt. . i.
wto "The riotectlv die h forinoei-ul "$,esq )5
ut todyr, as prisofler'1 ReeY si, ItvIpss." jtsl
asghtsman, lenjmin, Millsa Maester, Jorsi.'
l,,a r -eld, -a-ma.t-r f tle atary, Cl
De. Lewis.,
bis "A negro, namend Lewis Leary, who be ,
died, cotessed that the plot r conco(,t .
ate Brown, at a fair re)ld jn toii, iwB meathe
he "The rloters have sent mm Uuigy' &rtiC,
h 1 zeus they captured."
he Later . -Stormitg thi At'Cl i
[ "m __ . : ... +  ':~

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