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T 1E ER 1'8
Tru DEMOCRAT is published weekly, at
rivea DOLLARS pet annum, THREE for six
4months, payable'iu advance. No subscrip
fion taken foPr a less period than six
AnvsasrRtsuaBrs inserted at the rate of
$1 50 PER SQUARE for the first insertion and
15 Crrs for each subsequent one. Eight
lines or less, constitute a square. The fol
lowing are our rates to yearly advertisers:
:One column......... ......... $300 00
Hatf column................... 175 00
Third of column .............. 130 00
Fourth of column ............. 100 00
(ards, (occupying space of eight
lines, or less,) .............. 20 00
: Obituary notices, marriages, public meet
ngs, cards of thanks, etc., to be paid for as
Personal cards, when admissible, charged
double the usual advertisements.
Execution of the Murderer Le
maire in France-Exciting Scene,
[Paris Cor. of London Times, March 10.]
Lemaire has been guillotined. It will be
'remiembered that he had deliberately mur
Sird a woman whom his father was about
1to marry. I~ coiic he not only pleaded
ltuilty, but gloried in his crime. _9a stated
that his " plan " was to murder his ruit."
step-mother and her family, and then to
kill his father; afterward he meant to rob
the house, and faire la noce-a slang
PrEnch phrahe, the only equivalent for
.;,,w"ich is to " have some fan" with the
money, and then surrender. He told the
court that a life of hard work would not
suit him, and.he made a speech to the jury,
-pointing out that his was not a case for
setenuatin<g circumstance, and told the
court that his judges would have a great
deal to answe* for if they did notnsentence
.him to death. The jury for a wonder,
brought in'a verdict of guilty, without ex
tenuating circumstances, and sentence of
death was duly recorded against him.- He
refused to appeal to the Court of Cessa
tion, and stubbornly declined to be in any
way a party to the efforts of his counsel to
obtain a commutation of punishment from
the Emperor's mercy. His advocate, how
iver, used his utmost endeavors to save
the life of this precocious murderer; but
the report of the medical men who examin
-ed him was conclusive as to the absence of
and indication of any thing like insanity,
ind it was determined to let the law take
Its course.
.. For several days past the Place de la
Squette, where executions now take
lace. had been thronged by that motley 1
er6wd which the guillotine always brings
-tegether. Night after nighit, in spite of
the sleet and snow and frost, thousands
d roet in the narrow dismal street tlihat
eitds to the dingy little square. The per- i
I, verance of these amateurs of the guillo- 1
S:tine was: rewarded-the sinister-louking
machine was being put up by tor~blight.
Pyresently. a large body of troops and police
. were marched up and cleared the garrow
I-qare, sothat the. crowd, driven into the
i-ak streets, tvas after all cheated of its
%tftet-to see the fall of the knife. But
s:.ome dilletanti, who occupied the windows 1
s'of neighboring wine shops, had a full view
if the ghastly scene. 'As day was break- t
hein, about half-past five, the executioner
td his staff made their appearance on the
Platform, and immediately proceeded to -
.-pe that the machinery was iu good work- (
!hgorder, by twice letting the knife fail.
I ewlhile his attendants brought up a
umber of pails of water and a number of
'undles of straw, which they proceeded to I
flae a httle of under and around the fatal I
-tinchine. A little later a black, one horse
Tfling wagon was driven up. While this
trab going oa the;crowd in the street were
att pung or fighting, but quietly singing, I
SLafeuicme a barbe," ". FEdlait pas qu'il
i aille," and other ditties on the same char
Lrm einaire was roused from his sleep
Set-bout half-past five, and was told that
'th:e time had come. lie braved -it out to d
Ie la~t-he quietly remarked that he bad
'been waiting'long enough.
lie underwent the lital toilet, i. e., the
harinc of the hair at the back of the
biead and the cutting off of the collar of
u. shirt, without wincing. Before his
iums were pinioned be was asked whether
Re would like to take any thing. He said
k shbould like to smoke a pipe to the end, 1
aid he ascended the scaffold, quietly pufilna
Way at a short black clay pipe. On the
toaffold the executioner took it out of his
mouth, and refioved a blouse which was
rown over his shoulders. lie looked
aonnd unconcernedly. The attendants
en bound him to the plank. 'IThe eye
Witness, who supplies me with these partic
lars, felt unable to look on any longer-he
urned his head nside, heard a heavy thud,
Ltd when he ventured to look up si w the 1
4lecntioner'B assistants dashing great
ickets fulls of water over the platform.
he evening papers state that he copsent
to confess his iins to thiieh .prisoe chap
jn! to reojis e the lastsacraments, but
hing in his attitudeshowed penitepc.e
the crime he had committed.
.isoux--Of Mr'. Bingham, of Ohio,
tWashington correspondent of the Bos
.Traveler says: "Mr. Bingham is al
es-marked. a man in appearance, in
7+t, as Gen. Bautler bimself--o( middle
-,4hia and, spare, with a finely shaped
long hair, and of that peculiar gray
sandy hair acquires .in-age, a. high
ad forehead, clear gray or blue eyes
with the long, aquiline nose, give
lan an irresistible resemblance to a
iaid an expression full ofi pan, half
ly, on the tinely chiseled line and
.'TIhis mart etidently, suffes-i -the -
.ad Slidld hlir the session wioder- d
tlessly about the chamber, up and Oz
lthe aiea iii fron'T of thie speir:J "
i>teely pausing to spieak to any oned
ahrely leaving the room, as. only a
-and sick men dir. lie is all alive, "
_ , to whitever is going -n about
Concerning the Raising of the Bronze
r Statue to Chief Justice Marshall.
= We are glad to see you, John Marshall, my
at So fresh from the chisel of Rogers_
ix Go, take your stand on the Monument
'P Along with the other old codgers:
is With Washington, Jefferson, Henry and
Who sinned with a great transgression,
of In their old-fashioned notions of Freedom
ad and Right,
ht And their hatred of wrong and oppres
l- You come rather late to your piedestal,
00 For sooner you should have been here;
O For the volume you hold is no longer the
DO And this is no longer Virginia.
DO The old Marshall-law you expounded of
Is now not at all to the purpose;
DO And the martial-law of the new Brigadier
)t- Is stronger than habeas corput.
So keep you the volume shut with care,
For the days of the law are vdyer;
And it needs all your brass to be holding
it there,
With "Justice" inscribed on the cover.
a Could life awaken the limb of bronze
And blaze in the burnished eye,
" What would ye do with your moment of
B. life,
Ye men of the days gondby ?
Would Jefferson tear up.the scrollhe holds.
That time has proven a lie ?
)e And Marshall shut the volume of law,
r- And lay it down with a sigh ?
d Would Mason rol up the Bill of Rights.
From a nation unworthy to scan it I
o And Henry dash down the eloquent sword,
o And ea;;g it agai.st the granite?
b Anil Washington, seated in.massystrcngth
g On the charger that paws the air,
r Could he see his sos in their deep dis
e grace,
t 'Would he ride so proudly there
r, He would get himn down from his big brass
ir horse,
C And cover his face at our shame;
For the land of his birtn is now "District
Oue "
. Virginia was once the name!
e It The Vicksburg Herald of the 20th
- ult., in an article headed, "Let every
Y man resolve to vote," makes the fol
n lowing pertinent remarks:
Now that Radical rule is inevitable,
e and the indications being that the more
t fiercely resisted by the South, the more
f violent, the more virulent, and the
stronger, and the more immovablelthat
a rule will become, the absorbing ques
tion is, what shall the South do effec
e tually to mitigate that rule, and, if
possible, to remove its harshnesss as t
soon as possible I How much we can
bear, how long we can endure the con- c
tinuous turmoil and agitation which a
must seriously militate against the ma- b
terial and essential prosperity of the
South, we cannot tell.
To us, the duty to submit quietly to 1
what we cannot help, however hard, is
plain. The only question ofdificulty a
in the matter is this: Shall all of those a
who do not approye the reconstruction te
act lie still and do nothing, and allow
those who do approve of i%, white and
black, to form a new State Constitution
--or shall all who are permitted 'by j
SCongress to take part in the Congres
sional reconstruction bear their share
in that important matter ? The lights b
before us seem plainly to indicate the
policy that all should participate. P
t A Now Jersey lobbyist has been -
fined and imprisoned for too pertina
ciously pursuing his calling.
7i Large numbers of Ftrnch Cana
dians continue to leave for the States. r
Mires Rosenthal, Treasurer, in Ac
count with Corporation of Alex
1867. Dr. -
March 31. To Cash on hand.......$643 84 1
To Cash for Wharfage li
from March ;1, 1867, to at
March 31, '67, inclusive 150 00 pi
.. Fines Collected........ t-2 00 a
S Licenses................ 275 00 ti
S Rent of Manuel..-....... 4i 50
.. Cash of O'Shea........ 400) 00 hi
-- of
S $1531 34 cl
1867. dr. B,
March 6. Paid Warrant No~20.....2-50 00 cc
.. .. No. 21...... 40 00 cc
9. .. .. No. 22...... 8410 ye
15. .. .. No. 23.....-250 00 tu
16 .... No. 24..... 3825 ti
.. .. No.25..... 1850
23. ' .. No.21 ...,.. 80 83 TI
26. No .27.. 7 00T
30, '. .. No. 28.... 49 60
.. .. No.29'. .....150 00
.. .. Noi 0... o50 00
* .. No 31,3 .. 50 00
.. .. No. 32-..... 3 96
. .. No 3..... 31 85
2 per cent. commission on
50o .............. 22 1S t?
Cash onhand..... .....3-25 0
$1531 34 'b4
MIRES ROS ITHAL, TreaIsq rr. fo
. situated in the Parish. of Gatahoala,
about twenty-two iniles from Aiexandria.
On the'prelssacy are twvo 'good tores
'eaily for oeenupation, otn Rat Room,; one
good;-Billiard Table, apiidverything need-.
tful 'for keeping a public h)unse. Also' a
large portion of the Furniture, enough for
twKi hlge famuilies. ,'
k'or particulars apply on tihe premises.e
fle ~itf 3 .WR.1
ie Alexandria Advertisements,
EDý31TT.IST "-Y.
IS now at ALEXANDRIA, and res
at pectfully offers his services as a
id to the citizens of this place and sur.
All diseases of the .TEETI fand GUtMS
m will be attended to by the Mnost im
proved treatment.
With his complete facilities for oper
ating, he feels sure of giving general
satisfaction upon those organs so es
*, sential to COMFORT, BEAfITY, and oven
HEALTHI itself.
Those wishing his scrvices, will
lo please call as early as possible at his
of Teeth extracted without pain, if de
P. S.-For the gratifleation of those
suffering with ACHING TEETH he
would say, he uses a remedy that efec
tually destroys the nerve without pain,.
Prices =ecduced 11!
Alex., La., Apl. 10, 1867-tf.
W.ILL rent or lease to a good-tene- e
cently purchased by me from V. Gir- a
ard. Besides the Bakery there is. a a
good store and ample room for a fami- I
ly. For terms apply to me in Pitie- t
Apl. 10, 1867-3t
S -aud
06onmmiasston 1ýtlevekVt$,,
t .
Alexandria, Louisiana.
July 4, 1866, tf. it
Presk Garden Beed.
-AT-. -tl
jan 2 tf "
Dissolution of Copartnership. a,
C( F. LEWIS having purchased thb en- e,
*r v- tire interest of W. C. Harris in and t.
to the lande4 estate, Saw Mills, etc., etc.,
purchased by Harris & Lewis of W. a]
Waters on the 31st dfOctober, 1866, will
continue the lumber business on 'his own p
account. All agencies close this say. Or. 01
ders. for lumber and all. franactions must cl
be with me alonge.' C. V. LEWIS. j
Feb. 16th, I$66-3m el
S now prepared .o repair and renovate al
and to build new clatetun or repair old w
ones. He has plenty of material on hand, ai
and will do work in the country as well as sa
town, on the most reasonable and accomo
dating terms. His shop,-igin the upper w
part of the Town, immediately in the a
front of Louis Gossens' store. c
jan 17 1867 tf.
I WILL RENT my fine, brisk store, on
Front street, for one year or more. The
building is in good and complete repair
and readly for immediate occupatiou. At I
tached and to be rented with it is a good
Warehouse; oistern and all necessary yard -g
conveniencies. For terms apply to J
jan 9 '67 tf R.C. HYNSON, JR. ui
House for Rent, C
S FINrE and commodious dwelling, with Th
good outhouses and plenty yard m
room. J..LEVIN. P
March 13-1867. sO
rur--- rl- -,.~vW~ Nr~r re
TCO RENT-Rooms at the Rhorer House gi
Sfor offices or Sleeping rootns. . ci
Niew York Advertisements;__
Wonderful but True. To
M ADAME REMINGTON, the world-re-^
nowned Astrologist and Somurmbu
tiatic Clairvoyant, while in 4 clairvoyant
state, delineates the very features of the
personyou are to marry, and by the:aid of
an instrument of intense power, known as
the Psychomotrope, guarantees to produce I
a perfect and lifelike picture of the future I
husband or wife of the applicant, with date ap
of marriage, occupation, leading .traits of sti
character, &c Thisis no impostion, as to
testimonials without flnuber can assert.-- H
By stating plae of birth; age, disposition, an
color ofeyes atd hair. and encloasng fifty su
cents, and'st3amped envelope addressed to by
youmrself, you wi!l receive the picture by re- ti,
turn mail, together with desired informa- G1
tion. Ri
: iA4dres) in confidence, Madame GEB- UI
TRaEU Rm.wruoN, 2 0. OBox 297, WVest
Troy,. N. Y , .
mar 6' y ' .67 _ _
A LARGE 6,pp. CiEoadar, giving infor*
Smation of the greatest iniportance to
the youngeof both sexes. F "
It teaches how the homel ay may become
beautiful, the despised respectT,, and&the
fosuhen loved' •
No yeaoig lady or gentleman should fail be,
to send their Address, and receive a Copy inj
I,_t-1aid; byreta m mail. o- '.c
Addres P. O. Drawer, 21,
mnar 6, '7,6 Troy, N. Y. ras
-:o,nrl Ad,.rtisin g ,,rents,
%o . 8 10 S1ste St,! Tro y. N. t.
New York: dvertisements
r The World Astonished
At the Wonderful Revelations
Made by the Great Astrologist,
Madame H. A. PERRIGO0
SHE reveals secrets' no mortal ever
2 knew. She restores to happinesse
those who, from doleful events, catastro
pphes, crosses in love, loss of' relations and
friends, loss of money, &c., have become
despondent. She brings together those
I long separated, gives information concern
ing absent friends or lovers, restores lost.or
stolen property, tells you the business you
are best qualified to pursue and in what
1 you will be most successful, causes speedy
marriages and tells you the very day you
will marry, gives you the name, likeness and,
characteristics of the person. She reads
your very thoughts, and by her almost su
pernatural powers unveils the dark and hid
den mysteries of the future. From the
c tars we see.in the firmament-the malefic
e stars that overcome or predominate in the
- cohfigurationi-from the aspects and posi-.
. tionso of the planets and the fixed stars iin
the heavens at the time of birth, she`dedu
ces the future destiny of men. Fall not to
consult the greatest Astrologist ojn earth.
It costs you but a trifle, and you pmay never
again have so favorable an opportunity.
Consultation fee, with likeness and all. de
sired information, $1. - Parties livingat.a
distance can consult the Madame by mail
with equal safety and satisfaction to them
selves, as if in person. A full and explicit
chart, written out, with all inquiries answer
ed and likeness enclosed, sent by mhili on
receipt of price above mentioned. The
strictest secresy will be maintained, and
1 all correspondence returned 'or destroyed.
Referehces of the higbest order furnisl'ed
those' desiriig them. Write plai nly the
day of the month and year in which you
were born, enclosing a emalllock'of hair.
,Address Madame.H. A. PERRIGO,
P. 0.' Drawer 293,Buffalo, N.'Y
mar 6,'67 ly
WTHEN by the use of DI1. JOIN
VILLE'S ELIXIR you can bef-cred
permamently and at a trifling cost.
The astonishing success which has.at
tended this invaluable medicine for Physi
cal and Nervous Weakness, General Debil
ity and Prostration, Ldss of Muscular En
ergy, Impotency, or any of the consequen
ces of youthful indiscretion, renders it the
most valuable preparation evcr.discovered.
It will remove all nervous affections, de.
pression, excitement, incapacity to study
or business, loss. of memory, confusion,
thoughts of self-destacetion, fears of insan,
ity, &c:. It will restore the appetite, renew
the health of those who have destroyed it. 1
by sensual excess or evil practices.
Young Men, be humbngegd -no more .by I
"Quack Doctors" and iguoxant practition
era, but send without delay for the Elixir,
and be at once restored to health and hap
piness. A perfect cure is guaranteed in
every instance. Price, $16 or four bottles
to one address, $3.
One, bottle is sufficient to effect a cure in
all ordinary cases.
PILLS, for the ! speedy and permament
cure of Gonorrhea, Gleet, Urethral Di1.
chprge, Gravel,i Stricture, and all .afec
tjois odthe KidtEcys and Bladde~r. 'Cures
effeCted'in froin one tb five days. Thhy :are
prepared from vegetable extracts that are I
harmless on the system, and Iever nnuse U
ate the stomach or impregnate the
breath. No chaPge of'iliet is 'npeessary
while using then, nor does. their action in I
any manner intorfere with l.puines par
suits. Price, $1 per bbx. '
Either of the ibove mentionel.d articles
will be sent to a y address, cleply sealed~
and post-paid, by mail or express, on re
ceipt of price. iddres all orders to
Chemists, No. 285 River st., Troy, N. Y
mar 6, '67, ly
FOECED to grow upon the smootheet 1
Sface in from three to five: wieeks by
CAPILLAIRE, the mostwonderfui discov
ery in mnoderd science, acting upon the a
Beard and Hair in an almost mir;ocnlous t
manner. It has been used by the elite of
Paris and London with the most flattering
success. Names of all purchasers will'be a
regist~ted, and if entire satisfaction is not i
given in every instance, the money willbe a
cheerfully refunded. . Price by mail,.asealed
and postpaid, $1l Desdriptive circulars
and testimoniale mailed' fle. "Addressi
BIEROER, SHUTTS & Co Chemists, No c
285 River Street, Troy, N. Y., Sole agents c
for,*he United States.
mar 6, '67, ly ____
Anburn, Golden, Iklaen sad Silkei Coris,
D'1ODUCED by the use of Prof. D~U
applicatiog.~'arranted to curl the .most
straight and stubborn hair ofe ither sex in
to wavy ringlets, or heavy .massive cuiirls.
Has been .nsed by the fashionables of Paris 1
and London, with the most gratifying re. ¶1
suits. Doe i no ianiry to the hair Price '1
by nail; sealed' bid'postpaid' $1', Descrip
tivr Cirrcais Imailed free. Addraes'BER- I
GERi SHUTTS '& Co., Cbemist No. :286
River at., Troy, 1. Y., Sole agents tbr.the
United States.
mar 6b'7Iy y/
Hair Exterminator ! i
For Removing Soperions Hair, a
:T ) thle ladie sp,ecilhy,.thieinvalu~ble
--depilshat ricommesdaitself as benig
an almost indispensabl: article tor emale h
beauty, is easily applid,dptes not biha or v
injurtte thepdu, but actt &iieetly Oh the a
routo. It is.w rated&t temnoveesuperflt a
ous hair from low foreheads, or. from any fm
part of the body, completely, totall' lsrd tl
radically extirpating the same ,leathg the :
asin soft, smooth and natural. Trhis is tim he i
only art-elesnmeby the Fresal , and is the
only reaeffeettual ,d.ilagry iAiexisenace. g
Price 75 cents per rpaea e, st3 'ot- ii ,
to'any addrew;, ouireeiip of sU.d#icrr
Chemists, 2 'River St.r', Troy Y
• arS U,, }
News YZirk Advertisements.
IKnow Thy Destiny';
SM ADAE E. F.'THORNTON, the great
English Astrologist, Clairvoyant and
Psychometrician, v*ho has astonished, the
scientific Clais~'of the Old World, has now
located 'ierself at Hudson, N. Y. Madame
Thornton possesses schwonderful powers
)o f secoind:sigit, as.to enable ler to impart
-knowledge of the greatest impoertanl e to
eae single or nmarried-of either sex. .While
as n a state of trance, slie doliqeates the very
o- features of the person you 'are to siarry,
id and liythe;aid' of an instrument of intense
o power, known as the Psychoznotrope gu'-u
se antees to produce a life-like picture of the
future husband or wife of the applicditt, to
g- ether with date of marriage,, position in
Pr life, leading traits of character, .&c. This
M is no hutliung, as thousands of testimoinals
at can assert. . She will send when desred a
ly certified certificate, or written g}ia-rpttee,
iu that the picture is what it purports to he.
id 'By'enclosinmg a small lock of hair,'and' sa
is bang place of birth,. age, disposition and
colnpleoioth and enclositig fifty cents and
Sstamped envelope addretcd -to y'ourself,
you will receive the picture and desiredin.
fprmation by returnanail. All communuica
i tions sadcredly confidential. Address in
c0 ennfdenee; Madanie EF. TuonYrTox, P: 0.
1- Box 223, Boston,, N.Y.' .
i1 z1 r.6 '67 ly.
C .. risper Coma.
r Oh !she'was beautifuil and fair,
. With starry eyes and radiant hair,
'Whose curling tendrils soft, eintwined,
a Enchained the very heart and miitd
or Curitag the Sair -of either Sex into
S Wavty d G:loy .ran ets or,
Y Pifesg this article Ladies and Gentle
1. men can beautify themnselves a thou
said fold.. .It is the only, article in the
world that will .cr[stright hair and at
e the saine time give it a beutiful,'glossy
ui appearance. The Crisper-Coma not only
curls the hBir,-but iunigorates, besutifls
and cleanses it; is highly and delightfully
p perftmed,' id is the mostonomplete article
of the kind ever offered to .the Americta
public. The Crisper tom, will be sent to
any address, sealed-gad postp.id'for I1
Address all orders to'
I L. L CLARK & Co, Chemists,
.. No. 3 Wet.Faette stret,.
mnar6, 'b7, ly y. r , N. Y
s Reparator pilli
Trow away your ,fala rzes your
switehese.ypr wig
Destructive ofn eoiitfdbg, atd'nnotl.t'a:f.
. Come aged, come: yithful, comC ugly an1d
And rejoice in your do61 luxuriant' hair.
I~'OR restoring -hair npon bald heads
. (front whatever canue it may htv.'al
len out) ahd forcing a growth'of hair upon
the face, -it: has no equal. It- iillforce the
beard to grow upon the smoothest face in
from five to eight Weeks, or hiru:npop bald
heads in from two to-three months. . few
ignorant- practitioners' have' aserted that
there is nothinghthat will faorce orhoptn
the growth of the hair or beard. Their as.
sertionrs are false, as tliausandi of living
witnesses (from their own.experientce),cani
bear witness But mngy will say, how are
we to distinguish the genuine from the
spurious It certa~lny isadif6cult, as Idie
teuths-of the different Preparations adver
tised for-.the hair and heard are entirely
worthless, "and you may 'hivei already
thrown away large amounts in their .inr
chase. To oueh we would, say, try the ;re
parator Capilli; it ,will cost yoen othing
.unless it filly comes up to oatr rep~iseata
tions. If. your Drmggist does not kee it,
postp~id, together with a receipt. for, ,e
suoneny, which irlle e retuifed yon'on ai
plicatioi, provided entirt datisfietioonis
"not i .LK & Co., Chemjpts,
No.3 West lFayeite street,
mar 6:'O7.ly 5 . ..yraeuse,.N, Y
Si~ A u IlIg ilady ieftunuing tohtei
country home, after a sojourn of a eiw
months ini the City; aielsardly recognised
by her friends. Int piaie of a course, ras
tieis fitshed daice, slie -ai a soft rubhy con
plexijmof almost marbliesmtaoothllnb, and
ibeteard of twenty-three shareealy appared
but eighteen..Upmn; inquiry as ta.o the
cause of so great a change, she planly.teld
them that she used the Crpassatan ama,
and censitered it an invalupble acquisition
to any Lady's toilet. By its use any L~alyI
or Gentleman can improve their persoetal
appearance or hundred fold. It is simple
in its oombination, as Nature herself is.
sinpmpl , yet unurpaslsed in Its efticacy fi
drawi~iing' ~i rities froim, also healing,
iehat"sig dt d besktfying thi skin and
cobmpileiin. By'ites. direct action~"inlth
cutic,t draws from it; all t imarpuities,
kindly, healing the sate;, and leaying the
surface at Nature intended i should lie,
clear, soft, smooth and esattiftif. Prlne t,
sent b' Mail or Express, on' ieceit of in
order by
W. L. CLABMK & o., Chemists,
Nq, 3 West Fayette st., BYrami N.Y.
The quly American Ageens forthe ale of
the same.
mar 6, '67"'iy
Theie cometh glad tidinug, of joy to all
To yonng and to olr, tgr, eat saa4 to llq.
The beauty vhidih on o rnas so prtoiu
Is for , ad ally ba
tion innu se, ithe s ,i .ei' ffU]
p len' Blotches, litl t1c.ns,
1rt4+ies ant all laperitls of'the sin,
hiel mbeing the .and.irauvig the t,,
white and elear as salabaster. Its 'm;u tan
Snot he detected by the ,lme.iit
tand bed al fa vegatis $fe prrnratcis er.
the kind uised+"by+thte'neh, an bl is n
guarantee ofis!es aey o *RneLy.~ fIII~y
cents. Sezrt by" malt, postjo"ti- pt
of an ordsref ..B .
('Chetirit, r%5 Ill~i"S t., Tui ++ta
. :+.
Att ' t ' ey , "
Will practice 'ti 'the Courts of ;Y tree
aud adjoping Prishes.
. O..... .LOJ " , ANA 'T4.Y ATAW1
a!exandriaý, ;L iT
Ohire TFranit Riomls, 11p Stafrg, in
James W. OsbbrOn's Brick Store,
W11 Opractico .IS iprofes-lst Ithe
SWil `practice in prhofossiwhth judiida it
isriie npose of 's itpide - Nt es
1Wsinch Sab aine..
II. R~.awtoN LW ag . ; S. n..d
LmiS& U;1E
E.t rem .a.i... ' r..!w .,
W : l ilpr a otie ia.tt K...a, mii, it in i
toParishea of Natt' IOo ado Raii ,
W o rt .. 1 8  < . ... .. .
H. MO . UCK. L.,T Kr.
nov7 tr86I f
,i . , ,,
Parishea o a tWilr
At4• or~ 3aeyf -- .....
Mtrney ai d ¬O'eI'' : :" L" P
Srte ':X GI . ,-: " *. T 0 . 9 A
t nove 28, R s4.)f
C-on. o... .n 13 q, ... p . tis
L W. " L,. Q "BT. ~ WI' '%L.
1;RI. IB$ &:·;\'~ :W J3%I~IC·Y.:
~ .·r :,- $7
Eaazid~ · "
i. 14e
" i:T~
ft 7
4 t~ J
She. 1 ei " .
, heper .te,,e
tiaeor flan
,as, " - ", . av a io, "ps 3 '
oc .24 1' =; fit..
I l
a: +'. ,+ -
0]4' ^t _[. h..p. ..l . , ...
-r- Ei ,
,..· :
.... -R :++.
.... 4
• ,V,
" . '- . ....
. •
• + ,i, :: ' " :. - 'L''

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