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The Louisiana Democrat. (Alexandria, La.) 1845-1918, March 04, 1868, Image 1

Image and text provided by Louisiana State University; Baton Rouge, LA

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St c ,. r, ý,' i ti ,
r'.1', T, ? a a,+,'.,. i.,"iql~lth~f;
t7 °`" . tY k.' ý 'ý 'f ý f
U i:j ýr. .9"'r ,9- ý.
;(s t 00
t .d·'.: I);il t ~?~ ? ~1}"i # i,,,, rl; 4· t t, ,r ..·-..
j, A-.1lf~-·%..if ' _
41 ^1 " '" ,P qr jn 'f +! } 1 ý rý
- ,. .. ' i Ft . ýi , .t- '.t 1 'i : t I fý : .l , .. . .ý t., j. } y ,.ii.ý V .ý .!Ja f)ý . 1 1ý "flý di ;7'Fý: , 8.ý iJ , ý
Y x .2Vs7 t 'L
RMLý 11 1 _ _..' 'r " Rte
rY i! j "ý Sr~ .
.k IIl- i:;· ;.i · II : C? :.; r1f;F , 4 {·.
ýý ! ., f' < ý t, i ý 'i ° 'f', p7`~t. ý ! .}"1 ! . .ý
IM O t inputbisblevIheel
4,, a DIupQB;ger annum, mjas 4
':, i nqPth s, pEy&lle iiadDvane... No ,t
abeription taken for o leatperiod thin
%t SA. "- ise rted . at the
:ate of$1 t oransqiL.feo the -idet I
,infrtiod and 75 cvrrs for tash subsee
· etrt anb.'' <aitghtlinyeti Cott re8; le bg t t
~ute t'square; The following are our
toes yearly Advertisersn:
-ae.oldmn . . ... .0.... .. . 0 1
·Mli Column ... - . 1lh 00
ojoe1nW.1....0.. 0
phfof Colum .. .:..- - 00
,(ocenpyig; spapjepf eight to 00
por l s,) .. - 00. .
I-binaiy ulottiees, Mariages. Pablic
set-Ings, Cards of Thanks, etc., to be 1
-fi f;oeas advertisemeitit&
0 Personal cardsi, whn a4z ss'ie,
::+ : iti: atdlverti e, e. . 'e
to Colum ab'lS (tie.) I ndex is .eapoiE- t
lble for the following: : " . t
•e~lit friendB'.B fhriss 't the ;following
i .attalt incldent" f the late te war:
;tiftitrlhgg thet ar, 14f'edari te idd B s
atk` Songý Mi. D.4Wbho, tbrMkaf tho- lI-r
i of Men f R ai; iropht spa obtained' a d
4wge6f'B late on board a 1mited' Stats I
war vese. lthoungh neyer'havir', diie 1
.CWt r's t* , o bttlWIiono±d 'th'the
f"~5," In ýiliijfe, 1iteC pM"e it the
otsi of thV'1E* reepogsible' itidn' with i
Sdlgnlqt knbwn Only to sh"' d6fbhsioff." t
Pils had .aidea that "all an  ad'1ih`i"
ai dtJs teisd hincdnt to b pbbt ithrtal -
' tdould aid shubldibe trfc~d to thr' laws
rf t1ry desicent: Y~bt ljng alter his ,
i..naDmept, sope part of the vessel's' ma
Sft~l~e brt id'1tews fdigentbf ar I
t rte'l t leon y tbdeh :theit bddo i
ofpoor sailor, leaving ilk lnch W. _ld c
,ifra tthe fron:eie t'i . of it 1 O
Vill Dft was linfmeidlleai ulsd1 to
iae . a d , foutt.d th 0 ig. ying' on ' is r
Slinde otflhiie mostcuite agoa n
al iinig aeerfl ti utes tfheid i
he titani's plse aind eninido te
Vo Pip'lles peu dae eridyatick .
Did ya ettn t",e"on your b ad-kl
't-"Oh Loi l yes doctoi, an't1
' n61u d ot lif' on yoir fee either, es 4"
Of a tuirinrfoot. dodo r." Can't .ou p'I1
t:.his stick out and mnIako s oH6I~t 'o
;tsket Oh!"
:"Plese keep qoite a nil Higot thrI6gh
iwth tbe exllileation. You aie"comtp i
.e.d,I:. we*anre, fi, ether on onen side or
the oift!O s, u-n 3 .- ,- ' .
O;Ceilrt ! Btra t?1/so'metbing for ble
right away, if you easy . .n
"Did your faths ear eher, your grand
"Not as I knowv a, d hid Bit'ib~
4-1 take you and a1-your setI If you
*-4iA. Om i n our most eute p·h B
t tael, sy tb jLtan d oigae
..lft .9 ndiil&h o, ; trtb-i .
S; Ia' shouefWg I t swoc,'
4?qi,9thr9, pgain F'-ý sib N it: s.at
wt II e'llidnt. "'
'moth Itatiit be twmat. ew'*
: te"nodtd y , ithcoroine
et.il tppr pi hat r sec.I It
fai' lWbPlvl tb.$wue ey' qpr rtPnity tii*
sp e'trplits t in th , J "resee I
~' oap rdi ,Sa d isampeiblbpinrr )nd
Aet , pakapg4 a
moth that flutters abou a taeo#l
I into Cspid's tadd ,iom e tit a
anavignte around a bit oty goo
-dmnty litle maid
ST"he oJlon it O teihopf'of Cm're, no
meda -' It sas: , . . .{
, hepitiirk+ te| anafemtw Who arfie toet·
stiorhao pl ty O n>oelrtieiey to lii ieb ' t b r't
r v ieta aitsort'e di the to wriie º I
mo~nttyttle toytheli-E/"
.of & thle v ai nel oe t " a tit' toJU st 1
plunge tirein bendlo into a' cosn '"that 1
must end ib revoldifitb. 'Tiiwid wWto' igh'
he rtotbitIdithkordnom hopeful are now
gloomy an  dlespondet, for Jraditemes eem
to !e the , at, an. .he foly. o ,'or legj'
the eiduoan tist tp through MIei
forei aca1, iublity can`be rest i
haps t may ejbtoniow ve'e .W.
opeiking of othe defeat, q
noistigtmi44beysanie paper:observesas 'i
SThe political managers who ar trylng to
rebefstinW' the 869theta . ; is r
choci of two policies to jIrsueil$0ll of0
kibddsea and ritrai h i
no died'si tiaitii1, atiolati botbeh] ti
IT t he imnlye i tii;O yl6
,avyho lo1ok forýt anmed , ghh xoqut t- .'
res ere F) . .ie~et ;foer a bi c..- Of
"-e ol`-ibtthellisie- th e m A I"nepas , ire
m.i, ook at istoheai tod the. ,eadid:
of all the vote' east:(insteaw of alP::tlfose
Th- i.,,-. : ' 'olderaqt the:- .ied. ,
egi lsait,. ex pting thosaethat lasa to
ard'tlheRsr 9f mdderation and clemency
i. he, , ang i , -o"th " th , " " n', a;,"
a P1 Bvrtybhiog seensa to iiuatti i-cst
unnute.Iy.ereolesby ns Oreweens't
asmeaet•o. Oneh (sho#how-thbe '
baisaibIagad irbite46h i uv4b.1j
tereiotritsidedgaemeis i1) theMth
ica' alb f'nrly six fornances; i
aboutto clode up. Id8 taking lerye of this
talented bel stiti bi fadi odý f 't
bosqaeo t d lq' i Thtl i wilt it i llg
"shotfths theeaetreEf"'the 6Awcbi' 1.
not refraiA foeninpeimeithem 8ii?
theeraieltintfor burleqtthey i& i
piael i '=iThe ping's nih pa'ilaeh j
law, a conmon sense were power les
beore theirsed sll sufferedfee sev e~ bIlfe
ioagenof - od cuat n Elbony, i " eher
cal.s'bimplainly  ets outf pactis
ever he attenptsh h histriorsa -[.`
Times. . ,
[FrnFem.the, Uartford tTimea.1 :
Qw. Whete on the aip is newi Afrit  ?
A.o In North America, -., .o "os:
Q. What is the capital? A;. Wesbitirg
ton. -
. QWhere 'is the Unibel States? . I
Iorabbied t,,sir :. , . { .
.l;ho tabbpg-it oati A. Th'i ?Fltinth
CO angreu d. ; : ; si . i
+itrt OPW ~ ;hi
"l htQi ý' e at A.'il B '
, ' .t' to'tvbie'Bt5U" -tii a'la `1;F
".r4ib'iJ th'e mdsb't fAreekIge?' f
Q. How ot A. Because lie ofben" '
low Zh i~er felt
fe corn
Who bibs elJ5Ubyshonld
the eye a ir fen vss
'~b~le & kevr an individial unlucky
enoughtatebtrs eoth of any
bomfth4bl8 thbe, tg h la q
?Aadaeu.P'eThek0' lbeai l dJiatu4,hS
n Wja stidatllarnelse t Iwitl+iE bath'
di' dIerewde. 'Phe Ghlethcnvath
t view of obtaining Soutle, Sjr
'Theo asiT "Wi
baginntitb *4i)adefrhutrh lphisdlga
obistam QNUii*ansmwlg it erre siage
of 3ramejnnntBy,
,- *-l-  a ar~,~h j a( i" . fa ' .
An.,,,4,n "-l " TA wcrld.ba c .....hou .
Th . -t , P4 , ,
• ',. i¢, 0f .P: ;ýau t, " ,. , ;
` igte tco.werip the .worl ..
Andbd beside this? .oterybra,' ".;
Am allonely, leso cdld 
JI spokea reoWiifd dr t ao, roolr,
w..ý9' " ninny ' 'teott ' tou tt.: trig,
Th i wing s upi u -the aing be
Pid pattihe Seasg wi9t thein f:. a
.Ar kbhut hf peiibrner ed, e ·ea,; ,
Ran up.auid wiherdit while they:fld, ._t
Thetr fond and fooish cestaoy
A wandeiig ins iy fanyor bred.
Joyse aobhied wsith ee si rd _
Jay in their food,, aWbt id," '
ast'h s $ ,wi
S"xuriu pdig. tbe -,pr In
g4andd lc ateo~s 3 gisii Ping p of w..:r .
The lovely crowd itelw'oub4t4aea `
If mtine ai life had tieen recast,
Earth hai nOBd"Ware changed to I
i . " I ' " "r¶ M1 !
o li.ade :.the old. otk ei.lr whrBe e
.1 eping a Uittloed eathtdh sheW.
Not in you wings that-beat afar,
N sense' fe cold, foud ac1Kt-thine! e
Wihoal e lthn evrn g ýt
nat theoulteathionme du iOufoifh .
McGranie, bf 4h* OnehitaToelegiaph- him
ber uiladiouho pay histax towia dsthe
p&'dioemfi therPoletatkolding ffer-in;
Mebbiuice'fHafldw Orleasb. We dgivo
below his ay sd abostti-b, .' 1 {
8heiiff Dortdhbar undelof us an nlmea
WDa deand4or1r ,ouC aenties t le,
Wig49recoggir0 tio right, of :ny 4a
att)10 p `day we declined to aoce*t&¶ e
lth W Li7JJn l ," b '
.;Yhq reitahplayfaq id y.r'C
7Oj are sorr ihy 6 Mr enD
then paay tsou4 t 1}
om a ne3ntA wn t i t Dithi
tdhe Ait or is. o a4ihtary offi it
d 89 PW t
1I.u~~rOt~~ SH'*
cos&0 Dq ondu iL"0fecae bisfo1cYet~M
aon dd~~ddd~~dd~Ia~~or~ i~~f~aI
"1$35M ____ f~Ptl
- ,~ e~st~~~ 1 5~~~
~ 4lRY·
, . .o lfl
i t . l Ji I
-fe rd n tF i 4
m tement o mle te a" Y" t { ±
i r tt" .
.eard,$75, lOd.
ita, t didq -' ,c ý eI .k '
to"aw, y asohe ro ' RIl &"`fi ail, ,
, Gol", feIra, Newill ba  :r geto8'
These Prices are lii tha ithbWot
. 4 . p y- . - - ."
inianiedr tl a ceael dug mo.a l .
Ocean Steamers. This hdvanced pric is
oti Aeh!! l illina ý e obirfe
,ro p otr.i !at. lkM `.B te4,me the
Met SteaSned pho iw
ti 44l4 les, ;t.. >i ' ýi #. 5 s,1 t e s o
4. dieve 4di
d a l laeu it 714 n
. o b coiy epditg us re=b iber c
' t enoh
lexand i o fipý;, h qr hp i ~e~ter',.kri ;,ef i .
m -~prG ave.ag, a 7
i. i 4 i~LtS Oib 1
S JIlg,9~1u6 Urr~e~~~ .
Yt6~ ~ ~ ~ 't'~ t I ;
A~~tQ~4 ~ 1 4tflw
Will p`1 practisl; Iitt e- orts 0t 1a$4de8
T&IOM4S~iij. )tl
"I i'A 104
h nISr~ 4 '41)' 1 "it ·
* ?Q4' R#&st~~li~
,G l:F' j i it I if: rfaIajf
t¬ ISf ft x': i ,dm'r trr .
"~E1O iL
;.J 1(' ea
14 'ot e n k , n n 2 I
I ~ ' -a n*?
00Y At4fr : i
vf ltm ir]V~L·t rls 41; l 1
I-ijt it
·~it e oi~a ~·'~Fr~
Frht~t·, ,UIIr uJ[ 3srd~~- Ril
r~rt-~8ri~.f i~cti iSez itrj x
nl~~f~ru: uWhrarz~i~i~~U4~
:n~~'f~Wt PIMP'`P~Jgtif
LrE~. It -
pii~~·:~i i~~F3~lff·~s9turf
-Ag0'0 4If
ternienths..;a ada .
0*4 3
ran b ypýýe rff ]ýý}LXi^f~z~ F~
e 4J L
ij~rimi~~eA~ ~
w' Curt 3' 1, f~'~
r ' ice'
~Pp~ .·o t pb 9h*g
18 I. *
"b, ·
i~itST?~ 8I" A
4 W
G .
1:- ," " YA , .i . , l .
'i1} M We
I' ý'" 'ti'p ''ýUS -B~'PLf~I: · ~ L~T~
owi 1·
j. t.~
··· y.4

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