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WEDNESDAY.....MARCH 11, 1868. meal
8060. oeea
to0 I
This trick has again been placed on whil
probation by the Post Master. The won
mails, until further orders, will be sen' the
to the month as of old. In justice to of tt
the Institution we must record that she Am(
has made a good beginning, and it is rais
fervently hoped she may be fully recon- bles
etraucted and never play truaat again. ingt
tT The District Court adjourned of tl
sine die on Saturday night. The Civil deni
docket eha been considerably thinned obel
down. pro!
I~*e desire to call the attention of er
all Planters and others interested to bill
the advertisementof 0. Hinkley & Son, the
which will be found among our new as t
advertisements. Catain Hinekley is Jud
an old an4 oompetebt steamboatman, des
possessed f great experience and en
ergy and willt be sure to give satisfac
tion to all who patronize him. mol
Mu. General Grant is bent on gain self
ing the top notch of Radical meaness toil
a id infamy. Fe has ordered tl e res- imn
toration of Baker, the Street Commis- ape
slon of New Orleans, removed by Gen- can
eral Hancock.for malfeasance in office. rP
Baker is now under indictment by the wh'
Grand Jury for the offence, for which A'n
he was removed. the
Ir The River fell up to last Friday stn
evening aboutfive feet, came then to a tal
stand and hat been rising since Satur- Co,
day mofning, having gone up fully im
three feet.. Plenty of rain Saturdayand wh
Sunday-and even now the atmosphere the
and clouds indicate more rain. Evey get
thing bids fair to give us soon a big thr
river. ', en
l'D )is Convention" am not ad- liao
journed yet! They still hang to the di
willows and draw ten dollars a day.
tI Weare indebted to the courtesy the
of the officers of the National, B. L. am
Hodge No.2, St. Nicholas and Bart Able pa
for late papers. tall
,o"Dl' Conventton," following in
foot steps of "glorious Phil Sheridan,"
have chosen hangman and free nigger
days to vote on the adoption of their an
constitution. The grand farce if fixed the
for the 17th and 18th of April, at which Ci
thie'also State, Judicial, Parish and of
Municipal officers, Members of General
Assembly and representatives to the s
Ramp are to be chosen. th
18.Every one going to New Orleans w
will please take notice that the St.Nich
olas goes down this morning at ten P1
o'clock, and the Bart. Able on Saturday m
at I2 . cl
r."--- -- m;
ITGeorge F. Vickers, of Kent Coun- a;
ty,has been elected U. S. Senator from fo
Maryland, vice Thomas, rejected. . ad
S8end to RTSt. John's and Procure
the Genuine article.
Military Domination d
ioorrespondenee of Chicago Timees.]
Gea. nGrat has ordered a detail of sol
diers to omfciate as a body guard at his re.
ceptions. They are picked men; not quite o
up,as yet, it is true, min discipline, uniform i
and equipment, to the Cent Oardes of the
EnperorNapoleon, or even the so-called
Hiobud'ol Troops of "oar good cousin '
Vicetcr." But we are a you'g empire as t
yet, and age will necessanly bring with it j
those artistic tastee in politices, as well as
general culture, which must one day place
s la ths froat rank of nations that have
ackoowleded the imperiat prTlies
1ounger brandies or the General's family.,
Sobserve, go about the city eseorted by
amilitary equerries, 8o, youe see, we are
g raSdualUy more and more aping the style e
and taste of the old world despots. I r- t
member the time when old President Tay- I
lor used to go to the market here nd ptr
chase a miloh cow, and help the man to
drive her home, too, if she was contrary.
Now, the city is filed with crrig deo- t
rated with coat of arms,bog angenine;
with the drivers' seats evered with im
meanse hammer cloths,as yet unornamented
by the gilt coronets of the nobility;the
seats lfronat and the "diceys"behlnd oe
espied by seriants black ad white in eve
ryshade and deseription of livery. But
the latest form in which military rule pre-.
senta itself is the clans srreptitiounsl
aliprmd into the appropstion bitllby E. B.
dohbume, andwhich provies that the
pollce forde of the atol building shall be
eomposed ofofieers and soldiersm from the
rsudar army, under the command of a mUi
Itary engineer. The numiber is moderately
limited to forty,.batofeoarse the number
san at any time be increased ,efiniteiy
under the pltes of "military besity.'
Even if there were not a p in these
innovations upo repubhcan mmplldity, he'.
wlhole thignl bautte inoonsiatmut with the
genis of republican instigautions. as to be
as: t paeslg awy Mr. Washlbrnme a
a for the Pato ri nb s quelchn'
Ita time ~t oth ie that itinvolved a
asMer at idepebdeat legislatio6 |i the
pwop a iom bai. Thm t4snodoubthhcr
Wer, t it will be sgaina evived at op.
portap mOomeIt.
1I AniB PIN 'S Pectoral Balm rfar
qrAK-me-oney says the "Sag fim
peried." Sergin* Bstes thinks its chief
peril somes foum Femney. When we
earsed the "*ld lag,' the Dead Dui k
quacked out "the flag is imperiled..-[
When we give it a rous~epgeeeptioa, as at
Montgomery, Forney quacks eat the asm
oha "..
STies i as Orros Cooo.-It was the
man Staston, bow so "trooly loll," who
roaredout like a bahil of Bashan in 1861:
"Whyhunat godilsi in Africa when you
have op.p4 the }v~itqIIose -.
S ,h. St. Niecholas, baldes eew Or.
teans epapers; favoted the Demr t. with
plenty from ih. North and Weeet,
A Northern Radical paper, contrast- BALIJ
ing the differeuce between the govern
ment of Great Britain and the " best
government the world ever saw)" takes [CO
occasion to say that it took sevenyears Ni
to fnuish the trial of Warren Itastings, PhV
while the trial of Andrew Johnson citem
would probably be concluded within tear ii
the space of seven days. This state a cWi
of the case may be rather flattering to look i
American vanity, in these days of
railroads, ,elegraphs and Atlantic ca- To
bles, but recent advices from Wash- they i
ington do not seem to indicate such a days
speedy trial, conviction, and removal serve
of the President as the Radicals evi- ty of
I dently desire. There are many little the r
l obstacles ib the way of the Radical the
programme, and, as the trial progress- effect
es, doubtless <others will arise which the c
were not bargained for in the original pat
bill of proedure. In the irst place seto
'the Chief Justice is not so pliant a tool were
as the Radicals had hoped.to find him. Thu
Judge Chase has a reputation which is 51 M
dear to him, which he is not willing toheir
- tarnish for the purpose of elevating to Thea
office a parvenu rival who claims pro
motion to the honors for which he him
self has so long and so undustriously jolly
toiled. He evidently views the whole Iron
impeachment business as got up for the
special benefit of Sam Grant, and he Mr
cannot see why he should rain his own Hen
reputation for a drunken vagabond the
we ho has not sense enough to keep Utde
Andy Johnson from publishing him to UnCe
the world as a liar and an imbecile.- te
He has, therefore, intimated prtty hand
Y strongly in advance that, when .he
a takes an oath as President of the high, the
- Court of impeachment, to try the case toile
y impartially, he will keep lds oath rlbb
d whether his conduct.- shall redound to fems
re the advantage of General Grant or of t
Y general anybody else. He has already Cr
Ig thrown overbhard the rules the Senate on l
endeavored to impose upon him,. sad tion
has inspired the fiends- of the Presi- folio
dent with the: hopes that his rulings Bob
will all be on the side of law and of and
justice. The Chief Justice knows that mal
y the eyes of the world are upon him, cd
6. and that an impartial demeanor on his well
e part willbe worth more to him than bhe
fll the advantages his pirty expects to (D
derive from the persecntion of Andrew B
in Johnson. gatl
There are other evident drawbacks well
" to the Radical scheme of 'impeachment was
and removal of the President. Mack,
the intelligent correspondent of the dad
oh Cincinnatti Commercial says that four bee
ad of the seven Radical Senators who are dull
required to acquit the President, have rev,
he already been secured, and intimates hoi
that the other three can be readily ob- der
i tained. Out of the fifteen Senators thii
h- who have been repudiated by the peo- cov
en ple it would seem to be no difficult the
matter for such an experepeed politi-. pie
clan at Andy Johnson to manipulate the
matters so as to secure the desired dt
n m- nmber4 Foreign missions, judgeships mo
m for life, employment under the next api
administration (which is sure to be ju
Demoeratble) might be considered aflair di
A consideration for the votes nechaeary eC
O to secunre the acquittal of the President pcl
in the present emergency. That every slc
device will be resorted to we feel con- col
fident when we call to mind the ability so0
of the Preasident and of those who are soi
now supposed to be his principal advi- al
sers. Cl
As to the result of a failure to comn
o mil the President there cannot be two 'Pt
ite opinions. It is the last struggle of the be
rm Radleals for power. If they fail, it si
he will be the death-knell of the party.- a
i They will be held up to the ridicule of dr
as the people of allparties, andthe organ- th
It iation will sink into the most utter cli
Scontempt. Even the unlawful admis- '
isve sion of the Southern States wil not ~
The savelthem; Theresi tfin attheoNoth, '
ily which ias commenced, will gather a
S fre~ strength, and there will be an
tyle overwhelming defeat of Radicalism at
-the polls at the election in November to
If, therefore, any feel dei~spondePtt at
I the preent gloomy aspect of afirs we
. would advise them to take courage, as5
Sthe end of the Radical leae of power
-mcannot be far off9
StheW- COUGxtorH
o Br Cozsumr, ror ?osca--In the corae
But of his reporton naturalistion, Geuerist
p Bankas oemplmenis tle newGenrBan ntloo0,
which uaites many States, by the remark:
S"Sheseeks to hold them together by b
hent, notfores." It required some io ent
lery in the Genera! to state sueach a fact to -
Sthe C6egreeu. ~bor does he soften the p
i rudeness of l.the nouaeoment .by a aeom
meet wmea h iimh ediatled y ollois. .He de- i
mber elares the Germap eonstutiutoo "redolent
of the future"' and says "the Bpublic of
He near we4d'" ( "Hail Ool abiw'of
oit'a) "ulast adopt with pro8t many'o its
rh we " Hrar seb Paritsn Sadi
lthe calism stag 'that?' fad(i lahavs ed
stnd ealld da li ns ll
ican.t nd worhiltheiraatemy-o
hcatc ande44iegrartes na'ion lesre6-.
rnio.n. Bthat they soul-betaunied la
red ce en c te ti s 1 iie It, indae4.ome
othe tothis 'That ep bto earn~ w\sdom I
froma e toieatios not t'tro yeas oldt
*o Andu wfis be torsitad that. ndS irl
rise ia Congres and say st .Wei~te.
ble for !ener.al Banks. :
a for Balet ius ,nst mlitake th Mtpatilon."
The Badicalds are for holding nsby .ouqi
"oonset" All itheir bills look to tht.
Tlah. sTedotiltd onal admDinetnda l8tbe
r"eeonsro etiou ,acta? provided or one ,
"consedt." Indeed,. they consider 'eon
Ssent" so importaat that they have determ
Ieol to',fors" us to ".onsent."' dAray
w- ith yoar QGrma aloedeatiop t.i li sbut
s atin its inney, and has never learnea: this
ethe DAlflRENT eatot be too partielar in
who) J ob~eervipg Irpysymjitome that predis
61 pos their little o1est on attack o~fPoap,
wibleh is alwaysdfsttreSsiuh and nft.,ta .
recommended as the armost effeodte,: esfe
and pleasant remely' kduown. -~-le by
all Druggist..
l . Or- . ,..'
with rTliY Sr . JOHN'S )CO3GBM
z Rpeethann. ,
-MARDI GRAS &c. an im
[Correaponderes the La. Thnaccra* ] Every
New OsmLB , February 27th, 1868. out,
3iend 'Democrat;:-The din and ex- ng
citement, burly burly, doni't care a d- other
tear is over, the tumult has dwindled into
a calm and now-we will take a backward
look at e
To your readers I need not tell, what pose
they already know, that the fasts and holy
days of the Catholic Church are well ob
i served in our city, where so large a majoru- fn
ty of the population are of that faith, that
s the return of any of the days obsierved by
I the churh always produces a' marked 81
_ effect on the gppearauce and business of
on ei
the city. As Lent came nearer people be- li
1 na to talk about amusements, balls were
set on foot, and even the poorest of us d
were bent oh having somb fn. L cast
Thursday night the Dry Goods and Gener-ars
al Mercantile Clerk's Association gave
their second annual ball at the National
Theatre. ,. O. Patton, Esq., theefficient follo
Secretary, sent me a neat little card mark
ed "complimentary," and as Mac., the ýe
jolly good fellow who has charge of the and
iron safe of the society, said they were
"going to have a gay time," I borrowed lu
Mr. Ned's coat and brother Charles' bat
and pat out for the scene of action.- ie
Henry Switzer, the President, met me at
the door and took me in out ,of'the rain. The
Under his kind guidance I was at home at
once, so we-lok a smile. When we en*
tered the ball room there were about one tort
hundred couples on the floor, the music wot
was enlivening and the scene was one of have
the most charming I have ever seen. The pri
toilettes were elegant-silke, swise, laces,
dbbons and all the other auxiliaries of
female beauty- and grace, were 'employed
Sof the finest quality and in profusion. A P051
y crowd of representatives of the press were
t on band, for the gentlemen of this associa-r
tion, are famed for hospitality and good las
fellowship.. Messrs. James Lee, O, .bell
P Babcock, Henry Brandt, Charlea Brown
and other members, exrted them to
make the time pass pleasantly, and sue.
n, ceeded admirably. With my Catnival so
i well began, you will not be srprised to I W
M hear that I carried it through' in style.- the
n (Don't let this leak out.)
W Balls, parties, weddings, and social sup
gatherings have been numero~ and all ita
ks well attended. The grand jubilee was
nt was not reached, however, until of
k, x eau r ºs
he dawned upon us bright and clear. It had mU
ur been generally conceded that times were
re dull, money 'was sere and the spirit of the
ve revelry was dead. Early in the morng, ter
ee however, people began to go out and wan- rm
ib- der about to see what was going on if anypo
,rs thing. By ten o'clock Clay Statue was has
e- covered, the steps and railings loaded and (
ant the streets in the peighborhood fall of peo
til- pIe waiting to see the sights. Before long
ate the maskers began to come ouat, and until m
ed dark the scene was one of the wildest and a
ips most exciting ever witneriel here: An th
it ape 'made a great deal of astuseient,
be jumping and runninag and goinog throuagh
ir different performances. A tall negro, with
ivy stove pipe hat, long tailed coat and a car- o'
ot pet bag hang on a broom handle, came
ery along and was loadly .cheered. Here
on- comes a troup of about a dosen negroes,
ity some with bajos, otlers with bones, and
are some with arpet bgag. Th e leader had
vi. a large blank book,and when they reached
Clay Statne the leader mounted the rail- m
nm- isg, callid Steroll amid maade &a speech.- th
iwo here gees acompany of spiritam on horse
the back, devils with horns, spirits of all eolore, p
,it a UgroteieL ma dly ot'char~qter-. Jere
are several women in fancy costame, some
Sof dressed as men and playing the gllqnl for
on- the othere,- and now eomes a crowd of
ter children, romping, whooping and yelling,
Sall in mask and enjoying it hugely. Nlow '
not comes a band of negroes, with drums,
eth, bones, horns, eymbalsand banjo, making
ther all sorts of unmusical sounds. Several of
S them barveearpet bags and look as they
a t had come to stay awhile. It would take 0
too much of your valuable space to notice"
t aall of the stragge, interestilng, grotesque "
and haidiainehbit~' ters that' paraded our i
Sstreets. The actors we' continuially *
Schasnging and the fun was big all day laong. d
Towardsi evening theerowdebegan to grow n
stationary, ladiesanddchidikt looked for i
G eatse'and men for good standing place.-- b
e throug wa very treat and the ears ii"
re rrlvingvery minnte from up anddowni
meta town brought fresh additions all the time. I
toi, Tlikb·es smnething more expected, md
ark: although every one kneqr it would be hoar
boa#t- brt(i tnt poiethtDS caic, tbey 'waitiel$
So with patience, and the best of good feeling:
the prevailed. TheTy wee ainsltfigto me that
omr- tmoysUtious company, whom everybody
i of MW1Otr U 0a1v or 0ne. I
'sof "That&O ht or 'u," said a youngster
near med
ied w Imere,.whmet ,ed lam, ager
dall volaas
em- sl;ta; imm repise, the urchin, po
My ijto a portly good natured geuUlguan
p. *ho 6 pplisb g lesurely along, dnmpla
some eitly ptlcln what was going an he wasi
dom a'ibig bottlj last yeiP_ .I .
a He' seir many agood bottile, I bet"
i. said another, whereat the .awd Isaughed,
and the fjolly lookingentfi;ma peased on.
ion."Oh I J know who thy aare" said anoth
er "they r, some of thm Waidsngton
jhl ArtIllerymen, andthe areagolngto start
one fois the old armory to-night, cow I'sa*
con- 'em takingin the things tki y, 'gW~ 'D
Jrm' bhhnj'? Whit did theylook like?" aux
is uat osly inquireq another, Oh I a hell lot of
Vthis big botes, I-teo itflh grand." "Here
- they some, here theyare'e" sb outed adosen
Sor-more ud a rush wu made f~ogpd p
aItroibus, but it was a falE ds t.o -The
reda1 airienm, th arelo below,
,sefe "Parcadise I "da bi'ewr4 e fotlbroed hly
ale b:[email protected] d fo i fo
G complimentary, both .I1s 4tbir 4d It.n -
tleaenr gaests-ando this rle has hbs
adhered to ever since. The first ofthese e
entertainments proved so pleasant and when
each subsequent one has been if possible ]i
an improvement on a. former, so that the fitlc
invitations- are aniously looked or.
Every year since th Yrewee have turned t
out, xez gt in'gi '6 ; g6t '4 '6, diu
ring whi;i tinp it i;robebl 1'at nomas be do
and his gay f llowerd- *ere petfornmig on tiondo
other and sterner fields. His return in ."
'66 was heartily welcomed,' last year's testi
performance I have already reported to my 10
ers, and now we tur to the one just S
passed. -A little before eight o'clock that
the evening, faint strains of music were the I
heard coming froi .hartres street and in vote
a few minates more the bad of the eel- o'
ann turned Into Canal street. 'he pro- O'8O8
eession was naillastatieust -- .a
LALAR UooKH's n rraes, 1ua paru tide,
Slaes in oriental costume piogqedsnd t
on either side for the whole lengtheof the ote
line acompanied the proceasieon .beag whic
flaming torehes,. givlng a good light and 1 vi
adding much to. the attractiveness of the bera
scene. First eame a troup of hoDrbea, Bad t
armed wit secimetar, jsvelin and bonw,
ScarryiDng bigt'ad flashing bannedrs bi- thou
zoned with the insignia of royalty. Then was
followed the courtiers appointed to aoonom ih
puy ip P eek"' on her route.. Then lan
ame the elephants bearing the Princes s ,a
and her attendants; dressed in all the gor- Gras
geouness ot Eastern fashion, then camne'a then
lovely troop of maids of honor-along the wa
liie foot soldiers and -servants bore fanci- Whi
Sf latnterns, varied in shapes and Colors.-- artic
The procession closed with another cavil- thus
cede of horsaemen, richly costumed and
a.used.in Eastern fasion.. SuEh a brilliaat, py
tasteful and magnifent pageant, was well arr b
worthy of the fame of Comas, and cobid anee
have been gotten up. by. none others but int
his Krewe. After marching thro>gh 'the
principal streets they proceeded to tad~ e
tifes Theate andl there gave a number of fore
tableaux, founded on Moore's :beiutifut the
, poem ofLallah Rookh. 'The Theatres wa
crowded by one offihe most aelect and in- o.c
telligeot audienes ever gathered there, on'
and after the tableaux the ioc boegan and
lasted until --; the milkman rang his jist
bell for the kitchen.gild to.eoma oautand mac
get o her allowrance ofe chalk and water! 'I
And now a word abo t our street rail
" rod cars. If I was acaeing man, which t
to Lam not, 'specially whoen Mrs. L. isabouat, the
I would have one real good tme. aos ongf t
the whole tribe ot manager; di~rector and
Isl superintendents. From three in the a pro
ternoon until after midnight the travel was tbh
immense, aid yet 'the :accommodations con
as orded by the ears were poor, the aumber
of cars was entirely itadequate to the de the
ad mend, the passengers were hustled and de
ire packed in like Sardines,. the cars stood on th
the starting points for several minutes at
ter they were faill, even according to railr
roadaleaulation, and when they started the up
n poor, lank ghostly looking males had sa co
ran bard road to travel, and went it slow.--
nd (This blak mark is the caseing aforesaid.) of
ro- However we- must stand these with the clh
other troubles and annoyances "that we
read about." Altogether Mardi Gras was
d a gey time-although the stores were open
An there was no business done-lerks and 8e
t, employers stood about the doors or strolled
O ffto eojoythe aight. Our friends ofthe
ith Carpet Bag organ, yoepi the Republican, a,
couldn't see the fn of the thing, but by th
esad4 , when our people rally to exercise
Stheirrights, therewill be sights for them,
Swithtlesfune than Maidl Gatis. th
I did not moanete easy word aboutt the th
bed Jade, when I commenced, but I renly
il- must tell you tbht there has been some
Sthing of a row In Waashington. President p
Johnson has removed 8tiatoun and ap- PC
, pointedGneraltot [email protected] Thomas, $ecrota '
erey ofWsr, a n Mir The Senatesys p
the redrovalts -unlat ult and- Stanton:iWill
o not retir6. The Hoese of Ri epresentativei
Sof har passed the impeaehmenta artACle, -bat
lg, the constitutionality of the law is aeriously
o questioned sand wiliprobably be tried, the a
Preesldnit tlshei to tgetItat Wjt hdall a'al
kning a 'i'i prtle~tydta~ithieeg *yt
Iof my big brother will say." Telgramn have
tflashed acro~s the .wiree frtI ~U diectious
ote ffering the rresident support in men and
)tice money, and the Radicales ay they will £5,
qe ry theirtpoint at all h'iazrd. I say-did
I our you ever-ee, two gareatilbberlg, overgon
elly school boys, one with i pblP on hiasshool:
on der darintg the thea' to k-ock o t of ,"
o neither of them dariog or carln te'strike
fIrmrst? Welllobkt oui r Natloui school
· boys-Whpee-ogollytaint they uua-d-esgo
are in Andy-hit hi Thad-hip, hip hroo- t
wi ain't we agl-o-dowe nation 1! · Gsaha e
uime. 'go the *tiobpling oeigh, i sdad srined bin
ad logtho .old ow's gone dry;, rad wishing
a you the same blestings ind mang blppy
a ett rI ma n ,' u s .part,"
,n+ 3verThine, -
bet both. uses. It relates to the tao nsaction
I' the~4riaL The' Howmes hve :iotdlddd!
wi on. rhether to prue ,~ alegislation .
oth. $ugteru th.a n ee.. ,
r yMuce mfulpm Sag , of thart, a s Jim
Here Ttc l he Pnio m s ocefund
the "th -o
itea to act until next sesion.
b 4otned frqe m ytn ~ uatl~ete
SenatS is lee or roceaure are amended, mnxe
when Johnson will appear and ask time more
for rear tion'safter the expiration of, Id
twhi t t il lt ev day till the n
'lºof tmheTaury`, ha~s;aeci
i. ded t* n [tan ties ,re s 'to a Cona
duty of one anua halfdent per' thee
y-oo nl of the reOeov orv e willne
Bbe de toi >sliere 'Civ !xUi B li># no a
itlonli tas reduclng expenses. ' r.
The Election Committee will report cuesi
against Jones and McKee, who are con- on bh
testin for a seat from Kentucky. Mr.
10 P. M.---eoate still in geiion.0
t Sumner's motion, in executive session, ineti
tlhat during the.peing.' proeedings. (lon
gresa bold no osicial communication with
the President, was supported by his own cislo
n vote oily. nays
SH ,-h Houe bl at 10 was
o'clook, and Imeaobient articles were die- nay.
cussed throughout the day. Several ver- the a
ba a aentsegidtere,aetheseint a1l- f te
tide wa strl kenl-o. ad at 4 lck le
Stlepywer ted. he vote oi the frsat gq
e article was to40, andnearly the same _l
vote on all the others, except the lat,
which wai 10 to b 48. na
d the protest signed eby forty-mve tom tr
Shbers was not received nor allowed printed. ar
, Butler, Stevens and J'nks failedj.etting in thi
a new seetios'r' : disci
The nmanagers elected are the sa d as lea
s thosmaomiate+l in camus. A Demoerat wmU
a wueashosen, i teller, but declined to act,
Swishing toliave nothing tq'do with ith.
Stevens, alluded to his artlles, which he a'
claims were omitted by mistake and whicblh of
o diarge Sobhson with an attempt to seducae ed ti
r- Grant, says in conclusion : What bchance, ion
. then,.has Johnson, with that article, which nea
was left out to give, him a loopihole
You see how ,fair we are:. Laughter. , i.
SWhat chance has Andrew Johnson if tha to
- article is inserted ?f Unfortunate man byman,
. thus surrounded, hebapred, cauight,' with
hid own wickLdness. Unfortaate, uniap
py man, beholdo doom." ar.e
SThe abov. ne wa.ubh' out by theg
ll arrivs!, sn pe}a .of.-tthehppt when drye
ud lrk f h rea dire tofi e4
inform the enate of these proeeding
A d o u r ued . , : - · .:.Wo , I sal.
Sx, March 4-It has herait de
of fore been stated in these dispstolthat
the' Radical had: eperienced bitter d- the
aptmointment in ls tteo the auplsuie a
Chief Juatice, who had sow, on as reent
in- ocalon regard ontiteton, in. me
re, connectioo wilth . a te ,
whichb dUselot ni- pet
a coereon tha n hN. bthe line
Via Isatatmeib a b in be; E
ad Iadeatoolt shdowfanatics.
il To-day lr. chase gave additlo Alca se
fori rae and-n goiaiug of teeth to' the'`Ru-hs
catabal. In 'aommunication,: adtnees le
to tte. Senate, "body Chief astiusl"m crtises per
at, the ationtthatbody hi precrtibngrules on
ofe fpr9OdUi4RxjR iiupesth suratc aI,: in or
.ad ads onf' obiacatio,  ;ad , out_-- fail'
This susp proeeding the(--·hf Justice
pronounces I l and ildlegal. MoE r
ras than this, Mr. e, withcarely veiled
ans contempt, reminds the august Senate that
theimostundignifled fatnre eits rles ia
the restictions whih ar m posed upon
d e hmief Ju.stice, tlb s matter of legaln
md de isions. In briefh Mi. Chase dec
on that unless te', t'probiad e propliy De
taken he will not.preside. as
rail fuses to r.ecede trnre itsaction aad lapst
the upon the mles preecribed,,,uder the opin.
Sioa of thek Ohief.Ju~stles :if it:p r to c
th7 the Preident, the body 4 it In rite me
Senatorial capacity and not as a high court
id.) of impeachment. This rinceres :the
the csanees of conviction, which,, of course, fee
we will be saimperati e r thJme Badl- ap
wAs cal s rto ade .. e "order
e fm i s.e
WL aWosTaf _ M i rc . 1 . 1Y th' .
jn the uestio of _t impe ahm opo
thy thefot - a
else Senator Slrad thereupon raised la ci
point of itse isott i the Cpatitutn tgave -
e mt ormate uo m~de i nl h e.iit, D0. ide •i
th o thiat;he eh ioatridi d the poao odie nat
oally Thu hief aed. . *
il ard egistie th Eon saln no ti
obeotit or ins imprteceto 'suatmt 1
e_,t polethme:emna"eoriftdedhio.en; I,
I point raised is that the potoint otorerkn - c
ianky the Chair. anssd sa w le s . t jc
the and ra aootd the C a e ua '
d'all sustainedoe ys rte oft wmit7 to wayatp' o
lo 4 ..innm hethe g nae oe
and aourttot r~th elita(
1c- Johusou; thathe lt Ithis d atyt
town A.t 2-.45 tBe ousaeb was notifed thait the i
heal : Beimatd was so organised; and at 2:50 P. 1
4,,, ., the manageis "of Mbe HIeuaeseppesre- I
u renow ,beigr.oeatid. '
ehool of Ceugressaseenmbled at the tusual hour a
"iia i 'thtir ings in o the Bouse; I
p na t, ovomtEult;rt," ,
C o .l odtbfo eate t et b es
mixed, " sth'i o enatae etaly shoing on
more fevetrlhness than A'heir usual plao was
dl;eont, and the Chief Justice asp I p
not rtaarl pleasedl awith
A1f'aini. Mr. Dixon bads a s
mont. When Mr. Se "thoe
Cnnrdetiitt was not oi 9 to
the ' uestio of order, but . to }in
I . Th hieJustIc a
.-t t of order was k
Mr. n)i meet conuine
Scusson of the question of order. Mr. Dix
. on bad proceeded but a few fminutes wheu i
Mr. Drake, for the third time, elled him
to order and maintained that under the
236 rle he Could not proeted. The Chief
Justice decided that the court not being
oraid, thse rules did not apply to this
odyMr. Drake appealed fromi this d
Scslon to the Senate, and the pyesna ad a on
nayswere pll, and the Chief Justice the
was s Iz Iy a vote of a3 ayes to abe
Snasys : e persons in the galleries upon
the announcement of this vote commoence
toi to`p auut theC;Jtice laic Ae a t
k calld out quniekl, "Order," "order," and
uiet waast~e ore. This decsdon, and the
'sot that it was sustaind by the Senate,,
e created quitea's bus son he.. a-wsa.
per men present as estab g llbg that the
Senate s1not ytet oryO ý,.ourtl btt C
Sis preeeding under its'o 1 nary Palesi  ,
L. a B .etate, . an the 8e4edSh ` "6w $ ,
n this wourd 'osplicats he mpr+eeh4l g wan
dsou itthanimation in its b ;
ing. Mr. Dixon comimned to speak
SwhenMr. Congress Called .him t
Seon what oint, owin to the e~i
pre~ailing, could otbe heard. The hair
dooled tiboalr. DIxon wars in eder, ,a4 ý
Ih he commenced t-- whien Mr. &irt,
of Nevada, called him to order ad insist.
ed that he wr isaeai ng the -u:qees
B, tion. The chair decided that the whole
. question wa;deabstable, aaeefore Mr
Diz .he a rightto.proced. At·O,. P,
r ix. 'r.Hendris withdrew is objtion1
to Mr. Wade, and the latter wa sworn in
a, by Chief JustieObase The ther BaSev.
Store''..names-=1r,,w - ll-; U,- d. _ `and
tor swerewr s ,w t..ben a.ue6 sa al
Beensrni, bite- gspa
arese;' ad staltd that t hm entike `a &
sganiseis. Or or .fir the ial ot An.;
º drew Johnson. The Sergea~ t rastns
eslon. The ChiefJdetlee then m0Adhi
saidisith the rules ni'[email protected] his
u st$tiEp to rtPae to
Pourt t uptheam, The a
I dment as t court.
}. WusmxoTox, M a. ic 7,+k-.-N 
ly, and the gains are sos to
preclude the ide 1that loeal
i e nor th edt ' eio tAceite atn s
rk, Y. 8nb -i~: HNrloi, 0.adthbJa
The Conve tion o ohteh bvtlble
it Demoeraey of the ltate otiantfir
p lre d sd ted theey best ta
s0t 0et ou
in at, e e 'U I r
li- Tepacs Dhis orekorti.t . Pt
seoli on . . .....
rc of thebe 4- cio-lnoe is
of iveg4etn
aott~ahe N of eont
htgew inlna. anspiciete
der adteyd a od sehat rre ;:, ae
.. , -a . . . a l
pund l b
insd l oeblisn tam_ ad
A eld
Ir~te t-~'
on the oIbrth ballot, Anges T.
was oad.
Sof C k the
$ ol ofhe.
4 Th ea r - a `
n fir Ja.lr s n o bt
t h e w n e-rfi a t tl I s a
lion hs viltheg owanta f
othi aYithn 1fb
That ii shall be f the [. N=:`
4A.d; Euouor tbat~Pt~bfiLert~~a!Yli
ampC'ra~ a~o h i be sayi~i
s-on &iolaUn t oi ganop to a
ý '?hain Tltullbt.iae
of. ws a ei fli etiY n with ·Jab v
Besoited, AIM*ttoheg at
A Fob~io rtio0a'UlOw In toe~sya
R~ P~I- tht i t rta mii s =
Jury be, and he is hereby eMh wtse te
sit the law.
iaoneo.n 1L SnedllU,
Rsolved, Thst. mm But,' pomuafm ;
knoinseblb nd rl bbs and _I
leted ni th s
her dib g _ _
rmes&Tat Jo'
Stile resiJnet in bý s
th ieede of
iied .d
V K Oakes Jaa fees.. .WWýY }y'
it bi
op a
lag J. '
VO'd UCalLA.
St s~diup~g q~sSId and
3he t
-r Au4
~wap, 1 $W~tat.

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