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The Lord and Oonway.
The vultures who have swarmed fiom
the North to whet their beaks apon the
taces of Southern liberty, whelever they
i bsok to their Northern htoe carry with
tem the foetid ar'of the Crruption from
rbikh thy draw support,. cud armto pro
clai to,the ortir their titness to minister
the laws of the Soathern States by black
ening and tsadncing the ingtitationa and
-.people. With a nice dhriminaton
sommendable as it is subtle, they feel
that some grave uastiflcatioJn i *decessary
to public opinion when such debased cres
tarqga they glaim poaittonsof prominence
n honor. tKnowilt eir Orbnt naWorti
ueiheo seek to lo0 er the ptiaas of the
co-jannlties they: oJ4 represent a
standard more debased and despicable than
that occupied by therielves. onizing
the fact that In a btlooa of reltil the
viper, may be kings they act upon this
vnciple and assert their fitness, by falsi
lug, vilifying, and dgrading our people.
-o SeA a class of un ean birds belodgs
lion. T. W,. onway, who, whgq making
his debut in this conhtry, carried the pre
fex of Rev. to his hame. We' ate not
aware what were the t~eological qualifica
tions, nor what ecelesiistical authorities
invested him with the title, any more than
we are of the reasons that prompted him
toptow it away so spe ly in his: orpet
f iwhen his keen nostrils scented the
plunder of the political carcass of Lonisia
na. Perhaps it was convenience, perhaps,
ad more likely, a sense of his utter an
Iorthiness to wear the" soeerdotal robes
while grovelling in the slimy paths of ioli
ties. Certain it is 'that wiith its putting
off, went all dignity, and apparently all re
gard for truth, respect and decency. This I
truant lamb lately made aspeech at a mass I
meeting where, according to our contempo- I
S-Boot-black Row, he romanced as i
Mfr. President and Fellow-Citizens:
As I was approaching New Orleans this
evening on board the ears on the Jackson
railroad, I overheard two rebels of this
city in conversation concerning myself.-
One said to the other, as he pointed back
to wherea was seated, "There is that d--d
Conwo y ptpting back there." His friend
said, "eshe Radicasl have a big.iet.
ing in the city to-night, and I only wish
that the train might break doWn so that
be could not reach there." I simply re
marked, "'he cars will do bothing ot the
kind for the reaseon that the iLo,' n
Conway's side and not on yours.' So it
has turned out, and by the aid of His good
providence I am here to witness this won
derful:asemablage of the layal citisens of
New Orleans."
We pass oer'tli ptobabittiee of ejseh a
doubtful occurrenee, out of respect for its,
great antiquity, and its tong service totyro
p ers of all shades of opinion and poli
tics, and simply call attention to the blas
phemous assertion, " The Lord is on Con
way's side." If this' cianmelen Carpet-bag
geria such a favorite of Heaven it is fair,
to presuame that he has been specially
eared for through many jears of service,
and we feel, upon the common ground of
hubamanity, justified :iw inquirieg of Con
Swaywhether he experienced much divine
appport wheo .regulatnt the domeatio
afire of the Zenana on. aroone street
while Superintendent· of te- Freedmen's
Bureau. Were the dusky houris who
hung upon the honeydf his lips actuated
5oi by.. desire to share the reflex of his
divine ef'ulgence ? In Sne, was his grace
so boundless and his surplice so unstained
by arthly taint that be could afford to
leave publie camdal and risk worldly repu
t-tion in the discharge of his divine duties ?
We must believe so., A msa who would
thus associate his name with that of the
Almighty c ertainly do io i*ro ng. He
must be iret among men, yea, even among
angelos.-IN 0. Times;
Letter From Washington,
•[Special Ca. of N. O, Pi~itite.3
Wismrerox, Feb 2, 1868.
The devil to pay, you see, and no pitch
h ot. Thati.~ tesa the 'Pre~euido iejust
=- I alhavedpr~in y itfOrmet yon hb ws
-atterly powerles to belp himself. The
R-tardsbbr s oma t w!bwra e5h teeth
one by one, that there is nobite left in him
and he will be oompetlled, so iti looks at
present, to put up with all the indignities
and inualts theyt may heppon h:n'--even
to banishment, "witf hin y days." to his
old home in TennSese. .
s- -left+ biMt·emuM ihin t-th&White
ouse. Others fix the number at twenty:
while old Thad.;', Besat Batler, and the
trio Preidetitls-clhr,Eu+old BeJanmlh
Wade in, by next Saturday! ..
fBut this would ltwolve the immediate
uaga e of Edmund's resolution, whichjn
eindethd~saspendon [email protected] en.
thdprentm oment therei to opropet of
tli'resoliift leing paelee. It itI oein
tAba ofnde thieJ _ielay Committee.
Yeeterday's doings, which plaeed the m-;i
~6Sfltiia esp apota the b lest ofhefred
dent, havesostartlee the iommuniity tha$
Sthey scarcely' know whait pinion tOexpr.e
upon it, or to predict what the upshot is
Thrt the blow strmckdeeply at the .f.i
dationms ofthe Overnmentf , no weH;ttforni
ed or calm-thinking person will denagj and
that our Government will be utterly over
thrown should the hot headedfanatiPs muq
eed in placing Wade in tWhite Hon
(as mthey surely will) is equltyrt . a.
Few however, are willing to bseliethat
ls will really be the result. The ea t~
estate will never consent to th
- veolutionary proceedings of the iHonuse,
:and they point to the gold market, which
say ia a sre lunjrsebr in preet of
"Why," iksa thay o"egeld~dt64A16fll7 O
ent. hier(4 than previous tothe
impesehment resolntion In .isst. and
s it hnot reasonable to f that were
the Government in Qbsoutdan f ove,
thrw that the premiutrmo ' " be Uearr
Co than 40."
It certainly das look esiuonaibfe stha t
gld should be klgrer u'des the startll
Svente that have ft men e,but 1e feol
that it is not so, s b bet.ecas r
l aams of the people do net i rlyr aliurie the
S eriousness of the situatio The overn
ment credit does not ebl4ley say thi, al
'hy should gold be worth any more1
But wait awhile, All aut argn ments
will be quicklj dispelled once; oee esf
the nation are open to tie fa~t hi .t he
President has been driven from the Exeon
tive Mansion, and thein~we will see thbe ov
eament credit i, aidr ~ihetihePgbtita*s
et "2S."
To retdrito the President aa he atpro
sept appeans tow, she is fairly in thIhanda
ofthe-Phl~lelas. fand if they eask get a
snsp IImpeaehment odmtnnistion aganst
him, before the eomls have anopptlini
ty to decide upon the bogus Ila- inder
which he has been arraigned, it will be all
day w!th him and theeoantrq,saod kAdrew
Joh.son willm e th+let+Ansrica Pres.
Fosr o'oedk P. .-I have usnet letarned
that the Goverinmeit eredit is beginhig to
feel the effect of the revolutionary more
ments,now in progresd, dm tha nmiei
,al elasses are oa Putl en Bt t
s only a drop fn the budkebto what the
aliw~ onea dyhm. mak-ti bal 
Here, then, is the milk in the eoa :ut
14.r gold not rising and bonds not falIing
- Athis ihouheer, ihok teaifl l
:+! to the tevhitlon,
l lovely wtfith e publif, n ~t
la5e them alarm, was about to displar
"'togive way to the stefi realities of the sit
tiou. Look out for ·i da&l&f itait
. iemorvaltefothePresident I't -inertte.
M, b r The Pop has proscribed shoit!
j Y' ,. T. . 11
[Writtbn for the Louisiana DEMOd~BT.j
Logic with pity on tis, Father, a
See as bow with bonded knee-
Rend the chaino from off our niu4tly, 0
Let au all again be free. a
Long we've striven in silent angiiish, 86
Weeping, praying for the day, o
Wihen our tetters shall be broken,
Teade Mt& Asie, Blul °hve B ly ,
We have erred and sinned, our Father1 ri
To Thy rod we meekly bow; .
But oh, have mercy on our country; ti
Blessed Saviour, hear as nowi' R
Reaifton, pbaplea bittei~ moanin
For their brave and loved nes Slain; r
Bee gannt famine Stalktng boldly,
Desolating hill and plain. t
Riend blohioa hi pilty, lý'atheiY
iistdi to our earneat prayer,
floss, oh bless ur, Southern Country, a
Let i and' lenty share.
AtJibb batR , Marth 3d, 1868.
Is Lager Beer Litoxioating -'Ter
rible Drinking Sworn to
'The veked qheetiob es to the idtotioa
teieqtalities of laser beer was triedtin
Pob hgkeepeie; New York a lw days ag,.. a
"h Cheare brer was indicted .for selling.ln
toxieating llituot without a license ,The`
liquor sod was lage beer, which the de- i
fendant claimed *as not itltoxica tng A,
number of witae-seewere .eaantid'ron
both sideosril t it wabsoblre th itheir
evidence was determined by thei t ebplt
tive nati~nalit', all b.t .th Teotobs: ad- a
mitting that they were victims of:the ';by
erage. Tb~ latter testifed to heavy ,poa
tionQ with;ampnitaa may bo asen bthe
following evidence : . i :.
I Frederict . B:ane, ,the hrat, had taken ;
I tgy .orixt~ty gaaess l sangieday, lsad
was pever.iptossa4d!.
A Wiupleburg hbad been -aMeainted
wjit blgeer :bet for misy years and never
was intoxicated.
soreas Reagatetter hd been apcatQm
ed.to drininp lager` for thirty or,.f.rty
years, and drind from forty to sixt. glas
f years, at the rate of reaty glss pier y,
and was always sober, as far as he
knewl .. .
J. Bantley,hi diek tlii:..beva o 1
eighteen sear, and sometimes .ni glU
sea in a d~ y, without being drunk
Martin Kuhn says that he is a brewer of
lager ank weiss beer, and takes his own
medicineat the rate of, freptirty to fifty
glassed per day. re was never drunk, but
r it "akgs him feel Id r' ..
Bea ref ý he coeeps alager
beer saloon, aid" paIrolzes ble own to=
the extent of from twenty twenty-two glao
cse per day;, ithout any intoxicating et
Frank Hengstebecker says that he has
swallowed as much as eighty glasses per
day, when he is dealing in rags, nd exper
ienoe tla "ietolticStO therefil ., ... -
L. Bntlin said he. lbad drank lager for
nineteen 'years or mget That a few days
ago-be was in conmpi by wtlh thirtee `Other
church members, and that each of the four
'teen dirank twenty-eight glasses oa that
Tuetonic beverage in ote hour and a half,
.and no odedWar intoiicated;'
The jury, notwithstanding this weight of
e testimony, fined the defendant $50, thus
irtl delaring that_ lae beer as sn
D)isc nrWoTit TrINos.-T$160di
tor of the orti Georgian Republicanapa
per publashed at Dalton,he set all white
men who have an interest in 'the soith; a
worthy example, Though., a Bepublican
and avocaite of'the Rdctistradtion mdess
r aree, hre heesee the working of the litter
e and come to the conoleolno that they te
9bliged to destoy every nluable natett,
it saevereu iei' itifl, at the 8oitti,,it~ar
Srned into operatlon. tie thus dimnoesa oi s in
s ~cent tambebd'hla i pape:is ,'
A:the former Reconstruotion meti4eS;9i
f adpybhj i, thi C[3oni efati'eb;ofl bdtt bfthe
: not been piod,~ct~v.eof such' tlsitolrt
e sa '*ehzas rd hpad aed ezpebted, anre
elieve th at ln6 - t1 m e" evil l ?'
sult from the p -red m e i,.*.otV ,
Sself.respect, cut loose tm rr hoonnoivgs
anasek an opeaitneaf with toheonstituti6b
and fitbf the Union at the mwsthead of
our littib 6aill. Undelt the aunhlit_ of h!
manity-iand reason we emiae,andnbhdll onu
a make h abot such tiuiqad pl  asWi
neikhel~ae oarselve t rapb IChar
bili on hoone hand, nor Satu Scyl
o optheother.
" As:Do As A Nzxoed "--Bh book or
trook, the editor of th~e·levelamd (East
' 'n.) (aner his obtailed a" 'tl5?te to
6 'rat," tier whieh he cre in the follow
r- i eg mptageous sle S -"'
4 &# b -"BRally 1rolnd the boys"
a! <unthe huggwe-beg~he t p
tbrugbanitufrblsthe it
tbkga"t e at " th,
s i ddreApoa a It and pn ev
b ceg to iote-right br~ilnew ahit, a
f thh'waWte are going tSoep it sa Rad
Sicafsmi rill ;be somea WVe've besin occ~
0 pyio, 64,aa seat" in tilicold :nl we've
Sgot ma and we are now hnfq tdbily
tlo' I eO'flOOD0 tocome ai,,oaso Oe.nO
iC o6 "iens-Gen Gan rdarpWha taed
A Memphis i satc" of the t4ith to the
Yiscinnatk s)aqsirei eayso
4 Tle Biit pendieg hbe lztheioe e rtdiree
Sgardirg the foringl of citisens .in 22 to
sell cotton to Iy a piclators at~ ntlqnta
a ted riCeosh Qifthaivr# tte s bhpso3td
if has rough)' tb lIrb fnljrtnaits 5 ' t
eb wiaSroveh in irlthe I af fal't . G l'ti6
1- other oficiasi O' pritiltely .onnbtaed
r- with the eotton peualorio dra intqf id
vanse of the army throquh )isesipplt and
Tennesseef in 1863.
in this seedefendant, a.o Nrto i iun,
tas eseses, that Vereth eitlten ld n ot
z- accept the prieas 0o ed'fto cotW'n, ft 1V8
ir conifeosted l thb aterulsstetr Oe
11 Grant Nelvad a pet Oehltdgson all cotton
bought. . .. .
u.s Assix4as Nuoaog ,a~ $NoW
asn.-The negroes, not tn d i th
e TaluInd nor coPjtexdni with te foiefa,
Seqently give vrhy )orgnal dommeif.Oha
ea sripteral laetB,- tittn acompanied. by no
1 -hes e ia~ ersionl of the tofLs themsel
Swastalk~lag to, discoursing Iiest, lyo the
· 16on4ttsti $lja iotr: H#e B id,
remarked to'
t so. Befoief the £005 4~tW
five yeara oildblr d~e*U.p~ [email protected]~l¶' 4~~t
The following order; says the New --Or
bedv wit(goe t tt t by tlfaistisf
citizens, especially by those who pay taxes, 1
ahd thoseQ who reive the bneefit of them.
0hgte the fact: that ti deire~ition'
of State wirrats and the absence of the
uqual a.proiriittiodte ~ ,~i tlie-gtate offi
cers without salaries, and Qur charitable in
stitutions Witioat snpp rt, the General has
ordered thit' th b aV hePeefte' dlleo I
ted in United States Treaury notes, and E
that all payments ronm and including the t
last quarter or1867 be ptd in that curren- I
cy 4 air ts ieatds salaries, pubhlic schools,
rent of the iedhanitn' Institute, and the I
stippott of State convicts. le also directs
the -assesIght .fo 1867 to .be adopted i
without fbrther expense as to 1868.
Ti b.ha bpeen a very perplexing matter
toO etl Hek, bit it wcsaecssedsa
r7:tl at em:echinery of the Stateo bould c
.br lep, itn mbotion, and so impossible to do
this Wifiout the requisite oil for thl ioks,
that he has been in: manderrbeonolledito
4o that for us which the Legilsature would4
doubtless have done had it been'ierimitted I
a session .
New Orleans Feb. 22, 1868. ,
[Special Order No. 40.] ,. .
1. The Auditor and T .Uitketr'of the
State of Louisiana have officially represen
ted to the "Commandibg' General of the
Fifth Military District, that "the indebted
nses of the State is 'euch, that, under pres
ent revenue laws, the debt cannot be paid;"
and the Governor of the'$tate has, in an
official communication to the Commanding
General, deolared that the State Treasury
is totally bahkrupt, that the 'udgee and all
ihe ,: offeraof the State cannot be
paid, aiid that'uaiesa some remedy be ap
plied, the machinery of civil government
Into theState must stop.' i collection of
Arrear tales fbr reoir years was, by act of the
and the appropriation act of the State,
pmssil-oa4he 2Sthref March, 1867,to meet
the current expenste, p the State, expired
on the 31lt of Dede hbf1867;.so -thalrio
adequate provision for the current yf~r
now ealsts, and no payments can be made.
by th. Trar*ea e, .The emergency of. the
case is 'o pressing ai d' Imfhediate, and
prompt atiOip;. .diuspensable to pre
'entaiisiteh and coi  ,i~l't-loe
all semblance of civil law, that the Co
tandig Geheral o i les it his duty to use hisle
dat, tons.e hitauthotylW .Ceallet6o
the State in this exigent,. V . e_. he re
eommendationforhtis eacIIllefl(1oV. Baker
ist stherefot'i odesedl ,o J , ; A , -.,
I: Thatrtrom and aften tis dtay, ll the
lieenbes oh tradesprofeeaiot anid occp
tioens, tli re*vetiee, dues anI ts: ofe th
State-f s4ouisiaua, all ble and
ted f1l Eited at t -tender
Treasuy notes. It is made thd diuty of the
"charged with. thee se lletions to ,eadtlt
payments as aSoti : e. .
II-. The Aditor and T'easIdt o.f the
State shall be required to ktee.i eeshal
and 'eparat a ncot of 'all aes, ·fates;;
funds, oother mnblihc woei ictih ilhbe
teeived li them`, bafr;frd'al.ebnd fail
collectors tyes, or fr ori dtrtI sorges
and it shall be their. duty to apprjitite
Sties amae taihe payment of the salaries of
thej]dicial, executive and givl. oflerlg of
thbe: ate;.and:to pay and discharge all the
appropiations.made in d avo oftho e charita
Stble nitotionthý; fbe pu ' lio hools, :for
the rent of the Mechanics' Institute sad,
for the support of the State donviets. The
act of the Legislature making appropria
tions lor the-general expenses ofthe Stake
a ending thl 3 ost Of Ule*mey, 1867, s fa
as the appropriatioi' therein set forth p
Sp17 todIe atbve ennmefated bo~ersa:d in
stitations, will bei adopted by the a  aid
Treasurer and Auaditor, and, oflies,
asif the said Legislatture had, passed the
I- same act providing for the year 1868, malt
. ing appopriations for th objeet. hbrinbi-e
fore speefied in this order, for the sumins
-contained in 'said act; provided, hoetee,,
a that the Treasurer of'the State shidl'fotl
- gpay sy other oauttandiik irarrants or oth
Ser obligations of the .Stte than those that
are issued agaet appopriSationS for the
S[last quarter of he year 2867, reprting
, himself in the payment of these last sonw
F- tioned obliigtipaiens,to thoseapplicable to.,,
Sand isnsued in favorQf the .officera and in
!stituftions he bef reeferred to in this or
•des ansd for h ial benefit andpfo
J tection this oir rltidn ea;id~ifl no oth
e ersa.
SIll. For the purpose f carrying out this
Sotrder withouit..ga s. tax- eolledtots.
e throtghout th tate f 'Existsna ill re
ihesr ohe teden s troinfla eatbidsi
II "ellsoi Ielthe blid rN'toi l td kpeuse
throughout te'titatei thea seentwhichi
i have beet made for thesyel86'1 areadop.
teddo i, tbl stb hbad been mnade: for the
yeani 868,emd the collectois will be requir
ed to eform theI ddoties , dex exting
ethe o
9,) , Pa 40; in the ame yeaT r Ohio Paid
,QSi,49,to Imres the t the withed thhe
i htcfi lp titeistifu'llprj i ort
nowhio fru de th 'ia tscal scard
SOhl paid .e,387,0b) uoreo t e Beth emd ti
e896nor Thi*mO i thean u 6nete s' tO de
mhoestate that thi ti Pioftheeoflstso
Spoeodupony anpeogple..e, the asvet wai-l
Syear, Fe i undred mllliojI. were eolected. i
tates by jt alone.
SThe taxes toed IStb l .utO
otequite Wtehad ka miltlionS mtre, -aa_
'agtheptis u ho''at ' tou4da t iW I
sewtwne t <a JleIn o(elea o'Mia
1 ot,1,~fwaFdlW ~oesand millions of do
ois. Alfo*mg for the diminih stoe,
tioe of the Soluth and for i"mo ris,
it isnotps iip o. Thus
m:r than ,tdlntor he e f e act
m etoousatteptalX Oe net"tie' tts . iion' but
. with all due deference to pundits. ever.
Swhere, eto think the foilowinmg as good
te t. farm e" -he1
Kof the oats on the Alabama river, was ask
,lp Bbak an p and tnt ' he-gave
a overboard. But, noiw, i I'd tunollt1 4tr
A;'b 8~~'t~0a g. 7
e Jotals a f Weit ?oi -=t-how
The Chtege Tsibtin, ýbW ANe a PA.. I: i
rate letter fronm a grtaduate at West Point, m'
which~a sther _s0 oirthl m of al oar
militae aidlem AfteI prdslng it Is a N
sdhool of eatece, ti .Writer< say.i ; th
At West Point' thei tis ito motil influ- fo
ehce. Not even the comnloui barriers of ed
soiesty are there to chek and iestrain the
I stiobg tendecy :. toward .e-. Relirion wj
there is hotiventi a name, sav to be scoffed hi
at and derided. The aitthral 'rehlt of all to
this is immorality; vanlarifty,prollnity and so
Slicentiotsnasest6 a fearfuttl dgree. Much dt
Sof this e" bhecJce . tbear 4rib coptne-, V(
I ent and rigi4 diý, ' e bit iobt p forth til
at every opportidit, id l'dbtlhi g but a "
strong, thorough reorganizing of.the wholel
Siourse of trinBblt r au g  earhan gfIl r ito
I al atmosphere of West Point.P
Young men go there .every year with
good habits, with unsullied reputations,
and ere six months have passed they ate
Io plutelyd *ebierbeý1i>-- iduer.ess as sill
I changed. The principlp .hbich were,'s
dear to them as lifeireliroken and forgot- t,
ten. Morally they are shipwrecked, and
thdote 'Ad 'ýIithe ft'`tRihi·. i nbl r ktt;
ideas, and follow their bad example. In
order to tIake;+theli eeaes aorqds e
tinctly. nov .91 wil ' With the
time'the n Wea t' lrts.: ti|B t un-p u
der the charge of the older cadets wo an
der the pretense of tenehing him aiscipine, ri
treat him With the greatest brdtaliti ad ti
those whose duty it is,to care; for 1~i. ill
assist'the other eadhet to heap insilti' and b
petty inditgitIqn upon him, I'ieStiwade f
to repeat, from the months of his tobmen-,
tors, the :ilest . nd moste i t stddii. ~
and' lsoni ; sthSi l aupo ,hV tp intl
- address tipU' some udls et)b it d
dience to f'la ceta ut:ti boiirbp t
ready tol i their duty; and many t
not te decenf to *rite)' ie is made tod.
SYo hass hgk afilto tIea of
t any ,spit will endure suoeb things, andh
the oflcers llow it. Fei, dien a newca
det'arri'ves he is alone,1rithlot friends, adi
at 'bhce i 'Ie et upon by twenty ` r thi
Sold cadets, whom he ha16l0 ks e*i whether
a he ought to obey or not. If~he d.es., ti
disobey he must fight, else the opinilo'oi
the corps willbb thJthe~iaitaeIard. If
he kt he e .! .of .lig ,fg+. a
O .ro- g m minj l i i t~iw a .s te ttd t - p m ,a
andi itis' the`ii'~st6 f t~te corpsI' te ri
the third elesstp go into e'ip ag pbqat
La month before the " Pleiies' arrive, so as ti
to be able to flog the new comers. You u
r May exclaim, " What high-toned honor l"
It is the!ehouar which Weat Polnai ~~def~
abow to new Cadets.
After ýang^ Tote cam h or t
" Plebe," as he is called maust do the work ,
of the old cadet make beds, 3lean.s,
'r tin' etrinds; 1i0t jlipe, ad '~ jill 1 f
e Water, itifth hi ee tieettpset ona pr b
to make Wo'fk for' him ;these ando:: lher
things mistheado st4~t athi tri 'time
e hear the most bWirl l' di to
e him at all tinte.it, If refCes t work he
4 is struck or a pil i' water"'i throniii upon
hinti, anal then th~e itblllo opinion of the
corps requires him tofight, and with se
conds, umpire and all the equipments of i
the prize ring, these hiffars of honor come
off. Even at mess this petty, tyrannical 1
spirit is displayepd tth5l Pedbe' " are on
4ily allowed whattq 'older ces do not
wish to eat themselees. '
SThere are's ertain nuinbef' of tob` pper
or classes of the cadets applctitied 6~teftl er e
d, the rest, and if they hv'e a dislikeliy(tny
e of the fourth dlass .(' lebes I", they show
their revengeful spirit by tepotting them
Sfor deeds'Which ItrEay i gitt
ted. The old ca do nt. Cnsider it
dishonorablet te.tret I a ":Plebe': In this
manner. They are dead to every idea of
justice, deceney, or ervn common human
Ity. - 1
THarLrfo SsEE op i16u.o.-ag- D
JMotion.-The ,Chicago Raputblicea ives j
the particulars of the Iirnng blf the mU g
hificent palace sleeping car "Qity of Obics
g ," on the Burlington, Quin'ey (rd Chic-I
ie gorlroad a few, nighlts ao. ,-It, s~s :,
'be train ..,Was m:iving . a g stldp l,:
when suddenly a kerosene lirin3 I the ieari
end of the dati:pt .rpl l, tt11 I that
Spart of tlie tb~dit w ll biie which, I
with frightful rapidit9y, seized the beddingi
n and woodwoilt Iadit been the forward(
Slamp, and the .ales bee. driveq bac
Upe drtathe;It isr·lefsitath1 that
several lives mdst have bied lost, with
such ferqqecepAsi he~votrip g element I
,mate progress aeven gainst th6 headwa3y:
of the 9trsu i Mr. i pho our informant,
d was mileejiu i, thlie iili o&etion,said,
answering the firet abirm, .rang for the
dooP+·'Beirrlhhtto get his fr.othi
net, hbilbtbea he ,i*as 4Q1~4 et S~-It
:haste by the flames and stiling mgke.
Tfor 4 ew i*riliat4 te utinoa%4lrtfn ie
Svailed, and one or two of the psngers
were with diul- rsacita rm 'l , qwp
frantic effoitsto i fp iroi-tlitrira: Ar,
however, safely reed.the car in tront,
but most ofthem left behind in their berths
"suh, of a ¢ i. s O'j tnd yahlb!7as
ii. nig th is brquglt uofqrtun at out
in the lPbt tnaesa izumfurr' for aC winter
night, of eottoi shitts and ,grwers-+a
t steaaf~ ilk#l lich av iidtTy ball8 tb
contributions from the of their
White all thisi wan ranr i the
escape ofdI-e uri, sad
taken, posae n o the hntire ill-fatied car,
tt, streaming throudh the r wlned s, pre-!,
id seniting a miost eddol
1e the traill kej* totis7gs r
Sspled, lit hain; ; diade.de ,.- n lhort
h consultation, to make _truibdateiiS tiol
was hoped 4he hlmus mightbei dsrowqedI
oe eI Vashope) foreh& oinfortuiasieari,'
3 isU~ted ofibeflm reoUed;srO Ijth. taor
id statom and an adjoining wdptltt harl .
I its fate, all rettgther,
it Theaastanca~ otfiaoingi s one'
re will take$:, mn the ii igers ofa the
r Pnllmiitiline, to instsotlfand forever
II. banish the fatalkerosen froi thse n
Sadopted s of
in is eno o demonstrate theit peril and
SChicago" was a hagnificent oah builtat
t the A:Ati9,1jhi'...im+.:, cost of
F- oTHU.--A Radicalpapr in+ the inferior
I- of Albapldi seeks, Boraticaly, to arrives[
nl or t +.etatasefu in, p fot- .:.,-; t ,ofid.+.ih i,
to jo in .1,erIes, had fo# +ea year
; outf-,m ok W b ·]abt teals tl'. t -
Did you ever steal a horser ..
- Howmany, e o ...ot as yf..'
Id. re foU not aSfhaumed [email protected] in
rallU#,hen5 inthe preuewe faV ltsizat.?
D o10n't yeoa kihImIantI
.... a*n o, . ,
We hae aiefat tdihus far from-pub. M
Sishtigg :t sf the i4l
S aageespe ;lhb {e ubon M aiii
Ne OrTeanes. eevt -ison .As1. is .
the n1111ris .:;a o:; ýR .'pi Are # t1 e t
following from one o. its laacr days' p;ro
r cedingtl ld
The cannsiettiA as then adoted , a
whole with but six dipasennqg vote, vis;:
Maesrs. mWas . . " oble , Ths. :raw
ford, Geo. W. earing, r.. (4. W. Fora4 tl
I so, Thos. P. Haririson eIdJohn B. Van 81
dergriff. Mr. Blackburn, of ilaiborne,tl
voted for it, but protested against the 8thn
title. to
The annoanceme It 6t the voW trated P
applause. of
" Judge Crawford enteggi e oallowing ea
protest in writing: di
The undersigned; 9,bmb4t;bt the Consti. ie
tutional Conventi'on" oft tate of Louisi- da
Sa, res tfull~y" ubit the following as of
eioq-p. 'o. oso wlieh impel him to ea
vote againt teadoiql. oQthe olititu- a
tion frame 'bq this hovdlbi". t
1. iJ the bill of rights, social, eq lity :ie
pttIempted to be enforced, and thrl.tof as
tizas to codttl their owa ptlpfit
sttempteo bJ takerfimItbnam . ~. t.
2. A jddibial system has .,en. adopted, as
'hich ino my opainiou is radi y defective, a
abd will rendeFiancerl i n bi isebute the
rights to birty atndthe lived assiber- CI
ties of the people. . D
8. A system of public ednctin.
been hdoptod, which; id' bmiy 6pinionf
folie " hoay contriblitions! frotnl t  - l
payers of the State, and will ent irdly'}a
v ent an public schools from bein carried
1 into, fitlat o frievett he. sng
g negation from being educated,,~.t en
a tai. ponthe :State a large" class ; :i'gnor
r 'at lnhahitatit, and will sbjet the b tate
* tlirseaclsi e tonttol - the lierago o
end unnc eg ted..
dA pi$6 -preseapia i ted of
f hich attempts to deapivq a large class of
citizens of the ,p'lr v ov: gor hold
ag ofice 'wh`bf 'ý es' rtnizes and
r i-dtbhe Uane o"f re ratitnI diu lated
to invite the msednet' aad - rioipid to
Spartiti[pate i vei " 4Adoho i o af ee,
f and to drive awn the good and hnoribled
5. The oath of omItksdeohl q ibtq idt
the constitution, is atsitrd, dias e mulend J
t 6. Thd a #t oe1o tc o f ;W tu:
tjonu m a whole is to engender and perpet- tl
Snate a state o(strffe it aewn~'l citizens e
of the State to each an ettent as will .lead.
8 toiia ft4le collsions, oan aud etteer. 4
mabreftiin of ali'laiW nd ,veriieitt t d
the adoption oLfe qtok-oat' ýve
many good citizens from and prevent mi
' on.to- the St&ate .ztard.hr
estroy her internal tnjiloemen re
e Of reapdwell pd Jqalit..
Dr. Harrison entered a protest, as ol
)f 16*sv"P
e InMdido ti le tshdn ituenf hny
l Judgb. rawford, I'vote 'abi e
it 1.! am opted t1p o ' aaiisdftp1W -
ms. n1f Opinion *hi le plm 6
ri construction is agrarian and advete Io
7 Christian civilization.
W THos.P. HAIutxns ,'
S Oif Catloll a.nd Mdrehouse.
Mr. Dearing entered .;ifritttn protest,
t sving some reason a aihilar to those given t
• Tde(lo 4 ley said he thought his vote (
" n ai " as the etrongest protest he coald [
Por iwentf rooetn We i eer the otler :
s- protedt tilt dhi r ne ut issue. ·
d The Gohireotion adjourled today, whlen
3B it will dodbtiess adjoltM satee' die .
a- Tt Sr...A. housemaid writes to a
I- friend respecting tbhuashions of the citv.
She As p .fA loffe, f ta) e
1,' the more fhup~b y sar tan es I
ar cloai as th inor6' Sahabll yOkr1
It det, , Gioo ry gave me a blu silo'
,, bern, Iod ucts itis nec orf, qnd Sisn Biii;
Igu4i40o o fehaNhbi d wi a5tltr u great
S hitehdoesn't-qed' peri hleso,. and the
it hip io tQlidiia be pin us h 1,''
B •ap-des, Av-eIes d ... , , t .-. aad ., .
2s To Bayou Bun ,,L., pWinton in.
a5 Condedhtl0 i *ith 0'the
*a Tag WBet BILL R g( ,ad Bages,
SBaa oBnif a eonnettoin With Bte eor
IdLadig thiouagh.
for wamt of'watr, pro e i sent by
n . N~KLEY & 8ON.F
it For futherigor atlo~?pgi?; bed
[d Steamer .kune~gWl.y;..:ti ay aed
t h l iu .; " y ls,or at our oflice
r· $ BRIDGlS tit areot n opening
orderson B so eo
n- aWe r 6lau $ 2 00
tl~),- .r. ......--- -- _
Sblcatiouot thdother conce,
-h oi y·tohomit tom
86th 1688. a '" "· " ' 'I - a ., :
_ iI . .
Saris, oj,,oaped:it.M-t douit ,.
SMrs;a l (t: - .'
kIa .. v. a
kSmith Oo aa r CTe r m
Her ,Hus an. -. AA, .  eD;.1868:.
4i ithstcae byreasoi ofthelaw nd a
adjudge an creed t a 1!f O
hfve and, reeover from. e endant
Smith iron, h Iln ,;it 't `ia4
with fl periedtet- t.anini=ft t
thereion fom t) lath dla obru
A. D. 1868, until pai and the cots
this auit. .iS. D
judged c I r Iof
Spoperty of the said defendoetd .
deed dollars, *a intere and t
~ ecognihsfo 4lt to
ofF'trumti7tA. '1863 aftil it
same be seized anid sold to palid
. satisfy this judgmen~F Apt ;it is fuPr
theD rtadrjhat the rotmiaunity of ae
b..dig bwaee. ,the
t b aiuigot h i tado trd rHt
separate and araphernal property of
Sapart frodb its)a i. '
• This done read ahd signed in open cra
Court on, the;Us.ho 7thday. f.Mar Am ree
, ifqfdithigjioso
Wh`Deputy Cleks8
Clerk's Office . i`: , : ..
1sit,. Court.--Parish of . al
of 1L e. thso M
SSaid Ct t leandria this 9th di
of March ffMI.
n the evidence `1 f*t
s Mrs. Mary Dovil.:. Jt ) qpulated and de
cr oeed that she 4-d ver from
r the DefendantbIpbrHK her H iu
mod, the. Kuidof.o.)* -,
Itr orti and deto d 1 t ttthe "
sr pphernal po -n eots.
il t8
A$' rs.tiffs Ae .cnttif doeew.;
Sa edan pro -nd.'efetn. F
T 1l erks
Joagi Muni . . j, `
]D itict Col, .iar husafnt o '
tar f1 th psmE o Lei
'5 tl,, e ý.. ,t,r, W.efr .
andld t theo s
he don roe ofth Ite
-o ,1 |.
y fiend u2dtoy thu and tlif of eabl of
mh aai4C itidr1( tbist .th . ]
Caheine t
wf 4eretgti~g ~r
LT . . C~doltQQi~;t~~aci, thLCgtf
decreed atlbyoIomm ouityo ts
gains bo d e ' 4
ant, and that tihe: ntif lav
a r om her dliuand.
his done ai in open ourt
DI§ .  O, .!,, ..
I cerify te aboe tobe true copy
of. i .
of the origiatten MiNNt2. '
Servi anderm
law and th 4 fi Iv
Bairm and ir
"re e d s . .. - '• ,- . .
.w .Iift *..
A D, 1888, a
at agast ai ibt dV8ii
of the Deb 3 i atoat m4ik
date, and take "
dlment,  lIt ,-
_.. d- e"
JudgI i I .
F edu +...,:.: .... , iie ` YI rk,
W" .. Ci] i F E,
11 8 1 Pr1 4
ýee that th l It h
ouw da _ r. :..
88the Im oal ft
oni' theieth thas
iti ngb so i A
piDi trio havet t.oe8ch
ks'ri~artr - ~ iit ri
SW Fledj~ MaVbt'ftU iiF
W.W. 1¶G~ r

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