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SY f, r - -----ýc~z-; I · 1 -~-, · " ' -··., ·I ·
ti ' I I'
,, : . i d. -:t •, .:. :..-:v :,::.,
R . I SSAT' i' .'-r·l S -OV, .- .. .
., I; ; .. . ,. . . · · .·· , (
-  - . ·.,; •. .. ' . ," ,. .L L ... .. .. .
... I .? "~ . . - . . . . - '. ' o: " . . . . . t ".·; .· ' ,.
^--C'~~~~~~~·~~~·~ 1 elI 1 11 'I I I 11 1"·,
T'IfITf~t AT 'Ali TT ?f +itrtenj 1y ,n-s- i - I
V O L U ,! : ... ...
.~~~~· ., ,- -, , , ..•
g,.;l DIEOCRtAT" ispublished Week
I, at FIVE )OLLAns per-annl m, THREE
for six months, payable in advance. 'No
Sftecription taken for a less perlod thba
Six Month .
,ADVBRTISEMENT .l nserted at the
rate of $1 50 PER sqUARE for the frat
Insertion and 75 CENTS for each subse- I
quent one. Eight lines or less, consti .
:tte asquare. The following are ,qir
rates toyearly Advcrtisers;
One Colilmn.; .... ** ..*.......' O0
Half Column -...... ..... ...... 5 00 1
Tbirdof Column,,......... ...-. 10,00
rth of:Cl n.......... 100,0
Cards, (occupying space of eight
lies, or,less,) .............. 20.oQ
Obituary :Notices,:. Marriages, Pulioc
Meetings; Cards of Thanks, etc:, e to. iho
paid for as advertisemente.'
tIp Personal cardbk, whn andnissilºlq,
ebhrged double'tho usual advertiomenta.,
$1,000,00 INoo WAT
aproQe Price Pla3a,D
Eandsome and Reliable Watch I11
For the Low Price of Tea Dollars.
lid g.t te'ba paid fortailess Ean
tirely Satisfactory .:
100 Soli. Goild Rnting
watches............. 0 to $1,000o
100" Magit Cased Gotld
Watches ....... ... 200 to 500 1
100 Ladies Watches, En- ''
smelled.............. 100 to 300
200 Gold , Hunting Chro
- nometer Watches..... 250fto 300
200 iold Hunting English vt ..i
Lovers ............... 200 to 250
300 Gold Hunting Daplex ;
SWatches........... 160 to, 200 1
600 Gold Hunting AmBdri
pan'Watehes.... ... . 1000to t 250
500 Silier Hunting Levr's 50 to' 150
00Q'Silv'r Hlant'g. Dnplex. 75 to 250 1
500 Gold Ladles Watches '50 to '250
1]t0old Hnuting Lopiaus 50 to 75
1500 Miscellaneous Silver c
-Watch's............ .. 50 to 100 t
2500 Hnnt'g Silvr' Watch's . to 50
5000 Assorted Watches all c
. Kinds ............... 10 to 75 t
.CP Every patron obtains a Watch by
this arrangement, costing but $10, while
may be .worth $1000. No partiality
shown..i .
We wish to immediistely dispose of the c
above magnificent Stock.. CertifiRates
nsasiug the articles, are placed'in sealed t
envelopes, aed well mixed... Holders are
e.titled, to the articles. naped on their 't
certificate upon payment of Ten Dollars, g
whether it be a watch worth 1,000 or one
worth less. The returp of any of our cor
tificates entitles y6i to tlie' article namedr
thereon upon paymenut, Ifrr te tiveofit s
worth, and as no artiele is valued los thani 1
$10 is named on any certificateo it will at"l
once be seen that this is - t
A single certifieate will be sent'y mail, m
post paid, upon receipt of 25 cta, five for h
$1, eleven for $2, thirty-three and elegant
preminum lor $5, sixty-six rod more valua
ble premium for $10, one hundred and
Paoet superb Watch for $15. To Agents,or
those *ishitamg employment, this is a rare 0
~opportnuity. It is a legitinately oondut.
eulbuslness, duly authorized by the Gov
emrnent, and open to the most carefhl
-orutiny, TRY Us! F
Importers, 161 Broadway,
novl3-Om--[30.] New York.
-oF- SI
RaplIes, Avoyelles aid St.Landry.
laug Line of Trasporlalin frm N:w Orleans I
STH~iayou Boeuf, La, via Washinton in -
Connection with Steamer
Tug Boat BULL FROG and Barges,
o Washington, La ;to all Landings on
ie_n Beof in connection with Stezaier n
--I WAGLEY, 'durinng thie lfgh Watbu t'
eason, and will sign the ,old forms Billsef d
Lading through.
iae all freights intransitn will-be tored c
FEE OF CHBARGE, if unableto forward ;
: waist of water, provided it is sent by a
euLine and in our care, t
bor further information, appily on board' Y
Steamer Annie Wagley, on Wednesday and 81
SrMsedays,,m New Orleans, or at our office
,;iWashingtoa, La, ' A
-EP BRIDGES that are not in opening ae
ord~er on Bayon Bsuf must be mate so ac- a
:,ording to- w, lar
-,et Barrels.................. $ 2
SBArl..... -..;...... ..... * 1 50
, Oat~s, Brun, Salt,'Nails ete.., 1 00
':·e l. OurE is.4l a iNDEPEND
:,is, having no conncton whatever with a
Sthe Steamboat Associaon..
O'HI . ., LY & 0oN.
:.-IST, on Monday March ~A 1868bIe'
i tween TaYlbert ,Brldge and UhbdIey
, a Morocco Pocket' Book cpntanoig
: 1tat ad#tbille, a Sveodolii (a11 ald ebme
iiall channe. Any opn ,eturning the
;kbe will reeive toe above reward. D
I ass',ii YOU waEtt oiiCOOK iN SODA
Send to If, St. John's and P; 'rocureie
GtlS uttaine arti"le.
tarish of !apides- :iýistr% Co* rj.
Zelenie Ilyassrd i y u"d o. 1177.
Yv I. (ist" .Court-.-Pafish of
"l Her" sM ir.' - 2" .' A. 1 ",
SI'this Caxse Iy re tid of the law .ni
"eýdeficeb eidg it fuftiaio the PlaiitLif,: M:i'
Zeloaie.Layssard,Jt. rdered, adjudged and
deopeed that the saidt,Plaintiffdo have;and
he recover from the Defendau Flanois i aLy
'st Bard, her,Husband, the sum of 'Two Thou.
s uieud Three Huifdred Dollars 'with fi' pdri
ti. bent per annum- nterett tihreotn'from= th
18thi d4y of Anuary 1868 until, paid and
the costa of this s1Q ..
It is futther ordere&, , ajudged and die
00 erbed that the ticit'or"gal mortgage in
00 favor bf, the said- Plaintiff; 'auigaidist:all
the ismmovable propeaIty ofthe, Defendant
mFranpis Zeyssan, haaJ Fclerd,
and enforced for thiepa'ment of, hýaaid1
siini.6 ' Two' Th't0sand 'thteS 'tfmird'ed
SDllari, `lsl'Tlterests, auid'ost" to dat and'
he take eff8t from thd:lst day of January A.
D. 1800, cnd the said propey.ke; seized,
~ and to pay and satisfy thijudgment.
Iits urtther Orde'id, adjud-ed and de
l creedithat' t.he' dnmnmuity oft aequetis hd
? gainSB.existing between, the. hatLd Plaintiff
' and De(endgept b diseojved, apnd thatthe
said Plaintiff doiavq the sole, and eelut
slVe mnia'~bi nt ahnd, Ontrol of her sep
erate and. pirajpirn'al property.
This done read anduined in 6pen Court
or this the 7th day ,of . hre4. D.,1868.
dId` inth J'uicial Dist. Court.
Distiict Cou~t--Parish Of' Rapides- File
Maoh !'th 1868.. .
. W.. W.hittinaton, Jr., D'y. C'k.
S :. OLK'.OF'lC .F
SIcertify the. above tp.be a true copy Df
The bngt ina'on file n' this offTe.
"tiven undermy handald theseal 6f said
Court at Alexandria, this 9th day OfMarch
1868. J. .W4HICKMAN, 01k.
o District Court -lrish of Rapides.
Maria ." Morantinei : ;No :1209.
. vs. M arch Term A. D.
John G. Morantiue - 1868,.
Her"lHuaband. J
O° In this enuse by eason df Law and the
evidence, being' ltotr'of ihe ''aintlf
)0 Mrs. Marid R. Morantine It is ordered
adjudged:n id' decreed the Plaintiff do have
iand irecover from the Defendant, John 0;
Morantine, her husband the rem of five
0 hndred Dollars ($500) with five per'eeht
per annnhi interest thLreoh from the 29th
day of January A. D, 1868 until paid' and
)0 thecosts of this suit.
io It is further ordered,'ndjudged dind ie
creed that the Plaintie bo decreed' to be
º5 the owner of the land se~ forth in her pe
tition her paraphetnIal and seperste proper
ty, to wit, lthe property on which the
Plaintiff and Defendant now reside situat
ed lying and being in Rapides Perish 'Lou'
isiaua and at the month of Cane Itiver,
to containing two hundred acres more'or less
and that she have and take possession of
4 the same.
e And it is further ordered and. decreed
ir that a Judgment of non sulf be rendered
' for the njiiles and the cattlea set forth in
.Plantiff's'petitio without prejuiIice her
rights. It isfurtlier order ;adjd
decreed that.the IegalOr tact ii
in favor of the Plaiintiff and agaist thIe
i immovhble property of the Defendant, for
the payment of.tinis Judgmmnttall 'intorest
and costs be recognized confirmed ,bnd en
forced tb diite and take effect "'fri the
29th day of Jannury'A. D- 186 .
And it is furthear ordered and decreed:
tait th :community of acquet: and gains
existing between the said lPlainitand De
i fendant be dissolted ali' that the Plaintiff
have tlih hiiangemilt, and conltrol Of her
parap sernalprpprty, Seperate and 'part
: f1rom her said lmsband.
This done read and sigRned in open Court
on this the 7th day of March A. D. 1868.
w. j. jEWIs,
Judge 9th Judicial Dist. Court.
1 District Court Parish of apides.
Filed Marclh 7th 1868.
"Deputy Clerk.
Distk Court--Parish Of Rapides. "
I certify the above to be a true Copy of
the original on file in this oifee.
Given under my hand and the seal of the
said Court, at!Alexandria, the 9th day of
Maroh A.D, 1868.
Mmo J.W. HICKlkAN, Clerk.
March 11 St Pr fee $24.
SParish of Rapides-DIstrclt Court.
Mrs. Margaret E. Haggood) lieo. 12t.
vs. ,'Mar'ch Term
Samuel B. Haygood. ) A. D; 1868.
In this ease by reason of the Law and
the evidence being in favor of the Plaintiff
Mrs. Margaret E. Haygood, It is ordered,
Sadjudged and decreed that the plaintiff4o
a have and.receive from the Defendant Satm
nel e1. Haygool, her Ailbauilr the sum of
r two tliousand one hundred ald iinety-five
dollar'with five per cent per annum idter
eat thereonfromnthe 18th day of Febnar~y
A. D. 1868 uitil paid, and the coste of this
I suit.
: It is frther ordered adjuadged and de
i creed that theleIatlor tacit mortiguaain
Sfavor of the Plaintiff Margaret .~il. Haygood
I tnd against all the immovable property of
theo Defendant. sampel B. ltaygeodb.e re
cognized, entfirmned aud nfo'.ced,.to date
a such take effect asfollowsa, O wit:. for 'thoe
Ssum of sixteen hnudred and tweopty-flve
e Dollars frore the 1st c1hy of January 1861
A.D. and on the sum of i'five hundred and
g seventy Dollare, fiom tlhe 1st day hfJanu
ary A. D. 18(63, and that thie same be eigna
ed and sold for the payment of and- eatis
faction of this Judgment.
And it is furt!heo, ordered and decreed,
that the coninnunity of acquite and gains
Sexistionghetween the Plaintiffand the De.
fui2dant be dis.sclved and that the.~pid
, Plaintif do have the sole and exlusive
m nnan ement and control of her sepaerato
and 1*raphernal property apart fromthe 1
said husband, •
T 'his done, read and signed in open Court
on this the 7th they of L'Mureh A. D. 1868.
Jn, ge NNInthhaditialiai. Court.
District Court Parish o0 I'apidee.
"'' • (:.. .. Depy Clerk.
I e arif : the it lb it sue Copyofa
the ortginal ba fllItn tlha olcer '
* Oiveitundeurxno kedatid the "adsl1
said Court, atAlexzndria; tldsUlt dayfo
:u'ch A. D. 186~,. ..
J. W. HIGEMAN,, Clerk.,
Mlarch 11 3t Prs fce 821.
Parishl of- apides-Distriot A; rt.
Joiid H. i tsedll  i Thae.erui; A. D.
Her hTisband, : 18f8.
In tbisacase, by'+ > 4' *! b they. 1w sud
Sevideneje'iing' h ftvot of the Pt ltifif
SAtlthdg 1."Terl. , iteTi, ls ered, pidiI'tl
and decroec] tihitslietdi) over of t toefn.
datt-, John' H.1 4tisdell!Urbs' hntfba ', forty
four hluned! dollars with five perýtent
per annum interestfrom.thoitwerityeightlh
dayfoffd ary3818;, and thatthe, tacit and
• legal mortgage of Plaintiff upon tlhe immo
vable property of the Defendant is hereby
-, recognized as existifng from the first day of
January 184f-or'twentyfour hundiril dl -
Salars of this sml sandufrom the first day of
t January 184( for t"to thousand Dollars of
this snm. It is furthcer orkeroed, acindged
S~nd deereeddthht the Plaintiff be bence
Sfrth separated in proporty fronthe Do
f st, aucthe com iimWi lty of~qcntsamnd
g b dissolved asnitdte Ttbelttilrrcmne
the ltddinistrath iaid contridl.fioer nprop
erty; free from the i nteftnec8l qfhbe Hune
'Dbe: and Sigsed' ii~iopen Cowt. liUnhis
S29th day of'Februarny A D.,;OneoThousaid
Seight huldred an.ei fty eight. ;::
W. B..LEWIS Judge. of thDist.,
Filed Februav 29th , ;.,
J. W. ilickuanu lerk. .
DIst. C'at--P riri o. . .
ICERTIPYtheime ovo to he t trl copy
of the origihil on fildi ii'ths Oiced.
Given uidmer my bund and tie Spa$ 0
Said Court, at Alexaundra, this tah day
Febrbsry A.ID. "1808 ,
,'. .~ ittWngtop Jr; D'y Clerk.
mar, 4 Printer's fee $18 00.
Pailsk of Rapides Distrlet Court.
M4atha T. ,Corarl
Kenneth M. Clark Pe'bruari'Term A. D'
Her 'Hdsbasd. ' 1888.
In this ease, by rao6 of tlme . w and
evidence' being in favor of"the Plaintiff,
Marthf '.-amCaril, and agaist 'the DofenW
daut Kenneth M;'Clark her Hutbalbdind
the Inter'onor,'Charlec W. C. Walker, it is
orderedradjudlged and decreed-that'dho re
cover of. the Defendint Kenneth M. Clark
her Hnusbd, Twentythousand, threelmur
dreds and tgenty dollars with five per cent
per annum interest from the twenty first
day of Septeinber 18b7. and, costs of Suit,
slid that the imortgage of, flainti l upon
the iminovable. property of Defendant for
the repiymenttof said suim behOcery recog
nlzed'asdathiig froin ild n the. flst da
January 1859 and it is further ordered,
adjudged and decreed that the Plainitiff be
separated in property fmmn her'said hns
band;and the community of aeqnets and
gains betweenu themii dis solved and that
she resume the control and managementof
her prorperty.free from the control of her
said husband.
Done and Signed in open Court, on this
29th day ofFebruary A. D. One Thousand
eight hundred and sixty eight.
Judge of Oth District.
Filed February 29th 1868 ;
W. W. Whittington, Jr.i D'y. C1k.
Cuax's Ovcros
Dist. Court-Parish of Rapidese
I CERTIFY the above to be a true copy
of the Original on'file in my Office.
Given under my band and the Seal of
said Court, at Alexaudria, this 29th day of
February A.D.-1886.
S,, :W. Whittington Jr.,
mar 4. Printer's fee $18 00 puty Clek.
On SATURDAY the 4th of APRIL 1868.
: At the Conrt Honse in Alexandria, be
tween the hours- proescibed by law, the
followingproperty belonginog t J. I. Aun.
dibert, to wit: '
Fonr hmundrodacres of Land sitnsted and
lying, to wit:. Fronting on theo right des
cending bouk f oIyou BoenfG joining the
lands of Wmn. F. Choney above, the .lainds
of Mrs. M. E. Ewell belowand back by the
lands of J. IH. Addibert "
To lIany and satisfy the following Taxes
due the State of Louisiana and the Parish
of Rapidcsaud assessed to you, to wit:
State Tax $ 2321
School Ta0 9 29
Internal Improvement Tax 2 32
Capitaiton Tax ,1 00
Parish Tax 30 30
Say the Sum of J$6 9.,
State Tax Collector.
mar. 4. 1808-Printer'sfee $18 00.
Parish ofRapides--Distriot Courf.
Parmeliu C. Layssardl District Court,
vs. I Rapides Parish
SMaraftset'Layssard, i - Louisiana
Her Husband. No.,1305,'.
TN THIS CAUSE, y reason of the
law anid tihe evidencg being in faFor
~of the Plaintiff, Mrs Parminlia C. Lays
sard :-it.a orrder(d, adjudged had dle
ereed, that t he Plaintiff do have and
reeover from ~he Defendant, Malafret
LayssarId,i the sun of Eight Tlhousand
and Fifty Dbollars with ilegsl interest
tlhereon from theilst day :of February
A. D.,i 1868, until paid, and the costs
of this suit. It is further ordered, ad
judged andi decreed that the legal or
tacii mortgage in favor of the Plaintiff
atia againstiallthe Immovable property
of tihe Defendant, fori the payment'of
the said sum of Eight Thousand and
Fifty Dollars, all interest and costs he
recognized; confirmred and enforced to
date,aind-take effect fromtheo st day
of January, A. h., 1853, and tlrat the
same be seized and sold to pay this
Judgment. It is further ordered, ad
judged and dereed, thatlthe communi
t.y of acquets and gains existing be
tween the Plaintiff and Defendant, be
dissolved, and that she hiave the mun
nage~uent and control of hler paraphor
nal property separate and apart from
her said husband, the Defendiint.
T!us done, read and signed in open
Courit ori this the7th day of March, A.
D., 1868.
Judge Ninth 3udicial Dist. Cutt. .
Filed March 7thl, 188.
. W,. WWhlti lJg-l Jr.'De. Clerk.:
@sT. COn s Rsjo s. r
of thev llif1I bthi olo lFo
of &&~i tiort, at A~el6and this J'lh
dayS f March, A. , .1868,.
J. W. HICKMAN, Clerk
mll-3t-Printer's Pee $21 00.
. Mres, Orelia Lacour, :
.. v, ,el~brua Special
D. 'Giliert ~aceur, 0 'r.p.. .86
-_ N 11IS AE;, by op of .li law,
4 l.L and thbb veielonco'beha-if l avor of the
1, Plantif, Mrs. Orolia LEonrrtit iserdered'
i t tdged and:deree!l,. that,.t.jeo I Plaintiff
' i ave isuil recover fromi the Defendat,
tY lbert Lacour, her'hu'sbann;" the 6nm of
t wo i thoesand :Eight t"Haidrod 'DollaMs,
th w, ith five per csnt,. per manum 1nitorest
id t preqn frot the 18tI1 ay, of February Al
S~Y.'O8, until 'pid, 1 ad athe coeaf th-is
Y s'sIt.L S.. the .... ... " ..
1 It i ft- h orerd, adL lul and tde
of creed thlt:the legal martgige in'fitvoir o
of he.sai aintaiPiai4, Mras Ovelia Laottir ants
i, D sjt all t!, immovable ptroperty p%,the.
.- s DiiJ f6Iitl, Oill'er Lconr, beretog
Snittl, confirmed frll enforeod -dli dlttie
said prope.ty, to; optnimt'-aitd take effect
, froou the st. day. of- January, A. D. 1851,
for the piayitieat of the, siid, i, ilutrest
dtid ll6t4 of this'sitit.
And it isefatlher ordered, 'adjddgod ahda
is decreed, that, thcommunity of :aeqnets
d' and gQins existing between the sal Plain-.
tiff anid tihe Defendait7 ' b0e sdicssov ai cd
that the Plisintiff do have the sol ectIrol
and managoemenut:of -her pnrjltpltrnle ad'
'at, proe prty z<.ttrs from he. msaid
.Thus done aItd piqdnm ajn w Court this'
'l29ith day ofFebruary, A. D. One ¶Thouanui
Eiglt Hundred'ad Six' tE ght.
WB... L : ' . L:EWIS, .
, Judge 9th DistriD.
Filed February29th,!S 8,
J.W.4IIgKMA.N,. QCiek.
DrsnrtcT CoUnT, PAnsRiI F.RAPIDES,
I certify the above to be a true copy of
the original on file in my office. 'Giveni
under my hand and the seal of said CotUrt;
this 2d day of M Arc©,, ýA. D. 1868.
W. W. Wr rrrNsTOo, Jr.,
Sm4-3t- -Prnter' Fee f%.00., Dop. Clerk.
PariSh of 'apldes-DIstrict Cott.,
Ellen Groves
L vs. No.' 1030.
k C . Lewis (PFelbr ry Term A. D. 1868.
Her Husband
In this casoe, h reason ofthelwanud evi
Sdeiee bdinig in favor of the Plaintiff, Ellen
Groves it is ordered, adjnidged aiitdoereedi
that she recover of the DefendaintC trtisF:
a Lewis. her husband, three thousand, one
hundred and seventy six dollars, with five
per cent per annum interest from the thir
teentliday of September 187, ,nd coss of
Ssait.andlit isfurterbrderetlddlfidgetland
e decreed, that tlho mortgage of Plaintiff up.
on the inmaovable property of Defendant
tbe recognized asexisting from; the first day
of June 1858 for fifteen 'hnnmidrel dollars
thereof; and from the twentieth d3y of
December 1806 for sixteen hundred and
seventy six dollars thereof; and that the
Plahntiff bb sephlatid in property from her
said Husband and the Defhndmuit, and the
community of aeqtnet and gains between
them he dissolved, and thatabe resume
control of her property.
Done and signed in open Court, on this
`9th day of Febriary A. D., one thoasand
eight hundred sixty eight.
-Judge of the 9th -District.
Filed Feburary 291863.
W. W. Whittington, Jr., D'y Clk.
CLIr, RK'S, Orrieo.
Dist. Court-Parish of Rapides. ,
ICERTIF  the above to be a true copy
of the original on filt in this O1ice.
Given under my mand anti the Seal 'of
Said Court, at Alexandria, this 29th day
of Febuary A. D. 1868.
W. NV. Whittington Jr., D'yC'k,
mar 4-Pr's fee $18 00
a District C~lart--Parlsl of Rapides.
No. 1270.
a Maitha H. Davidson '
a vs. Febrpmary Term, A.
Jool J. Neal - I) 18.8.
a IIer Husband.,J
L In this case, by reason of thelaw and ev
idence being in favor of thePlaintiff, Mar.
1 tha H. Davidson, it is ordered, adjudged
a and decreed that she i'eeover of the defen
2 dant, Joel J. Neal, her Husband, thirteen
0 hundred and seventy dollars with five p1r
Scent. per annum interest from theyveauth
- day of January 1868, and thatthetacit and
legal mortgage -upoi~ the immoveable pro
-perty of Plaintiff be recognized for
one thousand dollars of thls sum from the
thirty-first of December 18C3, and for three
hundred and seventy Dollari fiomthe first
of June 1861. It is father ordered ad.
judged and dooreed that the Plaittiff be
henceforth separated fn property from her
husband, the defendant, that the Commi
nity ofacquets and gaina is dissolved and
-the Plaintiff resume. the.ladministration
and control ofher prpperty.
B Doine ad signo it open Court, on.this
r twenty-ninthli da of February A. D., one
- thousand eight aundred nd sixty.i bt.
SJudge of the 9th District.
t Filed February 29ti 1888. .
I ; W. HfIfC AN,.j'lerl.
t Clerk's Offce, Pietrict U;ourt-.-Par6 o
B hCEBRTFt.. habove t~ be o true opy
- ofth ebriginial on file in thisOftlee..,
r - GOie under my hand and the 8al of
Ssaid Court, at Alexandria, thilo day of
March A. p. 1";8;,
iMarch 4, prsa fee1 $5.
T V 4th day of APRII, 1868, at. the
Court House Door, in Alexandria, betweep
the hnours prescibed by law, the follawij
proerty belonghe tT s WOO
Twclvebhuridred a4 eitacmtyacres oflatj
situated and 'lyi to-wit; Fronating on
the right descendlng L anImk of- Bayou Jean
do Jeanr adjiniung above the lands of the
Estate. F. Heudilioli,bmt)'o w the-Esta
of M§.'Neit--t o pay And stti~fy thffe llow
ing Taxes die the 8tite of nILonlsiiida' it
the I'asi afli t napidus, and aspesacd to ~Toht
to-wit: -
State Itax.................... E50
School Taxy...... ..TiI
Internalm provemedt; jated 4S
Capit~tion Tax v;..vw .z... -4 ·00
, -.StatTax olloectorr
I Expectorant.
* .'1otiiey8: fit. a z
W.: -& SZAY.
Will n~~iQI the it Chpo
OF COrrNswu~ AND AT'OresiEY A1T 4~W,
ist A~exaiidrIt La.
be : ' :P U, . Strs,...i
fane . btirns B cb ,or
Id Jan.9'G? to s
' Wll rht of ipns`' cso lion im'Ch11
1! NE1T0~t 0gEA11~flI E., LI.I iiiG nE
A~ttor ae s at t~w,::
{Alexafldria, Ls:
Aug. 21st,'g Y3..Iy
reR! P BLI'O,
it ..R "i*~ ZU17 VT~iPi
i .Ittorny .at La w,,
,d ,"1e~andria, ta.,
` ' . "~~b'~f Z,
ti Maur"Ice Griwot,
a 3$..:...., Iýea 8. r....38
Corner of Dlank Place, Up stairs,
SNew Orleans, twia;iatir.
C DOI?~ rY...4. : ....8·15...MS
tho·. ` Sesn willEY~rr~ 4leav NE OR- '
lt FIRST P~~2~rEM7C~iUM & GLD MEDAL. 1
n ,.,
AARDttttttt~~~~~~'~ED;~ EYH MECHNIC' Aib A
9 1~ al!-s;
t~iuc~z'8 'FlJT DRILLIANT.
*8, ?h abv S~'f~~toveise fifty per nt,
CP lee ful~a~idaksttbro than aby
!fail donw 4e rnd iacoitetabr
prt :M'n rt c a1eh ric. 4bdAgi
luck's, ~hT~LCut Brllint.r a;;,·.
r.Alo, eoi stni oan hiahd, large aiid S
COKNG wrOvleasortho iit ?~
O'taefa bo'o . W.OI.abICS'
bofn ] ,MNDA ir; ºiEP x
ngu pe ng, wnill prnd au Lheo last
`liV H ibt of Jtf >ý,181ý:
G~) rJt *Ase 't ! ,;
1Fmbrgcoes aP ro ar u ~~t orjPi n ' i
~t e `aml 'Optiondi fýoni h'id &i' eci l
&?nooi :of, OSi1 Jet~ni~foifg nnd`GObez
AG1mn1tod toP %ý ,. notidýderfosI
Iish itnim dhh iua
Ezponse~ Per Session of Ten Mtgnti3L
Tuition, Li~iryai~d tigon&do,
r month:.. il
Ilnarand br et bl tt fl Itinee:i 'B' 10'Or
Was ug'and :M:· ndi.. .ia'.;: cY >ic ! 00
Tnodhn Ligs "", º^s Tiaf e& ti{
the wtlieesason Of too!n
fp; advane; ;pllpther (fs"-,pn1yabItieti'ee
ecl' i ipstl mn t$,.r~ , #iottr~t dayfo ~ f
setsipn, thie' Jyfin. qz y ant styis iibe lt
ltiy' of Apinl. +'Wt`bte 4kges n drama dne
Cadet ~i1I baphv~~~e rO'cJF'd ·t W)J;O1(lat0
ial die .wnioi~ ~ 2 Q
tug ti qS $ensiuonftpuI.ltiar& rr9Jttbo date
of otchtinaee. t .
I: Th csis ~usalelgniitlon,
no pactrto the t'Tuftion ',bi Oy, and 84' 4
izoon's 4e ,1iskJ1pla; +4inndyq ijl' beyt=
e pendbcale d :o all othorieeý~~r
!'~o c1bJe wri (be' recdri'e`s p7{try=j
tint vbritor l l ttnan; rutnl' a ti=
lowed to. be iirsarr to thifire otalny '
state or Be tiflry Cbaidoti -m $eqaest
ed, to bo punofgal in: their 4t%,dauo oil
tie first ta~ty otthe Ses ion.
Ilec, ( .r.eS~ide;) Ouachita' Tel Jj~,r
Gazette will pu ish. ti Septeinber jIb;
Steamship Agency.
IFTJE FIRST Steoamer, mqer, bins zy~
TrHact wiltl be dispatched from, .~cw £
0rlciwis- about' he 15thi 'March:`
The Stec( ersof this-Line will bey Pjsb.:
Clasp. No 4liscrlwwiuintion wi~il botuade:
In the. ftcclnnieolt ti~na for. PM5s r s.-=
All iv 'llb e* rnished wvitli~geei1 beotiiad
efod;alWill sit at the sump1 taibles
medlcal,attendanco and medicines wilt be~
furnished, .free, cC charge; awpId at efiI
Sl~lgatee < Li
.transport 1Emigraiite,"thelr pcrsoxial a
moot;···; apl;tp..+. : ·~
years $7, ol.; i . . :.::~:~ .'
Shul the Ewigrantdesireto be carriedC~
toa ly othtPt iv~tbb'auio adot Jaucire,
$20, Gfnae~f~ld extra ill 'bel chred
deide oie'cgn by ilr.l~ lB N fbair n~aionthes'
but60 bavor bureme nstr tbo rmee the ta
enhfdita~atii'o4 iic aylofherteiogu ffirst-lass
Ocmirlean ;st#nroe. QThi -advoncod ·aup ri~e is (
th Eirant if h aie~hiiddi tiona1a~s:thi~r
Yok; nd wt~nlilrl, ~e~ios,~ be~~ niaitaied
ties d irons o~f secringPaesy~e n t
E. L. BARdie8jO C , ·t Zl ageit,
* J)OX NelOriln. 1906, lrb POST OPPIoA
001cc: NodB. 20 Uno &r: t, ··
teio ,n . 6;~~~~, sxmltlelh.3
hotb~ad veonn' n~ols~ci~ b~li~o'~ .1l
gt11mt~ I(A( pes~nge steam- ~tD~fl8:~ni
?. V. Ocnos, {lleri "NATIONA ioin~ta S
wnilIae .dJJIXAND*I A fo~i~6ne'sj~itin N.VOR
£Edt8andoli'introtwednlatcb landi ,theu EPI
bilance nfthejm ea; i~didii,pS PIJIIOT Y s
pedros the folwnsleui t'~
·s~i ~wo. jscdt esO1W~'. P efBi5. '
WcdneedaN' "20 XWiouBie, "·8, i,
Wedheed Ay, ~ili "IJ R~Dne·ld:Apr~tti 1
xsatUra "'W.ll IatorE b y "V p1 1;.~
W lEdnesf Mach 1'~" '"~;.1 ~ ^~:
rw~!~~ai;st~ m~trn - 4~_(
-S IrtT'BTo .frIght.I qr ywenP apply
Jiar ·rt
For~C Sto&~Bani- icin~O Darit. Able..i
J·a uar 29,~~d1~~F'& :IP~~~~0& D i~` '
~ Fi m'T·ATf" l~ 9? LQ CtJ&4J4
Pariah Df'R es .D Mr O1Ourt
Catheirine Clifton,=#t~e; trict
"rs (iuroll 'ns 1'm . eVu
gti N i, y r ýe law,.
itis .orideredt° : aud ed6 ' 14 dcic 1,
is t ar trite; '~ in p ,' btlro. · av oso4
;, from tlhe njJoztess
"..o rjfu ` , :Dfuai es,
:1 finacnftorn aund ' ts r · hut
iL Jredlaofthep' #u4iti's, ' 1 -o l r'6, ad:
0 of nos n i i9rh *
t of nU the, tih t
D.Vi rtule`tc v or
{ eh lhanv 1t~i Ntacin
uitg hi 6rge 1 t6 " dd cii-l
, fpive 'i~! r t , *vi r f.4 ,Untdg
a efff11 . ) a [ part':
X. D9 1500 ud-t; th`ies
Ad ad sedh) 4ilJ3M# Mtis
e faction of this J udguwtý t isfurtxer
decreed that thieiur a uu nqets
- Udf'ene1h ud
oa n ii ; , ý.t t Fýt t
Dletubt flOurt, POWdt
tifythea tame rtop
of n;r g it ` 6te:,
G(iven iindont my. bei} aud thte . e
of 6saih Court, ht A'feiehila, tlis 9th
day f March J~ ,
ml ! 3t- -Pc nter~uila rriio ;sib. l t .:~ s
vii p/2 nfrt 124. ..:
Joep TH. `iepl Imo
1Her lttsband.
In this cause by)? reasoi,: tie ,et pt.:
the evidence he~ir p~vPo t~tro.iaintItf
bodiltatAe i6 Te ` er n
the atf dnntJb!bHu'"Ioni" her 'Hue
ba d, , st}ýpof vin urtdrd "W r
do ··lars -ith lve q eatfor u i
Iersttiercutfrm j hre ·iI8 wd of~ebrift
this stit.
It Is further o*lered 4) :crc dthat
egal n ag fat on o the aint
ftor the restitutg tion ofher 4 e
proipry be f reconized and ut d `for
of thleeaii lIeflundant, to, t o1 a -
feet from $aJL t y'l X1800.' ý ' -;,k l'n
deer ordered-and decree& tba b 6om u
nityof aoqti, midtl git t o I thug woeep
the piaidnfof ie 4 jfeu~ws
audlttefiotui've~umone serd to~~l~tr~t 1 ofsI
J~~;~e~udgnb ii4It l ridtar.4ojeir
D.I Ce -Pavi~ef ofJ~iipdm 5
th~ iroi~wg·· nt'orM~iii~ tide'~ Iti~r~ fi
Oiven uehrBii3 an tn4fotato 1
Cou~r~'~it act Alextandrithsthdytal
Smtia J~ordon~iCt L Marok6~h t etnr'
htIe~~Pro~io eB~v CM i .-~
evidenc bcintj favor of the PlatifC~t. ·
~rea Mura~re ,t a6;*'· GO ; a,.. d· Ip ordr
of Sdixthousleanqv F.-r.1i ol'b arsf·'f
i'tb~o6cpi&,nl adr·18M'e~ ~:
an4rflr ijexaicvroe tija49t <Jayojf lroI
deedIt~3 dofw. CY1 fiutg]weettib44sa
~Wandaaaaa~~~~1 t3oefet P~iieflmth i a
r~~tors oro:i~~~de~~'o4 thaCctir; thenau`ye
".W. W. Whltthigton, Jr...
I' A1 -3e4~ 6pf
of Marrch A. 1). 1808.
M41'vh 11~e~l9~ 180:ps -Prmhitr'.fco $21tN

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