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The Louisiana Democrat. (Alexandria, La.) 1845-1918, February 10, 1869, Image 1

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:. I. E IOSSAT]J T,WORLL IS • , 7... . TOOs MTTOII-O -' (EDITOE? , AD P O 7~ TOR
TH:'DI OCRA ' ispaulishedWeek
ly, At PIa.DqWorU per anva4I1 TRais
.: .foresimonths, payable in advance. No
:8bsorbition taketn for'a less petodtthan
.r 1snt he:
ABDVt Elzfd q':'3 i at the
rate of L SQ PER SQUAR ; for the firqt
insertion, asn 75 cmrre for each-.ubsc,
quent one. Eight lines or luess consti
tute a square. T he following are our
rates 'to yarly Advertise :
OneColuimn........... ..-. -- 300 00
Half Column.....,.. _......~; - 175 00
Third of Column.......1.. .. 130 00
'nurth of Columu.......... 10a 000
'Cards, (occupying asp c of eight
lines, or less,) ............. ...20 00
Obituary qgtpes,. Marriages. Pubfic
Meetings, Cards pf Thanks, etc., to be
paid for as adrertisements. ' , ,,,
I r"Personal eoads, ,whten-, admissiblel
charged double the usual advpJtisements.
I I. C. MiLL 1,
,.I and: SHEET IRON WORKBE,,keepe
"onstaatly on hand on. aseortment, of
"Orders forrnware, repsaring of gatters
and pipes will receive prompt attention.
• 80 h -- ORa w rO- .
which he keeps a1wpen~' ehaod.
,.an. 13, 1869-tf.
*; 07 tas
' "r: " -) OF ?8B,
On October 15th, 1868, will be published.
:,the First Number of a: Periodical, to be
.. evoted to the intgresta.og Amerioa, Pho
i/nographers, and .of those. who. desire to
lets the Art of Phonograby,: (,Phoneti
S10horthand. ). Each npmber,wall eetain a
:eries of lessons in the commoa, print, ex
: planatory of the system, and oft.theehbagep
;.jwhich have been. introduced3 .itha:ipast
t:we years, and which the experienceof'thei
Sbet reporters has proved, are worthy lof
adoption, and which tend to make it mqre
*aimple and easy of, acquirement. Thbse
< mrill contain, all the instructions, necessary
-to aequire the-art. ., - -.
Sie exrplanatory part will be acconipan.
,ie: ehborthandfllnettations; lthogtabphed
i8 the best etyle. E.aeb imnes'*ill'Slso
contain a onuibAi bf pages<-bPtiSlPa phed
Phonography,-~naaiet .- of miscellaneous
,e4i gs.matter .(with akey. in he 9 mp.
punt..., 4,
eiebcbs; seriaons, ate.,iihbhigra'piall
ieported, will oceasionally be lithographei
from .reporter's maanuscript, showing' the
Fexap4syle u4sed ip verbatim reporting. Th
first fie'numbers will be isued semi-month
' ly, vi: OCibQ r 15thm,'November lst: nd
lotht Deesemer ilt d- 15th. From Jan
smar 1t, 1b6x9,the Magasiqe wiltbe issued
For first Pivoi/Naubei :. '.. . . 00
Single Copies..... .2......, .. 5
Comninnicitijgn nn4ubscription h'oxil
be addressed to, the 'Phonoprapip ,taa
sie," 94 Camp street,. N1w Offeais, a.'
r. IOJLANLY:, p.': .
J.aO., NIXON, Ja.,
Oct. 28. tL.
in Alesndria, La., and wi1l keep-on.hidd
ppiefor plantation and famili0;~,'b
-'_--.tlul prce. add wil:t tlfe: hIt~bhs
market pric,-MI-. gi, C6. ; : if
OCa-tton an d ikE-ldes
'mah librahlpb idt'apcesdn notibii shliipe
-.*Qngh smy Jaus~ to .p. -Orleauas I
ih-yoopea.d os .sa " '
:"'SI WAREHOUSEgE 88 , -t; "::
" " '.·' :". Ili 1 ibI1l5S."
Janutry R0th, IJ 69I74_
'IIBhI to enter tale a odutract with
responsible parties to furnish: me wit
pine logs suRictient to make five hiundired
: aof split wo oda'Talt oiit oi the i-ii
' ,pp!vefye90 tnil~e abovd lew O'rpia s.
fi rdeet, with lowest t&irus, " (
1 it. -" W. H..BALLARID, "
-. ,t-4t, JDou n Moonl La.
Eaton & Barstow
vs. No 1153.
F. W. Matrshall.
k Nipth District Court, Parir h of Rap
a ides, State of Louisiana.,
To Y VIRTUE Hof a writ of Fieri Fa
"n 1 ceis issued olit. of the Honorable
the 9th District Court, :Parish .of Ra
pidest, and " to, me: addressed in the
' above entitled and.: numbered nit, I
t have: seized and' will offer for sale; to
Sthe last and highest bidder, on
- SATURDAY thb"'th 'day of MARCH,
between tiie h~irs of 11 A. MI!. o 4
30 P. M., at the Court HoTuse door,; in
)0 Town of Aleixand,~,at the fol ow s
)0 crib~ed piroperty. seized as the, property
tý,sf eho ~e'tl ¢ent; 'to0wit I!
A)0: A certain house and lot in
the village of. Cheneyv lle,
Parish of Rapides,:between
M) l.ai and :'Bont streets.- -:
s. Boutided :on the aouth by 0Church ,
e) and north by property of M. Haas, with
all, the' improvements :th'eena: !a'nd
a thereto belong ...,: ...
T*nsrs'~iLsr. :-tash, i't.je to
ieb. 3,1-O D Slit.
S.Mrs. sM..A'.,Zinke , ..
... .-onva, ., .. :' :No. 994..
Rlesaiond Legnas ,;
Nftitih Dstrict Cotrrt, 9.lsh 61' ap
ides, State of louisiupa.. 4 r t'
SBY VIRTUE of a:writ of Fiiui ''a
S cias issued out of the 9th -Di trict
'Court; -Parish of Bapidps- rState of Leu;.
isiaia, and .to" me addressed ihl. tb
above entitledishit,$t, have seized ir
will offe -fortsatettwthehast and hi'hr1
eat biddtr, on ,
S TRA *the 6th dpy of MARCH,
between - the htirt rofA11 A. -'.' ahb 4
P. M:, at th6 Coturt H6iib door; in the.
Town bf Aleanddia, tse tollawinig des
-ribed propet, by specidal order of
said Coqrt, 'to-Wit: .
A gertaiu lt;: of ground. lying and
Sb.eing in the Town. of AlexandtFa, in
square No. 22, bounded above by prop
erty belonging to the Methodist Cluarch
and below by proerty of..Mrs. Amelia
Legras and Estate ,t. John Gr gn,
having a front oa, rthird stroot of 38
feet,.nmore or less, any} ru.uing baqc to
Fourth stteet, with a .front on Fourth
" street of 32 feet, more or iless, with all'
the,.improvementa.nnd appurtenances I
. thereon and thereto belonging.
Tanksr or: 8ALE:--Cash, .su bjct to t
appraisement. JOHN DELAOEY,
Feb. 3, 1869-tds. , Sheriff. "
Printer's Febs $15 00.
'Peter Boggusa
"vs. " No. 973.
Jessie Gllidge .
Parish C6urt, Parish of Rapides, State
_,.of Louiians.
BY VIRTUE of. a writ of Fieri Fa
Scias isssue4 out of the Honorable
the Parish nourt, 'Parish of Rapides,
ahd' tome addressed in the labove inti
tied and nupibered-suit, 'I have' seized I
D and will offer for sale to 'the 'last land
Shighest bidder, oh' .
Sa titdad, le 6th day, of March, A. D.
G Yom- , ,
between the hours of 11 o'clock a. m.,
andt4 p. ih., at the .Court House door
in- the town' of Alexandria; the follow-.
ing described ;property seized as the
r property of the defendant, by special'
order of said writ, to-wit: :
A certain trtet of "land situated in.
the Parish ,.of Rapides, North ,of Red
River, and being 'the West-half of the
iN E. a id the 8. E. i of the N. W.
and the N.W t ,8'&:E.; of No. 2,
Township ,No. , Neortlof Range No. +
West, also tlie' East half Ofthe hoth
Westj of Section N6. 25:-thi' *bole
containing 940 Acres, more or Ordf,With
all the injlrovements thereon or there
to long ' ng. .
'Trms''lf'Se-Cash, babjeot to ap
, ' ' "JOHW DELACY, Sheriff"
Feb3-tds-Prirter's Fee $15 00:.
-.. RIFF. ,BALEr"
.a Job :,.pgan, Jr,, Admixaitrato, N o.
T iDP:VIRTUJ of:a Writ ofi~riha
0 oias issned au.of Midth; DistritD
dieedeismhe 54r~tttledtek,4uit, I
bave,,seined and-wil'ofe for'ietQ
t~he lastabl hg1ti~heeatbidderht a. r
SATU1rDAYJ'Athe' 6tli dap of'
I , . 980" * 1de, edT
between the Ihi re#,1A WlAtI48F .
M., 'a the: Cot'rlItu deb;": l
Town 0fAleinodri thh fln e
ribed , ed l pnI M a 1 t'
degaofn l'nt pt , pan, |
,aI e; R St u S&.r i.+tsisaetbeot I.
appraisementaea . JOHJiDELACOEI'
i,: eb,'0mt~ .., i" . .,,,: Sheal
SPrinter'sFeF5dhi 00.
mologation Tableen of Debts--No
. hs 9 ek s Ci: df Jlie-ft .
No lveis herel , L# i Eitd a
mfhin I i tydays"froftm thej ft he4I
Cerk' s te i a" i ', - l
miary tlef fat Icr
.o is ,' si.,
I5 We hhare the pleasure to an
none to the phe .Ublic,' 4r od pa
trq- ;aluar, that ae have
receied4a large c inp jiete, lot of
e eistimproved patterns, and
are now prepared to e ecute with
.1D '-,: : , :..- ; '
any jobs that may be entrusted to
as. We can turn out IN THE BEST
S ..
, . * , .. +. .
i' 1
+i  !;;' , + +' :, . ,++Io[ - -i+ t ·:, +
 . - . . : , . . ,q . , ., . ' : + .
"Did any of you ever see suh a mani"
If the speaker bad been more a wooman
std less a Chrisian,habe Ciiuald have said:
~bid you iveqr eae euac a. foolfl' for what
omran .e~re siptened patiently to. the ex
traaagant praise of a. rivaL And what
mae ever dllowed thte audpleion of being rl
valled to enter thit,'in'nj 'f t'wife who
will niot merit the titleao fool ? .:.
"So we will call thdU'e asa ome hor.e,Pt
he continuod with the coaii'i'g 'eagerees
of a' boy.'
"Oh, if yon insist, dqn't care," returned
leleene: 'oltOsi, as I though she, were'too
languid to resist, "yourars very generous to
offer to take me withdyo&,"ehe addep, !ith
a smile, which shq-,endeaored S~q
playful. .-,.. . ; -v~.
" 'Belena;,' Ro bert ; ,oitoi : ,
"hdw, often nmust I f 'ou
sacketildis eahi til eas oflopn lq
sense of ridioelousness as inslouationdf
a rningmny apprlciation `f id'adndalitip.
b,3iautfiO l queep of' socie y Ii 'le.' t
ij  .,po;. gchb a ..qnasm,"aoole
meets ia a:liletime onoesl'
Helena maide ti iply, lfit .wnt gaetly
ouw rer. fast;bat the ea pressiera
upop .er deli*te fatunes wasot'i oabilpp
one', nor didt becomeb t'es she sat in tla.
sng'litte aar6riob d oTf Jude A eiit sal
lotk e4ý. gnj liateuad while bLr hlsbaod
talkedi ith:bias.brillisat and 'fasoinating
SfPi eiltlikr t professional thief lgora
pp,,red liar;, blt I ca call .to mind the
occassion when I came seorw srnyart!cle
oPfvhit- Itlorigidto another lying c.re
lessly around; ttat I instantly began re
volvingadatay ewm-.siad the polbilities
of my' scaping. idteotion, supposin(. J'
ehqitd f 4f ppapl~sl0 : of io . :
,And I.alaioiºil toreodlleat the time
when; coteivliri 't1ht 'jersoal advantirg
w e 'd e. ive ttherefrop , I was .o.
tempt l to prevaricatete the sthb;.
So yotr "'see, Ithegen of the ipn] lies
dormant in thii t arie of my mind, which
cultivated in another, produces the aecom-,
plished pickpocket.od thle braggadocio. .
S8o,I thinik, it was wItl Lucretia Len
not. She was a woman of such comman
ding beauty,.such large rich sympathies,
that she insensibly attracted. I think few
men came within range of her. linuence
that she,did not *pecnlate on the possibili
ty ofbringipg,thpm';to her feet, though she
sometimes struggled with the temptation
as utterly inworthyof her better nature'
.Vainly, ppop tihe present oecision, did
she endeavor 'to drw. Helens. Dolton intq
the eonversation and set her at her ease,
Somehow, the .atmosphere of the roomn
felt' damp anid' dpressing to her.-. flow
little pn4d !iignificaqt, how pe .anl sick
lyestemust.look, compared with thikbloon
ing oreature; 'ns hber: inInd refused to' ek
et'itself t throw of thI gloomy feeJingu
ferhuaitand wse angry at ,her aint of
.nterestand.anirtiona, wbih,in his secret
seal, he attribited. tojealosmy, and was
.pique the 'rre. : inhis u'knk . h ost
elepganstyle to a;ietk.ia·uox. - '
-R[. oomplimentedlher i~uLda$d g src
hbe pmured hptht,fie looked, more chari-s
i!1'.p se d ids.piteieltsep; time had no
edfetoo her.dharm;s qo mqe than it bads
aponhilb'spifrits~; e felt a':oupgghe en
ijo 'thb j'riebyityouth as muchl fow a i
[He intended having+ little hocial gath
etrl-t -idthis. hous·boe; te next -weeek, on
whicii`b'c iok'he wibed to introdpcer
to $hi yogf ritjnepbpw, Ralph Warne+ ,ffip
isked forr td=hakedctioa ; rlso,.if suberas
n aged. - letad tiken'the jibrttY'Vo,' ino
orni mi lpk'thbt~ hie was ?ppti'. . !
mot indulge the hopesolfbing abletoiplae
rour'ymar theksrwadimirlit;ir bl,'n "f
I "P:+iS r i' "twh o do &Ivmk·
atp )q9)4tcefr nmoqg tPyAqpg a p: s
esilmritl ljuore aiy propotlmME msti
a-mlddawa.in toerelb, asd l uoret Ii'
of ,~t. "th r b, ah tha e ~~bsad ei1
htm 14pok 'ia the glance! Holosz (.al
io tId given herat parting. 1
sE; Ce tal t f ..tened at l rse for "
,bki 9 w  p~p . it; wa, of' frt + to
riog before hber,fp, tlm ust.time i bel"
if..tbe mae 'nwhe~ i4 every particular,
tine -ipt% sm staini , add t6o have al.
yer lmsited Soabn Il~ tr' my wa.
meea wsW sa.deaqi 'ltilmnaidis m with'
hi splciestlmiailadb I,·Itge it,-, iar- i
ms Di wotder~ mh felt . little It+eemntr
geltedment where Sobeir iWlton stdod
"r1i + I , if-fmre' "as midy'f
tqp., i te r saI+ceIMl
Io Itall  blulipsi
adoouldnitbqherst "
"Toiuia azt playigo the )Jrt of £ good
Labugsh," ab rptharne4, l ing at ble
whly. 'Yes sbould, be these, whilinag
wi- ths tedium of ~aoe lbetl hoerq." I
"Indeed, blips leonoz. I as .n e poores
e. *.e . .poorest
of nurses. IsMare you, Helens has often
told me she would rather -be alone than
have any one 4lth heri adiug thqse at
It was the last night of tbe air, and a
Isle bour when it came to a close.
"I declare, ~tacretia, I'in too ol a map
to-kep stci late hours, and Tgp o well
have to go," said Judge Lennod,.easter
rIngp :to hib daugter's table, just aslObto
olton Was concluding the paidigyg.9
crimson, ontag, which he asspi.~  .
meant to.lay by.his wilfeisgpIa td
morning. 1w _ ? ,
to that softlemsas , 'ifpju will lanea. ydr
aughtern sn my- ands, 44tM be bpry tol
of her chosen admairer are pr:sentf' ':
: 5rds deeijf" rdthr6dit;iTnd~B
osrelmasy;at stfmted b"y sdeiabi g at ttir
hprtibo. d of Lieoumille sr rede On. "
;RoIRlrtrterqd Piloquiringly ta'ls'deiu'
.ib:,lri., ..i.t id. 'T,:herth sie ;. ,.'
u, would . ,,e.y rj, nuo " st yst , wIt
ser tip action; u4ibat a-" ahI 1
and semned e6barrasaed: "
i i i 'tio gmpany "
",sfraidyo. wd ta ayom.l id .not: I
.it.i; nd pebpl' willta.lk:;!: . ., .
II1Bid iloft say my `hsed t $t*so -
itn o g ,1L ite was ph .o).p o ,
,re that, Sand.poewd. n l the hoporof t
te ome n too -eonbthe :: kedte " Mkt.I
fSuappose arweB mr wife,.nblIdybe
objetf 1 myperfo. mininr tof inure jp
li epes, towird >o eýomar', litke d idrv , Id
pi.oen character was cbomveaproaeabt,
:Tbi gpve a new aspeet to tahe airba 
in anivil b.ior Laeret a I .l, " -t.ild she
would naver restrict lern huspbeqd I hn so.
tone ; if he loved andetyeda the. soiety
o.yoangpeople, she. would not desire tlb
'idn him to %herulbteeeting eompen7 .
S-us they talked'unld l thiy reached the
door of Judgel nnp;.. .
"I sballeertainly call oa lyon wife to
morro., and ibhaite for bV health, and
ryto saggest some eiedy," shabe aidi, at a
And he urged" that she would: do so,
pressed the gloved hand une maoment to
his lips, and was gone. -f- say bome,
he met his s~rvant ":.. Oh,.Maye eobert,
come soon. Misses isdyo'" Tic. wotde
struck likea cold bill to his soul. There
had h bebie th pering'with a great' temp, 1
sation, and his pooprle lily dying , I , m
not certain that insteeditely following this
keenest pang of reaord e, ther t did not rise t
a radianit vsiop for Whihi. hle ic mk'th'bi.
le ." t(he next mu PEt. e aid t4 , at
haunting fear he lal was, " What will s
people isyt" ; ; . , ;r
a They, "tay ". marsem e ei ' e{ e
tle d!'ertain temperaamepet froe tlr er,-'
oroanece of mnwiifest dtyI.; but wlien
bamptedto scoffatlt, reflect upoetbn . in.
penitentiaries being alit.
"iWby do you go oat soeh a anight, $tb
wt?" asked Lprettai,, or i" r his bride, ;
n,,Jookld benutiU0 enbh to cnaarmme ah 'Q
.sast4."tidiouetate; . ..
`"Oh, tie cli lddefs  .onight $ ' -
bess-qijiger, ift won  awp . A .d.-m le
stokes needs some insiteheos th'tei ` a
She stood 'y A ht. w nogyaugt , eo94.d 1
hib areQies ig tepe .Aiedin theatin1 ,
theda sh went mhibt-1b. the t toedft bte p
pke aurrying by..ap4 r usehing ia sthe
haduow;ske brand them saying, a DiE you '
wei eis peYr a~ tidevobi sja J~ fi4 t tbou
ieShiod, h W oth d~· " "*O yae; V
3a* t leji . ai4 Doriqrt Hirt?
*ndichati* lefdjsastid It? Ple, a
n.biq, rat wife. itwir. Ipmptnagplincon
Ieaokshooampletely tonS i."'h it
sisIees baded ' r face h ±,ood ± j
*e *a, to apdelon ottesrsa 'Thwci d
ouiasoe howlind ofbb e pelg 'i beeqi% to
an she had wronge c es(an4 'atI e t-J
londsltld tapon her mnled Ehaleberb4
ElsmrIxo Swou PoIs midronils daer.t
ehap to e 1~pmg eqomgh ,4 "i"p r ui f
Leap thehailb adry aeediton, at-a mpier
Sttr-bo'. *foIty.e and iWo~ IftE jb.
nos, or) in sope aectique, iJ hemp. -iW- d
od with'pinleates, I as ah r.tithtlb 'tr o
snra* a s~ten barieid 1ader' AlaYi'-w Mi
g&e top of the :pjauZhfor: sntilading, pe
tosasb,' ab idttslbaee *d lpr'melseaek
rebere the westh&'threten thriste bro b
Wa4W The tlaop'qisia sd la jOme
he Misedari phpert vh/theraaibinFhia
r Bod buslaidCAh. 3A3 bau sbetterI bes-1
o potse, Ath labegs-his oman Ie*qY as
ry time he tulaes om. Biatg poeo4d
ituared, always gratita #$ : he a t
0144., WON 14s, 101. 1441 lM''
M. ~Ld , oFerN~ coIJrJ~Tr,):D.
If. ever, theie wee +r godly n"aqI believe
oars pssto waa e: Hea . ipEP pe
m~tttIjs gobºýo English deuuinpt-;'a
pwt Idrbartian with, and wild~, ; r"ppii
The ollata ?esesaad of thy besplske
#ay,ý bh pow, for so Marya~ epvs,, ýl 'still
Lfme rPqt , itQo te tt 4 qpf nci~
nt; ~ a L
JA fewy p fte~,"ore him.dt4 hewas's
apastoral wisitt anºf et' , ;a t~aY! . spet
an ; wyae pua ryr t W Q. ,the flaw
wti~lis reehn; of tQ Fx ,ý ad ha~kfuhms
,,atsr wteather~ nlwya ipQiJgqhe1
Jni sron sit }it rarrb 1y
hbar t3 in h ear uh "Vou s~pp ef :.roqjb
Bi ri ý,evg.naupto 4 F+
A''frte,wd,, Me4r ht'
ae' t : atlpa;s,"J-n(I" Ttº, 2 tt .. ~lt.
8e In rg t ,iti
htioefSklZIti e 'wrhrb hlk ftIad1 ''' tort.
edld? 'kl e y
I34er 'e1 youw li tdj} 51 sia 9-44
Nt ·-h - 'tery l 01ttl su85 *11ti'leh '
ktvdote; dj~flk''I9 i ilo~b tddri!m: d to
ttad bes lt o 's h Jeqt,°iae8 dr W`e dhemr at79
iof bi~es on rou e't6S 1ityr~,ý,,j,
CM tI b~tt~l~t~c 'ý U~ itbj
"YIa,"h. meld, sat pes. oohii
gtitt~c r d#>lielves ~in4 0p
Lpbee, Waza Istrý d,..&fm , -i PiMeh
BtAiboat'y~s Oio I had' dusk taI ii
woote ; i y W4, 6bd - dnii titlti9
wsIeeII.iwaysbei'ieiy a owsf, ' t i s
inset bf= ts .1 ii a8:t: tiliie dhb ittt' a
4dlI'4 1.?~ Ir -f.
"tta V~r0, - c1 nat igbtzia· eMd jabsn41df
"aYes, bet iR au9Il kyusadius ,reod
et'atoup;~ fowsIatpabeliv ta Ou oduiasbb
otiidrebwarns as to dream s# sow, as~u deh
"I shadl1iss baeliv 'wd au*nf Sts P tsi U4
"'f. - a~r scold niisdgntipypt
Our." . lr,3g s ciiatgtbed idlpi b; riirioe s ,
p 9!! lpf !ýý :oi9.k !ereb· p d ý
jul!Qa)djl : :r: i w#ºý1Fý;Ig, s ; w 1 ..
tlde lab ·#id 'P aiip9 l!1s 4r
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