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T 1 l R, VIV S :
THE DEMOCRAT" ispublishedWeek
ly, at FIvE DOLLARS per annum, THREE
for six months, payable in advance No
subscription taken for a less period than
Six Months.
ADVNTSISEMBNT3 inserted at the
rate of 41l 50 PER SQUARE for the first
insertion and 75 CETrs for each subse
quent one. Eight lines or less, consti
tute a square. The following are our
rates to yearly Advertisers:
One Column..................... $300 00
Half Column..................... 175 00
Third of Column................ 130 00
Fourth of Colhmn .............. 100 00
-Cards, (occupying space of eight
lines, or less,)................... 20 00
Obituary Notices, Marriages. Public
Me3tings, Cards of Thanks, etc., to be
paid for as advertisements.
(F Personal cards, when admissible,
charged double the usual advertisements.
.constantly on hand an assortment of
Orders for Tinware, repairing of gutters
and pipes will receive prompt attention.
which he keeps always on hand.
Jan. 13, 1869-tf.
ENVCQ, AsrsrBTiNT AssEsson's OFFICE,
2 DISTrnacT Lous8IANA.-Alexandria, La.,
February 2d, 1869.-United States Tax
Payers are hereby respectfully informed
that a Traunssipt or Abstract of the busi
ness of the year 1868 will greatly facilitate
the forthcoming work between them and
the Assistant Assessor, and that, therefore,
the hope is entertained that not one will
come without, whose liability to taxation
is to be determined, in order that there be
as little detention and vexation as is pos
sible under the circumstanccs. The law
_requires tax-payers to fill or make up their
lists themselves, except those who cannot
read and write : the blanks or hasts of the
last named, the Assistant Assessor is ob
liged to fill or make up, but he is not re
quired by law to performn this service for
any one else, nor will it be possible for
himn to do so. There will be competent
clerks in attendance, who, for a moderate
fee, will perform this service for those de
siring it, or aid in making up an abstract
or transcript for those who have not al
ready prepared one, For the latter there
'will be time from the present to the let of
March, nearly one month. Plantersahould
include all a.ticles sold within the year
1868, whether produced in that or a for
mer year, excluding everything sold after
the 1st day of January, 1869, adding all
income derived from other sources, setting
forth every item of expenses claimed as
Iroper "deductions," giving the number of
hands employed, not including house ser
vants or others engaged in unproductive
labor, the names of the field hands and the
total amount of wages paid to each during
the year, and every other item claimed as
"dedqotions." Merchants' transcripts
should represent the cost value of the
stock on Band on the 31st day of Decem
ber, 1867;' the cost value of the quantity of
tl e merchandise purchased during the
year 1868; the Gross sales from the 1st
day of January, 1868, to the 1st day of
January, 1869, and cost value of the stock
on hand on the 31st (lay ofDecember, 1868,
setting forth all items of expenses or ex
penditures claimed as "'deductions." Law
yers' and Doctors'. transcripts should re
present all fees received, whether in mon
ey, exchange of services. In horses, or in
any other form of payment, from the 1st
day of January, 1868; to the 1st day of
ianuary, 1869, whether for professional
services rendered during the year 1868, or
in former year, and all income from other
sources, naming all items of expenses
claimedl as "deductions." In like manner
al other tax-payers should make up trans
cripts of their business pertaining to the
Year 1868, for in this way, and in this way
uty, be it observed, it can with facility
andmntual satisfaction be doterilned or
flitained who is liable to pay tax, the
extent of the liabilit.v and who is exempt.
Tub, 10)h, 1869. " Assistant Assessor.
TIPH undeorsigued respectfulrly informs
. the public, that in addition to the
"setral house building aind carpenter's
IUatuewsshe has mAde co·pelatp Trranugo
-lunts to attend to the wantseof the conu
unity ill tie UsDErrTAKER'8 LIcE. lie
,s provided hhiself with a new and mag
"ainient HEARSE amld is fully prepare.d to
" fadl satisfaction in that' -!o of his
'Orders from the country specially at
tended to. PATRICK KELLY.
.V Send to If. St.J~huu's and Procure
.he Guiune article.
1869. 1869.
Terms byt Mail of Daily, Semi-Weekly and
Weekly World:
One copy, One Year....... ....... $10.
One copy, One Year, with Sunday edi
tion................................ 12
sEMX-WEEKLY--Pnblished Tnesda;s and
One copy, one year..................$4 00
Four copies, one year, separately ad
dressed...........................10 00
Ten copies, one year, one address, and
an extra copy to the getter up of
the Club....................20 00
Ten copies, one year, separately ad-.
dressed, and an extra copy to the
getter up of the Club............22 00
WEEKLY--Published Wednesdays-Full re
ports of Meetings of Farmers' Club, &c.:
One copy, one year............... $2 00
Four copies, one year. separately ad
dressed ..... ................... 7 00
Ten copies, one year, separately ad
dressed, and an extra copy to the
getter up of the Club............. 15 00
Twenty copies, one year, one ad
dress, and an extra copy to the
getter up of the Club........... 25 00
Twenty copies, one year, separately
addressed, and an extra copy to
the getter up of the Club ......... 27 00
Fifty copies, one year, to one ad
dress, and the Semi-Weekly, for 1
year, to the getter up the Club... 50 00
Fifty copies, one year separately ad
dressed, and the Semi-Weekly, for
1 year, to the getter up of the Club 55 00
One Hundred copies. one year, to
one address, and the Daily, for 1
year, to the getter up of the Club.100 00
One Hundred copies, one year, sepa
rately addressed. and the Daily,
for one year, to the getter up of
the Club.........................1-------------------10 00
Additions to Clubs may be made at any
time in the year at the above Club rates.
Changes in Club Lists made only on re
quest of persons receiving Club packages,
stating date of subscription, edition, post
office and State, to which it has previous
ly been sent, -and enclosing twenty-five
cents to pay for trouble of the change to
separate address.
Terms, Cash in advance. Send, if possi
ide, post office Money Order or Bank Draft.
We have no traveling agents. Specimen
copies, posters, &c., sent free of charge,
wherever and whenever desired. Address
all orders and letters to
35 Park Row,
New York.
For 1868,'Price......................$0 20
Seven copies, Post-paid.......--.......$1 00
For 1889, Price......................------0 20
Seven copies, Post-paid.......---.....--- 00
Feb. 10th, 1869-3m.
The London Quarterly Review,
The Edinburgh Review,
The Westminster Review,
The North British Review, and
Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine.
Quarterlies and Blackwood are now
indispensable to all who desire to keep
themselyes fiully informed with regard to
the great subjects of the day, as viewed by
the best scholars and soundest thinkers in
Great Britain. The contributors to the
pages of these Reviews are men who stand
at the head of the list of English writers
on Science, Religion, Art, and General Lit
erature, and whatever is worthy of discus
sion finds attention in the pages of these
Reviews and Blackwood. The variety is
so great that no subscriber can fail to be
These Periodicals are printed with the
rough fidelity to the English copy, and are
offered at prices which place them within
reach of all.
For any one of tile Reviews......... $4 00
For any two of tIe Reviews......... 7 00
F'or any three of the Reviews........10 00
For all fmour of the Reviews....-.....-12 00
For Blackwood's Mtagazine.......-... 4 00
For Blackwood and one Review ..... 7 00
F'or Blackwood and any two of the
Reviews .........................10 00
For Blackwood and three of thie Re
views............................13 00
For Blackwood and the four Re
views...- --.....--..... ......15 00
A discount of twenty per cent. will be
allowed to Clubs of four or more persons.
Thus, four coples of Blackwood, or of one
Review, will be sent to one address for
$12 o0.
Subscribers shbj ay by the quar
ter, at the office of d~lver~y. The Posrlaom
to any part of the United States is Two
Cents a number. This rat eonly applies to
current subscriptions. For back numbers
the postagoe is double,
Premiums to New Siabscribers
New Subscribers to Iany two ofthe above
periodicals for 18119 will be entitled to re
ceirve, gratia, aty-one of the Foutir Reviews
fot'1868. New Subserlbers to all five of
the Periodicals for 1869 may receive gratis
ilackwood or any two of the Four Re
views for 186 .
Snubscribers inay, by applying early ob
tain back sets of the Reviews from Jatlum
ary, 1865, to December, 186t8, and of
Blauckwood's Magazine from January, 1868,
to December, 18t6, ait half the current sub
scription price.
L Neither preminums to Sobscribeirs,
nor discount to Clubs, nor, reduced priees
for back nunmbehrs, can be allowed, unilelse
the money is remitted dtrect to the Psbliak
era, No promisea c;an be giveln to Clubs.
110 FPlton St., New York.
The iL, .B. Publiabin Company, also
publish the`
bhy HaxvRYS TEPHE-jat ofEdinlmbrg, andbthe
late J.P. Norton, of Yale Cillege. 2 vols,
Rloyni Octavo, IOUO pages, aiil iuhietrons
Price $7 for the two yol.-by mail, Ip0t
" Fighting Against Wrong, and for
the Good, the True, and the
For BOYS and GIRLS-and for Older Peo
ple who have Young Hearts.
E'ORL 1869!
By the addition ofa beautifully Engraved
Cover, and givingrmore matter than before,
without raising the PRICE.
All xEW Subscribers for 1869, whose
names and money are sent in to the pub
lisher before the end of November, will re
ceive the
November and December Numbers of
1868, FREE I
1710 . fX.IFS H8 FP-E-,
Fourteen Numbers for one Dollar 1
Tune Lrrrrr. ConronAL.-A late number
of this original magazine for boys and
girls, and for older people who have young
hearts, has found its way to our table, and
is so redolent of every rare and delicious
thing for young hearts, that we are con
strained to herald its uncommon merits.
The stories tre delightful and invariably
instructive. The poetry is simple, tender,
-'*T- lud hi1,h. The composition is ex
celleut English ; and, in a word, the con
ductors seem to enter into the spirit of
their great task, to know the nature, of
young hearts, and how to cater to their
immortal longings.-[Nationol Intelligeu
cer, Sept. 10, 1868.
TImE LrrrLE CORPORAL is the most en
tertaining publication for the yonng that
we have ever examined. We cannot see
how it possibly can have a superior, or if it
could have, how the young folks could
possibly wish for anything better-[Penn
sylvania Teacher.
We might give many pages of "Notices'
from both the religious and secular press
as well as from the people everywhere, to
prove that " The Little Corporal" is all
that is claimed for it. Its matter lv en
tirely original and from the freshest, most
alive. and best writers in the country. No
periodical, whether published for children
or grown people, pays a higher price for
articles, and it therefore secures the best
of everything.
Clubs of all sizes, Any one sending a list
of subscribers, from two to a thousand,
37 It is edited by
Volumes begin July and January. Back
Numbers Supplied.
TERMS-One Dollar A Year.
In Advance. Sample copy ten cents, or
Free to any one who will try, to raise a
club. Address
Publisher Chicago, Ill.
On October 15th, 1868, will be published
the First Number of a Periodical, to be
devoted to the interests of American Pho
nographers, and of. those who desire to
learn the Art of Phouograhy, ( Phonetic
Shorthand. 1 Each number will contain a
series of lessons in the commoc print, ex
planatory of the system, and of the changes
which have been introduced in the past
few years, and which the experience of the
best reporters has proved, are worthy of
adoption, and which tend .to.make it more
sinmple and easy of acquirement. These
will contain all t'e instructions necessary
to acquire the art.
The explanatory pait will be accompan
led by shorthanud illustrations, hthographed
in the best style. Each number will also
contain a number of pages of lithographed
Phonography, consisting of miscellaneous
reading matter (with a key In the common
Speeches, sermons, etc., phonograpically
reported, will occasionally be )iliograpled
frum reporter's mnanuscript, showing the
exact style used in verbatim reporting. The
frst five numbers will be isued senmimonth
ly, vis: October 15th, Novenmber.lst and
15th, December 1st and 15th. Front Jan
uary 1st, 1869, the Magazdiae will be issued
For first Five Numbers.,.... ...$1 00
Single Copies.... " .. ....... ....25
ConmonicatiquOn and Subscription should
be addressed to the "Phonour-pic Mlaga
sine," 94 Cnamp strhet, Nei Orleans, La.
* T,C. MA NLY, | . .
-'J. o. NIXON, J ..pn
OcteL 28. tf.
U, ,eU , . ASSISTA, T As4SSSoR'S
OPict, Alexand`ia, February 8, 18ti.
Purehnasers of spirits are Ifrteby res
pectftully informned 'thatt o quaptity of
strits ex¢ptodit n twenty (20) gailons,
can' be obthlned in Alexaidris or in the
Parish of Rapidee, under the' U. 8.
-Revenne laws foom an.n merchants lint
A. IEYMAN and. B. W.II~ &- JRO,
who ar' Wholesale Ii4qo gecrs,,
'The vioilation of tlits lfhiv inrs, both
fine and imprisonument. : It wil he
found to the rntesrtflha ll concerned to
beware how and tdher' ther aniake
their purchases or sales.
Assistant Assessor.
Feb, 10th] 186(, '9th Diviisop
Eaton & Bartow )
vs. No. 1153.
F. W. Marshall.
Ninth District Court, Parish of Rap
ides, State of Louisiana.
B Y VIRTUE of a writ of Fieri Fa
cias issued out of the Honorable
the 9th District Court, Parish of Ra
pides, and to me addressed in the
above entitled and numbered suit, I
have seized and will offer for sale to
the last and highest bidder, on
SATURDAY the 6th day of MARCH,
between the hours of 11 A. M. and 4
P. M., at the Court House door, in the
Town of Alexandria, the following des
cribed property seized as the property
of the Defendant, to-wit:
A certain house and lot in.
the village of Cheneyville,
Parish of Rapides, between ii
Main and Front streets.
Botnded on the 'south by Church street
and north by property of M. Haas, with
all the improvements therseon and
thereto belonging.
TEaRMS OF SALE :--Cah, subject to
ap raisement. JOHN DELACEY
Feb. 3, 1869-tds. Sheriff.
Printer's Fees $15 00.
Mrs. M. A. Zinker
vs. No. 994.
Rosamond Legras.
Ninth District Court, Parish of Rap
ides, State of Louisiana.
B Y VIRTUE of a writ of Fieri Fa
eias issued out of the 9th District
Court, Parish of Rapides, State of Lou
isiana, and to me addressed' in the
above entitled suit, I have seized and
will offer for sale to the last and high
est bidder, on
SATURDAY the 6th day of MARCH,
besween the hours of 11 A. M. and 4
P. M., at the Court House door, in the
Town of Alexandria, the tollowing des
cribed property, by special order of
said Court, to-wit:
A certain lot of ground. lying and
being in the Town of Alexandria, in
sqiuare No. 22, bounded above by prop
erty belonging to the Methodist Church
and below by property of Mrs. Amelia
Legras and Estate of John Grogan,
having a front on Third street of 38
feet, more or less, and running back to
Fourth stteet, with a front on Fourth
street of 32 feet, more or less, with all
the improvements and appurtenances
thereon and thereto belonging.
TERMS' OF SALE :-Cash, subject to
appraisement, JOHN DELACEY,
Feb. 3, 1809-td. Sheriff.
Printer's Fees $15 00.
Peter Boggus
vs. No. 973.
Jessie Gullidge.)
Parish Court, Parish of Rapides, State
of Louisiana.
DY VIRTUE of a writ of Fierl Pa
cias tssued out of the Honorable
the Parish Court, Parish of Bapides,
and to me addressed in the above enti
tiled and numnbered suit,. I have seized
and will offer for sale to ,the last and
highest bidder, on
Saturday, the 6th day of March, A. D.
between the hours of 11 o'clock a. m.,
and 4 p. m., at the Court House door
in the town of Alexandria, the follow
ing described property seized as the
property of the defendant, by special
order of said'iritl to-wit':
A certain tract of land situated in
the Parish of Rapides, North of Red
River, and being the West half of the
N. E, } and the S. E. } of the N. W. }
and the N. W. I of S. E. I of No, 25,
Township No. 7, North of Range No. 1,
West, also the East half of the South
West } of Section No. 25-the whole
containing 2t0 acres, more or less, with
all the improvements thereon or there
to belonging,
Tentis of Sale-Cash, sunbject to ap
JOHN DaLACY, Sheriff.
Feb8-tda-Priter'sa Fee $15 00.
John Bogan, Jr., Administrator, ) No.
M. A. Grogan and Johhnlements 1411
Ninth District Court, Paris of It?
pides, State of Louisiana.
DY VIRTUE of a writ ofFieri Fa
i cla issue4d out of Ninth Pistrict
Court; 'Parish of Rapides, anid to inme
directed ii thle above entitled suit, I
have seized and will offer for sale to
the last and highest bidder, on
SATURDAY the 6th day of MARCR,
between the honrs of 11 A. M. and 4 P.
M., at the Court House door, in the
Town of Alexandria, tie following des
eribed property, saised by special pr
der of said writ, to.wit:
A piece of ground. just below Alex
andria, Parish of Rapides, Louisiana,
and designated ona plat of tmhe Boegan
Estate as lot No. 3, with a front of
180 5-6 feet with lear line of 17(1 7-1l
feet, containing 2:35-100 acres. .
Teas or SAus:Cash, sbjet to
ap ra seew n J, DELEY
Printer's Feis' gl $15 00.
Plarish of Rapides--Pirish Court.
Suepgpion of John G. ledie,.for ho
uologation Tableaq of, Debts-No 20.
TRf EREAS, Mitacl iPaul, Curator,
VV lhas fldd a 'Talileau 'of Debts ot
the Smrtcessibik of' fJbtibn . Bledeo.
Notice is hereby given to 'all wlhrm it
doth or may coneqli,:to show datae,
within thirty days 0the date here
of, wh bthe same siol1d not be.ap
'iro'edand limolog~tea and theluand
distributed in acaraue'theretrh.
Clerk's Ofie., Alexadria, La, Peb
rsary the st, 1860..
Feba3--94 .Deputy Clirk.
11 We have the pleasure a-..
nounce to the public, and `oufr pa
trons in particular,' that we have
receivedi a lrge and complete lot of
of the most improved patterns, and I
are now prepared to execute with
ý riIT-AND-
any Jobsathat may be entrusted to
us. We can turn out IN THE BEST
F Fl,!. i
steamboat gIlls,
W  OUR PEI 1 wdl e oud
GIVE . , A ' 1-IAL'I
SSa9iiahfiLover. i
SHis name was Jacobus; we used to call I
him Jackass, for short, leavean .help me
if he should hear this story: ,
Among many of his bpistunes, for he
was cock-eyed, red-haired,and knock-bkeed a
besides, he numbesed that inconvenient I
one of bashfulnees. Nevertheless ha .was I
food of the ladies' although when in their t
presence he never opened his,mouth when t
he could help it, aod when he did speak
he used bothhsands to help him; in fact t
he was a man or" gt atAions." -
Jacobua, one wanrm da, fell in love; be I
had j i ' ruated at c ege, and began
to tiunk be mst seetl; ladies' society;
he was getting to be a mnan, and it was
manly to have s a penC u t.
So Jack fell in love with` tah sweetest,
ieellest' most hoydenis gi in the a umar;
but hok to tell htiao Joi There was the
raub. le lis beard h a great deal of the
" langnp of the eyes," and e according
ly tried thpt, bat when be looked peaticl
larly'hird at the window where Msas Eni
iy wis in t e'habit of situing, some person
'on the other side 6f the stieet woi~ iPvea
riably bow to hlini;,thlikig he woe v. t
ortngto atch'their-yes. , He l.s dispiied C
eyes ever slncethen, ..a
4t'lenitb Jack obtained an Intioduction °
through his sister, nnd with her he Called b
several times, but she was obliged to leave
the city for a reason, sad'as q,h Iinterview
only inreased his ardor, he deteenil~ on
going it alone. b
Long before the lotr fixed upon by cus- e
tom' for an eveing ilbit,: he fdund hinselH n
arrajrd in his bhet. BlUe coat, uonltal but- -
tons, black elsimerpants (said pants belg
a little tighter than the skin,) ani a Soot- ?
less eeast. p
The journala of teu cay slate, is 'o item '
of intelligence;; that the tberdionlter rt g
I from 7b to 80 degrees. J ck ests it
was a hundred. ) P
As the hour gradually w:isser," Jack f
foand corage and, perspiration aoing out P
together, and be' atmost determinedto pull ti
off and stay at home. He eoo.iluded how
ever, he'd take a walk past` the house'ad
see how be felt.
By the time he reached the house he q
firmly concluded notto go li; but on castu
ing his eye towards the palor window, n
and perceiving no signs, e thought it prob
able that no one was at home, and sdain
be had gone so far hbewold go so faither
and leavehis card.
No. sooer determined t uhaun eoneded.
In areckless osaowmt;be pulled the bell ;
the darned-thinsg need'at niste eka as
adise. t
The door was opened as if by ahis, add o
the servant girl politely asked bim l; 41
Miss ially was to the par4or, alone dud a
would be delighted to sselim.
0, creaky I ha'wasasfx I Gala a dark .a
parlorwith a pretty pitr aloseh ' Itr-was b
<tolate to retreat tbhegirl d ad 4 ood d'te a
foont door, and was polnting to the paor t
where Miss Emily as.. -
Being perfetly vonviaed tha#se helee i t
was lef him, into the dask room be walked t
or elided. A t was perfect. ehasto .bhis
eyes for a moment; bet *oly fur. t-o.
mwnt 1:thbed oem the qdsept gloop am~s t
forth ansagel voian " lgus htlm ýatelap
ano draw near." Teo obey, the ordei, was q
but the workof º, mioment,  l4 sappos d
ed,. bat he litte ddraoo) At thob$alse. fate t
bad thrown l nh l n way. l kqe fall eI a
that the stram pf Jo e l ad assy Jppl e.
bet fhall gwwnsagp o teredu psqt Ipt9 b4s
 dgp, theP, his yelp ment, on be.
lg tpe' at 9 i fair, ope' est, ,
by lstool, with plethoric ,4 whi
by chance oferp fleesservantý hb aw l
p ied xactly op the ,od to tiss.
lowetn li a4i oe "rta e tLnir q y wrl
iow anhd aspwp,' he ntr osyj tradl 1
iumicbl rq -also a cpp d rrna ril ,oe i
thne ka·ahtse afior'silid; sai A cte e
atiraa'u th e iot ihen I
he at i oe Ia hn
and drawom W his ol at 4 i.li f d _
vint as 'lisao6grc l eporsejt flint &ld.sse
idst wItm as miuchrac uit ad" I '
I &sll ~ro* tbdhhltsu f
•tai. eIts .slMtei .he omeherf
ties eerrikadt cztcraiki.
[Isle C ( rel .21:4 ·u au oqIslple
youwsif bout it.- Jest maise a lttle its'
under you" at Atse mailkegICm hard
pall. ..:.
*Ae.l. taR waleAl n. ".s pi-
nothing ahortofats spoia hi Iarpeko.ilo of
Pmosridenieaids.alWabbiish Usteebat
should 1 sdo?! : bfe1 ri1 4' am·lhr a
Stronger pAieetbe-es the `aw .i 'the
ladya prais. itby didhm.hha i todeb
tain th.:lostdj7 gOwdS,..& x with
the reqasat.:
Ant up,ear foe're. Wgttaw, lt d3
tenreded him, anthd. agtebs .f9 s"i~o
menat.- 04d gWn -'with ,bah ;bes, a
NOiw dmrppsdag.4frings1 hof i whlc
eimk4~on- IQ,e bq asad:
Fore G-.diWkse,'Ms lItIly kwdv my
shirt audebfl w!"' ; l; ,: < !-.7
Teb yoemgls tbesiea jbm~hlht&'h in
soeoulmee with lom, ,~ lutoii'ot*6a
acomplished mansew. a
The whole auce~l i ýjr.4s
@Von. timsely afteo-tie to
This Mainly look qp __ ArLns.
thntt vadre4.p_' 4h4!i i ,ts
.4m is a a.esea ia
want ofra cal~ ,_ "~ for wnt
of a lshoeas q !* 1b t of a
horse a man wasutl."' . It is aitil thing
to k rp emaooitsoftha ,paethry frspsao.
ctiga ntelsri, gl
evening scald kakn O "
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