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The Louisiana Democrat. (Alexandria, La.) 1845-1918, February 24, 1869, Image 1

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the removat
TE 1EDIMOCRAT" ispublished Week
ly, a1t ktr DbLL:AS per 1annum;.TwREE
fo I. mnotlns, layable hi advaeii• NTo
bi ii tion takefior a less pcriodthan
vDIsRTIBaL1Z ENTS inserted at the
rate of (1ieo; PFR squAnu for the first
insertion aid -75 Ca--rs :for each snube
deat $hio.-. i thlines o. less, consti
tite a qsqare. The following are our
rates to yearly Advertisers:
.One Column .................. 300 00
Half Column.................... 175 00
Third of Column............... 130 00
Fourth of Colmon............... 100 00
Cards, (occupying space of eight
lines, or less,).................. 20 00
Obituary Notices,. Marriages. Public
Mestings, Cards of Thanks, etc., to be
paid for as advertisements.
4V Personal cards, when admissible,
charged double the usual advertisements.
, and SHEET IRON WORKS, keeps
penatantly on hnda..a a,.asortment of
Orders for Tinware, repairing of gutters
and pipes will receive prompt. attention.
whic lie keeps always on hand.
:t~ ER S.' CA. t :SE,
Jan. 13, 1869-tf.
" w Ar, AsseisTArr ASSESSOR's OFFrit,
n:Drsrarcr LourstrA.-Alexandria, La.,
February 2d, . 869.--United States Tax
Payers are hereby respeotthlly informed
that a Tranacsipt or Abtract-of -the busi
ners of the year 1868 will greatly facilitate
the forthcoming work between them and
the Assistant Assessor, and that, therefore,
thie hope is entertaihed that not one will
come without, whose liability to taxation
is to be determined, in ord'er that there be
as little detention atid vexation as taos.
sible under the circumalaneee. The law
requires tax-payers to fitler mak6 up their
lists themselves, except those who cannot
read and write: the blanks oritsts of the
.last named, the Assistant Assessor is- ob
liged to fill or make up, but he is not re
quired by law to perform th is aervie 'for
any one else, nor will it be possible for
him to do so. There will be competent
clerks in attendance, who, for a moderate
fee, will perform this dervice for those de
siring it, or aid in making up an abstract
or transcript for those who have not al
ready prepared one. .For the latter there
will he time from the present to the let of
March, nearly one month. Plantersehould
include all aaticles sold within the year
1868, whether produced in that or a for
mer yeat. exclnding everythink sold after
the lest day of January, 1869, adding all
income derived from other sources, setting
forth every item of expenses claimed as
proper "dednetions," giving the number of
hands employed, not including house ser
vants or others engaged in unproductive
labor, the names of the field hands and the
total amount of wages paid to each during
the year, and every other .item .laimed as
"dednuctions." ; Iercbaq' tnacusripts
should represent .tAe. 'st value "of the
stock on hand on the 31st day of DeCem
ber, 1867; the cout value of theqiauity of
ti e merchandise purchasid di'iting the
year 1863; the Gross- sales front thelst
dlay of January, 1868, to the let dlay'f
January, 1869, and cost value of the stock
on hand on the 31st dayt of December, 1868,
-setting forth all items- of- ex4mnses or ex
penditures claimed as "dednction.",'. Law
yeua' and Doctors' traneoripth should, re
presnt all-fees rcoeived4,whether in ,eon
Seo7,eixchange of services, -ip- horses, or in
-aagyother form of paymenti from the let
day of January, 1868, to`the lest day. of
'January, 1869, whether for professional
sertices rendered duringthe year -1868, or
S.Y/prmer year, and all income from other
-A~prcqg, , nauaing all item;. of expenses
1: Ias Odoednotion0s. -In like manner
:othtr tax-payers should ake up taau.
. of.their :,isioeae: pertking -to- the
-4 1868. fpr in this way, and in this way
b: , be it observed, it can wvith faoility
mutual satisftetiawc be ldetermted or
~tined iwho i liabhlDo-.pay, tax,theio
auof t1hoe.llability and who la exempt
. 10tltOLh, 1860. - Assistant-Assesor.,
u ndersigned ectfuilJy intforms
o."thinblic, tl'af in sddition to tthe
Ihouse build:dg aWd iarpente's
mt ,altas ntidt co ite 'atmange
Itu to attend to the: a'ttsc the oomE
5 mIl tne Uiblsrnr'xt's Lurt. He
:i'iitvided himself C'itha i new and mag
-.U,6~m, t HEARSE and is iftid~ lriep.ire to
:.: satisFaction in tha line f i
I' l NIj YOU i1ai CO~VJNA N S(DA
1$nd to II.. 3 .'iind 'droclre
tietsue wuinechhs .
1869. 1869_
Terms. by Mpil of Daily, Semi-Wecklr and
Weekly World :
One eopy, One Year.,........ .....s10
One copy, One Year, with Sunday edi.
tion ....-..... ..........:. ...--.. 12
si:itr-.WEEKLy-P=Fl ilished dues'ns andi
One opy, one year,..... ..... *4 00
Four copies, one year, separateTy ad
dressed......................10 00
Ten copies, one year, one address; and
an extra copy to the getter up of
the Club.....................20 00
Ten copies, one year, separately ad
dressed, and an extra copy to the.
getter up of the Club.............22 00
WEEKLY-Published Wedbnesdays-Fall re
ports of Meetings of Farmers' Club, &c.:
One copy, one year.............. $ 00
Four copies, one year, separately ad
dressed ..... ................. 7 00
Ten copies, one year, separately ad
dressed, and an extra copy to the ,
getter up of the Club............. 15 00
Twenty copies, one year, dne ad.
dress, and an extra,eopy to the
getter up of the Club............ 25 00
Twenty copies, one year, separately
addressed. and an extra copy to
the getter up of the Club. ....... i/ 00
Fifty copies, one year, to one ad
dress, and the Semi-Weekly, for 1
year, to the getter up the Club... 50 00
Fifty copies, one year. separately ad
dressed, and the Semj-Weekly, for
1 year, to the getter up of the Club 55 00
One Hundred copies. one year, to
one address, and the Daily, for 1
year, to the getter up of the Club.100 00
One Hundred copies, one year, sepa- .
rately addresbel. and the Daily,
for one year,.to the, getter up of
the Club.......................110 00
Additions to Clubs may be made at any
time in the year at the above Club rates.
Changes in Club Lists made only on re
quest of persons receiving Club packages,
stating date of sabscription, edition, yoit.
office and State, to which it has previous
ly been sent, and enclosing twenty-ive
cents to pay for trouble of the change to
separate address.
Terms, Cash in advance. Send, ifpossi
ble, post office Money Order or Bank Draft.
We have no traveling agents. Specimen
copies, posters, &c., sent free of charge,
wherever and whenever desired. Adlress
all orders and letters to -
- TaH WORLta
 ~. Park Row,. '
For 1868, Price------....----.... ---........ 0 20
Seven copies, Post-paid..............$1 00
For 1869, Priee..........,-......... 20.
Seven copies, Post-paid....... ......$1 00
Feb. 10th, 1869-3m.
The Lonadon Quarterly Review,
The Edinburgh Review,
The Westminster Review,
The North British Review, and
Blackwood's Edinbnrgkh Mlagazine.
I Quarterlies and Blackwood are now
Indispensable to all who desire to keep
-themselves fully informed with regaiid t
the great'snbjectioftlie day, as Viewed by
the best scholars and soundest thinkers ti
Great EBritain. ,The contrtbtbsrs -to tbh
pages of these Reviews al~ e men who stand
at thq head of the.liat of.. Englh writers
on Science,.Religion, Art, and Qener l.Lit
orature, and whatever i riwothy;of disens
sion finds attentioi in the pages of these
Reviews andlBlaekwd6b . The variety is
s'great that no subscriber can fall to be
satiisfled.. , '
These Periodicals hre printed with tho
rough fidelity to the English copy, and are
offered at prices which place them within
reach of all..
For any one of the Reviews.:...... $4 00
For any two of the Reviews........ 7 00
For any three of the Reviews....-....lO 00
For all four of the Reviews...·.......12 00
For Blaekwood's Magazine........ . 4 00
Fer Blnckwood and one Revicw . .. 7 00
For Blaokwood and any two of .the
Reviews ...................... ..10 00
For Blackwood And three of the Re
-iews....................13 00
Por Blackwood and tho four Re
views......-....................15 00
•A discount of~twenty percent.wltl m ~
allowed to Clubs offor orz morp pesomi.
Thus, four copies of Blaekwood, r of one
Review, will be sent to one addreis'fot
$1280. -
b 8sna ribershoild prejay by46eiqfar
ter, at the oefce of delvery. .The Pos're
to acy part ofthe. United States.ds 2ro
Cots a ummber.. This rate oily sppiew0to
current subscriptions, Forbac~lqalyers
the postage is donble.., ..,,', :, .
Prem.amsstp New %ue3.siiber , ..
New Buheeierre toony two ofthe sabot
pexiodicals. Ifo 189 will er oenti.ied to':ri
ecive, gratis, vny oneof : .,qr Ieviews
for 1868. New $ herei.hrsto1*, alOe of
hPekiiwoaod's fbr il_8n6 fr o e-ats1868,
o Decekdber ,'86& , a$nmof thoe asbe
scription price.. ' . ..:- ;' :.
C1 Neither prtminms to Snubserlbe~ ,
nor diseount to Clubs, nor rednuced .prices
for back snumblers, san be.allowsed,i-mlee
the mnoney ts remjttsd afrCt to itse P'Rg -
e~rs. :Io.ptbmiies can be given to Clubs&
14 .l Falten St., Ner !.sk.
Te I. B, P4io Comp.py, .seo
p4ublish the
by tHRuoSTnrmuis.of.Edinhbrg, and th9
late J.P. Norton, of Yal, CoUlege. 2 vols,
Royl Octdavo, 1600 Bsges, :i ad nineroun
Price $7 tor l th-wo volw.-liy miail; out.
paid (Az
"Fighlting Against. Wrong, ac4 f or,
the Good, the True, and the
** oC O . x8 et
By the addition of a beautifully Engraved
Cover, and giving more matter-than before,
without raising the PRICE. .
All tnw Subacribers for 1869, whose
names and. money are sent in to :the pub
lisher before the end of November, will re
coive the
November and December Numbers of
1868; FREE!
.2o .Pro v as .,WW r,
Fourteen Nlumbers for one Dollar I
Tan Lrrrr. ConwolRb.--A late number
of this original mnagazine for boys and
girls, and for older people who have young
hearts, has found' its way to.our table, and
e soi rdolemt of every rare and delioious
thing for young hearts, that we are con
strained to herald its uncomnmon merits.-
The stories are dellghtful' and Invariably
instructive. The try lq limple, tender,
pretty and high;, The .boiposition is ex
cellent English ; and, in a word, the con-,
ductors seem to enter into, the spirit
their grsai'task, to know 'the'liatnre of
young hearts, and how to. eater to their
immortal longings.--[Nationol Intelligen
cer, Sept. 10, 1868.
Tii LTTLrs CORPORAu 1is 'the moot en
tertaining publication for the young thatt
we have ever examined. '"We cannot see
how it posibly can have a superior, or if it
could have, how the young folks could
possibly wish for anything better-[Pena
sylvaniahTeacher. "
We might give many pages of "Notices'
from both the religious and, -secula prese
as well as from the people everywhere, tpo
prbve ·that The Litte Corporal" is all
that is claimed for it. Its matter is en
tirely original and from the ftebeset, most
alive, and best writers in the country. No
periodical,.whether published for children
org.prown poople, paysa higher price for
articles, and it therefore secures the beet
of everything.
Clubs:of all sises. Any one sendinga list
of subscribers, from two to a thousand,
'i It is edited by
VoluNes begin July and January. Back
Numbers Supplied.
STERMS-One Dollar k Year.
In:Advance.. Sample eop:y ten. cents, br
Free d4nuy one who will try to raie a
club, Adidress
, ALFRED L ,$EWEL.,,l. ~
Publisher ChleagIly
(In October 1$th,1168, will tbepuishe3
the First. Number- of a Periodical, to ,b
devoted to the interests of America P lo
nographers, and of those who desire to
learntihe . Art of'Phonograhy,. ( Phonetic
Shorthand.) Each numpber will contain. a
series of lessgns in the commion print ex
planatory ofthe qystem, anmi of the changes
which have beenf introduced ~n' the past
few years, and which the experience of the
best -reporters has.:provýd, are worthy, of
adoption, and which teed to make it morb
simple anod easy of acqairement. These
will nontain all the instrnctiona eneees ary
to aequire the art.
The explahatory part will be'ccompan
led by shorthand dlldstratioenhtholraphed
in the beet style, Each' number will ilso
coitain a number of:ppge of l itbographed
Phonogsphy, consisting of misceilaneoei.
reading matter (with a key-in; the common
print. -
Speecheet sermons, eta., phonograptesly
reported,'will occasionwlly bhe litheogfphed
from reporter's manseapt, showig ,the
exnetttyle aused inverbatf~nrepor(dh A'he
flStfi tien benmh wilt'be iiueds etmemmoth
ly,, visa: Oatobe-'Eth  Novlmber :1 st asid
'ti Deer nIbet lstand ftb.. From Jan
nrlt, 1869,the Magazine will ba isaded
'.ol6 opa.. a NJa ers.. .....j o
'CounimiummiettI~nsaicr8p~~id sould
be addryusetph&,'tjij r rapie Atagea
singr.t," oalp streeb.o~Areens,
' ' J.O.NIZ(YNE'JINiL, . Piit
r Oct. 28. if.
OrrICs, Alexandria, February 8,- 189.
Purchaers .of spirits a hre heby res
pectfully informed that no qaintity of
'spillt exceeding itweaty (2) -gallone,
ea be: obtatlmed'taw Aexandrla r lI the
ParishI of Rapidde;- under tlhe: U:'1.
Re'venue laws fromr'any merchants but
A.' BEYMAN andB lRitVWEI' & BRO.,
who are Wholeiae I;tquer Dalcs ..-,
The-violation of tits law iitrers e both
fine ~d - nmprisonmeiit. It itill be
ni d to the intrest ot all epcerned t
b;iatn e ,oW and: where they make
their ipurchaitof rleate s.
b. .10t hy18 6. ' at ),.A ie ,
Eaton & Barstpw
F. W;. Marshall.  
N1ti th District C'opit P` ` Mit't. o p
above ;,d fe, State f ?ottittt'; r, ,
~~'jY VITtUDA btf a writ f oP T i
Dbetween tised one of "Ae . :6edble
Town of A 'exandra,.the foUowlng des
tbe4itnwpertalgsed ast4 tile-pertyn
ofATUtJDDA thelthO tay o: MA Rd,
between ithe hotr an of 11 i' M..-and 4
P. M., at the Qot rt1 House:door, in.the
Town of Alexandria,.th ofollwng des
cribetffiroiperty Asised as'the ýtrtipe`ty
of thtei Ddtbtidasttio-twit v.:
A' cortain -house and lot in
the village of ,Clheneyville, .
Parih of -Rapides, betweq-qlllli
n and Front streets.-.
hllded on the soutlh by Thurich street
and north by property of M. Hans, with
all .,the: imaprovements thereon' and
thereto belonging. : .
Trnns.o. SALE:--Cash, subjet to
appraisement. JOHN DELACyY,
Feob. 3, 189-tds. Shteff.
Printer's Fees $15 ( / "
Ms. iM, A. Zinker.
vs. No. 994.
Rosamond Legras.
ninth District Court, harisb of flap
ides; State of Louisiana.
VB VIRT'UE of a writ of fieri Fa
i e.as issued out of the 9th. 'District
Court~N Pirish of Rapides, rtate of Lou
isiaia, and to me add-essed-in the
dabovy entitled suit, I have seized and
pill offer for sale tq tlherlist and high
'est bidder:.on
.PATU AY the 6th. day, of MAlQCH,
hbeween the hourn.of II -A. . aMid 4
P. M., hit the Court Ronse deoor, i the
Towi- tfA.lexidrii, 'thefofldint ds
cribed property, by special order of
said'Court,to. wit '.
A Certain lot of ground. lyinsad
being in the Town of Alexand a, in
square No. 22, bounded abiovey bprol
erty belonging to the'Methodist Chur'b
and below by property of Mrs. Amilia
Legras and; Estate of John (~ab,
having a front on Third strect.. 38
feet,. more or less, and iraunig bag, to
Fourth street, with s front onJ'Oiifth
streetof tl feet, more or less, 'with iiU
the improvem'ents qnd appurtenances
thereon and thereto belonging ... .'
Tsaws f SALE :--Cash, "ub jeot, to
appraisement, JOHNDEL EY,
Feb . 3 1869-tds. lerff.
Printer' Fes $15 00. .
Peter Boggps "
vs.. No. 973.
Jessie Gullidg"
Parish Court, Parish of Rapides, State
"of Louisiana.
Y VIRTUE of a writ of, ieri Pa
Scasitssued out of the BHbnorallie
the Parish Court Parisb. ofEaphies,
and to me addressed in the above.puti
tied and-nambered suit, I have seized
and will offerfor e~le to the last and
highest bidder, on.,.
Saturday; the 6th a ofM arch, A. D.
between telihours :of 11 b'ed6ciFa. i.,
and 4 p. m;, atthlerCourt House dooi
in the town of Alexandria, the follow
ing deeri'b. ~ppert, s"i ed as the
prpetY. of the denaafe a., . special
re 'of sid writ, to-wi:t''"
,iteetalu: tract of1o sitsated, in
the Pariah ,of iap . orth ,of Red
Rliver,iw ! being. th Westhalf of ' the
N. E.a sodt e th . o of, e ._.
and-the N.W. .of . E. 1 o 0.,5,
8Tow P iN,,:North fRa N, 1,
Wet.ek asoIJA e East half of tle South
West of Sestim .NQ. 2-rhe Wb#le
containing 240 acres, moreois ,, with
all the improvheents l theaeo r .tahere
to belonginn,, -..a
T: erms, of alb--Casb,lsubject.: eap
praisement.., .D-. I. Sh '
JOHN DatAid, Sh
Feb8 tds-Pritter's Fee f15
Jolm Bogan, Jr., Admidstrat.or, No.
M.Aj. Grogawani lJon Cle·meT It1
nhi lastrb outt Pars k Bkfi
"<:.ii~ies tiof i aoIla-a.
g_1-rL ftit writ of ieri Ea
. bi .. of iunth :li4dhict
direptea S the a tn dpt, I
have se.j~end. .wll ofer for slp.e to
the* lIqs and hlighest bder,o :...
SATURDAYthe 6th day of MARCH,
beit\ h theoihbunr 11 A; I. and 4; P.
I,, at tii.lib Vti Ritue door, In the
ower 'zi~.'tl Wristhe lbllehi, - ;,',1. -.
Apiece, of grpunB I Jus ibelewA.ez
Di4ra Pariasuh ofJp1des, Lotanas
.addtusignsateda . pint oftii.B sega
listate asloet No., .witll : fli<atq pf
180 S6 ,bt nitbxseam llae rei$ t'01
ie.t, Montafuini2g 8-.llaere ,
Txans o SALE :--Cah, -'ell at to
Priantr's Fees ,15% e.
iogatlo itTe n f ofbEtble.T-Nt.0.
tHe Suceeselon of John G iBleds..A
Noti~eieihereby gtei tir '.all them i t
doth an mayeonesety to lseow aunesq
itthit thirty days from thO date hiwe
of-,,hytlie manie shlould not biei9 ap
proved and homologatdi t ilte a daie
diribatrel. in iaoesesia-- therewith.
..eis-a2.. .spus.leri:
~£Iiii r - A
I:V~ We fiMe the'peas tue'tp an
nounce tor the public, and our pa.
trp ns in p articu lar, tlr hu Mt e re, h l
ricei'ved ,a large and colnptet llot of
9 W, In! tta
of the most improved patt .and
are dioe prepared to exeute With
jastatpa~ ; e enfýCu4,to
is. ~we can. tutn Outt INS fhE T
diMM OF T$8 A3T
(B_ _rt TLA1 ANIXL "M
" . : : : " r ">
4. A
*ab 14tr;! . 4 44 ,:
F- 4- 2. 1
0'QP' VI";6 ~
i'·!T LBkE ~i~ ratM~
.rI t : in •n
. s' le, e"pmad t e-or" -
forw th aidoen a mple der ase.
Jin .4W . . ., * . I ..a l I0
-. Tes. :w ,a ........... : ~Ie
is a r aoar i, ao &ana>
n4tw o* W .fl -: .
JOoen Pnt.r .lhw. Proano
Cf Hate th Brog. C. -tir * .
. ' . ... .t . ...E f
*trnnnw wxO..& &
4voatr m;afl
Feb. lTrath-44. 4
QSMi . gis. - a .
lfo . rý ,it _t X ar
PGtak t y"R ýUN3 ax
isa t thd aý
1. re o w
their ow d·t& r
give a o taiapjýi3tioio e Vot
swwwwu r oiiieii .09tt·
aln, noes not make it a
b~hljr` iem" " 1 ''a iwa
proper sod pmrloti f
the a.jrtofUt dv
.* e eaw.r, ;-liitV& Avs&Jf
the highest military f ahtat the.ImV
Our aDf rene .-ý4T tlis` of Iwo
;sot llabt °iýrswr; i1 ".5df
taint aIn oth ' I t e!-diJtiW~
Ssy4*hriaes4, i tlf iiil t
attaInable, fr attack orderi'ijLiiiai
pasli sirbeea' ' 7ri' ^~J
All, alkwolw.~~doliiC1
not auppoasei p Iaid.SiIi i .''
ten&.the ba.sot
States who £ulbpwtd this eto r _W~g*.
ow dai boa" ' Oii~iil~il
/uwwscljpe ~ I
-'w~~lqi he~tm-s ri~t~~
-do- -Aq~-it
rwde toj
ea i 3rihe .
te~ll-·l-etbt;"rii /ýiblgiiipidsli,
prsswlis ckihwD1Yii-~Bl~Lfyt a_
s-6 7
t~UkP~I11 11
ori woiI*
aptbsahm "h"
W~t~I, peSL
&uproe lvw n'

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