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Thomas McIntyre,-._._.New Orlenos
J. Curtis Waldo,......... i 46
S. M. Pettengill & Co.......Ne Yil
Griffin & Hoffiinn......Baini , 1d
Wednesday,.......April 0 .183
Srt Aniong our mainny and varied ex
changes, we take up with mtole e al
pleasure the shreveport Times and
peruse it with more pIatieic n ndl profit
thai any otiher paper we.rceeive. ¶The
canudid tact 1must be pdlnli tedl that thlii
Joustail is lthe Iest cotl Dnettld, thlie
ablest Cedlited, and displays more cour
age and true pluck tlihan aiy paper ill
Louisiana. We meacn what we write
and do not showeir tlhese plilaises on it
for mere hniicumtbe-s.uch a paper in
these limeas should te iheralltld to a!
People, whose rights it chaulnpious and
lwhose cause it supports % jilthI such
marked a bility and ltotesly- ieceis,
nn:re than success say we to the Shreve
port Taimes.
f Tlihe Third AnnunaI celehrntion of
Pacific Fire Company No. 1 came oIF
on Friday;i. TI'ly were joined, a: in
vited guests, by StonewaIl Hlnok aid
Ladder No 1, and pIradetdolur staects
in fino and mnintly styl.. As usual tIhey
presen ted a flue appearance and maide
a beautiful dispn:ty. At tiglht their
Ball came off, at the Town Hall, and
was largely attended by the blunty
and chivialry of Alexandrtia. The totl
esseiblce was a pleasing and Iiftiendl
gathering of two choice andl gailan'
organizations, wilto should be fostered
in our cominllnuiry.
i In thle Picaylie of Iist Siatrdiayl
-we read a cardl of Captain W. Bi. Irwin,
comaplainingh'it rnough ndl hliarsh treat
nenit from the iaitols oif somIe legroes
at Chaselant d plantation. Chli ketis
will comle home to lrosti, andt in this
case the tegi les were pract icing ia pi t
of the Cillax progrtamrme oii our fel'ow
totnsman, nigger against white uman.
Irwin will find out that here Kellogg
has failed to give us any rensed,' fir
such outragis; so nothing is left him
but to pitchl in and make the nieglo
feIel his blows.
Dit Our fine packet B. L. IIodge has
bid is lfarewell for thle s-aison ; but her
mantle Ihas Iallei on tlhe lHenriy Tele,
a fine boait, side ' heel andi a perfect
coutnterputtt to our old favorite. Cap
tain Jolhn linea is iin comnmantd, ithi
J. C. Libanto, Jftrion antd Osgood 'ns
clerks, all well known a id capable
gentleuen of the Ilodge. We can but
bespeak( a full share of patironage fotl
the Tete. She goes down to-day at
SPRSOAL..-W have had thlie pleas
nre of a call funtl Henry WXilde, the
special correspondent of the New Or
leans Picayune, who visitsRapides anul
rout in the inteiests or tlihat able and
well edited jounrnal. M r.. Wildo has
roade an extended visit to (olfax, lthe
late seat tof war, and has made himself
perfectly an fnit with the true origin
and causes of that tei ible aflair. His
many naid interest iug letters on the
suolbject will bIe found in the Daily
Pica uine otf late dutes.
r' The store house and contents of
P. I- Oswall, on the Inglewood estate,
six njili-s from town, were hllu edl on
the iigiht of the 25thi inst. 'Tlie loss
fills heavily on 31 r. Omnslid, as thole
Was but a small inmsorante on lmie loild
iullg and stock. The tire was certainly
ilI net Of Iol ilietii hit.
Ei- An exhibition tt Elocution by
the jItipilsd .~St Janus Granimtar sclitoul,
at. Pin'eville, will coieae off on Fritlay
at 3 'ctlock P. M1:. Iinolea the silie. iu
tendence iii Pani ilssior Jolit L. Walker.
Thle public are invmited t&io attend aui
Tifituress the exercisce.
GPThe river Ihls eiseu tLo feet sinee
stih lust, attd is 3et ota tIh rise. IRe
!morfs i jia ablove Ihave it falltimg, Uilt
geoilf preusectsoflouw water.
Colfax Again.
Another wee'k Juts rdlled aronnd, and
.2imtt ion to tihe.r 4of public, n1ul
4ii iI S'le oily 4 111 re itle Adhjnn V(t
all 2 ttInt i3 1 the fal14o 5ateteits.
.iand l their tewspapers. They onyie see
start, they mis sent l Hilir e the ct toall
th e thne fl'ss n1d crtefte itainto aefirst
CE!e4S snlStit by, 1t 3 Rlicaiho they expect
ito e iofti l t it iti cl ly.
At th1 fitst taip of the drum ocff went
I Col(oIIel Di IiK t, Elf Neu Orlea1s, i3
t.ongstreet's stalt and Chief Deputy to
Packard, U'nited States Marshal for
Lt4isi34, assisted by one Wtigllt-art
at'(tache of tl e New Orlth.s CIstolm
1loet4 111and tite (if brotllher.-in-law Ca
sec's Itet eateIrs. They e(lllie to Cul
fax officially, elmnainedt there a. few
1h341s, s1w noid conv ersetd withi' severalI
getitl 4eniof ol ourt Parish anlld got fiomn
them thi Ii ttrue facts ItS thef had tranis
pired, butr they also saw ;md h444 11 41ditt,
its is a chat. nIilh a24 the old neItro wet.
;t14n of Collax. whot. really 1know Iotlh
inn' of the fight. But the ltitler an
's4ere1d their put poses, well naled by
the coup de piYrce of tICe buzzar2d (crew
here-and 41t tihe hut11ndetl to New
Orleans ainld out poppeI!ld the otli4int re.
part. of I hthse wcrtl~thlies! It. has been
1read here 11 ever}V' 1hodl, ac1 d we are4
Sure l-V1rV hº,,lv sips thr411'u14h it, till
covered ha4ks, ltand k 1ns1oS itsfalse anilt
h~itete inte~ntiotns, 'and vwe all knlow
tllhere is scaIct!y a line of trutth n tlhe
Vhole report 1'141111iE h22innitlg to u41l.
Beckwith, the Untied States District
Attoiuuityy, cilitm of the infl;lolttua 1Ur) II,
then takes it and tries Iris hai(nd o4n it
1an;il 11nal1 piltes ii s leveral extraI lies
nit to li-e found in the rteplllt, and thus1
gives it i14pr1loventIEt and Radicatel-rf
isl1. AInd On B13Iss P1aclkard takes the111(
reills 111 111 lld l itd off he si trts, givilln
uis 200 killell, 80 t1ht3on in th1le river
anti the blmwntable t111 ultl and \ an rtyroiwn
of the "bl a\e Shaw;." Wo1n t old DIut
Shaw still whcn lie reains the obhtuna
lies p(oo11un1ce1 ( oil hin by these fel
low s who are deterlininc to 1have i 311
dead"l T'hen the neCgroEs of New Or
c142ns hieaded a1nd hlundtled on by
I'inhblleick & Co., have issuedl 11 ad
Itdress t to tlie Anerican p3eople, fuill of
fury, sound and hombnst ant ove(1iuw
inl ,t ith l ifls statetlteits, it any thing
witrse thian DeiKle'is ilreport.' Five:
thousand is the num1)eber of baick vie
'tI iths mutaerdttl ill ti.elve Palishes inI
L1ouisiana sinIce t.i e RecolnstructionI
1ltensurt'e. iRaplides is8 plt do(n as one
of the Plishes andt colies ill for ler
slihare ,. thlie five, thlonistland martyrs!
One word for Rapides, we defy ally one
to mention one single negiro, ino 1has1
beein imurdered in her limits by white
elnt. Many have bIi een killed here
Ibut by nIegtie's. They g've anid sinig a
lparltilg 9reqttiewt ti, Ithe 'l"brave Shaw"
anod 44il1p aL big tear to his mietr lirI
(id Dto 1i 1gni1 :.grit at all . itis !
ITIebt rottes the New Orlca ns l44i14ubli
citl, i43i4 ti f II I Ht, tit' ii l tel with
iloc war pliiit, whto pilesit o( tIhiek,
.1 heavy andt faist. They have already
clattered 1l hire o onlts to take ottr citi- 4
zEnis 1(4 New (n!hnas, have alreatly
tried an1il tinbct te tlhim tnd kniow
.that the Albany Petitentiary's doorsi
are11i de opteni to teceive tliem! Antd
the( Regintl'liCen tilo sCe(Il( 41 i' ts 121'
I tllalcltItilts for the fall Eif the "br:tve
Slihaw " G.Icious woni't ol(( ntcle D)n21
feel gllod aitit swelet that all tlese fel
l4o114 hlii Vhimt (1(23( 21 a lii(ikel el-2t
hhhittn ber tl111( leatder .4131312llICE1 ill
(th3(1 tIlt 1m4343oi's ! H114w llCltpaltet 1a iit to
di( for f1111 a2(d 1r(1441 nflie's opiIioins
44b1t1 1 (li niit 3o(44r gelod (leetli!
N 11o1 liC i cilosl 41S by ilgaitn rtheant·
ing that the Colhtsi tight itas foi (rcd
41o thle vhltioL s an:d ha1d to cotme ott 14314
dthei mlaide tlte best of it anid were in
Ithe ritht. The whites were34 12b iln
11(32Immbe untd~el C. C. Ntslt, the Sheti if
4,1 tjiunt 21111 ner stintattuoeil 211(1.net-*
lt ed 218posse COmitaftus, a114-wereI Coll
froted by 35 well~lcttl armed, weM drlledCI
commnll:dr~ of WardL( Flowrne~ and A llenl,
all tE hree lintegris. The 4.bh*rave Slatw"
Was( titi iln Lmiillltttlld, had teIy litlie to
do itb tLb uffir, was uoiu Lh itlht1
sat a.notI killed, nor even
T livetand kicking near
. *Il ite men were fromn the
-rn she* 'rant, Wi Ceal Iadea
ap 'I'hle kille tile
1, woundled, dA-tw te
kill til twelve nljd.
Ot tet iet of t ff
elf Alidv.'
It is a sail thing to pass through life
oultl hialf alive. Yet there are thou
sands whboserhaitutal condi.tion is one.
of langnuor lint derbility. They camP
piaint of no uspecific disease; they sutfler
no ipositive paon ; biut. thley siave no rel-.
isle fsmrky i ta totlit ablss'tl
er. Reustquuis _ileasursLt to .thei moreu
roatutt and energetic fellow-beings. In
nine cases outi of tea this state oif lassi- 1
tudle antd tortpor irises from a moarbid 1
stomachi Indiatadtionadestro 's the en
erg% of boilh mind and body. -When 1
the waste of naturte is not stnpp'ied by
a dctue anad regular assimttilation of the li
aoad. every organ is, starved, every 'I
faunctii itterript ed.L
Now, what dloes common sense saug
.est Iinder these circum-telllatiCes of te
Inasion A? Thy systaem needs losing
andl strengtlhening; not imerelyv fr an it
hour or tnt, to sink afterwards itato a
snore p-initle condition than ever (as
it assuredly waild. dlo if an odlinaty
atcohaltc st linnhant was resarted to,)
but radically and pertianettly.
Haow is this dtriralale object. to be ac
yaotmplishird I 'the answer tro. this tine.ý
tion, fownded fill the nt Vai tig experi
ence tof a (lPirter of a i etitutt, is easily
given. Infuse new vigor into the di
Igistive origants by it coullrs'e of IIstet
ter's St iuwaeh Bil tars. o anot waste
time in idtlaitnitering temporary rental
ediesl, bulit wakete tlh system n p lby re
etiperatinlt the fan tatai hebad of hisi
cal ttlaiettlh andtl energy, the great or
gan upon which all the oitlier org
ldepend lier their Iurtlure and support.
DB y ite tine that a ahazein doses of tlhe
:eat vegetalle totic aand illvigoatallt
have Lean takes, the feeble frame of
thie lysjieptic will iegin to feel its he
it ifitetince. Allppetite will lie rcea
teda, natd nith appetite the eapjneity toa
dligest what it craves. 'Persevere unltil
the cuitI is co(;Ipletc-.ntil hIlealthitful
Iloodl, fit to bie the mtates itl of ilesh
and liiiscle, lione aind nierve and btrain,
flosn tlirougha thie channels of cilctla
tIon, instead of thie watery' pabulml
witlh ilhici they hlave heretofore bereu
tainptertcctly no islied.l.
A' b t 1'lcTANT Cosirl n oi:AtION.-Dr
1i Tutt's Liver Pills are plrlely vegetable,
tand aire adapted *to young and old
I:nmale aInd female--andl itay be taken
'at all tii's, without restraint of occu
I pation, witlhout change of living, with
I outi dirt, and withilont the fear of tak
ing coldl, daring all kindits of weather
and in all eliia .les.
When the Blood is impure the skin
presents an unclean, rough and sallow
ailappearuce, often accompainiedl by
blotchles, pimplesr, &c. It is a foul cor
Srnption generated in the blood which
nature l strives to thlrow off. Dr. Tutt's
SSarsaparilla and Quecn's Delight acts
Sdirectly on the deputrlatory organs, of
whIthlit the skiin is one. By its use the
skiaw is renalered soft, smooth aital ros
enite, and the whole systemn 1lreovated.
TLe iin' faishionanile leo Cramn
'ilid 'aid t ' Stloon was opleneal on list.
lF h'iday, and duely inaugirated with a
grand traat-ironi the libeial propt itor
ton the Fire Department tinwi their
1 flrends, with Youiag Ameicricta thraiwn
in. We trust snuch a pnIblic atd purely
,goid iwisiittution will tie retmeniered
and plattotizeC by our people. It ccr
tuiily merits it.
SThae New Orleaus Republican hlits
asatai'teal a nIewi oae atad alledges that
a Messus. Iladntot atn Llaiiis were shot
by. tlreir own uateta. 'rhje way that
Joarairnal is goiing otinin tlheColfax affitit',
trrnkitg righat taal heft in the d Irk, it
I l\ill fiially reach the setmblaucwiee of
I truth.
E W The corna of wijr pt isih is grow
f' uig well tiwil looks prromiiisilg, tIut the
cottn as in i ather hIjal ·hielthI. Too
. mulchc cults wealther for the'lirttcer, sand
I hany planters have plaiwed uptuid re
ti pilantaed. Cane is looking and doing
88- No Spiriia weathier as yet-we
will hltavae torn barnund ftoai Winter &o
L Summesr. .
lappy Pcensylvania.
The Leglslatt of this Stte'" ad
the following words: , a
Mr. Speaker and Commoners of the it
State of PennsUvRania-I thank you for, t
rho distinction you hayg.conferred up- c
on te by your incitation to address
Yu on the subject of reform.. I know
of no other body of men, either of the 14
Sl}e SR0tt i ta bds isatruction c
ot Repiesentativry of this State now a
Iefore me-[laughterf Lor 'that hias so c
broadly and ,deeply experimeuted -in
the line ohindividunal' and official pro- r
fligacy. [Laughter and applause.] I 1
am .not surprised, however, that it is T
so, when I consiiler abu 4diite sCem*
bers serving izithis Housp from my inm-C
umedinte locality, many were not even
notninatetf.and ete j-twifsqy -tyret tv I
elected. [Slhouts oflaughlter.] > setit 1
v4,u ieform bills, which cost me.muny
days of anxious.rtliought and-)abprto
prTeret, but yqu 'licsed not wbieni Ir
piped to 3you, nisher dil yon weep res
ipoosive to pry ,ourning over the de- t
generacy of the 'body politic. I must ,
idmit, hlowver, that you were priomnpt
executioners, for every bill that looked t
towards reform was tnegatived with a
yell as fast as rules would iulluw. Spt
in political, as often ig.,moial and re
ligious cycles, the darkest hour is just
before the dawn of day; and it is griti
- ying that after on hatve co istininated
all the harm you can possibly inflict
upon the Staite yo1 have tby n.anli- e
iMonas resolution called for a confessor.
[Langhlter. It was well to pause thus,
,just for the'sake eof novelty "ot refer
ence,s so that iwhen, the. tetpest breaks
you can point to this beconring neact of
rcontrition' for the wrongs doine to your
1constituents and the Conhmoniwealth.
Laughter and sanrenitie shouts] Most
Sof von who have for three imonths been
ºserving in tlhe places to ýcIichilother,
1, persons were elected by. the peoples
I have discounted the fetributive tt'a eI
Sof popular reprobation by creatipig of
r fices by legislativeenactinents, to which I.
- youe hope to retire: and those unplrov id
º ed.ftr hope to be placed on ,the tidefi
1 nite pay roll of the pasters and folders
of tlhe House, in accordantce withli the
, prevalent custom here to pension de
cayed statesJPgn. ,[Shouts of1tns litir.]
SThat you seek liberal counsels to lhave
Sgood seed sowp in the chli tf, virtne
that snurrounds o is a i iiefeil sign of
the timues, and .if you t1o not cheat us
more than 3QQ90 in Philadelphia next
,.; fall the places ktatknow you now will
knogw you dy mo(io rever. fL ?glhter]
nBat I 'trn to tire fhriud eefr it 'on
Stlhe deep cloudt of youir record. One act
of this House gladdelned the hearts of
I ithe whole people.of the Stat;q Andre
- inspired hope .throuighont the lengith
e and breadtlrof- the Commonwealth.i. I
s refer to your vote in the :midrlst of die
a order that at a Philadelphia fire would
f be called a riot, on Mondlay evening,
e last, fixing an early day. tr yony final
-adjonirnnment. '[Latihteriand a'pphibie]
hav lIae hIerrd of 1ii 'oftjep.of the State
trho did notafi'atilpFiqptove of tie.
act. [Laughter.] I T an hippy to point i
to it as tliev oan tI e withered des
cit tliattyon" -hout you, anld
r to accord you c dfltA$r it.I opig,!
gentlemen, if I may be pardoned the
t se .of the term-[lmughlter]-that the
V longth of your lives. miy correspond
with the meurimb Aif votur vim timdA, $dnd
- that you will be sticetded ,by better
men than yoursolf, I bid you gootl
n tighit.
tp li'e Senaln r retired aniid roaring ap
t pinnse and a liberal shotter of pajer
balls. + I
* The members fully appreciated 'th,
fact that they h gone a-ooling ain
cmehomeI1 uq 4their gambol
Flashing in their pearly shelen,
e From the glorious coraline '
See those teteh ulittiishedil
White alike, the back a'ddftp,
Yes, byrtie tragilait SosooDaTr,
May beautty'sn mouthl be gBriintshedl
---Spaldin;,4'. Glu e mends lleaidless
Dolls, &c. :
12T We have received New Orleans
papurs fioom the C08i.Dnrfes, Iyria
jLouise, &id. iFete and Sc. Mary.
Too much Power O
Tile world's history NIS
ao fliatiyi
- Ii N wtang p th
le ty to t n .dctaiaj..eauw 11
agicultut'al . tiechatileodl , I)Hilkln;
slhoal, ill the iitctrests, tec
that Ihavie ancy relatiions wa aI.y o
cut re'cey. On tale bleirtla lhacng, il a
C~m Forc i degreie- tte uelfiirer iti
1 prospere ita".of tittyt'i ig; lt:ýtoli,
Thc poiwe~r tea macke citcatfes ' e tt11%n
aIdentitul ; 'ta ezpactcd cccr coutraiFt{j*
cicraeney of thee Countly; to tuicreaM
tlhe vaalue o'f the oaiseitaleraPig tla4 , j
dehrtiakec to represesia W 4111 i(ºla i I
ianller msn nrr still rests i< nt
ctile IId~et; i6 Ivia. e
rise stld till!. biM 1 ,1ie! to diitjmiya
poor a to-aforlrw a' he maty ecta...
Thie eeiictnry hiei'ic't hlilbt.iri !CnitldUllq.
peopcle sit shoti nt tn r for W saile: tIkeacgIti.
I feil naeliciit ie fronia t o thae iiiett sicenl
of thisa situatioiifn iieiei.eoeaia..ihlect u.i
ing. jeizitciip leaee aof jaeWr ilu ti.:li1al
of this tilii with Iahee. own Utter itiel
leeslneHs. ,6lol' hin, tbttrrae w iN(L! 1n- ,.
Iy be i. reveantniaii . No titli. ,posea
over aI! rice: muntrtetattet iatnereastls<i ers
manauay millionias was erk .illually Hgi C
trusted toa a ýsiicule iuctijvjelnal. 1i1
tint cIa thee S1iPi1;'iti s eaf, of Ihitmiitn r`
drons to filliiistee'.siaclh a tenet'.wi'lr
Nii ltitan whit ever livetil t~iaif atndrnhi'.
ter it hceaecrly. THii~e ls" tiit ittle
etntjta hlan niiitc 0 tied ae tt iltiiici
all the iitiaacierttesicile s'abiitietrti. .l
tliacui thaeit tiatiact iececnil the hcltetrct
sact eancu ittices ptaoer. 'Thee piai4ge
tiilaici betn exerecised by strc pigenaai
ltce grealtest jecleutiay, ieial ti:e-iincetlct
ine which it this beeniin~lane alt;e re~oiaede
leeanladiiai ks oct' tti~itecal tohlyrtu,aeac"p
its thu %Veaatlint5 (aif hitaiiri. dictahr
oinci thisiie ee ceaticcuy, ini theie ldeit
f tlhat we lioaa$' ac ice haigit etlivilj.
zat iotn, t{ cloathe-ca one mcan, ol reathter
laiV lilah, ton eM i`rhacihuut~ niith a
ºicawtrrio ieleairs' ~ recv (r apple.
ciuate it it b it i rwe ilt ill ;ancd we
h ticrdly so rlincht a5 pt, itn ui pretest
adiol tlac rety ihiig cxest:"ý1tiet ctn
e at (Ii-lw ;ii; (at tai&~ leaet Ia ,r alt his
t ltespoti4djit ce tof l04."6d WclIji. eaf tie
sul' llrtieifi f re e riaccaugl$aut ree
Speech ni .-the ciabcitille t" ileexer.
ri I4ll by l a±lci 'Ve t1 ad
Si bet t.a~iie.u eat'.t<f1P , hI hi' Are
tIharlt i tic"L' b~ac"ºilta'ial' "1 I athi ire-.
- ieteitdec poweacr oft thIe Ficiacre ?aliiaai
Icr te Wh hioldslee hetwtevu he tilallreida cc
Siiulegl the Ijisicese ijUteirtes utg wehotac
Cci Colntinett.
It Wale nteel na sn oleartilatiri.thi
'ccli Uncitedl Stilted Bain;t thlitt jeciilal
itak~e cahaat.(ey~.t~apr il" eer at" wail, icy
('tatitei licia oat cxtaitclecflu 8f jitper'niuiV.
-jy, ci aid tills. it. woe se $itI iL~e it ctc itIU.
iIIejsIe tacit ical poltter, tant wats data.
I gectoues ii) tintv txlrtic.l It, tis Ptiaser'
oils d:!lgertuluo s hhir;·, , w!ii;' coictry
ic juls iaaitOll, % h tate \ilelie sicd of Ithe
S iceeiet. cuutittil , rt' ceci nice Iccaa lO
!rengd uf-it 'cr iacr'tttit~n, catirntS flii
I dabsolitilyt ice? vhetstlv eiteca eid tansines
iiteretsce acf' the ceact'iec cry, tcid.cacticerce
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