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The Louisiana Democrat. (Alexandria, La.) 1845-1918, April 30, 1873, Image 3

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I ~Pe~l~in!:
, .'t ON C A RLES SWIN t;r E* tha
w here i thl e rose is,
(: predlike.Iipalea -the,. t
eg 0Wan 1grow'togetet
It rliua u sing leeather,
t lel] or flowerful closes, Gol
Gr>easur'e or' iay , rie"; Hill
utlre r ue w rre wheat the roee 13, tall
flli1 were like the leaf. 1F:
flnere what tile words arr, th
And love'w ere Hke the tune, ilhi
ith doulle soundil anll single, hw
With kieses gIul as bires are
Tit gett sweet trailn at ioon;,
erl what the words are,
d love w\ere like thLe tune. sch
Iio' qre life, Imy darling, the
I. yoI r love. werei delath, cie
de' shine alnd slnow togethler 'the
S1arthli mutle sweet the weather tii
With d:tllril inod starling, the
Aulhiuri of frliitful.hreath; for
po were life, tIy 'ahrlinig, *
EndI, your love, were death old
gyou were thrall to sorrow, l
Ij were. pae to joy,
We'd play for lives a 'dll seasons, It
lith lovui look:iud trelsons, phil
And tenars otf night aldl lmorrow, tli
And laiIghis of ;mate iand boy; of
IfyoI sere thrall to sorrow, on
And I acre page to joy. the
nfo were April's lady; tni
And I were lord in 31vy' of
atcC throw with leaves for ihours, p
nddraw for dtay with flowelrs, t
Till dy like night were shady,
Anl flight !were bright like day; 1d
tro0n wmre .April's 1l:iy, "
jnd I were lord in May.i
If roll were queenI of pleasure, tm.
And I Were kitui otf paitl,
Wnll lunt dl-a nI Love togetlher, o
Fincl oUt hiii tlViinr tltliher, pii
u\nd tehch his beet to mieaitutre, t
And fif'l .i; moutih a ri ;i
If oll nere Ineel of pliasure, w
And I were king oft pintn.
A Glorious Rebel and an Infamous
We copy thire f ai'oni ng article from: in
the Slhreveport 'i iimes -the ablest, anld w
blent jnllral il Iiiiisil fn n : e
Early on thint April niorminy in 1863.ii
when the Citnfmelder:te line whlicih.hii i
laield hack rollli 111 liter colun ai ofthe Ia
wmeininhi- riillll less h1ots of the jei-;i
r.Ils, ashn kiken-andl sptiemiil waver l
rgeen aroundllll the pirromn of Lee, ev v
ery featuile of whose leonine fte 'retry
rigid 11:" marbl~e, mid whose' eye hlnze~d
with muprteiima1t1s lihltl ke tiI felliii o at
glihtailig phit ling un a .stueiniiwiept a
plai or a 1t ees t beaten rocmk; at thuat
critiral m~omnuit a ;rail, tierce shonEt
welt ip from the reeling line, wihile it
new life. The their miet a1 reqnlst- il
Alneern 't tee~ uiitiei t eteiiari iiod a Sll(
Loingsrmet was brilinu"ir ip his corps,
and every heart took counage -anti
slhet after shuit reCt thei air. At thej
adtaere of Longstrret thirty thoinsantd rt
wrltn iindi waisild heroes exulted, nll1it
felt new the ilpilll-e to will victory
or i1w; alnd as Lee's tivolrite chief, ht
the head of his veteran clo.p, 1o011 in
11t1me hilht whirlc was to seil a iiatuoil s
dIoonii, hle seeuiel in iee1410 t e verIi vv
nipit of wa"l, leading her eaglets to
the fe:;aIr." .W oubiI t litnt Logngstreet a
hail diedl themie; ,r lovitie iid Iieroic
leiple1wo 14t have cherished his iieni
oly a1. they liheriih iihat of Lee nud
JIeksoiI; histery woulid lihave hal ntlied
his liIded cowii lo thIl latest postei ity,
1an1 faille would hliive inscrihed his hlii p- h
Died iaiiie on the living scroll not alone it
of lheroes, but of ieroeCs, pitt iot and In
inastyrs. 1
ltihe ha i-is live'! . to see 111la5rela
anl lisi ftame hlntst.-i· by the o·icrses of
lito people;e ti) thnl tliiii wiv jered viit
hrchieu as if strickin by Ilie li;.:t-'t
sings ot iidoniiniot avin. Thlie ln
uf186a i i the traitimr of to-dny; the
hunolted ch~ief of theu Conrfedetra~cy, is the`
fctCrliidl misereanut, thle' icieriiel reue
giili', tie outcyst triimi .hpiislir, cif the
pn'went. Gientlaemen shiun hrim a s
leper; womilil-in gstthier their skirt iiii more
clIlserl ablictut. theimi ots he I 'asses, a iil
tllldren liave leairnedl to link with his
aecursel i nme all tIhar as iifitamiillo iin
humliitV. He slinks thImrouigli thlie
lhrtemI with howell lmeiid iallildow tcast
Pri, eciarged at iiiln a voijidel by his tel
lllw-Cltizi-is, and tinds veiiiliiiiiioshiii
unlv iii th1 coneil S of the despoilers
of his toluintry-thu i iifitiiiiii ci-uat ill
wlii iointriml the ninut-piiig goveienitumeit
of the State. Hits onlll iwiiluptiou i5 to
give his ad vice in 11111 S tin- the perse
ontioni of iis lIeouh, lfor tlieir p l dier
anilo lutrig e, and to direct boiies olf
Sreed police to illit. eloiwn ii ii iiiuinlr
thimue whlImI, diiveii to ilesperitianii by
hi5 iiaistersu, iinprnilciitly attein It 10
SaIaSLne. Whieti lie silhll leail, idoble
lienee to Kellog's coinmin oid, anrd us
im i reported lie is to do, ai body oil
armid police tir iriotis Iio Grait. ptirisih
klitriiagc lie t uie pople th Iitie by violeiie
or by suliglnlitly tfalse reports of the
sitiltuitio, lie sill have crowned his~ ca
Career -.f treason and conleieted the
allnnaFtiiet of his inuiniiy. Te rebel
Lmiigstreet was the I1. eci ani hionred
of cviry Southern heart, aiid thou
ardolotbrsve men eiulted1 n hai cvm.
ink hltovalisgýýitei o dsi .to-- 11 ioFi
Ted loaglisa rg et Is hated, des'
pied. 4ndlcrorned by3- -every astifly
Lllcil · uin aistaan11 . "Oh A'
iincih t itio tu inig, how art lies
thaF_;.* then,
TI($ o$ from the codl
Goldn Fie the attention of, it
"º ll ,s a more til
L n rt than it ail+]
tiit receive,. 't i neleaie ofh iiiot
( fcrim p Nye deplore is .ot tlhe resuilt of mun
titin tttrtued senitmient respecting pun- not
ishmeit, hult of a nitunlyr of caulcswe' ltut
have n ot space to 6f"ntlion to-day. bor
Consp.iciuris s among them are the loos- of
ened habits of our people; tihe neglect \vbi
of moral training at home and at /"'
school; the greed for wealth and tihe al
worship of success. however gained; `t
the breaking up of the old order of so-'
ciety by railway and emigration, and t0ha<
the immense growth and prepontclera- at 1
ting influience of cites iwhichi abound in tri
the arts, OppOrttlitities a81d occasions moo
for vice ard crime 'IThe iold idleas andit It
ctstomns have been lefr behindi, andti the ii
old order of things hts ibeen broken up; les
hit new thoughts, nobler puinciples, 10i
lenithier habits, and more healthful A!`
asancKiation itius have not taken thelo 01o
places. We have found by experience ti
that good dintelis do not take tlhe place et
of geenti morals. Elegant and luxuri- Cat
ons houses, witlh cotly apparel andti
the counstunr indnlgence of every tiaste j th
and whim, do not train the manly vir- VC,
tnteso. r .raise up a geinerit;u.io of eit s }tei
or saitis. Splentlid chtrchtes, with ill- jvl
iressive celenoniat l and uitagiice-t irl
n ps ot teed bite, rootst of priuci- At
tfl numidkl;o;tu " wnJeitst in business, Ia
4n iuel 1 i n re·(h!ti ty to con vic
tl* jhire-I. -It takes a ;I
ii ros 'afp port the com - i
p. tc ii *odttrO eiviliza- he
Ii *l.·
le sociudfabril of 111
fave weakened the "~
pit tSd 6 w jlR, and add to s
Ihl roof, which crxsht'a by -its Weight., ci
t alr t d to $ehll a man who is ("a
' i 1 desktifiateady knmawinas of ' l'y
E d iij thid ' ide ntstip go back to tbrat. tut
p Dtklfý" enveor to accutulate l"l
S v AM 15 tiiinple oedienico to the Ieý
l1 4fit Ins enatitution.- But this is ti
r tr 'ii turd ottentuimes the only possi- tit
le umethod of uet. Vice is a plague !i
iin the bod' politic. Crime is a disease! f
(i which jesults.iornt na tul:al causes, an: It
can hie 'cured by only unt. Way. We i'
must begin t at the beginning. Insteadii
"of Ins V. in th t twsupot t ohe tip- t<
per houghs of the tree, we unist go to ea
r ho 'routs. ! 1
It is not imore }i intuilig, biut better
r habitii as it people that are to s:vei us
f omrt vice. It is not more cotnvictio ns a
and i Ilnoter terms in prison, but a bet
t tel 1 1 I training, healthhier dom testic
I'tand Sociatl conditti"Ins truer itdelas Off lift 1111
t and ditt-, n111( a deepened se-sUe of the 'I
vit alue, nouthi ati11 great tiess cof thie great Wi
(moralities upon which all personal and ti
it scial wIlfa-re pritiarily rest, that will st
diminish vitolence tand eime. It is not I:
thile halter eud, but thIe Ihome end to i
Ii 1which wAe miust look for the supp)"es- t'
siln of vice allni tile arrest of violence. ti
he And not ultiH we put a hew moral stn- "
S ii teunt into the ct on rt iitll itV, miatkint !
Imen think m ute of principle ta` itn oaf t
a t" tº '` tplaftMre~rnora for: tlesop a
n-j º4iura4,Mi~st saatd rellit-ion 5
4fe thmm stld rlicate antins
aqqft 1 pleasares andl c
attng lxi --andi feet . plo
t dberer respIar t ot fi1legreat virties
st alitn m gr~ifies ohf life tha& of thetir S
t t find tle
ti(l , 1JMt"=iae _2;, ..stu the..ure "
ON k. - _ifh
ºI- t t lE ls rot the t ousapd len
lse t1 . ( tIf -irtIist;t1 alroluntitd that ul
utad lowed pot to till the voilld his aching
-hieart, anti whAieaway his lisu~re nit
els, tii t of hs ot. Ia
of :it rtune yorot ty-yet ou willtim
,t) jeiedly - v.wehclcotFi Pti a hearts baltetthig I
tlrate to yOli bkiT. 'hiit closett partntr
ie honew'hen all others reCuse, tud a lieu
tie to ftel y-out sotrocv s ae otwii. 'er
le- tapts ut stiinhiii the-lul wilt lwritthiine
lue: gltee attd jtioits laugh, wit l iriuvi ill
4 Ii strrow tiroti yotu eatewon (artihow, all
ore enclbse it itn t-ie cvrtauhs of dontic t
itt biks. No mattar how litmilae n t t I
his hotme ituy lie, howa~ tl.,tititte itSsi 4tm
i rol how ItoorlyV its imnates ire clIa: if
true hearts dwell there, it is yet a Iniae
*t cli rfulh ii pirtale t wcift. tiled &- ii
il ct d uI)iq tioilnte cdrthi ilti rnIt, wvill give lao-
hel1j se oirore riai l joy tItan bt:igs rof gtdil
hit itid w itily lionori. Thle lhtite (41 i t~ut
lets pet-ritt, i aI it -trioulls tail h toiett inoan will
It bat tls 'greats *0t li naiotes to it
etit 4ir 4% 1 almnt* the 14o C of the
5to ilielrry lattuah -atol tlle Itaipy tiaoie. tiC
de- Ihidhool chetr himt A plualit bUt
ier hel hit t i met awaits hhn. Etvy. amn
So it lot nlo a~ strife have huop place tie-re,
an uttt ith ut clear cotisctentie~-i hztv his
cc enei~y lighs dowu to test in the bosomu
*' otiiis fittilv, atil uiibr tlte ptroteti hg
Sllrre- · eaeol'sk4 :dor ·~nm'l f'ricud.-[:Ex-
cII; -i L'ILp(ii
o. OiI* 045MA iusissialstp VaIle3y- Society"
risli h'as been organize-l at bt. Louis, u itIt
ne a utr-anch in Lontdo)i, to prmunote bi-i.
the tiess relalicliuu betctweenu Eu glittt i nil
ca- the hlisHissi ij Vdlley, and to encotir
th~e euu-ll~l'.ln .
>red - A Love comiiig ilt) a woman's na
liot- tuie is like the last stroke of the artist's -
pm- ~ayvil to the laudscape.
Women: p---
*A womim wi ii alnmnding physIcaf the
health, to whom the unele joy of eXis- (ill
tence is an intoxi ntioli, hiis beioint ex- 0o1t
Cepio-0able, ntot CW Idy phcýto;I :-;- 11l
$5l wornet. call thelti}elves \v-1l if tlheC
they are not ill elnough to be dlieon t6" d
bed. Ald for everl Deli wloianl who cot
coddls im;agilnary ai·lnets aind trhinks are
it interelstinlg to be a little celiete, one 01P
iIhundred women go through theil weary!
toil of daily house-keepling, who live-'
and labor tlihrouii fore ot' :it bitiion aln a c
lit through farce of timiie. We take w.a
initIch credit toolnrelves.beciat: e we do tlfl
Inot perilitolr woienitc to di tieltl Ilaior, "lis
hIlt it is afe to atsert that to titeld l i- (111
tiof a -11.11t " Ameriiean houisekeeper
tho is poori but. who, benit w A.IterifiCI,
illlt h1 e genict l . t!- e is ooltkt tunilot- ote
t all-work, ea4lt i still ttailt re-, chilt 's ti i
zhbubtl have milletll'pettiouat&, Itn . the 11I4
b ut plenty V fi ci lii, and the IIIl:-twing ttil
01t lbii four ki elmt of take; wheel it tinIi ley
Iat her hour, and her OWnl gown, shell
itr ill uing it., aidll ltlarzi ill ie favo itel
mn t hy l a I o sn Ja azine. (lawhat l tt
Dutch or Iri-lh peasanit 0 omtlan wh~o eel- 1'
is y tit t her iileid otid staIt this a iio - ie ,
NOS Mtail? ?uI y 1)1! et i-:t ,I te i iinlt ell
Ow Ithth neate physique iplisit ofo tii At
Alit riet n woinltui hut tit 1- oute. gully
of overstraiu~?nin; erve and tit(c .- ills
Sthis climllat t lhitc it li olv-ri i laio e lý - ill
sensitive oiiaiihmuls, is t Itblea c cii fesit
cause, we think. toirseti and at )XV~ i tuit
(if -kirts no ehottht stay or maimi tim:ir
I tholusn d li Tht Wte -ktl ei reirll h ivael'h
that lthe coIl t of to-day is it cbt ce
llvest co uIIii , let its-ay, o the strai htl
Ii fiii (I Ill( tt ,1' lll II (''1 i o i I! o liv -~
3' ijtacket of hu iikrlnll a l i ir whichl' is tn
Sie* at Pilrik tit hall a a relic of that pI
'.air tti tt l, ttt Alice raie ili rl. t('
.And the f'a.hymbule" linsplie~ss of ouur b
permiodl h:14 natably red ceed the load of
t iull) whtitch the IIt tOi ti lo t itrhu
haio tlim t indibitet atle. i While: ikit ust l ttl
be reei j erl-O tha t our rr;t l n i iother-, cel I
Iwho were held .l 1s example, of rosy h
ihealth, iuhirem ie ! l iy t the bliiuket staysi
f lnu the poundr oiti i Ileid i dripery.-I
f ly sooked fAl, Itio Iuc lisewing mutti "
t t too little - 1till, til tunh il d)tciU to
Seil pu' t. t the very tIat that D l"
itrls calf d: ia :ei whole niti ht, or sit at
the ijaihine and he o tie nnsureld awer
web of A cultanl io ot t t;hi hee titte, or ti
l i ve oil tilte etin try i a lltith tw are of tl
iftred te in e ."t a, o u
Wit horn-- * &y .;tth orthr, thro", ant
.l+ o not t ii. m i ihillt I llell t ateilt' e tI
qItu i e , 1l o. to i t:I e eit t ai."
()'Hsiy he tranlstorm'eled into knit. It i,
it)- vo ci
~I l~r. Iliii'lt 1511, Ii? Chitui alllil S. Cj.,
'ill 1%i tilet etietti t of l,uuiiies Wi i l iiut iir1( 11·
Ii)" ittll ~Il it;'' to iK l hIrclt tlItli, cf wislt iccll
Siapparet h ly t. e that . II l tIei m tit 5l.:r the
;fto lid, the l iis luxi i the I , ti n
freer the exI'cls., ltrhe lhiise, ut 'iithe liiitg
,Iti q
IS :111 thet mlotre t'apabtle:.to reystistig Iu
time. 'otIrl ltn ticly, the, road to health :+
ý-is cht'ap nodi tea-v. Amei it hehoove-,thIe ;.
is Iwomtei to a--k lor work in handicraft 2
It+ 11( tr:t!e co taike this road forthwith.- -
i°!lutelli~gent dii ea-e will do lo-sin the
It oli h ul t1 hn-t01( health. Amneriecan wom~len are seldom
II tMtllibtl, hbut they are Very ',cutraliy eels- (
At eased. If, whith ath tort-efutue"-s which
to is nart of their litre cndowmtent, they
Silt ris th hois y pauuueir bodily conti ait
Stin, then both stpiity and ia
n-will v:;ni=1h, awl iutmidelgit htealth, de-'
unatuling of' all t o .r. of uccuput ont that,
1they oentei, tt ill he obeye~d.- 11earthl
Iand it t tie.
ts CA faintser wt (.use et tits were full of
let corn, was accelstomledl to pray that the
"- walnts t ( the pour au(} needy~ nmight lie
e, supplied; Litt when ally opt in needy 1
nto circtumstancest asked ter a lilt)(, of hIt;-.
1e col 1, lie ,aid ill hall none lto --part+.
to-Otte day after hearintg Ili; father pray
fill the pour anld itecdý, hts little; aon
hosaid- to him:
ho u;ther, I wtish I had stint corn."
is "\hy, my son, w nt could you do,
II- with it I asked the father.
n,, The child I phed, ""1I wouldanoswer
piety and devotiol 'ne Ii el to bt( ieind
thtuxi. Ihe poor ai ? ( esibde 1 to ixcite
oner liieraTit} " the niisuiiaerul' our pietv
the sick dtýI 4tt ie. ;i!;" oii;eigtrs
our iiistructioi ; those that are tillth
our Ihelplig htandl. hr rhlose who-areu
..tlit; we ;*v' the vitiiutV hf the ýihthl~ if i.
those that are wiked' our ownI frilty.
wile' see goo] fmefn eipq\IdeB;i 6Ct I
coilfirnis our hope ' lInid when ev il men
are 1,u iAiahelM, it excites our fear.- rJiili
op Wil soin.
' A .Missouri wonia ii sail ;he r'ove
ai ioiiiiut'toi" a liii diiiJar hihll he ýaiol itl
\V two; site iniissed. Ilie jacri tei-tt it~e ;
tokdu- . itaPtll-revolver ainid FIIalid ie at
hItis !iead, aii(h, as '1e was too pIolit." to'
q oau ie!l with the~ eX, hle gave her backt
her balance of $8.
P1' A Memphis womolui -who out-Her-.!'
oiletl Iler. I inod evu'rv oh v el-e at-sie
.'uariui (a i:' s.i. ruival by apjpiariiig iii ani
open hiave, e"l'masqui~ie~ w iii oiog ami'
SIo.)ii I Ir tiadlrt] ua-t hate, was takeii`
with l)Iifiiui~itia iext day1 anduui ..u
lcs5 thanu a wecek.
r - .'x.Kau--h li leetlm ma!id~I-i to a
isr~ ast thiatthe'seomroh Vett-raimi
'The cioanipsim or iu1a'u, So agitatedi whein
th ei irrai" ninh-e hiimi toireit' it Itthait hr
Iltnlýril it io ""liitle ascail-eth" vefim an.
IAl Oi .till the Vt~t~i'rii iii (lutitlihin isoutj
! 'i~ t is st~ia.-. am. u' ntaeuiu~dngfcal
L fiet tiiti. tihe- miik ili' a youing cow is
t uo hn toie fliiiig. \'irith is pirobabl ie;
at'. theu Ucretlatur i1 uitturally Iltiiu-rc*es
+' [ C SiqPFl old armty buttons tiý`P(1 as
t Iliay tLhmiis lby a hahay I it In, piotved
to h)e. id holow, with a fitve dolai gi eell
back fitt diin eacti.
tich Vs tL r tel p amnti h I
- I Catn a' civil oci mie-: lit form itu
I howt it s thiat litih em iaaaitiiut uriver are
- lair th ttu Oii ie isi
c`"~ TaW doe', a vonuar hail' Wh ii
caigageth, Ibid; herself? M:i~tLikcii (i}tips
Bieli P of1 I).ouaIi't iiVI (' in thei 8th I b ·
I)l tol Ilik JO'tilI NL it
fir.e of fnggerlllelo tara.H
22. 75° 8ti° 710
..5. 51° .i5( 540 Of
510 7(r ' (;5° co
· 7. 7`l° f;3 °?
'TS. 70° G:30
I -ainti- hI
fit-'11"- a 'ý.
JIJolN IIEINNr' ........... ...... 11ASTI'',11,
J. . CL1-'AN). J. I'.. Jo ,I I)N Ind-A. M
f 0(Ji(OOi.. U'14- l
e, Lote 'aI cvt isi nttw in tin tradte, andi
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uar atihle (ell stocked with
anutl will hire "tiiez, adi feed hInrses at
very reaisna'le rates. We have secured
the servicesL of
of NEWV O1LE \NA, anti with competent
a:id ixerienced assistants, will pledgy,
ourselves to give etoile satikfuitioii.
April 16th, ]t7;i-Iau.
-and- .
1. Alexandria ta TUESDAY8, THIThS
DAYS ani &ATU'rttUAX8, at 10 o'cloeek
4 A. M1. uiin.I g aClsi Coninections at, ited
aierI La ding with thi iaiglifiiUce
P ack t
JKatie, Frank Pargoud and .Natchez
fir New Orlea' s. tu rning-w ill leave
ied River Landinig on SN DAYS. WlED
NE6u YSj' anid 'nI'lDAYMl', on the arrival
iofi the ai ve Packets ftrout New Orleais,
arriving at Aleiuamria 7 o'loeck the next,
oilriitig. c7' Office at the EXCHANGE
Apri 213-:hn. 'Siljetint t 14lent
his frandts and the public generally
that he has nirchased the stick in trade
of Jio WhVleikU , Jr., bd that he will
Sontiinue the general
business at .the old stpid, where hbe will
be happy to see and accouiuiodatu thew at
Tany and all ttimes.
His Store will a always fond open front
6 A. 1. to.9 P. M1. lrticnilar attention
givenL to the retail traIde and also teateam
buat orders.
Apyll d 'ij, k4:i-:hia.
M1 -
'Tax Sale .
SIT. S. Internal Re ene-UnUited States vs.
i1i ;1 Estart of Isaac Levy.
1'y vested in ine la" Section aM, Act of
ratCoess. :le l gti,' 1. tii , 1 have,
sizel and will Sitell in front ofi my office iu
_ise Tiiiw otAlesuiloria, on
SATRCRDAY, the Sli day of MAY, A. D.,
at I o'lock "i., the following described
propertty, tor-wit:
Lota No. 1 and I in square No. 7, and
part of Lots No. I and 4 in square No. 3,
Esitiatted in the Tow i or Alexaiilria.
SeiU'.elI utin sid I ol intfa ti piy tax on
Cotton, Snuar and luieine fo the yeats
Im:>ts-UAII .in ULited States Treass
iry Notti *. A. J. WkilTIElt,
ApiJ r). 187-4t. Li, ep. Collector
S PuJiite*'u' Ieeis . v0.
4 I
'"iil ri, ilo~cdltrn,~
ADVEL 44 urtis1ValIle,
;It ~Qo~l~,le~Jul lice fulwith dsri
.< i. Dabeock Soutlhern l ire Extinguisier C.1,
th 2c) Carondelet St. (op stairs,)
T i o-rs. New Orleans
REFrasro r. Townsend & Ly.
aih gml. mith & Co., B. T'. Wabbe.

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