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Sl'auiaQST rtnirr it.
E. R. NIOSS,1T ..............EDITOR
E. A. BIOSSSIT,......... ·- -· BUlSsERE
oFF!CEt-C-colaISr OF
SECONDAND , l11.,1oT STrS.
Our Agents.
Thncmap Mc~utrre Nl.·--.Sew` Orleans
J. Curtis Wa;I1101 ..........L
S. M. I'ettelluill & (20..... New Yonrk
0 iii ~n & I1 .tl'mat.... ,alii tore, -Md
Wedne'dty,......-!ay 7, IS:3.
Death ofsidney W. Harris.
wiOth fell! tUs of4ho1 41c trfatI't we hlive'
to ntltihtlt(' th (14· uthl (if Si4ŽN Y lt11-; 4
"I;l , who '.as43 IV'''tilnded ill the Colfax,
atlir, on the 131r1 of _ pt it 1(1St. It
'ill he rettel 14(14(c I13how aintl ill wfttttt
flttiIiIi It'd 4t3('(jV4 tile WI~tt(4l34 which i1
teriiiiiitell fits lfie oil fist Mond"u eve-i
1?il,-, at thle E'.chttuge hotel, l tho s
'fo'14j1. Ile f ' as, $134? b\' the r'ill' 4u315
t]c31, 14333141 ' i .1 ((.Cd lill, of i It tlie
nal Civilized1 j344of3le otII (e44t14 iandl tlhtts
fe)li tItº:tS, 1441t1434' e/ (4435 i4414t14 414 44(
11,11-ionsS, Illridl-r tllir 111OSt illblllllmll slid~
revolltitig ci14Cnitsttiti(cles. rtif 44' -
rih was i ttltive of Ii t~eiirtky, yel illt
t14e fuItl flush of youthful rlttf j hoo(tlH ,'
withial a goittd 444444. u14f44)ft v(.tZ114,l
14414 8444ti'ditetI fits fleitt' (i ll tlitt 13(444
IIIlik dea4 (4414 sac(11d. Fatttet, bi (it ºII
er, wift', lith e itie5Ct anii4 nta, Ie'. (440
Iie41ud1 14434(444 14is ntitiely end'44, and1
;'. ill long hold his goad nmit antdii Itel
ory sa4cred l3- (9(1511441e tiel14 their Ieatittfs.
:l;?`Dss Ja'l.ard ill hii, |ittIIIed 1 nlle-, 1111,
tin about the ('ollita afiai say s: that falb
his chietf deluty, DiKlyne, had war- wht
rants for several partie.s here, but conuhl gl'
not make the arresis~ without the aill'. t!hI
of UnLited States roos. False uin ar:,
itll bhat Pa'ckItd antd I)eKly ie knetw W'i
it lien they proumulgatel. lthe lisIlelh. III
No attempt gas . tmale, 1l(91 ; 111 no t - t>'
stacles were in the way. All the par- de
lties foi \t1hon, tlhee Willalrait t ate is.- 1h1
bit-d are gettlil. i.,un and will niake no cl
rsiri ne to the Uii edt Staties antithor-' ull
ities, alnd mould hl;lte adel lollle to t'eV
DuKlyne hil hie l illeil hisanties like COl
a man. But he hdd tther mltiwes in ,,c
view tihan plain iduty, hence his. re- No
port, which ,till standl stamped 1tithl lii
inahuu until tlhe end of, time. • .
...........• -a--------.
CIy Last wieek has agintl been an ex- i.
traordiniattry one, is the wieatler line,, L
jor tlhe ed ,of April and the advenlt el
pretty May. It, has been to., cold, ac- cc
comllpatnitd by the harldest rain-of the (i
year; in fact a pe tfti-t detluge haIs beu' h
oir port ion.l'tl, As d con (,1,-4' enice the s
crop.s h:ave tut telt benetieitted or ils- B
prt edt in the least; we ditlut whethert I
there Ire at perfect stad ,oF .ttlon inll t
hie Pariih. The tier to-ne tour I."eti
irotn te effects of the late rill, but is g
again ontl th d1cti cliine.
Ij Our un til facilitie-s are 1now re,-' i
toted and in lull an,l perf:lct two~'kisng t
ordler. Vce are once t lmoro il the I
,world, such a otie as Itulhitaist grtut+ ct
119 11.d41 yOult'ihtalle ,tanks lfor vii mucth. I
'h11e Contlraltors, W. [. SuilI & Co. -
Ia\ve flie coaches and stilperir stork
on the road. nidit richly merit a lull,
sllate of piatilolgo. I
t? At 10 i'icLk sharp, M on day I
miornlllng, outr eats were jinigleil it li
tlihe uelothoual sei d oll lf the old cnw i
bell of the Conrt I-,use. Two Dis
trict Courts anti Iwo PIatishl Coults all I
expect to silt ad disl t.pense jl.sllce. As
we Write we liltC lit ildela ofl lthe re
sitlts, but 1 ill relort tQttiuI lher elseo
what itay tot ulnp. i.
t7 Brevet Mhjor L. 11. Simith, i
coslialni.4 at C'.tis, puhlishst. t caud
ill thle h'i"luliuni ofl iiiitrdalllY, Itlittig
"the lact tih:it lic waspoiilt irfiusedl t-tili
p itaiiitnll by aey 1i it, lutii that bhils
were sthilulnittedi antid the lnlest Oto ac-I
titFrm and ater this date the lior
of Ide:lii'ture for 'NewV O(ileats of oulr1
two I'ackets, ]liuiry T'ele 8tllu St. Marilly,
will lie at 10 o'clc'k A. M. iistelilld as
lheretofore0 at 12 o'clock . et-ar this
ilt niid.
CI- I--*----U IVM
?Tr-olps will ite here this morningl
on the Tote; so says the reliable mau.l
Tlhe New Orh',lls Repnl|!ean. the As
official organ of !th" Radical party of slubse
Louisiana, and decidedly it well con- Denio
duiitel nd . edlited jornall,i iln Its greatt niakii
excess of love.ti t iu Z.al for the negro-- riot, t
anid hatred of the white man of Lo,- by the
isia't a, ha1s placed itselt in no very in- with
vilhloe light in regard to our Colfitlx i'rat
,ul,le:ls;lnutlness. it says in an arllticle side o
of the 12ih of April, "Thiscalling upon called
our Big Brotlhei atl \Vashit,gtoni to pro- ocrat.
tect us. is getting ton absurd." The ly dho
ieglires can protect themselv'es, and to on the
prio e it, the Repllblicat s.i1 s: on the
"I[ G rant.parish. it seems there is a to aid
,, Ial 41ajorit li i ' incoll 'Ir'di, i oI It Cll, ot ni ly. 1est ' 11
trained in tatirn/ire, (tt armed with the annd u
most ima!pror'd wceaJ)onlS. One thing -,
Sems' ii.~i a lintt the lolu nlijrity ' of.t
Giatlil, itel preptleiti.to cleiau out the the p,
S 'local III noti t itin Gtll ill i f eltt - l r l ' The
Tj or , ,, l(e., it not inlelfered'l wi.. t h en
ll another article in the saute Ipaper IU inii tu
Sit s1sV : 1'iglht
ii" Hie. ctlll'etd people aP!'(ir to bei of tle
i1on., id to a high pitch of e lrel'rati.ºnl,
Indll ·i r',mit d to bIl,t; .li 'r lrelss for whait, an,
wi'ou I ley h lave stiffilred, or helh.ve idefeii
Sih n elil es o lltv lltl.el; nnl lot o : ltld i
disband ttihl they# have IalSO obtained.l se- aild
caurittl/ t the lnth'e. According to tie ti c
ii1ot rcliilhh repuort. tiet are well armi'ed illl
" actd diascipllined and ;collidlent of sumcco s. blhed
S Tlhe Il ,tg'., evenl pIlatilo handilws-- wlrm
lare no longer the weak anld situple n i
et'etltures they welr befolre the waill'.. t
'The veiltev o(' Ireedolm they hlave enjly- "igl
e'd, la:e h:l thd eir i tfiect; as also t li" on it
n, 1rainlin,,  hi'h Many of thewm receited righi
I,i 1i the Unaitedl StatIcs allnyV.'. it ll
ait \Vell afi'ter all this invitation anld '.h r1
ll reezing for al higt, the fight canllu off nor
1i-"iiil eo kniow tihe 1rsu1lt! lint howicr.d
illt clhailged thie tiune of the lheptublican 1 ly Ia
ini how hlltter, how severe and how iretkcl-' or
- j less of tlle trth since Easter Smidaly's ini
s.j ljst reultt! Thhere is nIo endll, no iltces- -li
S; saition to its viIu ictive tir;tides aia iist, fdice
-10 our ipeople--uilld ino reportL-hiowtvcer 'our:
iat false iild ailiciolns, s. o it is against tlie wet
,-i whlit's anllld not the tl'llh, ibut what it Whi
itl graspiss i114nd 1iiulh es. In its iss of 1 coil1
aill tlthe 6 nit il t. e find a model "shlort[ o)11
hsinl s iitltlet oI the oiigin of the aff air"
ew nit hh Iy"s even Deiily Iul a atrit . itl
ch. Mhrs Milhae for lnisstate.lelts, lmlindiuici- and
th- ty llld a totalt disegard ftior lani y ollf the
ar- dece'neite of pooIl humltanl nallre. In i
is.- hollll i o .\ l,. : ilh'ihlr wt ill, l 5'sale She Im.
ino chla lln he t iltentieeot t.hl"l h rt -italt' Isi
or- It it" as1 iil oitf lheir d r llones an;11 will 'I n
toI ever' hlonor hinit a+ suich. IHis tpeople rli
ikel aill nevl' tforget his services ill thlis 'nti
ill' iiocsionl. lit has ovetlleaped i al of tlit ,
I.re- ~l ep bti 1's1 f1asLt oileS 'Ind Leclitt; thi
ithl like hiaas tlhe lbuest fu' mile one on re- tliI
c-d. All hail the ltecllltlican's Ales- Al
aindrnia '"ihurt stattiilttelti' I an! Wi' lIltl
ex-'close with inothilhr ef'u.iion, since the 041
Sat b1at e from the oificial joalnal: i )r
lof W e call sjtiec ia leh ti:a n to Iºh" 11'11- Ioc
ne- ' ee.din._s ti a iarge Ilieehing of the colt- n
the' old people of this city, tlich Was lº
Sheld last ight. Let the enemies lit
Ilit . ilIlI iatl standl I hat such rIli  i el i 1'
t'h seiiatid e men ;is Pinhtbick. Bute h, tit
111ll-' ih r, I Mol ti,o n .Anliliiie, (.iie teri , Insg ;,i
ther" II InI, Mirlell ill lios'sd o" thers, ilts ,
ihn' ut. ll II liSag the sloganl which waº ill
Si l it''lll ei thrtllis.Sal'ii t t is ititte pjth I'
lt r t- lilneo .all lt Sttuild. If l t lt' t- Iti e al ti
S.n-l'lVetr ie t itol weak tl p tl' iotct the:
i trinyhlit- closes of It t is Stalte aigailost i
re, (hum. thesreless pe fieldsorI, Fuck steps
ic)i " awit rlll t tlkt tI ia till ite ill l ti lil II to .
I' pr ti t lthes l .le ,l I I ltru tiolti have t
Dis- r \ ii l e litlci'l ii, will I lIt h lii es 1t' tIa o
"e al talidy teu l.91e s oet 1 utl to t the l, tiilta
,i lt' s tlolie i t itt-u I n I le 1 I ll lill. L iatl , 1 i t al et.
cr,. hIa IluLtuh to ul seit wiheli, hu- I.
f )1' is A Itn ltii s Joitral, of bhe calleh ul
; il-¶, ti let tv i I ttIlls i eil of hiais atltlI'
tui m llt i 'h XltlaCi hill 0hia ll' croLiIs-tIlIC I'
Watiter ll11 E. C. iauiock llntcesay loi o
Di- vilagt s Ilirea ig tditois. e ies h thella
I all pI acefult hhn'is or tilir fi'ids. !1' tl
man"' heaty success, t'
As regards the afllir of "tifty new The
lhsutscri$ers," will tihe pnhlic plermlit Ilthe has ris
Dencirat to rise ailld explain "]n once t
aking up' a ideleee in the late Colfax lays
riot, the leading citiW~ns," me! tioned distan
by the R1epblican, could NOT *"dlepelnd avant
with absolute certaiuty upon the Denm- ig, ha
r i'rat to put forth the most plausible ing in
side of the story." Thlese leaders so- lopen
Scalled lad very littie use for the Dmi- niqthe
- ocrat. a:n hid iat.lr fatish their "hfi- anop
e ,y do.Iars anrd illy new subscliheis" large
o on the enemy, who was supposed to be mnlel.
oon the winnining side, than seven deign .ehicl
into aid or look totthe Democrat for hon- of the
e. (est sup11ort, such support, as in all timnes pides'
` andl under all cirlcu'lstances it has ex- tine d
,j tended to and advocated .the c:ane of tile it
e the people, the true people or RaIlpides. pleasi
r 'he.lee few, very few, who arrogate to our p
tliemselves all the honors and eulolu- of thit
r mente of the peolle's triimphs and that .
!ri,.hts, had rather comne to the support tied
>e of their enemy and3 their enn my's or- Chini
gal, thln stand by an old and tried wing
e' defender. nut we are pleased to know Comt
So'and record Ihat they have been justly arotn
naid slhaniefully blasted in their poor 'youn
" udtleltaking, and couo out the hnri- stremt
s Iled victims of a misguided zeal in a givin
- wron(g direction. The Democrat needs orite
e :no doIneeur or ticklintg to strike in the I stret
S;.,ightI pth, as of old antd ev.r stands the
le ion its own merits and battles for the :alwn
ed right. And above all "somc of oonr isjhct
i I liends who participatld in the Coin grow
td 1] lrror," feetd no defc1ue at our hlantl.S, ted ,
nff3(or ;ny white man engaged in t' :t-(11r 1
W - cried cause that enlmit:ated victorious- Intel
~ ly at Coifis. i') at);e pained to be fair
k-;lreed to writo tit pl ainl v, bnut hav- ",n e
F' ing bee drivenlliv the waill by those itint
il w'ho shoilld b oulr frCinds, we a1 re hav
ust1 fldced to sit.ike snome one in relieving n3lt)ln
er ouselves ft'rom the tllean position we ther
the were attempted to be forced in by thlose, uThr
tit whl, know better andl should act moire " drel
of consistently. They ha've ina'le ia eri- and
aron1' 1. t .:))p::, llhch we trust they are of I
aw\;'re of now, and we hsnesily for)give ieve
1i them-3i the ungracious compliment to us seve
'i ;ado eoIr J i~ llSn i. i itit.
to It I,,? i
t i . .'l.i" wa c lIp, l "1 . uil ' : ld' L t:1 arh. i'-tl
s Fte' b i oelf t) i alt l, lish, wt-r arIre st - d ,tl 113
, Ii l st e. e )n u. a 11n 3l1 the 1 t.1 n Ivu St e I a
till 31nr.., by a depnitit tn 'ited 1)ate1s u it)'- , bee
Jpie re'cet murders in Grant 3ari.h. Th1i"ey :al,
this'n ele t'l ken. to the p' Irish pri:so.i i
St 3 This we. clitp frm the I'RNublien t of I
tutu the 7th of Ap il. \Vrcn.g again onii re
1re1 te Cojl!'x qullstn511dfc, we a.suti'e yolu-l 11
jlie i M 3;, lhepu bicitn. out s ie I, liirfec. tl in
ve muddled on that niuil air .lrd every ste. iwa
the u Ialke, you iutle a wolmt e blndet er ot
D]r. \Mrh l.ver was- wrested, not' t
pro- lodged in tie Pa;uis pris133,, but is sAl e aof
cal- nl in lgood health at his hbone. And wte
\ 3'1', i g ha.'e' [3 let3)l( of lt . I [('1C.333 133)41 . iv e
sIh alborhe all he had tno "complicity in ll t he
t'e- recent il brders in Grant piartish." No, ed
tih, were I1 liurderslcol3tllurntely ill that parish 1v
in 'at the 0 tile youall'ta ile to, but just and ti"
a1it justitiablh self-defenece in fiavor of law, jot
\jilt1 t Ath, priperty, wife, chihirl n and all ijn
e'al' that male tholcs dtear will sacred. ke
late - .... ~..-t
the , ]Nrtell.g.. has commenced, under s,
inst lthe gCuidl1i14hip and pril teuts of Con'Mr.
t ' Grsll t. tot etl'tt ie Itis usuion anrped tilrlih -
'hae. t thA e clatnlnont's month.11t Already', i,
. tin'li, l. llhv ple le 3o3 flt . of l ctrs. e le a lt Lir- el
'ed ant from tl3e cptio es thlse army of Kel
talels ct lo tls preplring to mre hid byn tl I
-th : Prish of St. Martin and install his
l uhiu os. A trie t' turn of tile guill
grt 33es ird '' will b di.ectednearer hiilce to us,ite
i etie hl.le comp'lete and the lst vestigne
h. If a 1'ttreo gone. SLet is hav e Peace. l,
te to reduce inteotrl taxa tion and the ex
Snor of the white trash persuation.
The Races: To ln
The spitit of racing in old Rapides The
has risen from 'the dead deejp, and hIas tions
once more had the lifit of the olden mleeti'
days breathed into it. Sekid -short at.Ne
distance races were the ipangnrated' t Wvi
I avt couriers of the good racing corn tive f
inrg, and caiie off last Saturday even- .his lii
ing in grand Democratic styli in the tenilst
open public "road, with naught lhot Pitt
nlqther earth for the Stands and the usneu
canopy of Heaven for an awning. A lug ft
large crowd turned out on horseback- inte'rt
mtuleback-fhotback r.nd in all sorts of ileg
It vehicles to witness the baptismal anew them
of the grand sports, linked with Ra- Iica
pides' past memories, when in her pres- his ri
tine days one of her own sons was at dil p.1
t the head of the Southern turf. Wlint t't
Spleasing and proud recollections crowd, in th
) our pen as we note this hunmble revival bent
ot the better past. How the thought ile
I that we witnessed Rlapides' high met- ilv ts
t tied and pure lºooded racers, Dick loss
Chino, Linnet, Extio, The Pony, Bees- their
d wing, Fandango, Reel, Ann I)un, Le
w comte, Starke and Prioress.gathers oth
I around uS and once nlore we are
' young and,. statud at the head of the f un
.- stretch, throwing tup our beaver and fiL
a giving a hundred hurrahs for our ifaV- : and
is orites as they whirl down the hor e ofiu
IC stretch gallant winners! Those were
1s the days worth living in, and ~te shall tlhe
he always believe and feel that we flotr. - Sil
ir ished at the right time, atid-have only 300
S1: i' rown old as the good times are blot- Iht
,', ted out from the nmap of Rapidles. But ting
u- our thoughts are crowding us too fiat' thiet
Is- lkack and ae are digressing. Three eXp,
b a fair horses contended for a siuall par e, i
'- nu eight hundred yards.dash, ran aigal- thi t
. inlot and pretty race. Their mnames we C
irt have not learned, except that the win- ig
ig ning horse bears our nnlme, and proved son
we there is yet something in a name. Ott
e, 'Tlhree dashing and exciting three lihn- . gl
dire dred yards races came off betweeti two' Les
ri- and the same ponies, and was thie cause li
lre of omuch glee and exciteinenut. The
e veevening's splor was tertlinated with j
us' several aVlaleitr races, which closed the stil
nay's pertormtantce. 1hip
\Ye utndersta:ind that on Saturday, the yet,
'c.h, 1: illth inst., a Sweepstake for It tholustlid hIil
t'tdl "'ards dash will coin.e oil on the same to
''itriack. Sever'al entries have already ter
ti't, b'een namied, among theni our nalme
itey i;:ae. (More auoil. e
Iof Di-:r. o JUDGE StAIuiEV.-1- e lti
on !.re tai1ned to ilet-rin of the death of' tlie li
I- lol:. \V in. L. Shiarkey, of ai. -s ssilpji, les
ctly in the 3_d year of his age. Jntlu.e S. an
step was one of the ablest jurists in the tit
lef. ctollntryl . May yeatsago lie was elect
nor i itd Chief Justice of.the Stupremlie Ctiirt itl
sl'e' of Mlississili. ''lis was whent Judges Y,
Alld i were tirl'st Mltlde elective and we believe gI
he le was tile first mani in the Union elect- an
Note ed to such an oflice by the popular li
irish vote. Though a whig lie was elected
and tin a Democratic State by a large ina
law, jolity. His great ability, deep leairii- St
all ing and sterling integrity made him a -at
eneraiil favorite, and sernted his con- T
Stiuuance on the bench with tliu con- th
drer sent of all parties. 'C
'l. President Johnson made him provis-.
lu - yional governor of Mississippi, wh!ich _
ini ofllce he filled until a governor was L
Li.- elected by the popalar vote. .Since
tilh then, though advanced in ye3r:i's, lie I]
""; Ihas beeln engaged in a large practice 1'
Kel- Ibefore the Supreme Court at Washilng- I
t ti on.
ilh9 Fi1 Elsewhere will be found thle ad-,
:) ns vertisement iof the famous aiid popullar ;
irpa- resort, time "Castor Sulpllhr Sprinugs," t
stig, whiich fully explains itself. Thotias
ihtiog J. Hougil, tlhe proprietor, is a welli
' kniown and energetic gentlennu i of
iesS Nortlheast Louisiana, and his word ean
-C eX- be relied on Its to all hieo says of these ;
Slices Spings.
s, in5 t~"Durell's Grand Jury have lad-I
iin-- jotruted sayiig that they know that 1
if lhe terrible doings, dark and blooidy, have 1
tofore transllired in Colfax, but they can't
Ithen lind out who did all tl.ese nanghty
taxeS; , d,,eds. So tlhey have turnted over to
Iosed their sdtceessolrs all they kuow and all
Sandl they esxpect to knliow.
made  -t  1
iur- IA 1)eputy United States Marshal
Iaes been hclre, serving suiollitnn' oin
sone of ourt people, to attend the si
whilte tiugs of the Grand Jury of the Ufiited i
luey'" States District Court, New Orleans.
Lt now '(f course some Colfax in this.
f tleir ..--------. --. .
rebel, t"The mother of Gen. Nathaniel P.
I. Banks is dead.
To the Melmnory of Jasv.W. lltg.:.
The following preamble and res"l .
tions were unalintmonly adopted `t
neeting of the legislative eqtuueWh~
at New Oreait.s'April 24, 1878: "'i:1-'"
i Whereas int'elligenge has reached ua
that Hon. J. W. Hatdiot, ReprewIwst.
tive t from tihe p;arhli of Granti, hIs luMs
his life at the ittllmds of a ttoh in itsi,:.
tettlpt to etmntilite thei exaiml.Ie of ll'n
Pitt Kellogg hb ,vertlolowing- tlid
usultrpillng h\t force of arl'lll the gforet n;ý
inttlit of that polish,. lhis leatlh result;
L iug from wounds receivi1d while in tile`
- interest of peace and ordler, endea('or.
f ing to hold a parley millt the iiotetir
under. a flag of truce diisplayed Ii
r them, -he it
- 1icsolred, That the State, as well ':.
his colistsiutlentl, has by his Ilets )leet
t do p.ived ,of a usefil aiu1{ pnhlic spiriluJ
cti itzen, dtettvdl to theo tlsei o4f the li.e.
ple, iliid evier conslcielntioilSilud fl.al"t
t1 iii the dischal'ge of the dluties iucetlii.
l bent upon hiti. . .
it Reasolhed, Thtlt trext(ndo the fatu.
ily of the leceased ani to liinttliustliit.
Icats otr heartfelt cotr (olllence ill their
Sillfs andil our Wtitlii y .mpt,. 'hliiies in
- their efftlort to miaintain their rights.
.- - - r. . ..-. .no .-- - ... ..
E--The Republieatn, of Sunday the
, 27th ult., ltius a full page of "Opiniitl
Sfiolu the iorthllernl Press on tlhe Co.
d fax MIstarsille." They lie tortlhluoling
_n lud plreservinig andll slhow hot rIdiIal
i, opiions aet ualunlllfalctured on Notlh.
eiThie story leads oflwith all articlet fir
IIt tile Roc.iester, (N. Y.) Express--liihich
r. simply stilarts with the whiiltes "drivingl
y 300 ullnitmed tIegiltrE intlo the Ceurt
II,- lose, shutilllltig thet iem p nilid then set
it ting fire to .the bniJditig alnd roasting
ir tithem up alive" This will 1do tftr one
Ce expolner t oif olr Noll hei brIlethren's
e Ieelii~l I. In this 300 the 30 "slot ndi
t thrown in the river" are not Counited.
e t riThe 'lllucs hinre again enr.
- pirisied atid whippedl ''.te lboys in blutf"
ed solewhere in the laca bed regilnp.
" Our loss was* folll' offers tnll sixteen
1O- men killed, and tiventy-threl e wountled,
t' Iesides 'e eapt tire by tlhe savages of
SO meIus l ulitioin anllt raqitl)l
ith to The-New- Otlecans l.epuihlienn is
lhe stillon .the wtlr rampagel , and walts
hi.c hn,,ort, W\illiatm Pitt Kell6gg-(f) to
the I eid the Metlropolilitans to the "Sulldl.
ild ihihs of' Re RRiver, eslpe'italy to Cad4h
til: Ito terch them a little respect for ti
ily tfeelinlgs of otlhers."
l .Louiinnti will he filly reprtei'
ed at the V iieitna Exp\itti,, in I! Ke
ie has alppoitteu to reIt sellt hillti ati
thint his butzzn'd crew at this gritand lltiry
less atnt{ no iore'thtan Pittchbltitk adi
S. an Aryelles Carpet-blagge.r, S iterif
thIlanl ! Whait n fall my cotitryniell
Iet- ri lion. Jait.es 13tlo'iks, onle of tlht
ilrt cditlnis nril popi iciitl s of the INei
iges York Express, l''. l MIt lin;r of Cnnt
eve gress trmI.t the' .City -tlt 1New YorkFhlt
elr- Sinny years, diedt in thnal ity on Ith
ultr lts tof the pretsent niolll.
eted .. --- ---r. o
ma- O Old Datue RLuior ,ulis it lithat the
aiil- Sunday Lawt is reguharly lisregulrdd
im a -all violate4 every ,$itlh[ltth, in 'Or
con- Town. A few, the iltitvff'fewti
con- the only vi,hlaters of thie low aid*
i cape "scott free.'"
.Eh K]ellgg liar a"i ;ini ted "Cha s,
.asd Lowell, late Posit lnlastCr of NCewr.
iewas Iilil, a Notliry Plublic ifor ihlItii,
SIle has also llittitoitetd &ti1bher tegritt
lie relprestntI Louisianta at tie kreat Viel,
il- exhtibitiou. .
Wi The wlulle Louistijial delettiotn
in Coligress,- iithoit itegalrd toin pPl3t,
Sad- rae , colr r previ orus etlldfintn ti
hulat for thlie illenretse of ti ary grabtlitdit
n'," back llity steal.
ell tr Tlie Sectetatth t Wiof Var d P~iil
t (if Shler.itti hive beent, to(,ri w 0t~ lu
I eanI Whly ilon't they. go a pronltletinuli
these the lava leds anind see CailtiIthJp
-F Old , Old Ben. l ir im bhnlt
nil- $i0.000) fiarlm. ThI pliter ils tri
tllhat tlhat stliCt htllesty and Hlose -pttl
Ilhave tion tot btsinlessldid it, :';
, i Cohloiel 1V. Of CnIllwrnt
-glhty t {V 0 , V1
e mr to' ci,,llulbdef tipe 5th UUie S·
id all tilleriy liiiig the war, oiiff itt
eide in New Yolk - !h! o gt l ittn :
rrshlal Fi WO o\we. " thijihks (fr NeW 0
.n' on 'l'ers to tlte Bitt A ,lieat~
e si Lessie Tt3 lr atd St M'y. ..
Jliitel i- TIh District, Coni f i
leals. Judge Sey presidilig--i r
last. . '
niel P. LTMelaetdy, ltetilrelt Elighi
ediat, aged 84) eale, is dead.

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