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The Louisiana Democrat. (Alexandria, La.) 1845-1918, May 07, 1873, Image 3

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jj7uledicaiI Blunders.
yloIU th~e period when Fnrgeonls ap
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t o h rcsn"t wide-awvake.
of(gp t'.icl profssio h1as often!
ojtinriN taken side wits. D~isease iu
001fict8 1311 it Iite h'umnm systemn.I
fiein !spite of the teachings of't
t~vies of a~ p43riener', S0ome4 physic
ShantliWv i~ 'hlri4't i ng their paitie'nts,1
starsrr~'tý1} e'xihausted Il4 iel;
,i113l powerful3 rv3'cnaiuiti, (nit- !I
.Jfg'.siaiIs, whoI e14143ii, of1 tight , to thet
t of the ('rn -1(1es ! Thait pwin iVI' t33
~Ily ,(f 3iat113. 0 S iin its 3 . t ' th tiit'. I
Ca esf sickmn'-s". Iiistetter's 'Stomai~chi*
Iitttrs 4aop114(11 the4 v}cs', f tdie r~as-r
,jtotlt ttt pi: 4'4iri44)it iiinf43)t~iili' o 41iii
aai the v ital l..tiet i tii of ille holly
ft!W 11iemta'1 by 11 f 1stli. filet nnll
ktshliti that who'll1 the 31t33)43.II'vic:;
0patdi4Si4 l3'' nil 3t4' 1(4 ho hslt 1, it is
do to weilntifiii' the1 *y11e3,t( Ivitli .9,1
de1110ret~~ t+'ll iti 131(41 110n)13htnt, ant!
,,p~oie it t44 ti,tiibat a4n11 3413e1 lir
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jni u s dnt i lº e ri 4i e) 1 0 r*l : h l },' , r e . '
5511 a 11 4 441 pIha 'ul "" ~ ~ 1. 1'h ~ is~
cr4 Ilitlt {J'4,11 1'11 ll' 30)1 1n l)I'(I4 ii it. ijjC
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)4tiii11 11)Sp 4''~ '1. 1m ":.1 ' *j*) ii
1ii44i4i41, as141 .1 3 4 1 Wt I 1
M3ulait)i al;(1 101 'pi 'II all! ia~t it ii ("e
,1?~'tih 'iti Vi' Ic t4 i fi'111 1!.t t tilt
cl olstim of IlC -tit of1 ' 4 1314(
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1;rn3i4W, n il.1*'r~ ll. . 1 l4 3t
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hterst'14 +1 114.1';~ tile)i, i-i::` 1i1 1414t'. '
tleilliui ?of the .:4:( 3 t. o (!n 14433 4131..
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as!~~~ ~ 1.33$ 43k C4!1lglS ll: ill.' ,;
314'v )3 Iterlln X t o '3('l t 34i0) s il 3. 30- 4)
chatrge$ of otne fiend 4),111ol the1f1mi v.
inpetl3O C4.tintleIIi'. as ar.e t 3l31', 'i.0)3
B ut kle nt g r h i t s '. h v i n t . i ~ irit ch iefini o f tlire 6 : z i t ~ te ;
Statement of U. S. Postmastcr S. E.
I amn a National Republican, and al
ways have been one. I was a member
of the RIepnlllican Legislature froma
1868 to 1i72. and was, and anl now, a.
Inited States Postmaster at Colfax, t
Grant Pa:rish, having supported Gene
rill Grant and Goveinor Kellogg in thI'!
laist campaign. IPrevi,ous to this I was
a ticember .of the Consthtutionl Cot-l
vent ion in 1868.
I was qutietlyrpurs11jing my vocatil,n,
:iS l'tsttster at (olfax, aid was toldi
ep(ealcdly, from the 5th of April, ,:; i
t he rioters that I shonlil Ie k illeil, an l)
on Ihe 10th of April was comipelled to
lcave, they stating that they would !
slhoot U)m i I s.tayed, ttltess I tofok ltp
arms with them. On tihe noi ing of 1
thl 10il. I w'ent up to rcetive tlhe mail. (
'a11 I was met by an armed imob cl n-ie i
altoes, who told nle to get Onl o ln r hori(i
;na. leave, else I would e killed,1 - '
'They also threalenoted the life of ny
bro)ti:er aiind t cilored Iman4 i naluid luckl <
,Icilinnley and aldI)h Marcus. "
I then I-It andl cane to it Alexlri:a l
to receive instruct.iots. I expected toi (
•e a del:piy i n .:ai ,hal, to Ipresert' the (l
' lace ; hot tiliiig . none, I was 1,hl b" h
,r1. tulls, the 0ai l c(ntra1'titr. to bri. I
the n: 1 1 (1e1 h ('e, lich l id. I nil. I a'
r1ttIitiition a' t iel Shaw, sulpp ed i
t1 1e- *iC , Sheliiq, as fllhlws: 1
To t:,miil W. ihaiw, Sheriil of Grint P. t
is ,I,Laouiiaua :
.l1-I ,theaitl of yon in the nne o':
the, latte lprotlclion fir the P ,i lusi r: i '
t'o:'axL, l :1n., a also to PrliteCt Gover:u-1
1men t p.ojlrty.
V' y respecifnlly,
UIited States Post l .. st r.
Sii. Sha Cent tIwo uni, bit a color- 1
(ci- ma0n inainedt Let: Allen came' dtlo,1 n
anid said Shaw had no anthority to d)( t
si, and that he wa21 the conlui:mudlrug
I then made a similar lequisitinn o11
SIi:n:Is comml:anding officer, iu wrilt ,*,l
t'e ,itit l tii ovei . Hte rcl i. lihlt,
,o( rn.tn'e tl I,' : Iy 1I. 1:s c t ,, . iaike I t
of i:bell, el:, i,o waunilidl e ue Iu i hi -
sc' and 1 ,,!: them away. lThis t a, is
:h.iai t t. , ie . h I , Ii A i. aliad the - bI i s "
\'i m:,114 ,f'(.rt Lhis. 'ly :)h i0c :t ..
1.'xP1 :i . 0; . I ( Int i. :.' "' Yu. t,
-..:,;o?tt, ; :!' i'. An d ria, C i , 3h I:
X. (o1( K :: In. :,
C. A. l ,(,ui;.," . "
tom , promise.
'[hle F 'iSl)nilst5 a nd Tl I dt:lic of ourl"
st,, H. i of N.aichi,)clht ha l.iv
h',ried" the hatchet-sm.oked tile el:ln - i
fmet of pe.cue alid fused ! The thilow- I
i.l lethtere will show the spiriit and il!tr
111 ot ithie 111ol A geienlt: .
N A,'r(c'urr"to uis. April 2:, 1873. 1
i,. P. KeIllO.g, (cvernor of Looiti na: t
ion l. IH. Ianhy visits the city of i\-'v I
('iIn- on btlti · of tfh ll.xecittive coII- i
mitre)(: of the r :epi hliiean palrty of litis
arislh, for the pirlpose of laying e
fore .'oni a 0lv1sis of comiromi)ise with il
th li r hn:in -'hlen lit fCor llices of this;
uillir:i. Selah a sep Was deeled n.
c¢esar v i, thi e t1.wel iri-l anill pronlperi"' I
of thS. oplilnhicI pttry lit this ilt ish,
102)1 ti) ri eI'Vei t " lel . ftlts i l )in er toe ( l- o
Iftlt disaster, which seeeldil tinu'iot
tl)ch Ott 111 riangetneitt com)pl, a rec -i
iliol f yVl)l liid tlhe power of vyon 4
(clfnlini iaion hby tle: opiplOSi? elilmnet. it
\e, feel ssoil.ur(d Itlait olil w ill r ea iy
ICeiio nize the good resiltofsrch iet iOn1
tli ioutr art alId of the to pt itio i ll) :
wi ll eiblra'o lhe oppliort unily of i-' IT
'Ihhg a settleintu ' of diliClllites by i
ih, l cop lsi ilo1 of:tin eleineit " )owc[- e
ho! ) olslitoi ,ll), while (ou 1,is ovet ti o, "I
'111t re-'ogini;aill a d tht JX-totblic:iti pi
tv ft t his hliiuh itill e(ijo s its lih r
ti(es aind ptrivil ges Unhiuairte1 .
eV, are, sir., with high respect, your i
otbeliel ilt so Vlt' s. t ;
Ch m1m. p. MYE1I,
Chairman Cunference Cominittec-Re- t
publican lart.v.
r7 Tihe fr'ittlranlti breath of beauti i
iattests the matchless piurifying irop)er- .
ties of So'.oihl lt. .!Every lady who has I
ev er used it, pr'cllihims it a pe) fecetill- an
t idote to driafal decay. Pilre eeth :i are
esseenhtil to a piure bleatli, and huIth tire
elijtiyed by all wvlol) resort tIo this ga'eae
able, wholesomie aild invalniilhi vege
table conipotund. Spaldingta Glue will 8
mend your witys. .
gt Crdiildii Ale-is Billet, Arch
bishop of C(ambrey-ditd at Pari--on
the let inet. -
Kellogg's Dispatches.
$A.6 OF I EMi.
The Phnilljf~liia '1'..ltlee;.pli, of tile
22d till., sin Adn A iist ation orttu, ha118
If* C o Ke'iieg is to be belieiiv
ed, ilantlqtrs lth no41w (fIlet ll Leiiisi
anal, i' e(o. jt it, its. htit' Cte~o, ae vr
SIttiiet!,ji hiiic! a hiiiii \hiegl fill 5415 Weren
tn111t: ( ilelot the itli.r"1 41.11 1)) 'nt.l oft
(tuu.A set 11)1(hinS to Ie ariijllarei
'I'o i(:it lfx' i te I i t te l ll- i N
;lI:,i!tnu t I1;ivlut I~c l: tr stilt tit cist~tll K l -
;o,,ý l~llrl:,i :: nO 'I titre (lot's not ill)j~
! " I l i c , i i ;j , 'iii 1 t h i t e 4 114 l i n st It -
atolls .ll ii ll 't~all I 45 il l'itli~str. Thatic
i't h14l g i f 1ý ~ ttU Rl s l l
T('Pj(lllllt ' o l ii I: IttId 1 Ol(! t l I"ll ihilitlIl
(;,i 41 I i5 i'l Exc~t rzieei dittllat t
(lffiti 1iit, U41it. i S lsii 'i' Il eilt , . to (li
I th, VCI\ ('V )il lltlt V(. ;iIll) $ 1 s :
ladi astI , Iiitento hiaI tal e, bai fill tC!
Ii Illlocl., is lcl v to f lla(Is all (lT? lila'\
(i',i'< II es Ii Ill- Is :1 iVer ut the jillaIk
.lfta ~dti, (l aiata. is to I'( ltiie1tid,~ tor lilt
tIll.- hauee toill! jb'it ll i)L v ltii as
:ttaihlr tileIo 1., IiIi, ! il.t (~' viicnnt is'lc
tIt Ie th an Iiei 1 1 ;tl i'lsl" itttIl- t
11111 \'t'1' \" I II uxx I(t. tis t nrt. iel·t
1 lit!( loll') itl-, a h i tfetl I11,ii . sto tie do
tilt 6.1r1. 1111tet , -Ilmit' . I lat l atl itI.
i-I -I )i l's I\'1i s ' ·aI a of1 tll
j Dh:l"t nonlO ililt( l"ý tit l~tt" "? 1)l\u'Sill~,
tat tii aro Ctni;iebt (1 ( iu · to ;it "e
ln edi' i' I t I . tm is lly il :1i rlt ~ bas0 ilt ' I
t ~ 7 fli'ii t~IiiI
S1 t.: i l ' i i. 1, a11 ill1:o'ili, I:(.i siIito l'i'
i ii ii ti t hi ii lli' tiil vlit .'it , Ii) sil t or
tile ii t' l~tI. . ;ti'll-I itito tii -~0.
I( lit 1 Ii iii t!:t Ell' it, 11011911(1 in 11ie.
ItS Ill')tit )11 to) [iUitt(, Ma'il's.i~tllfia tli.
"',' It 1iI ",IL 1(t i "1" 111:- t 1,i1('1i i i~t f'a
('itO''(' I Ita tail aIts to std i l(it (,il'ls
10.tits) 1. St 1,1 li (,15 . 101 t it it()
l iii,; ;;, ' It) :1't::eil Ii i ii't iOri iii Ill i
1'e:t lii',1( I'ii ill tIii 11liii Lu.~elli Ito-tijit
((-s 1 n: ll t iy cit ,"h4111 11 ) ( :.I
le4h1ttti1 ,;1 , i-e ft'i: he" iit~isi, i`gtsiit tt
.9 _Fe;,:: it':Le' -l-t 1t)i S'. te'tt:)..,1t}ieo Ate:.sii
Itil' '11 ill ', I .ie '"f . :i:'. ie r ll Ill', i s h y 11
("!ti I 1, 1 I ' :.t I ,'4g ll t .), . illI le ()1l l eit( fisl
'hec sic saxltliicie'ltl':11 o~iot ts (';
A Renarkablc Wioman.
One of the strann-est eareers of modl
crn t inies has treniion ted in the. de'ath
of' Lilt' ElllenoroIgh at Dlanslllns.
FortIy yeAr' algo she waIS one oif tihe
Il.iOt tinoed Woltnin Enllrole, and heri (
I residtlece in th t- East, 1ias long been a
sortl of sIl t doul s  rallltce. T h e
danghtr of the hlte Admirlil Siir HIemry
Dighby, hunatiful -witll aind rich -she
tmarried in 18-1 the Ellrln of ElhlIhor
;t gh,' i lio ai at tetlw:li I lr t i t.. l'not
Get''ral of India, alll d t liho t lthat iin t
was .lli.e ofl the Illost lrilli utt melilt ilof
thie idhi. Shie ias ahout sevente.ll-n
yenars of arge at the time of her ltilr
ling, anll Ellerlhorol', who \lwas a I
a twiduter, was thllirtl -h o r. l'l.he
lived ,tog.tl.r sme six 'ieara. and hlort
di-solultc c'odnr was a emse of scan
:d l for s lln tii i previ ous ii lli lit' cuttl
a-trolhe of hir e'hlo nii n't t 'it hi Pi i .e1
FeliX Scht'w:.Izenhetr.neeichrateld rfou'
- then Austrtian. M1iilier'io Lomlhon.l
The event aslii I t;lll iullt se sinit la
tiion inii l rt' tit i'tl of arii.t ir er antil
f' shitn. dii -l ilhoru. g Ii pt i ntlA il i ili
'orc(e f'oln J'iltiiailn ht and li t.".i-" ol 'r-_
tied attgain; i ,tI hit . ri't nit:'t witt e i +iii s i
it e~l lliarted l Ir ttSn t ilhw .r nrll i i I
1 º: r it d l itrti ig t1 ,'tt lnill, I ll li a it L - i'
att ital. 'l'iling of him i ''rest I tt v, ai nd
-ilh her great alleIiit h 1t11(1 lIt os .ial f.
Is'ni.,- lln l. hivb,. little di iculit in pl
enr t. di r t .ivorci s i1dhr the e(,1 hits of
i ; ly a it iv. s I intllll'itte i tiull - I .-1 i1 to
.h e oiihi ' i:iIi itid.nnl: h ti-da s Tone of
these i lit 1, lis,  hel'r exe';lh lit ,ll.. lLt
wete all lissolv'eId tt ir a ie i s .it tnt ia
tiitin. I 1-l8 she was littt i ln ih Athens,
Witiw h hlir eighth hushllil, ai Grteetl tl
orqIl. Count T''heo-d<uk.i Flit withoh
t:lit: in l ell tol, aa iilbue w shi- hat l
itlis m lVtiivgi alea dis.-uIed,, l seti
Io t tIoh the Illeant. Dl uiti.it a llj rneli"
train f o:et Int to a)n sen1 : ,' he tt Ill/i
Sill",,"!i.iniiv ill Ilhei ..P li iprll'on n .Abi.lhl
e. oil-thriv!,r, k ilow i 14 , `,eitch Ahltl
i t ill ,ile ult lrri' l iilltler the Arai fitishtI
it., an il , wvi as the i intlh :i t h lacV t I et ' a
her coijn;ail litrein't.- For a \ htlei
l i t -::r .l it ai- nil lit' hii uin ii io Lurn
ethS lu toet~,l thti, t'nt :turf |loth3-hti,
iit ihfi ly flriiiillhil all hil, le , ieti llf at
c n tll l-ii'-it ' + nllu',e1, ei nll ito iliilk g
it& ,uInliel s. T.1inl f 117hi.: ilit n eitIi'.
lii' asite h aillt I',r h' ltis - ' ai chaiiiitl -
pllilee lt' il U) in-lie'lls, wfigl e she his
-i.e- liill in hll own stile, a great'l
ehl ri. Ai dl i, ct nl oinpeii ii ih, siattst
a1 t . :leli dh"' v l. \\tl a ll i\x ll hiital-'
!l, L t'iilt.' i :lin I he r e n ie lt'i l ' , tite " lit i
Icl:Iu' i the pII il he. Awl iti l t e t: he iso
detiti, la\.in, cio1tl t l Iettel ,l Ily ilt't
iscore iln ten yi;71iitstt ilvu ing a cohlos, il
l:::ipl , ti ifu h 1 4 ale'4i lI',,- .tit site I/i'ýbi '
:: Cil ittih l:i thtd, and a i caitig ry oflil.
: ' 0 1, h il lia l{ it '1 illt.
- - ---.e * - -
i - A verla' oI i iii.'lY+ o!sh iti(lri ,"c et
are;l4hi"icitt : it l) " Sto Ih' ied ih t vl ' (i. ej
New Fore- Tri'buntti ', rt",wlilslilI people.
`i uo it, Ith ir li wlllll. :,ni l i hii ..sit, in
their pa icket, looks. He 8:1iv, it t'i
'q,,'i i ty lilllllha l ,s io his lpi tluI'vs.itli t(1
' e',"t ,ll; llid o II-" 'itoll t'f lpoc et hooks
("! i mi!ltii ' in l i 4141a' hs 111 llll p llivatte, :
liai e+ rsi ito vi , linl', 1a1 aillvellisill,i'nl S;
li ,O'lt~iil}" -a y', to al " . o e bli nt the'
'lin nIl, Thi' iiclkpotktes wonhl he
r'iat Io return tiese iii llmorauidhs. n:nl
"tic o en ; IiiI 'etl hibecut' le tot' their ila
hilitv to d(, So. They alr" puzzled, th,
to kn wiV whult if) ell with Iiill, i.t1,1 e-
lfIll" it, is tiiagel, i s to ' arl' thi" ll.
Ill'll(t, t'i 1 t .ilt . 1n liU Ihliih Io l l .,
ti tlikis or desks, they lrue con:l tll'lntrii,
ull ch a ainli their will, to destll
tii t. 't, his suggest. lll is Illt o lite
.dh liased becut:l e it no tes tilin a picik
ocket, whllio can not he a lt-lhl, lier t -"
1 roaved. !ies si.eals fthr a li vinh , it is
II'e, lblt lie ploloses to lestulre palper,:
.iii4l divelliinllsll f i' hh' h lie Call make.
SDo 11.ei la which n:iy"I have c the" a
highi -"t'hlit iuital or Iusiless value t10
Tile; EN'rlI. I' ttI..\nIos OP THE
4 ince iln the Pau'isL of St. Mary'. !
D1~I'aI'.'I'D this life: onl S~tnrdnry, Mayl 3fl,
age :i :I~c H3y;i' s i'tuo of K~. R. iIyq:iln,
illiid di 1 gI h L' tr of E~X-Governoi' ' 0f.
Mioor~e un1 Bathi~ti J. Leoiiard·cl
It is so iiioih:) the rus (.lrml Ii d~eil iii su.
M~cl dilitlidi'iiii iuii 'l)irr~kiii"* a sketcl of
to I is. Slip Iii'ii't·rpl I he iliiinits: ic Io'·:ii't I
mIln it'. Sni .''quili :I't tii ilU gliteRP oldie,)
Iln i~ oJii H'111 I 'cf cii' lii's ]'it S lir si iiu
no ieiur:t ~in 'uloving jcuciii -
tier 401)4 ~1i diFit' r xAL owi' n gn'ai·~tr
u i'icih i~t'·:ic lo fo i~ijn·i ~i-'ls of~llc 8411 jii~
C iii S~e t1:( JiI~~1 ri~ives N~d th 'i'r'seiu·cli
ii llo I.cci'. in:l~~ ;liti tiwn: hiul or iitettAjie
:Iiht i i 'h~tilc c li:ci oi:~ het:i ;it Oftu It'i;1I;fpr f
1441 !~litl t'i ·;ily 1 hI dujirii of l iiot live.h
;iid'civrt'il Lii L;,iii '~ii' ''N of il'u u 'utclh'i'·
tLil~ 414.l l·' ini'L iewiuii" .·lis i fold
n!ilflES '5 11t.,dBJ~\i 4514 ld~.l-·l.~~
;III' I:t'illi I to :i ' ';lt'i b'res' i' 1lli 4 LlIIsir
i-.u 1 i'ni, d'-n. l· :3m Ien 444 fi"''iu
I'4.1401 WM'il ' ;~''i44 lo')::. 1 uiii''.i~ nutli
1 LW,' '111S DAY".
SPO: tI 176 2 ° ' A F82° O . a
(. 70° 74
`2. Goa 70° 711
:3. .. 611° 70°3 71°
4. 7: 3;J0 7 72° 70.
S: 71 7o 7:30
,The Castor Sulpphur' iprings.
41 221PR22 22Ir. T th22 2,2 T 2-: CAT a(OI2
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May 7ii, lS "-;in: Propretor
` e24t1'04'4l WYJTtIOUT P'AlN. Of
fice t ILhi je2idtleuce an Deioto Street.
August 28-tf.

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