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The Louisiana Democrat. (Alexandria, La.) 1845-1918, November 05, 1873, Image 1

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T IE DE'TO ll~l 1 I' i, 1 "II1~ 11e'1' We"."k-l
*i, .tI I',·ri' i I),,l.IA'g4 It"I; ,ti 'mi?-
('t .it1t,\ PAY IIL (' F INF'r Al)e
-ie I , 111.13." I \ :A jg,4.
A ,I" 1 Ir a1n rI;t ,' 41 tII :U1 MIt I li.. rI,
0 , r') ; N. ieg'q, t.I at gri I hi4, rage
*ja ii 1,ri I Ln ll s1 4.ilrY CilTS t
e" Ir.'s -A itfi r.C lpi 1131
ti-iiei.4 Ilre4.'e".P ltl
FU? RAT. C 4 D ~,
(T''i1ý ýýU " AB,ý
C'd ., &9.
,atn3B3 and. spatch!
M I; ý .r;A-'Ig hi. r i c UI t
LkAJ 3s j'4 NEW W P1
Sý1Y t. 3c hx .
Otr I.Irls,
F r o ,i a i interesting ess:ty in IT-ar
per's Mag:iziille for O'-tohar, onl "O()r
Girls," iw ea In a k e the foliowintg ex
t ra:lts:
T'Io womlll!n tr:llsutill:nteil from tilhe 0111
Woci to he \Ntv, tear Anmerican izirls,
lrollin ll in the free latllllphil ere iof
E. u l~. hile F;.urolein tittion shait
tiih "ir gir lis p ill cnlilventitoi al privi u y
,lst thellyl sIhould l li .1nillIeal iv nItllll ltt.
with it-- worll, ur girlsl walk abroa:It
inor Ella tlIei los it It puriv lit ithieir owlI
fresh ' l:irt. by tlhe kliowleI'le whit-hi
t iy ;ain oi ncltt l Iftailif. Wie II'lrst thliai
to .4Il1t. tLi leir .)ll1 .IIll t11 a.lil. Ell. s, altn tol i
enterstaini the, anlt Lae-lr, i4 inowherell
its. to li t flotu I tille y 'llg l .girl Ilho,!
wl ile s'lit is free t l receive tattetilon, i
we illable to repel wit Ii lignitiy ally pr -
suot -tuin. Shte airk out Iaeri- liar v ii
11n1.i s. h.iE h is ilet itt t11tll e hl0er ilit rllll
hirs.ei'','c anl is olit coEii4t.eaied lsA a piece
oif Iproperty tl Ibe rlietained or allti ~tel
iby ni.r plar'ents.
1Wa1 ll ai chalnhaliilt freedomi she lotii
alls a certain woainiL3-ly rleserve wich IhI
L it t i llly - i 'l It itnalltaris. , i lll it thel
r I-sltll lof tilt il ivarl.i colEviuiii, whi-lih
Ant l ica'.l Iif. t'or-.s t.a1 her, ihat shlie isý
ic.- i.lc'reild al independent t; l iltl riespln
sitle agent. It shlie he lunblatl-ced, I lie
exils ill the slt:e of 1 liberty, slhowinll
to tit ie.;it.tor thle telldi lly which his
pr-event ive tmal.itires ouiglit to take.
Salia gair.h we  inil.t rule ihro Iutgh i-ii
tlhig tir own coviatilo En"i ll the -idle
oil right. They it ill not binidly Iobey
whilat set- toE thtaini arlllitrary rules. Ior
if theyv tIl, the ia:flar' trextlaier-tace 0of
life checked in onu e directimi tvi! i sp'read
itsl, ltaut ill ailtltlle , ill a I:a iwsstilles
al I oolisot litavait whic we shliall titidl
it i .piil-i laCe to coniltroil. .lAny setll , for-!
i11.i irules, Ilult rgtilatiois las to nii
form drt -sa are di tireltlly opposedi t t the
spiritolour tt-t instituianat, 1-1i caln at
oist iseere ht a ortalc a cmpalamliant te o
the tiile, :a re-tit which call not colln-ll
si.leiedi.l as alt'y jlltt of thlie reatl ednea
tiotl. Th i-i-work ofI tihe teachetr liilunt l
wasI ltaok btlieadl lile prst-nt, aittning
:zs it does lat pa'ltraaiii. lt ial not ttlpo
ratry rIlestlI-., ittadl taint, ill Aterica, :ti
peail dlir'ectly and iut irectly ti o self-oail
1'a ithe rie tilt iif o r ctl"iarlnte, iovern
ililllt Itll .v so i'lty, li exqiii-itively se li
stirve an nel ritosly devt \loped orl-gai
itin, a spiitit whicll ktnows its rights,
anal will as:eirt atll -I tinti'aiti themt, ian
!ellrvesCetit girl-litif witich is to libe rte
thatel to a g L ctlous woVnt:liitlood, bitt
withaout ilp.iltiinig its indiviualiaiity.
Is it not t.litifest that nao sy-tent basa-al
on Etaropeati life can be adeagnate to
tie i IIiil s olu tiotn of suli ia problem?
Our Aimetalri: giarls, if. treti l in school
as it is tperaitlty correct to tlreat Fi'retalth
and Gerwtliti:t girlk, arte thwarted ta ill
.pervert.tetl itlto solvll t iiag which has all
the failtsl of tie Getrman aill Fr-ench
girl it ithouilt Iter texcllhet cieti . 0 i r
iwork is ItEr i paenliar itt-itss, ilunder It
tnli:ar -irain1lstzitmaits, aat i1 rte iatl ist
itmladel it tanew folr oliu aiaaees.ilitis. WV
havlie i li iitest iataerial the world has
levl tr prliil-ttld, anitil ihe best cheltfters for
its dttevelioi.lmei t.0 It r girls' seloutlts
oEtgit to seitnt orlh tie titltest woitetl
that hative evetr btIssed anltl ltaiitil-dal
the t Eoril, Ile st 1iltgest itndl i t'test
wives, the wi.est and iteaiderest iaoth
ers, the moatst intellige- nt aid worthya.
'ilizts. anitl there oaglit to lie nil
aices ai pure, haltihltil andt ins~pirilig
as the Ilhoellis pr siided over lby Atma-i
a-ia Woimtlen. It we ldo not tlild thesel
resuillts, te ltilat antlst be that of theiri
The miaatter of physiltil educai:tion does
lnt lit: wtithiin tlihe prLdaLermllinitid scopeti
tat lhe presntt ar-ti -t'. What ittsd hota
shall our girl' Ie itaiught ill tlt- spherei
of inteli'et?' In ac-or-lrance with ithe
genle'ral idea of what cotlstitlites anll ti
ncaein, wiie have tat say thatli intefllectit
anily it -colsitsi , aftller giving tiae mere
toolls of thioaghtli- the abilility to real, to
wrliie lil to caiacullate-iia so traitiill'
the iitld Clhat it with be able aflterwhard
intelligenily toi diirect its own wuork,
iland ailiV schootil life which leaves its pat
al witht a littat-te faor f1t1aks lihs ill it
saii-lhiiaig rilitatlly w-ronig. For the
awork at ctltiviatioimt ltllsl. fllow thlat iof
alitc'iftati. No att11, dtari-ag her scilana
Iitil, caIt itre tiala toEal ealtgiah lis
trty toa give her taily ri-ally valaitale
kniiwla-tige I ita-olt. At tie best she
will liiae gdiiiit'a itarelT a well-cotil
strt'eledl skiI.,o, E itt it wera, whiich is
I lafterwai'd it lie t-lolaatha l itlla fhit filrtii
o" liita by i.ears Elr teuitag. Aiiat the
...t it-tiletii of Iiteirtt irE aaiist lie t.are
till" tait I isutly tXlri'a-tl, if ht e
- uiiilI taaw thliue I uruataai-st hite t va wtaititg
oia ht r lt-i eiajiayait.L If, tha-i'tif're, our
.zrl' lh-ave sa-itatol itii it dislike oot
-:tii Iir.1 titatks atit n it ith ino fI ,'t" taf
S-tt-f-e;aliiling ate - Ceiittiitlty tihtvae 1:1
imielt;iily ftaili- attin mst ex-Ct toa
lail thitiat set-kilag. etajoayimeit lit oather
* ways, dr-ivet about by.a rt-'less de"ire
II I111an 1 grow l t I 0 II l r 'li tl l I;I nr' oO I
IIkeeps w llnilr l'OiW ln 1 u  | i ) If I ll'g 2l11
lrenll t ,fn eit i, i ha t il :l' t ivit . ll; ,, t
su'u'k 2f'u fior t 'i litiiila i ofl 'iothlli,
fwiln e it wliitl to silln withil i u.- I
Si.ceI ic girls ie illey V, and ti, to i I.
a,11pli.h hin flew r 0 O1 sol'. tha s i alltllt ,
tio tl Pllli'11oi1l of tilrl"' o)-h,. il i ' In i I
delil tlhit llr ill ' ooll y il of 1 0l t
hiemid te ul ther deep ental ta tievy.ll t, I
ronei thaih Piirlitt .. yfor l. htvh t fhi bothI
tiai'ii glll. Ti ei'ht e is lll lin i-t:i k lil Ir:. I
ifatil Ihin fI t r suppose.L I thai ii i iik.a'n Ii
e ilIhll great diere h bohyo the ilrl t t
that those false alinits ;ire acg ired
iwh1ih lprht e 'i fglt'er :i' t I j setr t htl I
stiuiblilng-llock, billi in titemselPes
ilever ,ithe w iole stilih'" i. int SysteI l - I
til.ed. The in10lutL E I t ii of ti e ften Sle t', I
o- V l ustl oe s f grau: rltllll l, arillth
inelic ndill gogrlaphl y ill ll licie tol li'
hleall n all ithe import l'ilt .ats ill lliltho.
stldies i' Ilnhdted times overil, \\ hiillll. , i
ilelt.al Iolfusion i ere' ted is lmu ,,iitabl t,,
to conti'ipite, l and our irls siipend
rl'y lthe ni'roll ulictio anr lad asdiips I
of Englis'h igrams ilr, losing tlhus the
overy valuable hlehi lil raiing,i, properlyt
taught, btiinigs with it.l Aind w he it i
their geography iu s simply a iliis.t ofi'l
i:i eS 111 1 i ll i o citt l l i al'; is, whaII I t I
wolehr that they are gl2d to oiescal 1
TheI' Sltl of language afifrds the h t i
T111 th inli- wiiilelll i l 'Xpn'ls. o ra'l.ltl, ,<
ering the valeo of L.ti ais a iital
discipline--or in a larg " schollt oue
c:ill almost invariably di-tiln lish ini
who have studied Latiln-it Is ilposi i
lei to lapprecilate our a w l lt ules. nI
wihout it. For the lhal IIagi;: t illll lt
Ioir oi erliatiol, lpe it ls. wtle t.l 1e
idpense with 2 aknott lcodeot iit, hilt ihe
iil en li t lwe ris e Iit o thellil liev l Iof l' ýit i,
all the terms which express ' 1.:.al'
hil as :1"re inevitably L:iti,, ili origil.
.Alij Ilthat nilin nu.lst beI conlip iialively
Iillnarrowed which Idoes nt colllllllll'preh il
theilm. It is a matlte r I',. rejo nll. th:i .
l'more i dlie more o1 f the time ilwhich ltv te
'tIo ierly n lonopoli ze(ld by French-o -
lainguage which, for purpo1Les . tl tenli
tal discipline,  bears ilb lout the slve retl
lation to G ermanly lthait ifle y doe, to
history.i', Firenciit h we Iisl lea nl' but,
after we have learned it, of whit, use is
it as :t keyv to unlock an1 va':hlith, hi'er
itlire? while, with Gt'tfrm n . tll i1t .col
miiill, whole t11reasii.e-hotl.uiT of lietce
tiiI( ofltll'", o1f learning l mutl of oeauf ,
fly open atlliil our bidding. Ater soe
iacqfici(tIce has bLleen glilled of thesel'
lilt ltia it it s time enoufhr , i oi Ii tlll'"
low il te it il ity lie, to attempt iii ny li
ial stilly of t. Ile Engltisl hlaugL Inl,
which llhas been so hLospltllile to -til.ill
all. And when, ilfter snich prepI uiia
tiol., th.. English b.1gii0 s to ii (111l I i;ts
rtilhes oif strlngllI lill o beauty to the.
ionils io1 ess, no mind ca' l tail' il to ll , ill
dihl ofik i 2joy lient for all lte ti tu'e,
anli a perpet)a'il c'ity of r(ef11 e frtomi thel
petty Cares of daily life.
The question may be very :arnestly
asked, it the hones pent. liy those girls
who iiilhave no spellcial talent oril iuic Iio
practicing oIpodl the pi to lhlI hteell
given to the Silnl of English Iitle:t
tlre, whether the geltni-l level of our
women woulll not have been apprei i
hly Itaied. We do not 1i1i.1, rv'llue miit
sh-, but in view of ihe ge;,llt,.itl '.t1". s
attlainedl after years of p'a-ctire, ;ut" the
expenditure involved, is the profit at
iall colime4uirable to tIt e outlayl?
Wonl1 not the sime :nointnt of time
:in palience, iit'trnel into others chai-I
iels.'pro lle more valllt lte re" ,ts onil
the in:tjority of o 'r gills?
The one-sided training o" nioithiin:t
i.in Ave mulst also have, a1. tiie, dislike
' The drift of modern, thought is in the
'I'rr'I~ii ~ ii (l I of f~i ll i~it":11 -ei n 11, and l lhi
g'irs no'ty also he lt. I into tie tvoli in
'll~l''l IT i (rllto the ar." (t11.11:·(1,:11t"1 1h e IIts
1. ie:,w ichi, Iikis thei car oif .Jug-1 t
s i1s tl ie 4h' li ll hiet I lial li w llv º I i!
son t i illttive nitruiltss with urn b-i reiic `I
i'l'; isml iten. hit'. n h eiit:1 ''1
'flioil i. 1. 1 v.4ts hleitia I which wihe 0-`ii
ii''';i l
; Ii i' in ih en r s t l ilt s l'i Fvihn I.
r il ' I ii'i' i itiii' ii I I11'111 t':iii i ii -ili i i itP 4i' i
ieti-il'~ive fireti'is ofniii te by ti':tiii" fi-j
thimu or I tili' t ir ts'ide, -s La, a l'd ta l iimik'
!p ii:itin't'ei 1411' cower to l:il. 'l'i1a' kiiThl I
vtrl,·Pli rii i dit' h lti tlil Will a intdtz · ai wite
tII":it llige atdougkihtis thealth'nl % il
iii";Is, tetet it intoIId .dway s be the boes
: of t 11, kindth.
I( . C AKE.-('II IIi o i'4i1 Of
lBut, i.lii~vi' l, t'I 4 Iii tinit" vils 144t al4
:141 I,)- lr 1 (ilei It'S 4'il~'ti't s 4iiii'i iir .'I f.l
*liU heighiit 4s4w' well s ' ii i f'en b slir
I lt' s l: i 10 , Ii404 4 141 :1'"" Iiiii t 14,'! 44 I
oir litillllh lt . ii Il' aS"11 goii o l4 malln'
14144'.$titIv ihr i 4.o .(' f th"l l it (t f 0i .; 11I% '
tA he1.t )i l.lCACY.-- 'Ftli. trtit nalt I:ii
o ' 11 4 k in i Is .11i 14' :u I 1 14:441 Ii44' I"irl
ISi~ l. l ivig .th o .114 i lt4 - i IU i itidit. su g-'
Whnii i ia t ~ a r y a o i e , s t-so l I h a v e th e m a sii 4 ' h erl c 4 ;ih i i l f4 4 n 14 4 '
ten alre I. ii' ll the its ii41 faryl 4'%i';i'V
Plo t liet Ini eti " aI 4 hlt 1441 . i ti) . titj i'
4444 h IV' bi ilt hiii Gie , o m i tl wt evelr y-wi'
·--- . ~· -
Anlui;; C vit~ i:-luiu fl odri'N'ret'.-O tliter '
tlh"-'. l The . :"""4 i u" 14 I '4 ·le j41.4' 414 E
newelI, a dttyof lhi lritas nch d
thorougl y lie theiI4i Iii" 11441114, ant44i4 t iie
\til C1in itl'44 i'4's t to h irl rte, S 1 R itih
ta nI'4Z . '1:iuii'iilig tile, 1 1l till' t illes f
- *11 414,4 thos u>vii dnIl' ; .4.1 ll 41 lii'4 ' 14 ' 44ti
''lot'4 i n uhii l B ter.n lioir ilo'4 s.4 ('i"'"1444
readi14 tttit- , litea~r fli lt-I44i14i torl'44111-il.
p riie. I li qutiet. sill1hi4 14i 1144 inv o Iivdi
i i'il>' very worst i i sn44'fit ! 44i1411414 1414c'I
v isioni ovndI lthou adt l nhs'gidothiecng.
brace G -eelay and His Slanderers.
\ T)hintg tIle totlioinsoe montlhs t lastRs
"n(·11· the·I ctti \m. of tIlntae ol l'Jrcekr to,
itheinlVagss sit his i'inhiti'3iiboi, 11.1
Wsill' most: iItl toldi thait Mi'. Gt'iel.}'y
1riulr tilt- itiisjlnloi c Ias s fes:. oii~
('l'~v.t & Co.. .1:1V (''oIee & Co.. Fiskc
&I; i l:110 , anid sIlier firms IutIshia thenl
:'Il esIi tcij'11i015 li iii0 t'iliti itg M1r.
G; i's' h-v . i li t(e grtiiiil that uki-14 ilep
-innt 0.3111141 M1is01t Ii the i ltt- % tili t'l'iiii 't.
t1n414 r ;lf rrt i dl·(·t (rang" saidvarill theyl~i
*'wep shaill ha ve Isisis·ie iti' 111111 east. 19
lluit ( taut's elietsii boIas lu.rtiii
lou i'd by tl~ it' Verb uis. wvhii-hu it %V3114
1"ýIlllllnlli ? slir(·1r 1 to illi et :L ,l. *lr:(' e
ºoºer, Ill', VsI tirm.ti ihstu. IR'tiused In it
15 CIIStoty at. tIle cief Vietjl55 t ItOei
* t%* i failse prsi.'jsIes. Fuilt~i" Lsilti4,
ti ii s; --4'·14 igigiios I' sillisi Willt hurt
tins ut. tl d ; t; ,sll v l Graft 'sliag I tigtig
Illl. 114"nt't" t'Ii'vs 1\ illi0 ln 0rte In, iln
"th It-Il~ fllr11 o1' heUlt'Is il
I:tlt t It'o til: I ile. law sit Ili te tasd in
*rsii'a~ Is'c? iits~.t'tlrsiii~ilc ia i lusliiiu
41rs'5.i its rii ,"Ii til-n I"uu It* ~inch 41a0Sll
Oll't141 i. o iie I hereiiigl t (lMV eli-vt jisgi
4s41"-' 1i4 ir ml54 40111V01 oS; tile ili .t ho1
elf (;r11u'' iv!
4,11111 i o i lt i se lim ii .1 st :l 111.411 e''
151:1:1 it tiR Ia 01 :In.. Iave lell ben :isight
ii 141 lt 1 t isI rynal L·; Marl' is Iheir 3W11 u ti -
tt thlletig. - [' itiiti A11Age..
A CIAl uLICII Vuuoº il)iD.' Kx(o v
THE FRESCOi t" iii CA NDI)LE. -Nut . 1,1141i
SISl \'I IIi"1 elt lltI IIC All it i-lll1l1j
E tit'jo ill this ("i411i si"1 4l111 iSities-rstiiig
14ºni" gl o nt Mirhigaltell. entorC`'1
aIser. Wslsile isitkiig lhis friled tuu' elf
Iniiiults lie euuneisiisr4"rs ssu- riujiil Gen,.
L..e 1"'ivru., a vit t.t it;ightsiiil lingugist,
wit l, Jire"eli I oil ii Iiiilsi'i. t he Ss-ua
tier I stil h nust 04i155141415" 11 a
hsillsi, e.ittujriissl go t111150 le haitoi IiijiI',
toi 1tisliitgttui, 'Vero reas~onable
tle. t tie iis te thlin t1i:tt nuzzles
114, su ~ii11ed; "wlit-r-ever I gos, itf
lint furi (hIls' it gut, I diilrh lraiget iv ith Iit
lise.Nu'w. -thel charge~ is 1o1.
enuissigl it I ever had the bltgg~y; blut, I
ha41ve'ti seeoti biLuiggy since1 I letft the
( tar Con-aid wats lutii rtlFh. lie askedi(
at Itiyto Is.lsuk atf the: hill and ttisi14141i lie
lo':sruissl Si-si 114 Is :14 I siiitti~ml I )toe
Fr'euus'turdsi-i boo qic f1{isi thIse hisite'st
Letter it) tilie CPspi~l u.
A GRAVE ClIAItia~.-Tlio New tYork
l'rils'u e vltar ess~: that thes fnil 'uit i~f
2-21) liousis o sthIle Ctall of Mairsh 1.187:3,
i'iiiiltoil till the last ilolit st.tuti-sitlit. as
net1 i'edscouuei, i" S $0,99J1,:1511. T1hiese
1iqiuisl have a0tll lbeen reoielooel, sull
Welt eiii tai1n p4'siº4i~iiof I Iso g;sVeruIl
nteou ii J iii" last,~ buti lii l~tr sslV o themu
lt stii:: livn s1lti 4i)1 thilt hio~sit sit the U iii
Ai Stait~osI'esurt15e : this wotlds
Fttimiitiito i at emiitt±55t~ii sit the trutht or
1114 'FIii ne' scht' reº thatt the $erstairv
itins, firl ov'er tWI) ililllthis patst, iover
taitced theit' nu tiiill it ruin1 ill the 'I'eas
irtr I lI tiV' t m r ihtis lotn iiiilliuiiis sslf ilsil
Sliis; anid Matitill Is thle phitiulsii ofasit (51
"eiilg it ,fan;ii Wt ~all strloet gaiiiºldrs.
r'le'l _itiilul'i"1s liutia gill iou"1 ftuii''s lii of~
Ii' Well iiuilsi' the-hr I lsiiiihs, tullei, the
jiihiies-i to falsity its boksin their
t_:1' i lath, ti-i' oopipl lsaeil throiughl /
the p1ost iihleie tiihiesi'il as Isillise" :
llo..ttnlaiter 41, ºlpsi to tsiul lini i t'r it.
B3,uh-is-cl-Vtiiii is deor Staighlt
( )It Ver'i)i);;'), ulaft's slor goi t}t, Vecro
ni ulwntlstiilv ei'sderiuitiii;

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