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,.ýý;i h dý tA( { jijo n 'tt .1 r o1A* ýAhnp WI IlT LJ F R nfL 'ftJJefl ,Y #111 311T #8TnII TWIJI6I 4T s
.f'U 1'll~ ` 1O r,; 1 ;{ ; ti r U) -
t r. -~irt ;*.' J Yl. .k{ ' f I . 7 ..ý' ý_ f:' 'iý yy
I& B. P.CAAIT 3 W0 ILD" IS "G QV D~h&-JD TBOO I.. <U1'):O5.
UOL,_294 A AL AND IA, LA, '.WEDEJAY Mi&Il t6, ` , 8 1874 0 ): I
BI1E c "r.4 t.
TEitA s ;
THE D 4MCQRAT ins pubflnledWtk
Ir, sat Pqv. DOLLAKS plrw aAjii
pit hu~inthii, · P A Y'A B L F . IN 'A`D)
VA NC E h'N',o .ahrsilcrptln taken
for a less periodI titan -so.rmonths.
YgUri'rRTI.IjWKNTS inserted, at.tlo rute
of ONE DOLLAk per mgiraire Div. the
firmt rnkrritou, and 4I(FT1 CKNTS for
each muhisrwoent one.
.Eur m eiiiem ;or Ik ,'`ý(snnmvt~s4 donsdti
tote a s uarsý. ·· '
OswruAlrY NutIicae,.MnrrIeiags, Public
?Aen4ingn, eS!rt of Thaqka.rite.,, to
be pnid fw r.iras aalVertiscnieaets.
crr PMRAOWAL C5ARDS, when aitnsia
slble,iaabugeeh deaMblb the tnona adver
sLaiug rataes -
Watchmankers and Jewelers,
The Hop Beiring Machines.
May 28, Ie73-tf.
E ardcrware
corner of Second and Murray Sta.
ýapides Agrlicriattr Fair Assclla
o Ing of the above Association was
held on Saturday, April 4th, for the
purpose of electing Directors to serve
ter the easuhg year, and the following
entl(mea were chosen :
. F. Blekmsnn, John W. Prescott,
Julilus Levin, 'J. 8. Butler,
W. K. Johnson, Jefferson Wells,
J. O. Pickens, F. Selp,
. P. Hunnter, '". H. Carnal,
D. W. Rfnson, J. 8. Fish,
i..,. L.. Luclgett.
. A meqIng of the above Directors was
held according to the charter of the As
sum10la, on 'Mondaey, April 6th, for the
purpoe of electing its ofllcers for the
'eom ,yeor also, and the gentlepten
= bb1ow wele, electeId:
·,,. laehman, ......... President
, W.; Prsen , ........Vice-Presidle
''J.. Frehaoh,................. Secretary
Sitlles, . ............... .Treasurer
James G, White,............. Attorney
A true copy. J. C. FRENCH,
April im. Secretary.
Miosee Rosenthal
`A 1 1 PINCU ' OLD B4YD,
A.. Sa E Teiff* EALL5)
' I.. A. C*W*KUILLif:
..-:, et , F fsh sd Bllet
Grand Ecore Weekly Packet
''thi A1 Magnificent andit' 't Rfn
wing Passenger Steamer
Lessle Ta y lor:
CHAS. W. DROWN,............Clerk
Saturday at 5 P. M. Retnrting-
leaves Grand Ecore every TUEsb)AY
evdslng; and Alexandria every WED
NEbDAY at 12 .M. For Freight or
said Medical Physician, will r.main
in New Orleans, at No. 167 St. Charles
street, until the coming June, and all
who are suffering from Chronic Rhen
matism, or any Chrontb complaint,
should immediately place theupselves,
tnder his treatment, as, from my own
experience, he is s'ure to afford relief
If the disease is not too far'advanced6 a
permanent cure.
His charges are very moderate, and I
am glad to certify that, after *nearly
eight years of constaut suffering from
Chronic Rneumathim, (the last three
years of which time the torture both
day and night ha& been excrutlati .)
and after being treated by mnipy o.
most eminent and skillful Physicians.
I placed myself under the treatment,of
DRa. PORTER about the let of last Feb
muary, and remained about, five weeks,
dlnring the whole of which ttme 1 con
tinued to improve, and now have good
reason to believe he has effected a per
manent enre. M. LEGRA?.,
Tax Collerpr of the Parish of Rapides.
The Crescent Spectacles.
. cles ,now offered to the
Publle ae' gln.lranteed snlwr.
for t, all others in the market
For clearness and distinctness
of vision they are unrivaled, 2}adeark
the total absence of prismatic
color and refractory rays alwtys found in
Pebbles renders them eiwecially desirable.
Being grnund with great care, they are
free"from all imperfections andl impnrities.
They are mounnted in gohi, sliver, shell,
rubber and steel frames and will last imasy
years without change. For sale only by
oar Agents. ' o
Fergusodt e Ichak,
Jewelers sadOpticians, are Sole;Agen a in
Alexandria, La.
gp"None genuine without the trade
mark stamped in every pair. Manufae
tnred by
season at "Wellswood"
at PS the season, payable the First of
December next, and 1 to the groom.
Due bllUbr the season tbo accompany
the mare. Mares kept in fine gsu
pastares with water, ander good faene,
free of charge. Ifdesired, fed on grain
at *2 per week, payable irhe 'aken
Shoe Whker
i.d I euma d ontravings Sdid (dooed
Platen, i Puhlilhled Qaarterly at9 ·-t.
a year, First numttr for 1874 jngs i~
aued. A German ediion at ithe i -ie
priee Addrese,
Speciali oIce 1
I AVE 4n PQINI CoQt . Ja
McGinanlmygi ato ta4et to
my4ipep sn betiessua
ie d Rldl ur anIng. Capt.
A. M. Oegoodml-#eut A m
L. . .. Bb. 'PET BSON.
March 21, 1874.
Frdm the "Edinburgh'Review'" of
lA.rch, we copy the following ex
tra'ts'froin' an 'able artidle on the 1
lithitr Censue. Though apparenily4
very lons,*our'reaidel s will be mhore
Ehain repaid ` 6' their Aitteition inti
redig:thegm: ".. . ,.
From these aind All simild¾r es 1
the'e ali~~aiationi the neg~fos'' of
bi S'httiuern 'taes `diffieril iii fund
imental particuh'lA. 'rTo begin with'
the'inost fupirtantnf the"iiasters
'liceiý ere' iiot a k"iere j9"vileged
eliasis; theAntinidelitAly atityitamber
di1 their sal es, and constituted, in
fadt `an~' in the full sensd of the term,
I people. The consequence was all
Sori-thiit. Ini the' est lndies the
asters, being a mere handful, were
i~bsctoiis : itheir weikness,"' ere I
knesalile to Hstile piblic opinion,,:
ind were, in tiruth, half converteil in
Co e sas of the onig agi;Atibn that I'
nided In tli'eii 'submiission; and in
R'ussia'alio the same thing rwas true.
uti in th e'iirthithe masteis werg in
"ti sltidi to oppose a pqblie opinion
f their own to the public opinion of
the outside world; they were 'absolute
In their own'states, 'and tley irued
the goverinmentiof the Union. Thus,
thly were alile to silence abolition
Ists in the South, and even to prevent
the convey'nce through the post of
everything favoring abolition. The
restil't was that a generation grew up
presefting the strange spectacie-in
ecmprehensibre, had it not been so
,tebi seen in the world's history-of
a sebple applying to themselves dem
oeratic principles in their extreniest
rorms, and' yet iupholding and hop
estly believing in slavery. As in the
ancient Greek commonwealths, slave
ry in these Southerin States secured
to the free, wealth, leisure and dis
tiuntion. R~Ileasing them from everv
kind of diudgery, it virtually made'
thef supreme in. the country.
Southern whites directed the. coun
cils of the Uuion, ofcered its fleets
and armies, and represelited it at for
eign courts. In short, negro slavery
Was for the whites of the South a
patent of nqbility constituting thelt
in right of their color a real aristoc-,
racy. They naturally clung :to it
with passionate attachment. In e'
ery proposal looking to its abolitioni
they saw a design to' degrade them
selves, and they trated the aboli
tionist as a itrsonal enemy. How
gallantly they fought to perpetnate
the institution that gave them their
importanee is fresh in' the recollec
tion oi us all. While a man could be
lid to fill the gaps made by ;ever-re-j
curring battles, by. hgrdship, expo
sure, privation and dI'sease, they des
perately maiintained the contest.
But a time c at last when men
wneaefo longertd bel tbfmnd, aid'lup
piles of All`kinds' fAAied. 'iBroken in
spirit, pWorn oit in boy,, A:nd'imporv
erished 'in purse,,t.hiey sullenly laid
dowS theirxtrms. Iteas while their
resouroes were thus exansted, while
their private affaires wre ,suffering
-romathetr long dbsernce in the field,
while:the marketa of ther' woild were'
closed against tthem blg folrt years of
blckad, kwhile tradeiwad etinctand
deb~td accuM ulating, that Emaneipa
tion cames, and atone etrokedeprived
them of the bor that gave ·'le to1
itheir prosetties, :and .at ·the -same
time edunced themselves to the des-i
pised level of vulgar toiling hu
STp saythat the meastre ~vrturn
ed at a blow the political, social and
industrial organfAtfu.of ti Spguth
it to leave outofsi mo dhar
'acteristic' feature of the whible revo
intion. On the part of thte Nokth
5e wa lre ad bhi nwaged not in any
sepgf in the d iterest .r thtslave :
thad beet d soley for'Eje Qpe
servation or the 'tnlo, for thiein mn
id the of i fthe teii
tory, and more pabutay for re
tention of the command of the mout'h
the M1sseisippi, he ,great watet
wa ibet een3Eur.ope and the Wes~t.
As long asi there was a prospect. 9
attaining the olgect in view without
interferlaagwith slavery,, slalc was
atstaied: whenthe prospect faded
sty sbloierYwas abolished. -'Eman
uipatioa wdsriscreed is virtuenlbf the
uRwesiddat',.arpoper, asagliihothat
-poer, ~dion, it derived iileglity.
lBhaus -emanition wnas muemcK.
measure a9s -the siegal i
BRiohw ,itMaelf;'andgs it ws otlgf
asHiy adopted to weaken the Gout
erstes, to ~fll them with appireheiiida
for their wives and little ones at
home, and to eilarge `the' recrittiag ei
itrea for the 1d6rtli, so it' Was".after- 5s
kta ds iatniiTI aoing other rea- ,
sons, bieaiu it 'prvided ' gari son C
for 'the t The lOficy is cine ti
that lias b followed by' conquer- ai
ors in all ages, but this Amicrican '
adaption is peculiar in thin resp: t q
that, whereas elsewheree teg - e:
soning colony has alwa s k en of "
the kindred of conquerors; and
the population eipt 'down an alien I
one, in the South it is le co''ered ~
who are bone of t . ne . sh
of thie fiesh of the cnqrois, ile ti
the arrison is 'aogether alien. tir l
owni experience ii Irel nc teaches us
how ineradicable is ti resennentmeti
caused by st ch a system oT holding
a country, how deeply it coinprbiii- A
Mcs a gov it6tfirit and drag'' it on tl
from one filse step 'o another. "n o
the South all its `-ual eviiifruits I
have been aggravated a htudredfold. n
The prejftllicei:b' the whites are in '
reiolt'at their suibjcetion to their 1i
former slaies; and' these liberted jed
slavse are hncapable od dischargaing 1
the functions imposed upon 'iem.-=
During the four years of the Civil ,
War, though the whole available t
w .ite manhood of the 'Confederate 8
States was drafted into the field the -
negroes never ventured to strikea ii
single blow for freedom, the women , t
and old men sufficed to keep them to .a
their tasks. ':'Theydid not even dare a
to run away until the approhia of .a
Northern army guaranteed them pro- a
tection. .Nor are they now more Ca- .
pable of' meeting their old masters 't
without support. To malke of them, 'b
then, an ascendancy party is onily
exasperating the whites without t
really strengthening it~ govern
ment. ,,
Let us, then, inquire i the' first '
place, what is the~ onditionof,~het'
negroes, as it was in its probablein
fluence upon them that the policy t
pursued in the South has been mqt t
widely debated. One party, it will c
be recollected, were never tired of
prophesying that, when set free1 the
negroes would speedily .die cut, or be
exterminated. While another party.
with equal confidence predlictqd th:I
they would rapidly begin tQ supplant
the., whites, ;at-least in the , warmer i
States. These prediations were the
promptings of partisanship, and as i
cold experiepce seldom confirms the i
vaticinations bandied about, in the
heat of controversy, most persons J
will be prepared to learn that in this
case also they have not been veriied.
Freedom has shown itself to 'he
blacks of the South neither' as a ie- 1
stroying angel mowin~ down the~i !
worthy race that aspired to blessings
reserved for its better, nor as;a ben- '
eficent fairy raising them, as if by "1
the stroke of a magic wakd,to an
equality with those who had '_een'.
prepared by a thousand years of well
ordered progress for the temperate
enjoyment of its gifts. Th entirej
coloured population of the nited_
States, free and slave, Torthint nd
Southern, was returne dA .;860 9s
4,441,830, in 1i470 the sae " op ...la
tion was found to, be 880,@09 In
te ten years, theref~ iF lhas .in
creased by 438,179 ,souls, ,or, just
9-21 per cent. Consideriing'all. the
circumstances, tle rate Iust be pro
nounced not disoguraging, but it is
certainly not such as to in the.
belief that the South1 is destfnef to
become a 'NTegro country. The rate
Qf increase of: all i: tipitjps
throughout the UliJon wys 22-23,Rer
cent; that of.the whity, gl , as
24-38 per .cent,;, TIyse, the ,colorted
increase was les,4 an half the. ae
rage, o, tob ,n)o.ere.eiact, wh1rtwo
blacks wrere added. jot le gPQgtiofn,
there were ov~er ye hKi.t.e, ;.t must
be remembered that .the wole in
Icrease wa largely aungmeqt by i
migrati.o, It. doe.s nptfol. .t,,-,
fore, from the %i, cif
has,, I the Kay gipra . tsFgg
vailed emons,) thenmF ep,.' to 0 6
h4beea n iintaliihel ,1aring plIten
ears that followed,the dditio
Ite. colopre 1popqo.le : a rqgd Ji~e
*been abqut a mi~li~i: :4,~we hve
seen,'it has faffen yy g ¶, 4 iPip
half that amountAgain,r and i th
.:lg armes. pIt wl Sr'a iie cft
. ted that in 1860 there was a .toinid
scattered all odid the fr4& Stat'es fi
ot'e it 's ars that" th' irat 6!i iin-= an
crease of file emixtWioriiooured pdeulta
tioa iof twfiwole' Union . eedell by
rid b ore thin "iie lialf of one "ier oft
Ednt the 'ate 'f' tire of thfe'ini to
qn~rid said' in' yite of te' bloddist' tl
eiid "'niost ex histi'g" civilwars the it
world has ever see. '' t
In round :hinbeib; the white popu- I
antion ' of"t tihe `Confedeatb States' r
tmounted' In1186t'fo [email protected] md i hal se
nted y; the rmet abpa- 1i
oti of",Irelan d i .ilt .dA desp- s
iat ';ob~ditest 461 fotir " ldn }years 'pd
tgkinst ^" bpulaiion' "'ei 3* four `4
Itimes as nuniemti .and in' t iPbuse th
'hf thde struggl it'? ? fiaf'dtrg ties 'th
janionting altdgethe1e, dcxidThig '!to 'il
the 'stinimate" of thSu erinteudent
of the Census, to a milion 'of nin.' 's
In' other wod,"- off!t evey 'eteven 4a
I mnen women, and: children,itwo 'ien b
were withdrawn from 'altl prductive Fi
i 1edstry,, alid;'aetudlIl-sent iut the 4
flekL There' they had to mneet r- N
mites ht least twite ~s 8aueroud nd if
guard every portii oof thousandsI
of mile.of coadt nud frentier against· w
Itheittttacks. n >be dnseqiuence, the oc
soldiers had to s"ervefoi. , lon er en
ter .than. in the Federal. +armies, be- 'to
ing generally, indeed;- enlisted -'fore
the war,' and, thernfore, they were
nse moi'ecomplldtely 'arid ontinu-- .
ously .thaluthe Northemnea'. More- e
over, the South was strictly block-- t
aded and, thereby 1,prevented rom .I
dbtaining: Ahe supplies itiheeddd. b*
Necessarily; tlhereforei thefloees in i
battle aswe · de"ifre& prisdtionerand i
hardshili of-evty kind Were' heawibr b
than in thetF derdl *mies;,andi the ,i
deaths .from :wohnds and sickni~ss "
sre moreadmBrous, : owing to the, A
want of skilled Medieal ,anduaricali
attendance, asn well aess. proper and' of
sufficient hospital storea. For, iall:
these reasons the Superintendent of h
the .,Censuse estimatpes'.,the attual ly
deat.inp,the :Confederete armies at et
.3o0,000, .oa, seven-twentieths ofithe.
entire strengthb That,;is to-say,ac- .qi
cording to tlis. eotinate;. almost " v
ery whites, man ni apble,.Of be ring g
arms .in the Confederate: Stateeiwas
drafted, anto thbe r~yand of every. i
t ree so4drstted one, died.in.servive.
Suh hiving ;b enthe frightful mor- h
tality, it iseasy . to unde nd that
thq cops tituigs f the twq t..ijtnhe- ti
>j rned must, have ,beqp.iprleip y in
Ijnr ed., eMo ver, theserricehhaing t
ýPP.so ,cbgt3tnuaue, b o3fe hfirths t
caq~ ave tgke place In th fmiqilies
of the absent ..soldiers.: we a: e
have seen, the. rate of inoer the
.white,,populitign,.of these S is
,ithin.,afractpns p high .as, the r te
,at of ,ingreaseoftly qlouwr pop- q
.plationathroughout the; Uniog' Itis b
trot to imnigratiop,, as 'the.;readpr
may be inolined,t asppose,0thatthis
astonishing ,s !ilti s diue . TheCn
ets ,officers havbeen happily :in
qpired. to, accomipay their reporg ts
li.h colountd sqaps, hgwingthe dis
tribution of Mae 4mmigrants verp the
,j.iqn., Buto~k.theee maps thew. hole
*Confeti~cyi.A~:lank with Mi ex;
,cepti oftIre. orsAe oa!so lintand mi->
nute ~dqts at im8pag.,ietenoes from'
ne i-angtherx The inereaae then, itb
isevident iaFias ~.ty naturtr one.
t ~: would b e,,di$fala to, a4d~ue
Sstronger prooof the albdilngvitality
$of,,the; white ;ace r ,ia the South.,:
SWithb. acha people, ,it is safe to pre
,4iet ithe, North.wiAL.gain--have to;
a ec non etae nra tist ei ie
r Ule3psv it munages, whiles1 Jaai3yet
s op~o~iptnitetp iJMay'ltef~dis)cote t.
a ,,'Thea f~fats owlearei ord' iathes
na uweof the Merfn wast afeegrwalif
S.ouione&by ,thee rekles .ineojoe l - _
erate manner&inh'hich emancipation
e pgiffected. It muto otJodtgoh t
,. ten that thei ansjorigri'ofthe els 1
L-semauiqn : quietly wetting onksthe
i.. ngm ton arok aspttb seg ei i
e 1ike in90t tsdhe rim&ea Ma
t qthsss)la ;i ta l att bri *tsby4n
; ther xtslk ts.otter neiriioy Id
a m her mouPrPeWlatel4~l ~ 1
n interior was pierc:.&Mae eoutst, iwa
b*a taasinlly heuahbtf dntit hlr
as it ever hadbeen-itmay
j.. ed if itkeas-snkogeaterariue i
p- o thedup s d
4 bsaiedei 1~kamk
ing-of in the nui>iin'k` o~ i tths. So toI
smafll d 1 ` Here aid` there- Of I '1
geeeaesionst- te i .ctterI d;tl
tra~orc lnry retardtidii it 'th i to io
A the W dk hif that hocuired:ii:'
tihe detait6'iie' der tevie#. MW&Wvr, rce
It` niut dh be born dpeiiid t~itt b Ina
the $iorder States e M"j0,ina Was 141
peactsbly "efteet' 1 'lo part 'of;the'
'rf Ao there' ssru "snl'oott; trra
isecýiiMly'be attr ha edlto Vi Aee a
1ixa nA lg''i gt '' vaird.i t
siifil rds t`e r e m from " batlea tpr- bri
potin ,' i b1au is erhisto1'' Itis' etoe e~
bEn ncnnt~l forll &*aunsa
-t~e' a ry"rtihtg so t ' III
the1i, a'r oft l-a a'tbe
that'tliie `r'' '.aY i~"""" """" i · 1 : ot`'this':pp-'
teilugte wn''6lthl Ig litn ireadt firth ithey
ca increase' eofrhe't ia 116' f'tti2
to jstibaseo terribtsly ftnr b'tttedie- vet
eims; ant4ian, a t 3s `to
befa Wdwetr 'suporteiirid &s~lviy, -RmIN
PY'tie:-be:tse w'herydtin. the 'pxy ,6t
slii*jfE o' a tn1oit ritghis erlges, a
rtiher n artheippenrnil'siV4at slaves B",
t ueMe slaveits, lithus. `Atplirdt'td B
wetre most -fecl'uent' she!i*the wef
comtmandin º enerul ; {0iatly ' e : wi
au', t ''b the' ftbrI~tm k t eate d ai li
to clistts ciete? tsellfroim Fiiibblttidt '`ý6
sc.ial, lrtt ndi th, tdtetpikn *as e t
age werie'snpý3or2dra'',o;ýrr' b~y''
o'bligdd to usdeihtake"! rblthelpie= :'1
mfa t' *rt ','a acrinhithid lo ne~hil
imd pewty.laee ete ntfod4pn i 4roe8fl
'b. e~ta'ioI1 ba pooe9 in ` sopiie r
b~khit iuim thmt dJ~e.,~ atr"-tie
ifde~ll3s~rpI'~sg tothqsa, pele,'f~;*.ter,
qttli'iuatiý"'ýeiiae` they 6 ofti
Wer tire d hites in 4ath'dnde $ oa-' iiiti
ution 'Boi disuBteis `liiE we sti- ý
lenceihat s~d thp~ i~ayi' Jii i'CiJowds.` be
1ýý'll'1tei"'ttii ri eteat od''tia · a las
lctelda icha n `te` poi inet 9 tis' n d
othe Ctopa Indei taks noti liije `s
Sapontfor tirat·r·hniie
efpjjent. for t` rpuai roes
: 4 + t :~lre ,:in, omeo:r '
tPppuW In$ln Kuhaceyt r that awe
*ue un lyt dr~g tqo .gs ,patasr. c ry e
,Ai0%§ a ffi ahexri on :l t.. f fe n
1 BtC~4 , . y pR . , · `ýýf - ,.4
.pyef, ttle. ,qhhlte :in htlbt~ ~~- ii
tquSt,,e t ,fha tle: nitihe; , will
ýgately, ýtox ýt is,~j.I tee~r
w~.buhlk~ oaf the: .popua
miose B a rragtbetr, i we. ; 'tes1
$toexpeyIoct asin decrasei. O:n uthled oth
hand op Ieon= , a e~It p
then·Np ed.lýte noio.. itle' a
*pupR, ers~eih not bee visirn yhdo
rhe acEtual colc1red inc°I ,ea. Aýrl¢ ; h
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