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The Louisiana Democrat. (Alexandria, La.) 1845-1918, November 15, 1876, Image 1

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\--,) O!J - ' LJEXA NDR)1TA, LA., WEDNESI)AY, .,.L3ER 15, 1876.
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prica ':··l~rerl I, sl ;3*I4Pr sa.g&- ;~
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C00hili~i' ") HATIN
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I &t Ir 'if i Ii' wl liC 'Je1 ii hi \l'
Let Iir live Iil't 1r" Ilic he,:"l
I hicil;
hI( hI')''' 4)4':'!:' 'IItin '4 14111'41'i r r~i ii', 1). Iilt hutll
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4 i 1 l l *4 11)41)111 *41 tt~ll'
':)llt(l~(( liilt , 4 )!iII ILi, I li ll 11 14111/
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141) ''''4' ,11) 4iIli~ 1,11. , '1,~ )iIi
)4 444 .11. 44) tI,,., I, 1.: ''''i 4 4.)"4411'' 14411111111I
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4:I1 141414. 'I IL'l' 1 .414411 141'i..l~(! 41 l~'(-I II'
1'er '1441 1 4144 41,14 I·~~~'i lII. 114- 41li4')44(l'll
1 ~(')~)i':14411 4i~l y )4lllt 1111444t IiC (li~(l 114411 a!
t~hel 14%uhl'01 1 jil 1111 1441!ll ott Ii 14141! ) I475
Vi)' 411'141I'1i~il :III jIIIl'.oe44II4: If(ll~~l p4'lplral
4444144i('44441 11414 114.llll'rc 4141144'Ii1l~ul' 1c41.1111)
11)11' 14144111144) 11srro.- )4 (1'uctl't 44111414 111441:~ 4I
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4)441'' 1441 41r 11144111 144'II*lr.'4l 41' .-L'·iul'4l(J4 414
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1'11'1 10 1 :tl.; 0 ~n t" 111y
Lela,! . 11 I"-1 1(
1k 'I I 'i'' -; Ii' i~·t j
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I,! I! 1: f ' !I', 11! ll . ' 4!'4 '!. ,'1 1
,"o:" ,I "11111 "Ih""_ s; I..1 '} 11 Io \ 1. 1 111
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i 1'!C l ` ,'U11 !" 417 .r t'''.2II t"> I(k !; ii' (( lN I ' I n(
! "1111.. ..., rI1't.i n I' IH) (l,' 1 1i 111 III'l'
I ''U' ' I i 1 In n a 'Ill :1! l: :' ttitd
,ý ; 'i'll, 'l l1 1 11 I i le of . 11 1" `::1.k11 tit
" :G . 41 s'ii it" )1 1,"11' that
W it' h ", li ,"e! of tl',"11'.. "1110 "11,1, to tl.. 11.- 11111'
lI 1 l io -; It tll 1'111'll'lk ll fol'1l('2( l'41 1 0 th e
11'l, I're 1.r.Cll 2 e i "i nIr lt (t( f 'h'" I(' lt1u 2(1(11 de
by ('io02ll(r l( wo'iti neith la C 'ln ~l dtinH t l: i ii
211210llUS I sd 1,1 tlp gtii. 21"I 'l t ic tlir timp o! es'
t ll l I IF i :1~kgkki' of1.c .1,1io M glian;,- pew
rake i'(I' ~1''0 !!l fI." Slfli('y ahil' Ii I thus ~ di
; I1 0 . t12 2 1 1 w ' ( lh i i a e 0 ! 't \ s i n g ( I 1 w lj 1 : :1 t l 1tl l ' 1 1 1 (
( ll:t e., I!' r"". \1(2!' i th. Tik ' f II I' itradei il I;
whieh11'a till 1"1 ou~ld en;" fo u~immo l ra'l 151
1 (1 11)8 l ''it11( ii i t 14,( n M g l ljan (it 1(( 10till h e
IIIror s ervle labo tiil5141(Iii SN(t E'ii ((nd ( d o
11u 11 1 'i Ii' Ie'I4'.('lltioC ofi' tIllsten~ w'1''sith( rcli
the ' C lkli l lelo mire. orC~~l 4 8121(121) C'iilljllfll1 adn1
ratil;F(asshal preen tihxr furtIIer.impr
rae. Rfo~rm is neesayad can('3 il(hevloverv c f (Ill
I 2.l l
he etll''t1'd alt by making t the control- t l~n
1k111111h1 kS 22lU I'l
1i1n1g 15.i. i I of th ( 14l t' thI N fh '(1nd i k itt:'
I 'f1f-h iI' 21 ihtw n t'i t(' pa ''1lrt In p I tio n
stcl:to Hii~i Cher it. The false issues withrc of :
rio' nI I le 'l' ri lig toItIitkCCW ill till' sea
I'hi''1 it''(ei'stll ";II,,ut 1111 1 t~n'1 -l l 'llert l he
21 (i I Ik~·~!,~It( Njv'' CIII1]( 'i~lC4!P 02 S(2lichlg()t~l
12: · e,-Iai ' 1vey' th ik(se e eral S( I Ms lal' I v t
1, t i 1 I I 'o"e'lti'' pa~r t hash ('rillOM ct Curl (2(
112' '111 (''ir 421n gti(11 :C llk(111 e 14 11 1'to l tl
t.1v lc 11k'. ·~lr I11.'4 Ii('l~i! 44 17.(
il;;lril t:,in l,!i llollt partiality or (rt-f otrenc e S tr c
2 All'ti:.li . eltllM"5. or e lc , 112(1 crimtho , `l
211. l Itll: : 1'1,111t ti l 4~tl' ;1'1'11al5 01 Ir l 2IICV.
N 1.11' iii" run l.'1l ti'O l' l ll' 7 O l' RcI'2i112I1 2II
tl"' 21 : ,lti ' k y .'111 tie', seek t I 15
"ýi!:" \' 5 t' i s l io l WcIri'sM tll;, 211.1 tltS I)
14'144" L1' "l C l t'.v prLo 'les ('lCl ' ill
. '":i, ol 1,11,1' 1li a''t
lI'A i1t rOprC'12trin ticea of thie Dem-11
\ II OC1rt::'l till( :; rI 11tv iiparty i oF thle Stat1e
:I}f F1on1i(na, in Coo. veition n158cm- 1
is I'~1 4(1 lIerchy i t ec\lt e n l 4il n 11tr 'ti ( I
''04 tot, ate eycIcti'i 4(
'1(1(1 p!t,'. l II 1 r ,forni 10 11(2 t. r ; Itaitt e
((1 (11('1i lt i 141411 i'll 2110 CoIliilg geiierari
.11 Ci ol' 'tl: flr, I1 '1 o ' (Si ti(e1 ly a11 :11 ' 1i.t o
o t 1(1 I' ll-I : ii iZ'11111 ol' every fore1} r po.
1 itulh 'ic i '1 ile . i nor ti l- Wi ns tr o nd colorir
1 '/(''(1':1 . Vr (ag-aipnrtlte Wit (. us in (lilt
! (I ill tine IIIet'Liui't 11 (fft1 t tiCha tf ltIlia!
Il52;l V n t 1 II :':ll Work2o1u1t1 frp'q racilt aiola
of121( of I2 l Itotlt 1111(1 rpifrit ot ti l'1
: I CI(llIst (1i lttlc ll: Il!' tilt' hIpll4lt~i 211(10 (If i
I et 1112(2 jI(1 1,4 tM 'tl 11141 brnt'iit oflltetr,
4t;"i'rr 111(1 1. 1114 r':lt pnk!im' (111. 21'1041 A,
1 tat: 1I, ul( ot till' S, It' ;hiT fofllentillg
(11111' el"1t1' CXfI I I llfgsti 'll I l:1CR lul 0111
and' 1u·ll I'l .(11 (511121' ('tit l :'11 the pit o .t
" I l.1Nilan '1221:11i 1,1t44 8t:ire1 no 11 it t'Io
t1 ' i !10'';i l ;Ii l I they' 11421 t a ltink} .i1 8(4
l11kfl'' n1 ' 11(2 2 110 1215 heir t 'hin t, 2 USRti
I ( 1'44 4,4 IS till Wii lil (22e1:,11 'I'( uds l (:11ofa Ill';
V. l 't re+i1(1. 1141: 1'1 le li d7t, Iisji of t e ii'I
"l(V1't12lltr elt'1 nlltl.Ii ratiylctrtilrow~n by
11E'1~1- of Il'V crt th4 Lt'g(l slk ltllr h inch
I (A ,,1 :111(1 elt'iicllg by 1 ly(nc te s inr time l
1,1,. f prlofk(2111 111:'2CP. tflntl sulch 'l~ier~lrt
:toir tll:lli1f'n 1 igt, Lc r c''1 t(; CC 11' 1 4 bvo t an
1\other to tilve 11ilf 1 i 1't of crimea foti
W!olf l hr' Ir01)uticftfl 2lprty ainll'd be
Ih1 04 to accnuit ill November next.
We hereby proclatuu tlihat it is our0
desire and fixed purpose under n nll"
aoid eivery provocatioii to have a fair!
and peaceable election; but we demand
and will insist that there shall be nonh
violence or intimnidatiini exercised to
wards such of our colored fellow-citi- in
zent, as nmay wish to co-operate with'h
us for the redemption of the State fromn the
mnisruiile. Spi
We fully recognize the binding ef- Lha
feet of the three recent articles of cou
ainendlnent to the conttitutiou of the ordi
Uniitd States, and alcce:t the saute as sIil
i fitnal settlelintlt of the controverl'ie,i ige
ithat engendered civil war, and wre tlh
pledge ourselves to protect every cti- fr
zen in the exercise of the rights ac
qlaired and guaranteed by said amend- ri
mnelits., whatever e his lrace, color or I'o,
previous condition.n pt
We hlerebty pledge our party to the t.im
satisfaction of all the legal obligations iceh
issued by the State of Louisiana; to frot
the most strenuous efforts in the di- lark
rection of reform and an economical tlh
administration of the government, and cut
especially to the abolition of all unnec- oin
essary public officers; to the reduction of I
of the fees and salaries of officers; to
the standard of a fair remuneration te
and the consequent reduction of taxa
tion to the lowest possible limit coan- one
mensmlrate with the necessary expen- ing
ses of the government and the preser- whil
vation of the public faith, and to the feet
curtailment of the dangerously large too!
patronage of the chief executive of the blit
We declare onrselves in favor of the ct
passage of the Texas I'Pacific Railroad fori
hill, now 'ipendtling ibeforoe Congress, his
and recontenll d our members of Con -
gross to advocate its passage at an
eatly date. Sat
We advocate the fostering of the tray
public sch(ool for the benefit of all the
(edliruetil, ile children of t hie State, i
Ind that equlai It\hdvantages lie given ti'l
to all children, colored as Well as did
We cordially approve ofa endorse It
the pihtfo irn of the Initional I)Democrat- I
it pi.tri t recently asseinblillel i ll co ven- il
inin at St. Louis, aind feel inispired t,
with the lhope lt a better Gover ltlnilt
i ie tihe t ulle buit the great question of 'i
rciforln is ibrought bef'ore the people of is
thle whole collitry lby a great liltioul pal
I Ipart, and we pleditge ouIrsetlves to lsea
our Iutuost effortsl to seculre the success t1)
ofli those gre:at expo eti'its of ittaittiol.l an
reforni. Satnlucl J. Tildeu and Thomas wvl
A, Ilendicks. It
...t .1,o4-- ---r·--
-Tuigsl report miade bJ Genelral Grant.
Sto 'Presidenet Jolhnson in J)ecombler,i
186i5, is a valnablh public doculltient,
ibecause it is one of the few we ihave
whllich was at least lirepared from an bi
Sitniart tial standlpollint. Qrant's opinion
S- as to the bad results w lich follow froint
- the emplonyment orfnegro troops in the is
Sounth is of per:niliar iiterest just now, Cl
I when Governor Chanmberlain is en- to
Sdeavoring to disarm the white militia fi
of South Carolina, giving the privilege m
of armed organization to the black hi
troops alone. General Grant, as far es
's back as 1865, said: It
n "There is such universal acqnies- at
i ceance in the authority of the general tl
- government throughout the portions of
i+ the conntry visited byime, that the t'(
t mlere presenee of a military force, ti
' without regard to numbers, is sfficienit Ii
cI to rnaintain order. The good of the
country requires that a forcee he kept P
s in the interior, where there are many ti
freedmen. Elsewhere in the Soutliern
Sstates than lat forts on tile seacoast ino
Y forceis necessary. The soldiers should ii
t all lie white troops. The reasons for ,
n this are obvioos. Wijthout mention
ing any of them, the presence of black d
f troops, lately slaves, demoralizes Ia
li or, both by' their advice and filrnish- o
i ing in their caillnps a resort for the
Sfreedmen for lohig distances around. C
i* * * TI sompe eases, I am sorry to
say, tile freedman's mind does not c
seem to be disabused of the idea that .
the treedmna has a right to live with
oit care or provision for the future.
The effect of this belief in thie distribu
tiin of the landls is idleness, and aecn
tmulahtion in camps, towns and cities."
This idea, in "the freedman's mind,'
that he has a right to live "withont
care or provision for the future," still
Spersists; tthe black militia afford en
- couragement to this disposition, and it
yhas time and again been shown That
- the white olilitia organizations are
r necessary to protect not only the lives
Sand property of the wllites, bht also to
d, jprotect tile blacks fromnt the violence of
>ur blacks. In fact, if the native whites
'" are to be disarmed, the United States
troops slould be sent to the state to
the protect the colored Democrats from
il- the violencee of the Republican negroes.
f5 -[Baltimore Gazette.
de -TnE arrest of Tweed, although no
oil, extradition treaty exists between
of Spain and the United States of Anlmeri
tie ca, is not, as stated, without precedent.
itd Not eight weeks ago. in presence of
uour iMr. MePherson, eonanl of Seville, an
-uglisihman was arrested for embezz
nd ling mtloney from his employers, andl
i:is was handcuffed, sent to Cadiz, shipped
tur- to England, and Ihas been tried and
l. isentenced. Within the last few years
the als io two British subjects were arrested
by in Barcelona, one of whom coninmitted
va suicide on board a steamer bound fur
inmer Etglanu while in charge of two detec
lent tires. Spain, for various reasons, in
an- case of a great defaulter or bad crimi
for nal, hlas been in the habit of giving up
Sbe Ito English or American police
.:t An ti- 'piriutul Expo-ifliOin.
Saturdayw afternon M31. ('azeno nve oil
cntte: :i.ed a co.,)rapny of gentlemen ml
in a srm.idl roon at (t.hic,-t g III l ,xii
by doin, matny surprising 1 ;1n(so. : tih,)
the kind pierl;'rrmcled by so-enilelll oth
Spiritual meliu.s. IL. wa:1 so tie .ldres
th.t n-tihert' hea , hands, nor feet ;01n1
could he moved, aca-i,rding to the w"n0,
o)rdinar y laws of awtiln; al his lnit
lhirt-c ils were sewed to the band sectr
'iges ai,t,t i his wrists in such a way on
that the handsl could not be slilppet:, co\',
from their confinement withont sev is al
ering the threa:us. So hound he (res
rang hells, lowued on a penny trumi- smrt
pet, and beat a drum all ut the same of t
time; or somebody or something did it
behind a curtatin ldrawn across the stre
front of a cabinet. Hie filled the the
large eye of a needle with short othc
threads from a spool laid on his lap, firer
cut paper into curious shapes, wrote that
on a slate the words which members stre
of this assembly had privately writ host
ten on cards, gave the marks on a deli
domino secretly selected by some opel
one present, took oil his own stock- The
ings and placed them in his' lap, and
while his boots remained on, and his and
feet securely tied above the ankle, air
took off the coat of a gentleman who, eser
blindfolded, sat beside him in the bolt
cabinet, with one hand on the per- opp
former's hi east awil another over the
his forehead, to detect any move- the
nment, kissed another gentleman who fata
sat beside him in the saume manner, Injr
transferred that gentleman's watch ena
and chain from his vest to the pres- bur
tidigitateur's trousers pocket, and in t
did other marvels.
After he was unbound, he tied 11
himself into the most helpless and 'Sta
impossible position, malinag seventy- 'or
twio knots in about live and a half dire
minutes. He plainly says that, this ga'
is all done by sleigt of-hand. A' whi
part of this pI)cgr'aitme will be per
formted at his exhibition to night, ant
and the whole t) -morrow night, (ul
which wilt b,e his lai;t appearance till
here.-[N. Y. Suc:. .
.EmNcE.--.;ome excitemcnt was re'a
ted l yesterday in the neighborhood of tht
Bedfurd by the exhum~ation of the re
body of the-Rev. John F. Dawson of
W\\oodla uds, who-was'- buried i,1870 tol
in the churchyard of the village of
Claphamn. Mr. Dawson, who inheri- m
ted the estiate of Woodlands from his
father, who had lought it, was twice At
married, and though he had a son by th
c his first marriage, lie bequethed the lia
r estate to his son by his second wife.
It is believed, however, by his eldest
Sson that tuh !.st.'tte was entailed by
1 the will of his grandfather, which kc
if sl
could not be found; and as informa
tion had reached him that, documents
It had been buried with his ifather, np.
t plicaton was made for the exhuma
y tion of the body to. the Home Secre
Stary aInd the requisite sanction hav-:
ling been obtainiied, the exhumation
>r was commenece(l at 1 A. M. on Tuies
day and completed at 8 A. m., when
the coffin was openctl in thie presence
of the legal and medical gentlemen
Sconceroed. A diligent, search be
to tween the inner shell and the outer
it oak coffin proved in vain; but on lift
, ing the body, which wa, in a won
e. derful state of preservation, a bundle
"- of what nlappeared to be letters, tied a
-) round with red tape, was discovered.
' The documents were taken away,
ut with the necessary legal formalities
ill and the body was tben reinterred. i
-. -[Pall Mall Gazette.
it -"THERE is one thing on which a
t husband and n .wife never have and
Lre never can agree, and that is on what
constitutes a well-beaten carpet.
of When the article is clean it's a man's
tes impression that it shoutld be remov
tes ed, and he he allowed to wash up and
to quietly retire. But a wonman's appe
om tite for carpet-beating is never ap
es. peased while a man has a whole
muscle in hIis bodly. And if ihe wait
ed until site -,olnntarily gave the sig
no nal to stop he might beat away until
nC hie droppedl down dead. It is direct
r1 ly owing to his superior strength of
41. mind that the civilized wor'd is r.ot
aa widow this day."--[l anbury News.
-d -"Ax'.T for:ty dollars rather hiigh
ped for lodging and brea:kfast?" was
and what a departing stranger by the
ars Kingsbury stage inquired of the
ied clerk at one of our leading hotels, on
Lted being told that was the amount of
for his bill. "Yes, it is a little high;
itec- but we might as well have it as the
imi- stage robbers," was the placid an
Sp swer of tile clerk as he receipted the
bill,--[San Antonio Herald,
Firematn's I)ress.
An imlpovel dlress, ldesig'ned to t "
en(Ialie firo;n to eltcr a bturning s yst
onibling is sa . ry, ha, been recently iit's
du:Etl the .o ;;',t of ( n1:0o interestit' li tImt
','rei iil'et!s, It -ilsi- t of 'tw in it f:at !
ciht "I '.c Iir l, t l+ (!:Rn n Ie over th- lito '
otther, ater the iennt!r of a diver's i t
dtlregs. The inner lress is of er rulle:l
a:l fits ti';,Jy; the outer irss., itCe
wot R i over thii, i; of leather tld is mll len!
quite toloe. 'T'h ouiter snit it also imy
securedi to n tetnlic heot re tin lean
oi1 the sniihleirs na d entireiy that
cove l n tlhe hte:a. A line of hose out
is ttil at iheii l e i hack of the outer bell:
dress, where it divides into two li he a
anller !ipes. One g(oes Ito the top day
of the Ihlehin. Otl tile outside, where Iv,
it tdisilpr a s nu ilmber of fine trici
streams of water thati flow down over t hot
the outside o f t ihe dress. '1' h c 'Fo
other branch pipe passes uider the elec
fireman's arm, tindends in a nozzle girlI
that he may use in directing the of
stream on the flames.. Within this are
hose is another, smaller, t i at our
delivers air under pressu'e 'to the any
open space between the two garments. The
The air expands the outer garmaqnt plai
and keeps it away from the personi, tric
and at the same time supplies fresh easl
air fr respiration. To allow for the city
escape of the spent air, two small Nov
holes are drilled in the Ih elmet 11
opposite the eyes, and through throug hese in t
the exhausted air escapes, driving mai
the smoke :iAnd finames away from the thir
fiace and giving a clear view without plat
injury to the eyes. Such a dress "bi
enabled a fireman to stay within a witl
burning huilding for twenty minutes wit!
in perfect safety.--[Exchange. the]
-=----- . 0--- one
Starr King, in his address on the the
Fiourtlh of July, 1860, at the chil- sier
dren's celebration in San Francisco the
gave utterance to the folldwirng, thu
which is worthy of preservation: idr
"You know that the clock ticks the
and ticks, second' by second, in a oth
(lull, patient, hundrum sort of a way, me
till the hand reaclie the sixtieth the
~iintite, and lthen it strikes. A new sea
hour is born. What if each day cor
should be marked at sunrise by the thr
louder striking of a clock to tell us tat
that a inore important minute was by
reached. What if the commence- tht
ment of a' new year shoild always be
told to us by the, vibration of some of
miughty bell far up in space, that liti
souinled only on the first of JiAnuary, of
touched then by the hand of God?- wl
And now suppose that when auy- a
thing very important was about to pli
happen- in the world, when a new el
year of hope and joy for a nation or 8u
mankind was to come, a mighty time hr
keeper, away tip among the stars,
should ring out so that men could al
heitr it, and say: "hark! ah, a new y.
hour, one of God's hours had struck wm
in the great belfry of the heavens!" gi
This would be grand, But God does lit
mark the great seasons of the world's cr
history biy a mighty clock. In fact, ci
n every naion harts a lhuge dial plate, 01
and behindl it are the works, and be- S
low it is the peindulum, and every ic
now and then its hands mark a new t
hour. Our revolution was such a
period. That is the glory of it.-
The Eng:ish government had op- a
pressed our fathers: it tried to break
Ic their spirit. It was for several years
a dark time, like the season before
sunrise. But thile old time-piece kept
tickiing, ticking, the wheels kept
playing calmly, till about 1775, there
d was a strange stir and busy clatter
inside the case; the people couldn't
bear any more; a sixtieth minute
a came, and all of a sudden the clock
nd struck! The world heard the battle
tof IBunker IIill-one; the Declara
-tion of Indepenrdence-two; the sur.
i render of Burgoyne-three; the siege
v-of Yorktown--four; the treaty of
.(Paris- five; the inauguration of
W- ashingtou-six; and then it was
p- sunrise, and we live in the forenoon
leof the g'orious day. Let us be glad
t-and grateful on this anniversary,
i-that such a glorious hour was mark.
ed for our country und the world, on
our coasts. Let us hope and pray
r(t that thle good old clock shall remain
ws. for centuries uninjured, and that it
S will strike many times again-butI
Inot through battle--to mark new
the i hours for humanity."
ti, o-"IT is strange", muttered a
t o lVoung man, as hlie stag3ited home
gh; fromn a tipper party, "h6Jevil com
the munications corrupt gooj'manners.
an- I have been esurrendered by tumbler·s
the all the eveninig, and niowl Ia a turn
bler myself."
A New sec of Electricity.
"You see we are running our cash
ývst.imn with lightning, or electricity
it's the snie thing" still Mr. Wil
!inm El'hrich. :a 1 stepped into the
a:'on:.Is .:ilth .tiv\i'nue store on Sat
I ,t:v ,ft -irnoon. "Hlleretofore on
:!urniavs. :rtic:ularly in the after
.,1, the (din 01nd confusion, and the
incessant call of 'cash!' by our sales
maen were absoiutely deafening, So
my brother Louis and I put our
heads together to invent something
Ihat would e:,! the cash girls with.
out so much noise. I suggested
bells, blut louis said, 'No, that would
bIe as 1,:nl as the Cash calls.' One
dlay he eame to ume and said excited
ly, 'William. I've found it. Elec
triti:y is tile thing.' I declare I
thoiughit Louis had gone. crazy.-
'Found what?' said I. 'What is
electricity the thing for?' 'our cash
girls,' he replied. 'In the name of
of conscience Louis,' said I,' what
are you going to put electricity on
our cash girls for? 'I don't see .that
anything is the matter with them.'
'Theu Louis began to laugh. lie ex
plained that he meant to apply elec
tricity to call .them, instead of the
cash call used in all the stores in the
city from A. 1. Stewart's to ours.
Now come and see his ilvention,"
lie took tme at once to the register
in the centre of the store under the
main staircase, and showed me the
thirty or more little circular silvar
plated drops, labelled "hosiery'
"buttons" "inillinery," andl so on,
with numbhors also to correspopd
with the sections. Every now and
then, as if by magic, down dropped
one of his little silver: plates. A
young man standing by the side of
the register instantly spoke, "ho
siery," or "trimmings,"-l,72 or 3, as
the case might he, and as soon as he
thus anuotrnel the-department and
nidniber otf started the head girl-in
the line of cash girls seated on the
other side of the register. In the
mean time others came up as fastlas
the tirst departed and took their
seats in the line. There was no
confusion, no hurry, not I call
throughout the huage and busy es
tabllishmenit when dollars and parcels
by the hundreds were passitgb over
the &ounters.
Then Mr. Ehrich took me to one
of his counters and showed me the
little cord-like straps running back
of the saleswomen that they pulled
whenever a purchase was made auQ|
a sale completed, and which lie ex
plained to me were connected with
electrical wires running under the
r floors and joined to'the drops that I
e bad seen at the register. ,
, 'An advantage in this system' in
I addition 'to what you can see for
v yurself," said-Mr. Ehrich," 'is, that
k we can so regulate the labors of the
girls that each one is obliged to do
8 her share, and whoever has the most
s cash checks creditad to her at the
, entd of the week we give a premiur
, of fifty cents over her regular wages.
S- ee how orderly and composed they
y look compared with their former dis
Straction utnder the old system."
a It was a fact. The little girls
-looked perfectly self-possesed, calmu
P and self-respectful, and the saleswo
Ik men were no longer fretting and
s scolding, and calling to get atteitd
re ance, and the hundreds of ladies at
pt the counters were collected and easy
Pt in the task of shopping on Saturday
i' afternoon.
i't Clippings.
te Faithfulness and sincerity are the
ra- greatest things.
.r The wise neither grieve for the
ge dead nor for theliving.
of Govern the child by gentleness;
of even the camel moves not swifter be
as fore the whip than behind the flate.
ion Strong as our passions are, they
lad may be starved into submission and
ry, conquered without being killed.
rk As the eagle files high above the
on lighest moluntains, so does true and
ray holy love above struggling duty,
One half the want is caused by
it people looking at this, that and the
but other employment as not being gen
When a man is hideously ugly the
Saon!y safety is in glorying in it. Let
he im boldly claim it as a distinction;
SThe strogest man feels the inflt
erace of woman's gentlest thoughts,
um as the mighftiest oak quivers in the
usoftest breeze.

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