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Our Agents.
Thomas MWenty re.......New Orleans
J. Curtis Waldo,......... "
8. M. Pettengill & Co.,.....New York
Geo. P. Rowell & Co.,..... "
Rowell & Chesman,.....St. Louis, Mo
WEDNESBAY, a .. NOV. 27, 1878.
We mus give our delinquentsubscribers
at this prosperou season of the year, a
eaowteous dun and a gentle reminder
that ae expect them to call and settle
up their duee at;once. The printer
must live, and as a true workingman,
is forthg of his hire, and now that
Christmas'time is near at hand once
more, we trust our friends will remem
ber their tse' friend, the DEMOCRAT
-Tar a five cent cigar at Daniel
Gehr's. You will be more than sat
--Tnz Jewel's head clerk, our
Charlie Drown, has placed the head
of the DmlonAT office, under ape
uial obligations, for three distinct fa
-COL. McGinnis, of the Excelsior
8tdiilb, Fhee purchased the entire out
fit'dfIenry Heyman's Livery Stable
and thus offers increased facilities io
tpvelers and pleasure drivers.
--CHARLIN Gdildenberg, at his
Sample Room, is now fully replen
ished with all the nice, smiling bevr
erages of the day, and greets hii.
friends with none but the best.
-Ws want meal, sweet potatoes,
wood, vegetables, aud three Christ
mu turkeys, ahd are ready and more
than willing to receive them at high
est market :prices, from those in at.
--CaAnLna Stewart, the Manager
of Charlie Goldenberg's Billiard Sa
loon, is now fully prepared, with
.three fue billiard tables, to accom
modate all amateurs of that noble
-OLD Manuel, the excellent and
artistic rmestlrateur and creole cook,
'still fights andlabors hard at his av
ocation, at his favorite old stand, and
now, more than ever deserves the:pa
tronage of the communulty.
-Mr. S. L James, Contractor on
our Railroad, has been here on besti
ness connected with the early rail
lag of the road, is in foe health and
excellent spirits and means down.
right business from now out.
--zanx reefed, on Sunday by
the Alexandria, a full and complete
stock of family grocerie., liquors,
cordials, candles; In fact every nice,
ty and luxury in hiesvarledilune He
is now ready to fll all oider. .
-Tax only'grnd.pize for Sewing
Maehiles, at the ExposiLon UTivar
s.S was awarded over eighty com
petitors to the. Wheeler a. Wilson
Manafaoturrng Company. T. Moore
Blosat is sole, Agent in Alexandria,
for this Compaay.
-Rauma W onzosa, the young and
excellent mud clerk, whom one of
our yellow fever correspondents bur.
led at Deloache's Bluff in August
last, is now omciating on the Alex
andria, and looks for all the world
a live and healthy man, and good for
forty seasons in Red River.
-.HaI A. BIoseAT, at his Mai
moth Store, at Cotile Landing,' has
received and is openlng the largest
and most complete stock of general
merchandise, groceries, boots, shoes,
hats and notions ever received In Ra
pides, outside of Alexandrla, and he
is selling them at Alexandria prices.
-Tauam's new, fresh, invigorating
life in the old Town yet-the quar
antiae lethargy has been banished,
the election excitement is over, our '
victorious banners hvebeea fur!ed t
neatly and costly in ouar Demonilcre
chimeay corners, the Custom House a
gang have shaken the dust from their
goverumnt brogansand all of them, :
sav their old Chief, have bid fare
well to old Demqpratio, Rapides and
are nas being stalli-ted i the olyi a
granite bullding of tih Cr. ntClty. C
The old Town, we repat irt is alive
and busy uaa thousand bees; a1 ia t
;ustle sad trade, wagons by the St
ties crowd our streets, loaded with b
ugar, molasses cotton, corn, hay o
as4 other produnc which bring i
oonby; strangers and druimers are
here in d~ovea, the floakdisg itouses ii
are *tl.d tlM ti: very Stales lr
word, that s1Wiuinag of tetke~red '
•trad, now-rbpr conldeu~na.ieskb ning P
brightly sad, from now out, we may t
hlk for business in earnest and re
turning prosperity. t1
-. Since the recent elections the bMoo
dy shirt papers in abe North have re
newed the cry of "the solid South"
as a bugbear with which to frighten
- our friends there into acquiescence
rOR to the repetition of the old line of
policy under which we suffered so
much in the past. Efforts were
= made, which were at first reported to
IN be successful, to induce President
= Hayes to forsake what is known as
his "Southern policy," and to revive
the practices of 'Grantism" with re
* ference to the South. it is now said
ork that the "stalwarts" claimed too
much of success for their endeavors,
Mo but it is certain that attention has
been generally dsawn in the North
to the State governments of the
78. South, and particularly to Louisiana
-' and South Carolina. The force of
i8r this object is destroyed somewhat by
a the election of one, and possibly two,
tle Republican Congressmen from North
,t Carolina, and one or two Greenback
n, ere in other States, very much to the
tog chagrin of the "bloody shirt" organs
rce and orators.
'- But all that is neither here nor
tT there. The South is not solid In ý
any opposition to the North as a
Iel section, nor is the cry of a "solid
at- North" ever heard anywhere in the
South. The Republican party in the I
mr South has been a very different thing
ad from the Republican party in the
North. With as it has been made
fa- up of a mass of. ignorant voters led
and marshaled by a horde of hungry c
and corrupt. carpet-baggers. It t
or sought power for the means and op
It portunities it gave them to oppress
le the whites and steal all they could a
lo of their hard earned substance. It t
was held together by the cohesive l
force of plunder as far as the leaders t
is were concerned, and grounded in the o
n- hate and suspicion of the negroes for t
'y their former masters. For a while f
its it ruled the South with the iron hand
of a despot and held a high carnival a
of crime in the places we had conse
- crated to our best and purest men in t'
the past. ' Try what plan we would, E
turn which way we pleased and we a
were confronted with an array of n
bayonets whose mission it was to -
uphold these corrupt and mongrel ,
er State governments. Thus it was for t
a- long and weary years.. - g
ti Finally the negro lost his faith in c
n. the carpet-bagger, and as Beelzebub W
le had done in a higher sphere, he as- g
pired to the supreme control for him- a
self. It dawned at last upon their t,
id benighted mind that if they could
k, elect the carpet bagger to high and
v- lucrative offices, he could elect him- fc
id self to the same places. By this a,
a- time some of the Southern States w
had managed to free themselves from It
the yoke. and were allowed to quietly si
. pursue their way. Virginia, Ten- k
nesee and North Carolina were free. al
id The rest of the Southern States were a
then confronted with a danger which w
threatened not onily the control of ft
their governments and the confisca- tr
y tion of their property under the rc
oe guise of taxation, but involved also tr
a, the peipetuation of their civilization m
B' and the safety of their firesides.- "
le From the unreasoninog ambition o? O
the negro grew the race, issue in the sg
politics of the South. Upon that is; .i
g se the carpet-baggers, who had al
Sready been thrown overboard, main t
Slysided with the white people. The
Salliance ln Louisiana with Warmoth
e and in South Carolina with Chain. be
Sberlata, illustrates tlls. In or about T
1872, Alabama arid Georgia followed hi
d Vlirginia, Tennessee and North Car.
f olinao, and they too .were free. Two 54
r. years atterwards Mississippi, Ar. di
t kansas, Tezy. and Florida also a
. achieved their freedom of local role, e
d not without trouble it is true. When at
r we in Loouisiana tried to follow the I
lead of Texas apd Arkansas and ,
overturned the Kellodg government bt
,on the 14th of September, 1874, we S
lwere promptly squelched by the a
! strong arm of the United States gov. gi
I ernminet. It is not necessary to de- wi
'tail the means bywiich in 1876 LonCi
islana and Soutih Carolina finally si
were also freed from the yoke they ns
Sbad worn so amuch longer than their
sister States..
SThis brief recital of the. facts ye
proves the truth of the assertion ib
with which we started this article, ha
Sthalt our struggle has been for local so
self government and apon no policy jh
or platform of oipposition to the av
l orth,. If the South is solid- it is c
.solid upon the right of the Southern V.
States tol manage their own affaiils
just as the States of the North are
permitted to 'disnages theirs For
sicbk-a "sqlidSouth" we: have no ex-. he
cases to oler, no -apologies to make.
We have accepted the amendments
to the Constitution of the United thi
Stales in good faith and the negro is A
secure-ia all. the rights guaranteed to
jim by them. The war has been°
over thirteen years and we are abid- w
ing by the verd the e hic ofe sword in lj
equal good faith. It seemsbto us
that its about tme4to atop fightinag
the waroer gover ain: . -
:-Tar boiler of the gin on the T
MKatlaud" . plantation, in Grant
ParIh eiplodoedast week and killed
two men, JTerry Letris and Dalton
Jackson. *The property belongs to
the Citiaens' Bank. nl
bloo- OuP ~arish; glorious, historic old
re re- 'Rapides is a proud conqueror on the
nth" whole line, and victory perches grace
hten fully high above her ramparts, and
ence the D~toettlAT has a vested right to
oe of boast of her triumphs and to sing
I so paens to the new victories which
were await her in the near future. First
ºd to and foremost we have conquered and
dent completely whipped the saffron
n as scourge, we have demonstrated, be
vive yond the possibility of a doubt, what I
Ii re- a quarantine can do, can effect, and
said what a united end determined Town I
too Council and Police Jury can accom
rore, plish in that line, and this is our first
has ten strike in behalf of our families,
orth our people.
the ' Our second is a twin-good, equal I
inna in most respects to our first, and we
e of reeord it with the same feelings of I
t by unalloyed joy. We have fought the 3
two, good fight, we have met our old dead
orth ly enemy, and we have won a com I
ack- plete and decisive victory over him
the at all points, and now there is scare I
ane one to accord him decent funeral t
rites. We have buried him in tLe .F
nor sea "of perdition and deep damns- t
I tion," deeper than the oldest marl- C
is a ner's plummet ever dived to ,coral t
olid depths of old Ocean, and there, like d
the the wicked, let there be no rept,for r
the him. -i
ting Our crops are excellent, their yield
the has been abundant, and will prove. o
jade paying and remunerative and this is
led the third cap-stone on our prosper- e
gry ous and-recuperative monument, and s
It the fourth coming one, which we
OP pass to, in a few lines, must soon y
ress prove the open seusame to our long t
Auld cherished hopes and expected boun b
It ties. We are to have our Railroad at d
live last, and as we write, full prepara- w
ler tions are being had to commence at a
the once. We believe ; and know ow f
for that we can announce this as a fixed
ile fact, and to prevent reptition on our
md parti we ask our readers to peruse an v
val article from, the Shreveport tinmes, i
ise- which we publish, and they will get ti
in the whole mster in a nut shell.-- r
)ldr Both Major James, the Contractor, d
we and Major Greene, the Chief Engi- (
of neer, have called on us, and read the s'
to Times' interview, and they have as- t
srel sured as that it wasl all true, and t
for that they are here to inangurate' he tt
Sgood work. The proceedings of a
in called meeting of our Town Council G
tub will further indicate, that all these T,
s good and coming deeds for Rapile
im are all true, and that we will all9on es
eir take a ride on the iron-horse. mn
ald 6
mad -Tsa Washington Post gives tlhe
im- following reasons for the want 'of a t
his new dictionary, and we must agree
tea with it that its reasons are clear and
om lucid: "We neqd a new edition of our ai
tly standard lexicons, if they are to be re
en- kept up to the requirements of the
aee, age. Among the definitions to be
ere added are the following:' Felon-A..
ich wretch who snatches a:piece'of tmeat t
of for his starving family. 'An unfior-
ca-l tonate fellow-citizen-A banker who
the robs widows, orphans and the indnis- e
Iso trioaus poor In order that big 'tfamiyij
on may fare smnptutously and' give
-"swell" receptlbne, A statisthrio-:
o One who is able to cotmad-'ti:e de
she sdfrages of the majority, or votes a
s; enoough to elect him. A refortmeri-' d
al 'he who is successfulin demolishting
in the old an hasil nothing
th -Gas. Goaeo14, of Georbigis, hias re
i-lbeen returned tothb U.' SSnat'e.
mt The following dispatch 'shbcw how C
ed handsomely it was done::'
ar- Af ' ,Ata. GA., Nov. 19 -?t the
wo Senatorigl electioi' to-day ~eon. OBi
Lr* don was almost unantimouslry ~lntid be
a and without a coonvetion 'offthi bo
le, ea, 'carryin'g every vote~'f ~be Sei.
an 'te and all but' a few in the House of
he Repfesentatives. Strenuous efforts
ad were made to or-ganil'e an opp6sition
Lt bUit without silceese. No ~kial'ift e
we Sebate could be found wbio- wbald
he nominate another, and four of t!l
i- five votinsg against bi -In theHElls O
Is- were Independents r mrni the Seventh
a- Congmessional District; Tbt~ H con
Ily sidered the greate ~·potitical tri.
s umph ever adhteved in Georgila, of
--Wa have to rejirt arnother fa
:ts vorable and 6neyiteldng Wlk- for'
on the sugar planters of Raplds We
I, have'partialreportst from o; s oto;o- ho
al sugar planters, a8d are glai t note a
F9 that the yield;the pas & has l
tb averaged fully t.wo hugshe~ds~i 6 be'
is acie. On REdilld p antatieuda, pe 21
ra V. Weems and T.M HByes, tissmie l
re seees grounad lst 'rdgdkit~i~tjr" eA, li
re of cane, and I d evntf~ i
l bogsheads of tti ot' ecelltiip
e. -*- p ;
ta -Tihu Radicel s n re gketing
td thit their fra'mss rf' the Pltteiith
is i
-Amo ndiean i ter) in b din
Sately after be wor qvisde".
I- words,"po l9ag qaJo spe 4b 1
Lucal bpIot. ,
e The votere d______
i 4 5,05 and fogAtesR 110ag. 88,I673 ;
o -Owa of lhe i pabers of tir pr* coi
ent Indiana Legislature is blind. em
Id Egios D iz
be I read seai an agleI
:e- from thpe rn c
id poidep `" i. b 1 ;
ag I look with interest to. tlie contin
nh cation of the subject there present
et ed, and hope it may be handled tho
id roughly and. exbaustively,. An -im
n poverishbed, overburdened and tax
e ridden people are looking ea erly for
at retief. e  .f e4i * rins
id should endeavor to make themselves
rn usefsulnow it ever.
a- I frequentljiy 4i41 -disposition to
st condone, or at leastto speak lightly
a, of pass;Rad,'B sl rale iqjuio islana
Individually, .ans always ready to
al forgive past personal injuries, butt
re the carpet-baggers and scallawags'
f who were 'our masters for eight:
1e years, did not intend that we should
1- forget thesm even should 'we be .is
posed. to forgive. They left.a 'lasting
Slegacy'in th' shlape of a t*elve tiil-".
*e lion seven lIer cent. debt fornus andj
sl for ourechildren-to reat like a great
e .pallupon,he; . ,te prige. a d , . !s
. try of this poor State for all time to
. come. It;fari all'es Al i'ide of fu
ti ture State enterprise,.and lays like a
,e demon in our sway when we think of
,r. reducingfg axti6n. We' never -inda
pay. it , and$ ,wit astarv. aye .to pay;
d the interest.; *840000 Is the ematipt
e of interest dem nded of'ua .snnually;:
54 milla on every dollar; 5 centVdn
Severy ,inndred; $ on ev.l e thou
sand dollars worth of. property in
e this State for, all the fatuas. ,Ihave
yet to' see the 'man Who could laint
g to any substantial g '40isia na
has ever received 'for :tis .lmbeiese
Sdebt. Surely thibs' i 'i 'piherl68id
which will ever remihiu ar of Kellogg
t and ,leis villgioouns crew; sa tUejr
v funding scheme. : -.' -:
A Conveni'on *l11' gve is `eform.
r It can and should abolish and pro.-:
I vide agaein tthiS c eation, por ieinpo.
lies:,reduce 'th pay of al,:GoaDstiu
t tional ofice.i cbeapet' ig8ati. n;
reducee:crlinal expenses by provi
dling meirieas, fSreedyJgai l)ivlees;
copaolida te o4les wherey- possible,
such as Recorder and Clerk;ý-butaf-'
ter all this is doe taxes are not iown
to what,they ought to be. ,I.ok at
Interest Funirtti: ....:.....: minfls
School tax. ....... .......
GI eneral' FPand tax siy:... ..':
Total State. tax......."..8..9) mills
"'Now suppoge that we asr ,in real
earlest upon tbe subject of retrench
wmet, and' limit 'Pariblhi ,taation' to
6 mills as the maximum, cutting off
the levee tax entirely, there remains
a total of 15 'mills; or.$1,55 on the
'hundre'), -$ 5id'.j I il e .tiodsand;
and you note: that{-when.-we have
reareled 'thi' poitv( bieb.' Aeeim eto
me the utmost .limit- in -the-way. of
tax reductioq,) one-third of bur.en:
Lire taxes, State and. Parishb: go to
the payment bf the interest on these
untaxed consolidated bonds.
I write jtu that our teilatpwti
zeus may' seethe diffliuitieisikwhich
enitrdon' thlr Rpresbtatstlv. -d
er 'the present r onstitution:the Leg
lslatbie pgaiit, hI adjbdgptht, re
duce tlp. State taxes helow 10 mills,
ed.. The Smnellai·aierest :lit Aa'x
ed by the Cbonstitution.
R: apies- has:s mott :ex ellent·,ID
lice Jury, ani U( p95lsbi4'U1y will
I thitk lthe iest the ,'.e[slature
can do for-tha ;giple, is -tt-. nalka
Coner.tinon, ynd ,djorn . t' te t er
be gladly reefv;e an cousfdered, .
down th ; :-'i.
Numbor tLed' s i ' li-I
200; increase, 3,000; in cotton, 43,~
006; 'in orin; 50,o100; 'Au oats' -200, (
R Produets 55I194,4a9 Ae-~ rerpp
aof mol~aospses,[email protected] bad.ofd:u8ti
- Live esteek-.osesr S1446pwild 1
horses; 4563; mules, 1,934;ton, 850j;
cattle, 42,061; sheep, 3,692. Valos
tio*;4ille stock, $494744. i
1 yeare-White, :8;0605;PIolore4, g
et iaa gla ia.; ibarche. e. • :
pco'snl of this office. ' c
in Strategy ,'for" ailantag$ of position 4
t- has, been superseded in the clear"
lo- reality of positions taken, of batte- a
n- resa planted and the hostsi tidfshal- I
x- iag for the strife. The battle ground I
or is not one gaied bv strategy, nr, is.
eBoth P artier seem taken by surpriset
and feel. that it has been .forced upo.
to them by fte;' It' ili e t-egro agahicl
ut" t to exercise:what they term fits
g ir ght of free suffrage;-that is, tbkt e
ht le is not peted to convert. is.
id ncetuaries ti lio p into polikleal:
- ueetings, * fblet d his religion wit t
ig. "is politis; tholi hleipolitical ledi  B.
1l-'ars arei not permitted: to QrganEme l1
id tIem i, sec'ret and. nightly clubs a
at and itheie minds with fears and pi
s- ealous n. a d purejudice's and hopes ii
to of poll raid I n word, e- Ii
a cause,; ef , t te ito a
a ihave themselves elected• to office by of
ýf playing aipo 'th arejdr ices of an
1n 4tga1 tir a flv rkVae. -lero 'Ira ci
:l the ot its a sminatter of theory- a
it with the South ~bis-mnbtte.r o4life
r; sand deadth.! TI4he teory of the North i
Sfi .e 0.i['ojp cfp.J pel~f~My. t
n by actual experiment,. -en years pf e
,e misrule, which for ignioranie, veial!- cl
t ty and ruin is u dneuladih'the his ii
a ory pt i tib aug.t to con. oI
e nce eVe eveinthe North of his utter ti
n unfltnesmisro r. self-governmeat.-- I
gh ere nog c W ek -bitt+ as sh al
poor- rgnorant negro praying South.- "
ern legislator. It was the clo~n ina
tragedy, but a4pagedy that was real. 01
j-It Wasl brbidai in the solemn garb tU
Sof civilizatioa reviplng its laws and of
morals; the commune digging down 4I
theli olumB ol 4 v eddiu:;M ltheb m
. Semnatos.~rdevisin .:waysadmesas of
. that they might pilfer Rome accord- at
ing to law. His r'ue was the mil-. as
t 4id .b *aipa i Fl to 4d b
t fwnang upoan .il lap were oufid
more efii itt- t1ii n hb:':drill and rig
opened the4 oors0,phtte Treasury, on
but the doors to honor and power.- oti
The dreams of the Eastern romance th
were realized. -Beggare. in--money lih
and character~ i`e' lifted from pov. he
erty and dishonor. and"inade Gover- tli
nors and Judges. and Treasurers and al,
rulers, and 'they plundered ihdi'iot- 't
ed until there w.ns nothing t.,plun- br
der.- Southetn civilization- well-nigh tn
Sperisihed.'' rleerule of Lie - grolha
been more-s stly an- nomore dpo a- pea
'ting' than the' ruin and 'ravages .of h
:thatlsliar theteor f thsnegra capac i
'again ,that-., politieal adrestuvers
upon,.thelap of the eg4o1o, ay p~ot- i
deitnrfgto 'hipaisIFa n a uid et be
staos said .yawi$,yi eand cupiigt , to ne
inake theluh l'es-OGvefte io n ad' to so
Sof d the'/sU :o'1:" s 1 ,iaq 4, f.' st
that slie 'oli-o-that,'rwoI'seld be
T. Tibe:ttiir stands by in wonders 4
idiocy at the .s:tarife, en( ih~'diarj j.ln
bagger and the-hnuery ofice seeker 'e
ft' hfli'Reg~ iblesnaitth> dsacea in
Saborers ofthe a.astadd. Wibt beo0
o.(tlie i~s~tahas !ne t~U~huoa,
ceeded in thbrowg4eth 6iptytblkIrrel
......t ....i . .... qg t9le-to[, igiilli-l i
have bee apleat*ge JtopgeF evJzb a
the sweat of tbhe~brdw-ligho' ui the S
14sit+ eiiPofinhr ildu ki .... . . . th(
5rketle.mameasrerbo-tl4m, .the| ohc
5Dmore .n a ia u g sa iinv ,A.la,St e dri
- isoi r 'hetSouthnsue'igtftr- ma. .1f
ured the ration to his av...'' { 'b.
~O YOstfWI4N'# A OD SEw -. li
TI. Mwf I8C8k EY BUii gY li
-Axoxe the few thinghwhho l th I,
Rydical orgse ·sa and le ti4fo3 "'
getten to etatoe, thit~ 4 l a
done for the negrooes,-~i w iehwill
they have stigt n
w.lJclo,h .co-, _c..i! { a p. pay
at ,k;idti~n,:t baly, thaturt ti'
ofaii te cogolorf t d
testi rwsatfroa.
latre ha. girves away td i atg!1
of a lighter color. ps;
g. 1i 3 Wi'J*TIONAL [email protected] t
er N
le Tb itras which we exhibited f
s las. of the present cost of the
le mod;Judicial departments of g
S. tate, witi the cost of the same a
n 4epartment fore. the war, is suffi e
ar cientFto "atiitsfy any one that the'pre a
e- sent expenditure ought t-be'greatly b
il. reduced. But, before discussing how
ad much, it may be well to discuss the
is effect of high salaries as a ~ior~il A
º, q es olo, independent of the hues- s
Be tion of economy. What is their
a. moralt e fWt? e a ar awareitha e
oI dpinion -Is-prevalent, tht political
rI questionelare bsyond :the domain of
is morals-bt this itisa greterror. In
,e theiver~e .bieoldre use, tlhee
Is moril e~et of hiogh s aiades- u: a
t questioan of more timportaee #tie -tlp
.tii hhanre losos p ~qf nep..a !j jf...
j ideno p been a m9ral" nd ah jtei i '
tusal benefft? We, unbesltattngy: an
soaer, No! Not 'bntI3 V lqouisah , bat
;e in =tm UnIit,~ RlSf t Iia hailen seill, t,
an only :evi .It has!produeed u a ie
d pilhbu lj fo ome bi.erobFt 9ad
a immodesty Ai paraouW @e , t.emq , 'r!
I. Its trulya'apaig. 'This eage'r sIse,
o am ifanxiety for fl3e Cab ;`aeeie
SaCped tie tce of no ,one, bht, pe&r
n hAspsfw,.f any. bhave- analized th, e
tcaase. It ie-;'thatthe wages ofoeob jC
- are wholy disproportimte 4eok~' e
e warbdea all aur othta r 0vocatIpa It. g
b has all the effect of a bribe to deaste ie
the field of useful Andi 4tientiS or. ea
So marked and decisive" as bee ,this
f effect, that it has p6diabed ia dltiiaEt
class, whose lives ,rj:peI? o '.
ing ways and mea~sa obeiIng leted 
. or securing an appdinthi1en tVffiube. ·'
r they are affilted w tbh a gi n lif, g
_ suming kind oiipatlurotisa, I marve
a Iduilyhifi tk htwhirfh a gold dger e
of -Caliiormea bas'fpr hise1m1i , nd -i
whli~btt ives aav ditrelish' to every t
t dier'dd uapatil. Tiae.'btidp . hLope
, that a bonanza willglivellitia life
I of ease, absorbs-every other thought
a ind'nm i ina
Smi rg toT:J er1sY, h rh4uees
i t is in vain to talk-of the goldeh rule
of 1 I ilce seek the tid, at
and 3te omcevRa ye
as tI the miner in tic
li tgold.
ri es a there:, .,anotlher to
aspect, utter y oconsistent witlh tlhe pa
theory of our governien't. 'Every
one is aware-of the fearflliat'nge;dfl
our ,people from affiueqce;,-p9gverty?; ,
the legacy of a ruthless war; the
hundreds upOn hunitreds of'hiumlle
homaes; .'the tabsbnce of alli luEuary;
thiefnre necessaries of i f,;; and nont u
aI thof tese;-,the self-denying econ- :f3
my; the patient toilb and the herQi
bravery t,rii meets it withopt fili'
mnr.: i , l sho d tii.t e rosent' TI
lIves t eprest tie in theiir rir
povertW.an'd their" self denial.?: hy
bhonlid thIselhumble homes b eItade
I.iie,U otie:h p-uyai4qd pai ed
dafth 1t4ff; timavtP" ourtarpresnthtes Di
4murple and. fiopiaen, .odftare snep f
tidoitly every'day?'Why sdIi lrthly
bemade to forgtt t4 a ,'" ''. o
necessary to jIhair cons.tu iuency a orna
so necess!,Bry .q,-heinteresta O, of .the
*: ToI gll t. e.gbjetinos thi deli
-been but oqiaooeae. titat Bigb salp. an
~i"i " "d;itt r po prd 're' talent
*old be hsnandien er. a w here
Sbl ,tibt.pr[ ~e, 'itPri, a bI :&mst any oti
ombonbleed,..l4Bitt ,iA true thaztrbwit g pr
igurioen of .-ertiytatleinAnhe:Union :
zjintntttfe~opireleb tibet.her
ao Asasp sh tal'e'iir
the State, and substituted.i kilf.
poltiaans, the h. al .2rhidfirAo a
amanipulas ) ,thiij4I gyE tions .and the
club-room.. Meaodtob the. highest %ri
ability- asid nt ritytby the hunam
-,dir bpye.,kbhui frpm the zep~l.
s.uc othdyMite mu ttyPry of t 4rt:
ta 1 asa i~a arc* a'lb large IEar
the plesmat.asrletidl/sA s diQ ,b- l
iso h.lood and tleaeo ihat WNim a
tin with6wia bdsts
des have failed to procure hig|tl
me~attetbwo'er way. p. #
pay hir expenses with ,eonomy, and cot
I. his ecoanmyj
ad ear oa wve
ie ne - tel b niuclithlt sent
ia e nee of the State may be ueduced
e w :h benefit to its finalee, and equal
ly benefit:o its. moral:. reform.. B.
at last, publish for. the ntformatlon
last election. i tnp~ t atnd con
adenaea It ifor,. their - fiSelt and as a
miteat of futura record.
S. Sl'tate Sen te will ps `of
S 21 Democrates. ands 1 Republieas
' The House will he-Egn ftpta 7n
it dmocrsits 1 eae . ' N"
i, ltiuales 1 Independea t. and one se.t
Sin contestationi i. :
d W heb~llc tour statr nu
ev;;" . 1prhp, bet lea t-40, 60
i majority, and senI: ad lean del "
of El:s Demoe~te tthe :46th Con
*grew~' In thtis0Dstrlet th loos
jorty eyoe /s ; =QQO ld 1 fat,
Wells made. tie ,oporest raun of them
4~Ai a, W lePaten pan .Wi
0;rolrbi iol. o>a U ,in 1 ni
1 isiana. In the Parishes of Red Rivr
Ser, Bienville, DeSolo a Natto
ches i be did L ;a
vote a n
r recei ed a ienta e, only 4A voters
three Parishe: iof n,!e District lat.
District. - .- ,
48 hours liitr 'isediies the river to
rise, id as we'it i.t lies already
stiFll pg 41i. 4ti iej h find th -we K
I yet Tin: tahi ~ moo~ "r-,;f lgvira
Lion from. noW2ihtiliitir be expected.
New Or'leans, witfiont deteniloot,._er.
ly yesterday, and proceededi drect
to Sbreveport. The little D. S~tein
passed down- yes . .tint iii aidi
laolth ti fberallitl.y
'The roads will atci it now, bi til.
river will rIsed n little.
" -.Trgl 'sil l CadOiini-tln i a.
ed AlbIert Lcaeonilrd,iM.. Itiyes . ,
ieri a dd ai eatalab*iler lafnd 1tijh
b -.4le p oe ;rti tl, . ei i ia
...."uib i'%@1' il m xilil i4
;rday, failed ontoe-more to bring the
detentloli, -aibIirwlre on .r.e,
k and" iete1:itpi ou ite it l
tion, springs from. the fact that .ihe
South doe4 ioTlo9 enough her op
Spressors Atlelt iit hirten yesrs to
_ATk* a**Jfls' ~, ~,. p . pd
the rush oilamber toohir Town from
:- fltiitei let Lad cdlodidatee f or
the oflcdved~ti ~ asl andria, at
the election whlh takes place on the
Tharsday, November I8. (to-mor
So - o
ii .. -- a ,, c, , -
Lome of[hV onecIEtageh

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