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VOL. 39. ALEXANDRIA, LA., APRIL 15, 1884. NO. 50.
VOli. ,39. ·ALEXALNDRIA, LB.; APRIL 15, 1884. "NO. 50.
9%e Democrat is published Tri-Week
ly--Tuesdays, Thursda~ys and Sat-,
ordotys-at Two Dollars and Fif
ty Cents per annum; One Dollar
and Fifty Cents for six months.
Payable in advance.
Advertisements inserted at the rate of
One Dollar per square for the first
i .eertion aud Fifty Cents for each
subsequent one. Ten lines or less
'f brevier type constitute a square.
Personal Cards, when admissable,
will be charged double the usual ad
vertising rates.
Andrews, T. D. Foster,) At
torneys at Law. Office, corner of
second and Washington streets, Os
bore building.
fog, Attorneys at Law. Office
on Front street, between Mnrray
and Johnston.
1 ASSON, John, Physician and
Surgeon. Office at residence,
at the head of Beauregard street.
District Officers.
W. F. Blackman, A. Barbin, Judges
E. G. Hunter;... .District Attorbey
Parish Officers.
D. C. Paul. Sheriff and Tax Collec'r
Chas. Owen,....... Deputy Sheriff
G. 0. Watts,...Clerk and Recorder
C. L. Rausdell, .... Deputy Clerk
Police Jury.
F. sip .................. President
]L. C. Sanford .............Clerk.
I:h.es Rosenthal,........ Treasurer
Members-A. Heyman, Geo. L. Wil
son, H. F. Log, F. A. Blanohard,
John A. Dixon, J. W. Glass, J.
P. Hickmanb, S. D. Williams and
J. F. Hathoru.
City Officers.
W. C. McGimsey, .........Mayor
A. B. Rachal,.....Clerk of Council
I. W. Calvit, L. Baillio, Marshals
Councilmen--H. S. Gossens, J. J.
Peterman, N. L. McGinnis, Wm.
Leckie, J. Rosenthal.
Oliver Lodge No. 84 F. & A. M.
;-M. Klein, W. M.; J. J. Ferguson,
;r'W; G. A. Staples, Jr W; A. tlil
Lonu, Secty; M. Rosenthni, Treasu.
rer; H.. St. John, Chaplain; R. C.
Rogers, Sr D; J. M. Hetherwick, Jr
D; Julius Le'viu, M of C; C. Golden
berg and Gus Gehr, Stewards; A.
Petteugill, Tyler. Meets let and
3Id Saturdays of each month. Lodge
room corner Murray and Th ''ird ste.
Solomon Lodge No. 221 F. & A.
M.-Pineville-G. W. Bolton, W.
M; R. Aaron, Secty; L. Ahadie, S.
W; G. W. S8tolmo, S D; E J. Hardt
:er, J W; J. H. Richardson, J D;
W. A. Griffin, Treasurer; H. Walk
liug, Tyler.
Alexandria Lodge No. 3:3 K. of P.
-R. C. Rogers, C C; M. W. 3alvit,
V C; P. H. IJiynson, M r. II; A. Hil
tol,. K of R and 8; A. MeCbt r, M of
E; Il. U:. Duncan, Prenlte; C. Gol
denberg, M of F; G. A .stples, P.
C. C. Meets every Thurseahy niglht.
Enldowment Rank umeets ls TL'ues
day of each month.
Rebecca Lodtlge No. 240 I. O. B. B.
--i. Klein, President, Jonas Ro
senthal; V-P; Moses Mayer, Rec. &
F Secty;. Moses Bloom, rteansuret;
D. Knnagel, Warden; Moses Ro
sntlal, Out Guardian
Silver Trowel F. & A. MI. (color.
ed)-A. M. Newman, WV M; J. H.
Denuis, 8 W, Israel Thomas, J W;
Alto Mitchell, Treasurer; P. H. Os
born, Seoty; H. B. N. Brow n, Chap
lain; F. S. Smith, S D; F. L. Porter,
J Di Thos. Cokeley ond L. 7.ia,
Stewarde; Ransom brooks, Tyler.
Meets lst and 3d Tuesday of each
-Live Oak K. of P. (colored;-S.
E.iH. Morau, P C; Win. Murray,
it C; Louis L. Porter, V C, Ed Pow
Sll, P; J. H. Dennis, M F; W. L.
Ambler, M E; P. H. QOsborn, K of R
and S; Win. MeClellan, I G; James
Madison, 0 G; F. L. Porter, M A.
Meets let and 3d Monday of each
Fire Department.
Alexandria Fire DepaJtment-E.
G. Hunter, Chief; Jacob Geiger, As
sistant Chief; HE. . Goseos, Presi
dent; M. Klein, Vice-President; J.
C. Ryan, Secty; Chas.' Walkling,
Treasurer. Meets on last Saturday
of March of each year. The Board
of Delegates meets on the fourth
Thursday of January, April,, July
and October.
Paeifec Fire Co. No. 1-Jas. An
drews, President; M. Bloom, Vice
President; E.: J. Sullivan, 6oety;
J. M. Hetherwiok, Treasurer; John
J. Ferguson, Foreman; Jonas Ro
senthal, let Assistant; Win. Rezer,
2d Assistant; Sam Feilows, Engi
neer; Chas. Goldenberg, Steward.
Meets the first Wednesday of each
.Stonewall Hook and Ladder Co.
No. --I1. S. Gossens, President;
Jabob Haynes, Vice-President; F.
Scheu, Secretary; A. Weinberg,
Treasurer; D. C. Paul, Foreman; H.
Williams, let Assistant; Geo. F.
Smith, 24 Assistant, A. B. Rachal,.
Onstodtad. Meets',first Monday of
each month.
Rod and Gun Clab- John W.
Prescott, Presidedt; E. B. Pendle
ton, First Viee-President; E. G.
Hunter, 2d Yice-PresidePt;.J. R.
Thornton, Secretary; L. B. Bay
nardf Trefiaurer.' Meets qoarterly..
Shboitig match monthly. Bo6rd of
Direetors-C. A. Senack, S. Schma
linski S. Culleu, Geo. R. Waters,
IR. W. Bringthurst
Rapides Medical and Surgical Ai
sociation-J. S. Fish, President; S.
Gordon, Vice-President; Julius A.
Johbston, 'Seoty. and Treasurer;
John Casson, Corresponding Secre
tfary Meets last Saturday of each
I' & 1 a
Is a compound of the virtues of mu
i stlltnei, , mandrake, yellow
k, with the iodide o potash and ,
Sthe of han iron,
all powerful blood-making, blood-oleans
Ing, and life-sustaining elements. It s
the purest, safest, and most effectual
alterative available to the public. The
sciences of medicine and chemistry have
never produced a remedy so potent to
sure al diseases resulting from mpure
blood. It cures Scrofaul and all
serotfulous disease, Eryipelas,
Bose, or St. Anthonys Fire, P m
le and Face-grubs, Pustules,
Blotches, Bolol Tumors, Tetter,
Humors, Salt ]heum Scald-bead,
RIglnworm Ulcers, Sores, Eheun
ntsm, 3lereurlal Disease, Neu.
rala, Female Weaknesses sad
I ularities, Jaundie Athctons
of the Liver, Dyspeps Emacla
tion, and General bity.
By its searching and cleansing quali
ties it purges out the foul corrtions
which contaminate the blood anduse
derangement and decay. It stimulates
the vital functions, restores and pre
serves health, and infuses new life and
vigor throughout the whole system. No
sunferar from any disease of the blood
need despair who will give AYa's
BAasutaPALL4 a fair trial.
It is folly to experiment with the nu
merous low-priced mixtures, without
medicinal virtues, offered as blood-purl.
fler, while disease becomes more irmly
seated. Arua's SBsa rLLA is amedi
sine of such concentrated curative power
that it is by far the best, cheapest, anJ
most reliable blood-purifier known.
Physicians know its composition, and
Aexlbe it. It has been widely used for
Ss ears, and has won the unquali
fled confidence of millions *hom It has
Practisal snd Aalytical Chemists,
4 Lowell, Mass.
So LD at a suesisrs a i n5w .n
and Ball!
APRIL 29, '84.
: '1 . BALL, $1
The kidneys act as purifiers of the blood.
and when their functions are interfered
with through weakness, they teed tositng.
They become healthth all sctive by the use
of Hosietter's tom Bitters, when falling
short of relief from other sources. This
superb stimulatiLg tonic also prevents and
I arrests fever and ague, constipaiton, ldr
oompllntdyspepia rheumatism and other
aIlment.. Utit it wth reguia'ity.
For sale by all DrugiAsts iI LDeales
genera nay.
I in Alexandria Ward, nid es
trayed beforit me, TWO BROWN
MARE MULES, po marks or brand
-about six years old and 15 hands
high. The said mules will be .sold
nnder the estray law, at my office
in Alexandria, on Saturday, 24th of
May, 1884, unless the owner ap
pears and proves title and pays ex
penses as the law requires.
Justice of Peace, Alexandria Ward.
i Mci 25-tdr.
The true Liver Medicise and real
I remedy for Torpid and Congestive
Livers. Prompt relih is obtained
by their nee; they obviate the use
of Mercury, and beingeotirel.iVeg
I etable are perfectly safe. Price, 5
cents a box.
Apply to HENRY BT. JOBN,
Manufacturing PhlarmaecuttarCby
mist, in Echlange HRotel Buildiag,
April 14, 1884.
The Rapides Cemetery Associa
tton met in the Town Hali at 10
o'clock A. M. by special call of the
President. Present--Robt P. Hun
ter, President; Judge G. Baillio,
Vice-President; Mrs. E. M. Archi-'.
nard, Treasurer; W. W. Whitting'
ton, Jr., Secretary; Mrs. M. Ryan,
Mrs. M. L. Grogan 'and P. Kellyi|'p
Mrs./A. E. Casson, Mrs. E. i.
Baillio, Miss Belle Lewis, Jacob
Geiger, W. O. Dammon, Edwin G.'
Hunter, H.: L. Biossat,' Judge M. 1
:Ryan, John C. Ryan and Wyatt 1
The President having stated the
objects of the meeting was to make
an exhibit. of the funds realized
from the Fair and to take into cony ';
sideration 'what should be done,
with the said funds, and 'whether
it was expedient to use the same ind
ditching and beautifying the 'Cem
etery grounds 'at' this time or not. i
The President, Robert- P. Hun:
ter, Esq., tendered the batikbox 1
containing the funds which' bad
been planed in his" hatds by 'the
Treasurer, Mrs. 'E. M. Arohinird,
for safe keeping together With -,the.
vouchers and a full and oxplicit ao
count of all monies, realized at the
Fair held by the Association, of all
monies paid out, together with' the
receipts and vouchers'for the same.
The money was counited by the i
Secretary and Mr. Jacob Geiger
and found to be the sum of six hun-'.
dred and thirty-one 95-100 (8631.
95,) dollars nett, which amount oor
responded exactly with the accounts
and -vounohers, ,and was 'then and
there turned over to Mrs. E, M.
Archinard, the Treasurer of the As
On motion of Mr. P. Kelly, duly
seconded, Mr. Robert P. ifunter,
President, was requested to return
the funds to his iron saf., ,:The
motion was' put by the Sberetary
Sand was unanimously carried. "Mr.
Slunter refused to be any longera
t the custodian of the funds. There
upon Mrs. Archinard was author
ized to select some other suitable
place, and she stated that she would
place them'in the iron afte of Mr.
John C. Rogers.
The President having called at
tention to the fact that this meeting
had been called for the purpoee of
'taking steps towards improving the
Cemetery grounds with the funds
on hand, Judge M,. Ryan called at
tention to the necessity of ditching
the Cemetery grounds and sBgget
ed that men be employed for that
purpose, but that, the subject be
postponed until the regular meeting
in May. This motion was carried.
On motion of Judge G. Baillio,
duly seconded and .panimonusly
carried, the thnksh of the Gerpetery
Association were given to its P -
dent, Mr. Robt. P. Hunter, for his
zeal and interest in its behalf, for
Ihis faithful discharge of all the du
ties of lis oflice, and for his ldeli
ty, devotion and activjty in all the
aIffaire oc thp Agociation.
1)n motlAn of Mr. Pa Kelly the
meeting then adjourned to the trg.
ular meeting on the first Monday in
May, and an invitation was extend
ed to all who feel an interest in the
Association and its objects to meet
them with the stockholders and Di
W. W. WnrTirnxoor, JR..r
*--AxMOx thereformas in thej * .
system suggested by the commrtten -
appointed in Oindippati `Or that
purpose, the first is strikingly ap- '
plicable to other towns as wellF~
the "Paris of America." "Let therh
be no exemptions of prosperous and.
intelligent citizens from jury trials
in capital cases, such as have betn
secured by tie contribution of $10'
a year to the militia" The people
and press of Cincinnati recogoaI ,
the fact that no >efohn in oritinal
trialg can be guaranteed; and that
there is no possibility of punishing.
criminals and putting doew crimes,
unless good juries can be secured;)
and that this is-impossible if the
better class-of citizens are exempted -
Ifromthis duty. ..
"'There are many other wipe res.
oommendations. The-reduction of
tlhe number of challenges, the prb- -
h.ibitieo of severance in the trial i
a gang of murderers and their
priompt hanging after sentence; but..
all of these willavail little u ii ' `
good, juries can be obtained; a, .
to' get them, all citizens musti'.,
required to do their by the state.
-[Times-Democrat. .
- Tnz following will prove .of
interest' to all who presented claims
against the Parish of Rapiodes fqr
work on the levees during the re
oent high water. The resolution
wae adopted in the afteinooni of ti
last dafes session of the Police JD.,
ry, whioh body was in seesion` hor
t.h whole Oflast week -:
Whereas numerous, elaimsns ha'
been sabmpitted to this Jury for. -.e .
building and repair of levees dig :,
ldhg the late high water, and
rI' W we have been inable to
discover any law whic4h, ould ::
tify the large expenditure of pubi
funds demanbed for this purpos.,
therefore, be it
Resolved, :lTh.t eatinon on the'-:'.
clhims above referred too .be. 1,61
over until some future .ameerr g of
the Jury, when the law bearing
upon the subject will be more fully
Mf . ' rOT ON Sn ILK HATS.~
"It wiould be no violation of f~e
commandment," eaid -John B.
Gough, "if a man were to fall down
and worship the lslk hat, for it is
not made in the likeness pf anything
in heaven, or on earth, or in the
ewaters which are under the earth."
Besides it-heats the head and cane- :
es the hair to fall off. Parker's
SHair BAlsam will stop that.anad'r
7 store the original color to gray or
" faded hair. Not oily, not a dye
i- beneficial, deliciousy perumed. . i.
.pere hair dreeuug. . A - .
--"DIP Oallit~p)e oua 6 tie
i.- tepsi" "No, musa. "What
''as that aoik I heardl" "He
slipped twicp going off the, steps"
"I:thought it was two of in shlips -
said Ie old jaday..

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