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Official Journal of the City 9f
Henry L. Biossat, Business Manager
-To-DAY tells the tale!
-VoTE the Democratic ticket.
--RALLY! Democrats, Rally!
-WE should stay around the
polls to-day.
--BE sure that your ballot goes
' in the right box.
-VOTE as you shot, says Blaine.
Vote the democratic ticket.
-LouIsIAA will give Blaine a
black eye to-day at the ballot-box.
-As between the Democrat and
Republican candidates there is no
-GIVE us a free ballot and a
fair count, and Cleveland's election
is an assured fact.
-SEE that your ballots havethe
names of Cleveland and Hendricks
and Blanchard on them.
-WE here in Rapides should
give our ticket an overwhelming
majority-nothing more nor less.
-'TWILL take a rebel yell to
wake up Blaine to-morrow morning.
He'll be too sick to heat his fate.
-THE votes to-day will be easily
counted-they will be for Cleve
land, Hendricks, Blanchard and
-Iýr the language of a veteran
in the democratic cause, we truth
fully exclaim :"Everything is love
ly and the goose hangs high."
-WE want no Mulligan man,
no "burn the letter" candidate to
rule over and govern us. "Tell
the plain truth" representative will
suit us better.
-THE democratic candidates re
present honesty and reform; purity
of government and protection to
all. The republican nominees are
just to the opposite.
- IT behooves all true democtats
to do their level best to-day at the
polls. They should not be satis
flied with the simple casting of their
own vote, but ought get one or
more voters to follow them.
-UNITED States Marshalls and
their. allies dare not intimidate a
democratic voter in this section of
the country to-day. Happily those
days are over with and forgotten.
Our people will not put up with it.
-BLAINE and Logan are haters
of.the Southern people, and their
abuse has been hurled against us
on every occasion that presented
itself. Away with such dema
gogues say we, they are not fit to
rule a country like our's.
--s there a Louisianian so base
and low as to one moment think of
voting for Beast Butler? We be
lieve not for the reason that we
cannot think they have forgotten
this scoundreFl's treatment years ago
when in thb Crescent City.
-THE indications are that the
Republicans, despairing of carry
ing 'New York, will make strenuons
e~fforts to create some disturbance
at the polls in Louisians and Flor
ida, with the view of having the
Another of those unblushing bar
gains, of which so many have been
brought to light, against the Re
publican candidate when at the
height of his power as Speaker of
the National House of Representa
tives, is that offered to J. F. Joy.
At the time, 1877, Blaine and his
corrupt offer were both spurned and
denounced by Mr. Joy. But at the
late Chicago Convention this same
Joy had so far forgotten his former
denunciation of the corruptionist, so
to stultify himself as to nominate
Mr. Blaine for the Presidency. In
a late public correspondence be
tween himself and the Rev. Henry
Ward Beecher, the latter an ardent
supporter of Gov. Cleveland, Mr.
Beecher gives this pen picture of
Blaine: "Unsound in statesmanlike
judgement, unscrupulous in noliti
cal matters, dim-eyed in perceiving
the distinction between truth and
untruth, absorbingly ambitious, but
with a genial, sociable disposition
and a brilliant rhetorical capacity,
Mr. Blaine makes an alluring can
didate but would make a danger
ous President."
So much for the false pretensions
of the Plumed Knight, as express
ed by a keen observer, a truthful
stalwart Republican.. Touching
this corrupt bargain between Blaine
and Joy, brought to light chiefly'
through Mr. Beecher's agency, a
point of personal veracity having
arisen between himself and Joy,
Mr. Beecher, after producing an ar
ray of living, highly respectable
Republican witnesses to sustain the
truth of his charges, thus in a late
letter taking final leave of Joy,
handles him without gloves, in lan
guage so terse and pointed it can
not be mistaken. We give a few
extracts from Mr. Beeoher's letter
to Joyce as follows: "Mr. Joy, you
have told the story too many times
and to too many people to have
made it prudent to deny it now.
Allow me to ask, by way of re
freshing your memory, whether the
amount which Blaine required as
a bribe for appointing a committee,
was not nearer $40,000 than $25,
000? Whether the intermediary
between Blaine and yourself was
not "Subsidy Pomeroy !" Wheth
er proper and honest indignation on
that occasion was not 'so extreme
that you would have sworn outright
had it not been, luckily, that you
were a church member ! The ad
vantage which is expected from your
denial cah last now but a day or
two, but the lie will endure forever.
It will abide with you, follow you
home, dwell in your memory, be
present in your old age, stand by
your coffin, and meet you on God's
judgment day ! May He who found
a way to forgive lying Peter, for
give you, and have mercy on your
soul in that awful day !" This is
the tartar Mr. Joy caught in that
honest Independent Republican,
Rev. Henry Ward Beecher. Thus
as each day brings to the surface
some new villainy of James G.
Blaine and that portion of his party
he so fitly represents it may be well
for him and them the closing scene
is so near at hand. A corrupt par
ty has chosen as its standard-bear
er the most comrpt, trading politi
cian this country ever produced.
May the righteous indignation of
Heaven avenge this insult, this out
rage attempted to be fastened as a
perpetual stigma on a christian peo
ple. To.day it must be decided,
and may God defend the right!
-VOTE for Cleveland and Hen
dricks, and you vote for honesty
and reform.
The United States statute com
monly known as the "Federal Elec
tion Law," is the most prolific
source of political venality and ar
bitrary outrage upon the rights of
suffrage in the States that has ever
disgraced ,the .legislation of this
country. Not only has Louisiana
had her full share of bitter experi
ence under this partisan enactment
but Ohio and other States are feel
ing its terrible power.
In every Congressional election
since its passage its authority has
been invoked, and the United
States Courts have been appealed
to and used to further the aims and
ambition of a horde of official ras
cals, under the plea of preserving
the purity of the ballot. The law
is undoubtedly unconstitutional,
and it is strange that .the highest
court of the.country was not called
upon years ago to proclaim it a
This campaign will probably be
the last to witness the operation of
such specimen election machinery.
After a few years of Cleveland's
administration the country will have
advanced so far upon its new career
of peace and. prosperity that the
dark ways and tricks of Radical
politics will be buried and forgot
ten in the outward march of a great
Republic to a greater destiny. In
those years of higher aims and
achievements the people will hear
no more of arbitrary United States
Supervisors of Elections and their
horde of armed deputies.
-THE St. Louis Republican says:
Blaine will not carry a single South
ern State. He will not-carry New
York. Add the electoral vote of
New Jersey and Connecticut to
those and Cleveland's election is
secured. Little New Jersey is al
ways true to Democracy. Tilden
carried Connecticut. Hancock car
ried California. Democratic pros
pects were never so bright. It will
require more fraud and United
States Marshals for the Republi
cans to defeat Cleveland and Hen
dricks in Indiana than they had in
Ohio. Money and bribery do not
apply in all the States, and even if
they did there is not enough of the
former to go around.
-THE Southern Trade Gazette
says: Selma, ,Ala., has the most
wonderful artesian, well in the
world. Two separate streams of
water of entirely different proper
ties, flow from this well. The sin
gular effect in question is produced
by the insertion of a two-inch liipe
within a four inch tube. The large
pipe descends to a depth of 400 feet
the water having no4.ineraL quali
ties or character, ands being very
cold; the inner pipe descends 700
feet; the water is strongly impreg
nated with sulphur and iron, and,
compared" with the temperature of
twin stream, is quite warm
-THnUsnAY's Timnes-Democrat
contains a long letter from Capt.
Jas. B. Eads, in which the Missis
sippi River Commission is sharp
ly arraigned.. The learned profess
or's argument is able and convin
cing and goes in favor of carrying
out the plan of improvement adopt
ed by the commission, saying in
futherance of the scheme that lev
ees are an essential factor of the
system. Taken everything togeth
er we cannot help but concur in the
opinion of Mr. Eads' and say that
the Atchafalaya must be closed.
-THE Solid South is for the
democratic standard bearers. Her
one hundred and fifty-three electo
ral votes will be cast for Olevelaid
and Hendricks, which with the vote
of New Yor f JNe J~erseaiul C]--:
JACOB GEIGER, - Proprietor.
Is selling at New Orleans wholesale prices to thejobbingtrade, n ld of't r
ing special inducements to retail buyers. Tlhentuock
conaists in part as follows:
Drugs, Chemicals, Paints, Stationery
School Books, Tobacco and Cigars, Liquors for mcdic:i;
nal purposes, Garden Seeds, Etc.
Cor. Second and Murray, - - ALEXANDRIA., LA,
-AND -
-- T
SOLE AGENT for the MEDICATED GLASSES~--a feeti fir anrentrioe
or money refunded. HOUSEHOLD ELDRIDGE B ail ETI'EY SE%4 1
MACHINIT for sale. ATTACHMENTS and SUPPLIES for- all, k
SEWING MACHINES. Special attentionl paid to repairltn isnil iifi
all kinds of Sewing Machines. SECOND STREET, aext door to Post
Keyser s
himin i A CIo LEC1
For Rapides and Adjoining Parishes
New Orleans Ineurance Company
of New Orleans; People's Insurance
Company of New Orleana; Southern
insuranice Company of New Orlenns.
i" Rates as low as any of the first
class companies. Special attention
given to collection of all clHims.
Alexandria, La., opp. Court House.
A favorite prescriptlon of one of t)
nos; noted and successfufl lpea lest in the I. N
.nowretired) for the curedpanes d Des. -
nplaosneealedenvelope-jb m a Druegglstac>All it
Address DR. WARD & COL.,Loiehhn, Meo.
The true Liver Meidicine and real
remedy for To pid and Congestive,
Livers. Prompt: relief is obtained
by their use; they oibviate the niee
of Mercury, and being entirely Veg
etable are perfectly safe. Price, 25
cents a box.
Apply to HE RY ST. JOHN,
Manufacturing Pharmaceutical bh9y
eist, in Excangerotel Buiding,
a> 'X
I) the West. Short Line to Nw.
Orleans and all points in Loisi?-,
New Mexico, Ariszona and Califur'
nia.. favorite Line. to the Notrit
East and Southeast.
daily between St. Louis and Dalla'.
Fort Worth, EI.Paso and San Fran
clseo, Cal.. Also Marshall and ,NV.:
Orleans without change.. SO1.J
Fast Time, First-Class Equip
ment, SureiCoitmec
tions. ~..
'S See that your tiefkets read v;
Teiass and Paceif ReRilt ay. `.
. Maps, Tlime Tabes, Tickets, Rat
and all required information,.-4sa
e`or adidress any of the Tiok
Agents, or , . '
H. P..:.UGHES,
Pa geg.r :Aget.,lnuaiston, Tei
Au.i t G lWei'oS- 'PssengOr Agdn
Marshil1, TaxW; c:i'+esi"
ý, .3. 'QW_-pb . . S....EN.: : ..
a-1, I.. reian Sr:

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