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SOffictal Journal of the City of
Henry L. Biousat, BuineU Manager
The Opening of the World's Epo.
Nov. 1, 1884.
The committee appointed by the
management :to confer with the
President and Executive Depart
ments in respect to the opening and
inauguratipg ceremonies of the
World's Exposition, report that in
asmuch as Congress convenes on
the day heretofore announced for
the opening of the Exposition, the
'opehinig ceremonies could not then
he inaugurated by the President,
Executive Officers and Members of
both Houses of Congress, as con
templated by the act of Congress
and earnestly desired by the man
agement. It is hereby announced
that the formal opening of the
World's Industrial and Cotton Cen
tennial Exposition will be at 12
o'clock noon, Thursday, December
S16, 1884. Applications for space
will bhe received until November
25. Exhibits will be received un
til December 10, 1884, with the un
derstanding that all exhibits must
be in place by the opening day.
The demands for space have ex
* ceeded anything in the history of
former expositions. The manage
meat added 70,000 square feet of
' exhibiting space to the building:
originally designed, and advantage
will be taken of the time now al
lowed to provide additional space
for exhibitors, who may rely upon
a disposition to accord reasonabl
space to all who may apply. .
4.: Director General
--As a matter of course Dem
oorats are now quite generally dis
ui: asing Cleveland's probable cab
inet: Quite a number have ,fixes
S p the following slate: Secretar;
of State, Allen G. Thurman, o
Ohio; Secrrtary of the Treasury
Samuel J. Randall of Pennsylva
aia; Secretary of the, Interior, Cat
Schurz, of New York; Secretary c
the Navy, Gen. Eppo Hunton, c
Virginia; Secretary of War, Ge:
B; McClellan, of New Jersey; A1
torney General, Joseph E. MoDor
. aid, of Indiana; Postmaster Genm
tal, Gen. J. H. Reagan, of Texa
-AT the New York Merchant
Jubilee held in that city on Satu
day, in honor of the election <
Cl eveland and Hendricks, Danin
Dougherty, the silver tongued on
tor of Pennsylvania, said: "Gr
ver Cleveland has been electe
:" and by the living God all the poi
ere on earth and in hell shall nev
tear the purple from his shoulders
.. -Fo accounts published
the city papers of Sunday, th
I maus have been a monster celebr
tioa heldin New Qrleqna.on S8
urday night. And all for .Olev
land and Hendricks too. Goc
eouongl !
-TEE latest calline from p
- pers just received, lead as to b
lieve that the Republicans wil t
to steal the electoral vote of N
i York, and thus insunre Blaihe'd ele
- tin . Witand - "--"
If we know onurselves it is with a
feeling less of exultation than
thankfulness of heartfelt gratitude
to the Divine Dispenser of all good T
that we announce the result of the
Presidential election, and that as
far as known it was attended with
so little acorimonious feeling and
probably no bloodshed. Doubt
seemed to hold the balance almost
to the last. The party in power
gloating over the spoils of office ib
and longing to retain them, did i
doubtless use bribery and corrup- re
tion so far as money ooulA effect il
the issue, but their vigilant rivals
exercised so much and such pru- ,
dent care that other frauds and vi- D
olence could not be practiced. The
l result, after the most vindictive, we
e ~ay say filthy, canvass on the part A
- of the Republicans -ever waged
against a Democraiio candidate
r personally has resulted in his com
e plete vindication and triumphant it
n election. We say personally, be- n,
, cause against the public career of ti
f Grover Cleveland the breath of
- suspicion never attached, while so
S glaring are the crimes and misde- G
I- meanors of Jas. G. Blaine through
d a long public career he drove from
e his support a vast number of his A
r- own party. .All honor to them !
2 It is just as it should be. What
'r over may have been Mr. Blaine's a
e public virtues, if he had any, they I
;r were more than counterbalanced by
i- the great accumulation of guilt that
i- attended and was' practiced by him
it when occupying a high office, to C
- which the crime of perjury must be
r- added. His elevation to the ruler
)f ship of a mighty christian nation
9- would have been a stigma, a last
)f ing blot on its fair escutcheon.- t
;s This humiliation, this disgrace, has
e been warded off by a just and
1- righteous judgment of the people,
:e hence we say "Gloria in excelsis I"
in May Mr. Blaine's example be
le duly noted and become a warning
to rising generations. May the
great party whose honest principles
ý. he prostituted 'purge itself of all of
his stamp. Should it again appeal
n- to public favor let it offer in the
i- person of its standard bearer the
bname of one they themselves would
ed blush to own.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 7. --The
of President has issued the following
proclamation :
r1 The season is nigh when it is the
of yearly wont of this people to ob
of serve the day appointed for the
of porpose by the President as an es
- pecial occasion for thanksgiving
)n- unto God. Now, therefore, in re
ne- cognition of this hallowed custom,
as. I, Chester A. Arthur, President of
nts the united States, do hereby des
ur- ignate as such day of general
of thanksgiving Thursday, the 27th
iel of this present November, and I do
ra- recommend that throughout the
ro- land the people ceasing from their
ed, accustomed occupations do then
Skeep holiday at their severalhomes
s" and their several places of worship,
Sand with heart and voice pay reve
n rent acknowledgmenit to the Giver
hat of all good for the countless bless
ra- ings wherewith he has visited the
at- nation.
e--TuB business portion of the
Town of Napoleanville, La., was
destroyed by fire on Friday night
pa- last.:. The total loss is estimated
at $150,000. The insurance is
try about one-half.
few ...
tor bet . p i
Thisisthe only CharteredLotery f
ani y8tatc.
Inoirporated in 1868 for 25 years ,
t by the Loccislature for Educational
1 and Ch1aritahle purposes- with a
Capital of $1,000,000, to which a
reserve fund of over $550,000 has' T
t since been added.
By an overwheiming popular vote
its Iranclhiuee waA made a part of
the present State Constitution,-
- December 2, A. D. 1879.
t A Splendid Opportnnity to WIN A S
Its Grand Single Number Draw
ing will take place monuthly. It
.- neve* scales or postpones. Look at
,f the following dibtribution :
Class L
NOVEMBER,11TH, 1884.
Under the immediate supervision
and management ot Gen. G. T.
y Beauregard, of La., and Gen. Jubal
A. Early, of Virginia.
to Capl Prize, (Capital Prize, 1
Capital Prize,
$75, 00Q.
_ Capital Prize, Capital Prize,
Capital Prise.
100,000 Tickets at Five Dollars
each. Fractions in Fftths, in pro
>e portion.
I CAPITAL PRIZE,.... $75,000
le 1 " .... 25,000
es " .... 10.000
of 2 Prizes of $6,000 ...... 12,000
o 5 2,000...... 10,000
al 10 " 1,000...... 10,000
he 20 " '50()....... 10,000
100 " 200...... 20.000
he 300 00...... 30.00
Id 500 " 50...... 25.000
1000 " . 25...... 25,000
9 Approximation Prizes of $750,
he $6,750.
SApproximation Prizes of $500,
he Approximation Prlzes of $250,
es- . $2,250.
1,967 prizes, amounting to $265,500
re- CRTFICrATE-We do hereby eer
im, tify that we supervise the arrange
of ments for all the nlonthly and semi
annual drawings of the Louisiana
es- State Lottery Co., and in person
ral manage and control the Drawings
7th themselves, and the same are con
doeted with honesty, fairness and
in good faith towaid all parties.
the We autlhorize the Company to see
teir this certificate, with fae-similes of
oar signatures attached, in its ad
ien vertisements.
veri Appliantions for rates to clubs
ss- should be made'only;to the office of
the tihe company i' New Crleans.
For further information wrier
clearly, giving full address.,
the Remnit by Postal Note, -Money
Elpress Order, Nbw York Exchange
as or draft on New Orleans.
ght Letters with' Cirrency invariably
ted by Expreos. We pay Epresscli ar
Sgee on all ums of $5 or npwards:
i Address MY. M~A DA1~PHiN, wN
Orleans, La. , -
- !- * e&1
YO " Di* i
JACOB GEIGER, - Proprietor.
Is selling at New Orleans wholerahl prices to tlejobbi!.g trade, abd filn r
;ng- special inducenients to retail buyera. 'l'he ltuck
ounsists in part as follows : . :
Dru ,1sI emicaIs Paints, Stationery
School Books, Tobacco and Cigars, Liquors for neci
nal purposes, Garden Seeds, Etc..
Cor. Second and Mserray;, - - ALEXANDIIA', .L
- . DEALR INI- .
T. 1V. BIQSSA'I, A,'.I
" . . " ."':: '- fi
SOLE AGENT for the MENEICATED QI.AESE~-a, perife tit lta-ira
or money refunded. HOUSEHOLD ELDRIDGE B and, E REY SE
MACHINli for sale. A'''TACHMENTS and SUPPLITES fior aill k.
SEWING MACHINES. Speelil attetition paid to repailn~ iad fillJ
all kinds of Sewing Machines. SECOND STREET, netd o, t
ALI fIAn L[A. ,.A. ','
IKeyseS" -
ar Rapies and Adjoini g Parishes
New Orleans Isieuranee. Company
of New Orleans; People's Insurance
Company of New Orleans; Southdrn
Insurance Company of New Orlearis.
! ' Rates as low as'any of the ifrt
class companies. Spýcial attention,
given to colleetion of all lalris.
B . . [L KYSER,
Alesnndria, La., opp. Court House.
favorlte prescription of one of thi
Ies noted and successful sPseciallsts lathe U. :
I nowretied) ortheureOf ter .m DebI
nplainsealedenvelopefee. DrbglsatspaCtrlgi
Address DR. WARO& co;, Louisltae, Mo.`
ST. JOHN'8..
The true Liver Medicine and realr
remedy for 'Torpid and Ceogestive
Livers. Prompt .relief . obl otaIned
' by their :uses 'hety tibtvatoe t use
Cp Ix.ee ad f.
4ZI4sgE~T .
PZU% ;JbeM j·;

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