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)flicial Journal of the City of
Henry L. Biossat, Business Manager
--ASPARAGUS raised by a far
Vier near Sacramento, Cal., nets
him 8$9000 this season.
--A BURGLAR was arrested at
Sacramento dressed in a priest's t
cassoch which lie had stolen.
-DrURTiG the month of May
there will be a Sermon delivered
at the Catholic Church every eve
niing at 7:30 o'clock.
-A COLORED lad, with both
arms off at the shoulder, was tried
for larceny in Columbus, Ga., a
week 64so ago and acquitted.
,--THE Linn Iron Works at Bir- I
nmingharp cast a bed plate last week
for one of Pratt's coal and iron fur
naces that weighed 21,000 pounds. I
THE remarkable coincidence
ofw'o brothers becoming violently
insane about the same time is re
potted from a place near Rising
Sun, Indiana.
- '. you want anything in the
haildware line T If so, go at once
to Miller, Brady & Co's and buy.
-= what you need. Their goods are
Sfirsgelass and their prices low.
-THE House of Representatives 1
of Rhode Island has declined to ap
propriate money to pay for a State
census this year, and has repealed
the law providing for such a census
* every five years.
- A SIXTEEN year old youth is
diang in Danbury, Conn., from a
. '.nife wound inflicted by a lad a
* ier younger than himself in a
q arrel growing out of a game of
cards and seven cents stakes.
-A JURY in Burlington county,
N. J., in a recent suit. for the kill
ing of a pet rabbit, according to
• the Toms River Democrat, assessed
the damages at $500, for trespass,
. which costs were added, making
'a total of $1400.
-A BLOOD thirsty negro preach
er at Butler, Ga., knocked his wife
down one night last week, put his
foot across her neck and deliber
ately knocked her in the head three
times with an ax. After commit
ting 'his hellish deed he left for
parts unknown.
-TIIRnoUH the telephone.-"Is
that you, -doctor ?" "Yes, who is
it ?" "Mrs. Merony. 0, doctor,
what Shall I do for the baby ? He
has swallowed a dime." "Well,
you surely don't want to spend 82
to get a dime, do you ?" And the
telephone ceased to work.-[New
Spnan tn dependent.
-CHAIRMAN Barnum, of the
National Democratic Committee, in
an interview .says : "I have travel
ed over a great section of the coun
try, and have canvassed with many
people of many. varieties of opin
Sion, and my conclusion, impartial
ly taken, is that Cleveland's ad
ruinistration is giving universal
-THE medical, properties of
whisky, brandy and wines have be
come warmly appreciated in. Ar.
kansas under the operations of the
prohibition laws. Last month alone
the druggists of Lawrence, soldl one
hundred gallons of these liquors,
which are nnderstobd out there to
be a specific for corns and such
Ei. ailments.
A very earnest and capable body
of citizens assembled at the Saint
Charles hotel last night to consider
the feasibility of continuing the
Grand World's Fair through an
f other Winter. It was a thoroughly
representative gathering, and each
r member presentseemed to fully ap
preciate the vast benefits which the
project in hand promises for the
South, and especially and immedi
ately to New Orleans.
There are two hinges to the plan :
the first, the consent of the Presi
dent to a retention here of the gov
ernment exhibits; the second, the
raising of a round sum of money to
preserve and in a measure refit the
i Exposition itself. No doubt exists
in the minds of those who have
most carafully investigated the
question, that the money will be
speedily obtained-whether the sum
he finally set at a quarter of a mil
lion, or more or less - provided
President Cleveland acts favorably.
This the Item thinks he will do, on
the broad national ground that no
where else could this grand collec
tion of art. science,.natural products
and historical objects do so much
good for the masses of the people,
who most need the instruction and
advantages to be derived therefrom.
It was apparently well under
stood that the new fund to be raised
. is to be exclusively applied to
3 maintaining the World's Fair. of
the future, and in no way to be
s used for debts of the present term
- of its existence. Also, that if the
subscribers to the new fund so de
sire, the management is to be re
s modeled and, better confidence in
spired therein by fresh blood.
It is a most desirable end that is
S aimed-the greatest that this corn
s munity can give time and money
1 in aid of. We hope, therefore, that
f politics and personali'ies. will be
excluded from the deliberations,
and a strong and united effort made
, for the success of the main great
l- purpose.-[New Orleans City Item
o May 5th.
--WHEN Senator Boutwell, of
' Massachusetts, once insinuted, that
g Senator Bayard had been disloyal
he received the following stinging
- reply: "The Senator has sugges
Fe ted that in some way I have boon
is a party to some act or deed un
r- faithful to the integrity of the gov
0e ernment of this country. I will
t- simply say that every drop of blood
)r in my body comes from men and
from women who, since this gov
Es ernment was established, never
is harbored a thought or did as act
r, unfaithful or unpatriotic. No man
e can assert the contrary. The Sen
I, ator dare not do so. HIe might at
?2 tempt it by an inuendo by classify
1e ing me with those whom he terms
N" the enemies of the country; but he
knows as well as I that the man
e who says I ever did an act or u
in tered a word unfaithful to the in
i- tegrity of my country's governmeqt
"n- has lied in his throat."
n --A JEFERSON (Texas) .editor
l. recently published this note.of ap
d-. preciation: '"Through the kindness
al of friend Albert Brill, we dined on
a five pound yamn potato on $atur-.
of day." And a Bourbon contempo
e- rary unkindly rejoined : "This will
, probably put him through to black
he er.y time. Blackbenrries wil keep
him up until muscadiues are ripe;
no these will last until chill season,
neI then he cannot eat, so he is safe for
rsr the year."
oh 4-Jos Printing neatly executed
t. .this odoc.
For yspepsla;
* ek Headache,
-Chroate Diar
rhesa, Jaundice,
Impurity of the
Blood, Fever and
Agne, Malaria,
Sand all Diseases
caused by De
rangement of Liver, Bowels and Kidneys.
.lad Breath: Pain in the Side, sometimes the
oain is felt under'the Shoulder-blade, mistaken for
Rheumatism; general loss of appetie; .Bowels
generally costive, sometimes alternating with lax;
die head is troubled with pain, is dulland, heavy,
with considerable loss of memory, accompanied
with a painful sensation of leaving undone something
which ought to have been done;^ slight, dry cough
and flashed face is sometimes an attendant, often
mistaken for consumption; the patient complains
of weariness antd debility; nervous, easily startled;
feet cold or burning, sometimes a prickly sensation
of the skin exists; spirits are low and despondent,
and, although satisfied that exercise would he bene
ficial, yet one can hardly summon up fortitude to
try it-in fact, distrusts every remedy. Several
ofthe above symptoms attend the disease, but cases
have occurred when but few of them existed, yet
examination after'death has shown the Liveyr to
have been extensively deranged.
It should be used by all persona, old and
young, whenever any of the above ,
symptoms appear.
Persons Traveling or LIving In Un-:
healthy Localities, by taking a dose occasion.
ally to keep the Liver in healthy action, will avoid
all Malaria, Bilious attacksi, Dizziness, Nau
sea, Drowsiness, Depression of Spirits, etc. It
will invigorate like a.glass of wine, but is no In.
toricating beverage.
if You have eaten anything hard of
digestion, or feel heavy after meals, or sleep.
less at night, take a dose and you will be relieved.
Time and Doctors' Bills wll be saved
by always keeping the Regulator
In the House! I
For, whatever the ailment may be, a thoroussgl
safe purgative, alterative and tooloie
never be out of place. The remedy is harmless
and does not interfere witlbaustaess or
And has all the power a.1d efficacy of Calomel or
Quinine, without Any ou the injurious after effects.
A Governor's Testlimony.
Simmons Liver Regulator has been in use in my
family for some time, and I am satisfied ii is a
-a:uable addition to the medical science.
J. GILL SHOarsTK Governor of Ala.
Hon. Alexander. H. Stepheps, of Ga,,
says: Have teiived'some benefit from the use of
Simmons Liver Regulatcr, and wiqh to give it a
further trial.
"The only T.'hng that never fails to
Relieve." -I have used many remedies for Dys
pepsia. Liver Affection and Debility, but. never.
have found anything.to bhnefit me to the extent
Simmons Liver Regulator has; I entfofromMin. 1
nesota to Georgia for it, anh woult.sendfurther for
such a medicine; a'd would adviscall who are5smi
il.arly affected to give it a trial as it seems the only
thing that pver fails to'rcliete.
P. M. JANavr, Minneapolis, Minn.
Dr. T. '.W. MaiTion says: Ftba actual' ex
perience in the use of Simmons Liver Regulator in
may practice I have been and' am satisfied to use
and prescribe it as a purgative medicine.
fl f"Take only the Genuine, which always I
has on the Wrapper the red Z Trade.Mark
and Signature of J. H. ZEILIN & CO.
A iLady's Opinion.
Mrs. Geo. Gilbert, Bryan, 0., writes:
DR. S. B. HARTMAN & Co., Colum
bus, Ohio: "I commenced on the fifth
bottle of your PERUNA this morning,
and should just as soon think of doing
without my meals as without my medi
cine.' I-have bten doctoring for about
four yga~-s, and kept getting worse.all
the time, and was just giving. up in de
spair w!hen I got one of ybur books,
" The Uls of Life." I was in bed at
the time. I read pond, re-read your
book and felt like trying your medi-'
'ine. My folks- thought there was no
use in trying anything more; I was too
far gone, and might as well make up
my mind tode . I'told them PERUN!
was the medicine I. needed, and I in
tended to try a bottle. It proved a
success in breakinglthe chills, and if it
had not done one thing more, I would
have been satisflied. But it has dope
IMore, and I feel like another person.
Every body that, sees me is surprised to;
see me looking so well, as they all
thought I was dying with ccnsumption,
and now my own folks have as mdelh
to say for.the PERUNA as I. I reconm
mend it to everybody I see. T'here
were two of our, neighbors in yesterday
inquiring about the PERUNA. I gave
the dne my book to read; told her to
bring it back, as I prised it very highly;
The other got the name ofthe PVs..uN
to send to his son in Chicago. He is a
telegraph operator. " My disease is
something stumilar to Mrs. M1ilo In
gram's, though nothing compared to
being so: bad. There was n, lump
raised on my csllar, bone, and it was a
long time before it looked like opening.
The doctor said ihe would have to lance
it in a few days, but I thought I would
attend to that myself, so I put a little
fly blister:0n it and it opened; then I
put a poultice on. and then salve, and
Skept ihe salve on all the time. It got
so bad and spread upon my left
shoulder and one placo tlnmdrny left
breast. 'Then there were two places on
my head, onenear the temple and one
back of my ear1 thatwas jlust dreadful
-. No tongue can tell what .I suffered.
My head felt so' strange sometimei II:
thought I.,was going crazy.- Since I.
1 have used.the PaRUxA (I don't use ,te
.salve any more) my sores healed up
3 right as~y. And oh!. what a relief it
isto get aroundi withpout chilling ond
having to suffer with i my sores. I feel
,like letting everybody, know all aboat-"
r it."
, John Ferguson, Gallitzin, Pa., writes
• Your PEaUNa is a good mediete,
and we sell lots of it. 'ill you plas
endB ' some more 'Ills of Life, wit a
a j .
JACOB GEIGER, - Proprietor.
Is selling at New' Orleanis wholesale pricks to the jobbing trade, anrd offt.r yj
uing special ijiducements to retail buyers. The stock
consists in part as follows:
Drugs, hemicals, Paints, Station ary ,
School Books, Tobacco and Cigars, Liquors for nedicii
nal purpdses, Garden Seeds, Etc.
Cor. Secondnd ' nd urray, - - ALEXANDRIA; LA
1885 _ 1885
Spring and Sulimer.
29, 31 and 33 Canal Street, Corner
SNorth Peters.
We beg to anunounce= that ,our dis
play of SPRING and SUMMER
will be by far the most' elaborate
and exhausted ever offered by. us,
comprising a full assortment of
Molls, bout s', . yS..$09 ' .:- aid 's,
Clothingand Furnishing Goods.-
It will also contain very many ex,
tra pnoveltieP, all confined to us..
e Sgome of the leading. items of
our exhibit, will be a magnificent
assortment of Men's and Yoduths'
Sqits, embracing the very finest
grades, as well as a full line of me
dium and popular priced garments.
WP Country Orders Solicited.
Samples and instructions for self
measuring sent on application to all
parts of the country, free of charge.
April 1st, y1.'
D the West. Shore Liie .to New
Orleans and: all pointý.in.-Louisiai''s,
New Mexico, Arizona, and Califor-:
:nia. Favorite Line to the North.
East and Southeast.
dily ibetwE en St. Louis and Dqllas,
Fort Worth, El Paso and San Fran
cisco, Cal. Also Marshall and New
Orleans without change. SOLID
Fast Time, First-lass Equip
ment, Sure rConnec
tion. .
M See that your tiekets read v`ia
Texas and Pacific Railw'ay. For
Maps, Ti'ie Tabes, Tickets, Rates
arid all required informnation,
o.n' or address any of tle- Tiecar
Agentq, or , .
Passenger Agent, Houston, Texas.
Assistant Ganeral Passenger Agent,
'Marshall, Te,,xs.
, en. Passenger Agt.. St. Louis, Mo.
, . M;: IOXIE,
'Third Vice-President, St. Louis.
' uecuied aRtthis omlc. G'et orne
The.:Vreatettt Ciia Triu jh fthui0 - `:': j
the head, with a dull aenumtlon in the
back parlt Pain noder £,Iso- sieu·iuie
blad+# l; Ft) es 1 ter satinte;At di
flaitgbl =puu, Tai. ceome r 4~ Uwir a; x°
a such episq ozS In eso~Ytcebrc 0b "
Wc~ajdb~,, =8's' 1T tluf dr#cIo
ffiýIt,'iiS Iebie(aNYE
" ovi tho ·rlgll ! serge. eerelsis;ý ` ;r.
And al Bilious, s compla Cooi;
to tch beidg opndIy 1ere aepictra
ein ,g. hifeelf :isHic., ro rugiitultl st'erd. o
74u;: r~arartf reoq al g pottt et urt tcaus
thcý UjA va %ts: crstxtto 'amrs7 yo.prNe ir +y.; x E
Cstx Hr~rt or WHtsna elaigd.to ..:
C Lo ' lYiL C'ii by R·Einý;le +a
t bi 1) , A; mp rs A"usu t 4ys ýL
-ir?3car..t1Pci!' 1;: ý Sdti h 1a, . .
Dc~t uayo7U)1~efd J rJipofS
And all Bilious Comp1Ijnihe
f W.ae to take, be tg-ut +l e ta~e io r
ia 9
A/s . lg n esaetid)Ii-r·
" tIceus'~i~Wef0Wpt+ý '%Ca'i#
r4 *EtfljUA2'dpL5GGRSCit
18. csafelteasagAestres 0 I'1, .';
etc, etc. ,: CtiboSirttibltl ri!
~erea sp t1e tite4, g dº
4 dr sa tga UalO f lta o Ws
eaUt. It is a 1d61
AI TU ;1 R3DS'o~c ST~i~=i~ r AU
y A~sicitýR,ý>jbpilla i i tit AM:
im e.t rRq `
' YiýJ y

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