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Official Journal of the City of
Henry L. Biossat, Business Manager
-THE Southern Cotton Exposi
tion will open at Louisville on the
1st day of August, and continue
100 days.
-A PANAMA telegram reports
that the new year opened with a
lull fight in which the bull killed
two men and dangerously wounded
seven others.
--A DEMOCRATIC President can
find ample material in the ranks of
his own party to manage the pub
lie business of the country on "strict
business principles," without resort
ing to the ranks of his political ad
-ON of the most striking as
well as true sentences of Governor
Bntler's Massachusetts inaugural
was that in which he said that "the
doors of insane establishments, both
public and private, open altogether
too easy inward and with too great
difficulty outward."
-Mn. Henry Irving, the Eng
lish actor, has introduced the Ame
rican reserved seat system in his
London theater. They call it
"hooking" over there, and the con
-aervative gentlemen in the pit are
bitterly opposed to it. They clam
or for the old system, "first come,
'first served."
-ON the theory of vitalizing the
I)emocracy, or of victimizing the
Democracy, we are compelled to
part company with our dear mug
wnmpian friends. Wp say good
bye to them with regret and sincere
wishes for their moral and material
prosperity. Au revoir.-[New York
Amen, brother.
-MR. Boyd Winchester, a na
tive of Louisiana, born in St. James
Parish, has been appointed Minis
ter to Switzerland, with a salary of
45000. Mr. Winchester was first
appointed Consul at Nice, but de
clined. Kentucky is credited with
this appointment, and Mr. Henry
Watterson with having secured it
_fur his friend.
-A RE-OPENING of the Exposi
tion in the Fall means well for Lon
isiana, and but shows tihe energy
and go-aheadativeness of her citi
.2ens. Therefore, we say let the
wheels of the World's Fair be again
set in motion, and let them conti
nue to revolve until the people of
the whole Union shall have come
and seen the greatest enterprise of
the age. Yes, let it again be
opened, say we.
JUDoG WM. A. SEAY-The ap
pointment.of Judge W. A. Seay,
of Oaddo,.by President Cleveland.
as, Minister resident and Consul
General of the United States to
jeolivia,will be hailed by the Dem
ocoratio party of North Louisiana
-with eminent satisfaction. Judge
Beay is an accomplished gentle
man, a finished classical scholar, a
tboroughly read lawyer and a true
Democrat. His host of friends in
R ktles Parish, where he held high
rank at the bar for many years, are
elighted with this distinguished
,airk of confidence on the part of
trh'aduministration, while they re
-it it as a just recognition of
JltIbe Seay's eminent services to
Sparty and peophiip the past.
As a true Democrat we feel re
luctant in finding fault with the
policy of a Democratic President.
Mr. Cleveland has been at the head
of public affairs but little more than
f two months. In that time be has
made 1643 appointments. On com
r ing into office he found that, through
twenty five years of uninterrupted
Republican rule, all departments of
the public business had become
complicated and entangled with
corruption and incompetency on
every hand. He has undertaken
the arduous task of personally su
pervising the business of removals
and appointments. His motive is
to put competent men in office as
well as to remove those who are
not worthy. To do this he must
necessarily hasten slowly. To
please all the prominent Democrats
of the country who aspire to advise
or control him in his removals and
appointments to office, is beyond
the pale of human possibility.
IMr. Cleveland is aware that his
party has just come into power af
ter twenty years of arduous politi
cal warfare. He knows, too, that
the party will be held responsible
for all the faults and mismanage
ment of his administration. He
cannot, therefore, wisely commit
any important pablio trust or func
tion to the hands of an irresponsi
ble Republican.
It would be impolitic as well as
undemocratic to do so.. The public
sentiment of his party will prompt
ly condemn him in pursuing a poli
cy that would victimize them. We
of the South, inured to years of
long suffering, while fighting the
battles of the party that elevated
Mr. Cleveland to the Presidency,
are willing to trust him. We do
n t even ask a fair proportion ofj
the public offices for Southern men.
But the South; and especially
Louisiana, does expect at Mr.
Cleveland's hands prompt and com
plete purging of such political cess
pools as the Louisiana Custom 1
House. This notorious nest of po-.
litical bummers, who have been for
twenty years a disgrace to the gov
ernment and a terror to our people
-the people who voted for Mr.
Cleveland's elevation-should be
summarily swept away. The lon- i
ger they remain in their stronghold
the more cause will there he for
suspicion against the party loyalty
of the President.
-COL. Lamar, of the Macon
(Ga.) MIessenger, is not much of ai
hero worshipper, and is not partial
to those who are. Listen to him:
The tendency to hero worship F
has characterized every people that
inhabit the earth. This is not less
true of republics than of those gov
ernments that are founded in artifi
cial distinctions amongst men. Ev
en in this countlry, rank and titles 1
have a great charm for weak-mind
ed people. We venture to say that
there are in Georgia men who I
would walk ten miles through the.
mud to stare in open-mouthed, wor
shipful wonder at a wooden-heboad
ed duke. g
-THE ice bridge at Niagara s
falls is commonly supposed, by tl
those who have not seen it, to add 1l
much to the beauty of the winter a
scenes there. Butitdoef not. In- d
stead of a great arch of glittering te
crystal spanning the stream above 5
tne falls.- it is an expanse of rough b
ice across .the river at their foot.
..-JoaS Printing neatly executed tl
at this ofllice.
From the Bloomy wrouml.
ToLr.saorsso, KY,
DR. S, B. HaRTAN & Co., Colum
bua, Ohio: I keep the largesttock of
medicines of any store in wLeis coun
ty, with the exception of a drug store
at Vanceburg, our county seat, and am
I selling a great deal of your PERUNA
and MANALIN. It is giving the best
satisfaction of any medicine that I
ever handled. lIn one case the consta
ble of the precinct had been very sick
and low spirited for a long time. For
several years he has tried 'all the
doctors here, and we have some good
ones, and they did him no good. Af
ter much persuasion I sold him two
bottles of PERUNA and MANALIN. He
took half of the medicine. I could
see a great change in him, and now he
is as sound a man apparently as there
is in this vicinity, and he says he is en
tirely well. He is a number one man
and is highly respected. He is satisfied
that your medicine saved his life, after
all the doctors and all medicines had
failed. Being unacquainted with you
I refer you to John Shillito & Co., Al
tor, Pinckard & Co., and other business
houses of Cincinnati.
Messrs. Adamson & Shipley, of
Waynesburg, Pa., write: "Please send
us some 'Ills of Life" immediately.
We are having a big run on your medi
cine, PERUNA. Instead of dying out,
like most medicines, in course of time,
it seems to be growing in favor. We
sell lots of it. Please send the books
Messrs. Wirthorn & Urban, of Alle
gheny City, Pa., write: "Having a
large sale for your PERUNA and MAN
ALIN, we have also many calls for your
book, 'Ills of Life.' Please send us a
supply of them, German and English,
and oblige"
ý. Wolf & Son, Wilmot, O., write:
"Gentlemen: We handle your goods
and they give good satisfaction."
A. G. Sellards Greenup, Ky., says:
"Gentlemen: I am 'handling your
medicines, and having a good trade in
J. C. Saunders, Martinsburg, W.
Va, writes: "Gentlemen: Your PE
RVNA sells fast and gives good satisfac
tion here. We sell shore PERUNA
than any other preparation we handle."
W. Bauer, St. Marys, Pa, writes:
"My son is still improving in health.
Your PERUNA is just the thing for
Adolph, Bakhaus & Co., Springfield,
0., write: "We are having a good sale
for PERUNA. It sells as well as any
medicine we have, and gives the very
best satisfaction."
-A TOWN has been laid out on
the proposed line of the Nevada
and Oregon Railroad, in Nevada,
of which great things are expected.
It has been christened Belfast. An
adjacent lake, has been tapped to
supply the town with water, 2000
shade trees have been planted, a
hotel is being built, together with a
blacksmith shop and store, and
several families have already taken
up their residence in the town.
There is a tract of 150,000 acres of
valley land around Belfast, which
awaits occupation, but it must be
irrigated, and this is being arrang
ed for by the proprietors of the
-THE French Government re
cently introduced the system of
"postal notes," and is now about to
imitate Mr. Fawcett's scheme of
postal stamp savings. The French
form, known as "thrift card," will
have twenty compartments, in
which stamps of the value of a son
each may be set until they aggre
gate one franc, which is the lowest
sum they received on deposit. In
England, during the last year, over
1,500,000 of these forms were used.
The system is particularly adapted
to a people so thrifty as are the
-OLD Ben Butler is now in New
York, and is said to be "roaring as
gently as any sucking dove." The
World says: One of his admirers
says that he seems absorbed in
thought and at times appears whol
ly indifferent to what is going on
around him. But then, years ago,
down in New Orleans, they used
to say that he was noted for ab
straction." Reforms sometimes go
-THE Judge improves on Web
ster by defining a muff as "a thing
that hbolds a girl's hand and does
pot sqaeese it."
-Eag'le Drug Store:
JACOB GEIGER, - Proprietor.
Is selling at New Orleans wholesale prices to the.jobbing trade, and off,
ing special indacAnents to retail buyers. The stock
consists in part as follows :
Drugs, Chemicals, Paints, Stationery
School Books, Tobacco and Cigars, Liquors for medici
nal purposes, Garden Seeds, Etc.
Cor. cond and Murray, - -. ALEXANDRIA, LA~.
1885 1885
Spring and Summer.
29, 31 and 33 Canal Street, Corner
North Peters.
We beg to announce that our dis
play of SPRING and SUMMER
will be by far the most elaborate
and exhausted ever offered by us,
comprising a full assortment of
Men's, uoath', Boys' and Children's
Clothing and Furnishing Goods.
It will also contain very many ex
tra novelties, all confined to us.
[ Some of the leading items of
our exhibit, will be a magnificent
assortment of Men's and Youths'
Suits, embracing the very finest
grades, as well as a full line of me
diunm and popular priced garments.
r- Country Orders Solicited.
Samples.and instructions for self
measuring sent on application to all
parts of the country, free of charge.
April 1st, ly.
the West. Short Line to New
Orleans and all points in Louisiana,
New Mexico, Arizona and Califor
iia. Favorite Line to the North,
East and Southeast.
duily between St. Louis and Dallas,
Fort Worth, El Paso and San Fran
cisco, Cal. Also Marshall and New
Oleans without change. SOLID
Fast Time, First-lass Equip
ment, Sure Connec
i See that your tickets read via
Texas and Pacific Railway. Fom
Maps, Time Tab.es, Tickets, Rates
and all required information,
on or address any of the Ticr.
Agents, or
Passenger Agient, Houston, Texas.
Assistant General Passenger Agent,
Marshall, Texas.
Gen. Passen er Agt.. St. Louis, Mo.
Third Vice-President, St. Louis.
cutd-atda this office. Get out
The Greated atKetical Triumph of ltheb. A
LIose of rrpetite, i BuweaCGCICOePaiali .
tdz head, wIls s dull uenuatioc in the
back part, Pida nader the sbealder..
bade, i ulinoag after sating, with adla. ."
iacjnlstlan to exertlto of body oeriusle
Irrta.biil:y ofte~nor, Lowe Oplrlt6ewlt
a fee'iua ofhrrnga negiectcd somps di4, ,
WoS.arluews, Ai tzeae a, Pluttortagatzao
ficat, Reta befo.o she eyes., eaedachet .'r
e~cr ces rglht ore, Restletunesa, with
A:11l dreame, yghly colored Urwine, wed' 2
I'I1Z Ji~ZLLB sare oepeclafy adapted , r
to such ct e', one dote effects such a .
ý: aý:g,)n~lieiiýý;aetoasý.ýnfahtteotullere · , '
*'ii ?re -assao le .*tpisoljteen ucause the
h" d?· to ?)ah ., 0th `Viea tnna tie 51'teMn IC
rai :;:mi.6. no bby!h' u r'Teiin Afteonun
ta.F,. .cravx»uaeerastoeleart A
ITT A iI YE. .
Gticltl " ... or WK i7wrae8 ctanged Con.
3F"':' ln. elagia & Ica 1t uon of
b D:' . ii. `yiiljr s antbtaPrc¢pior, act .;
tttJý:*rn l'a: slr. tI r IpD' ai ohg#1O.
G`PCCf. $.Q, .4Rk.sr; ~
'j.T .r:' a .r s t.. Nc? Yor'k,
roa TnE
And all Bilious Complaints '
Bale to take ~Beng Purtly L fletapble; ngcl
Sae ug. ki'crice 25ctas.lAl Druggisata. 9-ft
Tmhe .tdwvotl oftheWite of h+ihs*
boy ie froets s der-nsgusesste o I
Liver, affcessg het4 .eetos.adl ate
Dowl..Zss order to of fae we.,t'. di
uweoeaay is rmoov Ieke eas. IrirotW'A
bor and ,lugtfgII oteh ati IkSe DoiN
Beede.olMk,9ksu..ettheStmimac,?di* r
dss tboBthaeko4si.eiw.te.,4daetbtheý"ý:'
Ike Lier 4e tjfultesud td M IIIIf; -
quirs est.,s~eeo swai thd e syinh,
throw off £ipurttei.
Prlckty Ash Bgttemware.RseUVilr
eoInposneadrdjrtMhpnrse .. TsyWsr"
muild din their et- wesd jhet. t~w ' "`
ears ; repsem erYY thatetaelwtIktB
.atiyrerbothMuress,'etý.+tssLMY . 5W .;:
kms accrding to diwebsles, they area-' ,
tlpagoan, DSUSSGa Ked WUCT
elcietc. A oGwte Is MUodwS aik! ,(r
arue Ipsrtw t. m ty r"IK wMedl °ii
.ebswaiwg the eyeet.- ArUA*g~iD >1
4sprUssuewudsipnesiw tot IVI l(
osbid. Sad.e m ileatn mid uN
1mtsksssmIcatb h.e

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