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Louisiana Democrat.
Official Journal of the Towcn.
Our Agents.
'Tlhomas Mcintyre........New Orleans
naucbhy & Co........ ...New York City
George P. Rowell & Co... .
Nelson Clhesman & Co......St. Louis, Ia
Edwin Alden................Cicinn ti
N. W. Ayer & Son ..........Philadelphia
in slumblrs of midnight the sailor boy come the
lay, Arkansas
His hanmmock swung loose'at the sport of poses to
the wind Alezandi
He sprang to his feet with a cry of af- voted of
fright, shall be
My "Certain;Chill Cure" I: have left it ofconl
behind. and to e
r' For sale by Jacob Geiger, Eagle of the I
Drug Store. amend
bridlge a
-Bay your Boots, Shoes and Hats lection
from Bauer & Weil. States
---- *~ CL· ^or insidl
The Lottery's Donation. with de
We think, as does the Times-Demo- ber of ti
crat, of New Orleans, that Gov. Nich- peetfill
oils acted unwisely in refusing to re- holders
ceive the check of 8100,000, of the dance
La. State Lottery Co., for the benefit gainat
of repairing and strengthening the le- on the
vees in the threatened overflow dis- Northe
trict, where the interests of so many lots be
thousands of helpless mortals are at railroa
stake. We quote from our New Or- raia
leans contemporary and agree with it Paul,.]
in every particular: & Wei
Gov. Nicholls' refusal of the proffered Owen,
donation of $100,000 is, on the other hand, Mrs. E
untimely and ill-advised in the extreme. ton, J
The money is sorely needed; and it should Jackc
have been taken, and applied toward the Orsbou
protection of property in the State from Heolei
inundation and destruction. Cokel
His Excellency could have accepted it son,J.
under the exigent circumstances without A. W
committing himself in the least to indor- Damni
sing the lottery principle, or to favoring Willi
the extension of the charter of the Louisi- S. H.
ana State Lottery Company. Hie could Iessei
have easily guarded himself against any i-. H.
possible misconstruction by stating, in so ar., J.
many, that he accepted the proffered gift . A.
to the people of the State in the dread of Giunil
an impending calamity, to avert which Ilbar
there was no available money in the State R. al
Treasury: but that his acceptance must Ratcl
imply neither indorsement of a lottery wood
nor any claim to future favor on the part Raus
of the Louisiana Lottery Company. Husio
Writing in the same strain and on Pette
the same subject, M. A. Dauphin, osco
President of the Lottery Company, gers,
writes to Gov. Nicholls as follows :
Dear Sir--Yor letter of this date is re- man
ceived, wherein you refuse and return the Gola
check for $100,000, which the Louisiana Pice
State Lottery Company had handed to J. J
you, the Chief Executive of the people of Girai
Louisiana, to be immediately applied to nage
the averting of the disastrous overflows Mans
with which they are threatened. H. L
While I am not disposed to question p. A
your Excellency's free agency in acting san,
as you do, I cannot refrain irom sayings Jose
that the Louisiana State Lottery Com- less,
lauy is as frmly grounded in the Consti- Rya
teton and the laws of Louisiana as any A. A
institution within its borders. It is, R. c
therefore, as legitimately entitled to ex- ster,
press its sympathy with the people of g.L
Louislana, and to contribute to their re- (
lief as the Cotton Exchan e, the Board .
of 'trade, or, be it respectfully said, the Boll
Governor of Louisiana himself.
Permit me to say that your Excellency's Rob
refusal to accept the contribution ten- Rol
dered by this company is based on an en- Ic(
tirely unwarranted assumption of inten- D.
thins which neither you nor any one else tap
have aright to attribute to it.
The company's tender of aid to the peo
ple of the State was inspired by a recog- an(
nition of actual and pressing emergencies.
Your Excellency's fear that, if this offer
be accepted by 'ou it will impose some Rai
lfuture and binding obligation on the pub
sic implies the very uncomplimentary in- d
ference that the people of Louisiana are
to be swayed in their decision of ques
tions of "vital importance to their inter
eats" by small benefactions which have tai
.no bearing on such questions. ha
On this point I respectfully beg to dis- Ca
sent from your Excellency's opinion.
Your Excellency may be assured that
this company will not intermit its exer- all
tions to aid the people of the threatened ye
districts in their efforts to avert the catas- fa
trophe with which they are not menaced. sa
-Mr. Jacob Geiger, President of th
the Alexandria Fire Department, has m
made the following appointment of at
committees to serve at the ball and P1
supper on Tuesday, April 22: a
Arrangements-M. Bloom, chair
mnan; E. J. Sullivan, G. R. Marsh, '
Jonas Rosenthal, D. T. Stafford.
Invitation-A. B. Rachal, chair- C
man; G. A. Staples, Joe Sterkx, J. a
M. Hetherwiok, W. French. a
Reception-J. C. Ryan, chairman; i
Jos. Levin, W. P. Marsh, H. Hilton, d
L. J. Hakenyos.
Floor Managers - Henry Geiger,
chairman; Marx Heyman, Gus. Gehr, C
J. C. Gotlden, C. A. Sohnack.
The Committees of Arrangement
and Invitation are requested to meet
at the engine room of bthe Pacific Fire I
Co. to-morrow evening at 8 o'clook.
-In almost every neighborhood
throughout the west there are some
one or more persons whose lives have
been saved by Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhea Remedy, or who
have been cured of chronio diarrhea
hy it. Such persons take especial
pleasure in recommending the Remedy
to others. The praise that follows
it's introduction and use makes it very
popular. 25 and 50 cent bottles for
sale by E. J. Sullivan.
-, -,.e- .-.
-Remember that Bater & Weil
have the Mammoth Grocery house of
this town. They are prepared to fill
orders for Meate, Floor, Meal, Grain,
Feed and Provisions gsnerally, at
prices corresponding with those of
leading markets. Sagar and molasses
is a special feature jrst now, and very
close figures prevail. Call on them
when in need of supplies and your de
sires will be filled.
. . OFFICIAL. ral electiol
COUNCIL. to be desil
Council ol
ALEXANDRIA, LA., ballot to he
March 17, 1890. be for the
The City Council met at six o'clock railroad t
p. m., for the purpose of taking action And be
on petition of property tax-payers, ask- majority i
ing that the Tax Ordinance voted on qualified
and adopted March 31, 1888, be amen- City of
ded as prayed for in petition. the questi
The following members were pre- result of
sent: nounced t
T'rhos. Crawley, Mayor, yor and (
H. S. Gossens, ter the so
Jos. Fellows, And b,
It. W. Bringhurst. the said
Absent: the said
J. A. Johnston, and collh
Jacob Irving. made anm
PETITION. shall be
SMarch 14, 1890. its suce
To the Honorable the Mayor and Town said con
Council of the City of Alexandria:- and put
Whereas Mr Jay Gould has recently be- stantial
y come the owner of the Houston, Central
Arkansas and Northern Railroad, and pro- Monroe,
poses to build the same to the City of dria, La
Alezandria, La., provided that the tax shall b,
f voted on the 31st day of March, 1888, through
shall be aniended so as to annul the date
it of commencement of building said Road, 1891, ar
and to extend the time for the completion andria,
le of the Road three months; and also to Be it
amend it so that the location of the
bridge across Red river, be left to the se- be
.ts lection of the chief engiueer of the road, oation
subllject to the approval of the United for tie
States Engineers. either above or below also the
or inside the corporate limits of the city,
with depet facilities at Alexandria, La.: Of t
Now, therefore, we, the undersigned, On n
- being one-third of the property tax-pay meet in
era of the city of Alexandria, La., do res- April.
:I- pectfully petition your Honorable body
that you call an election of said property
holders after due advertisement in accor- G. M.
,he dance with Act 35 of 1886 of the General Se
-fit Assembly of Louisiana, to vote for or
against the amendments to the tax voted
le- on the 21st day of March, 1888, in favor TI
lis- of the Houston, Central Arkansas and
Northern Railroad, and that suitable bal
nVi lots be inscribed for the amendments of TE. ci
at railroad tax, or against amendments of
Dr- railroad tax.
it Albert 'ettengill, Adolphe Rosedale, M.
Paul, Jr., M. W. Calvit, 8. Cdlen, Baier
& Weil, Bertrand Weil, Gus. Gehr, Chas. In 18
Owed en, Mrs. R. O'Shee, Thens N. Miles, twenty
ad, Mrs. E. S. Hetherwick, L. P. Whitting 100,000
me. ton, John Clements, Nels Taylor, Salle tive h
mld Jackson, John Well, Mrs. S. Gehr, Bele wll
the Orsborn, Tony Britt, CGeo. Carr, Wade thirty
rom Henley, John C. Goulden, P. Kelly, Thos. 1o,00w
Cokeley, Jacob Irving, Robt. Kelsry per New
I it son, J. T Iammock, Louis Girard, John plain
tout A. Williams, R. W. Bringhurst, W. 0. passes
dor- Dammon, Jea:nette Rosenthal, A. P. nowk
ring Williams, C. A. Schnack, J. R. Thornron, Book
ali- S. H. Fish per Jos. Fellows tutor, G. Leon of pop
uld )essens, Kahn a Heyman, John P. Kelso, ss f
any -I. H. While, .los. Sterkx. Jr., Jos. Sterkx to th
nso sr., J. F. Statham, Miss Ellen Griffinu per Louis
tW. A. Griffin. Mrs. G. Walker, N.L. Mc- Bostot
iof Ginnis, J. II. McGinnis, Horace Reason, to-day
hich Lebanuts J. Kennedy, Thos. C. Perry, C. the e
itate R. Graham, J. F. Ariail, Mrs. Georgie The
must Ratcliffo. W. J. Calvit, Coleman Green- Franc
ttery wood, B. Ehrstein, E. J. Sullivan, C. L. hold t
part Ransdell, Mrs. E. M. Archinard, Mrs. C w C
HIIstmyre, Moses Roteuthal, W. Rexer, goes
Jacob Geiger, Mrs. C. Geiger, Mrs. C. plae
onPettengill, J. 0. Baker, . M. Ratcliffe, Minn
thin. Moses Mayer, B. C. Duke, Jolln C. Ro- No. ble
any, gers, John M. Barrett, J. A. Johnston, M. table
D., S. Schmalinski, L. B. Baynard, W. the p
W. Whittington, Jr., Mrs. M. A. Zimmer- 1889
is re- man F. L. Bouillotte, Julius Levin, Chas. New
n the Goldenberg, Denis McManus, Edwd. B. phila
siana Price. B. Mayer, E. J. Barrett, A. Hilton, Brool
,d to J. J. Peterman, Louis Girard, Mrs. V. Chic,
pe of Girard, Isaie Weil, I. Sackman, D. Kuh- Bost
ed to nagel, Mrs. L. Walker, D. Lehman, W. P. St Le
flows Marsh, Geo. R. Marsh, John Kramer. Wm Balti
H. Louis, Stephen King, James T. Flint, Cinel
tion P. A. Huchez, H. 8. Gossens. John Fon- San ]
cting san, J. M. Armstrong, John P. Grogan, New
ymugs Joseph Levin, Mrs. R. O'Shec, John Law- Cleve
Conm- less, Sohn DeLacy, M. Ryan per John C. Pitte
onsti- Ryan, R. J. Bowman, John J. Ferguson, Buffi
is any A. Albert, Jr., L. V. Marre, H. F. Mayre, Was'
It is, R. C. Jarreau, Loura E. tluie, Eliza Web- New
:o ex- ster, W. French, L. J. Hakenyos, IH. W. Loui
ple of S. Lend, Jacob Haynes, I. C. Miller, W. Jers
air re- C. Johnson, Denis Kelly, M. A. Ashley, Deti
BoardJ. N. Laney, E. Weil, A. L. Miller, G. W. Milv
B, the Bolton, W. T. Sanford, J. G. White, Robt. Prow
P. Hunmlter, Mrs. Martha L. Hunter per
lency's Robt. P. Hunter agent, Jere Poors per
n ten- Robt. P. Hunter agent. Edwin G. Hunter,
an en- McCornick & Co., H. M. Hanio, M. Bloom,
inten- D. T. Stafford, James Jcffries agent, Al- t
no else taph Mitchell. will
,epeo- The following ordinance was offered per
recog- and adopted:
encies. ORDINANCE.
Ssome Railroad Tax Ordinance-State of Louisi- an
iepub- ana, Parish of Rapides, City of Alexa.- tor
drila. La:
ma are Whereas, a petition in writing signed Ra
i by more than one-third of the property J
h have tax payers of the city of Alexandria,
has been presented to the Mayor and Be
to dis- Council of said city, praying said J.
n that Council to submit the question for the
e aer- amendment of a vote of a 5 mill tax,
satened voted on the 31st of March, 1888, in re
cata- favor of the Houston, Central Arkan- do
sas and Northern R. R. Co., to annul sq
l the date required for the commence- de
t ment of the building of said railroad, as
tte has and to extend the time for the com- ze
len an pletion of the same for three months; oil
also to amend the same tax ordinance at
hair-so that the location of the bridge so
shacross Red river be left to the seleo- bi
r tion of the chief engineer of the H., ci
chir C. A. & N. Railroad, subject to the i
rx, J. approval of the U. S. engineers, either -
above or below or inside the corporate
limits of the City of Alexandria, with
Hiltn, depot facilities at Alexandria, La.
Whereas, the said petition has been b
edulv considered by the City Council a
is. Ger, of said city, on the 17th of March, c
1890, therefore, he it ordained and en- I
e acted by the Mayor and Council of the
to meet City of Alexandria, La., that in com
t io Fire pliance with the praver of said petition,
cloar, a special election is ordered to be held
in the City of Alexandria, La., on the
bborhood 22d day of April, 1890, for the pur
ire pose of taking the sense of the prop
ye have erly qualified property tax payers of
SColi, the city of Alexandria, La., on the
or whoquestion whether or not the tax ordi
diarrha nance voted to the Houston, Central
especial Arkansas and Northern Railroad Co,,
e Remdy on the 31st of March, 1888, be amen
t follows dled so as to annul the date required
Svefor the commencement of the building
otstlesfr of said railroad, and to extend the time
for its completion for three months, to
the 17th of October, 1891. also to
& aeil amend it, so that the location of the
house of bridge across Red river be left to the
red to fill selection of the chief engineer of the
al, Grain, Houston, Central Arkansas and North
erally, at ern railroad, subject to the approval of
those of the U. S. engineers, either above or
d molasses below, or inside the corporate limits
and very of the city, with depot facilities at
Son them Alexandria, La.
dyourde- Be it further ordained, that the said
election shall be held under the gene.
ral election laws of the State of Louis- A
iana, now in force, at the polling place Do you v
to be designated by the Mayor and that bothec
Council of said city; and the form of to drive
ballot to be used at said election shall that is sett
be for the amendments of railroad tax you want I
ordinance, and against amendments of an.1 clear
railroad tax ordinance. mind cleas
And be it further ordained, that a blood pure
majority in number and in value of the hen youn
qualified property tax payers of the your blooi
City of Alexandria, shall determine those man
the question herein submitted, and the all ar sea
result of the election shall be an- ties in haso
nounced and promulgated by the Ma- isease, tl
yor and City Council, immediately af- and taker
ter the same has been determined. is all tha
And be it further ordained that if ways, he:
the said election shall be in favor of medicines
the said amendments, the first levy a-liu-na
and collection of said tax shall be out. $1
made and the first payment thereunder
shall be paid to the Houston, Central -M-rs.
Arkansas and Northern Railroad Co., vice that
its successors, or assigns, whenever designs i
n said company shall have completed said to he
- and put in operation a good and sub- world, iL
it stantial standard guage railroad from three fee
,- Monroe, La., to the City of Alexan- hair a foe
,f dria, La., provided the said railroad stick att
a shall be constructed and running quisltely
' through trains by the 17th of :October flies ant!
1, 1891, and with depot facilities at Alex- forks an
ton andria, La. richi in r
Be it further ordained that the Ma- covers;
c yor be authorized to issue his procla- wrenche
d, mation designating the time and place Mrs. Coi
ed for the holding of said election, and esset 1
" also the appointment and qualification rubies.
' of the commissioners of election. cream
d, On motion the Council adjourned to leaves a
Y meet in special session, the 23d day of are dai
dy April. THOS. CRAWLEY,
or- G. M. RATcLIFFE, Mayor. Rev I
ral Secretary. ren Chi
ed -- feel it I
and My Inn
of rLACE. King's
well, F
. City Item.] Arthur
na. In 1880 there were in the United States Folks (
le twenty cities with a population each of rough
100,000 or over. Judging by conserva. an con
ile tive local estimates, the census of 1890 fo coi
elle will show as many as thirty, and possibly when
ade thirty-five cities, each having at least etekin
hoa. 100,000 inhabitants trial b
New York and Philadelphia are still
oi plainly at the top. But the third place lar sis
O. passes from Brooklyn, rapidly as she is
.now growing, to Chicago. Although
ron Brooklyn is now the fourth city in point the rei
,eon of population, she will stand in the cen- upon 1
1 se aius of 1890 with a population nearly equal in se
'rkx to that of Philadelphia in 1880. St. works
Louis and Baltimore, which were behind
Boston in 1880, are:probably ahead of her r
son, to-day, and Boston drops from the fifth to the n
. the seventh place in the list. ver it
The next four cities-Cincinnati, San
a Francisco, New Orleans and Cleveland-
L. hold their rank in the last census. Then derte
. C we come to another drop. Pittsbnurg citize
xer, goes down three points, and its fotmer lntert
., place as the twelfth city is taken by int't
life, Minneapolis, which was as low down as man
. Ho- No. 38 in the last census. The following vote
L, M. table shows these and other changes in bona
W. the population: ted a
imer- 1889 Rank Estimated '90.Rank rti
Dhas. New York........ 1New York........ 1 at th
1. B. Philadelphia ..... 2 Philadelphia ..... 2 note
ilton, Brooklyn......... 2 Chicago ......... 3
s. V. Chicago.......... 4 Brooklyn......... 4
Kuh- Boston ........... 5 St Louis.......... 5
W. P. St Louis.......... 6 Baltimore........ 6
. Wm Baltimore........ Boston ........... 7 Mr
Flint, Cincinnati ....... 8 Cincinnati ....... 8 co-l
Fou- San Francicco.... 9 San Francisco.... 9 Clarl
ugan, New Orleans .....10 New Orleans .....10
Law- Cleveland ........11 Cleveland .......11 C
in C. Pittsabrg ........12 Minneapolis ......12 chi
neon, Buffalo...........13Buffalo ...........13chi to
layre, Washington......14 Detroit...........14 used
Web- Newark ..........15 Pittsburg ........15 rl
I. W. Louisville .......16 Washington .. ...16 ond
r, W. Jersey City ......17 Milwaukee.......17 fani
shley, Detroit...........18 Louisville .......18 bott
G. W. Milwaukee .......19 Kansas City ......19oti
Robt. Providence.......20 St Paul .........20
er per the
nter, -Somnething new-try them--Oyse
t b ter Pates. If you try them once, you His
will always want them. Only 40 t. an
ffered per dozen at Girard's bakery. lit
,- * nur
McElree's Wine of Cardul frei
for sale by the following merchants In
signed Rapides Parish:
roperty J. Geiger .............Alexandria
andria, Henry St. John.......... " '
r and Ben Turner............. Pineville n
g said J. W. Miller................ Boyee
for the ^^^^~ ""*** thi
ill tax, -The citizens of Iowa Park., Tex.,
)88, in recently hlad what they call a "praine is
Arkan- dog, day." It ie unlike rabbit and m
o annul squirref days in that, instead of pow- a
emence- der and read, the destructive agency di
ailroad, used is "cold pizen." All the deni- lo
z com- sens congregate, visit every dog doii- Ii
months; cile and leave the allotted proportion a
dinance at each one. This looks like a mean
bridge sort of way of killing the poor dogs,
a seleo- but is probably excusable under the g
the H., circumstances, as there is no other fea- a
to the sible mode of getting rid of the pests.
s, either -[Exchange.
is, with Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
La. The best salve in the world for emts,
has been bruises, sores, uleers, salt rheum, fever
Council sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains,
March, corns, and all skin eruptions, and posi- a
tively cures Piles, or no pay required. It
I o s guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction,
te or money refunded. Price 25 cents per
t in com- box. For sale by Jacob Geiger, Eagle I
Spetition, drug store.
She -Goods are still goinog at Bauer &
. on the Well's mammoth establishment, be
the pro- cause the lowest prices prevail. They
epro are offering a lot of
on the -SHOES---
Central just receiaed for 75 cents a pair which
rodoare worth twice the money. Now is
broad Co, the time to call on them. Front st.,
require- opposite Ferry Ldg.
bilding -Leave your order for a dozen of
d the time Girard's Oyster Pates. They are fine;
nonths, to try them at 40 cents per dozen.
. also to
nn of the -Carruth & Mays received on Mon
left to the day a full ear load of Southern Culti
ter of the vators, Cotton and Corn Planters, and
sddNorth- which they are selling at low prices.
pproval of Now is your hobanoe Mr. Planter,
above or
ate limits -Fred Fluok, a resident here for
moilities at many years, died on Monday and
was buried yesterday.
atthe said -We are in no danger of an overflow.
the gene. At New Orleans yesterday the river fell.
A Few Plain Question.. Procla
Do you want to get rid of that headache
that bothers you so much ? Do you want M.ot's
to drive away that Incipient Catarrh
that is settling itself in your head ? Do
you want to change that sallow and blot- TN CON]
chy complexion for a skin that is bright 1 nnce a:l
and clear I)o you want to keep your a special
mind clear, your breath sweet, and your Marlt, 18I
blood pure t Then Pc rv-na is the thing to order at
you need. Now is the time of the year cirtaining
when you need something that will make payers of 1
your blood pure and keep you free from ative to tl
those many Spring complaints io which to the H
all are so subject. Of course, if your ca- Northern
tarrh has become chronic, or the impuri- 188f, so a,
ties in your blood have developed into a tlhe condu
disease, then La-cu-pi-a should be taken, Road and
and taken at once. Otherwise Pe-ru-na pletion t
is all that you need, supplemented al- to the 17t
ways, however, by Man a-lin, to keep the amend the
bowels in good condition. These three location o
1 medicines -Pe-ru-na. La-cu-pi-a and Mani- left to tlt
a-lin-na household can afford to be with- of the Rai
out. $1 a bottle. For sale by Henry the 1noite
r St. John. the city,
1 -Mrs. Wm. Astor hasa soliddinnerser- ri, La.,
vice that was made to oroer from special aid sessi
r designs and cost $100,000. The tray is and furti
I said to be the largest rf its kind in the petition 1
1 world, is about fourteen feet long and an electi
a three feet long. It has a tence of silver the sense
t- hair a foot high and a large silver candle- City of
d stick at either end. It is valued at $10,
000. The mammoth punch bowl is ex- Aexa Tho
g quisitely ornamented with cupids, butter- designat
r flies and roses in repousse. Of knives,
r. forks and spoons there are thirty-five doz- TUESDA
en ; ihere are a dozeh vegetable dishes, and the
rich in repousse work and having close of holdim
Scovers; the coffee cups and saucers are and to b
i- wrenched with Bacchantes and roses. printed
e Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbilt has two dozen ments
dessert platee of solid gold, set with un- --Againe
cut garnets, turquoises, emeralds and Ordinat
n rubies. Each is valued at $300. The ice The p
cream dishes are in the shape of clover in. and
to leaves and the spoons that go with them mediate
of are dainty little shovels. comnisu
count t]
The Pulpit and the Stage. amendlu
and ag:
Rev F M Shrout, Pastor United Breth- turn th
ren Church, Blue Mound, Kan., says: "I cil at
feel it my duty to tell what wonders Dr. 23d of
King's New Discovery has done for me. emnleet
My lungs were badly diseased, and my The i
IER parishioners thought I could live only a pointed
few weeks. I took five bottles of Dr. electiol
King's New Discovery and am sound and and A.
well, gaining 26 pounde in weight."
Arthur Love, manager Love's Funny
rtes Folks Combination, writes: "After a tho
Sof rough trial and convincing evidence, I
va. ant confident Dr. King's New Discovery Cao
890 for consumption, beats them all and cures
bly when every thing else fails. The great
mast est kindness I can do my many thousand
friends is to urge them to try it." Free
gtill trial bottles at Eagle drun store. Regu
lace lar sizes 53c and $1.
g -A bit of sharp practice was played in
pjit the recent tax election in Lake Charles,
cen- upon the proposition to vote a tax to aid
nal in securing electric lights and water
works for the city. Under the law gov
her erning suoh elections, none but property
h to tolders are entitled to vote, and to carry
the measure a majority of voters must fa
vor it both in point of numbers and in as
nd- sessed of propefty they represent. In or
der to secure a large number of voters a
brg citizen bought one third of an acre of 'Or
ner land, and then resold 37 other parties an
by interest in his purchase, makiun each
nby man's share worthless than $1. Each of
wing these new property owners proposed to A
s in vote as a property tax payer, but the 1
bona fide property holders sioutly protes- La., e
ted against such action, and some of the 1890,
pim 1arties did not even present themselves year,
.. 1 at the polls. The tax was defeated by a split
.. 2 note of nearly four to one.--[Exchange. deral
.. 3 RED
... 5 Blair Says It's All Right. year
.. 5 split
in tl
. 7 Mr. S. O. Blalr, Chicago, says: "We Robi
" " 8 could not keep house withant your $11 i
.. 1Clarke's Extract of Flax Skin Cure and to cc
...10Cough Cure. We have used both for the
...12 numerous troubles. especially for our sold
child. We recommend the Cough Cure the i
..13 to every family having children. We
.. tnused it for Whooping Cough with re- Just
...16 unmrkably quick and satisfactory results, Pal
n17 oud use it for any and every coqgh the -
.18 family may have." Only one size, large (
bottle. Price $1. If you want the best
201 toilet soap get Clarke's Flax Soap, 25
Scents. Ask Jacob Geiger, druggist, for
these preparations.
-Oy- -The American Musehmn of Natural
, you History in Contral Park, New York, has
0i ot. an enormous egg valued at $300. It is a
little over a foot in length, its holding
capacity being two gallons, and, inround
numbers it equals 150 hens eggs. It in
'du from Madagascar and is a relic ofau ex
tinet bird.
ta n Epoch.
andria The transition from long, lingering and
" panfol sickness to robust health marks O
neville an epoch in the life of the individual.
.Boyce Such a remarkable event is treasured in
the memory and the agency whlereby the A
good health hes been attained is grate
eL*, fully blessed. Hence it is that so much
'prairie is heard in praise of Electrio Bitters. So
bit a und tay feel they owe their restoration to
Shealth to the nle of the great Alterative
fpow' and Tonic. If you are troubled with any
agency disease of Kidneys, Liver or Stomach, of
e deni- long or short standing you will sunrely A
gdn find relief by use of Electric Bitters. Sold
m at 50 cents and $1 per bottle at the Eagle
portion drug etore. 5
a mean,
r dogs, -The other day an Arkansas woman
der the gave birth to four girl babies, whereupon
ther fea- an old maid sent her $400, taking good
care, though, to impress upon the moth
Spest. er's mind that the money was sent through
sympathy and not as an endorsement of
such proceedings.
A Very Large Percentage
, fever Of the American people are troublol with
nd posi a most annoying, troublesome and disa
tired. It greenqle complaint called catarrh. It in
isfaction* not necessary to be so troubled. It is de
centa per monstrated beyond question that Clarke's
rr, Eagle Extract of Flax (Pepilion) Catarrh Cure
immediately relievef and permanently
cares Catarrh. A thorongh and fair trial
B ane r & will convince you. Use Clarke's Flax
et, be- Soap for the skin. Catorrh Cure $1
Soap 25 cents. At Jacob Geiger's drug
-The most powerful electric light in
existence has recently been put into ope.
air whicration in a light house at Houstholm, on
Nwc the dangerous coast of Jutland. It is of
Now 2,000,000 candle power, mounter on a
lront st., tower about two hundred feet high, and
can be seen at a distance of 35 miles,
even in rainy weathler.
dozen of -FoR over fifty years Dr. Davis' Com
' are fine; pound Syrup of Wild Cherry and Tar has
cured coughs, colds, asthms, bronchitis,
S throat and lung affections. It is the reg
d on - lar prescription of a phlysician of erten
tn usive practice, who, after preecrbing it
ern nlti for twenty years ws indnced by the grat
nters, and ifying results to make it a proprietary
ow rises. medicine. Davis' Wild Cherry and Tar
soon became known as the bpst remnedy
ter for all throat and lung troubles. Why i
Bocause it has merit and will ours. A. O.
here for Hafilefinger, Philadelphia, says "I know
day and a man suffering with his lungs who was
in the hospital a year without benefit, I
induced him to take Davis' Wild Cherry
aoverflow. and Tar, and to-day he ts well. I know
rriver fell. it saved his life," Try it,.
Proclamation of Election DRS.
March 17, 11' J 1 (Opposite -
na nce adolted by the City Council at Physic
a special Session held on the 17th day of 1 1 '
Marhal, 1890, authorizing and direct ing ilreAr still tr.
to order ani election for the purpose of as
certaining the sene: of the prolperty tax
payers of the City of Alexandria, La., r.l- Mi
ative to the amendments of the tax voted i
to the Houston, Central Arkansas and WNERVI
Northern Railroand, on the 31st of March, hold, Fail
188 , so as to annul the date required for Exhaustini
the comnuancement of the building of said rible Dresl
Raoad and to extend the time of the coin- Back Ach
pletiuon of said Road three months, viz: effects lea
to the 17th day of October, 1891. Also to decay, and
amend the said tax ordinance so that the sunmptioa
location of the bridge across Red River be treated ac
left to the selection of the Chief Engineer new meth(
- of the Railroad, subject to the approval of failing ene
the United States Engineers, either above YPHILI
or below or inside the corporate limits of SYPHILId
the city, with depot facilities at Alexand- die ise 1
rina, La., and the petition presented at roea St r
1 said session containing the requisite num- eases of t
ber of signatures of property tax payers;toll
s and furthermore in cousideration of thispr t
e petition requesting that I, as Mayor, order 1ty or ox
d an election for the purpose of ascertaiding No eXt
the sense of the property tax payers of the i Eiijwrtal
City of Alexandria. relative to the amend- Eye, E
meats of the tax ordinance as aforesaid. Blder d
I, Thomas Crawley, Mayor of the City of equalled.
Alexandria, La., do hereby order and Lod s o
r- desigate works on
designate Dineases.
z TUESDAY, the 22d day of APRIL, 1890, letter or
s, and the City Hall, as the date and place ing and t
so of holding said election. The ballots used life. No
re and to be voted at said election must have panied b
's. printed or written thereon-"For Amend- call on
Cin ments of Railroad Tax Ordinance," and Drs.
"- Against Amendments of Railroad Tax
d Ordinlance."
ce The polls shall be opened at 9 o'clock a. Nov 13-f
r mn. and clesed at 4 o'elock p. mt , and itn
:m mediately upon the closing of the polls the
conaissioners of election shall proceed to
count the number of ballots deposited for
amenldmelnts of Railroad Tax Ordinance,
and against amendments of Railroad Tax
Ordinance, and shall make a certified re
turn thereof to the Mayor and City Coun
"I cil at a special session to be held on the
Dr. 2&1 of April, 1890. The result of the said
election shall then be declared and pro
mulgated through the o&cial journal. For sal
my The following named gentlemen are ap
a pointed commissioners to hold the said
Dr. election: Messrs. L. V. Marye, T. N. Miles
sud and A. P. Williams.
ny Mayor.
d in
lees, MAR La.
aid lP
1ter- for Edi
and itt
Sgov P ert Sto
hrsa S - INGI
of For sale by Jacob Geiger. placed
s an the ye
each the Ar
I of ESTRAY. c,
d to mAKEN UP BY L. CARTER, NEAR arrays
the 1 the old Seminary, Rapides Parish, beaua
otes- La., olitSaturday, the 8th day of March, Comp
Jf the 1890, ONE BLACK COW, about four the dre
elves years old, marked crop, underslope and are co,
by it slit ia the right ear, and crop and n- goodj
nIge. derslope in the left ear. Also ONE DARK ie
RED SPOTTED YEARLING, about one fac il
year old, marked crop, nunderslope sliad adrerl
split in the left ear, crop and nuderslope
"Wein the right ear, and appraised by W.
Robinson and A. L. Jackson to be worth
your $11 iia cash. The owner is hereby notified
and to comie forward, prove property and pay
h for the necessary charges, or they will be
our sold according to law in thirty days from
Cuare the 11th day of March, 1890.
th re. Justice Peace, Rigolet Ward, Rapides
nsluts, Parish, La. We
i tohe oes w
large iana
p MO -00 ALL. teds
a, ane [ S W. ST O !
ug and FRONT ST., T
marks Opposite the Lower Wharf,
eb he And see and learn of the immense 10
,o mucI bargains givel purchasers t
ers. So of goods.
50 dozen Gents' colored shirts at 50 2i
woman cents, worth 75 cents. 10
e nOne lot of Ladies' shoes at 81a, for
e merly $1.50.
S Allo o L. & W.'s celebrated $3 guar- 10
through anteed shoe, for $2.50 only. 1
anent of A genuine hand sewed kid boot for 1
ladies at $3.5G, usually sold ats
a $4.50. pg
A large lot of Men's Hats to be sold -
alol with out at cost to reduce stock. 3,
an d aisa- A Rare Chance for Country
h Iis BuyDers to Secure
t Clarke's Bargains.
rhanently The entire stock of Laund & Warren
I air trial to be sold out in lots to suit puroba- e
ko's Flax sere, at prices below anything ever
hne 1- beard of in this section.
J light in Just received of Wanamaker & Brown's
intoope0 Spring and Summer Goods for suits
th olm, on for gentlemen. Cloth of every shade
t on a and price, all wool, guaranteed. Ac
i igh, and curate measure taken, and if clothes
3 o miles, do not fit, they will be made to fit, or
money refunded. Wanamaker &
avi' Com- Brown are the largest merchant tailors
nd Tarhas in the world. You can get a suit of
bronohitis, all wool cloth made to order by them
oe as cheap as you would have to pay for
scribing it ready made clothing here.
.y the grat
prop rietary WHITr CggEUlT ,
ry and Tar
.t Fire and Life Insurance.
inne. A. C.
a"I Iknow Represent the Beot Home
gs who was
bbenefit, I Companies.
I. d knor OIce with Ariail & White, Excsange
38 St. Charles Street, ON
(Opposite - the - St. - Charles - Hotel.)
Physicians and Surgeons
Are still treating with the Greatest skill
and nsuccess I
Chrnic, srvol an ite Pi New,
hood, Failing Memory,
Exhausting Drains, Ter
rible Dreams, Head and
Back Ache and all the
effects leading tc early t Stren
decay, and perhaps Con- Nei
sumltion or Insanity,
treated scientifically by byM
new methods with never
failing success. ASK V4
I SYPHILIS and all bad blood and skin
diseases permanently cured. KIDNEY CHATTAN
t and URINARY complaints, Gleet, Gonor
rhoea Stricture, Varicocele and all dis
eases of the Genito.-Urinary Organs cured IEVE
s promptly without injury to Stomach, Kid
r neys or other organs.
No experiments. Age and experience
u important. Consultation free and sacred.
l- Eye, Ear, Throat, Lungs, Liver and
Bhuadder diseases treated with success uun
uf equalled.
LV Send 6 cents postage for celebrated
works on Chronic, Nervous and Delicate
Diseases. Thousands cured. A frieudly
0, letter or call may save you future suffer
e uing and shame, and add golden years to
id life. No letters answered unless accoin- ior 0
re panied by 4 cents in stamps. Address or Bilious
d- call on tramp
d Dra. - Bett8 - & - Betts ',r
38 St. Charles street, or qu
a. Nov 13-6m New Orleans, La a
1e BlgO hbuasgen aes on
to sl atisfaction In the a
for re of Gronorrhafeo asn PRa
c, Gleet. I prescribe htue
fxeel safe lo recommed- .
re- rl int to all suffrers.
i A. J. .STOE , .3., ZTA
the Deseter, IL
aid PRICE, $1.0.
roe- Bold by Druggists.
al. For sale by Jacob Geiger, Alexandria
SverA illia Distri te
La. State Lottery Co.
rV Incorporated by the Legislature
for Educational and Charitable purposes,
and its franchise made a part of the pres
ent State Constitution, in 1879, by an over
whelming popular vote.
DRAWINGS take place Semi-Annually,
(June and December,) and its GRAND
rpr. place in each of the other ten months in
the year, and are all drawn in public,at
the Academy of Music. New Orleans, La.
fl's do hereby certify that we supervise the The
EAR arrasgemeats for all the monthly and semi
rish, annual drawings of the La. State Lottery
arch, Company, and in person manage and control
four the drawings themselves, and that the same
and are conducted with honesty, fairness, and is SHO
K good falit toward all parties, and we author
ARK ize the Company to se this certificate, with
one fac simile of our signatures attaehed, in its
d adrertisrtents.
y W.
tified PUL
d pay
ill be
from Fort
w, ith
ipides Commissioners.
We, the undersigned banks and bank- Sol
ers will pay all prizesdrawn in the Louis- Fael
illana State Lotteries which may be presen
ted at our conunters.
Pres. La. Nat. Bank. and
Pres. State Nat. Bank. info
Pres. N. O. Nat. Bank.
Pres. Union Nat. Bank.
b & Will take place at the Academy of Music,
TUESDAY, APRIL 15, 1890,
$300,000. -
m inee 100,000 Tickets at *20; Halves $10; Quar- C
ters $5; Tenths *2; Twentieths *1.
1 PRIZE OF 300,000 is.......$300 000
I PRIZE OF 100,000 is....... 100 000
1 PRIZE OF 50,000 is....... 50 00
L BE 1 PRIZE OF 25,000 is....... 25 000 K
2 Prizes of 10,000 are..... 20 000
5 Prizes of 5,000 are..... 25 000
s at 50 25 Prizes of 1,000 are..... 25 000
100 Prizes of 500 are..... 50 000
21, for- 00 Prizes of 300 are..... 60 00)
500 Prizes of 200 arc..... 100 000
Approxioatiou Prizes:
)3 guar- 100 Prizes of *500 are......... $50 000 C
l00 Prizesof 300 are........ 30000 0
oot for 100 Prizes of 300 are......... o000
Terminal Prizese:
999 Prizes of $100 are........... $99 900
999 Prizesof 100 are......... 9 9900 -
be sold -
3,134 prizes amonuting to.......$1,054,800
ountry F or Club Rates, or any further in
formation desired, write legibly to .he
Sundersigied, clearly stating ~our easi
dence, with State, Cu,,ity, Street and
Number. More rapid return mail delive
ry will be asscted by your enclosing an
puroha- envelope bearing your full address.
ing ever IMPORTANT.
All ordinary letters containing Postal
Notes, Money Orders issued by all[Express
PLS Comupanuies or New York Exchange.
Bron's . A. DAUPHIN,
for suits New Orleans, La.
ery shade Address registered letters containing
ted. Ao- Currency to New Orleans National Bank,
i clothNew Orleans, La.
'REMEMBER, that the payment of
a to st, or prizes is guaranteed by four National
naker & Banks, of New Orleans, and the Tickets
snt tailors are signed by the President of an Institn
Ssuit of tion, whose chartered rights are recog
toized in the highest Courts; therefore,
r by them beware of all imitations or anonymous
to pay for sohemes.
ONE DOLLAR is the price of the small
est part or fraction of a ticket 188UED
BY US in any Drawiug. Anything i:
our name offered for less than a Dollar is
a swindle.
Home D
E Eisange Cor, Fourth and DeSoto sts.,
It Strengthens the Weak, Quiets the
Nerves, Relieves Monthly
Suffering and Cures
CHATTANOOGA MED. CO., Chattanooga, Tens.
S The only Certsala anl stHres cute
for Chills and Fever Intermttent, Remittent,
or Biliona and Malarial Fever, DumbnAgu.
Swamp Fever and all Diseases or
from a Torpid Liver or Malaria.
Perfectly harmless, contalas no Arseiae
or qaulnie and can be given to the most
delicate peron with perfect safety.
As a Tonic for Tired Feeling, Lao of
ýeadahe, Nervous Depression WI
orits origlntlngfrom Malaria, itt nds
alone and without a Parallel.
PRICE, i.O P r l.o.tl s
sold by DrtstggfM generei.
ZTANsfZL~i Izsd., Ut. A. A.
a The Original Wins.
C. F. Simmons, St. Louis, Prop'r
M. A.Simmons LiverMedicine, est'd
s84o in the U. S. Court arszATs J.
H. !eilin, Prop'r A. Q. Simmons Liv
er Reulator, Et'd by Zeilin s868.
MA. S. . L. M. has for 47 years
curedd IuIGoZaTioN BILSO sxas,
DvahsrsiA.SICK HtiNaDACIeLoaw
* Rev. T. B. Reams, Pastor M. E.
Church, Adams Tenn., writes: "I
think I should have been dead but
for your Genuine M.. A. Sim.
mons Liver Medicine. I have
sometimes had to substitute
Ip "Zeilin's stuff" for your Medl
g . cine, but it don't answer the
Dr.J. R. Graves Editor 1Mh
BajiitI , Memphis,Tenn. says
I received a package of ororLiveS
Medicine. and have ueed halfof it.
ure It workslke a charm. I want no
ae s a- Poiio
The Great Popular Route etwee an-
aetainly so more dl Zellin's m eads
Texas and Al P INTS in LoPuiiana,
with Net Me ico, Arizona and
in its (1 FORMIA.
Favorite line to the North,.East
and South-east.
daily between St. Louis
and Dallas,
Fort Worth, El Paso and San Francisco,
California, also Marshall and New Orleans
twithout chage.
rs. -
bank- Solid Trains, El Paso t St Louis
.ouis- Fast Time, First-class Equipments and
resen- Sure Connection.
gr See that your tickets read via Texas
k. and Pacific Railway. For Maps, Time
Tables, Tickete, Rates, and all required .
Ink. information, call on or address any of the
Ticket agents, orR
ink. H. C. ARCHER,
Passenger Agent, Dallas Teas
Gen'lPassenger & Ticket Agt, Dallas, Te A
IN G General Manager, Dalifas, Texas.
Music, General Agent at Alexandria, La'
80, - Go T'o -
For Cheap Goods.
"r- s. aTT LLT: N,
25000 Keeps on hand for sale Lime, Cements
2 0 Coal, Corn, Oats, Hay
25 ouo and Bran.
10o Will make liberal advances os
000 Cotton ond other produce, and will al·
*50 000 so pay the higlhest market price for
3o 000 Cotton Seed.
20 O00 Agent for the Milburn Gia and
9Machine Co. Memphis, Tenn.
90 900 "
rt her in.
, r aiT HEIi OLD
reet and RL
druss. _
Bi Postal : LOQ ZS : G BARD.
ge* .1 ways on hand-also RYE and OIBA
HIN, Leave your orders for ealkes of any
eans, La. description that the pastry kitchn a.
ontaining fords. [May 29, 1889.
sa l Bank,
yment of oAT E
o Corner of Lee and ]Fifth Ste

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