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Sits firt stages, can be successfully
checked by the prompt use of Ayer'a
Cherry ectoral. Even in the _ater
periods" of that disease, the cough is
wonderfully relieved by this medicine.
"I have used Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
with the best e sicct in Imy practice.
This wonsderful preparation once saved
my life. I had a constant cough, night
sweats, as gr;eatly reduced in ticLh,
and given up bly my physician. One
pe tle and a half of the Pectoral 'illred
le.·t-A. J. Eidson, 31. D., M1iddleton,
"Several years ago I twas severely ill.
The doctors said I was. in coisllmlption,
and that they could do not ling for me,
but advised 'ne, as a last resort, to try
Aver's Cherry Pectoral. Aft,;r taking
this medicine two or three muonth I
was cured, and my heall I remainsi good
to the pradent day."--Jaics £irxchald,
p)arien, oui.
" Several years ago, on a paIssange home
.rom Californuia, by wat:r, I c,:,nlractel
o severe a cold that for sonmi days I
was conined to ily state-rootm, anld a
hysician on board considered my life
Sdanger. r I t apenitig to have a bottle
of Ayer's CherrY 'ectoral, I used it
freely, and my lungs were soon restored
to a healthy condition. Since then 1
have invariably recoimmended this prep.
antion."-J. B. Chandler, Junction, Va.
Ayer's Chery Pectoral,
Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass.
Sold by all Druggists. lrice l,; six bottles,$6.
Louisiana Democrat.
One copy, one year............82 00
Six months.................. 1 00
Three months................ 50
Texas and Pacific Railroad:
For Marshall:
Leave Alexandria......... 4:38 p.m
For .New Orleans.
Leave Alexandria........10:35 a. in
Arrives in New Orleans ....7:00 p. m
Leaves New Orleans ......8:45 a. nm
Morgan's La, & Texas R. R:
Arrives at Alexandria......6:00 p. in
Leaves A Lexandria........ 9:00 a. nm
[. Fits-class fare from Alexand
ria to N -v Orleans, by either of the
above uvi ed roads, coats $6.85.
Arrival and Departure cf
N. 0. and M. E:st ................10 a. m
N. 0. and M. West .............. 4 p. in
'N. O. and Morgan .........arrive 10 p. m
" ........ depart 10 p. m
Pineville........arrive 8 a. nm. and 6 p. in
" .......dtpart 8 a. m. and 6 p. m
H nston and Leesville, arrives '1 u sday,
Thursday and Saturday, at 4 p, in., and
departs Monday, Wednesday and Fri
day ................... at 8 a. m.
Poland anad Welchtou, arrive Monday and
Friday at 4 p. m., and depart Tuesday
and Saturday .................t 8 a. mn
Iatt, departs Friday ............at 6 a. in
" arrived Saturday.........at 4 p. in
Piahville and White Sulphur Spriugs, ar
rivei Tuesday, Thu'lrsday and saturday,
at 6 p. m., and departs Mlouday, Wed
nesday and Friday............at 8 a. m
Wednesday. - - August 27
Town and Parish News.
-WAGONS of every description
and of the best makes, at the lowest
cash prices, at BAUER & WEIL'S,
JFront street.
13AUER - & - WEIL,
- THE -
-From this date, August 27, John
asonni, will keep every day FRESH
OYSTERS, and on Fridays and Sun
days will have FISH and CRABS.
Terms cheap for cash.
-For Bagging, Ties and Twine,
go to Jonas Hiller. Ile keeps the
best assortment of general inerchan
dise in the Parish, and his prices are
the lowest. Call on him and be con
vinced of what we say.
-We learn that the contract for
tutting the right of way on the Cam
den and Alexandria road has been let
and that work was commenced on last
Monday. Those who are in a position
to know tell us that the road will now
he built as soon as men and money
can do the work.-Eldorado Sentinel.
--The first bale of new cotton for
Pineville, our vis-a-vis across the river,
Was received on Thursday of last week,
by B. Turner, and was grown by Mil
lieGaines, on Mrs. Cruikshank's plan
tation in Grant parish. It weighed
468 pounds; the price paid was 10k
cents cash, and 83 bonus. It was
shipped by the Southern Pazifio Rail
road to H. & C. Newman, of Now Or
Ruby's Letter.
A letter from Mr. J. W. Ruby, Union
bitp, Indiana, says: "I have used your
l, "Vlarke's Extract of Flax (Papiliou) Cough
SCre and find it a complete cure for deep
Sea-. ted cold. It has done more than two
of our most skillful physicians. M3i chil
Grn had the whooping cough and with
Sthe id of your Coaglh Cure, they had it
very light compareod with neighbors' chll
ditn who did not take it. I believe it to
be the best Cough Cure in the market."
, 8o it is A large bottle enly $1. Clarke's
p - orap op r thel ski,. It leads then, all.
at: 25 P cents. Cough Cure and Soap for
Sale Uby Jacob Geiger.
" We clip the following from the
City Item, ani which covers the case
;: eacatly in Rapilies Parish. Perhaps
* ' ti an cse a here your Nicholl-istic
Iad Anti Lottery-itic qualities are ta
ken into consideration :
: The Wet Btton Rlonge Sugar Planter
ý 5attentuon to the fact that the new
: ee Boards, istead of seekil, cult
a .` .... ida for their printing and advertis
3:. :I4m hl as iathe ease in other matt,.rs of ta
-]- u iittlanre, and the rule with othtr ub
puble, have selected their (oIWn "or
A.a,. '. itei if lawfuh , this is nut a pro
i` t'e on punr ue ien clxpcnti,;s the
4 tke. e j frl Leom the stern uec; asjties of
+u ti lp ·
'PEI:SONAL.--Mr. Jab. Andrews and I
family are spending a short vacation
in the pinewoods on the south side of
Red river.
--Mr. Moses Rosenthal took the
train Sunday afternoon for Provencal,
where he went for a short visit to
friends in that town.
-Mr. Jos. Fellows, from Fishville,
was in town on Monday. lie reports
a heavy rain at Fishville on Sunday
-Mifs Nora Smith, of Rohbeline, is
visiting her aunt, Mrs. A. C. Stanley,
of our city.
-Mr. and Mrs. M. Bloom and
Messrs. E. J. Sullivan, Jonas Rosen
thal and John J. Ferguson, and Mas.
ter Eugene Rosenthal, returned home
on Wednesday, after a neck's vaca
tionl at Fishviile.
-Dr. S. 1I. Rushing visited Ever
green last week. He returned hone.
Sunday afternoon.
CUTTING AFFAI:.- On Saturday
afternoon last, on Front street, oppo
site the store of Mr. C. A. Schnack,
Mr. Charles M. Vallery cut, with a
knife, Horace Reason, a -colored
drayman. The wound reached from
shoulder to shoulder, but is not a dan
gerous one, not being very deep. We
were unable to learn the origin of the
dilliculty ulich led to the ctting, but
it is said that it begun in a dispute
over a trunk which Reason had lprom
ised to haul for Vallery. An atlida
vit was made by Reason before Jus
tice Whittingron, charging Vallery
with "assault and cutting with a dan
Igers weapon with intent to kill."
Justice Whittington fixed the appear
ance bond at $200, which was readily
-At their meeting held here on
August llth, the Board of Coimmis
sioners of the Red River, Atchafalaya
and Bayou Boeuf Levee District le
vied a tax of five mills upon all prop
erty in the Red River, Atchafalaya
and Bayou Boeuf Levee District sub
ject to taxation for levee and drain
age purposes; also 5 cents per adre on
laud in said district. This tax taken
in the bulk will amount to a nice lit
tle sum. It looks rather against the
grain when one thinks that the Lotte
ry Company wanted to do all this for
1 nothing. When you tax the people
you hit them hard, and if they can't
stand it they will kick.
-Parents who desire to send their
children, both boys and girls, to an
institution of learning first-class in ev
ery particular, should not forget that
the Catholic School, under the charge
of the Sisters of Divine Providence,
i will begin its fourth session Monday
next, September 1st. Tuition, inclu
ding all English branches, $1.00 per
` month. French, German, Music,
I 1)rawing. Painting, etc., will be charg
ed extra. 'A limited number of boart'.
ers will be taken.
MrUI~-- *- --U~
-We learn that the bridge over
Bayou Rapides, at the head of Fourth
! street, has been condemned for travel,
being very unsafe, oaing to the rapids
of the bayon having washed one or
more of the benches from under the
:,ridge. The matter is one whieh de
Smaulds the inmmediate attention of our
t member of the Police Jury, as a little
work at once may save the Parish
many dollars, and at the same time
remedy a great inconvenienca to the
travelling public.
-The new memblers of the Parish
Executive Comniittee are: Dr. J. A.
Cuikshank, Rapides Ward. In the
H-lineston ward two gentlemen claimn
the position, vie: Dr. Webster Smith
and Mr. H. E. Hall In the Calca
sien ward, where the election was held
without authority, as we learn, Mr.
Johr T''. Blackwell was elected.
Possibly another ward meeting will be
-The new Methodist Church will
be completed in a few days. VWhen
finished it will have a seating capaci
Sty of 400-and in addition the Sun
day School room will seat 70. The
SChurcn and Sunday School will both
Sbe furnished with handsome benches.
SThe Church is painted inside and out
Sside a pure white, and presents a fine
appearance, reflecting credit upon the
builders and painters.
r -Mr, O. E. Kimber is engaged at
work on the tower of St. James' Epis
copal Church, which will be cominple
Sted at once. Thirty feet are to be
added to the present tower, which will
I give it a total height of 83 feet. The
Sbell will also be placed higher in the
Stower than at present.
-Dr. A. Rachal returned home on
last Tuesday from an extended trip to
Cuba. While homeward bound the
Doctor was compelled to undergo a
five days' quarantine. We regret to
learn that the Doctor was not as sue
r cessful in a business point of view as
he had hoped.
S--The new building to be used by
the "Alexandria Daily Times" will be
completed next week. The first num
Sl,er of the new paper will be issued
Sabout the 15th of September, and we
understand about 60,000 copies will
be issued the first month.
S--Messrs. liringhurst and Irvfng, a
committee of the City Council, are ad
vertising for bidls for repairs on the
S''Town lower wharf. The wharf is
h baply in need of repairs, and we hope
s the work will soon be let out aiid
-On last Wednesday afternoon, the
, 20th inst., at the Stanley House, in
Sthis town, Mr. D. H. Flowers and
- Miss Mary Johnson were united in
.matrimony by Justice A. B. Rachal.
-Rt. Rev. Bishop Durier will ad
-minister Confirmation in St. PFrancils
Xavier's Uatholic Church the fourth
Sunday of September:
Hope TowN TALK and Louisiana
Democrat will putblish the fuliowiug
school information:
In reply to correspondents and
others interested, say: examinations
to be held in September, proximo, 1
are specially for those who have no
certificate of competency to teach
school from our Board of Eximiners,
and for all teachers holding a second
or third grate certificate who desire
to obtain a higher one.
Part of Sec. 44, Act 81, Session of i
Legislature 1888: "Whenever two
or more teachers apply for the same
position, or positions, a compitative 1
examination shall he held, and the I
position or positions shall be given to I
the most competent."
This part of the school law is
mandatory and compels School 1
Boards to give schools to teachers
uoldiug first gra le certificates in pre
terence to second and second in pre
ference to third.
It is the earnest desire of our
School Board, plainly a xpressed as a
unit, to continually try to improve
our public schools, to make them
better and better by every laudable
method iin our power, and recognize
the first step towards aecomplishitig
our object is to have the beat teach
ers we can get to take charge of
public schools.
It is to be hoped the day has passed
and is forever gone when schools will
be given to teanchers because they
need them for the money they re
ceive instead of merit honestly earned
in school work.
Public schoola are for the purpose
of making intelligent citizens of our
boys and girls and are establ:shed
for their use, their benefit; they be
long to them, and do not belong to
patrons, school officers or teachers
who have them in charge, to govern
guide and direct for the benefit of
those who attend.
No effort will be spared by our
School Board and self to improve our
schools, to make them so useful to
pupils; to elevate them to such a
high standard of excellence in their
work as to make them an honor to
our parish and citizens.
Hope to have the hearty co-opera
tiou of every teacher in our parish in
trying to better the present condition
of our schools.
Teachers holding first, second and
third grade certificates are requested
to meet me in Alexandria on Sept.
11th, prcx. as pubiished, to organize
a Teachers Association.
H. F. Loda,
Superintendent Public Education.
-Oh, such lovely FURNITURE.
All stvylhs and patterns, and so cheap,
at BAUELR & WE1L'S. To see is
to Ie convinced, so call and see for
yourselves. Good large size beds
from $3.50 up.
-The Board of Directors of the
Rapides Bank held a meetinmg on Mon
day, and by unanimous vote agreed to
increase the capital stock of that in
s itn:ion to $90.000. The bank will
remain a State bank.
• ---------H· Q~bo
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
When Baby was sick, we gave her Castoria.
When she was a Child, she cried for Castoria,
When she became Miss, she clung to Castoria,
Whenshehad Children, she gave them Castoria.
-Mr. Louis Schadel, of Pineville,
is putting down a new floor in the
Grocery establishment of Mr. Moses
-The steamboats Hallette and
Garland, on account of low water, are
laid up here.
Married :
At St. James' Episcpal Church, in
Alexandria, La., on Thursdey, Aug.
21, 1890, Mi. L. M. WEATHERS, of
Shreveport, La., to Miss KATE PICK
ETT, of Rapides Parish No-cards.
Bottling Works.
Bottled Champagne Cider, Barrelkd and
Keg Cider.
Kl We guarantee that hily pnut mate
rials are used, free from any injnrinus
substances, and ARE NOT ALCOHOLIC.
Orders solicitod fron the suarounding
towns Aid from plantations and country
Our Prius - Are - Lower
Than the same class of goods can be do
livered to you from other
Families Supplied. Sati,action is
-P I
State of Louisiana-Parish of Orleans
- City of New Orleanrs.
enth day of July, in the year one
thousand eight hundred and ninety, before
me, John Bendernagel, a notary public, in
and for the city and parish of New Or
leans, State of Louisiana, duly co:mnis
siioned and qualified, and in the presence
of the witnesses hereinafter named and
undersigned, personally came and ap
peared the persons whose names are here
unto subscribed, who declared that, avail
ing theumelvos of tLe provisions of Act
No. 3i of the Legislature of this State, ap
proved June '29, 1888, as well as of those
of the general laws of this State relative
to the organization of corporations, they
have formed and organized, and by these
presents do form themselves and those
whom they represent, into and constitute
a corporation for the objects and purposes
and under the stipulatioLs and agreements
hereinafter set forth, which they hereby
adopt as their charter, to-wit:
The name and title of the said corpora
tion shadl be the "Alexandria City Rail
way Conpany, Limited," and by that I
name it shall have and enjoy succession
for a term of ninety--nine years from and
after the date hereof. It shall have power
and authority to sue and be sued, to make
and use a corporate seal, anad change the
saune at pleasure, to holt, purchase, lease, a
sell and hypothecate property, real and
personal neessary and proper for their bus
iness, to make and issue bonds, to namle, (
elect and appoint managers, directors and
agents, alnd to make and establish such
by-laws, rules and regulation4. for the tanu- 1
agenen t of the business and alfairs of said
corporation as may be requisite and nec
The domicile of said corporation shall
be the city of Now Orleans, parish of Or
leans, Louisiana, where all citations and
other legal process may be served on the
president of the company, and citation
may also be served on the vice-president
thereof, at Alexandria, in the parish. of
Rapides in said State.
The objects ani purposrs of this corpo
ration are hereby declared to be to con
struct, maintain and operate a street rail
way or street railways with all necessary
sidings and turn tables for the transporta
tion of passengers, by horse or any other
motive power save that of steam, through .
such streets within the corporate limits of
the city of Alexandria, Louisiana, as may
be designated by the City Council of said,
city, and to extend the same beyond the
corporate limits of said city to any place
or places adjacent thereto or its suburbs,
that this corporation may desire.
The capital stock of this company is
fixed at lifty thousand dollars, divided into
five hundred shares of one hundred dollars
each, and may be further increased on
compliance with existing laws.
The corporation may begin business and
be a going concern when ten thousand
dollars of said. capital stock shall have 1
been subscribed for; said shares of stock
may be issued for money paid or property
received or labor done; when issued for
money fifty per centim shall be paid in
cash, at the tite of subscription, and the
balance in such installments as the board
of directors may prescribe; when issued
for property received or labor done it shall
be paid for at such time, in' such manner
and at such appraisement as the said
board may determine; each share of stock
shall be entitled at all corporate meetings
to one vote, in person or of proxy,
All the powers of this corporation shall
be vested in and exercised by a board of
seven directors, who shall each own at
least live shares of the capital stock of this
corporation, a majority of whom shall con
stitute a quorum for the transaction of all
business. Edward B. Wheelock, Richard
Herrick, Charles M. Greene, Riobt. Strong,
Lilburn E. Bowman, Theus N. Miles and
Robert W. Bringhurst, with the said Ed
ward B. Wheelock as president, Theus N.
Miles as vice-president, Charles M. Greene
as treasurer, and Robert W Bringhurst as
secretary, shall constitute the first board
of directors, and they shall hold their o£
fices until the second Tuesday in Decem
ber, 1891, or until their successors shall
have been duly elected and qualified.
On the second Tuesday in December
18'1, and annually thereafter an election
for directors shall be held at the oiflice of
the company; each board shall elect a
presidlent, vice-president, treasurer and
secretary, who shall hold office until their
siecessors are elected'by the succeeding
At all eldctions which shall be condneted
by hallot, a majority of the stockholdelrs
represented in person or by proxy, shall
elect said directors. Notice of all elections
shall be given in one of the newspapers
published in the city of New Orleans and
one newspaper published in the city of
Alexandria for fifteen days prior to the
election. Any vacancy occurring in said
board of directors, from any cause whatso
ever, shall be filled by the remaining di
No sale of stock shall be held valid and
binding on this corporation unless the
same shall have been transferred on the
books of the eonspany; nor shall any
stockholder vote at an election for direc
tors unless he has been the owner of the
stock sixty days prior to said election; and
no stocelholder shall ever be heldlialble for
any oontracts or faults of said corporation
in any further sum than the unpaid bal
ance due the company on the shares o\wned
by him.
This charter nay be modified, changed
or amended, or said corporation may be
dissolved by a vote of three fosrths of the
stock reprensented at a general meeting of
the stockhohlers convened for those lur
poses, after thirty days previous notice of
such meeting shall have been given in one
of the newspapers published in New Or
leans ansd in one published in Alexandria.
Whentever this corporation is dissolved
by linmitation or otherwise, its affairs shall
be liquidated by three commissioners to be
elected at the meeting called to dissolve,
or in case of termination of charter, at a
general meeting of the stockholders to be
held atleast fifteen days before termina
tion of charter by limitation, after fifteen
days previous niotice of such meeting shall
have been given in a newspaper published
in New Orleans and in one published in
Alexandria, by a majority of the stock
present or relpresentcd at such meeting,
and said comnuissioners, or such of them
as may amrvive. shall have full power to
settle itsu indebtedness and wind up its
Thus done and passed in my notarial
office in the city of New Orleans, aforesaid
in the presence of Jefferson C. Wenck and
William Ronaundin, competent witnesses,
residingin this city, who hereunto sulb
scribe their names together with said ap
pearer and me, notary, on the day and
date set forth in the caption hereof.
Original signed:
E. B. WHIELLOCK, et ais.
Notary Piublio.
i; the undersigned Recorder of Mortga
I ges, in and for the Parish of Orleans, State
of Louisiana, do hereby certify that the
above and foregoing act of ineoipordtlon
of the "Alexandria City Railway Company
Limited," wnias this day duly recorded in
my oflice in Book 395, folio -,
.New Orleans, July 9, 1890.
(Signed:) V.J. JOUBERT, Dep. R.M.
I, the undaersigned Notary, do hereby
certify the foregoing and w.ithiu to be a
true and correct copy of the original act of
incorporation of the "Alexandria City
Railway Company, Limited," tobgether
with the certificate of the Recorder of
Mortgages thqreto.appended on file and of
rcoord in my office. .
In faith whereof I hereunto set my hand
and seal this 9th day of July. 1390.
Notary Nublic.
Lotiii do a leadencis Public
A syndicate of capitalists have secured
the concession for opera
ting this
LOTT"E, l !r
and will extend its business throughout
the United States and Brit
ish Columbia.
Below will be found a list of the prizes
which will be drawn on
Aug 27, 1890, :
and continued monthly thereafter.
CAPITAL 50 000 00
100,000 Tickets at $10; Halves, $5; Tenths,
$1; American Currency.
LIST OF Pnlzs :
1 prize of...... $150,000 is.... $150,000
1 prize of...... 50,000is.... 50,000 E
1 prize of...... 25,000 is.... 25,000
3 prizs of .... 10,000 are... 30,000
2 prizes of .... 5,000 are... 10,001:
5 prizes of .... 2,000 are... 10,000 1
10 prizes of .... 1,000 are... 10,000
20 prizes of .... r00 are... 10,500 t
200 prizes of .... 200 are... 40,000
300 prizes of .... 150 are... 45,000
500 prizes of .... 100 are... 50,000
Approximation Prizes:
150 prizes of .... $150 are... $22,500
150 prizes of .... 100 are... 15,000
150 prizes of .... 50 are.., 7,500
999 terminal prizes of 50 are... 49,950
2492 $524,950
Club rates, 6 Tickets for $50.
Special rates arranged with agents.
Mi AGENTS WANTED in every Town f
and City in United States and British
The payment of prizes is guaranteed by
a special deposit of live hundred thousand
dollars ($500,000,) with the State Govern
menut, and approved by Jesus Arechiga,
Drawings under the personal supervis- I
ion of Lie. HIerminio Arteaga, who is ap
pointed by the Government as interventor.
"I CERTIFY that with the State Treasu
rer all necessary guarantees are deposited
assuring full payment of all prizes of this -
Remittances must be. either by Now
tuiih Draft, Express or Registered Letter,
American money. Collections can be
made by Express Companies or Banks.
Ticket sent direct to management will be
paid by drafts on New, York, Montreal,
81. Pau), Cliitaibo, San F'rancisco or City
of Mexico. For further information ad
dress JUAN PIEDAD, Manager,
A partado 43. Zacatecas, Mexico.
Big G lasgiven univer
Cdartn sal satisfactio in n the
1 o ATS. cure of Oonorrhwa and
~~G Oleet.Iprescrlbeltand
S feel afe In recommend.
reet .. Ing It to all sufferers.
m . 1 J. STONER, N.D.,
Desatur, IlL
PRICE, 81.00.
Trae  ark Sold by Druggists.
For sale ly Jacob Geiger, Alexandria
Succession Sale,
State of Louisiana-Parish of Rapides
Twelfth Judicial District
SUcCCESSION No. 237. Probate Docket
C. V. LED()UX.
:.L order of sale issued from the Honor
Sable the Twolfth Judicial District Court, I
in the above entitled and numbered Suc- I
Scession, commanding and authorizing me
as Sheriff to sell for the payment of I
deblts, for cash, after due advertisement 1
and in accordance with law, the herein- 1
after described property belonging to the 1
Sneuccession of C. V. Ledoux, deceased, I I
will offer for sale at public auction, at the
front of the Court House door, in the
Town of Alexandria, between the hours
prescribed by law, on
TUESDAY, the 9th day of SEPTEM- 4
BER, A. D. 1890,
the following described property, to-wit:
The East h:ilf of section six; and the
Southeast quarter of the North-west quar
ter of section six in Township two North
Raungre one, West, containing the quantity
Sof Three Hundred and fifty-live and 11-100 I
Also the West half of the South-West
quartor; the North-East tquarter I of the
South-West quarter; the South-East
quarter of the North-West quarter; and
the South-West quarter of North-West
quarter, of Section Five, in Township
Two, North Range One, West, containing
One Hundred Ind Ninety-four and 60-100
Also fractional North-West quarter of
North-West quarter of Section Five, in
Township Two, Nortli Range One, West,
containing Thirty Eight and 90-100 acres.
Also a certain piece or parcel of swamp
land situated, lying and being on the
right descending bank of Bayou Boeur
in Rapides parislh, containing three hun
dred and tlhrty seven and 90-100 acres,
being Section Forty one, in Township
Three, North Range Two West, and
bounded above by lands belonging to
Jacob Levy, Carrie Greenwood and
Angusta Kuhnagle, below by lands of
Mrs, A. G. Boyce, and in roar by School
Terms of Sale-Cash, subject to ap
praisement. D. T. STAFFORD.
July 9-tds. Sheriff.
Louisiana Bakey.
Swayse on hand-also RYE ain D RA
HAM BREAD - . f o,
:1' Leave yonr orders for akes of any
I description thai the. pastry. kishea af
. . ...rd,:  May 29.- S. . :
Mtanufacturer aund Dealer in
Long Leaf Pine and Oypre
hing1es, Sash, Doers, Blitis, Etoe,
Post QOice Box 111. ALEXANDRIA, LA.
Tank Factory g Planing M
Estimates Furnished on Application
Fire and Life Disuanoe Aee~i
Represent ng- Asses and u
German American Insurance Co., New York...............$7.8706,'
Phenix Ilsnrancb Comopany, New York............... .... ,183,1
Weestrn Assurance Company, Toronto, Canada................ 1,496;
Sun Mutual Insurance Co., New Orleans, La.......... ....... 1,382,
Providelnc Washington Insurance Co., P'rovidencuoe; R. I.......,114"1
State nluvestment and Insurance Co., Sain Franoisco.............. 30,
Equitable - Life - Assurance - -8o0
The Sitrongest and Best Life Insurance Co; .in_
in the world. ..
Is selling at New Orleans wholesale prices to the jobbing trade, :~a orer
spouial inducements to rebuyers. The stock coiisktl '
in part as follows .
Drugs, - Chemicals, -ain
L AND G RETH'S *, +',
--0 TIIR -
Eclipse Livery stable.
patrons and the public ib general,
that I have again opened the Eclipse
Livery Stable, on Third street, in'the
rear of the City Hall, and am now ready
for business. I have just purchased seve
ral horses, and the necessary buggies and
carriages, to which I will keep adding,
until my outfit is bomplete in every par-.
tiuonlar. To horse or mule drivers I offer
the largest and most colivenient pens in
the city. My terms wili be in conformity
to the times. A liberal share of the pub
lio's patronage is all I ask or demand,
Jany. 1, 1800.
Cheapest. Cash Store
Weneral Ierchanlise.
Full stock-low prices--just
the place.
Front Street-near the Firry Landing
Alexandria,. La.
1ManufactLrer ofTinware, Sheet
Ironware, 'atc.
--? Tinware ,repaird oninnott notice.
All kinds of tiigutteriig and.
roofing done.
, , ., .- -,
Cor. Fourth and DeSoto sts.;
.. O ' AcALEXANf-gIA"I -w
Excelsior Omni
J, M. 4RM8TRON :.8
k) Saddle Horses ALWAYL ON
bop back of LiveryStable. Ai-I
repairing done with, dispatch. The
of workmen employed. Iors
specialty. " epGG
Opposite the
Sig: of the )W
Best Fam lly ro
Always bi Uand.
and TobaMº;=
Fine Wines and xli
Goods received b every 1ioat 'pd
tram;king ever ng
Priosa to 0'uit tih
a"-, t :Bilt:n:tom
Iron Yeiing"i' o
tam St. Jamsess
P 0. Bok 214

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