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isT t i. vto 17}~I. c ..
*, AAt.ý. "i'' ' r t. V. 4+`
4 r ;,T'he World 1 0 1u
BRU LI2IY LT B-usines Jan-agr. ALEXANDRIA, LOtISIANA W EDNESDAY NO' EM 3 : ý I,1 i91w. ' ,w,:i ,,
r. rnalitle story
;º'thopL any g h or g:,,ry,
.Sinno ant,5ntal 1na ti, ht
And no firewrk tllapiay. ..
'Bout x poor ollt.krlbran~is l
Who vý.s ee'.l9, ric not: lino% .
And wihc ouldi't ignite lh'i" ver,
And P.wý. workIe .t, 4il ihe day.
A rjar common,(ellow.
'Ys bhis Ebenezer Weller,
With the usua'l share of virtue,%
Anj with vicq(gtWo or thra;
if d n$ fsitdut gift ot'boiauty,
lJut an average sense of duty,
Neither very'god 'ii€t evil-"
JuIL about Itke you and me.
And be*$e4'aa a,erage woman,
SWe_ , vgry good nor bad,
,ftTnoYrirf ny 4tey'd warble,
itea' tey woul.seold anidtsuabbl .
UIi t aey layed coch other dearly,
S nt!'thty couldan't idoainu ;nmad ,
,evtr lrn bnou;!lfi Monday
To supply.the bouoie ill 8uhday, ,.
Never Inade enough i' April
4 duu&t themselees in)sdy,
41 tie wdrked'nard in November,
bThbcy must work hard in ooeeeibter t
And Al,1CeoLr.ahread of to"morrow
ta ttihard work of to day.
*The3gorked on, grew gray and krayer,
:.Yet theyupevcr made him mayor,
And she.plucked no soclat honors,
And his wages still were small.
Tlthe load of yparsi grew weighty. ,
atAA they.dled whet they were eighty,
 Q thet put theihe grtaveyard,
, And py left them there. That's sll.
A reallstfe story .
Wlihbontany gush or glory
'et thib fellow Ebe iezer :
.- epresentS the humatcl"d;
'His the av.erage shhre at pldasure,..
H''is the average lack of leisure, ".
Hiethepaverags joy andsorroi-.w
",Of t.uwcommon .average mia.'
-r13. :: Foss. tn Yankee Bladei
.. 1
SSEE said a. Bowser as slhe
rediiig.the -;paPr, th,. . other
evening, while_Mr. .1owser jvas
trying to dig a peg out of. his shoe-"I
see that another Brooklyn man has run
away and left his w ife."
"Has, eh? Well, " don't wonder at
i," replied Mr. Bowser. " "
"Did you read the item?"
"No, but I know how it all lfpi
pened. He found out that he couldn't
take a bit of comfort in his home and
he left it. No one knows the misery
that poor man suffered before l~e toolk
Ibat step."
"It doesn't say he was pnhappy....
"Of course not. No, hqsband ever
gets justice, to say notlhing of pity.
I'll bet he suffered a thousand deaths
before hejwglked away -to die ie some.
lonely spot by his own Jhasd.'"
"W$ 1ie9t, yotu' nrever be -Arien'
away by any act of mine," she said,
as she went 9ver and kissed him.
"W-wl at ih thunder are you doing?"
shouted Mr. 3oWvset', as he dropped the
shoe;and sprang up.
"Why, I kissed you."
"Well, I don't want anybody blow
ing into my ears or spitting on my
chin! What struck' you all at once?"
"There was a time, Mr. Bowser
there was a time when--"
"When what?"
"When you said that if I would kiss
you you would be the happiest man in
the whole world."
"Never! Never even hinted at such
a thing! I wasn't that sort of a noodle
"Mr. HowserI Why, there was for
three months, while I was waiting to
make up my mind to marry you, that
youn said you.could hardly.live from day
"Waiting! you waiting! WVell, that
is cool! That tickles me-ha! ha! ha!"
hoe shouted as he held his sides.
"Yes, waiting."
"Why-ha! ha! ha!-you said 'yes' so
mighty quick you bit your tongue in
doing it! The idea of me pining and
•Wlsting away because I feared yolou
would say no!"
"D .you remember the pet name you
sed to'(call me?" she asked.
• , t nonsense!"
4 ,You"dilledme your red wild rose."
"Red ~ild pigweed! Are you get
ting soft in thenead, Mrs. Bowser?"
"It seems curioius to me," she con*
t utaed, without, noticing his sarcasp ,
."thst when a young man is courting a
St no one can make him believe that
Sshe is not a perfect angel. He can't
"'rk daysnor sleep nights for thinking
S-: ,falnd• the sight of her amie
i~i',e,. -e'
~ t:il does, eh? It might in the case of
S P.soony young' noodle head, butn it
tV ouldn't with a sensible fellow. I
"_ t lost any sleep on your account."
;'i, early all your letters to me were
i,'4.te anywhere from midnight to tour
:':loek in the morning, and-"
" "iever' Never wrote you a letter
P ip the af erngouo, wng 1 bada's
tnvtyliin to do aid- wanted to ns tip
halr-inhour's time,'" >epied l th. lsow
sc r.
'?And every one of them speaks of how
-lodiely yonu were, and with what joyous r
anticipations youilook' d forwarid tti
your next call." t
"Lonejy! JoyoUt tentitipatipps! Ial
be-apt to be lonely when there were ae
dozen or more mighty good-looking
girlsufter me, wouldn't I?"
"Mut in a fpj brief years, after mar
"ridae Tiow thi average husband does
clange!" observed- Mrs. Bowser, as. if "
speaking to Herself..
"Yes, thit's it. You hunted me down
anid got deto nimarry you, and now you
are.Xtryioig: to make my home happy.
Ifj yuqare-feeling.badly why don't-you
go and make yourself some catnip tea?"
"Husbands talk about happy homes,"
she $ontinued, as shi looked the paper:
:over "but What do they do to m'aknk't
happy?" -
"Yes, Pitch into. husbans!" gwt d r
Mr. Bo.Wseri as he swept over the thqe
peg iand' ,avagely kidked `at the cat, 1
which caetd rub 3berself again"t lis
"While they are courtingthey are all
smiles and: soft talk,, but the :honey
moon la no sooner ovetha i they-stand
revealed in their true colors."
- "Keep pitching right in, M~s." Bow =
ser! Nothing like a ftialt-lfnding wife
'to make home pleasantP.' . r j,
JDp you. remember that Fourth of
Jiuly evening, when we .at on the var*
anda'" slf:ifeaked. o?'[shall always re4
mem be ha'at yodi{'afd that night ahd:
lioW inuh the, sitnation ,afe-te4yop.'
"Affected me! What on earth are I
you talking about?"
,"You took my hand in yours, "1Iri.
,owset, and you sked meo please tr I
and learni to love you." . - E
,"N~iert TI ybiuda wear. to that o a
-sixteen famiiy* 3ibjes I wouldn't b
"' isfsld. that life-was but a drear
waste: to you biefore I erossed 'bu
path, ahd" " " . - - 1.
"Ia never 'did-neveea never! -nevr! 1
-he shouted, as he sprang au. "No on i
brit yof over cliharkef me with beipg a <
'idiot or a lunatic!" , -
"Mr. Bowser;, didn't ygi say tlhat i&
t didu bitarr yeti you 0old sUirel I
,kill yuuelf?" -""11
"Didn't you once, show mte ap
.bplfng f owde- in 'ia pill-b k titff tej
ipe it .vas .st ~ e..iihe, tad. u
take it I married anyole'se ;'
w.hether yout married, me or not!"
"And you deny that when father
y Eli "
came out one evening and threw you
off the stoop and told you never to
iolne-back that you wrote me you-!"
"Threw me off the stoop! Your
father! By- the great hornspoon, but
this is too much; )~rs. Bowser! Threw
me! 'I'd like to 'heve 'seen' the whole
'caboodle of your relations throw me
off a stoop!"
S"Perhaps you don't remember how
you used to comtpare my eyes to stars
and tell- me that it wiould be the one
effort of your life to make me happy?"
"Eyes! Starkl' The idea o0 metalk
ing any such boshl I came home ex
pectiig·to spand-a hippy eveningin the
bosom of my family, and ycu've gone
aind knocked it all over. That's the
way with the tarnal womnen-always
kicking and complainliig about some
Sthing." ..
"'There was'a tlie: wihdn'yoan used to
pet me, Mr. Bowser."
"That's it! Keep right on harping
on that same old string! If a husband
doxi't tell his wife forty- tines ada,
that she's his shining star she's ready
to kick and make his hbme miserable.
I may be driven out any day now. I've
seen it coming for the last two years
but I was helpless. I'm going to look
up and go to bed. Good night, Mrs
Bowser!"-M. Quod, in N. Yi World.
- Registering Under a alse Name.
It is usually a mistake to write a
false name on a hotel register. .. A
country merchant was obliged to de
cline an invitation to a trade conven
tion in New York last sprint. While
the convention was in session he was
suddenly called'to the city on pressing
business. He arrived at a lIotel, and
seeing the register. povered' with the
names-.of his friends at the triode con
vention, he signed a false name. The
ne.t day he went out to lunch with his
lawyer, leaving his dvrei dgt at the
ilatter's dlicee. ih the~"iddliof the
afprntoon he telephoned'to have his
coat sent to his hbtel The coat was
sent but it took the owner two days to
get it, because the lawyer had put the
man's own name on the boz contain
Sing the coat There was no such name
on the register, and the box was put
aside to be called for. "TiMeanwhile the
falsifier missed a telegram from his
Swife, received cards from people he
t didn't know, Bn4i found himself an ob
t ject of uspicion on the- part of the
hotel people--N. Y.mL- : S - i
- -The story of the-dismissal of Ignas
tieff, lately prime minister of Russia,
, is thus told: Ignatieft one day preo
t sented some papers to his imp~rial
I master. saying "Your majesty miy.
Ssign these without reading thearaas
Sthey are not of much importance."
r The czar handed the papers back with
the answer: "Keep these for your sue
r pessor. I never sig4 &NpCI Withqut
t j9oQIiPg t wke"'
Extract from i Lecture by hr. J. H. Kel .y
logg, of the Battle Creek Sanitarium.
DIug wells are likely to contain a vbt
riety. of .germs unless t hqir:lociiton is ac
exceptionally good and .theyj are well. w
taken care of. " The' bottom of the well 'ti
should always 'reach, bdrl-rock, but it si
does not in. every case. We are i41
familiar with the fact that the; soil s
which dverlies bedrock always con-- i
tains water, aild.tlhat this water will i1
fill i-the .weji,tup 'tp. +the level. of the ile
ground water. Now suppose that at- fi
any'distance from the well which is not g
so great as, to. be, lt of the sphere of Ia
possible contamination of the well, are k
locnted a vaulta cess-pool, a heap of de-. '
composing rubbish, a pig-stye'or a barrni- l
yafid-then the rain in filtering through ti
these filthy substances will carry par- c
ticles from' them below the surface of 4
the earth, and after awl ile they will to
reach apd contaminate the ground- h
water, thus, of course,' tffecting.the ,if
purity.of the iel. ' Matters may go o .n
about as usual for. months, or even a
years, and the persons who drink t:folii
the well suffer no apparent iarni, at- p
thougl-,they are awalpwing a pass of p
germs all the while.. The reason istltat n
byea peculiarly beneficent arrangeminnt e
the body is able to'protect itself agaipst'Y '
these intruderas; lie gastrie ju.ice .is,
great germicide, and -makes way wit. I
most 'of them, especially becoming ao ii
customed to those :habitually received I
But suppose some new germ like that e
of typhoid fever, finds lodgment. i p
some[of these teser'vtirs of filth; the3 p
propiagate r apIdl~ anil .fnally are 9a5 F
ried to the grounid-water and so to.t, t
we'll. Then therewilliUkely be an out
break of typhoid fever in the fainily,
unless all`'the iatW`'id boiled' li'3ore t
SWe Idook' with 'contempt-"tpon- the
practices of.the Hindoos, who bathe
their bodies anid wash their 'ldtlidth in;
the tahbls which contain, their drkiging
water; but we really do wq.rse ,ttings,
because our wells are often :so located. ".
that they'ieceive the 'extract : f 'the
cess-pool. and the . biiyard , to' '
say .nothing of the.; slops"" fron:
the house. Some 'semi-civilized and r
savag:n rpeople -'have learned the wis
dom of boiling the water which they
Use. for, household purposes, and so *el- ,
dom suffer from epidemics, although i
they i evi the mdidst of the most onuhy
gjptic sirt-ro ili'lgs. T9tinstanc the i
Chiiese, whe live in iarge numbAgrs ip.
bdacd pot 'sluggish streapmsinto;which; I
thgdeposit heirh"' ; and `rom- whichl
1the¶e':tlie Watd- tliby `usp.` AT5e&e'
are alap certgi ssvage'trjbes in, Afria
'who no .mote +think .of .taking, their.
'drinking water uncooked "than they'do;
th ei r y a r ms:. ,., i . , 1.
We are utterly' thoughtless iboul
what takes place unergr.olnd and out
,of our sight, td iii 'this espect are as
•stupid as the ostrieh-- which, by hiding I
its head so thate it can. not see its ene
mies. imagines that none are about! If
we can contrive to put our filth out of 1
sight, we feel perfectly safe about it, I
thoughl' it -is really more .:dangerpoul
when hiddhb- thai.:v'when exposed on
t'he surtface"' of the ground. It 2
would be: tniore `"boffensiver' 'o -:. the
senes 'of'sight' and Amell- if unburied,
but' not nearly so dangerous: to life,,
Why?" : Because natural. 'means, wouil
be brought , o, redue,. it to a,harmi~_sn
cocldition as rapidly as ,possible. '"e
ozone,; the .air, th, supnshine :aand 'thlb
germs ;ioudla' Ad theiir party and' the
ýWind blvi 'over I" i ild scatter an~i
dilute tlre itPr whicb liei'pg no lo.ge ns
concentrated, would soen be1ihaimless,
Keep then the drainage area ,of your
well free froim all -possible eodntartintt-'
ing influiences; and wtieevei~ you. haive
any doubts abiut. t~e p'urity of ybou
water supply,,i oil every drop you use, -
-Reported by:Helen L. Manning...
Spaniards' Skulls for Loving Cups. :
*Warined into confidence by this "lov-,
Ing cup" the chief informed .iI that he
was a 'very rich man, havintg ifteeu
wives, fifty ponies, and many sheepi.
T-hrough the interpreter,. we replied
that we were. not:: Spaniards, nor
descendants of Spaniards, -aed that
we had read witli pleasuire how hi a'n
'cestors had' withstobd.thd'conaqef~'rs;
that; we sympafrit zedvithl hiis 'a~eors
and, knew from these fets i~ttbby
were very brave. The deligh 4 4i·f
beamed from top to toe wits pleasure,
and whispered something't ia squaw,
who 'kft the 'rom: and tnid-eitly!re
turned *ith an-arnifufl df hinnman:skulls.
Firom 'iost of'them 't'hefie i part hail
been partially put aWyq anil'a"l wkeie
worp perfetfy smogotfih., 'The grnnmg
chieft assuned,.us that .ev~ery SIFul was
once the uranium of a Spaniard of high
iank; who 'had' been slain tWhile fight
ing the Arauncaiiangt' Some bf them
had beeti handed down from generation
'to generation throughi several centrires,
and'were used 'niy by chiefs aid wise
men to drink out 4of, on. great occasions.a
The othershadbeen taken from:enemies
during his own time; and were used for
id ring:e e psitstolOdinary fealtts-Ohili
" 1 Do rado
S, There is potlig o scure ii.tli .ety
Siology ofthi. Spanish phrase. : hih.
Smeans literally "'the. Gilded;!" yet- t0
Ssuih an'extent has it been abused that,
a few knqvr that it origfinlly related t~i a
Sinan'~n not to 'a"cdiiy'. In the list
Ser aens It las been:ap~1lt d o" ~ lihost
Severy gold-baring diatict encouditered
a im Amrica since :.the dis~~overy; and
Sthere is scarcely a':mining camp,in our
a far west but has named, its richest.
t lade or ihost populasr tesort,:whether
a frog-shibp: :litiird' ial6on or thetier,
s Eldorado.' &i e'arly as 'thie' sixteenth
inmTary region .ab p g in gold and
a preeionus stones in the-interior of South"
Amerlea; but 'prior tothis accepttation
it had&become a syhonam for the- smoe.'
S'remarkabele legnd of tbhe -new world,
Stiheiuppbsedeasterniproitimityof which'
.Ieste4 its unexplored territory with.
l the glamour of oriental ,gmance., The
Y term 'ge,: indeed, an appellation of'
a royalty, and El Dorado, perhaps' a ver
" itable king, whose daily attire is said.
b tohave been a simple coatingoft aro
> matie resin. followed by a sprinkling
of gold-dust blown through a bamboo
ea i-~c a, - &eayo a a.
The Garrapta and the #hJ er, Two Smai
but Fo mdatbloe Petsts, tn
It is an etern~I mystery--to the un. he
scientiflc atleast=-how all such vermin, thi
'triv to'ueiiandet,'their usualt'cincuaa sis
stances. They! do: not, seem :fltd to, -
prey on other insects. You may ob- cc
sertye aparvestfi lei at4 1y give with, ca
fleas in soithern Euro3bp~In'ti#e. oods it3
of theAsiatic trpics, mos ythereit' " 'of
leech th every foot of ground.: One ni"' fa
find one's clothe duisted with 'ybangi ag
garrapatas in Ceintral Aiierl't ia, ihiLck
as flour on a miller's coat, and'fdhei ay y
kill so many in squids `iina ' a'rigrove let
swamp Of the fptr east b dliappi 'tagb
thte handsi togethb~i'that one'felsthtº he
thicktiess~ of 'tlielif' erushed ',caaJ ',
caseds 'i`oot "oe "`in i illlbute, anagl of
tshese pests ever gets the chance to
tate -blob . '- It i 'aid, indeed,- that the
leeches congregate upon a path; evenof
it thisgbe truestthe other,'plagues have
no shCol'instinet.: !That any quasdirpedC
manages to live hi the 'Amerisan'trop.
ics Is aiiother'puzzle to~thos$ whoshavrs. i
spr lt8ital'quaff tance. wflth the, :at·rr
numerable: are the ewarmsof ,young, I
eaCli'oft which grows day b"y dayuntil,; do
` th n c onitlt 3t. ' be omes als 1tt as
&A ladybir , its e rema t
bnthe flesh wheme first.plaa ·4
ing withbnt intermisolebi. -The. mosth
brutal of riders e idd'sM hxhi56e6 di
every day: s pr, hq . ieglctsa tat'
prducaution, the -animal'; breaks ,4own s
proniptly. :1-Bp't eittld -ir not thus ea
ookied 'after;" lid90 14 '=thy ýpi'oitc .o
tiemselves? it: is. soften rqmarlied' '
^s-:curiouts' that so;', little . gme p i al
-btihd in"'. ile$ico*'-nd -,the, lands! 'ci
xuyri ds: . >e ,ro 9rX..y 1 ti
graze their savannahs. Those whoifepl'
'sifphied d" id , nbt rst *p'tgi nhiaieadhe
the garrapatiif' 'he're 'I wdonli' ' o0
that any anials'l l ER t eiIr
main. It mazy, be.sanpppse4Abt 1*
hlereditair 'httiitt ennatel somne 4.
where.he a e ..",< ý J a' i o
'The nega; or.jiggB aan inhai Ik. ba
of these same shores, istlanmonly  e" h
aidida as a J6ae ut ynf' )
ment unperied, ve e,
frightful consegueneerOsu9set'A ,- W
bpdy has hiyeie-er 1eet  rainined!
it atter san e ha# pt ar p eI
to growt ired'ot. the. eremony.e. h's
one pnoping,ý roused b thb chil Od
s ttfldenlº with aaps zashhamp and stM o
Oqr ier-ded. 1 :ved'vry
grave so :Patto~i
in dead silence. The next .half- ou.K C
riot to be desiribett in ' paper that cir
culates amopg the yooinganmd guileledsi
Finally ,two ballswere .xtrqtled, bl
and polished, aboatithe.size of marbles;
a few minutes inore ndthey nat havb
Uobe zmagir pd iYk'wpt. StY, 4U'Yip i
were theiggibags of 4two,aegpae,,oou.
taiuing many 4-tousaindiyoung,.that'
; ldta ' in te a'eiamon tlonsd er a b ero 'icon
amazing thatisauh biging to aCo,. . re-.
I"i'in 'in the ' le ie  wthoutlsciroenryfor
;Bstegr, ao, estl, esca~ i i+. ' .
walk ' g.- liondon Saturdayy-l",hisQ .
, Wa -s -i iat . ,-',I .A.-L ,,U r
Mi admira1 s Aug is s e; # r
stais in a-diamond pn a blue groundia
vice ad ira V s t le s ''ormting "
,blue.,witht!6 eWthite thrs:ins-the'ben
ter of field, gie'abs*6; the thbr -re,
with twowite stiaxa, "whit i Ith .twpt I
-blue stars:: Commodoreshbvaala.ethre
fhagi-blue lerd,: white a tllot a .i, .l
iearlhig onle'star 1i ce4tete f ld.
,'Thle asecretry o t~e sb ofi , flac, a
bilue isquare o iage-aioi L.,anho.r sUIr
'rbandde by four white sterS~air:'hhisflag
shae, se in'1.th 16. "a.1'.
a United -States vessel o blue ,sqji.re
in 96Iftuilitig:te ttna of: tli UIeI
remains aloft :while the. preyiteu -
mainif oi~ bbard>'The viewretideat
receivdht i lth pt.: America" " i4 a',
th byorSen, _ · 'io
A flag opteq is a wi;d ia.nm
played lo at ehemy to iniate.~ a deire
for arikre"yo toagisultati."~ i -'''
' ~t'Ib red fl~gis A markli e,,n , d,
I show l'ress.el t be, :rit ieng oir· I t
c charging powderd " .. -
The lacik is the symbol Of plrstc .
SThujd'egjowfisg belongs tq thequ r
I Ianeiire v erice,; ad whe.4eLp~aye 'Ia
,signet eotious disease..::,'i .
A convs A lg is white;,'tidaptular tin
shape, hoi red with td'x As'in *rqrl
A q
Into fourqusnes broehtontu5 1ie,3el
- tow, whlte; 'd, 4iolhte odr' irtheiriu
sn .withflyvp 1t1zrpsssn,%e xtpyprsahqu. v
i-.as-the 2fve sof eknbs; iiite forward
It denotes important and dirgent speeial
1 seat'lhe Whiehiauid .not be hintederede
it A church pennautie a wl t.ipnant,
r writhout swallow- this,- charged inith
h 4niiig divine~ Bvul~e~ t'sll d Aia
- Tiseorilet is a sqtase A.g'~li-Ihi
a- 'Intofewe' equal 'phiii o altmatenlved
it order for aL abentx Wa s u4.tpia
I, t'rretautn Oit bopI'dIlwthout 4ela
e To strike the flag is lowag ftjrea
if tiohuhl color*. A flag at hall-)uaWt
r.- means that a death has oceerrcd, tk(
a holsteduuioqndowvn is a signalot die.
tress.- hippingftIe sl olor, Is lowrhqit
g the easign some distapes and tbu hola
o ing it again to pal]t* [email protected] 3weel or fort.*
r* t1.~ . p'ggrefat al I -
=Henry Villaid, the famous railroad
man, -began life as a reporter, but', ns S
he-did not happen to be a favorite with'
the; city editors i e' was enmlied' tb
Fthrow upius job and lied6me6 r lll on ip
tire..... . .. ý:.
-LAs a dancer the kaiser isa.not.$ uo- (i
cess. He is stiff and unbending a~sa oP
rranrod. Hee whirls with great rapid- thl
itd, ssde 'rybo y on the floor gealut '
oltbhihisty-qt sco mach fromn re 't
and.trn. costumes .......... ...
--There is ''-thriftty.,tfarmer inatbe As
west who pay~tiwenty.flve cent a day hi
less to those of-his, hands who workint I
'the field ~eahdstto therailrohl~as"'-This" th
he does becaise' they stop' whbhever. to
the trains g yi5idnd 16to, 8ts i ,i ttit
ofttheir working time. pa . ,ý
-The oil .ceitement.aI. .eDo l', gi
PV., has pouri'd wealth. inato the1.1ap are
of several pob_ people. .The -luckiest a
q far heard ib ris i--Mrs. .B6rti' Mo.
Cllumint ho p4ni i s'aslll plee df 16dd ev
she oace "triadg ;t'd ''fo'' ',I ba> (f
already rrcewed 'ive 4 &00 ln'i'eiital,a( , ft-i
LThe Coresllnininister. at. .Wa g-, :tal
tOp" and hisw!ife 1 are often unique feat. ca
urbs of the thitera, which it i'eitfeir: 'up
Olight'to 'Thtytenl. They 'hadi a box, ini
and when'theeciittainfl' ties .tty 'Jrlnti ad
theich:a-irs r:so" to' the'e.t.al'gi ~d
with. Albove s,; knees, leains iorwsrd r
and wath .the play. wyitb,PiuRnS akb1. h,
delight paint&d'on.their .aces.. :. .-.: in
- -Mrs:. Gro,'r •Cleveland. 'I : .:er . fa
caitiotil' letteg riter, - never i-un h'a isl
sheet odf pp 1da flhip'1i'4b" B4'gi
written op a yangg cars`i '? ig icg ý gt
o: .Mr. ],P' r lspand tEie eax-prjesi eat cc
are alike regarding letters, an ihi .
charming. wife anbmiMiatle correspond- aW
tise of the day to hin~nit,¬disbti stveettl t
privilege of seai g~,oy destroying it.
-A timid 'i lii,elifig alone in the fd
outskirts :of'~Itafford, h'is lit' upon a ei
novel' deiice for scaringeaayb'anglary is
tEachnlnii i4!o,' retiring he pledaxi 6ti
h iuge a bots' blttside'i y . k
bed: ronpp, oat ig: the hlibasoe n y a
the impression tZhat eieryd yiy ¶ wa ml
occupied by an blp :1ied d, nppy,- A w
burglar who happened. ha. 3ypgndithlyk *tl
he had struck a lutek. -.;..;,; N ,i 41
-Fifteen keen; nd. ,cot r 4e bitO
siclans form th ejzar's , "bbi.d .
They accompany e dar a't
where, sometimes in unif6or 1~
even to keep watch, .tilyjinpe al e.
kitchen and occasionally.aSot~c qagjks.]
Three of them eani never.bb r vInCed t
that the wine had not .be rdltdu~64d,
and they insist Ipn' "'batlj8' Frdsh
bottles three or f~ r'tme a'da
-An American wom T:r g.per:
manently to hert.natjyp. .pe p:~ergI
long residence in Japan sayaithater O
chief sorrow in ld6aving. .the:Mikado'b .
.tlahd was due to -the fact that she had '
"'b give up her coliCition of teapots, "I
had over five hundred..bf. theifnldhe.
wails, 'vife y'"bBlL~ýYgfli"il -it toolk
'mne` days !oii ttaglitaand*,bpot tot
.gelecttha. fl4y ,ipermitte 'imjsplf to P
. ome.g home wih'ie ." .. .
,-4lhe first tme the emperor of An
tria ever donned a frock ceat and 'M'ti b
hat wasi i x ~ST# 1int to visit
the Paris 'j i tH$ioii4 leon III.'s
guest Little pleasure did he take 'in,
tiehegatFentaj'laund'l hsassitverifbrnib
thelike of theagineee left laris:-'A4,:
eoue aT .~,n s lRre.qd-n worsla Rtr
your .mouth .wi ?$;--Kate. F1.°'
o er,w'to ed oilg ediBier, Ali n
atid 1he would let her little fie"
-, .b st.nfd ye ). es)-tht W
ban hti s 'eqiant bei'f e so udias oe
hour.- "Have you emptt~ITENONSN ; t
-;rA1HopeipseaspC- -. ;
shall wesghomeuP Ebert'Sl e --s* ,e
'Small trr 0 tt "1d'eir= *
Ingess r knowt yea ag on b Tonh se`.t
P, 'lvtdi .'thdj) ifnts er 1 `'adetl e ii
yIo.r Amouth eadte.hI- a tt.d
'¶i"lhAk"&&R" >a· .
o btdtEhe uk d t eo wc rlftde d4il di
I w6s one m w e." dpB "1: L F "
hour."'i "Have youie emptlebaIb141t'1
* prtesrybu, sh**Mp:seieran4paIn
" -bi ehasela yebp" f;hiagp "When I'ne
aA GPq),p.JoUrod .; Kee s : k M . 'Nol
d qr, ndothene R o iketbyawIriM
aj surprised. Howmuchie 4b14eaeisJs p
c n waneare ho'ropped it got o a
F' . tibtm
-In'his Well-tempered ciitieism,.pub. hi i
Iiph4this w9), among rett~ers the.: ' T
d~to;;. Wt , m:. . Chance~llr of Pratt In. any
gqitufr;; questioidntslhe''Standdsd'6 idlcy owl
of lcaW~iig` sociaism' the, aitipoleasft adv
t 1jjit jle'taaF This is pot a sound pb, by
jecion. The; two;are diametricilly op- jusi
QViiid every -attaipiit to i4deniMy re,
them' makes an oasiok fo clearly> .re,
asn de. ha ically. rae$ating this frnt , prih
Aiad sb far irqm hesg' in any wrise and
hati~fi'oidit polltie. this is beiefisial equ
Ititends&.t! temo' e ,prejadice 'agaiint: T
the,4jngi tax fro , thei.:rids. oflamn, Phi
to whom gocialism-not 'socialist"; Mr.
the~ epi~thet,, iut'W 1hibitsielf -'srb ity!
tiugiin&ant;anditsatoasnchma w tb tsln* sey
gle tax must appeal fp ,po~ t. .They, 6e
ire its natural allies; soc0-laists are itt dun
7iitiiardl ne itied.'"' "",'° - i' , mu
Thhe Iingik; tax .uwstemnqt udot Eni
wajit4a h supp f .i ofL islasta apf suh. "the
This is said de Tberatety, but in do tf ro
ftti-ndly % 1r1Gý t' b*A'ei' `wrtrhyro` ;bod
:iwspeqk 11ht y +kl!' $mr l3ý be, 11iey, jpe
can big }eg fee4 in the grgpt optifiict an
`upon rliicl ~boiety is 'a&~tttd ener - thu
M' ded'Ii alll t~y' ntered.4m ly as has
adlderl rlrjtft,,ý T 4,S4W,1C~g~t tai; snd.fla: cep
gAlismiiq free trade aup prpction. ;tioi
6idemocraoy 'an~d'aterlis iiia'ir' w
t1fualb st *crrIftthsy-fer rhienemiQ's.. ma
iRIP~tbi0g8olae,4hbey'yWould, oe inue U
,act tilat, sgclalism aims t;o `abel- '
ish .. cilfi ti~i ti¶.' irijfe :'tff xsiin. Ion
g1et t llx - dfipttlton. is; .the' cdrtier ma
gt 4e.., A p is queof ;tbq , ath ,maIpd . taut g
conditions of warfa, a con1iionjtti sin
I .. V,,6 s 'di tli~tdislflti tiE;itc'il set oi~riilcti c~u
at t rthe''s s inaiily aswngk1ejofaawmed ae
f, 4aPl$+ j! t? s eali~i g ix c)'1
etsfrecogien f irefmapidtoe anid rtteiiyiwd rn
ths1mW e ori's - us-ea ti~pt iveiureý ' :tt~ ~do or
&ii6*1rebl %b~i'1r th .th~'di b the if ath
ýiCtet trtilt theb. todt·undq .smi r ak ki
association with other paternal aq<t , t~
we recoghane aheircandor and t-a'pt
'tli khaiEe'b f' nalbllia(Sn't .dt t i h ilbsl , 1d1
4ihW A~h6ý 5 sihin>e)'3ead5mttv~5bt fire
ttlePC 4 o rfie~ theyr glib $ the; ?11t
tMe,. Chn elos concptiouno 'sim.l A
ilt 't mocrail eqf N
'9left iitajetaifrlitie?4u sn9ua'a "Wei£f$mf
tbher s aoritd,. Buthit'p sb'
Cnjvo ie ttq~ouOib.s ' 1O.o
t~ ug avidtt 4ýthe oIt a~~ 5$~~ )iattuv4
othernaieethan as phmeL iahe.nhin an
abovr £eiilthe lsiis [email protected],"d't'lt3-it )sp 6 as
`$ 5t~i; thd siixead: a itileadsa,,aritbq anot fS
leii1!}ft fe p n{P if..tlr f 41C
Mr. Chancellor's conception ot.dlem .
rIpndsirri I th ti Lea, p.of
ayflr d dtotcpei
iýýsitthaý OYf. 5hfPra ^' I.-i
ýt'b ain-d dinie -mesa's ps -
byI tiII..oP~ f l lth. .I I g, r %
$ddii~xtir~y r~
by ans htnof "ps
aindei is f thou` g`nt T4 ,es'e a
`ti~h i'' hfta 1&eK d e afh p
h n lie'Aretaof alit i dq i 1jn" tu
ýn ~en al or phº ea`1"tlrtift yme
't wHlhehiti l OIh ld rent -Is comp
bove the, less fortundqlte fxpoaelV
f IJ i.uu)itoeiete pl t pial'p~r9p %eeSd, ~e in
! YOpp, P'morme, thanto~0~eq 4 Pfpli
br wesd~a~uti o.a~ ;4iti eryn p mrofa
'f totui v i ii~ep{ G D,
sctib. no a~M ghhflobl dailsant
48c~l~ &ndid?&~. fhhr eesogii
"diiigU~h accnufts torbpf ti~sae'si1l4 o
1· is4ft~reB~dt b 9lgoA~ ~l 'Me!i 41is.1
r ithladntow wPi~hk he ppCsiid;id
,I hi.r~rpe. Ah,z.a~edpv.
,~I gFvtng "hack~ fto"ken ..iet wha Itpro
'. aueslr"d~1t isf~ cmesatscring ··~s~e! met
eI ber~a of s1orebPcityP~ fo te ee~styofas
sign-~ing the o h poe sdite,.suoh
omp bu~t~;~~~Jsrric~iehuq~ dal ~ i
bets who secure better' sitis, and in;
proportion to their advantages" In thist
tespeet., it is a mode of, egQaludin:
oond nm. rights adapted to a Isiilsas
tiish Iwhich posaession inmnomina is
There is nothln in this to suqt
any analogy sil"th. sI(14 of common
ownership Of _;machinery. Whatever
advantagedtf intn may ac *e merely
by his arahip of n)pc)4nery are
justly hi H takes no tb om oth
tra, as `dcis wh~en Jisvantages
Jere, dire i or w~l e to the
private u pwship o4 stutal vsoaaroesh
and that 4eo cotsinmon' tsobe
Tate cobuhunicatiq .:: °T di~ques YS
Phijieoe.~ ptisbe aof ri~ at. of
Mr.Clrt ,all.4s tea bud
iiy f , -i
due toi a; Tlps&, : e
mind e a ta h `? fromn
Engla where riscia aU5to
'propagan1 a" ti% º ria
bodies. after the itf~In wioJt.It
operatba upon trade {*am, bot lh
and here; and whedti single tax, as
that to Ab~d r] u
has but' it~U g osamensd ir sex >
ctiod'iii yidjulra ý priva e~Ian61erds,
lord' in ace o prlsa landlords; and:'
making ever -bddt i tengstawhetheror
filyOtbhrSgeutIal prirnmple- of -th.
singiebtaz; that tbirszs bhalbe no lsad
Qwnere, ithe.t tb state trot k1tdivIdu
lS, .'a.$that:dan shalU fall Into-tro
closes,; ocupied & privr e,. Adidb.
apteio ot+ 3moifO, I - Phipabtrevi
dently has no O " ' 1'
ýee ondiQ ioA- - ngand 'where ---;:
YatrIg' 43ill'gI lsh sca't6w
buy out Irish landlords for the benefit
of l ptarts, gydjl ft f sr;
rins 9, Iishpesans. re il
T4 des that -'
It rciwnehr3· C6ad biflb ''fort'h riii '4
Yhabto In +o l pdtkais; #.t_ :ý
,lbld+`ts it ayll+ d
pIiid,'that'iioutdded +rni .koawaib
} u B~lbi1 a jar t itBP ~, 41:~~
suz on a' i wetl 'lad
of value. L4t yts
extinguish its.zagip.u not to extin =
supposable thAt ap tarI m X10,
as to extingulb ) i6SkMU~aIh .I.
1em ion 'l''hftong 4is lato with ae 1ýýo wh r'
Ftha arapprecIptailn . o'
Larb .1 iln'en satb Way.#m s :
% h i 'thoy. *L'b4e e siI 4
l- sin) long:dtsof'Sn:wt =a molso1$ ho_
tl~w,~puvOb .1 '5g
thbe subbi Sthe bendord``s
steAd ý`'-- +t~i~~f -em Y li tit
·btrom t ta " i Of L a`
· Imsineii'Iriria~:;Lt L
,(bs;o!rP4~itielormer g~ený oft~b- onto ,.'
lant of Sa wit - otea WQlId be
thatth'pepie- intersul f Ill! "fi
fi this -ludbe years, d s
*l dq·L Jetnone sta iý If. wetbh o."S
th ulcthe eeltb ndwnte. _ .
" - to ts~.~; -;r
behel,'ai" the aewiii ~ wtrSU%)
tiiforeinotes geaer'~ioi 5
Sadatmwou&ld havebeen Swpwii
Thffin Enud of '~~the W~~W 1 Fr~in'p&o·
tfnrhriclle dd 4hei,'Easdr~crtsk :~
' lezno~Taoo.lbt the singlro tax~ wl'· be
t lrooing tbati~,ntrios, I~d`ts readrui
ii ppeshmong~the
" roei;drotJz~sr b lr~UI~tly ph~ e n~o the u
cI tJlfUb engl taia~sly a rbe:~s~ cj~
Lt IP~l~reetoatil;ada hlni'
T~i 1Een4dlosf play lbarbEngra, In the
' !ia4oTfd'rn,1awlvsr 'hai fjthease
'I Sgutei~awhbolbIihh ·t~eabe d pi62r~oweptfull
he ,LL.~c sr~rpt41·q~~o tb~sosglpta~ee
r. tir ~ia~ttee hs leased a ck'-ireula
a 4Iro i~ase4 to the s ngie ax dvocates
ieb fo3tr~S,t pups f wknngdtui
Ia me on' the suite'~bjectit; an aIIga ru
~ ottft~ rerita 'to omat cthe ~syatesi-ef u
~t $bUt taiatln undr whlehtbros loherlme
mjr classeataftS no .nr ag, aheladufisin
irms- a oinjfirorofiltewttebqgtr;;af
oh t oncea riorospia~tU rsrig· 5bt

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