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The hand that rocks the oradle Is the
hand that rules the world.
The influence of a mother, the influence
f a sister, the influence of a wife. The
world feels this influence. It shapes the
destiny of men. For a mother's sake, for
a sister's sake for a wife's sake a man will
strive to be honorable. He becomes am
bitious. He becomes successful. Happy
the household where the women folks are
cheerful, contented and happy. How
pitable the home where mother, sister or
wife lies ill. How grand the remedy that
is suited to the ills of womanhood and that
will restore nervous, sickly, aching, de
spondent women to health and strength.
Sech a remedy is I)r. John Bull's Sarsa
parilla. It is eminently the best remedy
for the weaknesses and distress incident to
and following a condition of disordered
female functions. It revives, strengthens,
and regulates the feminine constitution.
Mrs. Mary F. Wilkinson, Jackson, Tenn.,
"I was a very healthy woman before my
marriawge but dating from a miscarriage,
my health got to be very bad. My complex
ion bece:ruc sallow. I became nervous and
sleepless; I grew thin and despondent. My
appetite was fickle, and what I ate laid like
lead upon my stomach. My habits were ir
regular, and I suItered much pain. I used
presrlptlons of suveral good doctors, but
my aillments increased. A bearing down
pain alout my back and loins seemed as if
It would kill use. I was ,ubject to frequent
headaches and bilious attacks. In thiscon
dition I began a use of Dr. Bull's Sarsapa
drlla. It seemed precisely suited to my
condition. Every spoonful seemed to go
to the right spot. I s.oon showed great im
provement, and my friends rejoiced at my
retilrnlg health. I used it during the
months of March and April, and give It all
the credit for my present enjoyment of life
and good health. It Is a boon to weak and
suffering women."
Nelly Davis, Helena, Ark., writes: "Dr,
Bull's Sarsaparill: has Improved my health
wonderfully, also greatly improved my
looks. I hiaderuptions on niy skin but they
have disappeared. and I was very weak,
with no appetite, and at tinmes suffered great
pain, but now I feel quite well again."
r" Many a pale and sickly looking little
ehild has been saved by its good mother
giving it Dr. John Bull's Worm Destroyers.
''hey taste good. Price 26 cents.
irSNothlng makes a person feel so bad
as a touch of chills anld fever. Smnith's Tonic
Syrup is pleqant to take, and cures this
allment quickly.
Josn D. PARK & SoNs, Wiholesale Agents,
176, 177 and 179 Sycam'ore St., Cincinnati, O.
One copy, one year ............ $2 00
Six months........................ 1 (N)
Three months ..................... 50
Texas and Pacific Railroad:
For Marshall :
Leaves Alexandria ............4:38 p mi
For New Orleuans
Leaves Alexandria. ..........10:35 a. nm
Arrives in New Orleans ....... 7:00 p. m
Leaves New Orleans.......... 8:00 a. m
Morgan"' La. & Texas R. R:
Leaves Alexandria..............9:05 a. in
Arrives at Alexandria......... 6.05 p. in
t First-class fare from Alexandria to
New Orleans, by either of above named
roads costs 96.85.
Wednesday, - - - Nov. 25th
V'or District Jtidge.
t"' We are authorized to announce the
1;tnllle of
hs a ealdlidalt for Judge of the Tenth
Judicial D)istrict, composed of the Par
ishes of Nathiteit hes, Rapides and A voy
tiles, tsuhject to the action of the Demo
cratic Convention.
For Clerk of the Dis let Court.
We are authorized to announce tho
annle of
as a candidate for Clerk of the District
Co'rt for Rapides Parish, subject to the
action of the 1)emocratfe Convention.
I? The many fri,nds of
present him to the Parish Democratic
Convention, and ask his nomlination for
Recorder and Clerk of the Court of
For Sheriff.
lt'We are authorize4,to announce the
anemo of
as a candidate for Sheriff of the Parish of
Rapides, subject to nomination by the
Democratic Convention,
For the Legislature.
T' We are authorized to announce the
bamo of
as a candidata for the lower Honse of the
State Legislature, subject to nomination
by the Democratic party.
Town and Parish News
-District Court convenes again
to-day, when the remaining cases on
the civil docket will be completed.
-Ladies' Victoria and Piccadilly
Shirts in fancy colors and plain
white, 75 cents and $1, at Bauer &
-Mr. James Andrews, our efficient
District Attorney, left for Marksville
on Monnda, to be present at the open.
log of District Coart there.
-Sheriff Stafford, aecompanied by
Iis deputy, Mr. Dunham, left here on
Sunday with a batch of nine prisoners
for the penitentiary at Baton Rouge,
among the number being M. T. Do
zier and Calvin Hayes, who are to
serve the life penalty. The others
are to serve from one to two years.
-The commissioners to serve at
the primary elections to be hc!d in
Alexandria and Pineville on the 7th
of December, are as follows:
Alexandria--H. H. White, L. B.
Baynard, A. P. Williams.
Pineville-C. W. Boyce, Andrew
David, Leander Smith.
Ff" k,
-The new Parish Executive Com
mittee, recently appointed, is made up
as follows:
At Large: James Jeffries, F. Seip,
J. R. Thornton, E. G. Hunter, W. H.
Roberts, R. L. Luckett.
Alexandria Ward: W. T. Sanford,
Thomas Crawley.
Pineville Ward: G. W. Bolton and
E. J. Ilardtner.
Rapides Ward: C. R. Haworth and
J. A. Cruikshank.
Spring Iill Ward: John Gill and
John D. Phillips.
Cotile Ward: W. F. Texada and
C. 1l. Bluntchard.
Calcasieu Ward: Israel Perkins and
L. M. Nicholls.
HIineston Ward: J. H. Sorrelle and
John Cordukes.
Lamourie Ward: henry Rogers
and Win. Harris. (
Chenevville Ward: J. W. Sitafford
and S. F. Meeker.
Rigolette Ward . James P. Hick
man and W. W. Brashear.
-In to-day's issue will he found
the announcement of the name of Wim.
Polk, Jr, as a candidate before the I'
Democratic Convention on the 9th of
December for the nomination to the
House of Representatives. Mr. Polk n
is well known to the people of this tl
Parish as a young man of ability, Il
integrity and honesty ; he is the rep
resentative of his ward (Lamourie) on b
the Police Jury and has given univer- d
sal satisfaction. He has always been
a staunch and consistent Democrat, I,
and has cheerfully given his time and ti
aid to his party when called upon.
Mr. Polk is the only young Demwa- h
crat that has asked for one of the ti
scats in the Hiouo of Representatives
from this Parish for years and we
hope that the convention will recog
size thi. request of the young d'moc
racy, and by nominating our young
friend reiognize in him a true and
worthy representative of the young
D)emocracy of Rapides l'urish.
-In to-day's paper we utlhlisih the i
announcement of Oaptain David 'I'. y
Stafford, as a candidate for re-election a
to the office of Sheriff of this Parish, .
subject to the nomination of the Der.- i
ocratic Convention. As yet, we have a
heard of no opposition to the gentle- a
man, which insures his election-and a
well it is that such a osoutlusion has
Ibeen reached, for M[r. Stafford has
made a competent and faithful officer.
The Convention and the Democratic t
party will do well to re-nouuiuate Mr.
Stafr rd.
-The Confirnmatin.services at tihe
Episcopal Church on Sunday, con- I
ducted ly Itight Rev. David See
sutrs, D. D., Biishop coadjutor of I
L,uisiana, were of a nigitly interest
ing naturo. The church was well
filled with ladies and gentlemen. The
Bishop is a finished scholar and one r
of the most learned divines in the
South. lie is a most liuent talker,
Ihenece his discourse was gteatly en- I
jeyedil. The Bishop was at Lamourie ,
on Monday and at Cheneyvillo yes
-Mr. C. L R:nsdell, dlepiuty clerk
of the District Court at Alexandria,
andl whoVwC expe'rience in this special
line of Iusiness has earned fr him a
reputation and a name, anctounces to
his firiends throughout this Parish, in
this issue, that he will bie a canididate
fr Clerk at the aplproaching Parishl
nominating convention. If strict fi
delity to duty, honesty and integrity
are tile qualifications for this position,
thin "Kit," as hle is calleod, is the mtan
of men for the place.
-Mr. James Andrews, our present
District Attorney and a lawyer of
Iablility and prominence, is announce.i
as a candidate for the District Judg
ship of the Tenth Judicial District
composed of Avoyelles, Rapides and
Natchitoches, in the present issue of
the DEIXocRAT. The gentleman is
highly popular throughout the ad
joining Parishes and possesses in an
eminent degree the necessary qualifi
catioem to fill this high position.
-Primaries will he held in Ac,
dia Nov. 26; Assumption Dec7; Cad
do Dec. 2; Calcasien Dec. 5; Grant
Nov. 27; Ilerville Dec. 2; Jefferson
'Fov. 28; St. Bernard Nov. 28; St.
tlMartin Nov. 29 'Pangipaho Dec. 5;
Vermuillion Nov. 28; Vernon Nov. 28;
.Washintig oll Dee, ,i; Webter Dec, d,
There are twenty-six parishes which
have not as set a day.
-Outside of Col. J. C. Wise, whose
Sname for Senator was mentioned in
the DEMOCRAT a few weeks ago, no
one has puhblicly announced for that
most important position. The old
SDemocratic war horse more than de
serves this hligh honor in the gift of
the people.
t - --**-~··-
S-So far there are five candidates
1for Clerk announced, viz: Messrs.
Ranasdell, Kilpatrick, Maddox, Hick
I man and Beatty.
-We acknowledge the receipt of
v the Boyce Headlight, and exchange
with pleasure.
Come to Us for Cheap
Job Printing,
-Judge Blackman, accompanied
by his wife, went to New Orleans on
Mcnday. They are to return shortly.
--Wm Polk, Jr., will surely he
nominated for the Legislature from
this Parish. Who will be his col
-Mr. and Mrs. S. Cullen are in
New Orleans. Mr. Cullen will go un
der medical treatment.
-Mrs. G. O. Watts, accompanied
by her son and daughter, left for Ken
tucky on a visit to relatives last week.
-Mrs. Major E. B. Pendleton and
her daughter, Miss Alice, have re
turned from Shreveport. They had I
,een away several weeks.
-Capt. Thos. C. Wheadon, of the
"free State" of Mooreland, was in the
city on Monday. His friends were
pleased to see and greet himl.
Good Looks.
Good looks are more than skin deep,
depending upon ahealthy condition of all
the vital organs. If the Liver be inactive
.ou have a Bilious Look, if your stomach
he disordered you have a Dyspeptic Look I
and if your Kidneys be affected you have
a Pinched Look. Secure good health and 1
you will have good looks. Electric Bit- 1
tors is the great alterative and Tonic
acts directly on these vital organs. 1
Cares Pimples, Blotches, Boils and gives I
a good complexion. Sold at Eagle drug
store, 50c. per bottle.
District Court.
On LFrlday last the following par
tiez., fund guilty at the recent term
of the I)istrict Court, were brought
before Judge Blackman and sen
tenced as follows :
State vs. B ºh Rnxsdale; assault
and battery. Fined $2.60 with costs.
State vs. W. H. Hastings; selling
liquor to minors Frned $25 and
State vs. James Thigpen; assault
and battery. Fined $2.50 and costs.
State vs. SiSn Tyer, lartceny. Three
months in the pari-h prison.
State vs. John Jackson, concealed
weapons. Fifteen days in the parish
State vs. George Milligan; con.
cealed weapons. Twenty days in the
piarish prison and costs.
State vs James Johnston, larceny.
Fifteen monthls in the penitentiary.
State vs. Henry Johnston, larceny.
Two years in the pemntentiary.
State vs Gee. Butler, concealed
weapons. Not sentenced
State vs. Andrew Reed, manslaugh
ter. Ten years in the penitentiary.
State vs. John Simmns, attempt to
rape. Two years in thie penitentiary.
M. T. Dozier, murder. Penitentia
rv for life.
State vs John Jackson, perjury.
Eighteen months in the penitentiary.
State vs. Bert. Thompson, larceny.
Two years in the penitentiary.
-Dinitug and Room Chairs in
Wood, Cane and Carpeted seats at
Bauer & Well's.
--The official anti journal of the
State is rejoicing because, as it pre
tends to think, the country parishes
are going agaitnst MeEnery and true
democracy. For the life of us we
can't see where the jubilation comes
in on the Adams side. Twenty-one
have held primaries; eleven have de
olared unanimously in favor of Mo
Enery; eight have positively gone for
Adams; one is contested, and onue,
whilst against MeEnery, is also in
structed against Mr. Adams To
sum up from the country parishes, we
have for MIcEnery 112 delegates; for
Apame 113 delegates; uninstructed, but
against Adamns, 11 delegates; and
contested 1, delegates. We are sat
ilsfied with the country parishes.
-There were two fire alarms saoun
ded last week. On both occasions
our fire boys rushed to the scene, but
luctkily the 'blazes' were put out he
fore they had arrived, hence their ser
vices were not needed.
-Several burglaries have been
comrmitted in Alexandria of late; it
behooves our police to be on the alert
and try and overhaul some of these
nimble fingered cusses.
-Ducks have been plentiful in
Town the past week; but they have
been selling higher than usual.
NIr~-- -t1W~I
PEPSONAL--Dr. I. L. Randolph
ruturned from New Orleauson Sunday.
-OF.TIiE- 61
-TO THE- an
Constitution of the State of Loisiana of
- sot
1890. 801
- sti
IN pursuance of the provisions of the an
Constitution, publication is hereby made po
and given to the qnalitied electors of the
State of Louisiana of the proposed amend- Se
ment to the Constitution of this State, thi
which has been concurred in by two- on1
thirds of all the members elected to each
House of the General Assembly of this o
State, at the regular session thereof, held
at the City of Baton Rouge, in the year i
1890, and which is required to be pub
lished for the infor:mation of the qualified
electors of this State for three months sln
pre.:eding the general election for Repre- Sts
sentatives, and which proposed amend. ani
meat more fully appears in Act No. 153, vi
of the Regular Session of 1890, which is
hereafter officially published for the ill- si
formation of the qualified electors of this
State, and which will be submitted to ye
them for their approval or rejection at thn
the next general election, which will be tier
hehld on Tuesday, the 19th day of April, r
1892, (it being the Tuesday next follow- we
ing the third Monday of said month) in tie
such mannller and form that the qualified Ge
electors may vote foir or against said tot
almendment; and if a majority of the
qualified electors voting at said election, ag
shall approve and ratify said proposed 19A
amlendment, then such proposed almend- Pe.
meat, so appreved and ratitied, shall he- ral
cone a part of the Constitution of this
State, oil
No. 153.] AN ACT dn
Providing for the slbnission to the elec- ge
tors of the State for adoption or rejec- ti
tion, an amendment to the Constit- tio
tion of the State by inserting therein in
"An article of Levees, Schools, Chari- of
ties, Pensions, Drainage, Lotteries and wi
General Fund." is I
Sl.ctros 1. Be it enacted by the Gene- sai
ral Assembly of the State of Louisiana, era
That the following amendment to the no
Constitution of the State be submitted to thi
the electors for approval or rejection, as
provided in article two hnndced and Sp
fifty-six of the Constitution, and if adopt
ed, the said amendment shall read as Li
In aid ef the levees, schools, charities,
pensions, drainage and general fund
hereinafter named, the following con
tract is now lmade. In consideration of
the-sum of thirty-one millions two hn1n
dred and fifty thousand dollars to be fully Pi
secured and paid as hereinafter provided, m,
John A. Morris, his heirs, agents and F
assigns, are hereby authorized and em
powered for the term of twenty-five years
enshing the first day of January, 1894, to
prepare schemees of lotteries, to sell lot
tery tickets and to draw and conduct lot
teries in this State. Said smn shall be lha
paid to the T'reasurer of the State by the Es
persons conducting the business pursuant
to this contract, in one hundred equal 81
installments, whereof each installment pe
shall be paid on or before the first days of ch
Jaltlnry, April, July and October in each
and every year during said term; and an
the Treasurer upon the receipt of each of
said installments shall apply the iamu as its
follows :
To the Public Schools of the State.-Threeio
hundred and fifty thousand dollars annu
ally, payable quarterly in advance, as1 i
above provided, which snot shall be dis- ch
tribnted to each parish in the prol,portion
prescribed by article two hundred and di
twenty-four of tile Constitutie. b
To Levees.-Three hundred and fifty
thousand dollars annually, payable quar- BI
terly in advance, as above provided,
which stnm shall be distributed among
the Levee Districts of the State or ap
plied to levee purposes in the proportions ki
and in the manner provided by law for bi
the distribution and application of the
one mill tax levied under Article 213 of gs
the Constitutionl
To Charities--One hundred and fifty pt
thousand dollars aunually, payable quar- F
terly in advance, as above provided, of
which sum111 eighty thousand dollars shall
be applied to the hospitals established
by the State; forty thousand dollars 'o
State insane asylums; twenty-~tive thou
sandt dollars to Stitte institutionlls for the (
deaf, dumb andt blind; five thousand dol
lars to the Soldiers' Honie.
Tb Pltasions.-Fifty thousand dollars
annually, payable quarterly in advance, T
as above provided, to the lpensioning of f
disabied, intirm, or indigent Confederate
soldiers, citizens residlent in Loiisiana.
To the City of New Orleans for Drainage I
and Other Santeary Purposes.-One hnn
dred thousand dollars annually, payable
quarterly it advance, as above provided,
the expenditure of said sum and the man
agecment and the coutrol of the samne to C
be determined by the General Assemblyv,
which is hereby directed to carry into
efe~ct this provision by appropriate legis- 0
To the oGeaeral Fund.--Two hundred
and fifty thousand dollars annually, pay
able quarterly in advance, as above pro
The several snms of money above spec- b
ified shall be devoted to the objects alnd 5
purposes hereinbefore stated, and the c
General Assembly is hereby directed to ti
carry into effect this provision by appro- ii
priate legislation.
Said John A. Morris. hisheirsor agents, b
shall within twenty days from the date d
Sof the adoptiol of this article, file in the -
offiice of the Secretary of State a written
acceptance by himt or theml of this con
tract, and for the protection of the State g
anld the security of the public, this con- I
tract is made upon the txpress condition
that said John A. Morris, his heirs or
Sagents, shall within thirty days from the
date of the adoption of this article file in
the office of the Sedretary of State a de
claration in writing, signed by him or
thelnm and six other persons, signifying
their consent to form the corporation
hereinafter named, and the said John A.
Morris shall file therewith his bond with
good and solvent sureties, residents of
this State, in the sum of five million dol
lars, said bond to be in favor of and ac- I
cepted by the Auditor of the State; the
Scondition of said bond shall be that the
said Morris, his agents or assigns, shall
Spay to the State of Louisiana the said
sum of thirty-olne million two hundred
and fifty thousand dollars at the dates
and in the manner herein set out and
shall faithfully perform all the obliga
tions herein contained; and thereupon
the persons signing the said declaration
shall be thereby constituted a corpora
tion under the name and title of "The
Louisiana Lottery Company," whereof
the capital stock shall be five million
-dollars, represented by fifty thousand
shares of one hundred dollars each, at
least twenty per cent. theroofto be forth
with fully paid up, and which corpora
1tion shall be and continue during the
Speriod of this contract, and shall have all
the rights and powers possessed by cor
t porations generally as defined by the pre
sent Civil code of the State, and shall be
liable for the mloneys herein directed to
be paid to the Treasurer of the State, and
for all prizes to be drawn in said lotte
Sries, ana shall be entitled to receive
semi-annually from the persons conduct
Sing the business under this eontract fifty
per cent. of the net profits of the said
busiuess, and in consideration of the pay
Smient of said sum of thirty-one million
two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, I
i n iunstallmeut as a aforeid, said corpora.
tion and the shares of stock therein and
the business authorized by this contract"
and the revenues and receipts thereof,
shall be exempt from all taxes, does,
assessments, impositions and licenses of
any kind whatever, whether State, par
ish, ninnicipal or otherwise. The powers
of said corporation shall be vested in a
board of directors to consist of seven per
sons, who may make and establish rules
and by-laws for the proper management
and regulation of its affairs. The per.
sons signing said declaration shall con
stitute the first board of directors and
shall serve for the termt of olie year from
the time of the tiling of said declaration
and until their successors are duly ap
All lotteries other than those author
ized by this article are prohibited in this
State, unless by similariaumendmusmt to a
this Constitution and for not less thatn 3
one million two hundred and fifty thou
sand dollars per annum. All provisions
of the Constitution and laws of this State
inconsistent or in any way conflicttug
with this article are declared to be super
ceded hereby.
Sac. 2. Be it further enacted, That it
shall be the duty of the Secretary of
State to publish the foregoing proposed
amendmeut in accordance with the pro
visions of article two hundred and fifty
six of the Cousitution, withiu ninety
days after the first day of January in the
year eighteen hundred and ninetyjr one.
Sa. 3. Be it ifrther enacted, That at
the next general election all electors who
detsire to vote for said amendment shall
write or print upon their ballots the
words, "For the Levees, Schools, Chari
ties, Pensions, Drainage, Lotteries and
General Fund anlendmeut," and all elec
tors who desire to vote at said election
against said amendment shall write or 1
print upon their ballots the words,
"Against the Levees, Schools, Charities,
Pensions, Drainage, Lotteries and Gene
ral Fund amendment."
Sac. 4. Be it further enacted, That all
officers charged with elections or the con
duct of the returns thereof under the
general election laws, shall at the time S1
they give notice of the said general elec
tion also give notice of the election here
in ordered for the adoption or rejection
of the proposed amendment. and shall
without other direction or authority than
is herein contained make due returns of T
said election in conformity with the gen
eral election laws in so far as they are
not inconsistent with or in conulict with ·
this act.
[Signed] S. P. HENRY,
Speaker of the House of Representatives.
Lieutenant Governor and President of
) Witness my signature and
L. S. the seal of the State of Lou
Sisiana, at the City of Baton
Rouge, this. 29th day of August, 1891.
Secretary of State.
Rolled Beef, Fulton Market and
Pickled Beef at Butner & Weil's Mam
moth Grocery, Front stteet, opposite
Ferry landing.
Consumption Cured.
An old physician, retired from practice,
having had placed in his hands by an
East India missionary the formula of a
simple vegetable remedy for speedy and
permanent cure of Consumption, Bron- j
chitis, Catarrh, Asthma and all throat
and Lung Affections, also a positive and
radical cure for Nervous Debility and all
Nervous Complaints, after having tested I
its wonderful curative powers in thou- 1
sands of cases, has felt it hiesdty to wake
it known to his suffering fellows. Aet
nated by this motive and a desire to re
lieve human sunffering, I will send free of
charge, to all who desire it, this reeipe,
in German. French or English, with full
directicns for preparing and using. Sent
by mail by addressing with stamp naming
this paper. W A. Novas, 820 Powers'
Block, Rochester, N. Y.
Now is the time to buy your blan- k
kets. Bauer & Weil's is the place to
bhun them. Brown blankets at $1.25;
grey blankets at $1.50 and $1.75;
white blankets at $1.25 to $15.00
per pair. Front street, opposite the
Ferry lading.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
When Baby wan sick, we gave her Castora.
When she was a Child, she cried for Castort, t
When she became Mis, she clung to Castorla,
Wbanahehbad Children, she ga.vethem CastoriLa.
-Bauer & Well are receiving fresh
Groceries daily, and their prices are
lower than elsewhere. Front street,
opposite Ferry landing.
BRcklen's Arica Salve.
The best Salve in the world for cuts,
.bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
sores, totter, chapped hands, chilblains,
corns and all skin eruptions, and posi
tively cures piles, or no pay required. It
is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction
ar money refuanded. Price 25 cents per
box. For sale by Jdcob Geiger, Eagle
drug store.
(Piver's French
Nerve Remedy,)is
· soldwithaWrltte
." Garntee to cure
. nllNervousdiseas
·r es, such as Weak
SUlemorv.y, Loss ot
S.Brain Power, Ner
I vousnes H cad
SEFIoRa AND AFTER USE. ache, Wakeful
ness, Lost Manhood. Lassitude. ll drains and loss
Sf poweriecitbcr sex, caused by over-exertiOn or
youtbfittndidcretion, which ultimatel. lead to In
Si mity, Consumption and Insanity. nrice, $5.0o a
package. With every $S order we give a wites
glUrmateo aura er refund moey!. By ml tO
any address. PIVR'S REMEYOV C,., Teleoaw,0.
YALXANDRIA, LA., Nov. 24, 1891,
The members of Lamonrie Ward Demo.
Scratic Club are requested to meet at La
monrie Bridge, on Wednesday, December
2. 1891, at 3 p. m. A full attendance is
Srequested. By order of:
fE. B. PENDLETON, Sec'y.
' DR.- N.- B.- GARNER,
e Oflce on Beau
regard, between
Front and Sec
ound streets.
SOfiee hours
d from 8 o'clock
a. m. to 4 p. m.
, P Gas administered. Crown and bridge
Swork done.
tfanufacturer and Dealer in
Long Leaf Pine and Cypress
- AND-
Shingles, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Etc., Eta.
Post Of/ice Box 111. ALEXANDRIA, LA.
Tank Factory Planing Mill.
Estimates Furnished on Application.
i selling at New Orleans wholesale prices to the jobbing trade, and offering
special inducements to rebnyers. The stock consists
in part as follows:
Drugs, - Chemicals, - Paints,
-and- A
FrontGandBeoau regardnStreets,
Daisy- Omnibus - Line
Saddle Horses ALWAYS ON HAND.
D E 17TIST ,
Gas administered] for the painless ex
traction of teeth. 'Crown and bridge
work done. Ofice hours, 8:30 a. im. to
4:30 p. m.
Office and Dental Parlors in Alberts
New lBuilding-up Stairs.
[Member American Institute of
r superintendance f-r buildingbs ofany
style. All the modern ideas in Terra
Cotta, Tiles, Iron and Glass, ote. Resi
dences, Stores, Warehouses, Factories
and Mills designed and erection super
" !
A pamphlet of Information and ab
S stract of the laws, showing How to
~Obtain Patents. Caverts. Trade
Marks. Copyrlbhta, sent freo.
Addesr MUNN At CO.
3-61 Broadway.
New Tork.
r -A fall line of Trunks and Sat
chels at IBauer & Weil's, Front street,
opposite Ferry Landing.
, New Orleans,La. Alexandria, La.
Stemnber 15th. Liberal advances
made on consignments. Your businease
Is solicited. Highest Cash Prices paid for
Cotton of all grades. 1[Sop 1 '91.
Bottling Works.
lMXO, - iAiAIU AI - Nw,8
ALL -P S . lllA - WMIm
Botled Champ.qne Cider, Barreled and
Keg Cider.
Wt We guarantee that only pure mate
rials are used, free from any injurious
substances, and ARE NOT ALCOHOLIC.
Orders solicited front the anarounding
towns and from plantations and country
Families Supplied. Satisfaction. is
Guara tee .
ON raNpidly and honorablyý tbam of
IO N erMex, torl atlMaan
M lll • w oen,nart.yalll.ASr
oe oan doll wOdlk.hle y tow.
We f urnish eerything. We start yo. Ito iek. aT om sIdao
yomr tpun m.mna, or all yor imet. to he w olk. Tbis u
eatlntly toewtdadaad bbluga dTirW d .ocaa t ena .y woaker.
&otnlmnan r. mlnat from S1i to 505 parws uhrsnlq
ad tmote alr liat.e epe- W.a cam nihahyca eb alrn
ployment and oath you Fts ,. Jotsito a hats. Vai
I|nfmomaton rUUs. 'RUNl e cO-., ACrjTiA, 5* .
Land . Dealers
Sugar and Cotton Farms and
Farming Lands, Mill
Sites, etc.
cant lands in Alexandria and ad
joining towns. Accurate estimates of all
kind of timber made. We have had
many years experience in this line and
guarantee satisfaction Taxes paid for
and non-resident lands looked after. Ab
stracts of titles furnished. Owners or
any kind of lands, houses, lots or vacant
property who desire to sell will do well to
call and see us, as we have an extenlve
acquaintance and believe that we can
find a purchesor if any one can.
Ofice corner Ilhird and Jackson streat,
One square south of the
Post Office.
RFranxCE--W H Howcott, New Or
leans; Hon Dan T Settoon, Clerk District
Court, Amite Ciiy, La; Judge Wm Dun
can, Baton Rouge, La; John H Kirby,
Woodville, Texas; Hon Wm F Vila. ex.
Secretary of the Interior Madison, Wis
cousin; Honorable LI H McCord,
Member Congress, Merrill, Wis; Hon Joe
H Woodworth, Ex .Register United States
Land Office, Waupaca, Wis; Robinson &
Flinn, Detroi', Michigan; and others if
desired. [Aug 27 90-1y.
Opposite the City Ha1
Sign of the Big am!
Best Family Groceries
Always on Hand.
Specialty Made of Fine Cigars
and Tobacco.
SFine Wines and Liquors,
Goods received by every boat and every
train, making everything
is nice and fresh.
ir Pcie to Suit the Tioes.

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