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I)E \V)Ci}AT.
3IUIJLf;Y . Ii).,- - --P Irirt11ors.
\V. (;. MiOBtLIE ..........E itu
third little Miss tle e m laid mil
congratu 'Iations to i lfa arid 1ma1 in
-The Pl ;iulists seem1 to he using
so-called free silver l)eniicratis
very efteetually as cats-p.aws to
4dra w the free silver chestnutls out
of the lire.
-If lu the teiglihorhooid of Mr
Simon \Veil's, on lIayou lYapides,
call ini andl get a bottle of I)r. SC1
vester's Specilice for B1ots, Colic ami
'Tlymilniait(es in lorse,, muhls a11
nOws. You will be highly Pl,'e;ised
wvith it.
-The uhiiluitous alnd oaili
present i idivinoal, bett,'r know ii
as the '"cal;amity howler", i abroad
in the land, with his dileful proI h
ecies of ruin, disaster anl dev;s
tation, unless thle lree, iiIde ,eidl
cut and unlimited eoin, g]e of silvel
is adopted.
---So-cl'ed nii,,.alic Le goes
are heing forhiedl ;t va3rious iai'eg8s
inii the State, lint we protest that
it is a misnorner. Th'ley should bhe
denoiinated, what they aetnally
are, Fiee Silver Leagues. Every
holy is in favor of bimet:llisui,
but not of free coinage.
-It is said that the "s.ilvei
tongued" eloquence of Col. \V. C.
P'. Breckinridge, was not heard in
the recent state convention of Ken
tacky, the ftist time such a thing
has happened in thirty yeais.
Il is fail ure to come to time on this
oc:casion,, however, is quite likely
due to an avengii'g Nenmesis, bet
ter known as Madeline I'oilar',
who has been a bete noire in the p"o
litcal path way of the once honor
ed n11(1 (istiinguishl d KIenttuckian,
for the past twelve months.
-Kansas has suddl8l(hly grow n
ohl iv her youth, says n1111 ex
change. There are twenty weli
built towns in that State without
an inhabitant. Saratoga has a
$30,0o)0 opera house, a large brick
hotel, a $50,000 school house and
a number of fine business hIouses.
and yet there is not a single per
sne to claim l that ( ity 18 as a11 home.
Fargo, once: an incorilorated ci r
1ll1( I1 c( nulllty sReat. is iow inltiha i.
ted by a hit(lhr and his tfa ili
alone.--l beiv ille South.
The depopulatiou of these towns
--like everything else nlder the
asuiln-is chargeable to the (alIhged
demlonetization of silver. Of
course, the grass hoPlper; blizzard
aniid general flilure of crops, had
nothing to do wi'h it.
Judge Davey, who is suploseid to(
have represented the only forumidal
ble Opliosition to Governor Foster
in New Orle.ns, has withdhraws,
fronl the leadership of the ua ti
Foster forces. '1he ward bosse's
have all fillen into line and will
support his Exeeltenry. '1'is
means thait hie will have a virtual
"walk (ivel" for ireniomiuiiiot 1?, so
far as Oi leans is Concetri(d. As
yet, the attituide of the iuirail atr-
ishes h1s not teen 1 foreshadowed,
hut one thing is as iertaiin as the
Sun rises 1m11(1 sets andt the Stars
shine at night, anod that is, that it
is Foster gainsrit lthe ficld or any.I
1body to beat F;str', but tie hnlis
have Iiot y'ot dttctrmiiied jl:on llad
slectled that fortunite iidivianlil.
lie will Ie groomed amul 'entbrid'
in tihe ral.c' .It a later dt;v.
I-T'le dtlini',('T'ralic: pilrss c-f this
State is lanist : unit ou the pirop
osilionr th.t tthei fiancii l q(I'Stioni
is purely a national tine ial shoiil
Holt prolwr'ly be brougiht intto lthe
State ilpaign. -f( 1ton 1It.uge
-The I ci m hotes tillhe Adrone,.
the Ihervill(e Sofh 1111(l the A:ex
01(1t ri;)I)ErO('uAT Olfe JI't tb'
uonly ldemioeratic papers' i in ,Lisi
anii. As they s'eem to tie iiaut
the largest per centage of tiose
, ho nie a 0 unit against iltrotliing
the financial qjcestiOln iliho Stat"
politits, we take it for granted tthat
,,f his boot to the b.hilhce i' of us
us out oflhe l,:,itY.-[t'alital It, i.
-If cot'rere Annis w\il esauinei
his exchat .i'"s a little ore chisely,
we thi1k he will fimi that a Irge
majority of the I)ewuoo'at, lapels of
- t he 51t:1e, a ic opj'toilsed L t the' ini
*jeetioi of the' 5 silver qidstion into
.the, State cnmign. Neither do
they intblc ht! t+ it'the l)mr)c:tic :
r:l'y shiall bI' Ic l sttule;vl oin iri'
'' ,unt. ot' an,1 si 'i i,,..dio ,'4; l hero se .
As was to have been expected,
the trial of Bob Fitzsiinmoils, the
innrderous puigilist, in New York,
last week, for tlhe killing of his
a rtagonist, (Jon it iordan in the
plize iifg, reulted in an acquittal.
O)i ' coulr"', it \V.s an Itccident. ieh
did i 't initeind to kill him. But
the S:et'l;i;l iigledielts of alln
silghter wcle Iresellt anllt if tlhe
Ij ry had Ieeul observant of their
o;tis, be o\ulld have been con
\ic!ded t of that ;fl'cnse. This de
r-ltdiug xhiiiitlion of brutal provw
vs iust Iº 'e supprlessed at all haz
iOrds. Il ii I.ilz-iZiowios been con
vic teld--s lie cdeserved to have
beenl-an I been consigned to the I
p. iit i iar y hit lifie, it would have
i xcrc:isned a \\ ihileCsome etfl et in de
tI'rrinig this ciass of pugnacious
slportsmen fromn entering the pugil
isiic arena, aid thus have saved
the lives oi pi.rhapls a score of un
ftrttunate jiigilists; whose only ob
je.t in einteilg the ring, is to se
a:cure a handu(lo:me competene ii ltch
ooner than it could be done be
iWe.l pwi ilow handles.
Ouer free silver frieids denou nce
the "criime of 1873," as the cause
of the late financial, panic, low
!iric:es of cottoni and wheat and
Sgeinrall ii.dustiial and agi icultural
lr' .1,rc ;iull. But, with their usual
c. ;stil, cy, they have absolutely
1i gotten to advise the lpeople to
what eanse is to be attributed the
gradual iiicrease of wages and re
utrniing wave of prosperity which
is swveeping over the country. The
'-crime," whatever it may have
been, has not been and is in no
inituidiate danger of being recti
tifd. Therefore, if they ate cor
reet in their 1premises, they lead
them to ulsound and illogical con
clusions. They must either recede
ironi the untenable position which
they have assumed or advise the
public as to the cause-ascribed
by them to the wrong source-for
the unexpected faivorable chanige
in the financial and general busi
ness interests of the country. It
is not necessary for all to speak at
o0ce. One at a time will do. We
don't want to, be overwhelmed
with the same kind of unsubstan
tial and illusive theories.
how's This!
WVe ofe:r One Hundred Dollars rcward
for any case of Catarrh that cannot be
cured by hall's Catarrh Care.
Proprietors, Toledo, Ohio.
We, the underoigncdl, have known F.
.J. Clhney3 for the last 15 years, and lie
lieve him pi rfectly honorable in all bnsi
Ines transaetions a lid inancially able to
calry out any obligations made by their
firc. \EST & TRUAx,
Wh'hlesale Druggists, Toledo, Oh;o.
Wholl,-sale Druggists, Toledo, Ohio.
li -lhil's Calarrh Cnre is taken inter
tolly, nctilig dlirectly upon the blood and
mucous surfaces of the system. P'rice,
77 cents per bottle. Sold by all Dirug
gidte. Testimnonials fi'ee.
free coilnage of silver might in
crease tile per caplita circulation in
ten or twelve years, provided, it is
not followed by a total expulsion
of ghl firom tile country; but what
nmii woman or child will have any
,;oee of it than they have to-day,
uiless it is acquired by honest and
Itgitimate toil or fortunate specu
latiun ? This is a financial eonun
drun, which Ihe free silver advo
intes have thus far faiiled to solve.
iI our ojiinioii, it is incapable of
silutiin. But those who are seek.
ilng the suffra;ges (,f the Ieople
upon Ihis noow apl,irently popular
iiolty, shoullll lie. refquired to de
umnlsIsrat;le explicitly just how nad
il \whi;it manner the adoption of
t'ree eoiiige, will liut more money
in: the piclkets of the lolasses or the
la ioriiiig c(l;isses.
-What the peo!,le of this lparish
wn'lit to kinow ir¢, s ()szov. Floster a
,i'ii'ge of" silver at the ratio iit Il
t l q.- 'lital Itrn.
iWe shoull like to knlow how
ilro. ,Xiis acquired tie iiforira
lin thI t t le Ipei le of his Parish
are so dirlltry iiiteistel ill the
It 1,my IatI tint he has 1-lt their
polilic! lilulses corrl.etly, but it
'(ut.(il ,I tO us that the friends of
(overnoor Ioster do liot care ''a
SconhtiIIental" as to his positio) on
the -ll albsorbihig silver Iquestioll
1ald inte.d to supl)ort him inde
pel(ltdently of that or any otlher
Selllemerall hIeresy.
-Thi re is only fifty cents worth
of l diftirenle between the green
b:wk creze of a few s ears ago 1id
theo free coinage heresy of to lday.
The ti:rmer was based on worth
less paper, while tIhe litter lhts lij
ty ree:l-i .',or'tlr of nit|al to Sustain
Another Plaintive Blast From the
Silver Bugle.
Every ill that flesh or the body
politic is heir to, has been ascri
bed to the "monumental crime ofd
1873." We had suplposed that tihe
catalogue of ills was complle:e and
that io morte could arise or be at
tributed to this sonice. But it re
mains tfr Senator Stewart, the sil
ver magnate of Nevada, to startle
the cou..try with the proposition,
that the "great crim'e" against civ
ilization, clhiistianity, morals and
even liberty itself has been the
prime cause of decreasing the mar
riage relation between the sexes.
The Nevada silver millionaire is
quite positive that only those who
tleal in money are able to get mar
ried and support wives. While
it may be generally tiue that a
muan of means is better able to
rear, support, maintain and edu
cate a family, than a pauper or
tramp, yet it by no means follows
that mnatrimony has decreased or.
even it it has, is it to be attributed
to the cause which he alleges.
The Scnator has an immnense
amount of silver bullion which he
is anxious to unload upon the Fed
eral Tr,asury. An equitable di
vision of this among the poor peo
ple who are pecuniarily unable to
get man ied, would be a more sub
stantial token ofhis coirmiseration,
than the public expression of an
opinion entirely unsupported by
ifacts or figures.
-Private John Alleii, of North
Mississippi, better known as the
intimitable humorist and clown of
the house of Rtepresentatives, has
announced himself as a. candidate
on a frie silver platform, to suc
ceed General James Z. George,
whose term in the United States
Senate expires March 4th 1890,
but whose successor will be
chosen by the Legislature of 1806.
,'Private John" has made an ex
cetlent record and been a very
good member of the House. Lie
has generally voted for the best
interests of his congressional dis
trict, the State anud entire nation
and has always been able by his
witticisms to excite the risibilities
of the llou'se and galleries, but
the people of Mississippi want
something more substantial than
a mere buff'on to represent them
in the Senate of the United States.
Hence, it is quite probable that
"Private John" must either re.
linquish his Senatorial aspirations
or be relegated to the obscurity of
private life, after the expiration of
his present conugressional term.
beats", who loaf on the street
corners, whittle pine boxes autd
make their poor wives support
then., have beeni imbued by the
Creator with a monopoly of finan
cial knowledge, that is in their
own estimation. The astate finan
ciers of the civilized world are
"niot in it" in comiaarison with
these prophetic oracles of finance.
The country is doomed and there
is but one salvation, so say the
street corner croakers and that is
the free coinage of silver. To this
plaintive appea!, the office seeker,
politician and demagogue unites
his piteous wail of lamentation
and the people immnnediately ac
quiesce, in order to be rescued
from the Iliad of woes, which the
prophetic vision of these political
soothsayers, discernt in the dim
vista of the remote future. Free
coinage it is, must andti shall be or
the American shipDwill be strand
ed upon the same rock, upon which
sank into eternal oblivion, the
then bright hopes of the Roman
LIsIoN.--A death occurred in
Louisville, Ky, several days ago,
from injui .s receivedl in a collis
ion bet ween two bicycles. )Dr. Ed
ward It'alner, a promllinept physi
cian, is the viclim of the collision.
lie was kniocked dlowa, run over
by both rider and bicycle andtl died
from internal hemorrhage in a fiw
hurs. Yet it \is seriously con
telnded by tihose who, indulge in
I his slpeties of locomotion, that it
is entirely harmless. unattended
with danger aind ought not to be
restricted flom the freedom of the
-It is a matter of no signifi
canee that the Colorado Democrat
ic convention declared for free
silver. It certainly would not be
foolish enough to take any action
which would jeopardize the prin
cilpal industry of the State. Free
silwvrism is about as essential
to the.lrosperity of Colorado,. as
the ,proverbial .)utch is to the ex.
istei:ce of Ilollaud.
We hear a good deal of talk
about the "crime of 1873," and
the demonetization of silver, two
strings on which the advocates of u
free silver delight to play, yet if 1'
any person will stop to seriously
analyze the question, they will 1
speedily realize that the act of 1
1873 was considered for several
months by Congress and given L
the greatest possible publicity be
fore it was passed, and that silver 6
has never been demonetized in ati
sense of the word. WVebater de
fines the term "demonetize" as:
"'To deprive of value, or withdraw
from circulatiotn." All who bhan
dlie money, even the smallest quain
tities, know that silver has neither
been deprived of its value, nor ,
withdrawn from circulation; but,
on the other hand, its circulation
has been encouraged by the na
tional government by making it
receivable for all dues, and its I
parity with gold has been scrupu. I
lously aid steadily maintained.
It is only the unthinking people
who accept the arguments, or
rather the assertions, entirely uin
sustained by facts, of the free sil
verites, that silver has been demon
etized, and discriminated against
by the government. The treas
iury vaults at Washington are now ,
full of the white dollars, and the
reason therefor is that the people l
do not want them, preferring i
either paper or gold for the sake
of convenience in the transaction
of ordinary business. The fact is
notorious too, that the coinage of '
silver dollars.has never been sus
pended, the output of the mints
for the month of May having been
$150,180, and the average for each
calendar month of the year thus
tar $170,094. This does not look
as it silver had been demonetized,
or that it had been discriminated
against, or that we are to loose it
trom circulation.
This plain statement of facts
should knock some at least of the
arguments or thel assertions of the
free silverites silly, and cast dis
credit on others they make whihl
trying to boost up free coinage.
So far as the State of Mississippi
is concerned we venture to say
there are not a hundred men in
the Mtate who do not believe in
silver as a part of the curreneý
system of the nation, and who d,.
not desire to see its use continued,
but they want its value preserved.
as it is now, by the guarantee of
the governument, and not destroy
ed, as it will be, if we have free
coinage and the white metal turn
ed loose promiscuously to stand
upon its own merits and alone
without the credit of the Federal
government behind it to n-mtintaiu
its parity witi gold.--[Natchez
Cure For HIcada l:e.
As a remedy. for all frms of headache
Electric Bitt ers has proved to be the very
best. It etiects a plermanent cure diand
the mnost dreaded habitual sick headaches
yield to its inlltuece. We urge all who
are atlicted to procure a bottlh, aiad give
this renledvy a fair tri.l. In cases of ha
bitual constipation Electric Bitters cures
by giving the needed tonie to the howells
and few cases long resist the use
of thslu medicine. Try it once. Large
bottles only Fifty cents at iMrs. C. CGei
ger I)nlrg Store.
Evans' uommnercial School, Glen
miora, La.
The annual examination and
closing exercises of this school will
take place during the week lend
ing August 9th, 1895, when the
bfollowing program will be ob
Monday, August 5th, at 8:30 a.
m. and 3 p . . examination and
exhibition in reading, penmanship,
spelling, dictation, U. 8. History.
Tuesday, August 6th, at 8:30 a.
m. and 3 p. m. examination andi
exhibition in physiology, (accomi
l)anied by an address by D)r.
James T. Phillipls) English granm
mar and composition, (accompa
nied by an adldress by Rev. B. L.
Price, of Alexandria) geography.
Wednesdayt , August 7th, at 8:30
a. m. and 3. p. m. Arithmetic, al
gebra, general history, (accompa
nied by an address by Rev. Sam
nel Mallett.)
Thursday, Aug. 8th, 8:30 a. m,
English literature, (accompanied
by an address by sohei prominent
speaker) General exhibition of
Thursday, Aug. 8th, 5 p. m.
Awarding diplonmas andl certifica
tes of merit to those who will have
Ieen successful at the examina
Rev. B. L. Price will ofliciate on
this occasion.
Addlrt'ess to the students by the
teacher, Mr. Juo. Evans.
Friday, Aug. Oth, 9 a. m. A
the beautiful banks of slpal kling
Spring Creek. Some of the
leading orators of the state have
inlicated their initention of being
on hand on this ,ceasiotil.
All are welcorte to be present
at the above exercises, and Ias tile
accoIn modations at Glomora are
limited, it is reconumeneded that
those intending to remaiu a tune
to attend the examination should
write to the uulersiguedr , aindl ac
commodations will be reserved for
them at reasonable charges.
-Fof the convenietnce of plant
ers on Bayou Rapides, Dr; Sylves
Itert's Celkbratcd Specific bfor Bots,
Colic and Tymnanites, in horses,
mules and cows, can be found.atj
Proceedings of the Rapides L
Parish School Board.
The School Board of Rapides parish
met in rrgular session, this, July T7h,
Members present-C. A. S hnack, Prea- S
ident; S. Blum, W. W. Brashear, N. L. v
Hathorn, R. H. Lawson, B. T. Lewis, S.
Mallette and T. S. Smith. Absent-R. W. P
Bringhurst. A quorum being present,
the meeting was called to order by the
The minutes of the meeting of April
6! h were read and approved.
On motion of S. Blum, the report of R.
0. Maddox, Parish Treasurer, was re- S
ceived, and being examined and found
c-rrect, it was accepted. Messrs. Blum
and Brashear were appointed to destroy J
the warrants and vouchers found correct,
which was done in the presence of the
Board by burning, and the President was
authorized to issue a quietus to the
Treasurer, which was done.
On motion of T. 8. Smith the following
was adopted:
Whereas, Owing to the fact that the r
Police Jury gave $4 000 less for the schools
last year than had been given for several
yearn, the School Board of Rapides par
ish finds itself about $6,000 in debt, and
Whereas, It is absolutely necessary that -
a portion of that indebtedness should be
paid out of the funds for the next school
session, thereby necessitating either a re
duction in the number of schools, or in
the salaries of the teachers to be em
ployed for the coming school session,
Whereas, We believe that it will not be
practicable to reduce the number of
schools, therefore, be it
Resolved, That in employing the teach- I
era in the public schools of this parish
for the session of 1895 and 1896, the teach- l
er's fund be reduced twenty per cent on
the basis of the salaries paid for last ses
On motion the following resolution was
Resolved, That the Board recommend
to the Convention of Parish Superinten
dents of Public Education, to beconvened
at Opelousas on July 10th, 11th and 12th
lusts, the adoption of a resolution re
questing the State Board of Education of
Le;u.siana to adopt for use in our public
schools a History of the State of Lmuis
iana, compiled and written by a South
orn author, in order that the children
may learn of the history of our State as
written by one of our own authors.
On motion of S. Blum:
Resolved, That the sum of $\,'or as
much thereof as may be necessary, be
and the same is hereby appropriated to
defray the expenses of the Examining
B 'ard, and that the said Board be directed
to meet on August 19th and 20th, 1895.
On motion, it was
Resolved, That the President of the
School Board is hereby authorized to
make all necessary arrangements with the
Rapides Bank to pay the teacher's war
rarns upon presentation at the Bank. and
all contracts made with reference to said
arrang:ment are and shall be recognized
as n l'gal obligation and contract by this
On mintion of T. S. Smith:
Reso ved, That the Public Schon!s in
Rapides parish be opened at the op 'in of
of the Directors of the School B mard of
each ward; provided, that no schoulu
be opened before the fast of Septcmber,
1Si. /
On motion of S Mallette:
Resolved, That Mr. Mailette he author
ized to l.ase to Mr. Wiley E. Hodgee, 12
acres of school land for the term of three
years, for the sum of ten dollars per year,
payable on 1st day of November, each
A petition of the citizens of Boyece, ask
ing for thL establishment of a ligh
School at the town of Boyce, was pre
sented by Rev. Mr. Huffpanir, and after
disncussion, on motion of Mr.*T. S. Smith,
it was
Resolved, To establish a High School at
B~yce, as petitioned for, subject to the
approval of the Supt. of Public Education
of the State of Louisiana, and the Secre
tary was instructed to communicate with
the State Superintendant in reference
thereto. 5
The Board then proceeded to locate the
following schools and appoint the teach
AlexandriaHigh School, seven months
W. J. Calvit, principal; Miss M. Cross,
1st assistant; Mrs. M. A. Crawford, assis
tant Intermediate; Mrs. A. F. Grayson
and Miss Ada Waters, assistants Primary.
Horseshoe school, six months- - Ro
brecht, teacher.
Alexandria, (colored) six months-Mrs.
Lafargue and Mrank Porter.
Flowerton, (colored), six months-John
Willow Glen, (col.), six months-Bunkie
Rapides, six months-Mrs. A. Miller.
Lamothe, six monthe-Mise Ellis Comp
Equinox, six months-Miss A. Whit
tington. %
Eden, six months.
SBoyce, six months-Mrs. L. Armstrong,
Red Store, six months.
Mora, four months.
Edwards, three months-Miss Ella ILI
Campbell's Crcek, five months--Bi. M.
Hemp Hill, four months-W. C. Cudd,
Garland, four months--Miss M. Smith.
Lana four months, Delache four
months-Miss B. Woods.
Valentine, two months; Lawson-D. B.
Evening Star, (coloredi, three months-
HI. C. Robinsod.
Compton's, (tol.) three months.
Boyce, (colored). five months-Ilsrael
Morning Sta', (colored), four months
Fannie Kelso,
Laurel Hill, (colored), four monthe--J.
B. Lafargue.
Lamourie, five months-Miss M. W. May
bin, principal; assistant to be appointed.
Lewis, five months-Miss A. W. Dixon.
Echo, five months.
Beaver Dam, five months.
Tramway, five months.
Chatlin's Lake, five montha-J. E. Bor
Woodworth, five months-Miss B. Gray
, son.
White's, (colored) four months-Jose
t phine Conaughton.
Lamouria, tcolored), faur montha-M
L. Molino.
Trustees for white school-Coleman 1
Levy, Henry Raugeot, John Laird. Col
ored school--has. IH irris, H. T. Carter,
B. P. Curtis.
High School, sevtn monthbs-K. B.
1Morman, principal: J. Loyd Hertmuan, t
Miss Jenny R. Fold, Miss El:z. Mage
Lecompte, seven months-J. J. Vaughn, sl
principal; Mrs. Smnallwood, assistant. A
Loyd, six inlýths.
Cedar Gruv', six muonths-Miss C. K.
Herbert.. b
Iecanpte, (c.lortd), six months-U. I
Loyd, (colored), four months-A. F. tl
Chen;:yville, (colorei), six months.
Boonville, (colortd), four mouths
Joanna E. jewdl.
Pineville, five and a half months-Mis~
F. Barr,;tt, assistant.
Wise, live and a h.tl months-Bell, or
Philadelphia, five and a half mnith.- 'I
Upper and Lower, t.vo and three-fourth
months each.
Borland, five and a halt months.
Holloway, five and a halt mint~as.
Slash Biyou, five and a halt months.
Big Island, two and three-fourth imonths
-Flore ice Brashear. l
Willey Point, two and three-fourth N
months--F;oreoce Br ushear.
Pinevilie, (colored), four months-G-oo.
Wells. 4
Brashear, six months.
Prestridgs, four monthp.
Levin, four mouths. 1
16th Section, four months.
Avoca, (colored), three months-Bow
man H. Johnson. t
Brashear, (col.), three months--Bowman
H. Johnson. 1
Bethel, four months-Luna Calhoun. 1
Occupy, four months-W. R. Hargrove.
Union Hill, four months-Eibridge
Mercer, tour months-Emma Calhoun.
Big Hammock, three months.
Glenmora, four months-R. A. Parrott.
f.Babbs Bridge, three months-Pinkie
c Britt.
Smith's Mill, four months-Peter Mal
i Dentl,'y, three months.'
s Cocodr.a, four months -two months at
Walnut and two months at - Hill.
C-mp Ground, tour monlh;a.
s Roaring Creek, four mouths -Will Cal
Spring 11111, three months-Mary Wiley.
Hurricane Creek, (col.) three months
1 W. J. Williams.
Chevallier, three and a half months
Edwin Orr.
Elmer, three and a halt months-W. J. 1
e Orr.
Dixie, three and a half monthi-Laura
i McAlpin.
Shady Grove, three month--T. J Davis.
New Hope, three months-P. F. Swann.
Oak Grove, three months-Fannie
Hineston, three months.
Pisgah, three months-T. J. llendersor.
St. Clair, three months-T..1. frtddy.
Ch'ina Grove, two months-S•illiu C rau
" ford.
There being no further hnsines, the
ichool Board adjuur:.ed to the next regu
lar meeting. C.A. 'C'1NAC:,
GlEo. O. WATTS, Vrceidnt.
--Much is being said aliboht sf
torts of so called gohl lungs using
- money to advance their interests,
Sand whether this be trtre or not, if
the people think the silver bullion
uowners are doing nothing to asist
Sin this campaign and are Inow giv
Sing io financial assistance, is to
e attribute to them angelihc disinter
Sestedness, which is :lmost ofilen
Ssive to us ordinary mortals. As
long ago as April 30th, 1891, the
e "Salt Lake Tribunn" (mine owners
organ), had the following:
e "We believe that by the expen
diture of $40,000 or $50,000 the
Beards of Tratde of Chicago an:uid
New York, and even old goldite
- Boston, could be made to pases res.
Solutions asking Congress to give
nll recognition to silver. The sil
Sver committee who are working
Sfor silver7 think that with a small
amount of money, used this yeai
right away, they could bring such
a pressure behind Congress and
Sthe President next winter as to se
cure needed legislation. That leg.
e islation would make to men who
produce silver in this territory a
difference of $3,000,000 a year."
What have our free silvertrieands
to say to this statement made four
Syears agol
-If you s!ouId see a manI riding
ralong the road you don't know,
don't ask anybody who it is, and
thereby expose your ignorance
. its a candidate. If a mani rides up
to your house after nightfaill and
asks leave to sta;y a:ll night, tdon't
he aularmed ani( tmake all thie chii
dren get under the bled-its only a
candidate. If you are taking up a
.collection in church antl t man
throws in O50 cents more than you
think hle's got, don't hold to the
back of the bench 1for support-its
Sthe candidate, you know. If the
suun goes down behind a bank of
clouds on Sunday eveninig you are
. sure to have a good shower of can
didates, before Wednesday. If
you get out of bed on the left side
you will see a candidate before you
Sget through breakfast. Don't cut
down any trees in your new ground
at this season of the year; because
you might kill a eandidate, and
we think that's ;'gainst the law.
-[Lawrence County [Miss.] Press.
--Try a bottle of Dr. Sylvester's
Specitic and you will have no oth
er. A k yourI Druggist for it.
Tulane - University.
With extensive Laboratories and Work
AI, COLLEGE, for Yonug Womuen, with
leoardnug Departiuent.
Fall Term of the above beginning Octo
ber 2d.
La w Department opens November 18th.
Medict I1 Iepa rtm'ent. olpensuOctober 17th.
For c;.t;lj hnIs addhhress the Secretary of
the Unti ersity.
?tate of Louisina--I'Parish of Ripides
T 'outh Judicial District
lIOIwIreAGu,': & TI1''ST I
CO. I.MNrTED, ; No. 1255.
1) au order of seiznro and sale issued
isou the Hionorabte the Tenth Judicial
Itis'ric.t Coult and to tte directed as
Slhrill of the Parish of Eapides, La.,
e intuNding and ai utihrizing Ine to spe
cullly seize antud sell the hereinafler dea
i:ribted piroperty bclhnging to defendant,
'llhnry P. Lckettl, 1 have seized and will
lhsre for sale at. lpublliN auction, 'o the
bIst and highest biddier, at the front door
,,f the CoNrt louse, in the Town of Alex
aNlria, La:, between the hours prescribed
by law, on
SATURDAY, the 10th day of AUGUST,
A. D. 1895,
the foilowing described property, to-wit:
A certain tract of laud on the right
desceinding bank of Red river, about
twelvo miles fromi Alexandria, bounded
on the north by Red river, on the south
by lands of the Estate of Willis Bonner,
W. L. Santord and James, east by lands
m of Estate Mrs, J. P. Hickmann, and on the
west by lands of Estate Robert L. Luck
ett., and being part of the Estate of Dr.
,e.evin L. Lueckelt, otherwise known as
"'AshboNrne" plantalton, containing four
teen (1400) lNhunmired acres of land, being
the sanum land sold by James Jeffries to
l Htnry P. Lnckett, :by act before L. V.
SMarye, Notary Public, on the 13th day of
June, 1883, recorded in Rapides Parish,
Louisiana. Im Notarial Book 0, page 556,
reference to which act is hetreby made,
together with all theim buildings and im
provemenits, malchinery and appurtenan
Scets thereto belonging or in any wise ap
pnrtaining, less the following described
portions of above tract: live hundred
tiacres of laud, with all the tInildings and
imlrovenments thereun, fronting on Red
river, hounded above by lands of Mrs. R.
L. Luckett, below by lands of the Estate
- Mrs. J. P. llickman; also another tract of
woodland, containing one hundred anti
lifty acres land, adjoining the above
tr'act, boIunded north by Sandy Bayou,
south by lands of Sanford, east by the
first above described tract, and west by
the lands of the Bertrand plantation.
Terms of Salo-Cash, without tht ben
Seit of appraisement.
Sheriff Parish of Rapidus, La.
July 10, 1895 tas.
State of I,ouisian:-P;arish of Rapidoe-
'Teuth Judicial District
Ut:C'C:sstox ":t S. CULLEXN
Fot, , No. 617.
An :xmISrIarsON &C. 1 .
SOrdeur ot'f Se issed front tile Iloll
oiable tille 10th JJudicial DiistriSt Coniit
andlll to mle diirectedtl as hcri11' inid Ex
Ollicio Atc:ionet'r of' the Parish of Rap
Idl s , La., omullltlltullllt g sui lllathorizing
use to sill for the pai nnIt of delits for
Cash, after (line ;dtlvtllnisetell(t and in ac
cotlalice with law, the fbereii:na'ter de
scribed lr'tptl'y. buloilgiag to the 8t,
cessiot of' 5. Cullen, I will offer for sarle
at Publice Auction L: thie last and highbeet
bidder at the front Door of the Court
H[ouse inl the town of Alexandrlria, Li.,
between the hlours prescribed by law, on
SATURDAY, JULY 20Tr, AD. 1895I ,
the following described property to-wit:.
T'he one nndivided one-half interest in
and to a certaini tract of land lying and
' adjoining the City of Alexandria in Rap
s ides PgrNsh, Louisiana and beiung desorb.
ed as fbllows, viz:
Lot nmarked "A" bounded West by
- Bayou Robert Road, North by Corporate
e limits of the City of Alesxandria, East by
J the Morgan Rail Road andl South by the
Texas and Pacific Rail Road. Also Lot
uNarked "B" bounded WVest by Morgan.
SRail Road, North by property (lot) which
Sis limarked "C," East by lands of E. B.
\V.shelock and ISouth by blorgan's Rail
Road Sand P'it. And also Lot marked
"C" hounded West by Casson street of
I the City of Alexandria, North by the
r centre of the Town Ditch, East by lands
of Cullen, Marye and Ariail and lands be
Slonging to the heirs of Esther Lurey and
bouth by the said Lt mlarked "B.' All
throo of said lots, "A," "B," and **C,"
containing in the aggregate the quautity
of Sevelty-'Three and 51-100 acres (73-51)~
more or loss and including the old track
and embankment of the Ralph Smith
lRail Road.
T'erms..of Sale-Cash, subject to ap.
praisement on file, in Clerk's Office.
Sheriff & Ex-Officio Tax ColAector, Par
ieh of Rapides, La.
June 19th 1895.
uLI, /
a Corner Lee and Fifth Sts.,
'* given that the regular meet
i. lngs of Oliver Lodge No.'84, F.
& A. M. have been changed from
the 1st and 3d Saturdays of each
month, to the lt and 3d Wednesdays of
- each month.

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