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<tl)e National ttJfjig.
There's weeping.'mid the lonely sea,
Where the rude Hebrides lie,
And where the misty Highlands point
Their foreheads to the sky.
The oats were blighted on the stalk?
The corn before its bloom?
And many a hand thut held the plough
Is pulseless in the tomb !
There is no playing in the streets?
Hie haggard children move
Like mournful phantoms, mute and slow,
Uncheered by hope or love.
No dog upon his master fawns?
No sheep the hillocks throng?
Not even the playmate^ kitten sports
The sad-eyed babes among?
No more the cock his clarion sounds,
Nor brooding-wing is spread,
There is no food in barn or stall,
And all are with the dead !
From the young maiden's hollow cheek
The ruddy blush is gone?
The peanant like a statue stands,
And hardens into stone?
The shuttle sleepeth in the loom,
The crook upon the walls?
And from the languid mother's hand
The long-used distaff falls. ?
She hears her children ask for bread,
And what can she bestow ?
She sees their uncomplaining aire
A mournful shadow grow.
Oh, Scotia!?sister1! if thy woes *
Awake no pitying care,
If long at banquet board we sit,
Nor heed thy deep despair?
While thou art pining into death,
Amid thy heather brown? -
Will not the Giver of our joys
Upon our luxuries frown ?
And blast the blossom of our pride,
And ban the rusted gold ?
And turn the morsel into gall
That we from thee withhold ?
Small Business. We understand that the
President did not sign the river and harbor bill,
but put it in his pocket. We cousider that a
very contemptible act. True, the sum appro
priated was small?less than hMf what it
should have been?still, it was better than no-I
thing, and would have been of great service at
the present time. It is well for Mr. Polk that
he is not to be a candidate for re-election.
Were he to be upon the course again, he
would probably be remembered by those inte
rested in lake navigation. Oswego (JV. Y.)
This Palladium is one of the most rabid of
the Polk journals, and though he berates his
master so unmercifully, let Mr. Polk be a can
Mate for the Presidency for a second term
(asve prophecy he will be in spite of his ri
vals) -he Palladium will throw up his greasy
cap for^oik Dallas as high as any of the
The Prup qf Happiness. A flour merchant
of Boston w^ made so happy by the news
brought by the Hibernia on Saturday night,
that visions of ptv;pectire profits mingled with
his dreams as he qvietly snoozed in church
on Sunday morning. The minister was de
scanting upon the unsatisfying character of
sublunary things. 'Wh* j3 the price of all
earthly happiness V he k^fced, jn rather an
animated tone. ' Forty-two killings pev bar
rel,' replied the flour dealer.
If Taylor has driven Santa Au\before him,
we christen him the Invincible.
[Savannah Gyngian.
Be it remembered that the God-lather who
has selected this appropriate title foi \h? old
Hero of Buena Vista, is the leading Democra
tic paper in Georgia.
Extraordinary Delusion. A negress at Wil
liamsburg, N. Y., recently pretended that sh?
was daily in communication with Heaven,
and to be the Messiah. She found believers
and dupes in the wife and sister of a respecta
ble engraver, and the three finally prevailed
upon the man himself to give way to the im
position. At length the false prophetess pre
tended that she had received a divine intima
tion that it was heaven's will that he should
salute her, (the black woman) with a holy kiss
every morning. This had the effect to open
his eyes to the true character of the wench's
divine claims; and so he immediately, but not
without much opposition on the part of his
family, discharged her. The wife and sister,
however, were so bound by the spell which
this colored Messiah had thrown around them,
that they determined to follow and become her
disciples. Consequently, proceedings were
taken before a magistrate, who, after hearing
the evidence, made an order for the admissiou
of the parlies into the insane asylum. The
prophetess herself has been consigned to the
Kings county Lunatic Asylum, while the wife
and sister are now at a private institution at
The Telegraph. The disputes between Mr
O'Reilly and the Patentees of Morse's Tele
gragh are about to be settled by the intervene
tion of Mr. Case of Cincinnati, aind measures
?re to be taken immediately for the extension
of the lines from Pittsburg to New Orleans
and St. Louis.' The Eastern line from Wash
ington to New Orleans is also in a fair way of
being constructed at an early day. Let the
whole continent be girtled with the lightning,
and in the language of Nahum prophecying
this very thing?"the fir trees shall be terribly
One of the New Orleans editors says that
Santa Ana cannot, even at the head of 30,000
men, enter the city of Saltillo. But what, if
he present himself at the gate at the head of
his army and exhibit a pass from Mr. Polk f
[Prentice's Journal.
The battle of Buena Vista has fully answer
ed that question.
To give a keen tharp edge to u Razor or any fine
In one minute, or the Money returned.
Washington City, D. C. |
It is very seldom that I have ever recommended
any new invention, because I know that recommen
dations are so frequent and easily obtained, that they
are in general of little value. But I consider it
nothing more than an act of justice to the inventor
to bea* testimony to the good qualities of Harper's
Metalic Compound for sharpening Razors, and to
say it is the very best material for the purpose that
has come to my notice. I have made a fair trial of
it, and have never found any thing equal to it for
giving a keen edge to a Razor.
Washington City, D. C.?
January 24, 1816.
I have for the past two years sold Harper's
Metalic Powder, and here, in every instance, it has
given the utmost satisfaction. I consider it the very
best article in use for giving a fine keen edge to a
Diuggist, corner of E. and 1th streeti.
Washington City, D. C.,
January 24, 1846.
I have used Harper's Razor Powder myself for
several years, and from my own experience can
recommend it as the very best article for putting a
fine edga on a Razor.
Druggist and Apothecan/, Washington.
Alexandria, D. C., April 1, 184G.
We, the subscribers, have in use Harper's Me
talic Compound Powder for Razors, and take
pleasure in saying, we find it superior to anything
we have ever used, and coming up fully to his re
commendations. We highly recommend it to the
B. Hooe,
John Lloyd,
John M. Johnson,
John C. Vowell,
John HoofF,
Robert Jaraieson,
H. Daingerfield,
Wm. N. Berkley,
Dr. E. J. Lee,
Thomas Sanford,
James McKenzie,
W. B. Alexander,
Rev. E. R. Lippitt,
George Wise,
John Douglass,
John Eveleth,
Judge Neale,
J. H. McVeigh,
Dr. F. J. Murphy,
Robert Washington,
H. D. Wright,
Wm. M. McCarty,
John Froble,
J. Brooke,
L. Stansbury.
Wm. Gregory.
Washington City, D. C.
April 1, 1846.
I have for several years used Harper's Metallic
Powder for Razor Streps, and take great pleasure in
recommending it to the public as the best succeda
mum for the Hone ever discovered.
The subscribers, in Washington, from their own
experience, fully concur in the above recommenda
Judge Wm. Cranch,
Gen. Walter Jones,
J. Kennedy,
J. W. Bronaugh,
B. Warring,
John McCloud.
Loudon County, Va.
I have now in use a box of Mr. Wm. Harper's
Metalic Powder for sharpening Razors; and, I can
truly say, it is the greatest improvement to a Razor
Strop I have ever experienced, and I would not be
without it if the cost was $10 a box.
jesse McVeigh.
Philadelphia, , 1846.
I have used Harper's Metalic Compound Powder
for Razors, and find it to be so good an article that I
would not be willing to be without it. It surpasses
any thing of the kind ever used. Send me five dozen
Mr. Wm. Harper: Sir?After trying your Meta
lic Compound, I feel satisfied that it may be sold.?
Xou will please therefore send me, by return boat,
fourteen dozen boxes, and oblige, yours, raspectfully,
East Pratt st. Baltimore.
Baltimore, March 26, 1846.
Conference Room.
We, the subscribers, have used Harper's Razor
Powder, for several years, and from our own experi
ence find it to be the very best material we have ever
used for giving a fine keen edge to a Razor. No
man who shaves himself, should, in our opiniou, be
without it. One box will last any gentleman for his
own use, four or five years.
Rev. Wm. H. Coffin,
" R. Cadden,
" Divid Steel,
" E. R. Veitch,
" Wm. Hank,
" G. G. Brook,.,
Rev. Joseph Plotner,
" James Sanks,
" Daniel Harsman,
" Wm. Week,
" E. G. Jameson.
Gj* Manufactured, and for sale, wholesale and re
tail, by
WILLIAM S. EVANS, Alexandria, Va.
And at the Fountain Book Store, east of the Rail
road, Washington City.
Price 2.0 cents per box. A liberal deduction jnade
in favor of those who buy to sell again.
Alexandria, Va., January 13, 1847.
jan 19?4 m
efit Life Insurance Company (office No. 11
Wall street, New York) issued during the month of
January, 1847, 183 new Policies, viz:
To March's & Traders 61 To Teachers ft
Manufacturers 19j Ladies 0
Mechanics 14 Gentlemen 2
rtiyslcUua 8| Sea Captains 4
Clergymen q
Lawyers 7
Clerks & Agents 24
Mariners 17
Farmers 5
Other Occupations 5
Lives insured in January 183
ROB. L. PATTERSON, President.
BENJ. C. MILLER, Secretary.
J. C. Lewis, Agent, 7th st., Washington.
Hakvt Lindslt, Physician, corner of C and 4$
feb 13?tnr
TU8T RECEIVED, a supply, comprising every
J size and variety of the above justly celebrated
Uiaccs. To persons affected with spine, chronic dis
eases, and dyspepsia, these articles are invaluable.
They are tobe had of Mr?. Baldwin, the Agent, over
the Store of E. Wheeler, Penn. avenue, between 6th
and 7th streets, directly opposite Concert Hall.
P. S. The best references can be given of their
feb 20w
Francis Y. Nati.or, Copper, Tin, Sheet
Iron and Stove Manufacturer. Roofing, Got
tering, Spouting, fcc. South side Pennsylvania ave
nue, near Third street, Washington, D. C.
AGladmow, House Carpenter and Joiner.
( Shop, comer of 9th and M streets, Washing
ton. Where, at all times, Sash, Blinds, Doors, kc ,
can be had. All manner of work in his line will be
executed at the shortest notice.
Phenix and Johnson, plying between Washington
and Alexandria, have adopted the following hours
for the month of April: .
Leave Alexandria at 8, A. M., 10J, A. M., 1, P.
M., 3, P. M., and 5, P. M.
Leave Washington at 9, 11}, A. M., 2, 4, and
6, P. M. #
april 1?lm
HE UNDERSIGNED having examined a set
of Cochran's Maps of Sacred Geography,
submitted to their inspection by Mr. Wm. Robert
Munroe, take pleasure in certifying that, in their
judgment, they cannot fail to be greatly uaeful to
Sabbath Schools, and highly intereaiiiig as well as
uaeful in families. They would therefore highly
recommend them to the favorable notice of all Sab
bath Schools and others.
Alexandria, July 28th, 1846.
i?vGm8L' I Pastors M. E. Church.
S.V.Blake, $
John McCormick, Supt. M. E. S. School.
Elias Harrison, Pastor 1st Pres. Church.
Jame? McKenzie, Supt. " S. School.
John S Reese, Pastor Jtf. P. Church.
Thomas vWcCormick, Supt. " S. School.
M. S. Eliason, Principal Female Boarding
Washington City.
N. J. B. Morgan, Pastor, Foundry Congrega
J. W. French, Rector Prot. E. Church.
Geo. W. Samson, Pastor E street Baptist
Septimus Tustin, Chaplain U. S Senate.
Win. H.Jtfilburn, Chaplain House Reps.
Almira H. Lincoln Phelps, Principle olPatapsco
Female Institute.
W. B. Edwards, Preacher in charge Charles st.
Jtf. E. Church, Baltimore, Jtfd.
W. Robert Monroe has submitted to our inspec
tion a set of Cochran's Maps of Sacred Geography,
and we hove determined to use them in theia Insti
Alexandria Boarding School. 7ih month 28th, 46.
W. R. MONROE, 96, Fayette st. Baltimore,
is the principal agent south of N. Y.
march 13?:ff
Houses and lots for sale or
LEASE.?The subscriber has a number of
Houses and Lots, and vacant lots, for sale or lease
in different parts of the city.
Inquire at the lumber yard, 12th street,
march 13-if
POEMS OF AMELIA, &c. A few copies of
this truly beautiful collection of Poems may
be found for sale at the Fountain Book Store, near
the Railroad Dopot where a general assortment of
Miscellaneous and School Books are kept con
stantly for sale. Citizens and all persona who may
be visiting the city are requested to call at the
Fountain Boik Store. ,
march 13?tff
CHARLES PASCOE, Boot and Shoe Manufac
turer, West side 7th street, between D and
E, nearly opposite the Odd Fellows' Hall.
T\ McClelland, Engraver. Pennsylva
| ), nia Avenue, east of Third street, Washington
city, dec 1?6m
Earthenware, China, and Glass. T. Pur
sell, importer and dealer in E. Ware, China
and Glass, wholesale and retail, at his store, opposite
Brown's Hotel, Pennsylvania Avenue Washington
city. D. C.
times a tveeK.
The steamboat PhcKnix and Johnson will leave
Washington, on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
mornings, at 7 o'clock, for Boyd's Hole.
Leave Boyds Hole, (returning,) same days, at one
o'clock p. m , making the trips through by daylight
Passage between Washington or Alexandria, and
Fort Washington 25 cents.
Marshalls, 50
Pye's 50
Dumfries, 75
Budd's 75
Boyd's Hole, 100
Freights taken on reasonable rates.
march 6-lm THE MANAGERS.
LENMAN is this day dissolved by mutual
consent. All persons indebted are requested to.make
immediate settlements, either by caiah or by notes at
short dates.
feb 4? WARD & LENMAN.
The lumber business will he carried on at the old
stand, in the name of ULYSSES WARD & SON
Ch. Van Patten, m. d., Dentist, performs
, form* all operations upon the teeth, gums and
mouth, with the greatest eare and skill. Office nca?
Brown's Hotel, and next door to Todd's Hat store."
JOHN CONNELLY, Cabinet Maker and Un
J dertaker, 7th street, between H and I.
feb 13 ?
George Collard, Dealer in Lumber, Coal,
Wood, Lime, Sand and Cement, corner of Gth
street and Missouri avenue.
DEALERS in Fancy and Staple Dry Goods
Boots and Shoes, (wholesale and retail.)?
Pennsylvania Avenue, between 8th and 9th streets,
Washington. -A good assortment of ladies and
children's shoes, very cheap.
feb 20?wtf
THE undersigned respectfully
informs his friends and the public
generally, that, having refitted his
old stand up, he intends to carry
on the above business in all its
various branches. Those who pa
tronize him are asaured that nei
their pains nor exp?nce shall be spared to (jive satis
faction. So'ulh side of Pennsylvania avenue, between
9th and 10th streets.
P. 8. Persons wishing to economize would do
well to give the subscriber a call.
feb 13 2m* L. DENHAM.
ry THE subscriber returns his sincere
thanks to his friends and tfne public
"C^T generally for the patronage heretofore
extended to him, and has the pleasure to inform
them that he has just finished a splendid assortment
scription, which he will sell on the most reasonable
terms for cash or approved paper. His establish
ment is two doors west of his old stand, corner of
3d street and Pennsylvania avenue, and oppoaile
Gadsby's New Hotel. Persons in want of carriages
will find it to their advantage to give me a call be
fore purchasing. Old carriagea repaired at the
shorteat notice, or taken in exchange for new ones,
AR better is it to cure the Toothache in
minuu', by using Wheeler's Teabenry Tooth
Wash, than to suffer the aching : also to cure sore
neea of the gums, softness of the gunis, stop bleed
ing of the gums, and always keep the teeth, gum
and mouth pleasant, and in the best state of health.
To ahow the length of time for which this article
has been patronized by the public, following
copy-right is published:
Eastern District of Pennsylvania, to
wit: Be it remembered, That on the
second day of February, Anno Dom
ini, one thousand eight hundred and
of the said District, hath deposited in this Office the
Title of a Book, the title of which is m the words
following, to wit: ?i.ou
The right whereof he claims as Proprietor, in
conformity with an Act of Congress, entitled "An
Act to amend the several Acts respecting Copy
Act to .menu FRA>g HopKINSON)
8 ' Clerk of U. 8. Dist. Court.
l8?,F.b. M, heazlett.
Certificates of Magistrates of thu City of
Having rna.Je use of vour much celebrated Tea
berry Tooth Wash, I feel convinced that it is the
best article I have ever known, antl hereby warmly
recommend its use to .the public in general as a
pleasant an.1 efficacious article for preserving the
For a number of years my Teeth and (iums were
so much out of order as to prevent me from eating
with pleasure, and caused me much pain. Having
heard of Wheeler's Teaberry Tooth Wash, I do
certify that I tried one small bottle of it, and in less
thnn two weeks my Teeth and Gums were sound
and good. I believe that the use of it would be an
advantage to many others. J. BHAZLK.
Certificates of Members of the Philadelphia
Having used Wheeler's Teaberry Tooth Wash
and powder, I have found them to possess cleansing
and purifying properties, and while they whiten and
beautify the Teeth, they have a beneficial effect up
on the gums, by imparting to them free and health
ful action. F' A. RAYNOLD.
I have used Wheeler's Teaberry Tooth Wash,
and its effects upon my Teeth and Gums have given
to me a high opinion of its merits. 1 cheerfully re
commend it to the general use.^ ^ kNE\SS.
My daughter has used Wheeler's Teaberry Tooth
Wash and powder, and has found its effects to be
cleansing and purification of the gums, and a sweei
ening of the mouth. I have no hesitation in recom
mending it as the most beneficial preparation for the
teeth I have ever seen.
Certificates of Ladies and Gentlemen of
It is with gratitude that I send tho following cer
tificate, hoping that -nany who suffer will be led by
a perusal of it, to obtain Wheeler's Teaberry Tooth
Wash, which article I used, and it has effectually
cured tooth ache, soreness of the gums, removed
scurf from my teeth, and I fully believe has entirely
arrested all decay of them. I trust that all who
suffer, having either of the same species of com
plaint, will as soon as possible use Wheeler's Tea
berry Tooth'Wash, that they may be relieved.
Owing to having taken cold, but mostly in conse
quence of the acid of u paint used in coloring prints,
my teeth became vary much injured, giving excru
ciating pain at intervals, for between two and three
years. Wheeler's Teaberry Tooth Wash was ased.
and has entirely cured them, which, in certificate
form, 1 send, that those who wish a perfect remedy
for painful teeih, and also desire a pleasant Tooth
Wash, may with confidence try Wheeler's Teaberry
Tooth Wash. MARY A. lAYLOJL
Wheeler's Teaberry Tooth Wash having removed
scurf and cured soreness of the .gums, which had
troubled me for two years, it is my belief that it is
a highly useful article, and that. \ is advisable to
those who suffer with the teeth and gums to make
use of it. MARY SULLIVAN
Your Teaberry Tooth Wash cured the tooth ache
and also soiencss of the guois in my family, and 1
send you this certificate that those who suffer with
tooth ache or soreness of the 'gums may know that
it is a remedy for them, and a very pleasant Tooth
Wash. FRA'S. PREV08T.
W. Wheeler.
Wheeler's Teaberry Tooth Wash having cured
soreness of the gums, and effectually stopped bleed
ing of the gums, I deem it a debt of gratitude for
the relief which it afforded me, and a duly owed to
my fellow beings, to say, that it is my firm convic
tion, that those who will use Wheelet's Teaberry
Tooth Wash, for the teeth and gums, will find that
it is an important article.
From much severe suffering of myself, and others
of my family, with decayed Teeth ond sore Gums,
and the many respectable "testimonials highly in favor
of Wheeler's Teaberry Tooth Wash, I was induced
to give it a trial, after which my family used it, and
I rejoice t? soy that it did perform a thorough and
effectual cure for all, and is the best article that I
ever knew of. I would recommend its use to those
who ma$ be suffering. JESSE MOORE.
W. Wheeler.
Many more testimonials are existing approving
of "Wheeler's Teaberry Tooth Wash."
SOLD at Nos. I and 2, Brown's Hotel, by
(Late O. Fish & Co.)
Principal Office for the United States No. 59,
Chesnut-street, Philadelphia. may 7-ly
(Late Solicitor of tlie General Land Office,)
Attorney and*Counse 11 or at LAW,
Practices in the Supreme Court of the United
Stales, mid in the courts of Maryland, Virginia, and
the District of Columbia, and,
for persons having business wnh Congress, the
War, Treasury. Navy, and General Post Office Dc
partments, the General Land Office, Pension Office
Office of Indian Affairs, Patent Office, &c. &c.
Missouri Avenue, between 3d and streets,
feb 13wtf
] .Ferdinand K. Stuck, GROUKK, i'ennsvl
' vania avenue, north side, between First and Se
cond streets, a few door? east ol the Fountain Build
ings, has always on hand a complete variety of family
irrocerics, which be offers on the most accommodating
terms. dec 2-ly?
Briscoe &. Clarke, Dealers in Cloths, Cas
simeres, Vesting*, Uc., Pennsylvania Avenue, a
lew doors west of Brown's Hotel.
CIRCULARS, etc. etc.
Neatly printed at this office
Washington-, D. C.
Agency of the New Vork
popularly known for many years. This is the
largest and oddest Tea Efltablisment in America.?
The public have ha.l f ull proof of their integrity ami
responsibility. But such has t een the great and
pressing demand for their TEAS of late, that they
have been obliged to enlarge, to a great ex tent, their
two principal establishments in New York, viz:
They moreover possess facilities, in relation to the
Tea Trade, in a very abundant degree, and doubt
less, superior to any other Tea Concern in America.
Their scrupulous regard to all principles that tend
to elevate the character of a larpe house, ia well un
derstood, and has already secured them connec
tion, probably, larger than all other Tea Lstablish
ments united, and they consrquemly are determined
to sell Teas purer, mure fragrant, and perfect for
the prices, in the aggregate, than any houae in the
world?China excepted.
They most zealously invite the attention of the in
habitants of WASHINGTON, D? C., to their
Agency, where the following assortments are always
on hand; and they feel no hesitation in stating that
wherever a single trial is made, a very decided pre
ference is given to the celebrated Teas of the CAN
(?j* Reader, make the experiment!
Retail Prices as follows, subject in all casei to be
? returned if not approved of?
Good YOUNG HYSON, ' $0 50 per lb.
Fine do 0 62^ "
No. 2 fragrant do 0 75 "
No. 3 very fine do 1 00 "
Silver leaf, do 1 25 "
Good HYSON, 0 75 ?
Very fine do 1 00 "
Extra fragrant, 1 25 "
Good HYSON SKIN, 0 50 "
Good IMPERIAL, 0 75 "
Very fine do 1 00 "
Extra fine do 1 25 "
Good GUNPOWDER, 0 75 ?
Fine do 1 00 "
Extra fine do 1 26 "
No. 1 SOUCHONG, $0 50 per lb.
No. 2 do 0 62$ ?
Finest do 0 75 "
Fragrant POWCHONG, various prices.
CONGO, various prices.
Fine OOLONG. 0 50 ?
Very fino do 0 75 "
Extra fine do 1 00 "
NINGYONG, various rices.
TEA, ("very rich Pekoe flavored) 0 75 "
Fine ORANGE PEKOE, 0 62* <?
Finest PEKOE FLOWERS, 1 00 "
HO WQUA, or finest Black Tea im
ported, - 1 00 "
Ne plus ultra TEAS, both Green and
Black, of all descriptions, the
highest grades grown in
China, SI 50 per lb.
COMPANY are th? exclusive venders of the supe
rior Black Tea callld "HOWQUA'S MIXTURE."
They introduced it in America in 1840?and every
other person or house professing te fell the same at
all, much less at a lower price?deceive the unwary,
as the public themselves will perceive, by comparing
the spurious with the genuine "Howquu" vended by
the Canton Tea Company.
Every package (in addition to its containing
FULL WEIGHT, independent of the wiapper,)
bear the stamp of neatness and elegance, and the
Teas therein are so thoroughly secured from light
and air, that their quality and power will remain un
impaired in any climate.
Agency at George 'fempleman'a Book Slore,
Washington, D. C.
jan. 6?ly
DR. UPHAM'S Vegetable Electuary,
an internal remedy for the Piles,?prepared by
Dr. A. Upham, M. D., a regular educated Physician
who has devoted fifteen years attention almost en
tirely to this disease.
The Electuary is a certain cure for the Piles, and
also for other diseases of a similar nature, which are
frequently found in conjunction with Piles, Rashes,
Inflammation of the Liver, ami Spleen; Inflamma
tion, Soreness, and Ulceration of the Stomach, Bow
els, Kidneys, anil BladJer ; Inflammatory and Mer
curiaLRheumatism ; Tnipurity of Blood ; Weakness
and Inflammation of the Spine.
the only really suceesbful remedy for that dangerous
and distressing complaint, the PILES, erer offered
to the American Public.
Mark this: it is an INTERNAL REMEDY?
not an external application?and will cure any case
of Piles, either Bleeding or Blind, Internal or Exter
nal ; and probably the only thing that will. There
is no mistake about it. It is a positive eyre?speedy
and permanent. It is also a convenient medicine to
take, and improves the general health in a rernarkaj
hie manner.
I: is very mild in its operation, and may be taken
in casea of the most arute inflammation, without
danger. All external applications are in the highest
degreo disagreeable, inoonvenient, and offensive ; and
from the very nature of the disease, temporary in
their effects. This medciine attacks the disease at
its source, and REMOVING THE CAUSE, ren
ders the cure CERTAIN and PERMANENT.
The Electuary contains mineral medicine, no Al
oes, Cococynlh, Gamboge, or other powerful and ir
ritating purgative. No fear of taking cold while un
der its influence; no change i^Uct necessary. If
taken according to directions, a^J-e for life is guar
anteed !
Sold wholesale and retail by WYATT & KET
CHAM 121 Fulton Bt.,' New Yo!k. CHARLES
STOTT Washington, and by Druggists generally
throughout the United Stales. Price $1 a box.
Jan l3-p-6mf ^ t
BEAUTIFUL BOOK.?We have just re
reived one of tho prettiest editions ever pub
lished of the Pilgrim's progress?handsomely
bound, which we wijfcsell cheap. It is illus
trated with numerous fine wood-cuts. Call at the
Fountain Book Store.
jan 16?iff
T"\ FINCH. ? House Painting, Glazing, tind
I /. Imitations of Marbles, Wood, and all kinds
of Ornamental Painting done. Also, Chair Paint
ing. Shop on D street, betwu^ith and 7th street,
south side. dec 5 lyf
N. B.?Rush seals put in old chairs.
ONLY forahenvy Winter Coat at the New
York Mammoth Clothing Store,
dec 12-dlm-j
DOUBLE WOVE BeaverjOver Coats and Sacks
for sale low at the New York Mammoth Cloth
sng Store. dec 12?dltof
THESE Bittura are purely a vegetable com
pound, and are offered to the public from
principle of benevolence, under the fullest convic
:ion that they will be found a safe and sovereign
emedy for Dyspepsia. Tbey have been (rium
>haiitly tested, not only % some of the moat re
spectable families and physicians in the State of
South Carolina, who have furnished ample testi
mony as to their dccided excellence, bat also by the
proprietor, who, for ten yeais, suffered all the gloom
incident to that ntubborn and distressing disease.
They possess the peculiar excellence, denied to
most other Bitters, of not proving injurious by con
tinued use. They coatain not a single deleterious
ingredient, and, as seen from the directions which
accompany each bottle, may be given with entire
safety to an infant in the month.
With pleasure, and for the benefit of mankind, I
;end you a certificate relative to the Colleton Bit
In the year 1838, when the chokra was in
Charleston, S. C., I was compelled to send a servant
to the city. On his return, he was suddenly attack
ed with most violent pain in his bowels, eo much no
as to causa apprehension that h? would expire in a
short time, if medical aid could not be procured. I
immediately resorted to the Colleton Bitters, by giv
ing a wine glass full at a dose. In the course of a
very short time it acted as an emetic, and throwing
him at the same time into a profuse perspiration. I
then continued to give it in small doses, from two to
three tea spoonefull, which resulted in a happy re
covery. Since then I have been using it constantly
in my family, in case* of cholera morbus, cholera
infantum, diarrhma and general debility, and in
every instance found it highly beneficial. Soma
constitutions, however, require mueh larger doses
than others. ^
Bluffton, S. G., 1846.
It is with feelings of gratitude as well as pleasure
that I take this method of giving my testimony of
the great estimation which I entertain for your in
valuable compound. In justice not only to the me
dicine, butffor the benefit of others who may be suf
fering from the same malady, Dyspepsia, with which
[ wad for years afflicted, I feel it a duty incumbent
on me to state that I am now restored to perfect
health. When I commenced taking Colleton
Bitters it was as a last resort. My (taflPky from in
digestion was jo great that a cure was looked upon
as almost hopeless. After taking it regularly and
perseveringly for some time, my strength and di
gestive powers were entirely restored. I have never
taken a single dose of any other medicine for more
than five years past. I can now eat the richest food 1
without any unpleasant feelings whatever. I have
also used Colleton Bitters freely in my family for
cholera t ftfontum, cholera morbus, general debility,
and as a tonic after fever, with great success. As a
family medicine I deem it invaluable, and do con
scientiously recommend it.
A. M. R.
St. John's Collrton, S. C., December, 1846.
For sale by the only Agent for the District of
Columbia, fi. HOMANS,
Between 10th and 11 th strsets, Washington.
Dr. Christie's Galvanic Rings and Mag
netic Fluid.
THIS remarkable invention, which has received
the almost, universal approbation of the medical
profession of Great Britain, comprises an entirely
new applicaflbn of Galvanism, as a remedial agent
by means of which the ordinary Galvanic Batteries,
Electric and Magnetic Machines, &c. are entirely,
dispensed with, and the mysterious power of Galvan
ism applied without any of the objections which are
inseparable from the general mode now in use.
The Galvanic Rings have been uesd with entire
success in all aases ef rheumatism, acute or chronic,
applying to the head, face, or limbs ; gout, tic-dolo
reux, toothache, bronchitis, vertigo, nervous or sick
headachq, indigestion, paralysis, palsy, epilepsy, fits,
cramp, palpitation of the heart, apoplexy, stiffness of
the joints, spinal complaints, lumbago, neuralgia,
nervous tremors, dizziness of the head, paina in. the
chest and side, general debility, deficiency of ner
vous and physical energy, and all nervous disorders.
In cases of confirmed dyspepsia, which is simply a
nervous derangement of the digestive organs, tLey
have been been found equally successful. Their ex
traordinary effects upon the system must be witnessed
to be be belived, and ay a certain preventive for the
preceding complaints they are equally recommended.
The rings aro of different prices, being made of all
sizes, and of various ornamental patterns, and can
he worn by the most delicate female without the
slightest inconvenience. In fact, the sensation is ra
her agreeable than otherwise.
Tux Galvanic Belts, Bracelets, Ba ndb, Gar
ters, Necklaces, &c. Alc. These articles are
adapted to the waist, arms, wrists, limbs, ankles, or
any part of the body with perfect convenience. The
Galvanic Necklaces are used with greater benefit in
cased of bronchitis or affections of the throat gener
ally ; also, in cases of nervous deafness; and with
almost uniform success as a preventive for appoplexy,
epileptic fits, and similar complaints.
Christie's Magnetic Fluid is used in connexion
with the Galvanic Rings, and all their modifications.
This composition has been pronounced by the
French Chemists to be one of the most extraordi.
nary discoveries of modem science. Full explana
tions and directions accompany- it. The combined
inventions are in every way perfectly harmless; tbey
are at prices within reach of all, and the discoverer
only requosts a fair trial, as a test of their surprising
efficacy and permanent benefit.
Christie's Galvanic Strengthening Pias
ters.?These articles form another valuable applica
tion of the mysterious influence of Galvanism. They
are an important adjunct to the genuine Galvanic
Rings and their modifications, acting upon the same
principle, but having the advantage of more local-ap
plicatioir They are confidently recomonded as a
valuable addition in the speedy cure of rheunntiam,
acute or chronic ; in all nervous complaints, and as a
positive remedy in cases of pain and weakness in the
chest or back, pain in the aide, in asthmatic affections,
and in weakness or oppression of the pulmonary or
gans. In spinal complaints their effects are of the
most decided character, and tbey have often been
used with complete success. They ar? also of the
greatest advantage in pains and weakness ef the
breast, and are highly recommended for many of
those complaints to which females are especially li
able. As an effectual means for strengthening the
system when debilitated with disease and othflj^au
ses, aa a certain aid in constitutional weakness, as
a preventive for colds, and in all affections of the
cheat generally, the Galvanic Strengthening Pias
ters will be found of great and permanent advan
(* CAUTION. The celebrity and success of
these articles have caused them to be counterfeited
by unprincipled persons. Dr. Christie cautions the
public against spurious imitations. He has but one
authorized agency in each city of the Union, where
the genuine articles can be procured. The only
agents for Washington are?
Nos..l and 2 Brown's Hotel, Penn. avenue.
Explanatory pamphlets, &c. may be had gratis,
with the strongest testimonials of success and bene
fit. sept. 22?6meod
TtJST RECEIVED, and lor sale at the
,J Fountain Book Store, corner of 2d street and Pa.
Avenue, a supply of Mitchel's Pocket Maps ot the
different States and Territories?price 25cent*.
Also, an assortmeqt of Bibles, Hymn and Prayer
books, which are offered to the public cheap for cash.
TVe also ofler for sale a well selected asiorftnent ol
School and Classical book*, stationery, &tc., together
with miscellaneous booku too numerous to mention.
nov 18?eo3m U. WARD k SON.

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