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Terms or the Daily National Whig.?To sub
W EEK, payable to the CARRIER, to wh,.m alone
they we responsible.
. When sent by mail the terms are $4 for twelve
months, $2 for six mouth*, *t for three mouths.
The Weeklv National Whig, Two Dollar* pei
annum, invariably in jth xiu-e.
The National Whig will be what its name indi
D3^8' A.W'ilSP ,he sent?nents of the Whiir
Party of the Union upon all the question of public
policy now before the country ai.d to come before
It will advocate the election of
Major General
zachary Taylor,
Of Lotiiriana .*
the Hero of the Rio Grande, Monterey, and Bue
na V ista to the next Presidency, for which we be
lieve he has already been nominated by acolama
tion in th? hearts of his grateful countrymen' Bui
while we advocate the election of him who Im
proved himself to be the greatest Captain of the
age in a series of battles without parallel in the
an"a'? n[ warfare, and who, in his despatches has
exhibited a power of intellect and soundness of
judgment unsurpassed in the history of the human
mind, we freely throw open our columns to the
discussion of the mefita, by their friends, of the
other many eminent meu, of the 'Whig party whose
names have been associated with the Presidency
And while General Taylor is our choice for the
Presidency, whom we believe no eawhJv power
from elevating unanimous
ly totue first fcift in their choice as a token of their,
appreciation of his true greatness, we shall be
guided by the voice of the great Whig partv of
which we are but an humble member, and if it
should in the course of events, be ordered thai
any other person than the man of our preference
shall be selected as our candidate, we shall yield
him our cordial support.
The National Whig will attack at every assaila
ble point, and ceaselessly, all the measures of the
present administration of public affairs which shall
be deemed to be adverse to the interests of the
country, and will expose without fear or favor the
corruptions of the party in power.
The columns of the National Whig will he1 open
jo the pens of every Whig in the country for the
discussion of the great political and other questions
of the day, and to every Democratic pen, too, in
terested in enhghtning the public mind respecting
the corruptions and imbecility of the men to whom
in an ewl hour, the Democratic party intrusted
the power of the Government.
1.^??"* wii*"n* to* subscribe to the National
Whig are respectfully informed that a list U kepi
opened at our office Northeast corner of the Ave
nue-and second street, up stairs, and at Adam's Pub.
hoation Office, north side of the Avenue, between 3
and 4i streets.
All communication* for insertion in the National
Whigmast be addressed ''Tothk Editor," accom
panied by the real name of the writer, and must he
post-paid, or they will not be taken out of the Post
All letters on business and enclosing orders for the
National Whig, must lie apdressed "To the Pub
lisher," and must also be post-paid, or they will not
be taken out of the Post Office.
*3" No attention paid to orders for the Nationa
Whig unless accompanied by the cash.
will be made ujj from the Daily National YVhig,
and printed on a'sheet 36 inches long by 44 inches
wide, containing 32 columns of new reading mailer.
It will b^ -vefully mailed and directed to order for
*2 per or $1 for six months, im-ariab y In
Travelling Agents Wanted
sjiiW3?i?^,a wisnso
Apply at this office either by letter or in person.
The most satisfactory testimonials required. Com
pensation liberal.
for the
KL&[email protected]?s,i\,iLi warned
Jacob Merritt, Cabell C. H.
P. H. McCullocb, do do
H. 8. Farrow, Brentaville, Va.
J. D. Elwood, Middleti wn, Conn.
dJ1 Our friends abroad who are willing to act an
the Local Agents of the National Whig will pleas,
send us their names and post-towns witnout delay.
OlJ" Whoever will send us the money fur five sub
scribers to the Week y National Whig (price S2
per annum) for one year, bhall receive a copy gra
Mr. G\ L. Gillclirest,
Is now prepared fo serve the WHIG in nnv pari
of Washington, Georgetown, and Alexandria, im
mediately after the hour of publication, which is 3
o'clock in the afternoon of every day (Sunduvs ex
cepted.) Persons desiring the Whig may leave
their nsmes and residences either with Mr Gill
chrest personally, at the office of the paper corner of
the Avenue and Second street, at R. FARNHAM'S
Book Store, or at 8. HOLMES' Grocery Store on
7ih between I). and Louisiana Avenu0(,
Hr *E PoRT.-The Mutual IW
ent Life Insurance Company (office No 11
I street, New York ^issued during the month of
March, 1847, 203 new Policies, viz:
To Merch's & Traders 61 To Teachers 3
Clerks, 23 Ladies 16
Manufacturers 16 Agents, 4
Mechanics 20; Farmers 6
Physicians 6 Sea Captains 4
Clergymen 8 Naval officers, 3
Lawyers 6j Public officers, 2
Brokrrs, . 6| Secre'ry Insur. Co. 1
Hotel Keepers, ? 4| Other Occupations 0
15* 45
Number of policies issued in Maich 203
Policies issued since January 1, 1847, ? 520
ROB. L. PATTERSON, President.
BENJ. C. MILLER. Secretary.
J. C. Lewis, Agent, 7th st., Washington.
Haiivt Lindslt, Physician, corner of O and 1J
april 14 ? tnr
Ire, Ire, Ice.
DE VAUGHAN'S supply of pure fresh pond
Ice of Boston has arrived, and he ii ready to
supply, the pnblic at any hour until 10 o'c'ock at
night. Any person wishing it can be acc >mino
dated at his residence, on 9ih street, a few doors
north of D. Clagett'a dry good store.
april 23?Steod
I HAVE on hand, and shall he daily receiving, a
supply of all kinds of Lumber and Wood,
which, as I shall sell for Cu*h only, I am deter
mined to sell at low prices. ' All persons, therefore,
in wa>t, arc respectfully invited to give me u call.
6th street and Missouri Avenue.
Mil, i 1 ??**' Wim ? M.*?, - -r-?jcaa:-. . r ? . n?-ipi - wi i w ? i-iMimiMi ?ii r mnrm ? mt ini .-*?-*? ?1_- - ma i ? mmmmmim mmwmmmmt i iwi?imi?t ??
national publishing company
(Concert Hall )
& t,2e.Y ??mance of the Poor This is one
of the moot thrilling and painfully interesting fortes
em puhlwhed in Arnenc,. . Price !2icU. Neoro
pathy, by Dr. Hollick. 25 eta.
Outlines of Anatomy for popular use, containing
?h?wins the who,B or
ganization. By Dr. Hollick. Price $1 25.
?P'umbcolype Portraits of Rev. Orville Dewey, D.
D ; Her. H. B. Coskery ; Ki^ht Rev. Bishop White;
Rev. J. Breckenridge, D. D.; Col. VV. W. Seaton,
Mayor of Wellington ; Col. J O. Davie,, Mayor of
Vork'n?F ' H sh B,?U;k' Ex'Qovernor of New
. ' /, R. ^hunk, Governor of Pennsylvania;
T 1 i;?,?ub8i K'<Ut- CoL W H. Watso.,; Gen.
ench r.Ifihman; Alderman John Binns. of Philu-1
lith.H J'fT J'l' M,lfK!a' of N"w Ycwk'. Sir
m i ^?"'nham, Briti-h Minister; Hon. Louh
Mi Lane. Price ?J5 cenU ench.
The Daily Notional Plumheotype Portrait Gallery
coniatn.ng correct jitfenewea of distinguished Amer
icana. 313 portraits are furnished to subscribers for
the lo v price of <15 per annum.
b or the 1 enaanent Removal of ajI such Dis
eases as take their rise in an Impure Blood,
Impaired Digestion, Morbid state of
the Liver and Stomach, Weakness
of the Nervous System, and a
disordered Habit of
Constitution Gtn
' erallu.
Circulation, strengthenmg the system and
facilitating digestion, Dr. Wood's Sarsaparilla and
Wild Cherry Bitters will restore the most confirm
ed invalid to health. Where either these effects
are necessary to the re- toration, the " Bitters "
will be found to possess every quality desired.
I hey have been used already with the greatest
success, in many obstinate cases of impurity of the
blood nervous irritation, Dyspepsia, low spirits,
Scrofula, palpitation of the heart, chronic head
ache arid Rheumatism. They are indeed a happy
combination of powerful, yet safe and salutary
vegetable remedies, of a sterling and unimpeach
able reputation. They have won their populai itv
soiely by their intrinsic merits, and thai they have
been successful, numerous certifica'es in the
hands of the proprietor, and the greatly increasing
sales lully attest. Those desirous of an agreeable
yet efficient tonic or alternative medicine, need
seek no further, for in this preparation they will
find all that is desired.
Sold Wholesale and Rstail by Wrm & Ketch
am 121 Fulton Sreet, N. Y. CHARLI.S 8T0TT,
Washington, aud by Druggists generally through
?.Ut Price $1. Large bottles.
/CONSUMPTIVES, remember that it ii Tlioin
y J""'1 Compound Syrup of Tar and
Wood Naphtha, which is daily effecting such
remarkable cures in pulmonary consumption,
asthma, bronchitis, spitting blood, pain in the side
and breast, sore throat, hoarseness, palpitation of
the heart, whooping cough, croup, nervous tre
mors, hives, liver complaint, diseased kidneys,
Therefore beware of all spurious mixtures of
far or A aphtha, and purchase of the advertised
agents only.
Philadklphia, April 9, 1846.
Last August a year, I caught a violent cofd, in
consequence of getting wet in a shower of rain.
A circumstance so common gave me no immediate
concern, supposing that I should soon get rid of it.
On the contrary, however, I daily grew worse; a
violent cough set in, then pain in my breast and
between my shoulders. I now suffered great op
pression from the great secretion of purulent mat
ter in my lungs. 1 became greatly alarmed ; and
my friends considered my situation extremely
critical, the more so as loss of appetite, hectic
fever, and night sweats rendered me as weak as
* chi d, and at night the sweat literally poured off
me ! I his was my condition vhen I commenced
using " Thomson's Compound Syrup of Tar and
Wood Naphtha." I procured one bottle, and ex
perienced so much benefit that I resolved to con
tinue it. It is now six months since I ceased using
the medicine, and the cure remains perfect. I
firmly believe this medicine is far superior to
every other remedy for Consumption of the Lur.gs,
J. J.^CHAMBLRLAIN, No 8, Carberry street.
Affirmed and subscribed this 9th day of April.
1846, before me.
Swift Mayor of Philadelphia.
This invaluable remedy is prepared only
by Angney & Dickinson, (successor of S. P,
Thomson) Philadelphia.
Sold aho by Charles Stott, Washington, B
Rush Roberts, corner Baltimore and Hanover
streets, Baltimore; Duval & Purcell, Richmond
Virginia. Price 50 cents, or six bottles, $2 50.
L-Jr* Avoid all pretended imitations.
I (Late Fish Ac Co.)
Hatfers?ltrowirs Hotel.
WIN I ER 81 ^ LK.S. ? We would an
nounce to members of Congress and strangers
arriving in the eity, that our shelves are now filled
with a beautiful stack of beaver and moleskin Hats,
m.innlactured with an unusual degree of care, and
which, in point ot fabric and style, will elulleflge
ill <'ompetitiiin. ? We would dire<t cspeeial attention
to the style and mode of shaping the brims of our hats,
by which we secure appropriateness to the size and
features of the wearer.
Those members of Congies, laving their sizes re
pristered-with us, by sending their orders, will be tur
nished at their quarters,
Wardrobe articles. *
In this department we have our usual full supply of
wardrobe, toilet, and fancy goods, of the best qualities
e solicit an inspection of our stock, feeling e0nfi
dent in being able to ofler great inducements to pur
chasers. r
at Ins old stand, the Emporium of Fashion, on
Sixth street, opposite Coleman's Hotel.
N. B. Razors honed and set in the best manner.
Superior Madeira Wine, ?fcc
JAMES FITZGERALD respectfully invites
Members of Congress, citizens and others, who
may desire to have superior Madeira Wine, fi?e
?">unac Brandy, and orher first-rate spiritous liquor*,
to call at his Confectionary and Fruit Store, -jn the'
north side of Pennsylvania avenue?next door to
the United States Hotel.
j James Fitzgerald keeps constantly for sale the
| very best wine, liquors, fruit and confectionary art
| ic.es, which can be procured at the most respectable
| houses in the country. His Madeira Wine was
| imported by hirns Ifin 1840, and cannot be excel
led at any wine or liquor store in this city. His
Urandy, Holland Gin, and old Monongahela whis
ky, are of the very first quality. Call, ta-te, and
judge for yourselves.
p* The F,ne Brown Stout, and good Philadel
phia Ale constantly on hand.
T OUIS FONTAIN, jr., partner of the dim ef
I a Fontain & Son, Chemiits and Prescription
[ ists to the Royal University, Paris, has established
at Washington city, D. C., a depot for the sale of
the above celebrated compound, at Win. Adam's
Bookstore, No. 3. Elliott's Buildings Pennsylvania
Avenue, near Jackson Hall, which they offei
to the American public as a sure antidote for Con
sumption, in its advanced as well as incipient stages.
Acting directly upon the LUNGS, and arresting
their decay, it not only soothes and quiets at once
the distress and pain attendant upon this hereto
fore regarded fatal disease, but restores the lungs
and their sympathising organs, to natural and htal
tt?y action. Accompanying each package are gen
eral instructions and directions (translated) for its
use, adapted to all cases, and if strictly followed,
will not fail, in every instance?if the lungs are
not wholly consumed?of restoring tQ health
which may be permanently secured by future car*
and avoiding too much exposure to atmospheric
Price, eight Francs.
53^Forthe information of persons residing'in
the interior; any part of the government?he would
state that the remedy is prepared and imported di
rect from their Laboratorie, Paris, and that the
same can be transported through mail, as he is ad
vised by officers of the Post Office Department, to
any post office in the country, at the same charge
as for a double letter. Any persons, therefore,
residing distant from this city, who nnywishto
avail themselves of the remedy, can do so by ad
dressing him through the mail, post paid. Two
dollars accompanying an order, will entitle a per
son to one whole and one third package.
THESE Bitters are purely a vegetable com
pound, and are ottered to the public from
principle of benevolence, undo the fullest convic
tion that they will be found a safe and sovereign
emedy for Dyspepsia. They have been trium
ihantly tested, not only by some of the most re
pectnhle families and physicians in the State of
<outh Carolina, who have furnished ample testi
nony as to their decided excellence, but also by the
proprietor, who, for ten years, suffered all the gloom
incident to that stubborn and distressing disease.
They possess the peculiar excellence, denied to
.most other Bitters, of not proving injurious by con
tinued use. They contain not a single deleterious
ingredient, and, as seen from the directions which
accompany each bottle, m:iy be given with entire
safety to an infant in the month.
With pleasure, and for the benefit of mankind, I
send you a certificate relative to the Colleton Bit
In the year 1838, when the cholera was in
Charleston, S. C., I was compelled to send a servant
to the city. On his return, he was suddenly attack
ed with must violent pain in his bowels, so much so
as to cause apprehension that he would expire in a
short time, if medical aid could not lie procured. I
immediately resorted to the Colleton Bitters, by giv
ing a wine gla-<s full at a dose. In the course of a
very short time it acted as an emetic, and throwing
him at the same time into a profuse perspiration. I
then continued to give it in small doses, from two to
three tea spoonsfull, which resulted in a happv re
covery. Since then I have Deen using it constantly
in my family, in cases of cholera moibus, cholera
infantum, diarrhma and general debility, and in
every instance found it highly beneficial. Some
constitutions, however, require much larger doses
than others.
Bluff/on, S. G., 1846.
It is with feelings of gratitude an well as pleasure
that I take this method of giving my testimony of
the great estimation which I entertain for your in
valuable compound. In justice not only to the me
dicine, but for the benefit of others who may be suf
fering from the same malady, Dyspepsia, with which
I was for years afflicted, I feel it a duty incumbent
on me to state that I am now restored to perfect
health. When I commenced taking the Colleton
Bitters it was as a last resort. My debility from in
digestion was jo great that a cure was looked upon
as nlmoEt hopeless. After taking it regularly and
peiseveringly for some lime, my strength and di
gestive powers were entirely restored. I have never
tuken a single dose of any other medicine for more
than five years past. I can now eat the richest food
without any unpleasant feelings whatever. I have
also used Colleton Bitters freely in my family for
cholera i nfuntum, cholera morbus, general debility,
and as a tonic afterJever, with great success As u
family .medicine I ucem it invaluable, and do con
scientiously recommcnd it.
A. M. R.
Sf. John's Coll*ton, S, C., December, 1845.
For sale by the only Agent for the District ol
Columbia, B. HOMANS,
Between 1 Oth and lltli streets, Washington.
WE are receiving from New York our full
supply of Groceries, Teas, Wines, Liquors,
inc., which will be sold low for cash, or short cre
dit, to punctual customers, viz :
40 cheats Gunpowder, Imperial, Young Hyson, and
Black Tea*, which will be sold low by the box
.'>0 hags Java, Laguyra, Rio, &. St Domingo CotToe
25 whole and half barrels Buckwheat
15 bags Buckwheat
20 boxes Colgate's Starch
25 whole and half bbls. Nos. 1, 2 aud 3 Mackerel
5 quintals Codfish
25 boxes Scotch Herrings, large size
10 dozen Nos 1 and 2 Alicante Mats
35 kegs superior Goshen Butter
30 do do' Glades do
50 boxes Sperm Candles
20 nests flour and painted Pails
30 dozen Brooms
6 do Whisks
10 nests Market Baskets
3 bales Almonds
30 whole and half boxes Raisins
10 boxes Vermicelli and Macaroni
5 cases Canton Ginger
2000 pounds loaf, crushed, and pulverized Sugars
5 barrels Steam Syrup
10 boxes Capers and Olives
5 do Citron and Jellies
4 do Mushroom and Walnut Catsup
10 baskets Salad Oil
500 gallons winter-strained ahd Lard Oil
20000 Cigars, of our own importation
Admittance free?next door to U. S. Hotel.
Pictures taken in any kind of weather, clear,
cloudy, or rainy, from 9 o'clock, a. m. till 5 o'clock
p m. Washington, 184V.
?pril 14-tf
Neatly printed at the Office ol the Nat. Whig.
Dr Christie''s Galvanic /tings and Mag
netic Fluid.
THIS remarkable invention, which has received
the almost universal approbation of the meJica
profession of Great Britain, comprises an entirel) 1
new application of Galvanism, aa a remedial agent
by means of which the ordinary Galvanic Batteries,
Electric and Magnetic Machines, &c. are entirely,
dispensed with, and the mysterious power of Gal van
ism applied without any of the objections which are
inseparable from the general mode now in use.
The Galvanic Rings have been ucsd with entire
success in all oases ef rheumatism, acute or chronic,
applymg to the head, fare., or limbs ; gout, tic-dolo
reux, toothache, bronchitis, vertigo, nervous or sick
hcadache, indigestion, paralysis, palsy, epilepsy, fits,
cramjp, palpitation of the heart, apoplexy, stiffness of
the joints, spinal complaints, lumbago, neuralgia,
nervous tremors, dizziness of the head, paina in the
cheat and side, general debility, deficiency of ner
vous and physical energy, and all nervous disorders.
In cases of confirmed dyspepsia, which is simply a
nervous derangement of the digestive organs, tl.ey
have been been found equally successful. Their ex
traordinary effects upon the system must be witnessed
to be be belived, and as a certain preventive for the
preceding complaints they are equally recommended.
The rings are of different prices, being made of all
sizes, and of various ornamental patterns, and can
be worn by the mest delicate female without the
slightest inconvenience. In fact, the sensation is ra
her agreeable than otherwise.
The Galvanic Belts, Bracelets, Bands,Gar
ters, Necklaces, &c. Alc. These articles are
adapted to the waist, arm*, wrists, limbs, ankles, or
any part of the body with perfect convenience. The
Galvanic Necklaces are used with greater benefit in
cases of bronchitis or affections of the throat gener
ally ; also, in cases of nervous deafness ; and with
almost uniform success as a preventive for appoplexy,
epileptic fits, and similar complaints. |
Christie's Magnetic Fluid is used in connexion
with the Galvanic Rings, and all their modifications.
This composition has bean pronounced by the
French Chemists to be one of the most extraordi
nary discoveries of modern science. Full explana
tions and directions accompany it. The combined
inventions arc in every way perfectly harmless; they
are at prices within reach of all, and the discoverer
only requests a f:iir trial, aB a test of their surprising
efficacy and permanent benefit.
Christie's Galvanic Strenothenino Plas
ters.?These articles form another valuable applica
tion of the mysterious influence of Galvanism. They
are an important adjunct to the genuine Galvanic
Rings and their modifications, acting upon the same
principle, but having the advantage of more local ap
plication- They are-confidently recomended as a
valuable addition in the speedy cure of rheumatism,
acute or chronic ; in all nervous complaints, and as a
positive remedy in cases of pain and weakness in the
chest or back, pain in the side, in asthmatic affections,
and in weakness or oppression of the pulmonary or
gans. In spinal complaints their effects are of the
most decided character, and they have often been
used with complete success. They are also of the
greatest advantage in pains and weakness af the
breast, and are highly recommended for many of
those complaints to which females are especially li
able. As an effectual means for strengthening the
system when debilitated with disease and other cau
fid ft Cfl ttt.il J a ill La w?J?w*?y, an 1
a preventive fpr colds, and in all affections of the
chest generally, the Galvanic Strengthening Plas
ters will be found of great and permanent advan
tage. '
CfJ* CAUTION. The celebrity and success of
these articles have caused them to be counterfeited
by unprincipled persons. Dr. Christie cautions the
public against spurious imitations. He has but one
authorized agency in each city of the Union, where
the genuine articles can be procured. The only
agents for Washingt >n are?
Nob. 1 and 2 Brown's Hotel, Penn. avenue.
Explanatory pamphlets, &c. may be had gratis,
with the strongest testimonials of success and bene
pHAUNCEY WARRINER has recently added
Ij to his facilities for manufacturing parts of
Watches that may be required, by ins'ruments for
that purpose; and having obtained knowledge of
Watch Repairing by practice in Boston, New York,
Philadelphia and elsewhere, will bo able to attend to
whatever may be offered in this department of me
chanics. * ?
Chronometer, Duplex, Lever, Lepine, and Re
peating Watches, accuratcly repaired; also, Common
Watches and Mantel and Eight-day Clocks put in
order, north side Pennsylvania avenue, between
Four-fnd-a-half and Six'h streets, on the corner of
the alley east oi Coleman's Hotel, sign of the
Watch with Guard-Key and Chain and Models rep
resenting the exterior of a self-registering Meteorolo
gical Observatory.
The above location is in part occupied by STE
PHEN EDDY, who deals in the American manu
factured Patent improved Perifocal Spectacle Lens,
an instrument evidently destined to supersede all
other aid to the human vision; judging from testi
monials of their superior properties over other lens,
it will only be necessary to refer to observation and
facta to establish for them a far higher character for
usefulness than has hitherto been attained by the
efforts of art and sciencc.
S. Eddy also deals in Jewelv, fine Watches, Sil
ver Ware, Biown's and other Gold Pens.
The public are respectfully invited to call, particu
larly those afflicted with defective sight;?nothing
so desirable aa its preservation and improvement;?a
little attention in the selection of glasses will accom
plish the one, in some instance both. It is highly
important to see clearly.
(Tj* Jewelry repaired, and all kinds of Gold and
Silver Work made to order. Old gold and silver
rpHE subscriber would respectfully inform his
X friends and the public generally, he has com
menced the boot and shoe business in all its various
branches an the south side of the avenue, opposite
XVm. Marshall's auction store. My stock is all fresh
new goods, just purchased at the north, and will be
sold for n.small advance on the cost price for cash,
ami caah only ; for, in commencing business again,
I intend to sell for cash, and not, ax is too often the
case, sell freely on credit, lose large sums of money,
and then require cash or punctual customers to make
up, in pait at least, the losses sustained by the credit
system. I have had at least six years' experience to
convince me that the credit business, as conducted in
this place, is neither just to the buyer nor seller?there
fore my determination to do a cash business. I am
determined to sell for exceedingly small profits, and
sell quick, knowing that a nimble sixpence is better
than a slow shilling. I respectfully ask of my friends
and the public generally a share of their patronage.
south side Penn. avenue, between 8th and 10th at*.
N. B. Measures taken, and all kind* of work made
in the beat manner and at the shortest notice, and sent
home when desired. M. D.
CIRCULARS, etc. etc.
Neatly printed at thia office
TO Mil from Philadelphia the 26th of every
month, and from Liverpool the l?th of every
TVto*. P. Cope, Capt
H.F. Miercken
Sarank, rnew) Capt,
E. Turley
Feb 25
Mar. 25
April 25
May 25
Susijuehanna, Capt.
A. Turley
Wyoming, (new) Capt.
J W. Mierilren
June 25
July 25
Ang 25
Sept 25
Oct. 25
Not. 25
Dec. 25
Jan 25
Sarank, (new)" Capt.
E. Turley
Susquehanna, Capt.
A. TUrley
Wyoming, (new) Capt
J. W. Micreken
T/ies. P. Cope, Capt
H. F. Miereken
Jan. 12
Mar. 12
May 12
June 12
July 12
Aug. 12
Sept 12
Oct. 12
Nov. 12
Dec. 12.
April 12
These are first-class Philadelphia built Ships
having cpaeious and elegant cabins, and combin
ing every quality to render them aafe and expedi
tions conveyances. They are abundantly supplied
with stores of the best kind, and sail punctually, ]
taking advantage of the tow and ice-boats on the
Passage to Liverpool, $80 ; to Philadelphia, ?20,
without wines.
H. & A. COPE ?fc CO., Philadelphia.
BROWN, SHIPLEY & CO., Liverpool.
Earthenware, china, &. glass,
Thos. Purtell has just imported, per ships Lib
erty and Ohio, from Liverpool, and other sources,
eighty-lour packages of the above articles, amongst
' wnicn are?
French, English, India, Bluestone, W. G. and
Ironstone dinner, dessert, tea, coflfce, and toilet
Rioh gold-band white and figured China Tea sets,
or pieces detached
Cut and plain hall lamps
Solar, side, Liverpool and stand lamps and wicks
Lamp glasses, girandoles, &.c.
Ivory handle and other knives and forks in sets ot
fifty-one pairs or separate
Ileal silver and imitation table, tea and dessert
Plated and German silver castors
Brass and plated candlesticks
Plated cake-baskets, waiters, in sets or detached
English and American tea and coftee sets
Coffee biggins and urns
Looking glasses, shovel and tongs, tic.
All of whicn will be sold wholesale and retail at
very low prices for cash
First quality stone and Britannia ware at the fac
tory prices
An exteusive and good assortment of common ware,
suitable for retail groceries
The subscriber solicits a call from his friends and
the public generally, at his store, opposite Brown's
Hotel, Penn. Avenue, assuring them that he is deter
mined to sell as cheap as the very cheapest for cash.
TUST RECEIVED, and lor sale at the
.1 Book Stohe of A ADAM, on Pennsvlrsnia
ana attractive literary pro
ductions, viz;
By James. The Ancient Regime, 25 cents; Chas.
Tyrrel, or the Bitter Blood, 25 cts; The Robber, 25
cts; Corse de Leon, 25 cts; False Heir, 25; Hcidle
berg, 25; Step Mother, 2 vols. 50; the Smuggler 25.
Beauchamp, 25.
Bv Miss Pickering. The Quiet Husband; the
Expectant; the Squire; the Prince and Pedler; the
6ecret Foe; Agnes Serl; Nandarrel; Cousin Hinton;
ike Fright, each 25 cents; the Heiress, 25; Who shall
be Heir, 25.
By Charles Lf.ver. Tom Burke of Ours, 50 cts;
.he Nevilles of Garret stown, 25 cts; Jack Hinton, 50;
Charles O'Malley, 50; Arthur O'Leary, 25 cents;
Knight of Gwynne, 25.
By Alexander Du.Mas. Genevieve, 50 cts, Che
valier de Harmental, 25; Lady of Monsoreau, 2 vols
41, the Three Guardsmen, 25; the Counte of Monte
Christo, 2 vols $1; Duke of Burgundy, 25, Joan, the
Heroic Maiden, 25
By George Lippard. The Quaker City, 2 vols
$1; Blanche of Brandy wine, 3 vols 75 cts
By Samuei. Lover. Handy Andy, 50 cts; Legends
and Stories of Ireland, 50 cts; Rory O'Moore, 50 cts;
Songs and Ballads, 25
By W. H. Ainsworth. The Tower of London, 50;
Clirichton, 25; Diana of Meridor, $1 for the 2 vol.
The Dutchman's Fireside, 25 cts
Young Kate, or the Rescue, 25
The Young Prima Donna, by Messrs Grey, 25
Kruitzner, or the German's Tale, 25
Willulness ol Woman, 25
Evelina, by Miss Burner, 25
The Daguerreotype Miniature, 124
Lives of Statesmen, by Hon J Q Adams, 3$
Confessions of a Pretty Woman, by Miss Pardoe 45
Amelia Wyndham, 25 Fathar Darcy, 25
The Prairie Bird, by Murray, 25
Love and Mesmerism, by Horace Smith, 25
The F emale Minister, 25
Rose Marie, or the Gogo Family, 25
Archibald W emer, 50
Sylvester Sound, the Somnambulist, 37J
Stories of Ifaterloo, by Maxwell, 2;i
Guy Rivers, a Tale of Georgia, 25
My Own Home and Fireside, 50
History of the Bastile, by Davenport, 50
The Protege, by J E T 25 The Tartar Chief, 25
The Venice Orange Girl, 124
Freaks of Cupid, in three parts, each 124
Leontine, 25 Ormond, or the Secret Witness, 25
The Chronicles of Clover Nook, 12?cts
Charmed Sea by H. Maitineau, 25^
Groves c.t Blarney by Mrs. llall, 25
Siege of Vienna, 25
Eucretia by. Bulwer, 25
Leila, 124
New York Illustrated, for February
The Columbian do
Graham's American Monthly do
? National do
Godey's Lady's Book do
AT the suggestion of many of the most respec
table citizens of Washington, and in aecor
:e with a general wish expressed by visiters at
the seat of Government, that a commodious and
genteel place of resort for general refreshments
might be established ou the plan of some of the
most celebrated Northern and Eastern Restaura
teurs, the extensive establishment known as the
Fronting the Unitarian Church, and in rear ol
Coleman's Hotel, has been refitted and furnished
for the purpose, and tho Saloons are now an
nounced as being ready for the reception of com
pany, with a full supply of choice Game, Oysters,
and every delicacy ol the season.
A separate entrance to the establishment will
introduce ladies and gentlemen to reserved Sa
loons, where they will meet with the most respect
ful attention, and parties may depend at all times
on being served with promptitude and at moder
ate chargcs.
The style in which these Saloons are fitted up,
and the manner in which the friends of the estab
lishment and the public will be served, it is con
fidently believed, will be satisfactory.
i Late of New York, Manager.
N.B. F ainilies supplied to order.
Cash Terras for Advertising.
1 square 1 insertion, $0 50
1 do 2 du 0 75
1 do 3 do 1 00
1 do 1 week, 1
1 do 8 weeks, 2 75
1 squirt 1 montE, M 00
1 do 3 months, 7 00
1 do 3 do 10 00
1 do ? do 16 00
1 do 1 jrttr, 90 00
&-Ten lines or lets make a tquart: paynisae al
ways in advance. Advertisements ordered in amkj
once or twice a week, will be charged 50 csats lot
the first insertion, and 37i cents for each subsequent
P "Carver and Gilder,
enn. Avenue, between 11th sod 13th sts, Worth
?iii*. Makes to order all kinds of Plain and Orna
mental Gilded Frames, Cornice*, Cur taint, Rtdt,
dtc. Old Frrmes regilt, and Looking Glass Platea
inserted. Terms moderate.
april 19?tf
Fresh groceries, butter,* cheese
The subscriber has on hand, ? fresh supply of
?very description of goods in his tins, whtsh M of
fers on reasonable terms.
66 baga Java, Rio, Laguyra, Maricaibo, and Af
rican COFFEE
36 chests and half-chests Gunpowder, Imperial,
Old Hyson, Young Hysun, sad Black
10 cases very choice Tes. 13 lbs in each, for fa
1500 pounds double refined and 3d quality Leaf
1500 pound* crushed and pulvered Loaf Sugar
1000 do white Havana do
1000 do brown do do
Porto Rico and New Orleans do
Do do and St Croix Molassss
Sugar-house and New Iberia Sirup
Ground and unground Spices, of every va
Catsups, Curry Powder, French and other
Olives, Capers, Sardines, and Anchovies
Salid Oils, in flasks and bottles
700 gallons winter-strained and common Oil.
60 whole, half, and qr. boxes Raisins
2 caaks Currants
4 bbls. Dried Apples
30 do Green do
2 cases Prunes, in jars and fancy boxss
30 drums Smyrna Figs
26 bbls Eastern Cranberries
300 pounds soft shelled Almonds
150 do Filberts.
28 tuba choice Welsh Butter
30 boxes superior Cheese \
Sapsago do
31 bbls pink-eye,Potatoes
40 do extra brand New York Flour
40 do Yirginia - do
60 pockets Buckwheat
12 boxes do
23 bbls half and qr. do.
Mackerel, Cod, Shad, and Herring.
20 boxes Sperm Candles
10 do patent do
10 do Adamantine do
Brooms, Mats, Pails, Baskets, See.
20000 Regalia, La Norma, Principe, and?oth*r
brand Cigan.
sp 14?dtff ' 7th street
rnc oiD CQTABlilSHGD
No. 24, late 30, South Second Street,
^ Philadelphia,
Invite the attention of Country Merchants, House
keepers,, Hotels, and City Dealers, to their stock of
Superior and Choice Teas, selected by their AGENT
IN CANTON, and by themselves from the bast
NEW YORK and BOSTON Importation.
Others having lately assumed our name, and imi
tated our signs and circulars, we inform the public
that we are the ORIGINAL COMPANY in this
city, and that we profeas to be, IMPORTERS OF
TEA8V having no connection with any other Com
pany bearing our name.
The Teas sold by this Company have been too long
and widly known to need any other reaommenda
tion than their good qualities, of which we have the
most flattering evidence in the constantly increasing
Agent fur Washington, Seventh Street,
Opposite the Patriotic Bank.
Our long aud well known experience in the Tea
Trade, with the great facilities we command, enables
us to offer our Teas at very reduced prices. House
keepers and others will find it to their interest to
give our Teas a trial. The money unll be returned
if the Teas do not give entire satisfaction.
Orders from a distance will be promptly and ju
diciously filled, to give perfect satisfaction. AU our
Agents are authorized to receive orders.
Mrs. S. Davis, State street, Burlington, N. J.
Mrs. J. Berry man, Pottsville, Pa.
D. Robinson, Harrisburg, Pa.
W. H. Megonegal, Germantown, opposite Deweee'
Mesdames H. W. & M. W. Knight, Market st,
near Ninth, Wilmington, Del.
Mr. John Grayson, Jr., Washington, Washington
county, Pa.
Mr. C. Westbrook, Columbia, Pa.
Other Agents will be appointed, of whom due no
tice will be given.
All Tean sold by the above Agents are guaran
teed, they being packed under our personal supervi
sion and inapection.
feb 20?wtf
1 THOMAS C. WILSON, Auctioneer A
. Commission Merchant, fronting on 9th and the
west end of Centre Market, between Louisisna Av
enue and C street. Regular sale days every market
day. Just received a fresh supply of Flower and
Garden Heeds from Weathersfi^ld.
april 14?tf
LPARMELE, firm of Dodgs and Parmele,
i Surgical, Operative, and Mechanical DEN
TIST, may be Bern professionally from 9 a. m. to 6
p. m., at his office, where ha has been located for tha
last three years. Ortict and Rksidinck, Penn.
avenue, between 9th and 10th sts.
april 14-4m
One hundred per cent, cheaper than the
cheapest !
LIKENESSES taken in the beat style inferior to
none, either singly or in groups at tha vary re
duced price of $1 50 !!! each. Specimens may
l>e seen at the rooms over the Furnishing Store of
L. S. Bftk, E street near tha General Post Office.
Remember the price $1 60. Groups in proportion,
april 21 -3m
TURKEY RHUBARB.?A small quantity of ge
nuine Turkey Rhubarb. For sals bv
Druggist, Ac. corner Penn. av. and 7th st. J

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