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?|je Jfaliotial ttlljig
major general
im iqibib?
And Buenn Vista.
Subject to tl?e decision of the Whig National
y^Mr. T. M. Kimber is no longer an Agent (or
the National Whig.
NOTICE.?Persons indebted to the National Whig
' for advertisement*, are respectfully requested to make
payment either to the Proprietor in person, or to Mr.
G. L.. Gillchrcst, who is our sole Agent, and whose
receipts alone will be recognized by us as valid.
(?> We learn from a source not to be doubted,
that within a few days past a Roman Catholic gen
tleman of the highest respectability received a note
ftam the bead of one of the Department*, assuring
. Pm that ho should certainly receive the appoint
ment of Inspector of the Penitentiary, for which he
was i rnrr*;',***i and requesting him to wait upon
the Piwdeet. Tho visit was paid, and a non-com
mittal answer received. Subsequently, however,
tho appointment was conferred on a physician, loug
remarkable for his noisy devotedness to the domi
nant party, probably because " there are already too
maay Gatholics in office.1' Are Roman Catholics
worse than other citiaens t
fjt Some of oar brethren think we speak too
plainly, and use terms, such as "Tory," Ac., which
might be dispensed with to advantage. We address
onmslvss to the masses, and call things by their right
tt*nee. Away with your holiday phrases, when
pHif liberty is at stake. We would as soon think
it making a speech on the hustings in Hebrew, as
of dealing out to the well meaning and honest yeo
manry of tho land the wire-drawn distiactions of po
MtW? speculators. The Tories are, and always
have been, tho advocates of Royal and Executive
patronage and prerogative, in opposition to the
tights of the tax-paying people. Then why not
give th*ir true name 1 Heaven knows, thfclr hire
ling prelaet have lo*t no opportunity of imposing on
tho credulous and uureflectiog, by namts which,
however offensive, have the quality of attracting at
tention and temporary belief. If people will do
nanghty things thoy must be told of it, and in terms
pml to bo misunderstood.
(?j- It is stated that the correspondent of the Bal
timoie Sun and Philadelphia Ledger was first intro
duced to the President by a member of the United
Senate frem Pennsylvania, with the view of
^lj?in| | commission in the army. The com mi s
?Im has not been obtained, but the correspondent is
busy in carrying on hostilities against the people In
'the form of communications through the neutral and
party piess, more useful to his employers here than
anywhere else.
Query. Does ho receive pay 1
1 Cox. Stockton.?This compound of vain-boast
fog has written a latter to John R. Thompson, of
Now Jersey, tho would-be Tory Governor thereof,
?K?t bo nin command General Kearney, and that
. gtaraoy submitted to his authority in the two bat
Das of January last in California, dcc. dcc. If it be
true that Kearney did so submit, it shows how high
an he placed apon his country's cau.e at
tho perilous moment, when a resistance lo the ueurp
ad power of hia inferior might endanger the success
of our arms. The truth is, there is not a more arro
gant and ignorant officer in the naval service than
^i. ?m* Stockton. He is purse-proud, and deveid
of ail nobleness of | urpose?two qualities that al
ways go together. We hope the time will come
whan this politician Post-Captain will get his des
orta. The interests of the country require his ab
aanca from the navy, and there is not a man who
will not rejoice at hia dismissal from service. He
haa supported by his weslth, Yan Buren, Harrison,
Tyler, and Polk, all in turn. Taylor will not need {
it, God; and we trust the old Hero will take
oare he ahall not any longer tarnish the cloth he
now wears.
Marshal soult'i Opinion
'?FotJa iin Soldat
We pleasure in laying before our readers the
following extract of a letter from Paris, written by
* that very aHe journalist, Mr. Bennett, of the New
York Herald, with a view of showing what Mar
shal Soult thinks of the old Thunderer of Buena
VUta, and what Europeans think of the rascally go
vernment that left him at Agua Nueva, to be dos
strayed by Seuta Ana.
MBut to return to Genersl Taylor, and the war
on the Rio Grande. The accounta by the last
steamer had left that gtllant man victor, it is true,
in the fi-H, but still surrounded and enclosed by
the Mexicans in each a way as to leave hia position
critical. Every American here believed that he
woald overcome hie difficulties, and his despatches
Ttritfttd that belief; but all unite in censuring the
imbecility and injustice of the American govern
ment?both President and Congress?in conspiring
to place him in that unequal and untoward position.
We aie still anxious for the next news about Yera
CrUI?and until that comes we will be poring over
the lest accounts, to extract comfort from their con
Among military men, General Taylor is consid
eted ope of the greatest generate of the ago. It is
asserted, without hesitation, that he has performed
as much with the means at his command, aa ever
Ptyoleon or Wellington did. I was informsd this
morning by a gentleman, formerly a distinguished
diplomatist in Europe, that Marahal Soult, on read
ing the recent news, and particularly Gen. Taylor'a
ilsspalfhss declared in emphatic language, " Voila
tm $oUaf?as much as to aay, "a great general?a
vary gsest general." These are private opinions
naUnraOy coming from competent juJges, but such
idsori are never allowed to influence the press, or
general thought, which is invariably hostile to Ame
lican affaire. j
The treatment of General Taylor by his own'
government, in giving the chisf eommaud to ano
ther, and in taking from him bia beat troop*, ia vary
much blamed here by every American. On tbw
point there ia no diriaion of opinion.
1 trust that before tbia can reach New York eve
ry anticipation that we now entertain of General
Taylor will have come out right and uppermost.
Hu talents, bia moderation, hie wiadom, bia modes
ty, the ni jjple dignity of hia despatches, and bin
conduct in the field and in the council, have already
created in Europe'* greater name for American ca
pacity and jiower than any event aince the revolu
tion or the deed* ef Washington."
The treaty of annexation was rejected, but annex
ation in another form was still presented. A resolu
tion for the admission of Texas, aa a State, passed
the House of Representativea; an additional and al
ternative reaolution was added in the Senate, to ap
point commiafioners to negotiate for admission, and
to conciliate, and reconcile Mexico, and thereby pre
vent the annexation from bringing on war. The ex
piring Adminialration of Mr. Tyler anatched the al
ternative from the President elect?hurried off the
House reaolution by a midnight messenger?slam
med the door of conciliation in the face of Mexico
?and inflamed her pride and resentment to the
high' at degree. From that time forth every thing
breathed war between the two countries, which
broke out the ensuing year. [Benton's St. Louis
When the Texaa Resolutions passed Congress in
Februaiy, 1846, Mr. Polk waa already in the city.
Mr. Tyler, immediately upon their passage and ap
proval, called on the Preaident elect in peraon, and
many were the conaultations the two Chief Magis
trates held together upon the policy to be pursued
in relation to Texaa. After due deliberation, it waa
decided that Mr. Tyler should execute the Resolu
tions absolutely admitting Texas into the Union aa
a State, and reject the alternative resolution of nogo
tiation This act received Mr. Folk's full and free
consent and approval. Scarcely had the messenger
who was despatched to Texas by Mr. Tyler in exe
cution of the Resolution of Admission, turned his
back, when Mr. Polk assumed the Magisterial Pur
ple, and at once gave his ofiieial sanction to the act
of Mr. I'ylar, by proceeding to take the next neces
sary atep consequent upon the choice of the Houso
plan of annexation. And throughout the whole cor
respondence between tbia Government and that of
Texas there is not the least sign or shadow of Mr.
Polk's disapprobation of Mr. Tyler's act.
The statement we have here made Mr. Polk will
not dare to deny, for if he does, there ark parties to
the whole transaction who are ready to confront
him with the proof of the truth of what ia here as
This much is deemed necessary, at the present
moment, to show that Mr. Benton has misrepresent
ed the transaction in question?whether intentional
ly or not, we are not prepared to prove; but the pio
babililies are strong that he knew of the whole truih
of the affair and that the statement which he has
put forth in his St. Louis Speech is designed to
shield Mr. Polk from the charge of having plunged
the nation into the Mexican war by assuming the
belligerent relations existing between Texas and
Mexico at the time Texas was taken into the Union.
It would be doing Mr. Benton injustice, we think,
to plead lor him ignorance of the consultations be
tween Mr. Tyler and Mr. Polk, and Mr. Polk's
choice of the House Resolution. We are the last
to attribute ignorance to prominent statesmen and
public men. Better far, for their reputation to plead
stale necessity for their act than ignorance, for the
people, their masters, can then deal with them as
responsible agents and make them atone for their
crimes and offences.
But the whole of Mr. Benton's speech is an apo
logy for Mr. Polk's wicked administration of the
government, as we shall show in detail in to-mor
row's paper, and being a speech of this character, it
is necessarily full of misrepresentations, subterfuges;
and vain-boasting. We have exposed one of bis
misrepresentations to-day. The work will be con
Senator Manoum.?We grieve to hear that
this excellent gentleman and sound statesman
is confined to his chamber, at his residence in
North Carolina, by a severe attack of bronchi
0>3- The Boston Post says that Gen. Taylor
never went into action at the head of whig
columns; when it is notorious that nine-tenths
of the volunteers with whom he has won his
glorious victories are Whigs to the baclt bone.
Oh, Mr. Greene?Mr. Greene, oh!
Oeneral Tayl?r nominated in the Bardstown
District. Tha Whig delegates of the Fifth Con
gessional District, who met in Convention at Bards
town on the 10th instant, and nominated Mr. Thomp
son for Congress, adopted the following resolution by
Resolved, That this convention believe General
Zachary Taylor to be eminently qualified to preside
as Chief Magistrate over tho destinies of our Repub
lic, and now nominate him for Preaident in 1848.
The Bardstown Gazette say a that the resolution
was received with a unanimous shout.
Indian Fight. About the 1st of the present
month a fight took place between the Otto and Sioux
Indians. Two of the Ottos bad been overtaken on
a hunt by tha Sioux and four were scalped. A
aquaw escaped and told the tale, whereupon the Ot
toR with some Omahas went in pursuit and found
the Soux in a swamp of grass to which they set fire,
end aa the 8ioux fled from the flames ihey were shot
down and as many as eight fared this fata and were
From Yucatan. Laguna has been taken pos
session of by the U. S. brig Porpoise, without
tesistance, says the New Orleans Bulletin of
the 15th instant.
We have seen a letter dated Tobasco, 18ih
April, which says, that in consequence of the
boats of the U. S. steamer McLean having
been fired upon, and two or three of the crew
wounded, the steamer went up to Juanita, a
?mall town on the river, and demanded all the
arms, which having been obtained, she return
ed to the mouth again.
(O* We ?hoold rejoice to we the day, says the
last Richmond Whig, when ell men of ell pertiee
would frown down the iniquitoua end corrupting
practice of proscription for opinion'* sake?a practice
which fills the public offices wi>h incompetent end
diaboneat agents, who make politic* e trade, end
who ere alwaya in merket. The greet body of the
people, of both pertiea, have e direct interest in put
ting down thia odioue ay stem and thoee who prac
tice it. Elect General Taylor and it will be done.
Do rou Hiii thi#, Me. Polk 1 On Monday,
the 17th inaL, e large and enthuaieatic meeting wea
.held in Columbia?the very town whence you were
dragged to occupy the White Houee?to consider
the question of the next Preaidency. What do you
think the meeting didl They did?not nominate yon,
their old townaman. They unanimoualy and with
the wildest enthusiasm resolved that they would vote
for the old Thunderer of Buena Vista, Gen. Zachary
Taylor, for their next Chief Magiatrate. When even
your own houaehold deserts you, is it not time to give
over persecuting the man whom God has raised up
to succeed you 1
OCj* A homicide in Cincinnati and a robbery in
Louisville constitute the burden of domeatic newa
received by the last mail from those cities.
AwruL SmrwBccK.?The brig Exmouth from
London for Quebec was driven ashore in a heavy
gale on Tueaday night the 27th of April upon the
west coaat of the Isle of lalay near the west coast of
Scotland. All on board periahed but three aeamen.
She had 240 emigrants chiefly small farmera with
their familiea bound to Canada. Out of the whole
number there were only 00 maiee?the reat females
and children. The veeeel waa dashed to piecea
among the rocka by the fury of the aurf.
(Ej*Gen. Brown, the Whig candidate for Gover
nor of Tenneaaee, haa declared for Gen. Taylor, first
and last?and his march through the State ia a tri
umphal one. Gov. Brown, his tory opponent, has
intimated that he will go for the old Hero, if?if?
if??o and ao. Nobody, even of hia own party,
stops to listen to him.
John Slidell. The New Orleans Delta comes
to the rescue of John Slidell, from the charge
that he was intriguing last winter to bring the
whole of the leaders of the party in power
over to General Taylor as their nominee for
the Presidency. The Delta can save its breath.
Every body knotcs that such was the case, and
John is only angry that he was defeated before
band in his scheme to commit the leaders of
his own party to a Whig nominee. VVe pre
dict, nevertheless, that John will support the
Old Hero as warmly as he supported Mr.
Polk; any port in a storm is Senor Don John's
Another.Battle. It was rumored in New
Orleans on the 14th instant that Gen. Taylor
had fought and gained another battle. We
should not be surprised il the rumor prove
true. II he has fought one?he has gained it,
that's certain I
Cj* The Cincinnati Enquirer, a Tory paper in
the confidence of Preaident Polk, boldly aaserta that
no demand of territory haa ever been made of Mexi
co by the Administration, at the condition of peace.'
Treasure up thia abominable lie for future uae. The
toila are gradually drawing round the Adminiatra
tion?toila of its own making. Let us all pull atea
dily together and we ahall yet live to aee an end put
to lying in high places.
OCJ- A volunteer at New Orleans made the
following piquant speech to the people on the
15th inst. and we commend itto the especial
attention of Mr. Polk :
"But Bonyvister was the field where I ex
tinguished myself. I fout like a man, gentle
men?I did. I seen old Zach on that d d
old yaller charger of his'n.and if the Mexicans
had a touched a hair of his head we'd a mas
sacreed every mother's son on 'em. That old
man can't be letched by any thing made in
Mexico, or in the United States either with
Mister Polk and the Democratic parly to boot;
if he can, you may have my head lor a foot
CO- Five sixths of the Catholics in the U.
Stales voled for President Polk. And now in the
third year of his Presidency, he proposes to
confiscate the gold and silver of the Catholic
church in Mexico as a means of subjugating
(hat country !
OCJ- The Tories in Tibbaits District in Ken
tucky have selected Gen. Lucius Desha to run
on their ticket.
OCT- The Louisville Journal says that, judg
ing from he accounts it has seen of the Colum
bia, Tennessee, meeting to nominate General
Toylor for the Presidency, it must have been
heard three miles off. It was heard farther
than that. It was heard by Mr. Polk in the
White House!
Reinforcements for Gen. Scott. We learn
says the New Orleans Bullelin of the 15th in
stant, that a large portion of the new levies
that were intended for General Taylor, have
been ;ordered to join General Scott, and that
only three infantry regiments, (one of which
is the 16th) and the 3d Dragoons will be sent
to General Taylor.
CO- The Baltimore Patriot thinks that Mr.
Polk continues ihe war because he is a weak
man. They who know him intimately say,
it is because he is a bad man. We think if
our brethren of the press would always weigh
Mr. Polk's actions in (he balance of knavery,
they would never fail to get at their true esti
The reports still prevailed at Vera Cruz at
last dates that a deputation had been sent to
General Scott to offer him possession of the
capital. There was a good deal of sickness at
Vera Cruz, and it was increasing. Some cases
offever had occurred.
John Wilson.
Messrs. J sines F. Haliday, John A. Blake,
Lewis Johnson.
The above gentlemen are presented of the voters of
the Second Word to represent them in the Boards of
Akltrmen and Common Council, (which election
takes place on Monday week next, June 1st,) who,
if elected, we are confident will faithfully look to
the interests of their constituents.
Zachary Taylor. First ia war, first in peace,
first in the hearts of his country.
Jutnea Knox Polk. First in making a war,
first in breaking a peace, and first in the hearts
of the office holders.
QO- The tlavea of Mr. Morgan Smith, of
Lowndes county, Miss., lately made up fifty
dollars among themselves, to be sent to Ireland
to relieve the starving poor, so far as that sum
would extend! And yet Mr. Polk only gave
the paltry sum of $50 for the same object!
Governor Dana of Maine in bis maiden
messsage talks very learnedly about the slave
queotion in connection with the newly conquer*
ed territory of Mexico, and winds up by telling
the South, that its peculiar institution will not
be permitted by Maine to be fastened upon the
new conquest. Mr. Dana is a Democrat. We
do not know whether he be a Polk Tory or not*
The New Orleans people had a most excit
ing time of it wkU their illumination in honor
of the war, and its victories last Saturday night
a week ago. The Crescent city must have shone
like a rainbow fallen upon earth!
QCj* Atoeha ia at Cincinnati.
0O- Two Michigan companies passed thro'
Cincinnati on the 20th instant for the seat of
OO- The volunteers who have arrived at N.
Orleans are generally in wretched health and
very ragged. They will remember James K.
Polk ' in the day of his trial, even in the day j
when he shall come to be weighed in the bal
OCT* American arms have acheived eighteen
victories in Mexico. They are the precursors
of the grand victory which American votes
will achieve in 1848 over the author of the
war, Mr. James Knox Polk.
0O- The Charleston Mercury speaks of the
rash litod that governs the Union. Heads, sir,
headt! !
OO- George Brown, of Beverley, Mass., late
U. S. Commissioner to the_Sandwich Islands,
and his son, are supposed to have been lost in
the brig Wm- Nelson, which sailed from Ho
nolulu, August 5th last, for Manilla and Can
ton, and have not been heard of, although Ma
nilla dates of February 11th have been receiv
Post Office Reform.?The people of Bos
ton are moving in mass for Post Office reform.
They go for 2 cents postage for all distances,
prepayment by stamps, free delivery, no frank
ing and no monopoly. We are with you gen
tlemen, heart and hand, with this addition, no
postage on newspapers, and the purchase by
the government of the Magnetic Telegraph nnd
the expense of the transmission of intelligence
or message by this instrument to be reduced to
2 cents per, hundred words for nil distances,
prepayment of the same and free delivery. We
shall refer to this subject again and in the mean
time ask the public press every wheie to take
t up and we will republish here their thoughts
upon it.
OO- The Morning Courier, says the Louis
ville Journal of the 21 st instant, learns from
good authority that Gen. Wm. O. Butler has
avowed himself in favor of Zachary Taylor for
the next Presidency.' So the Locofoco party
of this State has lost General Butler and Judge
French. How many more such men has it
got to lose 1
The Public Creditors now-a-days are
treated by the government with gteat injustice.
The Sub-Treasury Law is daily violated not
only by the disbursing agents of the govern
ment out of Washington but by them in Wash
ington. Nay, it is broken every day by Mr.
Walker himself. The public creditor in New
Orleans is now compelled to take drafts on the
North when the law requires he should be paid
in gold or silver or Treasury notes. Recently
a paymaster received in this city checks on the
North for over one million of dollars and he
deposited them with Corcoran &. Riggs, con
trary to the Sub Treasury Law, and Corcoran
&. Riggs to meet their payment pushed into
market enough of their loan and paid these
checks into the Treasury on account of their
loan. All this is in contravention of the Law
and yet Mr. Walker countenances it?nay ad
vises it.
The Tchgraph.?As if this engine was not
sufficiently monopolizing already by the
exhorbiant prices charged for the tran&mis.
sion of intelligence and correspondence, we
see it stated that Mr. Kendall is engaged in get
ting up a monopoly to furnish certain newspa
pers only with news in advance of all other
newspapers. We thought that lime and ad
versity had taught Mr. K. some wisdom and
still think so, and will therefore wail to see if
it can possibly be true that he is occupied with
any such schemes as that now ascribed to him,
before we remark further on the subject. We
i should sooner expect to hear that he was at.
tempting to place news at the disposition ol
every press without charge, but we shall see.
The last news from Paris is that gray hair
and fray curls are all the rage?the whole batch
of browns, hlacks, chesnuts, auburns, goldens,
sandiea, and ^xen, being voted "misfortunes
?1 nature." This move is a move backward,
as it is calculated to bring forward the middle
(0- Nine hundred Dutch arrived in Baltimore
Uat Saturday from Rotterdam and Bremen.
ti spectfully inform their friends and the public
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" apring aeat Sofas
" rocking and parlor Chairs
" card, centre, and dining Tablea
44 Wardrobes
M Bedsteads
And, in fact, every thing usually found in a cabinet
ware room.
He is also prepared to attend funerals at the
shortest notice and on the most liberal terms; and
he ia confident that from hie long experience in at
tending funerals, that he will give entire satisfaction
to those who may favor him with their patronage.
7th street, between H and I.
maySO ly
Corner of Penn. Avenue and 3d street, ?n
der Gadsby's Hotel.
"Rough and Ready,** ?Ruena Yiata," and
"Cerro Gordo" Julep*.
THIS establishment ia new open for the recaption
of visiters, under the supervision of Mr. J. A.
Berry, who is prepared to serve up in the moat re
eherehe style every description of beveragee to tickle
the appetite and please the t as tea of the moat ftalidi
They who are disposed to give it a call will bo
sure to come again, where they can have all the
fashionable beverages prepared to M orderawh aa
Kough and Ready, Buena Yiata, and Cam Gordo
Juleps, Palo Alto Sangaree, Oseat Punch, Ahrara
do Cobblers, and California Smaahea, dtc. dcc.
may 20 lm
QAA kegs pure White Lead
OW 100 gals. Linseed Oil
250 boxes Window Glaaa.
Paint of all ahadea mixed and prepared for use.
A constant supply of LAMPS, PINE OIL,
Wicks and Glpses.
Pure Sperm, Lard, and Solar Oils, for sale on
the lowest terms for cash.
mav 19 tf C street, Todd'* Buildiags.
Pa. Avenue, between 14th and ISth streets,
IS now prepared to servo his customers and the
public generally with all the luxuriee of the
Turtle Soup, Frogs, Birds, dcc. dcc., a la mode.
His Bar containa liquors of the choieeat brands.
N .B. Families served at the shortest notice,
may 18?4t
ANEW and Splendid Inatrument for the [
admirably adapted for sacred music, price #100.
Also, daily expected from the North, a lot of
New and Splendid FURNITURE, of which due
notice will be given, conaisting in part of
Sofas, various patterns and prices
Centre, card, toilet and other tableo
Wash stands, bedatcads, criba, cradles, chair*,
At BROWN'S Furniture and Piano Forte War*
Room, Odd Fallows' Hall, 7th street.
may 18 tf
WILLIAM SPEARING, having commenced
business in the above line, immediately in
front of Coleman's Hotel, respectfully inform* the
citizens of Wakhington and ita vicinity, that he man
ufactures Looking Glass and Picture Frames, Plain
and Ornamental Cornices, as well aa ovary other
kiod of work in his line of businee*. William Spr
ing's charges for all work done at hi* aotabBahmant
will be quite reasonable: he respectfully solicit* a
share of the public patronage.
N. B. Old Frames regilt. ? may 14 tf
rpHE SUBSCRIBER has just received
I 10 packages Fresh Butter
10 " Choice Cheese
A lot ol Maple Sugar in small cakes.
may 7?3t S. HOLMES, Seventh St.
Mr. H. has made arrangements to be supplied with
the same kind of Butter as long aa the market will
warrant it.
T) Carver and Glider,
y enn. Avenue, between 11th and ISth at*, North
side. Makee to order all kind* ef Plain and Orna
mental Gilded Frames, Cornices, Curiam*, Mods,
See. Old Frrmes regilt, end Looking Glaa* Plata*
ineerted. Terms moderate.
april 19?tf
1000 llbe. of Bpeom Baits?
For sale by CHAS. 8TOTT,
Drug dc Apoth corner 7th & Pa av.
may 21 tf

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