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Washington City, I).C.
BY .
THE SUBSCRIBER, for more than twenty years
connected with the Patent Office, and for many
year* official Surveyor of the City of Washington,
having relinquished all business connected with hi*
Architectural, Engineering, and Surveying depart
ments, in order to devote his whole time and atten
tion to the service of Inventors, Patentee*, and per
sons interested in Patents, and to establish a perma
nent Agency at the Seat of Government for the use
and benefit of that important class of the communi
ty, offera his service* to all parsons desiring to make
inquiries respecting the originality of Indentions and
Discoveries, and the practice or obtaining Patents in
the United States, and relating to all kinds of busi
ness required to be transacted at the Patent Office
such as making aearches, and preparing papers and
drawings for applicants for Patents Caveats, As
signments, Agreements; amending Rejected Claims,
and presenting them for re-examination; attending
to Appeal Cases, Interfering Applications, and draw
ing up papers relating thereto, and to taking evi
dence respecting the originality of Inventions. He
will also attend to making out petition* for the re
issuing, renewal, extension, and restoration of loet
Patents; apply for Withdrawals, and for Patents for
Additional Improvements and D. signs; make Dis
claimers, and procure copies of Patents, Deeds,
Drawings, drc., and have them recorded. ' He will
also superintend Commissions for taking testimony
relating to Patents, to be used in the United States
Courts in the several State*. He will likewise at
tend to the di awing of Billa in Equity, in case* of |
Appeal, and attend to the canea at court j to giving
opinions on the legality of Patent* granted, and le
gal opinions on all other paints touching Patent
cases; to furnishing copies of decisions on points of I
1 aw relating thereto; to explaining the practice of our
courts in deciding Patent cases ; and to all business
of a legal character relating W Patents. In the dis
charge of the above named duties, the subscriber will
be assisted by gentlemen of the highest legal attain
ments, and by artiaU of the first eminence.
The subscriber having (during a tour through Eu
rope) made arrangements with able and responsible
Agents in Lovdok and Paris, will attend to the
procuring of Patents in England and France, and
will axplain the practice of procuring patenta in other
Foreign Countries.
The underaigned offers his services to Agents and
Applicants for Paleots reading out of Washington,
whose cases may have been rejected at the Patent
Office, on account of defective claims, or the misap
prehension of the Examiners, arising from obscure
descriptions. In such canes he will make the re
quired examinations and personal applications, and
necessary amendments to the papers. His long ex
perience in this branch of the business will enable
him to give satisfaction. When it is known that
many of the rejected claims might be carried through
the office successfully, if properly presented and ex
plained, the importance of this bianch of the Agency
wilt be duty appreciated.
The subscriber will also attend to procuring Mon
KXM where required to be made from drawings or
written descriptions Also to having drawings done
in Lithography.
His terms will be according to the nature and ex
tant of the services to be performed. The usual re
taining fee, however, of five dollars, will generally be
expected in advance. The charge for making an
examination will be about five dollars.
The other charges for the simplest cases will be as
For preparing papers?vij: Petition, specification
_ and oath . . $5 00
For preparing original drawings 5 oq
Do. duplicate . . 5 oq
Fpi Agency fee . . . 5 00
For complex cases the charges will vary from
ftO to $100.
For integrity of character, persons unacquainted
wkh the undersigned are respectfully referred to
members and ex-members of Congress who have re
sided in Washington ; and for qn ilifiruti.ms he re
lets to his own works, (one of - which is the design
of the building in which the Patent Office ia arrang
ed,) and to the annexed teetimonial of an individual
wali known to the whole country, and to whom,
mote than any one elae, it is indebted for the present
splendid establishment, and excellent code of laws
relating to Patenta, that reflect so much credit on his
Testimonial of the Hon. H. L. Ellsworth,
Late Commissioner of Patents.
Patxnt OrncE, February 15, 1842.
Mr. William P. Elliot, who has been formerly
employed in the Patent Office as Draughtsman, dcc?
having established a Patent Agency in the City of
Waahington, I take great pleasure in recommending
him as a gentleman worthy of confidence, and as
being particularly qualified to take charge of any bu
siness requiring a knowledge of Mechanical Science,
Progress of the Arts, and Patent Improvements.
Mr. Elliot ia also wail acquainted with the practice
of this Office. Hixht L. Ellsworth.
Office directly opposite the Patent Office, corner
of F and Eighth streets.
dj*AU Letters on business must be post-paid.
june 11?ly Solicitor for Patents.
Daily, Sundays txcepteil.
Through direct?at 6 o'clock p. m.?from the pier
between Courtlandt and Liberty streets. New
Steamboat Isaac Newton, Capt.Wm.
*H. Peck, will leave on Monday, Wed
nesday, and Friday evenings, at 6
Steamboat Htndrik Hudson, Capt. R. G. Crut
tenden, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sat
urday evenings, at 6 o'clock.
At 6 o'clock p. m., landing at intermediate places.
From the foot of Barclay street, New York.
Steamboat South America, ('apt. Thomas N.
Hulse, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday,
and Sunday afternoons, at 5 o'clock.
Steamboat North America, Capt. ft. H. Furey^
will leave on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday af
ternoons, at 5 o'clock.
The above boats will at all times arrive in Albany
in ample time for the morning cars for the East and
Freight taken at moderate rates, and none taken
after 4 1*2 o'clock p. m.
All peraons are forbid trusting any of the boats
of this Line without a written order from the cap
tains or agents.
For passage or freight apply 011 board, or to P.
C. Shultx, at the office on the wharf.
may 19 tf
1,600 pounds of'Alnm,
For sale by CH AS. 9TOTT,
Drug dc Apoth corner 7th & Pa av.
may 21 tf
rf REE stories of the Fountain Buildings, corner
of Second street and Pennsylvsnia avenue. En
quire at the Fountain Bookstote.
may 4-tf U. WARD
Fauquier White Sulphur Springs.
ZATHIS establishment. so favorably known fo
llHL the curative qualities of iu water unil the ele
gance and comfort of Us accommodation, will be
opened for ibr reception of viaitera on the I at June.
It is Htuated 50 mile* froui Alexandria, 35 miles
I'Om h rederickaburg, and 20 milea east of the Blue
K dge, in one of the most healthy and delightful cli
mates of Virginia. The direction anil management
will be the name aa heretofore, and the aame atten
tion paid to the accommodation and comfort of their
guests. We have an abundant supply of ice.
The season, commencing the I at of June, will end
ihe lat of October, embracing 4 month*.
Lover* ol muaic will find the band unsurpassed.
Board: $10 per week, fy per week for 2 weeks,
$30 per month, $80 for the season.
For more than one day $1 f?0 per day, 50 cents
fur a single meal, 25 cents for lodging, children un
der 12 years of age, and servants, half price; horses
50 cents per day, per week $2 50, per month $8.
? Tri-weekly atagea will run from Washington un
til lat of July, after that lima daily.
There will be a line of stages from Fredericksburg
after the lat of July, previoua to which conveyances
will be furniahed on accommodating terms,
may 17?tf PAWL WARD.
Washington, D. C.
Agency of the NewYork
popularly known for many years. This is the
largest and oldest Tea Establisinent in America.?
The public have had full proof of their integrity and
responsibility. But such has been the great and
preasing demand for .their TEAS of late, that they
have been obliged to enlarge, to a great extent,tneir
two principal establishments in New York, viz:
They moreover possess facilities, in relation to the
Tea Trade, in a very abundant degree, ami doubt
less, superior to any other Tea Concern in America.
Their scrupulous regard to all principles that tend
to elevate the character of a large house, is well un
derstood, and has already secured them a connec
tion, probably, larger than all other Tea Establish
ments united, and they consequently are determined
to sell Teas purer, more fragrant, and perfect for
the prices, in the aggregate, than any house in the
world?China excepted.
They most zealously invite the attention of the in
habitants of WASHINGTON, D. C? to their
Agency, where the following assortments are always
on hand; and they feel no hevitation in stating that
wherever a single trial is made, a very decided pre
ference is given to the celebrated Teas of the CAN
OCT* Reader, make the experiment!
Retail Prices as follows, subject in all eai'i to be
returned if not approved of?
Good YOUNG HYSON, $0 50 per lb.
Fine do 0 62$ "
No. 2 fragrant do 0 75 "
No. 3 very fine do 1 00 "
Silver leaf, do 1 25 "
Good HYSON, 0 75 "
Very fine do 1 00 "
Extra fragrant, 1 25 ??
Good HYSON SKIN, 0 50 "
Good IMPERIAL, 0 75 "
Very fine do 1 00 "
Extra fine do 1 25 "
Good GUNPOWDER, 0 75 ?
Fine do 1 00 ?<
Extra fine do 1 25 "
No. 1 SOUCHONG, $0 50 per lb
No. 2 do 0 62$
Finest do 0 75 ?
Fragrant POWCHONG, various prices.
CONGO, various prices.
Fine OOLONG. 0 50 "
Very fiue do 0 75 ?'
Exita fine do . 1 00 "
NINGYONG, various rice?.
TEA, ("very rich Pekoe flavored) 0 75
Fine ORANGE PEKOE, 0 62$
HOWQUA, or finest Black Tea im
ported, 1 00 "
Ne plus ultra TEAS, both Green and
Black, of all descriptions, the
highest grades grown in
China, 60 per lb.
COMPANY are the exclusive venders of the supe
rior Black Tea called "HOWQUA'S MIXTURE."
They introduced it in America in 1840?and every
other person or house professing to sell tho same at
all, much less at a lower price?deceive the unwary,
a* the public themselves will perceive, by comparing
the spurious with the genuine "Howqua" vended by
the Canton Tea Company.
Every package (in addition to its containing
FULL WEIGHT, independent of the wrapper,)
bear the stamp of neatness and elegance, and the
Teas therein are so thoroughly secured from ight
and air, that their quality and power will remain un
impaired in any climate.
Agency at George Templeman's Book Store,
? Washington, D. C.
jan. 6?ly
Merchandize delivered in advance of Canal
Fare reduced. Cabin passage $2; Deck do. 51 25.
The new staunch and last sailing sea steamer
John Marshall, Captain E iward Huntington, will
start from pier 3, N. R., New York, on Wednesday
next, 12th instant, at 4 o'clock p. m.
For light freight or passage, having handsome
state-room and cabin accommodations, apply , to the
captain or board, or to
TOOKER A PIERSONS, Coenties' slip, or
GEO. W. CORLIES, 283, Pearl St., N. York.
Or in Philadelphia, to
ALEX. HERON, Jr., 35J, North Wharves.
The J. M. was built in Bultimore in 1845, is 450
tons register, furnished with a good and powerful
engine, and is in all respects well calculated for a
sea steamer?her qualities as such having been ful
ly tested on an eastern route.
It is proposed to make this a regular Line
throughout the season, provided sufficient encou
ragement is given.
may 19 tf
Strengthening Plaster.
IN all cases where it is thought advisable to keep
up permanent stimulant impression on or near
the organ diseased, these plasters will be found high
ly valuable. In fact, all the benefit that can accrue
from a continuous counter-irritant will lie produced
in the most efficient manner by them. As in Rheu
matism, Lumbago, Gout, Enlargement of the Joints,
Chronic Disease of the Liver, Spleen, Lungs, or
other internal organs, in short, in all other cases
where warming or strengthening planters are bene
ficial, these will be found to be KU[?mor to any now
in use. For?aleby
may 21 tf CHARLES STOTT.
Drug Apoth corner 7th A Pa av.
Attorney and Councilor at LAW
Practice* in dw Supreme Court of |lie ITiiiiril
plates, mui in ul Maryland, Virginia, and
the District of Columbia, and
vv ',av'nK business wnh Congress, tin*
War, T reasury, Navy, an J General Post Office De
partmenU, ih?> General l.aiui Office, Pension Office
'?Hire of iudian Affairs, Patent Office, &c. &c.
OFF 10 B
Missouri Avenue, between 3d and 4j[ streeK
Cfj" Particular attention paid to the prwcuring ol
tile Bounty ilue to Soldiers ol'the United States an
tler the law of Feb. II, 1847, ami to the prorating
of Patents for new Inventions.
?p 14dtf
1 he suhscrilier has on hantl, n fresh supply ol
every description of goodo in hw line, which he oi
lers on reasonable terms.
?r>6 bugs Java, Kio, Laguyra, Maricaiho, and Af
rican COFFEE
25 chests and half-chests Gunpowder, Imperial
Old Hyson, Young Hyson, and Black
10 cases very choice Tea. 1*2 lbs in each, for fa
' r'?? pounds double refined and 2d quality I.oal
I 500 pounds crushed and pukeied LoafSu^ai
1000 tin white Havana do
1000 do brown do do
Porto Rico and New Orleans do
Do do and St Croix Molaase*
Sugar-house and New Iberia Sirup
Ground and unground Spices, of every va
Catsups, Gurry 'Powder, French and other
(Hives, Capers, Sardines, and Anchovies
Salid Oils, in fla?ks and bottles
700 gallons winter-strained and common Oil
60 whole, half, and qr. boxes Raisins
2 casks Currants
4 hbls. Dried Apple*
30 do Green do
"i cases Prunes, in jarsand fancy boxes
30 drums Smyrna Figs
26 bbls Eastern Cranberries
?*00 pounds soft shelled Almonds
i50 do Filberts.
28 tubs choice Welsh Butter
30 boxes superior Cheese
Sapsago do
31 bbls pitik-eyeJPotafoPfi
40 do extra brand New York Flour
40 do Virginia do
50 pockets Buckwheat
12 boxes do
23 bbls hslf and qr. do.
*\ackerel, God, Shad, and Herring.
20 boxes Sperm Candles
10 do patent do
10 do Adamantine do
Drooms, Mats, Pails, Baskets, <S'c.
20000 Regalia, La Norma, Principe, and j other
brand Cigars.
ap 14?dtff 7 th street.
Randolph b. reeves, 8th street,
south of the General Post Office, would re
spectfully invite the attention of his friends, the
citizens of Washington and its vicinity, to his
stock of Furniture and Housekeeping articles ?,
comprising in part?
Mahogany spring-seat Sofa3
rocking and prrlor Chairs
centre, card, and dining Tables
Bureaus, Sideboards, &c.
" and gilt Frames, Looking-glasses
Wardrobes, Bedsteads, Cribs, Cradles
Shuck, hair and straw Mattresses
Feather Beds, Sacking Bottoms, &c.
Glass, china, stone, earthen, and iron Ware
Knives and Forks, Brushes, and Wooden
With numerous other articles in the House
keeping line too numerous to mention.
He is prepared to manufacture all kinds of Fur
niture at the shortest notice, and on the most rea
sonable terms. He flatters himself that from hi?
long experience in the cabinet husiness, all work
made by h'm will be done in a faithful and work
manlike manner, and give entire satisfaction.
N. B.?Old Furniture taken in exchange for
may2? 13t
JYear Charleston, Jefferarm co., Va.
J. J. Abkt-l, Proprietor.
I HAVE LEASED for a term of years thin de
lightful WATERING PLACE, and will have
it oprn for the reception of company on the 1st of
June. The proprietor pledges himself that nothing
shall be spared on his part, or of tho.*e in his em
ploy, to render the time of Hii visiters agreeable.
Hia fare, ?Scc. 3hall be second to that of no other
watering place in Virginia. His bar will be fur
nished with the best of liquors of every kind; and,
in fart, it will be the proprietor's determination to
render this one of the most pleasant and delightful
summer retreats in Virginia. The virtues of the
water have been fully tested in cases of iheuma
tism, dropsy, or dyspepsiu, and persons afflicted
with either of those diseases will find gieat relief
from the bathing, Ac. The proprietor has a fine
coach and team, which will meet passengers daily
at Charlestown, on the arrival of the cars, to convey
them to and from the Springs.
Terms: for the first weslc, is thereafter; #1
50 per day.
may 19 tf
P A V I h I O N,
I\t'%v York.
rPHF. Proprietor begs to inform his friends and
the public, that he has made considerable
improvements in this establishment since the. last
season. He has erected a large building contain
ing 33 rooms, altogether disconnected from th?
main body of the Pavilion. These rooms arc in
tended for gentlemen only; they are of a comfor -
able size, light and well ventilated, and superior
in all respects to those which are generally deno
minated single rooms in the various watering pla
ces throughout the country.
The Proprietor is now ready to treat with fami
lies or parties wishing to engage, rooms for the
season. Letters addressed to him at the City Ho
tel, Broadway, will be immediately attended to
A steamboat runs between New York and New
Brighton, at the following hours, viz:
Front JVew Brighton. Fiotn North Pier, X. York.
At & and II A.M At f?, P.M. and 12.
2 " 5 20, P.M. 3 1-2, 5, & 6, P.M.
More frequent communications will be estab
lished as the season advances.
The Pavilion is ready for the reception of com
may 13?tf
CIRCULARS. et^. etc.
Neatly printed at tills utiles
Bull** extract of Maraaparilla
Na iiU'b do do
l.eidy'g do tin
'' <??? nneiups ,|0
.V<Invaitze's do
Houck'* Panacea
Swaiui'n do
ti kj,,,uP ?*M8pari||? Compound
I hese mcdicines we all of Standard Merit, and
are warranted pure ami genuine. At this season of
?he yea, they will be found highly beneficial fur pu
"'VJng the blood and invigorating the system.
For ?ale by ('HAS. STO IT.
Drug A A poth corner ot 7th & Pa av.
may VI t|
V A li Nf? II.
Coarh Varnish
No. i Furniture d<?
" a do do
ficraping do
Japan do
Leather do
For sale in tive gallon tins by
Drug and Apoih corner of 7th & Pa a",
may 21 tf
rrOOTH-AOHU DROPS. An immediate ami
X Perfect cure. For sale l>y
Druggist A poth. corner of 1th 4 Pa. av.
may 12 tf
'?THOMAS C. WILSON, Auctioneer Ai
-1- Commission Merchant, fronting on 9ih and the
west end of Centre Market, between Louisiana Av
enue and C .street. Regular sale days every market
day. .lust received a fresh supply of Flower and
Carden Seeds from Weathersfieid.
april 14-If
VER may hear of something to hitt ad
vantage by applying immediately at this office,
v a may .'II 3r
r.%$?? BRITI.-H and N O RTh~amerfcan
-Wi.2e.ROVAI,. MAIL STEAM SHIPS, of 1200
tons, arid 40o horse po.ver each. Under contract
with the Lords of the Amiralty.
HIBERNIA, Captain Alexander Ryrie
CALEDONIA, Captain Edward (? I.ott
. BRITANNIA, Captain John Hewitt
CAM HRIA, Cap. ChaS. H. E. Judkins
ACADIA, Captain William Harrison.
The four steamships now building, are
Will sail from Liverpool and Boston, via Halifax,
as follows:
From Boston. From Liverpool
Flibcrnia, on l?;t ap. 1S47.
Cambria, on 1st may'47.
Caledonia, on 16th may'47
Cambria, on 4tli ap. 1847.
Caledonia, on 20th ap '47.
Britania, on 4th may '47.
Passengers luggage to be on board the day previ
ous to sailing.
Passage money?from Boston to Liverpool, $ 120
do. do. to Halifax, $20.
No berth secured until paid for.
These ships carry experienced Surgeons.
No freights except specie received on days of sail
ing. D. BRIGHA M, Jr., Agent,
? At Harndon & Co.'s, No. 6 Wall st., N. V.
may 14 tf
CCj" I" addition to the above line betwegp Liver
pool and Hallifax, and Boston, a contract has been
entered into with Her Majesty's Government, to es
tablish a line between Liverpool and New York di
rect. The steam ships for this service are now being
built, and early next year due notice will be given
of the time when they will start. Under the new
contract the steamers will sail every Saturday during
eight months, and every fortnight during the other
four months in the year, going alternaetly between
Liverpool and Halifax and Boston, and between Liv
erpool and New York. may 14-tf
HOURS OF DEPARTURE of the passenger
trains on the Main Stem and Washington
Uranch of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, 1st
May, 1847.
Main Stem
For Cumberland, Hancock, Martinsburg,
Harper's Ferry, Winchester," Frederick,
ElUcott's Mills, and intermediate depola f 7 c"'
by the regular train, ) >f
For Frederick and intermediate stations, }
by extra train, except Sunday, ^ 4. r*r
From Cumberland, daily, regular train, af 8 a. m.
Hancock, do do ]()$ "
Martinsburg, do do 11J ?
Harper'sFflity, do do 12$ p. m.
Frpderick, daily, except Sunday ex
,ra train, 8 A. M.
Do do by regular train, 2 p. m.
Eilicott's Mills, rtnily, by several trains, at 7
a.m. 12 m. anil 4 J p m.
Fare in either direction between Cumberland r.nd
Baitimore, %7, and for intermediate distances at the
uniform rate of 4 centu per mile.
Through tickets are i-.sued between llaltimore
and Wheeling, respectively, f) |
Between Baltimore und Pittsburgh, 10
Between Philadelphia and Wheeling, 1.1
Washington Rrancii.
From Baltimore, at 6} a. .m. and e. m. daily.
Drt do 9 a. m. daily, except Sunday.
From Washington ol fi a. m. and 5$ p. m. daily.
Do do 12 p. m. daily, except Sunday.
By order: I). J. FOLEV, Agent,
may 18?tf
MORNIjYG LIJYE at 6 1-12 o'clock.
Landing at (.'aid welt's, West Point,
Newburg, Hampton, Poughkeepsie]
Hyde Park, Rhinebeck, U.Retl Hook,
Bristol, Catskill, 1 (udson, Coxsackie, and Kinder
honk. I are reduced. Breakfast and dinner on
board the boat.
The steamboat Niagara, Capt. H. L. K? llopg,
will leave the steamboat pier, foot of Harclay si.,'
on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at half-past
0 "'clock, returning on opposite days.
For Ireighl or passage apply on hoard, or to F.
B. Hall, at the office on the wharf.
jY/dliT LINE.
From the foot of Courtlandt stre.it, New Vork.
Paflflongeia taking this boat will arrive in time lo
take the morning train of cars from Troy west to
DufTJo, and noilh to Saratoga and Lake George.
The low-pressure steamboat Umpire, Captain
B. Macy, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
at C o'clock p. ni.
The low-pres ure steamboat Columbia, Captain
W. Topper, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fii
days, at fi o'clock, p. m.
No freight taken after 5 o'clock.
For passage or freight apply on board, or at the
office on the wharf.
may 19 tf /
SODA WATER, <fcc. <fco.
MRS. M. A. CAMPBELL would respectfully |
inform the ladle* and gentlemen of Washing
ton, and visiters to the metropolis, that ?ihe has ta
ken the house formerly occupied by Mr. Barnes, on
Pennsylvania avenue, between 2d and -'id streets,
west of the Depot, where she will at all times be
prepared to wait upon those who muy give her their
Ladies and gentlemen vmiting the Capitol grounds |
will lind this establishment a convenient and plea
sant resort; while no expense or pains will he I
spared to make the I Co Cream and Soda Water se-|
cond to none in the city.
All the luxuries usually found in a confectionary ]
constantly kept, ('alt and nee.
may? I 1111
Comer of Penn. Avenue and 3d street, un
der Gad shy's Hotel.
"Rough and Ready," "Buena Vista," and
'?Cerro Gordo" Juleps.
THIS establishment is now open for the reception
of visiters, under the supervision of Mr. J. A.
Berry, who is prepared to serve up in the most re
cherehe ftyle every description of beverages to tickle
the appetite and please the tastes of the most fastidi
They who are disponed to give it n call will l>e
??lire to come again, where they can have all the
fashionable beverages prepared to " order such as
Rough and Rendy, Buena Vi tu, -and Cerro Gordo
Juleps, Palo Alto Sangaree, Oseat Punch, Alvara
do Cobblers, and California Smashes, Ac, &e.
may 20 I in
Passnge Five Cents?Freight at Reduced rates.
Tbe departure of the steamer JO
SEPH JOHNSON, will be, as nigh
as practicable, at the following hours, until further
notice, viz.:
Leavv Alexandria at 7\, 10, 12';, and 44 o'clock.
Leave Washington at 8$, II, l^', 3A, ami 5^
o'clock. WM. H. NO WELL, Captain.
april 20?dtf
Irt(H) Uba. of Ep3om Salts ?
For sale by CHAS. STOTT,
Drug & Apoih corner 7th & Pa av.
may *21 If
liLOl 1)'?
TT LL.OYD has ingeniously succeeded in in
XX, venting a Compound of such a delightful
nature as to render the hardest and roughest skin soft,
fair, and delicately white.
Ladies Riding, Gardening, or Painting, and Gen
tlemen Shooting, Hunting, Fishing, Cricketing,
Rowing, <Src., or any amusement or exertion preju
dicinl to the hands, will find the improved ROUGH
pleasingly efficacious in removing all hardness, stain,
redness, and all other cutaneous disfigurement; pre
venting and rendering the skin soft, fair, and pliable.
From the nice combination of Balsamic ingredi
ents introduced into the composition, they form a
fine Creamy Lather, with the hardest or Sea Water,
which renders them very desirable for Salt Water
Bathe. They produce the most softening and re
freshing sensation, and will be found an excellent
substitute .for the Flesh Brush.
They are highly recommended to Capfains of
Ships, Merchant?, and all who trade with fereign
countries, as they will retain their virtue in any cli
mata. For sale by CHAS. STOTT.
Drug. 4- Apnth., corner of 1th <$r Pa. av.
may 12?tt
"naints, Oils, and Paint Brushes, <fce.
j[ The sub.-criber has just .received a large and
fresh supply of PAINTS, OILS, &c., partof which
are named below. Thev arc guaranteed to be pure
and good, and from the best manufactories. All
persons wanting such articles would find it to their
advantage to call, as I am determined to sell lower
than similar articles can be got at any other place
in this city.
350 kegs White Lead
120 lbs. Chrome Green
120 lbs. Chrome Yellow
20 lbs. Chrome Red
100 lbs. Pure Yerdegris
300 lit.-. Red Lead and Litharge
100 li s. Imperial Green
500 Ibn. Venetian Red and Sp. Brown in oil
308 lbs. Yellow Ochre in oil
100 lbs. Paris Green, dry
50 lbs. do. do. in oil
J1 large tusc/rtment of Paint and Jflrife Wash
400 lbs. Lamp Black, dry and in oil
10 lbs. Sp. Whiting t
10110 lbs. Putty
200 Boxes of Window GIbto, all nhea
5 bbls. Linseed Oil
ft bble. Copal and Japan Yaraiuh
3 libit*. Sp. Turpentine
I cask blenched Lamp Oil, at 75cla pr. gall.
Also, PLRR PINE OIL, received fresh from the
manufactory every week.
CHARLES STOTT, corner 7th street
april 27?Kmo and Penn. Av.
DR.C. A. Van y.amlt's Health Restora
tive Pills is a medicine which not only cures
but prevents disease, capable of great results, anil
r(|iially calculated to be safely used for apparently
small ones. We nil know how dreadful and dan
gerous a seated bilious disorder is, and we ore also
well aware of the seeming insignificance of its liMt
warnings or incipiency. The individual suffering
from slight pains in his chest, back, or stomach, or
from occasional nausea, dull headache, extreme ner
vousness, sleeplessness, trilling prevarication of ap
petite, und other disagreeable visitations so c 'mmon-1
ly and foolishly looked upon as unimportant, may
not know that these symptoms, treated so contemp
tuously, are the consequences of a diseased state of
the liver, which if not remedied, will lend either to
speedy death.or a l'>ng tiain of unbearable ills which
are known by the following names : Hypochondria,
mania, dizziness, slow levers, epilepsy, asthma,
dropsy, rheumatism, chlornsis, convulsions, nausea,
nervousness, ciapms, gout, pleurisy, jaundice, irrita
bility, and violence, dyspepsia, hysterics, scurvy,foul
stomach, dry coughs, glandular affections, colds, lin
gering fore throats, various disorganizations of the
grtat intehtinc, strictures and spasmodic complaints
internally, eruptions, shortness of breath, heartburn,
neuralgia, vital inflammation, flatulence, gastric fe
vers, & c.
Sometimes, loo, there ensues an irregular action
of the lieait. Take lhe:-;e pills and suffer no more,
121 Fulton 3t., N. Y., General Agents; and sold
april 21?Kmo,
m* f lbs Pota-.h for sale. Just received by
may 29 7th street and Penn. avenue.
18. BECK would take this method of notHyiBg
J, Ilia friends and public generally that be haa re
inoved his house Furnishing Store from Pennsyl
vania avenue to E street north opposite q y
Brown'*,one square west of the General Post Office!
Having h larger house and a lower rent J con and
will aril any and all kinda of House-Furnishing
<?ood8 cheaper than at any time heretofore. I will
try to prove this to any one in want of goods that
will give me a call.
N. B. R,mhiis fur rrnt, furnished or unfumiahed.
apnl 2t-3m
/iOO bushels fresli burnt Lime for sale by
at their Lumber Vard on 12th street.
MISS ANNA M. BKCK would respectfully in
form the Lautes of Washington that she is now
j prep.red with her Spring 8tock te execute all orders
in Millinery or Mantua Making with neatness and
despatch. Residence E street, opposite Rev. O B
Brown'*. "_ap?il 21-3m
U. 8. Mail Line to Cowes and Southampton, and
"P'^ndid new steamship WA8HING
TON, 17f>0 tons burthen; Frederic Hewitt
commander, will start from New York on the 1st of
June next, carrying the U. S. Mail.
Sim will touch at Cnwes and Southampton to land
passengers and frei?ht, and deliver the mails for
England, France, and Belgium, and will then pro
ceed to Bremerhaven. Returning, will leave Bre
rnerhaven the 2ftth of June.
The Washington is built in the strongest manner,
with a view to being converted into a ship of war!
and subject at any time to inspection by officers ap!
pointed by the President, both during and after con
I struction.
iShe has two engines of 1000 horse power each,
and accommodations for 140 first class, and 44 se
cond class passengers.
Passage from New Yark to Southampton or to
Bremen, first class, $120; second class, $60.
Passage from Bremen and Southampton to New
York, first class, $150; second class, $60.
She will carry about 300 tona freight, which will
be charged according to the nature of the good* of
fering. All letters must pass through the Post Office.
Parcels, for which bills of lading will be signed, will
be charged $5 each.
For Freight or Passage, apply at the Office of the
Ocean Stearn Navigation Company, 44 William st.
corner of Wall street, New York.
E. Mills, General Agent.
Agents at Southampton, Day, Chosket, & Ross,
do at Bremen, C. A. Heinskkh & Co.
do at Havre, William Isklin.
The socond Steamer of this line is in due course
of construction, and will be in readiness in the ensu
ing fall. may 11-tf
By the fast and splendid steamers Rhode Island and
(Cj^Hour of leaving New York changcd to 6 p. m.
THE steamers Rhode Island, Capt. Potter, and
Oregon, Capt. Thayer, will run throughout the
season, in connection with the Stanington and Pro
vidence and Boston and Providence railroads, leav
ing New York daily, Sundays excepted, from pier
No. 1, North River, at 6 o'clock p. m., or upon the
arrival of the mail train from Boston.
These steamers are unsurpassed in speed, splen
dor and comfort, having each of them 60 large com
modious private state rooms and berths for 500 per
sons, besides large private rooms for families, and
1 hese steamers are officered by toe most experi
enced men, and will shorten the passage between
New York and Boston from one and a half to two
hours, thereby arriving in ample time for all tho
lines from Boston, north and esst.
The Orseon will leave New York Tuesday,
Thursday and Sa'urday.
Leave Stonington Monday, Wednesday and Fri
The Rhode-Island will leave New York Monday,
Wednesday and Friday.
Leave Stonington Tuesday, Thursday and Satur
N.B. Passengers on the arrival of the steamers
at Stonington proceed immediately in the splendid
mi I road cars to Providence and Boston without any
delay; and a baggage master accompanies each
train through to Boston, to take charge of the bag
For passage, berlho, state rooms, or freight, appli
cation may be made to the agents on the wharf, and
at the office No. 10 Battery place, New Vork
may22 tf
No. 29 Gold street and No. 3 John street,
near Broadway,
for oil and lard.
Gas Fixtures of every description, Solar and
Gas Lamps, Chandeliers, Brackets, Girandoles,
Candelabras, &c.
Private houses, churches, and hotels, fitted up
with Gas, at a great reduction in price, and all
articles warranted.
A complete assortment of the richest cut, press
ed, and plain Glass constantly on hand.
All the above articles made to order, and all
kinds of Glassware matched to any pattern.
Lamps altered and repaired.
Goods loaned to parties.
Oil at wholesale and retail.
New style of Hall Lamps and Lanterns.
may 13?tf
people's One of STEAM
From tho foot of Courtlandt street, New York.
Jll r, o'clock, p.m.?landing at intermediate
The steambo.it Rochester, Capt. A.
Hitchcock, will leave on Monday,
Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday af
ternoons, at f? o'clock.
The steamboat Columbia, Capt. W. W. Tup
per, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday, and Satur
day afternoons, at. 5 o'clock.
All persons are forbid trusting any of the
boats of this Line without a written order from the
captains or agents.
For passage or freight apply on board the boats,
or lo P. C. 8hullz, at the oflice on the wharf.
may 19 if
S(;u(X)l7 BOOKS OF ali["kinds
IT1' >R sale at the
near the Railroad Depot.
may 18?tf
for sale on very low terms, at the Fountain"
Bookstore, near the Railroad Depot,
may 18 tf
Earthenware, China, and Guss. T. Pit it -
SKt.L, importer and dealer in E. Ware, China
ind Glass, wholesale and retail, at his store, opposite
Brown's Hotel, Pennsylvania Avenue Wi^lurT-ton
city. D. C. *

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