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Tesmk or the Daily National Whiu-v-To sub
WEEK, payable to Uuj CAKIUKR, to whom alone
they. are responsible
When sent by mail the terms are f* for twelve
months, ?2 for six months, ftl for three months.
Ths Weekly National Whiu, T*vo Dollars per
annum, invariably in advance.
Mr. G. L. OillcUroBt,
.. 4 f or
wans ss^wn?sjiUL "wain?s
Is no* prepared to wrve the WHIG in any part
of Wuittngtoo, Georgetown, and Alexandria, im
mediately after the hour of publication, which is .1
o'clock in Ute afternoon of every Jay (Sundays ex
cepted.) Persons desiring the Whig may leave
their names and lesidencei either with Mr. wll*
chreat peraonally, at the office of
the Avenue and Second street, at R. FARMHAM >.
Book Btdre, or at 8. HOLMES' Grocery Store on
7lb hrtrteen D. and Louisiana Avenue.
The Tri Ws?I'T National Whig will be
matted to subscribers at $3 per annum, pay:
able always in advance. Anv person sending
the money tor five copies of the tri-weekly
National Whig, will be entitlod to one copy
pejaons wishing to subscribe to the National
Whig are respectfully informed that a list is kept
opened,at our office Northeast corner of the Ave
DW pqd second street, up stairs, and at Adam's Pub
lication Office, n.vrth side of the Avenue, between 3
and streets.
All communications for insertion in the National
Whig must be addressed "To thk Editor," accom
panied by tbs-rasl name of the writer, and must be
pott-pfi'l, or they will not be taken out of tbe Post
A}1 letters on business and enclosing orders for the
National Whig, must be apdressed *'To the Pub
lisher," and must also be post-paid, or they will not
he taken out of the Post Office.
gTjT No attention paid to orders for the Nations
Whig unless accompanied by the rash.
Jacob Merritt, Cabell C; H.
P. H. McOulloch, do do
H. 8. Farrow, Brentsvill.-, Va.
J. D. Elwood, Middletown, Conn.
(ry Our friends abroad who are willing to act as
the. Local Agents of the National Whig will pleaao
send us their names and post-towns wit hout delay*
(Xj^ Whoever will send us the money fur five sub
scribers to the Weeky National Whig (price $2
per annum) lor one year, shall receive a copy gra
tis. '
Travelling Agents Wanted
27im<2)?ri^ Winn?*
Apply at this offico either by letter or in person.
The most satisfactory testimonials required. Com
pensation liberal.
The Commander of our Naval forces in the
Gulf is hereby directed tiot to obstruet the pas
sage of Gen. Antonia Lopez de Santa Anna
and. suite to Mexico should he desire to return
thither. JAMES K.POLK.
May 15, 1846.
Potfr'i admission of having granted the puss,
"When orders were issued to the Comman
der of our Naval forces in the Gulf, on the 15th
day of May last, only two days after the exis
tence of the war had been recognized by Con
gress, to place the coast ol Mexico under
blockade, he was diverted not to obstruct the. pas
sage of Simla Anna to Mexico should lie return.
?Yelk's Annual Message to Congress, Dea. 7, '46.
It remains to be seen whether his return may
not yet prove favorable to a pacific adjustment
of existing difficulties.?Ibid.
What has been seen.
Battle of Monterey.?September 21, 22,
23, 1846.?three days hard fighting between
Gen. Zachary Taylor with three thousand men,
and Gen. Ampudia with twelve thousand
men, resulting in the capitulation of the Chy
?loss of the Americans in killed and wound
ad?Five Hundred!
Battle of Buena Vista.?February 22d
23d, between Gen. Zachary Taylor wiih five
thousand volunteers, and Santu Anna com
manding a Mexican force of twenty thousand
nun?resulting in the total overthrow of the
enemy?loss of the Americans in killed and
wounded?Seven Hundred!
Fall of Vera Cruz, and the Castle of Ul
loa, March 29th, 1847, alter several days bom
bardment of the town by Gen. Scott with four
teen thousand men?loss of the Americans in
killed and wounded?One Hundred f
Battle of Cbrro Gordo?April 17th and
18th, two days hard fighting, between Gen.
Scott with twelve thousand men, and Santa
Anna commanding a picked Mexican force of \
twenty thousand, resulting in the overthrow ol
tbe enemy?loss of the Americans in killed
and wounded?Two Hundred and Fifty.
M A palpably true saying, for what is the use of |
advertising the truth, when the public are loth to
appreciate the difference." This is in the mou)h of
almost every one now-a-days, as well as
And composed of TEN safe and valuable ingredi
ents, which WILL NOT cure the consuinpiion,
b?t will cure a cold?
Which will WOT cure the liver complaint, bnt
will cure a dry hacking cough?
Which WILL NOT cure one hall the catalogue
ills that flesh is heir to?
But will cure s
And all the EARLY effects of
MRS. JERVIS, Proprietress, 138,
Broadway, New York.
Sold wholesale and retail by the Principal Agent
Z. D. <2ILMAN, five doors east of Centro Market,
Washington, D. C.
But ap in package** of 12? cts. 26 cts. 50 ct*. end
#1.00 each.
Each wrapper is invariably SIGNED MRS. W.
For the Permanent Removal of a?J such Dis
eases as take tlieir rise in an Impure Blood,
Impaired Digestion, Morbid state of
the Liver and Stomach, Weakness
of the Nervous System, and a
disordered Habit of
Constitution Gen
erally. ?
A circulation, strengthening the system and
facilitating digestion, Dr. Wood's Sarsaparilla and
Wild Cherry Bitters will restore tfie most confirm
ed invalid to health. Where either these effects
are necessary to the restoration, the " Bitters "
will be found to possess every quality desired.
They have been used already with the greatest
success, in many obstinate cases of impurity of the
blood, nervous irritation, Dyspepsia, low spirits,
Scrofula, palpitation of the heart, c ironic Head
ache and Rheumatism. They arc indeed a happy
combination of powerful, yet safe , and salutary
vegetable remedies, of a sterling and unimpeach
able reputation. They have won their popularity
solely by their intrinsic merits, and that they hav#
been successful, numerous certificates in the
hands of the proprietor, and the greatly increasing
sales fully attest. Those desirous of an agreeable
yet efficient tonic or alternative medicine, need
seek no further, for in this preparation they will
find all that is desired. .
Sold Wholesale and Retail by WtattA Ketch
am ISI Fulton Sreet, N. Y. CHARLLS 8TO IT,
Washington, and by Druggists generally through
out the U. 8. Price $1. Large bottle*.
CON SU MPT IV ES, remember that it ia Thom
son's Compound Syrup of Tar and
Wood Naphtha, which u daily effecting such
remarkable cures in pulmonary consumption^
asthma, bronchitis, spitting blood, pain in the side
and breast, sore throat, hoarseness, palpitation of
the heart, whooping cough, croup, nervous tre- i
mors, hives, liver complaint, diseased kidneys,
&c ? , _l
Therefore beware of all spurious mixtures ol
Tar or Naphtha, and purchase of the advertised
agents only.
ANOTHER wonderful CUBE.'
PmnnKLPHiA, April 9, 1846.
Last August a year, I caught a violent cold, in
consoquence of getting wet in a shower of rain.
A circumstance so common gave me no immediate
concern, supposing that I should soon get rid ot it.
On the contrary, however, 1 daily grew worse; a
violent cough set in, then pain in my breast and
between my shoulders. I now suffered great op
pression from the great secretion ot purulent mat
ter in my lungs. 1 became greatly alarmed ; and
my friends consider* d my situation extremely
critical, the more so as loss of appetite, hectic
fever, and night sweats rendered me as weak as
a child, and at night the sweat literally poured off
me ! This was my condition vhen 1 commenced
using 44 Thomson's Compound Syrup of Tar and
Wood Naphtha." I procured one bottle, and ex
perienced so much benefit that 1 resolved to con
tinue it: It is now six mouths since I ceased using
the medicine, and the cute remains perfect. I
firmly believe this medicine is far superior to
every other remedy for Consumption of the Lungs.
J. J. CHAMBERLAIN, No. 8, Carberry street.
Affirmed and subscribed this 9th day of April,
1846, before me.
John Swift, Mayor of Philadelphia.
?3= This invaluable remedy is prepared onlv
by Angney & Dickinson, (successor of S. r.
Thomson) Philadelphia.
Sold also by Charles Stott, Washington, B.
Rush Roberts, corner Baltimore a?d Hanover
streets, Baltimore ; Duval St Purcell, Richmond,
Virginia. Price 50 cents, or six bottles, $2 5U.
?3= Avoid all pretended imitations.
(Late Fish ?fc Co.)
Hatters?Brown's Hotel.
WINTER STYLES.? We would an
nouncfe to members of Congress and strangers
arriving in the city, that our shelves are now tilled
with a beautiful stock ol beaver and moleskinHats,
manufactured with an unusual derree ol care, and
w liieh, in point ol fabric and style, will challenge
all competition. We would direct cspccial attention
to the style and mode of shaping the brims of our hats,
hy which we secure appropriateness to the si7.e and
features of the wearer.
Those members of Congress having their sizes re
gistered with us, by sending their orders, will be iur
nislied at their garters.
In this department we have our usual lull supply of
wardrobe, toilet, and fancy poods, of the best qualities.
We solicit an inspection of onr slock, tceliug confi
dent in being able to.offer great inducements to pur
at his old stand, the Emporium of Fashion, on
Sixth street, opposite Coleman's Hotel.
N. B. Razors honed and set in the best manner.
Superior Madeira Wine, ?fcc
AMES FITZGERALD respectfully invites
Members of Congress, citizens and others, who
may desire to have superior Madeira Wine, fine
Cognac Brandy, and other first-rate spiritous liquors,
to call at his Confectionary and Fruit Store, on the
north aide of Pennsylvania avenue?next door to
the United States Hotel.
James Fitzgerald keeps constantly for sale the
very best wine, liquors, fruit and confectionary art
icles, which can be procured at the most respectable
houses in the country. His Madeira Wine was
imported by himself in 1840, and cannot be excel
led at any wine or liquor store in this city. His
Brandy, Holland Gin, and old Monongahela whis
ky, are of the very first quality. Call, taste, and
judge for yourselves.
(?/* The Fine Brown Stout, and good Philadel
phia Ale constantly on hand.
O/kA kegs pure White Lead
?lJvp? * 100 gals. Linseed Oil
250 boxes Window Glaaa.
Paint of all shades mixed and prepared for use.
A constant supply of LAMPS, PINE OIL,
Wicks and Classes.
Pure Sperm, Laid, and Solar Oi?s, for sale on
the lowe.4 terms for cash.
mav 19 tf C street, Todd's Buildings.
LPARMELE, firm of Dodge and Parmde,
i Surgical, Operative, and Mechanical DEN
TIST, may be seen professionally from 9 a. m. to f>
p. m., at his office, where he has been located for Ihe
last three years. Orricr and Rksitifncf. Penn
avenue, between 9lh and 10th sts.
april 14-4m
PMoCt.em.awd, F.nsraver. Pennsylva
, nia Avenue, oast of Third street? Was&2?tcD
city, deo I?-6nj
LOUIS FONTAIN, jr., partner of the firm or
Fen tain & Son, Chemist* and Prescription
ists to the Royal University, Paris, has established
at Washington city, L>. C., a depot for the sale ol
the above celebrated compound, at Wm. Adam s
Bookstore, No. 3. Elliott's, Buildings Pennsylvania
Avenue, near Jackson Hall, which they otter
to the American public as a we antidote far Con
numption, in its i.*vanced as well as ineipuMstages.
Acting directly upon the LUNGS, and arresting
their decay, it not only soothes and quiet* at once
the distress and pain attendant upon this hereto
fore regarded fatal disease, but restores the
and their sympathising organs, to natural and heal
thy action. Accompanying each package are gen
eral instructions and directions (translated) for its
use, adapted to all cases, and if strictly followed,
will not fail, in every instance?if the lungs are
not wholly consumed?of restoring to health
which may be permanently secured by future care
and avoiding too mutth exposure fo?^PTh?nc
Price, eight FrancB.
5Cjp*For U?e information of persons residing in
the interior; any part of the government?he would
state that the remedy is prepared and imported di
rect from their Laboratorie, Paris, and that the
same can be transported through mail, as he a ad
visod by officers of the Post Office Department, to
any post office in the country, ut the same ckarge
as for ? double letter. Auy persons, therefore,
residing distant from this city, who m iy wish to
avail themselves of the remedy, can do so by ad
dressing him through the mail, post paid, two
dollars accompanying an order, will entitle a per
?? ,o one whol. aad one
npiIESE Bitteis are purely ct vegetable com
i pounds and are offered to the public from
principle of henovolence, under the fullest convic
tion that they will be found a safe and sovereign
?emedy for Dyspepsia. They have been trium
jhaully testedi not only by some of the most re
.pectable families and physicians in the State of
South Carolina, who have furnished ample testi
?nony as to their decided excellence, hut also by the
proprietor, who, for ten years, suffered all the gloom
incident to that stubborn and distressing disease.
They possess the peculiar excellence, denied to
most other Bitters, of not proving injurious by con
tinued use. They contain not a single deleterious
1 ingredient, and, as seen from the directions which
I accompany each bottle, may l?e given with entire
I safety to au infant in the month.
With pleasure, and for the benefit of mankind, I
send you a certificate relative to the Colleton Bil
I ters. ...
In the year 1838, when the cholera was in
Charleston, S. C., I was compelled to send a servant
j to the city. On his return, lie wassuJdenly attack
ed with most violent pain in his bowels, so much so
as to cause apprehension that he would expire in ?
short time, if medical aid could not foe procured. I
immediately resorted to the Colleton Bitters, by giv
ing a wine gla-s full at a dose. In the course of a
j very short time it acted as an emetic, and throwing
him at the same time into a profuse per.-piration. I
| then continued to give it in small doses, from two to
three tea spoonsful), which resulted in a happy re
I covery. Siuce then 1 have been using it constantly
in my family, in cases of cholera moi bus,-cholera
infantum, diarrhwa and general debility, and in
every found it Bulur
constitutions,' however, require much larger doses
an 0,hCI8' .COS. D. JENKINS
Blujfton, S. 6'., 1846.
It is with feelings of gratitude as well as pleasure
that I take this method of giving my testimony ot
i the great estimation which 1 entertain for your in
valuable compound. In justice not only to the me
dicine, but for the benefit of others who may be suf
fering from the same malady, Dyspepsia, with which
I was for years afflicted, I feel it a duty incuml*nt
on me to state that I am now lestored to perfect
health. When 1 commenced taking the Colleton
Bitters it was as a last resort. My debility from in
digestion wbb jo great that a cure was looked upon
as almost hopeless. After taking it regularly and
perseveringly for some time, my strength and i i
oestive powers were entirely restored. I have never
taken a single dose of any other medicine for more
than five years past. I can now eat the richest food
without any unpleasant feelings whatever. I have
also used Colleton Bitters freely in my family lor
cholera i rifimtum, cholera morbus, general debility,
and as a tonic after fever, with great success. As a
family medicine I deem it invaluable, and do con
scientiously recommend it.
A ? JVI ? K?
St. John's Colleton, it. C., December, 184f>.
For sale by the only Agent for the District ol
Columbia, B. HOMANS,
Between 10th and 11th streets, Washington.
WE are receiving from New York our full
supply of Groceries, Teas, Wines, Liquors,
&c., which will be sold low for cash, or short cre
dit, to punctual customers, viz :
40 chesls Gunpowder, Imperial, Young Hyson, and
Black Teas, which will be sold low by the box
f?0 bags Java, Laguyra, Rio, & St Domingo Cotlee
25 whole and hall barrels Buckwheat
15 bags Buckwheat
20 boxes Colgate's Starch
25 whole and half bbls. Nos. 1, 2 and 3 Mackerel
5 quintals Codfish
25 boxes Scotch Herrings, large size
10 dozen Nos 1 and 2 Alicante Mats
35 kegs superior Goshen Butter
30 do do Glades do
511 boxes Sperm Candles
20 nests flour and painted Pail#
30 dozen Brooms
6 do Whisks
10 nests Market Baskets
3 bales Almonds
30 whole and half boxes Raisins
10 boxes Vermicelli and Macaroni
5 cases Canton Ginger
2000 pounds loaf, crushed, and pulverized Sugars
5 barrels Steam Syrup
10 boxes Capers and Olives
5 do Citron and Jellies
4 do Mushroom and Walnut Catsup
14) baskets Salad Oil
500 gallons winter-strained and Lard Oil
20000 Cigars, of our own importation
WILLIAM SPEARING, having commenced
I limitless in the above line; immediately in
front of Coleman's Hotel, respectfully informs the
citizens of Washington and its vicinity, that he man
ufactures Looking Glsss and Picture Frames, Plain
and Ornamental Cornices, as well as every other
kind of work in his line of business. William Spear
ing'e charges for all work done at his establishment
will be quite reasonable: he respectfully solicits a
share of the public-patronage.
N. B. Old Frames refill. . - may 14 tf
Dr. Christie's Qahanic Rings and Mag
netic Fluid.
'pHlS remarkable invention, which hat received
. almo* universal approbation of the medical
profession of Great Britain, tomprueii an entirely
new application of Galvanism, as a remedial ai?ent
by means of which the ordinary Galvanic Batteries
Electric and Magnetic Machines, Ac. are entirely,
dupensed with, and the mysterious power of Galvan
ism applied without any of the abjections which arc
inseparable from the general mode now in use.
The Galvanic Rings have been uesd with entire
success in all aaaes mi rheumatism, acute or c hronic
applying to the bead, face, or limhu ; gout, tic-dolo
reux toothache, bronchitie, vertigo, nervous or sick
headache, indigestion, paralysis, palsy, epilepsy, fits
cramp, palpitation of the heart, apoplexy, stiffness o't
the joints, spinal complaints, lumbago, neuralgia
nervous trernora, dizziness of the head, pain# in the
rhe*t and side, general debility, deficiency of ner
vous and physical energy, and all nervous disorders.
In cases ot confirmed dysfiepsia, which is simply a
nervous derangement of the digestive organs, tl.e\
have been been found equally successful. Their ex
traordinary effects upon the system must he witnessed
to be he belived, and ax a certain preventive for the
pwcedmg complaints they are equally recommended.
I he rings are of dtflerent prices, being made of alt
sues, and of various ornamental patterns, and can
H worn by the most delicate female without the
?fighte*t Inconvenience. In fact, the sensation is ra
her agreeable than otherwise.
The Galvasic Bslth,Brackets, Bands, Gar
ters Nec.iacks, &c. &c. These articles are
adapted to the waist, arms, wrists, limits, ankles, 01
any part of the body with perfect convenience. The
Galvanic Necklaces are used with greater benefit in
cases of bronchitis or affections of the throat gener
any ; also, in cases of nervous deafness; and with
almost uniform success as a preventive for appoplexy
epileptic tits, and similar compluints.
Christie's Magnetic Fluid is used in connexion
with the Galvanic Kings, and all'their modifications,
this composition has been pronounced by the
renc,h Chemists to be one of the most extraordi.
nary discoveries of modern science. Full explana
lions and directions accompany it. The combined
inventions are in every way perfectly harmless; they
are at prices within reach of all, and the discoverer
only requests a fair trial, as a test of their surprising
efficacy and permanent benefit.
CiinisTik's Galvanic Strengthf. vino Pias
ters.?These articles form another valuable applica
tion of the mysterious influence of Galvanism. They
are ai. important adjunct to the genuine Galvanic
Kings ami their .Modifications, acting upon the samp
principle, but having the advantage of more local ap
plication- They are confidently recomeuded as a
valuable addition in the speedy cure of rheumatism,
acute or chronic; in all nervous complaints, and as a
positive remedy in cases of pain and weakness in the
chest or hack, pain in the side, in asthmatic affections,
and in weakness or oppression of the pulmonary or
gans. In spinal complaints their effects are of the
most decided character, ami ihey have often been
used with complete success. They are also of the
greatest advantage in pains and weakness ef the
breast, and are highly recommended for many ot
those complaints to which females are especially li
able. As an effectual means for strengthening the
system when debilitated with disease and other cau
ses, as a certain aid iu constitutional weakness as
a preventive for colds, and in all aflections of 'the
chest generally, the Galvanic Strengthening Plas
ters will be lound of great and permanent advan
?* -X...
O CAUTION. The celebrity and success ol
these articles have causedvthem to be counterfeited
by unprincipled persons. Dr. Christie cautious tht
public against apunous imitations. He has but oh?
authorized agency in each city of the Union, when
the genuine articles can be procured. The onlv
agents for Washington are?
Nob. 1 and 2 Brown's Hotel, Penn. avenue.
Explanatory pamphlets, &c. may be had gratis,
with the strongest testimonials of success and bene
t fit.
/^HAUNCE\ WARRINER has recently added
\J to his facilities for manufacturing parts of
W atches that may be required, by instruments for
wl [UZP0!V;'. aud having obtained knowledge of
Watch Repairing by practice in Boston, New York,
Philadelphia and elsewhere, will lie able to attend to
whatever may be offered ill this depaitment of me
Chronometer, Duplex, Lever, Lepine, and Re
pealing Watches, accuratcly repaired; also, Common
Watches and Mantel and Eight day Clocks put ln
order, north side Pennsylvania avenue, between
r onr^nd-a-half and Sixth streets, on the corner of
the alley east o| (Coleman's Hotel, sign of the
Watch with Guard-Key and Chain and Models rep
resenting the exterior of a self-registcring Meteorolo
gical Observatory.
'/I**?, aboTe location is in part occupied by STE
I IIEN EDDY, who deals in the American manu
factured Patent improved Perifocal Spectacle Lens,
an instrument evidently destined to supersede all
other aid to the human vision; judging from testi
monials ol their su|>erior properties over other lens,
It will only be necessary to refer to observation and
lacts to establish for them a far higher character foi
usefulness than has hitherto been attained by the
etfnrts of art and sciencc.
S. Eddy also deals in Jcwelv, fine Watches, Sil
ver Ware, Biown's and other Gold Pens.
I'he public are respectfully invited to call, particu
larly those afflicted with defective sight;?nothing
so desirable as its preservation and improvement;?a
j littlp attention in the selection ef glasses will accom
plish the one, in some instance both. It is hiulilv
important to see clearly.
pHAUNCRY WAFtRINKft l.a.s recently
V to Ills facilities lor mamitacturin* parts ..I
ilui.1*? i* !"ay rrt,,ire','l7 w??ui*ml.s L that
purpost ; and having obtained a knowledge of W vt. ii
K^aiiunu by practice in Boston, New York, Phila
ever ma\T el"ew ,elv? 1W'11 ?blr to attend to w hat
rV oflcrcd in this department or mechanics
Chronometer, Duplex, Lever, Lepine, and Repeat
ir i i? at?hcf> accurately repaired ; also, Common
ord^r north i-^a"r,0oa,,d K,&,', ,la-V C,?*'k" f>"? i>.
o| Pennsylvania avenue, between
?h i?n a"'? S?th streets, on the 'corner ?f
he alley east r,f Coleman V Hotel, sign of the W atch
the eillri r7 anlChain' a"d "press,,tin*
sXatST * self-registering Meteorological Ol.
dec 25?ltf
Some, things ran he done as irrll ax others
T C;,PA|R^UJ1AR & CO' corner of 1Mb
'i . r .a"d ^ew Yorlf avenue, ore now ore
pared to furntoh the public the above delicious Lv
erage, with a full assortment of Syrup, carefully
Pr?tyered by themselves.
nnThl'V *^par*!"a " entiro,y new' a"<> constructed
on the latest and moat approve,! principle.
'^mseives that their Sod* Water is
equal, if n?t superior, to any In the city, and invite
the public to cell and judge for themsel
tice 0Untoin" fiHfd to <"** the shortest no
m?y23 dim
TO sail from Philadelphia the 25th of every
month, and from Liverpool the 12th of every
Thos. P. ('ope, Capt.
H. F Mierckcn |Feb. 25 |June '25 |Oct. 25
Sarank, (Mew) Capt.
H. Tuiley iMar. 25 [July 25 [Nov. 25
Susquehanna, ('apt.
A. Turlcy
Wyoming, (now) Cant.
J . W. Mien-In n
April 25
July 25
Aug. 25
gcpt 25
)Dec. 25
Jan. 25
| May 25
Swank, (now) Capt.
" " I.fan. 12
E. Tnrley
Susquehanna, Capt.
A. Turley
Wyoming, (new) Capt.
J. \V. Miercken
Thvn. P. Cope, Capt
H. f. Mierckun
Feb. 12
Mar. 12
April 12
May 12
June 12
July 12
Aug. 12
Kept 12
Oct. 12
Nov. 12
Dec. 12.
These art) first-class Philadelphia built Ships,
having jpacions and elegant cabins, and combin
ing every quality to rentier ihem safe and expedi
Hons conveyances. They are abundantly supplied
with stores of the bt*i kind, and sail punctually,
taking advantage of the low and ice-boats on the
Passage to Liverpool, $N0 ; to Philadelphia, ?20,
without wines.
H. & A. COPE & CO., Philadelphia.
BRO WN. KHIPLKY & CO., Liverpool.
Earthenware;. china, &. glass,
Thos. PurseII has just imported, per ships Lib- I
ertv arid Ohio, from Liverpool, and other sources,
eighty-lour packages ol' the above articles, amongst
\xTiich are?
French, English, India, Bluestone, W. O. and
Ironstone dinner, dessert, tea, coffee, and toilet
Rich gold-hand white and figured China Tea sets,
or piec.es detached
Cut and plain hall lamps
Solar, side, Liverpool and stand lamps and wicks
Lamp glasses, girandoles, Ike.
lv<?ry handle and other knives and forks in sets ol
liny-one pairs or separate
Heal silver and imitation table, tea and dessert
Plated and Herman silver castors
lit ass and plated candlesticks
Plated cake-baskets, waiters, in sets or detached
English and American tea and collee sets
Cnnec biggins and urns
Looking glasses, shovel and tongs, Ike.
All of which will he sold wholesale and retail at
very low prices for cash
J- irst quality stone and Britannia ware at the lac
torv prices
An extensive and good assortment of common ware,
suitable for retail groceries
The Subscriber solicits a call frem his friends and
the public generally, at his store, opposite Brown's
Hotel, Penn. Avenue, assuring them that he is deter
mined to sell as cheap as the very cheapest for cash.
very c.neapest lorcasn.
I UJ5T RECEIVED, ami lor sale at the
,) Book Store of A. ADAM, on Pennsylvania
Avenue, the following late and atlraetive literary pro
ductions, viz:
By Jamks. The Ancient Regime, 25 cents; Chas.
fyirel, or the Bitter Blood, 25 ctsj The Robber, 25
ctsj Corse de Lenn,25cts^ False Heir, 25*, Heidle
bcrg, 25; Steo Mother, 2 vols. 50; the Smuggler 25.
Ri-iiucluunu- i 5.
Bv Mi?s PiCKF.RiN(i. The Quiet Husband; the
Expectant; the Squire; the Prince and Pedler, th<
Seciet Foe; Agnes Serl; Nandarrcl; Cousin Hinton
?he Fright,cach 25 cci^ts; the Heiress,25; Whoshal
be Heir, 25.
By Chari.es Lever. Tom Burke of Ours, 50 cts
the Nevilles of Garretstowu, 25 cts; Jack Hinton, 50
Charles U'Malley, 50; Arthur O'Leary, 25 cent:.
Knight of Gwynne, 25.
By Alexander Dnaias. Genevieve, 50 cts, Che
valier de llariucntal, 25; Lady of Monsoreau, 2 vols
*1, the Three Guardsmen, 25; the Counte of Monte
Christrt, 2 vols $1; Duke of Burgundy, 25, Joan, the
Heroic Maiden, 25
By George Lippard. The Quaker City, 2 vols
$1; Blanche ol Brandywine, 3 vols 75 cts
By Samuel Lover. Handy Andy, fiOcts; Legends
and Stories of Ireland, 50 cts; liory O''Moore, 50 cts;
Songs and Ballads, 25
By VV. H. Ainsworth. The Tower of London, 50j
Chrichton, 25; Diana ol Meridor, $1 for the 2 vol.
The Dutchman's Fireside, 25 cts
Young Kate, or the Rescue, 25
The Y oung Prima Donna, by Messrs Grey, 25
Kruitzner, or the German's Tale, 25
Wilfulness of Woman, 25
Evelina, by Miss Bumey, 25
The Daguerreotype Miniature, 18}
Lives of Statesmen, by Hon J Q Adams, 85
Confessions of a Pretty Woman, by Miss Paidoe 25
Amelia Wyndliam, 25 Father Darcy, 25
The Prairie Bird, by Murray, 25
Love and Mesmerism, by Horace Smith, 26
The Female Minister, 25
Rose Marie, or the Gogo Family, 25
Archibald Werner, 50
Sylvester Sound, the Somnambulist, 371
Stories of Waterloo, by Maxwell, 25
Guy Rivers, a Tale of Oeorgia, 25
My Own Home and Fireside, 50
History of the BasWlc, by Davenport, 50
The Protege, by J E T z.i The Tartar Chief, 25
The Venice Orange Girl, 12a
Freaks of Cupid, in three parts, each 1*24
Lcoiitinc, 25 Ormorid, or the Secret Jfitneo", 25
The Chronicles of Clover Nook, 12*cts
Charmed Sea by H. Martineau, 25
Groves of Blarney by Mr*. Hall, 25
Siege of Vienna, 25
F.ucretia by Bnlwer, 25
l.eila, 12 A
No. 28.r) Broadway, opposite Stewart's, N. York.
very large Hssortmont of F 1,00n On, Cloths
in every variety of quality and slyle. Their new pa
terns surpass any other in the market, in richness
of coloring and beauty of design, and (he original
drawings have heen secured by Letters Patent, to
prevent other dealers or manufacturers from copy
ing the uame. The following coutpiMM our present
style of palterns:
Grecian cross
Antique marble
Gothic octagon do
Arabesque do
Mosaic do
Persian patterns
Bouquet do
Treuselaled do
t^ueen of the May,
lirah and chintz scroll
Ac. &c. Ac.
N. B.?2tl00 yards Oi.n Stock, with Itorders, very
heavy goods, superior, but old patterns, selling at
low rates. * ??'"* ?
A choice assortment of Tapestry Brussels, Three
Ply and Ingrain i
of entirely new pattern*, selected expressly for city
retail trade.
May 14?tf
(>1 lentals
Tapestry scrolls,
(Jolhic pavements
Vaible tile
Egyptian maible
Italian do
Dove and white do
New Trinity patteiif
Rich gothic do
Vine do
Ruby and chintz do
? do 3 do 1 00
1 do 1 weak, 1 75
1 do 2 weeks, 2 75
?v- 1 1
Caih Terms for Advertising.
1 *?|uare 1 insertion, $0 50i 1 square f iimuM h, ?4 OA
t do 2 do 0 75)1 do ft mouths, 7 (10
I do 3 do 10 00
) do. 6 do 16 00
, ... 1 do 1 year, 30 00
dP-Ten linen or lett make a square. payment al
ways in advance. Advertisaoaeotf uederrd in only
once or twice a week, wilt lie charged 50 rents lor
flie first insertion, and 37J cents for each subsequent
Magnetic Telegraph.
Reduction of rates for the transmission of messages, trie:
For a message of t Cta.
123456789 or 10 word* 10
11 12 13 14 15 18 17 18 19 ? 20 44 15
21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 M 30 ? 20
31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 44 40 44 25
41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 " 50 " 30
51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 ?' 60 " 35
61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 <? 70 " 40
71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 ?? 80 " 45
81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 "90 " 50
91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 " 100 " 55
The aame rates will be charged for erery suc
ceeding hundred, and part of a hundred words,
except upon communications'for the press, which
will be charged at half the rates for every hundred
and part of a hundred, after the Aral hundred.
Numerals and initials will be charged as if the
words they represent were written in full.
Telegraph Offices open every day from eight
o'clock, A. M. to seven P. M.? Sundays excepted.
N. B.?Persons availing themselves of the Bal
timore and Washington U. 8. Line of Telegraph,
have their messages delivered ivmudiately, if wtlnin
the limits of either city. A brief business letter,
or inquiry in regard to friends, will not' cost over
twenty ccnts.
It is hoped the public will austain the reduced
rates, made by authority of the Postmaster Gen
eral, the object being to test fully the capacity of
the Government tine of Telegraph.
By order of the Superintendent,
ALFRED VAIL, Assist. Suyt.
Washington Tel. Office,
in 2J story City Pott Office.
From Peck Blip, East-River; New York.
VtH New Haven.
IrnilE steamer Traveller, Qapt. Bowers, will leave
I every morning, Sundays excepted, at 6 o'clk.
Returning, will leave N??w Haven at 1$ o'clock
p. m.
Railroad cars will leave New Haven on the am
val of the above boat, conveying passengers to Hart
ford, Springfield and Northampton and intermedi
ate placet*. Also to Boston, arriving at the lattei
place at about 7 o'clock same evening.
The steamer New York, Capt. Peck, will leave
New York every Tuesday and Thuraday afternoon
at 4 o'clock, ai.d Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
Returning, a boat will leave New Haven every
evening at 11 o'clock.
N.B. Freight will not bf received fcr the day
boat after 6 o'clock p. m.
The steamer New Champion, Capt. Lefevre, will
leave every Monday, Wednesday and Friday after
noon, at 4 o'clock.
The steamer Globe, Capt. Roath, will lean every
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternor <j, at -4
For further information enquire of I. Saxton, 113
South street; G. W. Conies, 283 Pearl Street, or at
No. 8 Battery place (up ataira) New York.
may 26 tf
spectfully inform their frienda and the public
in general, that they have now on hand St their new
WARE ROOMS, on 7ih street, opppaito the office
ot the National Intelligencer, a general assortment
of SPLENDID FURNITURE, embracing in
Italian marble top Centre Tablea
Egyptian do ~<k>
Fancy dressing Bureaua, marble top
? Do do do, mahogany
Mahogany spring seat Sofas, latest sty Is
Do do Divans
Do do Rocktrs
Do nurse do
Do high-post Bedsteads
Do French do
I)t> dining Tables
Also, a lot of Common Furniture: such as plain
mahogany Bureaus, cherry and pine Tables, Cribs,
Cradles, Bedsteads, plain and fancy cane and wood
seat Chairs.
All of which they will sell at such prises a will
suit the times, for cash, or to punctusl customers.
Having in their employ experienced workmen,
they are prepared to manufacture at the shorteat no
tice Furniture of every description.
N.B. Thoae who have old Furniture which they
wish to exchange for new, are respectfully invited
to give him s call.
may22 1W3W
THE UNDERSIGNED having examined a set
of Cochran's Maps of Sacred Geography,
submitted to their inspection by Mr. Win. Robert
Munroe, take pleasure in certifying that, in their
judgment, they cannot fail to be greatly useful to
Sabbath Schools, and highly interesting as well aa
useful in families. They would therefore highly
recommend them to the favorable notice of all Sab
bath Schools and others.
Alexandria, July 28th, 1846.
S?V" Blake, \ Paatera M* E* Church
John McCormick, Supt. M. E. S. School.
Elias Harrison, Pastor 1st Pres. Church.
James McKenzie, Supt. 44 S. School.
John S Reese, Pastor M. P. Church.
Thomas AfcCorraick, Supt. 44 S. School.
J\J. S. Eliason, Principal Female Boarding
Wathington City.
N. J. B. Aforgan, Pastor, Foundry Congrega
J. W. French, Rector Prot. E. Church.
Geo. W. Samson, Pastor E street Baptist
Septimus Tustin, Chaplain U. S Senate.
Wm. II. JVfilbum, Chaplain House Reps*
Alrnira H. Lincoln Phelps, Principle ot Patapsco
Female Institute.
W. B. Edwards, Preacher in charge Charles st.
M. E. Church, Baltimore, Jtid.
W. Robert Monroe has submitted to our inspec
tion a set of Cochran's Maps of Sacred Geographyv
and we have determined to use them in theia Insti
Alexandria Boarding School, 7th month 28th, '46.
W. R.MONROE, 96, Fayette at. Baltimore,
is the principal agent 'south of N. Y.
march 13?iff
THE commodious steamer Coium
aia. Captain tJeo. Guyther, having
lesumed her regular trips, will leave Riley's wharf,
in Washington, at 6, and Alexandria at 7 o'clock,
in the morning of Wednesday, the 25tn mat., and
of every eucce^lliig Wednesday, for Bal|imore; and,
returning, will leave Commerce street wharf, in
that city, for the District of Colombia, at 4 o'clock
in the afternoon of every Saturday, taking eif and
landing passengers and light freight at all the usual
landings ou the Potomac river.
Freights will be taken at low rates and without
any charge for wharfage at Baltimore.
WM. GITNTON, President.
Neatly printed at the Office of th* Nau Whig

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